Waves Of Healing Interview

Date: 2011_10_04

L = Lea (Host), A = Aajonus


L: Welcome to Waves of Healing. I am your host, Lea Yekutiel. We are dedicated to communicate to you and provide you with information of being aware and keep open mind to alternative ways of healing, whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual. We invite you to live your life with purpose by trusting your own intuition. Our mission is to awaken your awareness where you can listen to your own truth. We inspire you in connecting with your own spirit where the healing takes place and create a lifestyle filled with health, wealth, joy, and happiness. In Waves of Healing show, we'll bring you energy healers, spiritual leaders, self-growth, and health conscious personalities who will be answered to all your questions. I'm your host, Lea Yekutiel, coming to you live from Los Angeles, California, as I do every Tuesday at 3 p.m. Pacific time. I'm a breast cancer victor, not victim, and the author of the book, Making the Breast of It, with a subtitle, Overcoming Fear of Intimacy After Mastectomy. If you want to learn more about my book, please visit my website at www.ilovemybreastcancer.com. All in one word, ilovemybreastcancer.com. And while you are visiting my website, please purchase my book and give a gift of love to somebody you love who went through breast cancer or mastectomy, where they can learn how to reclaim their femininity back and rebuild their self-confidence with one breast or none and accept their new image and love it. And the most important thing is that they will learn that sexuality exudes from inside out and not from outside in. And the most important thing is they will learn how to connect with the spiritual aspect of life by doing the many exercises in the book and learning that we are not only body, we are a spiritual being who operates through this body at this time in this lifetime. And this is so important for all of us to learn, because then we have control on our life. And also, while you are visiting my website, you can download for free 25 breast health tips. Download it from my website for free. And as you know, many of these diseases can be prevented, and we know that breast cancer definitely can be prevented if we are vigilant about our health and take care of our health. And also, anybody who purchases my book through my website, I promise I'll autograph the book prior to it being shipped out. And one other thing I wanted to say is that the book is being made into a movie, and we are in search for capital investors who are interested in investing in such an important and educational subject as breast cancer. As we all know, statistics right now show that one out of seven or eight women will have breast cancer sometime during our lifetimes. So if we can prevent it, please help me to help you to prevent it from coming to your life.

With that said, I would like to tell you we have an absolutely incredible guest today, and his name is Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Many of you may know about him because he's written some books. He's been in many TV shows, radio shows. But for those who are not that familiar with him, let me just tell you just a little bit about him. And this is only just the tip of the iceberg about his qualities, his expertise, and all kind of good stuff that he brings to our world. So Aajonus Vonderplanitz was a sickly child who at age 20 was diagnosed with tumorous duodenal ulcer. After surgery, his incision became tumorous. He was administered radiation therapy, which gave him blood and bone cancer, multiple melanoma. Chemotherapy nearly killed him, giving him four new incurable diseases, lymphoma, bursitis, and arthritis, and three weeks to live. Aajonus' struggle for life drove him to explore every alternative therapy and beyond. He discovered that a raw food, vegetarian, fruitarian diet began the process of cleansing his system. It mitigated and allayed his many diseases, including diabetes. However, after four and a half years eating this way, his health began to noticeably decline. Thinking he was merely going through a healing detoxification crisis, Aajonus adhered to a raw food, vegan, fruitarian diet. After another year and a half of deterioration, including that his blood and bone cancers resurged, he concluded that his condition was the opposite of healing. Although terrified of bacteria and parasites, Aajonus began eating raw meat. He resolved that if he were to die of parasites or bacterial food poisoning, that it would be relief from his suffering. Aajonus began eating raw meat daily. It very gradually restored healing and reversed all of his health challenges. He received his Ph.D. in nutrition in August 2005. He has outlived his medical death sentence by 43 years and enjoys excellent health. On his raw diet that includes plenty of raw animal products, he has more stamina and vitality than ever. Seven years later, he completed We Want to Live. During the five years prior to its publication, many people recovered from diseases simply by utilizing the common sense suggestions contained in copies of the manuscript that he had made available. Of the 240 terminal cancer cases that he has helped with, with his nutritional suggestion, over the last 26 years, only four have died of cancer-related complications. Dr. Vonderplanitz continues his nutritional counseling in Los Angeles. Disney Epcot magazine featured him in an episode entitled, You Are What You Eat. He was featured on the Doctor's Show in 2009. He fostered nutrition on several talk, TV, and radio shows and children's programs. People from all over the world seek his individualized counseling. In 2005, his book, The Recipe for Living Without Disease, a companion volume of raw food recipes, showed how to properly do the primal diet and references to signs that support it. And we are so blessed to have Dr. Vonderplanitz with us live today. So, Aajonus, are you there?

A: I am here.

L: I cannot hear you.

A: Can you hear me okay? You can't hear me?

L: I hear you much better now.

A: Okay, good.

L: Okay. Welcome to Waves of Healing. As I know, and I met you personally, and I know you are, you have tremendous information about raw food and raw meat. And I just want to go back a little bit and tell us what made you to this. I mean, how did you decide to go on a raw meat diet in order to heal yourself from all these diseases? How did it all just start?

A: Well, as you mentioned, I was dying again of cancers by eating a raw food, fruitarian, vegetarian diet. And it wasn't working. My multiple myeloma, which is cancer of the blood and cancer of the bone, resurfaced. And I was dying again in excruciating pain. And I had had a vagotomy, which means they severed all of the vagus nerves to my stomach when I was 20 years old. And because I don't secrete hydrochloric acid in the stomach, I was told that I was in danger of death by microbial invasion in food. The hydrochloric acid wouldn't destroy bacteria, parasites, and fungus that could damage my system and kill me. And they were definite the medical profession was absolutely sure that if I ate raw foods of any kind that I would die. They even suggested that I steam apples and bananas before I ate them to destroy bacteria in food. So I ate the raw meat to kill myself, really, to end the suffering. And it did just the opposite. It made me well and strong and healthy. So I kept eating it. And the more I ate, the better I got, the healthier I got. So that's how I got into it.

L: But what made you that it would help you? I mean, did you have some kind of intuition?

A: No. Well, it probably was a bodily intuition. But like I said, I ate it to kill me. I thought it would kill me.

L: Oh, I see.

A: I thought it would end my suffering. By killing me.

L: Oh, so that's why you went through it because the doctor told you that it's going to kill you if you eat anything raw.

A: Correct.

L: Okay, so this is my opportunity to die. It's better to die this way than from all these diseases that I had.

A: Correct.

L: Okay. [laughs]

A: So that's when I learned the medical profession is entirely upside down and backwards. In fact, I tell people that whatever you hear from the medical and the pharmaceutical, and let me tell you, the pharmaceutical runs the medical industry. So whatever you hear from the medical industry, do just the opposite. Ninety-nine times out of 100, you will be right by doing the opposite.

L: Oh, wonderful advice.

A: So if they say drink lots of water, drink a little water. If they say don't eat raw foods, eat a lot of raw foods. If they say don't eat raw milk and raw meat, eat raw meat and raw milk.

L: That's what I understand what you are doing. I mean, besides all the books that you have written and all the people that you help, I understand also that you are very active for all of us, especially in Los Angeles, to have the option to eat raw food and raw milk. Can you tell us a little bit more about this?

A: Well, right now I'm at the Board of Supervisors and we have raw food clubs in Los Angeles. We have about six of them. And the federal and county and state governments and health departments came in and closed one of our clubs and raided it and confiscated all the raw foods there, about anywhere from $60,000 to $80,000 worth of the food. Now these clubs are private. They're not open to the public. And you have to be a member. And what the members do, the members own the animals and they own the land. So everything they grow, the members own. So they're not buying the product. And then we have it shipped here. And so people can get their food. Well, when Los Angeles County Health Department, along with the FDA, the CDC, the Department of Health Services in Sacramento, and Los Angeles County Health Department came in and raided us and closed our club, one of our clubs, then I had to step to the Board of Supervisors because the Board of Supervisors is a legislative body for Los Angeles County. So I've come to them for a letter of acknowledgement that we're allowed to do the clubs without interference from health departments, from any, you know, whether it's federal, state, or local governments. They have no jurisdiction over us. So I've negotiated that with the Board of Supervisors, and we're just still here today demonstrating to make sure that they make that a part of their resolution and put it in writing so that we can have the food we want.

L: So actually you're calling from the meeting.

A: Yes, I'm calling. I'm just outside the boardroom right now speaking. I have to go in about 345, 350 to speak my viewpoint and perspective. What I'm telling them is, listen, if you look at all bacterial science today, we're 150 bacterial genes to every one human gene, so we're not even one-half of a percent human. So we are bacterial. So if you destroy the bacteria in everything, and everything is, you know, 99.5 to 99.9% bacterial. So if you cook things, you destroy the bacteria in them. So the bacteria in your body who feeds on the bacteria in the food and to predigest and break it down does not facilitate properly. So we do not get all the nutrients. And, of course, heat destroys your nutrients. At as low as 105 degrees, you begin destroying the enzyme, bioactive enzyme nature. Now enzymes aren't alive. A lot of people believe that enzymes are alive, but they're not. They are protein structures. But they are bioactive with ionic activity and other bacterial activity that surround them and that are part of them. So at as low as 105 degrees, you begin to alter the enzymes so they don't do what's necessary to fractionate food to begin digestion. Then the other 90% of digestion is bacterial. Now the bacteria eats the food molecules and breaks them down into urine and feces and sweat. So that's basically our food is the sweat, the perspiration, the feces and the urine of bacteria. That is our food. So when you look at the whole perspective of the medical profession saying that bacteria causes disease, it's inane. It is ridiculous. It is ludicrous. That's how I found out. I found out by trying to kill myself that they're a big myth. They're a fraud. And, of course, I was able to reverse all of my severe cancers by eating this primal diet that I created.

L: So how come by age 20 you were so sick? I mean, what happened? Do you know?

A: Well, I was born into a violent household, and I had a brother who was 18 months older than I and very jealous that I took our mother's attention away from him as soon as I arrived home from the hospital with my mother. So he was very jealous and very angry about that. So he used to push me on anything rusty, and my mom's an RN, so she would rush me to the doctor and I'd get one tetanus shot after another. By the time I was 18 months old, I had gotten my third tetanus shot, and with the mercury and formaldehyde and aluminum in it, it blocked the communication center in my brain and made me autistic. So I was unable to – I didn't learn to read until I was 22 years old.

L: Oh, my goodness.

A: And that's when I started drinking raw milk, and that reversed my autism. Raw milk and raw carrot juice, I blended them together. I mixed them together and drank them, and it turned my autism off. And that was the beginning of reversing my four cancers.

L: Oh, my goodness.

A: But I didn't really discover what cancer was until I started working on cancer in a laboratory many, many years later. In the 80s, I was supposed to die in 1968, and here I am almost 60. I'm near the end of my 65th year, and I'm vibrantly healthy.

L: You're 65 years old?

A: Yes.

L: Adonis, you're 65 years old?

A: Yes, I am.

L: You've got to be kidding. I saw you last month, and you look like maybe 45.

A: Yeah, well, mostly when I shaved my beard, so now people think I'm about 35 or 40.

L: [laughs] Oh, my God. I did not know that. Oh, wow.

A: So I discovered that cancer is nothing other than the body's inability to dissolve dead cells. So the body collects dead cells in the body, first as fibroids spreading them all over the body, and then when it can't do that anymore, it starts building tumors, massive tumors. And even cancer cells, I mean, even cancer tumors, malignant tumors, are very few cancer cells surrounded by innumerable dead cells. So you have to take a look at what dissolves dead cells in the body, and it's the lymphatic system. And, of course, liver provides the bile to digest the fats for the lymphatic system to be able to break down the cancer cells and dissolve them. So it's that simple. So as long as you have a well-functioning liver and a lymphatic system, you'll never suffer cancer. Now, the big problem with cancer in our society, why one out of three women is getting cancer and one out of two men are getting cancer, is because the lymphatic systems are so jammed with trans fatty acids. Those are vegetable oils, vegetable oils that have been hydrogenated. And how you make plastic is by hydrogenating oils, like petroleum. Well, when you do that to food oils, it causes the same thing. It causes plastic fats. So the body cannot break those down properly. They dehydrate and become crystallized, and they block the lymphatic system. So the lymphatic system can't clean the system, nor can it dissolve the dead cells to remove them. So cancer is very prominent now all because of that. And the only way that I've found to completely dissolve those dead cells is by eating a good diet, like the primal diet. And only four out of 100 people die on my diet. That's a 96% cancer reversal rate. That is phenomenal, and they live over six years. Now the medical profession puts a five-year cutoff period because they know that 83% of the time people will metastasize, and their cancer will reoccur just following five years. So if you're diagnosed with a cancer, you have medical therapy, and you happen to survive, and those are very few people who really survive, that you will get cancer again within the fifth or sixth year, five or six years later. And then only 17% of the people who take medical therapy survive beyond six years. So it's a very, very bad average. Whereas in my diet, 96% of the people go on and live way beyond. I have people that are, well, I'm 43 years beyond my death sentence with four cancers. And the cancers that I had was blood, bone, lymph, and stomach, lymphatic system. And everyone who was diagnosed with those four cancers never lived over three months after diagnosis. Here I am 43 years beyond my cancer diagnosis. And all of my patients are mainly the same way. And usually it's the people who are very skinny who don't survive or the ones who die. They have no fats. And remember that the lymphatic system uses fats to dissolve dead cells. So if you don't have a good amount of fats in the body, you will not survive cancer.

L: Okay, Aajonus, I understand that. But you don't eat the regular market meat, right?

A: No, I don't. I mean, there's some times when I've had to. When I lived in Paris from 93 to 96, off and on, I ate out of Carrefour supermarkets in Paris because I couldn't get anything else. And when I go traveling to some cities, I'll eat out of Kroger's or A&P or, you know, one of the Meyers or whatever the big supermarkets are. But I'll go for the natural beef that has no hormones and antibiotics in it. But when I can, I get all grazed beef, all grass-fed beef that is the ultimate and the best. But I'm not going to starve. I'm not going to starve because I can't get the best. I'm going to do the best that I can so I get the best that I can.

L: That's wonderful. So can you talk a little bit more about your primal diet, which is raw meat? I mean, what do you do? I know you organize potluck and you invite everybody to come and get more education and bring raw food. Can you talk about that a little bit more? Because, you know, these are so much important information, and you are so active in this area, and I want people to know. Also, I would like you to mention your website, where people can get your books and stuff like this.

A: Okay, well, I'll mention the books and the website first. My first book is We Want to Live. The primal diet is the subtitle, but it's We Want to Live. And the second one is The Recipe for Living Without Disease. Now, the first book, We Want to Live, is almost 300 pages. The first 125 pages is how I learned about food and how it healed. And it was a story, involves a story about my son, who is a 22-year-old involved in an automobile accident that destroyed four-fifths of his brain. And they said he would die and never come out of the coma. So I took raw unsalted butter and unheated honey, equal proportions, and I put that under his tongue. He was out of the coma in about 24 hours. Oh, wow. And then I fed him ground raw meat, both beef and fish, with some honey in it. And I fed him that, and in 12 days he was out of intensive care and in rehab. So he went on to finish, you know, his college. And they said he would never, he'd be an idiot if he survived, but they said it was impossible for him to survive and live. So through all that, I tell my story about all the diseases and illness that I went through to find help and to find out what was truth in it. Now, when we get into the raw foods, you know, there's the raw food vegetarians, there's raw food fruitarians, and then there's those in between. And then there is the Paleolithic type. Why they call it Paleolithic, I don't know, because it's a whole theory that the Paleolithic ate like they say they did. Now, I lived outdoors for three years, and very rarely did I find any fruit growing in nature in any abundance. So usually your paleos will eat a tremendous amount of fruit, but when you live outdoors, there's not much there. And when you find it, the birds and squirrels have eaten almost everything. So what I learned was that basically humans developed as an animal, flesh, meat eater and survived very well and did very wonderfully. Also as dairy consumers, raw dairy consumers, the tribes in Africa who, before these droughts, lived totally on raw milk and raw meat, lived to 150 years old. And they are very active up until the day they die. They don't get feeble and old and get diseased. In fact, they have no dental caries, no cavities their entire lives. Can you imagine having great teeth that last you over 130 years? 140 years, that's tremendous, that's wonderful. And some that have lost their teeth regained their third set of teeth in their 90s. That's pretty amazing. We don't have anything like that going on here. So the way that I justify it, a lot of your all food fruitarians and vegetarians say, oh, we're not built to eat, you know, the dairy and meats, but they don't know what they're talking about. Because if you look at our teeth, they are structured to be 90% cutting teeth, and the molars grind the meat that we eat to swallow it. So we're mainly cutting teeth. And sure, we can cut fruits, we can cut vegetables with it. However, when we go, the bacteria that is very high in the salivary glands is higher than any other animal, even cats and dogs. We have more bacteria than they do. And it is putrefactive bacteria, which means those bacteria feed on acidic compounds, which are animal cells, whether it be flesh or dairy. So then as the food moves down the esophagus into the stomach, we have hydrochloric acid. Now that breaks down larger particles of food into smaller molecules, so the bacteria can't infiltrate it in the stomach and intestines and break down the food, as I mentioned earlier, and then their waste is our nutrients. And then that's absorbed into the intestines. And our bacteria, even our bile that our liver secretes, breaks down animal tissue very readily and breaks down very little, you know, fruit and vegetables. It breaks down very little, maybe 2% at best, of cellulose. So we really don't get any nutrients, any protein or fats, unless you cook those vegetables and grains and nuts and everything like that. But when you cook them, you destroy about 70% of the nutrients.

L: Right.

A: That's a lot of destruction.

L: Because of the heat, right?

A: Because what?

L: Because of the heat.

A: Yes, because of the high temperatures. It's like, you know, people say, well, can I just sear my meat? And I say, well, just sear your hand and see what happens. Sear your own flesh. And then you tell me whether you think that's better for your body. And you'll see that, you know, many people who have had terrible, terrible indigestion and have been vegetarians or fruitarians for a very, very long time lose their digestibility with fruits and vegetables, and they're allergic to everything at that point. They start eating raw meat, and their digestion is so easy. No problem.

L: This is fantastic because...

A: 90% of our bacteria throughout our system eat animal tissue, not vegetables and not fruits. And then in the bowel, we get into the bowel, we have mainly E. coli. And those bacteria in the bowel break down the finite molecules of fats and protein into the size to feed the brain and the nervous system. So I've found that people who have depression, all they need is high bacteria, so the rotten meat and rotten eggs, like some tribes do. And it reverses, like the show I did on Ripley's Believe It or Not. I show meat, I eat meat that's been up to a year and three months old that has parasites, bacteria, fungus all over it. And, I mean, even the cameraman was vomiting because of the bad odor. But I had two patients who ate the high meats with me, we called them high, the way the Eskimos do. And these people had been, had psychotropic drugs for up to 27 years, were unreversible, uncontrollable on the medication, constantly having problems. And as soon as they started eating the rotten meat and rotten eggs, all of their problems went away. They stopped having depression, they stopped taking medication, and they were perfectly normal and well.

L: Well, all this medication caused more problems than help, because all they're doing, the pharmaceutical companies, all they're doing is putting band-aids that causes more issues and more health issues and sickness versus healing.

A: They only treat symptoms, they don't want people getting well. Diabetes is very easy to reverse, even Hippocrates used raw milk, a total raw milk diet to reverse diabetes in six to ten weeks. But the pharmaceutical house likes making $1,200 to $1,800 a month off of every diabetic, and we've got 60 million diabetics in this country. That's a lot of money. If they were just to go out and buy raw milk and raw meat, they wouldn't have diabetes.

L: But then they would not make money, so it's not good for them, or their concern is their bottom line.

A: That's it, it's all their money.

L: What is your website where people can go and get your books?

A: Well, they can buy the books. They can call 800-247-well, I've forgotten the number, oh my gosh. Well, go on the website WeWant2Live.

L: Okay, so your website is WeWant2Live.

A: Yes, WeWant and Live are spelled out. The T-O, the WeWant2Live, is the numeral two.

L: Oh, number two. WeWant2Live.com. Okay, that's wonderful.

A: And then you can also go to PrimalDiet.com, aajonus.com and they'll all refer you to that one.

L: PrimalDiet.com.

A: Yeah, so that number I was thinking of, the number where you could probably get the book faster if you wanted a hard copy is 800-247-6553.

L: 6553.

A: Yes, now if you want a downloadable version, you go to WeWant2Live, and there you can download it for like $30 and you don't have to pay shipping or taxes that way. So it's very, very easy.

L: The phone number is 1-800-247-6553.

A: Correct.

L: To get both books?

A: Yes, to get both books.

L: Okay, to get both books. Or they can visit WeWant2Live.com or PrimalDiet.com. And all this website would lead them to your books, to your material, to everything else that you have... Are you there?

A: Yes, I'm here.

L: Okay. And, wow, this is just-

A: And I also have some DVDs also. Now the recipe book, it has the first 50 pages are how to do the diet correctly and why to do it that way. Then you've got 125 pages of recipes. There are 82 sauces for raw meats that can be made in three to five different ways each. So that's 400 sauces and cheesecakes and how to make all that stuff wonderfully raw. And then the last 50 pages are the science that proves this diet is optimal. And then I have a four-DVD set of a lecture I did at UCLA. And on that I tell you how the body works, how the body digests, so that you're not confused. The medical profession doesn't want you to know how the body truly works, and they can peruse you and lie to you about how the body works. So you will be confused and you'll not trust yourself and your body. Whereas if you know how the body works, then you're not afraid of it. You know how to help it, to aid it in achieving health again if you don't have it. So in that five-hour lecture series, you can order that. It's called the Primal Diet DVD set. And then the recipe DVD is two hours and 14 minutes of me showing you how to make, you know, sauces that take three to four minutes each to make, make delicious recipes like a cheesecake in like 15 minutes instead of hours. So it shows you how to do everything very easily, how to use the machines. And there's only three machines that I use, a blender, a food processor, and a juicer. And those are all the machines that it takes to make that stuff very quickly and very easily. So, you know... I have a stroganoff dish in there. You can make the stroganoff in 15 minutes. If you make a regular stroganoff out of a cookbook, it's going to take you 50 to, you know, 50 to 70 minutes to make beef stroganoff. So it shows you how to do this very, very easily. And when you see it physically, it makes it much easier than it sounds when you read it in a recipe book. So all of those things make it very easy. And also I have a, on the website I issue a newsletter, six newsletters yearly. And they have photographs of people with illnesses and diseases. And I show from the beginning, before and after, when they get well and how they progress through it and how they got through it. Diseases that the doctor said for sure they were going to die. And even poisoning, chemical poisoning, how it leaves the body and how to treat the body, how to feed it properly.

L: Yeah. Well, you see, I feel like the regular doctors are the puppet of the pharmaceutical companies.

A: They are.

L: Because they don't have time to do their own research. And they have to see patients all day long. And what the pharmaceutical companies tell them, they believe in it. That's it. And they relate to us. I don't think they know something that they do not tell us. They just tell us whatever they taught them at the medical school.

A: I think that NASA, I think that the military, I think that they know. And I think that a lot of government agencies who have had billions of dollars to experiment and explore know. They just want people under control.

L: Correct.

A: If people were all healthy, they wouldn't let the government get along and do what they do. It just wouldn't be possible. So they want everybody weak, diseased, slaves.

L: Yeah, this way they have control over us. Just the way like 50% of the population under taking antidepressants. Antidepressants, it keeps people numb. So they keep us quiet this way. We do not have anything to say.

A: Right. And all this ADHD is nonsense. The ADD and ADHD, attention deficit disorder. Listen, children and adults, they make physical hormonal activities. That takes physical activity to spend, to utilize. The body is meant to be highly energetic because when we were hunter and gatherers, that's how we lived. It was a very rigorous life. Climbing trees, hunting, chasing down animals. You know, like the tribes in Africa, they may spend three days tracking down an antelope and exhausting the antelope and even running them down. I've seen tribes run down a horse in full gallop.

L: Wow.

A: I mean, can you imagine being that healthy? And these people eat raw meats and raw dairy. So can you imagine being that healthy? It would be fabulous.

L: Oh, wonderful. My goodness. Wonderful. Wonderful. I'm just thinking about it. I've been recently feeling like rundown, no energy, and I really don't know what to do. [laughs]

A: [laughs] So as I wanted to finish about the, you know, the ADD and ADHD, is that these children just need exercise. And Schwarzenegger and the Bush family and these people cut out exercise in schools. Then what do we have? Kids have more anxiety, and anxiety always comes from not exercising enough, from having all these hormones for physical activity and not utilizing them in physical activity. So the body will usurp them in anxiety. But anxiety doesn't call for good communication. It makes for bad communication, irritability, and a lot of hostility and violence. So we need to get, you know, exercise programs back into the schools. Some children need to be in special schools where they can exercise ten minutes an hour just to keep their minds alert because they've got all these physical hormones pumping through their bodies, keeping their minds from working. And all they need is ten minutes of exercise an hour, and they would be geniuses as well as good athletes.

L: Wow. Wow, this is so wonderful. This is so wonderful, this information. And people can get all your books and the recipes. And a recipe book also can be purchased through your website or through this 800 number. Oh, my goodness. You know, I have to do something with myself with the books that I have of your books and do how I can change my own law of energy.

A: Good. Now, I'm going to have to go. I have to go speak before the Board of Supervisors right now about my situation. So, sadly, I'm going to have to part with you now.

L: Okay, thank you so much.

A: Thank you very much.

L: Thank you so much. And the phone number, all right. Thank you so much.

A: It's 1-800. Okay, thank you. It's 1-800-247-6553.

L: Or www.wewant2live.com or primaldiet.com. Okay, thank you so much. I know you were very, very busy today and doing so much to help us here in Los Angeles to eat the right food and the raw food and whatever you do with the Board of Supervisors. I really appreciate your time, taking the time from your meeting and coming here because, as you know, you can help a lot of people through various different media. And so I really appreciate your time. Thank you so much again.

A: You're very welcome. Thank you for having me.

L: Okay, and we'll talk soon, okay?

A: Okay. All right. Bye-bye.

L: Bye-bye. Okay, I just wanted to mention again Aajonus' website and telephone number where all these books can be purchased because this is so, so important to our livelihood and to our life and existence and live as well as we want to live. Again, his phone number where you can buy his books, our phone number is 1-800-247-6553. And his website is wewant2live.com. And the other website is primaldiet.com. And as he said earlier, he has videos there. And, I mean, if this is going to change our life from being dead and lack of energy and being on pharmaceutical companies' medication, this is the solution to all our problems, I see it. So please visit his website, and also you can call the 800 number and get his book. And also I would like to tell you who's going to be my guest next week. My next week's guest is Marissa Rousseau, who is the founder of Forensic Healing System, created after two decades of health and healing experiences. She is fantastic. I met her last weekend. She's in L.A., and last weekend she was in Life Conscious Expo, and I actually went to help her. And she's going to be my guest, and I'm really honored to have her as my guest. So please tune in to our next week, which is October 11th at 3 o'clock Pacific time. And if you have any questions, you can call and talk with her as well. So I really thank you, all of you, all the listeners. You can go and listen to it many times to all my shows. They're all archived. So that's it for today, and I would like to say goodbye to everybody and thank you again to all the listeners because unless I know how many people listen to my show, I would not be able to bring you this kind of people who can really put some sense into our head to eat healthy and in our body and emotional and take us off from all this pharmaceutical medication that they are more destroying us than helping us. So thanks again to everybody, and this is Lea signing off. We'll talk to you next week. Bye-bye, everybody.