Study Of Thyroid Cancer

How Do Our Bodies Function In Regards To Thyroid, Digestion, and Blood-Sugar As Seen Through A Case Study Of Thyroid Cancer?

This past year for me has been very, very stressful due to my husband leaving his job and starting a new business, and we moved twice with two young children. Also two deaths and a divorce in our family, and my Mom's downward spiral with her health. So enormous stress this past year or so.

I seem to have gone through a Hoshimotos Thyroiditis autoimmune attack. My TSH had climbed through the year up to 10 (should be less than 4.0). I have been having generalized achy feelings and sore throat / achiness at thyroid area, which goes with thyroiditis. I was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer almost 7 years ago. I never did any Western treatment (refused the surgery they recommended to remove my thyroid). I am only doing natural healing, mostly using my diet.

I have to admit that I haven't been following the diet you suggested this past year in the exact way you had recommended. This was because of all of the changes from moving and stress in my family. I stopped making myself the priority yet I have not been consuming junk food of any kind and avoid all sugar. I have mostly been eating what you recommended but often missing juices and not getting the order of things or not always doing everything you suggested.

By this past summer I was more and more not following your recommended diet. I have two young children and a very busy house and found it too hard to do everything. I also wanted the comfort of warm food during all of the stress. I am always organic and careful not to eat junk. When I have cooked I try to eat things more raw still, but warmed or partly cooked.

After European Thermography showed that I have an insulin problem, I did a fasting-insulin level test with my last thyroid labs. The result was 8.8. From what I have read and learned it should really be around 3.0. I wondered if too much raw honey could contribute to any problem here. I was sloppy, over-estimating with the measuring and probably eating more raw honey than I should be. I have also learned that auto-immune (Hoshimotos Thyroiditis) can also cause an attack on insulin receptors and lead to insulin problems and Diabetes Type 1. I am concerned that I could be attacking these receptors from the auto-immune process.

I also have had mid-upper abdominal aches / discomfort. I read that the auto-immune can also attack the parietal cells in the stomach and cause stomach aches. I couldn't really perceive exactly what organ was the location of the discomfort.

I grew up on constant Penicillin due to a dog that was a strep throat carrier and gave me strep throat very frequently. I now wonder if I have a leaky gut that is still not healed. I have read that there is a very strong correlation of leaky gut and all auto-immune illnesses.

With you away for so long in Asia, and because I wasn't feeling great and my labs weren't good, I recently met someone new locally who did some testing on me and found me to be allergic to eggs and dairy, as well as whey. This would severely interfere with your suggested diet.

This is based on specific immunoglobulins showing up after exposure to each of these potential antigens. I am told this is a newer test and much more accurate than any of the tests from the past. This testing was done by Cyrex Laboratories. @(

The testing was due to my complaints of a lot of achiness lately and my labs with a large increase in TSH. The question was, am I reactive to gluten (which I don't eat anyway and any other foods when there is leaky gut, such as egg, cow's milk, casein, and whey?

It has been recommended that I stop eggs and dairy (including whey), as I could be reacting to them with a constant inflammatory response. This could be a problem for my immune system and be aggravating the auto-immune Hoshimotos.

I have never asked you if you have direct experience seeing thyroid cancer and/or Hoshimotos Thyroiditis heal before? Also how much do you understand about leaky gut and auto-immune? (Which I hear are very intimately connected).

This has created great confusion for me about what to do with my diet. I have come much more off of your diet over the past couple of months due to this information. But, I have really wanted to talk to you and get your input and come see you again.

I would like your opinion whether I should make any changes or continue with the diet you suggest originally April 2010. I last saw you in New Jersey in early May 2011 and at that time you suggested that I was doing well and should continue on the original diet plan.

The Diet:

So this is what I did very accurately for a little over a year (though I didn't usually have white and red meat at every meal) and I was too full on this diet and ate the amount that felt right, which was less than a full cup of meat you suggested at my two meat meals. It is over the past year that I wasn't doing as good a job sticking to your suggested diet accurately and going down hill.

My weight was up to 141 lbs a couple of months ago (up from original weight right before I first saw you of 110 lbs). In the past two months off of your diet, my weight has fallen to 130 lbs. I am 5 feet 1 1/2 inches tall.

My periods had been irregular for a good year now. Female hormones levels show low proges- terone and otherwise normal. I have missed my period for 3 months now. I am 50 years old.

I am scheduled for a thyroid ultrasound on 10/30th to re-check the thyroid nodules (diagnosed as papillary carcinoma by fine needle aspiration in 11/2005). I have had 16mm one on right side and 6mm one on left side. The one on the right side had been getting smaller prior to my last ultrasound (done 2 years ago).

So - without having seen me in over a year, what would your thoughts be and what would you suggest?

What are your thoughts in regard to:

Thank you so much for your input on this Aajonus! I have missed seeing you and would have just stuck with you and come for an apt, but when you were so far away for so long, I felt uncomfortable with everything and just started to see the local person. I have felt confused what to do. I need to gain confidence again on what would be best. Thanks!!!

I suggest that you read my books and watch my DVDs many times so that you will understand how your body truly functions healthfully rather than the way pharma/medicine wants you to believe your body malfunctions. Also, I hope that you realize that your downward-spiraling health directly coincides with your fall from your body's dietary needs because of your time-constraints and stress.

I wrote my books to give everybody the knowledge to be able to take care of their bodies without outer guidance. I know that it takes many years to understand the body enough to feel confident about health choices and 2 years is usually not enough time when applying the diet fully. I can always be contacted by email if not by phone. Please contact me when you need help.

Firstly, the easiest way to follow any diet properly is to prepare the foods for the entire day in the first hour of your day before children are awake and demanding. That first hour should be yours to eat the foods necessary to begin your day healthfully, and to prepare foods for the day. Usually, within 4 weeks on all dietary programs that I suggest, people are able to prepare the entire day's foods in 40-45 minutes except on days when they need to juice. It is a relief that we can juice once every 4-5 days and keep the juices relatively fresh for 4-5 days if prepared as I suggest in my books and recipe DVD.

Secondly, there is no such thing as an autoimmune disease except in theory and shoddy scientific support. With that theory, the pharma/medical industries terrorize people into believing that our bodies are stupid, to be feared and attack rather than nurture themselves.

We must objectively see that even with all of the toxic abuse to which we subject our bodies, they seem to rebound 95% of the time. That shows that our bodies are filled with great intelligence and unrestrained love rather than vengeance at our abuses.

Thirdly, our bodies will use cleansing bacteria, parasites, fungus and/or virus to dissolve industrially contaminated cells/tissue. They are termed infections. The industrial toxins are the invaders, infecting the body. Calling our janitorial bacteria, parasites, fungus and virus our enemies turns us against our cleansing and healing processes. That only benefits the pharma/medical industrial complex. Our janitors are part of the cure. They are not the causes of diseases as pharma/medicine has people believing.

When we have caustic industrial chemicals in thyroid cells, from time to time, our bodies will try to remove those poisons and the cells they have damaged, crippled or killed. The TSH levels will increase proportionate to the toxic cells being dissolved and waste discarded. Realistically, the body is not attacking itself. It is merely trying to improve its localized and overall health by removing poisons and the contaminated cells. We should embrace infections (cleansings) and nurture our bodies' cleansing-processes rather than fear them, and not panic when they occur.

In the last 30 years, I have suggested diets for several people (12?) diagnosed with so-called autoimmune thyroid disease (Hoshimoto). None have died from it and all have improved considerably. Most are completely asymptomatic. The foods I suggested provided the nutrients their bodies needed to gradually cleanse and heal.

Fourthly, all allergen tests are performed in a laboratory (not in our bodies) with proteins processed from the foods tested on our chemistry, I reiterate, removed from our bodies. When eating a raw diet, we do not eat altered proteins that cause most allergies, unless we eat genetically modified (GM) foods or foods contaminated with agricultural industrial chemicals.

Allergen-tests are performed with processed, altered proteins. Very frequently, the tests will give positive allergic reactions because of the processed, altered proteins. Raw proteins are not altered as those used in the tests. As I stated above, we will not have allergies to raw non-GM non-industrial-chemical- contaminated proteins. The implication that those tests apply to raw food is another measurement-trap convincing us that our bodies are stupidly hurting themselves. The conclusion drawn from that trap is that we need some magic bullet, some supplement, homeopathic or pharmaceutical drug. THOSE SUBSTANCES ARE NOT FOOD. They are all processed with laboratory industrial chemicals, even if called natural and derived from foods.

Most people eating cooked and processed foods will have varying degrees of allergies to cooked and processed proteins similar to those used in allergen tests. Stated in another way, those tests do not reflect what occurs in natural circumstances inside our bodies on a raw Primal Diet® regimen.

Leaky Gut and Crohn's disease

I have assisted over 2,000 people with leaky gut. Crohn's Disease is an advanced case of leaky gut.

Intestinal health is greatly dependent on mucus. Mucus is of paramount importance to protecting intestinal walls from being eroded by normal digestive activity, that is, normal acidic digestive bacteria and acidic enzymes (digestive juices). Mucus is so important to intestinal walls, that intestinal walls are called mucous membranes.

When mucus is not enough or is too thin, intestinal walls are gradually deteriorated. As deterioration occurs, intestinal walls become thin and weak. Sometimes they become very irritated, causing inflammation. Inflammation is an increased blood flow and resultant swelling and fever. Both swelling and fever are necessary for properly cleansing and healing.

In such a weakened intestinal state, eating too much at once or eating foods that have a tendency to collect and bulk will tear weak and thin intestinal walls. Frequently where tears in the intestinal walls occur, undigested food passes through the tears and into the gut outside of the digestive tract. That is "leaky gut".

Our bodies must move those undigested food particles to as safe a location as possible to complete the digestion of those particles. If they remain in the body as undigested particles they can cause serious disease including severe necrosis and death.

Our bodies choose one of two areas to store undigested food particles that pass through intestinal walls: either in fat deposits or in joints. In fat deposits, the body can store it for decades without much bother except excessive weight and size gains. In cartilage, because cartilage are very resilient tissue that can withstand highly acidic environments, our bodies can digest those undigested particles.

However, food was not meant to be digested at joints, thus gradual deterioration of cartilage usually occurs. The first symptoms are joint pains. Then swelling may occur as deterioration continues, such as in Crohn's Disease. Or massive cartilage deterioration occurs wherein all cartilage disappears, such as osteoarthritis. Ninety-percent of arthritis is caused by leaky gut, not bacteria. Other causes of arthritis are caustic toxins stored in joints, such as from vaccines and industrial agriculture and food- processing chemicals.

The form of bacteria that is found in arthritis is actually a form of bacteria used to digest the undigested food particles and damaged cartilage, not breakdown and digest healthy cartilage-cells. However, the joint-area digestive-process simultaneously gradually erodes the cartilage to varying degrees.

However, poor mucous production is the cause of leaky gut, and leaky gut is the problem in most cases of arthritis. The simple cure is to eat the raw foods that help the body produce lots of mucus quickly and constantly. Remedy the cause first and foremost along with localized remedies.

At this point, we must ask, "What causes poor mucous production?" As all functions of our bodies are 99% dependent upon bacteria, bacteria in the intestinal walls helps mucus-production. Antibiotics and other industrial chemicals damage those bacteria as well as digestive bacteria, drastically reducing mucous formation and digestive abilities.

Extensive antibiotics use is the main cause of rapid development of leaky gut in fetuses and children, as well as adults. It is very common in our toxic environment, especially in certain toxic cities, and states where agricultural poisons are heavily used.

To illustrate the severe harm that antibiotics do, a 5-days' regimen of antibiotics destroys 1% of all bodily functions. That is, an entire 1% of our body's ability to function digestively, muscularly, and neurologically are destroyed.

If we eat a perfect diet, such as my Primal Diet®, our bodies can regain/restore approximately 1.5-2.5% of lost bodily functions per year. On standard diets, the body does not recover. On standard diets, the body borrows from other parts of itself to strengthen the damaged areas but at the same time this borrowing weakens the once stronger areas.

Gradually though years on standard diets, our bodily functions reduce to the extent that we shrink in height from bone and cartilage deterioration, and we reduce in physical and mental agility and endurance. In children and fetuses, antibiotics often cause genetic damage, forever destroying proper digestion when consuming standard diets. See @Grow In Height After Age 21.

Remedies for Leaky Gut

Reducing intestinal work is paramount. By reducing intestinal work, the body can focus more on cleansing and healing intestines instead of digestion, that is, instead of spending nutrients and energy synthesizing digestive juices. To simplify digestive activity for easy understanding, consider that 90% of digestion should be bacterial.

Bacteria eat the food we eat and their waste is our nutrition, absorbed and utilized through intestines and the lacteal system. The lacteal system is a webbed network connected to intestines that completes the digestive process.

When we have large food particles in our stomach and intestines, our stomach and intestinal walls must synthesize digestive juices such as hydrochloric acids to dissolve the large particles. Once the large particles are dissolved into a soup by digestive juices, intestinal bacteria can consume the food we have eaten by 100%, nutrifying our body easily.

Therefore, eating liquid food is paramount. Raw milk and raw eggs are ideal foods for leaky gut because they are liquid and require only intestinal bacteria to digest them. In fact, raw milk and raw eggs are resplendent with bacteria that help our intestinal bacteria digest. The bacteria in those foods are helpful not harmful. The only time that bacteria appear to be harmful is in contorted laboratory tests that do not reflect how the body truly digests and utilizes those bacteria.

Since raw meat is very necessary to restoring and healing as quickly as possible, raw meat is necessary for any ill condition. However, we have to take precautions to prepare meats in certain ways for particular health conditions. When meats are relatively whole as partially chewed chunks, the chunks are bulky and can collect in a particular intestinal section. As mentioned above, collected chunks can cause tears in weak and thin intestinal walls, and/or cause meat to be only partially digested, thereby not getting the benefits of eating it.

A lot of digestive acids are necessary to dissolve meats into a soup for the digestive bacteria to properly digest meats. For meats to be nearly 100% digested, meats must be cut into 1-inch cubes and then pate'd in a food-processor.

I suggest that people suffering leaky gut eat lots of whole raw eggs from chickens that are fed meat scraps, crushed raw bones, worms (maggots) and fermented dairy. Eggs are the most easily digested food. Because they are already liquid and contain lots of quick-reproducing bacteria, eggs digest in about 30 minutes.

Although liquid, one cup of raw milk still requires about 6-10 hours to completely digest. Eggs and milk provide nutrients for the body to produce necessary mucus. Milkshakes (raw milk, raw eggs and unheated honey blended together) help build the mucus necessary to protect and heal stomach and intestinal linings quickly.

However, the digestive tract may be so compromised that a person may get cramps from drinking milkshakes. If continual cramps occur, it would be best to sip milkshake all day long. I suggest sipping on a quart of milkshake throughout each day but taking a break from milkshakes one day of every 12 days. If there is too much suffering when drinking milkshakes, then consuming many raw eggs by themselves and sipping raw milk separately is a preferable solution throughout each day.

Another important solution to poor digestion is consuming small amounts (1/2-1 tsp.) of no-salt raw cheeses every 30-45 minutes. The small amounts of raw cheeses absorb the toxins that gradually accumulated in and around stomach and intestinal walls like a sponge. Eating the cheese frequently prevents the toxins from entering food that will be digested. It will prevent our bodies from recycling the toxins with our food.

Because all dried foods are bio-active-enzyme deficient, they are difficult to digest. The body has to borrow enzymes from other areas to digest dried foods or allow them to pass through the digestive tract without digestion. No-salt raw cheeses will pass through our intestines relatively undigested. Since raw cheeses absorb toxins inside stomach and intestines and will not be digested, we can use raw cheese as a marvelous remedy to remove toxins from contaminated stomachs and intestines.

Fermented foods are not good for leaky gut until there is enough mucus covering mucus membranes. Fermentation tends to thin mucus, the opposite of what is needed in leaky-gut conditions.

Your thyroid is not your problem. The industrial chemicals stored in it are the problem. Remember 2 things:

  1. Your lymphatic system is principally responsible for dissolving, sorting, recycling reusable substances and discharging waste and toxins. Our necks contain one of three major networks of lymphatic glands. We should expect toxins to accumulate in the neck on toxic diets and lifestyles. We should expect that we will have symptoms for 40 years on a perfect diet to remove all of the toxins ingested, injected and inhaled from our industrially toxic world.

  2. It is a fact that our bodies ALWAYS act beneficially toward our better health whether we feed our bodies the proper nutrients or not. When we give our bodies the proper nutrients and take long hot baths daily to remove waste and toxins, our bodies act most efficiently toward better health.

Aches and stiffness are caused by accumulations of waste stored in the tissues, usually muscles and tendons. Waste collected in muscles and tendons results from congested lymphatic system and blockages in pores. Long hot baths (between 105-110F.) gradually helps relieve those symptoms. Mixing about 1-2 tsp. raw apple cider vinegar with 2 ounces raw milk and 2 ounces of whey 2-3 times daily can help remove accumulations from the muscles, and very gradually from tendons.

Your TSH will fluctuate. When your body is removing toxins from your neck, lungs and heart, your TSH will elevate. That is a cleansing process. Do you think that you should arrest the cleansing process?

There is no fasting-test that will measure whether your blood-sugar levels are proper. Blood-sugar levels vary considerably depending on how much is needed in the body for the activities being performed by the whole body. When your body is not involved in cleansing processes, the blood-sugar levels can soar without any ill effects.

The only measure of poor blood-sugar levels is whether you can function or not. If you literally cannot stand after lying or sitting for awhile, if you get extremely disoriented even after eating, and if breathing is all of the energy you can produce, you have a low blood-sugar problem that could be insulin-related.

If you are able to get out of bed, literally, after a night's sleep, you do not have an insulin/glycogen problem. The fasting/insulin test is simply another trap to get people addicted to insulin or other drugs. Consider that you do not have a blood-sugar level problem unless you have the symptoms I stated in the preceding paragraph.

Hormone levels will fluctuate with nutrition and toxicity levels. Because hormones are predominantly fat, our bodies often use hormones to bind with toxins to neutralize those toxins. It is another method our bodies use to promote and manifest better health. The pharma/med world wants you to be addicted to hormone supplements/medication or drugs that lower hormone levels. They do not profit if you get healthy.

I suggest that you enjoy our God-given raw dairy, raw eggs and unheated honey. They are the most easily digested, absorbed and utilized foods on this planet. How do you think all infant mammals grow so fast? When the body is growing and/or healing, tiredness should be expected. Just like a baby, our bodies need to eat and sleep or nap often (even if for only 10 minutes).

Consider that excess fat is very necessary for protecting the body from toxins stored within itself and those entering it. Your excess weight is very beneficial, measurably reducing symptoms.