Q&A Of April 4, 2010

Q: [inaudible]

A: I had a lot of trouble with my teeth after chemotherapy and radiation therapy because it rotted the bone around my teeth. The radiation therapy in particular. So my teeth just dangled in my mouth and the gums. If I bit down on my own teeth I bled and lost half a cup of blood a day. So I was sometimes getting two transfusions a week. Then when I started drinking the raw milk then it took about 2 years to regrow the bone all around the teeth but I still have a lot of dental problems from being a fruitarian, vegetarian. After that my teeth were rotting a lot. So every time I had tooth problems I would eat a lot of cheese, I would take clay and pack it on the area to help draw the toxins out. Most of the dental problems and all cavities are not from bacteria. Bacteria feed on the damaged dentin. All bacteria in our bodies are both constructive and cleansing. The body is 99% bacteria. You never hear that from the medical profession because their whole theory is that bacteria causes disease, bacteria theory. That's garbage. When I was doing the experiments with people with polio, the greater the concentrations of bacteria in their intestines, blood, urine and feces, the more healing transpired; they were healthier, stronger, and would get well. Those who continued with antibacterials through their whole treatment would end up paralyzed, shrunken legs, all kinds of problems, especially in children. Bacteria are prominent and are very important. It's the heavy metals that collect in the brain and nervous system that cause the decay on the dentin because the brain and nervous system use metallic minerals to conduct electricity and transmit and transfer light. Concentrations of minerals form in the brain and nervous system. When you cook foods and eat processed foods all of the bonds of those trace toxic minerals that would not be toxic as long as they're bound with other ions - and they're nutritive. Mercury, arsenic, lead - all of those which are isolated poisons - together in unison with other nutrients are helpful to the body. But when you cook it you fractionate the ionic bonds so they become free radicals and they do damage. And they have a tendency to collect and magnetize to each other, making the harm and degeneration greater. Mercury is the greatest neurological poison to any animal on this planet. Thallium is next and then arsenic. If you put a liquid solution of mercury like thimerosal on dentin and put it on the gums, within 10 days you will have a cavity. What's happening when we get cavities is the brain is detoxing and it detoxes mostly out the gums, the tongue and the salivary glands. As it comes down the teeth and binds with the teeth the body uses calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium - alkalizing minerals - to bind with the acidic minerals which are toxic and highly corrosive. That's what causes plaque on the teeth. Plaque is a defense against those heavy metals damaging the dentin. However, once cauterized, once cooked over about 141 degrees, calcium is no longer active in the same way. It loses more than 50% of its potency to alkalinize and neutralize the caustic, acidic minerals. So it sits on the teeth, even if you have a lot of plaque, it will eventually eat through and damage the dentin, and that's what causes cavities. You can have internal cavities, too, from the inside out, and that's when the mercury and thallium from the brain passes into the nerves and tries to exit through the tubules and gets into the brain and works its way from the inside to the outside. As soon as oxygen is involved the dentin starts to decay instantly. Cheese is very helpful, cheese is concentrated in minerals. You can't digest raw, unsalted cheese because it's not fractionated, it's a dehydrated product and any food that's dehydrated has no enzymatic activity. If you have the cheese with honey you will digest it. There's two things involved: He has a tooth problem with pain in it. The doctors all want to do root canals because there's nerve damage. Sure the nerve is damaged, that doesn't mean you need a root canal or the tooth pulled. I always wait until the tooth has created a root canal on its own. I've had several do that. I let the nerve inside dry up and harden like a string - and it will - and then they can just pull it out and put a cap over it. I let that happen on two teeth, but getting through that pain while it's detoxing from the heavy metals can be difficult. I always eat lots of cheese to help draw out the poisons out of the system. And I would pack clay or cheese in my mouth, sometimes the cheese gets a little acidic, so it causes the gums to become more sensitive, but it does draw the poisons out. And then I used clay that's been moist for at least 5 days and then let it harden about the texture of clay you mold for pottery. Pack that up there and it draws it out and keeps pain down, reduces it and of course my pain formula which is the moisturizing-lubrication formula with bee pollen and cheese eaten with it. And then lots of milk. I refrain from eating meat when I have a tooth pain like that that is pretty severe. I won't eat beef at all. When I eat meat it will be fish or chicken. I tend to do better with fish because the high mineral content can help bind with the toxic minerals and can ­help soothe and give minerals to the nerves so they can pull the caustic metals out of the nerve, which irritates and burns the nerve, which is where most of the pain originates. If you can neutralize that with the minerals from the milk and cheese, then pain is usually very manageable and durable. If it pusses, then great. That means white blood cells are involved, which consume the poison and regurgitate it when it gets through the skin or pass out and die with the chemical in them. Puss is a good thing. Doctors say OoOoOoOOew, you need antibiotics. White blood cells aren't your problem. Why would you want to poison white blood cells, it's the most ridiculous concept in the world but it sells antibiotics and people buy it. Think about it: white blood cells, which are responsible, like the lymphatic system is mainly fatty cells and white cells - to draw poisons out of the body - you want puss where there's toxins. It's an infection, yes, it is infected with some chemical pollution and you need the white blood cells to help remove it. That's what the white blood cells do in your blood and entire body, even in your intestines. When you eat cook foods and no raw food with it at all, you have what is called glucocytosis, which is the white blood cells leaving the red blood stream and entering the intestines, and up to 1/3 of the white cells will enter to deal with the toxicity that's created from cooking your food, because you have a lot of toxic byproducts. 32 that I name in the recipe book, and those are only the ones who have been identified, but that's because a few scientists have taken the time to do that with very little budget. Of course the only thing our government will sponsor is pharmaceutical stuff that gets us nowhere, like cancer and MS through drug campaigns from the pharmaceutical industry. There's no cure there. They don't want a cure because they make no money if you're cured. Hippocrates cured diabetes in 6-10 weeks in every case with just a raw milk diet. We have 53 million diabetics in this country - that's a fifth of the population. They can all be cured in 6-10 weeks. The government knows this, the pharmaceutical house knows this. That's why they campaigned to get rid of raw milk. There's no other reason to go after it the way they are. It also helps relieve a lot of poisons out of the body. Keeps a lot of people much healthier, like 5 times healthier than you can be without it. So milk is a very important thing. Back when Whole Foods started buying up Mrs. Gooch's health food chain - 60-70% of all the foods were organic - when whole foods came out, they said "go go organic" but when you went to their store in the highest point of organic availability they would have no more than 10% organic. And the lowest was 2%. 80% of the year Whole Foods only carried 2% organic produce. There's plenty of organic sources out there. So I looked into it and I went to the head office in Texas, and I asked them what they fed their beef, and it was labeled, "all natural" and everything, and I said, "what specifically do they eat?" And I finally got to the person who oversees the ranches which contract with them to produce the meat, and they have somewhere around 60 contracts with very large ranches for their beef, and there is a manual which says "make sure they are all fed the same. 15% bakery waste." 15% stale, boiled-in-oil donuts. Since when is that natural? Well, the grain is natural. They do naturally eat grain. But not ground and processed and boiled in oil, as donuts are. So I said, who are these people who are buying out and taking this attitude? They are obviously interested in money and not interested in health. So I knew it was a front. So I found out it was the George Bush and [Das?] families of Texas. Both of them are nazis and believe that we should diminish the population. Those are the major shareholders through Tim Truss, they owned when I investigated 10 years ago about 80% of all the shares of Whole Foods. So then 2 months ago they put 2 vegetarians in charge of all of the stores. You know how many vegetarians think that raw milk or any milk is the worst food in the world. They remove the raw milk as soon as they get into management. They're saying, "well, we can't get it insured". They've had it insured all along and nobody spouted and had a problem with it. So this is the way to get rid of some more good, healthy food. That's why they stopped carrying raw milk. Sip on milk all the time, you can sip on cold milk just a little bit to numb the pain but don't do it too often.

Q: I started to put the raw milk up in the cabinet and mix it with honey and make kefir and drink kefir cold.

A: That's okay. But I found if I put cold on it too often it made it worse.

Q: Do you recommend where I would buy a culture for the kefir?

A: When I make kefir I use expectoration and honey because it's your own bacteria. We have more bacteria in our mouth than cats and dogs do. Use your saliva. The only creature I know of that has more bacteria than humans is a fly. But I'm not going to grind up a fly and put it in my milk. If you keep the milk warm - you'll put it in a bowl of warm water - I put mine in my hot top, which is only 102 degrees, and cows’ body temp goes up to 105 - I'll have kefir in 24 hours or less. About 3/4 - 2/3 of a tbsp. of honey per quart.

Q: You recommended my son stay away from kefir because it's high in alcohol?

A: No, I said if it's too fermented there's too much alcohol. Fresh kefir is fine.

Q: I can't do blended green juices with pulp and everything, you want it separate?

A: No, if you do that, you're going to have all that cellulose you can't digest. Cellulose is going to release alkalinity all throughout your intestines, it's going to neutralize your acidic bacteria, so you won't digest your milk or eggs. You could do a little of that if you have over-acidity in your intestines. I just saw your irises, you don't have that. So normally if I suggest that for someone it's the last thing in the day to eat. So no dairy, no meats coming behind to interfere. By morning you're going to be overly acidic anyway.

Q: [inaudible]

A: Cucumber is a fruit, not a vegetable, so you're going to get your collagen from it. Collagen replacement. It's not a complex cellulose like roots, stalks and leaves. It's a fruit. Because we don't eat a lot of sweet fruits - for the obvious reasons: getting the highs and lows, the deterioration, the mineralization of the body - we have cucumber, which is a bland fruit.

Q: When I saw you in October I was exhibiting symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Most of those have seemed to have dissipated. A little swelling here. But I feel on the balls of my feet. [inaudible] everything was good until I ate that little ball of nuts and honey and whatever was in that, all of a sudden my feet - and they're still doing it - they started to tingle and feel like they are getting a little swollen. Is that an allergy to something that was in that? Or it doesn't have anything to do with the RA?

A: Depends on what was in it. I don't know what was in it. Some of the stuff created at Rawesome isn't necessarily good. The safflower or pumpkin oil they were pressing for two years they claimed it was raw, and I said, "okay, prove it to me", so I went there are took a heat gun right where the oil was coming out and the pumpkin seed oil was coming out at 129, 124, degrees, the flax was coming out 150 some, and the sunflower was the only one that came in under 96 degrees. When it first started pressing it the machine got hot for some reason, but after about 3 oz. of pressing the temp dropped down to between 89 and 92 degrees, which is fine. So the only oil that is good up there that they press is the sunflower seed oil.

Q: So that reaction shows me that I should generally avoid that?

A: Not necessarily all the time.

Q: I feel like when I think of some things i get a reaction

A: When you see a lemon, you salivate and taste it, so the brain does come into it, but usually doesn't go to the point where it's causing electrical stimulation. However in some patients who are very thin I found that it is true. One patient I had who had multiple sclerosis that was so advanced she lived on a gurney. I went over to see, and I went like this, I was this far away from her arm - she woke up screaming in pain because the energy that she could feel, she was that sensitive. No one could come near her because she would scream every time they came near her. That's the only time in cases of MS - I've seen 3 cases like that where they're so sensitive you can wake them up by causing pain. Your thought process may be because you were even thinner before and you have some hardening of the nerves so maybe your thoughts can create that but it's not a general rule.

Q: Should I continue to wait a while before I have a [filling?] for those?

A: I always suggest waiting 2 1/2 years on the diet.

Q: I've been 3 1/2 years

A: Then I say go ahead and do it.

Q: Even though you said in October I should wait until the immune situation has cleared out?

A: Are you taking the baths to help clear it?

Q: Not lately.

A: Then wait. 90% of toxins leave through the skin, you've got to perspire them out. Most of those toxins are styrofoam or other kinds of plastics - by hydrogenating vegetable oils. Literally styrofoam. Why does the FDA and our government allow it? Profit.

Q: What's your opinion on nuts?

A: As long as the nuts have some kind of fat with it with a little honey, it will break down. I have the nut formula in the book. It helps break down the phytic acid, which is an enzymatic activity which causes us to not be able to absorb certain minerals, which prevents the absorption and utilization of certain proteins, which prevents the utilization of certain fats. I found that if you use a fat and honey with the nuts and seeds, it neutralizes the phytic acid, changes the properties so the enzyme doesn't work that way. I believe nature created that enzyme to prevent so many animals from eating the seeds, so it would propagate. If you feed birds only sprouts they will die. Birds can eat a lot of nuts and seeds because they have a gizzard. Squirrels can eat a lot of certain types of nuts because they're equipped to eat it with certain enzymatic activity, but humans aren't built that way.

Marie: Because of my [inaudible] is it okay to get some dental treatment done? I just want to get my old fillings out and [inaudible]

A: Yeah it's okay, I use Dr. Britton Tihuana. He'll do anything I want, he's not restrictive like they are in America where they have to give you x-rays, have to do a certain procedure which was written by the pharmaceutical industry and made law by our congress. So I go to Mexico where I don't have to get x-rays, novacaine, any of that.

Q: [inaudible]

A: Yeah, pesticides will eventually damage - any kind of chemical can harm the heart. Use clay, milk.

Q: [inaudible]

A: Beef helps you build hydrochloric acid to digest your proteins better.

Q: You were telling me to take 2 oz. per day. [inaudible]?

A: Not unless you're having digestive problems. It helps you digest proteins to help your liver get better faster because you had signs of not digesting proteins well and the hydrochloric acid would help.

Q: [Inaudible. Egg white?]

A: I suggest two 8oz. juice a day with an egg in it and a little clay - 1/4 tsp. for 8 oz. Whip one egg in it, don't blend. I'd rather you do the sports formulas, a little bit better for you than too much juice. Milkshakes are not necessary during the day. I have the milkshake for people to gain weight fast. The milkshake is the only thing on this diet that can make you gain weight fast. To me the least important is juices. It helps alkalinize, but the meats, diary and eggs are always most important. If you're very sick, eggs are the most important food you can eat. Milk would be next. Eggs digest in 27 minutes. Takes milk 6-10 hours. You have a lot of formaldehyde and other industrial solvents in your stomach lining. You should be eating cheese every 30 minutes, just a little sugar-cubed sized amount. There's a lot of people who need to do that.

Q: Doctors want a round of chemotherapy for arthritis

A: It’s all absurd to me. Their whole idea is the body stops whatever it’s doing in that joint, that body part. And it does stop the detoxification in that particular area. But the problem is that you’ve got industrial pollution in food, air, water. They used to give arsenic as a remedy because it would poison the body, stop the symptoms by redirecting the body’s efforts on dealing with the arsenic. They thought it was a cure because it stopped the symptoms. But it made the whole body toxic so they would develop all kinds of disease and illness, you’re going to have a shorter life, colds and flus. Doctors are the most revered profession in the world and the TV is terrible about that.

Q: Have you heard of the catenation phase in cancer or heart problems? The root canals or [inaudlbe] get infected and the gums [inaudible] up over the bacteria which supposedly turn into anaerobic bacteria because the oxygen starves and they get more deadly that way and it gets into the bone and causes osteoporosis.

A: Yeah that whole theory was written by a bee movie writer. Pretty bad. You have to understand that bacteria is always good. In the human body, natural bacteria are always good. The only bacterias that are bad are man-made bacteria like e coli. 157-H7 manufactured by General Electric, and they put it out there as if it was part of nature. The gums can heal over an infection, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. You cannot get a tooth problem to cause cancer. If you have cancer as a result of some relationship with the tooth it's because you had mercury and thallium from a lot of amalgams that were in the mouth, and it's gone through the nervous system and back down to that area and settled in that area. And kills all the cells. Cancer is nothing other than cells collecting because your body has stopped dissolving dead cells. So what's it gonna do with dead cells? They have to be liquified and removed to get out of the body. They're too large to pass through membranes. You can never perspire it out through the body. So those cells need to be dissolved to be eliminated. If you can't do it they'll collect as fibroid tumors or other kinds of tumors. Warts and tumors: the body can't dissolve and it just throws them on the skin. It can't even let them go. After those poison injections, I got a wart here about the size of a bullet - you know, the back end, the fire pin [unintelligible]. I just kept putting my saliva on it and I just kept putting my saliva on it and every two days a layer would come off, when I stopped using the saliva it stopped coming off. Our saliva is acidic so it should be digesting animal products. If we have acidic bacteria here we eat alkaline foods, does it make any sense? 90% of our digestive juices are acidic and belong to digesting acidic food, we have about 10% that are alkaline and that's only because we're used to eating them. The Masaai and the Samburu don't eat fruit or vegetables. They don't chew on it like Gorillas and spit out the raw pulp. They have no alkalinity in their entire digestive tract. Sure, we can adjust to a diet of alkalinity but that doesn't mean it's good and healthy for us. So the bacteria in the tooth is not going to create cancer. The poisons always cause cancer, they kill cells, your body can't dissolve the cells, they collect, you have tumors.

Q: Good source of lamb and beef except northstar bison?

A: Miller organic farms is where I get mine.

Q: Is it better to get organic beef or grass-fed?

A: I would get the grass fed because it's spent 99% of its life eating grass. At the end they'll feed them lots of grain to fatten them up.

Q: Why is grass fed better than organic?

A: With organic they can feed them mainly grain. They'll get very fat and their tissues aren't as strong. 98% of a cow's diet is grasses, only 2% grain. They enjoy dried grass almost more than they like fresh grass for some reason, so they like straw and hay, which is why you can feed them that in the winter completely, and I guess that's part of their diet in winter time, but when you feed them too much grain their hooves will start cracking, you have to kill them earlier in their life before they start breaking down with disease. At my grandparent's farm you couldn't have the females splitting their hooves or it would affect the milk and everything else, so they were only allowed 2% grain so they got 2 cups of grain at each milking and that's it. But when they were out in the field they would suck up the seed but only after it had ripened and turned brown and had fallen off the grasses and they would suck it up with the dirt. So they eat grain, there's a lot of people who say you shouldn't feed them any grain. Hello? They eat grain. Get the best you would get, grazed would be best, organic is next.

Q: Difference between eating eggs whole and in a milkshake?

A: Eggs eaten alone will digest within 27 minutes. In a milkshake it will be the length of time it takes to digest milk: 6-10 hours. If you want energy, clarity, and don't necessarily need to build mucus or build weight then you eat the eggs alone.

Q: How come you [inaudible] when you wait too long or something?

A: Well, egg's an acidic food like meat, so you're going to get acidic. If the body's using it to detoxify something you're going to have more acidity. Are you talking about the mouth or generally more the body?

Q: My stomach.

A: Everybody's stomach is loaded with toxins. Your stomach makes hydrochloric acid, which dissolves bone and anything. Yet it won't dissolve the stomach. The stomach is so resilient. Most of the poisons from vaccines I see in 92-95% of people store in the stomach lining. When you have those poisons in the stomach sometimes your body will use the fats and proteins in the eggs to draw the poisons out of the stomach lining. That's what you're experiencing. It isn't the nature of the eggs. I eat 50 eggs a day sometimes, never get that reaction. I don't have hydrochloric acid in my stomach either because of the vagotomy.

Q: For my friend who was transplanting her kidney you recommended to not [cook?] the eggs, just eat it whole. If you put it in a shot glass and [inaudible]

A: Of all the foods that we ate [unintelligible] cream is the hardest to digest.

Q: But you mentioned cream in the milkshake, should we put it in the milkshake even though it's so hard to digest?

A: To gain weight and mucus, absolutely. But there's not much cream in the milkshake. 2, 3 tbsp. Right now I'm using almost a cup per gallon because I need to put on weight before I go to Asia again. Can't get cream over there so I just get the milk, and [not?] all the time.

Q: I get a really bad headache every month. I think it's because of my period, it only started happening about a year ago. I don't know what to do because when I'm in that space I can't think straight and it's bad. I had eye surgery when I was 18 because I had crossed eyes and [he?] fixed it but the headache is always on the eye that had the surgery done. And it is so painful and I don't know why.

A: Because you had to use mercurochrome or merthiolate or iodine during surgery, so you probably have quite a pocket of it there. When your hormones increase you increase the fat availability in the blood, in the neurological system, in the lymph. Your hormones are anywhere from 60-80% fat. So when you have your period you increase hormonal activity and your body uses it to detox. It's a good thing because it's detox but you need to put a hot water bottle in that area. The heat expands so there's less pressure. The cold will shrink everything but you don't clean out the toxins. Don't use cold for any more than a minute at a time.

Q: When it happens I kind of go numb and feel my whole body detach and I cry.

A: That's all you can do. You can have clay and milk together. For your kind of condition with that kind of toxicity localized in the eye where the muscle is that goes into the brain, coat that whole thing.

Q: If I drive long distances or knit too long my eye [inaudible]

A: Because it starts more circulation there, causing it to detox. So I have 1 1/2 level tbsp. of clay or 1 heaping tbsp. of moist clay, put that in about 4 oz. of milk, drink that over about a 10 minute period or it will cause the body to rush too much of the blood to the stomach. Anytime anybody has a painful condition they should always consume food slowly. Also when you get a certain nutrient too concentrated at one time like clay it's not a good idea, so I always drink it slowly. I eat everything slowly, I don't do anything fast. I blend it for 1 second. In water and other fluids it will sink to the bottom but not in milk. It suspends. Room temperature milk that's slightly moving towards kefir. All my milk's that way. It tastes a little like chocolate milk when you use the terramin clay. Don't use honey or anything else, just the milk, that will provide plenty of minerals to help bind with that toxicity. Merthiolate and mercurochrome are both liquid mercury, and they also use iodine. They are antibiotics and antiseptics because they kill cells, they kill anything. And of course they're going to irritate and burn cells, they're going to etch their way into the cell and if it's a nerve cell it's going to be very painful.

Q: Should she be sweating a lot to try to pull the toxins out that way?

A: That's helpful, definitely - But if you get the whole body involved and the nutrients need to go here it could be a problem. I would say if you have a specific pain that isn't systemic, keep the heat to the localized area so the body will use most of its nutrients on that localized condition.

Q: Is there a reason why it's gotten worse over the past year?

A: Because your body's healthier and cleaning it now. A lot of people who have surgeries end up with eye or brain cancer right around the ear as they hit 39-46 years old. Your body's going to take care of it before you get there. The terramin clay absorbs it. She can eliminate it out of the skin, and she does - she breaks out.

Q: Dentist?

A: Tomas Britton. About half of what they charge here, sometimes less. He'll do it however you want to do it. In 1978 I had two quadrants done one day and the next morning, 4 hours of drilling each. No novocaine or water jet. Drillbit would get real hot, which caused most of the pain because it burned the nerve. So I had a signal where I would touch the dentist's elbow to let him know he had to dip the bit into cold water before he could start drilling again. I also had eighths of marijuana for pain. You want porcelain, he'll use porcelain. If you want, composite, he'll use composite. Porcelain is [almost?] better, even though composite's a very hard plastic, there's a slight bit of BPA that gets into it, bisphenol phosphate, that gets into your system. I still use them, though. I'm eating enough nutrients that I don't worry about it. I drive over, it's 10 minutes from the border. He's a third generation dentist, very good, very gentle, he's like a bear.

Mark: New car plastic offgassing?

A: It's the worst. You've got all that plastic, dioxins, everything gassing from it. Whenever I get a new vehicle I will open the windows, let the sun hit it so it's baking with the windows down for 30 days. I usually won't drive it for that 30 days. If you don't have it with the windows down in the sun it could take 5 years.

Q: Whole Foods raw milk

A: Every time the CDC says someone got sick it's always by association and never by laboratory evidence.

Q: Like they could have just got the flu or something?

A: Yeah. Well, people eat a lot of preservatives and chemicals in their food every day. I would be going after that causing diarrhea and vomit, certainly not going after the bacteria in milk, but they have a vested interest in keeping everybody very sick. If everybody was healthy and clear-headed the government wouldn't get away with that. They want you preoccupied with you and your family's illness and pain.

Q: My menstrual cycle has always been very long and intense. Is there anything I should be doing to change that? Like, I'm just out for three days -

A: As I say in my book, "We Want to Live", have mushrooms with the salad or vegetable juice. Also with meat is helpful. I said 5 mushrooms a day with a salad for 5 days before your period is due, however I would change that now to 1 mushroom with each of 2 daily vegetable juices (eat the mushroom before you drink the juice), and then 2-3 mushrooms with a meat meal or 1 1/2 with two meat meals each day. So [unintelligible] 5 mushrooms a day. Don't eat them all at once. It should eliminate the pain and shorten it. You have to understand that a period is dissolved ovum and sperm that is absorbed into the uterine wall. Or the eggs - the ovum that comes down and needs to be washed out. Because the cervix is very, very tight so nothing passes without hormonal activity to open the cervix and then the blood has to flush it out, it's that tight, so it takes a period cycle of a lot of hormones with blood to clean it. If it didn't you could have multiple pregnancies on many different parts of the cervix, and how many people could stand 10-20 pregnancies at a time? Usually once the egg's impregnated the whole cycle stops the cleaning but then the ovum isn't produced until birth again. But each month it will wash out any eggs that did not get impregnated, so if none got impregnated then they would wash it out. But the ovum can live for about seven days, a sperm can only live for 3 days. But the older an ovum gets the weaker the child will be so the body has to have a way to flush it out. In most animals there's very little blood loss, in humans it's prolific because of all the toxins in the body, so the blood's getting rid of other toxins that store in the ovaries, uterus and cervix. Most of the time if you want to slow down and reduce the bleeding and the body can do it - it's not for mercury or thallium or something like that where it needs to bleed a lot - then just drinking green cabbage juice 5 days before your period, have 1/2 cup for 2 days, by the third day you will have enough vitamin K and vitamin U to stop excessive bleeding. Mushrooms for the pain.

Q: Ever since I was born I never slept well. And it just seems to get worse. When I do sleep it's never really restful because I always have nightmares.

A: When you're restless in sleep and have a lot of night terrors, it means you have toxicity that's in the neurological system. Psychotropic chemicals that are in the brain. And nightmares release them, it's like exorcism for the brain and nervous system. And if that is happening your body is detoxifying when there's no light, while you're in sleep. So you're not going to be able to sleep well between midnight and 5 o'clock in the morning. So if I were you I would adopt a different sleep program. I would sleep somewhere around 7-8:00 in the evening, get up somewhere around 1 or 2 o'clock when my body awakens me, and then be productive until 5 o'clock and then take a nap.

Q: Right after 5:30, 6, if I go back to sleep, I have the only rejuvenating 2 hours of sleep I get.

A: As soon as just a hint of light comes over the horizon at 5, 5:30, the nervous system stops detoxifying. But at midnight it's in full. And if you're into an intense detoxification it's very caustic chemicals, you're not going to sleep beyond 1:00, 1:30, 2:00.

Q: That's usually when I wake up from intense nightmares, right around 1, 1:30.

A: Set your alarm clock for 12:30 and get up and do something to avoid those nightmares.

Q: Bioclean?

A: Bioclean is 80% made from seed oils, like grapefruit seeds. Just remember all soaps are made of fats. They used to take pig lard and mix it with lye and you'd have a soap. I have a friend who makes coconut oil soap. Very expensive oil that we eat, he puts lye in it to make the soap. The lye is a hardener, it hardens the oil so as soon as water is added to it it will act as an emulsifier and solvent to break things down to get rid of dirt or caustic compounds. So that's preferable. Almost all your other soaps are made with petroleum fat, not seed oils. Very cheap, also very caustic and toxic. It'll get into everything. It'll get into your hands if you're washing your hands. You have to understand that they cut those with a kerosine or a kerosine derivative. All I use is coconut cream on myself; once it's fermented I start using it as soap. When it's cold it never ferments up in the mountains where I am so I can never get my coconut cream fermented during the winter. But during the spring, summer and fall, when it gets warm enough, it takes probably 3 days to ferment. You can get a jar and set it on the patio here and it'll ferment in 10 hours. Fermentation creates alcohol in it, and alcohol and the fat together will dissolve dirt, grease. Coconut cream is the only thing I can shave with without cutting myself or getting an ingrown hair. I leave it on my face for maybe 10 minutes before I shave. It softens the -

Q: Essential oils?

A: Essentials are very toxic, they're distilled oils. Any oil that's distilled is caustic and just eats into a cell and the cell has no option but to absorb it. Using it on the face dissolves the hair, it may seem effective for shaving but it's bad. I used to whip an egg and use egg, but it turns dry sometimes while I'm still shaving and I still cut myself. Coconut cream is the only thing I can use without cutting myself.

Q: What about mixing that with the sheep butter?

A: I would say that's a good mix.

Q: But no soap otherwise?

A: All of that stuff, it's chemicals. Those oils that make fragrances are caustic, kerosine-derived substances which penetrate a cell, cell doesn't have a choice. It's like taking battery acid and putting it on you or gasoline, it's going to eat right into your skin. "It's natural" is the lie, it's like Whole Foods saying, "go go organic" and only carrying 2% organic. It's a sales pitch, it's a lie to get you to say, "oh, well I'm getting natural food, I'm going to Whole Foods". It's the worst thing in the world.

Q: Did you hear that thing [inaudible] shipping all that freight from china?

A: That is all a setup, too. It's a setup for the FDA to take more power. It's a game they're playing so they can control your food completely.

Q: Reiterate what to use for face?

Answer from someone else: I can get a jar of coconut cream and set it in the sun here on this patio here and I’ll wake up next morning and it's ready to go.

A: Yeah. It will ferment in 10 hours like that. I only use coconut cream. Fermented coconut cream. Old coconut cream.

Q: What does fermentation do for you?

A: You've got some alcohol in it. Alcohol and the fat together will dissolve dirt, grease, get the dirt off your hands. But the oil that's left in the coconut oil is only about 8% of the coconut cream, so you're not getting an excessive amount of oil but enough just to make the skin clean. So like I went into my hot tub this morning - I only take a bath every 7 days. I'm that clean that I don't have to worry about stinking - I take my coconut cream and mix a little water with it, just a tiny bit, put it on my skin, and you know, this is 63-year-old skin. Pretty good.

Q: People are like, "Oh, I touched your dog, I need to wash my hands, I'm sick, where's the soap"?

A: You can't help those people. They believe all the stuff in our world is toxic. Our world is toxic with chemicals, not with bacteria and animals.

Q: I had a head injury, the headaches start in the front and work their way to the back as far as on the right side. Usually when I get sick it usually starts with a headache. I didn't have any medical help with that injury other than x-rays.

A: You had x-rays. All of a sudden there you've got molecular change in the chemistry of your brain and nerves. There's a lot of toxins - when nerve tissue is irradiated there's like almost 100 times more toxins formed than other types of tissue because of the metallic nature of the nerves and neurons.

Q: But it happened 20 years ago

A: I had this surgery done 42 years ago and I'm still suffering from it. I still vomit all of the - they used both merthiolate, which is liquid mercury, and iodine, on that surgery here. I still have lumps under here. This used to be up to 1 1/2 inches wide and 3/4 inches high. That's why they irradiated me and cauterized my spine. They had it going like this with the radiation gun. And I would lay there for 10 minutes, get a whole 10 minutes of radiation. So they cauterized my entire spine. But this used to be all lumpy, and I used coconut cream on it, and it's pretty much dissolved. The lumps are still under there but they get smaller every year. All these from here up have gone and disappeared, but from here up I have probably 8 lumps still full of that garbage - 42 years ago.

Q: What do I do for the headaches now?

A: I would do the clay and the milk together. For yours because of the caustic nature of the irradiated nerve tissue I would probably use 1/2 tsp. of vinegar with 4 oz. milk and a level tbsp. of clay. I would have that while you have the headache 3 times daily. As soon as the headache is gone then stop. There's no way you're gonna stop it completely, but you can mitigate it 80, 85%.

Q: I did this 10 months ago. Major though, it's all cut out. It went all the way down to about here, so it's healed up and it's starting to heal here but I'm still trying to wrap it with beef.

A: Beef is not the thing to use now. Beef it just to make sure the skin seals it. Coconut cream will dissolve the scar tissue. It's like this here, this part of it is from a motorcycle accident, this was all that stuff that was injected into me. Still, most of the scar tissue is going away quickly. But I put coconut cream, sperm, or bone marrow on it. You see all that burn tissue? That was a chemical burning it. This one still is pretty burned, not moving as quickly. Six months ago this was all very wrinkled, burned tissue. It has diminished by about 75%. This was a year ago, but this - April 2nd was when I was abducted and given those three shots and then this happened 10 days after that on the 12th. So it's it's birthday. That's scar tissue, that's dead cells that have collected. Coconut cream, bone marrow, or sperm will help dissolve it.

Q: You said sperm is the most toxic?

A: I said it can. There's a lot of fat in sperm. The testes are quite predominantly fat. Buffalo testes are very rich, like clams or oysters. Taste like urchin, which look like tongues. Rich in fat, so toxins can go to that area. Heavy metals. So if sperm smells like metallic minerals don't swallow it, don't use it. Normal for it to smell acidic or vinegary. Don't use it if it smells like coins. Don't let him ejaculate inside. I'm not in favor of condoms because of all the toxins in the condoms. They get worked into the female because on the man it just stays in one place so the friction's on the woman and all those BPAs get into the vaginal cavity. It deadens it, so I'm not for condoms.

Q: You can use coconut oil before for sex?

A: Yeah. But if you use oil with a condom it will dissolve [inaudible].

Q: Lamb skin / natural skin condoms?

A: Yeah, they're better, but in the process they still need to use a polymer and adhesive to make it. It isn't just a heat process. Like you can take rubber and heat plastic in a shape without using a glue. But with animal cells you have to have a glue and a polymer which is a drying substance.

Q: Along with the headaches I get really [inaudible]

A: You're too thin.

Q: [same person] And I get really emotional. And I have a tendency to start thinking negatively. I started doing high meat and was wondering how often I should do it, I tried it a couple days ago.

A: Finally. It will work wonderfully. I have one person on the diet from Nevada city, bear of a guy, huge guy, he was very antisocial, it was like he was on his period every day, and had headaches every day. He became a landscape artist so he didn't have to deal with people. So he got on the diet, on and off, very moody as he was, so I said, "you have to try high meat. Changes people's lives even the first time they have it. 10 - 20 minutes, you'll know if it works for you. There's only one person I heard of that it didn't do a thing for, but they weren't depressed anyway. It didn't make them giddy like it does for most people." This was an antisocial person, he was back in the corner away from everybody at a workshop, big buy, 6 feet, 230 pounds. All of a sudden he called me and said, "I'm eating 2 pounds of high meat a day and I've been doing it for a month, is that okay? Will I hurt myself?" and I said, "If that's all you ever eat in your life, that's fine." There are animals that only eat high meat. Alligators, crocodiles will take their meat and bury it in the bottom of the lake where they start bubbling and blistering and full of putrid bacteria and then they'll eat them because they're predigested. The fly spits its acids and bacteria on what it's going to eat and dissolves it before it even sucks it up its proboscis. So the next year - he had six months of eating it every day, and that's all he eats, he's so big that he eats 2 pounds of meat a day and every bit of it's high - I went to the workshop and there he is with number 10 girlfriends, all of them were model-looking girls. And this guy's only a 6. He became so funny, and had such a great personality he had 3 girlfriends that were in the same room and liked each other. That's personality. So that's what high meat can do for you!

Q: And gaining weight

A: The high meat won't help you gain weight. The only thing that's going to help you gain weight is milkshakes. Milk won't help you gain weight fast, milkshakes do. Cream, eggs, honey, milk.

Q: What about lubes? Doesn't the butter make you gain weight?

A: For some reason, for some people they will but some people they won't. They don't affect me, milkshakes do. A lot of people the lubrication formulas actually lubricate and don't add weight. But he's got too much muscle mass he needs a lot of fat, so it probably turned into fat on him.

Q: Sometimes I drink the milkshakes I get [inaudible. bloated?]

A: That's the cream, it's difficult to digest. It usually means you're not producing enough bile or good quality bile. The things that help form bile are a combination of leeks and beets. Juice. 2oz. of each, 1z. of each will usually be enough. They have to be together. If you want to gain weight you need the cream.

Q: Egg-shakes? Egg and milk?

A: That's when you need a lot of protein, need to build muscle, have energy and clarity. That reduces the amount of weight you will put on though.

Q: Sometimes an egg will be gross.

A: Wonderful.

Q: Sometimes I just don't think I want to suck an egg out of a shell that's gross.

A: Break it into a glass and then drink it, but do it out of the house or it will stink up the house for a day. It's on the breath for 20 minutes and that's it. The sulfur doesn't make that odor, it's the bacteria that break it down. But by creating that odor the byproduct is an oil that will transform the body and not smell that way. The body can digest it like that.

Q: I had a 6-egg high smoothie. Puked.

A: If the body uses the bacteria in the stomach lining to dump poisons. Anytime you vomit it's from poisons dumping into the stomach, usually not what you eat, unless they're chemicals. Any time you eat, the poisons in the stomach lining are going to dump a little bit at a time into your food, poison your food. That's why I tell everybody to eat a little bit of cheese before they eat anything. Then wait 10 minutes. If you're eating an egg after that you can wait 5 minutes because it will pull more toxins out. If I tell you to eat eggs 5 minutes after the cheese I'm intending to pull some toxins out of your stomach lining. Otherwise you have the cheese, you wait 10 minutes, it'll just dump into the cheese and never get into the food.

Q: I kinda got into lots of starches for some reason. Potatoes and rice, wait until it cools, add butter. I crave it but trying not to.

A: It's not good to have a lot of it because you have the acrylamides that will form and all the other sugar byproducts - carbohydrate byproducts - that form, including the advanced glycation end products. They proved in Columbia University that they collect at rates of 70-90% [for lifetime?]. If you're on this diet you're going to break down a lot of it and get rid of it, but it takes time, energy, and nutrients from your body to do it. I have maybe 1/2 cup a year. The only reason I do it is because if I don't get milk in Asia or where I'm traveling I get too hungry. I'll have just 3 tbsp. of rice with a lot of fat. Either pig fat, beef fat, coconut cream. Cuts my hunger for 1-3 weeks

Q: Why do people crave starch on the diet?

A: Because it does absorb toxins. I prefer clay, cheese all day long to absorb toxins rather than cooked starch. There were 7 mentions of starch in the book. I went back when I rewrote it and said, "Use the nut formula. Use cheese preferably. If that doesn't work over a long period of time and only medicinally." But I learned a new trick and that's the clay, pre-soaked for 3-5 days, mixed with milk. And eating cheese all day long. Those are good absorbers, you don't need the cooked starch.

Marisa: When I was on the program that you had me on [unintelligible] 3 1/2 months. I was doing really well, sticking with it and all of a sudden I just craved sugar. Like I never craved before, and I'm not a sugar person. And I was like compelled to keep eating sugar. It was really pastries is what I was craving, because it's bready and sweet at the same time.

A: Go for cheesecakes and sweeten the hell out of them with honey or fruit. Anytime you have a sweet tooth like that it means you're lacking enzymes. So honey is the best thing to pig out on. When the bee collects the nectar, it swallows the nectar. It produces an insulin-like substance which converts 90% of the carbohydrate and enzymes for digesting, assimilating and utilizing fats and protein. Proteins first, fats second. You've got an insulin-like substance in it which diabetics can use, which is why I want them to use 1/2 cup daily. I proved in many situations that in 8 out of 10 diabetics it lowers their blood sugar rather than raises it.

Q: You mentioned not to eat frozen meat.

A: Fruits are the only thing that can be frozen.

Q: Should [certain person] eat couple-week-old fish?

A: Absolutely. Should be.There's nothing that brings your kidney back more than bacteria. One of the problems with the kidney is it stops producing ammonia. That's the ability to separate red blood cells [inaudible]. The job of the kidney is to remove H2O from the system because it's either gotten too toxic or the body's cold and needs to get rid of fluid. So the job of the kidney is to separate the red and white blood cells so you're not going anemic every time you urinate. The kidney does not separate anything else and it produces ammonia to do that. The pharmaceutical house says, "oh, it's cleaning the blood". It doesn't clean the blood. That's absolute bullshit. It does filter out the waste products and dump it, some of it. But it's really not a dump site, we're not supposed to be eating stuff that's toxic. Everything we urinate, defecate, should be able to be eaten by other species that eat fecal matter and urine. And of course everything in the ground eats urine, it's nitrogen. In the ground - there are animals that eat feces. Birds, dogs - many animals eat feces. We shouldn't be toxic. So the kidney has taken on the job of cleansing the blood while it's trying to separate the red and white blood cells from the serum so it doesn't dump the red and white blood cells because you'd be anemic. So the body produces ammonia to allow the easy, natural separation of the red and white blood cells. When the kidneys stop producing ammonia you can no longer separate the red and white blood cells and the body is not discharging the fluids properly. But even if your kidneys didn't work and you were on a proper diet your whole lifetime you wouldn't have that toxicity. You'd be perspiring it so your skin would have more of an odor. Wouldn't need to be on dialysis if you perspire it out. Anybody comes to me on dialysis I have them taking 2, 3, 4 baths a day, perspire it out of there, sip fluids, never allowed to gulp, because then too many fluids will go to the kidney and the kidney can swell, they can eat kidney with the ammonia, aged shark, aged stingray that produce natural high ammonia content. That tissue, because the bacteria in that tissue makes the ammonia, it's the same as the kidney. So by eating it you are replacing the ammonia-producing bacteria into the kidney, into the body.

Q: You told someone they can eat any type of seafood except that which is in the gulf.

A: The toxic gulf of Mexico, yes. Any ocean food, ocean-caught.

Q: I was told that halibut is very high in parasites. A friend of a friend got elephantiasis from eating infected halibut. The parasite infected their brain and she developed -

A: According to the medical profession you can only get elephantiasis from the filariasis worm that supposedly comes from mosquitos. I got elephantiasis one time and it was after a 32-day fast. I had eaten my body apart. And I got the filariasis to start eating up all the toxicity that had stored up in my body by fasting. And let me tell you, elephantiasis was a terrible way to detox those dead cells. My whole legs and feet were swollen this big all the way up. It was difficult to walk for three months. Finally, I said, "screw it", went to a health foods store, bought some hydrochloric acid, went into a clinic and stole a hypodermic, took some grapes, juiced them, because grape juice doesn't have to go through the digestive barrier, goes right into the blood, put them together with the hydrochloric acid, diluted it with water, put it in my leg and shot it. Filariasis was gone in 24 hours. I was too sick from all that fasting and couldn't catch up, I was also a fruitarian at the time, not eating dairy and meats.

Q: So you disagree with the worms in the halibut?

A: In the laboratory tests I did with animals, feeding them meats that were infested with various parasites, none of them got the parasites they were eating, not one of them.

Q: They probably meant encephalitis. Brain swelling? Is it possible to get that?

A: Not from fish. If she has a very toxic brain she's going to produce it. You have to understand the body is naturally inherent with worms, bacteria, fungus and parasites. They're relating it to the halibut but it's complete coincidence.

Q: We can buy the fish, put it in the jar, take a [week?]. Is it gonna be high, gross?

A: Not if you kept it refrigerated. The fish will last maybe 10 days before it starts getting a little rank. But it's still good for you. I've had beef last up to - well, I made some deer for Y2K, I didn't think it was going to happen because I was a computer programmer in my early 20s so I said, "there's no way it's gonna create the calamity they're saying". It's just another way to steal money, the government, putting in programs and doing stuff like that. [Paro?] made another 1 1/2 billion dollars from his program to eliminate that. And it was another way to hype, another way to take people's stuff. I took my last out 10 years later and it was still fine. But I had soaked it in peanut oil instead of olive oil. It had stayed good for 10 years. I made it in quarts and pints, so I would eat one a year. I ate the last of it in November 2009. I made it in December of 1999. I didn't refrigerate it. Dark cupboard, low to the ground where it's cooler. And I've had meat with lots of air space in the refrigerator, ground and whole, for 3-5 weeks, as long as you don't keep opening the jar it's not going to get high quickly. Meat is better high but some people just won't eat it. Sometimes the high lactic acid in milk will kill the bacteria but if your meat's aged long, you're just gonna get the protein -

Q: Why does high chicken smell worse?

A: There is a bacteria in poultry that is like that in the kidneys that produces an odor that is strong. It's on the order of ammonia but it isn't. It's Campylobacter, which is good. It's part of our stomach. There's this whole crap about campylobacter breeding in raw cow's milk - I mean, people believe the wildest fuckin' stories, I'm sorry but it's absurd. You can't breed campylobacter in milk, I've tried it dozens of times. And that's what they're claiming, the cases where they're coming down on raw milk are about cases with people with campylobacter. That is a natural bacteria in your stomach.

Q: What is the status of this raw milk thing?

A: Oh, forever, tt's on it's way out except in private. Sally Thallon's attorney's are selling all the farmers out. Let me tell you, I think she's on the other side, I don't know about that, but at least I know her attorney is. So I got a call from one of my Amish farmers, and he said, "I'm cutting a deal with Kennedy". The attorney that works at the Farmer's Legal Defense Fund that Sally Fallon set up. Says, "Kennedy, this attorney's running it". I've never liked him from the get-go, I've continually told him all these years that if you use my lease program and there's precedent and you don't use cow shares you will never be fighting the government. They have no jurisdiction over it whatsoever. I've had every case thrown out of court, I write the briefs, 62-page briefs, give it to the farmer, take it into court, the health departments walk out of the room. They don't even want it dismissed by the judge. So as soon as my brief is read the health department walked out of the court without ever asking for dismissal or anything. The judge doesn't want to dismiss it. So they just walk out, tear up the charge and it just disappears. I want them to come in and say, "case dismissed, there's no jurisdiction here", but they continually won't do it. They just drop the charges instead of dismissal, not valid, no jurisdiction, which is what I say on my brief. One of my farmers from Illinois called and they supply several of the co-ops in Chicago. The Chicago co-op is bigger than Rawsome here. So they said, "we can't get milk this week". I said, "you have David call me", because he's an Amish so the phone's in an outhouse, it's got to be in a separate place, so he called and I said, "Dego, what's going on here?" and he said, "well, I can't produce the milk, I've talked to David Kennedy, Kennedy's making a deal with the FDA", and I said, "what kind of a deal? Any time you make an agreement with them you've given them power over you. They have no jurisdiction with you, what are you doing?" He said, "Kennedy said I have to do it". I said, "Wait a minute. You're under contract, "The Right to Choose Healthy Foods" for 2 years. You've got another year on that contract. I will own your farm and your herd. We already own your farm and your herd from the least, you can't do a thing about it, you're our servant. You take care of us, you serve us." He got it loud and clear, called Kennedy, Kennedy sent me a note that he copied me into the FDA and said, "you have to contact Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz about this issue". They haven't contacted me because they already know I've already battled with them and won. So they're not gonna touch him, they don't come near my farmers. Until they go to this Sally Fallon garbage Legal Defense Fund. It's an absurdity. They're destroying a lot of the farmers. I've watched them destroy at least 15 farms in the last year.

Q: What's gonna happen to us?

A: The only way you're going to do it is to use "Right to Choose Healthy Foods" lease program. Whether it's for a flock, for a herd, no matter what it's for, to get your meat, they have no jurisdiction. Absolutely none. The only way that can change is if they have a bill go through Congress to change it, but that's against the constitution because we have a Right to Private Contract. But Obama and all the rest of them are wiping out all the constitution. That doesn't mean we can't fight it. We can. All we have to do is have juries of our peers who have common sense. But then they can stack the juries like they did when I sued the city of Los Angeles. They put a juror in there - When the jury went out, they were all for me and all aginst the city of Los Angeles and the police department for hassling the runaway teenagers on Dennis Beach, forcing them into drugs and prostitution, instead of art and singing on Dennis Beach, so I sued them for that, and what they did was they put an alternate juror on after the jury was out without my permission or anything who was working for the police department for 10 years. And this person convinced the jury there is no smoking gun, and there was a smoking gun. Three of the jurors waited for me after and said, "So sorry we made a mistake [unintelligible]" The [unintelligible] courts wouldn't even hear it because that trespassed into their own defense. Their own legal system was corrupt. But at least they didn't hassle the runaways on Dennis Beach for 8 years. Now they are again.

Q: A few weeks ago I started getting Sciatica pain out of the blue. Right back here.

A: That's not sciatica. Sciatica goes down here, the whole belt -

Q: It felt like it was coming here and all the way down here, and it would hurt, and now it happened for a couple weeks and it just stopped.

A: Well, you had some toxins moving out of this joint down this muscle. The nerves in the muscle. It wasn't the localized charlie horse, it was an extended charlie horse.

Q: It didn't feel like a charlie horse, it felt like a nerve thing.

A: If it was lactic acid buildup in the joints and was discharging through the muscle usually it would cause a cramp, something that's moving out of this joint, down your leg out your foot trying to leave through the skin, discharging through the skin, so let's say it was lactic acid I would say, "drink whey. Have some banana with some cottage cheese or butter or pineapple is the same.”