Gallbladder Stones

Does Drinking Raw Milk and Eating No-Salt Raw Cheeses Cause Bladder, Kidney, Liver or Gallbladder Stones?

It was reported to me that people were saying and even writing on the internet that I had kidney stones caused by consuming dairy and/or eating so much meat, depending on who said or wrote the rumor. I did not have a kidney stone that I was aware of at any time in my life. However, I had a bladder stone develop. It is an interesting story starting from when I was an infant.

I remember from a very young age that my urination was slow, slow to start and slow stream. The first conscious memory of my problem is when my mother took me shopping with her when I was almost 3 and no longer wore diapers. I was autistic and did not utter much coherently. My mother and father knew something was not right with me but they would never admit retardation because it would have reflected on them. They slapped me on my back or back of my head whenever I dazed into my autistic stare, saying, "Stop that! You look like a crazy person." So, my mother was always conscious of my bodily indications as if I were an infant.

On our first day of shopping together where I was not wearing a diaper, she saw me holding my crotch and dancing as if I had to urinate. She took me to the Ladies room and we entered the stall and she placed me in front the toilet. She left the stall door open. She waited for me to drop my pants and underwear then she lifted me onto the toilet. I suppose that she thought I took too long to urinate. She probably supposed that I was shy because she stepped outside of the stall and closed the door. She waited.

After about 2 minutes, she said, "Are you finished yet?" I gave my negative-sounding whine and she waited another minute and said, "Nobody's watching you, go." When I was at home, no one ever noticed that it took me a long time to urinate. I wet my bed every night and everyone noticed that. This was the first time I remember that I had to force myself to urinate.

As I pushed, my urethra and bladder seemed to lock. My sensation to urinate disappeared. Without urinating I got off the toilet and raised my underwear and elastic-waisted pants. I open the door and my mother took my hand and we walked. Within a few minutes, my sensation to urinate returned even more so. I urinated in my pants. It trickled slowly as usual. As soon as my mother noticed, she looked debilitated with shame and embarrassment. "What's wrong with you?", she said irritatedly yet with sympathetic tone.

Until that time, I did not know there was a requirement to urinate in an allotted time. As the years traversed and my mother was in the position to have to wait for me to urinate, she complained. I do not remember ever urinating in less than 4 minutes. Sometimes, it took me up to 6 minutes, 4.5 minutes to begin and 1.5 minutes to empty. Those are all signs of kidney and/or bladder stones but without the pain that normally accompanies them.

Under heavy pressure from someone waiting to use the toilet, I did not go. I held it sometimes for hours. In schools, I regularly held it for hours. With the high pressure of more fluids collected in my bladder, still urination mostly came in a slow narrow stream. That was the story of my urination-life until August 2006.

I was 59 years old. I had just eaten some raw shrimp that I had marinated in lemon juice for almost 4 hours. I ate it with raw shrimp cocktail sauce; delicious. As I was about finished, a shooting pain passed through my lower abdomen. It reminded me of the peritonitis I suffered at age 12, that was misdiagnosed as appendicitis. The doctor removed my appendix even though nothing was wrong with it, in case it caused problems in the future, the surgical report stated. It could not be appendicitis, could it be peritonitis again?

I knew that the pain did not result directly from my food. However, my meal had added pressure to my abdomen. As pain increased, I decided to force vomit to relieve pressure. My vomit-convulsions made pain worsen. I realized that I had to urinate but without the normal pressurized sensation.

At the toilet, I was unable to urinate. A few drops fell at a time. Pain forced me to lift one leg and urination began slowly as always. After 5 minutes of very slow urination, most of the pain subsided. I realized I had bladder swelling. Since swelling always indicates increased circulation to deliver more nutrients to swollen areas, I surmised that my bladder cells were detoxifying.

The pain returned every time I had to urinate and that was more frequently than normal for me. I had to lift my left leg every time before urination would trickle but seemed slower each time. By morning, I had to lift the leg and lean to my lifted-leg side. It was very awkward.

Because of the position I had to take urinating, I realized that something other than swelling was obstructing urine flow. I called a friend who had recently had stones removed and ask the for his urologist's name and number. About six months prior, I advised him to find a urologist who used ultrasound rather than x-rays to diagnose urinary problems.

Two and a half days after pain began and increased to cause headaches, I watched the ultrasound screen reveal a large mass. The mass was blocking the outflow of urination to my urethra.


The urologist looked extremely concerned. I took that as normal terrorist tactics. I got ready to receive alarming news that I had a huge tumor that require immediate surgery. Instead, he said, "That is the largest bladder stone I have every seen; in experience and literature. You have not had pain before only 3 days ago?" I had not.

Naturally dissolving a stone that size could take months and my next lecture tour was to begin in 2 weeks. The urologist explained that he would insert 3 tubes: a laser to blast the stone, a camera to accomplish that and a water tube for flushing stone debris. I imagined a tube holding the three tubes to be inserted in my penis, up my urethra to my bladder to be about 1/4 inch in diameter; ouch. The urologist said that the entire procedure, once it began would take about 45 minutes. I decided I would undergo non-surgical removal of my one massive stone.

I thought about refusing anesthetic because I knew that I could withstand incredible pain but because I could not ensure that I could be still while and after a 1/4 inch tube was inserted in my penis, I decided not to refuse. Because no American medical doctor will perform any medical procedure while under anesthetic without an IV of glucose, I had to accept the IV. I told the urologist that he was not to use any antibiotic injections or antibiotics in the IV. Additionally, I instructed him that I was not to receive anything in me or my IV except glucose water, not even saline.

He argued with me for about 10 minutes and said that he would not do the procedure unless he could administer antibiotics. I warned him that if anything major happened to me because he refused to help me, he would be liable. I told him I could take oral antibiotics and he then agreed. I did not state that I would consume the antibiotics, I truthfully told him that I could take them. He gave me a package of antibiotics for me to take that night and the morning before the procedure. I accepted them merrily but did not ingest them, of course.

I was given written instructions to prepare for the procedure that was scheduled for 10 AM. I was not to eat after 2 AM. Since I was and am on a raw diet, I knew that would not be necessary nor beneficial for me.

The urologist's assistant, office nurse and manager were stupefied by the size of my bladder stone. They did not understand why I did not have excruciating pain before 3 days ago. The assistant said that I should have been experiencing pain at least 3 years ago and that it would take a long time for a stone to get that large. "The body makes many stones instead of making one large one," the nurse said. But not mine. Why me, was a question I was used to asking but rarely finding an answer in comparisons.

Most of the night, I tried to figure how my body built such a stone. I did not eat any meat or other solid food after 2 AM. I consumed liquids only, milkshakes with double the amount of eggs and absolutely no water. I wanted to be certain that I had all of the nutrients to bind with the toxic industrial anesthetic and glucose that would be infused into my body so, I consumed 20 eggs in the 18 hours before I reached the hospital. I did not drink milkshake after 6 AM and did not eat eggs after 8 AM.

When I arrived at 8:30 AM for the procedure, I was ushered to hospital administration. Because I did not have medical insurance, they wanted the $6,000+ for the hospital bill in cash. The urologist had informed me so I was prepared with cash. The clerk gave a waiver form for me to sign. I informed him that since the waiver was several pages, he could get it from me in the preparation room in about 30 minutes.

I was escorted to the preparation room and placed my shoulder bag on the floor next to the gurney on which I was to lie. In my bag, I had a quart of milkshake for when I awakened.. The man returned twice in that 30 minutes for the signed waiver but it took me 35 minutes to complete.

I marked a line through any wording that stated I would accept any procedure or medication the doctor deemed necessary while I underwent the scheduled procedure. I wrote in the margin that I accept only anesthesia and glucose water and no surgery. I lined any mention of doctor and assistant's non- responsibility for anything that happened to me during procedure and initialed it. Hello? Every profession gives certain guarantees for its work, they must guarantee the most important work in the world. What recourse do I have if they perform badly on me if I signed a waiver? None. I was not going to give them a waiver.

I read, marked and signed the papers; I did not agreed to any waivers. I agreed to hospital procedures, payment, payment methods and other non-medical procedural matters. A nurse took the document and prepared to insert an IV. Before I allowed her to insert it, I read the IV bag to ensure that nothing was in it except glucose water.

Glucose water is not healthy but I reasoned that my body could handle only two toxins, glucose and anesthetic. There was saline in the IV bag to which I refused. The nurse walked away a bit concerned. I thought that she might go to the urologist and report and he would tell her that he agreed that there would be only glucose. She returned awhile later with another bag with only glucose water.

About 15 minutes later, the anesthesiologist entered and inserted the dope into my IV. I told him that I would not accept anything in me or my IV except anesthesia and glucose water. As I was becoming groggy, he injected something into my arm. Doped and duped, I demanded to know what was in the injection. He smiled and with unrestrained bravado said, "Medicine."

He darted away and nurses wheeled my gurney before I could discover what he had injected into me. I demanded to know from the nurses but they said they did not know. I was certain that it was antibiotic. Later, he denied giving me an injection. The injection mark was on my arm for the next 24 hours so I knew I had not imagined it. (I did not pay his $800 bill.)

As I rolled into the operating room, I saw surgical steel tubes that were wider than my penis, about 1.5+ inches in diameter. I was very grateful I did not mention no anesthesia!


About four hours later, I woke in a room with people preparing to go home from minor medical procedures. I was lying on a gurney. When I tried to move of the gurney, the head nurse insisted that I had to wait 90 minutes before they would allow me to leave because the procedure did not go as planned. It had lasting almost 2 hours. I checked to make sure my penis was still on me. It was and I was wearing a diaper and very sore.

I had no idea what they had done to me in the extra hour and 15 minutes. No one who knew anything could explain what happened. Another nurse offered me some orange juice. I asked her if she squeezed it herself. She gave me an are-you- crazy look. I refused it. I asked for my clothes and bag. Another nurse brought them to me. I removed my milkshake from my bag and sipped it while I waited to leave.

I had to urinate and the pressure soreness on my bladder was tremendous. I thought I would wet myself. One nurse helped me to the toilet. Urination began within 10 seconds over the toilet like a horse. Urination was about 2 cups and took only 15-20 seconds to empty. Wow, what a sensation; must have been the first time since I was an infant.

When hospital personnel where ready to release me, I had finished drinking my milkshake. The head nurse asked who was the friend who was taking me home from the hospital. I told them that there was a taxi driver who was waiting for me. "I gave him the time so he must have been waiting for over 2 hours for me," I said. They stated that they could not release me to a taxi driver. I told them that the taxi driver was a friend, that I had known him for about 4 years. They still declined.

I had just purchased my first cell phone, removed it from my bag and initiated it. I called the cab driver. He said the hospital had sent him away, refusing to let him know when he could get me and ordered him off the property. "I parked my cab on the street just outside the release area and I am waiting for you. I was not going to abandon you," he said. I thanked him and told him I would be out in about 5 minutes.

I felt trespassed upon and betrayed by the nurses and hospital. "That's fine," I stated, "I will walk out of here without your consent." They threatened to call security. "What are you going to do, shoot me?" I asked. I walked, slowly of course from soreness. They relented and offered me a wheel chair. I accepted the ride and rode to the taxi.

When I arrived home, I called the urologist's office and asked what happened during procedure. She transferred the call to the urologist. He told me that it was not only outrageously large but hard, almost like metal. It took him over 1 hour 45 minutes to disintegrate the stone. Its core, he said, was the size of a large marble and black like steel.

He stated that to be that dense and large, it had to have formed over several decades. It was the most gruesome task he had every performed. He had to increase the intensity of the laser and still ensure that he did not tear/burn my bladder. He said that he sent some of the fragments and a bladder-scrape to the lab to ensure no cancer resulted.

The lab report stated no cancerous activity and that the black particles were "mercury dense." I explained to the urologist that I had had slow urination since I could remember and that the stone probably developed as a result of the many tetanus injections I received as an infant and adolescent. Obviously to me, my bladder is where my body tried to rid itself of the neuro-toxic mercury and aluminum from vaccines. Probably because it had developed since infancy, my body simply acclimated by creating calloused bladder tissue and preventing pain. His head motions as if that were a good possibility.

There is a very low percentage of people who develop stones whether kidney, bladder, liver or gallbladder. Tribes who lived entirely on raw dairy and meats had no history of any kind of stones developing in their bodies. Therefore, it cannot be the concentration of minerals in raw dairy or raw meats as some people believe.

Analysis of stones reveals that they are an amalgam of various cauterized minerals of all sorts. The hardest are those dense with heavy metals. All people who develop stones, develop them from numerous cauterized minerals and resins. Their bodies cannot process cauterized minerals and crystallized resins well enough to eliminate them through skin by perspiration. Their bodies discharge them into kidneys and may collect there or in bladders, rarely both. Some people's bodies dump into and collect cauterized minerals in liver or gallbladder.

There is nothing on my Primal Diet(tm) that causes minerals to collect, and there are no resin-based foods on the diet except propolis. Some people who eat more than a little propolis could cause some stones to develop because propolis is tree resin. Tree resin does not digest well and has a tendency to collect in some people.

Stone remedies

To dissolve and remove any kind of stones, I suggest implementing my Kidney Stone formulas recommended in my book WWTL. Alternate the formula recommendations, that is, one day one and the next day the other until stone(s) is/are dissolved. Also, I suggest adding 2 ounces of naturally sparkling mineral water to each formula. The natural hydrogen peroxide effect of natural carbonation helps to dissolve stones. For kidney or urinary bladder stones, I suggest that you warm the formulas and drink them fast so that they are delivered to kidney and bladder quickly. For liver and gallbladder stones, I suggest that you sip the warm formulas.

For the first few days, you may add an extra tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar to those formulas to increase stone-dissolving processes. Too much vinegar for too long can cause mineral deficiencies. Walk the mineral-balance line but do not cross it. If crossed, usually pain increases exponentially. You may recover it fairly quickly by eating small amounts of no-salt raw cheese every 15- 20 minutes.

There are other remedies in my book WWTL for gallstones (gall bladder stones). If you have gallstones, see additional suggestions under Gallstones.