Q&A Of February 3, 2013


A: Okay, to make an egg high fast, because you can have an egg a long time. I've had eggs up to six months that never went high. If it's in a cool house, so the way to get some oxygen gets into it. But you don't wanna break a big crack in it because it makes it very stinky and hard to get and when you go to break it open its all over the place. So what you want to do is get hairline cracks in it that you almost can't see unless you've got a magnifying glass. And the way to do that is put it up here and then tap it with the back rounded end of the spoon. Now you hear that crack? You cant see any crack on there but its cracked. Okay? Another area, cracked. Okay?

Q: How many times do you have to do it?

A: Well it depends how quick you want it to....

Q: Ok

A: That one is already cracked. It cracked it to much, there. It's now its coming out, which means it's going to get really black. And that's okay, that's the way the Asians eat it. And anyway, you just put it back in your carton and just let it. I do it at least three places on an egg.

Q: How long does it take?

A: It can take about three to four weeks, if it's in a warm place.

Q: How?

A: It predigests. Just like yogurt and kefir predigest.

Q: And you're using it specifically at what time? For what purpose?

A: To feed the brain and nervous system.

Q: Isn't it already so easily digested that you don't need to?

A: Yes, but it won't get to the bowel. See, so the bowel, the bacteria that are in the bowel feed the brain and the nervous system. So it gets the remains of whatever's left. So your brain and nervous system always depend upon the food that goes through the very last of the system. So almost all the best fats are already gone, everything is already digested and gone. So the way you get the bacteria - that predigest your protein and your fats into your brain and nervous system as soon as you eat, so it doesn't have to wait till it gets to the bowel - is you make it decay on its own. Its own bacteria will break it down, the way that your intestinal, colon bacteria would, so you feed your brain and your nervous system. That's why eating high meat turns chronic depressed people into laughing giggling people in ten to twenty minutes after they eat high meat. Well, the high egg is the same way.

Q: What's it going to look like?

A: It depends.

Q: It smells in the cupboard?

A: It's usually very very runny. Usually the yoke is mixed to some extend with the egg white. If you let it go a very long time it could turn black.

Q: You still eat it?

A: Oh yeah. That's even the best, because then it means its all completely digested.

Q: I always throw those out.

Q: You leave those eggs for really long time?

A: That's the Chinese, the century egg. But for like 25 years and that's all black or white inside.

Q: Like powder or.....

A: Yeah almost. Yeah, sometimes it can be hard. Depending upon the egg and the soil they put it in to help it - because when they bury in in soil like that, and the bacteria starts to predigest and then your fungus will finish it. That's why when you open it you got powder. Its a fungal powder. Whether black or white. But its an aphrodisiac, they cost about a thousand dollars a piece.

Q: What's that? The black egg and....?

A: The 25 year old eggs, thousand dollars a piece. But you know its like Viagra for thirty days. There's a lot of elderly people in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Asia where they eat those eggs. They buy them and eat them.

Q: Wow. But when they make those, their not cracked? They just put them in the ground?

A: They bury them in clay or some other type of earth, depending upon what they're trying to generate. But they're up to 25 years old.

Q: And can we also make them without cracking them?

A: Yeah but they're take forever. Unless you've got, unless you're living in a tropical environment where the temperature never drops below 80 degrees.

Q: So keep it on the top cupboard and it will hold heat faster?

A: Yeah...Yeah. Wherever its warm.

Q: … because I've got some eggs in a cupboard that I haven't touched in a couple years because when I touched them....ugh.... but I kept them for some reason.

A: ....oh go for it now. You may have very little of the em- uh moisture...

Q: They're so light.

A: Yeah see that's because they're probably already evaporated. When they bury them in the ground they don't lose their moisture.

Q: But are they still good though even though....?

A: Yeah but you're not going to get a lot out of it. Most of it has already evaporated.

Q: Do you have to be careful of how many you eat and how....?

A: No.

Q: No detoxing.

A: No. For example. And there's a movie called The Last Dance. And its about these three African tribe members who are, I forget the name of the tribes. And its a documentary on them. The country - since the British and American government... since running that country, have blocked them from hunting on their own land. Part of genocide, so, and these were life time hunters. They claim that their land is game reserve. So there's no more hunting, so now they have to live on aid food which is powdered milk and grains, you know flour, so it a really substandard diet. But it shows the last days of the last five days, that they're allowed to hunt on this lands. And they follow three of these hunters. And the way they hunt is that they track an antelope or a large deer animal. And they'll track them and out run them. Incredible. Can you imagine tracking a deer till he falls and can't move again? And they go strong and hard, they're not running, except at the end running to stop him. They'll run him till he can't breath. But this film is about that last hunt. And on the third day of their hunt, they ran into - I think its a rhinoceros. I couldn't tell because it was half rotten and half eaten. And it was a big animal. Could have been a water Buffalo something pretty big. And they chase the vultures away and they eat this rotten meat. Stinky, foul, and they're talking about how good this stuff is. They'll catch the deer the next day, they won't have to go five days or four days because they found this banquet of the greatest food that gives them the most energy. And you see them eating that, pounds of this rotten meat. And the next day, in the morning they're right on that deer just like that.

Q: You mean they're running after it?

A: Yeah they ran, they call one guy the runner. And he just runs down that deer and that the poor antelope can't move and he keeps circling to show him that he's trapped and that he can't get out, then the other two catch up and then they of course kill him and take him back to the tribe.

Q: Was it on the youtube?

A: It's called the Last Dance. It's a documentary.

Q: Is it on youtube?

A: A fellow, a patient from South Africa sent it to me. It's a DVD too.

Q: Oh okay.

Q: So I could maybe order it?

A: You could probably order it. But normally they cook their meat. And boy when they found the rotten stuff, no way; you don't cook this.!

Q: They know how good the meat is.

A: They know how to cook their meat but when they find the rotten meat they don't cook it.

Q: What if you're used to eating cooked meat and everything and you try to switch over?

A: You might have a little diarrhea for a day or two.

Q: In the book Aajonus, you have all the symptoms, what causes is it? Accept for intestinal cramping, what causes that? I get that a lot.

A: The intestinal cramping.

Q: Yes. Only symptom I ever get.

A: Yeah, but that's usually mercury or some other toxin leaving through the intestines. So you have to eat little pieces of cheese

Q: I do

A: You know, every 30, 45 minutes. That should arrest that.

Q: Yeah

A: You still would have a little cramping as it passes out of the intestinal wall into your stomach.

Q: No its all in the lower abdomen area.

A: Lower...so its down here?

Q: Yeah. And then naval.

A: Yeah. That's small intestines. Isn't the bowels, they're over here?

Q: No. no.

A: Small intestines. So when those poisons are passing through, they may cause spasms and cramps in the intestines.

Q: Most symptoms I've had, its the worst. I have it now right now. ….eat some cheese......yeah I will. I have a neighbor, he has aspergers. So I'm asking for him, what would be the best food.

A: Well I'd have to find out what causes his Aspergers.

Q: Pardon?

A: I would have to see him and see what's causing it.

Q: What did you say?

A: … because different things can cause it.

Q: What did.... when I showed him the raw meat, the red meat I had, and I was eating it, he said “oh I want some”, he said that, his body knew. My neighbor boy. Yeah he knew so.... and he wants to know when your next visit is.

A: Visit where?

Q: Here.

A: Oh probably sometime mid march.

Q: Okay, mid March.

A: So a little bit more than a month away. I'll do it before I go to South Africa so I'll leave I think it's the 20th of March... South Africa....

Q: Is there a big following there?

A: It's growing and then I go from there to Australia. That's even bigger.

Q: And is the, the coconut oil you get from the wilderness family naturals is that still good? No? I had a feeling. Why?

A: It's a little higher temperature.

Q: The average.... is below a certain, I think it was below 98 or 98.....it was a 103

A: 103 yeah. It's suppose to be 96.

Q: Okay. So the cold pressed one. Don't do it?

A: Well it's just not as good.

Q: Yes......pulling.....I read a book on it.....pulling the recommend oil. You recommend coconut cream instead of the oil?

A: Well, that is an oil. Oh the coconut cream pull? You can oil pull with coconut cream.

Q: You can what?

A: Pull, oil pull. That means you're mixing oil or coconut cream in your mouth. And that draw a lot of the poison that dump from the brain out the gums. That collected in the gums and the more during the night can be pulled out with oil, you just have to keep the oil or coconut cream in your moth and swish it around for....some people say it doesn't work unless you do a full 30 minutes.

Q: Oh my god.

A: But that's people t hat I think are on a bad diet. And I find when I pool it takes no more than about 12 minutes. But most people you know aren't on a good diet and have to do it a full 30 minutes.

Q: Is there mercury in the gums to....is that the main thing? The mercury in the gums or....?

A: Mercury not only for the amalgams that you had but for the what the brain does. It's dumping every day, every minute, out the gums whatever poisons are in the brain and because the nerves use a lot of metallic minerals to conduct electricity and transfer light....

Q: Wow

A: Most of your metal is in the brain. And when it dumps, it dumps out the tongue, the salivary glands and the gums. That's what creates dental decay. The metal sits on the teeth, people don't brush their teeth, it sits there and works damage; dentin. Then the bacteria come to eat the damaged dentin... not the bacteria's problem. It's the plaque that stays on your teeth with metals in it. Especially mercury. So if you oil pull, that will draw all that's collected in the gums over night, so its not dripping into your food every time you are chewing.

Q: So no need to do it at night, just the morning?

A: Well morning's the best time. If you want to do it at night you can, but I'm not sure how much that is going to do, unless you've gone the whole day without eating.

Q: Oh

A: Then it maybe has collected some. Oil pull it in.....

Q: .....in the morning before your juice.

A: Before everything.

Q: And what's the minimum.....

A: you could add cheese but then oil pool after you cheese.

Q: So you're saying we use metals to see light.....transfer light?

A: To transfer light, we have light communication in our bodies.

Q: Okay.

A: Not just electricity.

Q: Is that like negative heavy metals or positive....is there a difference?

A: Just remember that when metals are properly absorbed in the other ions all the other minerals and vitamins, none of them are free radicals. They are all utilizable to benefit. Even if its mercury or iron or lead no matter what it is. In trace amounts, they're beneficial. In anything that's industrially chemicalized and concentrated, they're free radica that does heavy damage. Free radical - does every body knows what free radical is? When you have atoms or molecules which have unpaired neutrons. So you've got a free radical neutron that's going around damaging everything it passes through. So to help neutralize that you need things like - that's all in the new newsletters, that will be coming out in a few days. But you use pineapple, vinegar, coconut cream, berries, any of the chelators with those toxins. Eggs....anything like that that has certain amino acids. So anyway, that's in the newsletter, all of those ingredients. Anyway, you mix those like in a sport formula or I do it with my.....when I'm not having a sport formula; I don't exercise, so sport formula for me is no big deal. So what I do is make a quart of a berry mixture instead of a sport formula, but that will have whey and milk and almost the same ingredients that's in the sport formula, but I add blue berries - a mixture of berries in there - to chelate with heavy metals and toxins. Then I put my vinegar, my lime juice, everything that's, eggs, everything that's in the sports formula. I just make it almost a smoothie.

Q: You said you put eggs, you said from last week that you had [?] against a mercury vaccine. Is this the same formula?

A: This is the same formula but with the coconut cream and the dairy cream....

Q: And you also say you put an egg in it too?

A: Yep. I put, in mine I put four eggs. But I'm making a quart there. The one I gave you is not a whole quart. The one I gave at the last.....

Q: That was something else with the raspberry. That was for. you said, iron and....

A: .... iodine.

Q: Iodine.

A: And some other minerals light colored minerals like....

Q: For what?

A: Other light colored minerals.

Q: Oh

A: Even salt, sodium.

Q: So we should do both so everyone has something.

A: No you do one or the other, you don't do both.

Q: Not in the same day.

A: Yeah, right.

Q: Alternate.

A: Gotta alternate.

Q: Okay this is concerning weight loss. About a year and a half ago, I did weight loss and went down to about....started off 225 or230; I went down to 195 and just plateaued so I stopped. This time I did a weight loss, I was up to about 250 got to about 196, different scales but got the flu, bad flu ...so I stopped. I started eating a lot. The question is, one - is that about the right weight for me to stop and two - should I if I need to go lower should I now that the flu is almost over should I....

A: How tall are you?

Q: Five ten.

A: That's more than I go, I'm 5'8'' and I go up to 190.

Q: You go down to 190?

A: I go up to 190

Q: Oh you go up

A: My, I don't have big shoulders like normal men do. My shoulders are short, so they never developed like a man's, you know, big shoulder man. My shoulders are almost the width of my hips. So I'm smaller framed than the normal guy. So when I'm at my lowest I'm 175, 170 at my lowest and then I'll go up 190.

Q: What weight are you at now?

A: About 180

Q: You said you gained more and.....you're higher protein and your not eating cooked fats, so your more dense?

A: Yeah, I'm a lot more dense.

Q: You don't look fat.

A: Yeah, yeah everyone on this diet, everything is more concentrated and dense. You don't have all that swelling you know that other people have with their contaminated food ruined bodies, possibly inundating it with water fluids and gases. Gases store through out the body not just in the bowels. When you have chemistry mix not right, you have gas all through out the body and inside cells so.....

Q: Wow.

A: Some people can be absolutely huge and be light weight compared to me. When I was this size after I started eating a lot of fat after chemo and radiation, I was about 147 pounds. I had about a 31 waist. Right now I have a 34 waist, but I was 147 pounds. Now if I'm down to like a 30 inch waist like when I leave Asia, because I actually work there, I actually physically get involved in digging and farming and stuff like that. Swimming, you know in my lake and riding my horse and I mean I work. Physical - because only sex and the farm can get me moving. [laughter] So I do lose weight there, I come back anywhere from a 30 to a 31 inch waist. But I'm still 170 pounds. And when I was that size before I was 147. So you have to look at the difference in that, there's a huge weight difference on this diet. People become denser, heavier. [laughter]. You're the same huh?

Q: Not me

A: oh

Q: I gained 45 pounds and...and I do the [unintelligible] diet. I can only stand that for a little bit and then I start cramping.

A: Yeah well you're not ready; you have too many toxins. Yeah, just remember that when you have a lot of toxins like after chemo and radiation, I was....there's nobody here as big as I was, but I was full, bloated, big for many years. For many, many years I stayed that way. When I finally started eating the meat I could keep on more tissue. I mean I was bubble faced and everything, I still have a picture of it somewhere.


A: Everything. Well I lost a lot of weight since that. Those injections, those horse injections in my arm when I was kidnapped in that hotel room. This arm I felt like it was going to fall off sometimes, aches are bad right where they shot me here and here. So in the shoulder sometimes... I've lost some of that weight from that. I gained a little when I broke this leg in the motorcycle accident. I lost because I had no cast, I broke the tibia's here, the femur sits on top and I broke all of the top part of the tibia. So it splintered all over inside that joint. Plus, what do you call it, the scapula....

Q: The patella.

A: The patella shattered. And it split the tibia all the way down to the ankle, in two. And it had a wedge like this at the back. It was more open than the front and they said I would never walk again. And at six and a half weeks I was walking, three months later I was on.....what island was that? Antigua! And I ran a quarter of a mile full blown. Full blast without even stopping.

Q: Did you adjust the diet, or is that a little extra? Extra dairy?

A: Well you know I put, made sure I had some pineapple every day to mend the bones, but in between I had meat wrapped around, because I took all the skin off the bone, half the bone here, all of the bone here. So see, everything grew back. So all the skin was gone all the way from here. All the way down, because I had sandals on and shorts and short sleeved shirt. So all the skin was gone, so I wrapped it in meat. The skin was healed over in 12 days. But it took six and a half weeks for my leg to mend enough to be able to walk on it without crutches.

Q: Because you came here about two months after and you were walking up the stairs.

A: Yeah. Oh that's two months, that what I was saying, after 6 ½ weeks I was without crutches.

Q: Are you without pain now totally?

A: When I had that accident, this tendon ripped her and this one ripped down to here, doubled up like that. But this one has the tendency to move back and forth, over the patella. And it causes a snapping sharp pain sometimes. But it's momentary; it's gone in a split second. So that's the only thing that I think: it's too tight and I didn't take care of it afterward. I should have continued to put a hot water bottle on it for probably another three or four weeks later. So there's a little scar tissue in there I think. Once in a while I'll remember to put some pineapple on the skin and let that break up some of the scar tissue. I can't feel it, but when I feel that snap on the patella I can tell it's a little tight.

Q: What is....to put pineapple in your bath water.

A: No

Q: No?

A: You've got to put it right on cause then it'll just stay in the bath water.

Q: Your skin sucks in the Bromelain?

A: Yeah. But it has gotten so much better now. I mean I wasn't able... Because of all the particles that were in there, they wanted to open it up and cut me from here to here. And they wanted to go in and clean out that joint. So that joint was pretty full of stuff,. My knee was like this even after it healed. So over the years it has gone down. And now it's almost exactly normal. See I can bend this one down still lower than this one. But it was up like this for many years. And now it's getting close, I cleaned out that joint but it still is not completely clean.

Q: Four years?

A: Its been four years I guess.

Q: Four years.

Q: Last thing on that is, next time I do the weight loss can I go below 195?

A: If you, let me tell you, when your body stops, it doesn't want to go any lower than that.

Q: Okay.

A: So that's how you tell yeah, but you can go... Like I told Kathy this last time to keep going on because it was still summer time. So I just told her to continue it, but I told her after fall, then go back to eating. She lost more weight but it took maybe instead of two or three pounds a week it was one pound, half a pound a week. Which she lost.... but when it stops it stops.

Q: Since you are not going by normal standards, how do you decide how, where your weight should be?

A: That your body will tell you. If it won't lose anymore, no matter if you stay on that weight loss diet, your body is not going to lose it.

Q: So we just stop with that weight loss.....

A: Stop at that....usually within a week and you haven't lost anything, that's about the time.

Q: Then you put the dairy back in? The rotation?

A: Yep

Q: So I've been doing the cheese throughout the day for like three or four months....

A: How much a day?

Q: Like every hour half hour, sometimes in between meals and just recently I have had no appetite for anything. I just feel like full, I almost feel like so satiated with fat. Its just because I have butter with that.

A: Then don't.

Q: Yeah.

A: Don't eat so much butter with it.

Q: But I don't want to get constipated.

A: Then you put the suppository in.

Q: Okay.

A: Just remember that when you start drying out from the cheese, the body is saying “oh look at all that available fat in the cheese, it isn't available because you don't have enzymes.” because the body's going to hold on to it, try to get it, because that bowel has been starving and the brain and nervous system has been starving all of your life. So it wants to hold on to it so that it is dryer and dryer and dryer, and without the enzymes, its just not going to do it very well.

Q: Okay.

A: When you implant the fresh butter, coconut cream and dairy cream with just a tiny bit of honey, and you know, three tablespoons of each of those, and a quarter teaspoon of honey into a four ounce jelly jar. Shake that together, put it in a bowl full of hot water, hot water enough to make your hand feel uncomfortable after six seconds..... But not burn it. Get that dryness out [laughter and mumbling]. So you let it in there for four or five minutes, take it out and have a bulb syringe, now the bulb syringe is they have the very little short little....and that's not good enough. You need one like a, you get a douche bag with one of those high things in it that has three in it all those. The little jets, water jets and that's what you use so you can get it high up into the sigmoid colon and let it out there.

Q: what is up there a normal enema thing? a bag?

A: Yeah but you do is take a little bit of the hose, put that over your....

Q: Oh okay.

A: And put your big long thing on that.

Q: That's what you would suggest an enema bulb?

A: Yeah but they don't have a long thing on it. A lot of people were having trouble getting it high enough up in there. And when its not high enough up in, it keeps coming out.

Q: It works for me.

A: It works for you, good. Then you have a short rectal area. You know some people have a really long rectal area.

Q: How far is that gonna get up into the large colon?

A: What you do is get on all fours and put it in. Or, if you are in the shoulder stand, and you do it in the shoulder stand then you don't have to move anywhere. You just keep your legs up in the air or put it down like this. If you put your legs down, and your knees go up around your ears or even here. You are putting pressure on your intestines. You are not allowed to move very much, so your legs are up in the air more. And your torso is straight with your hips, then roll your stomach and that will move the fluids up the descending colon. And then also that will fill up the transverse colon. And then after you do that for three or four minutes or four or five minutes roll on your right side, get down on the floor and get on your right side, lift your left leg up and roll your stomach, yeah it will move it into the ascending colon. And that way you've filled it all over so that that bacteria in your colon is going to get all that fresh fat that it would never get otherwise. So you'll be feeding your brain and nervous system like you never did before.

Q: And rolling on your stomach is better than massaging?

A: Yes, massaging isn't just going to do it.

Q: Could you just do the high egg too to get the fat down there?

A: You could do the high egg yeah.

Q: Instead of just...?

A: But no that won't go to the bowel......just right in your system. Predigested, it goes right into the system.

Q: Yeah.

A: It doesn't wait to go to the bowel.

Q: Yeah.

A: It's all absorbed before it gets to the bowel. Same with high meat, its gone, but its already in a form to feed the brain and nervous systems. It doesn't have to wait to get o the bowel to get to that breakdown point.

Q: okay. I thought you were saying if you do the high egg it gets to the bowel because it would.....

A: No no, you don't have to get to the bowel. Eggs will never get to the bowel.

Q: Even high?

A: Even high, no. Even high yeah, no matter what form they are, they'll never get to the bowel.

Q: All in the small intestine.

A: Right.

Q: So it goes in the small? Assimilates in the stomach and the small intestine?

A: Yeah. But only about five. If you're eating eggs alone, that only goes to about five inches of your intestines before it all absorbed.

Q: So now what does the small intestine, if I'm really constipated and getting its nutrients from the....

A: It's in the food, fresh food. By the time it gets to the colon, almost everything is absorbed, the fats, everything is digested. So the bowel is going to feed your nervous system, and it's very deficient. So you notice that if you have mentally challenged infants from vaccines - I have one of those....where everything was swollen all over the place - and you know she had no cognitive... She was basically a vegetable you carry around. And I told, I suggested to the mother that she give the baby, because the baby was constipated all the time, no matter what she ate. This diet or any diet because that bowel was trying to get everything it could. And it couldn't do it, couldn't get enough for that baby. So I said, just get a little two ounce bulb.....for babies, you fill that with the butter and the cream. Not coconut cream for the baby. And I said, squirt that in her rectum, before she goes to sleep at night. Holding her up side down at an angle like this, rock her like that to move that stuff down, and that baby changed in three months.

Q: She had to do it everyday?

A: Yeah, well we don't have to do it everyday. That baby needed it every day.

Q: Every body need that....it's always dry

A: Absolutely, every body, I mean I move regularly. And you know I've got a pretty good acute mind and awareness, but when I do that suppository. I mean my perception is much greater, everything is much greater.

Q: Could you tell me that formula?

A: Three tablespoons each. Butter

Q: Butter

A: Dairy cream, Coconut cream.

Q: Okay

A: Quarter teaspoon of honey.

Q: Right

A: Now if you have my product list, it is on page 9 of the product list.

Q: Last time I got coconut cream was yesterday and it was really bad.

A: Bad how?

Q: It expanded out the top, it was sour.

A: Maybe it's just already fermented. Just remember fermented is better; it is predigested. It just doesn't taste as good.

Q: Just awful

A: Yeah, tastes

Q: Two weeks ago it was fine but yesterday it was really bad. I mean I-

A: You got it from Marilyn?

Q: Yeah. I turned the top off. It didn't want to come off. The minute I took it off the top, it goes pointed up about an inch and a half.

A: … didn't get refrigerated right away or something.

Q: so all fermented is predigested and just-

A: Predigested is even better

Q: … because he and I got round and round about this because it's like 'ugh, now the milk is sour I don't want it'. But I'm saying 'it's better for you now'.

A: Yes, but you should have said you should wait another few days till it starts to thicken. Because at that early stage you've got a soured bacteria that turns it quite bitter. And then it takes another day or two and that bacteria's finished and the other bacteria that makes it sweeter. Sour sweet taste....sweet sour.....

Q: Pro biotics right?

A: Yeah that's what

Q: Whatever your buying....so then at that point do you shake it and blend it with some honey and its kind of kefir if it's in the fridge? Or do you have to make it warm and different bacteria? I mean, at that point how are you going to drink your milk if you want to drink it because I blend it with honey and....

A: I just drink it, I don't give a shit what it tastes like. I've been so ill and so sick and so painful in my life I can eat almost anything, if I know it's good for me so....

Q: First of all, when it kefirs when it's warm - because then you never warm the milk its in the fridge....

A: Well, just remember when you are eating anything cold its going to go through the intestines with less digestion, less separation. When things are sorted and separated better when they pass through the intestines, the easier it is go into your body, to be able to utilize it in the blood or lymphatic system or in the neurological fluid.

Q: So the kefir - take it out for a few days and then put it back in the fridge?

A: Yeah, once it has thickened, then put it back in the fridge and then you can drink it cold. It's all predigested but still.

Q: The cold still....

A: The cold still will absorb fat. You can eat it cold if you like, but a tablespoon every minute. If you're on a hot day, I've done that. I chilled my, I refrigerated my kefir or milk, and I'll only take a tablespoon at a time. But leaving that cold milk in my mouth cools my brain and cools my body.

Q: … because you're not gulping it down

A: Right. You're not gulping it, because that will cause a traumatic effect. You'll dehydrate, you'll absorb foods that get right into the blood stream without proper digestion and separation.

Q: I still need to nurture milk shakes. Sometimes I just want to gulp

A: That's you going too long without drinking anything.

Q: And drinking something isn't water?

A: No. Like you see, I'm a little baby, I've got my baby bottle around all the time and as soon as I know that I'm slightly getting dry mouthed at all.

Q: Keep your bottle.

A: Sometimes in a lecture or a workshop, I'll lose it and I'll find myself sipping. I take every advantage, every minute I'll sip some until I have to, you know for 15 minutes, so I get that in and going for the next two hour phase. See - I can do those workshops, I can go 10 hours without stopping but my poor audience is going.....

Q: Now see; I've had cheese twice and cramping is still there. But when I eat an egg...

A: It goes away?

Q: Yeah.

A: Then you need the fats to sooth those parts of your intestine. But you should be... …you know if you have an ulcer like that, because that indicates an ulcer.

Q: Well, I used to have an ulcer when I was 18.

A: You still do have an ulcer, if your having that; you still have an ulcer in your intestine.

Q: That's what it feels like.

A: So eating milkshake helps make the mucus....because that's not going to heal that mucus. Also eating about a cup of cabbage juice every four days will heal an ulcer. Green cabbage not red.

Q: Yeah.

A: Or white cabbage. Whatever you wanna call it.

Q: I want to have a group discussion about how people eat when they travel. I read what you said about what you eat when you go to Hawaii. If I want to go to the Caribbean or I want to go to Mexico, or even when I just go back east, I just always have to make everything up. I ship it; it cost me hundreds of dollars. And I can't digest a western diet, because pretty much I'm eating a primal diet. So my question is, how do people travel, how do they eat? That's what I want to know.

A: I do the same, if I'm going somewhere where I don't know what the food is, I ship it ahead of time.

Q: You ship it?! It's hundreds of dollars.

A: Yes it is.

Q: You know then it's.... you can only be gone like a week or something cause then you run out of the food....

A: Well, by the time a week has gone by I have sources.

Q: So where are you finding your sources?

A: Unless I'm going to Antigua or one of the Bahama Islands, you know, that's cultured and manicured. Yeah there's nothing on those islands because there's the king and queen of England that own them. You know they keep them completely trimmed and polished. It doesn't matter what government it is, like Aruba is owned by Holland. So they keep that island at their.... that is where Hollanders go to vacation. So they keep it pristine, there are no farms there; there's nothing except tourist attractions

Q: So you search out farms etc. wherever you are going?

A: … except if I know its an island like that, then I make sure I have shipped the food there. I have one guy, I have a patient that is in Aruba and that has his food shipped every week from Amos Miller in Pennsylvania to Aruba.

Q: shipped into Mexico or something, they probably won't let it come in.

A: If it goes through Fed Ex, it will get you anywhere.

Q: Really?

A: Yep

Q: Now I heard Fed Ex radiates their packages.

A: You can't radiate all those packages - are you kidding? There are very few irradiated. Usually if they're passing out of Los Angeles, they may radiate them - or San Francisco...a major city where there might be some problems with so called terrorism.

Q: And it'[s a fact that if they go to DC they always radiate them.

A: Yep.

Q: Okay so no body else here travels?

A: Well when I fly, like I've been going to Asia. When I go I take anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds of butter with me, I carry it on. Plus I'll have three quarts of milk to get me there.

Q: Do they irradiate your butter, how do you-

A: No I have a note from the doctor.

Q: Still....

A: I give them a letter.

Q: My letter didn't work

A: That's funny because you're the only person. I just had my publisher - with his wife and his infant three months old – who just went on a cruise. They flew to Miami to get the cruise, and they took my letter, they took through a whole gallon of milk for the baby. And lots of butter, they had a whole, they each had a cooler that they took on; they didn't scan any of it.

Q: But you do? You get scanned?

A: I tried, I tried a letter and it didn't work, they didn't accept it and then I complained TSA and I got a letter to correct it that all food will be radiated. It doesn't matter if you have a letter or not, they have it in writing so.....

Q: Switch to his airline.

A: It's at all airlines.

Q: How is that you carrying the milk on?

A: I carry the milk on, that's right.

Q: So who's the letter to? Do you write your own letter or?

A: No I have an MD who writes my letters.

Q: Because...... somebody who could write a letter for us?

A: I write the letters for my patients but I don't write them for myself.

Q: Yeah. I know, but do you have a form letter that you could write for us?

A: No what I do is charge a hundred dollars that will last you about four months. So I have to put your name, I have to look at your iris and determine what to say about you so that it's honest.

Q: They accept iridology?

A: I don't tell them its iridology. I tell them what particular things you've gone through and why radiation would harm you. So I've only had two people that it didn't work for, one was Michael and one was a psychiatrist. [laughter].

Q: Radiation is one issue. The other is getting through security.

A: Yeah well, that letter.... if you want to get liquids through you have to say you are diabetic.

Q: Really? It's still radiated then though? I thought you do have to have it radiated, its not just a letter.

A: As long as it's only one time.

Q: Right because.....

A: One time is fine. I tried it after two times and I get nauseous. So after the one time no, but that's hand carry on. Not your luggage; if you put it in your luggage, your going to get a hundred times the radiation of an X-ray.

Q: (mumbling)

A: So you don't put it in your luggage, it's hand carry.

Q: There's more radiation in the luggage.

A: Oh, huge....

Q: Somebody was telling me... When she goes to Hawaii she sometimes has Amos, sometimes some of those other ones, send her - stamped - in a little five dollar priority mail..... like teas and other like. It's not milk but you can send cheese through the mail. They make those little packages today.

A: It depends, I don't send it through regular mail. Regular US USPS radiates a lot.

Q: They do?

A: Fed Ex only in major, only in a few major cities.

Q: Do they have the mailers Fed Ex? Come up with cheese? What about UPS?

A: UPS is slower. Sometimes they don't get it there and a lot of the time they break shit.

Q: But they don't radiate it or...?

A: Sometimes. In those major cities, I wouldn't have to. And there's certain sizes of packages.

Q: How does it work?

A: They'll radiate it. That's what they do. They open, they put a stick over mine, I open all of my jars and they'll put a stick over it if it's liquid. And then they'll put a little drop on there and say okay it's fine. One time-


A: Pardon?

Q: I was talking about shipping something through UPS?

A: Okay, they scan?

Q: Uh no, can you open something for UPS so they don't scan it? I would have thought. You know.....

A: No, they don't have time for that. They don't take time for that.

Q: Yeah, when you're taking the hot bath you put all these things in it so it neutralizes the water....

A: The poisons in the water. Not the water, the poisons in the water.

Q: Yeah, apple cider vinegar to get the poisons

A: Out....

Q: When you're done taking the hot bath, is there any reason to rinse off with the toxic water?

A: No.

Q: It's better to just get out right?

A: That's right.. Dry off. Dry off.

Q: Yeah that's what this lady has been telling me.....get right back out of there.....she wants to rinse everything off, and I said “why would you wanna do that when you just put more toxic water on you”

A: No, it's better to just towel dry and get the-

Q: Isn't that a bit messy though?

A: Pardon?

Q: It leaves your hair a little bit messy. …...you can rinse your hair.

A: No I rinse my hair off in that water. It's not a problem, unless I'm putting too much coconut cream in it..

Q: Yeah

A: Then its very oily....

Q: Okay.

A: And you can put less coconut cream in it if you want. I like my hair oily so its not a problem with me. Its the look.

Q: Just a dab of coconut cream or oil?

A: In the bath water I'll put three tablespoons of coconut cream in it.

Q: Yeah, right, that's what I mean. So you should bath not shower right.....? I mean....you shouldn't shower at all but.....

A: Well if you have the whole....if you have a three tiered huge water filter system, you could probably get away with showering but you're not going to get that heat in the body to help you clean under the skin as well as clean the outside.

Q: Yeah no kidding....

A: … because that's what really needs cleaning.

Q: And that soaking is that just pouring the toxins when you clean, your just pulling the toxins from the deepest....

A: You are perspiring out from under the skin.

Q: From the lymphatic?

A: Well the lymphatic system dumps its waste in the connective tissue under the skin and it takes perspiration to remove it. So that's why I tell everyone to have a hot bath....every day.... especially if their lymphatic system is jammed. Now I don't have a bath in my new place. Chase took over the house from my landlord because he didn't pay the mortgage; I was overseas when that happened. And they didn't tell me. So I get back, I get home and there is an eviction notice on my door. And it's past the date to answer the court. So I went to the court anyway, wrote this 15 page brief and the judge wouldn't even read it. He says “I can't do anything about it, it's past the date,” I said, “But they didn't, they had my email address, that's where I told them to notify me”, he said “They don't have to do that, all they have to do is post it on your door.” That was it. So I had to sneak into my house every night for ten days until I found another place to live. They wanted me to go stay in a hotel or something. I'm not going to stay in a freakin hotel. So I broke in the house every night. For ten days. Until I found the place. No bath tub.

Q: Wow.

A: So I sleep with seven hot water bottles. Hot water bottle here, hot water bottle here, and hot water bottle here, here, here, and here. And one for one side of the head.

Q: How do you keep them there.

A: Well, I've got a system. I've got beach towels, I've got two under me and then I wrap them around.

Q: You don't turn over ever?

A: Yeah I'll sleep on my side. I hold onto the towels and they'll roll with me, and of course I'll move the hot water bottles to the back and front at the same time.

Q: Mine drift all over the place even when I wrap myself.... I actually wrap myself with a sheet..... I have it where its this wide and that works

A: But the sheet is slipperier than the towel - yes?

Q: Towels are not very comfortable to lay on, they're bumpy.

A: To me it doesn't matter. when I lived out doors for three years, I slept on rocks, on roots you know, you don't find any soft ground when you live out doors and you are traveling every day. Rarely did I sleep on flat ground. I had rocks jabbing into my ribs. You learn to sleep through it.

A: So a few little bumps from the towel, I think you can....

Q: I'm beginning to wonder what the objective is of being on this diet.

A: The objective is to be able to do what you.....to be healthy. Not to suffer in disease.

Q: Yeah

A: You may suffer socially. But to me that's not painful as physical pain. Some people decide that's not for them, and I have no judgment about that; let them be that way. They don't mind physical pain, they would rather eat their donuts and Hershey bars and whatever it is.....

Q: Glutton for punishment.

A: That's their choice and I don't care, that's fine for them. I won't do it. I'd rather not have tastiest food and have better health and be able to be alert and produce. For a whole week I've slept two or three hours a night only. And I'm productive my entire waking hours. And if I get sleepy - like I'm working at my desk - I'm not going to go lie down. I'm not that tired; I'm just sleepy eyed. So I'll nod off right there for ten or fifteen minutes. Then I awake and I'm completely alert. And I love that you know, when I was ill all I could do was groan and moan and couldn't think, couldn't do anything you know. And I don't want to go anywhere near that again. I'm getting as far away from that as I can. If I only have to sleep ten minutes a day I'm happy.

Q: If you relax enough through the whole day to

A: Yeah no problem.

Q: So if you're sleeping a lot, you are toxic and need healing? If you are sleeping a lot?

A: Oh, yeah, when I'm going through a detox a cold or a flu, I will sleep up to about six hours.

Q: But if you're sleeping a lot, its probably a sign or something.

A: You're resting, your body's taking care of other things; it can't afford to be physical, uses nutrients on a physical activity.

Q: Too deficient? Too toxic?

A: If you've got a lot of toxins, you know your body has to deal with the use of nutrients, deal with the toxins. You don't have time for physical activity.....not enough nutrients for it.

Q: But then you're kind of bloating in them.....that's why you should take the bath to get it out?

A: Yeah or the hot water bottles, yep.

Q: Just sleep

A: Got to get rid of it.

Q: You'd be bloating with all the poisons.

A: Well, normally you wouldn't have to do that but we have a lot of plastic fats, hydrogenated oils, which are plastic liquid plastic in the human body. The molecules, they dehydrate, collect little balls of fat, I mean plastic fat. And what happens is it starts blocking the system so you can't perspire those poisons out. So you got to get into a hot bath that's a 105 to 110 degrees for 90 minutes a day to get that to move. And if you don't, your system holds the poisons into the body, it swells, swells, and swells. That's why you see in people nowdays - their lymph system is very blocked. You see them getting bigger as they get older, just blow up like a balloon. And look at your black people who lived on margarine; it's the worst stuff of all. They could never afford butter so you know they got Crisco and they cooked with that and you see these fat people that are swelled so big.

Q: Is that like the Hawaiians? You see a lot of....

A: Yeah they're that way too.

Q: I'm like how did he get that big? It's not just pork.....it's

A: No it's the hydrogenated oils. Plastic fats.

Q: ...that singer died, it was a really big big blind singer that was, had a wonderful voice.

A: Don Hoe?

Q: No no no it was.

A: Oh, yes, I know who you mean; I have one of his tapes, I can't remember...700 pounds...

Q: Yeah.....is it certain cultures get bigger than others though like white people....

A: You have to understand that those who are healthier have better reactions unless they get blocked. So their bodies are detoxing and diluting the poisons, which it should do, but then they can't get it out of their skin. They stop perspiring.

Q: That's the problem with being too thin?

A: Well, when you're too thin you're still detoxing your poisons. You're still detoxing and getting rid of your poisons-

Q: Really?

A: But you're not eating properly, to get the fats in there to bind with the poisons. But at least you're getting them out of the skin.

Q: When I do the 90 minute bath, half way through I re-heat the water and get back in and my face gets so hot, because the first half, not so, because I guess during the second half your body is already hot and you add more hot water. Is that okay to be really hot...?

A: Wonderful.

Q: I usually take a fan and do this.

A: That's okay

Q: ...put atowel over it or something?

A: What I suggest is taking a cold bowl of water with ice sitting on top so you have ice water. And you take a cold rag...somewhat moist. You put it on top of your head, and put your wrists in not with your fist closed tightly so the water gets inside for two minutes and the whole body starts tingling to the brain.

Q: You put ice in your hands?....is that what you are saying?

A: No, you're putting your hand in the bowl

Q: Oh, in the bowl ...

A: And of course the ice cubes are going to hit you here. So you've got your hands here and you're going to hold them for a whole two minutes. Not easy to hold in; it's harder to stay in that cold water than it is to be in the hot water. And it chills the body to the brain and then your bones and that's your.....you don't give a shit about the bones. Its the lymphatic system, the skin and the blood you want hot.

Q: And then on top of them you could put the-

A: The cold yes. Once you got that you know

Q: But its actually good to be hot if I can stand it to it.

A: Yep. Absolutely, if you can stand it.

Q: It doesn't shock you to the cold, it doesn't shock your brain?

A: Oh and then it makes you want stay in that water all day.

Q: Oh

A: You know, you don't get that heat prostration. A lot of people can't stay in that water.

Q: Yeah

A: It raises the blood pressure to much. And you know, the brain gets worried about it, maybe having an aneurysm or something. So you cool the system.

Q: So you are not cooling the lymphatics is what your saying at the same time?

A: Because its mainly the bones that.....are hit, cold is travel up through the bone to the brain where you've got this cold thing here on your skull cooling your brain. The brain doesn't like to be hot.

Q: Right

A: The body loves it.

Q: Oh....so you put your hands in ice water is that what you're saying?

A: Yeah, in ice water.

Q: Up to how long?

A: Two minutes, two minutes.

Q: Just do it for two minutes?

A: Two minutes. Any more than two minutes and you're not going to be able to stand it.

Q: I'll try it. What do you think about mineral hot springs?

A: Wonderful!

Q: Oh okay..... Or mud.....the only thing is they chlorinate their water.

A: Some

Q: Not all of them. Which

A: Which ones don't?

Q: You ever hear of those desert hot springs? They don't have them. They changed it every day.

A: They flow through..in California you have to have the flowing only. Like the one in.....

Q: Glenn Ivy?

A: Glenn Ivy! Glenn Ivy has one that they don't chlorinate. You have the swimming pool; you have the one that you walk into and then you've got the mud bath over there and then you've got all the others. That one that's near the mud pool - there's no chlorine in that. The pool has got lots of chlorine. Three sectioned right there at the foot of the swimming pool: NO chlorine, no nothing, but they have the constant water flowing through it. And the one with the clay in it, they don't require them even though its not a continually flowing one. With the clay in it they don't require it to be chlorinated.

Every other pool on there, every other hot tub on that property of Glenn Ivy is chlorinated. But if you really want a good place to go to a hot springs where its constantly you got different temperatures and you're outdoors go to Deep Creek.

Q: Where

A: That' where, you know where Hisperia is?

Q: Yeah.

A: You go up 15 to Hisperia. You get off at Hisperia, you go the Bowen Ranch. It's about 20 miles back in the mountains, in the San Bernandino mountains. Then you get off at Bowen Ranch, you pay like 5 to 7 dollars for a day and you can camp out there, they'll let you camp. Take tents or whatever and then you hike 2 miles to the hot spring.

Q: Isn't that on the cliffs....?

A: Yeah, you are on cliffs but you climb down into it and you have to cross the river. If you go in the winter, you will freeze by the time you get to the other side and you have to move fast. It's cold because it's got all the ice run from the snow drift, and ice water coming off of Arrowhead and Crestline and all those that fill that river. So you've got from about here to that fence. That much cold water to cross. And if its late summer time, its shallow. Not a lot of water. But in the cold time it's deep. And you've got to get through there and sometimes I... It is so cold sometimes your body's muscles stop. And then your barely swimming across it. You know it never comes up over here. But still that's, when its ice cold water, its really freaking cold. But then you get to the other side, you've got all these different hot springs that are coming off the cliffs. You got different ones, you've got one called Arizona that's right against the river, and its got rocks all around so you get in and it's a shallow one about this shallow. So you're getting into this hot spring, put your hand over into the cold water, you can go from one to the other.

Q: And it isn't chlorinated?

A: No this is wild, this is natural. And you're not allowed to spend the night there but you do it, I've spent the whole week there and I don't go there on a weekend cause rangers will ride in on horses and they'll ticket you. 85-120 dollar ticket.

Q: If you stay there just for a day?

A: If you stay for a day its fine.

Q: What's the name of it?

A: Deep Creek....and they've got this one that's up there on the hills, up on the cliffs. And you get up there and its deep, its like 7 feet deep. Sand on the bottom and rocks, It's fabulous. And you could go naked, its far enough away. A lot of people go naked, a lot of people won't. But if you go there on a weekend there are too many people. They smoke, they burn candles, so weekends not a time to go, you know if you like more quiet and privacy. Week days are phenomenal. All different temperatures. There's some flat elongated ones. They are sectioned off into different temperatures. See it gets the hottest up here and it cools as it comes down. And it feels a deep one over there and there's another one down below that and they run off into each other. The one that says deep, you can dive off ten feet, twelve feet down into the water and swim. I don't suggest that men go in that naked because I got a catfish that bit the end of my penis. And it bled and it hurt.So if I go in that naked, I have my hands on there. When your swimming around they don't do it, but when your sitting there in the cold water you know its like in summer time they go.....

Q: Those cat fish...fish in the river waters, they go right up the penis, what are those kind of fish?

A: Oh those are in the Amazon.

Q: Yeah, nice.

A: They like the warmth, they go right up and embed themselves in the urethra. But they'll go up there in a woman too....yeah....if you pee in the water. If you pee in the water and your penis is exposed then it will go right up in it while your peeing.

Q: So woman too?

A: Even woman yeah....they go right up in the, they follow and love the hot water, and they go right up in it and they get lodged in there cause they have spikes... so there was the, they did document that, cause a lot of people say that's a fictional story. But then this one doctor said, you know I didn't believe it I thought it was all fiction until this one guy came to me and sure enough it was in his urethra. I had to cut him open and get it out.

Q: Oh my God that small?

A: Yep. Oh they're long.

Q: Yeah right.

A: They're about this long,

Q: What kind is that, a catfish?

A: No.

Q: Isn't it called a penis fish or something......?


A: I forgot the name of it.

Q: Me too.

A: Yeah its an odd name.

Q: Just the two things that cause bipolar, and where do you get the coconut oil.

A: Okay. Bipolar is not really a single condition. If someone is hyperactive, it means they produce a lot of physical hormones for physical activity: adrenaline, testosterone, estrogen. Those three create energy for the body to be physically active. So a lot of the people who produce a lot of those need to be physically active. If they are not, they can get hyper and high anxiety. Exercise is the remedy when you are at that end of the bipolar. If you are depressed that means you have low bacteria in the colon. And you're not feeding your brain or nervous system. So that's either eating high eggs, high meat, or doing those suppositories with the fat.

Q: Okay. Kefir as well, would that help?

A: Not really, not for that.

Q: And the coconut oil?

A: Coconut oil; I get it at Thai organic life.

Q: So it's coming from Thailand?

A: Yeah its coming from Thailand. Phuket.

Q: Phuket, that's gonna be a lot of shipping.

A: But you know I still get it from them because they are the only ones I trust.

Q: How many do you order at a time?

A: I order two liters at a time.

Q: Just two?

A: But you could get a whole group of you together and.....

Q: Just for oil pulling?

A: I'll eat a tablespoon a day.

Q: Why not just use coconut cream?

A: I do mostly but sometimes I want oil just to get in there and help clean something.....

Q: You just swallow it or just.....

A: I'll put it in something.

Q: Like what?

A: Like in my fruit meal or a milk shake. Like a tablespoon.

Q: In Marie Enig's book, she talks about how people stimulate the metabolism with coconut oil, is that true? Marie Enig, she wrote the book on oils.

A: Any oil will do that; any oil is mainly for detoxification or for energy.

Q: There's a coconut oil that I should throw away because I didn't know it was.....

A: I didn't check on it. I don't know.

Q: It's not fermented, it's not the way you thought it was.

A: Then its high heat.

Q: Then I shouldn't even....I should throw it away?

A: Yeah I wouldn't eat it. Just give it to some poor person. And something will be good out of a homeless person; give it to them. For somebody it will be better than what they are already eating.

Q: Okay homeless alright.

A: That's what I used to do, whenever I had something that was not good enough for me, I would give it to the homeless..

Q: Because I was using it to wash the dishes, I'd put it on my hand. I better not do it anymore.

A: I doubt that when it's..... I doubt they would move into your skin if you're using it to wash.

Q: Well I'll give it to a homeless.

A: Yeah.

Q: So, does it help with the metabolism and losing weight?

A: It could but not necessarily.

Q: Oh.

A: Your meat is the thing, meats going to do that. You've got to have proteins to burn the fats. More oil isn't going to help you burn fats. But if you're trading off and you're not eating any oil, I mean eating butter or cream. And you eat coconut oil, you will lose weight because its going to start taking off your butter and your cream out of your body, all of the animal fat. It's gonna start ripping it out.

Q: Good or not good? What fruit meal do you use again? What....? What fruit meal are you talking about?

A: I just told you, I’ll have it with a milk shake or a fruit meal.

Q: And not with the vaccine formula,

A: No I don't have it with the vaccine one.

Q: Not with that, the mercury vaccine formula.

A: I have coconut cream with that. The reason for that is, coconut cream like dairy cream has mainly water soluble fats. Now nobody ever talks about water soluble fats because they are so fragile. At 105 degrees, they're all destroyed. A lot of them are destroyed or are altered as it goes to 96 degrees. That's why I don't like coconut cream pressed above 96 degrees. Now most of your vitamin A and concentrated vitamins are in the water soluble fats. Only 7% of anything is oil, 7% of your vegetable juice is oil, 7% of coconut cream is coconut oil, now you take a look at the composition of a coconut, its 80% fat. But only 7% of that fat is oil. And 93% is water soluble fats.

Q: So what is the fruit meal you use that you take this coconut oil with.

A: It doesn't matter any. I don't care, anything.

Q: an avocado, an Orange?

A: You could eat it with avocado or an orange, absolutely anything.

Q: …. my question about the bipolar... what foods would benefit that?

A: Exercise for the anxiety, cream to help calm the person and the nut formula or lots of cheese frequently to help lower the hormone level.

Q: Okay

A: Okay? But for the depression part of it, high meat, high eggs, suppository. Okay?

Q: Yeah I have a rough time getting enough raw butter in my diet, you know I just can't get over the taste of it.

A: How about honey with it? It's because you lack enzymes.

Q: Right. Right that's what she's been doing.

A: Then just have the smallest amount of honey that it takes to digest it. Or eat it with some pineapple, little chunks of pineapple, you know with little chunks of blend pineapple and butter together if you like. Don't let it sit because it'll, pineapple will start breaking down the butter, it'll start tasting like that milk when its off in that center area.

Q: Exactly, because you don't want to have pineapple with coconut oil.

A: You can....: And coconut cream....what did I just say, I said you can have the coconut oil with any fruit except for the vaccine formula, okay. Vaccine....you may have it with that, but you may go through a hell of a detox with oil in it. Could start vomiting or diarrhea.

Q: You know, I don't want to go there. Then I can't function. I know my diarrhea and vomiting, I liked them, but I don't like the extended periods of it.

Q: I shattered my knuckle years ago, dropped a piece of ply wood on them you know and broke it, my big toe knuckle on my big toe and just in like the last couple years, its getting a big knot in the top like calcium deposit or whatever.

A: Is it hard? Or semi soft? Like rubber like bone?

Q: Like bone yeah....

A: Then it's calcified, I mean a mineralization.

Q: Doesn't always bother me but I don't know, seems like when I get stressed out or something, just once in a while it just burns and it really really.....

A: Your body is trying to dissolve it if its burning. What you can do is take a piece of pineapple rind and put the fruit side on it and wrap it....

Q: Yeah....

A: But don't do that more than once every three days cause they will eat into your skin and burn your skin but the bromelain will have absorbed into the skin, and just do it over night or four, five hours at a time.

Q: What about soaking it in lighter vinegar with water? You like.....

A: Its good. Yeah it helps the whole foot.

A: So you can put it in, you can put a hot water bottle there too with a pineapple, put the hot water bottle on the side and you've got the pineapple here. Wrap it in a towel so it doesn't move - so it stays on there for a whole night - and that will help it. I have several of those in my foot because I had a bicycle accident. I hit the curb - I was going in the desert on my bicycle - and somebody had let the water run in the curb, in the gutter. And mold grew just overnight and I had no idea that it was like that. My tires just slipped right from under me. So this foot caught the edge of the curb and ripped these toes out. And each time it split the skin all the way back about an inch to two inches. And broke seven toes, I had seven breaks. I had two breaks up here and then four toes broken. And it was bleeding and a mess. It was terrible, and the toes were all broken and I said, 'Oh I can't go to the hospital, they won't do what I want; they're going to want to sew up in between the toes, they're going to want to do all this stuff. So I thought I know this fourteen year old girl who would love to, she'll go over and crack your knuckles.

Q: Oh yeah.

A: She loved to crack knuckles (laughter).

Q: Ow!

A: So I went to her house. I brought the bicycle to her house in that shape, in that condition. And I waited for her to wake up. She had one of those long days; she stayed up late at night. She was a 14 year old girl; her mother didn't discipline her. In a different way, just let her have her way. But still a good girl. Very good girl and so when she got up, I did that and got up at 6 o'clock in the morning and she didn't get up till 10:30.

Q: Oh no.

A: So it's like suffering all day waiting for her to put my knuckles.. and she looked at that and said “I can't do that!” And I said listen, “you crack knuckles all the time, I would let you crack my knuckles anytime you want but you have to crack those in place first.” So it took about 30 minutes to psych herself into it and she put every one in place.

Q: Oh my God.

A: So I went to the movies, just to keep, I watched Caddy Shack. (laughter). And I rode a bicycle 12 miles because I had to get my mind off of the pain. I couldn't just sit there like when your waiting for, it was excruciating that seemed like two days even though it was like 4 hours. I went to Caddy Shack, I bicycled all the way, with that foot in that condition. I watched some movies and then got into my sleeping bag that night, put that out on the desert. Next morning, 90% of the pain was gone. And I bicycled, all the way out to the farm to do work. I was 20 miles, 22 miles I bicycled the next day.

Q: Would the pain formula help with that?

A: Yeah but I didn't have all that....

Q: Felt better.....Yeah how did you heal the skin?

A: Oh, I put lime juice.

Q: Oh you did have that.

A: So I packed lime and I put mud on it. You know I got some good mud, clay, and packed that on it, sealed it. But my toes, you'll see that the toes on this foot are more spaced out than this one. You see this is more out and spread? Anyway, I had a lot of bone spurs like you have, that I put the pineapple with hot water on. In a year or two they went away.

Q: Wow. You put pineapple near the swelling on your toes you said?

A: No, where the bumps, the bone growth was, where the extra bone growth. Also lipoma, I had a big lipoma here and I put the pineapple on that. And gradually over time, that went away. Does anyone remember the little white mold I had on the eye lid here? Nobody noticed it? Bright white! I thought everybody saw it, but nobody saw it except for one person. I had it for a whole year and a half.

Q: Recently?

A: Well it went away about four weeks ago, I had a heck of a flu and cold, and then I looked in the mirror, one day its there and the next day it was completely gone. Just disappeared in one day. I thought how great! I thought it was going to come off a little at a time like a wart. Just gone the next morning.

Q: You didn't do anything?

A: Didn't do a thing to it.

Q: Wow.

A: I threatened to take a little exacto knife and cut it off. I said 'no, I have to see what happens, what my body does with it'. And I'm glad I did. I mean - no scar, no nothing just disappeared - on the next morning it was gone.

Q: what did you put on it?

A: I was, I didn't put anything on it. That one I just left, because it's in the eye. It was right on the top of that lid.

Q: Oh!

A: So anything I put there was going to go into my eye. So I wasn't going to do anything with it.

Q: That egg white thing you were doing a lot.

A: No, that was when I was having that acid from my tumor here, drifted into my eye and scarred eye, I used egg white a lot there because it was so painful.

Q: Can you use egg white just to clean out your eyes?

A: Yep. You have red eyes, put it in put it in. Eyes, there are a lot of actors and actresses that use that because they put that stuff in their eyes and it gets rid of it but it causes vision blurring problems. So they just use the egg white and it takes the red out of their eyes, and you can go right for the camera in two minutes.

Q: You can use butter too?

A: Butter will cause the eyes to be red.

Q: If its fresh can you?

A: Even if its fresh....

Q: Okay.....

A: You can always do it as a butter at night, and that will strengthen the eyes.

Q: Oh okay

A: Yeah

Q: I used to get these white bumps on my forehead

A: Pineapple.

Q: Well......

A: You need bromelain to help break that down.

Q: Okay cause one time I just took a pen, and I wanted to see what it was made of.

A: Yeah

Q: It's like a hard cholesterol fat.

A: No it's not cholesterol, it's plastic.

Q: Oh okay.

A: Plastic. Yeah, and what the pineapple does is - the bromelain eats away at the skin that surrounds it and causes the skin to come up with that to peel it off.

Q: I'm cool.

A: Prick it off because you have to dig down to get it because once the plastic sticks in there, it won't move without something to cause it to raise and the pineapple will cause it to raise.

Q: So this question, I probably asked it before, we talked about it a little bit, but just for the relief of the arguing, about water, we have this on-going thing, he knows cause I'm dehydrated. So he's like you need to drink water. And I'm like I need to have all liquids which I'm not doing lie juice or milkshake or the mineral waters. But he's thinking 'well you need more water' and I'm saying 'no' I wouldn't be.....

A: Well look how much water your retaining.

Q: yeah I'm retaining water.

A: You had dehydrated. Your cells are not getting the fluids they need because your cells cannot absorb water. Plain water. There has to be all kinds of nutrients bound with it. That's why the more water you drink, the more you are thirsty.

Q: Oh

A: … because it dries the system.

Q: Kidneys, she was having pain, her kidneys were hurting and stuff and just to drink some more water, just kind of flush it out.

A: That will make it worse because that will dry it, what it does is it gets the mucus off the kidney lining. And then the kidneys are very vulnerable. It dehydrates the kidney cells so it makes the kidneys worse. That's why the medical profession tells you to do that if you have kidney problems - then people end up in dialysis by listening to them. So that's not a remedy. You need milkshakes to get the mucus going to coat the kidney.

Q: So talk about the water in general.

A: You don't have dehydration, you're not dehydrated at all.

Q: Yeah because we don't need something to drink to be not dehydrated.

A: Right.

Q: Could you put it into a kind of simple form?

A: Well you need water that can be absorbed cellularly. Everything you eat has mainly water, even meat is 55-70 % water.

Q: If it's raw.

A: If it's raw, yes. Once you cook it, you fractionate the ions and the water is released. Then your water is separated from everything. So are your nutrients separated and cauterized and not even a absorbable ordigestible. But milk is 86-90 % water. Fruits are 93% water. Everything is majorly water. But you have all of these enzymes and vitamins and water soluble fats. Everything that a cell needs to be able to utilize H2O. H2O is just a way to transfer the nutrients. Its not the end product its after, in fact water by itself is bad in most instances.

Q: What happens for if you drink it in the bath?

A: Yeah but see your skin. You see what happens to your skin.

Q: What?

A: Your skin is not supple, it's still very dry and you've been eating this diet since...

Q: 15 years.

A: Yeah 15 years.

Q: Yeah but I have the moisture drink every day.

A: Doesn't make any difference if you drink a lot of water, your gonna dry yourself out.

Q: So just take a sip or two like once in a while or what do we mean?

A: Yeah, take one tablespoon lets say every five minutes if you're going to drink water. But no more than let's say for most people.. I don't drink water. I've had, well he came into the house for a week, so I've had probably a cup of water, uh not quite a cup, three quarters of a cup of water in the last week, but never more than one and a half tablespoons at a time. I hadn't had water for a full month before that. Even in the tropics. I don't drink water.

Q: Even when you're working?....But your breaking down all your......?

A: I drink milk and I'll take - if I can't get milk - I'll take the coconut water and medium ripe coconut meat and I blend those together. So I'm never drinking water.

Q: Or green juice?

A: Green juice yeah.

Q: And sport drink.

A: But two sips if I have more than a cup a day, four days in a row, stops digestion for me. So I'm down to one, two cups, three cups a week at the most.

Q: Like my nephew - he's in the military in the summer and they force them to hydrate all the time while they're......

A: And what happen to that one military fella six years ago? He died from drinking water. And it really, let me tell you, what they do to the military, the military is to brain wash you and beat you physically into a pulp so you listen to everything they say. They give you at least 18 vaccines when you enter the military. That means you've got 8,000 times the toxic of a dose of mercury for a year and your doing it in one day. They shoot you with that 9-12 shot gun.

Q: Yeah.

A: And they do 18, so nine in each one, bam! Bam! You've got nine, that's 18 vaccines in five minutes. The amount of poison - that's why a lot of those recruits die or they get very sick. That culls out the real weak ones. Then the rest of them, they do that to shorten their lives because if you are a vet, you get benefits your whole life. They end your life soon to cut down on the benefits-paying. They pay out. there's a reason, for all the damage that they do. And you know you don't see the senators and their sons out there, except for once in a while, going out to the war.

Q: Hmm...

A: They won't shoot them up with vaccines. To get to be a congressman, a Senator, he wont get 18 shots of vaccines. Your not required to get anything. So the military is no example.

Q: . He was in the military and is out now.

A: Well you have to consider, they to do boot camp, they don't give them milk, they give them soda and juices and water, that's not good nutrients, they don't get them any raw food. There's no apples there's no banana's, its all processed garbage.

Q: The government doesn't take care of them.

A: No they treat them the worst of any people there are. They treat them as bad as they do patients in hospitals. And that's the worst... the worst food.

Q: I always thought how good and healthy they look

A: Yes, you're dealing with the prime of the good meat. Good health, you get a lot of kids who are farmers.

Q: all kind of multiple health problems.

A: they have psychological problems.

Q: He has all kinds of health problems nowand addictions got given that mercury....and I was trying to tell him it was causing all that other stuff.

A: You have all that stuff, mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, detergent.....

Q Yeah they've got to detox all that out.

A: Yeah, you can't. It takes 50 to 200 molecules to get that to remove one molecule of mercury safely. So in each vaccine, there were 75 quadrillion molecules of mercury. It would take 90 lifetimes to get it all out of your body safely. In your lifetime you'll never get rid of all that.

Q: It stores in your brain.

A: It stores in your brain. They want every body to be idiots. In the children who do not get vaccinations, you got three geniuses out of every ten. They do not want geniuses because they'll be hacking their military, the banks, everything would be hacked because there would be geniuses all around. They make sure that they keep tabs on.....That's why they want everybody to take vaccines. And they let the Amish and the Mennonites get away with it, because they won't even sue the government. They won't be aggressive.

Q: Why?

A: It's their religion.

Q: Religion....oh.....

A: You know how long it took me to get Vernon Hershberger to fight the government and his court to go the trial? But he's doing it. Wonderful.

Q: Kidney stones

A: Well, eat kidney. Get kidney and eat kidney.

Q: How do you know when you're dehydrated? If you feel dry in your mouth is that metal.

A: Mouth is not dryness like I said in my book. That's delipidation.

Q: So that's when you eat the milkshake, you feel dryer.....

A: No don't put mud butter in your mouth. Remember that your brain has the most poisons. Most of them are leaving through the mouth, that's why everybody wrinkles in the mouth. You get old in the mouth first; the mouth starts wrinkle all around that first. You notice that in any elderly person; this goes first. And that's because all the fats are being pulled out of all these cells to handle the poisons coming down the gums into salivary glands. So you put butter in your mouth, you put cream in your mouth and you just let it after you do oil pulling because you may have to pull out a lot of toxicity. Or after a meal, put your butter in your mouth - the coconut cream in your mouth is okay, but butter and cream is best. Don't just let it sit there, you have to mix it around. You just let it sit in your mouth, your gonna let all that bacteria collect and infiltrate it. You start absorbing it into the mouth, into the tissues all around. And that's what needs re hydrating.

Q: So with the lipid- if the whole concept is wrong

A: Yes.

Q: They taught us it's about...delipidating, you don't have the fat to moisturize.

A: And it was Coca Cola that caused that misconception that started it. When the executive of Coca Cola bet the other executive, two executives of Coca Cola. Did everybody seeTrading Places?

Q: Yeah

A: Okay, do you remember the two guys that bet one dollar that they could take this black guy, a homeless guy off the street and make him a better stock broker than their best stock broker. So that was taken off a real incident on these two executives with Coca Cola. I couldn't remember if it was Pepsi Cola or somebody said it was Coca Cola. They did some research on it too. But one bet the other that he could sell water for as much as Coca Cola. And the other guy said you can't do it, so they made a bet. But it was a million dollar bet. And the guy started in 1961. He started getting doctors together and reports together, paying them to put stories up about you need 8 glasses of water a day, before that we never drank water. We'd go to the fountain at school, and you take a sip a day, the athletes would maybe drink a half a cup of water a day from the fountain. Every variety drink, orange juice and milk. Orange juice and milk, that's what everybody drank. They didn't drink water until they started that. Then by late 60s everybody's drinking water.

Q: I work a lot outside and stuff and sweat and get to that point where you just don't want anything but water you know.

A: Yeah but that's a problem. You can't absorb that water.

Q: Right.

A: So I've got athletes who go on a quart of my sport formula for a whole five hours. Tennis players, they go on one quart

Q: Can you make it without of the pulp?

A: You don't want to. It helps collagen, it helps you hold moisture.

A: I've got champion tennis players and other athletes who will drink a quart of that in five hours. But they sip it all along. The number one high school tennis champions are 2009, were both my patients. The male and female of 2009. And they were both asthmatic children. Could never play sports and they were both champions number one, you ask a whole country champions. That was Walker Kerher and Valerie Misik. What they do is, they took a quart of that and there competitors, they're drinking down water and they're getting weaker and weaker and weaker. Cause its diluting the nutrients in their body so its diluting their adrenaline, its diluting everything. And they're just sipping on their sport drink, that one quart takes them all the way through that five hours. On top every time. I have champion marshal artists in world competition. One quart of that sport formula take them all the way through.

Q: It's like that Indian tribe that chased the run, something unbelievable.

A: A hundred miles.

Q: A day.....

A: The Andes in Chili.But they kick a wicker ball and they'll have nine in a line, and they may have a hundred of those lines and at all ages - even 90, 100 year old men. The first one kicks the thing as far as he can and they're very good at it because you''re on a narrow mountain trail. And they'll kick that wicker ball, they'll kick it away, that person falls back behind, next one kicks and they just do that the whole way. And that keeps them entertained so they don't get bored with running that hundred miles.

Q: Up the hill, they've got some kind of a, its not a beer drink.

A: Its a fermented coconut mixture.

Q: Right.

A: … because a coconut is 80 % fat and it's 15 % protein and 5 % carbohydrate. So it's the exact ratio of fuel when it, fat when it burns and [unintelligible]. So it's perfect for activity. Of course you can only do that for that hundred miles because then your body starts using your animal fat. Then you're in bad trouble. The men I know that do the hundred mile run in this country, take two bottles of aspirin to get them through it and they're drinking Gatorade and water the whole time. And they don't go out of the house for two or three weeks afterward because taking that much aspirin, your skin takes all the Vitamin K and U out of it and all the vitamins. So their skin will act like toilet paper and just peel away, so they can't go out of the house for three weeks.

Q: You said aspirin?

A: Aspirin, they take aspirin to be, they're in so much pain they can't run a hundred miles without some kind of drug. So they take up to two, some of them take up to four bottles of aspirin.

Q: Oh my God, so all these other athletes, like Olympic athletes, they're drinking water and Gatorade, but they have superior genes or whatever.

A: And they have these extensive hormones that are not normal.

Q: Yeah, like ones eat all that junk, all day.

A: Yeah. But those people usually die young.

Q: They're one in so many people

A: Yeah but they die young.

Q: Yeah they don't last.

A: No like McEnroe, you know how skinny he got?

Q: Yeah

A: At the end

Q: Yeah

A: He couldn't play anymore. Billy Jean King got so dry and dehydrated from drinking all that water and playing; they couldn't exercise anymore. Now both of them are fat but they're still alive Those who never got fat die of aneurysms or a heart attacks in their forties and in their early fifties and they're gone; you never hear about them again. But you look at Mcenroe and Bill Jean King and their fat now.

Q: Yeah. Since following a good diet.

A: No. I don't know what diet they are following. McEnroe is probably doing some of my diet because his coach has been on my diet for sixteen years.

Q: To do honey butter they.... the liquids are coming your fruits and for meat, everything.

A: Everything.

Q: If you're raw, then your getting the water.

A: All of it yep.

Q: H2O. And the minerals so you get the package deal.

A: For everything.

Q: That's what I'm trying to explain. I can't explain to people, because that's the toughest one to get through. It is not about water.

A: It's about the nutrients that water carries with it.

Q: Oh, okay. I see.

A: Water without nutrients is no value in itself.

Q: But what about mineral water?

A: It is still water.

Q: After I do the 90 minute bath, I have a craving for mineral water.

A: That's because you're not sipping the sports formula all through out the bath.

Q: Okay. I sip a pint through half of it and I drink milk the other half.

A: And you're sipping it all through? Your not gulping?

Q: Probably drinking it a little faster, but I don't gulp it.....

A: Yeah well, if your drinking it fast. a lot of that is going to rush to the kidney. Then you can have all these nutrients within without water. Then you're going to crave water. But getting the two to couple again is very difficult.

Q: So what do you...its just hard to sip stuff.

A: You put a straw in it. Whatever it takes. I use a straw.

Q: Its plastic isn't it?

A: The straw has been used many times so is ok. Also I get glass straws..

Q: Where do you get them?

A: … over the internet. Glass straws.

Q: Glass...

A: If I used a plastic one and soaked it in water - good water with lemon juice - and then cure it in the sun, it would be okay. And then as long as you are not putting hot water or ice water through it, that straw and everything...

Q: That forces you to sip?

A: … barely room temperature. Oh, I use some very fine straws. And then you suck and it's like all this bacteria comes into it and it's like so satisfying because if you're gulping, you're not getting all that bacteria.

Q: Really

A: It's like a baby - you pour the milk down a baby and you don't have them suck it, they'll be belching, they'll be regurgitating all kinds of gas so when they have to suck they get all this bacteria and saliva with it which digests it and they're very satisfied.

Q: I do have a huge craving for mineral water after I do the bath

A: And that's why your skin is still dry.

Q: Me too.

A: You don't see my skin dry.

Q: So the edema, how do they get rid of that? That's from toxins pulling?

A: It was diluting toxins under your skin, you need those hot baths.

Q: The bath that draw the water yeah like....

A: Melted out of your system...

A: Yeah, you need a 90 minute a day.

Q: And that pulls out the existence of edema the best? Is there anything else?

A: No. There's nothing - well, grapefruit helps you eliminate excess water.

Q: You got the lymph baths with pineapple mixture?

A: Oh that pineapple that doesn't help withedema. That helps you break down the toxicity and the congestion in the lymphatic system.

Q: So could that replace the hot baths with the pineapple?

A: No, you've got the plastic fats in the body, plastic oils in the body that are jamming it; they don't move unless it's 105 degrees. And even if you're exercising you never go above 100.8, 101, if you can ever get that hot. Athletes, marathon runners, still never get above 101 degrees. Just can't get there. You need to get to 105 degrees. And stay there for 90 minutes. 110 is wonderful if you can take it. Beyond a 110 you damage your skin.

Q: Is it okay to drink grapefruit juice?

A: Well, it's better that you eat the grapefruit. You've got bioflavonoids sitting there. And if you eat only the grapefruit juice, your going to irritate your kidneys and bladder. And if you have the bite slabs cause it.....

Q: You mean just take that in....

A: Little B Vitamin, little B1 Vitamins in it, so that it soothes the tissue.

Q: So have that in your bath? What are you saying? Take that....

A: No, no, no you're eating the grapefruit.

Q: Your eating the rind a little bit to.....

A: You mean the white in there? Well there's plenty of bioflavonoidsin the fruit sacks.

Q: You have to have a fat like that, just by itself....

A: Its always, preferable to have fatswhen you have fruit. I say always, always, always have the fats with fruit. You know some people eat an avocado, then even eat a piece of fruit like a citrus that has sections in it. I'll eat a section at a time, maybe then eat a little more avocado or eat a little butter or cream. And I'll drink that and then eat another few sections. Do it that way.

Q: Back to the grapefruit, just make smoothie out of that with eggs and....

A: Then yeah, if you have eggs in it it will help, and cream, you will use it in a way, you can use it as fuel. And still don't drink it fast.

Q: No, no

A: Just remember, when you drink stuff - when you gulp - most of the water is going to go right into the kidney and then all those nutrients have no way to get to your cells. So it causes dehydration because the body wants to replace that water; its impossible. By drinking water, you cannot get that ion activity between the nutrients and the water again. If you took water and you blended it with some cottage cheese, put a little honey or fruit in it, you will get it to reconstitute the water. Not all of it 100% but you will get it into a shape where its more like fresh food rather than dehydrated. Rehydrated, it will nutrify you

Q: … cavemen back then when all they had was meat and streams to drink water out of the streams

A: They didn't have to drink water, they weren't polluted.

Q: Oh

A: Well, you have the jungle animals, you have wild animals, dogs that never see water for months till it rains, then they'll lap some up when it rains. But they'll go months without. Elephants go six months without drinking water. Camels go two months without drinking water. Most animals do not drink water. The only animals that normally drink water on a regular basis are birds because they eat so many dried foods, seeds, grains, and bugs. Bugs have a lot of hard shell. And they take more water to help break down. So birds drink water, but they're built for it. They have a system that handles water.

Q: Even dogs and cats?

A: No dogs and cats are not supposed to be drinking water. The only times they drink water is when you feed them dehydrated garbage food.

Q: Okay, so my cat I always feed him raw meat, he still loves the water.

A: Well you should be feeding him raw milk.

Q: He's not crazy about it.

A: Good. Well get a dabber and make him eat it anyway.

Q: Okay, alright.

A: Yeah. Don't give him a choice.

Q: Right.

A: Then put a …, cats are very finicky; they don't like sour milk usually. Some like kefir, so you only put enough down till he won't eat it anymore and then you dump it, cause you won't force him to eat that.

Q: Yeah

A: And the milk should be warm, room temperature. Then he'll lick some of it, and you'll see he'll only need to take five, six licks a day.

Q: He loves the cheese though.

A: Yeah that way he will need more fluid.

Q: He's constipated

A: … because of the cheese. Remember, dehydrated food is going to make your water. But if its going to do that, you should have milk or a sport formula, something with still 95% water. But still has lots of nutrients in it.

Q: I was amazed, that sport drink you made me, what was in it? It was just real basic.

A: That's what I'm saying. That's what my construction workers use and my athletes.

Q: Watermelon in the summer.

A: Yeah.

Q: My friend was asking about the benefits of drinking urine

A: Urine, the reason people drink urine, is to recycle their proteins, and most people drink their urine are vegetarians or lacto vegetarians like in the far east. You have in India, you have the worship of a cow, because it produces milk. It's a feeder, they will not kill a cow. If they're truly religious, if they're Hindu. But they will drink the milk. But they don't get enough proteins so they'll drink their urine to recycle their proteins. And it works very well on that kind of diet. On the Primal Diet it doesn't work because you're already getting concentrated proteins. However once in a while, if your feeling imbalanced and your feeling off, just in the body and nothing you eat is stabilizing you like meat usually does, then drink urine one time. But the fiction, the worst fiction you can believe is you drink your first urine in the morning. The most toxic urine you produce is produced in the morning. You know if your going to recycle your protein, you need it six hours after you have eaten a meat meal. That will be your highest concentration of protein in urine. So six hours after you've finished your meat meal, that's the time to drink that urine if your going to drink it. Or right before bed time. If you are an athlete, you don't want to have it at that time, you want to have it mid-day, after you have your first meat meal in the morning, somewhere around 1, 2 o'clock. You have your urine, and its best to drink it an hour, two hours before you have your fruit meal. But urine on this diet is not necessary.

Q: Right. Right.

A: It can still be, for some people.Some people have genetic diseases, like they call maple syrup a disease. Where there are three to four amino acids that you don't digest. And it causes the muscles to malform; babies who get it, die! They just melt and die. It's a serious so called genetic disease. It has nothing to do with the genes - it's that you poisoned the body so much that the gene to help digest and utilize that amino acid is no longer there because of contamination, vaccines or the parents eating a bad diet . Too much salt causes it in some people. So there are some people who don't digest, even though they're on this diet, all of their amino acids. So maybe once a month, drink a cup of your urine.

Q: How do you know if you digest right?

A: If you feel grounded and you're stable and you are down to earth, you're doing fine.

Q: What if your spacey?

A: If you're spacey, if your easily irritated, you're likely not digesting, utilizing all of your amino acids.

Q: So its anger also related to...

A: Most anger is an over-productivity of hormones.

Q: And its not burning......

A: No amount of exercising, yeah....they're not spending them. So they go into high anxiety and spend it that way.

Q: So all of a sudden someone has an anger outburst, because you're emotional, or it is....

A: Well, emotional is linked with that yeah.

Q: … linked with not exercising.?

A: Yes.

Q: adrenaline and anxiety?

A: Yes, the anxiety comes from not exercising. Precisely.

Q: … because a lot of people are like, psychological; you're saying that. The physical comes frist and the psychological.

A: Always. Always. Look at all the babies born to the tribes people. All these babies are laid back and happy. Not crying all the time and fussing. The children obey the parents, everything is easy. Once you give a kid a vaccine when he's born, you can better believe that's a difficult child. That's why they are vaccinating children the day of birth, with the Hepatitis B vaccine!

Q: I know.

A: So there you've got a difficult child, you know that child's not going to be mindful. It is going to be a pain in the ass. My mother came from a family of thirteen children. She's one of thirteen children. They all got along. They all worked together. They all got degrees. But they all were raised on raw milk. And raised in a warm climate, Alabama. You know, so they had everything and they weren't poor. My grandfather was a drug pusher.


He was a pharmacist. And they owned a drug store, so they made their own raw ice cream. And they sold that at the drug store. So they grew up healthily, so of course they got along. What happens when we came out, the next generation? Poking us with tetanus shots, gave me a tetanus shot my first tetanus shot at three months old.

Q: That's what causes the autism?

A: I got autism at 18 months old from my first tetanus shot; they created it purposely.

Q: I just want to know why the world can't understand this.....that news is.....why can't you put it out there?

A: Because they don't believe it, they don't believe that people are evil.

Q: Oh, when is that going to come to time? Never?

A: When they're dying and becoming extinct.

Q: All of the animals have it....they have to be vaccinated when they're born.

A: All according to law, all cats and dogs have to be vaccinated for rabies.: You can get a vet's dismissal,

Q: Pardon?

A: You can have your vet tell the license people, 'this dogcan't have it'.

Q: And I took my cat, he got into my car....and I told the vet, this is a feral cat, I don't want any shots given to him. He said 'no problem, they don't work anyway and they're damaging'.

A: Good vet then

Q: Yeah, I have the funniest infections on my legs. I tried the cheese and it was helpful but on the calf, and the upper parts of the leg, it seemed to be getting worse. Its scarring.

A: Well.... it sounds like you've got something like mercury coming out, if it's that bad. And it's picking a particular area at a time,. It gets so scarred it can't scar anymore. Are you taking the hot baths?

Q: I don't understand that.....

A: No. Then you're going to exude and cause damage. You need to get through that skin fast. If it's hanging up in the skin, it's going to do damage while it's in the skin. Do hot water bottles if you can't do the bath. Put a hot water bottle here and a hot water bottle here. This leg... And one on this side will, on each side of this leg, wrap it. Kathy. let me talk! You're trying to second guess me all the time, listen and I will tell. Put hot water bottles on each side; wrap each with a towel, keep the towel, keep them on there. Don't put extra towels on there because you'll perspire. It'll come out the skin without being hung up in the skin and you'll do less skin damage. That's your next experiment.

Q: I guess.

Q: Too fast with the hot water bottles, you're just saying here, here, here, when he goes to sleep.

A: No, he's exuding some toxins through his skin, causing sores and irritation and scaring, The toxins are hanging up in the skin and under the skin causing damage to cells, causing all kinds of degeneration. If he puts a hot water bottle on both sides - because he's got dryness and soreness here; put hot water bottles here, hot water bottles here, wraps this one in a towel, knees in a towel so he's got two hot water bottles on each side - that leg is going to perspire already quickly. And he'll be perspiring in long johns and something cotton, to absorb the poisons. Or you put the towel first, then hot water bottles, then a towel around that.

Q: Pajamas

A: Pajamas are fine, as long as they're not synthetic.

Q: They're cotton

A: Cotton, great, that will absorb the toxins.

Q: Richard had all these red splotches on his forehead up here. What should he do for that? I've been putting papaya on it.....

A: No he's got rosacea. That means his blood vessels are rupturing in his skin, so he needs vitamin K and he needs cabbage juice. Green cabbage juice, half a cup a day until it stops.

Q: Now with the heater you talked about... Should I leave it on from morning till midnight, or all day never turn it off?

A: I never turn mine off, I like warmth.

Q: Leave the house so we just leave it on.

A: I leave mine on 24/7.

Q: Even in the summer?

A: No.

Q: I didn't understand but...

A: That was for hot, it's for making it really hot. If your house is cold, than make it warm.

Q: And how if I'm too sick, with the heat, I don't like... I can't breathe.

A: Turn it down.

Q: Turn it down?

A: Turn it off or turn down. Turn it way down.

Q: Turn it off

A: That's fine.

Q: But now with the winter, you want to leave it on running all day & all night.

A: Unless you make it too hot. If your going to make it too hot, turn it off.

Q: You're not talking about forced air are you?No

A: No. We're talking about condensed radiator type heat.

Q: What should I put it on, what temperature?

A: I don't know the kind you have. I have four settings on mine.

Q: It's just a knob, you turn it with wheels....

A: There's no switches to give you high and low with that knob?

Q: No.

A: You just turn that until you find aone, usually half way is good.

Q: And you're talking about, alright you get out of the bath, you put hot water bottle here, here, here, and here.

A: No cause you....

Q: What I get at, I just have the hot water bottle here. That's all I have it here.

A: Kathy, what I say to people is, if you want extra heat to melt out the poisons, put one here.

Q: One here?

A: One here.

Q: One here......

A: One at each hip, one under each arm. One under one side of the head, next night the other side.

Q: That's what I've done.

A: Seven hot water bottles. Yeah.

Q: And where do you buy those that are de-...?

A: There's a product list

Q: How do you hold it onto your arms? You've got to go like this?

A: No, you don't. Let's say you have a towel over it, just, if its under there, you don't have to go like this. Just relax it, its going to stay there. It's not going to run away, it doesn't have feet.

Q: The main thing is the legs and you put on each hip here.

A: If you're lying on your side, either side. You put a hot water bottle here, hot water bottle here, and you wrap them against you in a towel.

Q: Hold it with your toes?

A: What did I just say? I said if your legs are together and you're sleeping on your side, you put one here, wrap a towel around the whole thing right there. Here, around over here, when you have one on your stomach and on your back. I use a pillow at the back to hold them against my back, and a pillow at the front so I could go hot water bottle here.....

Q: One at the stomach?

A: Kathy! Listen. Put a hot water bottle here and hot water bottle here. Okay, so I've got a pillow holding them against me. Behind me I have another pillow holding against my back. And then there's one I'll have here that goes this way. I don't do it this way. I do it this way, but I'm laying on my side.

Q: Pardon?

A. … because that's pressure. Heat and pressure too can break capillaries and blood vessels.

Q: Okay.....

A: In your face and in your eye, you got that thing rolling from your eye and you got swelling cause of the heats expanding and everything. You could pop some vessels in your eye so I don't do that on my face. Only use one hot water bottle on my head sometimes.

Q: Why are you putting all these hot water bottles on?

A: To melt down the plastics in your body

Q: Instead of taking a bath?

A: Well, you can do both if you want.

Q: Yeah....you'll sweat more.

A: If you want to, yeah, if you want to get rid of those poisons faster, do both.

Q: I can have both on my head.

A: No you have one on your head

Q: Yeah, here, right here.

A: Whereve

Q: So this will replace the lymphatic baths? Or a reasonable substitute?

A: It won't get it thoroughly because the heat is localized in certain areas. You've got lots of lymph glands here, in here, in here. That's why I favor that area. Those areas. So that plastic will get melted. But you've got plastic all over the body. Nothing will get you so evenly heated with like water will.

Q: So its like a second bath.

A: Helpful. Helpful yes.

Q: Not nearly

A: Not as good.

Q: Yeah okay.....

A: But still helpful.

Q: You're doing the outside of the legs, or the inside of the legs?

A: Well, when I'm on my back or stomach its the inside. When I'm lying on my side its on the outside. These are front and back.

Q: And you have to move things around it at night. Take it off and put it here and there?

A: Well, I can go from my front to my side. I've been doing it so long, I can move my legs in a certain way and I can take it from the front. And flip it to the back just by a certain kind of turn. So I know how to do it, and you'll get good at it if you do it.

Q: But it has to be in the inner legs.

A: No. When you're on your back or your stomach, that's the easy way to do it. When you're on your sides, it has got to be your front and here. You're not going to have it here between your legs.

Q: Front here.

A: Front or back.

Q: So it has to be on the top of this leg.

A: Okay, you've got a lot of sores at your shins, not as much as in the back and your calves. So you should put your hot water bottles at the shins.

Q: Shin is here?

A: Shin is here. This is a shin bone.

Q: You put it on top here.

A: You need it on top; other people may, but I put mine back here,.because I've got all the insulin from when I used to shoot up insulin. It caused all kinds of lumps and everything. This is if somebody massages me, the only place I have pain is in my calves. So that's where I'll put it.

Q: Why is there.....how do you detect it?

A: Insulin, here, here, yeah but you have to understand that's synthetic, even if that's from a pig, they still process it. So its not really a pure insulin anymore. So out of about - let's say the glycogen that it converts - it converts 22 - 25%. That means 75 % or more of it is toxic. And it stores; that's why your diabetics have amputations.

Q: I thought it was because the sugars compromise the blood flow to the...

A: That's the bad insulin. Your diabetics - who are pure diabetics - they can't walk, they can't breath; they'll die that way. But it's the insulin that makes the poor glycogen, that stores in the tissue. It is a high acid, so it causes deterioration of tissue; it degenerates tissue. And then it goes into gangrene.

Q: But you're talking about also this top leg that has to have two hot water bottles on

A: One......

Q: One on each side.

A: No...one...one in the center.

Q: Center.

A: Okay....? If you're lying on your back or stomach. If you're lying on your side, you've got one here and one here or one here and one here. If you've got problems in the front put them in the front. If you've got problems in the back put it in the back.

Q: Just over here?

A: If you want, you could have two more hot water bottles, so you could put one here and one here and one here and one here. One here, one here, one here, one here. So then how many do you have?

Q: Seven then

A: No you have more, you have two extra. So you've got nine.

Q: Oh nine.....do you submerge your head when you take baths? Or is that not necessary?

A: When I had a hot tub I did.

Q: You don't have a lot of lymph in your upper part

A: You mean here? All the way around here, all the way around here you do. So when I had my hot tub, my face was out this much.

Q: Yeah. Okay. ….But you can't do that in the bath. It's not possible.

A: Not unless your legs are out of the water.

Q: You say your brain doesn't like to get hot. But you have to do that sometimeswhen you submerge.

A: But I couldn't stay in long like that. with my head under water.

Q: Yeah. Do you still do that?

A: I have no bath tub. I said I have no bath tub in my new place.

Q: Oh you have to get a.....but you did until last April.

A. It has been a year. But I spent so many years... I slept in my hot tub four to six hours a night. I did my sleep periods in my hot tub.

Q: Ah...so that hot tub you're talking about...

A: Yeah a big hot tub. Ten feet in diameter.

Q: So you just kept....

A: It was cement yeah.

Q: You just kept the water...reused the water then?

A: Yeah

Q: Oh....

A: I used the water for probably about three months. But I had a filter system and the heater on. I had a big three hundred pound sand filter.

Q: Wow

A: And that takes care of the swimming pool. So I had the hot tub for thirteen years and never changed the sand once and it kept crystal clear. I'd put coconut cream in it, I'd bathe in coconut cream in it and it would be all murky, turn that thing on you know the filter on and it would be gone next time.

Q: You said you let the algae grow...

A: Yeah, the algae. The water would stay crystal clear but...

Q: You said you let the algae grow though.

A: Yeah, on the side.

Q: You find someone to make or put together system for a hot tub. You said you were looking for something, remember I was in touch with that friend of mine from Vale.

A: Well not for me, for other people.

Q: Well I know, but have you found somebody to build that pool?

A: Not reliably.

Q: Okay.

A: Yeah. I need to find a plumber who is on the diet. That's what I need.

Q: You ever contact that guy though, he might have been able to help you.

A: Oh I talked to him.

Q: You did talk to him?

A: I talked to him.

Q: And he couldn't help you?

A: Well he was arguing with me about how to do it.

Q: Oh he was?

A: A guy that argues with you, he's gonna do it his way no matter what. Just like Sharon Palmer, she's gonna go the way she wants to go. She's the master even though she was never.....[sound cuts out