Q&A Of June 29, 2008

(1) 5 Hours Without Eating [2008],[Aajonus]

You go five hours without eating, your red blood cells eat each other

They become cannibalistic.

So, every hour after five hours that you don't eat something with protein in it, your body will eat 1 - 1.

5 tablespoons of red blood cells.

So, if you sleep 8 hours without eating, you're consuming 3 - 4 tablespoons of red blood cells, that means you awaken with anemia.

That's about all you produce in a 24 hour period is 3 - 4 tablespoons of red blood cells.

So, you're eating it up every night.

So, you need to wake up after 3, 4, 5 hours, eat something with protein in, I don't care if it's milk, egg, meat, whatever it is, then go back to sleep for 3, 4, 5 hours.

So, if you're fasting, those people who go one day, 24 hours, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, if you do really something stupid and go 42 days like I did, it'll take you 2.

5 - 3 years to recover.

When I did the 42 day fast, even though I drank my urine during there to recycle those proteins, it still took me 2.

5 years to recover.

When I did a 27 day fast of only water, it took me 5 years to recover.

So, you have to be very careful about fasting, it's not a good thing.

You can eat small amounts if you want to make sure the body's getting rid of enough toxicity, don't do that in the winter.


(2) Aajonus Wont Drink Kefir, Toxic Fats (3) Bone Marrow, Stem Cells Can Becomee Any Part Of Body [2008],[Attendee]

Bone marrow, best ways to eat it and all the benefits of bone marrow



She has a question about bone marrow, how to eat it, what does it do.

Bone marrow, besides sperm and ovum, is the only place where you can get nonspecific stem cells?

Stem cells that can become any kind of cell in your body.

You have adult stem cells in everything else in all the meats that you get that are particular to that.

Like you have stem cells in heart muscle, so if you eat heart, you'll get the stem cells that are particular for heart, and they'll help you generate your own heart muscles, liver, everything else.

But bone marrow has nonspecific.

They are shape shifters.

They can address and make any cell that's needed in the body, and it's good to eat it with meat to okay have an extra supply of protein there to be able to assimilate those stem cells and feed those stem cells so that they can reproduce and grow a little bit quicker.

Any kind of meat, chicken.


Doesn't matter?

Any kind of meat, it could be fish, doesn't matter.

Doesn't matter where the bone marrow comes from.

It should be a healthy animal.

It shouldn't be fed antibiotics or given injections.


It'll grow new bone in your body a lot quicker.




Doesn't necessarily have to be totally organic.


Well, it doesn't have to be totally organic, but it should not have any hormones or antibiotics?

Well, what I do is I buy 5 of them a week and then I'll have 1 every day for 5 days with a meat meal.


Would you eat bone marrow with a specific meat like heart and liver.

Does that produce more liver stem cells?


Yeah, if you eat it with liver, it'll stimulate more liver cells?

Did everybody get that.

He asked if you eat the bone marrow with liver, does it help reproduce more liver cells?

Yes, it does?

Whatever adult stem cells you have, when you have the bone marrow with whatever meat that is, it's going to help that particular part of your body.

So, if it's muscle you want you can put on more muscle and you don't necessarily necessarily have to work out if you've been on it as long as I have.


(4) Chemtrails Everywhere [2008],[Attendee]

Is there a space that- cuz I can very easily move

I was just thinking of the chemtrails.

I see 'em all around here.


Hawaii's the only place I haven't seen them.

Everywhere else in the world I found them.


What are chemtrails.


The military is dumping its waste and experimenting on u, biochemically, you'll see these streaks in the sky created by planes?

They're not contrails, contrails are vapor or moisture that gets frozen and it dissolves within 5, 10 minutes.

These things hang around for 24 hours, until it just falls on everybody on the ground, those are chemtrails.

They're doing it everywhere.


(5) Cognitive Function [2008],[Attendee]

For cognitive functions to improve, is fish really good

And if so, what type of fish is better than the others?


Any kind of fish is fine, it's higher in minerals?

Remember the brain uses a lot of metallic minerals to relay light and conduct electricity That's how the brain and nervous function.

The mineral concentrations in fish are far greater than any other food, especially in oysters and clams and shellfish, so those are your preferable.

Eggs are very important to cognitive function, not because of the mineral concentration, but because the available very tiny, easily digestible proteins from the egg white.


(6) Complete Diet Schedule [2008],[Aajonus]

Okay, so you understand why we eat in patterns, how the body works in patterns

So, if you stay on the schedule, you'll have a lot better results with your body, mentally and everything.

So, when you wake in the morning, you've got an over acidic blood, that causes problems, lots of problems: you don't digest properly, you don't balance your neurological system properly, your brain won't function properly.

I always suggest cuz everybody's so toxic, we're living in a toxic environment, you have a piece of cheese sitting by your bedside.

When you wake, you have that little piece of cheese, whether it's a sugar cube sized or two sugar cube sized amount.

If you're a big guy like him, whole tablespoon.

So, you have that, 10 minutes later you have your vegetable juice to alkanalize the bloodstream.

not to really make it alkaline.

Your blood on this diet should be about 5.

5, on the acidic side, your urine should be 5.

5, your saliva should be 5.

All of this lala stuff from these new aged healers are not looking at the body as if they were carnivores.

They're looking at us if we were cows or goats or horses, we are not an alkanalized animal.

Everything should be acidic, but the blood goes to a 4.

5, usually in the morning.

So, you need the vegetable juice to get digestion going and the blood more alkanalized to where it's at a 5.

5 or a 5.


Do you need honey with the cheese.


Do not eat honey with the cheese?

If you want to absorb poison, eat honey with the cheese.

I suggest you only eat honey and cheese together twice in a day after the meat meal, but don't ask anymore questions because I'm gonna cover all of this stuff.

So, no questions until I finish.

So, you have the cheese to absorb the toxins, no honey with it.

Then you have the juice, depending upon the size you are and the amount of fluid that you may need and the particular juices that you may need.

Nowadays I'm using a lot of cucumber puree in there, instead of so much celery.

Cucumber puree provides lots of collagen precursors, so the skin is better, everything is healthier.

You can see how much better my skin is all over, and I don't exercise.

Especially in here, I started developing those old people's collagen there where they're not replacing collagen, and after doing this for just four months, it's all renewed.

Of course I've been on a raw diet since 72, I react a lot quicker than most people.

So, after you have the juice, you wait about 20, 30 minutes, have another little sugar cube size or more amount of cheese, absorb more toxins that dump from the stomach.

Remember most of the poisons that don't leave through the skin, dump into the stomach lining, and then they dump as you eat, a little at a time.

So, it poisons your food.

You're going to reabsorb some of that, and some of it's going to cause your food to pass right through you.

What a waste of food, gonna waste something, let the cheese do it.

It only takes a little amount of cheese to bind and attract and chelate and remove a lot of toxicity from the system.

So, after you have another cheese, if you have digestive problems, digestion's really slow, you eat an egg or 2, 10 minutes after the cheese, that'll get everything moving through quickly.

Remember there's hardly any digestion to eggs and it moves everything quickly.

When you get a lot of protein and fats into the body, it builds up the energy level quickly.

You get stronger quickly, you'll have more energy quickly like coffee does to you, without the buzz.


Is that just the egg yolk.


No, no?

Always the whole egg.

That bullshit about the egg white and egg yolk, forget all of that.

Forget all of that.

It's all wrong, it's all hypothesis.

I eat 50 eggs a day, do I look like I have a fucking biotin deficiency.

No, I don't have a biotin deficiency and I've got stomach problems from the surgery?

If anybody's gonna have a biotin problem, if you're eating the egg and the white together, I'm going to have it, I don't.

I don't know anybody on my diet that eats a lot of eggs has any biotin deficiency.

So, Mercola and all those theorists, that happens in a test tube, does not happen in the human body.

So, it's all bullshit.

Just remember, if you don't have the protein with the fat, you're not gonna digest the fat.

If you don't have the fat with the protein, you're not gonna digest the protein.

, they've got to be together.

When I did the experiments, and I said it in my books, when I did experiments on the experiments on animal feeding them egg white and egg yolk separately, they were ravenous.

They ate twice as much food.

They had huge imbalances emotionally and everything, so separating the egg white and egg yolk will cause tremendous hunger, imbalances, overeating, obeseness, water retention, all kinds of problems.

And you're worried about vitamin B, biotin, absolute bullshit.

Okay, you got it.

I don't have to mention that again?

It's in my book?

If you need more going, then have another egg 10 minutes later, or 2.

If you're digesting properly and everything's fine, you go from the juice, 10 minutes later to a meat meal.

If you have to go through the eggs, you go from the eggs to the meat meal.


How much time.


10 minutes after the cheese to have egg or go have juice, then cheese 10 minutes later, then meat 10 minutes later?

So, you have that meat meal at that point, because if you have a high carbohydrate meal, you're going to feed the nervous system a lot of carbohydrate glycogen.

Carbohydrate glycogen is full of advanced glycation end products once that glycogen has been used by the nervous system.

Columbia University found that the healthy body stores at a rate of 70%, that makes the lymphatic, the blood and the neurological system very sticky.

Synapse don't fire right, ganglions get bunched up with their transmissions, axions do too.

So, it causes a depletion of clarity of mind and consciousness.

If you eat a protein meal, the body makes the glycogen from pyruvate with the help of glucagon.

When you're using pyruvate to form glycogen, you only have a 7% to 8% amount of advanced glycation end products.

We can handle 12% a day at a time.

So, we never build up with this stickiness, so the mind stays clear, Don't eat anything with high carbohydrate for the first 6 - 7 hours that you're awake because for the first 6 - 7 hours you're awake, whatever you eat, your body will build the glycogen from those foods.

So, you save your fruit meal or high carbohydrate meals for the afternoon, somewhere between 1:30 and 3:30.

If you're a night person, it's the same way.

You just make sure that it's first 6 - 7 hours you don't eat a high carbohydrate.


Is milk high in carbohydrates.



Milk is high in carbohydrates, so only a little bit of that.

When you have a milkshake, you've got egg in it.

You've got lots of things to counterbalance the high sugar in the milk.

Now you can sip milk a little at a time all morning, but you don't want to have a lot of it at one time consistently.


Is a smoothie a high carb meal.


Now the smoothie is high carb because you have fruit in a smoothie?

Smoothie is a milkshake with fruit.

Do not eat a smoothie in the morning, unless I specifically give you a little fruit for your particular condition.

If somebody's got multiple sclerosis, I'll give them in their milkshake about 1' - 1.

5' banana with some coconut cream in there, that helps get rid of the scar tissue.

And I need to start that early, but that little bit of banana is not going to be a problem.

So, then with the meat meal, you always eat butter with that meat meal, so you don't turn that pyruvate into a fuel to give you energy.

That's just burning up that expensive meat.

You want to reserve that for helping create hormones to divide cells, to reproduce cells to heal.

So, always eat butter or some fat with the meat.

Butter will always stabilize the meat better, but if you want to eat avocado or an oil with it once in a while, that's fine, but always eat some butter with it, at least a tablespoon.

Two tablespoons for this guy.


Olive oil and flax oil okay to eat with meat.


You could have 2 tablespoons, most people should only have 1 tablespoon per meat meal if they're going to have oil with it, if you want to have one good, delicious olive oil sauce with one of your meat meals, then you skip the oil for the next 3 or 4 days?

Don't have it for those days.


What if there's a lot of fat in the meat.

Is that good enough or would you still have to have the butter?


If you have a lot of fat in the meat, that will be fine, but most places you can't get good fat these days, they trim it off and throw it away?

Boy, do I pig out when I go to Asia cause they have the fat hanging right there, so I'll just buy ropes of it and eat it.

Cuz I don't get cream there.

I get some milk, but I don't get cream there.

I take my butter with.

So, I eat lots of this fat in place of the cream.

So yes, the meat fat will be fine if you have enough meat fat, it should be a lot.

If you have your moisturizing/lubrication formula as your butter with it, you will be able to put more muscle and more strength into your body.

So, moisturizing/lubrication formula is better than just having plain butter.

Cause the moisturizing/lubrication formula digests much quicker than just plain butter.

When I have people who bodybuild, like people know Lucky, we have a lot of potlucks at his place.

When he came to me at 56 years old, he was on to diet 2 years and he had been real skinny and I mean, he was skinny.

If anybody knows what James Stewart looked like before.

Very skinny.

He 6' 3'' and he was 140 pounds, that skinny.

Lucky was the same way.

So, after 2 years on the diet, he put on about 35, 40 pounds.

It's a pretty good weight, not what I wanted him to put on.

And he came to me and he said, "I've been skinny all my life.

I want to be a bodybuilder.

Can I bodybuild".

I said, "Well, Lucky you're only 60?

You're not dead".

He's 6' 1''.

So, I said, "Have two pounds of meat a day, one pound at a time with a whole lubrication formula with each meat meal".

And in 2.

5 - 3 months, he put 4 inches on his arms, 6 inches on his chest.

Golds gym ,they accused him of using steroids, and he says, "No, I'm just eating eggs and butter and raw meat".

And they didn't believe him.

But you notice he stopped working out after a year, cuz he was working out so much and not eating properly.

He didn't call me and say, "I'm getting stiff".

I would've changed his diet, but he stopped working out, you see he's kept all of that muscle and he stopped working out.

It doesn't deteriorate cause on this diet everything's stable if you eat the butter with the meat, it will last a long time.

It won't dissolve easily.

Eat avocado with the meat, it's not going to last as long.

Eat oils with your meat, the protein, the cells are not gonna last as long.

They will weaken and your muscles will fall.

So, I haven't worked out on a workout schedule since 1979.

Do I look like I have a problem.


But I don't look like you?


Why not.

But you don't have that kind of system?

You have a woman system.


So, what happens to women with all this butter and moisturizing formula employment.


Well, it depends upon the woman?

Let save those questions til I get through the diet.

Write those questions down.

So, you have the lubrication/moisturizing formula with your meat, you'll be much more stable.

Your muscle, your glands, everything, your cells will be more stable.

Then about 30 minutes after your meat meal is when you have your cheese with your honey, you've already got good digestion going: your proteins are partially digested, your fats are partially digested and if you throw a supplemental concentration of minerals from your cheese, easily digestible because the honey becomes the enzymes that are missing in the cheese, which prevents it from digesting.

So, when the honey's with the cheese, it provides the enzymes to digest those minerals, so it's your mineral supplement, your mineral concentration.

So, you can rebuild your bones, rebalance your nervous system.

All kinds of problems can repair with that mineral supplement, cheese with the honey.

Then for the next 2 - 3 hours, sip on milk or the sport formula, stay away from water.

It's just solvent, it just dissolves and leaches all kinds of nutrients out of your body, salts the same way.

So, then I have a milkshake and there's milkshake recipes in the book, so I won't mention milkshake.

It's just egg, milk, a little bit of cream, maybe some coconut cream and honey.

Some people, if they wanna speed the digestion up a little bit, they can take a little bit of ginger root, put a little grated ginger root in that and blend it.

If you have a hormonal problem and you want to get a little stimulated sexually, you could grate just a little bit of nutmeg in it.

If you've got toxicity and everybody does, always have at least a sugar cube size amount of cheese before everything that I told you to eat at a time.

So, cheese before your juice, cheese before your eggs or your meat or both, and that's when you're adding eggs at a particular time.

You're having eggs in between meals, you don't need the cheese with it, but it's always helpful about 10 minutes before.

And then cheese before your milkshake, cheese before your next juice, cheese before your fruit meal, cheese before your vegetable juice again, cheese before your meat meal, cheese before a cup or half a cup of milk at a time, always cheese 10 minutes before those things to absorb the poisons, so the poisons do not get into your food.


How about midnight.

Middle of the night meal?


We're gonna get to that?

So, after that second vegetable juice, you have cheese, the vegetable juice 10 minutes after that, let 1 hour - 1.

5 hour pass.

You can suck on a little milk or the sport formula, if you like or not.

Then have a fruit meal, the fruit meal should always have fat with it, so the sugars don't rush into the body and cause a lot of stickiness in the digestive tract and a lot of problems all over the system,.

The highs and lows of energy, we'll avoid all of that.

Since coconut cream is your best solvent to dissolve toxicity and your fruit meal is your main detoxification meal, you mainly have coconut cream with a little bit of animal fat, always have animal fat with your coconut cream at that fruit meat.

Because you're gonna have toxins that need to be arrested that the coconut cream can't bind with, so have a little bit of butter, a tiny bit of butter and a small amount of dairy cream, and that will protect your nervous system, your liver, and other areas of your body from excessive sugars.

It's always best to eat low sugar foods, unless you're having cramping or a lot of fatigue in your muscles, then you could have watermelon, but I don't suggest you have the very heart of the watermelon, cut a inch core out of that and throw it away, and then you could have a lot of watermelon, but have it with cream and a little bit of coconut cream to get the stiffness and the fatigue out of the muscles.

You're building up with lactic acid and to other byproducts of metabolism, that's what causes stiffness.

You could use the vinegar in your vegetable juices, one or two of them to also relieve that, so you don't have to go for the fruit cuz some people get depressed when they have fruit, cuz they have a sugar high and a sugar low.

Why get depressed.

Who wants depression?

Who likes depression?






Laughs Cause they make money from it.


That's only about 10% of the depression that goes on is eating too much fruit, high sugar fruit.

90% of depression comes from a low E coli count.

E coli is the final stage of digestion.

It digests and releases 90% of the B vitamins that are in your food.

E coli eats it, it's shit is our nutrients.

That's how it works.

Parasites, the bacteria, eat these foods and digest them for us.

Their waste is our nutrients, that's how it works.

So, if you have a low E coli bacterial population colonies in the bowel, you're going to have a tendency towards depression.

That's a whole nother subject.

I can get into that next time.

So, after you have your fruit meal, you let 2 - 3 hours pass.

Then you can sip on milk, your sport formula, have another piece of cheese and then 10 minutes later, next vegetable juice, if you're having another vegetable meal.

If not, wait an hour, hour and a half, have your second and last meat meal.

If you have diabetes, you should break your meat meals into 3, instead of 2.

So, after your second vegetable juice, you'll have a meat meal and then have your fruit meat.

You just lower the amount of meat that you eat at a time and you shrink the time between eating a little bit by half an hour, all the way throughout the day.

After that vegetable juice, you wait an hour, an hour and a half, like I said, you have that cheese again, then the meat meal, your butter or moisturizing lubrication formula with that meat meal, 30 minutes later, you have the cheese with the honey again.

Then through the evening, if you feel like you're fat or you're not digesting quickly enough, egg every 30 to 60 minutes, egg by itself.

Do you not whip an egg, you just drink it down like Rocky or you poke a hole in one end to suck it out like I do.

That way you don't have to clean a glass every time you're sucking an egg.

Then before you go to bed, you need to relax the nervous system, make sure you sleep properly, so a half to a whole cup of milk, little extra cream in it with a little honey, warm milk is better for relaxing and sleeping.

Put the same amount at your bedside, so when you awaken during the night, you drink it.

You do not wanna go 5 hours without eating.

You can make a milkshake and have half of it before you to sleep, and half of it during the night if you like.

If you're a hyperactive person, don't wake up after 5 hours and drink and eat, you won't go back to sleep, set your alarm for 3 hours, wake then eat.

You'll go back to sleep, very few people have energy after three hours sleep.

I have it, that's fine cause I only sleep about 3 - 3.

5 hours a night, sometimes 4 and 5, but most of the time 3.

5 - 4.

So, I never sleep.

I'm always eating, always eating.

Now you see me sucking on this here and there.

I'm always eating and it regulates the body better.

In another 14 years when I've done my 40 years to get my body completely healthy, I might be like the Samburu, Masaai, Aborigines' and the Eskimos where I can go a day without eating, and if I'm eating my own cells, I won't get toxic.

But right now, everybody that eats their own red blood cells are causing anemia and mass toxicity.

There you have it.

What time is it.


10 past 5?


We did it.

Okay folks.

We'll have one more on the 24th of August.

I will be having my potluck in my place in Malibu.

I usually have it in September, but I've got so much touring to do in September that I have to do at the end of August.

I'm going to five different places.

You're gonna get emails, so you'll know.

Okay folks.

Thanks for coming.


(7) Cut&pain On Foot [2008],[Kathy]

I also feel it in my bone, the pain and also the side of my foot, it's like cut in the side and blisters right here and it's painful to step on it

And my mother with her callous, I wanna know, coconut oil is the answer.


No, I don't see your mother's legs, but I see yours?


The toes curl like this.


You wanna listen to me.

For you you need vinegar?

You're caking up, you're clotted.

You're clotted in your veins, all in your legs, all over the body.

You need some vinegar.


I better call you tomorrow cause I don't understand what you mean.

For the curled toes, just coconut oil for that.



Usually when you have curled toes that means you're not getting enough protein, the tendons are buckling up.

So, she needs to eat meat, eat raw meat.


Oh, she needs to eat raw meat.

But I mean, for the pain?


For the pain, pain formula?


Put it on her toes.


No, drink the pain formula?

For that kind of pain, you could put coconut cream and vinegar on the feet to help dissolve some the crystal.


Coconut oil.


No, coconut cream?

Just remember, oil smothers the skin.


Coconut cream and how much vinegar.


I said two tablespoons of coconut cream, one teaspoon of vinegar?


(8) Detoxing At Night [2008],[Scott]

For the last couple of weeks, just every time when I go to sleep, all of a sudden I start detoxing throughout my body, through my skin, and it keeps me up

My feet, you just scratch something and then it'll move to another foot and it'll go all up and down the feet, arms, back.

Nothing I could really locate for one thing.

Or sometimes it feels like bumps, like hives are coming up and then it's gone and I'll get to sleep.

And there's to be none, except tearing yourself apart scratching yourself.


What he asked was, he's got a condition where during the night he itches a lot, things come out the skin.

Remember, your skin is the main detoxification center for the whole body.

If you were on an ideal diet, you wouldn't be putting out waste products.

Everything that you have that you eliminate from the body, you could always recycle.

It is supposed to be that nontoxic.

You could eat your own waste and recover more of the nutrients.

In India because there are heavy vegetarians there, they drink their own urine to recycle their proteins.

Your astronauts, what do you think they drink.

They drink their urine, goes through a filter and they drink their urine?

That's how they get their water and fluids and nutrient, extra nutrients.

So, when you're on a healthy diet and you've been raised on a healthy diet, you will have very little waste and any toxic waste that will come out, comes out the skin: not the bowels and not the urine, not the kidneys, not the bladder, not the urethra, comes out the skin.

So, everybody's gonna do their major amount of detoxification through the skin.

A lot of health practitioners call the skin the major bowel.

Because the bowel, I don't want you to think that the bowel is a detoxification area specified by the body.

It isn't, it is no more of a detoxifier than your tear ducts or your ear wax or your mucus membranes.

It is not supposed to be a dump zone of toxicity, your skin is that area.

So, when you have a major amount of it itching, usually it's a fungus that's coming out through the skin.

Now a lot of times because of the vegetable oils that we've consumed, especially the hydrogenated vegetable oils that are the same molecular structure of plastic, fungus, molds break those down and they will crystallize, cause heavy dryness when coming through the skin.

Best thing to do is put coconut cream on your skin.

If you're blistering along with it, you put lime juice and then coconut cream with a tiny bit of honey in the ratio of honey to coconut cream is about 20 - 1.

20 coconut cream to 1 honey.

Very small amount of honey, a drop per tablespoon.

He said when he wakes in the morning, it's all over.

The nervous system mainly detoxifies at night.

As soon as the sun goes down, it's full on by midnight and it's over by 5:00AM.

So, if you can't sleep at night, you're going through a heavy detox.

Don't try, you'll just be frustrated.

Get up and do something constructive.

If you're itching, put some lime juice or just coconut cream and honey on, and then do something.

Read, do some work, do something, even do something creative.

Write poetry, whatever it is.

If you've got people in the house, put ear plugs in so you can sing, anything.


(9) Dry Lips [2008],[Aajonus]

I keep my lips together and my teeth together and I draw it through

I just wish I had a good, healthy nipple.

I wouldn't have to do it that way.

My mother went dry at two weeks old.

I was two weeks old, so I didn't get to suck much.

I wanna suck now.


So, sip juice as well.

You don't gulp juice.


I don't gulp juice either?

Everything assimilates much better: I drink less, I piss less, I don't get as dry mouth.

I used to have put cream like coconut cream or butter or primal facial body care cream on my lips all day long.

Since I started sucking, I rarely put it on my lips anymore.

So, marvelous with the change, just in that little bitty technique.


(10) Fasting [2008],[Attendee]

So, how come when I did the juice fasting in January for a week in England I felt really good afterwards and all the stiffness and aching went away for the first time in years

Like, I felt so much better, I could do more exercise, but then about four weeks later, I seemed to go into a massive detox?

And since then, I haven't felt well at all.

I've felt really ill ever since.

So, why the initial feeling.


When you fast, like juice feast isn't really a fast?

People will juice feast, there's a tiny bit of protein, but not much in juice.

You can get about 2% of the protein out of it, so it's not much.

So, it's not starvation like with water, which completely leaches everything, causes lots of problems.

Cuz water is solvent, it's not a nutrient, it dissolves rock plants eat.

We're not supposed to drink water, it leeches and tears the body apart.

But if you drink juices, go on a juice feast for let's 5 five to 10 days, you will start cleaning things out of the body, but your body's going to eat itself to take care of that.

And guess what.

It's not gonna eat the toxic shit?

It's gonna eat the healthier cells.

So, then when you stop that you're gonna feel good for 3, 4, 5, 7 weeks, and all of a sudden you're going to have all kinds of other problems because now you've got a concentration of toxic cells all over the body that you will have to detox that are loose because you've eaten around the good cells, cuz the body isn't going to eat the toxic cells to get the proteins because they're too toxic.

So, it'll throw you into a heavier detox following it.


(11) Frozen Sholder and Burstitis [2008],[Aajonus]

Do you have a question


Yes, frozen shoulder or bursitis?

Are they similar.

Are they same?

Do you have any?


A frozen shoulder and bursitis?

A frozen shoulders when minerals build up and circulation is blocked.

Vinegar with vegetable juice is very good for removing that.

For someone your size, you could use 1.

5 teaspoons twice daily, morning, and about 5:00PM.

And the best way to take that vinegar is to take about drink about two to three ounces of your vegetable juice.

Then mix your vinegar with just a small amount, like one to two ounces of the juice, drink that, and then drink the rest of the juice.

If you have bursitis, bursitis are little bitty sacks of fluid that are very concentrated, in hormones, like cortisone.

The little bursas, they exist in all near almost all the major joints.

When they get inflamed, they're extremely painful, excruciatingly painful.

The best way to resolve bursitis is with the moisturizing/lubrication formula spaced throughout the day, drinking a couple tablespoons, every couple of hours with an egg just by itself even.

Cheese or egg, But the frozen shoulder is a mineral caking buildup, can be from lactic acid, uric acid mineral crystals, doesn't matter.

You're just not cleaning out the joints.


Would it be the same or is there a difference between, like if you can't lift your arm.


If you have a bursitis, you're gonna have an inflamed bursa, which is right here, and it will be in so much pain.

They're different, completely different.

One takes care of the buildup is vinegar.

The bursa is moisturizing/lubrication formula.


(12) Headaches [2008],[Attendee]

I get headaches in the back of my head

I haven't found any of your remedies to help much.

I took the Fiorinal a long time.


Well, I've been experimenting with people who have the neck problems that have brain stem headache, and it's worked, I would say about 70% of the time.

So, you can try it, it might work for you, but these were people that weren't relieved with my headache formulas.

So, that's 70% more people that are helped.

And what you do is mix coconut cream, like two tablespoons of coconut cream with a teaspoon of vinegar, mix that together, and you rub that into your neck twice daily.

And it starts breaking down the congestion that you have in the neck, the crystallizations that don't allow the proper circulation cuz they'll harden, and then the blood will flow into the brain and the brain stem, but won't flow out.

When you're doing that twice a day, even three times a day, it relieves that flow, so the blood will flow out of the brain as well as in, so that helps.

You have two tablespoons of coconut cream, one teaspoon of vinegar.


Is coconut cream the same as coconut oil.


No, coconut cream, and coconut oil are two different things?

Coconut oil only has your oil soluble fats, coconut cream has your water and fat soluble vitamins and enzymes and fats, big difference.

It has vitamin a, it has vitamin D, but vitamin a is mainly water soluble.

You have oil soluble vitamin a, but most of your vitamin a is water soluble, like from carotene in carrot juice.

So, there are a lot of vitamins, you have B vitamins that are fat and water soluble, and you'll have a lot more of all of them in the coconut cream, and coconut oil is very specific.


So, they're not substitutes obviously.




I can put on coconut oil and I'll turn black if I'm in the sun.

If I use coconut cream because of the water soluble nutrients and, and vitamins in there, it will be a sun block, so I won't take in as much sun.


(13) Healign Insinct Vs Eatign Schedule [2008],[Aajonus]

The question over here was that if you just follow your instincts and eat what you want to eat, how well is the healing

I found it's about 30% to 50% only?

If you address my particular structure of eating cycles Like schedule eating one and two on page 40 and 41 of the recipe book.

If you follow those, you will heal optimally and quickly.

If you're just eating what you want when you want and not addressing the body's changes on the normal time schedule of the day, it's much harder on the body to do what you want to do taste wise.

So if you follow the specific suggestions for the dietary plans that I have in the Recipe Book, you'll heal a lot quicker, about 50% or more quicker, and you'll stay more focused and clear of mind.

And in the workshop I gave everybody that people have attended, I lay out why you eat what and at what particular time.

If we have time, I'll go over that at the end.


(14) How To Get Cream, Butter Or Milk and Shippnig Butter [2008],[Aajonus]

Find somebody who will raise some cows or goats for you and take care of them

She lives on an island in the far east, so she's concerned that she can't get butter and cream or milk.

You could make a big run to Paris like every three months and store up on butter, that's what a lot of my clients in London do, and in England.

They go over to Paris and get 30 pounds of butter for three months.


Or sent from here.

I live in London, I get mine sent.

You can find someone willing to send it.


It isn't more expensive to fly from here than Paris to London.


I don't know, but I get various things sent the same time?


Paris has very good cuz most of their butter and cream comes from the surrounding farms way outside of Paris.

Some of those farmers that I dealt with when I was living in Paris, they traveled 250 miles to come to the farmer's markets in Paris.

So, it was very good there, and also they now supply the health food stores throughout Paris, so you can get that there, but they will ship it from here.

I've got farmers that will ship to Aruba.

Antigua, London.


Does the milk last.


No, the milk won't last, it'll be curdled by the time you get that, aut at least the butter and cream?

But like I said, if you can make a connection in Paris, it'd be cheaper for them to send it for Paris than it would the States and probably get there better.

Aruba, that's way down there next to Venezuela.

I have a product list, and you can go on Jim's website and get it.


(15) How To Regain Health After Detox [2008],[Lewis]

Well, what do you do to regain energy, especially as you've just gotten off of a detox

Is there any quick way to regain strength and vitality?


I'm going to repeat the question?

He's just come off of the detox, the losing of the weight.

The point of that is you gain weight, absorbs the toxins, and then you dump the toxins with the weight, the fat that's absorbed those toxins.

So, he's just come off of a weight reduction.

You've lost about what 25 pounds, 20 pounds.


I would say I lost about 20?


He took off about 20 pounds, so he wants to know how he can get the energy back quicker.

If you want quick energy, things that don't take a lot of time in digestion, eggs is the only thing.

Eggs, they digest in about 27 minutes, 13 to 27 minutes.

So, that protein, all that fat is readily available.

It only takes about three to five inches of the small intestine to absorb that.

So, quick energy.

If I'm getting a little sleepy or tired, I'll take just an egg and suck it down, and within 10, 15 minutes my mind is clear, gives a lot of energy.

Anytime you come off of a weight loss program you're going to have a little trouble digesting, cuz you're not used to digesting the complex foods.

Especially meat, meat takes 19 to 22 hours to digest, even 24 hours to digest, so that's a little long.

Milk relaxes the body, so that's not going to give you much energy.

So, eating eggs, a lot of eggs will help propel it, but remember eating eggs alone causes massive weight loss.

So, you're gonna have to have maybe a tablespoon of lubrication formula with a little bit of cheese to give you minerals, 10 minutes later an egg, and you do that 45 minutes, you'll keep your energy level up and then have a big meat meal at night.


(16) Lactic Acid, Uric Acid Crystals Muscle Cramps [2008],[Attendee]

Muscle cramping says lactic acid build in the muscle


Lactic acid, uric acid, or mineral crystals.

Could be three things: lactic acid, uric acid crystals, or mineral crystals.



I had mentioned that I was having some of that sometimes, usually after eating.

Is that correct.


It can happen right after eating because your body robs the bloodstream of a lot of nutrients to go and start filtering through the digestive tract?


What's the remedy for that.


Vinegar or whey?

She asked, she has muscle cramps after eating.

Now, she's on a specific diet because she's recovering from multiple cancers.

So, her body is a little bit more strained with toxicity.

So, when she eats, her food will leave the regular blood flow from the muscles and the rest of the body to go into the digestive tract to help her digest.

When that happens, a lot of the uric acid metabolism that we have just from moving about, you have waste products, which is lactic and uric acids and mineral crystals, and if they settle in the muscle, they can cause cramping.

To help relieve those, you can have raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar or whey and that'll help remove that.

Sometimes watermelon can do it with the high potassium, pineapple can do it, but make sure you have enough fat with the fruits, so you don't get too sugared because when you eat a lot of fruits, it causes the blood, the lymphatic and the neurological system gets sticky with advanced glycation end products.

Your mind won't function as well, you'll lose clarity, you'll lose thoughts.

You'll lose train of thoughts.


(17) Lose Weight In The Summer [2008],[Aajonus]

You need that fat to keep warm, you need to be stable

So, you're gonna lose a lot of weight, you should do it in the summertime.

Like I said, eggs are full of protein and fats, digest very rapidly.

They can help you lose weight quickly, both water and fat weight.

Don't take advantage of it though, don't get too thin.


(18) Lots Of Eggs To Lose Weight [2008],[Aajonus]

Now, the weight loss program in the book says little golf ball sizes of meat throughout the day to lose the weight slowly, gradually

If you are very large, which nobody here is.


John Reis.


John res is not very large.

Nobody's too fat here.

You can eat eggs to lose weight quickly lots of eggs without doing the meat, but you'll always reduce the size of your liver and everything and your pancreas if you don't eat the meat and you're just eating eggs.

So, it's good to eat the small amounts of meat like I suggest in the weight loss program in the book, You have just a little bit of cheese, like a sugar cube size amount of cheese with a tablespoon of moisturizing/lubrication formula.

A lot of you know, or most of you know that for men, it's the lubrication formula, for women it's the moisturizing formula.

It's the same thing.


Do you do that seven days a week.

What you just said?


It's a good idea?

And then once you build up, like do a heavy meat meal in the evening, like at least half of a pound, when you're getting back out of the weight loss program.

Now some people, they don't have any trouble with an energy level once they go back to the regular diet, some people do have trouble.

So, it's up to you and what your system.

Just remember this diet always fluctuates as per your particular physiology.

You have to adjust it according to what's happening in your body, and you do that by looking at the symptoms, you look in the We Want To Live book and see what symptoms you have and you do the things that I suggest in there.

So, you alter your diet accordingly, the different fruits that you have according to symptoms will change.


(19) Lympatic Baths [2008],[Aajonus]

Lymphatic baths are taking an hour to an hour and a half bath at 101° to 103° to melt down the lymph

You got a lymph glands and lymph nodes, most of your lymph glands are here, all around in here, here and here.

These are your main lymph gland networks.

You have lymph glands all over in small amounts, everywhere else.

And a lot of little bitty lymph nodes all over.

The body uses those to clean waste products out of the body.

When we've been on a lot of margarine and vegetable oils in our lifetime, that hardens in the lymphatic system.

So, that hour to an hour and a half baht will melt just a little layer at a time.

So, it's like having a cold stick of butter in a glass and little by little, it melts as the heat works in.

That's the way it does in the lymphatic system.

You'd have the pineapple, the coconut cream, the little bit of butter, the little bit of dairy cream with that pineapple, and coconut cream mixture right before you get into the bath.

[This was changed to have the mixture earlier in the day a few hours before the bath],[Attendee]

Do you have that every day if you do 30 minutes baths every day.


No, it's only for the long baths.

You're jumping the gun, let me get to those answers.

So, when that melts at that high temperature, like an herbivore, an animal that eats vegetable oils has a body temperature, 101° - °.

It will keep vegetable oils thin and fluid.

In the human body at 98.

6° and lower, vegetable oils harden and crystallize.

When it gets jammed in the lymphatic system, like hard wax and crystals, it will not dissolve, unless we raise the body temperature, 101° - 103° degrees for an hour to an hour and a half.

Any hotter than that, you're gonna waste.

Now in the first print of my book there was a typo, it said 110° instead of 101°.

So, people were cooking.

So, it was years before I noticed that, like seven years before somebody said something.

And every time I read it, I read 101°instead of 110°.


So, you got to get a thermometer and actually measure the water.


Yeah, it's good?

I use a mouth thermometer, stick that in water and test it.

So, when you get out of the bath, after an hour to an hour and a half, it will be just a thin layer, melted and flowing.

So, you get up and take a walk, you bundle up, stay hot.

If it's hot like this, you still bundle like it's snowing outdoors and you take a slow, easy 45 minute walk.

So, what that does is that rushes the pineapple coconut cream mixture into that lymphatic system, so that when you cool down it will already have dissolved and prevented from thickening again.

So, layer by layer through many years takes care of it.

But just to give you an example of how it works, I had a patient who was 68 years old, who was dying of prostate cancer and complete failure of the thyroid.

Put him on the diet, he was on the diet for about two years.

Functioning normally, but still in retirement.

I finally talked him into taking the hot baths.

So, he built a hot tub in his backyard in Bangkok, and he started taking the bath every day instead of two times a week.

But because he was retired, he could sleep a lot and deal with that toxicity.

If you need to function, you don't want to do it every day, you do it every three to four days only.

So, in three months of doing it every day, he completely became a new man.

Everything was flowing properly, he started an international company and now he is working 14, 16 hours a day and 72 years old.

73 now.

So, big difference.


Is that formula in your book.


The formulas in the book?


What's the name of it.


Lymphatic congestion formula, under lymphatic baths?


It's a good time to dry off after the bath before you walk.


Yes, you get out of the bath?

You keep the room hot wherever you are.

You pad yourself dry, take about 10 minutes, cuz you're gonna be dripping and then put on long underwear and then heavy clothes on top of that, so you perspire into the long underwear.

[To my knowledge, these walks were deemed not necessary.

They are important, but many people couldn't do them.


What if you don't take a walk.


You're just going to go back to where you were before?


So, it's not gonna actually get that layer out.


Just gonna thin it and then that's it?


So, like the guy in Bangkok, you could do it every day if you wanted to.


If you have time to rest and recuperate?


You just have more detox.


Well, he did a lot more detoxifying?

After his walk he did nothing, but sleep for four hours and it was up eating for several hours and then back to sleep again.

Waking, eating, going to sleep, waking, eating, going to sleep for three months that way.


How about riding bikes.


That's fine, but you don't wanna do something vigorous?

You've already been in a hot bath.

You don't want these exhaust yourself.

It's supposed to be a mild slow walk, just to keep the circulation pushing, not speeding.


What about Tai Chi.


You can do Tai Chi?

Yeah, it's fine.

As long as it's a constant movement, it'd be fine.


Well, if the person's used to like a higher level of exercise.

How about a bath shorter than 45 minutes, 15 minutes.


It's the amount of flow through?

The lymph system is not the bloodstream.

Rushing the bloodstream through isn't gonna make the lymph go faster.

The lymph has its own slow movement no matter what you.


Okay, so slow cardio for a half an hour.

The nervous system will flow faster, the blood will flow faster, but the lymph system never flows fast unless you're really hot?


(20) Lymph Baths On Weight Loss and Only Take If Overweight [2008],[Aajonus]

I don't suggest you do these lymphatic baths on the weight loss

As long as you have the weight.

You have enough weight, you can do it.


But I'm on the weight loss.


That's probably okay.

With the amount of weight that you have, it's probably fine.

I don't suggest anybody do long, hot baths, unless you are at least 15 to 20 pounds overweight.


When I was on cooked food, before I ever found this diet, I would be able to sit in a hot tub forever and be fine.


But you dried out like crazy.


I know, well I didn't know, but now I can't even do that.

I don't have all that cooked fat in my body here.


You don't have enough weight.

You're not fat enough anymore.


You don't see me in the winter.

I don't want it in the summer.

I want be in a bathing suit.


That's fine.

Summer's the time to be thinner.

Well, I'm on a thin side, I'm only a 35 waist.

I got two more inches to go get up to 37.

When I'm in Asia and I go without a lot of milk, I go down to 30 inch waist.


(21) Milk Gulping [2008],[Fred]

Yeah, you've said a few times don't gulp your milk, sip it


Because I love gulping milk?


His question is he likes to gulp his milk and I say don't gulp milk, and he wants to know why, because he likes to gulp his milk.


And I sip it thinking Aajonus says, but every time I go, why though.

So, now I get to ask you?


What happens when you gulp any fluid.

The H2O rushes from the nutrients and goes to the kidneys?

You throw it off, you don't get to absorb it.

When you suckle like a baby, you get lots of extra enzymes in the mouth.

Those go into the milk, it's easily.

digestible, even in the juices.

They will be absorbed and distributed evenly and nicely, when you gulp, rushes to the kidney, you lose a lot of nutrients that way.

I stopped gulping no matter what, I just don't gulp anymore.

I cut my food down probably $60 a week just by doing that.

Because I gain more weight now and I don't have to drink as much milk or eat as much.


Like sometimes I'm really, really thirsty.

Like I'm an outside in the sun.


Then you take one of those baby bottles with you and you suck on it all day like a sports person.

You see tennis players out, they'll be sucking on it all day.

Don't go hours without drinking, sip all the time.


Well, if you come back, as long as you sip it, like take a sip, let it go through slowly, then you can follow it by another sip.

It's not the quantity, it's just the fact that it goes down slowly.


It goes down slowly, is able to it enough time to assimilate.

So, that takes time.

Let's say you take a sip every minute.

You can handle that.

But most people just go too long.

So, it's good to sip every 10,15 minutes.


But a sip every 15 seconds, wouldn't be okay.


It wouldn't assimilate as well?

It's gonna rush to the kidneys.


You want a minute in between sips.




(22) Oil On Face Before Sleep [2008],[Aajonus]

If you put oil on your face thickly and go to sleep at night, you're not gonna sleep well cuz your skin has to breathe

If you put honey on your face completely, you're gonna block it from breathing.

You're not going to sleep well.

That is how you find out about how blocking oil and the complete layer of honey can be to the skin does not allow it to breathe.


Just one thing.

Is it also good for the callous.


Same thing, callous you put straight vinegar on?


So, for the clogged veins on the legs, would do it topically, not internally/

You do it topically and internally.

You have the vinegar with your vegetable juice.

If you get hard palpitations from that, you also have to mix an egg with that vinegar and vegetable juice.

So, you need the protein with it.


(23) Organic Pastures, Milk In Plastic [2008],[Aajonus]

Do you have a question



I'm drinking a lot of curdled milk.

I'm pretty much exclusively drinking milk that's curdled, that's yogurt and sometimes turns to cottage cheese.

Cause I buy a lot of past expiration Organic Pastures.

What kind of a substance, if I'm drinking so much yogurt to milk and even cottage milk that is sort of cottage cheese.

Am I getting my daily cheese?

Is the substance changing significantly from the actual milk?

And also since it's Organic Pastures, is there anything wrong with Organic Pastures?


Well, I don't like that Organic pastures put their stuff in plastic?

That's what I don't like.


That's the only problem.


That's a big problem?

He denies it, but he doesn't give a shit.

He's out to make money.

He stopped using the bottles because he could make more money by using plastic and not having recycle it.


But that plastic on the website, he asked stuff about he's pretty high in.

Thinks it's really the best plastic there is.


Let me tell you, he gets that information from the plastic companies.

The guys selling it.

When I've done tests on milk that have come from not his milk, cuz it cost me about $2,000 for a test.

Um, but when I did tests on raw milk that came in plastic, there was always some plastic residues in there.


But are there better plastics and worse plastics.


Of course?


Well, the stuff Amos is using is still the cheap stuff.


I get my stuff in glass.

I buy his glass.

I pay a lot of money for it, but I get it in glass.


Well, you mean it's not good to transfer it from the plastic to the glass.


Yeah, you wanna get it outta plastic as soon as possible?


So, we don't buy the plastic if you get the two quarts.


I prefer not having any plastic residues in my milk?

I haven't done any tests because it's such a small amount, that even a small amount could become accumulative, but it's so hard to test for those trace amounts in the feces to determine, yes, it came from the milk.

Somebody would have to be on a pure milk diet from plastic for me to be able to determine how much is passed out.

But then other foods that would be hard to evaluate on how much plastic does damage.

But back to your first question, which is milk in its different forms, always have different functions.

Now, if I I've been on this raw diet so long, I am so clean.

[Goes on to say he doesn't drink much clabbered milk because it bloats him and he doesn't have toxic fats to break down]


(24) Repeat Eat Butter With Meat (25) Repeat Hdyartion Formula Recipe (26) Sinus Problems, How Long To Heal and Mucus [2008],[Attendee]

With sinus health

How long does it take to clear it up or does it get worse before gets better.


It depends upon the individual and whether you've had a lot of medication?

People who've had inhalers and cortisone, something like that.

They take them seven or eight years, if you're young enough, like you are.

Otherwise, it could take 12, 20 years if you're an older person.

If you're an old geyser like me.


I haven't had much medication.


You haven't had much medication, usually two years, two and a half years.

[Attendee #2]

What was the question that he asked.


He asked if you've had a history of sinus problems, how long on the diet does it take to relieve that?

That doesn't mean after two and a half years you're not gonna go through occasional detoxification, because the brain dumps its major toxicity out the sinuses, the nose and the salivary glands, the gums and the tongue?

So, you're constantly going to be dumped.

So, you're going to have constant irritation to the sinuses, but it's not going to be necessarily from a pure mucus factor.

Most people have allergies because they don't produce the proper kind of mucus to seal off the toxins from getting in and irritating the mucus membranes.

See the mucus is layers.

It's like material, they'll be woven, the fibers are all woven into a mesh.

The better the protein and fat level, the higher the protein concentration, the tighter the mesh gets.

Layer upon layer as your mucus gets thick enough, no particles can penetrate and irritate the mucus membranes.

So, there will be no allergies, as long as it's thick.

If something very toxic like mercury, aluminum or formaldehyde from vaccine is going to the brain, and you're dumping that out the sinuses, it is going to irritate the sinuses as it passes through.

The more mucus you have there to absorb it and to grab it the less you will have irritation to the mucus membranes, but you are going to have some, and sometimes it's gonna be nasty, even cause nosebleeds.


Does milk cause mucus.


There's a lot of fiction about milk causing a lot of mucus?

Raw milk does not cause a lot of mucus.

If you want to build a lot of mucus, you have to make milkshakes, egg and milk together with some extra cream will make good mucus, a lot of mucus and having a lot of mucus is important for the whole body.

Those people who saw me drink this a minute ago.

You saw I didn't hold it up and pour it, I sucked.


(27) Skin Issues [2008],[Scott]

This happened periodically, right

So, it's just something that I'm just gonna have to ride with or is there something?


You have to ride?

You see these white scars that I have and all these bumps.

A year and a half ago, I went through a major one and I have all this little white scarring?

I mean, they were coming out and huge and some of them even came out with large insects.

Morgellons disease.

A lot of people were getting nuts from a lot of the chemtrails and I used to sleep outdoors.

I stopped sleeping outdoors because I noticed that when I stopped sleeping outdoors at night, I stopped having that much skin detox and stopped having that kind of bacterial detoxification.

Cuz I was sleeping under it at night, now I sleep inside because our government is insane.


Yes, I am sleeping outside.


Then you're going to continue collecting it as I did.

You're gonna detox indefinitely since your skin.

As long as they're dropping the chemtrails.


So, you had insects coming out your skin.


Yes, with fibers?


(28) Skipped Chemtrails (29) Skipped Coconut Cream (30) Skipped Emfs (31) Skipped Feel Good From Fasting (32) Skipped Lube Formula For Weight Gain (33) Skipped Man Took Baths At 110 (34) Skipped Milk High In Sugar (35) Skipped No Cold Milk (36) Skipped NSA Threatened Man For Chemtrails (37) Skipped Vegetarians (38) Skipped What Ajaonus Drinks In Asia (39) Skipped WHITENING TEETH (40) Skipped Whole Eggs (41) Speider Veins From Dead Cells [2008],[Aajonus]

All right

Do you have a question.


What can help reduce the appearance of veins and capillaries on the legs?


She asked about the appearance of veins and capillaries, varicose veins, thrombosis, all of those are involved and that's when you don't have a lot of live cells in those veins, your body's starting to collect dead cells in the veins?

And you may have blockages in your connective tissue.

So, the capillaries will come very close, go right into the very top layers of skin, which is not normal.

And the veins will get to where the capillaries are to allow more blood circulation in there, not normal, but that's what happens when you start clogging the veinous tissue and the arterial tissue with dead cells.

First of all, you have to clear the plaque that usually occurs on the vein and arterial walls.

Vinegar is the only thing that does it quickly, a good raw diet with lots of raw fats will take it away gradually when it's eating like coconut cream and pineapple is a good cleanser of those veins.

But if you're afraid of a heart attack or a brain aneurysm, you know people who have had strokes, the vinegar is the only way you're gonna do it quickly.

Once you have a lot of vinegar though, you're gonna demineralize the body.

So, you have to eat tons of cheese to make up for that loss, for that imbalance of minerals.

And remember raw unsalted cheese eaten without honey goes to the body, pulls out the toxicity and moves out the bowels, you cannot digest it.

I've done probably about 20 some tests, and I found that unless somebody eats honey directly with the cheese, you do not absorb the minerals, but when you do eat honey directly with the cheese, it's your best mineral supplement.

All of those minerals are from dairy and they are absorbed very readily and very quickly when you have a little bit of honey with the cheese, and it's a very little amount of honey in ratio to the cheese.

So, it's 3 - 1 cheese to honey.

It can even be less, it can be 6 - 1.

So, it's one tablespoon of cheese to one teaspoon of honey or less, can be one tablespoon of cheese, a half a teaspoon of honey.

It's better to air on the lower side of honey.

If you eat too much honey with the cheese, it's going to become a fuel for energy, rather than for rebuilding the bones and the rest of the body, stabilizing the nervous system.


(42) Sperm For Wrinkles, Bone Marrow and Royal Jelly [2008],[Aajonus]

Well, it depends

The papaya was to get rid of scar tissue and wrinkles.

What works the best I found is sperm works the best to get rid of wrinkles.

For some reason it works very quickly, it thins the skin.

Bone marrow will do the same thing, but not as quickly.

If you've got the fresh bone never refrigerated, it would probably work just like sperm does.


It'd take away wrinkles.


So, have fun with your boyfriend.

Moisturizing formula works too, cuz it has the Royal jelly in it.

And that's another, Royal jelly also has stem cells, but it's frozen when it comes from China, almost all Royal jelly comes from China.

So, it's all frozen.

Do not refreeze it, that damages the stem cells, keep it in the refrigerator.

A lot of people will tell you to freeze it, once it's thawed, it will damage it.

It won't work again.


What James gets from Rawsome was frozen too.


It's all frozen, he gets that from China?

John gets it from China, sells it to him.

So, it's already been frozen.


You said the moisturizing formula has Royal jelly in it.




Did you mean the skin formula.

I didn't know?



Primal Facial Body Care Cream.

That's what I meant to say, the Primal Facial Body Care Cream.


You're not doing saliva and honey on the skin anymore.


That works too, but sperm works the quickest?

Royal jelly kind of stings the skin a little bit and can cause too much detoxification, too much abrasion, so you have to be very careful how you use royal jelly.

Don't use it straight.


Can you mix it with bone marrow.


You can mix it with bone marrow?

You can mix it with some Primal Facial Body Care Cream, more concentrations that I called for in the recipe.


(43) Types Of Meat [2008],[Aajonus]

Do you have a question


Yes, I do?

I noticed you changed your emphasis on various things, before you used to be big on red meat and then red meat with butter was your big thing.

Now you seem to change.


It depends upon the person.


Oh, now you're saying any meat is okay.


Any meat is okay depending upon what is right for your body.

If you're anemic, you're gonna need more red meat.

However, if you're anemic and have a lot of activity rings in the eye, which means you produce a lot of hormones for physical activity.

You should not eat much red meat because the red meat's going to give you more adrenaline, more testosterone, more estrogen for physical energy.

If you do that and you don't exercise enough, you're going to be in anxiety.

Anxiety is not exercising enough for the amount of hormones that you have in your body.



You used to be big on lemon juice with the green juice now it's vinegar.

Are these just sort of updates.


Well, no?

That was just particular people that I gave the lemon juice with.

If people had a lot of blockages and damage to their intestines and liver, I suggested lemon juice with their juice, but that was only those people.

Sometimes if they had impacted intestines and very dark intestines from the irises.

I had them have pineapple with her vegetable juice.

So, it depended upon the person.


(44) Will Body Detox On Its Own [2008],[Attendee]

Not that I don't want to do like everything that you prescribe, but is it true that the body is smart enough to just when you start raising the levels of the raw fats and everything that it will start detoxing on its own just how it's supposed to naturally, or do we always have to stimulate it by eating certain things in certain orders and all of that

You know what I'm saying?


She asked a rather complex questions, gonna take a little bit of a complex answer?

She asked when you go on the diet and you're eating the fats, will you automatically detox without having to do the particulars that I address in the book for detoxing certain areas of the body.

Yes, your body will always address what it feels is most important, depending upon the fat that you're eating.

If you eat butter and cream, you're gonna do less detoxification and more building.

If you're eating a pressed oil, avocado, you're going to detoxify more.

If you have a particular problem and you're suffering from it, it may not be the worst problem you have in your body.

So, your body may ignore that and go to something that it is more important.

If you wanna get rid of the symptom though, you're going to have to address that area with a specific food that I have mentioned in the remedy section of We Want To Live Now, the cream stabilizes the nervous system.

It's the only fat that will immediately address the nervous system, it helps calm it.

Butter helps every part of your body, but not specifically the nervous system.

There are several varieties of cholesterols, about 28 of them that address the nervous system and 90% of those 28, so about 26 can only be addressed through cream.


Say that last sentence again, please.


There are 26 cholesterols that could only be made in its wholesome structure from raw cream and having a little butter with it helps increase the ability to soothe and protect the brain.