Baby Food For Mothers Who Can't Breastfeed

(Appendix A)

If a mother isn't eating a healthy diet or can't breast-feed for one reason or another, feeding an infant fresh raw (not heated above 96°) cow's or goat's milk will most often resolve colic and make her baby healthy and strong. But there are some babies (and people) who can't even digest raw milk properly for several months. Two ounces of unheated honey and 4 tablespoons of unsalted raw butter blended with a half gallon of raw milk will make the milk digestible.

I remember one infant who could not digest pasteurized milk, raw milk or the raw milk/honey blend. Three years ago a young Korean couple came to Owanza and me (Owanza is a friend and nutritional colleague who was at one time my nutritional client). The distressed mother held her five-month-old infant who screamed just as Jeff had. Owanza and I could see the couple's humiliation. It seemed to me that their gestures at soothing the baby were to show us that they cared and were helpless.

In hopeful gesture, the mother tenderly placed a bottle to the baby's mouth and circled the nipple around her lips. The infant's little hands grabbed it and sucked. Within five seconds she pushed it away and screamed fiercely. The mother sighed.

"Does she cry like that often?" I asked.

"She cries all the time, almost all day," the mother said tensely.

"Doctors not able to help. Five months now," her husband said.

"May we try giving her something?" Owanza asked.

"We have tried all formulas," the mother said.

"If it works she'll stop crying," I said.

"Okay," the father said with bitter resignation.

Owanza blended one raw fertile egg with two ounces of Evian water for 30 seconds on low speed so that the egg would completely liquefy and not clog the nipple. For a moment, the high-pitched blender noise distracted the infant from crying.

Owanza poured the mixture into an empty baby bottle and handed it to the mother. The mother ran the nipple over the infant's upper lip. The baby grabbed the bottle and sucked. Within three seconds she pushed it out, screaming.

The mother looked more discouraged. The father sighed, disgusted. Then, in an instant, the baby's eyes widened. She grabbed the bottle and nursed it dry within four minutes. She pushed the nipple from her mouth and then smiled.

"She has never smiled before!" the mother said.

"Look, she happy," the father said proudly.