Q&A Of August 24, 2008


A: A lot of people think that the Primal Diet™ is a stagnant diet.

Q: Is a what?

A: Is a stagnant diet. And when people have been on it for a few years, they start having, they stop having as good reactions, why? Because they're not adjusting. If you read my book once a year, you're going to see that when you have changes in your body, those are the foods you need to adapt to. The diet that I will prescribe to you when you come to me, is for your normal course. If you start having detoxifying symptoms you go to the book, those are the foods you eat during that time. You either add those foods to the diet I have given to you and eliminate something on the diet that I've given you. Or you eat completely if I give a complete diet in the books, to have for those types of detoxification. You follow that. Also something I've come to learn, I'm always learning, because I can't know everything. Maybe if I lived a dozen lifetimes as a human I might. But I've learned that, after you've been on the diet a few years, my normal high celery diet, is not correct. I have a high celery juice, um, because it extracts sugars out of the body. All the toxic sugars that you've been consuming. Celery is a negative carbohydrate, it doesn't have enough carbohydrate to digest itself. So celery is a negative, that's why I had it predominant in the diet, in the juice. Once you've been on the diet for a couple of years, you're all of a sudden going to be carbohydrate deficient, some of you. Some of you have been really sugarholics that eat tons of sugar it may take six or seven years for you to get to that point. So you need to add carrot to the juice, so you'll have more carbs to give you a little bit more energy. If after a juice you don't feel good, you feel tired, it's time to adjust, add carrot, anywhere from 20 to 40%. If you're a heavily jaundiced person, you have a lot of yellow to your skin - that means you have a lot of bile in the system - you're already going to be sugar deficient. Add the carrot juice right away. Yes, you'll turn more orange, but it won't be from the carotene, it'll be from the bile. You're yellow from the bile as it is. Asians have a lot of bile passing through their system, because they eat 80% rice. They don't get enough fat. So the body starts sending bile all the way through the system to digest all of the fat that is produced, the acetones that are produced, by transforming carbohydrates into acetone which is a fat. It's not a very stable fat, and it doesn't burn very well in the brain, the nervous system. But in the fuel of the body and the muscles, itls fine, it's good for the lackeys and that's the way the Egyptians and the Chinese did it to keep slaves. They kept them only eating 10%, 5%-10% meat, 80%, rice, 10-15% vegetables. That kept their bodies functioning high, but their brains functioning low. So they were good lackeys, they were good slaves, they could work hard labor, without disrupting the feudal systems. So on this system it's 35-40% meat. You know you got about 25-30% dairy in the diet. And then you have your juices which are about 20% of the diet, in most people's diets. And that's the way that we are seeing the tribes in Africa. Dairy averages from 50-90% of their diet, raw dairy. In the Fulani tribe, it's 90-92% dairy, and, all of it's fresh; they just don't eat fermented dairy for some reason. And they cook meat once or twice a month and they cook it in the underground ovens. And they use rocks, rocks that they've heated in a fire and then they put it in deeply in the ground about 5 feet in the ground. Sometimes only 4 ½ feet. And they have these big elephant leaves, so they wrap the butchered animal in the leaves and then put the rocks on the perimeter. So it doesn't get direct heat and probably the hottest it gets in there is about 200 degrees, and they'll cook it for 7 or 8 hours that way. With just the rocks....and of course they cover the whole thing to keep the heat trapped in it. That tribe is fatter, I mean, heavier, stockier than any of the other tribes. They were, up until the British fellow who came there and brought them agriculture and screwed up their economy… and changed the whole dynamics of the tribe. He admitted it. He did a film, over a thirty five year period with them, and this was released about 6 years ago. And it was on the Discovery Channel and look up the Fulani tribe. And you can probably find that film, and he admits that he ruined the tribe, completely ruined it because now they fight, before when they used to have little quarrels, the children would mock them, in a ceremony in the evening, so everybody would laugh about the silly antics of the argument. Now they get in fights, they're killing each other, they're fighting; it's causing all this trouble. And this British man every minute of the time that he taught them to be civilized. And brought machines and agriculture, agriculture to them, to put all their moron grains and all the garbage that they didn't normally eat. Now they're eating lots of fruit, which they didn't normally eat much of, and so they get more emotional, and have many more problems. That's the Fulani tribe. The Maasai tribe was 60-70% diary, about 35% meat and a little bit of vegetables. It was against the law, in the Maasai tribe to eat fruit because they are the tallest, skinniest tribe in the world. Yet they're the fiercest, strongest, and best fighters in the world. You know, the tallest guy is like 9 foot something. You know, I've met several of them, I uh, hired one when I worked at Aunt Tilly's; he was 7...

Q: Antilles?

A: Aunt Tilly's Health Food Store.... in the 70s, in the late 70s. He walked through the door; he couldn't walk through the door, he went under the door to come in you know. He was 7 foot 6 inches. So we had all these plants hanging from the ceiling between the rows of food and we use to have to have one of the worker there, one of the employees, climb up on a ladder, take them down, take them back to the sink in the back and water them once a week. So I hired him to take them down by hand it was very easy. (laughter)

A: It became a one hour job instead of an all day job. So it was very convenient; great guy, he played the creature, the alien, in that Arnold Schwarzenegger picture.....

Q: Was that uh.... the predator?

A: The predator! He played the predator in that, of course you couldn't see him. (laughter)

Q: Now Tilly's, where's was that?

A: Aunt Tilly's? That was in Beverly Hills and Los Feliz. So they [the Maasai] are now ruined; there's a drought over there for 6 years now, so the Masai tribe, their wealth was based on cows, how much milk they could produce and how much meat they could produce to feed all the the Masai tribe. The 6 year drought now has destroyed 80% of their herds. So they're now accepting care packages. And you know what care packages are....

Q: Mmmm.....(sound of disappointment)

A: Kelloggs....reject stuff from their factories that they can sell to these Good Will people. You know for very little money, and then dehydrated, evaporated milk, which caused the most diseases to all the animals that Pottenger did the test with. Worst thing you can eat is dehydrated powdered milk. And so these tribes are no longer pure. Lets see, and the Fulani, and the Maasai and the Samburu are still okay. They're about 70% dairy and about 30% meat. It varies around there. Now these tribes are in great shape, no problems, no disease, as long as they stay on their ancestral raw plan.

Q: How long do they live?

A: It's estimated up to about 145 years...The only other tribe that has been documented living up to that long is in Georgia, Russia, where they eat fecal matter as well as raw dairy....and that was documented I think in February 1971 issue of National Geographic. But guess who does not get that information anymore? They don't want you to have that information.

Q: Yeah...yeah....

A: Anything that's good information, they don't want you to have.

Q: Yep

A: If it goes against the industrial food complex - industrial medical complex - against the war machine - you will not get that information except in little bits. So the average person has no idea and just believes what they get on television.

Q: Yes

A: And that's all manufactured news.

Q: I was given powdered milk as a baby

A: That's what they gave you when you were.....?

Q: Powdered milk....

A: Evaporated milk yeah.

Q: I was fighting for my life..... eight months ago.....

A: My mother dried up after ten days, I was so ugly. (laughter)

A: Okay, a lot of people ask me about global warming. Now I'm not an expert in this field although I did spend 6 years studying astronomy - and the science of physics - and I go along with Einstein and that psychic named Cayce that every time the northern axis of the earth points to the star Polaris, we have a pole shift. It takes us 26,840 years to make that cycle. This optical movement, around that belt of stars. And every time it points to the, every time our north stars becomes clear, we have a pole shift. According to the theory Edgar Cayce and I have and that Einstein has, it will shift about 15 degrees northern to mid Germany will be the north pole. That means all of Europe will be on the north pole and gone..... Global Warming in the industry causing the problem. It's causing our pollution problem, and it's raising the temperature maybe 2 degrees. But according to my science, whenever we point to Polaris, the sun has more solar activity. So we're having more solar showers, than ever before except in 1947, in March 1947. We had the biggest solar storms.

Q: So we had many uh.... rain?

A: No, the solar storms are big fire balls, radiation belts, flying out from the sun and they may go 60- 100 miles out from the sun. Well we're 93 mil, 93 million miles away from the sun. So, still that radiation gets more intense. That's what causes the solar, the global warming. And it happens ever 26,840 years, the poles melt, causes a polar shift. So according to uh, lemme get my globe out, I made a globe with a new pole and the uh,.....(sound trails off)..... put together my science and Einsteins science. This is the uh, this right now is the equator, this was the north pole before, this is the north pole now in central Germany, that's where it will be in 2012, between the years 2012 to 2014. All the poles are suppose to melt by 2012 that's why the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, that's our 26,840 year cycles ends at that point so..... so a lot of, we're going to have floods all over the planet, that's why we're having all these you know, uh, big huge tsunamis, storms, hurricanes, all of that's changing because of the sun activity during this period. This will be the new equator.

Q: Holy Shit.....

A: This will be the new North Pole and South Pole. So the United States will be near the equator.

Q: What about Los Angeles?

A: This is Mexico right here, this is Los Angeles, this is Canada. Even Canada will be in the semi tropical area if it withstands, but you've got so many belts right here that this table is on a float. If the water level brings it up, we're going to lose everything from the Colorado mountains all the way out to California; they will just all shift out to the water.

Q: Holy shit...

A: Yeah... Pardon?

Q: 2012?

A: 2012 to, it's between 2012 and 2014. You see, even Alaska will be up in a nicer area (laughter)

A: Yeah so that's a good region. Pardon?

Q: So it's dry land in Alaska and Colorado?

A: Yeah, you'll be safer along those areas. Colorado mountains... Yeah, the Colorado mountains are a safe area.

Q: So Los Angeles is going to be... we're going to sink in the ocean?

A: Probably, yes.

Q: How do we get out of here some day?

A: Well, that's when we're going to finish. It's when the northern axis points exactly at Polaris.

Q: So that finishes the 26,840 years?

A: 26,840 years, that's how long it takes the earth to make a.....

Q: Is it documented 26,840 years ago?

A: That's when the Bible says that the floods happened but it wasn't 10,000 or 8,000 year ago it's, 26-

Q: Is it happening?

A: No it's right on schedule. 26,840 years. Timed like a clock.

Q: You were saying 2012.

A: Well already, earth has already started over warming.

Q: Yes

A: We've already got two miles of glaciers melted, already, and this is

  1. And 2012 is when it finishes, so it's probably going to be all melted by then and the shift will happen.

Q: What are you going to do? (other): You won't be in California?

A: California is supposed to be gone.

Q: So you're going to pick up.....where you going to go?

A: I'm already planning on moving,

Q: Where are we going? (laughter from all)

A: Well, you can see southern Africa will... instead of the equator being up here, the equator will be down here. So the southern part of Africa will be a good area. South America it's the only place that will stay the same at the equator, it will be the same equator as Ecuador....

Q: Unbelievable....

A: But uh, Rio de Jeneiro is going to be on the equator, so anywhere around here, if you like the tropics. Remember: where it's warmer, you always heal faster and get healthier. You don't have to eat as much meat also.

Q: Oh really?

A: Where I'm planning to go is anywhere from Vietnam all the way up to Burma. Which is Myanmar now, (laughter), so this is where I want to go, almost the same. Bali is here, so the equator in Asia is almost at the same place. And this is where I want to go because there's more poverty there. Like in Africa..... but Africa's still a little too violent for me.

Q: Will it happen in one day?

A: Oh no, it will probably happen within a few months. It is going gradually now because when I timed it for August last year, at this time, the sun was about 2 degrees over this way, it should set in the same place, it's the same day every year. So it's settling a little bit further north all the time. And since I've been here almost ten years, it's changed; it started over here about ten years ago, and I stand at that pole right there. I've got a mark on the pavement when I look at that tree right there, where it's marked cause I've been observing this since 1976. Since I figured it out, before I read Einstein's stuff, I figured it out on my own. And so I marked it when I moved here, whereever I go, I mark it to see if it's changing. In the last ten years, it's moved a whole four and a half degrees north so... probably the last ten degrees of it will move pretty fast within in six months, something like that. But I haven't lived it before. I'm just going off of science. Yes?

Q: So you're saying the poles are changing.......

A: Well, what happens when the poles melt: you only have the magnetic field to decide when the earth leans, to right the weight of the arctic, the glaciers, because you've got five miles deep… glaciers have melted two miles already so they've still got three miles to go.

Q: So you're saying the weight.....

A: Once that is all down and the earth is even, with its water table and it doesn't have the weight on the poles which keeps it spiraling or rotating on that same axis, then the poles will shift. The magnetic pole is fifteen degrees different from our, then our North and South poles. Right now with pole being there and in Canada, the magnetic poles about right here, but when it melts and shifts, it's going to swing way over to Germany.

Q: The magnetic pole?

A: The magnetic pole will shift to Germany. It's been shifting gradually, over the years through from Canada and going around, it will make a fast shift and that will cause the poles to become here. Then when this freezes up, your magnetic pole always shifting, slightly shifting and shifting and shifting. So it will end up somewhere else so, 26,840 years it will, do the same shift, it'll melt and shift again. Wherever the magnetic pole is.

Q: It's under 26,000 years, and then the magnetic activity gets really intense?

A: Right. Well, it gets intense at different times; it doesn't stay that intense for as long as it does when we start to point towards Polaris. Polaris becomes our North star exactly. That's when it's finished. All the poles are melted and that's November 21, 2012.

Q: That's about getting out of here about 2009? (laughter)

A: Pardon? (laughter)

Q: Where will we have the potlucks then?

A: Where are we going do it? The Colorado mountains? We got a great group up there.

Q: I'll be there.

A: Oh good.

Q: You want us to come to Thailand too?

A: Absolutely.

Q: So then, some land will get flooded, other land that is under the ocean will come up.

A: … is first to come up, yep, it will just kind of be a pool. There's psychics, I don't know anything about that. There's psychics saying that Atlantis is going to surface when most of the United States goes under. And also Lamoria, which is in the Pacific which is the Hawaiian Islands of the mountains of Lamoria. So Atlantis and Lomaria are suppose to come up but that's all psychic stuff I know nothing about.

Q: So let me see if my understanding is correct: you're telling me that all this north pole south pole dynamic… all this ice is actually going to form elsewhere.

A: Elsewhere, over Germany and the... well all over Europe. See, I put the north pole here. Where it's supposed to occur. So you know, you have England here, that's going to be part of the North Pole, it's going to be gone… all the way over into northern Africa.

Q: Okay, so if that's the case then, what your saying is that.....

A: The freezing will take probably ten, twenty years.

Q: You're attributing this to the shifting of the poles right?

A: Correct.

Q: You're saying that is the whole thing and the ozone.....?

A: The ozone, the hole is always there. That's always there.

Q: That's not true, because the hole you're saying right now wasn't there only thirty years ago.

A: It was there, but it was very small; it's always there - a small hole.

Q: It's gotten much larger.

A: Because the sun spots since 1947, March of '47, have been increasing.

Q: So you're attributing that to that?

A: Correct, and it gets greater, of course you've got also our pollution, which causes it. … making of styrofoam. And the gases they put off make it bigger faster.

Q: Why can't I read about this at the store or on the internet somewhere?

A: You have to get into the science of it, you have to get into astronomy, you have to get into ancient Egypt transcripts. I had people who were connected to all this stuff so I got a lot of, I got ahold of a lot of material in the late 70s and early 80s that other people don't get access to.

Q: But didn't you say that this was Einstein's theory as well?

A: Einstein said we're in trouble- we're going to be in trouble in many areas of the world, of the earth, because of a polar a shift that's suppose to happen, when our northern axis points to Polaris. That's why the ancients named the star Polaris. And this is way back in the before the Greek period when the Egyptians period, they called that star Polaris. The changing of the poles - the polarity change. The Mayan calendar ends November, 21, 2012 - the day that it finishes that polar change. They say that's when the world ends and everything changes.

Q: If I understand this correctly, you're saying we're going to switch that pole, but then 26,000 and some change later, it's going to be some other pole...

A: It's going to shift again, 15%.

Q: So at that time, Polaris would not have been the pole; it would have been some other place.

A: No, it goes that same... that particular... what do they call it? It's called the procession of the equinox. No not the procession.....uh

Q: Presession? [Yes – see http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/precession.htm].

A: With that rotation of the earth, the whole planet, of our whole solar system points to there. At a certain point - and it goes around a loop like this - every 26,840 years. It hits, course, every point it hits 26,840 years different stars, but the one star when it hits - it is called Polaris - is when the poles shift.

Q: That's one of the stops along the....

A: That's one of the, this isn't a stop, it's one of it's movements.

Q: Is it true, if Peru stays in the same place, the Mayan calender.....

A: No, the Ecuador. Ecuador's the only one staying in the same place.

Q: That's so close, that's right there.

A: Yeah,

Q: So, why would that be the end of their universe?

A: … because all of Mexico and Central America is supposed to go under.

Q: Oh okay, that makes sense.

A: … that's one that's going under.

Q: The Mayans are more Mexico?

A: Yes.

Q: So Europe, Mexico and Central America are going to go under?

A: That's what they... that's what some people say. The new south pole is right around New Zealand. So just New Zealand's going to be almost a third of our … 5% … of our… - a fifth of Australia will be part of the South Pole.

Q: Where'd you get that? Or did you make it?

A: I made it. Well this, I bought the globe and I took it apart and I made it myself. And then here on the zero for the equator. I just put a marker there and just spun it around and got my new....

Q: Oh okay.....

A: My new equator. (laughter)

Q: So get a little deeper on the....

A: They've shifted over many many times

Q: 26,000 years ago.....

A: Oh no, that has happened for millions of years. It shifts every 26,840 years. Some of them have gone down, and some of them have come up.

Q: Sure, but if Central America is going to go in the water, obviously that's going to change the map of the world.

A: Oh absolutely! The whole map of the world is going to change to some extent.

Q: So 26,000 years ago it couldn't have looked like this

A: No it didn't look like this. Right.

Q: You see what I mean?

A: Yeah! It's always a shift; there is always change. According to some - ancient Egyptian maps and the geography - there was a place called Atlantis in the Atlantic ocean; there was a whole continent that fell under. That was the great flood, that was the flood of 40 days, of course it was 40 years, not 40 days because when you have that kind of a melting, it lasts abut 40 years. It takes 20 years for the poles to grow, even two miles thick. So it takes 40 years for them to grow 3-5 miles thick. So it takes a while for all that water to evaporate and become the poles again. So the water tables go down. Now they're filling up everywhere. The shore line keeps coming higher and higher every where.

Q: So then would California come out of the water after 40 years?

A: Not after 40 years, no. You see, it is on a table, it is only pivoted on other rocks. So if the water raises - It has a gas table around the San Andreas fault - so that's going to gas up. It will just fall down and deep. And there's no low table there; this is going to slide down into a deep pit. It won't come back up unless there's some kind of eruption that happens. But there's no volcano around here to bring it back up.

Q: That's why you're renting the place... (laughter)

A: Fred [Segal, his landlord]. You better sell. Yes?

Q: I got a crazy question: how do you get your retirement money out quickly?

A: Start collecting now; claim you're 62 years old and start collecting. Probably or you take your retirement money out and invest it in something. You don't pay taxes?

Q: No. (Other): 4O1K You can't do that.

A: Yeah, you can because that's an investment. You take it out; if you don't reinvest it in like three months, you have to pay taxes on it.

Q: What about all the east coast like New York and Chicago?

A: New York's supposed to go down. The only few states that are suppose to be left are Virginia, parts of North Carolina, and everything over to the Ohio River is supposed to be damaged, under. The states of Ohio and Indiana, are supposed to service and be intact. Pardon?

Q: What about Egypt?

A: Egypt is a desert and it will be part of the North Pole when it you know, all of that area is going to be part of the pole. It'll be like no-, it'll be like Alaska. Egypt will be like Alaska. Israel will be like part of Alaska.

Q: Where's the new fertile crescent?

A: hmm?

Q: Where's the new fertile crescent?

A: We will see.

Q: Oh, come on, you can do better than that! (laughter)

A: Anyway, we gotta get back in nutrition.

A: I'm going to be out of here by 2010. By November 2010.

Q: You're going to be gone by....

A: November 2010.

Q: So do you have a telephone that will go that far (laughter) we can't reach you anymore?

A: I'll be reachable. As long as there's cell phones, phones around, there's internet.

Q: But I mean, we won't be able to have consultations with you.

A: I'm going to still be flying around; it's just I'm going to have to start a ranch by then before I can have things growing. You know, I need to have animals growing, I need to have everything set up in a ranch to be developing by then.

Q: Are you hiring? (laughter)

A: Yeah, but it will be the natives around there, because I'm going to very poor areas to look for land. I'm going where there is no running water, anything like that, I'm going to very primitive areas, where I know nobody has interest in doing anything.

Q: Then it's safe to say that the consequences are going to be pretty much unknown, we don't know...

A: Correct, yeah. But you can pretty well judge by the tables. Because if you go online on the US Navy, it's their geological surveys, and you look at all the tables and the volcanoes and everything around. You can pretty much get an idea of the activity around the shifting of the plates..... how they're going to shift.

Q: Really?

A: Yeah.... But you know, you're looking at about six months study. I did six years of study in astronomy and geological tables. So I've known this, you know, since 1976.

Q: And you're just now telling us..… (laughter)

Q: At least give us the time to...

A: You have time now, plenty of time. (laughter)

Q: So you are sure the Colorado mountains are safe.....

A: Yeah, Colorado mountains will be very safe; it will be one of the majorly safe areas. There's no volcano and it's a mile high.

Q: What about Utah?

A: Utah is suppose to have a big shift because when California drops, a lot of Arizona is going to drop behind it.

Q: And do any of these people know that where they are living is not safe?

A: So you know, according to some geologists who study this. No they won't; they don't put any of this stuff out on the news. You can only find it some places on the internet because they don't want to panic everybody.

Q: Like, yeah everybody would be in Colorado.

A: You know, everybody will be leaving California. And then the economy in California will go to shit, and they don't want that to happen because it's the biggest economy in the world, it's California.

Q: Oh gosh.....

A: Well there's Singapore and Honk Kong, those are pretty close to LA. I mean, California.

Q:......are going to be dead by then in ten, two years?

A: You need to raise your hand so I don't have too many voices to call, talking at one time.

Q: I've been watching the tides on the coast and in the last ten years; [it is] not getting any closer now... I watch the sun… June 21st… the same mountain peak.....it goes down December 21st at the same place in the ocean..... it hasn't changed.

A: From your... from that perspective where you are it may be the same. When I lived in Playa del Rey, even back then there was a shift of eight inches in two years.

Q: Here in Malibu in last 25 years we've lost certain areas.....100 feet.....

A: 100 feet, yup.

Q: On the beach.

A: Yeah

Q: And Long Island has been sinking.

A: Oh yeah! It's been uh, 100 feet.

Q: They know...... excuse me!.....still they're changing.

A: Right. There would have been different.....yeah.... but there is. There's a loss there. It's something like ….

Q: (mumbling).....it shifted the sand.

A: Yeah....right. But still the water tables are a little higher and there is still erosion. And when I read the Santa Monica report of about ten years ago, there was still something like a 23 foot change. From, through 1972-1992. But that's not like here; we've got a whole hundred feet… beach lost here.

Q: You know, right now.....beach really close to losing my house.

A: Yes, people have lost their whole beach fronts...

Q: Iran? What will happen to Iran? (laughter)

A: Iran's going to be the North Pole, part of the North Pole.

Q: I can go there?

A: You can go there and freeze to death. (laughter) You're only going to grow something three months out of the year. It's going to be on the edge of the North Pole there.

Q: What about the oceans? Are they going to be like....

A: They're going to be very full.

Q: Are there going to be like tidal waves?

A: Oh, LOTS!

Q: Lots of tidal waves and stuff?

A: The way Japan... Japan is more nebulously stable than California.

Q: Really?

A: Another twenty or thirty feet of water around Japan can [make it] go under in a flash, a blink of an eye. If Japan and all those islands go under at one time, it could create a tidal wave, a thousand feet. Won't quite make it to here, but it will get damn close. Cause this is 1,935 feet right here.

Q: So all of a sudden then?

A: Well, if Japan... the way Japan is settled, uh, not unsettled on that table, it will go just like a blink of an eye. It could be gone in two hours.

Q: The process of the ice freezing, I think.....stable

A: That lowers.... then stabilizes

Q: ….........Thousand years?

A: No it takes 40 years.

Q: 40 years......

A: 40 years, four zero years. Everything will stabilize again, except for earthquakes. So it will stabilize again. And then the only time your going to have shifts is when you have volcanoes and earthquakes. Every 26,840 years you have major table shifts.

Q: So I have a question; this is a prediction question. When do you think this will be common knowledge that this is happening? When do you think people will really get it? Like when you're about ready to move or you don't know?

A: Not going to happen, people will never know. They will not let you know.

Q: All these things are changing and.....

A: You're already seeing them. You're seeing the hurricanes; you're seeing the so called tsunami's now that tsunami that happened in Asia, that was not a tsunami. A tsunami - you have an earthquake underneath - it creates waves. Big waves; if you saw the only picture you saw of any waves was an Phuket island, in Thailand. I was there twelve days before it happened. The wave, they showed one rock wall, only one rock wall in all of Phuket. So when you've got a wave coming up, that's the only place you'll see the wave hit. That's the only place that they show, if you take all of the accounts. The water rose, it came in and down, rose, and came in and down. The only thing that could have caused that is under ground nuclear explosion. There were two nuclear British submarines and three American submarines in those waters at that time in Indonesia. And it was a threat to - I mean a threat from the US and British government to - China and India about their nuclear war. We're way advanced ahead of them, we can damage them without even declaring war. The reason I believe that is because I was on the internet at five o'clock in the morning. And I started seeing these reports coming out because I still take a look at the tables and I go to the Navy sites. And all of a sudden I saw this site of this island in the midst of the Indian ocean that is owned by the US government. US government territory; it's a military base. Navy, Navel, military base.


Q: …....Garcia?...Island?

A: No, it was another, I forgot the name of it. Anyway there was a whole website. They said everybody needs to evacuate the island because there is going to be a flood at a certain hour. This was five hours before the tsunami was suppose to hit. All of a sudden I went back after the tsunami hit, I went back to copy that website and it disappeared.

Q: It disappeared?

A: It disappeared.

Q: Figures.

A: Yep.

Q: Yep, covering their tracks.

A: Yep, so that was not a tsunami; that was more bullshit. Okay?

Q: That was a created.....

A: That was a created mishap,.....

Q: Yes.

A: And what they were doing was just... uh, India was starting to make nuclear weapons and starting to make some threats. China, was starting to get... because they're the highest economic power there is now, besides United States and Britain. It was a threat, to keep them in line and toe. To show whose got the balls on the planet. US and British: the big tyrants of the world are the British government and the American government. The people who run those governments I should say. Okay lets get back to nutrition.

Q: Yeah! Right! Right! (laughter)… Interesting… A: I just wanted to keep you politically and geographically in tune with whatever else is going on.

Q: Thanks, we appreciate it.

A: I spend too much time studying, I don't have any fun anymore unless I go to Thailand. A month and a half a year. But I am going to stop that in 2 years.

Q: Going to Thailand?

A: No, no, studying. I'm going to stop.... I'm going to get back into life. Right now I'm all up in my head. Okay we're going to start with Q and A, so we will start back there. Do you have a question?

Q: I always have questions, what about kidney stones?

Q: We'll ask the best questions. Yeah, if you could talk about kidney, what's good for kidney health, if someone was taking pains.

A: Well, it depends. If the kidney problems are from kidney stones, that means collections of heavy metals in the kidney. And what happens is the minerals that cause meth addict polarity.... usually it starts off with little crystals and will sometimes make little rice shaped objects and then, as they get trapped together, they'll build into a larger stone. What causes this is when you eat cooked food, you fractionate all the ionic bonds. So all the electrolytes and everything are disturbed. When you normally eat raw food, you have conglomerate nutrients after everything passes through the intestinal tract and it's absorbed into the lymphatic system - into the lacteal system that leads to the lymphatic system. It breaks the nutrients down, categorizes them, into smorgasbords. So you have ninety three to a hundred and seventeen nutrients in one group and it is microscopic and when a cell opens up, it gets a whole smorgasbord of nutrients. If you cook your foods, you fractionate them. If you eat salt, you fractionate them so each cell, when it eats, it may be getting twenty, thirty two nutrients, maximum fifty nutrients, every cell...is getting deficiencies, every cell in your body is full of deficiencies. No wonder we only live half the age that other creatures live. Other creatures live seven times the time it takes them to finish maturation, we should be living to a hundred and forty seven years old, if we finish maturation at 21 years old. A hundred and forty seven years old, we're averaging seventy years; that's half of what we're supposed to live. Why is that? Because every cell is getting deficient every time you eat cooked food. Every time you eat salt, even if you're eating raw food, you eat salt and it causes a fractionation of those smorgasbord of nutrients; it breaks them up. So in that process of cooking where you have fractionated all those bonds, a lot of free radicals are created. Free radicals are minerals that can be toxic when they are isolated and on their own. Mercury, thallium, lead, zinc - any of those metallic minerals - become free radical, do damage, minerals. When their in bonds, in ionic and in electrolyte bonds it's a uniform package that makes beneficial changes in the system… energy, structure, everything. When they are separated in free radicals, then they do damage. So if they collect in the intestines, you will form crystals in the intestines, that usually get washed to the kidneys; when they collect in the kidneys you'll have stones. To keep from creating stones, vinegar is your best bet - raw and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. It helps break those up and dissolve them. Now Lewis here came to me with bladder stones...kidney stones...

Q: Bladder stones.

A: Bladder stones… stone problem... and when he had an ultrasound done, it showed lots of little particles, mineral crystals all around the one stone. So I gave him a flush of about a half a cup of vinegar, half a cup of honey and a couple of cups of water - sparkling mineral water - and about a half a cup of coconut cream mixed together. Now what it did was flush off all of those little crystals that were all around which were going to make that stone twice as big. So when he had the sonogram done, those were all gone but when the magnetic force gets into a hard, large crystal or a stone it's like a magnet; you can't pull it apart with anything natural. So you got to go and laser blast it or sonogram blast it, out of the system.

Q: So how do you treat the stone?

A: The stone cannot...that's what I'm saying. The stone is so magnetically forced together that there's no nutrient that I've found - or combination of nutrients - that can break it down.

Q: So you recommend a laser?

A: Yeah the laser will blast it to pieces. Now I started growing a stone when I was three years old and it grew until I was fifty nine years old. It was the biggest stone they'd ever seen, it was this long and this big around, nobody had ever seen a stone that big. The urologist that I went to said, 'oh it willtake about...normally it takes five to ten minutes to break a stone down, that's the biggest I've ever seen, were going to… it's probably going to take forty five minutes'. It took him an hour and forty five minutes to blast that stone to pieces because when he got to the core of it guess what it was. it was mercury, from all of the vaccines and tetanus shots that I had had, had collected and they'd hardened into a while magnetic core and he couldn't break it up, he just kept blasting and blasting and blasting.

Q: What did they blast it with?

A: A laser, they have a laser beam. I mean if he misses it cuts right through the bladder, so he's got to be very careful, so the nurse says he was dripping wet dealing with that...you know that stone that I had had because that...that's five times larger than any stone they've ever seen but it caused me problems from the day I can remember. I thought I'd just had a deformed urethra; it was very small because from the time I can remember it took me two and a half to three minutes to start peeing and then a good two minutes to finish peeing. My mother used to slap me on the shoulder and the back and say, 'hurry up, nobody else takes this long to pee' but I had a stone in there at that age so it had gone all the way up to fifty eight year...fifty nine years old and then I started having trouble peeing unless i acted like a dog so I lifted my leg like this so the stone would shift over so I could pee but it was...you know...going into a...ah...you know...a toilet where I had to lift my leg...come out here and lift my leg so I copied with the coyotes...

Q: Oh my god...

A: Then one weekend I went from probably six months like that, trying the vinegar to break it down; didn't happen. So...ah then it became very painful in...at...the head of the penis and the urethra was where all the pain was because the stone was up in the bladder but all the pain was down here. So I went on...you know started on a Friday night, I didn't get to the urologist until Monday morning and let me tell you...I had a Monday morning because I was in pain. I mean I kept the pain down with my pain formulas and all that but you know if I didn't keep on the pain formula every five hours, I was in excruciating pain. So I went to the urologist, you know he did the tests, he did the ultrasound on there and saw this big huge stone and I have pictures of it because they put a scope up in me one day when they went to blast it and it's this gnarly, lumpy looking huge mass...

Q: Sometimes you have to use a doctor.

A: Yeah. So he went up there and blasted it to pieces and I've been peeing like a horse ever since. I can pee in seconds, can finish in half a minute. Great more or less you know when I spent my whole life taking three to five minutes to pee.

Q: I've got one more question.

A: Okay that takes care of the kidney issues. There are other things about the kidney but I can't tell you everything about the kidney. Lucky do you have a question?

Q: Tell us why you don't like drinking water.

A: Okay. Water is a solvent. When it rains, it dissolves rock in the ground that plants eat. When we drink water, it starts fractionating everything - not as bad as salt and not as bad as cooking - but it starts breaking down the bacteria in the intestines. It dehydrates it; it dries it out. It thins the mucus, dries the mucus, so the whole intestinal tract stops working well. So you become more dehydrated because the water naturally - H20 when it's utilized by a cell - is ionic bound. In drinking water, there is no ion activity. These people like Gatorade that are full of electrolytes; we've got everything bound; it can be absorbed. With what? When you have ninety three to one hundred and seven nutrients with H20 coupled with it in a proper balance, absorbing… that's the perfect balance. Drinking water with synthesized electrolytes is not a healthy process, you're just going to fill a cell with water that it can't use properly.

Q: Okay.

A: So I said you need to keep everybody that's been eating cooked foods all they're lives need anywhere from a half a cup to three quarters of a cup of water a day, in little sips. I don't anymore. I can get away with a half a cup a month and that's about all the water I drink but I keep it down...I used to keep it down to three quarters of a cup a day and that's what I needed.

Q: What about milk?

A: Well milk is ninety two percent water, meat is fifty five percent water but it is all electrolyte and ionic bound. You can absorb and utilize every bit of it without causing a problem.

Q: And the green juice?

A: The green juice is ninety two percent water - perfect - and it has got lots of ions in it. It doesn't have the protein in it; it has some fats. It doesn't have the protein in it, so if you've got heart palpitations after drinking your first juice, you put an egg in that first juice in the day but mostly you need a vegetable juice without the egg in it to help move things that weren't moving because of all the cooked foods that you've eaten. It supplies your body with lots of enzymes to get ready for digestion

Q: What did you do to for sports or running long distances?

A: Again, you want nutrients. Do you remember the boy who was a part of the raw milk issue in 1999 to 2000?

Q: Yeah.

A: There was a little eight year old boy named Walker that ah...he was eight years old and he had asthma. So he was a very sickly, weak little child and he got up there and he said, 'I have to have my raw milk, it's the only thing that makes me feel good'. He is now the number two high school tennis champion for the whole United States. In all of the high schools in all of the United States, he is number two.

Q: He's not number one?

A: No. He just drinks a little water in the formula, in the sport formula. What you do is you take about a cup to a cup and a half of tomato a cup and a half to two cups of cucumber puree, so you're pureeing the cucumber… the tomato. You peel the cucumber, always peel the cucumber, that's cellulose you can't digest; it'll interfere with digestion, most of the time it's got some kind of petroleum wax on it even if organic. If you're growing them yourself, take the peel and juice them with your juicer; don't throw them away that way but otherwise peel them, get rid of the peel. You chop up that, blend it all together with three to four tablespoons of coconut cream, three to four tablespoons of dairy cream, one egg, a tablespoon of vinegar, tablespoon of lemon juice and four tablespoons of honey. I've had tennis players that play fiver hours with that one quart of fluid and their competitors are drinking three to four quarts, a whole gallon of water in that five hours.

Q: If i exercise for 5 hours, all I need to do is drink one of those...

A: Right and I have them put a..I've..I've left that out. I have them add a cup of water to that mixture. If you're doing a high sport you add a cup of water to that because you will need a little bit of water in there.

Q: Same hydration formula as the book?

A: No. ...it's different - the way I have it in there - and I've refined it, you know I've refined it to this point, pardon?

Q: Can we talk to you afterward?

A: Okay, let me give it to you one more time okay. So you have one to one and a half cups of tomato puree, leave the skins on the tomato. You add one and a half to two cups of cucumber. Peel those cucumbers. Three to four tablespoons of coconut cream. Three to four tablespoons of dairy cream. One tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar. One tablespoon of lemon juice. Then about a cup of water and four tables...three to four tablespoons of...of honey. Now some athletes have problems with that much honey so you can cut it down to just two tablespoons.

Q: Can't you put an egg in there?

A: Yes, you can put an egg in there. If you're a sports person, you put an egg in. If you're not a sports person, you don't put an egg in it.

Q: So that's good for like a couple of hours...

A: That'll take you through five hours of hard activity.

Q: Like soccer or...

A: Tennis, anything...yep...yep. I've got a martial art teacher on the diet. He hasn't consumed water in a year, no water. He won't drink a lick of water and he does ten hours of martial arts a day.

Q: Wow. How much vinegar?

A: I would keep it down to a tablespoon. If you're an athlete - heavy exercise - two.

Q: Two maximum?

A: Two tablespoons maximum, if you're an athlete. If you're not an athlete, one tablespoon maximum. If you're on your feet doing hair all day two tablespoons you can get away with. If you're a secretary worker and you don't do much, one tablespoon a day...maybe only a half...one and a half teaspoons a day which is a half of a tablespoon. Vinegar can be very altering in your system. Another thing that I discovered about vinegar in the last three months was when I was fourteen and a half, fifteen and a half, I don't quite remember. My mother took me to one of her friends who was a doctor, my mom was a nurse and I had fourteen...fifteen moles on my body and one of them was on my scalp right here and anytime i ran through a comb...through it, it ripped it open so I bled, every day so she was so afraid it was going to turn into cancer and I was so sickly already, all the time, diabetic by then, had angina pectoris then that she took me into.

A: So, what I found was that when I put vinegar twice a day on that mole, it was growing back. That one had roots on it. I had another on here like that. So that mole had roots so that, when I would touch either of these two, I could feel it deep into my body at least an inch in. This one was very sore so I start putting vinegar on it morning and night, every day a layer peeled off. I'm saying how can it peel off for a whole month. I didn't do it every day but I was peeling off a layer that could have been real deep and I noticed there was no root anymore so the root was moving out every time I put on and peeled off a layer. So this mole right here, which was black and twice...three times the size...three time that size just three months ago...and deep. It is no longer deep; it is just brown now and it's smaller and no root, the same thing happened to this huge one here...

Q: Just a couple of drops of vinegar?

A: Just a drop on the end of your finger and rubbed on.

Q: For a wart too?

A: For a wart yeah, a wart...now warts it doesn't remove as easily; it'll shrink it but not get rid of it.

Q: What do you suggest for that?

A: Same thing.

Q: Vinegar?

A: Yeah you're not going to get rid of a wart all the way. they have to somehow drop off on their own eventually. Mine all dropped off on their own, sometimes I'd put potato peels on them but I...that remedy is in the book.

Q: Do you have to eat raw to do that?

A: I don't know...

Q: Oh, okay.

A: I always eat raw so...

Q: "Lots of People talking at once"

A: I have a few people doing it, it's working. Some of them are eating fifty percent the diet others up to a hundred percent, so...and it's working for all of them...course once your eating raw it works faster. Uh...in those who are having a little bit of vinegar with their vegetable juice, like one and a half tea spoons in their first vegetable juice or with their first vegetable juice, it seems to be working a little bit better...Um okay, do you have a question?

Q: What is fibromyalgia and why are the muscles so tense and hard?

A: What you have is, you have...you have um...uh chemical compositions that have collected in the muscles and in the joints - uric acid....uric acids, lactic acids, crystals, mineral crystals - and they collect in the body and they cause cutting. They slice the...the veins, the nerves, the muscles the...ah everything - all the tissue that's in there. They actually cut, cause soreness and bruising and Internal bleeding… very microscopic levels, but it happens all over. Vinegar is very helpful to dissolve those compounds, whey helps remove it also.

Q: Drinking it?

A: Yeah goat whey, milk whey uh you know cow's milk whey, any other.

Q: Is that where they process it into powder?

A: No it's got to be the raw stuff. Okay and that causes soreness all over. I had fibromyalgia from the age of two and a half all the way up till uh about seven years on a raw diet. When I started eating a lot of raw milk and eggs and meat most of my fibromyalgia, I would say eighty percent of it, went into remission. I mean still for me to get...to get up out of bed as a child, to get up out of my desk at school, it was a major effort because I was just sore and stiff all over. I was like an old man as a boy, now I'm like a boy as an old man...

Q: "Laughing"

A: I like that, But it was work...do you have a question?

Q: Yes..."for my dog..so why would it be that I...I was saying earlier, I'm asking a question for my dog. Um my dog has black sludge diarrhea when he's on a full meat diet and so if that's just from the um...

A: ..see in a dog and cat, normally in the wild that's all a dog eats. They're scavengers to an extent; they'll eat eat fruit, they'll pick up fruit if they find it, they'll eat vegetables once in a while but only when they're starving and they can't find anything else, but they are all meat eaters, dogs and cats. So when they get a high protein level when it...especially when it's raw, domesticated dogs...they start eliminating the aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury that they get in injections - and when a dog and a cat gets injections, they don't get it for their size - they get the full dose. If it's a small dog or big dog, unless you've got a conscious veterinarian, because let me tell you no vet is a conscious veterinarian as far as I'm concerned because they're trained by the pharmaceutical industry.

Q: The problem is when they give them their shots, which they do by law and I never took them for any more...

A: That's already eight shots...that's already eight shots, puppies get eight shots by the tenth...tenth week

Q: So is it never going to peter out or will it?

A: Oh it will, it usually takes... by their ninth year it's all gone.

Q: Ninth year?

A: Yeah but usually between the seventh and ninth year of the dogs life.

Q: He's only a year and a half now so...

A: Yeah well, Yeah he may get...dump all of it early, if he's dumping it all now that's wonderful.

Q: Yeah.

A: See most dogs will go...most dogs and cats will go into paralysis between their seventh and ninth year. Their whole back end goes into paralysis, usually everything falls. I have many people call me and say my dog or my cat is completely paralyzed, they're dragging their back end, they won't eat, they won't do anything and I said you just have to see this through. Sometimes if you have to squirt some milk down fine; get cheese down them, mash it up with some yogurt. Get the cheese down to absorb that stuff so it can get it out quicker and it usually takes five or six months for that cycle then they're back to normal and they wonder how they could be crippled. I'll give an example, a man came...I went to see a friend of mine who'd been my publicity agent ah...at MGM when I was an actor uh...and doing that medical center TV show and he had five dogs and he had a pug that I'd known...got off, live off of a bicycle and I'd travel all around and I came back. This is in the ah...the early-mid eighties...early-mid eighties and he had a pug that I knew since he got it, so this pug was fourteen years old, cataracts, completely blind, deaf uh...couldn't bark, paralyzed uh...couldn't waddle more than a few feet and collapse, couldn't even go to the toilet on its own. Dory would take him outside and rub him so he could even pee. so I put him on a raw diet and in six months the dog could see halfway, half the cataracts were gone. Jumping on and off the couch, going out the doggy door on his own, never had any more paralysis symptoms. That's how quickly a dog will react. We've been on cooked food for ten thousand years unless you're African American, they've only been on it for four hundred years.

Q: That's why they are such athletes you know…

A: That's why they are much better than most whities.

Q: They react quicker.

A: Overall, yeah proportionally the intensity of African Americans are much more athletic than you know Caucasians because they've been around longer and they can even - some of them can even - suffer through a cooked diet better than we can, but some of them are even worse at a cooked diet. You see how obese they can get just to preserve their bodies though. You collect tremendous amounts of fat and the molecules get fifty times their normal size...the fat molecules. So everything is proportionally huge. In a lot of African Americans, they are trying to adjust to this processed diet. So anyway, the dog you know, cheese, lots of cheese to help absorb the toxins...

Q: Is cheese okay for a cat too?

A: Absolutely, yep.

Q: Would a dog need cheese with butter too?

A: No, a dog doesn't need...if they are having diarrhea, they don't need butter.

Q: Yeah that's why they wouldn't "Laughs" that's why..."Laughs again"

A: No, they need the cheese to absorb the garbage. Do you have a question?

Q: Um...not the fingernails… I'm not asking about brittle fingernails with...but the ridges, but nails that are like peeling away in layers, is it any different from what...

A: It's a collagen deficiency...collagen. On this diet, we don't eat much fruit ..because it's sweet. Watermelon is one of the higher fruits in collagen so you eat the rind of it...most concentrated in the rind, one inch up. I cut away all the ripe stuff that's high sweet and toss it and I give it to the ravens and that's what they've been getting every day at this time. So you can hear them squawking, sugared out and crazy and once I give it to them they're really nuts, they go flying all around they really get like monkeys on high fruits. They get very...you know hyperactive. I don't want to get that way, so I eat the rind and a little bit of the pink and that's what I eat of the melon, but the way I compensated...that is cucumber has a lot of collagen precursors so you eat cucumber. Now as I say in vegetable juices predominately, you should have about thirty to forty percent cucumber in your juice but it's cucumber puree. You peel the cucumber and you blend it with the juices that you're making and you blend it all together and then drink it, so you chew your juice, that way you get the collagen that you need, as long as your eating the raw fats like butter. Your nails wont peel back as long as your getting collagen, but it takes about two months...to correct it.

Q: Is squash a substitute?

A: No. No squash doesn't have the same ability. Squash will not do it; cucumber is the best. Fred do you have a question?

Q: The number one and number two most important foods are dairy products in our diet, the number one I think is butter, whats number two?

A: I would say meat, for healing.

Q: I just mean that...well we're all healing.

A: Yeah, well you're not going to heal well. You can regenerate cells that are already alive, with eggs and milk but you cannot cause rapid cellular division like a child does unless you are eating raw meat. That's the only way I found in my test with twenty three hundred people, the only way I got growth hormones to reappear in adults was...was raw meat. Even if the raw milk is fresh and warm it only increases it maybe ten percent. Ten percents good but then who has a cow...sucking the milk out of a cow right away, you know as soon as you refrigerate it, it's lost.

Q: What the fat?

A: No, the growth hormone potential.

Q: Growth hormone potential, okay.

A: Okay.

Q: What if we take it out and let it sit outside for a while?

A: Let's say if you leave it out it'll still cool. See, a cow's body temperature is a hundred and one to hundred and five degrees so when it cools down to let's say room temperature...seventy eight degrees, it'll still lower the proportion but is still higher than if you refrigerate it. So when I get milk fresh from a cow I never refrigerate it.

Q: So once you refrigerate it, you'll have pretty much killed its ah potential for..

A: Growth hormones.

Q: Okay.

A: To increase growth hormones so rapidly. It still will encourage the normal healing growth rate but that's still slow compared to a child where it's very rapid.

Q: Would there be a maximum......How much your eating...

A: No, you can eat as much as you like until you can't eat anymore because usually if I eat three bone marrows a day, lets say ther're an inch and a half thick, I can't even two...two a day. If I go a long period...like in an Asian, don’t get a lot of milk then I can eat six a day. For two days then I can only eat two to three a day again.

Q: A mongst other things does it lubricate the system?

A: Well there are also, you have...you have um...what is called ah...um...ah...very radical growth stem cells in bone marrow, you can only find in bone marrow and placenta and fresh raw milk, that...those...that will stimulate any kind of cell to develop. So bone marrow...

Q: "Sneezes"

A:...is also great for the skin, got a testimonial here if she wants to get it.

Q: So you rub it on the skin?

A: Yeah you rub it on the skin; she had very dry skin three months ago, very dry skin. She'd been putting bone marrow on it how often?

Q: I'd probably only do it...I'd buy a bo...

A: A bag, a package.

Q...so I bought, I'd take one and I'd do it like twice, three times a week and...

A: Look what it’s done to her skin already, I mean the difference is like night and day.

Q: You...you'd put it on...

A: and shes been on and off the diet for what, six years?

Q: Eight.

A Eight years on and off the diet and then still even with the lubrication formula..she was so dry when I met her, it’s like she was beef jerky.

Q: "Group laughing"

A: I hate to be the...but now that I can say it...Yeah I can say it now that your skin is so beautiful compared and she had..big brown splotches that are also gone, even black splotches here.

Q: Did she put bone marrow on her hair? What about Henna for the Hair?

A: Henna is toxic and processed chemicals, don't color your hair. But you know the lubrication formula works for hair. Protein makes the hair grow fast; if I eat a pound, a pound and a quarter of meat a day my hair grows an inch or more a month. My nails, I have to cut them every ten days when I'm eating that much meat. So I usually eat a pound a day and it grows an inch...an inch a month; that’s a lot of hair.

Q: Do you put cream in your meat when you eat it…sour cream?

A Very rarely do I put cream with my meat unless it's sour cream. Cream coats meat and makes it very difficult to digest, remember cream is the hardest fat to digest…most complex. It requires almost sixty varieties of cholesterol produced by the liver to digest it but it makes thirty varieties of cholesterol, the only place that we can make them from is the raw cream to feed the brain and the nervous system so raw cream is a very important substance to have but don’t have it with your meat unless you have already soured it, predigested it.

Q: Can extra milk be added to the cream?

A: You can...to a meat meal you can add sour cream but mostly butter with meat.

Q: Chicken ceviche has cream in it.

A: Chicken ceviche is different; it still can prevent it from digesting but you got lemon juice in there that helps...

Q: Oh.

A: Digest the cream so that's probably okay. If you see the meat come out in your fecal matter, kind of pearly, pearl ish...you're not digesting it, stop eating cream.

Q So we should buy sour cream instead?

A: Sour cream, yes, if you want it with meat. It is fine - and if you have sour cream and mushroom and meat....mmm...really nice and in chives.

Q: Oh that sounds good "Laughing"

A: Okay ah we're going around here, she doesn't have a question, you answered a question...do you have a question?

Q: Ah...

A: You're looking better, you're gaining more weight. Every time I see you you're gaining more weight, I like it.

Q: I ah...I talked to ah...therapist and ah...I...ah showed him you're article on bruises...

A: On what?

Q: Bruises and ah...whether you put ice or heat on it.

A: Ah ha.

Q: and ah...his assistant ah...read your article and he was saying that in the acute phase of an injury ah...what is recommended is generally ice and that if you put heat on it then you can get an embolism and um...

A: That's if you're not on a good diet, but still if you put ice on it you've blocked the increase in circulation of nutrients to that area and it's going to scar. When you have a flush...when you get a damaged area like that you've got red blood cells that have broken out of their veinous territory; that's what a bruise is, blood cells that have gotten out of the blood stream, that's what a bruise is: red blood cells out of their environment. If you don't get nutrients in there like lymphatic flow, neurological flow, excess blood flow in that area you're not going to clean it out. It's going to remain in there, harden and scar. I don't care what kind of a diet you're on. So you can pack ice on it for two minutes to stop the pain, to numb the pain. Any more than that and you're going to freeze and shrink everything and you're going to have scar tissue in that area. Every athlete that I've worked with does not burn out. I have one athlete...whats his name...ah...

Q: Oh, Pem Wall?

A: Pem Wall, now this guy is already sixty one years old...

Q: Oh he's older than that. [He was 64 at the time].

A: Oh he's older...and he does twelve thousand five hundred jump ropes an hour...

Q: Oh my god...

A: Okay, can you imagine that...

Q: No...Oh my god...

A: When he came to me his...he gave me the charts on it, his heart rate when he finished was within...three minutes after he finished, his heart rate was about one seventy to one eighty...

Q: Oh my god...

A: and it was like that every day for almost a whole year. As soon as he started on the diet, it decreased. Within six months on the diet, five to six months on the diet, his heart rate was 110.

Q: What?

A: one ten...

Q: What is that after what?

Q: After six months of the diet.

A: Went down from one seventy-one eighty.

Q: After the jumpropes?

A: After the jump ropes...

Q: "Multiple people speaking"

A: That's right, after one hour of jumpropes.

Q: Jumproping is great...

A: Very serious, so I mean people who get injuries on this diet, if they use ice, you're going to scar I don't care what diet you're on; you use ice only to numb it no more than two minutes. You put heat on that area. You stay off of it; you don't get back on the field. That's for the coach and the team, that's not for your welfare. It's why these athletes burn out in their late thirties because their so scarred and injured...yes?

A: The same...subject...oh well it's your question anyway

Q: Yeah, yeah um we want to go back packing for like...a few days

A: Where?

Q: Sierra's

A: Okay, not so high. I didn't know if you were going down to the Andes and real high mountains. Sierra's aren't that high, so the oxygen level is going to be okay. When I went hiking in Hawaii, in ah...you know Waipi'o Valley. The whole area there I backpacked and hiked all of the island, all the way down to ah...Greensands, they actually have black-green sand and that's the lowest point in America you know south and I hiked there all the way up to Waipi'o Valley. So what I took was I had one of those one and a half liter Lexan containers with two thirds of butter and one third honey. Even when it got fermented near my tenth day of hiking, backpacking and - even though it was fermented - it was perfect; whenever I came to a store, I had meat.

Q: So if we were to go out ten days without having a resupply, like if we just had to carry it with us for ten days…

A: Like I say butter and honey is your best thing to take.

Q: As your only food?

A: Well I'd still take some cheese.

Q: So for like ah...breakfast, lunch and dinner you'd say just butter, honey and cheese?

A: … and you could take nuts, seeds. Seeds are a little bit better. You know pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are good nutrients but you have to eat them with the honey and butter and I would take an egg, at least one egg, a day. So lets say you're going ten days, that's at least ten eggs, you know for each person.

Q: So we can't make juice...

A: Pardon?

Q: We can't really make juice?

A: No you don't need juice, you're going to have to drink water here and there, you know where you can find it.

Q: You're not recommending meats for them?

A: You're not going to be able to...oh, if they'll eat high meat that's great.

Q: You mean eat high meat the whole time?

A: Oh, absolutely! I have one guy who eats two pounds of high meat a day. He doesn't eat any fresh.

Q: "Laughing in background"

A: He was a very anti-social guy, big guy, bear of a guy. Maybe a five and a half in looks, six if you've got a preference for him, that type of guy he may be a six and a half for some women, okay. This is a...and he was very anti-social. He became a landscape artist because he hated people. So he was on the diet on and off, he had depression, anxiety, all this stuff. Mostly depression because his E. coli is bad. Anytime you have depression you've got a problem with low E. coli colonies. E. coli is the final stage of protein and fat digestion… breaks it down into the finest molecules to feed the brain and the nervous system. If you don't have ah...if you have um...if you don't have good colonies of E. coli, you are not going to feed the brain and the nervous system correctly so your going to find depression and sadness in your life. You'll also obviously find constipation because the body is trying to hold on to the fecal matter to draw out everything that the E. coli can break down and the longer that fecal matter is in there, the deeper the E-coli can get in to feed on it. So if you're not constipated, where you're getting huge ah...fecal matter...doesn't come out that's not real constipation. That's your body just holding the fecal matter up in the colon. If you're having movements so big that it rips your rectum, that's true constipation. The other constipation is low E. coli level; your body is holding onto your fecal matter. Then you just need to squirt some...a little mixture of raw butter, raw coconut cream. You know like three tablespoons each, two to three tablespoons of each. Coconut cream, butter and dairy cream, maybe about a quarter of a teaspoon of honey mixed in that, and you take a syringe and squirt it up in your rectum. It'll feed the E. coli for three to five days at a time so you won't have to hold up the fecal matter so long. That's a way you can feed it directly.

Q: How long do you hold it in?

A: You should just leave it in. Do it right before you go to sleep and leave it in because you want to feed that E. coli; you don't want to release it. You go to sleep with it in you.

Q: What about the guy in the story?

A: So this guy, I didn't finish the story. So I...after two years of back and forth with this guy, on and off the diet. With his mood swings I said listen Tarzan...he calls himself Tarzan. Tarzan you've got...got to...that's his E-mail address there...I said you've got to try the high meat, just try it one time. I'm already on this wild diet you know it's so anti-social and you want me to eat stinky meat...

Q: "Laughing"

A: I said yeah if it makes you happy why not. Try it. So he tried it and he didn't call me and report until a week later and he says I've eaten it every day; I'm only eating high meat from now on. So that's all he eats is high stinky meat. Two pounds a day, you've got a bear of a guy...bear of a guy, the last time I went and had a workshop where he lived. Now this was an anti-social guy who couldn't be funny if he tried. He is funny, he's hilarious. He had three, ten [on a scale of 1 - 10], girlfriends at my workshop, together, dating all three of them. That's charm...

Q: "Laughing"

A: So the high meat works. It works in everybody who does it, everybody. Do you have a question?

Q: How much of your meat stinks?

A: I would say two thirds of my meat stinks...yes...do you have a question....yes Colin do you have a question?.

Q: I do. uh so kind of feeding off of the question on E. coli in general. You know there's something that's really keeping ah...really bothering me about some of the stuff I've read about...what you've said since talking to you and you said...

A: That isn't unusual, most people will get very disturbed...

Q: "Laughing"

Q: Well it's bothering me because it's only on what I know, you...you...

A: What you've been brainwashed.

Q: Exactly...so...so we've been told that bacteria causes disease, we've been told that viruses are in your cells, you've debunked that, you've said that's not true it's the bods reaction to disease.

A: A chemical in the body is. The virus are just soaps. How can soap be contagious?

Q: When I...when I have the "Inaudible" We have so much to talk about, I didn't get a chance to. So how do you account for say the whole industry behind biological warfare, anthrax.

A: You have to understand that their active ingredient is never the bacteria. Just like in a vaccine, why do they have liquid mercury, liquid aluminum, formaldehyde um detergent and ether? They are all poisons. Why are those the A ingredient in a vaccine; because if you take the bacteria and all of that there wont really be a problem except that the body reads it. When Pasteur was doing his experiments with animals, he was giving them a solution of almost pure disease, diluted in distilled water. There was a slight bit of carbohydrate in it like from grapes. Every animal got anaphylaxis and died. Not one animal ever survived a vaccine from Pasteur but they found when they started putting...other researchers started putting formaldehyde and other poisons – strychnine - in the vaccines, it stopped the reaction because it would poison the body so much it wouldn't even think about the disease because the theory is there that the disease was so high that the body would say I'm dying and die if they had that concentration of disease in the blood at one given time. So the body would go into anaphylaxis which is shock and it would die just because it thought it was very diseased, from analyzing all the disease particles in it.

Q: So...so I mean I'm still confused. Are you saying that its the formaldehyde that...that say when the...

A: It is the formaldehyde, the mercury and the aluminum that's causing all the disease.

Q: That...that's causing all the...

A: The pollution is causing disease. The black plague was caused from coal. The king and queen had a great new...in thirteen hundred and one - thirteen hundred and two, the king and queen of England, with their little side groups, started the coal industry: people using coal in their home to keep the house warm and cook with. The byproduct of burning coal is mercury vapors, damaged the lungs for that whole thirty year period and you had the black plague. Plus you had on every other block, you had a silversmith and on every other block it was a blacksmith. So you had their metallic vapors going into the streets of Paris and London, all the major cities. Most jewelry was silver and gold burned in the kilns all throughout the city.

Q: So you're saying that biological warfare is nothing but gas really?

A: Well there's...yea...poisons in the gas, the...the...if you… There's a specialist on germ warfare that worked on it with the government; he turned on the government seven years ago and said if you don't inhale the air for the three minutes that the anthrax has been released, the anthrax is not the deadly part of it, it's the other properties that keep it airborne - and the heavy metals that they use are poisonous - so if you can cover your mouth, you won't be harmed with it but it's not the anthrax that is the problem, it's the thing that's carrying in the anthrax. That's a long subject we could go on for days. Do you have a question?

Q: How to deal with Alzheimer's?

A: Ah, what stage?

Q: Ah he's at the point where he's looking at himself in the mirror for about an hour and a half.

A: He what?

Q: He'll talk to himself in the mirror for an hour and a half...

A: That's not Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's is where you can't remember anything.

Q: Ok

A: Delusions is...Delirium is um is when you start talking to yourself all the time....ah if he can't dress himself...if he forgets how to dress himself, forgets how to move, forgets how to walk, forgets he's dressed, goes wandering, doesn't know where he is. That's...

Q: Ok

A: Yeah, so he has a little bit of dementia because he's talking with himself and he has a little bit of forgetfulness so maybe he's in one or two stage. On a raw diet you know with lots of raspberries and coconut cream, he can get the aluminum out of the brain. Aluminum causes most Alzheimer's and most of that aluminum comes from the canned foods... especially canned beverages like beer and anything like coca-cola comes in aluminum cans and vaccines and any injection that carries liquid mercury, so that's the problem. Third and forth stage Alzheimer's on this diet will stop but it does not reverse it...

Q: Okay.

A: But it makes the body younger and everything else, do you have a question?...do you?...Steve do you have a question?

Q: Yeah, I was just wondering what you think of the idea of eating like a cooked meal every once in a while like one a week, once a month, just to kind of keep your immune system kind of stimulated almost, you know what I'm saying, kind of...kind of like a good stress almost.

A: Well, that would ah...I can make an analogy; shoot me with a bullet once a month so I can stay immune to a bullet.

Q: Yeah.

A: You know it's a toxic substance; it doesn't make you immune to it. Your body already knows how to handle toxicity.

Q: Right.

A: You don't have to eat it to take care of it. You've had what...thirty two years of it. You're body knows how to handle cooked food, it's not going to forget.

Q: Right.

A: It takes forty years to clean the body completely and in that forty years you're not going to forget. I haven't got...I've got twelve more years to get my forty in, I'm still in prison for twelve more years, I'm in a delightful prison right...

Q: It's just that I sometimes think when I eat like a hundred percent for a couple of weeks and then I have one meal I get so tired you know from that...

A: Because it takes all of your energy and all of your nutrients to deal with those toxins...

Q: Yeah.

A: When I say to myself why do I want to sacrifice five to twenty four hours of energy for ten to twenty minutes of cooked food, what logic is that. From my own logic it's insanity. For people who have a taste bud so important to them it's not insanity and I don't judge them for it, that's their choice but me, no way I'm sacrificing five to twenty four hours for ten-twenty minutes of eating cooked food, to me that's absolutely insane. I don't have enough time now...yes?

Q: How do you deal with social situations, going out with friends or what you know...

A: I eat mine raw. I don't have a problem. With my relatives I just say I'm allergic, you say allergies and nobody wants to be...responsible for an allergic reaction and my grandmother who's Jewish you know, me eating butter you know with meat or dairy with meat that was unheard of. You know you have separate plates that you eat. You never have them with the same meal. Well I was driving them crazy, you know eating everything raw full of bacteria and all of that and then being unkosher at the same time and I said 'grandma, I have allergies' - her religion went right out the window.

Q: "Group Laughing"

A: and she says "okay, I will...if it's for your health you do what you have to do" and even the rabbi that was there, you know he said "you know if it's medicinal and it works, you do it."

Q: "Group Laughing"

A: So I got dispensation.

Q: "Laughing and group talking"....so when you have no choice you can have a lump of butter with that?

A: Yeah, right.

Q: Barbara's been one hundred percent on the Primal Diet for two years and if we go somewhere we just bring our own food...

A: Yep.

Q: Nobody argues, you know...

A: Yeah.

Q: Hey, yeah I was wondering two things and that is - for hiking, high meat would be good I guess?

A: Absolutely! You couldn't get more energy in you. I went on a hike with somebody with nothing but high meat for seven days. We giggled and had fun the whole way. Everything with the environment, the trees were alive, everything pulsated more because we had more nerve cells alive in feeding them on eating high meat all day. Then she ate...we were in Hawaii...and then she ate some fermented guavas then she turned a little nuts.

Q: "Group Laughing"

A: Got a little extreme, a little too sexual in front of other people and stuff like that.

Q: "Group Laughing"

A: So don't eat highly fermented guavas along the way.

Q: Shouldn't...shouldn't you eat high ah...ground meat, like all the ground meat.

A: Well, I find that that sometimes causes nausea. If the...when the meat is...when the meat is ground with the fat, sometimes it will cause massive detoxification of the liver or pancreas, so it's not as good to eat high meat that's ground.

Q: The other thing was um...Nathan has got really into doing coffee enemas and I just wanted to know...

A: They're you're E-coli. If you want to get depressed, do it. If you want to ruin digestive abilities for your brain and nervous system, enema with coffee. It also sends adrenaline and caffeine into your whole body, your whole system. I...you can take cocaine, it's just as good...

Q: "Group Laughing"

A: A coffee enema is just as good and just as damaging as snorting cocaine. It's just you're damaging the lungs in one area and you're damaging the bowel in the other; ... very dangerous to do that. A lot of the people I know that have made a habit of doing coffee enemas in their late thirties and forties and fifties they are constantly depressed. They have to enema every day with coffee; it's the same as a drug. I will eat every day because I have to eat to survive and to thrive but I'm certainly not going to stick coffee up my butt...you know, very unnatural and that caffeine is a drug. It's not raw coffee, it's not a raw caffeine that you're putting up you. If you want a raw caffeine, have chocolate; you can get theobromine, you can get theophysine and caffeine all in one lump and you'll only have to eat a little bit and it won't get you sick along with - unless you eat to much of it, [in which case] it'll demineralize your system. And a lot of people who do those coffee enemas - guess what - they end up with osteoporosis, heavily. Deterioration of their bones. They start eating their own bones to defend themselves with a heavy mineral need from the caffeine, we have to move on from that now.

Q: No enemas though right?

A: No enemas - that just flushes E. coli out. From one enema, it takes forty five to sixty days to replace the E-coli...from one enema. If you do a colonic it may take six months.

Q: My friend that gets headaches says it resolves his headaches.

A: Certainly it does but that doesn't make it a good way to do it, I can take cocaine and get rid of a headache, I can have a broken toe and get rid of a toe ache from taking cocaine, that doesn't make it healthy. okay do you have a question?

Q: not now

A: You've got several questions, don't gimme that shit.

Q: "Group Laughing"

A: Go ahead, go ahead...

Q: So called auto-immune, sanitary diseases, arthritis...

A: There is no such thing as an auto-immune; that is a manufactured bullshit story created by the pharmaceutical and medical community.

Q: But why...

A: That's like...okay the Russians are coming; I can now go to war; I can make tanks, bullets, planes, bombs and nuclear weapons. I can spend all this energy on arming myself because the Russians are going to take over. That was the reason for the war effort for thirty years: the Russians were coming. Auto-Immune the body never turns against itself, ever, ever ,ever turns against itself. You would never heal if you have that problem. You got so many poisons in your body that it's deteriorating the cells. Bacteria, parasites, virus - none of them tear the body down and work against you. You don't fight your own blood unless it's been poisoned, contaminated and then it's like going after the cell because it's a cell because it's contaminated. Auto-immune, get rid of that. That is a...a...is a misnomer

Q: So then why when when you take internally a steroid, a cortisone… why does that then stop the response in the skin, wherever it was having inflammation it heals?

A: Okay, you've got to get this down alright. Whenever you have a skin disorder problem, you've got a toxin leaving the body. A toxin leaving the body, ninety percent of them leave through the skin, unless you're having diarrhea or vomit then a high proportion will go there but ninety percent of you're everyday toxins leave through the skin. If you have toxins leaving through the skin, that's a good thing. if you've got sores, deal with them another way but don't stop it. You take a steroid - it's a chemical, what is a steroid? It's made with what? Trans fatty acids, synthesized proteins or extracted with kerosene or alcohol and kerosene out of soy beans - toxic substance - so toxic that what happens, you're body deals with that toxin and stops detoxing the old stuff you have in the body that was going through the skin.

Q: Oh...wonder drug.

A: Yeah your wonder drug - but they are really not healing you or making you better. They just stop...they poison you to the point where your body has to deal with that poison and stop all the other old detoxification of poisons.

Q: … and then that's the time you take more of it.

A: That's the time you just take care of the direct sores that your having and you treat them accordingly. Then you can use lime juice, coconut cream, the primal facial body care cream, clay mixed with coconut cream. Keep it moist; that's want you want to help draw those poisons out. You don't stop the poison from drawing out. Look at this right here, you see this swelling I have, last night it was huge...swelling. When i was a child every time I got novocaine or xylocaine injected into my gums, I would blow up like this and then I would get these hard tumors, right here and then for the next ten days they would boil up and they would burn my skin away so I'd have these deep scars here and since I stopped using xylocaine and novocain when I have dental work I haven't had that problem. When I got mugged in Bangkok ah three years...three and a half years ago and they broke these two teeth with the bone and knocked it under my tongue either with a crowbar or a ball pen hammer to get my movie camera away, so they knocked this...these teeth with this bone all the way down to here underneath my tongue. The doctor said...the ah...dental surgeon said 'you've got a ah...hose of nerves that go all the way along and the teeth have attached to them, the nerve of the tooth attaches to that hose. Once you split that hose it can never mend and those teeth will rot out of you're mouth. You'll never have feeling again. Then the bone will deteriorate and damage because I had split the bone here, here and here with these three teeth, all the way under.' And I said 'well, you don't know what kind of a diet I'm on. you're going to think I'm a loony tune.' And I said 'whatever it takes, I want you to pry that bone and work it back in.' There was excruciating pain so I accepted some novocain - so I'm dealing with it again. This is detoxing every eighteen months. I've got it coming out here, since those injections, and this is the time first the teeth will hurt, here and here and then it'll swell then it hardens here. I put...take a little jar, like a twelve ounce jar, smooth jar or a sixteen ounce jar with hot water in it and I put it...a hot water bottle is too big to go on my face. So I take a little jar, glass jar full of hot water and I put it there and will just sleep with it next to that area and it softens that hardened stuff so I know it's not going come out as a boil; it's going to be leaking down my gums. So I eat enough cheese, some clay, to absorb it a little bit throughout the day, to absorb those toxins, okay. Alright do you have a question?

Q: Yes, um...a lot of people are worried about um...famines and ah food shortages and things like that and most people are accumulating beans and grains and other things...

A: You don't want to be around them when they are passing gas.

Q: "Laughing"

Q: Well no, lets say, lets say I'm a primal dieter uh...if he was he could have some concern over a food shortage or possible famine, how would a primal dieter...what would a primal dieter do in a famine or a food shortage ah...and how would they prepare for it?

A: Okay, the way I did and the way I'm still prepared. I had deer meat that's floating in either coconut oil or olive oil. Completely preserved, I did it in the year two thousand and that meat is still as fresh and as clean and I can just pull it out and eat it.

Q: In the fridge?

A: Not in the fridge, in a lower cupboard...

Q: A weeks worth or what?

A: Well, you know, lets say you're consuming lets say rationing it a half a pound a day minimum. You're going to be thinner and if you're rationing it you're going to be thinner so you're doing half a pound a day. I put them in ah...gallon jars...in...in two quart jars...half gallon jars and it's floating in there, but let me tell you that there's very little oil compared to the amount of meat so I got a weeks worth of meat in a gallon jar. So if I have three of those in three half gallons I've got a good supply of meat for a long time, unrefrigerated.

Q: Does it get high?

A: No it doesn't. It doesn't get high; the fat oil seals it.

Q: Just soak it...so just soak it in oil, coconut oil?

A: What I did was, I put layers of strips of meat around in a jar, poured the oil in till it got on top, then I put more meat in and around. Then I put more oil in so it coated everything, but it's not a lot of oil in there. Just enough to seal everything; seal the air out.

Q: Olive oil you said?

A: Olive oil and coconut oil.

Q: Just rub it with your hand, rub the meat...

A: No you need it to cover it, you can't have air in the jar.

Q: Olive oil doesn't go rancid?

A: Olive oil doesn't go rancid. Coconut oil doesn't go rancid

Q: So that's the extent of your food preparations for...

A: No, I have jars of honey, gallons of jars of honey. Butter I always keep an extra eight pounds in my refrigerator because you never know what could happen, I could melt that down and add you know...

Q: so you've got maybe a couple of months worth of food, because these people with the beans and the rice could...could conceivably have a couple of years worth.

A: Then they go out and eat a couple of people every day to get their meat.

Q: But would you go to like beans and rice if you got to that...

A: Never...

Q: Never?

A: I would never get to that point, I'd be out hunting and growing creatures quickly. These squirrels would not be my friends anymore they would be my herd, I would have them in cages I build down there and I've kept the cage ready. And the coyotes I would be shooting, you know because they eat...you know I already tried to raise chickens here and they got inside the coop and everything. It went right through that screen door. You can see it ripped. It got one of my chickens up against my screen door while I was sitting right there.

Q "Group laughing" What if they put you in a concentration camp and they fed you like soup and rice and beans.

A: I would be dead...

Q: You wouldn't eat it?

A: No

Q: Would you eat you're own pee and drink you're own shit?

A: I could do that.

Q: Is that...is that your famine food, your piss and your shit?

A: Let me tell you - if you've got a concentration camp, you've got some kind of farm to feed it. So I'd be out there milking the cows, sucking their teats, I'd be getting all I could.

Q: Is that what our shit and our piss is, it's our...is that like our food supply...

A: Now if you are...if you are a completely raw fooder all of your life, fecal matter and urination is never a discard of waste. It's just byproducts being released, undigested food...completely undigested being released. It's like in Georgia, Russia and some areas of Thailand and Asia they eat the fecal matter from the water buffaloes. Why? Because it's predigested to the point where we can digest it. So they can get a lot of protein and fat from it. A lot of other beetles and insects also eat fecal matter because they can get nourished by it.

Q: But you wouldn't want to eat your fecal matter if you haven't been raw for a while?

A: I wouldn't want to.

Q: "Laughing"

A: Okay...do you have a question?

Q: Last time I asked about water bottles, not glass inserted, stainless steel and you said something about the ions and I left here not understanding it, what damage it is...

A: Any time you have metal around food, it changes the electrical magnetic properties of the food. It draws in radio waves, metal is a conductor of electricity, of radio waves and it is an attractor...it's an antenna for it, so it'll draw compounds in there which will break up the structure of your food.

Q: So it damages...part of your body.

A: If you're having just water in it...

Q: I usually just...

A: it's not going to make any difference but if you have...

Q: Kefir or milk...

A: … then you are going to disturb the food. It is going to be broken up a little bit.

Q: So just water is okay?

A: Water doesn't make any difference, waters not alive.

Q: Is that also leaching into the liquid?

A: No, stainless steel will not, unless you leave it in. If you put salt water with stainless steel it will leach. If it's just plain water it will not.

Q: So those non metals...those bottles and everything for water or anything are no good right?

A: They all leach; plastic the water will pull, draw the compounds out.

Q: even though they say..."

A: The FDA came out with the reports that said BPAs are safe.

Q: Not but I mean the non-BPA ones are still not good?

A: There are BPAs in all of them.

Q: Oh okay, so glass is the only thing?

A: Glass is the only thing where you are safe, yeah. If you're getting food in plastic, get it out of the plastic and immediately put it in glass.

Q: What about the lids?

A: That...that lid that's a Kerr lid, it's been shellacked. That's getting into your food. You get the Ball jars that have enamel...that are enameled. Now see James Stewart of Rawesome I said get the...get the Ball jars and he said I called Kerr and they said that it's the same thing, hello? One is enameled and the other is shellacked metal, you have to go to James and tell him, I can't.

Q: So the lids aren't safe but the jars are okay?

A: The glass jar's great.

Q: Okay but it's the lids that...

A: It's the lid that's the problem.

Q: Oh so the Kerr lids are shellacked and no good?

A: Correct.

Q: Where can you buy these where they are not shellacked?

A: Ball jar lids...

Q: Ball jar lids.

A: Ball jar lids, they are enameled.

Q: So the regular ones...they're white.

A: Yeah they're white; that's enamel.

Q: So whats that?

A: Fired on enamel.

Q: I had Ball jar ones that had just..."Multiple Speakers"

A: Pardon?

Q: I had some that say Ball on the top.

A: Not with that color.

Q: Oh okay.

A: Not at all, Ball jars are all enamel. Ball jar lids are all enamel. Kerr's never are enamel.

Q: Oh only Kerr's...so what happens when using Kerr?

A: You're going to get shellacked toxins in your food.

Q: "Multiple voices"

A: Then you have to talk James into Ball jar lids

Q: Okay.

A: … and if he says they are the same - I've called Kerr - then say how can enameled be the same as shellacked metal, how James? How can it be?

Q: Not shellacked, I'll tell him...

A: So you guys have to tell him, I told him three times, you have to demand it; it's your food.

Q: "Inaudible, Multiple Speakers"

A: Ball jars, B-A-L-L, their made by the ball jar company.

Q: Ok

A: Okay do you have a question?

Q: I...I do ..I noticed when I used certain food like bananas, orange and carrots um....I would wake up feeling my right hand swollen um...

A: When you do what?

Q: I would wake up and...feeling...

A: When you do what though?

Q: When I eat ah...certain fruit like orange and banana...

A: Ah ha...

Q: um...I would wake up in the morning feeling my...

A: You should...you're a...you're an Asian that eats carbohydrates, starches. You shouldn't be eating fruits unless its not ripe, unripe fruit. You're going to have a greater reaction with sugars...you know. So keep carrot juice down to a minimum, keep anything high carbohydrate down to a minimum. Eat cherries, they are not high in carbohydrates; berries are not high in carbohydrates; unripe fruit is not high in carbohydrates. Eat things that are low in carbohydrates. If I eat..carbohydrate fruit my feet swell, my muscles swell, my whole body swells, my thighs swell, everything swells.

Q: Yeah, what causes the swelling?

A: That's the sugar. The sugar is looking for fat to burn and digest, to digest and burn as fuel. If it doesn't find it it goes into your cells, usually you're nerve cells, and that causes immense swelling because your body is eating itself for the protein.

Q: Okay.

A: And it also demineralizes the body and causes more pain, more agony. Fruit is a very dangerous thing to eat unless you're eating lots of fat and lots of meats.

Q: Together?

A: Together, yeah well, if you're eating the fruit, you want to eat fat with the fruit to slow it down.

Q: Okay.

A: And that's all explained in the books, re-read the books on the carbohydrates, okay. Do you have a question Careen?

Q: Yes. Um...okay so I'm sure the...

A: I like the name Careen; I like to call you Careen.

Q: You can call me Careen...

A: It's a cool name.

Q: It's not really my name; it's my husbands name...

A: But it's still yours

Q: Okay I have a question in regards to the irradiation of the vegetables now...a what (Other person speaks)...ah irradiation of vegetables that started today...

A: Only two vegetables

Q: It's only two?

A: Their in the A stream, their not going to go to the health food stores. That goes into the regular supermarket, are you buying food from the regular supermarkets?

Q: No, no, no, no I just was wondering, it's ah...is it only spinach and lettuce?

A: It's only spinach and lettuce right now, it's almost all papayas, almost all papayas that enter this country are irradiated...

Q: Papayas...really?

A: If you see those papayas shriveled and burned on one side, they've been irradiated.

Q: Well where do you buy the papayas then?

A: You just have to look for organic and look at them and make sure they are organic and not irradiated. So you look for a shriveled side with a burn. Just the one part of that...that papaya. If you see that on the papaya it's been irradiated and that's all you have to look for.

Q: You didn't say avocados did you? (Other voice) No...no...(Q) Just those three.

A: They've been doing potatoes for twenty five years...

Q: No, I know.

A: They've been increasingly and they let you know a little at a time. If you're not shopping at a supermarket, you're going to be okay. If you're shopping for vegetables and fruit at a regular supermarket, you're risking irradiated fruit, period.

Q: Whole foods?

A: Whole foods, not yet.

Q: Their not doing...

A: Nothing they buy is irradiated. Those companies aren't big enough to have those irradiated vegetables. Irradiating you're food is very complex and complicated and expensive. So it's only those big conglomerates, you know like Kroger's, A&P um...what do we have here?

Q: Ralphs.

A: Ralphs, you know. Supermarkets like that

Q: If it's bad for your health, why are they doing it?

A: Because it so-called kills bacteria - has a longer shelf life.

Q: Oh a longer shelf life?

A: So-called.

Q: Yeah..well and also it brings our health down not getting any nutrients.

A: Yeah that's right.

Q: They want to look good.

A: Do you have a question?

Q: Yes, I wanted to ask you about coconut cream, oil and..whats it...coconut...

A: Butter.

Q: Butter...water… coconut water... water, oil and cream. To ask you what difference is between or among those three and what benefits...

A: Coconut milk, also called coconut water is water. Little bit of extra minerals and nutrients in it, little higher in calcium but It's basically water.

Q: Okay so...

A: In Asians, in Asia women will not drink but maybe a half a cup of it a day because it causes swelling, causes water retention. It is water. Asians don't drink water like we do. You don't see Asians going around drinking water all of the time unless there is a new generation that's been brought up by TV and the school system, which is all western teachings, you know. But I've dated quite a few Asians and they'll only have water with their meals because of the dry rice but they don't drink water all day long. They eat things with nutrients in them. They'll eat fruit of the...you know peddlers on the street, they'll eat fruit, they'll eat vegetables with water in them, that are water bound like that. Now the coconut cream has both water soluble and oil soluble vitamins and minerals and enzymes. Coconut oil only has oil soluble vitamins and minerals. It doesn't have any protein. Your coconut cream has everything in it. It's a complete food. eighty percent fat, fifteen percent protein, five percent carbs. What is the perfect fuel to burn for man to get the greatest among of energy and ah endurance? Eighty percent fat, fifteen percent protein, five percent carbohydrates in the citric acid cycle and that doesn't come from carbs. It comes from fat, okay. So your coconut cream is the most excellent fuel for athletes or a combination of butter and meats, eggs. anything that will make eighty percent fat, fifteen percent protein, five percent carbs before your tournament or your exercise regime, whatever it is. You have more endurance; you have more strength. To get well, that protein needs to get up to twenty five...thirty five percent.

Q: So what do you use...

A: To recover from your exercise.

Q: what do you use coconut oil for? People are going crazy about ah...

A: Because most people aren't getting a good fat. They are eating lots of vegetable oils which are garbage so it helps them but after a couple of years filling up on those oils - unless they are athletes – they ar going to have a lot of problems because they are only getting oil soluble vitamins and nutrients but it's helpful for them for a period.

Q: I got a question...

A: Hold on.

Q: "Inaudible"

A: Yes I know. I'm going back to it right now.

Q: Hey I asked my question first.

A: Yeah but hold on.

Q: Um if...does it matter if it's organic or non-organic because I juice co...I can't find non-organic ones.

A: Coconuts don't...doesn't matter whether their organic or not. Okay, Coconuts...the only time they put chemicals around coconuts is if they've got a crop in between coconuts. They'll be spraying for that crop. If any pesticides get on the coconut guess where it goes. They've got a husk on them anywhere from this big to this big. Hairy husk, underneath that either green or gold or brown, outer, hard skin over it. So in the center is your coconut. So all the poisons stay in those fibers, does not get into the Coconut. I've had at least seven coconuts, non-organic tested and I couldn't find even a trace amount of toxins in the meat.

Q: You shouldn't waste you're money on...on organic ones then?

A: Well I don't know, there might be some traces that are undetectable. You have to understand there is a limit to our...you know science. I could not find what they could find as a trace - their trace. That doesn't mean there's not something in it. So if you can get organic, go for it but the likelihood of you having a problem with an inorganic coconut, it would be very difficult. You'd probably lose some nutrients because they won't be absorbed but not likely to harm you. Got the same subject?

Q: Um, I'm kinda searching for what would be ah a source of protein that is a vegetable source of protein. I understand you can choose sprouts but that's just a little...

A: Sprouts are not digestible.

Q: "Laughing"

A: Sprouts are not digestible.

Q: Well so what...

A: I mean the protein and fats in sprouts are not digestible.

Q: So what are vegetable sources of protein?

A: Um...Your Cucumber but it's mostly collagen related protein you're going to get. So that...we're not a vegetarian animal.

Q: Right, well...

A: We're not going to get...

Q: Anything?

A: Well, I would say go for Chlorella. Chlorella will digest to probably fifty percent; Chlorella is an algae - a type of algae - and you can get raw ones. Nicki Ing gets it from a very good source in Asia and then they sell it in a little black container at Rawesome. It is very expensive but you're going to only need a teaspoon a day if you have it. I mix it with cottage cheese and egg and it will digest better that way. Some people took it and put it in vegetable juice but if you put it in vegetable juice you have to let it sit in the vegetable juice for about twenty minutes. It's to get some vegetable type protein and fat that won't cause crystallization in the human body any other vegetable source will.

Q: So how often would I do it, put it in juice every day?

A: Whenever you feel like it. Once a day is fine.

Q: I mean you don't stop, do it for ten days and stop ten days?

A: Whatever you want, I've never done specific test with it.

Q: Any other benefits?

A: Well there are some elements that are finite that could be introduced into you're body that allow you to make different things that are unusual, could give you unusual mental abilities and stuff like that. That could be helpful for you. So as long as it's not harmful it's okay...yes?

Q: This is about um what I know...but what you know about....like Ritalin and strictly what you would recommend maybe for someone who has the symptoms for what is collectively called ADD.

A: Okay, my son was put on Ritalin when he was six years old. He has a crack cocaine addiction that's gone on since he was a teenager. Now about ten years ago a psychiatrist slash psychologist, she got a doctorate in both and ah I don't believe in psychiatry I believe in psychology, you deal with the here and now of the philosophies and try to make a positive life out of it. Psychiatry blames your mother, everything from the past for you're problems now. There's no way to get it...and drug you to death, you know. She showed me a report that was written, that eighty two to eighty...it was eighty two to eighty six percent of the people who are confirmed crack cocaine addicted had put on...been put on Ritalin as children. So there's a great link to other drug related damages also.... lots of skin problems and about ninety percent of the...the takers long term takers of Ritalin and um...ah...also um...ah mania, manic...

Q: Manic depressive?

A: Manic attacks, where you get over positive and you think you can do things you shouldn't be doing. Some people over spend money and put their entire families in debt, compulsive gambling, somebody who...one patient who thought he could just run money, you know a hundred dollar bill and twenty dollar bills in a color copy machine and print them out...

Q: Crazy...

A: I mean he was so delusional that he thought that that paper would be okay.

Q: Ritalin causes it?

A: Yes absolutely, it causes delusions.

Q: and that applies also to other things that...

A: Absolutely, any of those drugs...in fact also the really bad thing about those. All of the high school slayings that went on?

Q: Yeah?

A: Every one of those children had been taking a psychotropic drug and had stopped taking it for seven to ten to fourteen days before they went on this killing spree. The animal tests given to these...psychotropic drugs given to animals in tests when they withdrew from those drugs they killed each other. Over fifty percent of the animals turned homicidal.

Q: Do you have any recommendations for diet then?

A: Somebody who has ADD...you need to fucking exercise. Anxiety is exercise. You're producing so many hormones for physical activity. You need to exercise.

Q: What if you exercise all the time and you still...

A: You're an athlete, you should be a ditch digger or an athlete, carpenter. Somebody who's always using their body.

Q: What if they had Ritalin and they have drug problems now, what do you recommend to help them get out of that once Ritalin's in them?

A: You just have to go cold turkey and sing and exercise.

Q: But what if ah...say that didn't help...

A: It will, I've never found any...I've had patients who've had fourteen activity rings in their irises, that's the most I've ever seen, that means fourteen hours of exercise a day, I mean fourteen hours of activity a day. eight to ten hours of exercise. those are professional athletes, professional carpenters, ditch diggers, people who work hard, laborers every day because that's their A product. Hormones for physical activity and if...I've never seen anybody that wouldn't exhaust and be relaxed after fourteen hours and if I knew how many activity rings you had I'd know how many hours you need.

Q: So it's not like...for me it's not like I have an issue with being too much like I'm not hyper active, like I'm actually feeling tired and depleted all the time.

A: That's because you've got other ailments and the you know the drugs like Ritalin cause that problem. They call it a lethargy of the body because that's what they are intended to do: cause lethargy in the body. Yet you're still producing the hormones. That's why you have that, you know I don't feel like exercising and then you know you're also full of anxiety. It's a catch twenty two but that's what they want because then you'll stay on the medication...for life. It's a trap, intended. Ah did you...yeah answered your question James?

Q: Have you ever had porcupine meat?

A: Never.

Q: No...

A: I've never gotten near a Porcupine, I don't want those things in me.

Q: "Laughter"

A: Well I don't know but the natives would take frogs and poisonous toads and make darts with them, for hunting. You know so you could use them as hunting tools but as far as a nutrient I don't know. I don't know how you would grind them down. Whether they'd be a replacement for bone or held bone, don't know. Do you have a question?

Q: Yeah um...

A: Hi.

Q: Hi, so I've been trying to like topically put different oils on you know to get my...I asked you this question already because my bones are...too much hardened, you know my legs and everything. So you said to put vinegar in the juice so that's an internal thing but I've been putting um like every other night I'll cover my whole body in olive oil to try to melt...

A: That won't do it, that' will smother your skin.

Q: But I do feel better...

A: It won't help...

Q: Like my knees are better...

A: Yeah it will help that as far as pain but it's not going to clear the problem. What you could do is you could put vinegar in the olive oil or vinegar in coconut cream and coat your body.

Q: But...but in between that, I use the coconut cream. Yeah my...but I like cover myself with the coconut cream but that doesn't feel good...

A: Coconut cream and vinegar.

Q: How much?

Q: Proportion...?

A: Ah, Proportion, about one tablespoon of vinegar to five tablespoons of coconut cream, that's topically.

Q: But um is there anything else I mean to...

A: Well you could also put vinegar, you know one tablespoon of vinegar in lets say ah three tablespoons of olive oil, so you're like a salad.

Q: "Group Laughing"

A: Vinegar and oil.

Q: What about internally, is there more things to stop...

A: Vinegar...with you're weight you could have up to one and a half tablespoons a day. Just break it up.

Q: Um then you could just eat that in the green juice.

A: Yeah, yup. Basically in the green juice is always preferable or in the sport drink that I gave earlier. Okay do you have a question?

Q: Yes um...

A: We only have one row to go folks.

Q: I spent a few months in Mexico and when I came back here, I started getting all these boils or something, I didn't know what it was; I let them go for about a month but then they would ah go away and some of them would leave a mark like it was a bruise. I went to this holistic doctor and he gave me some herbs mixed and I took it and I came out a lot worse, so I stopped it and then I ah...he...he lowered the dose and I been on this for three months and they come and go, they come...

A: You're...they're not helping you. Your body is detoxing certain substances out the lymph system; it goes into the connective tissue and then when it goes out the skin it causes the rash.

Q: So if I stop on that...on that mix that isn't helping me or...I mean I don't see...it becomes more like at night...I can't eat anything that is not like meat, chicken, fish or vegetables, if I eat any fruit, milk, cheese, anything I start...

A: Breaking out...

Q: Breaking out...

A: Because that carries all of the heavy minerals to get it to the skin.

Q: What?

A: It helps because the dairy and the fruit contain the alcohol, things to get it out through the skin because right now it's basically staying in your connective tissue. You want to get it out of there. You don't want to keep it there; you take hot baths.

Q: Hot baths?

A: Perspire it out. Melt it down and get it out so it doesn't cause such blistering.

Q: Okay, so I stop the herbs and I take hot baths and what else?

A: Ah coconut cream, you drink coconut cream, like two ounces of coconut cream or three tablespoons of coconut cream, three to four tablespoons of coconut cream, tablespoon of dairy cream um...a tablespoon of lemon juice and lets see, two tablespoons of lime juice and ah two ounces of um...of ah...pineapple. That' will help remove it for a bath.

Q: Everything...what you say is...

A: No that's all by itself. You have before the hot bath.

Q: Ah...

A: That mixture is before the hot bath, okay?

Q: and that's all I have to do?

A: That will help, a great deal. I can't...without seeing you're eyes I don't know what toxins are in the tissue.

Q: Oh...

A: I don't know what's causing it, without seeing what you're discharging.

Q: Repeat what the mixture was again?

A: Mixture was three to four tablespoons of coconut cream. Two tablespoons of lime juice. One tablespoon of lemon juice. Um...uh...one tablespoon of dairy cream and then one to two ounces of pineapple. Blend that all together and drink that, before your hot bath.

Q: That...that's different to the formula that you have in the book.

A: That's for the long lymphatic baths. The short thirty five minutes bath is in addition to the book. When I found that a lot of people were dissolving the lymphatic congestion and it was dumping through the lymph system...dumps its dissolved fats and toxins into the connective tissue and skin to be perspired out. I found that some people who were taking hot baths went through the process but they didn't get it out of their skin. So about twenty percent of the people I found needed to do thirty-five minute baths every day. … that they weren't to do the hour to an hour and a half baths, lymphatic baths. That's to get it out the connective tissue. So add a thirty five minute bath up to five days a week. So...two long lymphatic baths and then uh five, thirty-five minute um...connective tissue flush.

Q: Walk after short bath?

A: No, one does not need to exercise after the short bath, the long bath yes.

Q: And the short baths, you just take what you prescribed, the...

A: Yes.

Q: Yeah, okay.

Q: Could you take a shower...?

A: Doesn't do the same, doesn't do it. Hot tub.

Q: A steam sauna no?

A: No steam burns the ah...the mucus membranes in the lung, damages mucus production, damages those mucus membranes. It is dry; it causes dryness in the mucus membranes in the lungs. Both damage. So you have to get into you know a jacuzzi, a hot tub, something like that, that's not chlorinated.

Q: Ah...he said that it was fungus....these red patches. He said it was just fungus all over the place.

A: Fungus is the detoxification of the chemicals stored in the connective tissue. Perspire them out and you don't need the fungus.

Q: They burn and...

A: Now let me tell you this again. Fungi eat the poisons that are in the connective tissue, organic waste. When it breaks them down, it is a very acidic compound that dries out the skin and causes itching and rashes. If you're using a hot bath with that formula, you can perspire it out so you don't have to have a fungus breaking it down into a smaller complex to get it out through the skin, okay?

Q: Right.

A: Alright, well I'm trying to rush this because we're getting very late.

Q: Okay, one more.

A: And I've got a patient at seven o'clock, what time is it?

Q: Quarter to six.

A: okay right. So uh...Cathy do you have a question?

Q: Oh yeah um...at James' they sell that ah hummus but it's ah...but it has some sprouting in it.

A: Hummus is garbage.

Q: No I mean it's raw...

A: I don't care;it is garbage, it's made from chick peas.

Q: Chick peas...

A: Germinated chick peas, nothing to digest it.

Q: How about if they use carrots...how about you use carrots instead of the chick peas?

A: To make hummus?

Q: Yeah well...

A: It's not hummus.

Q: I know but it said she could make it with just carrots, ground...you know very small...

A: I don't know, I've done no experiments with anything like that, I wouldn't...

Q: If you don't use the chick peas, then use carrots.

A: Well the chick peas, you have to understand: any bean or grain that has germinated has three other enzymes that act like phytic acid, that prevent mineral absorption. That will prevent proper protein digestion and then proper fat digestion.

Q: I know but she uses...she wouldn't use the chick peas, she has carrots instead.

A: I don't know. Carrots are a vegetable. If you're using vegetable fiber, you're not going to digest it. Unless you're fermenting it.

Q: I was going to use it for my mother.

A: I don't know.

Q: Yeah, okay.

A: Do you have a question?

Q: Well, actually I guess I do um...Nerve disorders. I have a friend who has shooting pains that run down her legs and every time she walks like um...I guess it's a nerve problem where there is just pain everywhere and it just comes out of nowhere.

A: Okay, could be mnercury, could be thallium, could be formaldehyde, something from a vaccine or a medication or she has lactic acid build up in her system and all she has to do is move her muscles and the pain shoots.

Q: Well she just got recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia; do you think theres a connection to any...

A: Fibromyalgia is always heavy toxins stored throughout the body.

Q: That would make sense and so the diet that you talked about in your book is something that can...

A: Yeah but the addition like I talked about earlier, did you come late?

Q: No.

A: Okay, I talked about the vinegar, helping break that stuff down.

Q: Oh, okay.

A: When you have it with the sport drink and also with a vegetable juice.

Q: Okay.

A: Okay. That helps dissolve it...also whey.

Q: Whey yes...

A: Helps remove it. Okay?

Q: Okay.

A: You've got another question?...I need to get finished with these people. Do you have a question...oh really...okay.

Q: Yeah um...because you said that what LA water got something like a hundred and seventy...

A: Ninety three...two chemicals now.

Q: How much?

A: A hundred and ninety two...

Q: A hundred and ninety two.

A: … We're the highest in the world.

Q: Because of that I'm...I'm looking at making sort of like a tank that's got um...clay on the bottom of it...like does that wash my...I wash my celery, I was my dishes, wash my hands um...would that help, if like I run water into this tank where it's stored and it's got the clay in it to absorb the crap, then I use that for washing and stuff like that, would that actually help?

A: Well, I would say if you put some coconut cream as well as clay in it, it will be okay.

Q: Like what percentage do you think it would remove out of the...you know roughly, would it remove half of the chemicals, most of them?

A: You mean in the water?

Q: Yeah.

A: Depends on how much clay. Lets say you had a ten gallon tank.

Q: Yeah.

A: Okay lets say you have ten gallons and you put a cup of clay in there and ah...half a cup of coconut cream. That would arrest all the poisons in that water.

Q: Oh really..if it doesn't have a top. Would the chlorine vapors come off too.?

A: No they're already arrested and transformed by the clay and the coconut cream.

Q: Oh, okay.

A: Oh and also two tablespoons of vinegar.

Q: Oh, okay.

A: Forgot that, but the vinegar will help break down the chlorine quickly.

Q: So it's basically the same as you'd use for a bath.

A: Pardon?

Q: It's basically what you'd use for a bath.

A: Yeah...

Q: Only in a bigger...

A: Without the milk, yeah.

Q: Okay, good

A: Oh I want to show you an experiment that I've been doing.

Q: An experiment?

A: About a year...it's a little early, I like to use two years. You see his skin, now go like this. Okay you see it looks like an elephant, well last year even when he didn't turn his skin like that his neck was that way. So I have him applying vinegar straight on his neck one night and then coconut cream on another. He doesn't do it seven days a week, three to four days a week.

Q: Uh...I'm doing it more often now.

A: More often? and you can see the change in the skin.

Q: Yeah.

A: And how many months have you been doing it?

Q: I've been...well I started last year but I've been doing it consistently for two months now.

A: You see how well it works.

Q: Mix it together or separate?

A: Separate, well at one time he has a...the...uh vinegar on...only vinegar on the neck one night, the next night vinegar and coconut cream together.

Q: With like a bandage?

A: No, just rubbed on.

Q: Oh just rubbed on...

A: Just rubbed on, that's it. Rub it in a little bit maybe three minutes.

Q: That's easy.

A: Yeah, thank you.

Q: This facial cream that you...

A: Primal Facial body care cream doesn't do that kind of activity.

Q: Okay.

A: It nurtures and builds the neck instead of taking dead cells away. The vinegar helps drive dead cells out.

Q: Ah the neck different than the face?

A: No, same thing if you have wrinkles.

Q: Okay because okay...

Q: So you said vinegar one night, vinegar and coconut cream the next?

A: Mixture yeah. Yeah it's like one tablespoon of vinegar to four to five tablespoons of coconut cream.

Q: Oh, at one time you said ah...you could do them the same night but five minutes apart.

A: Yeah, I was experimenting with you.

Q: Oh okay.

A: Okay and I've been experimenting on myself and other people.

Q: Coconut cream every night is going to help though...

A: Coconut cream every night... As long as there is a little vinegar in it, it's going to take more of the dead cells away.

Q: I use primal cream every night.

A: That helps build the skin.

Q: Okay.

A: But it doesn't get rid of scar tissue.

Q: Or wrinkles.

A: Correct.

Q: Okay ah...

A: Do you have a question?

Q: Yeah...yeah I didn't ask my question which...which was ah... we've...okay we've discussed that ah...

A: A guinea pig doesn't get a question.

Q: Okay "Group laughs" well do I get it our not..."Laughs"...okay ah...okay we've discussed that ah no antibiotic ah...is to be taken before a doctor gives you surgery, even though the doctor wants it. In the worst situation... Lets say the guy...lets say one is conned into taking those antibiotics so what remedies after the damage has been done, what remedies...ah how can one...

A: What do antibiotics do?

Q: They...they destroy ah germs.

A: No, they destroy bacteria; there's no such thing as germs. That is a word created. That's like the Russians coming. The enemy's coming, the enemy's coming. There are no germs, there is bacteria and bacteria always have activity. So if you're A activity is for digesting and healing, you stop digesting and healing. My father went through a stroke in December. He will only drink the milk shakes when I come to see him. I got there about fourteen days ago and he was in the hospital and their giving him high doses of antibiotics. He stopped eating. Why? Because the digestive system isn't working. Ninety percent of your digestive activity is bacteria eating the foods; their waste products are our nutrients. So when you take antibiotics, you've destroyed all of the bacteria that is ninety percent of your digestion. So my father couldn't eat, he vomited anything you put into him that was cooked. So what did I give him? I gave him a half a cup of Papaya and a milk shake. Got better every time, didn't throw that up at all.

Q: Milk shake with eggs and milk...

A: Eggs and milk and honey and cream. Extra cream.

Q: So that's the remedy for extreme...

A: Papaya.

Q: Papaya and milkshake.

A: Papaya yeah, cheese to help get rid of some of that anti-biotic because anti-biotic sticks around a while. Don't take it.

Q: yeah, no matter what.

Q: Um...I just had two questions...

A: Yeah.

Q: Um I pro...I probably will be doing some surgery not that i want to. My front teeth. My body is rejecting this right front tooth. I had a blob of mercury put way up high in my gum line. It ate through my bone line, it ate through the front part of my teeth...

A: What dentist did this?

Q: Oh it was probably one of those lovely endodontists I saw years and years ago.

A: He needs to be assassinated...

Q: Well for thirteen...yeah...

A: Can you imagine putting… The greatest neurotoxin for any kind of animal on this planet is mercury and he deposited up here a glob of mercury.

Q: Yeah.

A: In here, gums and bone... How stupid can you be?

Q: Well he probably committed suicide from the mercury.

A: Lets hope.

Q: "Laughing"

Q: So I had surgery done that was like three or four...well I'm not sure if it was three or four years ago...but anyways I was thinking I may have to pull out my front teeth and get a denture put in. My body has already rejected this right front tooth.

A: Mmhm.

Q: Quite loose. I don't know I mean do you think I should try to keep the teeth and/or if I do...

A: Yeah I would get that mercury out immediately.

Q: Well...well I had surgery. He said he took out like ninety eight percent but I'm sure I have stuff going on in here so...

A: I would get...I wouldn't do anything else other than get rid of the mercury. Unless that tooth falls out on its own, I wouldn't remove it.

Q: So don't...don't

A: When I...when I went for chemo and radiation... All the bone, my body... when I had the cancer. All of the bone, my body ate all of my bone around my teeth. My teeth dangled in my gums. So if I bit down on my teeth I bled. A half a cup at a time. I was getting two to three transfusions a week. So I had to put my doughnuts and RC cola in the blender and then drink it out of a big fat straw. That was my diet back then. But I...they wanted to remove all my teeth and I thought, 'I'm going to suffer the last three months of my life with dental extractions. What are you more insane than I thought?' So I didn't let them do it and then I started [raw food] about four months later. This African American boy that was eighteen years old turned me onto raw carrot juice and raw milk. Within a year and a half all of my bone was restored.

Q: So you just think no surgery?

A: I think you should get any mercury that you have implanted - make sure it's out. That's the only surgery I would do. No novocain, be put out.

Q: Don't be put out...

A: Go under.

Q: Be put out.

A: Be put out.

Q: Okay.

Q: So that's ah...that's more desirable than novocain?

A: Absolutely because that will harden the body and the face. Very hard to detox novocaine.

Q: So.....to pull out more...

A: … and it goes right into the brain.

Q: But the drugs you use to get put you under don't harm you?

A: No, because they stay systemic. They stay flowing in the blood - in the neurological system. They aren't injected into the tissue where they collect in patches, in pockets.

Q: So pull out more the mercury or the novocaine that might be in my tissue, what would I do for food…?

A: Don't do it. Just let your body do it on its own...

Q: Just do my regular, what I've been doing and just...I have noticed when I've been eating the bone marrow this tightens up a lot. It tightens up a whole lot. It's almost like I have a whole new chute going on in there.

A: What you can take is some of that bone marrow; just shove it up into your gums.

Q: Oh, okay. I hope that's good.

Q: Does that work for receding gum lines?

A: And you can...to heal your receding gums too, by a mixture of a tablespoon of coconut cream ah...about three quarters of a teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of clay, "inaudible" clay. Mix those together and brush you're teeth with it and I recommend that you use an infants toothbrush, very soft, very small and you can work some of that into your gums; that will clean all the plaque away so you don't have to go and have deep root cleanings and all the… It also removes the heavy mercury and other poisons that dump in the gums, that cause the plaque and you don't have to rinse your mouth unless the vinegar...but the vinegar isn't strong enough in that proportion to eat away into the dentin… when you're using raw unpasteurized vinegar that hasn't been aged in...in steel, in stainless steel. It has to be either Solana Gold or Braggs ah..raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar that's aged in wood.

Q: Does this have to be refrigerated because of the coconut?

A: I refrigerate it; it doesn't have to be but I refrigerate it because the coconut cream loses and so does the vinegar lose some of its potency.

Q: So when you travel, you just.

A: I just take a little one ounce jar with me and that' will last a week.

Q: Okay.

A: And it goes in with my food so it doesn't go through radiation and then as soon as I get to the hotel, it goes into the refrigerator.

Q: and coconut cream being fermented, not fermented?

A: … doesn't matter.

Q: Doesn't matter...even when you're ingesting…?

A: Just remember, always fermented, it's ..more cleansing.

Q: Wait so ingesting fermented coconut...

A: Is easier.

Q: For better vision, egg whites, suspect one or two a day of egg whites...

A: It depends; some people do better with once a day, some people do better with two times a day.

Q: Because sometimes I've put a lot in and my eyes get red and ther're red for like a couple of days. Is that just detoxing?

A: Well, it's like probably you're veins are absorbing that protein that's digesting the cornea. As long as you're vision doesn't get worse a day after using it...

Q: Like I noticed the next morning my vision was a little cloudy but then it cleared up and...

A: Did it get better or worse?

Q: It seemed to get better.

A: Okay, so that's the way to do it yeah? okay.

Q: Egg whites, you know what ah...raw egg whites...Biotin deficiency..

A: Like I said; I put it in my book: in a laboratory it binds with the biotin. In the body, it makes carbon um...a biocarb...it gets rid of bio-carbons. I eat up to fifty eggs a day, never had a biotin deficiency. So it's only in a laboratory and it's bullshit.

Q: So it's a bunch of bologna then?

A: It's absolutely. Egg is the most digestible fat and protein on this planet. You can digest an egg in twenty seven minutes. Milk which is the next quickest...quick...most quickly-digesting nutrient in six to ten hours. Twenty seven minutes for an egg; that's phenomenal. So your body is only using about two to five inches of you're small intestine to absorb and digest all that protein and fat. So your body gets all these rich nutrients without having to labor in digestion. Meat takes nineteen hours to digest just to get down to the colon. Then the E-coli wants to hold it up there for another seven to eight hours.

Q: Does the lecithin stay in you're body to help all the other things that you need lecithin for?

A: Lecithin will be used to help emulsify fats.

Q: So you don't need to eat the egg with the other products to keep...I forgot what it was that they told me, that you need to? Somebody was saying that you need to have lecithin..

A: Bullshit.

Q: Okay.

A: Okay, ...absolute bullshit. Take a look at the woman with emphysema that I talk about in my recipe book. She had emphysema for seven years; her MD said she was going to die that weekend, she'd been on machines for two years - bedridden for almost two years - and the MD called me and said “what can I do?” and I said “well, you're calling me a little late aren't you?”

Q: "Laughter"

A: And she said 'well, you know, in the medical profession you can not give alternatives until the medical therapies have failed for ten years.” It's only been seven years for her so she could lose her license by recommending other therapies but she cared about her patient, so that's why she called me. That's when I found out that it is a law that a MD can only give you medical therapy for ten years, if it fails for ten years they can offer you alternative therapies. So you're doomed to medical waste for ten years. Medical destruction and they have the oath, do no harm. Who's bullshit is that. Not one of them lived by it...you know. Eggs...so this woman ate thirty-three eggs a day and my recommendations I said, get that woman, ten to fifteen dozen eggs, put them on her bedside and to eat as many eggs as she can, in as little time as she can. I got a call on Monday morning from this raspy voiced woman who said, “it worked. What else do I do?” I said “who are you?” And she said, “well my doctor called you and you recommended I eat as many eggs as I could. So I ate thirty three on Saturday, thirty-three on Sunday. I'm off the machines, I'm out of bed, what else can I do...?” ...“Keep eating the eggs.”

Q: "Laughter"

A: Because her body can spend all the time cleansing and healing with those eggs, so she's not spending all the time in digestion. She's already in a serious state when she has emphysema. So she needs to spend all of her time cleansing and healing, not digesting. So I had her eat that for about six months. Eggs and eggs and eggs, no Biotin deficiency. She got well!

Q: Wow.

A: It's absolute bullshit; it makes me angry.

Q: Yeah.

A: Because these people who talk about, you know Mercola...all of them. They learn this information in a book in a school and they think it's...they think it's knowledge. I don't put out anything unless I experiment and it really is true. It's true by experimentation. I worked with experiments, I spent over a million dollars almost in laboratory experiments. I did not issue my book until 1997 and I started experimenting in 1969. So all of that time before I knew I had knowledge. We don't have any apprenticeships anymore. You go to school. You take a course in nutrition and you're a nutritionist and you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.

Q: No you don't.

A: And yet you go around telling people what to do and what do they teach you in these schools...? Supplements...supplements...supplements. It's the drug world. It's got nothing to do with nutrition. Nutrition is nutrition. It's nutrients for the body, chemicals are not nutrients. It's not food. I don't care if it was derived from food. They either use a derivative of kerosene. Yes kerosene is a natural product, but would you soak you're food in it for twenty five minutes before you eat it?

Q: "Group Laughter"

A: You'd die and they treat everything that they make into a supplement with either wood alcohol and we're not talking about bourbon or any expensive alcohol. They use a chemical of wood alcohol. Grain alcohol to make supplements or a kerosene derivative. Every supplement that's made. I don't care if it's from food. Now the people who have these made have good intentions but they go to a laboratory which says we're the chemist, oh we can make that for you. They say we'll make it totally naturally. Sure Kerosene's natural but would you diet on it? Would you eat even a tablespoon a day? No. So you have to be a biochemist to know – from beginning to end - where you're nutrients come from. Oh it's natural. We go to...what we got to these laboratories, we'll go to general foods and get their food waste product that have already been processed with chemicals and everything and then use them for your natural nutrients from food for your supplements. If you grew it in fields and took it to the laboratory, do you know how expensive you're supplements would be, how much it would take to make a supplement? You couldn't afford a thousand dollars a bottle and that's how much it would cost if you were truly to do it naturally. It's impossible. You get it from your food. Vegetable juices are your vitamins, minerals and enzyme supplements. Think about juicing all of these vegetables and you're getting a lot of these vegetables. Fat is a concentrated nutrient . Even if your soil is deficient, it has so much concentrated nutrients. These supplements are all chemical. There are poisons in there that are going to give you an adrenaline rush. Feel better but are you better...? No, you're not.

Q: It's just a fake way right...

A: It's like taking cocaine.

Q: Yeah.

A: You're going to get your high, you're going to feel good. You're going to feel really energetic but is it healthy...? No.

Q: I wanted to know, what causes Osteoporosis.

A: Your body eating its own minerals. You need to eat cheese with honey, twice a day thirty minutes after a meat meal. One to two tablespoons of cheese with a very small amount of honey. The honey and the cheese have to go together. To digest a dry food substance you have to have honey or some other enzyme with it, that will allow it to be digested. Cheese eaten without honey directly in it, like in cheesecake. It will be digested but without honey directly in it it acts as a magnet and a sponge for poisons and it goes off and you discard it, you don't digest any cheese unless you have honey directly with that cheese. So all the...most of the cheese you eat should be the sponge and the magnet for drawing all those poisons out of the body and take them out. Two times a day, thirty minutes after a meat meal, you have the cheese and the honey together. It's like, say you have one and a half tablespoons of cheese. You'd have a half to a three-quarter of a teaspoon of honey. A very small amount of honey to a greater amount of cheese. Okay that's it folks.