Child Cured by Mothers Feces - Eat Shit and Live!

Child Is Cured By Eating His Mother's Feces; or Eat Shit And Live!

If the head-line were stated as I stated it in the title above, would it have been more accurate and more revealing than the actual title of the article I am about to mention? The article was entitled, Fecal transplant from mom cures ailing toddler. @(

A 28-years-young mother had watched her 20- months-young son Jesse suffer for 9 months with what was medically labeled as infection. He was unable to digest much of anything and wasting away with diarrhea. Doctors blamed the disease on the intestinal janitor Clostridium difficile that consumes damaged cells in the intestinal walls.

Federal health officials who are controlled by the medical-mind-set describe the disease as a dangerous, contagious infection that has become increasingly common, sickening more than 300,000 patients a year in U.S. hospitals and causing some 14,000 deaths.

What those officials do not say would reveal the cause of the disease. In Jesse's case, he was born at 27 weeks’ gestation, suffering the normal hospital- induced iatrogenic diseases of premature babies. Most premature infants are fed the most nutrient- deficient sterilized processed foods through tubes. They are IV-injected with powerful antibiotics and immunoglobulin. The infants are not only deprived of nutrients but poisoned with drugs.

Common sense should tell any doctor that since the intestinal tract is resplendent with 360 bacterial genes to every 1 human gene, antibiotics will gradually or quickly destroy bacteria responsible for digestion. The symptoms of premature-infant iatrogenic complications are respiratory challenges, feeding troubles and intestinal damage both to intestinal mucous membrane walls and destruction of digestive bacteria. Pharma control of medicine has created doctors without common sense.

There are 2 ways to approach the condition since antibiotics only make it much worse:

In the quest for lucrative medical procedures, the child's doctor did not tell the mother to feed her child raw eggs or raw milk. He did not tell her to feed her childsomeofherpooportoputitinhimasa suppository. Instead, the doctor chose an expensive "medical" procedure to take the mother's poop and implant it in the child's colon. It worked. Jesse hasn’t been admitted to the hospital since and seems to be healing better, his mother reported. Will his body be able to reproduce the digestive bacteria from the feces? Time will tell. If he stays away from doctors and their medication especially antibiotics, Jesse might have a chance.

Now the doctors who performed the first such procedure on a child are promoting this expensive treatment. They presented their report on Jesse's case at the American College of Gastroenterology's annual "scientific" meeting in Las Vegas. They have gained attention for infant fecal transplants.

If they had reported that they fed the child the mother's feces or simply implanted it as a suppository as an outpatient, their method would have been acknowledged but ignored. Since the procedure was performed in hospital, it will make big bucks for doctors and hospitals. It may be utilized.

Those doctors are not the only ones promoting fecal transplants. Other doctors have been using similar methods for several years in adults with success as high as 90 percent, according to reviews. Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital found that 43 of 49 patients with C. diff infections recovered swiftly after fecal transplants and had no problems up to three months later.

They stopped consideration at 3 months because that is when symptoms started reoccurring. Will the doctors begin to suggest fecal implants every 3-9 months or will they somehow develop common sense and advise a diet rich in natural bacteria? Common sense should also tell everyone that diarrhea is the body's way of detoxification. If the body is not fed nutrients to improve health, a body is likely to focus on detoxification, that is, diarrhea as a way the body improves its health.

Remedy For Infant Digestive Challenges

Stay away from antibiotics; they are the plague of digestive problems.

Normally, simply adding raw whole milk to the diet facilitates recovery of digestive abilities. Sometimes it is a gradual improvement that may take 5-7 days to be satisfactory. Sometimes, it will take longer.

I describe one case in my book WWTL where a raw egg was diluted in 2 ounces of good drinking water to start the baby on raw foods. Egg, raw whole milk (as kefir is fine) and a tiny amount of unheated honey should be the limit of exploration when trying to get an infant's or child's digestive system working properly.

If diarrhea is an issue, I suggest blending 2 T. no-salt raw cheese (not cheddar) with 6 ounces raw whole milk (no honey). If diarrhea has not reduced within 12 hours, I suggest blending 3 T. no-salt raw cheese with 6 ounces raw whole milk. As soon as the body stops using diarrhea as a method of detoxification, stop utilizing cheese with the milk. Otherwise, very dry fecal matter that is difficult to pass might result. If that happens, inject a little no-salt raw butter or raw cream into the sigmoid colon with a tiny bulb syringe. Bulb syringes that are used to clean ears are perfect.

If vomit or regurgitation is an issue, the infant's or child's body is using the stomach for detoxification. I suggest that you simply use the same formula for vomit as I suggested above for diarrhea. I do not suggest re-feeding the infant or child her/his vomit; it is toxic. Feed her/him more of the same fresh food. Unless the food is contaminated with industrial toxins, the food is not the problem. The toxins in the body being released in vomit is the problem. We should accept, be happy with the body's choice and work around vomit, not suppress the vomiting process.