Q&A Of September 26, 2010


Q: Herbs

A: I have been experimenting with herbal compresses. My first building in Thailand was built facing the wrong direction – away from the lake so had to have it moved to face the lake. Thousands of tons and built on 19 pillars, I had to have it moved an inch at a time with a hoist on each pillar. It took five days to turn it in the right direction and one of the square-edged pillars at one point landed on my toe, splitting it in two down the center to the bone. I put lime juice on it right away and coconut cream with a little honey and wrapped it. Went back to work right away but in excruciating pain. About three days later, a local person told me I should take a certain plant, grind it up and put it on. I did and it shrunk the flesh making it four times worse actually pulling the skin back. So I put on meat I and placed a piece of [the white part of the] watermelon over that as a bandage to keep it from drying out while allowing it to aerate a bit and then put a cloth bandage over that. Started growing back and it was fine. Then I went to the Philippines and they recommended a different plant and I tried that. At that point it was only hurting in the bone, not where the skin had been split. It did the same thing, completely reversing ten days of healing. I again went back to meat but with a thicker layer of watermelon to keep it moist so the meat wouldn’t turn into jerky in two days. I left it on my toe without changing it for ten days and it stunk with all the bacteria and was almost completely sealed up. This is what it looks like now – this is beef jerky now with a thin slice of watermelon that I put on three days ago. You can see the toe is almost normal now except the skin is a little red. The skin was all gone from here to here in what is now the reddish area. In contrast, I didn’t put anything on the next toe and you can see it’s bruised underneath where red blood cells are accumulated. That gives you an idea of what your body can do, if you let bacteria grow and use meat as a sealant. I thought for sure I was going to lose that nail but I won’t – but I may lose the one that I left untreated.

Q: So, meat and then watermelon?

A: No, first lime juice – not as antiseptic for bacteria/microbes but in case there was some tar or other toxic agent on that lumber. Lime juice finds anything like that and arrests it. So your body might have to use some white blood cells and infection to harness those toxins. But there was no pus; I didn’t lose any white blood cells. Then, honey and coconut cream and meat on top of that. The meat acts as a scab so the body doesn’t have to build one and the skin can grow quickly and more easily. Then a strip of the white part of the watermelon rind to keep it from drying out. You could also have used the white part of the grapefruit rind. In both cases of trying those herbs the new skin – the healing – disappeared in 24 hours.

Q: How often have you changed dressing?

A: Four times in the three weeks since the accident. I always use sirloin because it’s wetter. There’s a misconception. Sirloin is not lean, it just doesn’t marble. On grain, they’ll store the fat deposits; on plants/grass, that is all saturated throughout the tissue – permeated perfectly. So although they say grassfed is lean, it just means it hasn’t formed pockets of fat but rather fat permeates the animal’s tissue.

Q: A friend used Accutane for his acne. He no longer takes it; he still has acne and suffers massive depression. He is on the diet now, but is there a way to detox?

A: First of all, acne is the response of the body to get rid of poisons out of the brain, jaw and mouth out the skin. Ninety per cent of toxins are supposed to leave through the skin. Acne is a good thing as external skin damage is better than internal damage to the brain, etc. People prefer aesthetics over functionality [of the brain]. It’s your choice. Accutane is a very dangerous drug. According to an interview of one of the scientists involved in creating it, they knew that adolescents were going to be using it and that it had a tendency to cause depression which would lead to them using more drugs for depression. It’s made to affect the nervous system and the brain. It is not easy to get Accutane out of the body. It does attach to metals – whether aluminum, cadmium, mercury or lead – that is how it affects the brain and nervous system. They don’t usually use lead because it causes too many problems that show up right away and they get caught. So they’re very delicate about what they formulate so they can’t easily be scientifically held responsible. It’s like the cigarette industry putting ammonia in a form that’s not traceable once it’s smoked. Ammonia releases the nicotine quickly to get into the nervous system and creates an addiction. That’s what these big corporations do. So getting rid of Accutane, cilantro can be helpful, – blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries - are helpful. Dates when eaten with butter are helpful for depression. They say you can’t digest pectin but in my lab experiments I’ve seen pectin from dates – not apples or berries – enter the nervous system because of the high nicotinic acid (niacin) vitamin B and help with depression. Cheese, dates and butter together will pull out poison even better.

Q: Relationship of detox and skin problems. My father had skin problems and I do as well. Herpes problems in the past and right now struggling with a bad ringworm rash. Started the raw diet about 2 ½ months ago and that’s when I noticed this issue under my arm. Using a natural based cortisone and it’s made it spread.

A: Doesn’t make it spread. You’ve got to understand. You have a whole concept that the pharmaceutical industry has beaten into your head. Their chemicals cause more skin reaction because the skin is trying to throw it off. When you use Accutane or some kind of steroid, the skin doesn’t want it and tries to throw it off. If there’s not enough fat in the lymph glands near it to neutralize the toxicity then you pull the fats out of that skin. The skin will dry up and what they think is ringworm is usually pockets of fat - of lymphatic fluid - that builds up in that area and becomes a cyst where it attracts the poisons to try to deal with them because it can’t throw it out of the skin easily because there’s not enough fat in the skin. You have to think entirely differently. It’s always chemicals that cause the problems.

Q: This didn’t start with chemicals and the cortisone I use is natural.

A: Do you use a deodorant?

Q: Just sea salt and water.

A: Salt is a terrible chemical, an explosive. Sodium, when isolated, is more explosive than nitroglycerine. The military gave General Electric two billion dollars over the last 60 years to make an explosive out of sodium. Couldn’t do it. One to 2% temperature change and it explodes. One block of pure sodium is worse than an atomic bomb and would level a city. They put salt on freshly slaughtered frog legs and they jumped all over the place for three minutes – spasmed the entire time. Salt is a dangerous chemical. It’s why the king and queen of England went into the business; it made slaves of people.

Q: Salt in bath?

A: Salt in baths will pull things out and break down toxins in the water and you also have milk in there to protect your skin

Q: Himalayan salt.

A: Salt is salt. It’s concentrated sodium. When it goes into your body it isolates it into pure sodium so it goes around clumping together and blowing up cells.

Q: Bath salts.

A: As long as you put milk in the water, too.

Q: Ocean.

A: Unless you have oily skin, put some kind of oil on your skin first – olive, coconut, rub in avocado.

Q: What about fungus.

A: Certain bodies use certain microbes as janitors. The people that have a high fungal reaction or yeast infection – their bodies utilize fungus better to detoxify. You’ve got fungal, bacterial, [unclear] which are considered parasites. Of course many are a cross between a plant and an animal just like the mushroom that is a fruit of the mycelium which is a fungus. When you’re looking at a mushroom, you’re looking at animal cells in a plant form that react [unclear] with the sun as well as eating organisms. So your body favors fungal detoxifications. Don’t look at it as a negative. That’s what the pharmaceuticals want you to believe so you’ll attack yourself.

Q: How do you deal with ringworm?

A: The ringworm is there as part of an intensive fat situation so your body doesn’t have to use a lot of white blood cells. So ringworm is a great thing to have. It’s handling all the toxicity that’s coming out of an area.

Q: Is there another way to detox without ringworm?

A: You can mitigate the necessity of the fungus - so it won’t have to do so much work - by applying coconut cream or butter. It depends. Everybody’s chemistry is a little different. Sometimes primal facial/body cream works and sometimes it takes just pure coconut cream or just plain butter. And on some skin detoxifications, you have to experiment for that particular case. Sometimes I can tell by looking and say that butter will work here or coconut cream will work there. But if somebody tells me they have a rash, without seeing a photograph I have to guess.

Q: Deodorants.

A: Any kind is horrific other than lemon or lime juice.

Q: Taking cheese 10 minutes before eating. Milk instead work the same?

A: Milk will work to a small extent but it’s liquid. As it absorbs, it’s going to dilute and get into your other food that comes through. It takes 20 minutes for solid foods to clear your stomach minimum. You’ve got that milk with the poisons in it. It’s not going to keep it from diluting the hydrochloric acid that’s going to be produced 10 minutes later and you’re not going to chelate with all the poisons. When you’ve got a dry substance like cheese, it’s going to absorb those poisons in the first fluid as you dump. Remember, most people put their worst toxins in their stomach lining because the stomach manufactures hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid dissolves bone. Only thing it doesn’t dissolve is its own stomach lining so it’s a good place to store something that would be highly toxic, caustic, diseased - for rest of the system. I find looking at your iridology you have a lot of formaldehyde, mercury and aluminum in your stomach lining. That’s the super vaccine. I’d say 87% of the people I see have that chemical soup in their stomach lining. Every time you eat, your body is going to get rid of a little bit of that at a time and it’s going to poison the rest of the body as the food digests. However, when you eat raw, no-salt cheese ten minutes before, it will not digest; it comes out almost exactly the way it went in, in my laboratory analysis of feces. Unless you eat honey with the cheese. When you directly mix cheese with honey, it doesn’t come out but stays in the body. Then you’ll be reabsorbing, re-ingesting, the poisons. [Note: I think he’s referring to the 1.5 to 2 tablespoons cheese taken together with 1 to 1.5 teaspoons honey as his recommended 1xday mineral supplement.]

Q: [unclear] hydrochloric acid

A: Well, hydrochloric acid is a chemical formulation and not natural unless you’re eating the stomach lining of some animal. It would have to be a carnivore because the hydrochloric acid in herbivores is an alkalinizing agent to break down protein for cellulose. It isn’t anything like what we have. You’d have to have a lion’s stomach or a bear’s stomach or a pig’s or something like that to get the proper hydrochloric acid. Or, you could drink beet juice. Two ounces of beet juice a day will keep you producing a fair amount of hydrochloric acid.

Q: Cheesecake – cheese and honey - bad for you?

A: If you’re trying to re-mineralize the body because you have bone deterioration – osteoporosis – you can eat cheesecake – wonderful. But 10 minutes before you eat cheesecake, have a piece of cheese without honey.

Q: That raw, unsalted cheese – what exactly does it do?

A: It absorbs the poisons [stored in your stomach lining] that are dumping in the hydrochloric acid so you don’t digest them.

Q: Can you add butter to the cheese?

A: Can add butter but wait 12-15 minutes after that to eat.

Q: Can you eat the cheese about a half-hour before?

A: That won’t work. The stomach works in 40-minute cycles, just like we have dream states and go into REM [rapid eye movement] every 40 minutes. [unclear] So if you eat your cheese and wait 10 minutes, you have 30 minutes to eat your meal. If you eat cheese first, your body will start dumping poisons from the stomach that it needs to get rid of. If you stop eating for ten minutes, it stops dumping poisons with the hydrochloric acid. So, then you can eat your meal so you get the hydrochloric acid without poisons. At 40 minutes all of a sudden your stomach starts dumping poisons with the hydrochloric acid again. So that’s your boundary: you have your cheese, wait 10 minutes, you start eating your meal and you have 30 minutes to finish.

Q: What about before you have your cheese? Is there a period of time you can’t eat or drink anything before you have your cheese? Because I’ll be sipping milk and five minutes later I’ll have my cheese – is that OK?

A: I sip all day long. OK five minutes before cheese - as long as you’re just sipping. Don’t drink half a cup and then take cheese five minutes later.

Q: Does cottage cheese work the same?

A: Yes. Cottage cheese is still dehydrated, although not as much as hard cheese.

Q: If you want to get your minerals with cottage cheese, do you still take it with honey?

A: Yes, with honey.

Q: Friends are going through menopause and I probably will be soon. I started Primal Diet 3 months ago. Some are turning to natural hormone replacement, creams and all that which I’m hoping to avoid. What have you seen with menopause on the diet?

A: Reactions have been varied. Probably 60% of the women – even if they were in their late 50s – when they went on the diet got their periods back though not regularly. I don’t think any woman on the diet over 67 still got period. There’s only one person I know that kept their [symptoms?] and that’s K- right here. She had hot flashes for five years. Only person I know that suffered more than, say, five hot flashes each lasting 30 seconds a day. Those are easy to get through.

Q: Surgery to remove ovaries is a big part of it.

A: Yes, because they put radioactive iodine or liquid mercury in there and damages areas and screws up hormones. As I say in the book, menopause is not a cessation of hormone production; it’s just different hormones. Instead of hormones for reproduction, produce growth hormones so more of your own cells can regenerate. Women live longer for that reason. Also women discharge toxins from the vaginal area. Men don’t have a detoxification like that. Men should be lucky enough to have hormones that switch over in their 50s to reproducing their own cells faster. If women are not eating raw animal protein and fats, they’re not going to change over properly and will have a lot of symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy will make it worse in the long run and make you susceptible to uterine and ovarian cancers. No such thing as natural hormones unless your eating raw, desiccated ovaries. I’ve seen pig testes sold but never ovarian tissue. Also, they’re very difficult to find as they’re very small in animals – well shrouded in extra tissue so hard to find.

Q: I’m going to do some travelling to Europe, Canada and may be some other countries – suggestions for eating on primal diet while travelling.

A: Europe is not easy unless you’re going to Italy or Slovakia. In Italy, they have 1,300 raw milk vending machines and just started this week in Slovakia with 600 machines. So can just take your container, put your money in, and buy it by the liter. Two countries that do it without having to fight the government.

Q: There’s one of those in Germany, too.

A: Don’t know if they’ll get away with that in Germany. What you have to do is go online and find farm areas where you’re going – where they concentrate organic farmers and that’s the first place you go. Get enough food for two weeks. Get a hotel room with a kitchenette or just a refrigerator, take out all the soda and alcohol, put it on top of the frig, and put your food in there. The trick to staying on the diet 100% is to prepare all of your foods for the entire day in the morning and take your meals with you. If you’re going out from 9am to 3pm, take food to last you until 8 pm because you never know what might happen. Give yourself no excuse to go to McDonalds or wherever to eat cooked junk food. And it makes it very easy. No lines to stand in at Starbucks or the donut shop or the grocery store. It only takes 45 minutes to an hour to prepare all the food for the day from the time you eat your cheese until you eat your meat in the morning.

Q: What about green juices when travelling?

A: You can pretty easily get green juices almost everywhere. In Asia, I drink mostly sugar cane juice because it’s very easy to get. But there are a lot places that actually have juicers; there is health consciousness going on in these foreign countries. Probably won’t find it out in the tulies. And, when I go shopping, I look for the dirtiest places to go – the poorest places that are getting their food from local farmers not big places. If it’s got flies on it and they’re swishing a little fan to keep them off, that’s where I shop. Usually the meat has been slaughtered the night before. Even if I don’t have a refrigerator for 24 or 48 hours, the meat will get bacteria ridden but it takes longer for it to break down. When we get meat here it’s what – slaughtered 14 days before it goes to market so it’s what - 17 days old before you buy it here at the supermarket.

Q: I’ve gone backpacking for five day with organic beef I’ve bought here.

A: I do the same, but I’ve put it in jars with coconut oil that will slightly ferment but I don’t like the acidity of olive oil - gives me indigestion. But you might put just enough olive oil to coat the meat and place in jar. In 1991, I backpacked in Hawaii through Waipo Valley with my hammock and I took a quart of 2/3 butter to 1/3 raw honey and it wasn’t until the ninth day that it even started fermenting. I was able to live on that honey butter a lot. Packed towels around the glass jars so they wouldn’t break. And then Ziploc bags in case they did.

Q: What’s the look of healthy mold on berries – white, grey, black?

A: They’re all good. You want variety. White mold breaks down sugar better; black ones break down fats better, and greyer ones break down proteins better. So you need all of them on berries...mold on anything.

Q: I’ve had this eye infection on my lid three or four times on the diet. What do you suggest I put on that for the swelling?

A: Does your eye leak fluid at night? Is it white or does it harden and crystallize? [yes] You have a lot of salt mixed with some kind of other minerals coming out. Can cause a lot of cornea damage so you want to put egg white in your eye once or twice daily. Definitely before you go to sleep because most of it will come out at night. Probably lodging in your tissues as a way station, then it will come through the tissue underneath and then leak out at night. So, you don’t want to push it to come through the skin because then you will damage the skin and you’ll have a nasty scar. Remember, a cyst is always a tumor filled with fluid that neutralizes localized poisons before they discharge through the skin. If they weren’t neutralized by that cyst, those poisons coming through the skin would cause huge ruptures. You would be pussing out huge holes in the skin. So it’s a good thing – just protect your cornea at night with egg white. Some people use butter and butter is excellent. I haven’t spent as many years experimenting with butter as I have with egg white. I had one girl – a smart, young lady - with coke bottle thick glasses and she wanted to improve her vision fast so she started using butter in her eyes. Her eyes improved like 50% in one year. Butter doesn’t burn the eyes but stings for10 seconds and it takes longer to break down so you don’t have a fog over your eyes compared to egg white. Egg white is instant. Egg whites are almost the exact formulation of tears but have a little more protein to feed the cornea of the eye. But butter will protect the eye and cleanse it better. You can melt it in your hand until it gets liquid and put it on the tip of your finger – just like egg white – pull the eye lid down and look up and coat the whites of the eye. I used to use an eyecup, wash the eye and then spend hours getting the egg white off. Try both. Try egg white in the morning and butter at night.

Q: What do you usually eat for breakfast?

A: I wake and have cheese. After that I suck an egg or two. After that I eat my meat.

Q: I thought you had juice in the morning.

A: I don’t do much juice anymore because it disturbs my balance of everything so I have my juice later. For almost everybody else, you have your cheese, your juice with egg or egg and then juice then egg again, depending on your condition. Then you have your meat.

Q: My doctor says I have tension headaches.

A: Tension comes from toxicity, industrial chemical poisons. Your brain is full of them. How long did you go before you went to a good diet? You ate additives that are in your brain, everywhere. That’s what creates problems. It’s like in 1967-72, five or six universities in Canada pulled together and took children ages 7-12 and watched those eating foods with additives versus mainly organically raised foods with no additives. Both were mainly cooked diets. Those consuming additives had tension, upset, bad grades, poor attention spans. Those consuming no additives, no chemicals, were perfect students – no complaints, no arguments, sit and learn fast, thought fast. The findings were released and publicized for one week. Should be drilled into everybody everyday. But who runs the country? The king and queen of England own 70% of all food processing in the world. Plus several families. Catholic Church is the next. King and queen of England own a tremendous amount of property - almost a third of the land in the U.S. - through trusts. Most of the government land is really owned by the queen and king of England. [Note: I think he is referring to Kevin James Cahill’s Who Owns the World (2009).]

Q: I’ve been eating white meat raw chicken almost 100% of the time and lately my body’s been craving red meat. Do I bring in red meat and, if so, how much do you recommend?

A: If you crave red meat, I would eat it until you’re satisfied. Try ¼ cup red meat; if that doesn’t satisfy you, go to ½.

Q: Should fat - butter and cheese - be eaten simultaneously with meat?

A: Depends on quantity. If you're a weight-lifter or body builder and want to develop big fast, have a full lubrication formula: 3-4 tbl with the meat and the rest 10-15 minutes following because the protein will help you digest that fat. Fat takes 3 times longer to digest than proteins. So it’s better to have most of the fat 10-15 minutes after the protein, if you’re having a lot. If you’re a weight-lifter and burn a lot of energy, you can just gulp stuff like that. I can’t. I’ll sip it. If you’re only having 1-2 tbl of fat, have it with the meat as a sauce or however you want. But you want all the fat within 40 minutes.

Q: [You’re thinner than I remember you looking – unclear]

A: No, I’m not as thin as I’ve been. When I came back from getting all those injections, I was in worse condition. However, I got slimmer here this time because just in the last ten days, I’ve had the same chemicals that caused all the scarring here come out on my upper back. See all this old flesh looking stuff - my body ripped a lot of the muscles out to handle that toxicity because I’m underweight. If I had had enough fat, my body probably wouldn’t have had to take the muscle along with the fat to repair. I’m finally losing that baby fat I’ve had for so many years. Finally looking like my mother who was part French and American Indian and had a narrow face. Look like my brothers, too. But I was so pumped full of so many injections [unclear – in my gums now] and I’m now getting rid of it.

Q: Someone told me that dyslexia comes with being left-handed. I’m slow in thinking, slow in moving.

A: That’s because your brain is separated. I’m right-handed and was terribly dyslexic. When I look at your irises, your brain is fractionated and your motor and sensories are not working together. It takes quite a bit of time from the analytical process to the motor response so you’re having a slower time with that. I was the same way when I was autistic. You could have given me an idea and it could take 20 minutes to figure out two words. Your senses are perceiving it, your analytical processes decide to move, but there’s a long gap to the motor response.

Q: I’ve been on the diet now 12 ½ years.

A: When I got you, you were like this and could barely talk. Your skin was grey. You had black patches all around. Look at you now. You look wonderful. Just because you’re not completely well in twelve years. It takes forty years, like I said in my book. I still have eleven years to go for my cycle and I’m still dealing with people trying to fuck me up as well as myself doing it with motorcycle accidents and workers who drop things on my toe.

Q: Detox with continual head pain. Pressure pain here and here; it doesn’t go away.

A: Salt. Causes fluids to collect to dilute the sodium that causes swelling. There are no nerves in the brain. I could eat your brain and talk to you at the same time as long as I didn’t destroy that part of the brain for communication and you wouldn’t feel it. The nerves are in the skin – the meninges - of the brain. So when the brain holds sodium and collects water, it puts pressure between the skull and meninges and that’s a headache. It’s never inside the brain; it’s in the skin of the brain. So you have to get the skull to expand and allow for the swelling while your brain detoxifies.

Q: Can anything mitigate the pain?

A: Things that help get rid of fluids. Sparkling mineral water, grapefruit will help discharge fluids.

Q: Why do you recommend adding mineral water to Terramin clay and letting it sit 3-4 days before using?

A: If you have it dry, it’s going to stick to and cake on to your intestinal walls disturbing mucus and vilii under it. Mucus won’t be formed properly there unless you produce a lot and it falls off with the clay in which case you’ll have a lot of mucus in your stool. It takes a lot of protein to make mucus. If you look at mucus under the microscope, it looks like somebody has woven a fabric anywhere from 12-16 layers thick. Mucus grows like that layer after layer and when you have good mucus it protects your intestinal lining. Mucus holds on to food so it can be moved by the action of the villi that are covered with digestive enzymes. Sugars will eat away the villi and by the time you’re 50, you have less than half left. They produce enzymes to help you digest. Enzymes in humans and most animals are there to break down larger particles of food so that bacteria – which should be 80-90% of digestion - infiltrate that food to eat it and break it down. Their waste is our food. So we live on feces and urine of bacteria and/or parasites. If you put dry clay in there, it disturbs the balance. So you soak clay. When you soak clay, it produces its own bacteria. Clay is one of the most unusual substances in the world. It has ­­­[amoeba?]-like organisms in it that shape-shift. It can become a malaria worm, a parasite to help us clean the blood or a trichinosis bacteria to help us digest. Only food in the world that shape-shifts. So when you soak it for more than three days, that process is going strong and when it goes into the body, it’s like stem cells of a bacterial or microbial nature to get your probiotics going. Best probiotic you can have. I like mine soaked 4-5 days and then I mix a tablespoon of it in milk. Tastes like chocolate milk. I make big batches and have kept it two years. Might get a little mold after a year. Never refrigerate because then you’ll only breed molds, not bacteria or parasites. Only fungus can grow in those cold temperatures. Add enough water that it looks like plaster of Paris. I put in a dark cupboard with a not-too-tight lid.

Q: How much?

A: Usually 1 tablespoon a day unless you have a problem.

Q: Just leave it out?

A: I put a lid on it – not too tightly – and put it in a low, dark cupboard so it’s cooler.

Q: Do you soak it in what you’re going to consume?

A: No, I soak it in water. Then, I stir it when I take a tablespoon out and put it into milk.

Q: [unclear- before or after food?]

A: If you’re just taking it with water, good not to have it with food but 40 minutes or an hour after food. Doesn’t matter in milk. It’s not a problem, because clay in milk is really a food. We don’t digest earth like plants do but when we have that bacterial action, the bacteria that is naturally in clay is breaking it down – their waste is our food – so we get to eat the way plants do when we eat clay.

Q: What’s your take on water?

A: Water is only a solvent; it’s a medicine. It’s not something to drink or much value at all. Water is completely nutrient deficient – has few minerals in it and that’s it. It is a starving water. Dissolves rocks when it rains so plants can eat. In your body, it dissolves your mucus lining, dilutes your acids and destroys your bacteria – except for amoebic type bacteria that resist and respond very well to water. But the 85% good bacteria in your intestines are sensitive to water. Water is good if you’re using it to help make solvents in your body to get rid of toxic compounds. Remember, even meat is 55% water. Milk is 86-90% water. All fruits are 90-92% water. Can utilize 100% of this water in your cells. Drinking straight water, you’ll only absorb 10% of it and it dries out the inner side of the cell. When you take water from food you get nutrients with it.

Q: I’ve heard you can’t have radiant health with bad teeth.

A: Well, you’re not going to have radiant health unless your bones are solid and your genes are good but you can have very good health with bad teeth. I have very bad teeth. Only this one on top doesn’t have a cap. Four caps on the bottom.

Q: Your dentist?

A: Tomas Britton. He’s in Tijuana. You need a passport. [Note: I think the link is http://www.brittondental.com]. [unclear discussion about passports] He’s a third generation dentist. He does what I want him to do, even if he doesn’t agree. Doesn’t argue. Just tells me his opinion and does what I want.

Q: Friend has stomach cancer [unclear]

A: She needs to make coconut vinegar by taking coconut cream and letting it ferment until the water separates at the bottom and then you leave that out until it turns to vinegar. May take her a few weeks to make or she can take apple cider vinegar which isn’t as good as coconut vinegar for the stomach. She can take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 2 ounces of raw milk every day and have green cabbage juice – head cabbage, not Chinese. Drink 2 ounces 3-4x day. Coconut vinegar, she takes a tablespoon with a half-cup of raw milk. ACV isn’t as good for the stomach as coconut vinegar.

Q: Some doctors say caffeine helps with circulation and others [unclear]

A: If you have congested arteries. If you have a lot of fat in your body that’s not metabolizing, caffeine can be good for you. If you’re on this diet, it’s the worst thing you can do to your nervous system. That and chocolate.

Q: Olive and flax oils – which is better?

A: Olive oil is better. It doesn’t harden. Flax oil will. That’s why I say no more than a tablespoon a day in my books. You can have 2-4 tablespoons a day of olive oil. But remember any pressed oil is 90% solvent reactive. It’s going to be used for detoxification whereas your animal fats like butter, milk and cream will nurture your body at least 50% and may be lubricate and cleanse 50%. But that’s maximum. Normally in a healthy individual only 25% is used for detoxification while 75% is used to nutrify and protect the body. I don’t use oils very often or very much. But, when you have a cancer situation, you need solvents. That’s why I say in the book that people with cancer have to have flax oil every day.

Q: What about hemp seed oil?

A: Hemp seed is almost like castor oil bean. Has same poison in it and can cause heavy diarrhea. It doesn’t have the ratio that castor beans do but it’s still pretty high.

Q: Cod liver oil?

A: Cod liver oil is an animal fat. Wonderful. But usually it’s processed with a kerosene derivative to pass FDA inspection. Not like the old days in the 70s when you could get an oil that stunk like fish, was cloudy and healthful. In 1978, it stopped; the FDA came in and screwed up everything. Said you can’t have any protein products in it because it could break down into bacteria.

Q: Can buy fermented raw cod liver oil.

A: Yeah, but it’s not the same. Only way is to cut it open yourself. Very heavy but not as heavy as seal liver.

Q: What about fermented Green Pastures?

A: OK. But, as I said, when you have an oil like that, it predominantly becomes a solvent to cleanse the body. If you have the protein with the fat, it is different. So, if you want cod liver oil to be more nutrifying, not just cleansing, but stabilizing and strengthening for the body, eat it with a meat meal.

Q: Fibromyalgia treatment?

A: If you’ve got fibromyalgia, you’ve got problems everywhere in your body. It depends what’s poisoning your body. Mine was chemotherapy. When I was young, it was all the tetanus and other injections. I didn’t want to move – didn’t want to get out of bed, out of my chair – because I would have PAIN just from moving. It’s the poisons in the body and you have to get fat so the fat can start absorbing those poisons. Let me tell you, almost all of my pain went away when I was 10 years old and I got fat - huge. I started eating and eating like I hadn’t ever before and most of the pain went away but I was also addicted to chocolate-covered cherries. Would go through a box of them in 40 minutes. Diabetes. So, you just have to get fat. If you have fibromyalgia, you have poisons throughout your system and you need fats to bind with the poisons. You’ve heard the expression “fat and happy”? The people that came to me skinny and suffering the aches and pains of fibromyalgia – they got fat and all the pain went away... except for the pain of looking fat.

Q: How fat?

A: Depends – you have to get fat until you stop having pain.

Q: Is it enough to just have fat in your diet?

A: No. You need to put on the fat so that it is stored in your muscles and tissues.

Q: (unclear) Crave bread. Grains.

A: Any kind of grain is a problem. It will dry up everything in your body. You’re also going to feed penicillin and other nasty antibiotic funguses. You’re craving starch. Eat the nut formula; nuts have a lot of starch. That’s all we mainly digest of nuts. We don’t digest the 2% protein or the less than 1% of the nut oil fat but we’ll digest up to the 25-28% of the starch in nuts.

Q: What if she just puts a lot of butter on the bread?

A: She’s still going to have to deal with bread, a cooked food. However, as I say in the book, the nut formula doesn’t work for hyperactive people. They’re going to have to have some cooked starch – some bread. I even have one-half to one-third cooked boiled rice when I’m in Asia doing all the activities that I don’t do here – climbing, building, welding dealing with copper. I get very skinny and hungry – don’t have access to cheese – the acid in my intestines start making me uncontrollably hungry. So I’ll have about four tablespoons of rice with three heaping tablespoons of butter and that will last me for a month.

Q: Mother-in-law had stroke in her eye and lost 60% of her sight. Will butter and honey help?

A: Cornea or deeper? [unclear] When you have internal bleeding you have blood cells where they’re not supposed to be blocking vision. It’s like this black and blue area on my toe – it is red blood cells that got crushed out of the vein into the tissue where they don’t belong. My body has to break down those red cells and get them out. I put lime juice, honey, coconut cream and neem oil on the toe that was mangled 20x worse and there’s no bruising. But the one I didn’t treat has all the blood still under the nail. That’s because I put on meat, etc. that drew out the blood cells. The bacteria on the meat can digest those red blood cells. So it goes through my nail, through my tissue to the blood cells. Bacteria is the way. She has to put a very thin sliced piece of raw meat on her eye at night with something to keep the meat moist. Over the meat, I would put something like the white of watermelon rind cut thin into a little band-aid over the meat and maybe an eye patch to hold it in place. [Eating] pineapple helps break down clots. If she’s bursting blood vessels, she needs raw green head cabbage juice. That stops strokes in a minute. Four ounces of that and it’s impossible to have a stroke for almost six weeks.

Q: Hot-cold hydrotherapy.

A: If you’re staying in 120-degree water more than 7-8 minutes you’re causing brain damage; if you’re in cold water more than a minute, you’re going to cause some serious damage. Swedish know this and go into the ice-cold water for one minute maximum and they time it – usually for 45-58 seconds and jump out. They’ll stay in hot water 108 to 110 maximum for 45 minutes. Back and forth. Very stimulating. Very taxing on the body; causes massive detoxification. Good, if you’ve got enough fat in your intestines, in your nerves. Eat butter, cheese and honey.

q: Unclear [Need to add anything to water]

A: If you’ve got well water or spring water you don’t have to put anything in it. Hot springs have minerals but that’s OK because they don’t have concentrated chloride or concentrated chlorine. Has sulfuric acid but it doesn’t absorb through the skin. If you’re on municipal water, you have toxic chemicals that penetrate the skin like kerosene: chloride, chlorine, fluoride. Why do you think pool water burns swimmers’ eyes and they get so much asthma and allergies?

Q: Saltwater Pools where you add salt and it turns into chlorine.

A: That’s a natural form of chlorine; it doesn’t form chloroform gas. You’ve got natural and unnatural chlorine. The chlorine they put in pools is chemically made processed with petroleum chlorine to eat into things – to kill. Normally chlorine is a predominant part of hydrochloric acid - a nutrient - but when it’s made to be a cleanser it’s not a healthy chlorine. So when you put salt in the water and add the electrical impulse that causes chlorine to form, it does not cause chloroform reaction. Still not good to drink but it’s OK to swim in it.

Q: Unclear [Veganism]

A: I think all vegan diets are horrendous. I was vegan for 6 ½ years and I started dissolving my bones. Few people can do it. I’ve met eight out of 3000 people that could be on it. Your sister was one – the only female of the eight that did it but then her spine started deteriorating at age 34. So she had to leave her vegetarian diet.

Q: David Wolfe is vegan.

A: No, he’s not. I got reports 2 years ago. I told David almost nine years ago, “You’re no different than I am. In seven years you will be eating [varied].” “Oh, no I won’t,” he said. Well, a little over a year and a half ago I got a call from people working with David saying that he was eating raw cheese and raw milk. And when I saw him last year in Hawaii, he was having a lot of dairy. He got people on contract not to divulge. If you’re one of the special people, fine; if not, it will make you have cancer that will never reverse.

Q: Unclear. Cancer.

A: Well, this diet reversed 95% of all cancers unless it’s [unclear] only 60-65%. All cancers are created by industrial pollution. Industrial pollution can be caused by being a coal miner breathing in all that coal dust. Mercury is concentrated in coal. That’s why it’s bad for us to be burning it and filling the atmosphere with mercury. These coal miners get lung cancer, emphysema and everything else.

Q: Unclear.

A: Pollution is everywhere. Even in Thailand. They’ve got DOW Chemical over there. They’re getting wise to it. This year they passed an organic farmer support law. The government is giving them 42 million Bai. And where I am in the Philippines is considered the organic island. We have famous organic people there.

Q: Do you add something to water when taking lymphatic baths?

A: It’s in my book. A half cup of milk (at least a cup if you can smell the chlorine), 2-4 TBL raw organic ACV, 2 TBL sea salt or Epsom salts and, if you want to make sure you skin is soft, a couple heaping TBL coconut cream. You could add 1-1 ½ tsp of coconut oil but it’s mainly a solvent and doesn’t have all the water-soluble vitamins of coconut cream. Coconut oil is mainly a cleanser – 90% solvent – if you want to be on heavy cleanses that’s fine… [unclear]

Q: Young coconuts…

A: They are good to eat but you can’t make coconut cream with them. Young coconuts will ferment fast; older ones don’t ferment but mold.

Q: Constipated on the diet. [unclear]

A: It’s not really constipation. Although you’ve gained a lot of weight (2 sizes up), you’re skinny. You’re so nutrient-deficient that when you take in all this good food, your body absorbs all the nutrients it can, holding on to the fecal matter so that it’s dry before you get it out. Your body has been starving a long time. It may be years before your body is not so desperate and doesn’t hold on to fecal matter until it turns into rock. You need more fats.

Q: But I need to get rid of all those toxins.

A: Ninety percent of toxins are supposed to leave through the skin, not the bowels. Before you started the diet, your body was a dry desert with cracked skin. Keep doing the butter mixture up your butt. Do that every other day for a while, then every 3 days, then every 4 days, then 5 days…then once a month. If you start eating a lot of fruit, especially dried fruit, you’re going to move but will have sugar problems in your intestines.

Q: Prunes?

A: Dates are about the only dried fruit that’s OK. But eaten with butter or butter and cheese – not alone.

Q: How about mango and papaya? Kiwi…

A: OK if you’ve got the fat on you. Kiwi is acidic so it’s not going to destroy the albumin balance in your body but it’s also very acidic. Eat a lot and it will eat your tongue away. So you should always eat some fat with them. Any fruit is OK if you’re only eating once a day – half a cup, if you’re small. Cup or a cup and a half, if watermelon. [Unclear]… as long as you have cream or butter with it, it’s OK.

Q: Different diets for different cancers like dairy not recommended for breast cancer…

A: That’s all bullshit. Like the pharmaceuticals ploy to make you believe they are thinking about you by creating different chemotherapies for different cancers to convince you that they’re smart and you’re not and to let them inject poisons into you. Like vaccines. If I blended liquid mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, detergent, ether, and a rotten egg, how many of you would drink it? And the inert ingredients are worse. Forty-three to 63 ingredients and there is nothing nutrifying in a vaccine – only poisons. In their rational mind, who is going to let that be injected into your body?

There are foods that help. For spinal cancer, I suggest papaya; lung cancer, I suggest pineapple; liver cancer, I suggest papaya and pineapple. For colon cancer, I suggest green cabbage juice with a little papaya and pineapple. Butter is usually the best for skin cancer and you can put pineapple on the area. You can use apple cider vinegar but it’ s tricky; it will work, but you have to make sure it’s localized. Oh! I’m working on a new thing. I need people with freckles or moles. When I put pineapple all over my skin to see what would happen – leaving it on all day - I discovered the next day my freckles were reduced in color by 10%. I used to have all these liver spots over the backs of my hands and after five applications, 80% of the spots are gone from my hands. I take a chunk of whitish yellow pineapple – not unripe (white) as it will burn and ripe (yellow) as it’s too high in sugar – and rub it on. Let it soak in 20 minutes and then put butter on top if you have very dry skin. I had 20x the freckles last year that I have today. I had 2-hour massages once a week for three weeks. I blended 3 ounces - each at room temperature - coconut cream and butter with 3-4 tablespoons of pineapple juice and had the massage therapist use that. Would use half of that for an hour massage. I had three massages that way. Removed 30% in this area and 80% here and here. And it turned the hands around of the elderly massage therapist who then wanted to know how to make it. You can make it and store it in the refrigerator so it doesn’t ferment so much and put it in warm water to use again.

Q: Eczema.

A: I experimented with some people with eczema and butter worked better than [unclear]

Q: Strawberry skin birthmarks.

A: Those are iron and iodine deposits.

Q: Sparkling mineral water…

A: If it’s naturally carbonated – “naturally” appears before carbonated or sparkling – that means it’s out of a well. So you have a carbon pocket of gas in your well. They put pipes down into both and shoot them out together. All of your naturally sparkling waters are from gas in the well. Perrier, San Pellagrino, Panario; Gerolsteiner is my favorite.

Q: Upset stomach.

A: Cheese or milk. Little Kefir.

Q: Food combining with milk. In your first book, you say you can have milk with some juice for mental alertness. How much of each?

A: There are different ways to do it, different stages, for different people. Probably the most immediate way to clarify focus is to suck an egg. If you want long-term focus and concentration, you mix 1/3 juice, 2/3 milk along with an egg. You have all kinds of colonies of bacteria and they all work together, except those in the small intestine and those in the bowel. But only about 2% of our bacteria can handle cellulose so we don’t want to eat much vegetation; we should have vegetables in the form of juice. I don’t suggest having juice with meat because the former is too alkaline. Vegetable juice is over 90% liquid – water - so only have to break down 8-10%. In meat, have to break down 45-50% protein and fat structures.

Q: Sometimes Rawesome has a ceviche with pepper or mango so there’s a lot vegetables along with chicken or fish.

A: When I eat that stuff, all the vegetables get lost but tastes good.

Q: Plaque [Multiple Sclerosis? unclear]

A: To get rid of that kind of plaque, I suggest you take a piece of unsalted, raw cheese and ten minutes later drink the following mixture: about 2 oz coconut cream, half a cup of pineapple, and ¼ tsp vinegar (raw ACV), 1 tbl butter, 2 tbl dairy cream, and 1 tbl honey. Drink slowly – take 30 minutes. Will start taking it out a little at a time. Do this five days a week taking two days off – they don’t have to be consecutive days. After may be six-seven months increase to ½ tsp vinegar.

Q: Fibromyalgia and putting on a lot of toxic weight.

A: I cover this in my DVD. Hormones are for emergency purposes only. Your body does not use hormones except in emergency situations. If you fall out of a tree and have the wind knocked out of you, you stop breathing or your heart stops, your thyroid, your parathyroid kick in to start your heart and lungs working again. You have a pair of thyroids and each has a pair of parathyroids. You have a back up to the back up system. Your lungs and heart are your most important organs to survive. You can’t stop breathing for more than 4-6 minutes without brain damage. They get men and women to take Thyroxin so their hair won’t fall out. It usually works but doesn’t work off the same mechanism. Your thyroid works for emergency purposes. People consume food with toxic substances, so your body goes into emergency mode and makes hormones. Hormones are 60% fat minimum. What does the body bind with poisons and toxins? Fat. So the body starts making hormones not for its basic emergency purposes like the adrenals for fight or flight – just for the inundation of toxicity in the body. So if you’re eating enough good fats, you shouldn’t have a high hormonal level. Every one of your hormones should be low. But the pharmaceutical industry uses this to convince people to take their hormones. You don’t need artificial hormones; you need good fats. The artificial hormones are made from - synthesized from - kerosene-derived proteins from soy.

[They can cause} brain cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer.

Q: Andropause where your testosterone drops flat and estrogen increases.

A: Just eat fat. Usually when a person stops generating testosterone they’ve collected a lot of toxins in their testicles – they’re dry, hardened, no longer producing anything. Eat proper fats and nutrients and you’re going to be cleansing the testes along with the rest of the body. And use a hot water bottle down there at night to force circulation into that part of your body along with nutrients. Get buffalo testes from Rawesome and eat them along with butter. Very tasty; tastes like sea urchin sushi.

Q: Bio-identical hormones.

A: Bio-identical to what? They say it’s bio-identical to human growth hormones but not one molecule comes from human. Fraud. They’re planting growth hormones with petroleum-derived fats. Might help an herbivore but they’re not going to help you. Your body’s going to use fats to protect itself no matter the source but when the by-product of that petroleum starts outgassing in your body, you malfunction and get cancer. It won’t help you in the short term and will get you in the long term.

Q: What do you recommend?

A: A lot of sleep deprivation is protein deficiency. Another 10-15% is too many hormones like testosterone or estrogen so then you have to lower the fat in your body. Stay away from goat’s milk if you don’t sleep as it has adrenaline precursor. Only recommend goat’s milk for fat people or those with diabetes – not thin or hyperactive people. Drink at night and you may have very active dreams.

Q: Milk

A: Milk has very low hormone levels unless it has rBST [recombinant bovine somatotropin; rBST refers to bovine growth hormone that is made in a lab using genetic technology] in it.

Q: I was a raw vegan and now put on weight. Actually drinking raw milk with [unclear]

A: I set up an organization called The Right to Choose Healthy Food. I’ve contracted with about 60 farmers in the U.S. over the last eight years to lease their animals and sometimes pastures and croplands. Those under this umbrella are part of the ownership of that land and animals so there is no commerce involved. The government only has jurisdiction over commerce. So when you go to Rawesome, you’re not buying the food. You already own the food. You’re paying for the farmer, his helpers and equipment to produce and take care of it for you. Not paying for the product but the services to bring your food to you. Leasing is total ownership until lease is up. Cow sharing doesn’t have that precedent. In 90 years of lease contracts in the history of this country, none has ever been rejected. So when they took Amos Miller and his father, Jacob, to court for not having a permit to produce raw milk and raw milk products, I wrote a 62-page legal document for Amos and 19 -page one for Jacob – a motion to quash or dismiss for lack of jurisdiction. I said hand one copy to the prosecutor and two copies to the court – they’ll stamp them and present to court. The prosecutor read a few pages and walked out. Didn’t object to it because he didn’t want the judge adjudicating on it as it would set a precedent because they still go around raiding. If it had been on the books in any state, I could have gotten them right away without a long legal process. So they didn’t adjudicate but when they hear that somebody is on my contract, they don’t screw with them. Only reason it happened here is that the FDA, FBI came in and they bamboozled the stupid LA County Health Dept and Attorney’s Office to come in and raid us. Now they’re shaking in their boots because I can get a minimum of 1.2m dollars from all four agencies.

[unclear] if laws go through, no farmers’ markets in all of the US.

Q: Sleep apnea. Breathing shuts down suddenly and then wakes up.

A: If you have that, you have toxins stored in your nervous system. High adrenalin, caffeine, soda pop, chocolate cause that. If you have that caffeine in your brain and it drips down into your throat, it’s going to paralyze your throat temporarily. If you’ve gotten injections for novocaine, it can cause sleep apnea. Those masks aren’t going to help. You need to sleep on your side or your face. On your back, you’re forcing those poisons to go down the back of your throat, and that causes the cessation of the muscle reaction until thyroxin hormone is produced to start you breathing again. Put hot water bottles on your neck and eat cheese and honey together twice daily to make sure you get enough minerals.

Q: How much butter?

A: It depends upon your situation. No limit, if you’ve been poisoned. When I ate the poison mushroom, I ate 1 – 1.5 pounds a day to bring my liver back from 90% death. I would say 3-4 tablespoons a day minimum. Daily I eat probably 2 tbl a day butter, 1/2-3/4 cup cream a day, 2-3 quarts milk a day, meat.

Q: I had lasik surgery ten years ago and lost low light acuity, focusing, still have astigmatism. Will egg white help? Also I feel like my brain works differently now – it has affected spelling.

A: This happens to people who don’t break down dead cells so they start scarring. Dead cell debris forms behind your eyes. Your body is trying to focus with dead cells in the way. Take one clean drop pineapple juice – no pulp – and mix into 1 tsp butter. That’s enough to absorb into the eye without causing heavy detox. Pineapple will help break down the dead cells that are inside. You had an allergy to the anesthetic or they opted to give you too much.