Primal Diet Workshop + Q&A Of June 22, 2013


I'm Aajonus Vonderplanitz and I got into health because I was a very sickly individual. I was born into a violent household. One of my brothers was 18 months older and still in diapers when I was born,. He was very distressed about taking mother's attention away and so he would torture me regularly. When I was about 6 months old he knocked my hand out from under me; I fell on a rake - and the rusty rake went into my neck and my mother was a nurse and she had this phobia about lockjaw - tetanus - so I was rushed to the hospital and given a tetanus shot - my first- at about 6 months old. I was sick for about a month after that - from the reaction to that. That was in the mid-forties so they didn't acknowledge anything at all like that then.. There was no such thing as a reaction to a vaccine in those days.

So 6 months later, my brother made sure that I fell on a rusty nail and my mother - again - took me to the doctor and got another tetanus shot ... and 6 months after that, again.

But on the third one, it made me autistic. I was unable to communicate; I was unable to associate words or the written language to any kind of a concept. My brain just wouldn't accept it.

So I grew up just repeating whatever I heard. I had an attention span and a memory span about like this. So, if I heard something, I had to ask many times ... what, what, what, what, what,t, what...

So by the time I was 8 years old, I had heard enough phrases over and over that I could just repeat the phrases. So I spit out - parroting whatever I heard. In my house it was things like 'shut up, sit down, you're stupid...

So when I went to school, I started giving that stuff back to the other kids... They didn't take that well, so I was constantly getting beat up and never understood why.

When I was about 4 years old, after that tetanus shot when I was 18 months old, I was very sickly. I would get colds at about three months old then at about 8 years old, even longer because by then I would be getting vaccines. The polio vaccine came out in ‘58 so I was 11 years old when that came out.

Then I started having real problems. Right after the first polio vaccine , the second polio vaccine, I got peritonitis, which is a perforated and bleeding small intestine. They put me through all kinds of stuff; they were injecting me every 2 - 3 hours. They packed me in ice because my fever went up to 107 degrees.

But they treated it at first like an appendicitis because that is what they thought it was. I was in school about probably about 4 days after I had my second polio shot and I had intestinal cramps; I couldn't move. I just buckled over in school and on the playground or outside the church and could not move... I was buckled up in such pain. I was rushed to the hospital; they said it was peritonitis. They went in to take out the appendix - found it in great shape, nothing wrong with it but they took it out anyway just in case it caused me problems in the future.

And that is the epitome of the medical profession i.e. vaccines that are full of nothing but five basic poisons: liquid mercury, liquid aluminum, formaldehyde, ether and detergent. - in every vaccine - even those that claim to be mercury-free now. They don't say mercury-free now; they say 'thimerosol-free'. So, what they did: they have 11 names for liquid mercury - so they stopped using one called 'thimerosol. They are still using liquid mercury in these vaccines. So, every child is given from one vaccine 1236 times the toxic dose that the FDA says. ... One vaccine!

You've got anywhere from 22 to 53 other toxic ingredients. Every one of those ingredients is toxic on their own merit. Then when you have a soup of these toxins, you are already expected to believe that this soup of toxins - that are critically toxic - are somehow good for your health.

The amount of so-called virus in them (now, remember, vaccines are to combat virus) - virus has never been proved. If you look at all the latest photographs - so-called photographs - or so called photographs of viruses - you will see that you have got these kind of amoeba-looking things with these warts coming out all over them - or tentacles coming out all over them and all kinds of odd shapes, These are all computer-generated, the way Walt Disney computer-generates. There is not one photograph because virus are not alive. That was known 50 years ago!

It was ridiculous to give an antibiotic for a virus because there was nothing alive in a virus. All you found was dead cells, dissolved dead human cells. We didn't know what was dissolving them, what was the medium to do that, how was the body responding, and why. Still those questions are not answered - but the pharmaceutical industry decided that they could make a lot more money if we believed that virus were alive. So now they prescribe antibiotics for viruses. And there is no such thing as a virus unless you look at it as a solvent. Because what happens - when a cell can't be dissolved naturally, with a bacteria or a parasite or a fungus, it makes solvents. A cell will make a solvent to dissolve dead cells to get rid of them.- to recycle them - to get them out of the body any wastes.

So the whole idea of fighting virus by creating cells from another animal ... because they always blame it on other animals, you notice, except the first deadly flu was the Spanish flow - they blamed it on the Spaniards. After that, it has all been animals. e.g. bird flu, swine flu, pig flu, - all kinds of flus. And even the black plague was blamed on the rats.; I will tell you about that one later.

So these poisons are injected into all of us, and our children. From my research, it creates 70% of all diseases. It makes you the low-functioning individuals - the most low-functioning individuals in the world. I have visited tribes and I have visited communities all over the world that had NO vaccines. Their degree of health is astronomical. I have a farm in the Philippines - way out in the jungles -, away from civilization - nothing but tribes out there- and I hired anybody from 20 years old to 50 years old - to dig these fish-ponds which are 60' X 30' X22’ deep. They dig them by hand. They take these pails; they fill the pails then they pitch them up. So you get all this network of people. I had two of them (fish-ponds) dug, plus a swimming pool. These people would work 10 hours a day without a hitch - no problem. When I was at my grandparents' farm, when I was a child - you would see these 50 year old men throwing thirty, fifty, sixty pound bales of hay 15 feet up into a loft. Now, people are using fork-lifts because they can't do it any more. We don't have the strength So, you have to take a look at why...and it is mainly vaccines.

One of those tribes' individuals had been living in the city and had got vaccines. He was the only employee that did not work consistently and hard. So, he got the easy jobs and yet he was buff, taller-than-normal (than the other) Asians that were working for me. yet, he would go off and do all kinds of things - do anything to avoid hard labor.

I was abused as a child because I was considered lazy but after all these vaccines, especially in the right arm, I couldn't lift my right arm this far without excruciating pain. going all the way up my neck and into my head. To walk, to breathe, was a great chore for me - very painful - so I avoided any kind of work. Now, my father grew up on the farm so he was a hardy kid. He grew up on the raw milk and everything fresh from this farm. So he couldn't understand why he had a retarded child that was also a weakling. So he just thought that I was just a lazy kid. So, I got beaten a lot, because of that. He put me in the hospital three times, broke my ear drums; he told me 'listen to me' and would whack me in both ears so I lost 80% of hearing in one ear and 60% in the other. This was the way it was in my childhood. By the time I was 8 years old, I was keeping colds up to 5 months. After the episode of peritonitis at 12 years old, I was sick the year round. I was bed-ridden at least 3 months a year. Then at 15 1/2, I got my third polio shot. They delayed it because of my reactions. Finally they did correlate it to the second vaccine - the peritonitis. The mercury went into my intestines, burned a whole in my intestines, and the formaldehyde and ether caused the damage. That particular doctor was not the normal doctor that I went to.

My father was an inventor for General Electric - military Division - in Cincinnati, Ohio. That particular doctor for General Electric was on vacation when this happened. So I was taken to a different doctor for the first time, and of course he correlated right away 'What did you do in the last few days?' ..'What did you eat... what happened... As soon as I said 'the vaccine', he did a blood test and the mercury level was extremely high. It was thimerosol-type mercury poisoning because there is a difference. There is a difference between the liquid mercury that you use in a thermometer and the one that you use in pharmaceuticals. They are all very toxic. It's just that when you have aluminum bound with the mercury, it lessens its lethal ability; it slows it, is what it does. Also, the aluminum is put in the vaccines to hold those toxins into the body.

If you were to get a shot without liquid aluminum, Did anyone say 'aluminium' here - when I am in South Africa, they don't know what I am talking about when say aluminium. OK so aluminum. It holds the toxins in the body - indefinitely! For a whole lifetime if you don't know how to remove it. And it is very difficult to remove it. It took me many many many years of experimentation to find out how. Let me tell you what can happen.

We're going to get into this in the detoxification part. I have a client in Sweden - brought to me at 3 years old - completely autistic. That was his life. Now he is in school and functioning completely at 6 years old. This was the fastest-ever-recovering one ever because this parent did what I asked. I asked to feed him a moldy raspberry along with the diet every day. And she did it. The child repaired faster than any other child. All of the children on this diet recover slowly in 6 or 7 years but this child recovered completely in 3 years because that mother bothered to make the moldy raspberries and give him one a day. It makes all the difference in the world. That fungus turns into a mycelium in the body and can attach and break down the mercury and aluminum combination - the formaldehyde, the ether and all the other things that are in there. It can actually break down that tissue attached to those minerals and remove it from the system. So the child's brain was able to heal. Can you imagine in three years, having a child that is like this. Do you think he is going to be like that forever? Talking, eating, going to school… everything, beautifully.

Now the medical profession will never achieve that. They will never achieve that because they are responsible for causing it, with their vaccines. And they did it with me. So when I got my third polio vaccine at 15 1/2, it gave me juvenile diabetes, it stopped my pancreas from working, because of the toxins stored in there, and stored in my heart giving me angina pectoris and muscle spasms in and around the heart. So I had 300 heart attacks between the age of 15 1/2 and 22 - sometimes three a week. They would see me at school, grabbing my chest, dropping my arm and passing out. They rushed me to the hospital. Now the doctors don't look for any cause that could be chemical. They look - at that time especially, they looked for congenital heart malformation or congestive heart failure. So, they had a lot of plaque on my arteries.

I didn't have either so they told my parents my heart attacks were all in my head. Here you've got a retarded child who comes up with the idea of having heart attacks (?) ... and I can fake them that well that I can actually go unconscious (?). You have to think about these doctors' mentality. They are in denial, constantly. So here I started shooting up with insulin at 15 1/2 and having heart attacks. And that went on all the way up to 22, but at 19 - how I got through school? I was the biggest cheat ever. I picked the smartest, most sensitive girl in the class. I picked the most sensitive of the smartest girls because not all of them were sensitive. But back then, there were more sensitive women because they weren't as injected as they are now and not as effeminitized as they are now because of all these chemical inundations and the plastics that make the opposite of one sex to another. So, I picked that smart girl who was sensitive to sit next to and I copied her hieroglyphs because that is all it was to me. If I tried to define the word 'the', I wouldn't know where to begin… wouldn't have a clue of how to start. I was completely communication-challenged.

So, I copied the hieroglyphs... by the time I get teenage age, lets say 15 years old, I was copying so well, it looked like their handwriting. So then the teacher was saying 'Did you do this for him?' to the person I copied. So then I couldn't figure out what they were talking about. I didn't understand why they were getting reprimanded for helping me. I was copying exactly - I was copying so identically that it looked like somebody else's handwriting. I never got outside of that.

Usually your autistic children have some kind of idiot-savant ability and mine was math. Have you ever seen the movie Rainman? Well, that is what I could do. Given a problem, I just wrote the answer. I had not a clue how I got it. I just knew the answer. If I had a division problem, I didn't have to do the frame and all of that division and subtraction that goes on in a normal problem. I would just write the answer. So I got accused of cheating all the time with math and finally in high school, they put me in a room with a test they had made up the day before - and I did it very fast, came out in about 7 minutes and gave it to them - you know 7 minutes. They accused me of breaking into the school and finding the answers so they made another test that evening and they had me take it the next day; I did the same thing with that one. Then I realized I was doing it too fast - that's what I thought was the problem... So, the next morning, I took my time - I took about 20 minutes to do it - it was about 45 minutes for the average person to do - So, I handed it to them and they freaked out again. So I was really confused; I didn't know what they were talking about. So they made up a test while I stayed in the room – they made up two of them - they made up a test and they took it in to me and I did it in 5 minutes. Then they realized... then they thought all of my inability to get good grades - I got Cs and Ds in everything because I was always copying. and I got bad grades only because I refused to stand in and read in the room and participate because I was unable to do that. I could not read - not a word - off the page. ... not even by I was constantly getting bad grades because of that. My cheating was good so I should have gotten good grades but because I couldn't communicate and couldn't read in class I always got Cs and Ds.

So that is basically how I got through school and then when I graduated, from high school, I was married. I met a girl who was the second smartest girl in school but she was a year ahead of me so she didn't have a clue what I was like, but we got along tremendously; we didn't have to talk, we didn't have to communicate but I had learned enough phrases by then - from Paul Newman, James Dean, Elvis Presley who were the idols at that time so we watched movies We got taken to the movies on Saturday so we saw all of them at the time – Zorro and all of them. I emulated these people. I learned to stand like Paul Newman and act like him - and learn their phrases - to women so I'd hear those then memorize them and learn them then repeat them to this new girl friend. That was appropriate; she was the first girl that I was really attracted to and that was really attracted to me. But she was in a different grade so she wasn't in class with me, she didn't have a clue who I was except in our personal relationships and we didn't have to talk; she was one of those people that was an intellectual, that preferred fewer words are better. say what's important and that's it! And I had learned those words from Elvis Presley, Paul Newman and stuff like that.... James Dean... from the movies - what to say to women - so she was very enamored with me, liked that I was silent, most of the time, always understood what I was feeling and what I was thinking, without having to talk. She got pregnant; we got married, in February of my junior year When she graduated, she was 6 months pregnant and hid it through the entire time.

... And then we started living together in the summer and I was working and going to school at the same time. And she learned I was an idiot. So, everything changed; she had the baby that September which was my first week as a senior in high school ... and going to school, coming home ... they let me only do a half a day at school because that was all the credits I had to achieve in order to graduate. So I got home, I took care of the baby until my ex-wife got home from work which was about 6:00. Then I went to work then when I got home, I would have to take care of the baby because the baby cried all of the time and she needed to sleep some. I was so wired on my routine that I didn't need to sleep quite as much. At 8 years old I had had such chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia - I told you, I was aching everywhere - couldn't lift this arm, couldn't walk. If I walked across this room and up the steps, I;d be wiped out for an hour. So, what I learned at 8 years old - I watched my parents drink coffee that morning and I realized they got a buzz off of it and got lots of energy so I poured myself a half a cup of coffee and they freaked - absolutely freaked. The hypocrisy in parents is absolutely tremendous . 95% of all that came out of my parents mouth was a lie. And autistic children know it more than other children because as they learned to communicate, they learned to accept the lies. But an autistic child doesn't have that kind of ability to be ingrained. That is why we are so-called ‘unruly’.

So, half the time my parents spoke after I was 3 years old, I mistrusted them. Why? ...because they took me to have my tonsils removed at three years old. There was nothing wrong with me in particular at that time - no cold, no flu - but I was constantly getting tonsilitis - because of the poisons. The tonsils are the extension of the lymphatic system which cleans the body. So of course, it is going to protect the brain from anything that enters through the mouth, that could contaminate the brain and then the whole body. So the tonsils are supposed to erupt to break down toxins so it can discard them. They [medicos] would rather rip them out rather than deal with what causes them. The medical profession is always dealing with symptoms rather than causes.

So I was constantly sick all the time, constantly weak and tired so at that 8 year old period I just decided to defy my parents and I would go in during the middle of the night, usually about midnight when I knew my father was snoring so loudly that no one could hear me; I would prance downstairs into the kitchen, take that last - nobody drank that last 1/2 – ¾ - cup of coffee that was sitting in the pot. So, I poured it into a jar, put a lid on it, put it under my bed. At that time, I was getting beat with a belt, even with a buckle and I hated to get up, especially in winter, because I was so cold. It would painful in every joint so I did just not want to get out of bed. And so they hit me until they hurt me to get out of bed - and if course it wouldn't hurt that bad. It was - which pain is worse - so the pain was worse to stay in bed and get beaten. So, at that 8 year old period, when I heard the first knock, ''rise and shine' [deadpan] like the military it wasn't 'rise and shine' [cheerful] so I would reach under the bed, get my coffee, drink it.

Wow! I was buzzed; I was hyperactive; they didn't understand that after than one night during the 8 year old period because every night I got the coffee - every night. So, nobody wanted to drink that last cup of stale coffee. It wasn't that stale to me! It worked! It was like a good medicine so I was wired. However, by the time I got to school, and an hour before lunch time, I wanted to just sleep so I would sleep in class. I saw other kids smoking and one of my older brothers made me smoke one time. Although I coughed and coughed and puked afterwards, it wired me. It gave me energy so I thought 'Ha! I can smoke at recess time between classes'. So I went out into the little forested area outside the school and had a couple of hits of the cigarette, put it in a little can and then buried it under the pine needles. I would go out there between every class and take a few hits of the cigarette,. So, by the time I was 16 years old, I was smoking two packs of Lucky Strike non-filters a day and drinking about 4 cups of coffee a day. That kept me going. So, when I had the child, I was buzzed even greater. In fact I used to have to drink alcohol in order to sleep, to bring me down. So by the time I was 19 years old, I got divorced.

Of course, it wasn't even a year later, divorced, I moved out to California where I have an uncle who was matriculating for his doctorate in psychology at UCLA. He just said [to himself] I am going to encourage Aajonus to come out and we see if we can take care of him at UCLA with the most modern technology possible, and they are experimenting with everything. So I moved out there and I was making a lot of money at the time because my mother, after I graduated from high school, took me to a new technical institute/university that taught computer programming using unit wiring equipment. In those days what is now a chip this big used to fill up a room half this size, with discs. We wrote programs on punch cards and you put your punch card through and you wire your particular unit for whatever kind of program , whatever activity that machine would undergo and that goes into the computer too and then your information goes through cards and sorts and analyzes it. So that is the way it was in those days. My mother took me to that university just to see what would happen. There was no comprehension, there was no dialogue; there was nothing but charts and math – geometry – and it was easy. I whizzed right through it and I got the highest grade of everybody. In fact I aced it – not a wrong answer on it. So they took me into a conference room and realized that I was autistic; that I had great learning challenges, communication challenges. But they saw what I could do - I could write a program in 2 hours that would take them 6 months to a year to write - and flawlessly. So they farmed me out to Tyne Logistics Trucking Company - the third largest trucking company in the world , IBM and Carte Blanche corporation. So I was making 80 grand a year as an idiot. That was pretty nice and pretty easy. So, when I moved out to California, I transferred/continued and the professors set that up. They assigned a fellow that had been out of college for about three years for learning disorder children. This was in 1965 so I transferred out there to California with Tyne T. C. and continued systems analysis for them. ... did a little work for IBM out there too.

But UCLA - they put me through shock therapy, they put me through LSD therapy, all kinds of psychotropic drug therapies - everything. I was completely immune to the LSD. They gave me 732 micrograms, which should send ten people off to another planet and it didn't affect me at all so I was dropped from that program. When I was all finished with it, I was probably in worse shape because my memory span got even shorter.

And I was drinking up to about a quart of alcohol a night, to sleep. I didn't have a child any more - he was back in Cincinnati; I was in Los Angeles. I was smoking about 2 to 2 1/2 packs a day, drinking 11 cups of coffee a day and drinking about a fifth of either bourbon or gin - 19 years old - it caused a perforation in my stomach lining and I started vomiting blood. So, I got a few transfusions for that, and they gave me Maalox which ,is dolomite, which is mined rock, for calcium-concentrated rock. It absorbed all of the hydrochloric acid so I wasn't digesting anything... not getting well. I was getting worse, but very little bleeding from that. But what had happened was I developed a tumor to close off that hole. So then they said we have to go in and take out the tumor because it was blocking my digestion - some of the food going into my stomach. So they went and gave me a vagotomy - pyeloplasty which means they severed all the vagus nerves to my stomach so I could never again secrete hydrochloric acid. So they put me in the category of the octogenerian who can't digest the food. You have to have hydrochloric acid in order to digest anything - any protein, milk… anything. ... not fruit of course but I was not allowed to eat fruit unless it was boiled or steamed because they said that now that I had the vagotomy, I had no hydrochloric acid generating in my stomach. So any microbe could enter in my food and kill me i.e. take over the whole body. It is like the ridiculous concept that 200,000 dissolved animal cells in a vaccine is going to create some kind of immunity. 200,000 dissolved animal cells fits onto a pinhead. Five white blood cells can wipe that out in an instant. The whole idea that that creates immunity is absurd. Immunity from what? .. from animal tissue? The whole idea of getting swine flu... Who gets swine flu? A toxic pig. Are you a toxic pig? ... not unless you are a policeman... (laughs in audience) The whole idea is preposterous... you can not get the swine flu... you can not get the bird flu... Add on to that that when the body makes a solvent to dissolve tissue which is a natural process - it alters it every three days. So every 72 hours, you have a change of the virus - the solvent that dissolves the cells. Therefor in 72 hours, if a vaccine were to work,it would only work for a 72 hour period.

After they make the so-called tissue dissolve, going to duplicate this on multiple pigs this particular dead animal cell that they are dissolving in whatever-it-is - its eitherr hexane which is gasoline or kerosene - and they are dissolving it in that substance and then they say that ... it takes 18 months before anything like that is even in a pharmaceutical to be able to deliver. So, if it is no good in 3 days,... 18 months later???? The whole concept is absurd.

It is a money-market - also what it does to you is - you continue to be what? You continue to be ill and can't take over the government. You can't take over anything.. You can't even take care of your own family well because you are not very well. You are going to go to the doctor more often... Children go to the doctor average once every month...Once a month is the average that a child goes to a doctor 90/% .of the time it is a tough cold, they are taken to a doctor or hospital. You used to weather those things. It used to be like John Wayne - walk it off, tough it out.. bear it ..sweat and get it out. Now it is 'run to a doctor, run to a doctor' You are negligent if you don't take your child to a doctor and poison them with chemicals that have absolutely no proof in experiments and practice and empirical data. You are brainwashed into thinking that the medical profession has benefit. Now, if I get my arm torn off, I'm going to go see a mechanical doctor and I am going to have him put it back on. But that is the only time I will go to a doctor.

I had a motorcycle accident 5 or 6 years ago, where I was on a big 650 pound Harley and this whole group of people walked right out into the street in front of me. It was in Thailand so - and these were Europeans so they were still driving on the same side of the street that they do in Thailand. They did not look - they were laughing - they walked right out onto the street in front of me. It was either bury it (the motorcycle) on my leg or and ride - there was no way to stop that heavy of a bike 15 feet in front of them So I tried to land it and move over to that lane taking a chance that one of these cars would hit me because I was over in the slow lane only going about 15 miles an hour - very slow. When they came out in front of me so quickly 15 feet a way - 15 feet away isn't very far on a heavy bike like that so I laid it down on my leg; I split this bone - this tibia - all the way down to the ankle.. buckled in the back, open, and then this knee cap here was broken and shattered; this tendon was torn down here, this tendon was torn up here and all of the top of the tibia and femur had broken it off so all of these were broken particles, in my kneecap. Well, I laid on that pavement, on that street, for about 45 minutes waiting for the pain to go away. I had broken 7 bones in this foot on a bicycle accident once. And I was over that, I bicycled 12 miles that day and went to a movie. I knew a 14 year-old who used to crack people's knuckles - well I went to see her to put those back in place. Didn't even go to a doctor, because they would do X-rays and stuff like that that prevent healing - so that isn't what I do. So I was just waiting for this knee to recuperate and the knee just kept getting bigger and bigger. I just thought it was dislocated. It was about 10:30 by that time; I was in a short-sleeved shirt, and sandals and shorts. All the skin was gone off of my arm, part of this elbow was shaved down. This bone was completely shaved off - no skin up to here.. all the way down like this. All the way down my leg. All the ankle bone had been shaved off by this. I went back to the hotel. In a taxi there – a taxi is a truck with an awning over it. I went back to the hotel; I squeezed lime juice all over and screamed a lot. ... because the lime juice surrounds foreign particles and keeps your body from utilizing - from depriving - the blood of white blood cells in an injured area - and that is called puss.

Whenever you have puss - that is not a bad thing - that is why your animals want to eat it all the time - lick it off - because it is 98 to 99 % white blood cells, which are healthy cells going in there to eat the damaged tissue. So, when you have puss - that is a good thing! That is not a bad thing... I went to the hospital after that because the knee was still in excruciating pain and wasn't subsiding. I said ' get a taxi, take me to the hospital’ . The owner of the hotel I was living in was an American - a Thai-American and she called the emergency squad instead. Four attendants and one driver picked me up, put me in a collapsible wood gurney took me to the hospital which was about 15 miles away. Do you know how much that cost? Here would cost me 3 to 5,000. It cost me $75 there. Pretty good!; that is 4 attendants and a driver plus this emergency vehicle.

I got to the hospital; the intern, probably about 27 or 28 years old freaked out. He saw the skin gone, but it wasn't bleeding. I had lost probably about 2 ounces of blood altogether, with all that skin gone... and muscle gone and bone gone. I lost very little blood; it just didn't bleed. So I got to the hospital and the emergency intern said '0h my God' 'We've got to do X-rays; we're going to have to graft skin from your buttock and your thighs. I said 'Listen; I just came here to have you put my knee back in place. I just want you to put it back in place.

He says 'I'm not touching you without X-ray and I said 'Well get somebody who can if you are so inexperienced, you can't help me, Get somebody who can’. So he called the surgeon the orthopedic surgeon came in; he got there probably about 12:30 at night. They took a look at that, took a look at me; he wanted to do the same thing, wanted to cut my hip open from there to there, open it up and clean up whatever was in there. I said "I just want you to put the knee back in place. That is all I want you to do. This is my body; I will treat it the way I want; you just help me. And the way you can help me is to put the knee back in place. He said 'I don't know what is out of place and what is in place without X-rays'. I said OK, you've got two shots. I sat there with the X-ray machine to the level - your radiologist shoots the picture from here to here, from front and from side only.=- and that is all you get. If you can't determine it from that, you shouldn't be in the practice. So they did it. They let me say how to set the machine - and the radiologist had no problem with it. He thought it was great that I just took command of it.

The X-rays came back and showed the split down the femur and the broken tissue tissue all in the knee joint. The surgeon said 'I’ve got to open your whole leg up, take off part of the muscle, get in there and clean it up. I have to put at least 8 pins, maybe 12 pins, And that tibia - put it back together. I said 'I'm on a good diet' - he goes ..[]. like he had epilepsy when I said that about a good diet. I said 'I can see the knee is in place - I've just got to recover. He said 'You know, I can't release you...'. I said 'I didn't give you the ownership of my body to release me anyway. So, I don't need a release from you. That's all rhetoric to get people to do what you want them to do what you want them to do. I'm not that way. Give me your card. He said 'You're leg is going to rot off',; it is going to turn to gangrene and you're going to lose your leg and maybe your arm too. You have to get skin grafted on that’. I said 'listen, give me your card; if I need your help, I will call you. If it starts decaying and rotting like that, I will come and see you. He was sure I would be back

What I did when I got back to the hotel - I squeezed lime on it again, I put honey on top of that, I put coconut cream on top of that, and then thin meat slices, wrapped it up, put a damp cloth over that and a piece of plastic on all these areas, not to touch my skin, and wrapped it with an ace bandages so I had ten ace bandages wrapped around my legs and my arm.

In 12 days, the new skin was completely regrown. 12 days. I had hired two girls to take care of me in the hotel room - one was a nurse - because I could not walk I was in a wheel chair. I got the woman who owned the hotel to stop putting chlorine in the pool for 5 days. So I would go in the pool, in the deep end, This foot would barely touch the bottom and I just kind of floated around. in there, making my leg work, get it moving. By then the algae was so great in five days that she spiked the pool. But the ocean was right across the road and down a little walkway. So I went into the ocean every day after that, with the bandages on to keep the salt water from damaging my skin. I would change the bandages every three days when the meat would start stinking out in the hallway of the hotel. Remember, bacteria is all over your body. You are 260 bacterial genes to every 100 human gene. You are not even 1% human. Bacteria does everything in your body. Without bacteria, you would not even have enzymatic activity. You always want to add bacteria to the situation. That is what I did. I healed that completely. I was walking without crutches in 6 1/2 weeks.

Three months later on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean islands I ran a quarter of a mile; sprinted a quarter of a mile. They had said I would never walk again . I had seen people who had accidents who had had that surgery before; the muscle here and the muscle are each about 1/3 smaller and when they clean out a joint like that, they are two inches shorter in one leg. I don't have any of that problem. The only time I will go to a doctor is if I think they can mechanically help me because they know nothing else, except to put you back together if you are dismembered. So, they caused me to not be able to digest anything. They told my uncle. What my uncle interpreted to me was that if I wanted an apple, I had to put that apple in boiling water or steam it because the microbes would take over and kill me. This is all the terrorism of the medical profession. So, I did what they said, got sicker and sicker then the cancer metastasized all the way to the outside of the skin so I had cancer from the stomach, all through the incision. The tumor was up to 3/4 " high, 1 1/4” thick, inch and a half at some points and they said 'We have to irridiate that". I went through 10 weeks of intense radiation therapy, about equivalent to 10,000 X-rays. Just one treatment was worth 10,000 X-rays of radiation. They cauterized my spine; it was like taking malleable clay and putting it at cone 10 and firing it. You have a solid mass of rock, granite after that. And literally, spiky and porous. When I would turn, it would grind into my nerves. So, I was in constant, excruciating pain. It also deteriorated the bone around my teeth. So my teeth dangled in my mouth and if I bit on my own teeth, I bled. I was getting anywhere from one to three transfusions weekly from it. And they wanted to pull all my teeth.

Now, they are giving me a week to live. If I go through chemotherapy, I might live three months, they said. I had a 1% chance of living. Now my uncle is interpreting all this for me in ways that he could only understand me, that I would understand. I said absolutely NO to pulling my teeth, I wasn't going to spend the last... - I had 4 teeth pulled when I was a child to put braces on me; I suffered for months from that. So to pull all of them... the medical profession is INSANE - absolutely insane. I'm only going to live a few weeks and they want to pull all of my teeth so I can bleed and suffer to death, and even more. It was to the point where I couldn't even sit like this, my back pain was so bad. I had to live on the floor like a worm. I had to crawl around on my elbows. I couldn't move the lower part of my body without excruciating back pain. So here I was; I couldn't work any more, I couldn't concentrate any more; I couldn't think. My talent for systems analysis was gone. They ripped all the furniture out of my house because I was defecating, vomiting and urinating all over myself. I refused to go to the hospice where people were dying and all I could say was not-good things to them, because that was all that was trained into me. And besides saying things you say to a woman that you don’t say to everybody unless you are intimate with them. The living room and dining room were as long as this room right here - all wood floors. So I just crawled around the floor and every time I would urinate and defecate and vomit on myself, I would go to the next patch and stay there. It would take me about 2 - 3 days to get around Some volunteers from the hospice came 2 - 3 days a week, cleaned everything up, cleaned me up and made my food - and my food was powdered donuts blended with RC Cola or Sprite so I could suck them out of a straw because I couldn't chew.

And that was my diet and I loved powdered donuts. I could live on powdered donuts and cereals – the worst foods you could ever utilize because... why?: They are fried in plastic oil, hydrogenated oils, not even vegetable oil; they are allowed to use mineral oil to cook in. Anything fried - cereals, french fries , donuts, chips - all kinds of chips - fried in plastic oil. That is oil they hydrogenate to the point where it turns into plastic or liquid plastic.

That is what I was eating. That was my diet as soon as I got away from home. That was all I lived on. And my mother was no connoisseur, living on canned food. I grew up on canned foods; I will explain that later. I was not getting any better; I was getting sicker and sicker. One of the volunteers was an 18 year old African-American boy who was making about 80 - 90 grand a yearas a singer for the 'Going Thing" which was a group sponsored by the Fifth Dimension and worked for the Ford Motor Company, to advertise the Mach 1 Mustang. And this kid came from Watts. How did he know about nutrition? He turned me onto raw milk and raw carrot juice and a little unheated honey,. I drank those; the only reason I drank them - and I didn't know what he was talking about - was because they tasted good. If you have ever had chemo and radiation, and surgeries - everything tasted like postage stamp glue or cardboard. Nothing tasted good - nothing was enjoyable. Even Sprite didn't taste effervescent and good. But the carrot juice and raw milk - absolutely delicious.

So, I started consuming them. About 10 - 12 days later I awoke and all of that information I had heard - my brain had heard - it had stored it! … what a verb was, an adjective - all of this stuff. I understood the parts of speech. I understood communication. It was like somebody just flipped a switch. I thought - ‘Ah, this is what it is all about’ so I called my uncle - who was now a doctor in UCLA. I called and said "This is Aajonus. This carrot juice and this raw milk that I have been drinking for the last 10 - 12 days. It has changed my life. I can talk and I can communicate. After about 25 minutes he said “OK, Robert, the joke is over; you don't have to carry this on any more”. We had a friend named Robert who was a comedian who did voices. He was very good at it so my uncle thought Robert was acting as me, doing these voices, my voice. So, I said "no, Lanny, this is really me!" So I told him an incident that nobody would think about, that nobody would tell anybody that happened on the day I arrived in California He said "Oh, my god, it is you!" And I said 'yeah' and he said 'Well, it isn't that carrot juice and that raw milk”.

Already he is indoctrinate with medical profession's disbelief that food makes a difference. He said 'It was all that therapy we did that finally worked' that we did at UCLA. He was going to take all the credit. I didn’t believe it; I knew what it felt like; I was autistic ,and autistics know truths when they experience it. So, I continued drinking it, continued getting a little better. I was evicted from the house because I had lost all of the money I had saved , and got into an apartment, became an actor as you don't have to do much as an actor. Of course, it was very difficult to memorize lines because I had only a short-term memory for so long. I had to record the words that I spoke and then just keep them going for 24 hours to memorize lines. It was very difficult but at least I was making money. I had an apartment.

So, gradually, gradually I got better.

I lived about a year and three months on the floor. I tried to kill myself in a bathtub drowning myself one time. I didn't want to deal with the pain, so I made the water pretty hot, probably about 112 degrees.... and hadn't slept in three days. I could only sleep 10 minutes at a time, anyway.

I'd wake up in excruciating pain. So I got into this bathtub convinced I was going to drown and I woke up 2 hours later in freezing cold water - buoyant as I put a lot of Epsom salts in the water. It had made me buoyant. I awoke in freezing cold water, cold as hell - but no back pain. So, I thought 'Oh, my god!' so I drained some of the water out, made the water really hot again, and I just stayed in the water. I was in the water 14, 16 hours a day because there was no back pain in there - plus it made me feel better even when I got out. Even though I was back in pain again, it was not as much pain. I spent about a year in that bath tub, getting better. And then I went to work as an actor. and gradually got better and better over time. At 27 - I was supposed to die at age 21 - the chemotherapy had been just in my 22nd year. Then I stopped all of that, so from the age of 22 - just starting my 22nd year - up to 27, I gradually got better. I mitigated the pain daily in my back to about 4 hours a day. For about an hour and a half or two hours, I'd have to go into yoga postures - the plow and the spinal twist - to get my back to stretch so that I wouldn't have that pressure on the vertebrae, crunching the nerves in between. So, that gave me great relief. So I went off on a bicycle because I knew I wasn't going to find the answers in society because everybody is being pumped out in colleges with no talent, just garbage information. It used to be you would go into apprenticeship for 12 to 15 years to become a master at anything. Now the universities is spitting out people with just information and no wisdom. ... and wrong information, especially about health. I knew I wasn't going to find the answers in society so I went off on a bicycle. I lived on a bicycle for almost three years ... living off the land and with animals, creatures of all sorts. Swimming with alligators every day, doing everything that was not normal, to find the answers to health. I had become vegetarian and fruitarian at that time because I still thought that if I ate raw meat, I was going to get some kind of brain parasite. I started the raw food at that time when I started drinking carrot juice and milk back in 1968.

But - the raw meat thing - I was so ingrained that it was dangerous that I just wouldn't do it. I lived with 3 or 4 Indian tribes in the Americas in that 3 year period. They all told me to eat raw meat and I thought they were just trying to kill the white boy for revenge for taking their land and wiping out their tribes. Really, I thought that. I thought that was what they were doing. And then at the end of that, I was in Alaska in August - their hottest period. It was light 22 hours a day. Gradually every night, it decreases by about 40 minutes. Then, during the winter there is no sunshine except maybe 3-4 hours a day, with indirect sunshine maybe three hours a day. I wasn't there then. I just stayed until mid-September.

I saw them eating rotten meat. I was aching in every joint. The cancer of the blood and bone that I had gotten from the radiation therapy was starting to come back and surging again. I stopped eating raw dairy, for the most part. I thought that ideal diet was the frutarian diet. I went down to 98 pounds. I am 182 right now so you can imagine what I was at 98 pounds. 96 I got down to for a short period after a fast but was averaging around 98 pounds. I saw them uncover this rotten meat - I didn't know it was rotten meat. They had these hides that they unraveled And there was this molding mass in there just patinad black; white molds, all this fungus all over it. It reeked like an abandoned 3 day old slaughterhouse - so nasty smelling; it would give me the feeling of wanting to vomit. When you pulled one of those out of the ground, there was a birdcall that came up from downwind and the Eskimo wrapped the hide, buried it in the ground and put dirt over it again.'Why did you do that? He said 'Well,the birdcall signified that they couldn't smell it half a mile downwind - so we have to make sure it is that ripe before we eat it. The kids were around ready to eat it like cotton candy. That was a cultural thing.

I waited around; I was on my way out that day on my bicycle I had to watch them eat this stuff; I couldn't leave it. So I stayed about 3 more days. They dug it up and it turned out it was ripe enough. If I got within 5 feet, I was dry-heaving vomiting just from the odor. They all started eating it. They had an area of ground a little bit bigger than this room. They were about a yard apart. They dug them all up. There were about 40. There were about three different tribes that came together yearly to do this. They all ate it; even the children ate up to a pound in that 36 hour period. Adults were eating like 3 pounds of it. They got me to eat a ping-pong ball sized amount. I had to plug my nose or I was going to vomit or dry heave so they got some cotton balls and put musk oil on them from the balls of a moose and shoved them up my nose. and I was able... it just tasted like melted chocolate . It just dissolved in your mouth like [inaudible lamb?]. It had decomposed so much. So the texture wasn't easy to eat but it was easy to swallow quick but the odor was just horrific. And everybody was eating it - even the infants were crawling, eating this stuff. Also, there was still ice around and they still had igloos - some of them; some of them just had tents but they didn't carry the tents in the winder. They had 6 month old babies - even 3 month old babies - crawling around on the ice floor. How many parents would do that in this country. "(gasp) kid's going to get pneumonia; he's going to die!". Can you imagine how hardy is the infants who can crawl around naked on an ice floor? Think about that - how hardy you would have to be. That's what they are: raw meat. That is all they ate: raw meat - some blueberries if they could get them from the grizzly bears. That's it. They didn't eat vegetation Once in a while you might catch somebody chewing on a leaf like a spearmint or peppermint leaf. But that is it - no vegetables, Just raw meat.

In Juneau and these places you have all these so called 'civilized' Eskimos that eat everything cooked., But out there where the Inuit live, it is still raw; they know the value of it. You can't cook and go out there and be in that heavy weather and survive well. They did not cook.

I ate that little ping-ball size amount. I was very wiped out and in pain - and the sun was about to go down for its 3 hours and I got very cold; it was 50 degrees at that time – every joint in my body would ache. I had to get into my sleeping bag for those few hours because it was getting down to 50 degrees before the sun went down. In the morning, it would take me about two hours with the sun beating on the sleeping bag for me to be able to get out of the sleeping bag - with a modicum of sanity and less pain - then I would lie in the sun for 45 minutes to where I had less pain and could be somewhat mobile. And after that rotten stuff that I ate, I was able to get out of the sleeping bag in 40 minutes and only stayed in the sun directly naked for only 10 minutes and I was able to function. So I went back to the chief and said 'What was that mixture?' He said it was minced caribou with seal blubber or whale blubber - one or the other. Then we bury it and let the micro-organisms break it down, pre-digest it so we can use everything of it because in the winter, all of that is frozen So, we collect a lot of it before we go into the winter.

I said no, no, no , no - meat doesn't get treated and black with white mold. Oh, yes, it does! I was under this medical shit; the only thing that I ever knew that was fungus was gangrene, for human tissue so I thought 'This is the stuff that I say - the fungi that I saw - in compost piles’.

So I was sure those were herbs and he is just telling me because he wants to kill me. They accepted me into the tribe for a month at a time - all these tribes and then I figured they were just suckering me up to kill me by giving me raw meat and making me believe that. So, I dismissed that and said they;'re not going to help me so I got on my bike and was too weak and too much in pain so I hopped on a freight train and bungee-corded my bike to the side - on the hammock between the open doors - took trains down to southern California where I was going to fast myself to death by just drinking water.

I had picked an old Indian burial ground where I had been before at the foot of some mountains and up in the foothills. Some coyotes lived up in the canyon. I did not know that they were up in this canyon. Every night they would come and wake me up; they would sound like a bunch of crazy people. Did you ever see 'Cuckoo's Nest' [movie] . That is what they sounded like. They would wake me up every night around midnight and do their little thing. I was in a pretty narrow wash coming down where the water coming down off the mountain and dig a great big crevice and I was right at the side of that where I build my campsite. They coyotes would slip around me and one would distract me. Of course it was dark, there were just slight moves. After about the 10th or 11th night of this I got so I could tell where they were. If you've ever fasted for from 25 - 45 days, you know that you become very intuitive and psychic because you are leaving this planet. You are dropping your body. I was feeling that way already because I was already down to 98 pounds - from 113 down to 98 points very quickly. I had started to gain some weight by drinking some milk back when I was up with the Eskimos because they had some moose that they were milking. People say they don't drink milk; they drink it when they can get it. I don't know how they befriended the moose but they let the off-spring have as much as they wanted then they took the rest. They gave it to me and to the babies. They considered me a baby because I was so skinny.

After that, the coyotes killed the jack rabbit , for me, brought it to me. I hadn't eaten meat in almost 6 years at that point - a little over 6 years. I thought 'I'm doing to die'. I had become a vegetarian and vegan because I didn't want to hurt animals. So here was the Easter bunny on my feet, bleeding - and I am going to pick it up and eat it? And then this dialogue that my uncle had had with my cousins and my brothers went through my head slightly verbatim - I was probably about 10 years old. Because I was so sickly, I never went hunting and never played sports. I stayed home to learn cooking and sewing and art. And I was a very good artist. That went on for quite a while then I remembered the dialogue that my uncle had had - what he said to his sons and my brothers was that when you go hunting for a rabbit and kill it - you have to split it open and cook it completely so the inside is dark - so there is no pink or white meat at all ; it has got to be brown from being cooked - because there is a micro-organism in a wild rabbit that will take over your digestive tract in like 48 hours and kill you in 48 hours. I thought 'Oh, the coyotes are going to help me die quickly’. So, I thought 'I'll eat the rabbit and die quickly. I can handle two days of pain easily. I have handled years of pain. Two days - no problem. I ate the rabbit; I ate about three pounds of it. It turned out to be delicious. At first, I vomited ... Raw and yucky..So, I vomited the fist time then I psyched myself out. The more I ate, the tastier it got until I was just so full I couldn't move. Those jackrabbits are about 7 1/2 pounds, adult ones. This one was about a year old and pretty tender. So I ate about 3 pounds and by the time I shared the rest of it, I went back to me campsite to die. I knew I was dying because I felt good.

The only times I had ever felt good in my life were in near-death experiences. I had died twice on an operating table; I hovered over the body and left it. The farther away I got from it, the less pain. By the time I got about 6 feet away, there was no pain - it was all associated with the body. I was feeling that way as I was walking back to my campsite. So I thought I'll be dead in a few hours - this is great! So, I got back in my sleeping bag. I woke the next morning and I am still in my sleeping bag. I hadn’t died. I felt my pain - it wasn't as bad. I was able to get out of my sleeping bag in 40 minutes again. I was able to lie in the sun only 10 minutes and I was functioning again, like when I had the rotten meats. I was very delighted about that and thought 'I'm going to die easily’. I had no severe pain. I was still going into the plow position . I had no stomach problems at all. Two days went by and I felt nothing. I felt stronger than I ever have in my life. I had feelings of strength. I felt strength in my muscles for the first time in my life. I was almost 30 years old - working on my 30th year at this time. Then 3 days went by - nothing.

I said 'OK - another lie by the medical profession’. I'm going to get a brain fluke from eating high meat- and I am going to die from rabbit flukes - microbes or whatever it was was going to take over my intestines. Lies, lies, lies...

Those Indian tribes - all 4 of them - were not lying to me when they said 'eat raw meat' so I got on my bicycle and went to ... because there were only rattle shakes and scorpions and tarantulas and chipmunks and boy that certainly didn't fill me. The snake did, but there are so hard to eat - they have so many ribs - it is like eating ribs - tiny, tiny ribs It does not taste like chicken. It tastes like fish when the snake is raw. So, I got on my bicycle and went around to the farms. Around there was a farming community- and made deals to shovel manure, to milk goats and cows, slaughter - to do whatever I had to do on the farms in exchange for food. And all I wanted was chickens, beef (unfrozen), butter, cheese, all the dairy I could consume and eggs. That is what I lived on - nothing but that - for 2 1/2 months. I gained 55 pounds. For the first time in my life, I was able to do physical work and enjoy it! ...with literally no pain! So, I was ecstatic. At that point after three months, I went back to L.A. to spread the word 'raw meat is the answer’ and they all said ' You are going to get a brain fluke and be an idiot. I said 'I've been there and done that - all my life - this is working.- it is actually working!’ I can feel alive! I do feel alive ! And it is the first time in my life that I have ever felt this way. I was very happy. And I continued eating that way but only 3 days a week that I ate raw meat and sustained on raw dairy and eggs. And then I got better and better and got to the point where I could run up to 13 miles a day. ... The first time in my life, I got athletic. But then, after about a year, I thought 'why am I doing this' - because I could but then I had no interest in spending my time running around. My brain seemed to be doing better than my body so I like to think a lot, read a lot, learn a lot and experiment - and do projects. I invented stuff. That is what I starting doing.

The poison mushroom (the deathcap) - in 1981 ... I ate enough to kill 15 people my size - so I was in severe pain, cramps and spasms and epileptic fits. I pulled out in ten weeks… I survived it; I knew what to do. They say it destroys your liver and your blood. I forced myself to eat anywhere from a half to a whole pound of raw butter daily even though it caused severe pain. I knew the only way I was going to save that liver was to fill it with fat. So I survived it; here I am today.

I am working on my 67th year so I am way beyond dying I am doing pretty well. I don't do anything that doesn't make sense and doesn't work. This diet may not be the most healing thing. There is a lot of criticism for it but nobody can say that they are alive after what I have been through,. All of the people who have diagnosed with even 3 of the 4 cancers that I had - nobody has lived over three months - three months after diagnosis. I am 46 years beyond death by that death sentence. It works. It works for everybody that does it.

We are going to take a break now. We are going to have a workshop after this. That will run probably 5 1/2 hours then we will have a Q&A after that. Then I will do mini-consults where I look at the hands - not like the Chinese method but my own method - where I can see how the red blood cells are, how well you are manufacturing them. I can see what glands are working pretty well, and how to help you to an extent.

Tomorrow and Monday I will be doing personal consults where I photograph the irises. In the irises you can see what is stored, where, in the body, what toxins there are, where you are weak/damaged. I can suggest things for you to do. I can suggest complete diets for that - everything to the detail, to the minute of the day. People who do those advance astoundingly in health. Those people who do their own thing always advance on this diet but at a nice pace. If you want to do it fast, I can help you get there faster.

In this detoxification section, I am going to give you the secrets for that so you don't have to have my personal help to utilize those. If you know where your problems are, I can help you with those areas and you can concentrate on those areas and then you will move that much faster. That is available for you at $385 for a personal consult. Those who are having follow-ups for having seen me before - that is $315. The follow-up is about 50 minutes so put an hour slot in there. I almost always allow 60 minutes with you anyway. For people for the first time it is about an hour and five minutes, or an hour and ten or 15 minutes - right around there. There is also the workshop I used to give is here [/shop/primal-diet-workshop-digital-video-download/] that tells about how the body works, tells about how the endocrine glands work - everything that I won’t be going into much of at this workshop. This will mainly be focused on how your body detoxifies and how to repair it and heal it. In this, I tell you how the diet works, how to food-combine, and that basically puts you in touch with your body. The things I am going to talk to you about today will be about how to achieve health much faster. and how to deal with your toxins. The Workshop

First I'm just going to run over how the body works, a little bit, a short refresher course on that. Of course the body works in vitamins and enzymes and proteins and carbohydrates and fats. Fats are the main nutrient needed in a toxic world - and we are living in a very very toxic world.

The reason for that is the body looks for fat to bind with poisons. Wherever fat is found in the body, the body will store its toxins. So if you are skinny, the body is going to find those fats inside cells instead of outside cells so it is going to damage the cells. Also if you are thin, its going to look for it in two places where everybody has a lot of fat: in the brain/nervous system and in the bone marrow. The brain is pretty important and the bone marrow is where the red and white blood cells divide and mature; once they mature, they enter the blood stream. So your possible energy will be depleted by toxicity stored in the main bone marrow. So you do need excess fat. A thin person is not a strong person and is not a protected person. Just to give you an idea, about ten years ago someone came to me who was only about 18 to 20 pounds overweight and I did his irises. His skin looked like it had years of drugs - very thick, very calloused, very pock-marked - and the body throws 90 % of its toxins out the skin normally. If you have waxy plastic fats from oils that you consume, it will block that and your skin will not discharge it and then it will stay in the body.

And his eyes - the inside of his body looked like he was about 28 or 30 years old yet he was in his mid-50s. So I said 'Are you from this planet?'. I said 'I can see you've done drugs and alcohol for at least 25 years' and he said '30'. And I said his skin had this kind of make-up inside - nobody can get over this much damage without being tremendously fat. He said 'Oh, 3 months ago, before I went on your diet, I was 300 pounds'. So he took off 120 pounds. So, even bad fat will protect you. With no fat, the poisons are going to go into the cells looking for the fat in the brain and bone marrow. Since your blood stream is made for one thing: creating energy in the body - not for the transport of nutrients or anything else. The red blood cells are to carry oxygen to the cells so that the oxygenation process occurs so fats are transported into energy. There is no burning; that is a fallacy created by government and medical industry to confuse the thing - and the food industry that wants you to think that cooking is how the body works inside. There is no burning. There is transformation of energy only. The carbons that are by-products look nothing like the carbons from cooking just like the carbons that are produced by breathing. You have a carbon dioxide that results from breathing; you don't have carbon monoxide, you have carbon dioxide. Monoxides always come from cooking. We don't have any of those if we are just having bodily functions. The red blood cells are supposed to take the oxygen to every other cell to manifest energy.

White blood cells are there to eat up dead red blood cells. The only place in their body where you have a large body that is as big as the body around you as phagocytes. Phago in Greek means to eat. So, phagocytes are white blood cells meaning to eat red blood cells. If you were to have the normal microbial bacterial breakdown in the blood that you do in the rest of the body, the body would loose its energy. And that is what is happening because the lymphatic systems are so jammed. Now the blood is transporting nutrients as well as oxygen to the body. So, what does that do to the system? It reduces its energy level by 50% minimally. 50%. Can you imagine all of you working on a farm today like they did 100 years ago - when you put from 10 to 16 hours of hard labor in? You had no central heating, no central air. You had to deal with the elements every day and still do all the work too? Impossible. You are not that healthy - none of you. I have met one person that could do what my grandparents' workers could do. Impossible. And these were guys in their 50's when I knew them. That's a pretty sad commentary on where we've developed - and its not evolution; its devolution.

The red blood cells take oxygen to the cells. The white blood cells eat dead red blood cells, quickly, so a lot of waste doesn't build up in the blood stream, so it can stay clean.

The neurological fluid in the body has mostly metals in it so when you cook something and you free up metals in the food, and you add metals to the food - if you have ever used a pot to cook in - I don't care if it is stainless steel or not - those toxins get into your food. So you increase the metal content of food. Now, a trace amount of metals are favorable; they make the body stronger. High free-radical minerals are not natural and your body can not make those into something favorable, easily. The metallic build-up in the brain and nervous system cause all kinds of mis-firing of synapse, blockages and current blocks in transmissions in the axons and ganglia. You see all of those repercussions. plus tin which they use in everything to make (they can use up to 10% tin in anything and will add 30% strength) but also tin is the third most toxic mineral. You've got mercury, thallium, tin and then lead, in that order. So tin is the third most toxic metal that you can have. And tin is in every metal that you use to cook in.

So if you're going to cook something - I don't agree with cooking; if your going to cook in something, it should be glass - Corning ware or something like that. It should never be metal - even stainless steel. I don't care if you're boiling water, you are going to have tin and other metals but mostly tin get into your food. Now tin is highly poisonous in two ways: it's a contaminant to the overall physical make-up of cells but it's also an antiseptic, antimicrobial. That is why they use it in tin cans - to strengthen the can and to prevent botulism. Botulism only happens in foods in containers, usually in metal. They added the tin to it so they can make very thin aluminum cans, or lighter cans, which fill, as an antiseptic, the same point. So it acts like an antibiotic and destroys the bacteria in your body. Remember what I said - you are 280 bacterial genes to every one human gene. That means you are point zero six .06527 of one point human. You are not even one point human. You are not even a half of a percent human. You are biologically bacteria. If you cook something as low as 105 -107 degrees, you destroy the bacteria in it. You transform it. So what happens: your enzymes are no longer active. Your enzymes are not mutilated but you've got nothing to make them utilizable in the system without the bacteria.

So, bacteria need to be in your food. 70% of the - let's say coconut - the coconut is 80% fat, 15% protein, 5% carbohydrate. If you look at that fat - that is 80% fat; 80% of that coconut is fat. Only 7% of that 80% is oil. So what is the other 93% fat? It is water soluble fats that are highly bacteria activated. In some cases, raw fats will reach 99 or 100 degrees and the bacteria are starting to be destroyed/altered at that point. That's why the bacteria that work with phosphorus are destroyed at 98 degrees. Phosphorus is one of the most important nutrients, one of the most important alkalizing minerals to cleanse the body, to balance over-acidity because we are an acidic system. A lot of your naturopaths will say 'Oh no, we should be alkaline'. If you are alkaline, you are not going to digest any animal products. I've been 5.5 urine blood and saliva about 30 years. And that is where everybody should be - about 5.5.

That may be a little to acidic in the mouth; sometimes I go to about 5.1 because when they severed the vagus nerve, my acids built and go backwards so I have dental problems with that. Normally they are supposed to digest food, not my teeth, but I have to deal with that because I had that surgery and that surgery can not be corrected. It is permanent. I've never found nerves cut that long ago re-attach. [?] nerve cuts, yes; I have seen them re-grow and everything is fine but not in something that old. Who know; maybe in the next 10 or 15 years that could change in my system because I've been on the diet so long. But normally we can not regrow nerves that have turned into hardened scar tissue that long. As I said in my book that my son... 1/5th of his brain was damaged and cut off all the rest of the other parts - they said he'd never come out of the coma and if he did, he would just be a vegetable - and he's finished college - I talked with him today and he is fine.

So, they do not know what they are talking about. Fats are so important - Water soluble fats they never mention because they have such low destruction levels. At 105, 106 degrees you start destroying the necessary nutrients - the bacteria - to utilize the enzymes for that water soluble fat that is so valuable to you. So they completely ignore that aspect of nutrition. That is the bacterial aspect, because without that, they can't get you to cook your food, they can't get you to pasteurize your m and have long dairy shelf-life. It is just a plight; it is a conspiracy to make long shelf lives, to get you to believe it is healthier for you. It is exactly the opposite.

And then we have the digestive tract of course. Digestion starts at the mouth. We have more bacteria in the mouth then cats and dogs so don't bite anybody because that is digestive bacteria. The only creature that has more bacteria than we do in their saliva is the fly. And when it spits its bacteria on you, it starts dissolving and that is the way a fly is. We start the digestion in the mouth. The fly starts its digestion as soon as it spits on its creature. So bacteria is very important for everything; we NEED it. The medical profession wants you to believe that bacteria causes disease: the most absurd thing you could ever imagine. The reason I know it is so absurd is because if you saw my episode on Ripley's (Believe it or not) from 2002, July 17th, I eat meat that is up to one year and three months old. I have two other patients who were heavily into psychotropic medication for years and years start eating the rotten high meat and stop taking medication, no depression. If it [bacteria] were dangerous, it would be dangerous to everybody, not just a few people. I've never found anybody who has gotten sick - I mean there is vomit and diarrhea for everything but those are industrial toxins stored in the body, not from food. You can not get toxic from eating raw food even if it is stinky and so-called rotten. It just predigests.

Remember, the bacteria in everything. If it isn't utilized, it doesn't hold its form, just digests it - breaks it down and recycles it into the earth. Worms can be a part of that but mainly bacteria, parasites, fungus are all a part of that process. That is a cleansing process. So we had those processes - those processes are good and they are janitorial. They are not causing disease but the pharmaceutical house and the medical industry will take human cells or animal cells and put them in a petrie dish and then introduce salmonella, certain kinds of E. Coli, trichinosis, campylobacter, strep - any of those bacteria or parasites into a petrie dish and they'll see those animal cells being consumed by those bacteria and parasites. Why? Because those cells are not in an animal. They are in a petrie dish in a solution that is not body chemistry. So, what is the natural process of the cell when it is not living in the whole organism: death. So you've got cells that are intending to die because of the serum that they are in but because of what they've done - they have shocked that solution with formaldehyde or hydrogen peroxide and it makes them forget what they're supposed to do and what they're roll is so they don't die but the bacteria knows what they are intended to do. They are supposed to eat dead and dying tissue that has been separated from its natural host. So, of course it is going to eat those animal cells. It doesn't do it if you put those same cells into fresh raw milk; it won't happen - even in old raw milk and it won't happen. You put it into pasteurized milk, fresh, and it will go to work immediately... old (pasteurized milk) and it will multiply exponentially. Put those into dead cooked food of any kind. They will exponentially increase in population because that is what they are supposed to do; they are supposed to eat dead tissue.

100 years ago, people took a bath in June if you lived in a cold climate, like here [Chicago, Illinois]. People took a bath in June and they may swim and bathe all the way through August or September. Then from November to June they didn't take baths. Why? ... because you took the oil, the fat coating off the skin, you were much more susceptible to even a 10 degree temperature change - 10 degree temperature change - without the fat on and under your skin. So, how did the body get rid of dead cells that would collect on the body? Well, some would dry and slough off but most of them were consumed by salmonella. Salmonella use to be 2300 varieties of salmonella and they lived on the skin. You still have them in your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your ears and your anus and your urinary tract... because you are still sloughing off cells there and you are not washing them like you are in the other parts of your body heavy with chemicals - heavy with shampoos and soaps that are deadly to bacteria. So you are washing it off now instead of the old way of the salmonella doing it. And that was a good thing. Salmonella eating away was a good thing! Now with people using soaps every day, they are eliminating their fat level off of their skin. The skin is the last place on the body to get any fat because it is all used internally first. So you had better be on a perfect diet to even get it to the skin. How many people have skin problems today? Everybody. That is the place where poisons leave. 90 percent of the poisons are supposed to leave through the skin. If you don't have good fat there, you are in trouble.

How does that work? The lymphatic system - does everybody know what the lymphatic system looks like. It is another web network just like the blood and the nervous system only it has nodes and glands. The nodes can be as small as a bb, as large as a pellet and the glands can be as small as a tiny marble all the way up to the size of the thumb... even larger if they are blown up with certain kinds of toxicity.

So the lymphatic system takes waste. It takes it inside the glands and inside the nodes, makes a solvent or uses bacteria or fungus. Mainly fungus doesn't function in the lymphatic system - mainly bacteria. The bacteria breaks down the cell; the lymphatic system uses a lymph fluid to neutralize it which is high concentrations of your alkalizing minerals like calcium, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium - helps neutralize the acidity - and then makes it into a liquid and dumps it in the connective tissue, mainly under the skin. Then your body is supposed to perspire those poisons out the skin. If the lymphatic system is deficient or blocked, what is going to happen? It is not going to neutralize those poisons when it dumps into the connective tissue to be perspired to the skin. So when it comes to the skin, it does tremendous damage to the skin such as acne, rashes, hives. All of those are expressions... and burns. You can even have burns; when I show you the detoxification photographs - the different kinds that you can experience - you will see how bad these can be.

But you need to realize that attacking your body going to a doctor is just going to make it worse. I will teach you how to get it through it and get through it well so when you are repaired you are not worse than you were because your body detoxifying itself is a good thing. You don't want to stop it[ you want to help the body detox; you don't want to stop the process. The more you stop the process, the more industrial toxins remain in the body and then organs shut down, body parts are impaired and don't function normally then when you get up to old age you can have up to maybe 25% of your body alive and you walk around like this because you've got 25% holding up 100% of the body. People normally die when they only have 22 % of the body alive, if you into that kind of deterioration. I've met people who were 138 years old at a particular tribe in the Philippines and they had all of their teeth and they were incredibly healthy. They didn't look over 60 years old at 138. That is pretty frickin' phenomenal! Can you imagine having all your teeth at 55? (laughs) And no cavities! Pretty spectacular!

When the lymph system works and you don't have all the damage to skin and damage under the skin; if your skin doesn't perspire, all that stays in the body. You see a lot of people that get more bloated every year? They're not detoxing those poisons under the skin. They just keep collecting and collecting and collecting. I will also give you a way, when we get into the remedy section on how to get rid of all that, very easily. Maybe not an easy activity but pretty easy compared to getting old and sick and being bloated and fat in an unhealthy fluid-fat way.

The digestive tract starts in the mouth and goes down to the stomach. We form hydrochloric acid in the stomach lining to break down proteins. We use enzymes; we use digestive juices in the digestive tract to break down large particles of food so that bacteria can digest your food. When we eat, 90% of digestion - if you are a moderate chewer - will be bacterial. So the bacteria eat what we eat. They're feces, their urine, their sweat is our food. Yuck! Get over it quick, because that is what we eat. We eat shit, piss and vomit and perspiration; that is what we eat from the bacteria. And when they finish eating that stuff, it is all milk. I don't care if you've eaten blackberries, blueberries, beets. When the bacteria finish digesting it, it is all milk. That is absorbed into the lacteal system. It is called lacteal because everything it absorbs from the intestines is milk. Lacteal means milk, in Latin and Greek. So it is milk that is digested from the bacteria. Our digestive juices - we need more of them the larger the particles of food. So, the old adage 'chew a lot, digest little' - that is a good adage. I used to say in my books I say you have to chew the meat to swallow it; that is just for people to get it down. If you are going to do that, grind it or pate it so you don't have to work hard. I pate all my meat. I no longer sit and chew it unless I am at a restaurant but then I will usually order steak tartar which is finely chopped. But once in a while I will order steak because they won't make steak tartar for me. When I eat meat all pated, I only sleep 3 1/2 hours a day and I am full of energy.

When I chew meat and swallow it, I sleep an hour to an hour and a half more daily because that is how much energy I am using for my bacteria to create in my intestinal lining and stomach lining to create enzymes to break those larger particles down to smaller molecules so that the bacteria can consume it. So I am utilizing more of my food and digesting it and utilizing it almost completely. So I only have to sleep about 3 1/2 hours a day. I like that. If you are a hyperactive person and always anxious, don't chew, don't grind your food up, make your body work hard to digest. Utilize that energy if you are not using it in physical activity. I have no activity rings. My work is this... I am like Cary Grant; this [finger exercise] is his exercise (does anybody remember that) he said 'besides sex' and I am with that. Finger exercise and sex. Those are the only exercises that interest me. I need lots of energy to be able to work 21 1/2 hours a day. So, I make sure that everything is liquid when I eat it and the meat is pated - so it makes it very easy.

Q: Do you grind/pate meat in a blender?

Aajonus: No, in a food processor. Then all through the intestines, the bacteria is breaking the food down into a milk substance. When we get into the bowel it is a little different. Bowel starts here, goes from the ileocecal valve here, up to the transverse colon, up transverse to here then the descending colon here to the rectum. Now, why do we have a separate intestinal tract that is shorter? Is it because we make fecal matter there? Well, we have fecal matter traveling through. Fecal matter is just waste product or undigested food. But what happens in the bowel is that we have a different set of bacteria mainly E. Coli. E. Coli and the other related colonic bacteria break down the molecules of fat and proteins into the finite molecule to feed the brain and nervous system. So without a good functioning colon, our brain and nervous system don't get the whole diet- the nutrients - that they need. That's why if I ask somebody to do suppositories of raw fats and/or egg in their colon squeeze it up in there before they go to sleep at night - guess what. T heir brains and nervous systems begin functioning very quickly very well. Depression disappears. Some people need to do that every other day, some people need to do it once a week, some once a month. It depends on how much good wholesome fat gets into your colon - because your small intestine absorbs almost everything and it leaves very little for the colon... because of our bad diets. Even if your on my diet, which I consider the perfect diet because - even in my cancer patients 98% are now recovering. Autistic children become functional and normal within 6 years - all of them. … one with this new avenue - not new now but was new back when I wrote the book. One woman who implemented it changed the recovery rate of her child - reduced it by four fifths; that child got well within one fifth the time that it takes people who don't do that simple moldy raspberry once a day. So the bowel is very important to the brain and nervous system.

I will tell you more about what to feed it and what fats to feed it, to inject in your rectum before you go to sleep so that your E. Coli will have good fresh fat- and not leftovers - to help you function mentally and emotionally much much better in your life. Also, some people unable to digest their fats here and in the colon, they can. So I had one person who only gained 38 pounds on the diet. He was 5'8" - almost 5'9" and 112 pounds. He gained 38 pounds on the diet which just got him up to the low end; not fat. To get him to do more I had him feed himself in the but instead of just through here and it worked. He was able to gain more weight quicker. He was a surfer and he'd go out surfing for 8 hours and I'd tell everybody you have to eat all the time and if you are out there on a surfboard for 8 hours in the California surf, you are not going to gain weight unless you are eating constantly and not sleeping for the time that you are not in the water surfing. But sticking up his butt helped a lot; it helped him gain ten more pounds. He had a lot more agility, was a much better surfer after he started that. That was 2 1/2 years after he started on the diet. If you understand your body, there is a lot that you can take care of quicker. That is what I am here to deliver to you today. When you leave here today, if you know how the body works from my other workshop, you will have everything you need to be the healthiest person you want to be, that you can achieve in your lifetime. You will keep it if you do it. It is just a matter of tenacity. You have to be willing to do it. Everybody has their levels that they are satisfied with their health. Some people don't want to give up donuts and RC Cola and want to have cancer and die of cancer. I have no judgment about that whatsoever. You can die however... you can suffer throughout your life... you can do whatever you want. I have been there and done that. I don't want it any more.

I had my first cooked meat meal about 2 1/2 months ago; I had some broiled chicken. If you are going to cook, the best way to cook is broiled over a flame that isn't charcoal. It had no lighter fluid in it. That was what was done. It was a tribal area in the Philippines. I had a chicken leg = both the drum and the thigh = and I had one little bit (it was a small chicken, probably about this big) and I had one breast and one wing. I remember when I used to eat cooked, I used to love chicken wings crisp and I would eat the bone and all; well I did that this time. I had nightmares for six nights. I haven't had nightmares since I stopped eating cooked foods at 22 years old. I had six nights of nightmares and I had to sleep 6 1/2 hours for the next three days. So that 20 minutes of that cooked food robbed me of about 30 hours plus unhappy dreams and not feeling rested and relaxed when I had awakened. I look at that and I say "Not worth it!"

I look at that and I say "Not worth it!" "Not for me!" I just did it as an experiment. I didn't think anything that bad was going to happen. I thought 'maybe I will sleep a little bit more, maybe I will have a little bit of nausea' but I had all of that plus nightmares. It was not worth it to me. However you are affected - you WILL be affected whether you care or not - that is up to you, not me, and I will not judge it. You choose your degree or satisfaction of health. I won't make that for you. I will just tell you how to get as healthy as I have learned.

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OK, so - when we defecate, when we urinate, none of that is supposed to be toxic. There are creatures in the world that live on shit. Our whole agricultural system is built on nitrogen. Where do they get that nitrogen? From slaughterhouses, collect the urine from dairy, from big old dairy houses, they collect that urine. They sell it to Monsanto and Dow and all the chemical industries that make that liquid nitrogen - processed cow pee, goat pee, whatever kind of pee it is. They buy all the pee they can get and they process it. They process it in a way that destroys the bacteria in it so you are not adding enzymes to your soil, you are only adding minerals and proteins t hat are in that urine.

So what happens is - it is good for one year. It will fertilize your soil for one year and one crop. If you put live urine on it, and you are a raw fooder for a very very long time, guess what will happen. That urine will feed the soil for four years. I started using it on my plants about eighteen years ago. I had ferns that were growing in my backyard.. normal ferns about this size. They doubled the next year. I didn't put any fecal matter on it, no other fertilizer, just the urine. I tried to dilute it. I was told if you dilute it, you need to dilute it by 90% so it is one part urine to nine parts water. When I did that, it burned the roots. Why? Because it went into the soil very deep; it needs to be broken down into topsoil first. So all of that part of my garden was destroyed by listening to an agricultural specialist at the University of Davis which is supposed to be the prized agricultural University of California. I diluted it like he said and I destroyed that one whole garden, section of the garden. The others where I just put it hard and fast right into the soil, boy those just doubled in size.

Question: How often?

Aajonus: … As often as you want. It depends on how rich and how healthy you want.

Inaudible question

Aajonus: You can do it that little or you can do it more often. Let me give you an example. I’ve got a, I just moved into a different place a year ago in Malibu and they had 6 palms on the property and three of the palms were all dried and their fronds were all wilted and turning brown and they’re about 52 feet high, three of them and three of them are about 45, 46 feet high and the tallest ones the 55 foot maybe 58 feet high was tallest one had all this dry... they were going to chop them down, cut them down. I said let me handle them. My landlord is Peter O’Tool’s cousin, so a British guy, so he’s pretty open. I didn’t tell him what I was putting on the plants at night, on those palms at night but I was dumping, I was collecting the urine for a month because it breaks down better when you do that, the bacteria becomes more prominent, cause they say urine is stale because of the high ammonia. Well the ammonia breaks, bacteria breaks down the ammonia so that the ammonia is not impediment. When they cook it they can break downtime ammonia that way when you process it.

So that’s the way Dow, Monsanto does it, but it destroys the nutrients by the processing. So anyway the ammonia is broken down by the bacteria that starts growing in the urine, so I put that around the palms. I just started a year ago. I’m gone probably 6 months of the years. I‘ve been here about 5 ½ months total in a year. So I’ve dumped it 5 times. Probably three gallons on each palm. After the rains we had here, all of the leaves are bright because the water, with rain with all of the bacteria help break in down in the soil already predigested in the soil. So on those palms, all the fronds are bright and happy and I mean bigger and stronger and greener than normal. You don’t put fresh because of the ammonia. The ammonia will burn the roots, damages the roots. You could put fresh on too. You know dogs go around and other animals pissing on things and helps things grow but they’re raw fooders, those animals are raw fooders I’m talking about in the jungles of Africa and all over the world.

Inaudible question

Aajonus: It kills it because of the processed cooked foods, contaminated foods that they are discharging. Lots of poison oil those foods, additives - plus it is over acidic. Ours is a perfect acidity which is good for the ground; an entirely different experience when you have it from a raw fooder as opposed to a processed cooked food eater.

The lymphatic system is not only the cleansing system of the body, it is also supposed to be the system that feeds every cell in the body. The lacteal system connects directly with the lymphatic system. Now if the lymphatic system weren’t made to distribute the food, it wouldn’t be connected with the lymphatic system it would be connected to the blood stream. But because everybody is eating all these plastic oils which blocks the lymphatic system and the skin and connective tissue the body is now distributing nutrients to the body through the blood. What does that do to the energy level? It is giving a huge tremendous job that doesn’t belong to the blood, to the blood. So what’s the sacrifice. Oxygen going to the cells to produce energy. So you have a lot less energy and as you get older the more the toxins collect and the more blockages you have, the less energy you will have, absolutely. So you got to get that lymphatic system moving. We’ve got to get the skin open and the connective tissue unblocked.

How do we do that? Well we have to take a look at what’s blocking the system: plastic molecules clustered together. So as plastic oil that is in the hydrogenated oils, that’s probably 90 percentage of all olive oils, are not really olive oils. They’re diluting them by up to 90 percent because there is not enough olive groves in the world to feed everybody that wants olive oil. Because now that people are aware of margarine and hydrogenated oils, they all want olive oil and coconut oil, There are enough olive groves in the world to feed maybe 30 million people, so now they are taking olive oil and they are mixing it with either, not even an vegetable oil. They are usually using mineral oils or oils made from petroleum. They clarify it and then hydrogenate it, so you are eating hydrogenated oils even though you are eating olive oil not to eat hydrogenated oils, plastic oils. It’s a trap. And if they allowed all of the olive groves to flourish in Greece and Italy, you’d still only be producing enough for 30 million people a year… not happening anymore. And that would be two quarts a year. That’s not very much fat. A lot of oil and what happens when you put oil in the body anyway. Most of it doesn’t digest. It just passes through because you are not built to eat vegetable oil. You are not built to eat olives. Certain animals are. We are not. Even your nuts.. we are not built to eat nuts. We are not built to eat grains. Birds and squirrels are. They are meant to eat that. They have their bacteria for that… their enzymes for that. We don’t have that. Everything in our body is geared towards the animal foods.

Now finally I got to prove that. In the mid 90’s, I had a friend I did a TV show for - Merilu Henner. She had a talk show and I was invited on it to be somebody you are not to believe. Four people on there and they had a profession and you are supposed to pull out who had the false profession. So I was on there as a nutritionist and most people thought I was the fraud. Why would they think that I was the fraud? Because I played my act the role a little obnoxious and somebody that wouldn’t be considered a doctor. That’s part of the acting thing. So, but I had to answer the questions honestly. You are not allowed to lie. So this college girl says I am going to expose you right away. I’m at UCLA. I’m a third year nutritional student at UCLA. How many proteins are there? And I said ‘there are 22, eight essential. Do you want me to name them?’ She fell back in her chair. ‘I still don’t believe you though’ she said. So they didn’t get the guy.

The guy who had the real profession was a forensic mortician. So I got buddy buddy; then I said ‘so listen. I need some bodies, elderly people who have died from natural causes, no disease. I don’t want medication in them. I need access to their gall bladders, their livers, their stomachs, their intestines, and their rectum’. And he said ‘I could do that; I don’t know if I can do it all at one time because I get access to bodies and I do work for the Los Angeles police department and the city for autopsies on questionable deaths or something to prove their dead was natural’. So over a 2 year period, it was not quite two years, I had access to 22 bodies and I picked 8 that looked like they hadn’t had not a lot of disease in them. And I had the salivary glands and I took the salivary juices and they hadn’t been dead over 24 hours.

So I took all of their digestive fluids in every organ that I could of the digestive tract and I had all of these different foods set up, category of nuts, category of vegetables, category of fruits, category of dairy, category of meats, and including glands in that. I had over 22 items and I put and broke them up into little parts and I put salivary from 8 people on each one so it was a lot of work and a lot of laboratory I had to use, but not all at one time. I had up to 3 corpses at a time, and the others were singular so only one time did I have a huge array of tables set up like this for them in the laboratory. The digestive juices - all of them - and each of them only actually did any kind of proper breakdown on the dairy, the meats and the eggs. In the nuts barely etched, 6 to 8 percent. In the vegetation 2 to 3 percent. One did as much as 4 percent but it averaged about 3 to 4 percent for vegetation. That is not a good result.

Our saliva, the bacteria in the saliva, and the enzymes, the bacteria that makes up the enzymes all through the digestive tract handles animal products properly, only. So we are are not vegetarians or fruitarians. And look at your primates who are fruitarians. Who wants to act like a monkey, masturbate all day long and screech and yelp and go crazy? That’s what happens when they eat all that sugar. And you heard of the killer monkeys in Africa. What do they do? Every year or once a twice a year, they let the figs and bananas ferment. For 24 hours they will eat that, gorge themselves with it, the alcohol just blocks their brain out and then they will go to the jungle and kill everything, elephants, monkeys, insects. They will destroy everything in their path without even eating them. They just kill and they will go on for sometimes for 20 miles doing this at a wide scope of 300 meters. That’s you know, 3 football field wide. And just destroy everything for 22 miles. Can you imagine that? That’s because of all the sugar and the alcohol that they eat that causes that. If you were to deprive a monkey and I’ve done it, of all fruits and only let them have meats, that monkey is as calm as a jay bird. Jay birds are about the only ones that are calm birds that I know. Birds are going around like this because of all the carbohydrates that they eat too. Birds are very flippity.

So you have to look at what things are doing. Look at children. My publisher just had his first baby. He is 42 years old, just has his first baby. She is now 9 months old and I went over there for Fathers Day because I am considered the father of the family. And he doesn’t like his farther. His father was like my father. He does even talk to his father and I went over there and the child freaked out. I mean when he saw me or anybody else that came just freaked out stared and cry and cry and cry. I said did you feed her fruit today? And Paul says ‘fed her watermelon all day. I said kept saying don’t do it. Don’t do it’. And you know she doesn’t listen to him because he is in the movie industry and a publisher, not a nutritionist . She listens to me so that had to come for me and I said ‘you watch. You don’t do this for two weeks. You do it to her again and you will see she will react like this again’. In the Masai tribe, it is illegal to feed anybody under 16 fruit for that very reason… because of the high sugar activity that will occur in the brain and nervous system.

What it does is that the myelin is the coating on the sheaths of all nerve sheaths. That’s 60 to 80 percent fat just like the brain and when the impulses come in through that myelin, that myelin and its fat absorbs a lot of those impulses so lets say a prick of a pin is 200,000 impulses. By the time it reaches the brain, it is filtered down to 2 to 3 thousand impulses. That is all the body has to register. Can you imagine the prick that you feel magnified by 50,000 times. That little prick becomes a stab in your liver, so that’s what happens with the child. You rob the myelin from their fat and then their information can’t get buffered so that anything new that comes into their environment, everything is overwhelming - and that’s what fruit does in the system. That’s why I say in my books and in my DVD set, fat has to go with every fruit that you eat and it has to be enough fat to buffer and slow down that sugar reaction so your body is not robbing it from the brain and myelin for the sheaths of the nerves. So remember that fat is ultra, ultra important and I see some, a few thin people here. It is not a good thing. Not a good thing to be thin. You always have more fat to be protected and buffered and I will give you an example of a situation, several situations ,where people were very happy they were fat when they had problems when they suffered toxicity and some that were thin at the when they suffered toxicity and I will show you the difference when we see the photos.

I will also show you two laboratory investigations done at the University of Calgary, in Canada, on mercury. @Here and @here.

This is just the mercury used in dental amalgams and how they outgas and make a body very toxic. That is outgassing and crystallization of mercury. Can you imagine the damage if you take that information and then you look at what it does when you inject into the body in a vaccine in a child and what it going to do to the system? You will really get my point. People don’t see the really put it together until they see this two videos that display exactly what happens with toxic mercury in the neurological system, and the rest of the body. It doesn’t just damage the neurons and the nerves; it damages a lot of organs in the body including the liver and kidneys. So fat is so, so important. If you are ill get fat. Do not stay thin. Get fat. I’m on my thin side right now. Three months ago I had a 47 inch waist. Right now I am a 34 inch waist. So you can imagine how big I was. I had to wear my pants down here around the tummy for the first time in my life. I went from a 31 inch waist to a 37, sometimes a 38. I had three wardrobes to handle that because I have been so poisoned in my life and I am still poisoned.

And I’ll tell you about one incident a little later. So I like to maintain a lot of fat. I always feel better. I knew I was going to South Africa, and then Australia and then Asia and I just can’t get all the fat that I want, the butter and cream that I want, so I had to live on a leaner diet. So I got really fat this time so that by the time I got back I wouldn’t be thin. So I am working my way back up now. l I got up to 47 inch waist this last time. That was huge compared to where I had been before but it also protected me. I had no problems when detoxifying. There is an episode that I will tell you about when I get into the pictures. So fat, fat, fat, fat. I can’t say enough good about fat. Now the only problem is the fat that feeds the brain and nervous system mostly and properly and thoroughly is raw cream, and the raw cream that is in milk is not quite enough even when full fat cream. You still need a little bit more every day than just what is in the milk. The problem is that raw cream is the hardest fat to digest of all of your fats, animal fats. Oils really shouldn’t be called fats although they are. They are nearly impossible to digest properly. But they will function to do certain things in the body… like olive oil, the truly cold pressed flax oil, coconut oil. None of them digest fully but they will help the body build viruses, solvents to clean certain areas of the body, parts of the body and certain elements have of the body that you can’t do with the normal animal fats. Even the fats in an egg yolk are very, very easy to digest. The body can digest that fat in about 37 minutes, 27 to 37 minutes, egg yolk… a whole egg in that much time. Every other food takes 6 to - every other liquid food like milk takes - 6 to 10 hours to digest. Meat takes 19 to 24 hours to digest. Egg 27 to 37 minutes, depending on how you eat it. And the raw cream though can pass through the body without digestion if you eat it with raw meat. It will coat the raw meat and then it will come out kind of pearlish and roughly 30 percent of that cream will not be digested.

What a waste. And almost 50 percent of the meat will not be digested properly. So, great loss. So if you want to have cream with meat it has to be sour cream. The bacteria already has to have predigested the cream. That’s what sour cream is, predigested cream. Just remember any raw food does not putrefy. It only only sours. It predigests from the bacteria within it. Let me give you an example. There is a tribe in Africa 5 years ago that was deprived of its hunting rights. And it was a tribe that lived on hunting, entirely ate meats. This particular country made all of their land natural animal reserves. Parks for what? For hunters that would spend spend 30,000 dollars for a 3 day hunting trip. So this tribe has now to go living on grains, agriculture and they were a nomadic tribe. This documentary fellow who made that film called the Last Dance, about the last hunt the day after that hunt or the week after that hunt nobody could hunt any more. So there’s three hunters who go out hunting an antelope and he follows the hunt. Now these are tribes that actually run down the antelope. Wear the antelope out. Can you imagine what a hunt that is? So they will go and go until that antelope can’t go anymore. But they do. They do. So you are watching them; the third day they reach this rotten animal that’s been rotting for at least 10 days. You could smell it for a half a mile away. That to them was good. Ahh. You follow the trail to the animal, rotten animal, chase the vultures away and all the other birds that eat dead creatures, and the other animals around, hyenas. They chase all those animals away and they sit there and eat this rotten meat raw. All the other meat they cook. But the rotten meat they eat raw. They said in their language that was translated: We eat this because this is the best food in the world. With this we will outrun the antelope tomorrow and all during the night they keep going. They rarely stop. They camp a little bit for a few hours only to eat and they just sat there for about an hour. They ate this rotten stinky animal full of maggots and they had vultures and crows and you name it those birds were there eating it and these guys were eating it and they’re so invigorated and you see the eyes get bigger and they get stronger. You are just watching this happening on the film. And then the next day - that morning - they got that animal cornered and you see the antelope [sound of hard breathing, gasping]. It can barely walk. So they kill it and take it back to the tribe. The guy they call the runner actually just ran him down got so much energy from that rotten meat that he was able to run that animal down until it could not run any more. I mean run not just run at a jogging pace; this was a hard run, not a sprint but a very hard run, until that antelope could not move one more leg, huffed and puffed. So rotten, any meat, any animal food that is rotten is only predigested by that natural bacteria in the animal, so it is healthy to eat. Sour cream can be eaten with meat but no other cream should be eaten with meat. Butter is the best thing to eat with meat. That way you don’t transform your meat it into a fuel because the body will take meat more often than not and turn it. Yes.

Inaudible question

Aajonus: Well it is going to go into rigor mortis at that point, so you are going to have to beat the meat, tenderize it. Usually with the cover on it, the hide on it, it goes into rigor mortis, and it doesn’t break down well. If an animal killed it, he would rip it open Then all the oxygen goes in the aerobic bacteria allows for the breakdown. When an animal hide is contained, it goes into rigor mortis. It is very difficult to eat, because what it does - it becomes beef jerky. I have eaten road kill many times, absolutely. If I am in a safe forest area where I know the animal hasn’t gone out and eaten in somebody’s back yard, eaten some toxic food.

Inaudible question

Aajonus: I hit one in Malibu one time and I wouldn’t eat it. It lived in the mountains of Los Angeles... ...airplanes going over dumping their benzene and all that stuff... no way am I am going to eat an animal out of the forest in Los Angeles.

Inaudible question

Aajonus: Yeah, it will still will coat some of that meat. Probably if you had a quarter of a teaspoon it wouldn’t make any difference but I’ve eaten up to and I’ve checked the feces of people that have eaten up to 3 ounces of sour cream with 8 ounces of raw meat, both digested fine. But I have measured up to a tablespoon [of regular dairy cream] with 8 ounces [of meat]; most of the cream was not digested, probably 3/4 of that was not digested, and about one third of the meat was not digested just from 1 tablespoon of cream, because it coats it.

Inaudible question

Aajonus: I haven’t tried that but probably would be less effective in preventing the meat from digestion, but you have to remember the meat moves very slowly through the system, very slowly, the slowest thing to move through the system. It digests the slowest. So, that’s the problem there. The cream has a tendency to catch up with the meat. So I would say maybe an hour after it probably would be OK. Now I’ll drink 2 ounces of milk with the meat meal right after a meat meal, 10 minutes after a meat meal, 20 minutes after a meat meal, no problem. But straight cream is different unless it’s sour cream.

Question: what about milk with a meat meal?

Aajonus: Not a good idea You have to realize meat needs heavy acidity and all of the alkalizing minerals especially the calcium in the milk are going to neutralize some of that acidity. Probably if your meat was all ground, it would probably be no problem because you are just depending on bacteria anyway. But when you have to build acidic digestive juices like hydrochloric acid, milk neutralizes it. So it is better not to have but 2 ounces after a meat meal and none with, unless you’re a big guy and eating a whole pound at a time, let’s say you are eating 16 ounces, you could probably get away with a half a cup with a meat meal.

Question: I have been washing the meat down with milk.

Aajonus: Ah. Well then if you do that, then pate the meat.

Question: Less chewing.

Aajonus: Pate the meat and then it won’t be a problem.

Inaudible question

Aajonus: Well, You know I found that it didn’t work very well. People had a lot of diarrhea from that for some reason, loose bowels. So now I’ve done that for people whom I had to feed through the stomach, because they had a tube in their stomach, people came to me very late in their cancer process whatever it was. They had all kinds of organs removed and they had the tube down there in their stomach and oxygen down their throat, but I have made pate like that, blended milk with the meat to get it into the feeding tube, and that was good as long as they were unconscious or feeding that way but as soon as they got out of it then they had looser bowel movement, so it is something if your are really sick it is probably OK but the best is a egg when you are in a tight situation like that.

Question: What about butter?

Aajonus: No. Butter and honey is good for comas and also good for everything, but if you want somebody to recover fast, raw eggs is the key, like I said in the recipe book, I had a doctor an MD call me on a Thursday night about 9:30 my time and she was from Maine and it must of been 12:30 her time. She said I have an emphysemic patient who was diagnosed 7 years ago with emphysema. She has been bed ridden and on machines for the past two years. What should I do? She is gonna die this weekend. What should I do? Well you calling me a little late aren’t you? And she says well I’m an medical doctor and a medical doctor is not allowed to suggest anything alternative except what’s in the books that the pharmaceutical houses write, procedural manuals. Merck’s is this thick. The word cure does not exist in it. The word heal is mentioned 53 times, only in cuts bruises and surgery. Talking about healing a wound. But the word cure does not occur in the entire manual. They want you to believe that there is no such thing as a cure. They want you to be on medication and medical treatments for the rest of your life.

They’re a business, that’s what they want, so I said ‘well that’s your conscience’. We can only use the pharmaceutical methods. We can only recommend those up for minimum of 10 years. We have to try those, if they fail after 10 years we can suggest alternatives, or if the patient’s on her death bed. This woman is on her death bed and I am able to seek other advice and give her other alternative advice. I said ‘that’s your conscience’. But she said I have my family and everybody to take care of. I said that’s still your conscience. I said, but it’s nice that you are calling now. But the only thing that I can recommend is get 10 to 15 dozen raw eggs. You put them on her bedside table and tell her to eat as many as she wants. There is no limit.

So this is on a Thursday, her Friday morning. So Monday I get a call from this raspy voice women. ‘I’m out of bed. It worked. What else should I do?’ I said ‘well who are you?’. ‘Well, my doctor called you. I was... I have been. diagnosed with emphysema. I have been bed ridden for almost two years on machines. I ate the eggs you suggested. I’m out of bed and off the machine.’ This is Monday morning. So I said, ‘well how many eggs did it take?’. She says, ‘I ate 66 eggs.’ I said ‘how and when?’. She says ‘I ate 33 on Saturday and 33 on Sunday’. After the first two, I had no problem. They’re delicious. So I ate 66. What else should I do? I said keep up with the eggs. Keep downing the eggs and when you feel you can digest meat you get some unheated honey, unsalted raw butter and put those at about 6 to 1 butter, 1 honey, and eat that mixture and eat meat when you can and some raw dairy when you can but right now you need to stick with the eggs and do that.’

That was about 12 years ago. I still get a call from her once every three years just to let me know she is doing great and she was supposed to die that weekend. Only eggs can can do that. I’ve tried other things and only eggs can do that because eggs can digest in 27 minutes. Pretty remarkable, and it has every nutrient in the world. It is the only food that has every nutrient in the world. The only thing that I have found that eggs cannot do is help the body reproduce cells quicker. That takes raw meat. It provides every nutrient that is possible. So eating the two together, or not at the same meal - you can - but eating those two foods is going to progress you towards strength and health and body organ function much quicker than any other food will. Most of the other foods that I recommend are fruits with fats for detoxification, cleaning the body. In the We Want To Live book in the remedy section, I cover the foods for particular symptoms or particular diseases. If you have those symptoms or have been diagnosed with that disease and you truly have those symptoms, eat that food, eat the fruit with the fats to help clean that system.

If you have a problem in any area it is because industrial toxins, industrial chemicals have entered that body and stored at a point where they are damaging cells in that area. So you need to clean those out of the system if you want to function properly. All infection, all disease is toxicity trying to be removed. So you don’t stop the disease, you the stop what made the disease and you clean what made the disease. That’s the whole point. The pharmaceutical medical industry and I group them as one because they are tight as a fist together. The medical profession is like the fingers and the pharmaceutical profession is the palm The strength is all here, and the little minions of that industry are your doctors, and all they have to do is make money and that is what they are geared for to keep you on medication, one medication takes care of the side effects of another and on and on. When my parents died my father was taking about 63 medications a day. My mother was taking somewhere around 86 medications a day, pills a day not medication but pills, lets say they were taking probably 20 different medications that made up those pills. For what? Its ridiculous. My parents started really declining in their early sixties. And I got them to eat raw eggs with raw fresh orange juice and honey and some raw cream, and I got them to do that for breakfast. My father had his toast of coarse with It. For lunch they had a salad with good cold pressed olive oil and grated raw cheese over it. They wouldn’t eat raw meat, not even raw fish but they ate a lighter, more lightly cooked and they had raw milk and they had cheese with that meal, and a small salad to neutralized some of the over acidity from the cooked meat. They got better and then in about their mid 80s, their mid 80’’s, they decided no, we are pretty good we’re doing fine we gonna stop this diet and go back to our old ways so that we don’t have to live so long. I said ‘Hello!!! So that we don’t have to live so long?’ We lived a good life and we have enjoyed it, so we thought that if we eat this food, you know we will take longer to deteriorate. We don’t want to deteriorate over a long period of time. I said that makes no sense. You’re going to get less ill, you may just go to sleep and die in your sleep with out any disease. Well, we don’t want to take that chance. So they stopped eating all the raw foods. My father was hospitalized the last three years of his life after a stroke. And every time I went to visit him, which is usually three times a year, I‘d make the raw milk shakes, take them every day and you could see he was improving. He could even sit up even though he couldn’t control his left hand and leg. You could see there was improvement and I got somebody to bring him the milk shakes every day but he wouldn’t drink them, only when I brought them. It didn’t make any sense but it’s not my life. I can’t dictate what my parents do. Even though it made no sense it made sense to them. My mother was very puny and weak and wasn’t able to do much in her last 6 years of her life because they wouldn’t keep up with the good food. I have had people come to me at 97 years old, being fed through the stomach, making them the pated, milk, the meat and put that in their feeding tube. Had them recover. I have one guy that is 105 years old now. And he stays away from the medical profession like the plague now. And he did when he was a younger man, but then he got cancer and was diagnosed with it… small cancer. But then the treatments ruined him, almost destroyed and killed him. Everybody can repair at any age and improve their lives. It just depends how many vaccines you have received. That’s the real stopper. How much mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, detergent, ether you have stored in combinations in your tissues. That is the big stopper. But I’ve learned how in the past 6 years, how to remedy that. And I’ll share that with you when we get to the pictures. So that’s a recapping of what the body does that I go into depth about in the DVD. Going over a little bit of the foods. I’m not going to go over any more of that. To talk about, what time is it? I’m 45 minutes up. Oh, I’m talking a little fast aren’t I? Getting a little ahead of myself. Everybody following while I’m going too fast? OK. Getting the toxins out of the body is a matter of dissolving the plastic beads that collect from the hydrogenated oils. They actually turn into plastic beads, very tiny but they cluster together. They block pores, they block circulation, they block circulation even to the lymphatic system. Like I say all those people are blowing up. It’s all that waste keeps collecting under the skin more and more. They are not getting rid of it. How can we move it out of the body? This diet won’t do it. Let me give you an example. A dear friend back here has a lipoma [tumor] on his neck. Show everybody. I'm going to use you as a demonstration. Now he does the diet. But, see the size of that lipoma [tumor]? It is not moving because that’s plastic. He can’t get rid of it. He says I’m doing the diet 100 %, I don’t vary it. I am strict with it. I’m tenacious. I said, but how many times have I told you that you have to put heat on it? Its like a solid substance that has to reach 105 degrees before it turns liquid again. So how many people are going to go into a 105 fever every day. Nobody. So you are never going to remove that plastic fat, I mean plastic oil. It will stay in the body your entire life unless you get a hot tub and you sit in that hot tub 90 minutes every day. You will melt it and move it out of the system. If you are just trying to get rid of the waste that is already under the skin, that’s about 40 minutes a day and you can get rid of that. But to get deep into the lymphatic system, into those glands and nodes, you have got to be in there 90 minutes a day. If you have a hot tub, it is easy. You can go to sleep… after you are used to hot hot water, being in it for a length of time. You get used to it, do your first 90 minutes of sleep in the tub. Get out and go to bed. Now I have been telling people this for how many years, and telling people to do it who come here. Let me give you one example right here in this room. All these years I’ve been telling people to do it, and tell them what you did. Question: I’ve done the baths for 7 days straight and it was really tough the first day or two but I have noticed probably more energy the last seven days than I have in the last several years. My face is cleared up more in 7 days than it has been my whole life. My brain is a lot clearer and I don’t require as much sleep. Aajonus: And look at his red blood. See how pink his coloring is. I’ve known him all these years and he has been mostly coloring like you. Now look at him. Just seven days. Question: Will saunas do the same? Aajonus: No, sauna is too hot. It will damage your mucus membranes, your eyes, your ears, your lungs your bronchials. You can’t turn it down to 110. And also when you have air heat you got a buffer of about 12 inches. That means that you will cool the heat down to a certain temperature. When you have water you only have an inch, less than an inch buffer. Question: How much of your body do you have to get in the water? Aajonus: As much as you can get. Wherever you have the worst problem, but people like you as thin as you are. You do not take the 90 minute baths, you only take the 40 minute bath. You have to wait until you gain another 25 pounds to do that. 35, 40 minutes is OK. Question: What about toxins in the water? Aajonus. I got it in the book under health methodologies. It tells about lymphatic baths, it tells to put milk, vinegar, clay, sea salt, Epsom salts, things like that in your bath and it tells you how much to neutralize. In the hot tub you have a filter on it which will take out the toxins, a sand filter; you put coconut cream in it. That’s fine; it won’t block the sand. You let the algae grow on the sides but that water will stay crystal-clear with sand. It will let the algae grow on the sides. And the algae eats what? Rock. So what does it do? It pulls metal out of you as long as you are sitting on the algae. So in my hot tub I let the strands of algae get this long before I cultivate them, before I take it out out and feed it to my garden and my garden loves it because algae eats rock, they eat metal. So it pulls it right out of the body. People say ‘well then I should eat algae and chlorella and spirulina and stuff like that’. Well when I’ve done fecal matter tests with people that have eaten that. They digest 2 percent. What a waste. Algae is a plant. We are not herbivores. We do not digest plants. Certain fish are meant to eat it. We are not. However in the chlorella that I have tested, 8 percent of it is digestible. So if you are going to use chlorella, use just an eighth of a teaspoon in one of your vegetable juices and let it sit in there just to start hydrating again. You can’t digest almost anything that is dry and dehydrated. You are not a vegetarian in the first place. Yes? Inaudible question Aajonus: Well it has to be alive to do that and it won’t be alive in the digestive tract that’s 24 hours. Inaudible question Aajonus: You want to starve it. Well, in the tests that I have done 92 percent of it came out with no extra metal attached. The body even in the hardest exercise never gets over a 100.1 degrees. Gotta reach 105. Like I said in an airspace you get a 12 inch buffer. If it is 105 there it is only going to reach 100 degrees on your skin. You will never find skin over 100.1 degrees. Any kind of an exercise in a 105 degree room. Even a 110 degree room. The lungs will get exasperated more than anything in a room like that. And then you are going to wear down just from that. Oxygen doesn’t transform easily in that kind of heat unless you are very used to it. So a hot tub is best. If your are in a bath tub you are going have to let some of that water out every 20 minutes. So what I do: I put in scalding hot water half way. Let that sit for 10 to 12 minutes to heat the whole bath tub. The I put lukewarm water in to fill it up to the point where I get in there so it does not overflow. And I... my tub when I had a tub at home... I put a rubber stopper in with a cut at the top so that the water went all the way up not at the bottom. It gave me another 3 1/2inches of water level so I can get farther into the water Then I put the ingredients in when it is 115 degrees, 114 degrees: the milk, the vinegar, the sea salt or Epsom salts. Coconut cream I like because it makes the skin lubricated and doesn’t dry it, and I will let that sit in the water 7 to 10 minutes, then I get in. By the time I get in it’s 110 degrees. 110 degrees is when the highest point you will get the skin without damaging the bacteria and the enzymes in the skin. Up to 111 starts doing damage to the skin in and around the skin. So 110 is the top. I had many people for example, I had a fellow who was about 62 years old, been on the diet since he was 57, and I kept telling him, ‘you gotta do the hot baths, you gotta do the hot baths’. He went on the diet because he was diagnosed with thyroid failure and prostate cancer. So he went to the doctor, got a prescription, was standing in line and he watched all these people living on their medications. He says ‘I am not doing this’. So he went home. He got a call from this young architect friend of the family who said ‘thank you for that book. That was really a great book! How is the diet working for you?’ He said ‘what are you talking about?’.He said ‘you sent me a book’. ‘I sent you an architectural book’. he said. ‘No, you sent me two of them. In the package was this book on diet which was called We Want To Live by this guy named Aajonus Vonderplanitz, and you sent me the architectural book’. He said ‘it is so great... I changed my whole life with this diet in just three months’. He said ‘well send me back the book. I didn’t mean to send that’. He says, ‘no, I got it marked up; you’ve got to get your own’. So he got the book, went on the diet and this guy you know he’s retired multi, multi millionaire. But he retired because he could work any more. He was just a vegetable; all he could do is eat sleep and watch TV – a couch potato. So here at 62 years old I get him to start doing the baths and he wants, most people like to go overboard, so in my book it said 101 degrees, so that’s it was supposed to say but it got inverted so it said 110 degrees in the book and it was supposed to day 101, because I hadn’t experimented with enough to tell people to go up to 110 degrees. I was going to work my way into it. The highest temperature for an extended period. So I get a call from him three months later and he said, ‘I can do nothing after I get out of the tub the next day. All I feel like doing is eating and sleeping and watching TV, nothing is changed’. I said ‘well, how how are you doing the diet?’ And he went over it. ‘That’s pretty good; not exactly as I stipulated, that’s good, and it shouldn’t cause you any problems. Maybe take things a little slower’ and I said and ‘how are you doing the baths?’. He says ‘I do them every day’. And I said and how much time? He says ‘90 minutes a day, sometimes two hours a day’. ‘And what’s the temperature?’ And he said

  1. And I said ‘oh my god, it supposed to be 101’. No it says 110 in your book. So this is two years after the book was printed. You know the retype, remake was 2005, this is 2007. So I looked in the book. And sure enough misprinted 110 and I thought Oh, what did I do? You know how many people I have misled and all the reports came back good. So then I started investigating the temperature at which the skin became damaged and it was at 111. So I thought Ah, good mistake, good mistake. OK. So It worked. So I said ‘well, just stop doing the baths for about three weeks and see what happens’. He probably melted a lot of stuff out of there. And it is so hot for such long periods, your body just needs to recuperate from that much heat for that much time of the day up to 2 hours a day. He said sometimes I’ve fallen asleep and I did that in mine too, but I thought I’ve been on the diet a long time so I wasn't worried about me. I slept sometimes 4 hours in a hot tub. It was 104, 105 degrees. No problems with me. So after that three weeks he had so much energy that he started an international stem cell company. He still works, he’s 77 now, no he will be 78 this year and he worked 14, 16 hour days. That’s how much it can help. This guy just does if for 7 days and see the change in him. You have got to get those plastic molecules out of your system, out of your way. And the only way you can do that is at least 105 degrees. Depending on how much you have in you. If you are a heavy chip eater, donut eater, cereal eater, it is gonna take you a lot longer. It Could take you 10 years, but you still need to get them out of the way if you want to progress toward better health. Once they melt they go under the connective tissue to be perspired out if they were in the lymphatic system. If they were already under the skin, you perspire them out in the bath, layer by layer. You could have lets say, let me see how yours is... he has none.. he [Aajonus looks at other people in the audience and tells them how many layers of toxicity they have under their skin] has quite a bit, probably about 10 layers. Relax. You have at least 15 layers. Relax. You have about 10 layers, You have about 3, not much at all. Relax. You have about two. Relax. You have none. It could be in your connective tissue because it feels like it’s in your muscle. Relax. You have about 12. All the way up to the elbow, you have about 15. You have about 6 – and you are thin! audience member That is not my fault. I’ve been eating much better as I can for the last 7 or 8 years… Aajonus: Well, you’re not doing it the way I would tell you to do it. Everybody who says that to me… I had a woman – 60 years skinny – and she says ‘I eat all this fat and everything.’... You have about 20 – 23. some inaudible discussion Aajonus: High is bad. That means layers of toxicity stored under your skin. You have about 20. Are you doing the hot baths? reply is inaudible And how long? 40 minutes, yeah, it is not working for you; you need to go more. You must have a lot. You have hardly any but you may have them in your lymphatic system. Relax. You have very little; some of it is in your muscle though. You have very little in your skin; you still have it in your connective tissue. You have about 8 or 9 layers. Relax. You have about 12 layers. Relax; just let your arm fall. You only have about 6 in the skin but in your muscle, you have about 20. inaudible question If your toxins are under the skin, the 40 minute baths will be necessary to remove those before you get to the lymphatics. same person with another inaudible question Aajonus: Yes you will because you’ve got a lot of bile in your system. You’re jaundiced. So you still need to release that. another question No, carrot juice – when I’ve done skin scrapings - carrot juice helps pull out the bile; it’s not the carotene. That is a misconception. You have about probably 8 under the skin but you’ve got more in your muscles. long partly audible testimonial from audience member about how he doesn’t get sunburn any more Aajonus: butter helps that the most; it prevents burn. [another testimonial] Aajonus: butter works the best, the fastest. [There is a short break.]

[Straight to the first part of video (about 2 minutes) “ How Mercury Causes Brain Degeneration”] [Google University of Calgary Mercury or go to to see this. Note: the first part of the video is shown, then Aajonus states:]

Aajonus: They said that most of the toxicity from mercury comes from dental fillings. That is not true because you have vaccines. Most of our energy is produced from coal which has a lot of mercury vapors. In fact most of the mercury air pollution is from coal burning. That produces... I think... 62% or 63% of all energy produced in the world is made from coal.

[Then the second part of the video is shown; Aajonus introduces it:] Now you are going to see what mercury DOES in the body. You just saw about it; now you are going to see what it does. [Back to the rest of “ How Mercury Causes Brain Degeneration”] [Google University of Calgary Mercury or go to to see this.]

Aajonus stops the video and says: Now notice the mercury is here → … how far away it is from the actual neurons and the vaporized mercury is… those little beads you see are actually traveling in the medium over here to destroy the neurons.

So you see what mercury can do and the idea that we inject our children with it on the day they are born, with the hepatitus B vaccine and all the vaccines they get throughout their lives; it is disgusting!

Q: Aren’t they now claiming that vaccines are now mercury free:

Aajonus: You weren’t here when I talked about that. [person arrived late]. They say they are thimerosal free. In literature you can hear anybody say anything but what they are writing is that they are thimerosal free. They have 11 different names for mercury that they use in vaccines – as an antiseptic, as a preservative… and each one of them has a different name. So they have eliminated the thimerosal use but still they are using mercury under a different name. So they’ve gone from 76 quadrillion molecules of mercury per vaccine to 56 quadrillion molecules of mercury per vaccine. It takes from 50 to 200 molecules of fat to remove one molecule of mercury safely. If you have – let’s say 20 vaccines in your lifetime – that is 20 times 76 quadrillion molecules of mercury. How many lifetimes will it take you to get all the mercury safely out of the body? That is how bad it is. But I’ve got new ways of getting things out and I’m going to discuss those.

Now we are going to talk a little bit about detoxification through the skin. About 3 years ago April, I was abducted in a hotel room in the Philippines and injected with three hypodermics and this was in 2009 when I had done a radio show in February right before the swine flu was manifest in April. I started the show about other matters but it got into the swine flu. Well, I had been involved in the swine flu hoax fiasco of 1976. I was 39 years old; I had just gotten back, eating all the raw meats, back into Los Angeles and they were throwing out the swine flu hoax thing. I had done a radio show around then with Ida Honorof who was a consumer advocate syndicated on 3,200 radio stations all over the world. She and a Dr. Mary McBean, an MD out of San Diego, both had all the research on the vaccines and the contamination and that vaccines don’t create any kind of assurance of not getting a disease – in fact that it causes the diseases in many other, including yellow fever, from vaccines. Since Ida Honorof was so well syndicated, and most of your news media then were owned by wealthy families, rather than corporations, there was much more truth in the media. So the media watched the polling places where they were giving people these so-called free government sponsored swine flu vaccines. In the first 6 weeks, 2,323 people died as a direct response within 3 to 10 days from the vaccines. Many of them got Guillian-Barre disease, which is complete paralysis. I had all of these facts when I did that show near the end of February 2000. I told people what books to get, where to find the facts, because the CDC was saying that only 46 people died as a direct result of the swine flu vaccine.

Plus they stopped the program after that tally was computed by the news networks, so they completely stopped it [the vaccine serum] and put it in vaults and [in 2009] they were going to bring it out of the vaults and re-issue it, even though the pharmaceutical house had already received their 8 million $ for their about 70 million vaccines that were produced. Here Bush paid 8 billion dollars for 124 million doses. After my show, from my show, there was a rap group out of the UK that heard that show. [In 2009] they spent a million dollars on a music video called “just say NO to vaccine”; for 13 seconds, you hear my voice from that radio show saying “The only way you can get a swine flu is to be injected with it; you are not a pig”. I get to talking several times through the song when my voice comes in on it. [On the video] they show children getting stabbed, children getting their arm cut off, and all kinds of things dealing with vaccines. You can still see it if you go online and put in there “the vaccine song SAY NO TO THE VACCINE by trillion”. []. It is 7 minutes, 32 seconds.

That caused so much ruckus all over the world that 6 countries actually sued Smith-Kline the company that manufactured them, and spread all over the World Health Organization that as many as 300 million people on earth were going to die of the swine flu and that is why they needed to buy the swine flu. There were only 6 million doses administered out of 276 million and a lot of that was blamed on me because I started the resistance against it from that.

I got weeks of death threats and decided I’d better get out of the country so I got out of the country. I continued to use my cell phone but infrequently, and credit cards.

I woke one night April 5th on Ileyte island in the Philippines in the nicest hotel of this tiny little town. For them, that is a big town of about 20,000 people. And the hospital is about as big as this store; of course I didn’t go there. I awoke in the middle of the night, half sitting up, and a cloth was hanging down from my chest onto my stomach and two thugs on either side. I couldn’t see their faces very well because there was lots of light coming in from the porch outside the hotel room through all these windows off the porch out there. They looked like clean-cut CIA types, not in suits but clean-cut, dressed kind of like I am and one hypodermic hanging from my right arm and two right beside me. I probably took 5 seconds to register all that and the guy to my right picked up the cloth that was down in my lap at that point, put it over my mouth and I was out in a split second. And that was odorless. I had had ether probably 6 times in my early life and they took anywhere from 17 to 19 seconds to put me out. This had me out in a split second so it was like military-grade anesthetic that nobody has, even hospitals, because they don’t use it anywhere to have anybody out that quickly.

I awoke up in the morning; I just thought it was a bad dream. There were no traces of anybody around but then when I rolled over just a little bit, I started vomiting, was sick all over, sore all over. I looked at my arm; I had three large lumps there with the pinholes, with the needle holes still there. I tried sucking it out but it was already absorbed. I don’t know how many hours I had been asleep with that in me. But within 24 hours, my skin was exploding. I had one in my leg that was this big. I was passing out every 20 minutes. If I stood up for 5 minutes, I would pass out within 3 minutes; I’d get very nauseous. I looked around the room and there was no evidence of anything so calling the police would have been stupid because they would just say I was taking drugs or something and would accuse me of taking something. So, I called the hotel desk and said ‘I need a driver as quickly as possible and I want to be taken to a wharf – a fishing wharf. It took about 45 minutes to get the driver and I had vomited probably about 6 times in that time. Skin started bubbling up, not exploding yet, in areas on my chest and back and neck and arms – mainly on the shoulders and back of the shoulder then on the chest in the next few days.

When he [the driver] got there, I said ‘don’t take me to the hospital. I am in critical condition; I’ve been poisoned and the hospital is not going to help. I need to find either shark or stingray that is at least two days old, full of ammonia, to keep t he poisons from killing me. He was very afraid to take me because he had to practically carry me over his arm to the van. Then we drove; the first wharf couldn’t find any. The second wharf found a baby stingray about two days old, about this big. They were getting ready to throw it; thank God they didn’t. It was reeking of ammonia. In both stingray and shark, the ammonia will double almost every hour after they are dead. Ammonia is what your kidney uses to keep the red and white blood cells from entering your kidneys. Otherwise you’d be pissing blood every time you urinated. They kidney makes the ammonia and the ammonia detracts the red and white blood cells from entering the kidney. So you are only dumping all of the fluid that feeds the red and white blood cells, that dumps into the kidney. Otherwise you would be anemic and dead. You just couldn’t create enough red blood cells to keep up with it. Ammonia also binds with heavy metals; it keeps them from being absorbed into tissues, including red blood cells. And that is what I needed to do. I figured they had injected me with the swine flu vaccine - three doses – to kill me with it so they could say ‘see, he died of the swine flu. He has got pig tissue in him. He is the one that said you have to get injected with it...”

But thankfully, I awakened when they were doing it to me, to their surprise and chagrin. So I chopped the stingray up a little at a time and had 3-4 ounces at a time every 4-5 hours; I vomited most of it. But enough of the ammonia got into my blood so I wasn’t passing out every 20 minutes. I’d get very dizzy if I would sit up for ten minutes and probably pass out. When I felt that way, I’d go down on my knees or lie on the ground so I wouldn’t fall and hurt myself. No matter where I was – even if I were on the street – I would do it. But I pretty much stayed out of the way and stayed in the hotel room to try to get through the worst of it. It took me 3 days to stop the passing out but I was still nauseous for months. I had lots of things discharge.

[Aajonus gives a presentation of slides, showing detox, as described below]. This [photo] was two years after I was injected. Every April 5th, I had a resurgence of the detoxification. But the one… I guess I didn’t take pictures of that one; I was too sick and didn’t have my camera with me. You can just see [in photo] how it started off; in just a matter of 10 minutes it would be open sores, just exploding – open.

That [next photo] was a big one that came out when I was injected, the whole thing exploded here and here so you can see can see how badly scarred it is. I had some scrapings done in all those places. There is mercury – more aluminum than mercury – in this area right here from the skin scraping. It was obvious that I had gotten vaccines injected. Here [photo] is a whole gray area right here which is both mercury and aluminum. This year it came out on the left leg for the first time - usually it came out on the right leg - and you can see these little bubbles that would just explode and then seep and seep and seep. I used to have smooth young skin; not after that.

You are watching a progression. All those [photos] were the same day and those were just within a 3 hour period. This [photo] was the next day, so you can see the progression.

Question: What is that, mercury… ?

Aajonus: Yes… all that… mostly formaldehyde and ether. This [photo] is two days after. See what it did to my nails. People used to tell me I had the nicest looking feet in the world; they looked like Michelangelo's David statue. Look at that foot now. All these nails turned brown from that – full of mercury and other metals… took the nail right off. [Photo] this is two days after it started. This is the third day. See how it is swelling everywhere.

Inaudible question about something green

That was metal; metal mixed with dead dissolving cells.

Inaudible question

Aajonus: It was liquid then turned dry. It almost looks like impetigo. You can see the metal in some of these. But that is all aluminum – all that silvery lavender caste – that is all aluminum in there, mercury in this area… This was after I soaked it hot water for about a half hour. See how the skin calmed down; it is not as blistered and bubbled and rashed. That was after soaking it. This [photo] is a few minutes later so it is starting to pop out immediately again and blister. And then it started creating basal cell cancer. This thing turned into a huge tumor right here. See how large it is getting? And then it was gone in about 4 months. It took 4 months to get back to the beginning. So, after it first happened, most of the big scars were up here; it looks like I got shot into the chest and it came out my shoulders. It looks like I was hit be shrapnel it was so bad. And this last year – not this April but the previous April it was pretty mild; it wasn’t a big deal.

This [photo] was January 2013… it wasn’t so bad in various parts of my body – some skin rashing – but then in September, it hit me in the arm, and in October it got extreme. Still right now when I lift the arm this high, I get pain pretty badly right here. Some days I can’t even lift it at all, so I am still suffering from that. This arm has lost… it is 2 inches smaller than this one, from those injections in there. This is one of the detoxifications that turned into melanoma from that. I put vinegar on it and pineapple juice and got rid of it. I don’t show it cleaned; it still flakes off a little bit - gets a little bit of a scab but it’s more like just a peeling wart now when It appears. This was in July and September; this was when I started to detox usually in April it came. In 2012 it came quite a bit and stayed all the way through September – April through September. Almost all that skin does not sag any more – all those rashes. But you can just see how things come through the skin – so know that it’s industrial toxins that are coming through the skin.

Now I didn’t even scratch this but it came out this way. I had one in my earlobe that came out that way – just like that. It looks like two scratches; I didn’t scratch it at all. And they keep popping up about every 3 days and then going away. This happened in April of 2002.

I had 16 mercury fillings in my mouth that I had removed in 1978. In 2002, you see the mercury coming out of this part of my face and my jowl that it stored in my face for that long. No, this isn’t white blood cells here, this isn’t puss. This is actually burned cells from the mercury; it burned them.

It looks like puss, doesn’t it – burned dead cells from the mercury.

Question: How did you treat that?

Aajonus: I put lime juice on it. Lime juice is an antimicrobial. It will also surround any foreign particles that enter the body. For instance, when I had the motorcycle accident and all the skin was gone - and even when my skin was exploding – I put the lime juice on the wounds to surround any of the mercury – the particles – to help neutralize them. I found that when I did that in the motorcycle accident, all that asphalt that I couldn’t get out of the muscle tissue. because I had shaved off the skin. I had these asphalt particles in the muscle and it was too painful to remove each one. I had probably thousands of particles in all of my muscles and skin from all of those wounds and putting the lime juice on there stopped my body from using the white blood cells to go there and make infection to eat up the damaged cells. It completely surrounded those particles and made them invulnerable to bodily fluids so they were unable to harm me. Then for the next year, they [the particles] would come out to the surface like little bitty warts and I would peel them away, open them up and there was the asphalt and a little sand. It was still coated with that lime juice! So, lime juice is the perfect thing to prevent severe deterioration of tissue from foreign particles. So that is what I used on that.

Then I put coconut cream all the way around to help pull out any kind of toxicity that may be coming out in the tissue locally or absorbing into the skin and the coconut cream going in and helping to break this down so it wouldn’t do so much damage. Now you never want to stop an area that is discharging. Your body always picks a safe area to discharge. So it is not a good idea to stop it from detoxing from one area and force it into another, like with cancer. Like with Angelina Jolie, she lopped off both of her breasts but what did she remove at the same time? She removed 22 lymph glands. Now lymph glands are to clean the body. Lymph glands prevent cancer because they dissolve cells. Cancer is nothing other than the body’s inability to dissolve dead cells. So the body collects them if the lymphatic system can’t break them down and dissolve them and get them out of the body. So now she has 22 lymphatic glands gone and the breasts were protecting everything out of the lungs, so where is that cancer going to go now? Into the lungs.

Where will dead cells collect? In her lungs and under the armpits. She traded one for one. It would be better to have cancer than to lump your breasts off. If you are going to do it that way, then lump them off before. Because now there are only two places it can go: lungs and the armpits and destroy the arms. I have seen it multiple times.

[photo] This was a finger detox 2008. Now this finger had been cut off in a lawn mower when I was 3 years old and the doctor at the hospital – this young intern - thought he had all kinds of great ideas so he took a tetanus shot; he not only injected my butt with it but he injected the finger all around this finger. So here I am at almost 60 years old detoxing all of that out of this finger. Now my body lost very few white blood cells in it; you can see it is mounting up here and it leaks out this area right here. That is where I lost some white blood cells. You can see it has already leaked once already. You can see what it did to the nail; this is a while later; see how it deformed the nail. This nail used to go straight back. It pitted the whole thing; it took all of the minerals out; minerals were used to bind with heavy metals coming out here. Tetanus shots have more mercury and aluminum than any other vaccines.

This is a woman who came to me with nose cancer. This is when she came to me. They wanted to… the reason she came to me was because they gave her a ‘fait accompli’. They told her they were going to take all of the skull facebone – jaw and everything – open the skin from the center, peel it back, replace it with a plastic prosthesis - all of her bone, everywhere. They were going to duplicate her bone frame by taking a mold of her face. If she survived it, she wouldn’t have cancer; that is what they told her. And the odds of that were about 25% success/ 75% failure. So she said “No Way!”.

So she came to me. This [photo] was the condition of her nose when she came to me. I said “Barbara, you are only going to lose your nose; I can’t prevent you from losing your nose but you probably are going to lose your entire nose. I had her putting vinegar on it and pineapple, just a little bit of juice on it, and lime juice periodically. You can see it is not as inflamed. It is calming down even though it has all these scabs on it – like impetigo scabs on it. That is fluid. You can see how deep it went. In the last one, see how it is starting to heal over here. The skin was way back over here; now it Is starting to heal. I thought she would lose her nose; I didn’t know she would start healing again but she did. How she got it was… she was a night club singer and smoke of course could have had some responsibility in it but now they don’t use dry ice any more to make smoke for entertainment. They use hydrogenated oils – vaporized hydrogenated oils so that is liquid plastic they are putting in the air. So any time you are at a show, I don’t care if it is the Comedy Store, a night club, whatever it is, when you see that stage smoke, that is vaporized liquid plastic. That’s worse than having smoke.

So, she was a night club singer and they used a lot of smoke at the club where she was at; the new kind of smoke and that caused it. There were those kinds of particles. She had had all sorts of plastic discharging all throughout this; it got into her sinus and up into her brain. She told me she was going to get brain cancer but it never happened. She lived 7 years more and had her children at her funeral. She didn’t die of cancer. She was eighty-some years old when she died. Her daughters came up to me at her funeral and said ‘thank you so much; she was supposed to die 7 years ago and we got to spend these last years closer than ever. Even though some people can’t recover from this much damage… the cancer didn’t kill her. She had to wear a bandage over that nose and she was not hired as a singer any more.

Malcolm Gold [photo]. He is a bass player and did a lot of gigs with smoke and he got his cancer in the eye here. I told him when he came out to Los Angeles and did a gig in Universal City, the amount of smoke that they had was incredible. I had to sit way in the back and I wore a mask during the whole performance. I said ‘Malcolm, you know it’s going to catch up with you; you’ve got to stop it’.

He finished the tour for another three months and never did it again. This happened about 10 months after he quit the gig; you can see how bad it got. Now he didn’t go to a doctor at all. He just trusted me… put lime juice on it, vinegar which took care of it. This [photo] is it shrinking down.

inaudible question

Aajonus: 100%. When he came to me he was skinny as a rail with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. He has a video on there which says something about my experience with the Primal Diet. [see /videos-testimonials/]. He’s got several on there and he talks about his experience on the Primal Diet; you can find these on you tube.

This [photo] was mine. Since I was a child, an infant, I can only remember having a very difficult time urinating. It would take me 3 minutes just to start my urination stream, then it was very small all the time. When I stopped wearing diapers and my mother used to take me into toilets to go to the bathroom, she would get so frustrated because it was a five minute process, minimum to take me to urinate. She used to get so frustrated and so angry; what had happened was, back then, the mercury from all those vaccines I got, those tetanus shots, had collected in my bladder and started forming a huge stone. Well, in 2006, when I was 61 years old… when I was 59 years old I all of a sudden couldn’t pee at all unless I lifted my leg like a dog. So I knew there was something blocking in my urinary tract, in my bladder.

\So I went to a urologist that did ultrasound and not x-rays just to see what was there – and this is what we found [photo]. The largest bladder stone in history. There were 4 urologists at this particular clinic and about 20 nurses – and all of them said they’d never seen a stone that big. It had been growing in me since I was about 3 years old, maybe 2 ½. They said there is no way that is going to dissolve and come out of the body. So we need to come up your urethra with a tube about an inch in diameter with 3 prongs in there; one for a camera, one for a laser and a fluid to wash it out in a vacuum tube to pull it out. So I had 4 tubes going up the one big tube. So of course I let them knock me out; I don’t usually let them knock me out if I ever go to them for anything. They said it would take about 45 minutes to break that down; they thought I would be under for 45 minutes. It would probably take 20 – 30 minutes to laser and blast it apart.

It took 2 hours. When he got into the center of it, it was solid mercury and metal, like a ball, a marble; it took over an hour and 10 minutes just to break that part of it down. The waste a 2 ½ gallon bucket that was completely gray – dark gray from that metal being blasted. The nurse said ‘I’ve never seen him [the doctor] sweat like that’. She was patting his forehead every two minutes because he was sweating so badly. Because if you miss with a laser blast, you tear the tissue all the way to 2 inches deep. So you had to be right on with the blasting. But I knew basically what was going to happen so I made sure I had the second appointment of the day for surgery. So he wasn’t too tired and it wasn’t the first after him waking up. This is what it looks like, with the camera – with coral here and deep inside it was the… He stopped taking pictures after the first; he knew it was going to take him too long so he stopped taking pictures. See how big that is! And there is a closer picture. Huge! So anyway the urethra goes down that way and was blocking off my passage.

Now the reason I had trouble is that I started having immense pain in my penis – not in my bladder but in my penis – so it didn’t feel like glass, like stones passing through the urethra. It was in the head and the shaft of the penis so I didn’t know what was going on. Then within a day of that, I couldn’t pee unless I lifted my leg like a dog then I was able to pee. It has been slow and a long stream my whole life until after this then I pee’d like a racehorse. And I still pee well. So my whole life I didn’t know what good pee’ing was like.

Here is a breast cancer. This was the condition she came to me in. This was all completely one tumor. It hadn’t gotten over to the other one yet. Her husband was scared to death of the diet so she didn’t do it. His intimidation wasn’t supportive. She didn’t last long; she went for medical therapy and was pretty well gone. She died probably a year later.

Now this is a burn. It is a woman from Omaha, Nebraska. This is a burn – a spontaneous burn that came on overnight. She had had back pain back there and a rash and when she awoke the next morning, this was like an explosion in her skin, just like I had. But from the smell of the skin tissue that I got to see, it was aluminum and sulfer. She had taken a lot of sulfer drugs for a urinary tract infections as a child – and also sinus stuff. And they used sulfer based antibiotics for that. You can see how deep the burn went – 3 layers deep. That was all the way through the skin. After she detoxed enough, I had her put the meat on. You don’t want to put the meat on and seal it up before the toxins are gone. I had her put lime juice on it, coconut cream, honey just while it was detoxifying then meat once it stopped seeping. There [photo] is when it was at its worst. See how it just came through the skin? It burned a hole right into the skin, deep, all the way through. That’s coconut cream on there, melting.

Iaudible question

Aajonus: no, what I usually tell people to do is to put one on top of the other. Lime juice first, honey second then coconut cream on top.

inaudible question

Aajonus: no, because that would dry it out. Then you’re going to have more scarring and more damage. I had her put bandages on that had the coconut cream on it and some honey on it, and kept the bandage damp so this wouldn’t dry out. I did not want this to dry. I told her when she had that bandage off, ‘do not let it dry’. Keep at least coconut cream on it; do not let it dry. Do you see how bad this was? She did use some clay this [photo] day and I said ‘do you see what happened – do you see how it spread?’ The body started throwing it off out here because it can’t throw it off here. Do you see how the red started spreading? I said ‘don’t use clay for that… its not a good thing’. This [photo] is the clay after she washed most of it off the next day; some of that clay stayed in the tissue. And this [photo] is as it was healing.

Now this [photo] was an autistic girl brought to me at 9 years old. She was this way when I met her. This was her whole life… mouth open… that was all she did. She didn’t sleep. Her mother had to sleep sitting up holding her because she would fall down, she would crack her head open. She actually had to be held or strapped in something. And when you strapped her [Aajonus makes a loud groaning sound] she’d be making all kinds of noise. This is just a year later, on the diet… she is actually holding… she still can’t talk… because she is only doing the diet about 50%. She lives in Antigua and to get food there, she has to ship all the way from Amos Miller in Pennsylvania. So she doesn’t get what she needs. But that is improvement within a year on the diet; … a BIG difference. That [next photo] was a Christmas present for me.

inaudible question

Aajonus: No, she couldn’t do anything; she couldn’t feed herself or anything. They had to almost put a tube down her throat to get food in. Now she does everything but talks; she still doesn’t talk.

Here [photo] is a nasty rash. This guy loves salt and chips; he has had a lot of antibiotics, a lot of penicillin in his lifetime and that is exactly what is coming out here: penicillin fungus and residue and salt. His skin is exploding because of it.

inaudible question

Aajonus: Well you can put pineapple, papaya and things like that to break down the scar tissue. You still might have some scarring but would be mitigated if you didn’t use the clay. Now this guy put lime juice on it and coconut cream. I said ‘don’t let it dry’. He put bandages on it with the coconut cream in the bandage so it wouldn’t dry and a damp cloth over that, double layers of moisture from good water like Gerolsteiner then plastic over that and an ace bandage over that so that it wouldn’t dry. You don’t want these things to dry. That took about 3 weeks to go through that. Now this girl [photo] also had breast cancer. She came to me with breast cancer. That [photo] was about how she came to me. This was at the worst. This is when all the cancer stopped. All of this fell off. I told her she would probably lose her breast but she only lost half of it, like the woman lost half of her nose, but I always prepare them to lose the whole thing.

inaudible question

Aajonus: Yeah, it just fell off. However she went home at this point just like this and her whole family freaked out. She was from New Zealand. … Freaked out! They were just on her and on her; she got depressed being there. This fell off. They thought she was going to die because she was bleeding. I told her to drink the greenish-white cabbage juice to stop the bleeding; it stopped the bleeding, almost all of it, within a few hours. But they talked her into going to get chemo and she was dead in two weeks. … All the years that I worked with her to get her through that and then her family just destroyed her. She was so good about it. I am just trying to show you the good and the bad.

Jeff Slay [photo] in St. Louis. He came to me when he was this thin but he was even 15 pounds lighter than this. He was partially recovering. He went to Dr. Mercola. Dr. Mercola put him on my diet, at least the milk and the raw meat. Then he stopped; he wasn’t doing so much better. This [photo] is 6 months after I worked with him… no exercise.

inaudible question

Aajonus: Yeah, he’s got a lot of fat; that is where I want it, in the muscles. He’s got some under the skin but there is plenty there. I don’t care how you put the body fat on as long as its on – in the muscles or outside the muscles - I don’t care. He is 22% body fat there. Here [earlier photo] he was about 2%.

inaudible question

Aajonus: Its all got to go to the stomach first. Most of is went to the tummy so he had a much bigger tummy. Then it started spreading out over the 6 months. But you always have to put it on the stomach first – like a baby. This [photo] is a fellow who has been off and on the diet since 1978. He’s almost 70 now. He’s got pretty good skin everywhere. He had lots of vaccines. He had learning challenges and communication challenges. And a lot of stuff that was detoxing from his brain came out his neck. So you can see it made his neck is like an elephant: very thick skinned. I asked him to alternate… to put vinegar on it… this is already cleaned…

This is a year later. You can see how much thinner the skin is. I had him rub pineapple in gently on for 30 seconds one day, raw apple cider vinegar the next day then coconut cream or bone marrow and butter to heal the skin a little bit. You can see the changes. This [photo] was when he started. You can see the changes. This was about 6 months after he started; you can see already improvement. I just saw him last week and his skin is even better. He doesn’t do it regularly or as often as I would like – every day – but he does it probably about 3 days a week.

This is a girl who also lived in Antigua. I have a picture of when I first started with her. She is lying on a bed like this. She looks skin and bones now? She was just skin ON bones then, no muscle at all underneath. And she was black; deep black patches all over her skin and she was naked so she asked me not to show those pictures to anyone. I said ‘ well black around the eyes…’ She said ‘I still don’t want some of you to know its me’. Anyway, she was a sophomore in high school and they lost all of her vaccine records so they told her she had to go take them all again. [loud groans and ‘Oh No’ from the audience]. Ten days later she was completely a vegetable with Guillain-Barré disease, which is total paralysis. She couldn’t eat; they had to feed her through a tube. She was on oxygen. She came to me three years after the incident and when she came in a wheelchair. She had to cross a threshold that was probably an inch raised. Her mother took five minutes to get over that threshold and she still cried and moaned in pain – just to get over a threshold in a wheelchair. If you touched her… excruciating pain like somebody with MS and basically she had MS – multiple sclerosis – which is completely drying, deadening and hardening of the nerves so then there is no connection to the muscles or anything so they just deteriorate and go away. Her voice was so soft that her mother had to put her ear up against her mouth and work hard at understanding her. I couldn’t understand a word. I gave her about half a cup of my kefir while I was talking to her and examining her. She couldn’t hold her head up; her head was down and she had her arms on the wheelchair. Her only movement was her lips and crying – her eyes could move. I fed her through a straw… I blended up the kefir so it would be thinner, not so thick, and I let her sip the kefir. After half a cup, she smiled for the first time in three years

[Aajonus voice is expressing grief].

[Aajonus is still crying throughout the next few sentences:] She actually felt a little bit good. She had a whole cup and a half before she left. And she was actually able to lift her head a little bit – just from a cup and half of kefir. It was kefir I made with my spit and not regular kefir from Amos. I didn’t tell her that I made it with my spit. This [photo] is her a year later, feeding herself. She can only do the diet 50% because they live on Antigua island. And all of these black people… Antigua island… The child Fran Wilke – her husband - works for a pharmaceutical company there on Antigua island, making vaccines, and he is still working for them. I don’t get it. I don’t get it. He could find another position somewhere; he is a smart man.

So this [same photo] is a year after being on my diet 50%.

Now this [photo] is an interesting case. This is a guy who went on my diet with a tumor in his jaw, on the right side.

inaudible question about a goiter

Aajonus: No, that would be a thyroid swelling; this is a tumor. This just kept getting bigger and bigger no matter what he did on the diet. It just kept getting bigger and you see… starting to get rosacea there and blood vessels are breaking and exploding in the skin. It is starting to happen around here too. It kept getting bigger. He was unable to swallow or talk. He’s not young. He is probably sixty seven here. Of course I am 67 now so to me he is young.

When it started cutting off his respiratory tract… he was a member of Kaiser through the company he worked for… so it took me 3 weeks to talk his surgeon into cutting out the tumor… without taking out the whole jaw. He wanted to take out the whole jaw, put in a plastic prosthesis, take his thyroid out and remove all the lymph glands and take the tumor and all the skin with it. And then graft skin from his buttock and thigh - or one or the other - to this area. I said ‘wait a minute!. .. first of all, the lymph glands take care of cleaning the body; if you remove them, what is he going to have to clean with’. All of this dialogue… can you just cut out the tumor… ‘But if its in the jaw, I want to cut out the jaw...’ I said ‘it won’t be! I have him on a diet that will keep it from adhering to any tissue. All you have to do is scrape it away… remove it… anything that might be attached to it… it will not be fingerprinted or fingered into the tissue. I know how to do that with diet. In any case, I haven’t been able to stop the tumor from growing’. So it just kept growing. So they cut it from here, you can see, this is the second growth – that’s how inflamed and red it is. And you can see where the last cut, the last removal surgery… this is a cut from here all the way back to here. So this is the second one that grew, almost right away. You can see the incision here, all the way up and around. And he did a good job on the first one but he wouldn’t do it again! He said ‘Kaiser won’t let me do it again unless I take the bone and I do drastic measures’. I said ‘Well, that’s stupid, isn’t it?’ Because you’re going to charge him to take all that extra stuff out and then he is going to be in worse condition and end up with mouth or throat cancer, or lung caner or breast cancer. So this [photo] was when it was so big, he decided to go have some minimal alternative chemotherapy from this guy in Nevada. He was dead in two weeks.

I had the surgeon keep the tumor for me. I said they could take a piece to test it if they want. This was the tumor that was cut out the first time. They did cut some of the skin with it; he didn’t scrape it all away, which he should have… probably wouldn’t have that sore if he had not had the skin cut away.

But that’s [photo] the tumor, the other side of it. You see it wasn’t attached anyway; no fingers anywhere – just sitting on top of the bone with connective tissue so all you had to do was just barely scrape the connective tissue away. But when I had it analyzed, it cost almost $9,000 to have it tested for everything I wanted. Guess what was in it.

inaudible voice

Aajonus: Nope. Minerals and ether – I mean kerosene. 99.9% of all vitamin supplements are made with kerosene. This guy, and I don’t know why he didn’t tell me, was taking 120 pills a day… vitamin supplements a day. So he caused his cancer from industrial toxicity and he had the so-called natural best ones; I will go into that when we finish this. That [photo] is a good shot of it.

OK. This [photo] is a sty on this woman’s eye. Doctors said it would stay there her life if she didn’t cut it out. So I told her to use lime juice and pineapple on it only, and coconut cream – alternate what she put on it three times a day – pineapple one time per day in the morning. Sometimes she put vinegar on it, sometimes coconut cream on it and lime juice.

inaudible question

Aajonus: Yeah, that’s it! And don’t wipe it off. Then she had the coconut cream on at night to make sure she got enough fats around it. That only lasted 4 weeks.

inaudible question

Aajonus: Yes, not the whole thing; this area didn’t close but this did. Now here is a woman [photo] who cut off her finger. [voice in the audience who knows her] Aajonus: Yeah, Renee. There [photo] is when it was first cut off. You can see it cut off the bone about 1/8th of an inch – maybe 3/16th of an inch of bone, pretty close to this joint. She grounded it off in a coconut grinder, so there was not ‘putting it back on’.

This [photo] is about a year later.

inaudible question

Aajonus: Yeah, see this is where it is growing out… see where it’s growing out, her new finger? See the nail?

long statement/question

Aajonus: Yeah… finished growing… use the nutrients to regrow the finger… Here [photos] are different stages of it. There it is again after a year. And now – I just saw her three weeks ago in Stockton, Missouri - it even looks better now. ...Very little deformity at all in the nail; just a little bit of collapse over here you can see, in the finger, but the finger looks great and functions better; it has more feeling than her other digits.

inaudible question

Aajonus: First I had her do the same thing I did in my motorcycle accident: put lime juice, honey, coconut cream and then meat on top of it. She did that for 9 months – every 3 days. When it got too stinky, then change it.

inaudible question

Aajonus: Absolutely; it will heal faster because the bacteria help things grow quickly. Now, this [photo] is a young girl who got lots of vaccines and had a terrible allergy to them. She breaks out from anything. I mean you can look at her sideways and it will cause her to break out. She is only 19 or 20 here. What she did was she fell and then crushed her ankle bone while she was jogging at college. You can see the burns here. See there: she was running at night, probably 11:00 at night and they had these big roots coming out of this tree and she hit it the wrong way and it caved in on her left foot and crushed the whole area around the ankle; you can see how bruised it is. And then as she was getting well – I said to pack meat on it like boxers do – so she did but then she started breaking out all around because it stopped the detox. Whenever you have bruising like this, that discoloration is red blood cells that have gotten out of the bloodstream. Now you’ve got red blood cells in the tissues where they don’t belong. Those have to decompose; they have to bacterially break down. They turn black in the process; sometimes molds are a part of that process so you’ve got black and blue then it goes to yellow as it turns into a serum and then discharges through the skin as a yellow… a yellow tarnish under the skin. But she developed this rash from putting the meat on but we had to do that to keep the bone… because she crushed this bone here – so to get the bone to regrow… had to put the meat on it. But she had to deal with the rash. You can see how it is turning yellow, with dried skin; I had her putting butter on every day. Then the butter would cause some more rashes but I said ‘you are going to have to deal with that; put hot water bottles on it’ - to help her perspire out. Now this is…

long inaudible question

Aajonus: I can tell you my hypothesis for it – that you have all the bacteria and the fats – everything the same as in your skin; animal flesh. But you look at all the boxers after they have been in a fight; you see these cuts and these bruises… then you see them two weeks later and there is nothing wrong and they haven’t had any plastic surgery. They put steaks on their face all day long every day for two weeks; all of it repairs. Pretty amazing!

inaudible question

Aajonus: Yeah, your black eye will go away in days instead of weeks. Now this [photo] is vitamin C here; this is vitamin C as its in food. And this [photo] is vitamin C after it has been dissolved and made into a pill. They are NOTHING alike! … And this is full of kerosene now and all cauterized similar to a ceramic. And that is what they expect you to get vitamin C from. The vitamin C is nothing like vitamin C. It is mainly ascorbic acid with lots of kerosene or gasoline – hexane in it. And this [photo] is vitamin B1. Same thing… see how soft and fluffy all the vitamin B is? … And with all of its adjuncts with it – the complex of vitamin Bs in there…

And this [photo] is what it looks like when made into a supplemental form. No relationship to the ‘same’; it doesn’t break down the same. It can barely absorb it and highly toxic with either gasoline or kerosene. [question: does that include the injections of B1?]. Aajonus: Oh, it is even worse. That is chemical; it is not even from food; that is entirely chemically fabricated. And here [photo] is a Thai woman with impetigo. They said that if she didn’t take antibiotics and use cortizone cream, her face would be one mass of scar tissue and lumps and be forever ugly. That’s what they told her. I said ‘no, you just need to put lime juice on it – lime juice and coconut cream, lime juice and coconut cream and you can’t let it dry. So that is what she did. All of this is the bandages she puts over… saturated with coconut cream. inaudible few words Now it’s just as soft as before it started. She even had some on her shoulder… that scarred more than her face did. Of course she didn’t take care of that like she did her face. She went from that to lighter; you can’t even tell she had impetigo that bad.

Now I’m just going to go over what they say. The cells are not round. Blood cells are venticularly shaped like a flying saucer, almost rectangular… round and rectangular if that is possible. You can imagine it. We will see some. They show the makings of a cell, a basic cell. That gives you an idea; it is more like a planet rather than a cell. But here are your red blood cells and here are your white blood cells. See all these platelets here, all these little balls are fat. You can see this person is very fat-deficient; they should have a lot more white blood cells because you can see four and some very tiny ones – these shouldn’t be even out of the bone marrow at that point because they are not even mature. That person is not a well person they took this blood from. And this is a vein with the pores in it. This is more like the cell; these are the intestines of a cell. And this is the bowel of a cell then you have the organs here, the pancreas and spleen and other organs. They call them organelles. Your cells are just different shaped of everything but they have the same thing inside. And they have a sub-bacterial system just like ours and they thrive. If you lower their bacteria level, they don’t work as well.

This [photo] is the skin. They have 11 layers here. This is the muscle tissue here. This is the lymph area. These are your layers of connective tissue to the skin. You can see all of this; with your pores coming through. It is quite a lot to melt through when you take those hot baths, those hot tub baths.

You have to get it all through that. That is why you have to take such long baths.

This [photo] is the lymphatic system. It is simplified here. It is just showing the main network of lymph glands here in the breast area, on the armpits and around and in the neck and up the side of the face around the ears – where you have the most lymph glands. But it is much more complex than that; magnify this a thousand times. It is a web network of both blood and neurological and lymphatic connections everywhere. This [photo] shows the 11 that are in the breast area that you will no longer have to clean the toxicity from your lungs, so that means that instead of getting breast cancer you are more likely to get lung cancer and underarm cancer. If you have ever seen anybody with underarm cancer – it just swells up and hardens; it is like their arm is in a cast. The whole thing will turn into a caste: hardened. They can’t even move it.

OK! Is everybody satisfied with them?

inaudible question

Aajonus: Well, I showed some pretty hard core ones. Most people don’t have such hard core ones, but these are hard core ones – just in case you have them: don’t panic! You take care of it! If you go to a doctor, they are going to give you antibiotics, cut you to pieces… do all kinds of things. And then you won’t be well.

inaudible question

Aajonus: Well, I stop them in their tracks now. They can’t talk with a patient; the patient says ‘You’ve got to call my doctor’. I tell them I am not a doctor. I say ‘Listen, do you think it makes any sense to inject 76 quadrillion to 100 quadrillion molecules of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, ether and detergent… with this tetanus you are talking about? They never think about it that way until you throw it at them that way, and then they don’t fight you on it. They start questioning themselves and even doubting it themselves if you give them the explanation, well here is what is in a tetanus shot. You got more mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and detergent in ether than in any other vaccine. … sometimes almost double the quantity of toxins in a tetanus shot. Why should I have this? (gasping)

Because the tetanus bacteria cause lockjaw. ‘Well, show me this tetanus’.Nobody has a picture of tetanus because there is not an organism. It is just a dissolution. If you have metal rusting in your skin, you are going to have a breakdown; you’ve got a fungus there. The algae is rust; algae eat metal. You get algae eating this metal that is rust. And that causes a massive amount of contamination to cause blood contamination, whatever. But if you know how to handle it and you are eating properly, that doesn’t happen, especially if you are using my lime juice formula. That is what we are going to get into now. I am going to give you some formulas.

long inaudible question

Aajonus: It would have made a huge difference.

further inaudible question

Aajonus: I would have helped him differently, yes. I would have done different things for him. I had no idea he was still taking all these vitamins and supplements. He had only been to one of my workshops and obviously he didn’t learn. That was when I did it in 2007. But I didn’t find out he was taking that until I had that analyzed and it came back with all these minerals and kerosene. Then right away I called him and said ‘Are you taking supplements?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I take 105 a day’. I just went nuts. And then I didn’t know if I could help him. OK. That takes care of that.

Lights, camera, action… Wait until we get settled here; we have to re-plug me in. Am I plugged in OK? … That needs to cool, doesn’t it… Does everybody know how to suck an egg? That way you don’t have to clean a glass every time. You’ve got a fatter end and a more pointed end. This is quite pointed; they usually aren’t this pointed – they are rounder than that. But you always have a fat end and a slimmer end. What I do is, I don’t want to make a hole at the fat end but I want to break the integrity of the shell because there is a membrane in there that needs to collapse. It will not collapse unless the integrity of its connection to the egg at the bottom is fractured. So I hit it against an eye tooth, fracture it almost the size of a dime – with no hole. So then the other end - the pointed end – I want to make a hole with the eye tooth. And now I have a hole; a slight smiley face. So it’s smiling at me as I get to eat it. So – what I do is I like to eat the egg white first. That is where the protein is. And that will go to the liver almost instantly, to start making the bile to digest the egg yolk. Egg yolk has every B vitamin, every vitamin, everything in nature. It is the only food, as I said earlier, that contains every nutrient in the world … is in an egg. So I suck out the egg white first. If I turn it upside down the yolk is heavy and it is going to fall towards the hole. So I just suck it out when I am holding it down and it tastes like barely salty water, slime, then after I mix it with the saliva, it turns into liquid then I swallow it. It tastes like slightly salty water… like if you’ve been swimming in the ocean, about an hour later, that much salt is what it tastes like. It is still lingering in your mouth from getting salt water in your mouth. I salivate pretty quickly so I have doubled, before I have swallowed, I have doubled the amount of fluid so I have that much bacteria and fluid in that egg white. I am sucking out about 2 teaspoons at a time.

inaudible voice

Aajonus: You can do that but it works better this way. Like I say, the egg white digests in minutes. You will digest it faster. Sometimes I am doing these workshops and I don’t eat a lot; I will sip on milk and have an egg once in a while… all of a sudden I will lose a word and I know I don’t have enough glycogen to feed the brain – I can suck this and in about one minute – two minutes maximum – it’s already in my system when I do it this way. If I just drink it down… I can’t do that anyway easily because my throat never developed because of all the vaccines I got so I gag on a whole egg. I’ve done it a couple of times but it takes 5 – 10 minutes. This way, ...instantly. So, by getting the bacteria here [], it doesn’t have to wait to do it here []. You can shake it like this if you feel the egg white is stuck to the yolk; you can just shake it like that and loosen it. Then you know it’s just the egg yolk coming at that point.

inaudible question about the egg shell

Aajonus: Well, it is just undigestible. If we were a dog or a cat, we could.

more inaudible discussion

I can show you how it collapsed. This is the end I made the hole in, remember? But when the membrane inside that was holding the egg collapsed, it brought that shell with it. See: it’s attached at this end and this end. Without that collapsing, I wouldn’t have gotten all of the egg out of it; some of the egg yolk and white would have stayed inside.

Question: What do you do when you get a rotten one?

Aajonus: I eat it. Yeah, absolutely. It’s like I say: predigested. I have 3 dozen eggs rotting in my house. One of them for a year. You can buy century eggs in China and some other parts of Asia where they will rot them for 25 years and inside it’s all white powder like funguses – white or black or brown powder, depending on what earth they have buried them in for 25 years. One of those eggs costs $1,000.00 but these octogenarian very wealthy men get it because it is like taking viagra; one egg will charge you for a month, sexually.

inaudible question

Aajonus: Oh, yes! Eat that raw; they don’t cook that. Absolutely!

inaudible question

Aajonus: Well, it’s predigested. It’s going to go to every part of your body quickly. Yeah… predigested from the bacteria in the egg. ...Just a hell of an odor.

inaudible question

Aajonus: Harm? There’s all kinds of benefit!

inaudible question

Aajonus: You shouldn’t. The bacteria just gets destroyed in the refrigerator. So, if you get some refrigerated, you have to leave them out.

long inaudible comment/question

Aajonus: Yeah, they are pretty toxic from there; they put arsenic in the feed and soy.

What I want to talk about it detoxification. We’ve talked about the hot baths and getting that out of the body. [... break for the attendees].

First of all I want to talk about how to clean the poisons out of the body. It’s a very very slow process. Remember, I said 50 to 200 molecules of fat to remove one molecule of mercury, safely. So it would take several lifetimes to remove all of that if there weren’t a special way. Well, in the last 6 years of my experiments, I found a special way. Now, most of those vaccine toxicities will store in the stomach lining and be dumped out the stomach into your food every time you eat, and into your intestinal tract. The reason the body will store some of the more egregious poisons in the stomach lining is because the stomach lining is the most resilient tissue in the body. It actually forms hydrochloric acid that can dissolve bone, yet it doesn’t dissolve itself. That is brilliant, brilliant tissue. The next is cartilage. Cartilage is the same way: it is very difficult to dissolve cartilage. When you dump the poisons from the stomach lining into your food, it does mix in with the food so that when you absorb the nutrients, you absorb the poisons. So you poison your food every time you eat – so you just keep recycling poisons. Some of it will be discarded out the feces and urine but not that much. You’ll just keep recycling it.

If you see the damage that vaccines do – those are the worst – it starts by going into the stomach lining then going into your food. If you see the iris [photo] (I should have left the iris [photo] up and showed you that first)… You’ve got the iris which is all the muscles and fibers going out of the eye and you can tell the different locations, what the organs are, what the tissues are, throughout the body. The pupil relates to the stomach. It is supposed to be a flat black. If it is not a flat black, you’ve got shiny green behind it, or silver-lavenderish colors, or usually all three, with mercury, then you have the soup of vaccines: the formaldehyde, the mercury and the aluminum. I see that in 99% of all irises. Those people have all been vaccinated. And in the autopsies I told you I did, every one of those stomachs were highly contaminated with all three of those: mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum. Some even had detergent in them, still from the vaccines. That was evidence again of how the body stores it in the stomach. There was no way before that I knew how to bind with that and prevent it from releasing into the body every time you digest food and recycle those toxins. And then I thought ‘Well, in some experiments I had done with dried foods, I analyzed the fecal matter when people ate them for 10 days or so – almost exclusively dried foods, nuts, raisins, dried fruits, beef jerky – stuff like that – even though they were so-called ‘raw’ - digestion was minimal… minimal. Why? Because there are no bacteria in it – no bacteria and no active enzymes: completely dehydrated. You can’t have life active and functional. If you dehydrated and you are dead, nobody could bring you back to life.

Only certain frogs can do that, and tadpoles. There are certain fish that can be frozen and come back to life, but they are only 5 or 6 species on the whole planet that can do that. No human can be frozen and come back to life. No human can die of dehydration and then recover. And the dehydration that the medical/pharmaceutical profession – they are so full of sh*t… You look at people they say are dehydrating; they’ve got all this water under their skin. They’ve got it everywhere and they say they are dehydrating. Somebody that is dehydrating is shriveling up and their skin is peeling off because they are dehydrating. The pharmaceutical house uses dehydration when they don’t know the reasons for malabsorption of nutrients. They’ll always call it dehydration which is absolute nonsense.

I’m always asked ‘what is the most important thing that you can tell people?’. What I say: ‘whatever you hear from the medical profession, do the exact opposite’. 99 out of 100 times, you will be correct; only one time you’ll be wrong. They say to ice something… put heat on it. Everything they say to do, do the opposite. Literally. Because what happens to those people who ice a wound? They stop swelling. What is the reason for swelling? They have damaged tissue in an area that needs more circulation of blood, of lymph, of neurological fluids all in that area; to feed that area to break down the damaged cells and remove them and to heal… to help cells reproduce fast. If you don’t have that swelling, there is no proper healing. So what happens when these athletes ice things? They are getting surgery after surgery year after year to scrape the scar tissue out – because they’ve stopped the swelling. They’ve stopped the normal flow of nutrition into that area so that they can clean that area and get well. Just because a coach wants you out there on the field, that’s not for your well being. That’s for him to win a game. And you’ve just got to say ‘this athlete’s not going to work after 38 – 39 years old’. They’re going to be spent because their legs and their knees are going to be all scar tissue, or their elbows or shoulders or necks, whatever is involved is going to be scar tissue. So they have a limited life span.

Go to Chile; what do you see down there? You see 90 year old men doing a hundred hard football kick once a year, in the mountains, in the high-top Andes where the oxygen is very low. You’ve got 100 year old men playing kickball all through the mountains and it takes a whole day to go 100 miles. They’ve got these groups of 9 – 10 people. The front one will kick this thatch ball (very well made!) and they’ll kick it maybe 20 feet, if you’re really good maybe longer, but you have to kick it perfectly straight and that is part of the achievement. And the guy who kicks it falls back to the back and they just keep doing this for 100 miles. 100 year old men doing it! You don’t see anybody here doing that because they’re full of toxicity, they’re full of malnutrition; they have all kinds of problems. But we have athletes here who run a marathon; they are burned out by the time they are in their mid- 40s. That’s it. They are not even in competition, they are just running. They don’t have to hit anybody or get hit; they don’t have to kick a ball. They don’t have to do anything but run and they’re burned out. Very few make it. Less than 1% make it beyond 45 in marathons. Or they are not in competition; they are just running to be running. And then they are recuperating for 3 – 4 months after. It’s not a good sign of health.

OK – back to this stomach toxicity, this intestinal toxicity. I started recommending that because of dehydrated foods, they don’t absorb a lot and you can’t digest a lot but when I checked the fecal matter, I found a lot of toxins embedded in this dried matter that was coming out. … a lot of constipation but high ratios of toxins in that dried food and I said ‘How about cheese! ...let’s try cheese; high minerals, dehydrated, can’t digest it unless it’s cooked or with salt, that fractionates it so you can re-digest the cheese. So, it has to be no-salt raw cheese so it goes through the system and collects poisons. So about three years ago, a little longer than three, I got a lot of people to do it. Before, I had a few people doing it. But 3 years ago I started doing it because the success was so great with 50 people, I tried it with probably 200 people. I said ‘When you get up in the morning, you eat a tablespoon or 2 tablespoons. If you are a guy this big, you eat three tablespoons of cheese. First thing in the morning absorb all the poisons that have dumped into the stomach and intestines. It will go through like a train and just pick it up. And it does! Then after than, suck some eggs; get the brain fuel going. The body will always make its glycogen the first part of the day – in the first 6 hours – for the whole day unless you eat a lot of carbohydrates, a lot of sugars, then the body will continue to make glycogen all day long. And what that does is that high-carbohydrate glycogen causes a stickiness in the neurological system in the blood serum and in the lymphatic system.

The blood is the fastest moving, the neurological is next and if you look at the impulses in the neurological with the transmission of light and electricity and of course that is the faster moving. But the flow of the fluids is fastest in blood, second in neurological fluids and third in lymph. Lymph is very slow. And all of those get sticky and slow even more and in the neurological system, the synapse fire and they skid because they keep sticking to the axon or ganglia walls so the thought process isn’t good. Suck a few eggs! … My size, I will have 3 – 4 in the morning. I could have 5 – 6 in the morning just to make sure that you have all that brain fuel that has no stickiness to it. And the most concentrated and best nutrients for the whole body are in eggs. So it does perfectly. That is what we want to do: get the brain and nervous system going and focused. That will all take care of your energy level too. You’ll see that it goes up. You don’t need coffee, you don’t need anything like that. If you do, just have some vegetable juice after you have your eggs. If you are highly toxic, you will need vegetable juice. If you feel blah…, lackadaisical – the have some vegetable juice. About 20 minutes after you finish your eggs, have a little piece of cheese – one or two cubes of cheese. I call a cube of cheese the size of a sugar cube which is a half a teaspoon. So two would be a teaspoon worth of cheese.

So 2 would be a teaspoon worth of cheese. So you have this going in and again you can have it with butter, a little bit of butter - half the butter to cheese. If you have tendency to get your fecal matter gets... too hard and it's difficult to pass them then have a little bit of butter when you have the cheese - but do not have honey with the cheese at those times. Do not have fruit or anything high in carbohydrates with those cheeses and eat cheese 10 minutes before you eat any meal So what I'm going to give you is a plan that works the best. After you have the eggs you wait 20 minutes and then you have the cheese.

Question: You said when you started - I thought you said cheese first

Aajonus: Yeah, you’re doing the cheese, then you have the eggs, cheese again - okay, and then we go for either vegetable juice or meat. If you've been on this diet a long time and you eat the vegetable juice at that time you're going to find that the opposite of what it did at first - it’s going to make you sleepy and tired. So I always have my vegetable juice now in late morning or afternoon. Sometimes in the late evening because now when I drink vegetables juice I just want to take a nap. It knocks me out. I am too evenly balanced so the vegetable juice causes over alkalinity in my system, causes me to get lackadaisical and even sleepy - not tired but sleepy. I like sleep although I don't sleep much but I like sleep even if I have a 10-minute nap I feel like a billion dollars after a 10-minute nap. And one time I went I slept an hour and a half a day for 22 days and only 10 minutes at a time. I was fine once I started back to my regular routine I didn't sleep any more than my regular 3 ½ to 4 hours a day at that time. And that was working day and night, day and night preparing for a trial against the government - another one. So many. So after you have your cheese again then after that you have your vegetable juice or your meat meal. You have your vegetable juice you're going to have to wait for at least 45 minutes to have your meat meal after that from the first time. At least 45 minutes. So I say after you have your vegetable Juice after you finish it 15 - 20 minutes later you have a cube of cheese. 10 minutes after that another cube of cheese - I mean 20 minutes after that another cube of cheese, and then 10 minutes after that your meat meal. So you’ve gone 50 minutes after you finished your vegetable juice to have your meat meal. If you go right into your meat meal you can go about 20 to 25 minutes after you finish the meat meal you have one or two cubes of cheese. 10 to 15 minutes after that you want to have cheese and honey together.

Always have at least one and a half tablespoons of butter with your meat meal - you do not want to turn your meat meal into fuel. You want it to rebuild and strengthen the body. You can have sour cream couple a days a week with one of your meat meals. But normally butter with your meat meals. - Avocado once in a while is okay but avocado is very difficult to digest. It even digest less than cream, but it's used as a fuel when you eat it with meat. And that's risking changing the meat into a fuel too. So when you have butter with your meat meal it will never turn into a fuel. You have enough milk throughout the day and enough milk shakes and you have your fruit meal with the fat in it to take care of that. You can have butter and honey which will fuel the body. Don't use your meat to fuel the body.

So after you finish the meat meal - 20 to 25 minutes after that - you have the cheese, small amount of cheese, 10 to 15 minutes after that you have cheese and honey together. So like if you're a tiny person it could be about 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of cheese to 1 teaspoon 1, 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of honey. So 1/3 or less honey to the amount of cheese. Remember there are three teaspoons to a tablespoon so if you're having one tablespoon of cheese that means 3 teaspoons of cheese to one teaspoon of honey or less. Then you can have 1/2 teaspoon of honey with 3 teaspoons of cheese. Very small amounts. That's to provide the enzymes to digest the cheese, all the minerals in the fats and the cheese. That is where you get your mineral supplement. Now 2 tablespoons of cheese is worth how much milk, minerals and milk and fat. Quart and a half. Pretty good - not your cottage cheese but your hard cheese - that's pretty good - that's a lot of minerals, a lot of good fats. So you're going to digest that. If you do it after the meat you're going to remineralize the body, you’re going to strengthen your bones and muscles.

Now I have had a lot of people, a lot women, with osteoporosis - up to 32% when they came in to me. Now with the system that I have that I'm telling you now reversed that in one year. It used to take me 6 years to reverse that much bone loss. If the person did it 100%. 10 to 15 to 20 years if they didn't. But with this method one of them did it in a year. 32% replacement of bone in one year - that is astounding! So I have perfected this to the umpteenth degree and proved it with experiments and cases.

So after you have the honey and cheese and you know you can have 3 tablespoons of cheese with 2 and 1/2 to 3 teaspoons of honey. Then about every - this depends upon you and what you're willing to do - cheese going through like a train picking up the poisons up all day long. Because when I look into the irises, that intestinal belt all around the pupil is everyone's darkest area. That's because of the mercury and all those poisons have tattooed into the intestinal lining and everybody's throwing off mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum constantly into their food. Well if you have cheese going through there every few minutes, every 15 minutes, every 20 minutes - 15 minutes would be 4 x’s an hour you have a little cube, every 20 minutes would be 3 x’s an hour a little cube, every 30 minutes would be 2 cubes an hour. 45 minutes would be two cubes every 2 hours - so you pick how you want to do it every half hour would be two cubes. So you pick how you want to do it.

I do it - when I'm not lecturing - every 20 minutes. The people who have done that - I have construction workers who are full of heavy metal poisoning and radioactive material and all kinds of asbestos and stuff. They'll have it every 15 minutes and how they make it work - they prepare.

This is how you make this diet work. You prepare all the foods for the entire day in your first hour of the day. If you make your juices like I suggest and I show you on the DVD the recipe DVD [/shop/how-aajonus-prepares-food-the-raw-food-recipes-videos/] and tell you in the recipe book [/shop/the-recipe-for-living-without-disease-hard-copy/] you only have to make your juice every 3 to 4 days. So that's an hour and 15 minutes for that day to make it for 3 days. So that's a day when you're going to have to make more juice. I mean make more food, otherwise it takes me 35 minutes to prepare all my food for the entire day. Why only 35 minutes because I prepare my meat every Sunday. I take about an hour and a half and I take a 7 to 8 lb. chunk of meat and I slice it into inch cubes that takes about 30 minutes to 35 minutes. Then I take as much that will fill a little over my 2-quart food processor - my Cuisinart just a little over the top blade. I grind that into pate and I show you how to do it in the recipe DVD. I show you how to use the machines to make everything so much faster, how to handle the machines, how to work them and which ones to use. So it cuts your food preparation time into the minimal.

So I grind that up and it is 2 cups. I get 2 cups from that each day I eat A 2 two cup jar it’s supposed to be 16 ounces but it’s really 18 ounces because you have the extra 2oz space in there, almost 2 ounce space. In an 8 ounce jar, you'll really have 9 ounces of food if you fill it up to the top. So I fill it almost up to the top and put those in the refrigerator so I have them for all 7 days. So that on that one day I prepare all my meat for all the whole week, it makes it very simple. So the only thing I have to prepare is my milkshakes if I have milkshakes, my sport formula, and my fruit meal.

Three things I have to prepare and the sport formula takes about 10 to 12 minutes that takes the most time. Milkshakes can be done in 3 to 4 minutes and the fruit meal can take a little bit more time if I wash my fruit and I usually do.

I take whey and good drinking water and I'll sit it in there and shake it while I'm preparing other things and let it sit in it and then vibrate it, - shaking it all around - to get any kind of contamination because any time you’re talking about fruit, your usually talking about farmers who lie. Because the birds, the insects, everybody goes after fruit. It's hard to keep them away from it so they're always spraying. So I don't trust anybody even if they say organic with fruit.

So I wash my berries in that whey and water or just straight whey and wash them and clean them but I will use that water for a whole two weeks. I won't use it and I'll put a touch of milk in it too, to arrest those poisons so that it stays in the liquid and not on my food. So I will use that and clean for a whole week - 2 weeks depending upon if I can see it getting gray I know there was some kind of chemical spray on that fruit and then I know to wash it even longer the next few days if I got the same batch. So then you know you have the coconut cream to put with it, you have to squeeze some lime juice with it - and that fruit meal is coming up next. Some people can have their meat meal and wait two and a half hours and eat their cheese and sip sport formula, milk or milkshakes in between. Let's say you're doing the cheese every 20 minutes - at the top of the hour you have the cheese and 10 minutes after that you sip ounce or 2 ounces of fluid, either the milk, milkshake or sport formula - 10 minutes after that cheese again - 10 minutes after that sipping again - 10 minutes after that cheese again - 10 minutes after that sipping again. So that’s an hour, if you're doing sipping 3 times an hour and you're having your cheese 3 times an hour.

If it’s every twice an hour - every 30 minutes - then take the cheese - 10 minutes after sip - it's 20 minutes after cheese - 10 minutes after sip - 20 minutes after cheese again, so that's the way you rotate it. How much toxicity in your ring around your pupil - how dark it looks the less time you take between cheeses. That's how you determine it - how much poisons are in your stomach and intestines. So you make the choice. Some people have it every once an hour. That’s up to you. The people in this last year which I've seen now more people doing it.

I had one fellow that he had so much mercury and aluminum and sulfur and from sulfur-based medications from when he was a child in his intestinal tract almost black as his pupil. I thought this guy's never going to have clean intestines - he’s going to have to eat cheese every day of his life all day long - to keep from poisoning himself. He came back the next year we were comparing photos of last year’s eyes, to this year’s irises and 60 percent of the mercury and that metal was cleaned out of his intestinal tract - and he was one person who did it meticulously every 15 minutes every day of that year. It was a year and two months since I had seen him the last time. He removed 60 percent of those toxins in just a year - when it used to take 10-15 years to remove them before I figured out this method.

So that cheese is so phenomenal everybody has improved 2 to 5 times faster and there are very few people who are so disciplined as that one person who does the cheese. They will spend an hour and have another one and then a ½ an hour have another one, then an hour and a half have another one. That’s not a routine that will work as quickly as you're having it and your timing it.

I got one construction guy, on his belt, his tool belt he has one pouch for his 2 cup jar of his sugar cubes sizes of cheeses, cheese bits. So he’s got his watch that will go off every 15 minutes that tells him to have a piece of cheese. He'll be drilling away and then pop and then going right back to work and then you know he's got these water bottles with the straws in them he's got belts for those down on his hips he'll pull one of those offs and take a sip take a sip of the other one or just one at a time so he's doing this all along and he cleaned out 50% of his in one year.

So the people who do it meticulously have the best results. Everybody who's doing the cheese frequently throughout the day has good results but those the more they do it the more results they have and it’s exceptional. You get your reward and it's in every iris and everybody who has done it in this last year, who spent their whole year or more doing that and has come back. I'm just so happy because I thought it would take 40 years to get your body back into a state with the greatest amount of health - minus that you couldn't get rid of because of vaccines because of too many poisons too much mercury too much fat needed to remove them. It's not that way with the cheese. It's spectacular and of course eating in this pattern helps. Other people who’ve done the cheese - and it works very well - but eat their own food pattern and it doesn't work as well and they don't get as strong so they don't move as quickly in every which way.

So let's say that after you finish your meat meal and the cheese and the honey you go 2 hours or two and a half hours eating the cheese however often you wanted - and then sipping. Then you have your vegetable juice then... if you haven't had it before your meat meal. Then you wait two hours after that and then you eat the cheese and sip in between. If you had your vegetable juice before the meat meal, then you go 3 to 4 hours with just cheese and sipping. Then about noon - depending upon what time you awaken - you have your fruit meal between noon and 2 o’clock. You're eating cheese again - every time before you’re going to eat anything you have cheese. So you have the cheese and then 10 minutes after that you have your fruit meal. [Your choice of fruit meal] depends upon what fruit you need: if you have a lot of heavy metals you want to go for the berries, and if you have a lot of impaction in your colon - if you have a lot of congestion in the body - you need to move it with pineapple.

So let's say you had a half a cup of pineapple with a half a cup of berries, 2 to 3 tablespoons, or even 4 tablespoons of your bigger guys, 4 tablespoons of coconut cream. Now coconut cream is the best cleansing soap possible, cleansing fat. Remember 93% of the 80% of fat that makes up a coconut is water soluble. It cleans the body very nicely with a little bit of 7% of oils, that it has. You can’t use the oils expeditiously and efficiently without those bacteria and the enzymes in the water soluble fats. So it's the perfect thing to have with your fruit.

Because fruit does what? It mainly turns into alcohol in the body because it has a long way to go.

Birds that eat a lot of fruit - they are pooping in 3 hours. Monkeys will poop and pee constantly because they eat fruit and they will be hyperactive. So in order for us to eat fruit we need to slow it down because a lot of it is going to turn into alcohol as it goes through the body. The alcohol is a great substance to clean the tissues - to help break down solvents in the body to make viruses where bacteria, fungus and parasites can’t help us to make virus solvents to dissolve dead cells and other matter. Coconut cream is perfect for that but there can be neurological damage because of that cleansing, so always have some fat with that meal. Have either 1 to 2 tablespoons of cream or 2 teaspoons of butter with that fruit meal. Now you want to make sure, as it's pulling those metals out, that they don't do damage anywhere. Let's say you’ve got a dry area in your intestines that doesn’t produce mucus - it’s scar tissue - and the metal hits that; it's going to create some damage. So to prevent that, have 2 tablespoons of lime juice with that meal, maybe just one. The problem with the lime juice is that it is an antiseptic and it is antibacterial. So it will lower the bacterial levels and slow digestion, maybe even impede it. So lemon juice, you add a tiny bit of lemon juice. You’ve got two tablespoons of lime juice you have to have at least 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Lemon incites bacteria ;that's why it's a good marinater.

Question: is it a combination of lemon and lime juice together?

Aajonus: Lemon and lime together. So you know lemon is used to break down fish and chicken and marinate your food because it incites bacteria, it incites fermentation. Lime does the opposite, but it surrounds the poisons so you don't lose a tremendous amount of nutrients and you don't have damage from it.

So that's the process for the fruit meal. Of course if you have bad digestion you want a custard, which is butter, eggs, honey and papaya and a little bit of grated ginger if you like in it. Any place you have a problem that is mentioned in the remedy section of We Want to Live that’s the fruit you adopt until that symptom is gone. That's the fruit that you have at that fruit meal, because that’s what you need to clean that area of the body. Different foods clean different areas of the body and different kinds of toxins will be removed with particular fruits. So all that’s available in the remedy section of We Want To Live. So that's your fruit meal, then some people will not have had a vegetable juice in the morning at all. They will want it 2 or 2 ½ half hours after their fruit meal. In the mid-afternoon.

So you have a few hours of eating your cheese, and you're sipping your fluids - milk, milkshakes. If you're skinny, you need milkshakes; if you don't produce mucus properly, you need milkshakes. If you’ve got allergies, you need more mucus because the body is dumping its poisons out the mucous membranes, not out the skin. If your skin is jammed, it’s throwing it out your mucous membranes, so you need more mucus if you have allergies, and that means mucus coming out the sinuses and throat and lungs and the esophagus. So have whatever vegetable juice you like, I have different vegetable recipes in the recipe book under vegetable juices. Then if you have it earlier then you just go let’s say 4 hours of having the cheese and sipping on fluids all the way up until 5 or 6 o’clock. Then if you haven't been on good diet for long and you haven't been a vegetarian you might want 2 juices a day and even another one before you go to sleep you have to decide. And if you come to me I will tell you how much. I will be able to tell you how much right away and you won't have to use your instincts or intuition with little knowledge. You have to decide but you can do it relatively and instinctively although the instincts are pretty warped from where we've been and what we have in the body.

If you have another vegetable juice then you have to wait an hour and a half minimum to have your next meat meal. So you can have your meat meal as late as 8 and 9 o’clock, and that’s okay. Remember any raw food does not require much digestive activity because the bacteria does it. If you eat cooked foods the body has to handle 32 toxins that are formed, 3 of them are called carcinogenic - the acrylamides, heterocyclic amines and lipid peroxides. 1 toxin for carbohydrates, 1 for the fats and 1 for the proteins that are actually carcinogenic as they collect in the body they become carcinogenic but there are 29 others that cause toxicity too. So the body is spending it’s nutrients on dealing with toxins, not only trying to digest your food. In raw food you don't have any of that. You can go to sleep with a full tummy, You might want to sit up a little bit to make sure your food is going to flow down the right way and not hang up somewhere if you don't have strong intestines because you're peristalsis maybe slow or dragging.

But you can always eat raw foods. Sleep slightly slanted upward, the body and the head slightly upward from the buttocks and then you'll digest fine. So it doesn't matter how late you eat. In fact right before you go to bed, maybe half a cup of milk, 2 oz. of milk, maybe a little bit of a milkshake, whatever. Then in the middle of the night you have to eat. If you don't the protein in your blood drops to nothing. Red blood cells become cannibalistic and eat each other.

It's like chickens; chickens are scavengers, they are meat eaters, they are bug eaters. If you feed them grains and what happens to them? Once every two weeks they'll kill another chicken and everybody will eat that chicken. They've become cannibalistic because they have to have meat because that's their main diet... it's supposed to be meat. They are rotten meat eaters - chickens. At Amos Miller’s Farm, I have him take a pallet out there and throw all the guts and anything he's not going to be able to sell onto the pallet and put it out in the chicken field with all the grass he has growing. Those chickens don't eat all that grass because they have the meat and they have the maggots that are growing on the meat that's been sitting there. They get everything they want and they are full and they’re beautiful, they’re radiant white and they're full and they don't peck each other; there's no pecking order. They’ve got good feathers, no dry spots, no deterioration, no dry skin, no scabies-like activity and they'll come up and they’ll rub up against you like a cat. Just as friendly as friendly can be. That's an animal that's been fed right. Chickens that's have been fed in these stalls with all these grains and by-products and food processing are very terribly nourished chickens. They're missing feathers, dry spots, all kinds of problems that's just to make money on the on eggs and on chickens. That's not about creating a healthy food because you have to know what the animal eats naturally and how to feed them that.

So in the middle of the night you have to eat or else your red blood cells are going to become cannibalistic and eat each other. You’ve seen those people, you probably even awaken after 8 to 10 hours and you can't move and you feel like you haven't slept a bit; you’re weak. That's because you're anemic; you've lost 2 to 4 tablespoons of red blood cells. Your spleen is not going to give it up for 2 hours, the excess. [speaking to a member of the audience: and you don't even have one now right so you have no excess to give]. So you're going to be tired and smoking and caffeine and theobromine, chocolate and all those stimulants are not taking care of anemia. They are just masking the symptoms; eating takes care of anemia. So in the middle of the night have something to eat - a couple of eggs, some cheese honey and milk, half a cup of milkshake, cup of milkshake, whatever it is - and go back to sleep. If you're a hyperactive person very physically oriented, set your alarm for 3 hours after you go to sleep, eat then and go back to sleep. Nobody but me is energized after 3 hours; everybody wants to go right back to sleep; three hours is not enough sleep. If you wake after 5 hours and eat and you are highly energetic, you’re going to have too much energy to go back to sleep on this diet. So it’s better you wake after a few hours’ sleep for a longer period, 3 hours 5 hours sleep then get up and eat again and that's the process.

Rather than talking about each thing individually, I decided to put it all in the diet - about the lime juice, the cheese and everything - so you understand how it works. The cheese going through you cleans up the garbage so it doesn't get into your food and back into your body. The changes in the irises will be astounding, the changes in your health will be astounding. I mean one fellow I thought that had all that black in his intestines - I said this guy’s going to take 6 years to even feel good and after 6 months of doing that he felt tremendous, and he was also doing the hot baths don’t forget that. He did the hot baths 360 days out of 365 days he missed 5 days of the year without a bath. So he had all the toxins moving out of the body and then it was moving on a daily basis and that he created on a daily basis.

Imagine this, your body needs 6 vacuum cleaners to clean your body and with your lymphatic system jammed that means your bags are all full. How are you going to get rid of your daily waste if your vacuum bags are full? You're not. You're going to keep filling that up until they explode. Then what are you going to have? All contamination throughout the body everywhere not just in the connective tissue and in the lymph glands. You’re going to have it in the blood, in the neurological fluid, you're going to have it in the bones, connective tissue from the bones, you’re going to have it in the tendons, you're going to have it everywhere and some people do. Because they're just backing it up everywhere through the whole system so - hot baths, the cheese and those systems will make you functional. I work 20 hours a day, 20 hours a day and I can stay fresh and alert. And I tell people you need to call me you got an emergency call at any hour. If I wake I'll go right back to sleep you know. No problem.

When I get on a plane, I try to stay awake to the point where I can take off the seatbelt because I don't like that pulling that radiation into that belt buckle but sometimes as we're lifting off and I'm waiting to get to 10,000 feet I'm gone, and I don't wake up until we're about to land. It doesn't matter where I going or how long were traveling it can be a 10 hour flight and I'll sleep most of the way that's the only time I can sleep for long periods. I wear a mask because there is benzene. Do you know the air vent system comes through the engine to the back of the plane and disperses so all of the air you're getting is mixed with monoxides and benzene from the engine?

That's why people are having jet lag. It's not the time or anything. I never have jet lag. I wear a mask and I sleep on the plane. I wake there and I am more refreshed because I got all that direct sun radiation which is not damaging; it is healthy and vitalizing. Things grow because of that like in Finland. They publish my books in Finnish there. So I go there a couple times a year or once a year and they're growing season is 4 months and they grow everything fast because why?... there is no darkness you know, it’s light all day long. You may have a couple of hours of so-called semi-darkness but all summer it’s the light. It's not as warm there as it is in a southern climate. It's the amount of light that the plants get. They grow in a short period and grow nicely. So when I'm up there in a plane that light radiation from the sun is a good full spectrum radiation and it charges me. As long as I'm wearing my mask and I'm not getting the benzene in the exhaust from the engines. You smell it when the plane backs out you can smell the benzene. It’s all over in the cabin and it stays in there the entire flight because it comes through that engine and if there's oil drippage then you get monoxides heavily, and benzene heavily in the cabin that’s even caused some flight attendants and some pilots to be grounded forever. It has damaged their nervous systems and that happens when probably 20 flights a year of out hundreds of thousands that's not bad but anybody who flies a lot like I do; you know I'll be on 3, 4 flights a week sometimes and if I'm going to Australia I may be on 5 flights to get there because I want to get there fast because usually you have to go to Singapore. If you go thru Singapore you got an 8 to 12 hour layover there. So I have these cities that I can bounce to but that's like 5 plane trips but I’m there in 20 hours instead of 50 hours or 48 hours. So I cut the time down but I wear my mask and I sleep. I've trained myself; I wear my mask like this. I have it, I can show you what I use. I had a cotton mask made in Vietnam, probably 10 years ago and it's this and they wear them all over on their motor scooters and motorbikes. Well I fold this up like this and take an organic cloth, this is a handkerchief made of organic cotton and I roll it many times, many layers and I put it here and then put it under my nose, strap this on like this and that makes a tight seal so all the poisons have to go through all these layers to get there. Now I trained myself to breathe in through here and out my mouth even if I'm sleeping. Sometimes it causes me to snore and a wake myself up but I'll go right back to sleep, but you can train yourself to do it; you just have to focus on training yourself breathing in your nose and out your mouth, so that's what I use anytime there's contamination.

In my car I carry an actual Israeli gas mask. I got pulled over at the Mexican border several times because they thought I was a terrorist because I carried a gas mask in my car.

Audience member - a gas mask on the plane you would look like a terrorist.

Aajonus{ No, that never bothers them. They wonder why and I said it’s not bacteria, it’s the fumes from your plane. I'm not afraid of bacteria, I'm afraid of your poisons

Question: Do you wear a gas mask driving around there?

Aajonus: No no; I carry it in my car in case there is some kind of chemical spill on the freeway. Then I'll put the gas mask on but you never know what’s going to be dumped on those freeways in LA. There's been some pretty nasty stuff that's been dumped there. It can happen anywhere on any road. You know it just happened to weeks ago in St Louis. Just south, southwest of St Louis and I was coming from Stockton and there was a massive oil spill so you had to go around chemical spill and they were diverting people 5 mile detour, way around the area it was highly toxic and I had a gas mask. I'm not going to take a chance. I've been there. Like those injections, they’ve screwed me up for years. I could have been dead and they were intended to kill me and say - ‘see he died of swine flu and he's not a pig’. Oh, what really quenched my knowing that was swine flu they shot me with: from the 1st week in January I started smelling and tasting pork and I hadn’t eaten it in 3 months. All the way through April from January to April all I could smell coming out of my nails, my hands and my fingers was pork and out my mouth, my breath was that pork - because of the pork tissue they used to make the swine flu.

One more thing: I didn't talk about bacteria, parasites and fungus. I mentioned that your body has a natural way to recycle cells in the body, the same way it digests food. You have bacteria that's in the organism. Now, if you take any animal flesh and you keep it at body temperature or in a warm space what's going to happen. Bacteria and parasites are going to infest it and break it down and recycle it into the earth. And the birds get to eat the worms and the parasites and other insects - ants - eat all that so you’ve recycled everything. The body does it internally the same way. Sometimes if the cell is too toxic, the lymphatic system will absorb it into a gland or node and then the body will use a solvent to break it down or let the bacterial, parasitical or fungal activity happen inside a contained environment. So the toxicity is much. So now when a parasite is your janitor, cleaning up dead cells, that's the quickest and the best. Parasites can eat 100 times their weight in 24 hours and their excrement secretions are only 2 to 5% of that waste. That means that's like taking 100 pounds of waste and reducing it to 2 to 5 lbs., that’s the janitor I want. Give me a parasite any day and one thing with parasites you never know you have symptoms because you’re symptomless. Parasites work so benignly that you symptomless. That's a good thing. When you have bacteria, yellow mucus coughing up and when that breaks down and seeping out the eyes; that's bacterial. If you have fungal - you have a little in the bacteria - eat 50 times their weight in 24 hours, half as much as a parasite but still their waste is only 2 to 5% . Excellent janitor; I want that one too.

When we get to fungus it's different. Funguses grow differently; they grow on a mycelium - a milky like serum that goes down into the Earth. The mycelium goes into the earth and eats with this - It’s like the blob. But it's a milky substance and that goes in and eats the roots of any dead roots, it won't eat right live roots, only dead roots and then it throws out a mushroom and that's the spore, that's the sex of the mycelium. So fungus - that's what it is - it goes in and dissolves something from a liquid body. It's not a parasite and it's not a bacteria that has a certain shape like they're trying to claim virus have - it’s ridiculous you can’t have a living solvent that's like saying ‘Oh! - muriatic acid is alive’. And what body - we’re going to make up a body, and where going to will show you pictures of it. But actually say show me a photograph of it. Show me a photo, if this is what it is, show me a photograph. You’ll never get one, because there is no such thing. So in the fungal detoxifications they can eat about 50 times their weight in 24 hours but their waste is 15 to 20%. That's why when you have a yeast infection or crotch rot and your skin's peeling because you're discarding a lot of waste through the skin, 3 to 4 times more than you do with bacteria or parasites. That's why you have more dryness and itching, but it's still working for you. It’s still eating 50% its weight in 24 hours but just more waste, but still pretty good. What happens when you have virus when the cells are making a fluid to dissolve dead cells and matter, there is no reduction in waste. You swell it up like… let's say you're going take muriatic acid to clean the oil of the car debris off your drive, in your garage. So what do you do with the muriatic acid? - you dilute it in water, then you scrub it, and then you clean it in that bucket, so what do you have? Do you have any reductions in poisons? No you have a magnification of poisons. You have the solvent that your cells have created which could be like muriatic acid. Then you have the waste that it has cleaned up. Nothing is reduced; it's all in this fluid. Water is your main solvent. So you've got this fluid in this heavily solvent body in your system. That's why the difference between spinal or cerebral meningitis that's bacterial and viral. If you're go in to a hospital and talk to a doctor about viral meningitis, they freak out because there is so much swelling. There is usually some kind of damage done, paralysis or some kind of brain damage done when there's a viral detoxification of the spinal cord or brain. When it’s bacterial, there's very little swelling and no problem. So then they start injecting you with antibiotics for a viral meningitis which is the dumbest thing in the world; that's going to cause more swelling. And then they inject you with all these things that will dehydrate you. That works but that's still doesn't correct the problem. It doesn't help the brain or the nervous system, the spinal cord. That's how your body cleans. When you have a detoxification, you want to do the best you can to get through it. And I've given ways in there to how to get through them. Colds and flu - milkshakes. You need lots of mucus to help you pull them out. But with the new bath system you're detoxing very little out the sinuses any more. You have very little symptoms because you're pushing the poisons out though the skin. And if you’re not pushing them out through the skin, the cheese is pulling them out through the intestines and holding on to it so you don't have to have side effects. You don't have to have symptoms of that poisonous detoxification. So the people who do the cheese and the baths almost have no colds or flu anymore because it's not necessary. You're not breaking it down and having to eliminate it all at once with mucus and sweating with fevers because you're doing it every day. Taking it out with the cheese instead of the mucus and you’re perspiring it out with hot baths, simple. You just have to take the time to do it. But how much time are you going to lose if you're off work for 2 or 3 weeks? It's a lot of time off. If you're taking the first 90 minutes of your sleep time in a hot bath and then go to bed, you're not losing any time. You're gaining time.

In a hot bath some people... the brain hates to get hot. I've had children up to 106.5 degree fevers never have any brain damage on this diet. Feed them some tomatoes then the body will be able to detox without so much fever. Bring it down to like 106, 105, something like that and then encourage that. Put them in a hot bath, and let them sweat it out faster so the body doesn’t have to create fever. But a lot of people have so much metal in their brain they can't stay in the hot water. It's very difficult, like this gentleman here who went through a whole year and couldn't do it. So what I said was, take a bowl of cold water with ice cubes floating in it and a wash rag, and don't ring it out and put it on top of your head when you get frustrated by the heat. Stick your fist in there, not tight, open fist. Put them in the water to here, icy water to here. Your bones get cold to the bone, ever hear cold to the bone, causes the brain to cool quickly. So your hands all the bones are right close to the flesh they get cold instantly, cools the whole body for people putting ice on their wrist again that will do the same thing but not as quick, and cool the brain quickly, just there you put your whole fist in your wrist, the top of your wrist in that cold water for only 2 minutes. That's all it takes is 2 minutes and your body will want to stay in that hot water. The body loves the hot water the brain hates it. So that's how to handle that.

And when you get to that point, you can get your body adjusted and you can fall asleep easily. Just don't do it over a 105 degrees if you're going to sleep in it; you might dehydrate too much if you do that. So keep it about a 105 and be sure to sip enough fluids, let's say 2 ounces of sports formula, I mean 2 cups of sport formula before you go to sleep. If you’re just in the hot tub and watching a movie or reading a book or something then sip the entire time you’re in there. No more than an ounce a minute though. If you gulp you're going to piss out your fluids. Most of that water is going to go right to your kidneys and then the nutrients that usually go along with your food to the cells, the nutrients with the h2o because of the nutrients to the cells won't be there so then your cells are going to dehydrate and drinking water does not help. Water cannot be absorbed into a cell without nutrients.

It's a farce everybody drinking all that water just dilutes their nutrition, it thins their mucous on the mucous membranes and flushes out a lot of your nutrients out of the kidneys. Water is not a good thing. You need to eat foods with nutrients in it. Milk is 86 to 90% water. How much water do you need? I drink 2 to 3 quarts of milk a day. If I'm having a sport formula, I'll have a quart of that a day and 2 quarts if I'm doing hot baths. If I don't, I don't drink as much but when you're in the hot tub or in the bathtub with a lot of heat you're going to perspire a lot of toxins and you need to replace them but not with plain water. That does not help, that damages the body. You need it with concentrated nutrients.

The sport formula is 94% water. Now I'm going to give you the sport formula it's a little complex so you need to write it. The sport formula is a quart of fluid. The first three cups of that are from two of at least two of five ingredients. You can use all 5 to make up that 3 cups, but you have to use at least 2, and that's cucumber puree, watermelon puree, whey, milk, tomato puree. So you got three things: if you use tomato, cucumber and watermelon they have to be pureed, and if you use watermelon you cannot use the heart; it’s too sweet. Start from where the seeds end to the rind. You peel the green rind and you use the white to the pink where the seeds start. Low carbs but high in pectin and a lot of other nutrients to help clean the body. However if you have 2 cups of watermelon probably it is not too good because it will make you very horny because there is citrulline in watermelon, especially in the rind. The rind will help cleanse you a lot but it’s also going to stimulate your sexual appetite. That's the best way if you have trouble in keeping an erection. Eat watermelon rind and that will take care of that, and you do it for about 3 or 4 days eating maybe about 2 cups of it a day, by the 4th day just a little bit works. So it works on 90% of my clients that have erectile dysfunction. The University Texas A&M is trying to grow watermelons with more citrulline in it so they can make a natural Viagra. The problem is that when you do that, you have to use a solvent like kerosene or hexane to dissolve that matter to extract the citrulline out of the watermelon cell. It's still going to have chemicals in it. Just eat watermelon rind and that will take care of it.

You have got at least 2 of those 5 ingredients to make up the first 3 cups of a sport formula. Then you have vinegar, now vinegar helps dissolve a lot of garbage in the body. It also takes plaque off of the system. Now when I did my heart stuff at 15 years old when I started having heart attacks. they found in my right carotid artery, they found about 20% fat congestion in that artery, but it wasn't enough to affect the heart so they disqualified that. Well about 6 years ago, wasn’t even that, 4 years ago, well every three years I go to life screening. Life screening use sonograms, you know ultrasound to test your carotid arteries to see if it is congested and to what percent. They also test Bone density and it's a pretty safe way to do it, it's probably only 1% to 2% off. So it's pretty accurate so I went and had it done. So I ignore that carotid artery that had that plaque on it 20%. I thought why don't I do something about taking that off I'm always taking care of other people, why don’t I take care of myself.

So I started taking vinegar and I only took it probably 30 times, maybe 30 tablespoons that year. I went back the next year and that carotid artery was all clean. It had been since I was at least 15 and a half all the way till I was 62 years old. In 1 year who knows how long it took I had only 30 tablespoons of vinegar that year and it dissolved it so I figured the people who have a lot of plaque in their arteries and in their intestines, that's the way to clean out some of that plaque no matter how where it is: raw apple cider vinegar. So if you are a large person 2 tablespoons of vinegar a day, small 1 tablespoon of vinegar a day in that sport formula or if you're not drinking the sport formula, have 1 tbsp in 2 to 3 oz of milk. Now it will curdled so you can't leave it in there long when you mix it together and sip it within 10 or 15 minutes. It's quite easy to take that way and nice in milk and you won't have to worry about it de-mineralizing the body as vinegar normally does. I know a lot of people have done a lot of vinegar and they get bone and they get spinal disintegration. So it is not a good thing, if you're having a lot of vinegar. So I will have 2 tablespoons of lime juice in it, a 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, 2 to 4 tablespoons of coconut cream, 1 to 2 tablespoons of dairy cream, and three to four eggs and you blend that all together. Once you get this procedure down, takes no more than 12 minutes to put that together. The time it takes is to peel the cucumber and you peel the watermelon but you don't have to peel the tomato. The tomato skins are fine but you have to peel the cucumber and the watermelon rind because otherwise they will turn your intestinal tract alkaline and you won't be able to digest your foods that you need to digest which are your dairy, your eggs and your meats.

Those are the most important. So sip on that all throughout the day. If you're taking the hot baths you might make one and a half of them for the day and sip 2 to 3 cups before and during and after that hot bath, 90 minute hot bath. If you're doing 40 minute baths just for the lymphatic waste, not the lymphatic congestion, remember the lymphatic waste is in the connective tissue being dumped under the skin and in the connective tissues to be perspired. Lymphatic congestion is when your lymphatic system is jammed: the glands and the nodes and the arteries and the veins - passages going to those lymph glands and nodes. Remember the tonsils are part of that.

I just want to make sure that you understand salt is dangerous. Salt is an explosive. It is more volatile than nitroglycerin. If you had a pure cake of sodium as big as a football it would take out all of New York City. Just like a 200 ton hydrogen bomb could take out New York City and all of its buildings. One crystal this big would take out all of New York City.

So the war department, the industrial military complex, as President Eisenhower called it disparagingly... he said that we will never have peace as long as they run the government, as long as they run the military because they want to make a profit on war. Anyway the government, the military gave General Electric 2 billion dollars to make a weapon, out of salt. My father worked on the project for 6 years. It was so untenable they could not make it into a bomb, thank God. Because one and a half degree temperature change a completely isolated sodium could set it off. So they could never temper it, never break it down and ulitize it. [As an aside to the audience present: I saw someone wearing a baseball cap ? Cubs hat?? Cincinnati used to have it; they changed it when I was a kid.]

Salt is a very bad thing. The reason that I say don't add salt to cheeses is because when it goes into the body, it starts breaking up the cheese and then causing your body to digest it. The problem: what happens to you in the blood is that if you have salt in there of course your body will take the sodium chloride, or the sodium potassium or however you're getting the sodium, and separate it. It will isolated it because it’s in rock form. We don't eat we rock, plants eat rock.

So what happens is they starts exploding in the blood. You have all of these nutrients - a smorgasbord of nutrients anywhere from 93 to 117 nutrients - that feed a cell every time it opens to eat. If you have salt in the blood, it breaks those up and fractionates it. So a cell may be getting 23 nutrients instead of 93 to 117; it may get 50. You are never getting a balanced diet if you're eating salt - any kind of salt - because it will be separated and it will cause explosions and fractionations throughout your body. You saw it exploded, that one guy’s skin as it came out. He was as heavy chip eater, and that's how his body handles it. Throwing it out his entire abdominal area. So it must have been stored in the abdominal area somewhere to do that.

So salt is not a good thing, it is a horrible thing; it's the next worse thing to cooking.

Questions: You were saying to do eggs in the morning, does it change the effectiveness if you mix it with yogurt or in a smoothie or something?

Aajonus: It changes it entirely. It will slow down the digestion, remember milk, dairy, even if it's fermented can take 6 hours to digest. Non-fermented milk takes 10 hours minimum to digest. So if you're mixing the egg which can digest in 27 - 37 minutes you're stretching the absorption of it. The idea is to get the eggs into the body fast so that constitutes your whole brain fuel for the day.

Question: When you make pate, do you mix butter in it right then????

Aajonus: No I always mix the butter while I'm eating it because that butter will absorb in to the protein, turn it into a fat for fuel. I want the butter to be used for the fat while I'm eating the meat

Question: The apple cider vinegar, Braggs just released a new drink that has some antioxidant berry juices and it’s actually mostly apple cider vinegar, will that be useful for me.

Aajonus: No. Remember, antioxidants is a spin, your body needs oxidation. Without oxidation you can't utilize your fat as fuel. There is no transformation. So all this antioxidant stuff is garbage. Take for example: I’ve got a client that has been on the diet for about 15 years. You may have just seen him a month ago or less on National Geographic on Longevity. Paul Cohen was an Olympic tennis competitor and McEnroe's coach for 10 years. Antioxidants... he’s all in his head with everything and he's one of those of coaches that beats everybody up. Why do you think McEnroe flips so much, because Paul was the same way. So Paul’s always got this stuff - oh I’ve got to eat this antioxidants and I said ‘Paul, you have to ignore antioxidants’; I said ‘it’s going to come to the point where you can’t breathe, you won't have any energy because you got all this inability to oxidize in your system with all these antioxidants. Sure people are over oxidizing because they are eating cooked foods because of all the carbon that is in their system and the monoxides. So you need some antioxidant but you're on a pure diet, you don't even cheat. You don't do the diet as I suggested for you, but you do a hundred percent Primal Diet foods, you just don't eat the way I tell you to. I said ‘you're a terrible learner from a coach’. I'm your coach and you're not listening to me.

He called me about 6 months ago and he said ‘I have no energy Aajonus, and I'm eating all this antioxidants stuff’. I said ‘I have to tell you 10 times - the antioxidants are bad for us on this diet, it's no good’. He's eating these goji berries and this certain herb that he grows in his garden all this antioxidant crap. So now he's 77 years old and he cannot play a game of tennis without getting tired. I said ‘stop you’re freaking antioxidants and see what happens’. Sure enough it’s two months later and he's doing better, but he eats anything he goes for, the berries that are antioxidants, everything that's antioxidants. So I told him it's going to take him maybe 2 years to detox all that crap so he can get back to oxidizing his fats so he can have more energy. You can’t get it in your head with these ideas on all these marketing scams in the nutritional world. They are scams. Every one of them contains either kerosene or gasoline. If you take a food and you have to dissolve it into a soup to extract what you need out of it, how do you do that​? Only two ways, gasoline and kerosene. Kerosene is natural so all the vitamins that are made called natural, it’s kerosene. But how many of you would soak your food for 72 hours in kerosene and eat it, dissolve it into soup so it's full of kerosene. How many of you going to do it?

I don't see a freaking hand up here, now tell me how many of you will take supplements. Not many and that's good unless a lot of you are lying and you don't want to admit that's what you're eating. So all supplements are made that way unless it Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil. I helped for 2 years to help them manufacture that. I didn't even want a dime for it, I just wanted a product that was good. Now it's the Green Pastures Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil, non-flavored. It stinks, it burns your throat, and it’s everything it should be for a fermented oil.

From the audience: It taste like cinnamon. It's not that bad. You’re exaggerating. It's not that bad it’s okay. This guy has gone two bottles of it

Aajonus: OK, so fine, you can get used to it. But that's where you get your extra vitamin D, and some your animal fats that are good for you. I prefer butter, I prefer bone marrow, stuff like that. Bone marrow is the only place where you can get stem cells, non-adult embryonic like stem cells, are from bone marrow. You let that get room temperature and it's like butter and it is delicious. Some is dryer but most of it is very robust and you can double and triple the cellular division with that. The fats are always used in the body throughout the system and very little gets to the skin so it takes longer for the skin to recover.

All of this [ ] came about from my injections; all of this [ ] came from those injections. I never had anything like this and in weeks I had it from those injections. I mean it used to be 5 times that much. It used to be all here like this, like an elephant tissue, but very dry and hard and peeling. It's psoriasis all over again from that, but it's breaking down and getting better. But all those toxins that are coming through - this was 2 years ago - down to here and the skin was very wrinkled. Now it's a tenth of what it was. So I'm recovering slowly, but I'm recovering. On my 67th year I'm still recovering and getting stronger and everybody can do it.

Bone marrow helps regeneration of cells fast. I've seen women, they’re all wrinkles and dry skin and they like to say ‘I'm in California where everybody wants to be a movie star’, and has to have great thin look. They never work anyway and their dispositions are awful because they're so skinny; everything is overloaded into their brain and their mind doesn't buffer all the information so they over react with anything and they can't get a relationship anyway but they think if they stay thin then they'll be attractive. But what's more attractive: somebody who's funny and charming and happy or somebody who is skinny and crazy? That is what most of LA is, skinny and crazy literally.

Look at McEnroe and Billie Jean King right now. When they were so skinny and mad and crazy and dried up - they're both fat now, and they're both happy and they're always going around smiling, all the difference in the world. But I got these women with so dried skin to at least put bone marrow on their skin. I said sperm is the only other thing and ovum, you can’t manufacture ovum, how many guys are you going to get to ejaculate for you and you're going to put it on your face. So take bone marrow and rub it in and like in 3 months their skin just perks. 90% of the dryness and wrinkles are gone, just from putting bone marrow on. I don't do it because I want to see how my body does it from the inside out. I want to measure how it is without the easy tricks. I'm giving you the easy tricks to make it easy for you but I'm a scientist so I still want to do things the hard way except I do eat the cheese and I do take the hot baths to help. Those things I definitely do.

Okay any more questions?

Inaudible question about baths – putting milk in the water vs. putting clay and vinegar in the water.

Aajonus: Well, it [clay and vinegar] won’t do it as well as having some milk in there.

Question: Can I still leave the milk in there and let the bath fill up while I’m still in there?

Aajonus: Yes absolutely. When I take one of those hot baths. I fill it with scalding hot water and let it sit for 7 to 10 minutes so the whole bathroom heats up because it will lower the temperature slower. Then I fill it with luke warm water and then I get in when it gets to about 111 degrees. By the time I get into that water, it is down to 110 to 109 degrees. Then it will take maybe 20 minutes 25 minutes depending upon what the bath tub is made of and if it's plastic it will usually hold heat longer so could take 20 to 25 minutes. Then I'll let out 2 inches of water. At the second inch, I will turn on only the hot water, cup my hands slightly above the water level and route the cold water straight down into the drain so it doesn’t get out around in the water which would make the bath harder to heat up. Then, once that water comes out scalding hot, I close the drain and then I'll let the water flow in to the 2 inches and will stir it around so it gets evenly hot during that whole time. Once the 2 inches is finished, I know that water's about a 110, 111 degrees and then I got 20 to 25 minutes again before it's going to drop down to 102. So you won't get as clean in your lymphatic glands and nodes as quickly as if you were to have 105 degrees straight because you're dropping down to below 105 in the bathtub but you will definitely work in cleaning out the lymphatic waste that is in the connective tissues whether it's in the muscles or just under the skin and you will keep the cycle of poisons going out daily. The baths, even if they’re in the bathtub, they are important and in the hot tub they will be so much more effective and efficient. Question : inaudible question about if this data is in the We Want To Live book.

Aajonus: Yes, under health modalities, under baths.

Question: partially inaudible question, ending in ‘ground meat, butter, ground meat, butter’.

Aajonus: That's okay; you can do it that way.

Question: [someone] eating a tremendous about of butter and I saw Sherri the same way and I thought they had information I did not have.

Aajonus: When I do I, I have the butter and the meat going in together. I like it that way. I love the taste of butter with my meat. See when I was a kid, I used to love sirloin with all the fat on it and my other brothers didn't like so much fat. My father like his fat but my other brothers would give me the fat, so I’d eat just as much fat as I would steak and I loved it and I loved them together.

Question: … 20 teaspoons of meat 20 teaspoons of butter - that's a lot of butter

Aajonus: Well I would have a half of teaspoon. What I would do is take about a whole tablespoon of meat at a time with about a half a teaspoon of butter so I'm eating two tablespoons of butter minimum about 3 tablespoons per meat meal.

Question: So bone marrow is a moisturizer, right?

Aajonus: Well just remember: it will bring your skin back to life because the cells can reproduce faster and you sluff off dead cells at the same time.

Question: So it’s an exfoliator.

Aajonus: Exfoliator and rejuvenator.

Question: So do you have some recommendations for soap, shampoo, shaving cream.

Aajonus: Yes. I will either shave with fermented milk… ...and another way to get rid of wrinkles like that fellow I told you that I showed you with the neck. I have been experimenting with fermented milks like kefir made naturally, not kefir made with grains, just milk that is left out at warm temperatures and it turns into kefir within a few days if your house is cool; if it's warm like in the summertime it can turn overnight.

So if you take that kefir and rub it on your neck and other areas, the wrinkles go away in minutes and they'll stay away until your skin needs to be fed again. So kefir and even yogurt helps revitalize the skin even faster because it's all fermented and predigested so the skin cells are able to absorb it even better than the bone marrow. I just discovered this in the last 4 months. I was at a point where I only had kefir and I had to shave and I wasn't going to put in my hair but I needed to shave and it was the only thing that I had that would give me a smooth shave and 20 minutes after shaving I realized my God, my wrinkles have decreased over 50% just from that. So I started to experiment with myself more and other people and my God the kefir works even faster than the bone marrow. Bacteria predigest everything.

inaudible question

Aajonus: It could be, I don't know, somebody stole my microscope so I have no idea. People have been in damaging. Somebody got into my house or thru the house and both of my - two different major pieces of copy machines and fax multi-functional machines those stopped in the same day. Those wouldn’t work when I woke up that morning and I had been gone the day before. So I tried to use them, neither of them will work. I went through everything like electronically and through the programs, nothing will make them work yet they are on and I can't get them to function. Somebody got into my hotel room and where was that, in New Jersey and destroyed two of my backup drives. And just when I was at that court, that hearing in Wisconsin for the farmer , Vernon Heisenberg, I had to go back and get three documents and those were the three documents that the jury wanted to see. My hard drives and my backup drives were damaged; I couldn't even get into them. So I spent all night and I bought this $800 program to work slowly and to recover a backup drive and by morning I had had them so I had the documents. So somebody's effing with me on the phone everywhere I go, trying to sabotage stuff. So I have to deal with that on top of everything else; it's ridiculous, it's insane.

Question: Is there any particular reason why bone marrow itself isn’t good to put on injured sites?

Aajonus: It doesn’t work - It just doesn’t work. Raw meat does.

Question: Not enough protein?

Aajonus: That’s what I would hypothesize

inaudible question

Aajonus: Maybe if you let the bone marrow rot and get stinky… but then would you be able to be social? It might work then. I don't know; I haven't tried it.

inaudible question

Aajonus: That’s why you put the milk and the apple cider vinegar and the sea salt or Epsom salts in it. That binds with the poisons that's the whole point. That's why - when I make my bath - I put that stuff in the water and then leave it in the water before 7 to 10 minutes before I get in it.

Question: So Epsom salt is OK.

Aajonus: Yes, it’s just high in magnesium. Your other salts are high in sodium, sea salt is high in sodium, the Epsom salt is higher in magnesium. They both pull poisons. in fact Epsom salt might be a little bit better; it might be a little more absorbent, but you have the milk in there for that.

Question: So for a bath, you do need to put milk in?

Aajonus: Yeah, it’s better. It's better.

inaudible question about taking a shower... a filter?

Aajonus: You’re never going to filter out the garbage from the shower. If I take a shower like with the amount of fluoride and chlorine you have in this water, I would be a nervous shaking wreck… if I took a shower here. So I won't do it,

Q: So you won’t take a shower?

Aajonus: I'm saying don't take showers, yes. Take hot baths, where you can put the stuff in the water to neutralize the poisons

Q _How much do you think the filters take out?

Aajonus: Very little. You have to have a 3 complex system. I just built one for my publisher because he couldn't get a plumber to do it. They don't know what I'm talking about. So what I do is get a big canister about a 20-inch canister and they do sell those with paper. Now paper is a highly toxic substance and everywhere there's a paper mill, a paper factory that makes toilet paper, any of the papers that are adhered together, that are not parchment like the old way where there just taking the starch and keeping them together to pull together but then you don't have a tight paper. In all of those areas, the abortion or the miscarriage rate is about 32%, the cancer in children is 36%, the brain cancer in children is about 12% in all paper produced areas. So I always put the paper... they always say put the paper last. I say put the paper first and then go thru a carbon filter made from charcoal from coconut charcoal, the hard part of the coconut - they burn that and that creates a charcoal to filter it - and the last is sand. Now they say just do it the opposite. Sand, charcoal and then paper. I say not if you want spring type water. At least in the sand it's all natural. You'll get some minerals out of it and you'll get some bacteria. So you get the water back to the way it is in the rain stream. So we did it with the water at my publishers and I just got an email when I got off the plane saying that the water feels so good, they don’t have to put milk in the water and vinegar in the water anymore for them and their baby.

Question: Where did they put the filter?

Aajonus: They put it in their basement.

Question: … the water goes thru the filter?

Aajonus Water goes through the paper one first, then the charcoal, then the sand.

Question: shower ?

Aajonus: It goes everywhere in the house.

Question: How much did that cost?

Aajonus: Well, I didn’t charge them anything because he published my books when nobody else would so I did it for nothing. But it would probably cost him about... his plumber to put it in… I just built the sand filter because you can't get a sand filter that will withstand in a house... the only sand filters that are available are for swimming pools but they only handle water pressure of 50 lbs. and in Los Angeles you have 70 to 90 lbs. of pressure. So I had to take an old - that they don't even make any more - an old filter that was made to put saltpeter in - that means potassium chloride combination, that's saltpeter - that's what they use in most of your chemical filters.

Inaudible question

Aajonus: Softeners, yeah, saltpeter to break down your sexual ability and all that. You got this in all your water, you’re bathing and showering in, drinking, washing your hands and all that chemical in it. And it gets into the body and damages your sexual hormones. So I took that filter... I had the canister with the chemicals that went into the water... and then threw that away and took the canister that where the chemical had gone up and mixed in the water in there and there's supposed to be a polyester - I mean a poly carbonate filter - at the bottom but there wasn't. There was old silica sand in there with guess what – iodine! A whole pool of iodine in the bottom. They were being poisoned with iodine every day. Iodine is an antiseptic… a poison... it destroys bacteria. That’s why they use it on cuts and scrapes. The worst supplement I’ve ever seen is liquid iodine. It contaminates the intestinal tract and the nervous system. So liquid iodine is the worst supplement you can take. Just remember we are not plants. Plants eat rock, we don't. What happens if you go put a concentrated iodine water on your plants or even salt? What happens it burns the roots it destroys them, and you think we can handle rock salt? No we can't. I don't care if it's Celtic, I don't care what it is. You put that mixture that you’re eating out on a plant and you'll kill it, even a tree, you will kill it slowly, but you will kill it. We do not eat rock, plants eat rock, but plants don't eat salt rock and plants don't eat heavy iodine concentrated salt I mean minerals because it will destroy/ burn the roots so they had all this iodine in there and there was probably 20 oz. of it in that bottom layer. Little by little it was getting into their water every day and poisoning them along with the saltpeter.

So I just did that on Tuesday morning with the plumber and I took all the guts out of that thing, dumped that stuff on the street and that's when I saw all the iodine. I couldn't believe how much was in there, how much they've been poisoning themselves for 10 years. So I dumped that out. I put rocks in the bottom, 2 different sizes of rocks, and then regular sand and then silica sand on top of that because each one is a finer grade and then of course the water comes in and it comes in here and then goes through that sand and then out to the house. I had to wash all of the sand and rocks outside in big pails 12 times each to get out all of the regular dirt off of it so the water in the house wouldn't be all murky for a year. So it only will have slight very fine sand in it for 2 weeks and that's it.

inaudible question.

Aajonus: Well, the paper and the coconut were 20 inch canisters, well 22 inch canisters, with a 20 inch filter inside so those two were strapped and bolted together and then the salt the sand filter that I built was the old hard canister that was about this high and about that wide. So I was able to turn the whole thing into a sand filter.

Question: So you created a great system.

Aajonus: Yup, so he'll never have to change that sand for 20 years, 25 years. The paper one he's going to have to change probably every 3 months ,the coconut one probably once every 2 to 4 years. It's the paper one he's going to have to change frequently.

inaudible question

Aajonus: It's just high micron paper .5

inaudible question

Aajonus: Oh no, it's like an air filter in the car. It's made with accordioned paper around. The coconut carbon filter is solid, it's a solid mass.

Question: … shaving with fermented milk?

Aajonus: I shave with mostly with milk or coconut cream.

Question: But with fermented milk?

Aajonus: You don’t have to but it’s better for your skin, the fermented milk, but you can use any milk.

Question: But in order to get some kind of consistency?

Aajonus: No you don’t have to have that, there is enough cream in the milk

Question: What about soap and shampoo?

Aajonus: … very bad for the skin, you have all kinds of chemicals in soaps. What I use in soap, I take coconut cream and I let it sit out in the bathroom, non-refrigerated, until it turns pink, then it has fermented. Then per 8 oz of water I put 1 oz. of coconut cream, shake that, dissolves in warm water and I wet my hair first and then my whole body and then I put that on and that's my soap.

Question: Can you say that again?

Aajonus: Coconut cream and water. 1 oz. of coconut cream to 8 oz. of water. That's my shampoo and that's my soap and that's everything. Deodorant - it’s either lemon or lime juice. Lemon works a little better.

Aajonus: It's true, but unnatural fibers usually have aluminum in them, because the aluminum holds things in place, so they put aluminum in deodorant to hold it onto the skin so it just doesn’t perspire away into your clothes. Of course it contaminates your skin at the same time

inaudible question

Aajonus: It’s all chemical.

inaudible question

Aajonus: You know it's funny a lot of people don't even know how those substances are made. See it's like what is that famous company that advertises they grow their own food and makes their own supplement? Yes. Standard Process grows their organic food that they make into supplements, but in Chicago I gave hear a lecture and I said this and there were two top sales people in that company they went back and reported what I said. They’re attorneys called me on Monday, I wasn't there I hadn’t returned from Chicago yet, and they said give us a call we understand what you said at the at the workshop on Saturday about our Standard Process brand being chemically treated. Not true. We want you to retract it, you are going to have to put a half a page ad into the New York Times and Houston, Chicago Tribune whatever it is, in the San Francisco Chronicle. So that would have been about $500,000 for me to do that. I would have to spread about a week on each paper. So I got back and I called them and I said ‘I'm sorry, what is going on?’ and they said “you said something about chemically treated... our vitamin supplements are chemically treated’. I said ‘okay, have you been to the lab?’ and they said ‘no’. They said what they told us on paper and everything. I said ‘no, they told you the laboratory you use can make a natural supplement; defined by the FDA that's a solution called kerosene. So your lab is using kerosene to dissolve your food into a soup to be able to extract the nutrients out of it’. So I said ‘if that isn’t the process you use then you have created something very special and I want it in writing and on paper. If you provide me with that I will borrow the money and put it in the papers’. I never got a call back because I have it from a head chemist with a major pharmaceutical company and vitamin supplement company that there are only two things: hexane which is from gasoline and kerosene which is so-called natural. So all your supplements that are made are either made with gasoline or kerosene. All the natural ones use kerosene and all those that aren’t natural that still use food are gasoline. All the others beyond that are synthetic fabrications, chemical fabrications, they're not even true, but those that are made with kerosene and gasoline are no longer true either, okay.

Q: Apple cider vinegar, do you just take it straight?

Aajonus: You don’t want to take it straight. Not a good idea you need to dilute it unless you want to rot your teeth and your bones and your esophagus and throat; not a good idea, always dilute it.

inaudible question

Aajonus: It's highly acidic. It will rot your dentyne, just like lemon juice will. I've seen it happen and it deteriorates bone. I’ve seen old ladies and old men from the... remember the woman that was a very famous nutritionist back in the 60s? She used to advocate taking vinegar like 2 ounces a day and her spinal cord, and everybody I knew their spinal cord started dissolving. Even Bragg who used to drink 2 to 3 oz. a day... the last time I saw him, they had to carry him on stage because his spine was so whacked out he couldn't walk. Two heavy heavy men who look like Arnold Schwarzenegger carried him up on to the stage

Question: Patricia Bragg was pretty good when...

Aajonus: Well, she doesn't drink all that much vinegar. She knows better. She might drink a tablespoon a day but that's good, a tablespoon a day is good, not by itself.

The End