Aajonus Son Jeff Interview

Date: 10 June 2023


J = Jeff, Z = Zara Milan

On vacations to Aajonus’ house in Malibu as an adult:

Z: Did you enjoy those?

J: I loved it. We had a great time together. We’d be playing basketball, and one time he broke my nose (laughter). He stuck two fingers in my nose and went (cracking noise) and straightened it back just like that!

On his own food sourcing:

J: I go to Amish farms and pay them extra money to get truly raw honey.

On the hospital story:

Z: Many people have asked how accurate the main story told in the first half of the book (WWTL) about your accident is. Did you want to tell it from your perspective?

J: I was in a coma for 3 weeks before I had any consciousness.

The people living in the area heard the crash, my car had fallen off a 70 foot cliff going 60 miles an hour. I went through the windshield, out the passenger window, then was thrown back in the car. They pulled glass out of my head for a year.

Z: Were you aware when you were in the hospital that Aajonus was sneaking food in and feeding you?

J: Not for the first month. One of the first things I can remember when coming into consciousness was Aajonus putting raw meat into my mouth and I thought (Wide eyed) “Oh my god, this is raw!” (incredulous laughter).

He would mix the papaya custard up for me every morning, and I would be asking for that one.

Z: And during this time the doctors were saying they didn’t expect you to recover?

J: Yes, absolutely not, they never expected me to get up again. They gave me a 2% chance. I was completely paralyzed on the right side of my body. The right side of my throat was paralyzed, I couldn’t talk, leg, arm, couldn’t walk, couldn’t lift up half an inch.

I was in the hospital for 10 1/2 months. All of the sudden one day I just jumped out of my wheelchair, ran back and forth down the hallway, dropped to the floor and did 20 push ups and was out of the hospitals within three days.

I started college a month and a half after that and graduated my program with a 3.4 GPA.

On Aajonus’ death:

J: They (Thailand officials) called me and asked what I wanted to do with Aajonus’ body — ’Do you want it shipped back to the US?’ — I said I want an autopsy done.

Z: Did they end up doing it?

J: Yes I and I have a copy of it, it’s very scary. I believe Aajonus was murdered.

A: Wouldn’t be surprising, since there was already an attempt…

J: You guys heard of when he was kidnapped and given shots?

Z: Yes, some people question this story as well, do you have any more insight on it?

J: I just have his word on it, and it’s enough for me. I can definitely see it happening.

Z: So did you reach the belief that he was murdered based on the contents of the autopsy you saw?

J: I still have copies of it on my computer and there are 11 different doctors saying that he died from five different things. There was a dispute, no agreement.

Z: Five entirely different causes of death?

J: Correct.

Z: That’s really bizarre…

J: Yeah, the writing was complicated and hard to understand. I know one cause of death was listed as a blood infection… I might still have some copies, give me 5 minutes.

(He didn’t have current access to them.)

A: There are people online who even speculate that he may still be alive even.

J: I can surely tell you just by intuition and knowledge of his spirit that he is gone.

Z: I have a question about your current diet, some would like to know what you’re doing now.

J: I am not 100% on the diet. I believe in the diet though.

I still drink a cup of coffee in the morning, I sear my meat. I eat raw eggs every day though, and a lot of raw honey.

Z: How about the raw dairy?

J: I have not been able to drive in 8 years due to the medication I take for my bipolar disorder. I haven’t been able to get a ride to the city nearest me that does the raw milk. If I had a chauffeur I would definitely get it.

Z: When you would spend time with Aajonus, was there a certain food you would say was his favorite?

J: Oh he loved the coconut milk. He blended it with cream. I would say coconut milk and dairy cream were his favorites.

Z: Do you mean coconut water?

J: Yes.

Z: So you never saw his stance on the diet or what he ate falter or change over the years?

J: Never, ever. Even when we’d go dancing and he had dates, we’d be drinking rum and coke and he would always have Perrier only.

Z: Do you have a favorite raw recipe?

J: I like mixing pâtéed chuck roast with raw honey and butter.

Z: Have you met a lot of other people following his diet?

J: No, never actually, they were mostly on the East coast.

Z: Well you met us now :)) (laughs)

Z: Did you ever try to persuade others around you into adding some raw foods into their diet?

J: Yes, I worked with recovering drug addicts in clinics for 15 years and I always recommended them truly raw honey for when you can’t think straight.

I was addicted to drugs personally until 1995. I was put on Ritalin at 5 years old. So it was hard to let go of my dependency to amphetamines. I got a 12 step program and it worked for me so I still volunteer at those.

Z: The raw honey was very effective for you during that time?

J: Yes, one of the best things for drug addiction. It gave me physical freedom from the symptoms and spiritual relief.

Z: Have you kept up with the diet online, social media and such?

J: I see it’s gaining more traction, it’s amazing.

J: I never saw anyone with more courage and determination than when it came to Aajonus fighting the food laws. Picketing and campaigning for the raw milk. They tried to make laws that chickens had to be caged in certain states, fighting against that too, that’s why you see ‘Cage-Free’ eggs. That stuff is what he lived for.

Z: Do you know if he had more of a focus on spreading the diet to as many people as possible, or keeping it more reigned in?

J: All he wanted to do was help sick people, the ones who suffer daily due to health.

Z: Did you happen to hear about his Marlboro advertisement offer?

J: Oh yeah I remember it, and he turned it down, that was a million dollar turn down. He played on General Hospital…

Z: Oh yeah! I’ve heard some say they wish they could find a tape with him in an episode.

J: My uncles have some of his episodes on tapes. He would have 2–3 minute skits in them.

Z: Any recollection of bigger name clients of Aajonus?

J: Yeah he worked with many celebrities, more hush hush, one I recall would be the guy from Baywatch- David Hasselhoff.

Z: What do you think Aajonus’ legacy was?

J: When I think of Aajonus’ legacy, I think of brilliant information and the healing powers of food.

Z: Do you feel Aajonus has received the recognition he deserves?

J: Absolutely not… I think the diet is really the only thing that can recover people from dire states such as cancer.

Z: What’s one of your fondest memories with Aajonus?

J: I loved when he would practice acting with me on Venice Beach. He would just take a character and act it out in public in front of everybody. I remember when he played a drunk partier on the pier, some of the funniest times.

Z: Although you didn’t get closer until you were an adult, do you look back on your time with him as mostly positive?

J: The time I spent with Aajonus was awesome. He was always willing to help me. And somehow he was in tune with when I needed help and when I didn’t, I didn’t really have to tell him. He had a lot of spiritual awareness.

Speaking about his relationship with Aajonus growing up:

J: From my perception I believe the biggest reason I never saw him was because of her (Mary). Her only motivation was to get us away from him, she didn’t ask him for child support or nothing, she just wanted to push him out and that’s what she did. She hasn’t let go of her anger towards him to this day.

Z: I’m very sorry to hear your experience with that, I know how destructive parental alienation can be.

J: I’m just grateful for all the positive time I got to have with him.

Z: Do you have any experience with people who’ve been on this diet long term?

J: Just Owanza and Aajonus mainly. Owanza was a real nice lady, she took me out on some memorable trips, and gave Aajonus 30k so that he could spend 2 years writing his book.

Z: Thank you so much for your time and willingness to do this interview with us, it means a lot and many people will be excited to see it.

J: No problem. That’s excellent, god bless.