Rawesome Trial Outcome

REQUEST for ex-RAWESOME members: Please, all of you who heard James Stewart state that all of the foods in Rawesome were all raw and organic, or all of the food from HFF was organic without soy or chemicals, please email me asap. There were 1,200 of you that told me in person, on phone calls and emails over the last 3 years. I would like to receive your confirmation again in your email. Discover why below. Thank you.

Hi, health-giving food lovers, The trial of Otting/Vonderplanitz v Stewart/Palmer that alleged slander, libel, food-fraud and conversion (embezzlement) of membership fees failed for a number of reasons. The last-straw reason was that Judge Green disallowed a jury to hear the case. The chance of having many good minds weigh the evidence vanished. It was going to be only the government-official Judge Green who would decide the case. He had completely undermined my case very early and there was no benefit for us to pursue the case with him.

It had been obvious to 2 attorneys through the last year that Judge Green was protecting Sharon from the beginning. Considering the evidence against them, Sharon and James' attorney did not want a jury trial. So, at the pretrial conference a week prior to trial, their attorney dismissed their request for jury trial. My attorney argued to continue as scheduled with a jury trial but Judge Green said no. Ninety-percent of Green's decision fell to Sharon even though most of them violated procedure.

Literally, Judge Green robbed from those of us who really care about truth and pure health-giving organic food a fair and just trial. Why? Considering that 6 USA-based governmental agencies, plus one Canadian were involved in the Rawesome-closure and dismantle, spending tens of millions of dollars to stop food-freedom, governmental agencies intended and still intend to destroy all those who fight for food-freedom and those who execute it. This case involved elements of that battle.

Since I have been a key player in food-freedom for 4 decades by having fought successfully at legislative levels, written reports, having developed successful Constitutionally protected food-club and farmer contracts that have been effective with jury trials in stopping governmental overreach on private food clubs and farms, brought thousands of citizens together with many farmers, I am somewhat of an obstruction to governments' power-grab.

Rawesome and Miller Organic Farm was the first food-club contractual marriage that I established and protected from 2006-2010. When 6 whistleblower witnesses testified that James Stewart, who co-created and managed Rawesome, and Sharon Palmer, a would-be farmer were involved in food-fraud, I tried to investigate and stop it. Instead, I and the whistleblowers were banned from Rawesome by James Stewart. I had helped build Rawesome from its garage days in 1999 to its heyday with my patient-base, labor and expertise through 2010.

I was the only figure keeping Rawesome out of the clutches of governmental overreach every time they attacked James or Rawesome. It was revealed in a book that was published less than 2 months ago that governments had been tapping every method of my communications for years, especially emails because that is how I communicate most. I like paper-trails of correspondence in case anything stated is questioned and/or contested.

However, the core issue was and is that Stewart and Palmer allegedly sold commercial food full of soy and GMO corn as beyond organic, soy and GMO-free to my patients and others at Rawesome and farmers' markets. According to irrefutable testimony with solid documents, Palmer and Stewart food-fraud endangered and risked many people's health.

James personally promised to me that all HFF eggs and chickens were beyond organic almost every time I got my food at Rawesome, at least 40 times in the period that he chose to buy and sell Sharon's commercial food. I asked almost every time and he never told me otherwise.

Sharon emphatically assured me on at least 6 occasions the she did not feed her chickens ANY soy or commercial industrial food. To this day, they lie about their food fraud. However, they certainly did not want to go to court on the subject even though the judge had stacked the deck in their favor. They had all the charges of libel from UnhealthyFamilyFarm.com but did not want to pursue it. Of course, they would have been completely exposed.

I gave up UnhealthyFamilyFarm.com website because Judge Green was going to sanction Larry for having sold it to me when he had promised that he would dismantle it in a previous agreement with Sharon's attorney. Do not fret though, someone purchased UnhealthyFamilyFarm.org on which s/he will mount all of the evidence including video testimonies of key witnesses.

Governments could not allow this trial to take place either, whether civil or criminal. Everyone knew that this trial, had it happened, would have answered the food-movements chant: People have a right to health-giving food! Secondarily, it would have held people and companies to their advertising, labels and agreements so that we can identify clean food free from industrial chemicals, including GMO, for our health needs.

More evidence that came later showed that Victoria Bloch was involved in the food-fraud. Considering that she is a Chapter Leader in Los Angeles for an important foundation that rallies against soy and GMO corn, the solid evidence that she knowingly sold soy and GMO corn-fed products as if they were beyond organic without soy or GMO corn at farmers' markets for lots of profit is a staggering revelation.

Government could care less about our food-rights and did nothing to the James, Sharon and Victoria (3some) regarding their proved acts of food-fraud. Authorities even have a forged farm title deed in Sharon Palmer's name that she used to acquire money from investors to buy her farm Healthy Family Farm.

She is a two-time convicted felon for scamming elderly people out of their homes and livelihood and banks in reverse-mortgage schemes for millions of dollars by forging deeds in the same manner. What is telling in the face of her pleas that her ex-husband was the criminal in the mortgage schemes, some same forgery fraud with her name on the farm deed is the same as occurred with the mortgage schemes. Did her ex-husband forge the farm mortgage deed, too? Of course, not.

Since all judges work for governments and governments have proved to violate every Constitutionally protected right in their power-grabs, I can only surmise that Judge Green was ordered to make certain that my case against Palmer and Stewart did not go according to legal procedures. Either they wanted me to suffer great losses in any way in which they could effect them, or they are protecting Sharon for clandestine reasons for the same intent.

Green's first corrupt act was to allow Palmer over one year to answer my complaint. If Judge Green had followed proper legal procedure, the case would have gone into default at least 2 times. Green's next violation, even though all of my claims were based on contracts and numerous testimonies, he had no legal grounds to dismiss any of my causes of actions. However, he dismissed 14 leaving only the 2 for conversion. However, he allowed Palmer to cross-sue me for the causes of actions of mine that he dismissed. Hello?

The result of that was that my attorney would have to file an appeal once the case finished in Green's courtroom. Two years had already passed. Appeals take years and only a few are accepted yearly although many more are worthy. Regardless, I paid the court through my attorney for the appeal in advance.

I spent 4 weeks preparing for the trial, about $20,000 to ensure that important witnesses from as far as Bali Indonesia were here prepared to testify. Although Green had dismiss the jury trial, the court calendar stated the trial was by jury so, I thought the judge had changed his mind. However, when I arrived for trial, he refused a jury.

Since it was a civil trial, I was told jury trials are not guaranteed. I do not know whether that is true or not and will investigate that issue when I have time. If anyone has any precedence in law on that, please send it to me.

This case against Sharon and James was worse than Vernon Hershberger's case at times. The last voice that rang in that unjust courtroom before I left the room, besides the judge's voice, was mine when I said to the judge, "Your honor, I came here for your help to get justice but you have done nothing but undermined this case from the beginning". I was saddened, sickened and angered at the no-jury decision.

The trail was aborted, over, but not completely.

I decided that I would convene the major whistleblower witnesses at my attorneys offices and video their testimonies separately. I accomplished that. Now, someone plans to post that information within 6 weeks on the internet. You will be able to decide from the evidence how guilty the 3some are.

The 3some peddled commercial food to people using my Right To Choose Healthy Food MEMBERSHIP CONTRACTS stating my quality of beyond-organic food. Isn't that criminal and shameful? The betrayal to our plight for the best of health is so outrageous. Since the government will not allow me to have justice in their courts, we will take it to the people.

You will get to decide if Sharon, James and Victoria put people's health at risk for profit? According to solid evidence, even the foods that Sharon produced at HFF were the same commercial quality that she bought and sold according to eyewitnesses and the labels on the feed she ordered, purchased and fed her animals repeatedly and exclusively.

For Sharon to all of a sudden say that she never claimed organic and for James Stewart to lie and agree with her is outrageous fabrication. Do they think they can change history by spouting and repeating fabrications?

To how many of you did I suggest that you consume lots of organic eggs and chicken from Rawesome and you purchased HFF products because you were told they were organic or beyond with no soy or GMO? How many of us were harmed?

Sharon and her minions have posted their rewrite of history but the testimony of many will give the real version. They are protecting each other and seem to be getting away with it. Will you let them?

There is one more factor to consider. We all know that many felons reduce their sentences and get protection from other charges by becoming pawns and tools for government agents. We should consider that Sharon was one of them. Some of that evidence is below for those who are interested in how low governmental corruption will stoop to impose on our lives and natural rights, our ability to get the health-giving foods we need.

I wish for all of you a happy and healthy week. appreciatively, aajonus

As I stated in an email 4 weeks ago, I need your donations to continue my work to fight for everyone's' food-freedom and food-quality. Very few of you came to support us at the trial; that was truly heartbreaking. Please donate. Thank you to those few who donated. Please help me help you by donating to: Right To Choose Healthy Food, Charitable Trust POB 176 Santa Monica, CA 90406-0176 There are others fighting for your rights besides me and they, too, need our support, however most of them are ralliers but not movers and shakers. Sally Fallon and Farmers To Consumers Legal Defense Fund are movers and shakers and have been for about 1 decade. They helped Vernon Hershberger and Alvin Schlangen defend my food-contracts and win.


In that book I mentioned above, the author of whom I think is a government pawn or agent also, alleges that government is working hard to divide us, employing all sorts of tactics including monitoring me, including my emails.

Is it probable that government agencies/agents used Sharon Palmer to divide us by patronizing and trapping James Stewart? It certainly looks that way. However, evidence shows that James Stewart made a decision at sometime to knowingly betray all of the members at Rawesome and lie about the quality of food from Sharon and HFF.

The fact that Sharon spent very little time in prison for her felony convictions for her and her ex-husband's stealing millions of dollars (estimates are about $13 millions; banks refuse to tell) from elderly people, leaving them homeless in reverse-mortgages scams, and that she did not pay much restitution, if any, is puzzling. Who made that happen? Are we going to attribute that to an over-sympathetic judge who was wooed by Sharon's beauty and charm?

The charges for such crimes would have had most criminals serving at least 4 years for each count. Did government agencies offer her a deal she could not refuse? Did governmental agents recruit her to end Rawesome and help destroy the cohesive food-freedom movement in Los Angeles?

HER PLAN AND METHOD: Does Sharon Palmer's history and criminal record show she liked quick-money-making endeavors or hard-working ones? She was an office woman. Why did Sharon Palmer all of a sudden become an "organic" farmer but do nothing organic? Why is she being protected from so many crimes by governments?

Consider that husbandry-farming is a profession that takes no less than 7 hard years to profit with considerable financial investment, including thousands of acres of grazing land. Sharon and the farm-dreamers only had 5 manageable acres. Was it reasonable that Sharon promised all investors and James that she would have all investors paid with substantial interest within one year with a profit from the farm?

Why in the world would she choose farming to make a bundle in one year, when no one has ever made a meager profit from farming in less than 5 years? She told investors she could do it in one year. Yes, she claimed she had a windfall sum coming her way but it did not come in one year and it did not pay off all of her debts.

SHE COULD NOT HAVE MADE HER WAY INTO RAWESOME WITHOUT PROMISE OF ORGANIC-QUALITY FOOD. There is not one thread of tangible evidence that proves she ever did anything organic at the farm, not even with her goats? She never bought an organic animal. There is no evidence trail, including paper to any organic origin. Those of you who visited and toured the farm know that she claimed everything on her farm was organic. There is no way that she could have made her way into Rawesome without her claiming organic.

Now, the 3some claim that Sharon never stated she was organic and never claimed to be organic. Contrary to her claims, she gave and used RTCHF membership agreements at farmers' markets identifying the beyond-organic quality of food. I personally can attest that they are lying and are criminals who violated our trust and health.

We have eye-witness testimonies from 5 intelligent sources that all of the animals she bought from 2008 onward were not organic. Two eye-witnesses testified that one batch of hundreds of chicks were so sickly that 1/3 died in the first week. There is plenty of evidence that Sharon bought and sold commercial food weekly, that her patrons were farmers' market buyers and Right To Choose Healthy Food members, and that she claimed it was all grown at her HFF beyond organically.

More evidence that would support the notion that Sharon could be with the governmental conspiracy to divide us is that governments hold the forged deed that she made to raise funds to gain the farm mainly from club-member investors. Why didn't the Los Angeles DA prosecute her for that very serious felony violation? Because she is working with governmental agencies in this arena?

Los Angeles City and County District attorneys gave Sharon and Victoria slaps-on-the-hand-misdemeanor convictions for selling unlicensed food and let them go on almost 30 felony counts. How is that possible?

Since Los Angeles County uses vast resources to convict misdemeanor shoplifters, why didn't it charge Sharon for the felony forged deed? Are they protecting her? Sure tastes like it.

How did Sharon maker her way into James and Rawesome? Was James an easy mark for her because James trusted many of the wrong people, had a big unrealistic heart, little backbone for sacrifice, easily provoked, and lacked common sense when it came to Sharon's unrealistic farm idea?

Why did Sharon get involved with Victoria Bloch? How is it that Sharon, having no interest in organic and buying her food at regular commercial markets, ended up at a Weston A. Price Foundation meeting that is about quality organic food and met Victoria? Could Sharon have marked her because Victoria was affiliated with the a notable foundation that rallies for the clean-food without soy or GMO-stuff movement and was an easy mark?

Wouldn't taking-down Victoria in a food scandal involving soy and GMO corn (the very products that the foundation publicly criticizes regularly) be a great blow to the food-rights movement? But Victoria would have to be a willing seller of soy and corn-based product. According to 2 independent witnesses, Victoria was and did.

How was Sharon able to so easily escape my lawsuit and trial by Judge Green violating proper procedures? It seems that she would have to have some intricate connection with government.

However this played, are we going to let all of the confusion distract us from fighting for food-freedom, our right to choose healthy food?