Q&A Of September 19, 2000 (Rare)


Special Q&A at Aajonus’ place, Raw Potluck in Malibu, California

Q: When you travel, like abroad to Europe, what do you do?

A: What I do is I take it to them and tell them that this is food and that I have had radiation therapy and that passing my food through makes me nauseous. They usually want a doctor’s letter if you do not say that. If you say you have had radiation therapy it scares the hell out of them. They will do what you want. The only place I had a problem was Boston. I had a half hour, 20 minute conversation with the chief of security there. I was so upset that while talking to them I put it on the other side of the gate. I finished talking to him and said, “Here so be that way.” and picked it up and walked off. They did not even see me pass it through without checking it. Anytime if you say you have had radiation therapy, any x-rays in your life, you have had radiation therapy.

Q: Do you take bottles of milk through?

A: When I go on a trip like that, for each week I will take 2 bricks of cheese. If I am going for a month I will take at least 1 quart of honey and as much butter as I can take. I do not worry about it souring because it’s predigesting. When I went backpacking in Hawaii, I took 8 lbs of butter, 1 lb of honey mixed them together and back packed there in the heat like crazy. It started fermenting the last 4 days and it was fine all the way through.

Q: Can I take one of those blue cold packs?

A: I take an ice pack if I want my milk to stay fresh. It will stay longer.

Q: He postulates that lots of raw fats removes toxic fats from people who have clogged arteries, toxic fat in their body. Do you have any evidence of that?

A: I probably have; I do not keep records because if they catch me with medical records here at my place they will accuse me and they could present that to a jury or judge and say I am practicing medicine without a license. He has got all these medical records. I have got probably 30 clients who have gone with high cholesterol levels and have gotten blood tests and have come way down - even eating 5-10 times more fat than they normally did - with just raw. If there is anyone here who has had that test done you can see them. Is there anyone here who has had that test done and seen their cholesterol levels go down? Okay so there are a couple of people you can contact.

Q: How soon do you see the cholesterol drop?

A: I have seen it drop as early as 3 weeks. I talked with him 2 days ago. He had a 687 level, which is the highest I have ever heard, and now he is down to 187 in a month. … Some people will get beds of cholesterol, fatty deposits on the skin with different areas of the body. She had a lot under her eyes. Sometimes it takes 5-6 years to go away but it has only taken her 2 months.

Q: I have a question related to my grandson… The question is this child has genetic problems; the 4th chamber of the heart was not developed.

A: I will use a testimonial of a child who, at 6 years old, came to me. His liver was 2 ½ times its size, his heart was underdeveloped, he had diabetes, he had been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. They said within a year - at the rate he was going -he would have to have a steel rod put in his spine and he would not live beyond the age of 7. Six months later he joined the volleyball team. And he is just a normal child. His insulin intake went from 32 units to 6 units.

Q: Regarding rotten meat, if it has been previously frozen what happens?

He is asking about the system I use to get high meat, which is rotting meat, like the Eskimos: rotting it for a minimum of 3 ½ weeks up to 5 ½ to 6 months in the refrigerator. What I have been experimenting with it is to reverse cancerous conditions and reverse difficulty in people who have had a long history of psychotropic drugs. It helps reverse depression almost readily. If you eat the rotten meat it will usually reverse that immediately. People will usually get giddy and high within an hour to two hours and it starts the process right away.

His specific question was: if you cure meat or culture it from the high bacteria, if the meat has already been frozen is that a problem? It is a problem because I have not done any research on it so I do not know what kind of bacteria might form. If you want to try that experiment, I do not know if you would be able to determine whether it is good or not without a good insight as to what to look for. I can not see the direct damage except that once you have frozen meat its immediate process is to degenerate rapidly. And the bacteria that form are very specific and very few. If you begin cultivating frozen high bacteria in meat that has not been frozen, there are specific bacteria that work symbiotically to make it a nice process and a slower process. So what you might do if you age high meat is that you might put yourself into a heavier detoxification, rather than a bacteria, to help make the body’s function of detoxification and balance more level - if that makes any sense and it did to me.

Q: Are you saying that if it is frozen it might put you into a heavier detox?

A: Yes it might put you into a heavier detox. Normally the high meats are to balance you and just make you feel better. Like I said when you detox there are three methods of detoxification.

There is the solvent process.

It is a very slow process and your body has to do it purely with the foods that you eat. It takes 80 % fats, 15 % protein, and 5 % carbohydrates that will form into alcohol. We have solvents and degreasers to melt toxicity grease, even substances that we could use to melt down metal. Our bodies just make these substances. However the byproduct is just like turpentine and just as toxic. So it creates a low grade nausea in the body. It works very slowly and there is no help.

When you add virus and bacteria, which is the second method, it can eat organic tissue. It won’t eat toxic metals or plastic that is in the body but again it will work on organic matter. Like when you have colds and flus, it helps you detox very rapidly. Of course, if you have a cold or flu some people that are not on the diet may end up in bed for a few days or few weeks. But most people on this diet can still function and go through flus or colds. Maybe a spinal meningitis or meningitis may put some one in bed a few days on this diet; other than that, not. So the bacteria in the body, when the body has the bacteria and virus, can work better to facilitate those needs so your body does not have to do it with the solvents process which is slow and ultra toxic. Virus’ and bacteria’s byproducts are only half as toxic as the turpentine-like substance.

And if you have parasites, those are the best; it works five times faster and is 1/100 less toxic than the turpentine process. But like I said, you have to eat raw meat because if you do not eat raw meat you could be in danger because the parasites will eat the tissue away faster than your body can regenerate cells. Then your body may have ulcerations, gut exchange, very serious illness or death. But on this diet, of all the people who have had parasites - and the animals -, no one has had a problem. The parasites work very easily and you do not even feel like you have a flu or a cold. For 15 minutes to ½ an hour at a time you will feel that fleeting flu type sensation but basically when parasites are working with you, you do not experience much detox at all. (Is that the 80% fat diet or is that the regular diet?) It is not a diet. I am telling what happens when your body uses the solvent process to make the solvents.

Q: But you said the solvent diet is 80% fat.

A: No, that is not a diet. Your body will use 80% fats, 15 % protein, 5 % carbohydrates to make alcohol to form solvents.

Q: Which kind of meats?

A: Any kind of meat.

Q: At least how much per day?

A: It depends on a person’s size. I would say a minimum of a 1 lb per day. I eat from 1-3 lbs a day.

Q: So basically it is kind of dangerous to eat raw meat and cooked meat?

A: No. I did not say that at all. Let’s take the questions around so we do not get mixed up.

What I am saying about the frozen meats is that you have a limited number of varieties of bacteria that will be mainly for detoxification. There are other bacteria, when it has not been frozen, to make it a slower process - to let the worms get to it. Everybody else gets to it and has their share. It is a slower process in the body and it elevates the wellness and well-being of the body because the body gets the bacteria and viruses and says, “Thank God I do not have to do it all alone and be so toxic.” Usually that alone is why people get depressed - because the body is doing it all on its own. It is like you have a hell of a job, more than you could ever do in your lifetime and you have to do it all by yourself. Basically that is what causes overall depression. There are drugs that will do exactly the same thing because they destroy the virus and bacteria.

Q: I am sorry; I am not following you. You are referring to these three things with the rotten meat being toxic to you. No. I have lost the thread here.

A: The thread is that I was giving everybody a clear picture of how the body cleanses itself, through the three processes. It does it on its own with its own solvents or it does it with the help of virus, bacteria or parasites. And I use high bacteria to facilitate some bodily processes.

Q: …with rotten meat?

A: Right. He wanted to know about rotting the meat - with rotten meats - and if that was a problem and it is. 25% of the protein will be un-utilizable if it is frozen, 92% if it is cooked.

Q: Organic wine, is it permissible on the diet?

A: If you have a liver problem, you do not even want to touch it. People who have a very strong liver or have enough weight on them can get by with 2-4 oz a week. Raw un-pasteurized wine with no formaldehyde in it – that means no wines out of California.

Q: What can you do to help the lymph system?

A: It depends on what is wrong with lymph system.

Q: Let’s say it is congested and not moving very much.

A: Okay, the congestion can be from several different products that collect. If someone is not eating a lot of fats and able to keep them fluid, then it will form cholesterols and block it hard. Pineapple and coconut cream is the best way to dissolve that. If you are collecting dead cells in the lymph system, then the end product of that or the end result of that would be lymphoma. The coconut cream is also useful, olive oil and pineapple also. If there are toxic metals involved with those dead cells collecting, then they have to use berries with some coconut cream, berries with some raw cream, berries with avocado, berries with practically any fat except the meat fat.

Q: Any berries?

A: No. Strawberries less, because they are so hybrid. But raspberries, mulberries, boysenberries, blue berries, huckleberries…

Q: What does that dissolve?

A: That dissolves metal poisoning in the body.

A: Anybody who ever has any colloidal silver, liquid minerals or chelation therapy is poisoned. It is the worst alternative in the world. It is supposed to chelate with the metals. It does but it is taking metals to chelate with the metals. You cannot get them out of the body unless you are eating lots of raw fats. So what happens is it pulls them out. And what I have seen in people’s irises is that it loads up in the lymph, the bones, the connective tissue and the skin, making it a mess. Drinking colloidal silver is the worst alternative I have seen in the world. And it affects 60% of people that take it in a terrible way. You may be one of the 40% that isn’t damaged terribly, but I see everyone damaged from it… any liquid minerals. You have to remember liquid minerals are for the trees and plants to eat. That is what they live on. They live on rock and metals. They have the enzymes to break it down in the soil with the help of the soil organisms and the rain. Water destroys and melts rock. That is why we have rain. That is how the plants live. You are not rooted in the ground. When you - as a human being - eat it, you have to eat either a plant and you will get some nutrients or you have to eat the animal that eats the plant and then you get lots of nutrients.

Q: What about the clay?

A: The clay is different body.

Q: You said we get minerals from the clay?

A: Yes, but the clay has an actual amoebic body in it. It is an animal. It is a cross between an animal and dirt. A mushroom is a cross breed of an animal and a plant.

Q: Should i alternate the ingestion of soured butter and soured milk?

A: Any time you sour a dairy product, you are predigesting it. Those bacteria, like for the baby, the calf - its system is geared up to digest properly. So the milk has all of the bacteria so the cow does not have to do much. It will teach the digestive tract of the calf how to eat, how to break things down because - when the mother cuts them off - they have to depend on their own digestive tract to do everything. So anytime you are souring a dairy product, you are predigesting it; it will be easier for you to utilize. So if you need more butter - let’s say you are drier in your bones, in your joints, connective tissue, in your skin or you lymph - butter is always better for that. Milk is better for the immediate glands, the blood, the organs; it will help sooth that better. You can never drink enough cream and you can never get enough cream out right now with the situation we have to get the bones and the joints and lubricate them. The butter is about the only way with the lubrication formula, which is on the top of page 163.

Q: What about olive oil?

A: All your pressed oils… you are asking questions when you shouldn’t be, because every body has not gone around, but that is such a good question I will answer it anyway. The cold pressed oils, as I said, some 90 % are always used for detoxification. They do not soothe or lubricate the body. The body uses 90% or more of that in solvent reaction. It is just like that general in Russia during WW I who wrote in his diary: “My men’s hair and skin stayed supple and brilliant as long as we had our dairy.” And at that time in WW I there was no pasteurization in Russia. He said, “As soon as we had to rely on cold pressed oils like olive oil within 3 months their hair and skin dried out.”

Q: Questions related to supplements. [question inaudible]

Supplements are 2-12% utilizable. That means they are 88-98 % toxic. If you are a plant, you can utilize them 100%. Once you take the bioactivity out of food and you isolate those nutrients, they are no longer utilizable in the human body. Brewer’s yeast would be fine but they always process it. If you have a brewer’s yeast that is growing and take it, you will get some vitamins, b-vitamins. However that is for a body that normally eats a lot of carbohydrates and those are herbivores. We are basically carnivores, not herbivores. Yeasts grow on sugar. The human body does not process sugar properly. That is verifiable by tests done at NYU Medical Center that did research on AGE - Advanced Glycation End Products. When you eat a carbohydrate, most of it turns into glycogen. Once you have utilized the glycogen as fuel, the body creates byproduct just like byproducts from burning fuel in our cars. We have carbon monoxide that results. That is only one of the toxins but it is a pretty terrific one. The AGE products store in a healthy body at a rate of 70% and in an unhealthy body at a rate of 90%. That means whenever you eat a carbohydrate, whether it is fresh fruit or a cooked starch, you are storing 70% of that as toxicity. That is the strongest argument I have ever heard against us being grain, potato, vegetable eaters. When that collects in the body like over a 30-50 year period, it starts acting like Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola will dissolve metal. It will even dissolve rust.

Q: Who did those tests?

A: New York University Medical Center. I saw the tests about 3 years ago, the results from the tests. When they were done and completed, I got them from Elnora Van Winkle who was a biochemist for 42 years in that department. She’s on the diet. Just put a search out for Elnora Van Winkle on the Internet and you will find her and you can email her about AGE products and she will be able to point you to what dates those were done. [note from Jim: she retired soon thereafter and is now deceased.]

Q: How much fruit can we have?

A: That depends on how well your pancreas is working. If the pancreas does not make good insulin or doesn’t work like mine: I’m diabetic but I do not shoot up anymore but I still keep my fruit intake at 1 piece every 2-3 days. If your pancreas is working fine and developing good insulin, I recommend having a piece of fruit once a day - usually no more than that. If you are eating a cooked starch, you can compound the toxicity from the AGE [advanced glycation end-] products, because it will form a lot more.

Q: … related to the different digestive tracts and the structure of a human versus an omnivore.

A: Herbivores and - what we are basically -carnivores. We have a digestive tract about 2 ½ times longer than an herbivore. They have 1-3 stomachs more than we do. They chew their food, they swallow, they regurgitate it after they mix enzymes to break the cellulose down; they regurgitate and re-chew it sometimes 5 times before they finally let it pass through. Plus that pulp passes through 48 hours in their digestive tracks. It goes through us in 24 hours. We have 60,000 times less enzymes to disassemble the cellulose and get the protein and the fats from the cellulose. So basically we exhaust our system and do not get much from whole vegetables. Cats and dogs and other types of carnivores have 15 times the HCL we have in the stomach. They dissolve it all right there. Our digestive tracts are 3 times longer than theirs. But we secret the same amount of HCL. We just do it in different chambers throughout the small intestines. We do the same as they do just on a slower basis. Also the dogs and cats do not have very powerful adrenal glands so they have to hunt and chase their prey, knock them around to get the adrenaline flushed in there or they will not be able to hunt the next time. We do not have to do that and that is part of the process of the high bacterial content of us moving the meat through a little slower - 16 hours as opposed to 3 hours. A dog and a cat, if you feed them raw meat, can break that totally down in 3 hours and it will pass through in 10 hours completely in their system. We have an entirely different process of doing that but we do it well.

Q: Is there anything we can do about the smell?

A: That is a rough one. People will stink on this diet just like any other diet. It is just when you are on this diet people have a tendency to not feel like bathing like all other animals. If you want to not stink you just have to bathe everyday. I only bathe once every 5-6 days and I get pretty ripe sometimes.

Q: What about toothpaste?

A: The toothpaste I use when I brush my teeth is raw cream of milk and if you get a little abrasive… A lot of you will produce a lot of plaque because of those AGE [advance products binding with minerals discharging out your teeth and gums. That is not a sign of ill health by your body doing that. It is a good sign that your body is rejecting all that toxic mineral build up in your bones and jowl area. Expect the plaque to continue. I still have it. I do not have it like I used to. My teeth are just coated it takes 4-6 days to get a coat. But it brushes off now where I used to have to have it cut away by the dentist but I do not have to go to a dentist to have that deep rooted cleansing because just the raw cream and the raw milk work and if I want to use a little bit of the Aztec clay to polish them a little bit more or to help break down the plaguing, that is helpful.

People who have strong body odor I notice that my younger people who range from very young, like 6-7 to their 30’s, grew up on McDonalds, pizza, microwave food, all kinds of garbage. They all smell like a bad pizza joint and they get really strong. There is really nothing that can be done about it except eating a lemonade, or limeade with ginger root in it and that will help subdue it but it will also cause some other glandular detoxifications. So it might be better to enjoy your odor rather than go through some of those detoxifications. What you can do is take lemon or lime peels and take the rinds, the white peel inside the pith, not the lining that holds the juice fibers in there, the sacks. Peel that away but keep the white pith and keep the rind. Break it up into small pieces or dice it. Let it sit on a plate in the hot sun for a month or two until is gets crisp or hard. Then put it in one of those blender jars and blend it into a powder. Then take a cosmetic brush and brush it on under your arms. The white pith will absorb the odors and the rinds will produce oils which will give you that fragrance. It seems to reduce the odors by 50-80%.

Q: Is it better not to bathe?

A: I would say whenever you shower in this city water you have 292 chemicals and fluoride in addition to the other bi-products of fluoride - 292 chemicals in that water. You know that you are going to destroy a lot of healthy stuff on your skin. When I was living in Venice and the LA area, I put skim milk in my bath. I suck off the cream. I was not going to waste that. I would then put ¼ cup of raw apple cider vinegar which pretty well neutralized the toxins in that water. I refused to take a shower even with a filter because the filter only eliminates 60% of it. Even at 60% you still get 80 some, 90 some chemicals. So taking a bath will take certain bacteria off the body, certain oils out of the body that will protect that skin. If you have to take a bath because you are going to lose your job if you don’t, then take a bath. Take a bath and not a shower.

Q: What about using crystal deodorant sticks?

A: They will damage the skin because it is putting a toxic mineral on there. It is still a mineral and it will cause rashes in a lot of people and it will cause a certain absorption of the poisons that you are supposed to be eliminating out of those pores and it will attach it back to the skin. If you are using the lemon or lime rinds and pith, it will actually absorb it and then you can not reabsorb that. It is too large because when you powder it; it is still not large enough to be absorbed. That stone melts. Q. What about regular powders?

A: Any of those regular powders are completely metals, aluminum and all kinds of poisons.

Q: If we are using a razor to shave with, does the metal get into the skin?

You would have to be using coconut cream as your lubricant when you shave and it would have to be on the blade for about 10 minutes. When I shave I use a whole egg, whip it with my finger and leave it very slimy and mucousy and put it on the skin and then shave. I get the razor and shave with that and never cut myself. When I finish, I put the whole egg on again and let it dry and it is a good facial.

Q: Do I have to use something on my skin when I shave?

A: No you do not have to. If you can handle it, that is fine. I cut the hell out of myself if I do not use something. But if you do not have to then you are so lucky.

Q: Can you talk about storing things?

A: Plastic bags are okay. Saran wrap is atrocious. They put a powder on it to keep it sticking to the roll. And that gets in your food and that powder is poisonous. Plastic bags are okay. There is an anti-sticking device on it but it is part of the actual plastic. It is better not to leave foods that are going to be caustic like pineapple, any fruit in a plastic bag even a zip lock. Put it in canning jars. The canning jars to get are Ball - for the lids. The lids in the Ball jars are enameled and they have a red rubber ring around the inside. The Kerr have just the metal with a gray matter that will melt by the solution of any food and will get into your food. So the metals get right into your food. So get the Ball jars with the Ball lids. Or if you get the Kerr jars just throw away the Kerr lids but that is a waste and we need to discourage Kerr from putting out that stuff anyway. Mostly Ralphs carries Ball jars. Vons carries Kerr.

Q: I can smell the metal of those Kerr tops.

A: Well, if it gets on the outside of the lip where you are drinking it, yes it can hurt you. What I do is I have my lids, they get washed immediately and dried immediately. Because on the inside of that, they are just like the other lids. They are not enameled. There are new fancy ones that are not but if you screw them too tight it will crack the enamel and then the you get the same metal stuff and enamel in your food. When the outer lid gets damaged I just throw it away and get a new one. And you can get boxes of the lids. Get it when it starts dissolving the metal.

Q: Question about the use of almonds, sesame oil and cinnamon.

A: The more I use them, the more difficulty I find people have digesting them. Almonds also for some reason have more enzyme suppressants in them: enzyme inhibitors which prevent the utilization of protein, to be more accurate.

The sesame oil can not be pressed under 167 degrees. And they usually do it at 178 and that is much too high. Even the Spectrum oil. The only oil that is under 96 degrees is the olive and the peanut. (Now even the Peanut oil is being heated up to 125 degrees.) Anytime you do not see it light yellow, the heat is too high. Whenever you see the peanut oil darker than an amber color, it’s too hot. If it is yellow it’s fine.

Q: And the flax seed oil?

A: It’s fine. It’s never heated above 92 degrees.

Q: Cinnamon?

A: I have never seen cinnamon that has not been cured with chlorine or strychnine. Cinnamon is normally black. But to sell it as a product they like to bleach it out and lighten it to a red. So that is your problem there. If you can get black cinnamon, terrific.

Q: In the book you recommend peanut oil the night before you go out into the sun. Is that any good any more?

A: That is no good any more.

Q: Olive oil?

A: Olive oil will cause you to magnify the sun and burn it. It is better not to use anything, to get in and out of the sun in 20-30 minute bouts to break your skin in. If you are on this diet, your body is going to do better without the peanut oil. Some people are so afraid of the sun that they would rather use something to make them feel better. Usually nothing is always preferable.

Q: James S. gives dissertation on oils.

A: There are a lot of people out there who think that anybody is so pure. They are fanatic nutcases. They think that just because of that, they can tell us lies and it happens. Jojoba oil does not break down the way an olive does because it is soft. So they have to use a metal hydraulic press. If they spend $100,000 to $110,000 on their machine, I will believe it because then they will have a radiator system going through it to cool it down when it is pressing. The only machine that I know that does that is peanut. The jojoba bean is so hard, incredibly hard. The pressure to get that to drop is like a 186 degree minimum. So somebody is lying heavily.

Q: [Long question .. unheard - arthritic like symptoms and ectopic pregnancy]

A: What she is asking is that for 20 years she is having arthritic like symptoms. It is traveling from joint to joint. The doctors who labeled this called it “writers arthritis”. So it is a traveling arthritis. It is another crock that the medical profession puts out so they do not have to point the finger at drugs. What happens is that she had an ectopic pregnancy and had a surgery for that. They cut the tube out. When they do that, they usually use an antiseptic and it is usually iodine. And iodine in the body is a very toxic substance. It will burn your skin. When it comes through, it can cause a burn this large and you may spontaneously combust as though you have had sulpher drugs. Sulpher drugs will cause that – people do spontaneously combust. One woman after taking it 25 years sat in her trailer one day and went up in flames. It burned 2/3rds of her body. The body has funny symptoms when those chemicals all of the sudden touch the oxygen and have a reaction. Iodine is one of those that they use in conjunction with catgut as a gauze to seal that area so they don’t hemorrhage when they do a large topical surgery like that. Rather than taking the two parts and sewing them together, they just lay something over it until the skin builds up underneath. And they try to limit bacteria so they put an antiseptic there. That gets into the system and can cause systemic breakdown because iodine is a mineral and it will break down joints and it will cause virus and bacteria to form and feed on the degenerative tissue that has been damaged by the iodine or whatever compound they use. And of course you will have “traveler arthritis”. Barium can do that. So having one of those upper or lower GI’s, you take the barium. … MRI. When you are taking that radioactive dye, it goes to the brain and that can create a systemic arthritis. There are a lot of things that are bi-products of the doctors, and medical profession. Probably 90% of the problems are due to the reactions of doctor’s chemicals. ..

Q:. [inaudible question]

A: You are doing the diet and you are handling it so at least you know you have the nutrients to bind with the iodine as it is being thrust in the system so it does not lodge in the joints again. And the damage that has already been done in the joints - you will have detoxification of the areas and then healing.

Q: In the summer I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and the symptoms like my stomach will get…

A: When you were diagnosed with the Crohn’s disease did you have an upper and lower GI?

Q: Yes

A: So did you take the barium?

Q: Well I am still on medication that they have given me – prednisone. They are getting me off the prednisone…

A: Prednisone is most likely causing a tremendous amount of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in children who are given it. Also many girls who have received the prednisone have developed beards in their teenage years and also other male system hormones go haywire. The Crohn’s disease is mainly that you do not have enough mucus in your intestines. So your body is trying to digest itself.

Q: So what can I do?

A: Lots of eggs. Lots and lots of eggs. Lots of eggs. Lots of eggs. You have it with eggs and milk but you need eggs by themselves. And fresh aloe juice. I would down 10-12 a day if I were you. I would concentrate on that for about a 5 to 6 week period. Also eat some meat and milk. All of it raw. … Raw eggs will be the best and smoothies are wonderful. I am not going to ever advise anyone of their children of taking drugs but I would never do it. I would never allow my child to take prednisone and if I were the child I would never take it. It would go down the toilet or be buried in the back yard. It would never get in my body. And if I had to sneak down into my closet to drink down 4 eggs a day I would do it. And it would get rid of it pretty quickly. You never want to refrigerate it.

Q: For some people you never suggest more than 2 eggs at a time?

A: That all depends on the individual. For her, I would never suggest having more than 2 at a time.

Q: Why do you not refrigerate your eggs?

A: Because you will destroy the vitamins and enzymes in your eggs and you will assimilate and absorb less and less protein. When you leave them out, they grow bacteria in them. I will leave some out in the sun and rot them till they are old and stinky. They taste like a rotten Easter egg. It doesn’t hurt at all but the smell is horrendous. But you know the Chinese have the century old egg which they rot from 5 to 25 years. They rot them buried in clay. They can be from anywhere from $25-$100-$1000 an egg. Old Chinese men who are 80-90 years old will pay $ 1,000 for black eggs that are rotten to the core and they will go out and screw 30 times in a night for up to 5-6 months. It is worth it for them.

Q: We now know why you eat those eggs.

A: It leads to vitality, to good feeling. All that good stuff. …

Q: How did you find all this out?

A: Experimentation and laboratory tests.

Q: I have heard that several women on the diet who were post menopausal are now not.

A: Yes. I would say about 60 % of women who were post menopausal went on the diet, reversed it and went back to having periods.

Q: What can menopausal women do for the hot flashes?

A: You want the hot flashes. It is a sign that your body is lowering bacterial levels to regenerate cells. Bacteria do not survive at high temperatures. So whenever you go into a fever like the doctors tell you, you are already getting rid of the bacteria levels. And that means you are going into regenerating cells. Body heat, high body temperature lowers bacterial levels. Bacteria can not survive at high temperatures.

Q: Aloe vera juice. I heard that there is not much aloe vera in those commercial juices.

A: I am not talking about those commercial juices. There is one that you get refrigerated. The brand name is ? It is perfectly fresh and it is done a few days before. It is scraped, not juiced – it is very thick like mucus or gelatin.

Q: Can you juice Aloe vera leaves?

A: No. What you do is scrape them. Peel them and then scrape them out with a spoon. The green peel has a poison for most people. It will cause a tendency for liver cramping in some people.

Q: Would it thin my blood out too much to have the aloe vera?

A: She is asking if having the aloe vera would thin her blood out too much because she is having a problem with bleeding. It is not a constant bleed as it was before she came on the diet but there is still a little bit of discharge, and membrane and a little bit of spotting. She is wondering if taking the aloe vera juice will cause more bleeding. It is possible if you get the green in it, any of the peel. And it could cause more bleeding so you just take the gel out of the inside. …

Q: Is aloe vera good for everybody?

A: Well, that would be good for a chemical reaction that is causing the bleeding. Let’s say iodine was causing the burning in her body, causing hemorrhaging inside the cells or extracellularly in the system somewhere. You want to stop the bleeding. It would all depend on the individual. It would probably help that because the iodine would be burning the tissue and aloe vera is great for reversing that. Minimizing the damage of a burn whether it be chemical or heat.

Q: What kind of diet do you propose for a women having menopause?

A: Eat no starch, eat no fruit, eat lots of vegetable juice, vegetable salads at night. Maybe once or twice a week, lots of protein and lots of meat and lots of eggs… cheese and berries. …cream if you can get it, to relax the body and just enjoy those heat waves.

Q: What if you can’t eat the dairy products? I can’t drink the raw milk.

A: What reaction do you have from the raw milk.

Q: I get terrible headaches.

A: Have you tried to let it sit out and sour? Maybe you just do not have the enzymes to digest it cold and the proteins are allergic to it because they do not digest them. They get past the duodenum without being broken down. Goat’s milk does not have as much casein; that particular protein in it is the one that is hard to break down if you drink it cold, when you try to drink it cold.

Q: You just talked about lowering the bacterial levels for hot flashes.

A: I did not talk about lowering it. I said your body is naturally lowering it.

Q: So why would you want to lower the bacterial level if you are trying to get bacteria in your body?

A: Let’s say your body has had a particular bacteria detoxification and your body wants to stop it or slow it down. You can introduce other bacteria that it won’t affect. A temperature by itself does not mean it is going to destroy all bacteria. When your body produces a fever, it will do it with chemical reactions to reduce a certain family of bacteria, not all of them. If you take a hot bath, like a 109 degree Jacuzzi for a half an hour, you are likely to destroy all your bacteria and you can count on some depression following for at least the next two weeks. So you need to keep your Jacuzzi down to 102 degrees and stay in it for no more than 10-15 minutes at a time.

Q: I have some really heavy callouses on the balls of my feet. What can I do to get rid of them?

A: You can put pineapple juice directly on it and rub it in. You can put olive oil on it to help dissolve it. You can put ginger on it, juice it or just slice it and rub it on. All of those will help break it down.

Q: I am curious about exchange of bodily fluids.

A: You mean you swallow?

Q: Maybe

A: This is a very touchy subject and you have to have some pretty considerate men around. You have to remember that a lot of poison stores in the glands and the testes are glands. 60-80% fat. They collect toxicity like crazy. So almost every mans ejaculation is going to be toxic, even mine - because of all the injections I had when I was 10 years old. I still see them in the irises. They are still there. I still feel them come out. They still cause rashes in my testes and scrotum area. So I do not ejaculate into a woman unless she is on her period and it is washing it out with the blood. I refuse to do it because it can cause all kinds of yeast problems. It can cause problems with the sperm penetrating because you know what sperm do, they penetrate cells. And when a woman’s mucus is not good and strong, those fibers are not long, it can go right into the uterus walls and create all kinds of infections... all kinds of yeast and bacterial infections. So a considerate man these days will not ejaculate unless he is wearing a condom. Then we have all that toxicity from the latex going into the women too. So it is better to be a man and to pull when you’re going to ejaculate. Do it on the stomach. If your sperm is as toxic as mine is, you wipe it off with in 3 minutes.

Q: What about saliva?

A: Saliva... There are times if your breath is really bad that you are detoxing through your salivary glands. If your breath is bad do not swap saliva.

Q: What about a man that is …?

A: … very different because the fluid your are not producing sperm that will carry a lot of toxins in it. Can’t say that I have known a few men who have had vasectomies and one was a policeman. He became a much nicer and sensitive guy because overall he was a real asshole so it was good for him.

Q: What about a man giving cunnilingus?

A: Oh no, that is very toxic. He should not be licking people. He shouldn’t lick around the clitoris.

Q: So will ejaculating help reduce our toxicity?

A: YES. It may take 40 years to get that toxicity out of the body. Let’s say a woman swallows sperm. Usually there is enough fat that it will not cause a problem. The problem is in the vaginal cavity where the sperm is penetrating cells and trying to bore into cells that are not an ovum. …

It all depends on how many drugs you have had, how much toxicity is in those cells and how damaged those cells are. If the cells are really degenerated, it’s a normal thing to get rid of them because it could shorten your life. Maybe get rid of those cells so they do not regenerate. And if you are eating enough raw meat, you are going to be replacing the cells to keep up with it. But you have to be 100 % on the diet. You can’t go screwing around. …

Q: I have a question about having silver mercury fillings removed. I have got about 14 of them that I would like to get taken out. I have a question about using Novocain. How long I should be on the diet before I do it? Is it best to do it gradually or have it all done in one shot?

A: The question was: she has about 14 amalgam fillings that have silver and mercury in them. She wants advice about getting the silver and Mercury out. Mercury is highly toxic.

A: the Cancer control convention there were several dentists who were speaking about how the mercury was still active and creating vapors and causing all kind of glandular problems that caused other systemic problems that caused cancer. All of them unanimously agreed that you should have your amalgams removed. I had mine removed in 1978. I did not use any Novocain. I had some fresh leaves of marijuana. I chewed them until I got a little high. I had them drill 4 hours one day and 4 hours the next morning and I had no Novocain. The problem when they are drilling is the heat. When that drill bit gets hot that causes the pain. So you just tap the dentist and say “that thing is getting hot”. You let them pull it out and cool it. If they have the new sand blasters, no pain ever, no heat… Some doctors say you can not take amalgams out unless you have a sand blaster. You have to drill that out and then clean that out with the sandblaster. But like I say, you can clean it out without having Novocain which will cause you years of detoxification… It still should come out.

Q: Some people that I know who were having it replaced were more allergic to the replacement than the metal.

A: No, they were probably having a reaction to the immediate detoxification. Your dentist was not perfect about collecting all the dust and the vapors; you inhaling it and the toxicity from that could cause you to become chronically fatigued for 2 years or more… 8 years I have seen sometimes. So you have to have a doctor who knows how to put a certain kind of thing in the mouth so you breath through the nose so it takes all those vapors out. A rubber dam. They have new drills that emit pulsations of sand. Really like fine sand. It will just open up the decaying areas. There are lots of dentists around. The PPFN [note from Jim: I have no idea what he is referring to] in La Jolla has a list of them. Get the list and call them.

To finish answering your question, was it good to have the silver fillings taken out all at once or a little at a time. That all depends on who your dentist is. I had all mine done in a two day period. All the lower ones done one day. And the upper ones done the next day.

Q: What about materials?

A: You need to have a test done for bio-allergies. There are particular kinds of plastics and porcelains that can be put in there and replaced. So you have to have a bio-sensitivity test to see which compounds are good for you. Gold is fine for most people but for some people it is not.

Let me make sure I’ve got this right. She said she was hospitalized a year ago. She had some medication which she is allergic to that created some problems. Since she has had that medication she has had severe back pain and leg pain. She was in the hospital for 3 weeks and they tried to tell her she had been lying in the bed too long. She broke her back 12 years ago. She has had all kinds of barium tests, lots of x-rays, two metal plates in her back; she has metal pins in her feet and legs. She is basically a walking belt of radiation so nobody should lie near her. In a situation like that, it takes a lot of time to get rid of that radiation and there will be lots of sensitivity and pain for a long time.

Q: How long will it take to get rid of radiation?

A: Lots of minerals that are radioactively associated… Lets say minerals that are not normally radioactive but you get them near a radioactive compound and all of a sudden they becomes radioactive by association. Iit may have a have a shorter life. It may not have a 25 or 50 year life. It may have a 10 month to 5 year life but it is still radioactive. Anytime you have radioactive material in your body, you cannot heal because you can’t regenerate cells. So the only thing you can do is detoxify. That means you get weaker, weaker, weaker and weaker. Basically that is what she has gone through. You are not regenerating cells. You are just deteriorating more and more.

Q: Until we go on this diet?

Q: …You can reverse it?

A: I would not say right now. I would wait until you get healthier and stronger. A couple of years down the line I would do it. But you need to get to a point where you are regenerating cells. Take those plates out now and your body would be defusing those plates. You would be weak in that area, and dissolve your whole vertebrate.

... People who are not on this diet have very dangerous levels of bacteria because their body is so confused that it does not have what it needs to do properly.

Q: So what I am asking is what bacteria goes high for?

A: It goes high to get rid of degenerative tissue or make the symbiotic process of a certain function of the body stabilize. Your body is full of bacteria at all times. Just some will grow to a disproportionate level for a certain activity. It is usually detoxification or regeneration. We need that bacteria to regenerate, especially in the intestines.

Q: [inaudible question]

Psyillium seed is a horrible thing. It will pull fats out of your blood and your intestinal tract. If you want to have some good bowel movements, get clabbered milk and let it sit until it starts getting thick. Get an enema bulb syringe and get on all fours and bark like a dog. You insert it into your rectum and implant the clabbered milk. Get down on your face with your hands on the floor with your buttocks in the air and roll your stomach like a belly dancer for 3-4 minutes. Then lie on your right side and roll your stomach again for 4-5 minutes to get the clabbered milk all around the intestinal tract, up the ascending colon, the transverse, and down the descending colon. What that will do is provide nutrients for the E-coli and other bacteria that make feces. That will sponge out fecal matter to help it move properly. If you do not have the proper bacteria in your intestine -which is supposed to be 3-5 lbs - you get constipated and produce fecal matter which is the size of marbles, which is like granite and will rip you to pieces when it goes out. The bacteria feed on that and sponge it out. Now, if you are highly toxic and discharging poisons, that will destroy the E-coli, salmonella and C Bacteria. If they do not have something to feed on, they will die. Or they will not go feed on it, so then you have this constipation. So insert and implant the clabbered milk in there.

Q: What is clabbered milk?

A: It is where you let it sit out until it gets thick at room temperature like kefir. And then the bacteria will feed on that and sponge it out. Then the matter that it can’t feed on will be at the beginning of the fecal matter or in the middle with the spongy stuff.

Q: Is drinking clabbered milk helpful for that same thing?

It is helpful but it will not go in there directly if you are throwing toxins into the colon.

…The sugars for some reason – the radioactive minerals love high sugars. Grapefruit is a very low sugar, acid, citric acid. The fruit with the highest propensity to attach to the radioactive materials is the orange. Avocado is great for binding, coupling with that particular sugar acid, and that radioactive material. Avocado is great to arrest it and take it to the bowels. Hopefully it will get to your bowels. Most of the time it does.

Q: What are the benefits of drinking the green juice?

A: To keep you from getting dehydrated for one; there is lots of sodium in it. It alkalizes the blood so you can eat the meat. If you can’t, you will get so acidic that you will be repulsed by all meats, especially red meat. You can eat fish to help that. Fish is still acid but there is a high mineral balance and it will help neutralize… The high mineral balance in the fish when you are eating it with the red meat helps neutralize some of the ill acidity that might be created when the blood is overly acidic. But it takes the juice to alkalinize the blood, so you continue to have an appetite. The green juice has so many reasons, so many functions. The green juice, for one, has lots of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. It is basically your supplement - the only bioactive supplement. When you take 2-3 cups a day, that is enough to take care of all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals that have deteriorated from the food not being right off the ground and right out of the butcher block. That will replace all the enzymes missing because your food is not as fresh. 1-2 extra cups a day will help revitalize and replenish and restore those leached from every time you have eaten cooked foods in your lifetime. Your pancreas has to send out hormones to every cell of the body and say give up what you have because we have to rob Peter to pay Paul. So basically your body is leaching from itself and is getting weaker and weaker every day by every time you have a cooked meal. So eating extra vegetable juice helps restore some of what leached out through the years. It takes many cups of juice everyday to restore. I am still doing it and I am going on 24 years on raw meat and almost 18 years of eating raw meat on a daily basis. And I still have to have the juice. I may be a little different because I had all the chemo and radiation so that may be a problem that causes me to need it even more but I think most people will need it through the 40 year process. At the end of that time it may be like any dog or cat. You go out and chew on few blades of grass and that is all the alkalinity that you need. That is it. But right now you need a lot.

Q: Is it okay if every day we eat rotten meat?

A: I would say no, because I have not done it and I have not even experimented with it. If you want to try it, and what happens, go ahead. I have eaten it at the most twice a week. For those people who need it, it is fine, but I have not played with it more than that - every week for a certain period of time. It is individual.

Q: Not rotting it for 3 weeks to a month but just 7 days in the refrigerator.

A: If you are just doing that - that is not high meat he is talking about.

Q: If meat is 4-5 days old and it is starting to get stinky can you eat that?

A: Absolutely. You can eat it all the time if you want. When I am talking about the high meat, I am talking about a minimum of 3 ½ weeks rotting.

Q: Is that in the refrigerator?

A: So what I do is take the meat and I chop it up in amounts and put it in… [Tape ran out; we missed a segment while changing tape.]

[Aajonus is now talking about why he is having certain people take high meat and certain people eat moldy berries…] … So for weeks you take the berries. It depends on the condition. What I suggest for you is that you can do it up to about 6 months. For others 9 months and then take off for 6 months. The meat you could continue to do year round. For certain people I might suggest it, if they start going into a detox. What he asked was why I have certain people take high meat and moldy berries. The moldy berries get rid of antibiotic mutant molds and vaccine mutant antibodies that are produced. In the book I said that people could take half a cup of that moldy berry juice once every year and half. But for some people it will cause chronic fatigue for up to a year. But since the publication of the book I have been trying a different tactic on it, taking 3 moldy berries a week and doing it for a long period of time - from 6-9 months - depending on the person.

Q: How do you prepare them? – Moldy berries.

You take the berries fresh. Rinse them off in water. As soon as you put water on them they will start to mold. In about 3 days you’ve got some good hair on them. You always keep them in a glass container. You always want twice as much air in them as you have meat or berries in your jar. Cap that. Then every week take them out. Give them some air and take 3 berries and eat them. You have to wait 3 to 3 ½ weeks to start the process though. Every week, once a week - 3 berries. For some people I have them wait 10 weeks minimum before starting them but if I get into that detail here we will be here all night.

A: What she asked was if it works as well as the way in the book but without the fatigue. Yes it does and it will eliminate them in the same amount of time. I have never met a person who got fatigued on me for more than an hour to 24 hours and only 1 time out of a couple from taking the moldy berries. So it is quite successful.

A: (re-stating a question) She asked: is my recommendation that you only eat the high meat once a week?

Normally yes. Some people who have taken psychotropic drugs, I will have them take it 2-3 times a week. Also for people who are on airplanes for extended periods of time; the radiation - even though it is natural - is a high level and will destroy the bacteria in the body. I have them take it 2-3 times a week to replace it. One woman producer - the company is in Germany, so she files back and forth sometimes twice a week from Europe - she gets depressed. She has been on the diet 10-11 years and has had no problem with it. Now all of the sudden she is having it because of these flights. And let me tell you this is a woman who would not do anything out of the ordinary because the whole diet was out of the ordinary anyway. So I said, “well the only thing I can suggest is rotten stinky meat.” She said, “I do not want to talk to about that” and hung up on me. She called me back an hour later in severe depression and asked “what do I have to do; you said I have to rot the meat for 3 weeks and I cannot wait that long”. I said okay. Well, I have some here I will sell it to you. It is expensive because there is a lot I have to do to it. Take it out twice a week. She said, “I do not want to do that so I will pay you.” I said okay so I had a couple of people take it and drop it off. She took the amount I told her to. I tell people to take a large marble sized amount. They can cut it up into pill sized pieces and wash it down with some milk and you will put a swimmers clip on your nose and do it out side because it stinks like hell and it will stink your house up for days. And whenever you put the air in it you do it out doors. Anyway she ate this marble sized amount. I got a call an hour later; I knew she was going to call. “I just took it. I need some support. Call me. I do not know what is going to happen. I am getting really silly. It is making me happy. I do not know what is going on. I do not know if this is good or bad.” So I just let her go through the whole night and she was happy. The next day she did not go back into the depression. Each time she’s on that plane and comes back within a few days she is in that depression again.

[Q. inaudible question]

A: It is all plugging you up and it is all toxic. Even though it is Standard Process it is only 2-12% utilizable unless you are a plant. The virus, the bacteria, and the parasites they are using for all diseases are simply the symptoms. If you find a dead carcass down there you find the worms and the bacteria, the crows, and everybody else eating them. They are not the cause of it. They are the symptom. They are there to clean it up. So the decay that is going on in the body is not the problem. What causes the decay? Not the virus and bacteria and the parasites and the molds that are eating that degenerative tissue. … Do it in your dream state. I can not convince you. Talk to some people around here to see what they are experiencing. I am a poor example so do not ask me. I was supposed to be dead 33 years ago of stomach, blood and bone cancer, lymphoma, diabetes, psoriasis, angina pectoris, and bursitis. I do not suffer with any of them any more. I mean I go and have my detoxification symptoms. It takes 40 years to go from ill health to optimum health. So there is no magic bullet in this diet. What this diet will assure that you will do is that you will detoxify properly and you will heal properly. Rome was not built in a day. But to tear down Rome it takes twice as long as to rebuild it. So that you will have to decide for yourself. Your own mediation. Your own dream state. … I was just at the cancer control convention last weekend. And they invited me and I am no doctor and I am at the doctor’s symposium. This is only for doctors and they invited me up there. I was saying, “You guys do no harm. You guys are butchering and burning people and poisoning people. That is doing harm. The virus, bacteria and the parasites you find in these diseases are not the cause. They are just the symptom and that is eating the bad food and the environment pollution.” A lot of them got up there and said you’re right. A lot of them directed it right to me. But these were supposedly alternative doctors who would use a little bit of the allopathic system to do something on the new age system.

If you’re eating tough meats…

You have to eat it just like that. It is good exercise for your teeth. The Italians and other tribes slice it lunch meat thin and it will just tear to pieces. Then grind it. I put it in a food processor. I will slice it in slices. Then put it in a food processor and pulsate it. Just leave it on for 30 seconds and you are going to have minced meat. It will be like a pate. I do not care for it like that unless it is liver with onions. But if it is regular meat I like it a little bit chunkier so I will pulsate it for maybe 15 seconds. …

A: (re-stating her question) She asked: putting the vinegar in the milk, do I put one in the bath or both in the bath? And does the vinegar or the milk neutralize the toxins and the chemicals in the water?

They both do it. The minerals in the milk and proteins absorb these poisons, keeping them from being absorbed into your body. The vinegar helps make the bath nice and acid so your skin feels better.

Q: How much?

A: One quarter to half a cup per bath, of the vinegar.

Q: Is more better?

A: No, because if you put too much vinegar you will stink like a pickle. So it depends on how large your bath is. If you have a big 12 foot bath then I would put half a cup. If you have a small modern bath then I would use a quarter of a cup. Milk-wise, minimum of a cup and I use about 3 cups every time I get in. Because I will drink about 6 oz to a cup to make sure I got all the cream and some of the milk. When I am taking the straw and sucking some of it off the top. Then I use the rest of it in my bath unless I am making cottage cheese.

Q: Will Homogenized milk work?

A: No you can not get raw homogenized milk. Just raw milk.

Q: You put the vinegar in the milk?

A: No, you put the vinegar in the water and the milk in the water.

Q: What about salt in your bath?

A: You can also put some sun dried salt in your bath if you want to.

Q: 1-2 tbsp?

A: Well, some people have a lot of bacteria on their skin that causes them to detox too fast. And to stop the acne, I tell them to put it in there. Also, some people need some salt but if they take it through their digestive tract, it destroys their natural bacteria. So the best way to absorb it is through the skin.

Q: It is in a health food store and it is not called Sea Salt it is sun dried salt.

A: There is a French one and a New Zealand one. Sometimes it is very dirty and looks like gray sand. Celtic salt is one of them. If they are kiln dried and not sun dried, it is not acceptable. Epsom salts is a chemical blend that can dissolve your skin. Of course they will extract out of your system but just like distilled water they will extract too much.

Q: It heals faster when I soak my finger.

A: Absolutely, but what does it pull out with it? It is an immediate remedy but the long-term effects may not be as good.

Basically, what it does is break down the skin and deadens the nerves so you do not feel the whole experience.

… Are you mostly drinking your 4 cups of juice a day? Yes mostly do it. For a system like yours that is that thin you are going to get acid very quickly because your system is basically anorexic. That means it eats itself if it can not find the protein. You will get twice as acid as other people. You will be repulsed by meat - especially red meat.

Q: So what do we do?

A: You eat chicken and things like that; chicken and fish. You do not need to eat it all at one time. Break it up into 3 meals.

Q: The other thing is …acidophilus?

A: Candida is there to eat up AGE products that are sugar. You can not get rid of the candida without getting your body clean of those AGE products. That sugar garbage. That is it. So you have to live with your candida.

Q: Do you have good success with heart attacks?

A: Like I said in my book, I have about 85 % recovery. Sometimes the formation of plaque is just so hard - it has made the arteries brittle - that there are just no live cells in there to regenerate so that is where I lose the 20 %… It takes time.

Q: I am doing about 50% raw….

That is the weight loss program. I like people to get very stable before they get on the weight loss program because the idea is to get good fats in there to absorb the poisons in your body so you will be able to move them out of the system. And when you move them out, there will not be a lot of ill side effects. I like people to be on the diet about 3 months before they do that.

Q: But I am not doing harm…

A: You will do it less easily. You will detox fine but the symptoms will be more rough. Lots more puking and stuff.

… You can eat cherries. They are low in carbohydrate. Still that is not going to build the blood. It is not an iron. … well, tell her it can change your life and make you happy, otherwise.

Q: I just thought there might be something else to help temporarily. I have tried everything.

A: That is why the doctors give you iron supplements. They blanket out everyone who has anemia and they work 6-8% of the time… They will have a lot of other side effects. Some of them will have 37 side effects.

Q: I read something about almonds… You were saying something about you not liking almonds.

A: Just because they are not easily digestible in the human system. The walnuts, pecans, pine nuts are the best. You get iron in everything, it is just a matter of whether you can utilize it or not… Cabbage juice will help a little bit because of the vitamin K but it is not going to help build the blood. It will help take care of those RBC [red blood cells] that already exist.

Q: Beet juice and garlic?

A: No. Anytime you are using a high sugar food, it will break down your minerals and you do not build blood.

Q: The pain formula – I get still have a lot of pain. What can I change to make it work better?

A: So you are taking the pain formula and it is giving you more pain.

Q: Yes

A: What are your symptoms?

Q: Stomach really sick.

A: Cramping like you are not digesting? Like your stomach is expanding. Think about it. [Note from Jim: We do not have this recording, just the transcript, so we do not know if there were further statements. ]

Q: I have tooth decay. I am going to go and have some fillings filled.

A: Well I don’t. I have huge cavities that I have refused to have replaced because I am experimenting on myself. I have a dentist who moved away a few months ago but I have had him check it for quite a few years. And I have holes, almost half of a tooth out - one of my molars because I refused to have the filling put in. I wanted to see. He kept pressing on it and no decay. It just stayed that way. It is staying solid. I have been on the diet almost 18 years. This is the anniversary of the Primal Diet. September 1976 is when I ate the rabbit. So I have been on a diet of eating meat on a daily basis for 18 years. I may be able to stop decay. I may have already done it. I am not having any more decay and I used to have tons of it. Even up to 10 years ago I still had a lot of decay. But I also had the chemotherapy and radiation. It depends upon your level. I am still experimenting with it so I can only tell you what is happening with me and my progress.

Q: How do you know if you have gotten radiation?

A: What does radiation feel like? It feels like nausea and depression. Sometimes itching and blistering of the skin.

Q: Is there usually a specific location or is it everywhere?

A: It is usually the lymph system around and all in the surrounding areas. If it gets into the bones, lets say it gets into the ribs, it will send glass splinters of bone out and it will puncture the skin and will cause rashes that do not normally postulate. It will just get itchy and little crystals will fall off.

Q: …staples from surgery?

A: It depends. If you have good surgical steel, it really won’t decompose.

Q: So your body will handle it?

A: Yes, if you’re eating a lot of coconut it might.

Q: And what happens if it does?

A: Your body will dissolve it like any other poison. It is better to get microscopic surgery and get it taken out. It will save you a lot of detoxification and headaches even though they are going to cut a few things. Going in with microscopic surgery instead of making a large incision and stretching, pulling it out is better… I am saying that is an alternative to detoxifying the metal that your body is not dissolving.

Q: But if it is not an alternative the body will eventually get rid of it with a lot of hard luck… A. It depends on how toxic those metals are.

Q: I have lymphoma. Everything you’re saying is a lot to grapple with and I am gradually doing it. But it seems a lot and I do not know what things could be dangerous for me. Already my situation is dangerous. I do not know … it seems very complicated. Is there anything you can tell me to start?

A: Well, if I had lymphoma again I would never go near vitamin supplements. I would only go near raw food. And I would eat lots of raw coconut cream. Lots of whole coconut. Lots of meats. Especially chicken – fowl and turkey. Shell fish. Anything that will help that lymph system get moving. Never anything cooked. I would never do it. I had it, so I won’t go there.

Q: So would you recommend salmon with baked potato?

A: No, not for you. People who are hyperactive: those are the only people I recommend cooked starches for. Otherwise breads, potatoes, popcorn – the only people I recommend that for are people like Mike Tyson who is going to beat up his girl friend. I would rather he have the AGE products and deal with those toxins rather than her having to get dental work.

Q: Is coconut cream good to put on your body – to just put it on it?

A: Put it on it. It is not a good thing to put on it very often unless you live in the sunlight. If you live in the sunlight, coconut cream is great for the skin; otherwise it will smother it like honey will.

Q: What about coconut oils like you get in the health food store?

A: There is no coconut oil that is healthy. They heat it at high temperatures and they render it. That means they boil it and press it.

Q: What about sunshine?

A: … Lots – as much as possible. (He said, “but I do not recommend sunshine”. I said, “no, lots of it). Even if you have skin cancer.”

Q: What kind of protection would you recommend?

A: None. In the book I say peanut oil but if you cannot get it raw it will act as a magnifier and burn the skin.

Q: But you only recommend 20 minutes at a time?

A: …until you get started. 20 minutes per side.

Q: But when I do this, I get all these poisons coming out of my skin.

A: Everybody that is too thin - because they have a problem with their career or whatever - it is that they have to stay bone thin. Twiggy… Twiggy would have never lived 100 years ago. Through winter she would be dead. If we did not have heat and electricity that woman would have been dead at the first winter. That is a problem if you are very thin and you got into the sun. You do not have enough fat left over to take care of the skin; you are going to burn. You are going to cause some skin damage. But it is still better than poisoning your skin some more. The thing you need to do is to eat a lot more fats so you can get the fats to your skin. Take the sun rays and transform them into vitamin D so you can not only strengthen your bones and your skin but your whole body. You can regenerate cells. You can not regenerate cells if you do not have sunshine.

A: But you are talking about the dairy fats, not the olive oil fats. Animal fats or coconut cream … or white cabbage juice. 8 oz/ a day. Is it lot of flow or is it spotting?

Q: It is a little more than spotting.

A: Then I would do 4 oz twice a day.

Q: How can I get it down? It is so disgusting.

A: If you put anything with it, honey, lemon juice, lime juice it will cause it to do something else. It has to be by itself. I suggest you just chug it. Put a clip on your nose and just chug it.

Q: Couldn’t she mix it with 4 oz of the other juice?

A: To stop the bleeding right away, I like the cabbage juice to be alone. When it is just internal seepage, and I see it in the irises, it can be mixed with other juices… It will help the clotting, if you have radiation in your body, birth control residues in there causing hemorrhaging all the time or if you have some chemical in there. Those toxins cause a lack of vitamin K and vitamin U in the body so you are going to bleed. So you need that cabbage juice as part of the healing process even though it is not part of the direct cause.

Q: How much do you suggest?

A: Half a cup twice a day, morning and night.

Q: Can it be fermented?

A: No when it is fermented it makes the vitamin K and vitamin U inactive for what you want it to do, which is to stop the bleeding. It is light green but they call it white cabbage.

Q: I am itching. Even now I had my vegetable juice and an hour later I have some cheese and I am just itching…

A: Are you putting anything on your skin?

Q: But it is all over.

A: You have to put it everywhere almost every 24 hours. Barbara, you are so dry you are like a lot of other people that have eaten no fat foods. You were on a macrobiotic diet for a long time. All those foods do not nourish the body. They dry it out. You have a lot of dead tissue on your diet.

Q: But I have been on your diet.

A: That is nothing. It takes 40 years and you have been on it less than a year. You are going to have that stuff go out through your skin and your skin is so dry it can’t protect itself.

Q: So if I put it on my skin that is going to help me on the inside?

A: Absolutely. The cells on the outside that are alive, the ones that will itch will get the fats to absorb it and protect itself so the chemical, bile, does not burn the skin and cause itching.

Q: But I have been drinking the juice.

A: It is not an alkalinity problem. It is a fat deficiency.

Q: So what do I do?

A: You have to put butter or cream, or whipped cream, on your skin. Now you can put coconut cream on, but you need to dilute it with some coconut milk and it is a little sticky. You put it on because it is hard to get the butter and the cream. If you don’t have access to coconut milk, just juice the coconut cream and put it on the skin. Let it sit for 20 min to half an hour and then rinse it off. Just wipe it off with water.

Q: The one from the Beverly Hills Juice Co.?

A: Yes. If you leave it on and do not wipe it off, your skin is going to be too sticky and will not be able to breath. And you are going to feel uncomfortable.

Q: What about butter and cream? You can still leave it on for 20 min to half an hour. Just wipe the excess off. Do not rinse it off. But if you have that problem you need to have the lubrication formula every night. But you will have to do that a lot of years because you are really dry.

Q: Can you put butter on your skin when you want to shave?

A: I have found that it really does not make the blade glide properly. When I use butter, cream, whipped cream on my face it still causes me to cut myself. When I use the whole raw egg, the slimy, slimy stuff it works perfectly. I never cut myself. That includes the yoke and all. You can use just the egg white to shave with but I have found that the yoke actually does a facial number.

Q: I have a question about the pancreas. Most people’s pancreas are not working well and it takes 6-10 years… How long does it take to get the pancreas well?

A: It takes about 2 ½ years to regenerate every cell on a gland. It takes 5 times that number to get from an ill-health state to an optimal state. So 5 x 2.5 is 12 years. To get a pancreas perfectly well it takes 12 years. Now that does not go if you get chemotherapy or radiation therapy. I have been on a raw food diet eating meat on a daily basis now for 18 years and my pancreas has only improved 20%.

Q: What can you do to make it better?

A: If your pancreas does not work right, you limit the number of fruits you eat. If you do not, you are going to find yourself manic, irritable with constant PMS and very emotional… and panicky. So you need to stay away from fruit. And how do I know that my pancreas is that well? Because of the way I react to eating fruits. I can handle one every 2-3 days. I can handle some every day but I do not like being weepy. So I know that I am not well enough to handle it every day. Someone will tell me a beautiful story and I will cry for an hour. If I have my fruit every 2-3 days I will cry 10 minutes. I like that. (So the berries with the cream solves that problem.) If you have it every day it slows that reaction down. So your pancreas can handle a certain amount of sugar on an hourly basis. Cream with any fruit will slow that reaction into the pancreas.

Q: What about fruit alone? It seems when I do it makes me spacey and depressed.)

A: You have not read the book.

Q: Yes I have.

A: I always say eat the fruit with fat.

A: Did you remember what you symptoms were?

Q: When I lied down, I did not feel good. When I wanted to throw up I could not throw up. I felt really nauseous. A lot of pain in the stomach. Felt irritating.

A: What it sounds like is that you were dumping hormones into the blood and into the stomach. Could have been the liver, could have been the thyroid, could have been anything like that and that may happen off and on for the next 9 months. It is a great formula to help detoxify those glands. It is better to get through it because you will get better faster. However you need to sip the formula.

Q: Okay. I kind of chug it. Well, I drink it rather quickly.

A: If you drank it in 3 minutes you chugged it. The liver with that much heavy fat – you have two eggs in there, 5 level tbsp of b-pollen, ½ tsp of lime juice, 1 tsp honey, 4 oz of either raw cream, coconut cream or butter. That fat in there all at one time - that liver has to deal with it all. And guess what gets thrown off. The liver wants the stuff you have given it. But what is going to happen to the other fat you cannot hold? It is going to throw it into the blood.

Q: So how long should you sip it? Well you have probably been on the diet long enough that it won’t happen to you. But people who have just started on it who have not been on it more than 5-6 months will have a problem drinking it that quickly. People who have a bad liver should drink it slower. 5-15 min to half an hour. And you are eating it with a 2 ½ oz section of cheese too. So if you eat cheese with it and the liver is throwing off those toxic fats and bile. It will throw them into the stomach and the cheese will be there to absorb it.

Q: What about people who have a bad pancreas…

A: It is not black and white, Cathy, like the MD’s make it out. 80% of the people that they put on insulin do not have diabetes. They went there the day that they had a high blood sugar level and a low insulin in their blood and then they put them on insulin. And they get hooked on it for life. That is why 80% of the people who go on this diet never have to take insulin any more.

Q: Can you put the hunk of cheese right into the formula?

A: No it is an entirely different reaction…. Well for her it worked for a 3 day period, for other people it may only work for half a day. For some people it vibrates and does not do much at all. But for most of the time it will remedy 85- 90% of all pain… Then you could create a liver detoxification and a liver soreness.

Q: (inaudible)

A: He is asking whether it is good to chug milk. No. If you are drinking it at room temperature and it is starting to sour it is okay to chug it. But if you are drinking it straight out of the refrigerator cold and you chug it, a lot of proteins are going to pass into your duodenum that are not properly digested and you are going to have some protein toxicity. You see me chugging milk but you better believe it is milk that has been out of the refrigerator quite a while and already sour.