Q&A Of October 14, 2012

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A: Does anybody know about the country of Estonia?

Q: Near Finland?

Q: Yeah.

A: They got their independence because everybody went on the streets and sang. They were the only country in the world that didn't, by coup, get their independence. They actually went on the streets and 90% of the population sang.

Q: What do you mean, sang?

A: It was a freedom song. So I created a freedom song that I want everybody to start singing. And it's based on wishing on a star. So I was going to play it so everybody could get the tune, but I can see an old computer in there. I'll put it on the site. Yeah, on this site. So I'm going to pass it out to everyone. The reason I choose that one is because it's very touching.

Q: When you wish upon a star?

A: Wish upon a star, yeah.

Q: Wish upon a star.

A: Wishing on a star.

Q: Like the Disney tune when you wish upon a star?

A: No. Wishing on a star.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: No. Wishing on a star.

Q: How does it go?

A: That's what I mean. I'm trying to think of a word. Do you have a card reader?

Q: I don't even know what that is.

A: Then you don't have one. Anybody out there have a card reader on them? Well, I added one extra verse, which is the top of the back page. Otherwise, it is that same. But it follows the same stanza over here. The music is just that I wanted to stay a little bit more. You'll get one.

Q: Can you hum a few bars?

Q: Oh, I heard that song for wishing on a star. It was on the radio.

A: Wishing on a star.

Q: Yeah.

A: Darn, I wish I could get this working. Do you know it? The song has been done in 13 different versions since it was first written in, I think it was 69 or 70, 71, somewhere around there. Everybody loves doing it.

Q: Is that similar?

A: Yes.

Q: There are many beautiful groups. It's very melodic.

A: I can't get this thing to work.

Q: Wishing on a star, far away, far away, far away. Wishing on a dream, you follow what we need.

A: You got it.

Q: I'm not sure the second verse.

Q: I'm not sure. That's why we need it.

A: That's why you need it, yeah.

Q: You have the music.

A: Does your computer have a card reader already built into it?

Q: I don't know what you're talking about.

Q: That's not a slot.

Q: I don't know what you're talking about.

Q: Wishing on a star, far away, far away. You follow what's so far away. Wishing on a dream, you follow what we need.

A: Do you have the card reader so we can have the play in the office? So you can hear it.

Q: If there's Wi-Fi you can get it online.

A: That's right, you could, couldn't you?

Q: Going to BMP3?

A: Yeah. That is tragic.

[audio cut]

[all singing]: I'm wishing on a star To follow where you are I'm wishing on a dream To follow what it means I'm wishing on a star To follow where you are I'm wishing on a dream To follow what it means And I wish on all the rainbows that I see I wish on all the people who really dream And I'm wishing on tomorrow, praying it'll come And I'm wishing on all the lovin' we've ever done I never thought I'd see A time when you would be So far away from home So far away from me Just think of all the moments that we'd spent I just can't let you go, for me you were meant And I didn't mean to hurt you, but I know That in the game of love you reap what you sow I feel it's time we should make up, baby I feel it's time for us to get back together And make the best of things, oh, baby When we're together, whether or never I feel it's time we should make up, baby I feel it's time for us to get back together And make the best of things, oh, baby When we're together, whether or never I'm wishing on a star To follow where you are I'm wishing on a dream To follow what it means And I wish on all the rainbows that I see I wish on all the people we've ever been And I'm hopin' on all the days to come and days to go And I'm hopin' on days of lovin' you so I'm wishing on a star To follow where you are I'm wishing on a star, oh And I wish on all the rainbows that I see I'm wishing on a star To follow where you are I'm wishing on a star And I wish on all the rainbows that I see I'm wishing on a star To follow where you are I'm wishing on a star, oh, ah Oh, baby, baby, I wish I'm wishing on a star, oh To follow where you are I'm wishing on a star, baby To follow wherever you might be

Q: Okay, showtime.

A: Ok, start behind me. Roger – do you have a question?

Q: Yeah – what about green tea? Do you think it’s beneficial?

A: A lot of people put it out as a health food because they’re selling a product. Green tea is your vegetable juice. Cooked green tea has lots of toxic minerals in it – any metal that’s in the vegetable when you cook it you release that as a toxin; it’s no longer bound to the esters in the plant. So, anytime you cook anything – whether it’s tea – no matter what it is – it becomes toxic.

Q: Now there is some tea that comes from Korea as a green [unintelligible]. You put it in cold water. Would that be any different?

A: No, they’ve had to steam it and cook it to get it to powder form. It takes great heat to do that.

Q: Ok.

A: And it takes great heat to do that – the processing.

Q: If you leave the tea bag in the water and leave it in the sun, you’re going to get metals.

A: Yeah, it’s a vegetable format – it’s vegetable juice. You’re not going to get much from it because there’s no enzyme activity in it; there’s no active enzymes in it.

Q: Is it better than a glass of water?

A: Well, it’s probably a little bit better than just water – but pretty close to just water.

Q: What if you put it in a blender – like one time I put some mint leaves, blended it and then strained out –

A: Fresh mint leaves?

Q: Fresh mint leaves.

A: That’s fine.

Q: Yeah?

A: That’s fine.

Q: Is it too much water though?

A: It’s still too much water.

Q: Yeah – ok.

A: Better to have juice – add mint to your juice. It would be a lot better. Ok. Do you have a question?

Q: I do: I was wondering what do you do if you’re travelling. I’m going to –

A: I travel all the time.

Q: But how do you do – do you take things?

A: Yeah – I have a letter from an MD that says I was diagnosed with diabetes and cancer and I have to eat every hour and I have to take so much food. When I go to Asia the letter says I have to take 20 to 30 pounds with me and you can’t x-ray it – you have to check each one by hand. So, I go two hours early to give them time to do all that process. But I write letters for my patients and I charge 80 to 100, depending upon the situation and then that lasts about four months. You can use the letter for four months. And some people can use it for a couple years or if you get a TSA agent who’s a tough guy – he’s not going to let you use it for more than four months. So, it says: I need two quarts of milk, I need my raw meat, sauce, vegetable juice. So, I go on with a whole bag of foods and have it hand-checked. Because it says: Cannot be scanned – it has to be hand-checked.

Q: Is that carry on?

A: Yeah.

Q: And they do it?

A: Don’t put anything in check-in – they put everything through a huge radiation scanner which is 100 times an x-ray.

Q: Do you have any liquids with you?

A: Yeah – I said I take two quarts of milk and a vegetable juice. When I’m going to Asia I’ll take three quarts of milk, plus a juice – a quart. So, I take a gallon.

Q: Do you ever bring your juice on the plane? How long is your flight?

A: Well, let’s say I take off here – I’ve been to Taipei – I’m two hours there – lay-over – and by the time I get to Bangkok it’s about 24 hours.

Q: The whole time your juice is there.

A: I don’t mind fermented juice.

Q: You don’t mind the fermented juice?

A: No, fermented juice is a good detox. When I went away I left a quart of juice in the refrigerator. I came back two a half months later – I drank the whole thing.

Q: Oh, my lord.

A: It’s delicious. Fermented juice is delicious.

Q: Did it taste like beer?

A: No, it tastes very tangy though.

Q: What containers do you put them in to?

A: Glass – all my food’s in glass. Except this last time I got [unintelligible].

Q: Ever have a problem when they check it with a scanner once it goes through?

A: They check it with the metal detector – they don’t put it through the scanner.

G: Because when I do it they wipe it with a white circle, put it under a machine to check for –

A: To check for nitrogen – yeah.

Q: They said they saw [unintelligible]. They threw away all my butter – Sacramento Airport. And we had a letter from you too.

A: Well, you may need to wipe before you take it.

Q: Yeah.

A: Must have got some manure in it. Because the manure has nitrogen that’s what it’s like in the city if it’s near a farm directly. I was always wipe my honey. Honey has strong nitrogen in it, so it sets off – like it’s nitrous oxide.

Q: Do you take a glass of honey?

A: Just a wet cloth – a damp cloth – the outside.

Q: Do you take a glass of honey?

A: Yeah – I take a jar of honey. I take butter on and everything.

Q: And eggs?

A: Yeah, I even take eggs – not all the time I take eggs – I’ve had too many accidents with eggs, but most of the time I do take them.

Q: Can you put them in a jar?

A: Pardon?

Q: Can you put them raw into a jar?

A: I don’t really want to do that. You could.

Q: Is it going to oxidize, or?

A: Yeah – I don’t like them oxidizing, but sometimes I’ll make a milkshake – take my eggs that way. So, two quarts of milk, a quart of milkshake, a quart of juice, or a pint of juice.

Q: Uh-huh.

A: So, that’s how I do it.

Q: What would be your recommendations be for treating skin disorders: eczema / psoriasis?

A: Well, like I said in the book – the moisturizing and lubrication formula – have at least two a day. If you have say psoriasis which is pretty severe – have two of those a day and take three ounces at a time – a good three ounces about every two to three hours. Keep doing that and take it down to size and then take it down to just one. It would take about eight months to get rid of psoriasis. If it’s eczema, could be longer. It’s pretty rare. Especially when it’s easily digestible with the honey and the lemon juice. Do you have a question?

Q: Yes, regarding the raw cheese regimen that you recommended for me and others: nuts and bolts – how much leeway? For instance – do you always eat the cheese before a drink or a meal? Do you always eat it a half hour regardless of when you eat that sugar-cube that you’ve mentioned?

A: No, I recommend that people eat small amounts of cheese to absorb the poisons that are constantly dumping into the stomach and intestines. That’s not the normal route; that’s not the healthy route for toxins to leave the body – 90% of toxins are supposed to leave through the skin. Because the lymph systems are so blocked – the connective tissue is so jammed with trans-fatty acids which are plastic fats that you’ve all been raised on – donuts, chips, French fries – anything that’s been fried and heavy with carbohydrates then fried in a trans-fatty oil. Trans-fatty oil means the oils that’s been hydrogenated and hydrogenation is a process of making into plastic. So, trans-fatty acids are plastic fats – plastic oils. 99% of all oils used to fry foods – no matter what they are – are trans-fatty acids because they have an indefinite shelf life – 100 years – they’re dead. That’s why they are plastic – they are not alive anymore. They will not help you – they will jam your lymphatic system – jam everything in your body, so –

Q: Aajonus, I have relatives who are going to fry because they don’t believe this. What is the best thing to tell them if they’re going to fry some of these – to fry it in lard?

A: Well, no, you should fry it in stone-pressed olive oil or coconut cream or coconut oil.

Q: Coconut oil?

A: Yeah.

Q: Or olive oil.

A: Olive oil.

Q: Right – coconut.

Q: Back to my question: Yes –

A: Everybody has [unintelligible].

Q: Right.

A: So, eating this cheese will absorb those poisons as the body dumps them into the stomach rather than out the skin and it does that. The lymph system takes its waste and dumps it under the skin to be perspired out of the skin. If it’s jammed it won’t do it, so it dumps it into the mucous membranes and if you get a cold or a flu or you’re spitting up mucous regularly – that’s elimination through your mucous membranes. The mucous membranes of the intestinal tract also – that’s where most of them get dumped. Whenever you get nauseous that’s an indication that something’s toxic you’ve just eaten, or somewhere else stored in your body is going to the stomach and dumping into the stomach. Now hydrochloric acid neutralizes about 80% of all toxins, so nausea creates a lot of hydrochloric acid. The stomach produces massive amounts of hydrochloric acid from nausea. That is our reaction. It forces the stomach to produce tremendous amounts of hydrochloric acid – more like five to eight times more than what’s normal to digest the protein from meat - so it’s very concentrated. If you vomit, that means your body’s decided to use that hydrochloric acid to utilize it to expend, and then you get rid of it immediately – vomiting is the quickest way to get rid of the most poisons. Next is diarrhea, but then you upset the whole ecological bacterial environment of the intestines. So, the cheese will absorb it, depending upon the toxicity of the person. I recommend people eat a little sugar-cubed size amount of cheese with just half a tsp. every 15 to 60 minutes, depending upon the individual.

Q: Can you eat clay?

A: Clay won’t do it – if you have clay you’re going to get constipated and also not digest everything. Clay is helpful in that situation, but you can’t eat it frequent.

Q: How often?

A: Once a day – twice a day at most for clay.

Q: Could you add butter with the cheese?

A: Butter to the cheese is ok. You should do it since you’re so thin. So, that will absorb the toxins. Now, your question?

Q: Yes, as far as leeway in taking it every 15/45 minutes: Do you always take it 10 minutes before a meal, or could you just stick to the interval throughout the day regardless of the meal?

A: If you’re going to have a meal – let’s say it was at a certain time and your cheese is supposed to fall in the midst of it – always eat cheese 10 minutes before that meal or drink your milkshake, whatever it is. So, you’ll absorb the poisons into the cheese and they won’t get into your food because if it gets into your food you’re just going to recycle your poisons – and that’s what 99% of people do: Recycle their poisons.

Q: What do you when you’re sipping milk every 10/15 minutes? Let’s say you take a little sip and –

A: Still stick to your cheese every 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 minutes – still do that.

Q: Do you mean do the cheese and wait 10 minutes for the milk?

A: Yeah – uh-huh.

Q: Ok.

A: Yeah. And let’s say I’ve got construction workers who are heavily toxic and laboratory personal who deal with a lot of formaldehyde and mercury – I have them eat a cube every 15 minutes. So, they’ll take that and wait seven minutes, drink some sport formula or milk, or milkshake and then seven minutes have that piece of cheese again – and they do that all day long. When it comes to a meal of course they don’t eat that cheese during that half of the meal, but they eat it 10 minutes before the meal and then about 25 minutes after the meal they have cheese again, then 10 minutes after that is when you have honey and cheese together. When you have cheese without honey without fruit you do not digest the cheese; there are no enzymes in dehydrated food, no matter what it is. So, you have to have honey or some kind of fruit – like an acidic fruit – like pineapple or papaya – to provide the enzymes to digest that cheese. So, twice a day I recommend that 25 minutes after your meal you have a little piece of cheese, 10 minutes after that you have your cheese with honey and that’s your mineral supplement. Ok? I’ve seen women with 32% bone loss and osteoporosis reverse that in nine months by doing that. Nine months.

Q: Wow.

A: It used to take two – two and a half – three years before I started experimenting with that. Now nine months.

Q: Any kind of raw cheese or even a cottage cheese?

A: Does not matter.

Q: Cottage cheese ok?

A: Cottage is fine – as long as it’s not too wet.

Q: Not too wet.

A: Yeah.

Q: Does it have to be unsalted?

A: Has to be unsalted. Salt is an explosive – it starts fractionating your food, so if you have raw salted cheese you’re going to reabsorb your poisons. If you have pasteurized cheese you’re going to reabsorb your poisons. If you have salted pasteurized cheese you’re going to really not synthesize, as well as reabsorbing your poisons – toxins. Do you have a question?

Q: Not yet.

A: Ok. Come back.

Q: What’s the best way to help re-mineralize your teeth?

A: Just the way I said it: Eat cheese often, so your body’s not using your key minerals to bind with the poisons. When you’re eating the cheese and honey together, you’re filling your body with tremendous amounts of … If you’ve got a real serious problem at any particular time, you do that three times a day: twice after a meat meal because you’re only having one meat meal a day – that means you have to take it two other times – and the middle of the night is the one time in the middle of the night that is best. And that’ll help if you stick with it.

Q: And is it true that you detox your head through your mouth and your teeth?

A: Yes – your brain detoxes through the sinuses, but mainly the gums, the tongue and the salivary glands. If you’ve got a white tongue that indicates the poisons are mainly leaving the tongue – your body uses the calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium to bind with those poisons, or else your tongue would turn into a very acidic, sore, bleeding appendage. So, that white tongue – although the Chinese say that’s a bad thing – it’s a good thing. Your body is still using those minerals to attach to the toxins coming through the mouth. Scrape it off, that’s fine – take some oil or something and just swish it around in your mouth to clean it off the tongue – it’s all good. And you can swallow it after it passes the main [unintelligible].

Q: As far as re-mineralizing teeth is the cheese a substitute for the fermented milk and egg shell formula that you recommended to me last year?

A: Yeah, it works a little better.

Q: The cheese is better?

A: Yeah.

Q: Good, I like it better.

A: I do too.

Q: Do you eat the cheese and honey 10 minutes before a cheese?

A: You eat the cheese – it’s always the cheese 10 minutes before you have the cheese and honey.

Q: Yeah, but even in the middle of the night do you do it?

A: Yeah, still I have a piece of cheese first but you don’t have to wait a full 10 minutes. 5 minutes is fine during the middle of the night. And when you have that cheese with honey it should be about a three to one ratio maximum. So, let’s say you’re having a tbsp. of cheese, you have a tsp. of honey only; you have three tbsp. of cheese, you can have two a half to three tsp. of honey. Ok, Kathy’s waving.

G: What do I do – there’s people that say to me my hearing is going out and I am confused because I’ve been on the diet since eighteen years in December, believe it or not, when I came to you and started. And I don’t know what to do.

A: Well, you’re still going to degenerate because you spent 45 years on a toxic diet, so every cell is inundated with toxins. It takes 40 years according to Pottenger and Howell’s work – to remove all the toxins from the body when you’re on a 100% raw diet. If you’re not on a 100% raw diet, it’s going to take longer – so there’s going to be deterioration somewhere until it’s gone.

Q: Well, it takes the hot baths are going to pull out some of it.

A: Hot baths help discharge a lot of the poisons throughout the skin – yes.

Q: Do them at the ears too.

A: Do them to the ears – but you usually don’t put your head under the water so you put a hot water bottle at one ear one night and the next ear at the other night. Yeah – and that’s the best way. Whenever you have a problem area the way to speed increase circulation and nutrients to that area is applying heat. If you apply ice or cold, what happens? It shrinks and constricts – reduces – shrinks the amount of flow of nutrients to that area. Take your athletes for example: They get injured they pack ice on it – what happens? Bruising normally means that you’re swelling and the swelling is increasing those nutrients to the area. You cut that off and what happens? These athletes are constantly getting surgery because they’re starting over – because they’re not cleaning out the dead cells; they’re just forcing themselves to create scar tissue – it means putting bricks in the wall – dead cells to heal an area.

Q: Because you heal can you do hot, cold, cold, hot, going to cold, hot, cold?

A: You can do cold for two minutes, but you don’t want to jump in ice, unless you’re a polar bear. Ok – do you have a question?

Q: What are your thoughts about Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

A: Well, Alzheimers – a lot of it comes from mercury. Also, it’s been related to aluminum poisoning – both of those. I’m not sure that aluminum on its own will cause that because, according to Calgary University’s research, the lesions of it created in neurons were only created with mercury and not when they applied aluminum, and barium and other minerals. So, I think that it is connected with aluminum because a lot of people are discharging aluminum – I’ve had a lot of high aluminum levels from vaccines – and that includes mercury and aluminum. So, I think they’re associating aluminum to dementia too often.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah, but I haven’t seen it confirmed by anybody. Calgary is the only one that I knew who has done definitive research on that. If you look at the lesions, the fractionation of the neurons only occurred in the company of mercury and not in the minerals. So, aluminum does not create a neurological condition of degeneration. Now, it can interfere with synapse transmission, but it doesn’t cause neuronal decay like mercury does. So, it’s mostly from mercury poisoning and you have had a lot of that and it takes a lot to get that out. Now since I was subdued in that hotel room and injected with those three shots my mercury levels, my aluminum levels are off the charts. Same with vaccines – I’ve had two vaccines. So, that’s obvious to me what they have injected me with. Now, my hair’s gone very grey and I’ve lost six teeth now since I was injected. And I have berries with eggs and vinegar and pineapple almost every day to get rid of those poisons faster and lots of cheese to help remove that. And after those injections my skin was bursting open and bruising and bleeding. It happened over when I headed back – and it looks like I was hit with a grenade – the shrapnel from a bomb.

Q: Eggs, berries and what else?

A: Pineapple, vinegar and berries – all of those chelate with those metal toxins.

Q: Does it get out the vaccines?

A: And heavy metals.

Q: What's the formula, everybody does it different amounts?

A: Well it depends: If you have a higher level aluminum you have more raspberries and strawberries; if you have more mercury, lead and other dark metals, then the dark berries are preferable. Now, blueberries are very good and they take it out smoothly. If you have blackberries you’re going to have a heavier detox – even have some dementia as you detox some of that mercury with blackberries.

Q: Those bigger berries, you’re talking about?

A: Blackberries.

Q: What about raspberries?

A: Like I said – raspberries are good for getting aluminum and iron.

Q: So, what’s the proportion of the vinegar and things like that?

A: Well, it depends upon what you can take. It depends – when I’m making it I’ll make three cups to four cups a day and I’ll drink it throughout the day instead of the milkshakes. I still have my other foods but I don’t drink that within let’s say 45 minutes of a meat meal. And that is my fruit meal; I just spread the fruit meal throughout the day instead of having it one time of the day. And I will have about four to five eggs in it, depending upon the size of the eggs – medium eggs will be four; small ones I’ll have five eggs; I’ll have about a half a cup of cream; I’ll have about one and a quarter cup of berries; I use a mixture – I use raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. I want to make sure I’m getting a whole lot. And then I’ll use about one to two tbsp. of vinegar. And do the two tbsp. every day for let’s say no more than 10 days. You’re going to have to cut it down to one tbsp. a day for maybe five days and then you go back to two tbsp. for 10 days – and just rotate it like that. If you just have a lot of vinegar you’re going to stop digesting some of those foods – stop absorbing them.

Q: It depends on the person – one tbsp. probably if you’re smaller set?

A: Yeah. Unless you’re very heavy set – you can add two. And then I’ll have about a tbsp. of honey and then sometimes two tbsp. if I’m having four cups. And I’ll either have half a cup of milk or half a cup of whey.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: I’ll sip it throughout the day – I’ll have like two ounces at a time maybe every 20 minutes – and that’s in between eating my cheese – I have my cheese every 20 minutes. Ok – do you have a question, Ann?

Q: Question about [unintelligible].

A: You have to eat pineapple on a regular basis. I use a thin slice, it equals about a third of a cup – three ounces by volume of pineapple in that mixture. Pineapple and coconut cream is very helpful to help break it down, but the body will never do it properly without hot baths. If you’re going to break down the lymphatic waste under the skin it takes about 45 minutes at 105 degrees staying temperature, so a hot tub is very necessary.

Q: What was the question – I couldn’t hear?

A: She asked about relieving lymphatic congestion.

Q: Oh, ok.

A: If you want to get rid of lymphatic congestion that means you want to get the lymphatic system clear of the congestion – that takes a 90 minute bath a day at about 105 degrees. And it’s hard to do that – people have difficulty staying in a hot tub that long – so I say watch a movie and have a bowl of ice water running next to you with ice cubes floating in it and a wash cloth – sit that on top of your head – stick your hand – you know, fist in there up to your wrists – two minutes – you’ll want to stay in the tub. It automatically cancels out wanting to get out of the tub. So – and that’s the way it stays. Some people if they’re very overweight they get heat prostration quickly – they may have to do that every 10-15 minutes, so normally a person does that once every 20 minutes.

Q: Does massage help at all?

A: Massage won’t really do anything for that – it’ll cause a breakage in the lymphatic and make it worse. True lymphatic massage to me is a tickle, so it electrically moves things – so you’re tickling them. You know how sometimes you get tickled? That’s driving the electricity in the system – in a blocked system. When you’re ticklish or you’re very sensitive to touch like that, that means your lymphatic system is blocked and the neurological system. And a lot of that energy is charged up under your skin. So, taking the hot baths, getting tickle massages helps to relieve that again.

Q: You know in your book you say 102-106. Now you’re saying 105 – so, has that changed?

A: Yeah – I’m changing it, yeah. I just wanted it to be safe. Originally it was 110 – that’s a typo.

Q: Yeah.

A: It was supposed to be 101 to start off slow. You know, with the 110, so –

Q: That’s really tough, man – being in there and sat for about 10 minutes and you get your knees in, so –

A: Like I say: Take that bowl of cold water with you and you stick your fists all the way up to your wrists in there and put a cold cloth on top of your head – you’ll want to stay in there. It won’t be tough.

Q: Ice pack is not as good – just an ice pack?

A: Ice pack is a little too cold.

Q: Yeah, because I put an ice pack and it really just does my head in – I just felt awful.

A: No, you don’t do that – you got to put a towel up there – at least double the towel on top if you’re going to use an ice pack.

Q: Now Aajonus, you say it’s a 105, but does that mean you’re sitting in the tub? Because I’ve taken my temperature – if I’m sitting up I can have it 105 and half of me is up and I can take it, but at 102 I have to be in the tub to get just my nose just sticking out and my mouth, right. So, when you say 105 do you mean you’re –

A: Your whole body should be under.

Q: So, your body temperature’s got to be near a 105 then?

A: No, it won’t be 105 because the body will always cools itself by three degrees minimum.

Q: I’ve had my body temperature almost – when I had the tub at 102 – I’ve had my body temperature a half a degree below that – 101 and a half.

A: Yeah, but once you go above 102 it won’t elevate – even if you’re 105 degrees – the body’s not going to get hotter than 102 except under the skin. If you take your temperature under the arm you’re going to be almost as hot as the water, but if you stick it in your rectum or in your mouth, you’re going to be about 102 in a 105 degrees.

Q: So, what’s the minimum body temperature you want it to be then?

A: I don’t worry about body temperature – I worry about the 105 degrees I’ve found consistently because the body needs that to do –

Q: Of the water, right?

A: The water has to be 105 degrees.

Q: I have a sauna.

A: Sauna’s a dry heat and – minimum is a 137 in one of those infrareds – it's too hot. You start to destroy the enzymes and mucous membranes managing the cells at 110-112 degrees, so you’re damaging the mucous membranes by being in a sauna or a steam bath. You cannot go over 110 degrees because it will destroy the enzymes and vitamins in your skin.

Q: How long do you leave the ice cubes?

A: Two minutes.

Q: No, I’m talking about out of the freezer. You take the ice packs at the tub –

A: Yeah, you take cold water, you put ice cubes in it and you leave it out – you leave it at the tub with you. As long as there’s ice cubes that water is going to stay cold. If the ice cubes melt then it’s not going to stay cold.

Q: I’ve been having trouble finding a thermometer for the water – I don’t know where to go.

A: A pool thermometer’s good.

Q: What?

Q: [unintelligible]

Q: Who’s?

Q: What’s it called?

Q: I use a drug store thermometer.

A: Swimming pool. Ok do you have a question, Gill?

Q: I’m hearing a lot of talk about arsenic: How do you get rid of it; how do you keep it from [unintelligible]?

A: It’s difficult because they’re putting in arsenic in all grains because it makes the animals fat – they swell up; they gain more weight. Arsenic is very toxic – the body’s gaining fat to protect itself from the arsenic poisons. They also use it as a pesticide to keep moths and rodents out of the grain fills. So, they are fed commercial grains and they have arsenic in it. So, I stopped eating – even Amos today [unintelligible] and he does feed them a processed fish meal which has arsenic in it.

Q: What are we going to do about our [unintelligible] this winter that is coming?

A: I said in winter time I don’t eat eggs or chicken.

Q: Well then what do you eat?

A: I just eat only meat now. I stopped eating fish because of Fukushima and the radiation.

Q: You heard about the Santa Monica sea food?

A: Santa Monica sea food?

Q: You said last time that you eat the Santa Monica sea food.

A: That was before Fukushima.

Q: But that was the last problem.

A: No, I said if you eat deep sea fish – certain ones are probably ok, but I don’t even trust it now because the radiation levels getting higher every week.

Q: What about Atlantic fish?

A: Atlantic – you’ve got the [unintelligible] travelling up from the Gulf, constantly seeping.

Q: Oysters are the only safe things to eat?

A: No, not even those. I will not eat any sea food unless I’m in the Philippines, or [unintelligible] or somewhere around there because the Fukushima comes east to America. It’s hasn’t got down to the Philippines yet.

G: What about the oysters – they’ve got a hard shell – they’re not going to go into that.

A: They absorb it in the shell. Well, the oysters will absorb it into the shells; clams and mussels will absorb it into the meat and shell.

Q: Well then it’s ok for me to get the blue clam oysters, isn’t it?

A: I said I don’t know – that’s the way it used to be, but I haven’t tested any oysters since I’ve returned. You can break open the meat and test it with a Geiger counter and see if there are radioactive isotopes in the oyster meat.

Q: For the chickens – is that across the board in the whole of the United States?

A: When my Amish Farmers are feeding the chickens commercial feed – that’s the limit.

Q: So, then we have very little to eat – just beef in the morning and –

A: That’s right – yep. Dairy and fruit.

Q: Giving the scraps for your own chickens.

A: Wonderful. Giving it your chickens is wonderful – you’re not feeding them arsenic. But anytime you buy a feed from anywhere unless it’s an organic farmer that doesn’t store his feed – there’s going to be arsenic in it.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah – well, I just grew my grains. I got 210 ninety pound bags of rice for my Thailand property. Now I’ll feed that to my workers. It does not leave my property. What they do is they build a shit house – literally. They take cow shit and mud and then make the walls that way – it keeps out the rats and everybody else. So, it’s really a shit house. So, they’ve got grass on there and they coat it to plaster and they plaster it with cow shit and mud.

Q: When is the winter starting for Amos’ farm?

A: He starts feeding them somewhere around mid-late December. Then I don’t eat anything until May – no eggs or chickens – unless they promise me there’s not any. They make their own food they have to use arsenic in it – they’re not buying from any store. So, they buy it from a local farmer who has to put it on the market and he’s organic grain foods. And from what I understand they’re all using commercial feed grains now.

Q: That’s just four months.

A: Yeah, that’s four months at best.

Q: Yeah.

Q: To May?

A: June through December. And you know, you have to get on Amos’ and Eli’s case and say: “Hey, grow your own stuff instead of getting it someplace else.”

Q: Or we stop buying it – that’s all?

A: Yeah, and they lose a lot of money.

Q: You can’t make that drink – that berry drink that you gave for vaccines?

A: That’ll help, but you’ve got other toxins to deal with. Arsenic is not easy – arsenic is a very dangerous poison; it causes heart attacks; it causes liver failure – it causes all kinds of problems. Arsenic is a very dangerous substance.

Q: So, if you get organic grain is it going to have arsenic in it too?

A: Could be if you buy commercial – you have to test it. Mine doesn’t of course, but I don’t sell mine – it feeds my workers and my cows. And of course –

Q: If you go to someone who grows their grains and say: “Look, I want your feed –

A: Absolutely, yeah. And if I were going to eat rice – which I don’t – I would store it in big jars of glass. Moths can’t breathe in there – there’s no oxygen for them and so you tack it and keep it. No rats. Well, let me put it this way: When I was in the desert I had a jar of nuts and seeds – the wild rats would actually unscrew the jars – actually unscrew the jar. So, I had to put lock caps on them – literally. They do consider the rat the smartest animal next to the human. I think they’re smarter than humans – rats don’t go around poisoning each other for profit. Do you have a question?

Q: Yeah, I’ve pulled a muscle in the shoulder? Anything other than hot water bottles; lubrication formula?

A: Yeah, when you pull a muscle that means you’ve torn – you have lesions in it – you’ve torn the muscle. Then, you do like boxers and put raw meat on it and a hot water bottle. Also –

Q: Hot water bottle and meat at the same time?

A: Yes. With meat on, then the hot water bottle – but, it’s better if you put just a little bit of honey and butter mixture on the meat – just a thin layer and then butter on the one side, a thin cloth over that – cotton or silk – and then a piece of plastic over that, and then an ace bandage over that, so it doesn’t dry out. That way you can keep using the same piece of meat for two to three days until it stinks. I will use it beyond stinks – I don’t give a shit because it will heal much faster if it’s decaying meat. So, I will just use it until I can’t stand it and I can’t sleep then I don’t use it. Then I’ll change the meat. And if you do that usually a torn muscle will heal in about 12 days. [unintelligible] it will still take about six weeks - normally it takes about a year and a half.

Q: Anything internally?

A: Pineapple’s helpful, to get rid of the foreign tissue. Not a lot of pineapple, but if you have a little bit all day long. Like in the mixture I said with the berries, only if you have pineapple. And just sip it throughout the day and you’ll heal a little bit faster because the bromelain in the pineapple will help break down the dead cells that will bruise and damage the calf. Ok? Do you have a question?

Q: When I was very young I had a life threatening case of pneumonia and to save my life they chocked me full of antibiotics. So, forever after I’ve had serious killer migraines. Even since that pneumonia antibiotic incident.

A: Well, nobody has deadly pneumonia – you’re just very sick. But the pharmaceutical industry – the medical industry - are terrorists, so they’ll get you to take anything that they believe. And they’re taught to be that stupid – they don’t observe – they’re just taught to panic and react; they’re not taught to experiment and observe. They’re not allowed to experiment – that’s against the law. The laws of the AMA who follow the pharmaceutical industry’s advice – they write all the procedure manuals. If you don’t follow the pharmaceutical industry’s advice, you are breaking the AMA law. So, they get punished. So, they follow what they’re told and they’re told to be terrorists. So, what happens when you take an antibiotic for five days? You lose one percent of all bodily functions. The body is 99.99% bacteria. Antibiotics destroy all bacteria – in a five day cycle you lose one percent of the body’s abilities. Every five days you take off a whole percent. To recover on a good diet it takes about two years to recover one percent – two years. If you do this optimal diet of mine and eat high meat you can get over it quicker. The bowel is the area that feeds the brain and the nervous system. So, the bacteria in your colon has never recovered and the only way you can get it to recover is to implant a high meat juice in to your rectum and then massage it in and let it distribute it in there. Or, eat lots of high meat – like probably several times a day for three months and then the problem will all be restored within another five months and you have to do it for three months again. If you implant it in your rectum and you massage and you do your belly roll to make it go into your system up into the whole colon, that one implant of about three ounces of that high meat juice can keep you going for three months – just one time.

Q: Can you swallow high meat instead of chew it?

A: Yeah – yeah. High meat’s pre-digested – you don’t have to chew it.

Q: What kind of jars are you asking us to put it in?

A: Glass.

Q: No – I know glass, but what size of jars?

A: Depending on how much you want to make and how much you intend to use.

Q: Now, don’t fill it to the top?

A: No, only half full always.

Q: Half full?

A: Yeah. You need an air space in there – you need both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

Q: I just read that we have bacterial DNA in our DNA which our nearest relative animal don’t have; that we have something unique.

A: Well, a lot of us don’t have it anymore because of vaccines.

Q: Don’t have what?

A: This particular DNA that other animals don’t have.

Q: Oh.

A: Pig has almost identical to what we have.

Q: So, what does the antibiotics have to do with the migraines and [unintelligible]?

A: The brain and the nervous system are fed from the colon. Her colon bacteria was wiped out. The brain is not getting the food it needs, so it swells. The brain is constantly swollen because it’s trying to get all the nutrients and they can never get all the amino acids because she’s not digesting properly – that causes constant brain swelling.

Q: Oh, ok.

A: I’m sorry I didn’t explain that – I’m glad you asked. You didn’t understand that until I said that too, right? Probably nobody did.

Q: I did.

A: Sometimes I say things – come to conclusions.

Q: Is there any other way to treat the brain swelling? Any additional way?

A: Only way you can do is feed the nervous system properly and that’s by eating high meat if you don’t digest properly in the colon. See, all that food is digested – it feeds every part of the body in to the small intestines. Once it gets in to the colon you’re getting to the finite particle breakdown – it feeds the brain and nervous system – the neuron cells and the neurological cells. So, that is a whole process in itself – that’s a very short trap. That very long small intestines feeds everything else in the body – that colon is strictly for the nervous system and brain. If it is not operating you can have migraines, you can have autism and it can have all kinds of problems. And it maybe unrelated to mercury at all – the brain is just a vision – depending on what kind of antibiotics you got. Tetracycline was a bad one – I mean it caused so much ADD – it was amazing.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah, the brain. Yeah, I was of the view that I did lots of tetracycline or cocaine.

Q: Yeah, I actually just told my Mom that I it was from lots of tetracycline when I was inside her.

A: Oh, no.

Q: What is that – an antibiotic?

A: Yes, an antibiotic – that was 60’s – came out in the 60’s. Late 60’s, to 70’s, early 80’s.

Q: That was in the 50’s wasn’t it?

A: That was just beginning to use it intravenously.

Q: They did it in the military though.

A: Oh, yeah. They were doing that first.

Q: How do you make high meat juice?

A: You let it go long enough – you leave it out. When it starts juicing at the bottom – turns into black juice – that’s completely digested – completely – absolutely digestible liquid. One tsp. of that can make you as happy as a [unintelligible].

Q: Can you put it garlic in there? Like garlic or something to make it taste better?

A: Well, you can put it with milk. It’s better if you just drink and wash it down with milk.

Q: Like a tsp. in an ounce of milk?

A: Yeah, you can do that. Or, just take a tsp. and wash it down with milk. If you leave it in your mouth some of that’s going to go right to the brain immediately and you get happy. If you leave it in your mouth for two minutes you’re going to get silly.

Q: Aajonus, do you have any of that juice available that [unintelligible].

A: I would be in jail.

Q: How long does it take to get to drink – how many days?

A: Well, if you leave it out at room temperature and you’re exposing it to some light – not direct light – and you’re opening it and the meat’s not dry it will start breaking down pretty quickly, but it takes a while, maybe six weeks.

Q: For what – the juice?

A: Yeah, it starts producing juice.

Q: Just open it up and close it in the house?

A: No, you want to take it outside. But you don’t want to open it as often even though it’s outside of the refrigerator. I still will open every three of four days. You want anaerobic bacteria rather than aerobic bacteria. Okay, do you have a question?

Q: Aajonus, you just said that the lymphatic system detoxes through the skin. And, like, people who have kidney stones, and the stones are released in the urinary tract. My question is, is it possible that you can get, like, stones or crystals through the skin, where when the lymphatic system is detoxing and having a bath, you're going to think that it comes through the skin?

A: No, your body will melt it.

Q: It will melt it?

A: It will melt it. That's the point. It will melt it. To get it into a liquid so you can pass it through the skin, you can't pass a stone through the skin. When you have kidney stones and kidney crystals or kidney sand, your body still has to dissolve that, or else you're going to have a lot of pain if you pass it.

Q: And the skin can't release those stones?

A: If the lymphatic system is moving.

Q: If it's moving, it will through the skin?

A: Yes.

Q: Wow.

A: Most of those toxic, crystallized minerals will release through the skin.

Q: What about sauna? Is it any good?

A: I said, saunas are not good because it's too hot. You have a question?

Q: Well, because we've been getting so many chemtrails lately, I was just wondering, do you need any data on that? Or what is the best thing to eat?

A: Well, like I said in the newsletter, you just follow the berries, eat more raspberries, because they're dumping more aluminum than anything else. And if you understand the chemistry of aluminum, aluminum causes five times more charge than an explosion. Most of your gunpowder, they add 25% aluminum to make it five times more powerful to explode. They use aluminum in everything, every munition, to make the explosion greater, the damage greater. So they're filling us with aluminum, injecting us with vaccines, and bombarding us. Now, the technology where my father worked with General Electric was invented. He worked with turning salt into an explosive, which they could not do. This was General Electric's patent to do this. The saltless sodium, when it's isolated, is more volatile than nitroglycerin. One and a half degree change sets it off. They couldn't make it a weapon, so it's still not a weapon. But they still use aluminum that way as an explosive enhancer. So HAARP was another thing, using energy levels to change the structure of things. They can set HAARP to make you explode inside wherever there's aluminum. So now you know why they're bombarding us with mostly aluminum from the air. You're inhaling all that, it starts combining with salt, and let's say some other minerals like iodine. What's going to happen if they direct a charge from HAARP on you? You're going to explode. Parts of your body are just going to explode. You're going to bleed to death inside. You're going to have heart attacks. You're going to have liver failure. You're going to have aneurysms. People are going to start dropping dead if they do that. So they're planning. They're planning on your death. They say it's all weather modification. It's been proven that even though you're seeding storms, you have less storms when seeding. It just makes it harder and harder to seed to get a rainstorm.

Q: You notice that the rain has been some areas will get it and others will not. This is all terrain. You just look up at the sky. We have to get somebody in the top military office.

A: Military's behind it.

Q: Where we stand, I mean, I've been putting out flyers.

A: You just have to take care of yourself the best you can.

Q: Right, you're handing out and protesting.

A: You have to take care of your body the best you can. That's all you can really do.

Q: Protesting is going to do nothing then?

A: That's not the way I see it. As long as we have Obama and everybody else in office, no matter who gets it in office.

Q: What about Harry Johnson?

A: He's not going to get there. Ron Paul's the only promise we had. He's not going to make it. They won't let him.

Q: If you're outside and you see chemtrails?

A: I don't go outside.

Q: Come inside?

A: I just go inside. If I go outside, I wear my Israeli gas mask.

Q: I just have that organic cotton mask. I can't wear that heavy thing on my face.

A: No, well, I do. I use that heavy thing. I got pulled over. Why they think I had that on? Because I was a terrorist. I was crossing the border from Mexico to here. I had it in my truck. They pulled me over and searched everything. Because I have a gas mask. So why do you have a gas mask? You're a terrorist? I said, do you know the spill from the highways in California? All you have to do is expose [unintelligible]. And, you know, you're being [unintelligible] life. So if there's an accident, I protect myself. I go out to my truck, put that on, and I protect it. I said, why do you use a gas mask? Are you a terrorist? That's an analogy.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: People are going to have to revolt. People are going to have to shut down the planes that are taking off. There's going to have to be some way to stop it. And the only way to stop it is to know where those planes are coming from and stop them.

Q: What about that Mike Murphy film? He just made his second one.

A: He's making awareness, but nobody's stopping it. Nobody's stopping it.

Q: I mean, the guys that know about it, they don't even see that people know the film. They just know that you know about what you're doing.

Q: They know it's nothing they can do to stop it.

Q: What?

Q: We have to stand out on the street and get the news made.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: See, when you lay a seeding like that, the exhaust from those planes magnifies it. Why? Because they add the water to that chemtrails. So they make the chemtrails stay longer.

Q: Is that why the water vapor is staying longer too? Because of the chemtrails?

A: Because it's mixing with the chemtrails. But now they don't evolve, so now the contrails won't disappear.

Q: Oh, that makes sense.

A: The contrails enhance it. If there's no seeding, the contrails will disappear. If there's seeding, the moisture from the plane stays in the chemicals in the seeding.

Q: Well, wait a minute. What about, you said we can go to the LA County Board of Supervisors and have a hearing there, but I don't think that would do anything, would it?

A: Well, they'd have to get on the military to stop bombarding us. They'll say, oh, well, we bombard up in, you know, because they bombard in Ventura and over me in Malibu. And then it drifts, most of it drifts over here. They don't really streak this area too much. They do it in Malibu and Ventura and then let it drift over there.

Q: They call that camp bombing. That's what I learned at the conference.

A: Anyway.

Q: I'm just saying it proves it's the military doing it because a commercial plane couldn't fly in those directions. They're not allowed. Only the military is allowed to fly in those spots.

A: Yeah, but we even have the contrails that add to those patterns.

Q: Oh, the commercial planes.

A: Yes.

Q: I get it.

A: Commercial planes add to the military.

Q: Is there any safer place to live or is this just everywhere?

A: It's all over the world except for certain islands in the Philippines. It's the only place I have not found. In fact, even in Puerto Princesa in Palawan, they are bombing there. But where my property is in Palawan, there's no bombing.

Q: Wow. Because it's too small?

A: Yeah. Because it's almost 2% [unintelligible]. They don't get a shot there.

Q: Does it drift over you in any way?

A: Sure. You know, there's the wind. Sometimes the rain clouds will move over. And I take them out when it rains every day. Every day of the week.

Q: [unintelligible] So we all get to live in this island.

A: I have some people who have already done it. They live in their own farms. That's for sure. It's a lot more expensive than here. It's almost double what it is here. It's worth it. That's what I'm trying to say. It's worth it. I've got very clean food. And the other place in the Thailand, my farm there, I get bombarded all the time. But I'm right at the foot of a mountain. So I've got the clouds from the mountains protecting me from their chemtrails. And so far, that's being mandated by law.

Q: Hey, you said to use your newsletter for the chemtrails? If we do that, is that sufficient? If they HAARP us to be immune to that?

A: Well, you've just got to get a lot of the aluminum out. And I would say you've got a lot of aluminum out because you're gray. Nothing causes more gray in a body. It destroys the para-aminobenzoic acid, which regulates pigmentation of skin and hair. So when aluminum gets into the molecules, the paths are no longer being utilized for pigmentation, so the hair will go gray from aluminum. So if you're gray, you know you're discharging a lot of aluminum. Like when I was discharging, having all this was gray at one time, this was all gray. It keeps going in and out. If I'm discharging aluminum more than anything else, my hair goes more gray. You're discharging more aluminum. So you're lowering your enhancement of explosions.

Q: Yeah, but Lewis is black, but I'm sure he's healthier than me because he's been on the diet a lot longer than me. He's probably already gotten the aluminum out, right?

A: Not necessarily. If you have a hair test, you'll see. But a hair test won't really do it unless this hair is gray, you're going to see a high aluminum content. If it's not gray, you may not see a high aluminum content. You'd have to check the blood or the urine to see what the content of the fluid system is to see if you have a high aluminum content.

Q: I'm sure I still have tons of aluminum inside me.

A: You could, yeah.

Q: What I'm trying to get at is people on the diet, or if we're just on the diet, and if we're following what you said in the newsletter to do because of chemtrails.

A: If you're trying to reduce the possibility of your dying.

Q: But we won't be completely immune to it.

A: You might have quite a few spots in your body that explode, like on my leg.

Q: Yeah, but we'll survive it maybe.

A: You're going to recover. Other people are not going to recover. They're going to run to the doctor and get injections and poisons and everything.

Q: You didn't come soon enough.

A: I've been here a long time. You didn't wake up soon enough.

Q: No, I mean that's a big bit, the hospital.

A: Oh, you didn't come soon enough, yes.

Q: I didn't wake up soon enough.

Q: You mentioned iodine, like okay, don't eat salt because that adds to the explosives. But you mentioned iodine.

A: Salt is an explosive.

Q: Right.

A: Once the body isolates the iodine from the sodium, the sodium is concentrated, it's an explosive.

Q: So it's not that you can't eat fish or seaweed or something?

A: If you would cook the seaweed, yes.

Q: Yeah, don't cook it.

Q: Of course, if I'm having my car topper out, that's not going to do anything. Just make light about the chemtrails, that won't change anything.

A: What?

Q: My car topper about chemtrails, that won't change anything.

A: Well, you're going to make more people aware. And you probably will get it stopped sooner or later. But it's not going to be for long. Yes, Lucky. First of all, let's thank Lucky again.


A: He has everything in his hand so he doesn't have to do it again.

Q: Let me see if I get this straight. We've got being poisoned from the sky, we've got hidden GMOs in our food, and we've got Fukushima coming along with China coal dust. You know... I think we should have more sex, more drugs. Die. Yeah, I mean there's no way of getting away from it.

A: Yes, we could move away.

Q: There are parts of the planet that are in those chemtrails. They're everywhere. The GMOs are hidden in all the food. So, there really is... And you say these things that you say you go out, you don't go outside. What difference does it make if you don't go outside? The cows you're eating and drinking from are...

A: Yes, and I can reduce the load.

Q: Yeah, you can help.

A: Yeah, and most of the raw animals...

Q: What's it like not going outside? I mean, how can you go far? You [unintelligible], or ride your bicycle, or take a hike, or do yoga. If you don't go outside, you can do that inside.

A: Do it at night time.

Q: The radiation doesn't go away at night. Fukushima radiation doesn't go away at night.

A: No, but I'm saying chemtrails can reduce that. Well, you have to understand that even isotope particles are charged higher during the sunlight. It's more likely to rip you to pieces if one gets inside you.

Q: So you don't sunbathe anymore?

A: Not here. I will get a massage outside when I get a massage. You know, once every week or once every two weeks. I will do it in the sun if there's no chemtrails. Chemtrails, I won't do it in the sun.

Q: You know, they hide chemtrails. You can't always tell those chemtrails.

A: I know the coloration of chemtrails, I can always tell. There's a rainbow-type... In its faint areas, there's a rainbow-type sheen to it. I can always tell chemtrails.

Q: The GMOs have got it out now. We're going to have it on the ballot, but we need to get something like that.

A: Do you know how many companies are exempted from having the label? It's a step in the right direction. But we won't be protected from it. It's a start.

Q: It's just a way to get people aware of it.

A: It's a start. Everybody vote for 37, absolutely. Even though it's not perfect, it's a step in the right direction.

Q: Yes, on 37?

A: Yes, on 37, absolutely.

Q: So what about 32?

A: That's political. Yes?

Q: I've been out of town for a while. I bought some liver that's stored in the plastic. It's been in the fridge in the plastic for about a month. It seems like it's kind of breaking down. I was going to throw it out.

A: Open it, pour out the stuff, and scrape off the outside.

Q: Pour out the juice?

A: Pour out the blood. And then take a knife, a flat knife, and cut the plastic off of the liver. Eat it.

Q: Okay. So it isn't progressing any towards being high or anything?

A: No, you don't want to progress it in the plastic, because you're going to get Phthalates.

Q: Then again, separately, I have a bison heart that's been sitting in the fridge probably for two months. I ate a lot of it, but then I got tired of it. Can I slice that up and take it out of the fridge and make it high?

A: Glass or plastic?

Q: Glass.

A: Okay, good.

Q: So I can take it out of the fridge and make it high. Out of the fridge.

A: Cut it up into smaller pieces.

Q: Yeah, but then after it's sat out for a week or something like that, can I then put it back in the fridge and treat it like regular high meat? Or is it destined to be out of the fridge forever?

A: No, once it's digested, it's digested. So putting it back in the refrigerator isn't going to cause it not to be digested all of a sudden. You cannot reverse the digestion process. Only inside meat, I mean inside a creature's body can you reignite it into something bioactive.

Q: So I can start eating this as high meat?

A: And if you want really, really high meat, really, really fast, have [unintelligible]. And then spread it out a little bit, move it out, leave a little air space on it, and then let that break down. You could even put a little, you know, mist it with a little milk.

Q: I always like liver pâté. I always like liver pâté.

A: Yeah.

Q: But I don't know, this might get a little strong.

A: Yeah, but once you've already made it, you can blend it with milk.

Q: Oh.

A: It's cool for you.

Q: Yeah. So you can have high meat with milk, and it doesn't really make a difference.

A: As long as the milk isn't cold, you can't eat cold milk.

Q: You couldn't do that with the liver formula with 50% meat and 50% milk.

A: Yeah, you can do that.

Q: Really?

A: Yeah. You don't blend it with cold milk.

Q: Okay, but it still gives you the results of high meat.

A: Yeah. Absolutely.

Q: Okay. Thank you.

A: Just remember that high meat is when the protein is completely digested in the meat, just the way you would do in the cold. That's why people get high in 10 to 20 minutes of eating high meat, because it's already pretty digested. It gets right into the blood, right to the brain and nervous system.

Q: It's a really, really strong soup or, like it was totally fermented, but like two seconds after I drank it, I was just like whoop. It was all digested.

Q: But didn't you at some place warn us not to have a lot of milk with the meat meal?

A: Well, you don't want to have a lot of milk with a meat meal that is not pre-digested. It will prevent meat from being digested. Your body is going to work on the milk more than the meat.

Q: So high meat is exactly from that.

A: It's different, yes.

Q: Okay. You can do enema with high meat.

A: That's what I said. Yep. You can do that.

Q: Even with chunks?

A: Yeah. You can be pretty high. I don't know about that. You'd probably be a good athlete if you did that. A phenomenal athlete.

Q: Why?

A: Your body would have such coordination.

Q: With what?

A: If you did an implant of a quart of high meat in your bowel. He's a bigger guy than you. Say you did it with a cup and a half.

Q: Before you go dancing, you'd be able to dance all night.

A: Pardon?

Q: Before you go dancing, you'd be able to dance all night.

A: Yeah. By yourself. I did it one time. I did it one time. I didn't sleep for three days. I didn't get sleep. I had sex five times a day. That's pretty good. One time at his place in 2000, it was December 1999, I think it was. Right before [unintelligible] and Y2K. And we butchered a deer. Yeah. And we took all the glands in the brain and we blended them together. I was dead tired because I'd done a workshop and seen patients for two days. And I had to go pick up my girlfriend at the airport in Reno, Nevada. And they lived in Nevada City, California. So I had to go from...

Q: It's about a two-hour drive.

A: Yeah. About two and a half at night. And so I had to drive and I didn't have any sleep. I didn't have my normal nap because he shot the deer. So I had to butcher it. So I didn't get my nap in. So we ate those glands and put them all in this big, you know, blender. Yeah, and we ate it. I had so much energy. When Lori got off the plane, we had nothing but sex for five hours. And I still couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep.

Q: So you made a shake out of all these glands?

A: All the glands.

Q: Just right here?

A: Yes.

Q: The eyeballs, the brain?

A: Everything. Everything.

Q: [unintelligible]

Q: But it's good. But when it's warm, it's right, that freshness.

A: Liver is almost all protein. So it's hard to digest for most people. You need a lot of fat to break it down. That's why I like the [unintelligible]. Pate. Pate. In fact, if you want to digest better, sleep less, and have more energy, pate all your meats. I eat everything pate. And I don't eat any whole meat anymore. I sleep three to four hours a day. And that's it. I'm done. No sleep at all. So when I eat whole meat in pieces, I will sleep five hours.

Q: What's pate?

Q: Pate with butter?

A: Pardon?

Q: Pate with butter?

A: No, I pate it by itself, and I add butter to it when I'm eating it.

Q: Do you have to get one of those [unintelligible]?

A: No, I use a food processor. I take the meat, and I cut it up into little, you know, inch by inch cubes. Inch cubes.

Q: You don't use a blender? Will you do it?

Q: Because you have to use a food processor.

A: Okay. I take a little meat, and I cut it into inch cubes. Then I put it in the food processor. You know, I'll fill it about halfway. And then I keep blending that in the food processor until it's pate. It takes about a minute. Only a minute.

Q: And then you put butter in it?

A: It's a food processor. It's like a cuisinart.

Q: Did you put butter in it, you say?

A: No, I put butter. As I'm eating, I put butter in it.

Q: But you eat it with butter.

A: Yes.

Q: What about the red onion?

A: Well, you know, that sauce I had with the meat, I eat a sauce with my meat.

Q: Okay.

A: So it has onion, it has dill, it has all that. Did you have my meat? Did you like that sauce?

Q: I might have missed that.

A: I don't know.

Q: Well, it was great.

A: I'm glad.

Q: What sauce was it?

A: The one with the brown sauce on top. Here it is. Taste the lick of the sauce.

Q: Is that pate?

A: Yeah, there you go.

Q: Is that pate?

Q: Oh, that's cheese in it, right?

A: No, that doesn't have cheese in it. What that is is it has a lot of dill, it has bay, it has a little basil, tomato is the main ingredient, and onion and garlic.

Q: Oh, wonderful.

A: But it's mostly dill, I love dill. Probably about 20 sprigs of dill.

Q: Oh, I can taste it now. Good. And did you put butter in it?

A: [unintelligible]

Q: [unintelligible] I was going to have to ask you about that, but I didn't know anything about that.

A: That's where, with the moisturizing lubrication formula, having two days for the subsides, and then having one daily until the rest of their life. Unless it's a child, they can get over it in about 20 years, but an adult can never get over it unless they're constantly fed the butter.

Q: Me? Yeah, I'm still stuck a little bit on the baths, because I did a whole lot this last summer, and exactly what you were saying. Like, but the hotter it was, the quicker I had to get out. Like, sometimes I couldn't take it after a half hour, and the more I did, I kind of thought I would get used to it. But no, I kind of like would hit a wall, and I couldn't do it for two, three days.

A: You have a lot of metals in the body.

Q: Yeah.

A: Radioactive material. So you need those, that cold bowl.

Q: Stick the hands in there?

A: Yeah, up to here. Put this in there. Not tight, because you want the water to get in to your palms, but just up to here. Two minutes. And then a cold cloth on you every two minutes. You're going to want to do nothing but stay in that water.

Q: Now, when I do that, am I still in the tub?

A: Yes.

Q: Okay, so like, but I have to get out a little bit. I sit up.

A: You'll sit up a little bit, yeah, for three minutes.

Q: Okay, and then do that.

A: Yeah.

Q: And then go back in the tub, and the tub's got to be 105.

A: Yeah.

Q: And I lay down, so only my face is sticking out.

A: Well, I take it down to like, you know, I get down to like this, so, you know, only my nose is breathing, but the water is going like this.

Q: Okay.

A: And of course, I cross my legs like this.

Q: Yeah, and your knees are sticking out.

A: Mostly the knees, just a little bit.

Q: Yeah.

A: Mostly I can get the knees down.

Q: Yeah, my stomach sticks out too.

Q: Put your hand in there, yeah.

Q: [unintelligible] snorkel.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: That's okay.

Q: Now, what I can't compute with is, because when you said it doesn't matter what your body temperature was, because you always said that you have to get your body hot enough to melt the hardened.

A: I get 102 degrees.

Q: So, 102 is when that stuff starts to melt. So, if my body temperature actually only goes to 101, is it a waste of time?

A: No, because still under your skin, you're getting warmer. Just take your temperature under your armpit, and you'll see how hot your skin is getting.

Q: So, it'll be different than the mouth.

A: But your blood may not get that hot. So, your blood is going to tell you the temperature, you know, your mouth temperature, your rectal temperature will tell you how hot your blood is getting.

Q: Yeah. Well, the hottest I ever got, it was 101.5. And I don't know if the thermometer is totally accurate, because it was 93, no, 98.3 when I got in. So, maybe it's a little bit off. So, okay, so 102 is what the body temperature would need to be.

A: And if your blood is 101.5, you can better believe that your lymphatic system is 103.

Q: Oh, really? How do you measure the lymphatic system?

A: No, you can't.

Q: You can't?

A: You cut a hole and stick it in.

Q: Oh, okay. So, it'll be hotter than your blood?

A: Your blood has a cooling system. Your lymphatic system doesn't have a cooling system.

Q: Oh, yeah, because my heart pounds and I'm breathing deep, and that's part of the cooling. Oh, okay.

A: And you also have esters that cause you, like, anti-freeze, which causes a lowering of the blood temperature. Because you'll still have your blood at 105 degrees.

Q: Okay, so the blood would be 102, and then your lymph will be about 105?

A: 104.

Q: 104. So, the minimum lymph temperature you want is 104?

A: No, 102.

Q: 102 is the minimum lymph temperature. Oh, okay.

A: That's why if you're at 105 degrees for 90 minutes, that lymph system is going to reach 102, 103.

Q: Oh, hey, I got it backwards then. I thought the lymph was hotter than the blood.

A: It is. So, if your blood temperature, the water temperature is 105, and you're staying in it for 90 minutes, the lymph system is going to reach 102, 103.

Q: But when the water's 105, your blood's going to be how much? 102, you said?

A: Probably 101.5, 101.7.

Q: But when I had the hot water in the tub, 102, I got to 102 with my taking it.

A: You have a lot of metals in your blood.

Q: Oh, okay. So, I just need to keep doing those baths then.

A: You're using a cooling [unintelligible] to help your blood cool, so your blood doesn't heat up.

Q: And what about lymphatic massage? Can you go over, like, where you massage up to where you massage down?

A: Remember, I said, tickle, because the only lymphatic massage you can be anywhere on your body.

Q: Yeah, I know, but the direction you go, you're up to it, or you're down.

A: It's an electrical impulse, it doesn't matter.

Q: It doesn't matter. Any place you should avoid going to work?

A: Well, the lymph goes everywhere. The lymph goes everywhere, just like the blood and the neurological system. It's in every tissue of your body. Unless it's blocked, into a particular area.

Q: You have to exercise after, but you don't have to do that.

A: I had people do that for a long time, but when I started asking to do 90 minutes, it's not necessary to do after 90 minutes. If you only do 45 minutes to an hour, it's a good idea to walk or exercise. But you're doing 90 minutes to an hour, not necessary.

Q: [unintelligible]. Because you're getting pretty wiped out after all that.

A: Yeah, absolutely.

Q: So what do you do?

A: I tell everybody I do it once a day. Every day.

Q: [unintelligible] I actually had some tiny little crystals, three of them, on my foot.

A: Congratulations.

Q: I mean, I saw them and I thought, what is this? Because I took a towel and put it like this. I'm on my left foot right there on the side, right here. And I was rubbing it with my hand, but the skin gets really porous because of the hot water. And I rubbed it and I got like three tiny crystals. And before that bath, when I would like step on my foot, it would like hurt. Like there was something that the skin was hitting against that would make it sore. After the bath, the crystals came out. And then I would step on my foot and there was no pain. It was like no obstacle there. There was none of this going on when I pressed on it.

A: Is that right here?

Q: Yeah.

A: Yeah, that's the bursa. Bursa is a little sac that creates fluid to lubricate the joints. And bursitis is very, very painful. I had it. And it's like every time I'd step on it, I'd be in excruciating pain. I wouldn't be able to move for five, ten minutes. And it's a crystal. They're crystals. They stab.

Q: And they came out. That's what I'm telling you. They came out. I was like, wow.

A: That's the whole point. You have plastic crystals and then you're stabbing your bursa.

Q: Wow. So are there anywhere else except for the bursa?

A: No, they can be everywhere. But the most painful is in the joints and in the bursa.

Q: So how do you take that from getting confused with gout? That's a similar thing.

A: It's part of gout.

Q: Huh?

A: It's part of gout.

Q: Which is better, to get bottled water without fluoride or with fluoride and glass like... The best would be the [unintelligible] has no fluoride, it's in plastic.

A: I would go for the natural fluoride before I would go for plastic because you have the phthalates leak into it, PBAs. If you're eating properly and not drinking much water, you're not going to absorb that fluoride.

Q: How about reverse osmosis?

A: Reverse osmosis destroys all bacteria so it works to remove the contamination, but not necessarily industrial chemicals. So not all industrial chemicals take out every mineral.

Q: What's the question? Whether it's better to drink bottled water or not.

A: He wanted to know if it's better to have a water that has no fluoride in it even though it's organic, mineral fluoride, industrial fluoride, like Gerolsteiner or like almost all of your water has natural fluoride in it, trace amounts. I mean less than a trace. It's hardly able to detect it, but they can detect it depending upon if you're using a particular kind of measuring oscilloscope. There's a water, like a glacier, melting with ice and snow, has no fluoride in it, this particular brand, but they bottled it in plastic. He asked me is it preferable to have plastic bottled water or the natural with a small amount of fluoride. I said the natural with a small amount of fluoride, rather than having the PBsA and the phthalates leaching through your water. If you're not drinking much water anyway, you're not drinking much water.

Q: Do you think Gerolsteiner is okay? Because I've seen them label the water differently. Sometimes they say naturally sparkling water and sometimes they say sparkling natural water, implying that the carbonation is added.

A: Well, all the carbonation is always added. All of them are added. In a well, you've got the water table and you've got the gas table. The water and the gas are never together. They inject them at the same time. Is it the natural gas? Then it's naturally carbonated. If it isn't, then you've got Coca-Cola and all those beverage companies and Calistoga water, which uses a chemically produced carbon dioxide. It's not a naturally produced carbon dioxide from the Earth.

Q: She's saying it's changed. Is it okay to change over it?

A: Theirs is always natural. They've got more gas in their well than any other on the planet, but they sell the gas to Perrier. Perrier has lost almost all of its gas in its wells. However, they've changed the labels because somebody doesn't know what they're talking about in the labeling department.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Okay, there's Raw Healthy Foods. Maryland is the head of that one. And then there's Gary Ferry, which is udderlyla.com. U-D-D-E-R-L-Y-L-A-C-O-M. Udderly LA.

Q: Is that local?

A: That's a local. They deliver it to 76 at Pacific Avenue on Lincoln every Saturday. But you have to get there by 9 o'clock. You have to go between 7 and 9 in the morning. They do not wait more than 10 minutes. If you're not there by 9, 10, that truck's gone with your foods. You have to order it by Sunday morning at 8 o'clock. If you order it by Monday morning, you have to pay a $20 surcharge. The first week I ordered it on Monday morning was the first time I realized that they were still getting Amos' product. So I paid the $20 for it. Order by 8 o'clock on Sunday morning. You get delivered on Saturday. Eli requires 9 days.

Q: Would you rather prefer Amos over Eli?

A: I like it in the summertime. I like Amos' because it's creamier. Everything's got a lot more fat in it. His milk's creamier. If I drink Elis stuff in late spring and summer and fall, or early fall, I drink another gallon. With Amos' I drink four and a half gallons a week.

Q: Do you drink more or less with the cream?

A: I drink less with more cream.

Q: Which is better?

A: Well, the reason is I was starving for the cream.

Q: What does that mean?

A: I was starving for the cream.

Q: Well, you could buy the extra cream.

A: There's a taste difference.

Q: Autograph?

A: Oh, yes, certainly.

Q: Regarding the song, let me just say, I need to take this thing to a composer in Hollywood and see if she'll get in touch with us and really make a song out of it. Now, we have a potential potluck a month from today, a couple of us here earlier today, we're going to have it in their house, so we'll get their address and send out an email and all that stuff. But why don't we see if we can get this song in and figure it out. So when we get together next time, we'll be all organized, we'll have all the music and the whole deal for November 18th.

Q: When is the next pop-up for the next month?

Q: November 18th.

A: November 18th. It's Sunday. We'll have a potluck in the marina down here.

Q: So, make sure I have everybody's email address and I'll get you the song information ahead of time so we're kind of semi-rehearsed.

A: Well, I don't know. I just want somebody who can produce the music for us.

Q: Well, I know a Hollywood composer, so I'll get her in touch with you.

A: Okay, great. Okay.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: I don't remember the other one. The guy is kind of flaky, sends out his emails.

Q: So it has nothing to do with co-op or anything. It's a private food club.

A: Like hers is a private food club. I don't even know hers is a private food club. And suddenly the guy has another.

Q: Yeah, so...

Q: No place for me.

A: Pardon?

Q: No place for me.

A: You're meeting both of them. No, no, no. Ours are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. You've got meats, you've got lamb, you've got goats, you've got camel milk, you've got lamb chops, you've got lamb cubes, you've got bone, bone marrow. She gets the buffalo and Amos has his own cow with bone marrow.

Q: I believe that Amos will take any membership as long as you have a valid credit card.

A: But that's really Merrick, that UdderlyLA, it's not Amos. He clears the credit card. You don't even get charged until three days after your delivery.

Q: Mm-hmm.

A: Because they don't want you to be charged back. They don't want to worry about you. He's going to receive something... They don't charge your card until after you have the food and everything is clear.

Q: That's what I said. They won't even debit it until you pick it up.

A: So it should be two or three days later.

Q: Right.

A: But you've ordered it a week ago.

Q: Do you have any idea why Amos is [unintelligible]?

A: His grass is older, he's more [unintelligible], his grass is really high. King's isn't that high, it isn't the same grass, different grass.

Q: They live in the same vicinity, don't they?

A: Ten miles apart.

Q: Ten miles isn't much distance.

A: Doesn't [unintelligible] where grass is growing.

Q: Can't he change his grass?

A: Pardon?

Q: I should find out what Amos has got.

A: I mean, I've seen him when I was there. I mean, the cows that go into the fields when they release it, you can't even see the cows. He's got such a high grass.

Q: Wow.

A: It's phenomenal. Pardon?

Q: He's got a very high grass.

A: Whatever it is, I didn't ask.

Q: Do you know if they feed any grains to their cattle? Because everybody I've talked to that has cattle says they feed them a little grain.

A: [unintelligible]

Q: But I mean, is it okay that they're eating the grain?

A: Cows eat grain all the time. If they're out in the wild, like my cows, they graze on the jungle. And let me tell you, as soon as that seed ripens and hits them, they're sucking the seed off of the dirt. And they're put into a pasture that's not going to seed. They don't get any seed. But in the wild, seeds are being produced at all times in different plants, different grasses. Because they're not cropped. And if they're eating everything and getting no grains, that's not right. So they should get some grains. Most of them don't get two cups a day. I feed my cows two cups a day of rice. That rice, they love that rice. I don't know what it is. But I had a bull who attacked me and knocked me 20 feet. And if I had gotten a horn, I would have been dead. I got up and slugged him so hard, my horse didn't want to, and I slugged him too. And I mean, when you hit them in the jaw, their head isn't, even though they've got these big necks, they don't expect that. And it knocks them over. But when I started feeding them, I personally, and not just my workers, my helpers, I fed them personally. And I also denied one of my cows because he butted me. So I denied him the rice. They learn very quickly. Very quickly. They love that rice.

Q: Do you cook the rice before you give it to them, or do you give it to them raw?

A: I give it to them raw, of course.

Q: Raw? They can digest it.

A: Oh, absolutely.

Q: You never hear of an animal that, on its own, that eats, cooks its food before it's given to them.

Q: [unintelligible]

Q: They have an extra stomach, yeah.

A: They have two to four stomachs. They have ten and a half times more digestive tract. They have 60,000 times more enzymes to digest the cellulose molecule.

Q: What do you think of quinoa.

A: The what?

Q: Quinoa.

Q: Quinoa.

A: Quinoa?

Q: Quinoa.

A: Oh, I've never eaten it.

Q: Quinoa is a grain, and they use it for wheat.

A: I'm not for grains.

Q: It's like part protein.

A: Well, everything's part protein, but how much. Grains are like 8%, 15% of it's like, well, soybeans are like 18-20%, 22%. And that's why they use soybeans to get the protein from it. It's a very toxic protein once you've cured it in kerosene for 72 hours.

Q: What about breeding?

A: Pardon?

Q: What about breeding soybeans? Like eating them like meat?

A: Still, you can't digest them. Even if you ferment them, you're not going to digest them. You have to be a cow or a goat or a sheep. If you feed them raw, dry soybeans, even a cow or a goat, maybe a camel will be able to digest them. And an elephant, but not the other animals. You have to soak them. That's why Amos soaks his grains in milk before he gives them to his pigs and other animals. Like chicken, he germinates those grains in the milk.

Q: And that's what he's eating during the year, but not in the winter?

A: Yeah, he feeds them to them in the winter. He wants more protein. He gives them, he adds some fish meal. And the fish meal is entirely processed. You put gasoline and kerosene and break it down, plus the arsenic in it.

Q: How long does steak tartare meat without being refrigerated?

A: Pardon?

Q: We've had all this stuff out here on the counter, all this meat. How long can they be out of the cold?

A: Until they become beef jerky.

Q: And you can still eat them?

A: Yeah. I wouldn't eat them as beef jerky because there's no enzymes unless you're going to eat them with pineapple or... Honey.

Q: Yeah.

A: I don't eat beef jerky. I would if I had nothing else to eat.

Q: Emergency food.

A: Yeah. It's like the Eskimos. You make a pemmican every year, and they make a 90-pound block. If they don't eat it by springtime, they bury it. Because they know there's no enzymes in it. So it's hard to digest, it doesn't give you as much energy. It's a survival food.

Q: Better if you eat it with honey?

A: Pardon?

Q: Better if you eat it with honey?

A: Yeah, then you have some enzymes. You'll digest maybe two-thirds of it. If you don't have honey with it, you're going to digest 5%, 10%.

Q: Really?

A: Well, they eat blueberries with it, and that has that sugar in it. So it starts breaking down the meat as they're dehydrating the block. So it pre-digests it because there's sugars and certain enzymes in the blueberry.

Q: But isn't it kind of high meat, though, the pemmican? Sitting all that time?

A: To an extent, when they dehydrate it, it's still dehydrated. There's no active enzymes.

Q: But it won't have digested like meat?

A: Why do you think they don't eat it? Why do you think they'll bury it if they didn't have to eat it?

Q: Yeah.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: If you gotta do that, eat a little piece of pineapple or some honey with it. Sometimes there are certain proteins that mix some amino acids in the mix, because they won't mix with honey. And you do that. I had several patients that have to have it that way. And since they start eating some pineapple or honey, one of the others, they don't know which one they do better with. Then they get what they need in the meat as well as digest it almost instantly. But if you dry it in the jerky, you're not going to digest it.

Q: I don't dry it that way.

A: You know that deer? I packed it in different quart jars. And I kept some up until 2010. And I added olive oil, and it was perfect.

Q: Wow.

Q: Starting from when?

A: December 1999.

Q: Ten years? Ten years.

Q: And it didn't break the glass.

A: Pardon?

Q: There was no gas coming out of it?

A: No, the olive oil didn't allow anything to grow. It didn't allow oxygen to move in the meat.

Q: It didn't become high meat?

A: Just like frozen in time.

Q: Wow.

A: It tasted more acidic and a lot like olive oil. I put olive oil, I put about six ounces by volume of olive oil at first. Then I put slices of deer that were about two inches by an inch. I basted them first with the olive oil, then put them inside. And as the olive oil kind of stuck to them, the olive oil raised and coated and kept every space so no oxygen, no air could stay in there. And then I stuffed more meat up there, and I poured more olive oil in until I got just about an eighth of an inch of olive oil above the meat. And then tapped it.

Q: And kept it room temperature?

A: I kept it in a low cupboard where it was cooler, not in a high cupboard. So it was a low cupboard, but always a room temperature.

Q: Wow.

Q: You were filling much olive oil in half a cup?

A: Were you listening to what I said? It's on your tape.

Q: Does it matter if the chunks are bigger? Like I've got some I put away two years ago, but there were huge chunks instead of slicing the way you just said.

A: I don't know, I've not tried with huge chunks.

Q: Oh, okay. Well, I'll find out when I open it.

A: How old?

Q: Two years.

A: Oh, good.

Q: Well, when you first wrote that news, it was olive oil, yeah. But I put it in the fridge, but that wouldn't matter, would it?

A: No. Well, the olive oil solidifies.

Q: Oh, really?

A: Yeah. Olive oil solidifies below, what is it, 72 degrees?

Q: Oh, so maybe it's been ruined then.

A: No.

Q: Well, I'll find out. I'll have to break into it sometime.

A: I'd like to know.

Q: Huh?

A: I'd like to know.

Q: Yeah, okay.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, just get it as soon as they butcher it, so they don't freeze it. It doesn't make any difference. When I fed animals the frozen meat, they all got skin disorders. The animals that eat the same meat unfrozen got no skin disorders. So you lose 80% of your nutrients when you freeze anything.

Q: Well, it's not quite frozen.

A: If it's below freezing temperature and it's been there for a week, it's frozen.

Q: No, I've felt it. When it's frozen ground meat, they call it chilled.

A: Just find out when they butcher it. Fresh butchered. Yes.

Q: Well, if it's frozen, it would be hard, wouldn't it?

Q: The vendor, this is widely heard, and I've tried the vendor, Duncan from New Zealand. Duncan refers me back to Broadleaf, and Duncan, can you get a [unintelligible]?

A: Well, you have to just go online and search for butchers, and we'll butcher people's deer. A lot of people won't use all of it. They'll sell some of it if they can. And you just have that butcher call you when you have something fresh and ship it to you fresh. When he shot the deer, we were out in the backyard, and there was some deer out there. He shot it through the lung. And that deer, like a cat, jumped straight up and went right back and grazed it. The deer didn't even know what happened. She went grazing off, and I said, you shot that deer. So I saw the hair come off, and the deer jumped. He didn't think he hit it. And I said, well, we have to follow the tracks where the deer went. And we were like 100 feet, and it fell over. And I butchered it in three hours. Three hours wasn't bad, because we had to skin it.

Q: The brains?

A: Yeah.

Q: Chip around the skull?

A: Chip that skull open.

Q: Where was the deer? What area?

A: Nevada City.

Q: Nevada City.

Q: And then cutting all the meat and all of that?

A: No, it was three hours altogether. Three hours total. But it was hard work, and it was constant. And I was working. I had to get it done. I had to get on that. I had to get on the road.

Q: What did you do?

A: Nobody else knew how to butcher. So I had to do it all.

Q: Can you go back to that area again? Is it still good with deer?

A: I don't know.

Q: It was?

A: That was 12 years ago.

Q: It's no more popular now.

A: Pardon?

Q: It's no more popular now than it was.

A: Yeah.

Q: Well, what do you say we thank Aajonus again?


A: Yeah. You know, you can download that song. I found like 17 different versions. Some wouldn't let me download the video. And then I had to cut the MP3 off of the video. It was a process to get the tunes into just the MP3. But you can get that. Just listen to it. And it's going to be a version of it. Yeah.

Q: So we have to go.

A: Pardon?

Q: How long are you going to be here for?

A: I'm here until November 3rd.

Q: November?

A: Probably November.

Q: November 3rd.

A: November 1st will be the last appointment. I do have just a few days where I'm not looking in there. Because I only have two days here and one day there. So you're on the 9th. That's right before I go off to Chicago.

Q: So after November 3rd, when's the next time you're back for appointments?

A: It'll be January 3rd.

Q: And then for how long? A few weeks? A month?

A: I'll be back probably until April.

Q: Oh, okay. Do you have lots of appointments? Do you have any free? Lots of free? Or just a few free until November 3rd? Or November 1st?

A: I have probably about 20 of them.

Q: Oh, you do? 20? Okay. Okay.

A: Call me. 3105890589.

Q: Okay.

A: That's that old number I had. I got it back.

Q: You hit me first.

Q: And you hit me second.

Q: But you drew first.