Q&A Of July 8, 2001

(1) Cheesecake Recipe and Cheese&butter Neutalize Nuts [2012],[Aajonus]

 It's equal parts of butter and cheese, cheddar cheese and the crust is nuts and butter and honey


Is it basically the nut formula.


No, you cannot make that crust out of that, it won't be a crust?

But there's enough cheese and butter in it to neutralize the enzyme inhibitors.

You won't digest the nuts at all, really.

But it's a treat.

it's a nice treat.


(2) Cold Milk Stops Digestion and How Long To Make Kefir [2012],[Aajonus]

Milk is not a good idea to have a cold, especially if you have a digestive problem

Cause when you drink the milk and it's cold, hydrochloric acid doesn't spill in, it goes through the duodenum and it's passing into the intestines undigested, then you get undigested proteins in the blood and you can get an allergy from it.

Warm it up, or leave it out until it gets room temperature.

I always take mine out at least 10 hours before.

If I want keep kefir or yogurt, what I'll do is just shake up the milk and then take 3/4 of a cup out of the bottle and then put it in the cupboard and I'll let it sit there until it turns into kefir or yogurt, turns thick.


How long.


It depends, like in this heat, probably 2 days or less, 1?

5 days.

The in between stage is where it's funny tasting.

So, if you want it better tasting you take it out of it, shake it up, take it out of the fridge, shake it up, and just let it sit for 10 hours.


Do you cover it up or do you leave it open.


No, I keep it covered?

And if you don't leave it where the sun hits it, if you leave in the cupboard, then it won't sour as much.

But there's that in between state, which is a funny state, but isn't as tasty.


(3) Cooked Saturated Fats and Vegetable Oils [2001],[Aajonus]

Yeasts don't feed on the fat, like saturated fats, but molds do, bacteria does and virus do

They feed on protein and fat and I'll get even worse, try to break it down.

They are not the problem.

The cooked saturated fat are a problem, but they're still not as bad as what as has been the major cause of arthritis and rheumatism is margarine and hydrogenated oils.

Which are of course poly saturates, they're not saturated fats, but those are the real culprits.

Liquid plastic is exactly what it is.

On this diet, more saturated fat is best.


(4) Min Consult 2 [2001],[Aajonus]

Relax your hand

The left ovary looks pretty sound, the right ovary is okay.

Debilitating a little bit.

The adrenal glands look okay.

It's like the right one is successively overactive for many years, so you be a very hyperactive person.

Your pancreas is almost completely shot, so I would consider yourself a diabetic and only eat raw foods because whenever you eat a cooked meal, the pancreas has to send out hormones to every cell in the body and say, I need vitamins, I need enzymes, I need minerals, I need stable proteins, fats, everything that is your best to take care of this meal in here that has nothing to get some use out of it.

So, every time you eat a cooked meal, it overtaxes the pancreas and leeches from every cell, every cell that's unique or weak, or every time you cooked meal or cooked food.

Because your pancreas doesn't seem to be working, but maybe 5% - 6%.

It's you best, you never even look at a cooked meal.

It'll just all turn into complete poison, you won't be able to handle it properly.


I like being on raw.


Left thyroid gland is okay, circulation isn't real good there, but the foundation of it's good.

Parathyroids are very good little scar tissue around it.

Lots of scar tissue in the tonsils, this side looks a little bit better.

Not was with scar tissue, but this side developed a lot of scar tissue.

Parathyroids here are normal, a little scar tissue on them and the thyroid over here is okay.

Lots of bile stored all throughout your system, you need the coconut cream to get rid of it.

You have metal poisoning all the, your uterine area, ovary; berries and coconut cream are good.

Lots of meat, lots of chicken.

I would say about 55% red meat, beef, buffalo, bison, anything like that, lamb, and about 35% - 40% chicken.

Turkey, any kind of foul, pheasant, peacock.

I just had peacock last May and it was incredible.

Very much like duck, but a little bit more like a rib flavor.

And about 5% - 10% fish.

And you need about minimum of 3/4 pound of meat a day.

It would be a good idea for you to drink a lot of milk, cause it'll pull some of the bile from the stomach.

You might get a little nauseous, so maybe a little sugar size amount of cheese before drink some milk.


Do I put honey in the milk.


You can if you like?

Do you have any trouble with your spine.


Not usually?


right around the kidney on the left side you have some metal poisoning, so you might get a sciatica reaction cause that starts cleaning.

So, if you have papaya, make sure you don't have more than one papaya in a week or else it causesand rapid intense detox.


Green papaya or Mexican.


Green's always better, but it could be Mexican green?


But it couldn't be ripe or overripe.




Cause I always tend to like fruits that are more ripe.


There's more alcohol, there's a lot more sugar and less enzymes.


(5) Min Consult 3 [2001],[Aajonus]

[This is actually a continuation of consult #1

You need the enzymes, you don't need the alcohol

And you don't need all that sugar.

And you have lots of metal poisoning in the brain and sinuses.

So, you'll have some mucus from drinking the milk, but you want it.

Mucus is a very good thing, one way your body dispels poisons is built into the mucus and out.

The only way you'll build mucus that is an unhealthy mucus is if you eat pasteurized milk.

You have scar tissue in your small and intestines, so you need about two ounces of olive oil every other day with one of your meat meals There's a lot of metal poison in your liver, so it's functioning maybe 25%.

How old are you.




You're older than I am.

Eat lots of fat to get it working.


I've been on the raw food diet for a 1.

5 years, just avocado and olive oil.


Too dying.

[Consult #2 starts here]

Okay, Mike, it looks like you have advanced anemia and lots of bile the left testicle seems to be formed okay, but it is very weak.

The right is more stable, but it's shrinking.

The adrenal glands were normally very overactive, especially the left adrenal gland is a hyperactive nature of the younger person.

Usually when it's that deep with the size of the mountains means over sexually stimulated, so if that still comes on you every once in a while when you're not fatigued, take care of yourself if you don't have a partner.

And the pancreas on this side is almost completely debilitated, and on this side works about 25%.

So, all together your pancreas is working maybe 15%.

So if I were you, I would treat yourself like a diabetic, stay off cooked foods, and stay away from the sugars, even fruit, unless it's very low carbohydrate fruits, like berries and cherries and grapefruit.

Grapefruit might have a tendency to lower your blood pressure a little too much and may make you fatigued.

A little tired and a little unhappy, so don't have it too often.

This splotchiness here shows that you don't absorb oxygen well.

You should be eating about a pound and 1/4 of meat a day, and 90% of your meat should be red meat, like beef buffalo for about a year and a half and 10% should be fish.

And what you might do is every time you have beef, just a bite or two of fish with it.

Because you have a tendency to go two ways.

You're not normal diabetic reaction where you're too alkaline and you have a tendency be over acid in some areas.

So, you've got this back and forth movement so that you'll have, lets say you're having six ounces of red meat.

, you have one bite, which is about a half of an ounce of fish with it, and that'll help balance it.

Liver has some metal poisoning in it, the right kidney seems to be okay.

The left kidney is very dry, it's like it's breaking down.

Do you have any problem with your left kidney.


Not that I know of?


Back pain, leg pain on the left side.


Yeah, I have that

After about three months on a good diet, I would suggest that you drink your urine every third day?

The ammonias that it will produce will help clean out, you've got some kind of compound in the kidney, it's actually destroying the kidney.

It's kidney atrophy.

It means that kidney could disappear in about 6 years and stop functioning completely.

But you have to be on a good diet for a while.

The first one in the morning, cause it'll have more of your healing hormones.

90% of the healing happens in the sleep state.

So, when you wake up in the morning, you have more regenerative hormones in that one.

That'll help go right to the kidney.

First urine of the morning.

Drink whatever you have.

If it's a cup, drink a cup.


It's a quart.


Laughs, do you have that much in the morning.

You need to wait about half an hour to have juice after that, and then a full hour after the juice before you have any meat?

You'd have the urine and then you wait a half an hour and have the juice, and then after you finish the juice, you wait an hour before you have the meat.

I always recommend people drink the juice and right into the meat.

If you go to egg or some kind of fruit, you're gonna put your body in a carbohydrate mode and you're gonna have a tendency to want eat food all day, want to eat sweet things and not eat the meat.

You're not gonna be as clear thinking and you're gonna be much more emotional.

So, if you wanna be clear and direct and move through your day with self-control as much as possible, then always follow your juice with the meat meal, unless you're going through a lot toxicity like having the flu or cold, then you could have egg, milk and kind of a milkshake or smoothie and lots of chicken or even the lubrication formula with chicken, and that's all you need during those kind of detoxifications, and your juice needs to be about 30% parsley, that's pretty strong.

It looks like some severe anemia, not just on a cellular level, but in a bone marrow level.

If you ate a heavy meal of meat with butter or some kind of other fat in the morning, you'd be able to be clear and not have that addiction.

What you do is also make like a milkshake and a lubrication formula and have the milkshake throughout the day then have another meat meal.

Just not eating enough meat.

Your glands have not, it's regenerated a low bit.

I can see it's stabilizing here, but over here, your ovaries are still debilitated.

You have metal poisoning in the base of the left one.

Pancreas on the right side is shot, the left is maybe 10% functional.

Maybe 10% - 20% functional.

You could probably handle four ounces every other day of fruit, otherwise you get depressed Metal poisoning all throughout the sinuses, so you should have some bleeding discharges when it starts coming out.

Very dry sinus discharge and bloody when that starts to disturb.

Lubrication formula is the best thing.

Just remember that your body cannot redistribute your weight, cannot remove without the protein.

So, let me give you a different weight loss program.

I'd like you to have a vegetable juice, only 8 ounces first thing in the morning, and I'd like to go for two golf ball sizes amount of meat, with a teaspoon of butter.

Then I'd like you the next time you get very hungry to have another golf ball size of meat with a teaspoon of butter.

Then, next time you get hungry, have about 8 ounces of vegetable juice.

Next time you get hungry a golf ball of meat, next time an egg, then start the cycle over again.

You'll be going over that however many times you need to eat.

You just keep going through that same pattern like, so however many times.

First one is two golf ball sizes of meat a with a teaspoon of butter for the first two meat meals.

After that, you skip the butter for the next golf size of meat and the egg, then the next time you'll have butter again.

About 90% of your meat should be red, but you do need fish, some fish 10%.

You should be eating a pound of meat a day.

If you're having 6 and 1/4 pounds of red meat a week, you should be having 3/4 pound of fish.

Cherries and cream would be good for you, cherries and butter would be even better.

Juice ratio should be about 60% celery, 25% parsley, and 15% of zucchini, and maybe once in a while some cucumber.


(6) Mini Consult One) (7) Okay To Eat Less After Detox [2001],[Attendee]

Once in a while after you go through a detox, like a cold or a flu, it's okay to go once you're on the downside

It might be able to go half a day or three quarter of a day without eating.


Sipping juice or a little milk, butter?


It's not the taste, just have no hunger.


Ignore it.