Q&A Of February 12, 2006

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A: Vonderplanitz.

Q: Angenous?

A: Aajonus.

Q: Aajonus.

A: Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

Q: Oh, she kept saying [unintelligible].

A: That's French for a young actress. Young actress.

Q: I see. They say everything French.

Q: That's it. Aajonus.

A: I'm an old man, not a young actress. Pardon?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Imitating one?

Q: No, have one in your life.

A: Oh.

Q: Have one in your life.

A: That's actually a problem.

Q: Especially in [unintelligible].

A: OK, I'm just going to go ahead and start with Q&A today, and then I'm going to talk about something after. Sue, do you have a question? Do you have a question?

Q: Not yet.

A: OK, do you have a question?

Q: Not yet.

A: OK, do you have a question?

Q: Yeah, actually, I wanted to know, as far as household stuff, like for soap and what do you recommend [unintelligible].

A: She asked what to use for household cleanser. The thing that I found was the least contaminating, that has the least chemicals in it, is BioKleen, B-I-O-K-L-E-E-N, BioKleen. They have a degreaser that's made mainly with citrus seed juices, like grapefruit. That's the one I use for laundry. I use it for everything that's concentrated. You can get their laundry detergent, but let me tell you, you're going to use a lot of it, and pay a lot more money. So just use a capful per load, and it cleans everything nicely. And for scouring a toilet, something like that, I have one of those stones. Pumice stones.

Q: For what is it for?

A: For the... You know, I live... I have my own well, so the minerals cake, you know, so I have to scrape them off to remove them.

Q: Where do you get BioKleen?

A: Pardon?

Q: Where do you get BioKleen?

A: Health food stores.

Q: Health food stores?

A: Some don't carry that particular, the degreaser, but most of them do.

Q: So degreaser is for laundry?

A: Yeah, I use it for laundry. I don't use [unintelligible]. With fish, cleaning it with cold water cleans your plates, everything very nicely with fish. With chicken and beef, lamb and the others that are oily and buttered, just use warm water. And I use a natural sea sponge. If you use a synthetic sponge, you've got lots of contaminant particles in it, and they get on your plates, and I have a tendency to stick to the plate. So the next time you eat, you're going to eat those.

Q: Where do you get the sea sponge?

A: The cheapest... If you get them from a regular health food store, they're like $7 to $15 for a sponge. But if you go to Michael's and Art Shop, you get them, they're like half that price.

Q: Michael's is on the...

A: There are several of them. There's St. Monica.

Q: I think there's some more there.

A: So...

Q: So for laundry, do you prefer degreaser or laundry [unintelligible]?

A: I use the degreaser for everything. I don't use any other soap other than the degreaser.

Q: And what about when you live in the city and you rinse off with city water, dishes, do you recommend...

A: I suggest you dry them. Dry them.

Q: What about rinsing with like bottled water or something?

A: You can do that if you want.

Q: Water drying...

A: That's a great waste of good water. Because there are 192 chemicals in LA water. San Diego is 161, I think it was 160, 161. And if you have the best filtering system in the world, there's a three filter system. You will only filter out one third of those. And those are mainly heavy metals and bacteria. I want the bacteria. The heavy metals are fine. I want to get rid of the chemicals.

Q: They want to add more fluoridation, they say.

A: They've already added fluoridation.

Q: I know, but in certain cities they haven't.

A: Yeah, some of them are still fighting it.

Q: Is there a bottled water that's the best?

A: I like Gerolsteiner, but Ramlusa, San Pellegrino, Perrier, any of those are okay. Perrier says on it, CO2 added. But they're buying the carbon, the natural carbon from Gerolsteiner, because Gerolsteiner's well is so high in carbon. That's why Gerolsteiner has the most gas in it. Because their carbon layer in their well is so packed that they're selling it to other companies. Perrier's well started going dry of carbon about three or four years ago. So they started buying other companies' well gas.

Q: What do you think of PentaWater?

A: PentaWater? It sounds good, you know, theoretically, but it's still produced in an unnatural way with electro fields. I mean, if somebody's making the water using crystals in your water, that's fine. But when you're using a magnetic or chemical process to make something, I find it isn't good.

Q: You were talking about [unintelligible] stone for your toilet bowl. Is it useful for removing scratches if you scratch the porcelain from sharp metal or something?

A: Well, it'll help grind and smooth the area, but it won't patch it.

Q: I see. Thank you.

Q: But if you want to use a cotton rag and wipe it off your dishes, put water on it, that's okay, isn't it?

A: Yeah, that's what you should do. If you have regular city water, you should dry your dishes.

Q: I'm talking about a cotton rag and rinsing off the grease.

A: I use a sea sponge. If you want to use a cotton cloth, go ahead and do that. It's easier to wring out a sponge than it is a cloth. So I never have to clean my sponge. I just have to wring it dry so it won't stink. But if you have a cloth, it invariably gets moldy smelling. So that's why I use something that I can wring almost completely dry. Do you have a question?

Q: Yes. [unintelligible]

A: You have diverticulitis? Is that what you said?

Q: Yeah, yeah. [unintelligible]

A: Are they saying that the diverticulitis causes the headaches?

Q: No, they're not saying that at all.

A: Diverticulitis is when you have little sacculations on your intestines, whether it's small or large intestines. If you're eating cooked foods, sometimes it gets up in there and starts rotting in there. If you're eating raw foods, it doesn't happen. But it can cause headaches because it can create gases and chemical toxins in the food and it gets into the diverticuli. It causes high blood pressure, and then a high blood pressure in the brain causes a headache. So diverticulitis, you can move into peritonitis, which is perforated intestines, because it can rupture like an appendix that happens to choke off or swell too much. And then there's no escape except for it to burst. I say eat raw foods. Stay away from it. If you're going to have tomatoes, filter out the seeds. Juice them, filter out the seeds. Things that won't get caught up in there temporarily. If you're going to have berries with seeds, make sure you filter out the seeds.

Q: So all berries are good if I just get rid of the seeds? Is there a just telling me not to eat blackberries because of the seeds and stuff like that?

A: Just filter out the seeds.

Q: Okay.

A: And are there remedies for the headaches and the little...

Q: Yeah, I've been...this morning I used the orange juice honey thing, and it helped. [unintelligible] I was down all day. Yeah.

A: Really?

Q: Yeah. It helped a lot.

A: Good. [unintelligible]

Q: I did. I've been on this diet for a year, and it's been really good for me. It's stopped headaches and a lot of aches and pains. But I've been getting a lot of chest pain right in here at night. Maybe I'll sleep for four hours, and then this chest pain, and I have to get up to... I don't see that...

Q: [unintelligible] are you having a bowel movement or urination or what?

Q: No, no. If I sit up, it's a lot better. If I walk around, it's a lot better. But it feels like inflammation to me or agitation of some sort. And I feel like there's this internal pressure going on.

A: Well, if it's happening at night, the nervous system is detoxifying.

Q: Oh, okay.

A: So that's creating the indigestion, because most of those poisons dump into the stomach. Now, the nervous system and brain... A lot of people think the brain is full of nerves. You can have open brain surgery without anesthetic, because there's no nerves in the brain. There are neurons. You have no sensation with that. Then the coating of the brain, yes, there are nerves. If you get past that thin layer of nerves in the meningi, then there's no pain. But the brain and neuron, I mean the nervous system and brain, the neurons, use metallic minerals for transmitting information electrically and light. So most of the heavy metals that you eat, consume, or breathe, go to the brain and nervous system. Most of them go to the brain. So when you detoxify, they come out. Most of them come out of the gums, the tongue, and the salivary glands. Some of them comes out of the tear ducts and the earwax. Some of them comes out the throat. But most of them comes out the teeth, the gums around the teeth, and that's what causes your dental decay. It isn't bacteria. The metals come down, they hang on the teeth. If you wanna see what mercury can do, you can go to Calgary University in Canada. They have a movie file. I think it's a WN, WBM, WMD file. It shows all these neurons growing. Then they put a 2% solution of thimerosal, liquid mercury, which you use in vaccines for eye washes, in there. You just see them disintegrating the neurons, disappearing before your eyes. It just separates and fractionates them. The same thing happens to the dentine. So you have this damage to the dentine, and then you have decay as a result because those are live cells. It isn't like hair, which are dead. The dentine is alive. It's like bone. It's alive, so when it gets damaged, it will decay, just like any damaged animal tissue will decay. It isn't the bacteria that's causing the decay, like the doctors tell you. It's the chemicals coming from the brain, the heavy metals. The damage to the dentine, then the bacteria is there to get rid of the damaged tissue, so you can regenerate. Yes?

Q: I recently had a tumor removed from my brain, a [unintelligible], and my gums hurt.

A: Can you let me finish what I was going to say about all that? So if you want to clean your teeth, get a water pick. And just go shoot around there, you know, like once every... If you know you have a lot of metals coming out, you taste metals in your mouth, water pick every day. Get up there in the gums and take it off so you don't damage your teeth, because it will damage your teeth.

Q: Do you have one that you like?

A: I have the water pick with the open bowl. It's like this. It's poured in there. And I use a little Gerolsteiner, like a cup of Gerolsteiner, with a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of coconut cream, and that will remove plaque.

Q: Okay, a tablespoon of coconut cream. Vinegar.

A: Vinegar and coconut cream.

Q: And eight ounces of Gerolsteiner.

A: Gerolsteiner. Sometimes a cup and a half.

Q: And you can't get the fresh coconut cream, because they're a substitute.

Q: At erewhon, they have raw coconut cream.

Q: Where?

Q: Erewhon.

A: Only if it's mixed with something else. They have it with apple juice or something like that, it's not straight coconut cream. Beverly Hills Juice Company. But we'll be making it pretty soon. James will be making it in about six weeks. So it will be available again at the lot. And it will be low on the San Diego, because he's going to take a batch of it down there every week. So we'll have it down there. Anyway, that coconut cream with the – oh, and a tablespoon of lemon juice also. So that combination helps remove plaque.

Q: Do you have to take those stuff out the night before?

A: No, it doesn't matter. Your water is warm, so.

Q: Apple cider vinegar?

A: Yes, the unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. So when the brain detoxifies like that in the nervous system, if it's in the brain, it will usually dump out the mouth. It's very highly concentrated and send it into the blood in the neurological system. It passes through the stomach lining and the duodenum, which is part of the stomach. It will dump there and cause nausea and pain. So cheese, cream cheese or cheese and butter, absorb it, and then you won't have a problem. You can go back to sleep.

Q: [unintelligible] I know I'm detoxifying out, but I haven't used the butter yet at all. I need to make sure that I'm –

A: Yeah, if you want to get up in there so you don't have the decay of the gums where that metal would sit.

Q: Yeah, I'm just using the clay.

A: Clay still doesn't get up high enough if you have a lot of metals dumping from your brain. Let me tell you, we all have a lot of heavy metals. Every time you eat a cooked food, the mercury, the strychnine, the lead, the iron, all of those are heavy metals. The cadmium, you have trace amounts of those in any food, especially vegetables. When you cook it, you release those. They become free radical, heavy metals. Most of them go to the brain and they dump. Everybody has them, so they should be careful. Most of the time, the nervous system detoxes between midnight and 5 a.m. A lot of people will wake up between midnight and 2 o'clock and not be able to go back to sleep until 5, 5.30. That's fine. Don't try to force yourself to sleep because you're not going to be able to. It's going to frustrate you. Just find something to do and then go to sleep about 5.30. Take a nap and then go to sleep earlier in the evening if you're going through a cycle where you can't sleep at night. If you want to sleep at night, you get angry because you're not sleeping, you're not helping yourself because you just won't be able to.

Q: So the [unintelligible], do you use that every day or every other day? How often?

A: Just once every 10 days is fine. Unless you taste heavy metals coming out or if you start having a problem in the middle of the night, but I would do it probably every other day during that period.

Q: What kind of problems? Pain in the chest?

A: Pain in the stomach, nausea, a lot of nausea. Usually the metals and other chemicals will be dumping out the gums at the same time.

Q: What do heavy metals taste like?

A: Have you ever tasted a nickel? When you were a kid you didn't do that?

Q: Maybe I did but I don't remember.

Q: You can taste metal.

A: If you want to taste, just taste a nickel and put it on your tongue. Just don't swallow. Okay, do you have a question? You wanted to ask something about your brain, tumor removal?

Q: What you're saying kind of hit home a little bit because one of the things that started happening was I had meningioma tumor which has been removed. Every time I drank carbonated water I was tasting metal. My gums began to hurt. My teeth began to hurt. Is this why? Is this what you're saying?

A: Almost all cancer is because of heavy metals and other chemicals.

Q: It was not a cancer. It was a meningioma.

A: Well, meningioma can be benign or malignant. Yours was non-malignant. But what happens is every time you kill a cell and the body can't dissolve it and get rid of it, the body mummifies it and keeps it in the body like a brick in a wall. It can't do anything for you. If you collect a lot of them and your body can't disperse it evenly all over the system, it will start building tumors. The tumor can either be malignant or benign. That means it can have cancer cells in it or not. If it has cancer cells in it, it's better. Most people say, oh, I'd rather have a benign tumor. I said I wouldn't because it may take 30 years to dissolve and get rid of it without surgery. A malignant tumor can disappear in a few days.

Q: But they usually have death to it.

A: Usually there's not death to it unless the doctor's diagnosed it. So what happens is when you have those dead cells collect like that and the body can't dissolve them, it usually means that they're contaminated with some horrific chemical or heavy metal where bacteria and parasites cannot get in normal cleansing and remove them from the system. Because bacteria and parasites will eat these same cells and reduce that rate to 95%. It's like eating 100 pounds of food a day and having a one-pound turd the next day. That's what parasites can do. Bacteria can reduce it down to 95% so there's only about a 5% waste. So if they're eating 100 pounds of their weight, they will only discard 5% of that waste, which takes all that waste and reduces it to a small fraction. And if there's anything that can be utilized from those dead cells, those bacteria utilize it for their own benefit. The byproducts like the aflatoxins created by the whipworm were tested by a team of doctors going off of Dr. Joe Weinstein's work, that Weinstock's work that I mentioned in the recipe book. The people who had inflammatory bowel syndrome suffered from 10 to 32 years were given trichinosis. You're told about trichinosis your whole life. Trichinosis, oh, it's terrible, terrible, terrible. It's a whipworm from the intestines of a pig. We used to have them. The human race used to have them all the time. He gave these to his long-term patients with one of the worst diseases you can have, the inflammatory bowel syndrome, which means that everything you eat, including water, causes cramping and pain. No matter what you put in your mouth, it will cause cramping and pain, diarrhea or vomiting, every time you ingest anything. He gave them the whipworm from the pigs. In five days, five out of six of them lost all of their symptoms for six months. When the symptoms came back, they were back asking for more trichinosis. This team of eight doctors did follow-up work for 12 years with the whipworm. They found that the whipworm produced three enzymes which prevented brain tumors and one that prevented pancreatic cancer. These were all good symbiotic relationships. The medical profession has named anything that's a parasite bad, anything that's a bacteria that's outside of the intestinal tract as bad. Completely false. The only bad bacteria is man-made. The only bad parasite is man-made, man-bred and hybrid. As long as we're dealing with natural, it is fine.

Q: How do you get it naturally if you need it?

A: You have to eat the small intestines of the pig. For example, Raoul usually comes, Raoul Burge. He's 62 years old. He suffered constipation all of his life. He's been on the diet five or six years, still had constipation. They had chia seeds with a lubrication formula every day to make sure that he moved properly. He had, how much did you sell him?

Q: I only gave him like an inch or two.

A: That inch or two completely relieved his, he has not had a constipation since.

Q: I'm so glad he got better. [unintelligible]

A: Yeah, completely relieved his problem.

Q: I gave him like that much and I was like, I hope there's eggs in there.

Q: Do you have to have the eggs in order to work?

A: Well, in the intestine, they're full of eggs. That's where they're bred, the pig's intestines.

Q: You talked about chitlins?

Q: Small intestines, yeah.

A: Small intestines of a pig.

Q: Are you still getting it? I'll talk to [unintelligible] and see if I can get some more, but I ate like two feet of them. That felt good.

Q: But when you have those black beads, you told me that you could not eat it anymore.

A: Did you have black beads in your intestines?

Q: I had some undigested [unintelligible], but I just didn't eat those.

Q: That's what I mean, that's what it was.

A: Well, you probably had some kind of fennel seeds or poppy seeds or something like that. So the bacteria, the parasites, remove those dead cells if they're not contaminated. If those cells were killed by something poisonous, something industrial, or heavy metals from cooking foods, the bacteria and the parasites cannot break them down for you, so your body has to make a solvent. That's what viruses are. Viruses are not alive. Viruses are not contagious. This whole bird flu thing is a hoax. Viruses are not contagious. They are not alive. They are protein bodies. It's like calling laundry soap contagious. Your cells produce virus when the body cannot use bacteria or parasites to break down toxic tissue. And you have about 300,000 varieties of virus, because you get the body, the cell will make a specific virus to get rid of a specific part of tissue intracellularly. So the medical profession says, oh, it's tearing up a part of the cell. We see that it remains dissolving. But the process of that is that the body heals itself and rebuilds the cell. Or the cell's sloughed off and we generate more cells. That's not a bad thing. That's a good thing. Those are the janitors at work. So we need that to happen. However, when you're using virus, it's like you're using a solid. You go to clean your floor. And what happens? You've got a pail with soap in it, a solid. You're getting up the grease out of your kitchen floor. And what do you have left? You have all this contaminated fluid. That's what happens in the body. There's no parasite or bacteria that eats it and then utilizes what it can and sloughs off a little waste. You've got a whole bunch of contaminated fluid in the body. That's why cancer kills most people when it starts dissolving. A cancer cell is a cell that can live without eating. But when it dies, it lets out a fluid that dissolves 50 to 100 surrounding dead cells. That's why tumors can just dissolve like that in a few days if they're malignant. Because a cancer cell will die, let out the serum, and it will dissolve that. You still have all this contaminated waste. Are you on a good diet. Can you handle the elimination of that? If not, it's going to keep dissolving or contaminating everything else around. That's the problem with cancer unless you're on a good diet.

Q: Dissolving the rest of the cells?

A: It will start dissolving healthy cells as well, beyond the tumors.

Q: Oh, you think [unintelligible]?

A: If you don't have the nutrients to absorb that product, the waste water.

Q: Let's say [unintelligible]

A: Most people, everybody gets cancer. Everybody in this room has had cancer at least five times, five times. You're 50 years old. It's just in a very low grade. If they catch it, and then you're diagnosed with it, and they're going to treat you for it, then you can count on dying within 7 to 10 years, absolutely, with metastasis. That's why they like to call five years a dead point. Because only 60% of people die within five years. You get metastasis within five years. So they like to call your cure rate time five years. But six and seven years is when the other half of the population has the metastasis. And you're dead in seven to eight years.

Q: So why do some people develop a symptoms, and other people don't know they have a symptoms? How do they get diagnosed, and other people won't be diagnosed?

A: Because some people complain, and as soon as they get an ache and a pain, they run to a doctor. And if it's diagnosable, then they're in trouble. Because they will be convinced to do chemo radiation or surgery, or any combination of the last two. So...

Q: I have a question. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with ADD.

A: Do you know, I'm going to have to go around the room, because that's how we're doing this.

Q: Oh, I'm sorry.

A: Do you have a question yet?

Q: Oh, yeah. Well, I was going to mention that this is a question about what the air... Because when the chemtrails... I shouldn't call them chemtrails now, because it's a new term.

A: Is this a question, or are you going to tell us something?

Q: Well, it's a question, because I want to know what to do. Because during certain times when it comes down, this air, and it patterns out, whether it's a heaviness of heavy air. [unintelligible]

A: Well, the best thing to do is to have some coconut cream with lemon juice and honey.

Q: Wait a minute, you take a tablespoon of coconut cream?

A: I'll take about two tablespoons of coconut cream, two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of honey, and a half a cup of water.

Q: The gerolsteiner of water.

A: Right, and then you need some cheese. Before and after. Well, you can blend the honey...

Q: Wait a minute. You blend the... You want the coconut cream, right? Wait a minute. You blend the stuff, or you don't blend the...

A: If you'd like to, you can blend the honey, coconut cream, and the lemon juice all together. And then add it into the water and stir it. Because if you blend it with the carbonated water, you know, you lose your carbon. So you need about a tablespoon of cheese right before you drink it. Then after you finish drinking, you'll have another tablespoon of cheese. That'll help dissolve those chemicals that'll get into the lungs, and then from the lungs, it'll pass into the fluid system.

Q: So in other words, I blend it, and then I put it in the water. Okay.

A: And the cheese will, as the blood, lymph, and neurological fluids, those serums pass through the intestines and stomach, if you add cheese in there, and other minerals, it will attract those heavy metals and chemicals out of those serums into the stomach and intestines. And the cheese will not be digestible as long as you don't mix honey directly with it. That's why you need the cheese before you drink, drink that mixture, and add the cheese after the mixture. That separates it enough, because the coconut cream and the honey and the lemon juice will create a bond and leave the cheese to be a sponge and absorbent for those toxins. If you eat honey with cheese, it's going to provide the enzymes, which are deficient in any dried food, which cheese is a dried food, it's no active enzymes in it. I don't care if it's raw food or not. Once a food has been dehydrated, there are no active enzymes. So you can get it wet again, and then it will go toward fermentation, detoxification, and tearing down. But when a food, before a food is dehydrated, it has active enzymes to keep its body constructed and alive, like having good muscle tissue.

Q: So that's one tablespoon of coconut cream?

A: Two tablespoons of coconut, two tablespoons of everything.

Q: So I did ask a question.

A: Yeah.

Q: Could I just announce when they're having a protest, anybody new wants to come? Or do I do it another time?

A: Do it [unintelligible].

Q: Okay.

A: So as long as, if you eat that cheese with honey, you're going to digest that cheese. Then it will provide a lot of minerals, more cellular absorption, and a lot of fats. And you can gain weight very quickly if you eat cheese and honey together. That's how I gain weight quickly, when I want to gain weight quickly, is I eat cheese and honey together, or cheese and dates together, and with milk. And that provides the enzymes that are missing in the cheese. But if you want to use the cheese as a sponge for detoxification, you do not want to have it with honey. Then it will act as a sponge and never be absorbed. But those heavy minerals that are in, I mean the many minerals, the infinite concentration of minerals in cheese, will help pull all those toxins out of those three serums as they pass through the intestinal tract.

Q: But do you want to wait, you have just five minutes, you wait or something?

A: Five, ten minutes. Cheese, then the drink, then ten minutes later, the cheese.

Q: Ten minutes before.

A: Ten minutes before ten minutes after.

Q: You can have butter with cheese, right?

A: Yes. Yeah, that's fine. That doesn't create enzymes for digestion. Do you have a question?

Q: Five years ago when I was like one day on a diet, I tried high meat, and I felt great. And in the last, in Africa I did [unintelligible], and I felt great. And for two years I didn't do it, and two months ago I started to eat it. And now I don't feel any difference. And you told a story about one of your clients in a different [unintelligible]. So how does he do it?

A: He eats only high meat. He eats one to two pounds a day.

Q: What's high meat?

A: Where he's letting it get full of bacteria and very stinky.

Q: So he eats a stinky one?

A: That's all he eats. He doesn't eat any fresh meat.

Q: Why is that?

A: Because it makes him feel so good. He was depressed for 40 years, suicidal, homicidal.

Q: 4 years?

A: 40. 40 years.

Q: 40 years.

Q: So for me, I don't want to do it that much. Why is that working for me [unintelligible]

A: Well, you have more weight than you did back then, so you have suffering.

Q: So that means I don't need it as much?

A: Yeah, you don't need it as much. That's mainly to help you digest. Because the bacteria pre-digests the meat. A lot of people think that the bacteria in high meat will cause a detoxification. Never. Never directly causes a detoxification. It breaks down and pre-digests the meat. It helps digest the meat. It's like in turkey and some places in Greece. They will slather a whole side of beef with gangrene. Let it eat all the way to the center and then they shave off an inch, three quarters of an inch to an inch of the outside gangrene. And that's how they eat it. Mainly raw. Because it's created a [unintelligible] by pre-digestion of the gangrene. So all of that protein is freed so that we can digest it completely. That's what happens with high meat. It's pre-digested so all those amino acids can be absorbed. A lot of you and I had such poor digestion that we weren't absorbing all of those amino acids and utilizing them. We were throwing them off. There are two ways that you can get around that. You can do like the Ayurvedics do and they drink their urine. So when the protein discards and it isn't completely assimilated, they recycle it to be able to utilize and absorb it. Especially the vegetarians in India and some other eastern countries. There's another way to do it that other countries do it. Like the Turks. They use the gangrene. We can use the high meat, the bacteria to break it down to be able to absorb all those amino acids that may be missing. They're causing our depression, our paranoia, our obsessions, any of that. Most people can just go ahead and eat the raw meat and they get enough protein to handle it. Some people have such poor digestion that they have to go beyond that and eat high meat or drink their urine.

Q: How do you know if your body is able to [unintelligible]?

A: Most people, you know, if you're heavy into anger and depression and you've got a weight problem and you're on the diet and you're not digesting all of your protein. That's an indication that you should eat high meat or drink your urine. Don't drink the first urine of the day like most people who are into water therapy do. That first urine is highly toxic because the red cells eat each other after 5 hours of not eating. That's why I suggest people set an alarm during the night, wake up after 3 to 5 hours, have something with protein in it whether it's milk, meat, or eggs or milkshake and go back to sleep. Most of the people, even if you're sleeping 5 hours at a time, that first urine is going to be fairly toxic. So it's better to drink your urine after you've been awake, 4 to 5 to 6 hours after you've eaten a meat meal.

Q: What's the purpose of this?

A: To recycle the proteins that didn't get utilized properly that got thrown up in the kidneys. See, in your blood, your blood passes through the kidneys. When you need to lose water to warm the body, your body throws up water from the fluid systems in your body. The only thing that the kidneys do is filter out the red blood cells. And they add a little ammonia to the blood. They filter out the red blood cells. So the urine is nothing other than the blood without all the red blood cells. It has some red blood cells in it, but 99% of the red blood cells are removed from the blood and there's some ammonia put in it. That's the only difference between blood and urine. So if your blood's healthy, your urine's going to be healthy. And people who don't digest well, and they drink and they have fluids that pass in, they pass those proteins into the bloodstream, then they're dumped into the urinary tract with the fluids because the kidney's only responsible for removing the red blood cells. No other substances. So people lose a lot of nutrients in their urine. And people who have a protein deficiency and drink a lot of water should be drinking their urine instead of drinking water.

Q: Six hours after the first meat meal.

A: Yeah, I wait about six hours after my first meat meal. If I feel protein deficient and I'm eating enough protein. So I will do that twice a day, all the urine. Now, I don't drink water, so my urine is at the maximum, you know, half, to a three quarters of a cup at a time.

Q: Is it digestible?

A: Completely digestible.

Q: I mean, not digestible, taste-wise. What do you think?

A: When you do it a while, it tastes very good. It's like beer. You aquire a taste for it. Beer's not enjoyable when you first try it.

Q: What about the ammonia?

A: The ammonia's fine. It'll just help you utilize your protein better.

Q: Or high meat.

A: Or high meat. You can do one or the other. Just to acquaint yourself with your nose and palate.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: That's entirely up to you. So if you feel depressed, if you, you know, you don't have enough energy, you're not creating enough hormones, you're lacking some proteins. Do you have a question, Lewis?

Q: Yes. Although it's subsided now, for a while, when I was eliminating a lot of coughing, coughing up phlegm and all, I noticed a slight pain or irritation near my rib cage, around here. And I'm wondering if possible a bone was out of whack. Or is there some other explanation? Because as I say, it's subsided now. It only happens when I cough hard or tighten my upper torso. A cough is always to create exercise to move toxins out through the mucous membranes. That's what the mucus does.

A: The body throws a lot of toxins out the mucous membranes. Now you can have a detoxification that can last for a year, year and a half, where you're breaking down toxicity in the body, accumulating toxicity, stored, and you take it and you break it down into substances. Then when you get the cold or the flu, that's the end of that whole cycle, which could have started sometimes two years in advance. I've seen some go three years if they're slowing in the nervous system. Then all of a sudden you get that cold or the flu where you've got this profuse mucus coming out. That's the discharge of all that decayed tissue. You get the white, the yellow. The yellow is always contaminated with chemicals. Your white are mostly dead, dissolved cells. It could have been tumors if you didn't dissolve and get rid of it in the mucus. So it's very beneficial. Coughing helps get all of that mucus going, create the mucus in the lungs and the esophagus and the throat. If you get chest pains, rib pains along with it, you can believe that those bones are part of your detoxification. Either in the bone marrow, in the heart tissue, you're eliminating something very toxic. Usually what will follow a cold or a flu that is accompanied by some kind of rib or bone pain is that you'll get little crystal bumps, little red bumps on your skin around in that area that will turn into little crystals and they'll fall off. They'll be very dry. When I've done analysis on those, looked under an electronic microscope, it is bone tissue that was cooked. It was made with cauterized minerals, it was like glass. So it is bone fragments that the body cannot dissolve. It's just like a dog or a cat. They eat a cooked bone, what happens? It splinters and it's glass because the high temperature makes it like clay. When you fire it, before you fire it, it's malleable. Once you fire it, it is hard and impermeable. You cannot dissolve it. That's what happens with cooked bones. That's why cooked bones are dangerous for a dog or a cat because the hydrochloric acid will no longer dissolve it. But if a dog or a cat gets a splinter in their throat or esophagus from a raw bone, it will be dissolved in three minutes but not cooked. The same thing happens when the body builds bone with cauterized minerals, turns them into glass and adheres them like cement. They cannot be broken down, so they'll pass out through the skin and cause tears like glass. They look exactly like glass and they cannot be broken. Okay?

Q: Yeah, that did happen after a [unintelligible].

A: Do you have a question?

Q: I wanted to get your opinion on this.

A: I don't give opinions, only the facts.

Q: I want the facts. I've been going for fruit. However, I don't like doing that because it's a sugar content a lot. So what I want to start doing is experimenting with potatoes and sweet potatoes and stuff. But I don't want to cook it and eat the cooked food, so I've been doing what the traditional Hawaiians do, what I told them to do, they'll peel a potato, boil it, then fry it and ferment it. I got some here, I did it with some fingerlings, and I see it's kind of fermenting. So I just wanted to get your opinion on that, that this fermented cooked potato thing might be good for me and better carbohydrate than...

A: Okay, just remember, when anything is fermented, it is because you've eaten cooked foods that have no enzymes, no fermentation, no bacteria. Whenever you cook a food, you destroy all those elements that naturally recycle the compound, the food, the parts of food, when it has finished being utilized in the body. So a fermented food helps provide those bacteria and those enzymes to break down that old toxic tissue that's in the body. You know, you can be like Sally Fallon, and all the people say, eat lots of this, well stop eating cooked food so you don't have to eat so much of that fermented stuff. But if you're going to eat cooked foods, then do eat more fermented foods. But it's not something to have a lot of, it's something to eat only when you need it.

Q: Okay, so would doing this, by peeling the carbohydrates from potatoes, would doing this be better than just eating the cooked baked potato then?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Absolutely?

Q: Absolutely.

A: But winter is the time when we need a little bit more sugar. So that's the time when I eat lots of dates, dates and cheese and butter together. And that provides a good hormone stimulating for the thyroid and other glands. That provides a good sugar that isn't quickly absorbed. It's not fluid, see that's fermented, that's alcohol. It'll go right in and do some damage. That's why you have to be careful and use it in little amounts. I mean if you're eating cooked foods like Sally Fallon and all those other people do, sure you've got lots of toxicity and lots of cooked food to absorb that alcohol. But if you're a complete raw fooder and you're eating a lot of that stuff, you're going to damage your system. It'll really damage your liver, your pancreas, you're going to do some damage. Too much alcohol, too much fermentation. If you're needing carbohydrates, you go for a honey, or at this time of the year you go for dates and cheese and butter together.

Q: When I eat the sugars and the dates and honey, I'll get spacey and stuff.

A: But you don't eat the honey, just eat the dates with the cheese and the butter. If you're eating dates and cheese and butter together, you're not going to get spacey because the sugar's not going to be absorbed that quickly.

Q: How much honey do you use for the dates?

A: You don't use honey with the dates.

Q: No, not how much butter, excuse me?

A: I'll use, if I'm having this much date, I'll add that much cheese and that much butter.

Q: Equal portions?

A: Equal.

Q: One is that three ounces, four ounces of dates?

A: I only eat about three big dates at a time. So that's about two and a half ounces of dates, two and a half ounces of butter, and two and a half ounces of cheese.

Q: So that's four tablespoons of butter.

Q: Aren't the dates cooked?

Q: It's eight tablespoons of butter.

A: Five tablespoons of everything, each.

Q: So because I cook that, you don't have to worry about the free radicals of heavy metals in the potatoes? You cook it like a nice...

A: Oh, you cook that before you ferment it?

Q: Yeah, I cook it before I ferment it.

A: Oh, that's very bad.

Q: Really?

A: Yeah, that's like a distilled alcohol. Very damaging to the nervous system.

Q: Okay, so...

A: If you're going to ferment this stuff, you ferment it like you do cabbage, you know, do it raw.

Q: Okay, okay.

A: But still, too much of that, you're going to cause problems.

Q: Okay, so if I want to eat a potato cooked, I should just eat it baked, but then not ferment it.

A: Correct.

Q: The best way, I would just [unintelligible] and ferment it like that, eat it uncooked. And then that'll still be... Is there any health benefit to that, do you think?

A: If you were a big cooked food potato eater, french fry eater, definitely.

Q: Yeah, but if I don't really... Oh, okay. So, but is there any, like, if I'm not craving cooked food, but I just wanted to see if adding more complex carbohydrate is better for me, instead of going for, like, the fruit and the sugary stuff all the time? Would that be good for this?

A: No.

Q: Not really?

A: Not the way to do it. Just eat more meat. Use the protein sugars rather than the carb sugars.

Q: Okay.

A: But if you're craving carb sugars, that means that you probably need a concentration of carbs, like in a date. And the way you slow it down is you eat it with cheese and butter.

Q: Okay. All right, great. Thank you.

A: Something I found, that if you, you know, make that natural chocolate, the bitter chocolate, if you have dates, cheese, and butter in that bitter chocolate all together, it's quite an aphrodisiac. Careful.

Q: Can I ask something? [unintelligible]

A: Jordan Rubin's off the wall. He doesn't know, he's not an experimenter, he's a theorist.

Q: Right, but they say dates are not digestible by the liver, but that's exactly true.

A: Do you know that the liver doesn't digest sugars? The liver breaks down fats, it makes bile. The pancreas is responsible for creating the insulin and other enzymes to break down the utilized sugars.

Q: Okay.

A: I mean, the liver takes on responsibilities, it's normal because we don't eat fats. So of course the liver has to be responsible for taking complex carbohydrates and trying to make them into an acetone, a fat. That's not the liver's job. But if that's all you feed it, that's what it has to do. But it's not the natural thing for the liver to do. Okay. A lot of you people who come in, get out your $25, write a check for $25, and slap it on the table over there for me, please. Because I'm going to come around, you get a chance to ask a question. But even if you don't ask a question, you got to listen to answers, so you have to pay.

Q: You have a question, Michael? Yeah, when I wake up at night, I frequently have numbness in my feet.

A: Uh-huh.

Q: And when I walk around a while, it's okay, and during the day it's okay.

A: Just remember that at night you detoxify the nervous system. So let's say you're repairing a highway, and you close off the highway, and you've got a detour. So everything gets congested. So the information is not traveling from your feet to your brain and spine properly until you get it moving again and open those highways again. So that's fine. You want to make sure you detoxify?

Q: That's normal?

A: That's normal. Yeah.

Q: What about detoxifying?

A: That is detoxification when you're going through that. If you want to make sure it happens a little bit better, then put hot water bottles at your feet. And then it may be a few minutes less before your feet come back, become awakened in the morning. Okay, do you have a question?

Q: How long will the green juice last before it's, you shouldn't drink it, and can you drink it even if it tastes like it's been a little rancid?

A: She asked how long will the green juice last. Like I said in the recipe book, it lasts three days without fermentation. And then she asked can we eat it even though it's fermented and gone off. Yes, you can, but it's for detoxification. If you were a heavy vegetable, cooked food, vegetable eater, then of course you could utilize that fermented juice. Cup a day, you know, couple days a week. So yes, you could utilize it, but don't have more than one a day of the off ones.

Q: Does it help to, if you add honey and lime juice to it, make it last longer?

A: Well, lime will help it last a little bit longer, lemon won't. Lemon is a fermenter. Lime juice will help it last, so will honey. But lemon will help it ferment quicker. Remember, lemon is a fermentation fruit, fluid. Lime is a bacteria damager, it stops fermentation. So lime juice is an antibacterial, lemon helps produce fermentation and bacteria.

Q: So which is better?

A: It depends on what you need. Yes?

Q: I do a lot of traveling, what is the safest way to take it through the airport [unintelligible]

A: Well, if you only pass it through a little radiation one time, it's low dose, and as long as you haven't had radiation therapy, it won't bother you. But what I do if I want to pass something through, like the fats, it's best not to have your fats or meat irradiated. So I will wear, if I got a letter from a doctor, an MD, I can usually take the time, half an hour, 45 minutes, and bug them until I'm driving them nuts, and then they'll hand check it and I'll pass it through. But I know that when I leave certain, like United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines, they will invariably make me pass it through radiation. So I put them in plastic bags and wear, what do you call those?

Q: Cargo pants.

A: Cargo pants. So I've got butter, and I've got meat in plastic bags in my cargo pants. So I walk through, it doesn't set off any alarm, and it doesn't get irradiated. Do you have a question?

Q: I got a hold of a book that talked about using plants to basically detoxify the air. It seemed like a pretty good idea, but I wanted to shoot it past you. The guy, he worked with astronauts and stuff, and setting up places in outer space so they recirculate the air.

A: That's why we have forests. Because the plants eat the carbon dioxide, and their exhalation, their toxin is oxygen. For us it's just the reverse. So that's the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals. So yes, there are six plants which produce the most oxygen. I have a list of them at home, all the dracaenas, especially the corn dracaenas one, and there are quite a few others. There are five all together that are indoor plants that can be used to help your house be richer and cleaner.

Q: He said they would actually absorb, and he listed plants in some sort of order too, but like chloroform and synthetic chemicals, he said they would actually absorb those.

A: Yes, they will, along with the carbon. They have no choice. It binds with the carbon dioxide. They don't have a choice. It doesn't mean they prefer it, but they absorb it, absolutely.

Q: So I was thinking of, since I live in L.A., close to downtown, if I had plants plus an air filter with a HEPA filter to take the particles out, that would do?

A: That's a good thing. When I was living in the city, I had plants all over my house. It took me a good five hours to water all my plants, one day a week.

Q: Really? Wow.

A: But I had good air in my apartment.

Q: So it would actually be a decent air, not just better?

A: Oh, very good air, because it really is letting off oxygen. You get the right plants.

Q: How many plants per square foot do you need?

A: Well, it's theoretical. There's no actual test to prove it. I used, depending on the plant and the size, I used usually five plants per room. Let's say the room was as big as this area twice, but not a high ceiling like this. That would be five plants. Some of them were big, bigger than that. They worked very, very well. Five a room was fine. But sometimes I had many more than that, because I like plants.

Q: And you don't open the windows?

A: You don't have to open the windows if you do that. Except to have some good light sometimes. If it's a clear day and you don't have a lot of these chemtrails like you have out here, if you have a good open, clear day, they're going to absorb that sunlight. These chemtrails filter out the UV. They're damaging our crops all throughout California, causing droughts. That's another reason we have to stop these chemtrails.

Q: Can I tell the protest?

A: No. We're not finished. Do you have a question?

Q: I'll take a rain check.

A: Jim?

Q: I've been accused of falling asleep in the middle of a sentence sometimes. I can't stick to my regular schedule where I can take a nap when I need it. And then there's some kind of [unintelligible] situation and I'm gone. What [unintelligible]?

A: The body just needs rest and sleep. When I sued the City of Los Angeles and the police department in federal court, and the only layperson was not an attorney to get the City of Los Angeles and the LA Police Department in federal court, I had them for 22 days. I had to prepare all the suspects of the abuse on Penn Beach, the [unintelligible]. They forced them into prostitution and doing drugs. They were just out there doing hair wraps and stuff like that. So I filed suit on them. I only was able to get an hour and a half sleep a day for 21 days. Ten minutes at a time. So I never ate to satisfaction. I ate a half a cup of food every hour to an hour and 15 minutes. I rotated half a cup of milk, one egg, half a cup of meat every hour to an hour and a half. It was never enough to make me feel relaxed, but it was enough to keep my mind working. But you're going to have a ten minute sleep period, and if it happens during the time that you're in a lecture, it's going to happen.

Q: More than ten minutes.

A: Well, you just cut your meals down into very frequently, small amounts, and it will be almost impossible to sleep. And when you have to sleep, there's no stopping it. But it's only ten or twenty minutes at a time. For me it was ten minutes at a time. I slept sometimes right during the court, ten minutes at a time.

Q: Alright, thank you.

A: You're welcome.

Q: So the cops were doing all this prostitution?

A: Pardon?

Q: The cops were doing all this prostitution?

A: No, no, the police were interfering with the runaways doing hair wraps and making jewelry and stuff like that. They were ticketing them, or kicking them off the beach. The only thing else they could do was prostitution or drugs.

Q: How could you represent them?

A: Well, what I did was, every time I saw Harry Perry, the guitarist, skating Sikh out there with the turban, he, Jerry Rubin, the famous political activist here in Venice, and I, and Jingles all got together, but Jingles didn't help a lot. But what we did was every time we saw a policeman harass one of the teenagers, runaways, we'd go up and hand them a card of an attorney and say, this officer is breaking your freedom of right, your right to be out here, this is a public beach, it's a state property, it's a state beach, you're allowed to be here, you're allowed to be taking your wares and selling them for donations, or offering them for donations. So if he tickets you, you sue him, because he's breaking your rights, you haven't broken his. So the police got very angry with us. So after five and a half years, they arrested all of us, without warrant, but they held me, they held them for three hours, they held me for three days, because I did it every day that I was out there.

Q: So that gave [unintelligible]?

A: Yes.

Q: And did you win the case against them?

A: No. What they did was, they slipped in, while the juror was out there liberating, they slipped a new juror in, who was working for the police department, worked for the police department for ten years. Stopped it right there, they got the whole thing worked out.

Q: Did they stop the deliberation?

A: Pardon?

Q: Did they stop the deliberation?

A: No, no, all of a sudden they come out of the room, and there's a different juror there. I brought it up in appeal and everything. The appellate court completely ignored it. Didn't even respond to it. They do anything they want to do.

Q: I've never seen them slip in a juror.

A: Oh, they did this time.

Q: Was there an alternate?

A: Well, they have alternates.

Q: They have alternates.

A: But they have to claim it during court activity. Not at the end. There was no mention of a juror having to leave or anything like that.

Q: So they had 13 jurors then? What happened to the 12 jurors?

A: No, no, they whittled it down to 6 jurors. They only allowed me to have 6 jurors. Tell me, they broke my rights left and right. I should have been suspicious.

Q: This was in the general court?

A: Yes. I should have been suspicious when the judge said to me, if you take $100,000, I can make this go away. I should have known right away that I was already being set up.

Q: If you would give them $100,000?

A: No, if I would accept $100,000. I was asking for $10 million.

Q: You could have gotten $100,000.

A: Yes, I could have gotten $100,000.

Q: This was a civil suit.

A: Yes, civil suit.

Q: It couldn't be, it was in federal court.

A: Yes, civil suit.

Q: You can have both civil and federal court.

A: Absolutely. Okay, we have to get moving on here. Do you have a question?

Q: I just found out that my house has a bunch of woody bugs.

A: Termites?

Q: Yes. I was wondering how long you have to stay out of the house for?

A: Three days.

Q: They say three days.

A: Three days.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: No, three days after they take the tent off. Definitely.

Q: It's cool, it doesn't have to be that long.

A: No, when I had that done, I went and got a bunch of illegal aliens off the street, a team of them, paid them $8 an hour and had them scrub the walls, the cupboards, everything from top to bottom. Floors, furniture, of course I moved all the furniture in the center and then covered that with a tarp and taped it to the floor. Still, I had them vacuum all the furniture once the plastic was removed.

Q: And you don't worry [unintelligible].

A: I wouldn't go in until it was clean.

Q: After three days?

A: I didn't go in until it was clean. I went in six days after they removed the tent. So it's three days before, you know, they tented it for like 48 hours, all for one day, and they said it's okay to go in after 24 hours. But the people that I got to clean, I gave them a mask, had them all wear masks for their own protection and clean my place. They cleaned it in about eight hours. Everything, cleaned everything in eight hours. There were seven of them.

Q: Would it decompose [unintelligible]?

A: That dust, once it gets activated with a fluid again, a hydrocarbon, I mean a hydrogen molecule, you have an active toxin again. So as soon as it gets into your body fluids or becomes wet again, it's an active toxin again.

Q: I have a question, but [unintelligible].

A: Okay.

Q: Yeah. You're quite familiar [unintelligible]. [unintelligible] And I just want to run my regimen by [unintelligible]. An hour or something like that?

A: Well, probably only ten minutes all the way after that.

Q: And then wash it out with [unintelligible] water, right?

A: Yeah.

Q: Three times a day?

A: You know, I had that experience. When I was coming home on China Airlines, I usually have, because it's a 19-hour flying time from Bangkok to Taipei, from Taipei to L.A., so I usually have their raw fruit plate. They put MSG in it this time. So all of a sudden, within ten minutes, my heart started pounding crazily, and I started getting very angry, you know, really upset, started shaking. So I realized what was in it right away. And what happened was, within 24 hours, I got a terrible cold and flu. My eyes turned just as bright red as yours, and crystals started dropping out of my eyes. I mean, sand was coming out. And they were blistered red, and it turned into cancer. So I had cancer. I remember in the book when I talked about, you know, the epoxy coming through the nose, and it caused cancer here, here, and here. It burned my eye, cornea. It started all around my eyes. So nothing helped. The egg white didn't help. Nothing helped except for honey and saliva. I put that on, and within two days, cancer was gone. Just like that. Stopped. So that worked. Well, I put the saliva all around my eyes, take the honey, saliva on my finger again, put saliva, I mean, the honey on my finger, and saliva on top of that, and rub it thinly all the way down. I mean, I'd rub it into the eyelid, so when I opened the eye, some of that honey went into it. And it worked. It stung a little bit, but it worked wonderfully. Pardon?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: It takes away wrinkles. You notice that my wrinkles are getting, and I only do it twice a week. But do you remember how thick and wrinkled my forehead was? I had about 12 layers of skin there. Now it's down to about five. That's what the honey and saliva does, is remove all that adipose tissue, dead cells, dead skin, it gets thick as we get older. I do it twice a week. Only twice a week. You could do it more. You know, if your skin doesn't get irritated, you have to remember when you put that honey and saliva on, it cuts off oxygen to those cells. So you don't want to cover your whole face, you just want to pick areas.

Q: Can you do it for anything else? [unintelligible]

A: It'll work for anything to help them heal faster.

Q: You got a fungus on your toenail?

A: Yep, it'll help that. Well, as I said in the book, you put honey on a fungus, and it'll smother the fungus. I always put the saliva with it, because the saliva helps. You have Tylen in your saliva. Tylen helps utilize the honey. If you use water, it neutralizes the honey, and it won't work.

Q: No, what I'm saying is that...

A: I always use the saliva.

Q: No, I'm talking about the honey that has the wax. I mean, the wax honey.

A: I don't use wax honey to put on my skin.

Q: No, I'm talking about they have that in that...

A: The honeycomb.

Q: The honeycomb.

A: Either way. I've been using this honey, it's fine.

Q: On your face, too?

A: Yeah. The comb honey works a little bit better. Yeah, you've already asked your question. I have to get the people who haven't asked questions yet.

Q: Do you think I should do that with the honey?

A: I think you should try it, definitely. Because it worked for me in like two days, and I was having it quite a time for about five days.

Q: The only thing, the honeycomb is good for the wrinkles, but the rest of the honey, I thought it was just regular honey.

A: You can use regular honey for the wrinkles, too. It's just that the comb honey is a little bit more active for some reason. Okay, did you have a question?

Q: Yeah. [unintelligible] When I was back in Italy, they told me that I had a spot, what do you call it? Like a spot or a hole in my heart. One in my lungs, and one in my kidney.

A: You have to understand that what they call a lesion is not a hole at all. That's the most protected and healthiest area you have. How that whole theory came up, I don't understand it. It's all for one. So just, whatever he said about those particular areas, are the healthiest parts of your body.

Q: And he told me one thing that he told me before, [unintelligble].

A: [unintelligible] sugars, acrylamide, yeah.

Q: So what should I do?

A: That's the whole process of eating a good diet. It takes a long time to break those down So you just have to eat a good diet, a good balanced diet, every day.

Q: And the [unintelligible]?

A: That's very damaging to the body.

Q: For the kidneys?

A: For the kidneys, too. The kidneys have to deal with water that's unutilizable cellularly, 90% of it. If you eat raw foods, all that H2O in every cell of that food is 100% utilizable, absorbable cellular. When you drink water, you just keep flushing the nutrients out of your blood, and out of your organs and kidneys.

Q: He [unintelligible]

A: Did he look healthy?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: And how old was he?

Q: Probably 45.

A: Then I would say for him it probably is okay. For most people it isn't okay.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: That's a theory. He has no evidence. I can show you pages of evidence. Go to rawmilk.org and download or open up the report in favor of raw milk, and it shows all the scientific evidence that it reverses lung disease. Even Hippocrates, I mean, yeah, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used raw milk, exclusive raw milk diet to reverse emphysema, and diabetes, and heart condition.

Q: What about eggs? Do you still eat eggs?

A: I eat sometimes 30 a day. When I'm in Bangkok and I can't get my cream, I'll eat 30 to 50 a day.

Q: I just get worried. [unintelligible]

A: Well, you know, if you want to try his methods, that's up to you.

Q: Okay.

A: Excuse me, do you have a question? You, yes.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Okay, do you have a question? You, right here. Do you have a question?

Q: Yes. After, it seems like I have the most pain in the middle of the night, like after two hours of sleeping, I have either heart racing or abdominal pain [unintelligible].

A: It's a shame you weren't here half an hour earlier. We had somebody else that had the same problem, and I already gave the remedies for it. Okay. I'm going to go ahead and say, because a lot of other people weren't here, and this happens frequently. During the night, the nervous system detoxifies. 90% of all the heavy metals in the body are in the nervous system, because it's high in fat, and the nervous system uses metallic minerals to transport electricity and light in its work to transmit information. So when you detoxify, the body, the light has to be down. There can be no light outside, no sunshine, and the body has to be in rest for the nervous system to go into detoxification. When it dumps, it dumps out the gums, the tongue, the salivary glands, the stomach, esophagus, and intestine, and it causes pain and discomfort. And as long as your body is dumping any kind of pain, you will not be able to go back to sleep until 530 in the morning. So you count on being up and doing something and distracting yourself. If you have pain, you put hot water bottles on either side of your body. If you're lying on your side, you put them on the front and back. Pillow on either side to keep the heat in. You can put a throw blanket, like a wool throw blanket, over this area of the body to magnify the heat into this area, to relax those muscles. Eat cheese, cheese and butter if you have a tendency to constipation, because the cheese will attract and absorb those heavy metals that are causing the discomfort and pain. Okay?

Q: So in the middle of the night I should eat cheese and butter?

A: Absolutely. As soon as you start having those cramps and pains, that's the toxins leaving and going through your intestinal walls and your stomach lining and dumping.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Eggs will absorb it to an extent, but not like cheese will. Sometimes the eggs, if it's a toxin that has a... Let's say it has an alcohol involved with it, it will create a gas with the eggs, and it will create more cramping and pain. So cheese and butter, cheese and cream are the best. And then an egg following that. Lots of eggs, you know, around throughout the day to just help handle those toxins that get into the blood, the neurological fluid system and the lymphatic fluid system.

Q: It just makes me nervous, like, when I'm...[unintelligible].

A: Yeah. You just have to start sleeping at different hours. Not at times that the nervous system detoxifies. And that's between midnight and five o'clock in the morning. Most people will work in between one and two and can't go to sleep until five thirty. Okay?

Q: Okay.

A: Do you have questions?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: You can take honey and saliva and put it on the area and wrap meat around it every night. And then put hot water bottles on either side of the knee and make sure you're eating enough meat to heal. And eat a little bit of pineapple with your meat when you eat it.

Q: So, with regards to hair, like, [unintelligible]

A: No, if you do the proper diet and you put that meat and the honey and saliva on your... in the area, it will mend without that.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Oh yeah. I ripped all of mine completely off of here. We were up in a ball here. Twice I did it. In dance class. And, you know, I tripped on the stage. And they would just ball up here. And I just put the meat on it, the honey and saliva. And I was twenty-four. I was at the British American Drama Academy at Stanford. You know, it was summer stock. Richard Dreyfuss, Marcia Mason, Ann Jackson, and Ted [unintelligible], our teachers, our professors. This was a one-time thing. I was not going to miss out on it. Because I had, you know, my whole rib, my ankle was torn. They said, you are not getting on this stage. I did my dances, my plies, I did jumps, I did everything. Even with the [unintelligible]. And within two weeks, it had all grown back. Just grew back on its own.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: We need to eat meat twice a day. And just with about two thumb-sized amounts of pineapple with it. And lots of butter and honey. Lots of butter and honey.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: You got that from my book?

Q: Yeah. [unintelligible]

A: That was for the minerals back in those days. It did work, but it wasn't quite as fast as the cheese. So, I used the cheese rather than the germinated grain.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Do you have a question? Do you have a question?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yes.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: You have to tell me your symptoms, because each person's vitiligo is different.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Michael Jackson got it because of all the chemical lifts that he did. Okay. It's always when you have that kind of vitiligo, and there's no dry skin involved with it. Then what it is, is your body, that place on your body is removing bone, starting to eat your bone away to get the minerals. And that causes a heavy vitamin D absorption in that area. Doesn't mean you're not getting sun there. It means the body's absorbing any tan that you will get immediately, any light that comes in, and transforms that fat into a vitamin D. It absorbs it immediately, and leaves that area white. Because if you've been on a good diet, and you're eating cheese with some pineapple, then you're able to get enough minerals, so your body isn't eating your bone to do it. I had it terribly when I had cancer of the blood and bone. I had spots that would just be white instantly, and never get sunshine. And that was because my bone was disintegrating because of the cancer. But as soon as I was able to reverse the bone cancer, it stopped.

Q: So [unintelligible]?

A: Yeah, more cheese. And if you have a tendency to a constipation, you need to eat butter with it. Eat cheese before you eat anything. Just a tablespoon before anything, whether it's vegetable juice, or milk, milkshake, meat meal. If it's a meat meal, I suggest that you have it 10 minutes after the meat meal too.

Q: And that's not the green drink?

A: Yes, even before the green drink. In that situation, yes.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: It all depends upon your taste. And once a day you should eat honey with your cheese. Only once a day. [unintelligible] is there to absorb the toxic metals that are causing you to use the bone. The body only goes in and digests your own bone when there's too many toxins in the system, and the body is going to use calcium and other minerals that are related to it to absorb to the toxins. That's why people with cancer, when their body starts dissolving, their body starts going into the bones to use all the calcium and minerals to bind with these heavy metals and toxins that are the problem. And then people die. If they're eating heavy amounts of cheese and butter, then it will keep absorbing those toxins so the body won't have to borrow from the bones. It won't have to eat itself. And when you eat cheese without honey, the cheese won't be absorbed but it will draw the poisons out of the fluid systems, the lymph, the blood, and the neurological systems as they pass through the intestines and stomach. So the cheese will absorb it as long as there's no honey directly with it. You can add cheese and foods that are already mixed with honey and it won't cause that problem. But you can be assured that it will not digest if you eat 10 minutes before everything and then with the meat meal 10 minutes after. And with the meat meal you might want to eat some cheese with honey, like a tablespoon of cheese and a tablespoon of honey with your meat meal. And that should correct it in about 6 months or less. Okay? Yes. Yes.

Q: Okay.

A: What is your name?

Q: [unintelligible] So what can I eat?

A: That's exactly what I've just been talking about. When you have that kind of abdominal cramping, you've got the poisons dumping into the stomach. And you don't have enough mucus and you don't have enough... the proper foods in there to absorb the toxins. So you do the exact same thing that I just told her to do and her to do. Lots of cheese. When that happens, lots of cheese. To prevent it from happening, cheese before anything you eat or drink.

Q: What about the lactose intolerance?

A: You don't have to worry about cheese is digestible unless you're eating honey with it. And if you eat honey with it, it will be completely digestible. But 99% of the people, 99.9% of the people who are lactose intolerant are only lactose intolerant to pasteurized dairy.

Q: And the cheese is unsalted, right?

A: Yeah, unsalted. Because if you have salt in the cheese, the salt, the sodium is going to bind with your calcium, some of your magnesium and potassium. So you're not going to have use of it.

Q: It tastes much better with salt.

A: Tastes much better with salt. Well, eat tomatoes with your cheese and it won't taste salty. Okay? Do you have a question? Okay, do you have a question? Do you have a question? Do you have a question? Do you have a question? Okay, we've made one round.

Q: Now I can announce the...

A: What time is it?

Q: It's 4.30.

A: No, we have another half hour. Okay, let's go around. Any questions yet?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, if you try a little bit more cheese, usually mineral deficiency. A lot of things are caused by mineral deficiency. Do you have any questions over here?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Frequently.... What she said was her husband gets these cramps in her chest. It causes him high anxiety. You know, it's difficult to move. It's painful. That kind of pain in this area is usually indicative from mercury, thimerosal, and aluminum, and formaldehyde from injections that is lodged in the shoulder. Usually because the shoulder is so active, no toxins store in the shoulder unless they're injected directly into the shoulder. Or there's an accident where the shoulder was badly injured. But a lot of times the dislocation of a shoulder is because of those toxins in that shoulder. So the damage came, the injury came, because of the toxins stored in that area that weakened the area. Any other questions?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, it could mean many different things. It could mean that you're breaking down a lot of dead cells in your body, and you're dissolving them to eliminate them, and they're not dumping into the intestines, but they're traveling through the blood, and the kidney's going to be responsible for it. As long as you have healthy kidneys, all that excess protein isn't going to tax the kidney.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah. Anything. I see everything reverse. I've seen [unintelligible].

[audio cut]

A: This was his entire movement. That was his life. Two years on the diet, he gained 50 pounds, 60 pounds. He can turn on and off and put in his tape into his tape deck, the machine. They said he would never get better. Two years later, he's got so much function. He still doesn't talk well. It's hard to understand him, but he's communicating. He can tell people what he wants. He can play his tape machine. He can express himself. A whole different person. The doctors are amazed. Because social services involved with some children like that, she got these virologists to write a letter saying, this child is allowed to have raw meat and raw dairy. Because it's the only thing that's changed him since his birth. They realized that it was that doing, so the mother wouldn't get in trouble. Okay, questions?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, that'll come when I'm finished. Five o'clock you get to [unintelligible]. Roger, do you have a question?

Q: Yes, what I was going to ask earlier about the honey and saliva. Yeah, I've been using it on my skin. I've noticed my wrinkles are getting softer. What about these brown spots that appear on my cheekbones? I'm wondering if that's beneficial for anything, or if honey and saliva are supposed to remove those.

A: Well, I found that coconut cream removes them. Honey and saliva may, I've never researched that.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: It's just a very dab, just around that area.

Q: I want to go back to my question.

A: Okay, wait until I finish him. So when you have brown spots that occur like that, especially in elderly people, you have to understand that the body, when the body hits mid-50s, late 50s, it's the same thing as going through teenage age. You've got a whole shift that's happening. And in that shift, there's a lot of detoxification of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas. Those are very dark cells. And if those cells don't create prostaglandins or hormones anymore, then the body will throw them off into the skin if they're still alive. Because they're cells that can act as skin, but they aren't beneficial in those glands. So the body will build them onto the surface of your skin, and you have what they call liver spots. But it isn't only liver, it can be gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas too. Okay?

Q: Okay, well I'll wait for coconut cream.

Q: I have a question.

A: Okay, what's your question?

Q: I still have this [unintelligible].

A: Well, you just have to be patient.

Q: You just don't put anything on it.

A: Well, you can put honey on it if you want.

Q: Honey and saliva?

A: Do that for a while.

Q: Once a week?

A: Well, for that, you can do it every day. It's something like that. I've been using it on the people with warts. And it can remove the warts in like 30 days.

Q: I put my face on the pillow and I feel a soreness, like a cut mark. Like over here.

A: That usually means it's dissolving internally. So that means the roots of it are ready to go away. So when you lose it, you will lose it permanently. But it may take a while.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: But then it may grow back. I had 15 removed. Well, my mother had 15 of them removed on my body when I was 15 and a half. They all grew back. Every one of them.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: It's from cartilage, usually. When you have a mole or a wart, it's usually toxic. And the cartilage tissue will come from the mandible, from a joint, and the body is throwing it off. It's not a dead cell yet, but it doesn't function well. So the body will throw it off to hard substance because it can't dissolve and get rid of it.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, I haven't done it on moles, but I've been using it on warts.

Q: Every day?

A: Probably will. If I'm taking care of warts, I can't imagine not taking care of moles also.

Q: Okay, so let's talk about STDs. So if I get them, it's good, and if I get them, it's good?

A: STDs?

Q: HIV and herpes.

A: STDs? What is an STD? Sexually transmitted disease. You tell me what's a sexually transmitted disease. Only something that can live on the outer tissue. Crabs are contagious. Yeasts are contagious. Syphilis is not. You've got syphilis. Everybody here has syphilis. Everybody here has polio. Everybody here has herpes. Remember, virus are not contagious. It's bullshit. Virus are not alive. They are solvents. They are soap. Is tide soap, is laundry soap contagious because it appears in everybody's home? Cells make a solvent to dissolve toxic tissue. If you have herpes, that means that the body is dissolving some nerve tissue that has heavy metals in it. And what did I say earlier? All nerves have heavy metals in them because they use metallic minerals to transport information. So you've got heavy metals, toxic, very brittle, burning substances that come out the nerve endings. What is going to happen? They are going to blister terribly. Everybody has herpes.

Q: But HIV you said is manufactured before.

A: HIV is a manufacture and the only way you can get it is transfusion or injection. It has to be directly infused into you.

Q: So if someone is bleeding in the vagina and you know, it's going to [unintelligible].

A: That's not an infusion. You don't bleed inward.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: If you're going to take their fluid and inject it into you, then there's a possibility. But it doesn't absorb into you.

Q: Not through the skin... Okay, so I can just have sex with anyone. I don't have to worry, right? Yes, I knew it.

A: I know plenty of people who have had sex with a lot of dope addicts that have herpes in AIDS. And none of them have gotten AIDS. There's a whole group of couples who have been married and with an AIDS partner for over 27 years. And out of those 232 couples, you know how many got AIDS? Zero. Zip. So all this hype is just absolute distortion of the truth. You know, if you have moralistic people that say, see God gave you this because you're immoral. They get on that kind of hype and they're going to say all kinds of lying things.

Q: I'm really glad now. Thank you.

A: Well, if you want, you have to watch for crabs and you have to watch for yeast infection.

Q: So the yeast is going to transmit.

A: Yeah, because they live on the skin.

Q: Okay.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: AIDS? Every test that I've seen of the sperm, you only have two virus bodies, conglomerates, particles. You know how much concentration of virus it takes to even cause a dissolution of 100 cells? 2,000 times that. And it would have to be concentrated in one area. Even Dr. Strecker, who did tests on thousands of them, found only two viral bodies, not bodies meaning alive, but two HIV structures per sperm, per ejaculation. It's not enough to do anything. Not enough to cause a problem.

Q: So what about all the stuff that [unintelligible]?

A: If you read the book that I talked, I gave reference to in my bibliography, BioAttack Alert, it was injected into the homosexual population through the HIV virus. It was done by the military industry. They were testing bio-warfare. And the AIDS virus was made at UCLA between 1959 and 1962. It was given to the military. And that book tracks it all the way to the military and out to the hepatitis B vaccine. And they were administering it in Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. They gave it there because 90% of the people in those days were homosexuals and getting hepatitis because of a tremendous amount of drug use. They were having liver damage. Liver damage creates hepatitis because, like I said earlier, if you have toxicity, metal and toxic substances with heavy metals in them, it damages cells. You can't use bacteria or a parasite to eat that and remove it. You have to use a virus. So hepatitis is a last-ditch effort to get rid of some very toxic liver tissue. So hepatitis you want. You just need to feed yourself properly during that cleansing process.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: BioAttack Alert. It's in my bibliography of the first book.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: It's not true. It's like the health department. Remember that episode about two months ago? They said raw milk caused all this disease in Washington, the state of Washington? It's by association. Do you know how they make that association? They have a questionnaire that says, did you have any rare meat? Do you have any raw milk, unpasteurized dairy products in your home? And if you answer yes, guess what gets blamed? No science to it. It's by association. It's got nothing to do with science. And what happened? They found that nine of those children didn't even eat the drink raw milk.

Q: They went to a [unintelligible].

A: Yeah. Didn't even drink the raw milk.

Q: I'm confused about yeast infections. Aren't they good if you get them because then you're detoxifying?

A: Yeah, but sometimes, you know, it can be pretty inconvenient on your penis. Or in your vagina. It can be itchy and it hurts.

Q: Okay.

Q: Does kefir make that worse?

A: It helps. Yeah, honey I found smothers works a little bit better.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah. Yeah. Well, the yeast, the bacteria in kefir will be the bacteria that helps break down the cells that normally the yeast eat. You know, the bacterial yeast that your body can create. So you can use to help or not. You can use your own or there are kefir to help you. Kefir, if you use that as a douche during a vaginal yeast infection will reduce odor. So that's the preferable way there. Otherwise, if you're using your own yeast to break it down, there's more odor. Yes.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: They got from the 75 million donated smallpox vaccines.

Q: Created? Created?

A: Created. What they did was, that's the new warfare. They created a deficit and destitute countries. Who's running those countries now? World Bank. Just where the American government people wanted them. The military wanted them. It's another bio warfare.

Q: How is it that we get smallpox vaccine?

A: They weren't infected with it. These vaccines were purposely infected with HIV.

Q: How is it spreading so fast?

A: It isn't spreading. Sometimes people, it takes 10, 15 years for it to take over the body and deteriorate it to that point where there's a problem. Some people are infected immediately. But it's not spread. It's already done. It's over.

Q: What about from mother to child?

A: You've got blood. It's in the blood. But not all children get it. Even from the mother.

Q: I know [unintelligible]

A: Yeah, but that was not your farm creatures, not your farm people. The people who were living in London and places where they had a silversmith and a blacksmith on every block, two of them on every block. So you had the fog of London and a lot of these island cities in Ireland and France and Germany, all those... Norway. You have the fog come in and the heavy metals sit in there and they're constantly smoldering it. They had no filters in those days. They were right from the fire to the atmosphere. These people were breathing in heavy metals every day. That's what caused the Black Plague. So let's say those toxins go down to your gonads. They get into your lymphatic system and your genitals. You're going to have diarrhea. You're going to have syphilis. It gets into your spine. You're going to have syphilis. It depends upon the tissue that's affected. But everybody has syphilis. Everybody has gonorrhea. Is it active? What causes it to be active? Degenerative tissue in that area. Any other questions? We're winding it up now. We're pretty close. We have ten minutes.

Q: What do you eat [unintelligible]?

A: There's nothing to eat. What happens is the sinuses start sagging, especially in men. Women, they have the menstrual discharge. They have 20% more fat in their bodies, so they absorb more heavy metals. They have less toxicity in their brains and in their sinuses. They have less discharge from their brain to their sinuses. So because women have that fat and we don't, men's sinuses are more abused. It's heavy metals. So they start sagging. And when that happens at night, you're lying on your back, it sags right over your windpipe. So it creates snoring because you can't breathe through your nose properly, so you start breathing through your mouth. And the sagging is so pronounced, even through the throat, that it causes the snoring. So the only thing you can do is sit up, and then you're going to have occasional snoring, but it won't be constant snoring.

Q: Like a [unintelligible]?

A: Yeah, sleep at an angle. But you're still, you know, you're going to have a slope as long as you're not straight up. So it can reduce the snoring, but you can't stop it until all those sinuses are reloaded, if they can be reloaded in your life.

Q: Any sort of [unintelligible]? You know, I do that because I think I have a lot of mucus in my nose.

A: No, that's mucus discharge. You're discharging it out, but usually when that membrane, you clog, there's a lot of dead cells there. So there's less elasticity in the sinuses.

Q: You said it's good to have mucus.

A: Pardon?

Q: You said it's good to have mucus.

A: Oh, it's wonderful to have mucus, because that shows you're discharging it. If you don't have mucus, you can't discharge it. It'll stay in the sinuses. Then you lose your sense of smell, sense of taste.

Q: As soon as I get up [unintelligible], my nose starts running.

A: Yep.

Q: That happens to you?

A: Oh, yes. All I have to do is get out of bed in the morning and my mine starts.

Q: I've been on a vegetarian diet for many years, which includes soy milk. I've been on your diet for two months, and I've noticed that my hair and my fingernails have stopped growing.

A: Stopped growing? She's been on my diet for two months. She was a vegetarian prior to that with lots of soy products. And she does, since she's been on my diet for two months, her nails and hair have stopped growing. It's a sign of severe mineral deficiency. Are you eating the raw meat? When you're lacking minerals, you need to eat cheese, a little bit, like two sugar cube size amounts of cheese, before everything except cheese.

Q: Does it matter what raw meat are eaten on a part of this regime?

A: Fish usually will help a little bit better. If you're having some fish regularly, especially shellfish, scallops, best for that. But cheese is very important. Cheese with honey once a day. Most of the time, the toxicity from soy is so bad, because humans and fowl poultry cannot eat soy unless it's cooked and processed, because there are enzymes which will kill us. So they treat it heavily with chemicals. Still call it organic, but it's no longer organic once it's treated. So a lot of heavy metals in it. So a lot of people who are vegetarians, who eat lots of soy, have a lot of metal toxicity that uses up their minerals from their food. There's enough minerals in this diet, unless you're heavily contaminated. Then you need the cheese to help to grab the poisonous minerals, so that you can utilize the minerals in your juice and foods intercellularly, and they're not wasted on the toxins. Okay? Yes?

Q: I love the skin cream, the coconut cream. [unintelligible]

A: The coconut oil? Or are you talking about my primal facial body cream?

Q: Your primal facial body cream.

A: Okay.

Q: I do like it, but [unintelligible].

A: Well, that's because of the ginger and the lime juice in it. If you're going to do that, just put honey there, and then don't put the primal facial body care cream, usually on the upper lid [unintelligible]. So don't put it on the upper lid. See how many things I take.

Q: It's 5 o'clock.

Q: It is not 5 o'clock. It's 5 minutes. What about cod liver oil and fish oil?

A: All of them are treated. The FDA requires that they be cleaned and treated. So they are all heat or solvent or both processed.

Q: Carlson claims they don't.

A: They have to heat process it to remove the protein. They call it a low... See, you have to understand that they are the thinking, the Sally Fallon, that group that says, if fat does not reach 160 degrees, it's labial point is 163 or 167 degrees. So if that doesn't reach that temperature, it's raw. It's unheated. But according to me, it's 96 degrees for fat. And oil. And fish oil is heavily...

Q: They don't just press it out?

A: They used to do it that way, and it stunk, and it was cloudy. Bacteria, bacteria. FDA, USDA says, no way you can't do it. It has to be completely clear and no bacteria in it. Which means it's not fish oil anymore. It's a processed, treated oil.

Q: [unintelligible]?

A: Eat the fish, that's the only way you can get it now. And that stopped in 1980 when that jerk, asshole, and I can say it in so many ways, Reagan took office. He signed a bill that stopped all interstate transportation of raw dairy and any raw food. That took out, you know, Coors used to have raw beer. Until that was signed into law. I could get Alta Dina's raw dairy in Alaska. On this little island off the coast of Georgia. When that was signed, I couldn't find it anywhere. Couldn't find dairy anywhere.

Q: You would drink the beer if it was raw today?

A: No, I wouldn't. Maybe an ounce or two once in a while. Because I was a heavy, heavy alcoholic.

Q: Alta Dina [unintelligible].

A: Pardon?

Q: Alta Dina [unintelligible].

A: They used to distribute it all over the world.

Q: So what, is that possible to reverse?

A: Yeah, I'm going to work on it in the next few years. But it's going to take some time.

Q: $100,000, right?

A: At least.

Q: Oh, so you get more dairy companies out there?

A: No, just to get it so we can transfer over state lines again.

Q: We have it in California, though.

A: Yeah, we have it in California. They're not allowed to sell it in other states. Without processing. But with the federal government saying you can't go interstate, that cuts out a lot of states right there. Yes?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Marijuana has 16 times, at least 16 times the amount of tars that a regular cigarette has. So you have 16 to 20 times the tars. So one joint is like a pack of cigarettes, tar-wise. Tar, we are not an herbivore. For us, a heavy tar in vegetable oil will crystallize in our bodies, especially when cooked. So that creates hardening of the arteries, hardening of the heart, hardening of tissue, MS, all kinds of problems. Vegetable oil is a toxic oil that causes hardening of the system. So you want to dissolve that, you have to get some marijuana and some tobacco and you have to ferment it. And then have, you know, a few, like a half a teaspoon a day with your vegetable juice once a day. And you have that for about a year and it'll clean it out. It's a very hard substance to break down. Very difficult. Now I've got a source in Tennessee who can get you the green tobacco if you used to be a smoker. At that time of the year when it's available. And you just get enough at that time. You can freeze it, it doesn't matter. And then you just juice it. You can juice it and freeze it or just juice it and leave it in the refrigerator. And then have it as you need it throughout the next six months to a year.

Q: What does that do?

A: Taking away some of the tars from smoking. Question.

Q: I was just wondering about food allergies. [unintelligible]

A: No, it just means that, hey, you've got so much systemic toxins that your body is dumping the poisons into the intestines preventing you from having your food non-contaminated. Eating cheese helps absorb it. Eating raw foods usually gets rid of the 99% of any allergy right away.

Q: I'm eating raw vegan, so it's a part of my diet.

A: There's no protein in that. There's not enough minerals. If you have to go start somewhere, eggs. Eat eggs all day long. Eat an egg an hour if you want to break that. I have people that can't eat anything. That's what I do. I have them eat every hour one egg followed by a teaspoon of butter and honey every hour. Let me tell you, I have people that were skin and bones. They were going to die. I had one guy who came with his wife. He was about 59, 60. She was about the same age, maybe a year younger. She was skin and bones and frail, and she couldn't eat anything. He came in, he was an intellectual. He came in and he was looking at me like, you bastard. You got my wife here and you're going to snow with this bullshit. The whole time. Then he saw in a week she was able to do fine on this diet. So guess who became my patient in six months? He comes religiously every year with his wife. Because it's that easy. Eggs will get you out of any kind of allergy.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, you just need to get more toxins out of them. Well, you're drinking cold milk [unintelligible]. You cannot drink cold milk. Cold milk will cause me to shake my heartbeat rapidly. You have to have it warm or it may be [unintelligible]. Because the bacteria will help break down the milk sugars and the lactate. And the casein, if you drink cold milk, it causes the stomach to contract. You have no hydrochloric acid, so the milk moves into the duodenum and gets absorbed into the blood without the casein and lactate being broken down. So you'll have an allergy if you're sensitive. I'm not sensitive, you're not sensitive. So I don't drink cold milk.

Q: So you leave it out for a couple of hours [unintelligible].

A: I leave mine out for 24 hours. I let mine go sour before I start drinking.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: If I leave it out until it goes into kefir, I will. If you want it sweet, you just add a tablespoon of honey per quart and that will keep it sweet. And then it will turn into kefir and get thicker faster and then you can refrigerate.

Q: What's the difference between kefir and yogurt?

A: Just a different strain of bacteria. Yogurt, usually you have to cook yogurt to make it really thick. If you make yogurt without cooking it up to 112 degrees, it's not going to harden and thicken very well, unless you put AR, ARN, or a thickener. Pardon?

Q: Why do you want yogurt to be hard?

A: That's just the way yogurt is sold. It didn't used to be that way. Yes?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Fine.

Q: Oh, it's five o'clock.

A: Yes, five o'clock. And always to organic pastures, add a little cream. Add a little more cream to it. Because Mark cuts out some cream to make more money. So it's not pure, full-fat milk. Okay, there's going to be a demonstration against chemtrails that cause all this. That's aluminum, barium, and all kinds of other toxins that the military is dumping on us. They're giving the excuse that it's preventing global warming, and that it's taking care of our atmosphere. How can dump barium, a radioactive material, and aluminum, which destroys its added potential, be good for us? So it's absolutely bullshit. They're getting rid of industrial military waste by dumping it on us, because there's so much of it, they can't get rid of it any other way, without being caught.

Q: I will be giving out any papers that anybody wants it on, to come on Thursday, March 23rd, two days after spring, from 9 to 2, and I'm going to be wearing an Israeli gas mask and a green hazard suit. So it's like a camouflage military outfit.

A: Well, if you have all white, wear all white.

Q: I mean, it just happened to be, because of the military, that supply place on Lincoln.

A: Yeah, but when chemical cleanup crews go around there, we're all white, so... You don't have to have a...