Q&A Of March 26, 2000


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Aajonus’ Question & Answer Session to Attendees of a Primal Potluck Location: Los Angeles, California

A = Aajonus

G = Group

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A: Alright, I'm going to start this one off a little bit differently: I'm going to tell you, basically, what I have been going through for the past three and a half weeks – just so you can get an idea. Now, the people who have come to see me – a few people saw my iris – the left one with the last remaining brown – reddish brown – spot that I had in the iris – it was on the spine. Well, about three and half weeks ago – well, let me go back further: for about six months, after I was having sex for about a half hour my lower back would start hurting, which it hasn't been hurting in 15 years – something like that. And remember, in the book that I talk about having had the radiation on my abdomen that burned my entire spine? So, I was, basically... after the radiation therapy I couldn't even touch my knees – I had been so burned in the spine. Then, after I went through a spinal meningitis – which, I didn't know if I were going to survive about four months – four and half months after that after I healed from it – I was able to touch my shins. The next time I had spinal meningitis I could touch the floor.

G: Wow.

A: But, it takes about four – four and a half months to heal from one of those. Well, I went through it again: three and a half weeks ago I started with the pain in my lower back, mildly. And I have a cross bow – an old one made out of wood – and it had broken the prod. So, I had molded this whole thing to remake it, because you can't get any parts for it. Then, I went to re-string it myself. Now, it's a 150lb. bow – when you string it, its 300lbs. So, I was stringing it and I ripped all the muscles away from my spinal cord – right here. So, I was basically crippled. I had a black tie affair in exactly 24 hours to go to. Now, this is something maybe metaphysical – I do not know – but, any time I've had a problem I am always able to do what I need to do. So, I had lots of pain formulas with cheese and that's basically all I ate, besides chicken, constantly, during the night – up until that time where I had to go to the black tie affair. I put my tux on; I went to the black tie affair. I was getting up very slowly, but I was maneuvering and did the whole thing. For the next two days, I was crippled again. Basically, I could not put socks on; I had to crawl to the bathroom – do different things. Then, when it started going into spinal meningitis – it was like a flu symptoms all over; tons of mucus coming out. This went on – basically off and on – for a three and a half week period. Today is my first day without pain. But, all along the way I have been handling clients – still functioning – all along and every time it would come to a client coming – I was basically – my body would stop all the mucus flow, so I didn't have to react that way. And, anytime I had to go out and do something, my body made sure that I did it pretty easily. That's another thing: I don't know if it has something to do with my own metaphysical nature, but I have seen other people able to do this too: when they go through detox they seem to be able to function normally. I have a few new clients within the last three months who have had heavy projects going. And they were getting tremendous flu’s as they were detoxing, but they functioned every day doing their normal job, and even more intensely. So, they were saying: “Gosh, I have never been this sick, but I've never been able to be functional at the same time.” So, I am just bringing this up to let you know what you have to go through sometimes to get well. Just – not panic – do not run to doctors – do not get x-rays, because one x-ray can prevent healing for up to six months. You cannot regenerate cells if they have been irradiated. That is the point of radiation therapy; it is to make sure cells do not regenerate. Well, sure, that is fine; you have one cancer cell to about five billion cells, so how many are not going to regenerate? And if those cells cannot divide, you are not going to heal that area. So, you do not go running to a doctor and get an x-ray. If you want – if you have to know something – demand that they do it with a sonogram. And, as long as you are not pregnant, it will be fine; sonograms will not hurt you. If you're pregnant, they could hurt the eardrums of the child; it may have tone deafness – something like that. But, as long as you are not pregnant a sonogram is the best way to know something, if you want to know something. The only time I ever want to know something is if I have a broken bone and it needs to be reset. And it would have to be a pretty serious bone for me to go to a doctor to do it, because I could do it myself. One time I broke seven bones in my toe. I was in the desert. I was out early on a bicycle. And I hit – there was a curb that had water flowing in, so the mold was growing – so, it was green in there. I was going around the corner at an angle and the tire just went out from under me. And my toe, from this toe here, caught the curb and ripped them all out. So, it actually took the toes – the bottom toe – and ripped it all the way apart, all the way up to the index toe. And it broke seven bones altogether. So, I found this: a friend of mine had a 14-year-old girl that loved to crack people’s toes and joints – just going around pulling the fingers all the time. So, I got her to reset my toes. And it was perfect. It worked. So, the best thing to do if you have a problem – if you have a detox – do not panic. On this diet I found that to get well you just have to be patient. Of course, those people who have had tremendous radiation, chemo, and surgeries, and you have cancer – something like that – you may not make it, but like I always say: it is probably better to die than to keep having the quality of your life reduced to the point where you're like I was – where I would have to – I could not stand up. I mean, I would basically pass out if I tried to stand up. So, what I would do was I would sleep on the couch. When I had to go off the couch, I would roll onto the floor and crawl with my elbows all around the house. That is what the medical profession did to me. So, basically, I would rather not go with them; I would rather die than to go through that again because it took me a lot longer to get well than it would have from the cancer. This time I was going through it again and this was because of the radiation therapy – that I was crawling around the room and I had spinal meningitis again. Spinal meningitis was nothing of what I had before they treated me. And the radioactivity in my spine damaged my spine to do that. So, anyway, in this last three weeks, it is the hardest detox that I've been through in about – probably – ten years. And, it was a rough one. But, I am standing up here today. I do not think that I can get very far down yet – still to my knees. It will take about four and a half months to clean that up and to detox and get strong again, where I'll be able to touch the floor. What I am hoping for this time is – my hamstrings have been so tight for so many years I can't sit and touch my toes without bending my knees. So, I am hoping that from – when I get completely well from this in about four to six months – that I will have that flexibility. And, that is usually what happens – I get more flexible and better every time I go through anything like that. I am also hoping that spot that was on the spine will all be removed. Now, it may lighten or it may shrink which means that I may have to go through it again. But, I will not know for about four more months. So, people who go through heavy detoxifications – now, I know Melanie there went through spinal meningitis once and the medical profession took care of her and stopped it – because they thought she would be paralyzed and die or something like that, which is, you know, the process if you have medical treatment you can go into anaphylactic shock. Now, I know that I have mentioned this before – I am jumping around because I want to get to your questions, but, I want to make this as quickly as possible – I know that I have said this before but there are a lot of new people here: a lot of people are concerned about the bacteria and the parasites and all the deaths that have occurred because of bacterial food poisoning. All of the medical reports that I have seen – the death certificates that I have seen - of the people who died of so called bacterial food poisoning, like with the Jack in the Box incident – none of them died of bleeding to death or dehydration, which happens when you have an intense detoxification with bacteria or parasites and the body is trying to flush it out. People vomit to the point where they bleed or they have diarrhea to the point where they bleed and they dehydrate from of all of that – as well as losing the blood. This is the only things: it is blood loss and dehydration; it is the only thing that can naturally occur and can kill you. And it happens one in probably 10,000. All of those records that I have seen – every one of them – died from anaphylactic shock, which means from the treatment of the diarrhea and all of that.

G: So, these kids – you mean the small kids?

A: All – even the adults – they are dying from anaphylactic shock. So, it is the treatment. The doctors are not going to say: “Oh, I am sorry you died because of our drugs.” They are not going to say that; they are going to continue to blame the bacteria and parasites.

G: So, you are saying the kids would have survived, had no treatment been given?

A: Yes, as long as they were given good food and they did not dehydrate. There is still a certain percentage of the children who would dehydrate and die, especially if the children were raised on a high carbohydrate diets; they have all these AGE products that have built up in their body on which the bacteria or parasites can feed and it causes a tremendous detoxification. And, that is either the salmonella, or the E.coli, or the campylobacter were working on that toxicity to remove it. And when they start having vomiting or diarrhea – that is the body dumping it quickly. And, if it does not flush it out, it burns the tissues, like acid. So, that is why it has to flush it out of her by vomiting. Now, if people are on such a bad diet, like in third world countries where they are fed just cereals and grains, basically – cooked grains – a lot of those people are going to die from dehydration and bleeding to death. Because they do not have any good, stable, proteins; there is no way for the body to recover from that. But, here in America with our meats, even though they are cooked, will be more stable and there will be less deaths from that. But, when the medical profession gets involved then the rate of deaths are like 100 times greater. It is just like people who have automatic anaphylactic shock from vaccines, whether they are flu or whatever.

G: So, are you saying that someone that is on a raw foods diet is less susceptible to being harmed by bacteria in your body?

A: Yes. Well, the bacteria never harm you – the bacteria are there to eat degenerative tissue.

G: So, it is there to harm you when involved with whatever bad stuff is in people’s bodies?

A: No, that is all it ever goes after: bad stuff in the body – the degenerative tissue in the body.

G: Ok.

A: So, the bacteria is never a bad guy.

G: Ok.

A: If you are so full of toxicity that the detoxification is going to kill you then it is a problem for you; but, it is going to be a problem for you if you were living in that state anyway. Yes?

G: Can you describe what anaphylactic shock is and what is actually happening in the body?

G: And how do you spell that?

A: A-n-a-p-h-y-l-a-c-t-i-c I think it is. Anaphylactic shock can come from anything that traumatizes the body. There are certain children that get anaphylactic shock from having pasteurized or cooked honey. The sugar goes radically into the system and the body goes into shock if it does not have insulin to handle it properly.

G: Honey?

A: Honey. Heated honeys can kill a child – they will go into anaphylactic shock. If you have a vaccine or antibiotics – anything that is injected into you – the odds that one out of 100 times you are going to go into anaphylactic shock; that is why there are so many deaths from hospitals. There are somewhere around 2,300,000 diseases a year caused in hospitals – 2,300,000 a year – and it is rising. And, that is basically because people have allergies to these medications and they create severe conditions, which complicates the condition that they are in - for just coming for a check-up. And people are getting barium to take a look at their GI. They are just not digesting well – they are eating properly. So, they go take this radioactive material and they drink it so that the picture can be beautiful.

G: Right.

A: And then what do you think is going to happen? People are going to go into anaphylactic shock; they are going to destroy their intestinal bacteria; they are going to destroy their veins – all kinds of things. So, then you have somebody who has a problem. So, just wanted to start this session off by saying that people on this diet who stick with it through the thick and thin always get well unless they have had tremendous medical treatment prior, for like cancer, or M.S. – something like that – where they have taken phenomenal amounts of drugs. Everybody else – like the people in here usually get though it – you will get through your hardships – your colds, flu’s, meningitis, anything like that and you will get well. You just have to get through it. Like, I was crawling around on the floor. Now, if I had panicked – I filled towels, those were my handkerchiefs – my handkerchiefs were towels because I was putting out so much mucus.

G: It came out through your nose?

A: Yes. Now, like I said in the last two: your bowels are your whole body. You are all one big asshole – everybody – because basically the body is going to use every means it can to dispel the toxins that are in the system: it is going to use the mucus membranes; it is going to use the skin; it is going to use the ear wax; it is going to use the salivary glands; it is going to use the tear ducts; it is going to use the vaginal cavity in women; it is going to use the penis in men; it is going to use every hormone it can to throw off everything. Because the vaginal cavity in women is so large and that mucus membrane is so great, women have the ability to detoxify that way; they have that extra bowel that men do not. I think that is why women live longer; almost 20 percent longer. So, all of you women who are saying: “Oh, god, I wish I did not have that period every month; it’s such a hassle.” Let me tell you: get on a good diet, so it is not so rough and you are not going through so many headaches and so many cramps – after a few years you will be glad you have that because you are a lot better off than men are. A lot better.

G: Couldn’t men dispel through their semen?

A: Well, if you were ejaculating six to eight times a day you could probably keep up with that. But, then you have got an eating problem that has to keep up with that. Because, there is some pretty rich nutrients that have to be utilized for semen because of the quality of what it has to be.

G: You cannot hold a job either.

A: A job, right. Well, you can be a male prostitute.

G: Because, I wonder if male gigolos live longer?

A: From what I understand they do. And all of them who are sexual live a little bit longer, yeah. You hear about those men that still have sex in their 90’s that are hot as hell. They smoke and drink and can do anything, but they just keep that activity. But, a lot of that has to do with adrenaline too. And, adrenaline has a tendency to be able to nullify a lot of the toxicity in the system. Yes?

G: Does that mean vaginal charge is a sign of detoxing – or, releasing stuff?

A: Correct, right. Now I have known women who start on the diet they start detoxing heavily out that canal and they will actually burn holes in their underwear from it.

G: Wow.

A: That is how bad it is. One woman I have on the diet right now that went on to it – she is discharging brown and green fluids and they are just tearing her labia up. It burns and there is swelling. This is from pretty toxic stuff – she has cancer.

G: Right.

A: So, she is discharging out that canal.

G: Thank heavens. That cavity.

A: Yes, yeah. And she has that ability, yeah.

G: Now, why is adrenaline important?

A: Well, adrenaline: the body uses adrenaline in emergencies, many times. This is something that I cannot laboratorialy (Sic.) prove, however my experience - I have seen people who have a lot of adrenaline in the blood seem to be able to drink, smoke – do everything bad – and get away with. So, there are some properties about adrenaline that keep people numb to what they are doing. And, also it keeps them from getting too ill. Now, still a lot of those people will all of a sudden at the drop of a hat die of a heart attack because the adrenaline dries their system out – so, they get brittle. And, all of a sudden they go like that. They will be completely healthy – nobody has a clue that they have anything wrong with them and then they will have an aneurysm in the brain or a heart attack and that is it.

G: Because adrenaline dries the tissues?

A: The system, right. Unless you eat a tremendous amount of fat. Now, you take somebody who has high adrenaline and eats a high amount of fat at the same time, then they won’t have that problem and they will not die of a heart attack. Yeah?

G: Aajonus, to get back to what you were saying: you are saying that because we are eating a raw food diet and everything is raw, bacteria will not hurt us?

A: Well, like I said: there are three ways that the body detoxifies: it detoxifies through solvents; your body will take fats, like olive oil – olive oil creates more of it – any of your pressed oils will create more solvents. 90 percent of it will be used as a solvent. Just like we make solvents out of fats and turpentine or some other cutter to go in there and cut it and pull it out; the fats collect it. We do the same thing; we make solvents to go in and clean out the body. There are not as many solvents made with fats that are animal nature.

G: Raw eggs?

A: Raw eggs – that is an animal nature; it will not make all those solvents. It likes to breed bacteria. Now, the solvent process is a difficult one because the byproduct of the solvents that the body makes to decontaminate itself – to get rid of degenerative tissue – the byproduct of that is almost identical to turpentine and it is as toxic. So, what it creates is a very slow way of breaking down degenerative tissue. Your body has to neutralize the byproduct and dump it into the stomach, so it creates a low grade nausea and a slight poisoning of the system all the time. So, people who are a little lethargic about life – have no joy; no joie de vivre – about life... Bacteria work two and a half times faster at eating up and getting rid of degenerative tissue than the body can with the solvents. The third is parasites: parasites work five times faster than your body can use a solvent. Usually, there is not much even experienced. Most people do not even know they have parasites until somebody does the test and says: “Oh, you have got parasites”. So, they take these anti-parasitical de-wormers to get rid of them. They just got rid of their best friends – their quickest way to get well and the least toxic; they work almost undetectably. So, what happens is these worms can go in there and eat up things very quickly unless you do not eat the proteins to regenerate the tissue. And, that is where people come into problems – like in third world countries. Again, they do not have meat; they are living on cereals. They do not get the protein they need from the meat to regenerate cells – whether good or bad cells. So, what happens is they ulcerate; they have gut leak and they die. But, on this diet everybody who has had parasites gets well faster than anybody else and has no problem because you are eating the raw meats to regenerate the cells, so that there is no gut leak. So, you are regenerating cells as fast as the parasites are eating.

G: How do you get parasites in your body?

A: I have not been able to do it. I have tried to – I have eaten pinworm infested salmon – fluke infested brain and tripe.

G: So, you either have them or you do not, huh?

A: Yeah. You either can get them naturally or you do not. Now, the reason I think that I cannot get them is because of all the radiation and chemo that I have had. So, I think that someday hopefully I will. I have been able to generate bacteria; I can eat rotten meat until it comes out my ears and I will get the bacteria and that is what I did to bring this meningitis on. I was eating heavily bacteria meat that was rotten anywhere from three to six months to generate that.

G: How are you getting your rotten meat?

G: Leave it out.

A: Well, that is one way to do it. But, what I do is I put it in a jar with a lot of air space in it and then let it rot in the jar in the refrigerator and open it every once and a while outside because it will stink up the house and then bring it in. And then just keep letting it decompose there. So, I have got bison heart; I have got venison liver – I have got all kinds of things in my refrigerator, rotting.

G: Could you do it with ground meat too?

A: Yeah.

G: Maybe that is what the oriental people are doing with their 1000-year-old eggs?

A: Eggs, yes. Yeah, they have the century egg and they rot them in the ground for anywhere from one to 25 years. One egg will cost you a $1,000 if it is 25-years-old.

G: Who gets to eat that egg?

A: Very rich people.

G: The emperor.

G: Rich Chinese folks.

A: Very rich people, yes.

G: The Ming dynasty, huh?

A: And there is either a black mold inside with lots of bacteria or a white mold – black or white – and that is the way they come out.

G: From the bacteria.

A: From the bacteria, yeah. And the Eskimos rot their meats and I mean they let it stink. They will bury it in a hide – the deepest part of it is six inches and they put this rack over it, so the animals cannot dig it out of the ground.

G: They must not cause heavy detoxing or they would not eat it?

A: No, what it does is it gives them so much bacteria to be able to stand the fall and winter.

G: I mean, they would not eat those eggs if they got sick after?

A: Exactly. Well, they do – they sometimes cause a little flus and colds - but they know after they do it, it is a cleansing and they get better.

G: So, when we go to market and we are asking for the freshest meat it ain’t necessarily so?

A: That is right, yeah. Like I say: I rot a lot of my meat. When I want to get stable and stronger I eat my meat fresh. When I want to start breaking down and get it detoxing I will eat more rotten meat.

G: When you want to eat fresher meat did you say?

A: When I want to regenerate and get stronger, I eat the fresh meat. Yes?

G: Lets say you have scar tissue from the heart or problems with your kidneys and we rot it outside of our body purposefully and then we go eat it to take a lot of that stuff out – how does the body know to use that particular tissue to focus on our particular tissue?

A: I think the body is pretty ingenious – it grew you didn’t it?

G: No, I mean, when we do it – the body mutates –

A: The body just knows how to do it.

G: It just goes?

A: The body knows how to do it; the body is a genius, yeah.

G: The greatest chemical plan on this planet.

A: Yeah, it is. It is a phenomenal thing, what the body can do. Look at our science: we make a bionic person and they cannot regenerate themselves – cloning or anything. Yes, Melanie?

G: At one time I was told I had endometriosis and this man that I was dealing with who was going to help me out – he was not a doctor – he was more like a holistic healer – and he said that I had parasites – that is what was giving me endometriosis – and we had to get rid of them. And he gave me black walnut tincture and all these different things that made my head spin and it was really unbelievable. For about a month I had to do this every day and so he got rid of all my parasites. So, that means I tend to get them. I saw them come out. Will they come back? Can I get them back?

A: Well, you did natural means to get rid of them so that means you will get them back as soon as you get those serums out of your system.

G: Well, this was a year ago.

A: It could take about three years to get all that out. Yeah. But, parasites do not create endometriosis. Endometriosis occurs when the body is lacking regenerative abilities somewhere and it needs cells from some other area and it happens to pick an ovary to take those cells and to plant them somewhere else - to borrow those cells. So, when you go into a period, not only are your ovaries reacting; the cells that have transported somewhere else that are normally ovarian tissue react on that same monthly cycle. So, you are having pains in other areas where those ovarian tissue cells are alive. That is what endometriosis is. That occurs from having some kind of damage somewhere in your body that needs some new cells or live cells and your body goes to the ovaries and gets them. Yes?

G: Two questions: how do you know – the properties of the cell.

[Cut in audio: 36:44]

G: And the second: are there any do’s and do nots to aging – not only meat, but milk also? Do you need to keep getting it fresh air regularly? To keep in aerobic? I mean in the bottle.

A: It will not rot. It will stop at a certain stage. There are 17 stages of the cycle.

G: Uh-huh.

A: So, if you want all cycles of them then you will eat them at all stages.

G: And are there specific advantages to each stage?

A: Yes, there are different stages that create different things. I cannot get very scientific about that. It is better to use your intuition because when I tried to do it on a scientific basis there is too much to know that you can’t know unless you are very psychic.

G: But, it is very important to keep the rotting process aerobic? In other words, fresh air?

A: Yes.

G: Ok.

G: At my stage, which is healing, I would have to have the fresh meat rather than the stinky meat?

A: No, you need both.

G: Both?

A: Yeah. For cancer people, I say: “Eat shit.”

G: Eat shit.

A: Really… if you want to get well quickly from cancer – E.coli, salmonella – all of those – shrink tumors and reverse cancer. The University of Toronto, in conjunction with the Children’s Hospital for Sick Children of Toronto, did research for 20 years on the aflatoxin produced by E.coli. They found - and it showed the research and the papers on it and all the data - that grass (the pictures of the Maasai were used) dissolves tumors and reverses cancer in seven to 15 days.

G: The E.coli?

A: E.coli.

G: Where were they getting it?

A: They were culturing it from bowels – E.coli.

G: But you are saying it would develop in the rotten meat, right?

A: Well, no.

G: Or similar?

A: E-coli does not naturally exist. E.coli is a natural bowel thing – like manure from cows, or anything like that.

G: You are not ingesting it?

A: I recommend that people do ingest it.

G: But, I am asking how – in what form are you ingesting the meat?

G: Uncooked frozen meat?

A: What I told them at the last one – I said: “if you really want to get well quickly take some of that meat that your rotting, wipe your fanny with your finger after you go and then rub it on the meat and let the E.coli grow on the meat.” If you want to do it.

G: And how does the meat taste?

G: Like shit.

A: But, it is so bad smelling as it is; there is no distinguishing.

G: Do you just hold your nose and swallow?

A: Do you want to tell them how you get it down?

G: Very quickly.

G: I just cut it into very small pieces and I have my glass of milk and I put it in my mouth and drink it – just do not even taste it.

G: Very small bite – just drink it right down.

G: How much?

G: Just small amounts; small amounts at a time.

G: A day, or weekly?

G: Intuitively – whenever I feel I need it. I am not on a regular program.

G: What is a small amount?

A: A tsbp.

G: And you can do this after you go to the bathroom or just anytime?

A: Well, you take the meat that you want to rot – whatever little amount it is – and right after you go, before you wipe yourself, I suggest that you rub it on the meat if you want that E.coli to work for you.

G: Well, then, how long would you leave it?

A: Seven to 15 days it works in.

G: And do it every day?

A: No.

G: Once in a while?

A: Well, it depends on how quickly you want to get well and how much you want to be a guinea pig for yourself. There are lots of people who eat fecal matter. In fact, a lot of the Tibetans and the Hindu religions – almost all your masters and so called avatars – eat manure.

G: They turn it into wholly ash.

A: Well, no, in this culture they have said: “Ok. This is what we do; we turn it into wholly ash.” They eat it directly fresh.

G: From the cow?

A: From the cow and from other humans that are healthier; they always go for someone healthy to get the fecal matter from. I used to stay away from this subject like crazy because this is something that is in a very selective network, but since the University of Toronto last June came out with the research – how E.coli dissolves tumors and reverses cancer in seven to 15 days, I thought: “I do not have to.” And then the Salmonella at Yale with Dr. Lowe. I am not holding it back anymore – I have got some credibility there. People just do not think: “This guy is really gone. We thought he was gone with the raw meat – now he is talking about eating shit.”

G: Next, it will be urine.

A: He is insane, you know. Well, urine has been around for a long time. I did mention that it in my book. But, I have known people who have had terrible constipation problems and they said: “Well, how do I get that environment back?” And I said: “Well, you can do it two ways: You can take clabbered milk – inject it into you – about four oz. Get on all fours, get it in you, then go down on your shoulders with your butt up. Roll your stomach like a belly dancer, get it to move up into your transverse colon and then lie on your right side and roll your belly again to get it going down into your ascending colon and then the bacteria can feed on it. If you want to do it even faster eat somebody’s fecal matter that is very, very healthy, and preferably a carnivore – like a dogs or something. A dog looks for a human to regenerate theirs. In fact, a dog will eat any fecal matter from any animal as long as it is healthy to keep their bacteria levels up.

G: How do know when it is healthy?

G: Smell it.

A: Well, I sell mine.

G: You are one of a kind.

A: I have given mine to several people and I have gone on a particular diet for them for me for the day before I go, for that. And let me tell you: one time that they ate the fecal matter it corrected the entire problem.

G: Oh my god.

A: Just one time.

G: Have you experimented with cancer for this? Seven to 15 days?

A: No, I have not found anybody who would do that. Lori is just now starting to do it with her cancer.

G: And, how often do you do it, Lori? Once every month or something?

A: No, she is only done it once so far.

G: Once?

A: Yeah.

G: What, actually eating the fecal matter?

A: Fecal matter. Lori: Yeah, fecal matter.

G: And you are rubbing the meat on the fecal matter?

A: I just ingested the fecal matter. Yeah, I rolled it in a little piece of meat. I did not even taste it at all.

G: You made a joint out of it. Lori: Right.

A: She did not swallow it; she washed it down.

G: What kind of cancer do you have? Lori: Kidney, breast and hip.

G: Have you had radiation for it? Lori: No, I have not done any medical therapies for the cancer, but I have had other things – injections and chemicals; things like that.

G: When did you find out you had it? Lori: I have known for about four years.

A: So, Lori came to me about three years ago. She was a neighbor and she had been chronically fatigued for almost eight years. She had been to the doctor, she had been to a herbalist – she had been to everybody – and nobody could figure it out. So, I looked at her eyes and I said: “You have what looks like a growth in your kidney attached to your adrenal gland.” And, I did not tell her about the one in the breast and the one in the hip joint. So, she had a sonogram which showed a growth, and she never addressed her cancer up until a few months ago. She just did not care; she does her own thing. She did not come to me for any more advice. She just went with her own instincts on the raw diet. I am used to going after the problem: do this; this will address that. But, most people who have cancer are out to get rid of it instantly. They want to work on that. And I can direct the diet toward that. She just did not do it. Only in the last four months has she been directing her diet toward getting rid of the cancer, but she has done beautifully. Even though not addressing the cancer – it is like she was cleaning out the rest of her body. But her eyes were dark brown – if you look at them closely they are mostly green now. And, I have never seen any eyes go that quickly – from dark brown to a hazel in a matter of about two years.

G: And yours were blue all along?

A: No, mine were hazel and brown.

G: Two years or four months?

A: Mine took 22 years.

G: No, I mean Lori – you said four months or two years?

A: No, it took two years for her eyes to get from dark brown to green. Two years and a couple months.

G: And I mean there is still brown in them, but it is mostly green.

A: Yeah. Well, she has a more of an orange circle around the pupil. It’s not dark brown anymore – it used to be dark brown – it is mainly orange right now, which is indicative of cancer. Anyone who has a complete orange circle around the pupil is already starting to develop cancer, whether they have tumors or not. Yes?

G: People talk about harmful bacteria as well as beneficial bacteria. Is there anything as harmful bacteria?

A: Well, they count harmful bacteria as where they find colonies of bacteria that move so quickly in the system that they are afraid of them. But, all bacteria is good.

G: Right.

G: What is germ warfare about?

A: Most people are not well. So, what they are doing is getting bacteria from other animals and crossing them and then giving them to humans as a matter of destroying them – debilitating them, so they can kill them. If they are the army they can debilitate them with these anthrax – a cultured anthrax – it is not a normal anthrax – and give it to humans. They will react badly. From what I understand that AIDS is really a man-made virus from both a crossing – a splicing – of the bovine leukemia with the sheep lymphoma.

G: How did they get the two together? This is part of the vaccine?

A: Yeah, from what I understand they put it in the B hepatitis vaccine in the ‘60’s.

G: Why did they do that?

A: From what I understand they were doing their war experiments – biological war experiments. And, because they were giving it to people with hepatitis in NY, Houston, LA, San Francisco, 90 percent of the people who were getting hepatitis were homosexuals because they were drinking a lot and taking a lot of drugs. So, 90 percent of homosexuals were getting hepatitis. So, they were giving them this contaminated B –

G: The Bovine? And what else?

A: It was a cross between the leukemic virus of a bovine and the lymphoma virus of a sheep. Dr. Strecker did that research, found it and gave it to his brother who was an attorney. They filled law suits regarding the Freedom of Information act and got a senator involved and both of them were dead within three months of all this process. In the back of my book in the bibliography – the one book – it is called The Bio-Attack Alert – it was written by that attorney.

G: Was he dead because somebody did them in?

A: Well, they said that they committed suicide, but neither of them were suicidal. Yeah.

G: What about other viruses, like the Epstein Barr virus?

A: Epstein Barr – that is a natural.

G: Oh, it is?

A: Yeah, basically – that is a natural one.

G: Would you say that was one of the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome, or not really?

A: Yes, absolutely, but Epstein Barr is a natural one in reaction to chemicals in the body. Just like Gillian-Barr disease – which is an extreme form of anaphylactic shock. Gillian-Barr is complete paralysis; you are actually a vegetable. And that mainly happens after vaccines.

G: What, the Epstein Barr?

A: No, Gillian-Barr.

G: What about the Epstein Barr, then?

A: Epstein Barr will usually happen under that situation too – it is a chemical reaction too.

G: Chemicals? So, vaccines – mostly?

A: Vaccines – any injection. You can be allergic to penicillin and get the same kind of reaction. You can get yellow fever from a Polio vaccine. How your body responds depends upon its own nature.

G: How would you get rid of it though? The Epstein Barr? Any specific tips?

A: Well, I did not want to get into that specific for Epstein-Barr because sometimes what they identify as Epstein Barr is not. So, a lot of people that think they have –

G: It is such an unusual problem. It would be nice to hear at least an overview.

A: Yeah.

G: That would be so good.

A: Epstein Bar is basically a breakdown of the lymph system. And, if the lymph system does not flow and have what it needs to pull out the toxicity then the whole system breaks down and you have chronic fatigue. It can move into Lupus, which is degeneration of the connective tissue. That is the worst place I have seen it go. And, people who eat a lot of carbohydrates – like breads and pastas – it goes there, often.

G: What, the Lupus?

A: Yeah. Lupus or M.S. or M.D. [multiple sclerosis or muscular distrophy]

G: Lupus – if you have pasta. And what else?

G: Bread – just high carbohydrates.

A: Yeah, cooked carbohydrates. Yes?

G: I have a couple questions. What do you think about smog and the impact, in relation to eating well? Can this totally counteract that in a place like LA? And what about the –

A: Let’s take one question at a time. Good questions. From what I have seen on this diet your body can seem to handle pollution, but it depends on how well you are in the first place. Pollution – I can be in the worst pollution in the world and I do not get the problems that I used to from the pollution; I will start sneezing a little bit; I will get mucus for a few days when I get into heavy pollution and I will be spitting the mucus from my throat. That is about the worst thing that it does to me. It used to make me catatonic; I used to get short of breath; I would get spasms around my heart; I would pass out – being into heavy pollution. It does not affect me that way anymore. But, you have to get to a point where you are pretty strong, where your body can afford to use its nutrients to combat the pollution. Yes?

G: The other thing was about the AIDS that you were talking about: I heard a gentlemen that I very much respect say that it is actually a genetic precursor that can be bound to a food and – because of citing a lot of cases – that HIV a lot of times is not present with AIDS and in HIV patients sometimes never get AIDS, no matter if they have the illness or not.

A: Well, HIV is just a breakdown of the immune system; it has nothing to do with a virus. Aids is a virus. HIV is a lowered immunity. It’s a breakdown of your lymph system, basically – almost a total breakdown of your lymph system. And, some people will get all kinds of diseases from that: Gillian-Barr – any number of diseases that can go anywhere.

G: Can I ask a question, Aajonus, about Gillian-Barr?

A: Uh-huh.

G: My mother has had it for many years and has recovered a little bit, but now has tremendous pains still in her legs, to where she takes pain killers hourly – every two to three hours.

A: Right.

G: Is there anything that can help her if she won’t eat raw meat?

A: No, I just do not know any way you can get rid of it without eating raw meat. I mean, you could try to ease that by having lots of raw cream and eggs, but cream is not available easily.

G: What about avocados?

A: Avocados won’t do it.

G: Fat? Just good raw fat.

A: Yeah, raw eggs and raw cream – raw cream is about your best for that.

G: Ok.

G: How many eggs a day?

A: It depends upon the individual, yeah.

G: Because, I thought that makes it crystallization – the egg? It almost feels like the white of the egg that is settling every hour on the inside of the nose and I thought maybe I was eating too many eggs.

A: No, when that serum from the cancer cell dies and sends out a serum which dissolves the surrounding scar tissue – that is that substance melting those tissues.

G: So, it does not have anything to do with eggs, no?

A: So, it does not have anything to do with the egg white. You should be so lucky.

G: I see.

A: That is mucus that it will create to flow it out.

G: So, six eggs a day is pretty average for someone like me?

A: No, I usually have them eating more if they can get raw cream at the same time, but it depends on how much weight you are willing to gain.

G: I have already gained 35 lbs.

A: Well, it is also time to take it off. Like I say to people: I like people to gain 15-30 lbs. over weight in a three month period and then to take it off in a three month period. And, also remember in the last session two months ago I had told about several people who were doing it in a six to eight week period. They gained the 15-30lbs. in the six to eight week period and take it off in a six to eight week period. Those people have been getting well faster.

G: So, it is time for me to start taking it off?

A: Taking it off.

G: So, taking it off just means eating less fat? Or, how do you –

A: Well, I would say it is eating less food – period.

G: Eating less food?

A: Well, what I do is I have people eat – it depends upon the individual – but, basically you have some juice and wait until you are very hungry; you have an egg; wait until you are very hungry again; have some green vegetable juice with lime juice in it – rind and all – juiced. So, you are having: juice – egg – juice – egg – juice – egg, all day long. But, you have to get very hungry each time you eat. The next day it is: juice and either a golf ball to an egg-sized amount of meat. So, it is: juice – meat – juice – meat – juice – meat. And, depending upon the individual – I may put people on two days of the juice – egg – juice – egg and then one day of juice – meat. Other people, I will put two days of juice and meat and then one day of juice and egg – it depends upon the individual.

G: And no cream and no milk?

A: Milk: one glass every four days if you are getting whacked out.

G: Of milk?

A: If you are getting unstable or unhappy or crazy, yeah. Just one glass of milk and that will stabilize it – pretty much.

G: Because of the calories, or why – only one glass of milk?

A: Because of the calories, yes. It will cause your body to get hungrier.

G: I throw the egg into the milk because I do not like to eat it.

A: Well, on the detox diet it is about having the egg alone. Or, else it’s going to take you a lot longer to lose the weight.

G: Maybe that is why it is taking longer? Or, not?

A: No, I have not put you on a detox diet yet.

G: Oh.

A: I needed you to gain all the weight that you have gained before I was going to put you on.

G: Should I still not do this, then? I mean, I am still ok the way I am?

A: Yeah, you are doing fine. But, we should start taking it off now because you are just the right weight to start taking it off.

G: Ok.

A: Yes?

G: On the weight-loss program, do you use honey to help digest the proteins?

A: You only put the honey in the juice.

G: Ok. Because part of your program… you use the honey to help digest your proteins.

A: But, you do not want any help now; I want your body to do it.

G: Ok. And, when you take your three eggs – just after your juicing at the beginning of the day you have them take it rocky style – can you chase it with milk?

A: When you are not on a detox diet – that’s fine. But, you are only eating the one egg at a time on the detox diet.

G: 15 minutes?

A: Yeah.

G: Am I on a detox diet?

A: No.

G: I am not?

A: No, you have been on a strengthening and gaining – stabilizing diet.

G: You told me about with the honey that I can have as much honey as I wanted.

A: But, that is you.

G: Oh, that is me.

G: I am still detoxing?

A: No, you need to stabilize and gain.

G: But, I am still retaining – so, isn’t the retaining part of the diet?

A: No. Well, let me put it this way: it is confusing what I just said. When you are stabilizing and gaining you are really detoxing at the same time because your body is going to get the fats in there and going to pull out – loosen the toxicity and then grab it and stabilize it with the fats. Then, I need you to detox that from the body – not detox it from the tissues. So, the stabilization and gaining process is pulling out all the garbage. Then, removing the detoxification to detoxify is like changing your oil. So, one is a detoxing of tissues and one is a detoxing of the fat that is already arrested the toxins.

G: So, I am at a stage now where I can start the detoxing like you just said?

A: Correct – to detox the fat that has collected the garbage.

G: So, just do it for a few days and then go back?

A: No, you have to call me. That is a personal thing, so we will do that separately.

G: Ok.

A: Yes?

G: Back to the thing about HIV you mentioned: I was curious when they talk about people with HIV having viral loads and measuring them, but they don’t have the symptoms of AIDS – how do you correlate what you just said about it not being a virus?

A: Well, it is not a single virus – like the AIDS is a single virus that can be isolated. In HIV you can have multiple viruses. But, they are not indicative to one. Ok? It is a breakdown of the lymph system. If the lymph system is not cleaning out something, you could have the virus that is responsible for meningitis or spinal meningitis; you can have syphilis; you can have streptococcus; you can have any of those virus active and present in your system in heavy amounts because there is lots of degeneration for them to feed on. But, the AIDS is an isolated virus, which, according to Dr. Robert Strecker is a manmade spliced virus; it was made from two diseases and it was created right here at UCLA.

G: Wow.

A: And it was sent to the war department in the early ‘60’s.

G: So, it did not come from Africa like some people said? We tried to –

A: No, they want to blame it on some creature, like a monkey. Why do you think that attorney and that senator ended up dead?

G: You mean they killed them?

A: They killed him. Of course they killed him.

G: Do you know what Senator was it?

A: I do not remember his name – it was Wisconsin or Massachusetts. It is in the book – if you get that book: Bio-Attack Alert. Yes?

G: Yeah, going back to detoxification: I recently had a sort of detox crisis with high fever and throbbing headache – lasted only a day and a half – kind of what James was going through, but not so bad. What can we do? All I craved was the juice. Can we do anything to alleviate? Should we just drink juice?

A: Well, you just want to go through it to minimize – to mitigate the suffering. Now, I have the pain formula with cheese. I gave that, but there is a lot of people here who do not have the most recent pain formula – it is not in the book – so I am going to give it again:

G: It is great.

A: It works great, yeah.

G: 20 minutes.

A: Yeah.

G: Gone.

A: Two eggs; three to four oz. raw cream – and you just have to suck the cream off the top of the milk until more is available, until we can get cream already separated; add five tbsp. of bee pollen.

G: Can you grind up your bee pollen?

A: It is all blended together.

G: Ok.

A: Yeah, just blend it together.

G: And the eggs can be blended with that?

A: All of it is blended together – this is all blended together. One tbsp. of either lemon or lime juice.

G: Is lime any better than lemon?

A: It depends on what you are using it for. But, here – no difference for this. And one tsp. of honey. And you eat it with cheese. So, I used to say a sugar-cubed sized amount for every oz. of that pain formula, but I have increased it because after my meningitis I found it worked a little bit better to have more. So, it is two sugar-cubed sized amounts of cheese – especially cheddar works a little bit better.

G: This is raw cheese, of course – unsalted?

A: Right – raw, no-salt-added, cheese.

G: For every oz.?

A: Yeah, two sugar-cubed sized amounts for every oz. And as you are drinking that you are eating the cheese.

G: Ok. But, you are making two to three oz. cream – so, are you drinking the whole thing at one time?

A: No-no-no-no, you blend all of that. You have got two eggs – you have got three to four oz’ cream – you have got that whole mixture. You can take all day to drink that because that is going to be about 10-12 oz. when you are finished blending it. So, you take it as you need it: three oz. at a time, if you like; four oz. the first time; two oz. every five hours, as you need it for pain. When I had my meningitis it was so bad I could not stand up; I could not walk; I was crawling again on my elbows on the floor. I drank about six oz. of it the first time I had it with probably about a ¼ of a brick of cheese. And then about four hours later I had the same amount. And then five-six hours later I had the same amount again, until I stabilized.

G: I just want to say that I had terrible menstrual cramps all my life. I had gone to every doctor; I had been on every pill – as far as Vicodin Demerol – because my pain was so bad I could not walk across the room. And this is the first time ever that anything worked for me. I took it one time – I usually have three hard days of cramps – on the second day it was so horrible. I took it one time – got rid of it for the entire time.

G: You drank the whole three oz.?

G: I just drank it.

G: Not only did it never come back the rest of the five days – that one time it was gone for the whole entire period. And Demerol would not even take away my pain.

G: That is great news because I am in constant pain with my accident injury.

A: But, let me tell you: anybody been through spinal meningitis? It is like taking like her cramps of her period and making it 24 hours a day all along the back, the shoulders and the legs. And the legs ache terribly. After one of those in about a six-hour period I had no pain except when I was standing up or trying to move in a way that pulled at those muscles that were already torn from my back.

G: On the bee pollen, it says to be very careful and to start slowly and stuff like that. We do not have to pay attention to that?

A: If your bee pollen is heated, yes.

G: Oh.

A: If it’s soft bee pollen, it’s fresh and it is not cooked.

G: My bee pollen is hard.

A: Your hard bee pollen is not good.

G: I put it in the coffee grind and grind it up.

A: No, it is bad bee pollen; it is heated and kiln dried bee pollen. You need to get a soft bee pollen; you have to find it refrigerated. Even some of the refrigerated has been kiln dried. Go through the package you have to test it and make sure it crumbles easily.

G: Oh.

G: Aajonus, the stuff from the farmers market is not in the fridge – I never put that soft stuff in the fridge. Am I supposed to refrigerate it?

A: Yes, you are supposed to refrigerate it.

G: He told me to put it in the freezer.

A: No, do not put it in the freezer – put it in the fridge.

G: Ok.

A: Yes.

G: Why?

A: Because it will destroy some of the activity if it is frozen.

G: No, why do we have to put it in the fridge?

A: Because it will destabilize it; it will dry out, and then the proteins won’t be utilizable.

G: Ok.

G: So, you said one cube of that – that cheddar cheese – for every oz.?

A: No, two sugar-cubed sized amounts. Yeah.

G: To every oz. of the formula?

A: Correct, yes. So did you have the cheese with that one?

G: Yes, the cheese.

G: Can you just blend the cheese with it, or do you have to eat it?

A: If you do you have to blend it a long time and the EMF’s may change it and damage. I have tried that. It just does not work as well on some people. So, if it effects any more than two people I say: “Don’t do that.” And, it makes it very heavy and it tastes like an odd cheesecake that is not delectable. Chewing them together seems to be ok, but blending them together into a hard substance like that is no fun. Yes?

G: When you are at a point healthy wise where you feel fine physically and stuff, do you work out – and stuff like that? The reason I am wondering is when you are at your peak of health when you consider that, do you get any kind of feedback as to what kind of body odor you may or may not have or how your fecal matter smells?

A: No, do not ever look at that. It takes 40 years to regenerate the body.

G: How many?

A: 40 years. So, from the time you start on a good-perfect diet,it is going to be 40 years before you can expect your body not to stink because there is degenerative tissue throughout the system; it takes 40 years to get rid of it. That is pretty good – that is about a little over two percent a year. Could you imagine re-doing NY at two percent a year? No way you could do it. Our body is pretty amazing that you could do two percent a year. So, you can expect to stink for 40 years.

G: Isn’t it the meat that makes you stink – even fecal matter? When I was on macrobiotics I was like a little baby – there was never any smell.

A: But, you were not detoxifying anything either. You cannot detox on that diet; it just makes everything stabilize because you are on an intense AGE diet. Yes?

G: She mentioned the last time you had flu and a headache?

A: Right.

G: And James had it too. And, I got the same thing last week and I thought it was caused by the butter. And, I thought it was a good thing – I thought finally after four months I am getting a detox. Do you think that could probably be a reason for that?

A: Well, I am really at a mixed quandaries about that butter. When I have used butter in the past it always mitigated my problems, it did not help necessarily detox. When I took this butter every time my meningitis got worse, instead of better; my pain got worse, instead of better. And, it happened to you; and it happened to James – it happened to a lot of people.

G: Which butter? The butter that James has?

A: Yeah, the butter that James has.

G: It is no good to buy it?

A: So, they got a new shipment in of a new butter, which is organic. I have not seen it yet – I have not tried it.

G: So, should we throw away what we have?

A: I do not know. I do not know if those cows are on such a good diet and have such great stuff that it is causing a more intense detox, or if there is something wrong with it – I just do not know.

G: My body craves that butter.

A: Yeah, I know. Well, your body craves butter – period.

G: It cannot be that bad then.

A: Well, I can give you pasteurized butter and you would go nuts with it too. No?

G: Is some good from pasteurized, or just all bad?

A: No, it is better than eating vegetable oils which are plastic.

G: I heard some people say that ozonated water will alleviate some of the detoxification symptoms. Have you experimented with it?

A: Yes, it does because ozone will actually turn certain substances in your body into toxic fats; it makes them stink – it gets pretty bad. So, what it is doing is causing a toxicity.

G: It is storing it?

A: Well, its storage is causing some bad things to happen in your body to stop the body from having symptoms. Because the body is dealing with that new toxicity.

G: But, isn’t the body also trying to store the toxins in the fat and then release it?

A: Yes, but it causes fats to go bad, so they are not utilized properly. So, I found ozone is a nasty substance.

G: So, the Alpine air purifiers that create ozone are bad?

A: No, I do not know about the air purifiers. I am talking about when they ozonate water and they ozonate oils. They will pass olive oil through an ozonation machine and let me tell you: the chemistry that I have seen come out of those is pretty dangerous.

G: Ok. So, you do not know about the air purifiers?

A: I do not about the air purifiers.

G: I know about them – I have two.

G: Well, I have one too, but I am concerned about them because they generate ozone.

A: Yeah, I do not know. The only thing I have looked at is ozonating water and ozonating oils. And, ozonating the blood. You got a couple people out in San Bernardino that will take your blood and ozonate the blood – and the toxicity. Everybody that I have known that had cancer that went there died.

G: They are using whatever they call it?

G: Rectal.

A: Yeah, right, so. Did you want to talk about more about this subject?

G: Yeah, about ozonation.

A: Yeah.

G: I have read a lot about ozonated therapies – Germany’s treated over ten million with it in all different forms – and the number of people who responded badly to it is like .007 percent, or something – it is really low.

A: And those statistics are way, way contrived and twisted.

G: Can you back that up?

A: Yes. I have seen it. If they are going to tell me that and everybody that I have seen go to them die from it and have terrible responses afterwards then there is something terribly wrong. Unless they are following a different protocol than they did in Germany, or Europe – or, where ever it was.

G: I had it in the veins and it causes the veins to collapse.

G: Well, it does that if you do it too quickly.

G: If you do too much of it.

G: I have had three IV ozone injections in about the last two months and also done some blood electrification – which, I cannot really attribute it to one or the other – but, I have become very clairaudient – very focused. I have stopped having any craving for alcohol or marijuana in the last month due to those two things.

A: But, those two things may be causing such toxicity in you that your body cannot handle the alcohol or the marijuana.

G: Well, my focus has been much better.

A: Well, like I say: even if you take coffee you are going to feel better, but it is a stimulant. And electro therapy that I have seen that I experienced is not a healthy one. It is like electroshocking; have you ever seen what an electroshock does to a human being?

G: Yeah, when you fry a brain with it.

G: Well, there is a difference between micro currents and electro shock.

A: The amount of electroshock that is given to a person in electroshock therapy is even less than what they are giving to a cell. So, you think about it. The progression of health that I have seen come out of the people who do that on the long term does not make them better – it makes them worse. On the short term it seems to work better, but so does all toxicity in the body. An inundation of immediate toxicity will cause the body to stop working on that old stuff. Let’s say you got virus or bacteria working on the spine – so, spinal meningitis. So, I take the ozone therapy and my spinal meningitis symptoms go away. That does not mean the problem is corrected; that means that the blood and everything is so toxic from the infusion of what I just gave it that the body cannot deal with that any more. So, it lets that property go away and deal with the immediate toxicity – just like coffee or anything else that you take; it causes an immediate concentration on that toxicity – smoking – no matter what it is.

G: Are we talking about Bob Beck’s electric therapy?

A: Anybody’s electric therapy. You have to understand: electric therapy has one model. And it is saying: all people fit this model. Nobody fits one model. Impossible to do. It sure screwed the hell out of me for a year and half when I had it.

G: Can you give a corrective measure? Because I had some and it was very low current, but how do you correct that?

A: The way I had to do it; I had to take a nap on the Earth for about 45 minutes, minimum. I had to take baths with about a tbsp. of sea salt and at least ½ quart of milk.

G: Any kind of milk? Raw? Pasteurized?

A: Raw.

G: Raw milk.

A: Yeah. I did experiments and you can take the fat and suck the cream off the top – it does not have to have the fat in it for that bath – you can use skimmed milk. So, you suck the cream off the milk and put that in. And about two oz. vinegar.

G: Apple cider vinegar?

A: Yeah, raw apple cider vinegar.

G: Would you do that one more time?

A: Ok, it is one tbsp. sea salt; two cups of skimmed milk – minimum – I use usually three cups and I was able to sleep better in it; and two oz. raw apple cider vinegar.

G: What is this for?

A: This is to help sleep – to get the electro currents a little bit more balanced. Because after I had that electric therapy I was not able to sleep; I could not sleep for days. The only time I could sleep was on the ground outside and I mean I tried to sleep everywhere.

G: Why on the ground?

A: I think it is the electromagnetic current of the Earth. On the sand I could sleep there fine as long as I was in the sun. But, I could not stand the cold.

G: You are electrically grounded on the earth.

A: That, and it could be just correcting everything. And when I had to sleep in the bath, I could do my best sleeping in the bath; I could sleep about two hours at a time. And then wake for enough time to warm the bath and then go back to sleep for another hour and a half.

G: Does it matter if the water is chlorinated? Does that make a big factor?

A: Well, all of those things I gave you help neutralize the 289 chemicals that we have in the city water.

G: Can I ask you about water filtration?

A: Water filtration is not a very good thing.

G: What about charcoal water filtration? I mean, is there any that are the best?

A: That is helpful. Alpine carries some very good ones – it will filter out a lot. But, you need the milk and you need the vinegar and you need the salt to help neutralize the rest of the chemicals.

G: How much milk was that, Aajonus?

A: Two cups of milk – minimum.

G: Well, what about the ½ quart of raw milk – we drink that?

G: That is the two cups.

A: That is two cups.

G: And you talked about the fat – the cream?

A: No, you put that in the bath water. I drink the cream off – it is too delicious. Well, for a long time I used the cream in it, but then I tried it without the cream when I could not get much cream. And I sucked off and it worked just as well. So, I thought: “Why should I waste the cream in the bath?”

G: Right. So, any of these alternative therapies that involve any sort of low voltage are bad?

A: Again, it is created on one model – and nobody fits that one model.

G: Ok.

G: What about ionizers? Have you used them?

A: I did research on ionizers in the early ‘70’s and at that time what it caused was toxic molecules – including tars in the air – to solidify and harden. And if you are breathing those it is not a good thing. So, I found it was ok if you have the ionizer on when you are not in the house. If you have ever had an ionizer in your house and you remove the picture and the whole wall is black except where the picture is?

G: Yeah.

A: That is what it does to your lungs if it is on while you are in the room.

G: The ionizers are supposed to be air purifies, right?

A: That is what they say it does, but what it does is it clean the tars out of the air but then the molecules shoot right into something hard – that means it is going to go right into your body – you are inhaling – it is going to go right into your lung walls. And that is like smoking marijuana; it just blocks up everything. Yes?

G: About a subject that you went on earlier: you said something about hepatitis. I am trying to get my kid into a private school this year and they want them to have their polio shots; their hepatitis shots – all these shots. Now, since it is a private school – they are kind of like a club - they do not have to accept you. I want them to have a good education. Is there an Assembly Bill? Is there something I can go to and say: “Hey, listen – I do not have to have this.“

A: California has an escape clause if it’s your religion. The 7th Day Adventist have a form that says: “It’s against my religion. I do not believe this.”

G: He is going to a private Christian school though.

A: It does not matter.

G: Your health religion.

A: Yeah. You can say you think it’s against God's law to do that.

G: Right. You know I did speak to his current school about that – his preschool – and they are saying they could accept us or they could decline us for another reason. And, they do not even have to say that. I mean, they can just tell him: “Hey, we do not want him.”

G: I have been to all the other schools and for education purposes, he cannot go anywhere else.

A: But then you have to go a doctor support that.

G: But, he has got medical issues; he has asthma and all that stuff.

A: Then you can say he is highly allergic to –

G: With smoothies, he has not had his problem anymore.

G: Yeah, we took him off the nebulizer and all those things and he has been great.

A: He has been great, yeah.

G: As a follow up question I had: if he gets sick now, right now - he is not on a total raw diet just because it is has been a hard transition getting him into anything like that right now – since we are so new to it too. If he gets ill where he is going to have a lot of complex carbohydrates – a lot of that bad stuff for bacteria to feed on –

G: What would we feed him?

A: You just feed him lots of smoothies. Just keep it up. And to give him some raw chicken. He will probably get through it.

G: So, if a child that has all these carbs in them and then gets E.coli or something, it would be hard to treat that child naturally though, wouldn’t it?

A: No.

G: What was it you were saying – because the carbs are blocked?

A: No, if children only live on carbs – like, in third world countries.

G: Then you can get Lupus.

A: You can get all kinds of things – it can go any which way.

G: But treating them a natural way is the only way to go?

A: Absolutely.

G: Which is what we are doing anyway.

A: Right. But, in this room – treating – only doctors can do. Only doctors in the state of California can treat anybody. So, you do not treat your son; you nurtured your son because you saying that in public – the State of California medical division of the government can come after you for practicing medicine without a license. So, remember that: you do not treat yourselves; you do not treat anybody – you nurture yourself.

G: Don’t we have the right to medicate ourselves?

A: No, you do not; No, you do not.

G: Not unless you are sovereign.

A: Right, yeah. But, then you still have to fight the law and they can put you in jail. And then you have to prove that you are sovereign.

G: It is like that recent email that you sent me about those people in – I think – Texas? They had a kid and they were trying to refuse a radiation. What was it?

A: They wanted to refuse radiation – they wanted to refuse all of those treatments.

G: And you cannot?

A: No, the State went in and got a judge to take the child away from the parents.

G: Jesus.

A: But that happens all the time. I witnessed that with one of my clients – she had twins and these two boys were on this diet and they were so healthy; they never had a cold and were a year and a half old; and somehow the State got involved, came and took the children away. The judge had had polio, so he was brain washed that it was because he did not get the vaccines in time and he had already had three. Why didn’t he get them in time? So, he was prejudiced against this woman having these two children and not having vaccinations. So, he ruled that these children had to get vaccinations. They were sick, sick, sick. And I watched one twin die ten days after getting injections. They were giving these children seven vaccines within a two week period. The normal is three. But, they wanted to get them in to the children before the mother got the custody back.

G: And one of them died?

A: Not one of this – another family. But these children were sick for weeks – well, months actually.

G: There is an accredited school called Highland Hall up in Northridge that will not require that. They are very homeopathic and health and artistic.

A: Well, there is also a man out of New York City who was an accredited teacher for 27 years in New York; one of the most accredited teachers that had come out of an institution in all of time. He wrote a book that said: if you want your children to learn do not sent them to school – home school them. It only takes 100 hours to teach the normal child reading, writing and arithmetic. The only thing that the child is going to learn at a normal school is how to be emotionally dependent; how to be drug dependent; how to be every dependent, except the one dependency you want – self-love. So, take that.

G: Aajonus, I need to ask a question about wheatgrass.

A: Uh-hm.

G: May I?

A: Uh-hm.

G: Is it something that we should do? It is not anything that is on my diet, but somebody said: “Barbara, you should be drinking wheatgrass.” And, I thought I should check with you.

A: Well, I have been experimenting for the last year with wheatgrass juice because of the people and Owanza who have been using growth hormones. Now, a lot of people are using these growth hormones which are extracted growth hormones from plants – usually grasses. And they were claiming incredible results. However, the people that I tested them with that would be helped the most – with M.S., M.D. and other problems – chronic fatigue – reacted so badly, that there was something wrong with them.

G: From the wheatgrass?

A: No, from the human growth hormone.

G: Ok.

A: Ok? So, I decided that if I am going to give people an alternative I would have to try to invent something. So, I was looking at the wheatgrass – they use the wheatgrass because it grows so rapidly, so it has HGH ability. So, what I did was I decided to stabilize it in milk. So, if you add three oz. of wheatgrass to 29 oz. of milk you will get a good proportion and that helps the growth hormone stimulation. I have only been working with it for about a year now but it seems to be working pretty well.

G: 29 oz. of milk? That is a lot of milk.

A: Yes, you take a quart of milk, you drink three oz. of it and then put three oz. of wheat grass in it. You shake it up and you drink it over a day.

G: What does it stabilize?

A: It stabilizes the growth hormone properties.

G: Have you heard of [Inaudible]? They are doing some stuff with that and it is more natural.

A: Yeah, but I got a completely natural HG one and let me tell you it is terrible.

G: With cancer do you want growth hormone? I mean, anything with growth scares me.

A: Well, I have not been using it, but with one cancer client for fear of that.

G: Ok, I better wait.

A: So, I would wait.

G: Do you drink the quart in the day? Or do you spread a few oz. all over?

A: I drink it over a day.

G: Usually with the GH supplements you take it twice a day, every day – so, this you do whenever?

A: Yeah, I do it maybe two-three times a week – that is all.

G: Is that liquid wheatgrass?

A: Yes, but you need to put the wheatgrass in the milk immediately – within a few minutes. Yes?

G: How long do you plan to live?

A: I do not. People ask me that question all the time. I do not care. As long as I am happy and healthy I do not care how long I live. I should have been dead 32 years ago, so I am already ahead of the game. I am not interested in how long I live – I am interested in how healthy and happy I am while I am alive.

G: You were talking about ozonated water before, but I know in your book you recommended hydrogen peroxide orally?

A: Do not do that anymore. Because, I thought that I was getting good results from it, but then they turned out negative – another thing, like the ozone that looks good but in the long run it does not.

G: So, you are differentiating the healing response crisis from something that is ultimately, not right?

A: Correct, right.

G: What about other oxygen supplements?

A: I have experimented with about ten of them and none of them are good. And the one that I used – the liquid oxygen that I used – is no longer on the market. It was so expensive. With these new chemical mixtures that have chemical oxygen, which burn – burn the system. Just like hydrogen peroxide does in a high concentrations. They threw them off the market, so they do not even make it anymore.

G: Can you talk a little bit about psoriasis? Treatment and causes?

A: Well, I did not want to get into any specific disease like that to a great extent. But, psoriasis - like I said in the book - is basically the inability to reproduce cells to heal properly. It could have been from too many x-rays, too many pollutants in the body, chemicals – anything that destroys the body’s ability to reproduce cells, to build new cells. The body can call out cells from other areas and deliver them to that area as scar tissue; as live cells – like in endometriosis. Those people who have liver spots – those are liver cells on the skin. The liver no longer utilizes them anymore because they are not functioning properly as a liver, but they will still function as a cell somewhere else in the body – so, they will act as a skin. So, the body can send them there. If your body can no longer have those particular hormones to call the cells out of other areas to go to that area to repair that one spot, you have got a problem with psoriasis – inability to heal wounds. And it may be because the concentration of contamination is in that general area or the faulty ability of the lack of hormones to call out those cells to be transported. Ok? Lots of fats are necessary and meats are necessary to correct it.

G: I did a three week fast in January. And I noticed a lot of improvements from the fasting: my posture has improved; my breathing is a lot better; liver has shrunk; my digestive system is a lot better. What do you think about the idea of giving the body a break? The digestive system a break?

A: Well, you did not really fast – you went on juices.

G: No, I did the [inaudible] which is a little bit of milk and a dried roll – it is well known in Germany and Europe. I have just noticed a lot of improvements and I just wondered what you would say about that?

A: Well, I have done a tremendous amount of fasts; even up to a 41 day fast with nothing but urine and a 31 day fast with nothing but water. And I have done lots of other fasts – experimented with juice feasts and all of that. I have always found that when you get the body narrowed down, it functions easier, but it does not get well; it does not get better. And when the body gets the nutrients to start getting in there and tearing it apart, then it starts to work. Let me give you an analogy: let’s say we have NYC and it needs repairing. So, let’s say you get it lean and take out all the people and you take out all those cars. The City is still going to rot. It has not changed; you have not re-plumbed it; you have not done anything. You have just leaned it out. And that is basically what happens when you fast; you have leaned the body down, but that does not mean the cells will remain – because you are going to start eating your own cells.

G: But, what about the body's ability to regenerate itself on its own? I mean, don’t you give it a chance?

A: It cannot do that. That is why I found I kept getting thinner, thinner and thinner. Now if you took somebody, lets say, a hundred years ago and you fasted them and they were out in the wild – and lets say they were farmers – you would be dead. They looked for women that are husky – had something on them. Because if anybody got sick they could not withstand the temperatures – either the highs or the lows – and most of the people would die. But, we are not exposed to those elements. So, then you lose weight and get feeling a lot thinner and easier; and lighter; breathing better; everything better. You think you are much healthier, but then we put you in an environment that is harder and you will find out you will be less healthy.

G: But, a lot of cultures have used fasting in the past haven’t they for thousands of years for health? And yogis have used it. I mean, a lot of them.

A: They did at certain times of the year, like in Israel during Christ’s time – as far as from what I have read from the Dead Sea scrolls. They would fast in the late spring and late summer. Not in the too hot times and not the too cold times. And they had to do it because they had no other way to help them detox; they did not have access to lots of foods. There are lots of Europeans who would use fasting, but they did not do the normal fasting. Let’s say Bieler – he used raw liver and vegetable juices. Basically, that is what I do to get people to lose the fat that is toxic in their system. I have them eat the juice and the egg or the juice and the meat. I have got a little bit down because I know that the egg will take out some toxins that the meat will not; it will help get rid of certain fats better. But, I have never found fasting … and I studied that for 30 years. I mean, doing intense fasts with myself amongst other people, and I never found it to be more helpful than detrimental; there is always detriments. It is like robbing Peter to pay Paul because your body eats itself. And you are not putting anything good into it; it has to exist on what is already in the body. And if what is in the body is not great already then you are not getting it any better.

G: So, there is no benefit to giving the body a rest?

A: Yes, there is. Like I say: what I tell people to do is eat the juice – the egg – juice – egg; juice – egg; juice – meat – juice – meat, so you are cutting down on the foods that you are eating to thin out.

G: But, you are getting the nutrients.

A: Right. Like you see me right now I am at the end of mine, so I am pretty thin - thinner than normal. But still, I am pretty solid; I cannot get much thinner than this. Then I will go up to my larger size – I will gain bout 15lbs. and I will take it off again. Lori taught me how to do it fast. So, I do it faster. Yes?

G: What do you think, or have you ever encountered people who are breatharians?

A: You know the only person that I ever met that claimed to be a breatharian was caught at 7-11 with some kind of a hotdog or hamburger. In my death experience what I talked about in my book – when I died on my heater with pizza on my shirt – I saw that that that is what we are when we are not in body – breatharians. Because there is no eating. But, when you are in any kind of body you are there to experience the atmosphere; to experience that whole three dimensional, sixth sense type of experience. Without eating you are not connected with it, so while you are here in an animal body it is part of the enjoyment. So, I am going to be a breatharian when I die. So, why do I want to do it here? It is not the experience here. To move toward that you may take a gun to your head and you will be there quickly.

G: Well, people say the same thing: I am here to have fun; I am going to eat cooked food; I am not going to eat your raw food – I would rather die.

A: Well, they are; they are going to get disease and die. Which is fine. That is their experience; I am not against it. And if someone wants to try to achieve breatharianism on this plane I would not stop them; that is their choice to explore that. I tried it.

G: Did you?

A: Oh, yeah. I tried to be a breatharian. I nearly died.

G: Is it okay to just eat plain cheese as a snack?

A: If you do not have constipation, it is fine.

G: I am on the programme. So, it is ok?

A: Usually I will always eat cheese with something to break the hunger, like some honey or some butter or milk with it. If you have tendency towards constipation you do not want to eat cheese alone. You know, if you are one of those people who does beautifully with cheese and it does not constipate you then I think it is fine.

G: I have a friend and her 11 year-old-daughter was just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. What is your opinion on why she has that? Is it diet? Or, stress and diet? She has never been hospitalized or anything as a child, nothing like that.

A: Well, I would say from my experience of Crohn’s disease it could be many, many things.

G: They did a colonoscopy where they saw lesions on her lower intestine, her upper intestine and by her stomach. They did the whole barium thing.

A: Right. The only people who I have seen to have Crohn’s disease are people who have eaten a tremendous amounts of cooked starches – lots of cereal and lots of sugars. And it destroys the intestinal environment completely; there is usually no bacteria present.

G: They are high pasta eating.

A: Yeah. No bacteria present in the intestines, so everything rips the intestines and it bleeds and causes lesions and scaring.

G: So, what should she be doing – the child?

A: Lots of raw eggs; lots of smoothies; lots of meat – anything that will create the bacteria. She can even take the raw clabbered milk and do the infusions like I said in the intestines to build it up.

G: What is raw clabbered milk?

A: Well, I have been experimenting with it for years. If you take the milk and you take about six oz. out. You can do it in the Claravale bottle, however poor Ron has to go there with a bristle brush and clean out each bottle. So, it is better to put it in one you can get in and clean it easier. So, get one of those quart jars with the regular mouth on it and then pour most of the quart into it and let it sit for three days. He said it took him eight hours less than the three days in his room temperature to get it to clabber to the point where it looked like yogurt.

G: To curdle, you mean?

A: No, clabber. If it is raw it will actually look like yogurt. If you let it go longer then the water will completely separate and then you are going to have curdled milk with which you can make cottage cheese. But, the point is to have it at the point where it clabbers.

G: Does it have the acidophilus and all of that in it?

A: No, the bacteria that it is more important is the animal. Acidophilus is not a natural one. Bulgaricus; calcocicus [?] – all of those are created to help digest the proteins, the sugars, and the fats. So, each one of those will break down one of those substances. The milk naturally has those substances already in them, so if you let them work on the milk before you ingest them, you will infuse them into you to help you generate your own. If you take acidophilus supplements, bulgaricus – even the kefirs – it will not help you regenerate your own; it will just predigest it for you so you can get the value of the milk, but still will not break it down into the most appropriate molecular disassemblement that is for you the individual. You let the milk do it.

G: How do you make kefir?

A: You just let the raw milk sit at room temperature.

G: You can get it overnight if you sit it top on the stove if you happen to have a pilot light on. Take a little of it off so it does not pop as it starts to ferment.

G: Do you cover it?

A: Yeah, I cover it.

G: I do not cover mine. I just put something so the dust does not enter it.

G: Do you stir it up?

G: No. I shake it; sit it on the stove. In the morning I have this glob of milk.

G: Well, I don’t have a pilot light.

A: I don’t either; it takes longer.

G: On top of the fridge.

A: The reason I do not like to put it on the top of the fridge is because the EMFs that come off the fridge are phenomenal; they broadcast like three feet. EMF’s change the RNA and DNA structure.

G: In the milk?

A: In the milk.

G: So, you shake it and you just eat it all by itself?

A: Yeah. But, if you put it in larger you can spoon it out and enjoy it spooning it.

G: Just in between meals?

A: Right. Or with meals. As long as it is not with vegetable juice.

G: I see.

A: The only thing you can mix with vegetable juice is coconut cream and raw cream.

G: And you can add honey to the milk and eat it that way?

A: Yeah, if you like.

G: And this clabbered milk can get eaten with meat?

A: Yes.

G: An experience of mine: I had kidney stones; I had gall stones; I had a whole set in my stomach. I got rid of it through fasting and water. And everything was handled very good.

A: Yeah, I have seen people do that but I have also seen the damage done to the rest of the body for fasting.

G: But, for a long time: sometime seven days; sometimes twenty-one days. I think I fasted more than anybody in this room and I really came out of it good. I am close to 80. My eyes got better; my vision got better; I could not hear good. So, I got very good results.

A: Like I said: people who fast get better about their conditions but not necessarily over the whole.

G: You do not think fasting may be good for certain kinds of people?

A: I have not found a situation where I saw it better than the side effects. Like I say: robbing Peter to pay Paul is fine –

G: For now.

A: Yeah, for now.

G: For 24 hours?

A: No, maybe for years. But then it comes to that point where the damage done is too great.

G: Aajonus?

A: Yeah?

G: Do you recommend the clabbered milk all the time?

A: You know, I do not digest it well when it is fresh. So, I do it all the time. And when I drink it, because I have not bought enough to keep it going and I drink it fresh, I tend to drink a lot more of it and I dehydrate easily.

G: That is why I am so dry – from the milk?

A: You could be, yeah. So, you let it clabber it does not happen as much.

G: What do you mean by keep it going?

A: It takes me three days to get it to the clabbered point.

G: Are you culturing it?

A: You can do that and it will work faster, yes.

G: Do you refrigerate it afterwards, when it’s ready?

A: Yes. If you are not going to drink it all I will. But, see I stagger it; I take two out a day. As I drink two I will put two more out to start.

G: Then why did you say ¾ cups milk?

A: I said take out ¾ cup so that you have got a jar with some air in it.

G: Oh.

A: Out of the quart.

G: How can we load up on parasites? You talked a lot a bit about bacteria, but let’s get right to the parasites.

A: I have not been able to get to them.

G: But, what about us that can?

A: I do not know; I have not found anybody who wanted to experiment with that. Hold on. Yes, Johanne?

G: So, I wanted to talk about your theory that we do not catch things. So, I understand we do not catch things, but how do you explain things like large epidemics like the black plague that swept through Europe a century ago, or sexually transmitted diseases?

A: Well, do you know the lemmings come out every 12 years and jump off the cliff? Do you think they get a contagious disease at that point? Now the black plague, from what I understand, comes out every 112 years. So, it is a microbe or virus that comes out at a certain time. So, it is on a time lapse. Well, if people are not well and that becomes a part of them, they may not survive it; it depends upon their individual make-up. And of course if you live on AGE products – most of the people who died were either vegetarians or people who lived on tremendous amounts of carbohydrates that were not getting meat or milk.

G: Poor people?

A: Yes, mostly poor people. Unless they were farmland farm people – they were healthy and fine. But, it was your City people who were poor.

G: Yes, that is right.

A: Or, what I read from one particular engineer who survived the flu of 1918 – he said in all the people he know who were wealthy who went to doctors – all the allopath’s – one out of seven died.

G: The doctors?

A: One out of seven – the allopath’s. He said those people who went on to and ate good raw foods often, maybe one out of 50 or one out of 90 something died of the so called flu.

G: What did they die of?

A: So called – the flu. What he is saying is that they died of the treatment which would be anaphylactic shock. But the people who were not going to doctors were not dying.

G: Then what about sexually transmitted diseases?

A: Did you read my book?

G: Yes.

A: Ok. Remember when I talked about Byron in there with the woman with syphilis?

G: Right.

A: She was in stage three.

G: And he never got it?

A: He did not get it.

G: Do you think that people who get AIDS and die of it are susceptible to it?

A: No, from what I have read they were injected with it.

G: But, if their environment is clean enough, maybe they can get it from the needle and maybe they can resist it?

A: Yes, ...very possible.

G: What about stories where gay men interact with other gay men then have it – one of their partners gets and the other one who doesn’t?

A: Ok. Since I have worked with quite a few of them for a long while, everyone that I had questioned had had the hepatitis vaccine.

G: Ok.

A: And it sometimes it took 15-20 years for it to come out on them. But, everyone was blaming the partner. “Well, I did not have AIDS before I got together with him.” And then I said: “Did you have the vaccine?” And every one of them said they had it. And those who had not had the hepatitis vaccine had been shooting up and changing needles with people who had.

G: How many people AIDS people did you work with?

A: About 27. But let me tell you: they have those people so scared, it is ridiculous.

G: Did you have success?

A: Yeah. Very good success. But, it is a long process. You have to understand that when you have hepatitis and have the vaccine in the first place, you have traumatized your body to the point where you liver is not functioning properly. So, recovering takes a very long time. You have to get the liver - and it takes two and half years just to get the liver - working properly. So, getting someone well from AIDS - if they got it from the hepatitis vaccine - could take a very, very, very long time.

G: But if you are saying if you have the vaccine it could take two – two and a half years plus, even on the raw foods?

A: It could take 12-15 years for them to recover from all the problems.

G: They will probably get a lot better, huh?

A: Oh, yeah – definitely. Now, Sylvia mentioned about the fasting. You see how dry her skin is? How everything is just shriveled up? I have looked in her eyes and her eyes are very toxic; there is a lot to go through. Fasting got rid of the stones quickly, but it certainly did not help a lot of other things. She thinks she is in great shape for 80 and she is, but that is using her feeling-well as a model. But, if I am looking at her skin all shriveled up like that and her bent over at the spine – that does not indicate health to me – that is someone who is surviving old age, but not well.

G: You are comparing it to other 80-year-olds who are very sick?

A: Correct. And then my parents are 50 percent raw. And I have gotten them to do it for 20 years - people who were dying in their 70’s that are now in their 80’s and they do not have all that dry skin.

G: I have to say that from the fasting I did, my posture improved hugely; my pelvis was all bumped forward and looking oddly. I am really much more straight; my body has naturally gone straight.

A: But, that is now.

G: Right.

A: Let us say the amount of cleaning out that it did to arrest certain things did not help regenerate tissue. So, the decalcification and demineralization of your spine may have helped alleviate some of that pressure in your spurs on your spine and that is a good thing.

G: But, as a quick start and then back on to the diet?

A: Yeah, you are probably better off that way and in the circumstance where it generates side effects that are good like that I would have to say that maybe her doing it was good, but I did not observe it so I do not know what the trade-off was; I do not what part of her body got robbed to pay Paul.

G: But, now that she goes on a raw food diet – that is much better than if she did not do that?

A: Oh, yes – definitely.

G: Are you recommending we drink our urine? I was not sure if you said yes or no on that?

A: Well, I think it is all an individual thing. Your urine is nothing other than your blood without a lot of RBC.

G: It is not that toxic if the body is getting rid of it?

A: No, if your body knows that you are drinking urine it will not use the urinary tract as a dump site.

G: That could be good or bad. If you are drinking your urine it is good, but then if you want to detox it is bad.

A: Well, that depends. I would say if you have trouble digesting and utilizing proteins that is when I suggest that people utilize their urine. Just like in India. People who do not get meat and have to live on grains drink their urine – the Sufi’s – all of them will do it because they do not get enough protein. So, they continue to drink their urine because they lose a lot of the proteins in their urine so they will drink them. And it reverses a lot of ill conditions by doing that. So, if you are a person who does not assimilate proteins well, you have a tendency to wrinkle and dehydrate, then I would say you are not utilizing your proteins well enough. And you should use it; you should drink your urine. And I would not say drink all of it; that may be a little too much.

G: The first one in the morning? Or, anytime in the day?

A: You know I have experimented with a lot of different ways; I experimented with drinking all of it especially when I fasted; I experimented with drinking just the first. There are positives and negatives about that.

G: Right.

A: There is a lot more hormonal activity in the morning one, but there is also a lot more nerve toxicity because the nerves detox at night. So, it depends upon the individual. I would say it is best to drink it after a good protein meal; within about an hour and a half after eating a good protein meal. Oh, and one more thing: there is a little bit more ammonia because the kidneys form ammonia to put in the urine. So, that is also in urine and that helps clear up skin a little bit. That is why people have better effects - when they drink the urine - with their skin or apply it on the surface.

G: I can put that on here? I think you told me once and I have not done it… with the urine first and then the cream.

A: Urine first and then cream over that, yeah.

G: But, you are also saying for moles and warts and things? Urine one day and olive oil the next day?

A: Yeah.

G: How much olive oil do you put in your meat every day? [Cut in audio]

A: Well, when I am detoxing heavily like this, I do not add to it. I have been staying away from olive oil for a whole month since I have been detoxing but normally I have ½ cup a week. ½ cup means eight tbsp. of olive oil. So, at four meals I will have two tbsp. of olive oil or I might have two or four tbsp. of olive oil with one meat meal.

G: I have been putting two or three tbsp. a day with my chicken or meat. I take one tbsp.

A: Ok, one tbsp. – that is alright.

G: I take two tbsp. a day.

A: Yeah, that is fine. But, I would have them at one meal, so you are not always making solvents to do all of that so much.

G: And how important is it to have beef, chicken and fish every day? Because all I want is beef. I cannot stand fish now and I cannot stand chicken.

A: Well, just eat beef for four or five days and then go back to doing it. There will be times when you will hate any other food except just say chicken, just beef, or just fish. Do it for a few days and then try the others again until you get back into it. Like I said in the book: there was one time when I could not touch fish or beef at all. For six months I just ate chicken. That was it – chicken. Maybe once or twice when I went out to a restaurant, I ate sushi. Or, went to a restaurant and there was only beef there, so I ordered a cold steak on a cold plate. But otherwise I ate just chicken.

G: And the other thing: I am hooked on lemon and honey which I try to have with my smoothie, or something. I have four lemons a day. I cannot stop.

A: Well, like I have told you before I have a problem with that. But yet when Owanza did it – when she was having the honey and lemon every day – she got rid of her 63 tumors.

G: 63?

A: Yeah, she had 63 tumors.

A: Yeah, she got rid of hers. Now, she went through a lot more sickness; she was in bed a lot; she was a lot more fatigued, more than anyone I had ever seen but she also was a vegetarian for 14 years. So, she was a very weak individual.

G: Was she a raw vegetarian?

A: No, she tried that but she started going nuts – started going diabetic and stuff – so, she could not do it.

G: It took 11 years for it to get well.

G: And yet, some people do well on a raw vegetarian diet for a while – don’t they?

A: I did well for about three and a half years. Then I stuck to it for another three years.

G: Yeah, you do well in the beginning and then you go to hell man. After that I had the worst pain that I have had.

G: How did you count your tumors?

A: Well, I did not count them. She had a doctor count them. That is how many they found – that does not mean that is how many she had.

G: But they just dissolved; it did not necessarily all pop out?

A: They came out in many different ways. She abscesses on her skin, not on her face, on her body. And she vomited sometimes 11 times a day. Her body took her stomach – that was her main path. Diarrhea sometimes – severely. But, I would say her stomach was her main vehicle of discharge – elimination. Yes?

G: I wanted to take to you about a dentist who will take x-rays of my mouth.

A: Do not let them. I do not let them.

G: They can still do their work without it? Can you refuse that?

A: Yes. And I have always been able to find a dentist who will do it. They just say: “If I do that and I cannot see a cavity that is not visible I cannot be held responsible.” And you say: “Fine, I will sign a waver.”

G: Ok.

G: What about getting the mercury out of your fillings?

A: I think it is a good idea once you stabilize.

G: But you do not want to do it fast.

A: I think it is bad. I had one of my clients with cancer who was in critical condition with cancer all over. In two weeks she went and had the mercury taken out and she is on her deathbed right now. She has not been out of bed since they were removed. She only had two of them removed at that time. And I told her: “Wait a year and half”. But, people kept telling her that mercury was one of her main problems and that it was killing you. But, I told her: “No, it is not.”

G: But, now it is released.

A: Yeah, now it is released in her system and all the injections go along with it.

G: Is Novocain bad?

A: Terrible. I had my teeth drilled on for eight hours and had nothing but marijuana and hated it. I ate some marijuana and had the pain formula.

G: What about nitrous oxide?

A: It is a gas. It can really damage your system. I would say the nitrous oxide is a little easier to detoxify than the Novocain because one molecule of the Novocain – because it is not cocaine any more – Novocain used to be created from cocaine; now it is a synthetic product. And it takes 40-60 molecules of fat to bind with one molecule of that Novocain to get it out of your system. That is why people have so much dental, gum and jaw bone rotting now-a-days.

G: How effective is your pain formula for dentistry level pain?

A: It is pretty good – it is very good.

G: Drink a couple quarts?

A: Well, you drink nothing but that the whole day before you go – that and the cheese. And you probably will not feel much of anything.

G: Ok.

G: I am going to ask one question.

A: Yes, ok.

G: I have read that raw eggs will deplete the biotin in your system – that biotin is one of the vitamins?

A: In my book there is a misprint. There was a spell check that went through and changed avidin to albumin. So, it is the avidin that binds with the biotin – that only happens in a chemistry lab and it does not happen in the body.

G: So, are you saying raw eggs do not?

A: No, they do not.

G: So, the people who are saying that are saying it because –

A: It happens in a laboratory, but it does not happen in the human body. You use a lot of biotin in the process of changing over biocarbons in the body. So, when you get raw eggs you are you going to use that biotin in it to change over, and you are going to find avidin present within that complex, but it is not a deprivation – it is a utilization to transport biocarbons. And I mentioned that in the book. Just remember: when you get to that part that talks about albumin it is supposed to be avidin.