Q&A Of June 27, 1998

Aajonus: The First Q&A After Publishing We Want To Live

Q&A June 27, 1998

Hi! My name is Aajonus Vonderplanitz. I was a fellow who was dying of terminal blood and bone cancers, which is multiple myeloma, and stomach cancer…it began with that. And I reversed it! Just with eating food, no supplements, anything like that. For those who have…has anybody read my book…or are there some who haven’t? OK, I was a very sickly child. I grew up in an abusive household with a brother who pretty much abused me every day. And the tremendous amount of stress was a leech on my entire nutritive system, the enzymes, and the hormones. So I grew up very weak, I could not play sports.

By the time I was 10, I had peritonitis, which is usually a terminal infection in the intestines…it bleeding usually…mine was bleeding. It was misdiagnosed as appendicitis, and while the doctors were there they thought they would take the appendix out anyway just in case it would cause me problems later, because they don’t have a clue what it’s for, they will take something. And then I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes by the time I was 13, and started on insulin within a year. By the time I was 15, I came down with angina pectoris so badly that I would pass out in class. It would arrest my breathing. The pains were so sharp that my left arm would collapse, and I’d fall to the floor. And usually they just left me lying there for about 20 minutes on the floor until I came out of it because there was nothing they could do…they ran EKGs, EEGs, everything, and they basically thought it was psychosomatic. Anything that they cannot diagnose or register has become psychosomatic.

Did anybody see this film called “Safe”? Interesting film, Joanne Moore, Julianne Moore, plays the lead, and it’s about a woman who has a lot of health problems. All of a sudden she becomes chemically, very sensitive. When she is around any household chemicals, her nose starts bleeding instantly. All of these symptoms, when all of a sudden they hit all at one time she became so allergic. Doctors could not register or diagnose anything, so they said it was psychosomatic. This is prevalent right now, well I had it back when I was about 15 years old. If my mother got anything out with ammonia in it, I’d have a seizure, um, an angina attack. Not really a seizure because it really didn’t involve the brain, but it would black me out like a seizure did, uh, the intensity of the pain. By the time I was 19, I developed an ulcer that became tumorous through the treatments, the treatment was of course eating lots of chalky anti-acid solution called Maalox. Going through a couple bottles of that a week, I ended up with a tumor on that ulcer. So they decided to perform a vagotomy pyloroplasty on me. Which means that they went in, severed the vagus nerves to the stomach, so that I would not secrete any more hydrochloric acid, which means basically I would not be able to digest anything anymore. And of course they said anything raw I would definitely not be able to handle, so never eat any raw foods. The surgery created even more tumorous matter. The incision (which is from here to here) became keloided, which means it’s a tumor but without the malignancy because it doesn’t reflect cancer hormones, and cancer tissue (cancer cells). It got to be about 2 inches, inch and three quarters to 2 inches in diameter, varying, up and down, and about a half inch to three quarters of an inch thick.. all the way through to my stomach. They irradiated that to stop the growth, and of course all the radiation in this area affected my spine, affected my bone marrow all over and I ended up with multiple myeloma which is cancer of the blood and bone. Then they said “oops, now we have to go in and poison you”. They didn’t say poison you they said we have to go in and give you chemotherapy which means we will kill the cancer cells, and you have a better chance of living.

So, I endured that for about 3 months, and learned that it was poison, because every time I went through a chemotherapy session, I was vomiting for days blood, everything…could not hold anything down. By the end of that 3 months I said, “that’s it…you guys are definitely killing me”. I’m sure I had a better chance before, and now I doubt that I have a chance. And the chance for [surviving] multiple myeloma is about 0.1 %. Multiple myeloma is the worst cancer there is.

When I stopped the chemotherapy, I was pretty much an invalid, I couldn’t leave a toilet for more than 5 minutes without a diaper. I was chronically fatigued. I usually crawled to the bathroom, on my hands and knees, I crawled to the kitchen to get anything, I crawled around the house. People had to get things for me. There was a fellow who was a volunteer at the hospice, those wonderful people who make you die as comfortably, or help you die as comfortably as possible. He came over with a little booklet, it must have been 80 to 86 pages about this woman who had cured herself of cervical or uterine cancer by eating a gallon of carrot juice a day. I balked at it, and thought how ridiculous.

I read it and tried it, and I had been born with dyslexia and severe autism. I really didn’t learn to communicate with other children till I was in my mid-teens, mainly because I could not read. If I looked at the printed page, I got vertigo, and I’d instantly want to vomit. So I actually could not read, and I was ridiculed all through childhood, so I cheated my way through school, and, by being able to copy symbols. So I’d look at somebody’s paper and copy those symbols…had not a clue what they meant. But I could copy the symbols. It made me a great artist! A visual artist. (laughter) I made a lot of money (as a visual??) that is, so it was really handy!

But when I drank the carrot juice, and here I’m 21 years old, given a few months to live, um, when I drank the carrot juice…the dyslexia disappeared! The nausea went away. I could look at a printed page and it would be stable! So I went out and bought about a $110 worth of books, and in 1969 that was a lot of books. I did nothing in that six weeks but read. It was phenomenal! Of course, I had to use the dictionary a lot, because there were a lot of words I didn’t understand, in the written form. Sometimes I’d look up the pronunciation and then I’d say ‘oh, I know that word’. And I could pretty much figure it out because I was very intuitive, as a child. I knew what people meant, even though I didn’t know language very well. So anyway, the dyslexia went away, and I could read, and I read, and read, and mainly on nutrition.

The carrot juices did not put my cancers in remission, but they certainly helped my brain and nervous system function well. And the more I got into diet I read other people who had cured themselves with a macrobiotic diet…that’s a good thing to cure yourself of is the macrobiotic diet (laughter)…cured themselves of cancer on the macrobiotic diet…so they thought…and uh, it probably did work for some people. And all other types of diets…I took a look at A LOT…named and unnamed. The frequency of reversal of cancer, of any disease, was pretty minimal in all of them.

I needed to get well, so I went to extremes, and I went on a macrobiotic diet for about a year and a half. Stripped, to the letter, percentage-wise, scale…the whole bit. Something I forgot to mention, I also had psoriasis right before I had cancer, sores that would not heal. After the treatments the sores became so severe that my face looked like raw hamburger when I got acne. And let me tell you after chemotherapy you have a lot of acne, because there’s lots of poisons that are trying to come out through the skin. I also got bursitis from the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Has anybody had bursitis? Have experience with it? If you’ve ever had toothaches? Put a toothache in a bursa…bursas are little sacs that feed the joints. And I had it in the feet, terribly, and I could not walk. UCLA medical team, the experts, the elders, said that I would probably never be able to walk again, and I would never be able to wear shoes again. By eating tremendous amounts of raw fat, by figuring it out, I went in and studied physiology and biochemistry, when I needed it and where I needed it. So I studied the bursa. I studied how the fluids were manufactured in the body.

And then I said ‘ OK, what I need is lots of fats, raw fats of course where all the vitamins and enzymes, and everything would be present, none of the minerals would be cauterized, and unable to be absorbed or be absorbed. And there wouldn’t be any glass or hardened substances’. So I ate tremendous amounts of avocado, and raw butter, and raw milks. The bursitis never came back. I experienced it maybe for another 10 days then it was gone. I never had it again. And that was when I was about 23 or 24 years old. I’m 51 now. So, I experimented with a lot of different foods along the way, finding out how to get the body well. Some things aren’t as obvious, I could go and say, well the fluid, the lymph, the fluid in the bursa, is almost 92% fat. Pretty simple. We need lots of fats. Similar things were not. Bone problems…because I had cancer of the blood and bones, my marrow was affected, and the hard tissue was affected. I had some help with the psychic realm, and combining lots of fats with pineapple, and I found that combining that could mend bone breaks, and marrow, where nothing else could before.

Science had never investigated it nutritionally because they seem to be predominantly focused on having a product to sell, or to administer. It’s not about helping you heal well in a natural way. If it’s not lucrative it’s really not fundable. Because most of your funding comes from pharmaceutical houses and chemical companies who sell the pharmaceutical companies the petroleum products to help make these substances. Just a little diversion here.

There’s only 1 company in the world that manufactures natural supplements, and what they do is they have these vats of bacteria, and they put a certain substance in and that bacteria reacts with it. Whether it’s vitamin C, whether its vitamin E, whether it’s a mineral, no matter what it is. So it’s pre-utilized by the bacteria, which provides lots of enzymes. However because, some of the steps along the way - to bring it to that point - alter it, it still damages some of the nutrient value. Then when they dehydrate it, of course, it renders the enzymes inactive again, and feed it to a plant, then eat it. And you’ll get a lot of substances…with my research and my lab tests - I didn’t do them personally, I paid a laboratory in the San Fernando Valley a lot of money to do the research - they found that only 2 to 12% of supplements are utilized. That means that 98 to 82% of any supplement that you’re taking has to be altered and removed from the system. That’s a lot of work. That takes a lot of nutrients. So, if you’re deficient in a particular area, it’s better to find a food which will supply it and then you will utilize as much as you need within that food, subsistence force, without the toxicity.

(Question): How much nutrition is utilized from food?

(Aajonus): Usually 98%..92% depending upon your digestion of course. If your small intestine is impacted, and the bacteria doesn’t grow properly, then of course your ability to absorb and utilize certain nutrients in quantity or the volume of that food will be reduced, in accordance with that. So anyway, I experimented and experimented, and I went on a vegetarian diet for 6 years. Raw food, fruitarian vegetarian diet. I was a diehard evangelist one. You were a MURDERER if you ate meat. And I would let you know it, and I would feed you with guilt along with it. (laughter/inaudible). So, actually I’m a lot better, it did cleanse me, a vegetarian fruitarian diet did cleanse a lot of the garbage out of my system. It made me feel better, it provided enzymes. Of course the high amount of sugar make me manic all the time and I thought that was tremendous, because I thought GOSH, I have all this energy! I was manic, but that’s ok! Enjoying it…with happiness! (laughter)

So, after living outdoors for 3 years, and the strenuousness of living outdoors, and they say the strenuousness of living in the city psychologically is traumatic, and I laugh! I laugh at it because going from temperature change and wind factors, from say 80 degrees in midday, and down 30 degrees at night, 27 degrees at night, that kind of change on the body is terrific. And you understand very quickly what urination is about on the body or what drinking water is about or what eating lots of fluid laden foods is all about. Because basically our kidneys, all they do is filter out the red blood cells. They don’t filter out anything else. If your kidneys needed to filter out everything that needs to be filtered out, the kidneys would be the size of your entire body. So the only thing the kidneys do is separate the red blood cells, so you don’t die, so you don’t get anemic. All of the proteins, all of the enzymes, all of the bacteria, anything that is in the blood, is in the urine, with mainly one added factor, ammonia. That’s part of the separation factor.

So urine is your blood without any red blood cells, without a little bit of ammonia added to it. So that’s why those people in India, who don’t get much meat, they say to drink your urine. Because it recycles your protein, and recycles your vitamins, and recycles everything. So if your blood is full of good nutrients you can take back in the urine and you’ll be a whole lot healthier. I did experiments with that, um, people did fasts for up to 31 days, drinking just water, or just urine, one or the other. The people who drank just water, became very anemic, very weak, chronic fatigue by the end of the 31 day fast. The people who drank urine maintained about a (inaudible) more weight than the people who drank just the water. None of them were fatigued, none of them had the ringing in the ears, and the high blood sugar problems when they went back on the food. So, urine is basically blood without the red blood cells. So it’s very concentrated and very nutritious.

(Question): Did they take in only urine or did they take any water in?

(Aajonus): ... only urine.

(Question): Did they drink all their urine?

(Aajonus): Yes. All their urine. Their breath was horrendous.

(Question) (inadible)

(Aajonus): they were healthier. But these were just part of the experiments I’m just sharing some of the experiments that I didn’t put in the book, since some of you have read it.

At the end of that 3 years of living outdoors, which was very strenuous, my multiple myeloma resurged again. My joints were in incredible pain, my bones, I was weak again, I could barely take care of myself, so I decided to die. I went out to an old Indian burial ground, to fast myself to death. And I fasted up to 41 days before this, so I knew it was going to take a long time to kill me. I was not going to drink my urine, I was only going to drink water, so that it would be quicker. There were some coyotes in the canyon, and they befriended me, and introduced me to eating raw meat.

I thought that they were doing it to kill me, to give me a fast death, because in my family my father was an inventor, my mother’s an RN, I have 8 aunts who are RN’s 3 uncles who are doctors, well, 2 are now dead, only one’s living, and he lives on Medicare, because he cannot function anymore. These are doctors. And because I was raised in that kind of intense, academic environment, they always taught me to be afraid of bacteria. So, they always warned me to never touch a wild rabbit, especially during the spring/summer season because it contains a bacteria that will kill a human being.

So, when I took this rabbit, I thought for sure, here’s a quick way to death. It may be a little painful, from what was described to me, with lots of intense cramping and diarrhea, but so what, I’d been through that before with the chemotherapy…it couldn’t be any worse than that, and this will surely kill me. So, I hadn’t eaten meat in 6 years, almost…6 years and 3 months, I picked up that rabbit and I ate it, and of course it came right back up, because, I had all that guilt to go through about, you know, killing animals, and defying nature, and spirituality, and all of that. So, it came back up and I psyched myself out and I thought now, I’m not going to suffer anymore, this is it. So I psyched myself up to eat that rabbit. And I sat down eating it. It was nauseating, it was terrible, I kept wanting to vomit, but I had help and training from my parents because they’d say “eat that, eat that, eat that!, you’re not getting up from the table until you eat that!”. And anything that I ate especially cooked vegetables made me want to vomit - cheese and broccoli especially. Brussel sprouts too, oh my God! And I like to wash it down with milk, and sometimes, if I was so sensitive that day, I’d have to spit it in the milk and hope it went off to the side so nobody can see it, because I’d dump it into the sink later. But then you’d have to stay at the table for an hour and a half later, while they went and watched tv.

So, I was used to that, so I got the rabbit, I took that early training, and forced myself to swallow. The more I ate, all the sudden it started tasting phenomenal! And I started eating about 3 and a half pounds of that young jackrabbit, probably a year old, about 7 and a half pounds. So, I ate 3 and a half pounds of it, the coyotes ate the rest of it. And I went back to my campsite, goodbye! So I laid down. I’d had some near death experiences before, and I left my body, and I knew the euphoria of it, and all the way through the tunnel, which was to me the sun, this is the way I felt when I laid down, after eating rabbit. I was leaving my body, I felt so great! I woke up the next morning, still there, still in my body, and feeling energetic, and I though uh-oh, something really weird is happening. My parents, and scientists, and even my biology professor told me that toxic, deadly, wild rabbit. I’m having no cramps, no intestinal problems at all, I feel pretty good, probably have the first good night’s sleep in my life with no nightmares, and I’m wondering what the hell’s going on?

It took about 3 days for me to realize, it was the rabbit...eating it raw. So then I killed rattlesnakes. I was walking along and it dawned on me, there’s a rattlesnake! And I thought oh, I’ll eat him! So, I stepped on his head, he was a sidewinder, I stepped on his head, I remembered how the Indian’s did it, I picked him up by the tail, and you swing him around, and you pop their head off, and his head goes flying off, and it worked! So, I skinned it and ate it, and it does not taste like chicken. It tastes like fish. And it is very hard. You have to cut it like carpaccio, in very, very thin slices, so that you can eat it. But it was quite delicious. It tasted a little bit like swordfish. So then I started eating eggs, and went down and started eating goats from this farmer. I started doing chores to get chickens. I started eating all of these things that were taboo, that were non-spiritual…that would be…they would ban me forever…and I was getting well. And I went back to Los Angeles to spread the word. And they said you’re out of your mind! You have really lost it this time! And basically, I lost most of my friends. And so I had to start a whole new network. And plus I had to experiment with what I was doing, over a long period of time, because who knows, those germs could get me later. All this E. Coli, all this Salmonella, Trichinosis, and Campylobacter... Certainly, we gotta get them! They’ll get you. So I went thru years and years and years being terrified of what I was eating…what it was going to do to me in the long run. All the support that the actual results gave me encouraged me to do it, so, I was, you know, I was neurotic, you know, like most of us, not knowing what to do, wanting to do it, knowing what to do, so I was doing it, afraid, doing it, afraid, doing it, afraid…constantly.

After 20 years I was like ‘hey, I don’t have any reason to be afraid. Think about it! You had your vagus nerve cut. You had more hydrochloric acid dumping into there, so it’s not the hydrochloric acid destroying those bacteria, they were preventing you from having a problem’. Which everybody has been saying. Sometimes I’m slow. I could have relaxed much earlier. It’s only taken me 20 years to relax about it. Now I say ‘give me the bacteria. You don’t want it I’ll take it. Give me rotten meat, I’ll eat it!’

That basically will get you well quickly. The Eskimos, when I was there, they took caribou and beat it into a mince, then they rolled it in seal blubber and buried it 6 inches below the ground. And they let it sit there for 5 to 6 weeks, sometimes 7, waiting for it to stink. And when it stunk for half a mile, it was ready. And that’s how (inaudible). There was a certain (inaudible), and there was a certain marker, a landmark, that said if it stinks this far, it’s ready. And they treated it like cookies! There is enough E Coli in that to kill 5 herds of elephants according to science and medicine. It didn’t give them diarrhea. Didn’t affect them. It created this incredible body warmth that never left. They would do it in the fall, early fall, late spring, and late summer, and it would take them all through the season. That bacteria would make them thrive with body heat! It’d be fabulous!

What else…they would take fish, and they would rot it, till the Salmonella was incredible. And that was candy to them, the children ate it as candy. They stunk, their breath was HORRIBLE, but they were the happiest people in the world. And every book whether written by a doctor, or a scientist, anthropologist, archeologist, who had met the Eskimos had said they are the happiest people they had ever met. And then I hear this, everybody says, but they live such short lives, 38 to 52. I said well if you ate all your food frozen, you’d probably have that problem too, because of all the enzymes that are destroyed from freezing.

However, before the white man came, before the British, the Americans, and the Russians came, they basically ate 100% raw. When the British brought over their cauldrons, sold it to them, then they started cooking. Back in about the early 1900s, they had developed cooking 40% of their foods. They still didn’t get any diseases. Degenerative diseases…the first case of cancer was 1934. The Indians, the natives who lived in the colonized areas, the British colonies, or the American colonies, or the Russian colonies, who had access to and ate the breads and sugars, started developing dental caries in the 1860s…that was their first case of cavities. Before that they had no degenerative diseases with 99% on animal matter, and most of it raw.

(Question): What was the stinking breath about, do you think? Just stuff coming out? They didn’t have any dental problems.

(Aajonus): Bacteria. It was not dentine at all, it was not the decay of teeth, it was the bacteria that has that foul odor that’s in the intestines. And of course, that flows to the blood, because your blood flows through the intestines, and it leaves off gasses, and of course you expel it. Like I say in the book, 90% of halitosis is what you eat, it’s what’s in here, not what’s in the mouth.

So, meats became a focus for me. Of course, for about 20 years, I did it slowly and gradually, I ate raw meat maybe twice a week, whether it was chicken, fish, snake, or beef, or lamb, buffalo, whatever it might be. And that was 1976, September of 1976 that I had the rabbit experience.

In ’81 I ate a poison mushroom. The Death Cap. No one has survived who has eaten it. I ate 15 times the amount to kill a person my size. It made me an invalid for 3 and a half years. I crawled on my elbows wherever I had to go, and it was pretty horrific. The only way that I knew that I could recover was to eat tremendous amounts of fat to protect my body and liver as much as possible. I accidentally ate it. It was deformed, you can identify an amanita mushroom because it grows out of a cup, right at the dirt line. Well, something had mutated, or deformed this bunch of amanitas, and the cap was inches under the ground, and I had just moved it around, seeing if it were right there. So, other than that, it looks like a perfectly edible mushroom. So, when I searched it, I found out it was the Death Cap and everything that I read said death usually comes within 10 days and it’s welcomed. The amount of pain I went through was tremendous. Every hour on the hour for 20 minutes, my body would go into muscle spasms, and I mean cheek, ears, everything turned into a knot. I looked like one curled up knot. Owanza, who was with me at the time - I was helping her through cancer - saw these knots all over me and she started to panic. And I said ‘no, if I’m going to die, I’m going to die. I’m going to die on my terms. If I go to the hospital I will be dead tonight. So, the only way I’m going to get through this is on my own’.

So, I did something very, very brazen. If you go to any medical professional they’d say ‘(gasp) don’t eat anything that’s going to be taxing on the liver, stay away from fats completely, I’ll refeed you with lots of sugar’. So I did just the opposite. I took a stick of butter, and a banana, and I ate them, 6 to 8 times a day. That’s 1 and a half to 2 lbs of raw unsalted butter a day I ate. And within about 10 days, I was only chronically fatigued. Most of the pain and spasms were gone. Ninety percent of my liver was destroyed and 65% of my red blood cells. But I was alive. The only person on earth known to be alive after eating that much Death Cap. In fact, those who had eaten 1/15th of what I had, only 40% of people who had eaten 1/15th of what I had, have survived. And so I made it, with lots of raw fats. So that started me thinking on the tremendous amount of raw fats that was necessary. So I began experimenting with fats with different types of diseases, ones that I thought would work better, and I ate a lot more protein. So in 1982 I began eating raw meats every day. My health started improving very rapidly.

Up until April, the most exercise I had done in 19 years, was this [demonstration] and roller-skating once every 6 weeks on Venice Beach for an hour, hour and a half. All of this is from eating raw meat. Before I went on any diet whatsoever, when I was a child, they called me Fatty Arbuckle, I was very fat. And then when I developed diabetes I got very skinny. I could never keep on muscle weight, and I had the regular Jewish-type diet which was lots of starchy carbohydrates, so I looked like a pear, you know, when I was Fatty Arbuckle, very unattractive. I’d keep this firm right here by doing a little exercise. And I used to have to look like this, I’d have to exercise 4 hours a day, every other day. Now with raw meat you don’t have to.

I had one client, Tony Plana, who’s an actor. You’ve probably seen him a lot, plays minor roles a lot on tv. He played the (inaudible) role in El Salvador. When he came to me he was 25 years old, hooked on cocaine. He had been a real Casanova up to that time, sex drive went out the window. And that was part of his magnetism, feeling that sexual prowess. So, he was reduced as a personality to this timid individual. And he always had a teenaged body, that never matured or developed. I put him on raw foods, get him off of cocaine, easily, doing great. In 82 when I started eating raw meat on a daily diet, I suggested that he also eat raw meat on a regular basis. Within 2 years, his body was all of a sudden, full, just like he’d been working out a lot. He loved it! And he went to getting better and better roles in films. He was aside Robert Redford in, I forgot what that movie was, in, what’s that little island down there? ..Cuba. And he got that role, and that was because he looked better. He looked stable, he looked more powerful. And this is just by eating raw meats, and all raw foods. But that increased. Now I had him eating raw foods from 1977 to 1982, with eating raw meats a couple of times a week. When he started eating it every day, within 2 years he was fully matured and developed. And he was already 32, when he started eating raw meats on a daily basis, so by the time he was 34, he was able to develop because it got the proteins it needed.

Finally, after 20 years of experimenting with all these foods, I felt ‘hey, I’m onto something here!’. So I sat down and spent 5 years writing the book called We Want to Live. In there I thought, ‘OK, I’m not going to bore anybody with a lot of facts, and a lot of information about nutrition (inaudible)’. I’d write it in story form, tell my story, tell other case examples within the story, and when I finished that my editor said ‘you can’t do this. You can’t give that information and not give at least some clues how people can help themselves with diet, you’re going to have people upset’.

So, I wrote volume 2 of the book. That took me longer than volume 1. It took me almost 3 years to write the second part. It covers over 200 common diseases and thousands of raw food remedies to reverse those conditions. What I want to caution everybody is, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and when you reconstruct something it takes time to disassemble it and reassemble it, so even though your ailments may seem to get better right away, it still takes a long time to completely reverse and heal. Let me give you an example. I had the radiation, and that affected my spine. Up until a month ago, the furthest I could bend my back, because it cauterized, that radiation is a high temperature element, (that’s not exactly, but it will help you understand) that causes white clay to fuse and become hard, it does that to the bones. So, I’d always been restricted to bending back this far, this is as far as I could bend back, after the radiation.

I went through a spinal meningitis about a month ago, started a month ago. Also meningitis, I had spinal meningitis and meningitis. Now the doctors will freak you out and say if you have meningitis or spinal meningitis, like polio, you’ll be crippled, you’ll be stupid for life. So if I listen to them I’ll poison myself with lots of antibiotics to kill the bacteria in the meninge, and then what happens? I’ll be well, of course. Doesn’t work that well, does it? So I completely ignore them, I went through spinal meningitis and meningitis for 19 days. I was crippled in bed for 2 days, I could barely move, the pain was excruciating all throughout my spine, down to my knees, coughing up tons of mucus. I had a beach towel that I filled with mucus for that 19 days, and got rid of lots of poisons in that time. And then all the sudden I said well, now the test… did I get better or get worse, did I get stupid?

And now I can go back that far [demonstrating how far he can now reach with his spine]. That’s a tremendous arch, when I wasn’t able to do it before. I could scream, and only get that far before.

So, the disease is the cure, as long as you are feeding yourself properly. Don’t be afraid of pneumonia, don’t be afraid of meningitis, don’t be afraid of gonorrhea, don’t be afraid of any of those. It just means you have toxicity in that area in your body, and it will help it remove. Now to prove that, I have my extreme circumstances, I had the cases of a person with polio in there, as long as her polio myelitis was prominent, and a high amount of it in her blood, she healed. As long as she was with the medical profession and taking (inaudible) [there was no healing.]

People got well. When bacteria got low, people did not progress. So, the lab person did some experiments with the by-products in the body when the bacterial levels in the body were high. She found that normally if somebody has an area that requires a dissolution of tissue, your body forms solvents from fats and alcohols that your body will make from carbohydrates. Take those solvents and it will dissolve that tissue, or that debris. The byproduct of that is almost identical to turpentine: highly toxic in the body. They used to give turpentine for certain conditions. Which is why giving strychnine, to help poison the condition out of your system… But what that does is poisons the system so it stops detox in that area because it has to deal with that poison that’s going into the body. When the bacteria was present, that turpentine-like substance was miniscule, yet the same amount of tissue dissolution occurred. If parasites were involved, there would be hardly any toxicity at all as a byproduct, of the parasites eating that decaying tissue.

Their excrement was 1/100th less toxic than that solvent byproduct turpentine, in the system. So, you’ve got parasites? Give them to me! I’ll take them! I like parasites! I like bacteria, I’ll take them all! And like I said, because I had the vagotomy-pyloroplasty, which means they severed the vagus nerve to my stomach, I have no hydrochloric acid. The hydrochloric acid is not your savior from bacteria, as the doctors and nurses like to postulate. E. Coli, Salmonella, Trichinosis, Campylobacter, all of those that they’re pointing their finger at - they’re pointing their finger at the vulture, the crow, and the worms. They didn’t create that decaying tissue that they’re eating! They didn’t kill that animal, that creature that they’re eating. They’re preventing the planet from becoming a gaseous, toxic cesspool. So pointing your finger at those bacteria and those parasites is absolutely absurd. If you have decay in your body, let ‘em do the work! Stop eating the things that are creating the decay in your body that require the bacteria, and the parasites that don’t go along with feeling good. And nobody, as they are going through major detox, is going to feel well. But that’s all part of the process of getting well.

And I tell everybody your body is like New York City, it’s been around a long time. It needs replumbing, it needs re-everything. So, you take it apart piece by piece, and you put it back together piece by piece. It takes a long time. I keep getting healthier every year, I’m 51 now. It’s fantastic; it doesn’t stop! But I know I still can be healthier. When I can bend back and touch the floor, I’ll know I’ve gotten to where I wanna get, healthwise. So, healing and regeneration is a lifetime process. But it’s better to go toward health than to go away from it. So it’s your choice.

(Question): You were talking about major detoxifications that look like diseases. Well, if a person was say like 80% raw, lets say they were doing an occasional cooked meal still, how would they know whether it was something clearing out, like a retracing, or…

(Aajonus): … or something that they’re eating in that 20% bad?

(Question): Exactly.

(Aajonus): Well, when something is a deep seated pathological condition in your body, that’s from a long time ago. If, let’s say you’re getting nauseous, low in energy, even fatigued for a period of time, that could be from what you’re eating at present. If you’re eating 80%, your body has enough nutrients to keep up with any amount of toxicity that’s going to be created, so it won’t cause degeneration, unless you’re poisoning yourself, with something real serious, like salt, too much salt, or too much of any drug or chemical, it can damage the system.

(Question): So in general, it’s not like a really bizarre thing coming out, then you go more towards the 20%, like if it’s fatigue or something like that?

(Aajonus): Right, yeah. Nausea, irritability.

(Question): inaudible

(Aajonus): It’s just best to do that because the amount of toxicity that’s formed from raw fats is tremendous. The lipid oxides that are formed, and they’re carcinogenic when they collect in the body for 40 to 60 years. And you have your protein toxins that are formed from your cooked meats, too.

So, it’s basically true, cooked meats, I mean meats are poison when cooked, but when they’re not cooked, they’re just the opposite.

(Question): (inaudible) Ebola, which, basically I guess liquifies the organs before the body dies, what transpires in that process that causes that?

(Aajonus): Well I haven’t directly studied it, so I’ll just have to theoretically approach the question. Ebola is similar to, in my limited investigation, it’s similar to the (where do mushrooms come from) mycelium. Very similar to that. Ebola is mycelium of the human system. Mycelium in plants goes around and melts dead roots. Ebola can go through your system and cause a melting of all tissues that have hardened like cirrhosis of the liver, or multiple sclerosis. A lot of people have a lot of dried networks of veins that have actually blocked, and built up, and hardened, Just like your colon can kind of become impacted. And the veins and arteries and systems and capillaries are so blocked, that they actually close off. And your body will grow veins in and around. If Ebola gets in there, from what I understand, it can melt all the old tissue, but if what you have in your body is nothing healthy. It’s going to melt your whole system, anywhere where there is decay or hard tissue. Of course, again, the end product of Ebola is less toxic than any other kind of body-solvent-related toxicity. It is still tremendous. So Ebola, I would say stay away from that bacteria, until you got really well.

(Question): What causes people getting E. Coli and getting sick and dying, and uncooked meat, and children in a swimming pool, and..., you know? (Aajonus): They’re pointing their finger at the wrong thing, like that 124, 125 people, the Jack In The Box incident, that meat was cooked. It was cooked…it was not raw.

(Question): Wasn’t it undercooked, though?

(Aajonus): You can say undercooked. E. Coli, according to science, is destroyed at 197 degrees, 179 degrees, something like that, incapacitated. If you take a hamburger as thick as Jack In The Box makes it, and you stick it on the grill for as long as they do it, even 15 seconds, it reaches that temperature, unless it’s frozen. Doesn’t make any difference; it’s cooked at a high enough temperature that it’s not going to be the same. Now if you take that hamburger, and you let it sit for 24 hours, that E. Coli that forms is not a natural E. Coli. That’s like taking a herd of elephants, burning the hell out of them, and watch them stampede. They will wreak havoc because they’re no longer a stable, balanced creature. So it will storm through the body.

Wild E. Coli is not a problem. If it were, the Eskimos and the cave men would have been dead, and man would never be around. E. Coli is 99% of the bacteria in your intestines. Without it, you could not manufacture your B vitamins, nor synthesize your amino acids. You would have no immune system without the E. Coli in your colon. They are just wanting to point the finger at something other than the chemicals of the process of your cooking foods. They’re about manufacturing. The medical profession is about drugging. They’re not going to point the finger at themselves, the creators of it. They’re going to point their finger at anything natural that they can. It’s like, say you’re in Beverly Hills. There’s been a big robbery, and there’s a bunch of black people on the street. Who do you think’s going to get blamed? That’s basically what the science and the medical profession are doing. They’re just pointing the fingers at vultures (inaudible).

(Question): Then what’s making…

(Aajonus): … people sick? The toxicity that collects from cooked foods, or from chemicals, preservatives, pesticides.

Let’s say you get a pinhead worth of chemicals that’s a preservative, in a week’s period. To a system that has no good immune system, that can cause a poison in a particular area of the body, let’s say in the liver or the intestines. Let’s say it destroys all of that tissue for about the circumference of a quarter. Once that decay goes underway, E. Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter -depending on the tissue - is going to thrive on that tissue. But you don’t blame the bacteria that eats up that decay. It’s not the fault of the bacteria. It’s what caused the decay in the system. And they’re not looking at that at all. And yet if you look at the work of Pottenger, you know, with the cats and with humans, feeding cooked, feeding raw, great tissue health with the raw, disease and eventual extinction on the cooked. And my work bears out the same stuff, the same results. That it’s cooked food and chemicals that are poisoning people that are causing these reactions, and they’re just blaming it on the bacteria. I mean why does syphilis come out, why does polio myelitis come out? If you absorb that tissue, it’s because that tissue is having a problem. There’s a decay in that tissue. So why then is the bacteria the problem? It’s not.

(Question): Red meat, I heard about phosphorus and about creating acidity in the body and thus pulling calcium from the bones which is a major concern to women with osteoporosis.

(Aajonus): In cooked meat that is very true. In raw meat, it’s not.

(Question): So there have actually been tests on this, real rigorous science that shows that this is the case?

(Aajonus): Well, I don’t know what you’d call rigorous. If you talk about a university doing it…

(inaudible from the questioner)

(Aajonus): Yes, studies have been done on animals. If you look at Pottinger’s work with 900 cats, you’ll see that all of the bones and organs…, there was no leaching at all of any of the tissues -including the bone, the cartilage, or the tendons - of any of the animals that received completely raw meat.

The control groups that ate either some pasteurized milk or some cooked meat, or some condensed milk, the different control groups that he experimented with, there was bone disintegration, degeneration in every one of those, but in the raw group there was none.

(Question): inaudible

(Aajonus): Well he did, he did. He was an MD, so he could get away with it.

(Question) And so he found the same results that he got with the cats?

(Aajonus): Same results, yes. And Price, Dr. Price who was a dentist, traveled all over the world studying different cultural groups, and because he was a dentist, that’s what his focus was on, the teeth and the bones, and what groups had osteoporosis and what groups had dental caries and which didn’t. Now he didn’t focus on raw and cooked. He focused on indigenous people’s diet that if they changed their diet, they had problems. But it was mainly toward cooking more, and processing the foods more. Let me give you an example. A fellow’s 56 years old, has maybe 9 teeth left in his mouth and they all have extensive decay, all loose, hanging there. He had been a vegetarian for about 15 years, 16 years, maybe 17 years, 15 to 17 years. We’re on this raw diet, lots of raw meat. And this is a difficult thing because this guy lives in a house that’s vegetarian, so he’s not allowed to bring his meat in. He has to go buy it, put it in a cooler, go out to his car, and eat it. His teeth have stabilized; they’re not moving around anymore in his mouth, and he doesn’t have all the pain unless he eats something with salt in it, like lots of cheese with salt in it, salted cheese. Even if it’s raw, it causes him some dental problems. In my situation I was supposed to lose all of my teeth by the time I was 24. My mother lost hers by the time she was 32. My teeth after chemo and radiation, my gums bled, all I had to do was go like this and they just bled. My teeth were just hanging. I could just move any of them like this. They wanted to pull all of them. I said don’t you get near me. When I started to eat the meat on a regular basis in 1982, all of that disappeared. My teeth became stable, and now only once in a while will I have a certain detox because I had a lot of mercury fillings, and that mercury poisoning is a problem. So sometimes when I go through a mercury detox, I can tell it is mercury because I start tasting the mercury and start getting nauseous. During that time I may have a little loose tooth or a little abscess in the gum. And I should have lost all my teeth, you know, what, 17 years ago. And the meat stopped it. I have all of my own teeth.

(Question): Can I ask just one other question? Is this more of a healing type of diet, you’re in a problem situation, or is this a real maintenance continued health situation that really is just good for all conditions at all times of your life?

(Aajonus): OK, through my experience it’s the later…it’s good for all conditions.

(Question): Are there people who are on this diet who, that there are numbers, that I’m a certain scientist so I want to see numbers. Are there people that’s just not testimony, but people like you who’ve been on the diet for a long, long time that you can actually see changes over a period of time?

(Aajonus): How much time?

(Question): 5 years?

(Aajonus): Oh, plenty. Probably around three thousand. Some as far back as twenty years. Like Owanza, as I mentioned in the book: she had 63 tumors in her body when she came to me.

I was young to it, you know, this was ’80, ’81, right before I ate the poison mushroom, so I wasn’t eating meat every day. And she came in the door, and she was only 35, had a 13 year old boy at home, young husband, and she was just white, and her flesh hung, like that, 35 years old, looked like she was 60, although she was a vegetarian for 14 years and her face looked young, but the rest of her body didn’t. And she shook like this, when I opened the door I thought oh my God, I can’t help this person. And, it worked! So many times I said it will not work for this person, it will not work for this person, and it did! The only people now, and there’s some people come and said, it’s going to work for this person, and it didn’t. All those people had extensive medical therapies…chemo, radiation, or surgery of some sort.

And finally just this last year I ran across some research by Harvey B. Jones who was emeritus medical physicist and physiologist at Berkeley, and he concluded in the late 70s, in his research of cancer, the cases that refused, the individuals who refused any type of therapy, lived an average of 12 years. Those who received either chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, or all three, or any combination, lived an average of 3&1/2 years. So when they tell you that they are going to extend your life, they are absolutely lying, whether they realize it or not. And they’ve been miseducated. They are educated by the pharmaceutical industry, who’s selling a product. Most doctors really don’t know the truth, because, they stay stupid purposely. They don’t want to know. And this is published information. Hardin B. Jones wrote before quite a few court cases and through the legislature and testified on all of that document, which he documented like 23 and 28 years for different particular systems and said that medical treatment should be avoided at all cost; it will shorten your life by 3 times.

(Question): So I’m thinking about toxins and chemical (inaudible). Do you use or eat organic meats; do you think that’s important?

(Aajonus): Organic meat is always better, because if the animal has had to use its fats to deal with toxicity, that means that that’s not going to be available for us. In my lab tests when I was doing them about 13 years ago, on the difference from organic meat and nonorganic meat, I found that in the organic meat more fats and proteins are utilized. In the individuals who ate nonorganic meats, there’s a lot more fat combined with toxins. The body knew enough not to release those, not to digest it. It was almost as if the body passed it to the body whole, undigested. We were very impressed with that and we ran that one [the test] 6 times in a 2 year period. So, I would say that, that research is done, is, you know, starting 13 years ago and was ended about 10 years ago. So that research existed for the amount of pollution that was in those animals then. What it is now, and from what I understand the extent of pollution that’s being fed back to cows now is increased probably by 2 fold. Back then it was probably 2%, now it’s like 8-10%. So, going back and doing the tests now, I don’t know how they would be. And my lab guy died last year, so, to get somebody who is knowledgeable and who can go through and knows what to look for, I don’t know where I’m going to find it. I have one fellow up in this area, Doug Hallow that may be able to help…brilliant scientist. He’s trying to get a team of people together. So, we’re going to see.

So I would say organic is always better, but I’m going to eat not organic because I’ve been traveling around and camping in the sequoias, and that’s why I’m here…I thought I’d drive by and say hello.

(Question): I wonder if you would share what your diet is like right now?

(Aajonus): In general, I’d say I eat when I feel like eating and I eat what I feel like eating at the time, so I’m pretty instinctive. During meningitis, when I was going through that, I was less instinctive, and more intellectual. Maybe I’m just too anal retentive. Because I know certain facts, I say I subvert my instincts and say ‘no we’re not going to have that, you’re gonna have this’…because I know that this will work. And then I give my body what it wanted later, or at another time in the day. Basically I have evolved to a diet which is during the fall, and winter, and early spring, one piece of fruit a day. Very little carbohydrates. I have a tendency to get manic if I get more than that… a little too high. When I was a vegetarian, I thought it was great because I thought it was leading me to spirituality. But now that I know that it diffuses and confuses my thinking, then I had a tremendous amount of difficulty. I like to diverge, in my talks, as you see, I’ll pull out this element, then (inaudible) I’ll pull it back, before I can ever find my way back, you know, and bring it right back to where I wanted it.

(Question) To clarify, when you’re saying fruit…?

(Aajonus): Sweet fruit or acid fruits, anything with high carbohydrate.

(Question): like …like avocado, tomato would not be?

(Aajonus): No, those would be different. I’m talking about sweet fruit, sweet or acid fruit, anything with high sugar content, limit that to one a day, and I always eat it with a fat to slow it down.

Not everybody has to go along with that, but anyone who has a sugar problem, I suggest that they do it. Diabetes, hypoglycemia, mania, do it. Have fat with it…slow it down so it doesn’t cause the brain problems.

(Question): So if you’re eating a smoothie with a banana, you make sure to put some raw butter, or some raw oil?

(Aajonus): You’ve already got the eggs. Eggs are tremendous amount of cholesterol (inaudible)

I try to eat meat from 1 to 3 times a day. There are days when I won’t eat any meat, but it’s very rare anymore. When I was more acidic throughout my tissues, and I wasn’t as clean, I couldn’t eat as much meat. It made me nauseous. It would repulse me. So, this is what I’ve evolved to now. That doesn’t mean anybody can get to that, you know, overnight. Some people can. And they progress healthwise really quickly.

(Question) how important really are the vegetables, have you found? How important really, are the raw vegetables?

(Aajonus): Whole vegetables?

(Question): I noticed that when I eat raw meat I’m not craving them, and if I should ?

(Aajonus): Raw, whole vegetables?

(Question): Yeah.

(Aajonus): Well, what I found over the years is that they will prevent an appetite for meat, for raw meats, any type of meat, really, because, the human digestive tract starts off in an acid solution in the stomach, it’s 80% acid through the small intestines, and almost 100% acid in the colon. A vegetarian animal takes 48 hours, 2 to 4 stomachs, and 60 thousand times the enzymes to disassemble the cellulose molecule, to digest vegetation. In the human body, we’re less than half of all of that. So what happens is, we just secrete all these alkaline fluids in whole vegetables as it goes through, and when it reaches the sigmoid colon, it’s not even half digested. So what happens is, those alkaline fluids neutralize the acid bacteria, that will digest the foods that you eat. So, you won’t be able to digest them properly…so you’re repulsed by them. So I say stay away from whole raw vegetables.

(Question): So if you ended up basically eating raw meat, raw butter and honey, an occasional piece of fruit, you’re probably ok? Is that right?

(Aajonus): Yeah, basically, yeah, definitely.

(Comment from audience): I’m doing that more and more, and I’m not that domestic anyway, so who wants to (inaudible) you think you should.

Yeah, no, it’s harmful basically unless you have an impacted colon, an impacted small intestine, that can utilize that little bit of alkalinity maybe in a salad once every day or once every two or three days, just enough to neutralize some of that over-acidity.

(Question): Are you getting the vitamin C from the meat, then?

(Aajonus): There’s vitamin C in everything, you know, and plenty. You don’t need, if you’re on a cooked diet you need tremendous amounts of all those vitamins, but when you’re on a raw diet you don’t need a lot.

However, there are lots of vitamins and lots of elements, enzymes, minerals that you need, as a supplement, that you can get in the vegetable juice. What happens with the vegetable juice, is it goes in and alkalinizes the stomach for a short period of time, but because with both of the vagus nerves going to the stomach, your body can acidify itself in 10 seconds. So, the vegetable juice is absorbed by the time it hits the end of the duodenum. So it doesn’t interfere with the intestinal tract at all. It alkalinizes the blood and takes care of all those acids that are being dumped into the blood into the lymph system from your body removing toxicity, all those toxic acids, from cooked foods…or from damage…chemical, or bruising, or anything.

(Question): How do you get over the psychological barrier of sinking your teeth into raw flesh?

(Aajonus): If you stay away from whole vegetables, it will take care of 75% of the repulsion. If you drink vegetable juices, eat lots of fat, you can find that you have an easy way of eating it, it’s much more palatable. It’s eating the whole, raw vegetables that causes the problem, it destroys, neutralizes the acid bacteria in your colon, and that adjusts your whole body…it says ‘I can’t handle meat, makes me feel repulsed.’

If you eat it you can’t digest it, all it will do is putrefy in the intestines. Then you have lots of bacteria that want to go to work to detox you, so what are you going to end up with? Diarrhea, all kinds of problems. Now, about 12% of people who go on this diet, it changes, in my exposure to people, it changes, because the more people I’m exposed to, the test changes, but right now it averages about 12% of everybody who starts on the raw diet, that includes raw meat, has what’s called a bacterial food poisoning. It’s not a poisoning; it’s an intense detox. Now, in a lot of the lab tests, most of them proved that the liver was heavily detoxing, when it finally got meat proteins to be able to allow the liver to cleanse. So what does it do? It dumps those toxins into the bowels and they’re highly toxic, highly acidic, and they can burn and damage the intestinal walls. So your body floods fluids in there and you have diarrhea, you have nausea, you have all those so called bacterial food poisoning problems. But people not on a raw meat diet have those too! You know? So, every time they point it at the guy who eats raw meat, or any kind of raw meat whether it’s fish or whatever, it’s like “he got that at the sushi bar”. Well, what about the guy who is not eating raw meat, they have it more frequently than people who are on a raw meat diet. It's a terrible prejudicial perspective. But not something to worry about.

Anyway, to finish that question, what was the question now, oh, to stay away from the whole vegetables, because of (inaudible).

For those of you listening to this and not seeing me, I just put some honey in my mouth, that’s why I mumbled.

Also, parsley juice will help increase your appetite for meat. Pineapple will help increase the appetite for meat. Not an over-abundance of pineapple but a little bit every day will help increase your appetite for it.

(Question): My experience was, just the willingness to try it, and then to see how it felt in my body. I was shocked!

(Aajonus): That’s how most people can be but you have to understand, some are so compromised in their digestive tract with their bacteria, that they actually get repulsed when they taste it. When it goes into their mouth. Their body’s telling them “not a good thing to do right now”. And I found that removing whole vegetables from the diet within 2 weeks to a month, they’re really into the meat, and they stop eating the vegetables.

Now I had one woman who was a health professional, who now proselytizes the diet, but she had a difficult time on the diet. She had to have that raw salad every day, or else she did get constipation. Had to have it...now her husband was completely on the diet, not eating the whole vegetables, only the juice, great. The guy had chronic fatigue, he was a stock broker, lots of high pressure, everything’s easy for him now…got all this strength, developed muscles, you know, without having to exercise…a different person entirely! And his wife who’s the health professional, is having all this difficulty because of all the brainwashing. If she didn’t have a whole salad, she was going to be constipated, so as long as she had the whole salad, it was going to interfere with the bacteria. And what is feces? 80 to 90% bacteria. It builds and grows and grows, and becomes like a sponge, so it takes that little toxic matter, where it would be like a bullet, like a rock, in your system, and aerates it into a substance that’s easy to move. So, when that bacteria is destroyed you end up with constipation. So, she’d eat the salad, every day, and destroy that acid bacteria that would help build up the feces. (inaudible) constipation. Finally, after a year and 3 months I said ‘listen, Marilyn, you gotta dump it, you’ve gotta stop, just TRY it. I don’t care if you suffer constipation for a week, put some butter up there, inject some melted butter up there, anything you can do to make it easy to go, and see what happens’. In 2 weeks her constipation was gone. Gone!

(Question): So it’s not the fiber that does it, it’s the…

(Aajonus): On a cooked diet, the fiber helps as a broom, it’ll whish all that toxic substance that’s all melted matter. It’s like dust, made into food substances that you eat. And cooked meats, that are so highly toxic, it helps them move through faster, because there’s nothing to digest it well so it sits.

(Question) So the diet of primarily protein and fats keeps the bacteria as high as possible and itself (inaudible)...

(Aajonus): Correct.

If you eat too much cheese, you might have a little problem, without butter, or without avocado, or something else.

(Question): So to kind of finish your diet that…you got to the meat..

(Aajonus): So, very little fruit. I eat tremendous amounts of fat, and I eat fat almost every time I eat. I learned that from the Eskimos, they eat…50% of their diet is fat. When I was doing my experiments with health, if you make 50% of the diet fat, you heal 5 times faster.

(Question): Now is this amount, or in calories?

(Aajonus): This is actual physiological amount, yes.

(Question): In relationship to that question, is it OK to eat the fat on the meat…the raw fat on the meat?

(Aajonus): Let me give you an example…and I’ve had clients all over the world, who cannot get butter. I say even better than butter: get the fat from the meat. Eat it. It’s easier to eat, it’s already been assimilated through an animal’s body, in a way that constituted it into tissue. Butter is a little different. [With fat in the meat,] the calf has to take it and deal with it, then they make it into fat within their body. They feel healthier, it’s easier to digest than the butter, or the cheese, and works a lot quicker.

(Question): If it’s not organic meat, though, wouldn’t the toxins go into the fat, or…

(Aajonus): Yes, but as it passes through..

(Question): It’s like the fat is both protecting you and maybe taking your toxins with it as you’re putting it out…?

(Aajonus): Right, yeah.

So when I eat fat with everything, tremendous amounts…

(Question): so like what kind of fat?

(Aajonus): It depends, when I can get raw cream I’m going through tremendous amounts of raw cream, I love raw cream. 16 ounces a day, raw cream, you know, a pint. I’ll still have a little butter, maybe a half a stick, an avocado, lots of fatty meats…

(Question): half a stick of butter a day?

(Aajonus): … a day, you’re talking a day. If I don’t have the cream right now and I’m traveling, and I’ve got my raw butter in my cooler, I’m going through almost a pound a day…but I’m out exercising which I’m not used to. I’ve got a girlfriend over here that loves to exercise, “come on let’s go hiking!”, and we’ll go hiking…I’m used to taking a nap…that’s my exercise.

(Question): Olive oil, flax oil…but cold pressed?

(Aajonus): They’re great solvent makers. But they will not stabilize or make you strong. 99% is made into solvents. Just remember that. If you want to detox, all the time, eat those oils often. If you just want to stabilize and get healthy and well, stay away from those oils.

(Question): Just do more of the animal fats?

(Asjonus): Correct. Because then you’ll do a little of everything.

(Question): … and everything you just said you could mix with the raw honey, right? The cream, the butter..

(Aajonus): … unheated honey, not raw honey, unheated honey

(Question): I found some honey today at the Groves Market that was kept in a hot room from 80-90 degrees.

(Aajonus): That’s fine. As long as it doesn’t go over 104.

(Question): You mentioned your liver was 94% destroyed in the early ‘80s…what’s happened with that?

(Aajonus): Uh, it’s all well, no pain, nothing, I digest fine, I’m going through a pound of butter a day. I can go through 3 ounces or more of fat a day, and it handles it like that.

(Question): Any perception on rejuvenation like that?

(Aajonus): Oh yeah, it’s completely. I can tell it’s completely. Completely restored.

(Question): Does fat still collect in your arteries, any cardiovascular problems?

(Aajonus): Well, only when you cauterize it, a cholesterol molecule will, it no longer has an exchange of ions. It’s like electric clay, you know how malleable it is? That’s the way fat is, raw. Once you heat that clay, it’s no longer porous. It no longer exchanges moisture. It no longer can swell, change shapes. It is (inaudible) placed in that shape. And it’s a different shape. So the higher the temperature you go, you can get it into glass. So when you heat a cholesterol molecule, or a fat that can be made into a cholesterol, you’ve got a hardened substance that in 20 to 40 years in the body will be completely solid, because there’s no exchange of ions, will be completely solid, and if it’s made up of a lipid that has lubricated any of your veins or arteries, that area is going to harden, and crack. When it’s raw, it always stays fluid at the human body, even if that lipid is utilized for 90 years, it does not change.

(Question): Would someone in the tropics eat the same way as someone in this temperature climate?

(Aajonus): To answer your question, in South America, in the Andes area, they eat tremendous amounts of fats to cool themselves. And there are people who say “when you’re in the cool climate, that’s when you eat the fats”. It’s a coolant or body temperature heater.

(Question): … and what you’re also saying basically is we’re carnivores, in the tropics, no matter where…

(Aajonus): Yes, right. Our digestion shows it. When I was in Malaya, which is the island right next to Tahiti, they would take raw chicken or raw fish, and they dice it, they take coconut, and they ream out the fat. If it’s an old and mature hard, meaty coconut they’ll shred it and wring out the fat, and they’ll take a half of a lime which is an acid fruit, and they would mix that with the coconut cream, dice some tomato, which is acid, again, mix it, with the fish or the chicken, and then dice up some head lettuce, iceburg lettuce, which has the great opiates in it, and because it is almost a neutral vegetable, it is not highly alkaline, they call it a ‘waste’ lettuce, I don’t know why they call it a waste lettuce. Most likey because it doesn’t have all the chlorophyll as other ones and doesn’t have all the vitamin E. It’s got other substances which are wonderful. They make that into a mix and it’s so delicious. It’s all raw. The chicken and the fish are all raw…its ALL raw. It’s phenomenal.

(Question) Where is that?

(Aajonus) in Malaya

(Question) The lime juice has a tendency to marinate…

(Aajonus) It is pre-digesting down the meats. It marinates the meat and starts breaking it down a little ahead of time. Exactly as your body would do inside. It’s delicious, it’s incredible! I mean I eat it 3 times a day, and I’d never heard of that recipe, so I was eating it 3 times a day there.

[Thank you, Robin, for this transcription!] [the book We Want To Live: the Primal Diet is available here as a download]