Rae Bradbury Interview 2

Living disease-free

The medical profession is finally taking a closer look at alternative therapies for cancer and other diseases. Why? In spite of trillions of dollars in research and high-tech tools, medicine fails miserably. Diet is one factor being considered. Aajonus Vonderplanitz is someone to whom a few doctors are paying attention.

Aajonus was given 3 months to live after he was diagnosed and treated for the deadliest cancer Multiple Myeloma (cancers of the blood and bone). That was 29 years ago. Now, he looks at least 10 years younger than his age, 50, muscular, radiantly healthy, doesn't exercise and has the clearest beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. He wrote a book entitled WE WANT TO LIVE that tells how he and thousands of others suffering from diseases reversed them with diet.

Unlike most nutritionists who focus on nutritional supplementa-tion, Aajonus is one who thinks diet is everything and supplements are toxic when on an optimal diet. He considers that, in the long run, supplements are just another drug on which the pharmaceutical industry gets rich and people get little. The foods he suggests make most medical doctors' hairs stand on end. But his suggestions reverse most diseases, consistently

Q: What do you think is the most important nutrient?

A: That depends upon the disease, but quantity-wise fat is the most required nutrient for the human body.

Q: What of all the warnings about the multitude of problems caused by excessive fat consumption?

A: Raw fat is the key. Cooking, that is, heating fats above 96° F. causes toxic alterations, for instance lipid oxides and aflatoxins, which are carcinogenic. Cooked fats cannot exchange molecules properly. Consequently they often dry and harden over the years. An example: If the body forms, from cooked fats, an improper or incomplete lubricant to protect the arteries, the arteries become brittle after many years.

Q: You're saying that if we were to eat all of our fats raw we would not develop heart disease?

A: Correct. We would not develop most forms of cancer, arthritis, rheumatism, and most diseases.

Q: Why are many people who eat cooked foods fairly healthy?

A: A few people have mutated to utilize cooked foods. But many people nowadays have overactive glands. This means they have an over-abundance of hormones. These hormones are often utilized to replace the destroyed nutrients in cooked food. However, as people age, their glands become fatigued or toxic or hardened. Consequently, their glands don't produce enough hormones to carry on normal body functions much less to utilize hormones as replacements for destroyed nutrients. Then the live enzymes, unaltered fats, proteins and sugars in raw foods become paramount to health, reversing most diseases.

Q: So, until people become unhealthy they can do fine on cooked foods?

A: If they want to use their bodies as garbage dumps. It's a risk I would never take again.

Q: Did you recover from Multiple Myeloma by eating predominately raw fat?

A: Along with a lot of raw meats: beef, chicken, fish and bone marrow.

Q: Aren't you afraid of bacteria and parasites?

A: Do you blame vultures for the carcass they eat?

Q: No.

A: Neither do I blame the bacteria and parasites for the decaying tissue that they eat. The cause of the decay is the problem. Bacteria, unless manmade, and parasites are a form of detoxification. They have a symbiotic relationship with the body toward better health.

Q: But people have died of bacterial food poisoning, haven't they?

A: My experience says no. Example: because the vagus nerve to my stomach was severed and hydrochloric acid is not produced in my stomach, according to science and medicine, I am in the category of people in their 80's and 90's who they say are in danger of bacterial poisoning and parasitic invasion. Yet, I've been eating raw meats since September 1976 and never have had either bacterial poisoning or parasites. And I've eaten some pretty rotten meats to test the issue. Probably, the problem is some chemical, drug, preservative or pesticide in the food to which those people had an allergy that killed them. Then science and the medical professions point their fingers at the vultures. Again, the vultures do not create the carcass on which they feed.

Q: So eating the raw meat cured you of cancers?

A: When I began eating it I began feeling better immediately. My body developed naturally, even without exercise.

Q: You said in your book that you had put your cancers in remission on a fruitarian/vegetarian diet.

A: Yes, by eating tremendous amounts of raw fat. But I did not reverse it until I began eating raw meats and raw bone marrow.

Q: What kinds of raw fat and meat do you eat?

A: Avocado, unsalted raw butter, raw cream, unsalted raw cheeses, coconuts, freerange eggs produced without hormones, oils pressed below 96° F., like olive, sunflower, peanut and flax (with high lignans). Raw meats that I eat are fish, chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, and sometimes the glands, for instance, liver. However, I eat bone marrow and glands only from organically fed animals.

Q: Why?

A: If high amounts of pesticides and chemicals are in the feed, and/or if antibiotics, hormones and drugs are fed or injected into the animals, the bones and glands become toxic and these toxins damage the person who eats them.

Q: Why don't chemical toxins store in muscle meat?

A: A little does but not enough to cause any problems, yet. Who knows what will happen in the next 10 years if we don't stop contaminating animals. For now, animals' bodies use fats to bind with toxins. Bone marrow and glands contain enormous quantities of fat to produce hormones, maintain resilience and protect themselves. So, most chemical toxins store in the bones and glands.

Q: Has this diet worked for others with Multiple Myeloma?

A: Six out of seven. I will tell you of the latest. Three months ago Dora Hagerer, 67, called me from a clinic near San Diego where she had been receiving chemotherapy. Her hemoglobin was about 7 and her red cell count 15,000; she had had several transfusions. The doctors were sending her home to die. She heard about my program. I put her on a raw diet, including small portions of raw meat 4-5 times a day. Dora called me last week to tell me that she had gone to her doctor the week before for blood tests. The doctor called a few days later and asked her to repeat the tests. Dora asked, "Why?" The doctor told her that the lab had made a mistake, that her blood results came back normal. She had the tests redone and, again, they were normal. Do you know what the doctor said when she began to tell him about the diet?

Q: What?

A: "I don't want to know what you are doing."

Q: Well, he would have to face his guilt.

A: And the fact that his career is supposed to be creating health; that is the oath that he took. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he were to trim his life-style while he re-educates himself to help the body cure itself rather than attacking it with butchering surgeries, burning radiation, and poisoning drugs?

Q: Is Dora able to function now?

A: She is feeling a lot stronger. I received this card from her today. She said, "I'm so happy that I'm recovering from this disease. It's hard to believe that this is possible after being told otherwise by everyone except you."

Q: That must feel really good.

A: I experience great joy, sometimes to tears. But I'm not doing it directly. It's the raw food that gives her body the nutrients it needs, works with best and easiest. I am merely the secondary guide.

Q: Who's her primary guide?

A: Her body through instinct. When a person eats the foods that I suggest when they are hungry for them, healing results are greater and quicker in most cases. If I were to define it further it might seem more complicated than it is. I've outlined it in the book within the story/testimonial section to make it accessible on emotional and intuitive levels.

Q: You did an excellent job of it. I was so enthralled I finished the book in one session. I didn't sleep until 5 a.m. that morning.

A: Thank you. It took five years of rewrites. In fact, I was ready for another rewrite when the publisher said no, "You'll be rewriting this ‘til you die. Enough!"

Q: You do not exercise?

A: Not in 18 years as of April 1997. My fingers dance over my computer keyboard, I roller-skate an average of once a month, I walk from room to room, from the house to car, and car to wherever. I've taken 4 yoga classes in 18 years. I carry my groceries 2-3 times a week. That's the extent of my exercise.

Q: But you look so fit and muscular, buffed.

A: It is the product of the raw meat.

Q: Do all of your patients look like as fit as you without exercise?

A: Most. I'm not against exercise. I was never well enough to be athletic as a child so it's something I do only if encouraged by someone. Exercise is important for people who have overactive glands, especially adrenals. If they don't burn the excess adrenaline with exercise they are likely to be irritable and volatile.

Q: For those who don't fancy exercise, how long would it take them on your diet to have the body they want without having to work at it?

A: Different times per the individual. For example, normally a toxic woman between ages 23-33 requires 1 1/2-3 1/2 years on my raw diet to become healthy enough to have a naturally trim and muscular physic without exercising. But a toxic woman of the same age-range who has had children must add at least 1 year for each child she has had to reach that stage. And a toxic woman of the same age-range who has had a Caesarean section must add 2-5 years to achieve that stage.

Q: Having a child puts that much of a strain on a woman's body?

A: It has been something I have observed for the last 21 years.

Q: But once she has achieved this state of natural trimness and muscularity, a woman does not have to worry ever again? In her entire life?

A: As long as she maintains the raw diet, I would assume that would be true. I have only observed it for 21 years.

Q: How does one lose weight on your diet of high fats?

A: More raw fats, then later, more raw meats. It is ironic, I know, but people overeat because they don't get the nutrients they need in cooked food. They don't process the cooked fats, proteins and sugars properly, so some store in the body as toxins. The body requires nutrients to cleanse them. When someone begins to eat only raw foods, especially plenty of raw fats and regularly raw meat, the old toxins are gradually cleansed away. One thirtysomething patient was 280 lbs. and was addicted to ice cream. I trusted her instincts, that she needed the cream. I gave her recipes to make raw ice cream from raw cream, fruit and unheated honey. She made one daily, eating up to a gallon a day. Within 5 months she had lost 140 lbs. and the craving for ice cream. After only 4 years on my raw diet, eating raw meat several times a day (most days), she maintained her weight at 125 lbs. without having to think about her weight, to this day.

Q: She must adore you.

A: She adores her body and knows its the raw food. Who wouldn't after battling extreme overweight for 32 years.

Q: You're being terribly modest.

A: Rae, I'm not going to let you put me on a pedestal. She appreciates me but she

Q: How long did you help her?

A: About 24 months. As I said, I am only the secondary guide. Unlike the medical and pharmaceutical industries, I have devised a health approach on which people can depend on themselves for the rest of their lives. I would like humanity to get to a place where health is the norm as it was before cooking became the norm. Like all of those tribes who ate mainly raw foods, including raw meat, and never suffered diseases as we know them, not even tooth decay.

Q: Do you really think that humanity, especially in this country, will give up their fast processed food for better health?

A: You can have everything in the world, but if you don't have your health what can you enjoy and how deeply?