Oysters - Special Food In Our Toxic World

Is there something oysters are especially good for?

There are two reasons to eat oysters: First but not ultimately, is to stimulate sexual prowess. Secondly and ultimately in our toxic world, oysters supply nutrients to help our bodies remove heavy metals quicker than anything else and usually with significantly reduced symptoms. Cilantro and berries will help our bodies remove heavy metals both deep and already loosened, respectively. Cilantro helps remove heavy metals but does not contain all of the animal fats that soothe and protect our cells, so there are side effects such as, nausea, graying of skin and hair, diarrhea and vomit. When we eat oysters in abundance to remove metals, there are little or no side effects.

I've had about 12 people over the past 5 years eat large quantities of oysters and it has been successful in every case. The first person that experimented with me was a woman born and raised in the heart of London. She had airplanes from 4 airports flying over her constantly so she was living in and breathing all the jet and diesel exhaust and particles of those planes as well as from heavy street traffic. Anyone in the aerospace industry knows how bad those particles are, especially in jet and diesel fuels. From that metallically toxic environment, her irises looked very similar to irises of lathe operators, showing an abundance of black, charcoal and grayish coloration throughout her entire irises that should be blue. Even her skin had a grayish cast.

The condition caused her a lot of physical problems, and resultantly emotional problems. She was usually fatigued and suffered chronic Fibromyalgia. Because of her emotional fluctuations, she was on and off the diet for about 1 1/2 years. Finally I said, "Let's try something more radical. I suggest that you do this religiously, so we can make a difference with your health. I suggest that you eat a half to a whole cup of red meat with three oysters twice daily, 6 days weekly with one day off, replacing oysters with whatever other meats you want." She did the regime for a year. In one year, she removed as much metallic poisons as most people remove in 3 to 5 years on my Primal Diet (PD). Her life changed. Her suffering Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia reduced to the extent that she enjoyed and pursued life and experience.

I suggest that no one eat oysters from Florida or the Gulf of Mexico. U.S. military regularly dump vast amounts of radioactive waste and freight ships passing through Panama Canal discharge and dump petroleum chemicals and waste hourly. Farmed oysters, clams, muscles and scallops because, unlike non-ocean-based farmed creatures, they cannot survive eating processed food. Farmed oysters, clams, muscles and scallops are grown in the ocean normally on ocean waters. The thing that makes them farmed is that people fence off an area of the ocean where they grown and break off clusters and move them to other rocks where they can grow larger.