Genius Children

It is like expecting a drunk to be sober or an elephant to be a mouse, it is not going to happen. As long as there is some chemical like alcohol in the alcoholic that brain is not going to function properly, it is not going to think rationally, it is not going to think logically, it is not going to think compassionately. It is going to be distorted, all thinking process, same thing with food additives, so you have to consider your own emotional, mental behaviour depends upon what you eat, and if you are eating foods with additives don't expect to be in control of your own life, because it won't be.

Even if you are eating cooked foods, chemicals resolve from that alter the physical being, that alter the mental and emotional complexity that we have, children on this diet who are strictly on this diet, and grew up on this diet are incredible people. I got one who just turned 19 now and he graduated from Yale at 17 years old. He started on the diet on 1 year old. Think about that, that is pretty fenomenal. All of them have incredible aptitudes. I got one in New Jersey, in Bergenfield. The kid knew 184 countries, he could tell you who, and this is a 5 year old, he could tell you who run the country, what political system they were and nobody taught him, he sat down and picked up book, he knew the geography, he could tell you were these countries were in relationship to each other. He was 2 and a half years old, he was reading 4 year old material to his preschool mates, nobody taught him this.

Exceptional minds comes from this kind of eating, on all levels. Had a fourteen and a half year old girl, who's mother and father divorced. And the mother was so distraught that her surgeon husband ran off with a younger woman and left the family. She emotionally made herself, ate everything bad, made herself sick. So somebody in the town told her about this diet. So she came to me. Tried it and it was working, so she forced her daughter, her 14 and a half at that time to go on the diet. And this girl wanted to be a ballet dancer and she was a mediocre dancer and her grades were about B+, so when she came to the appointment with me, for her appointment, every time her mother wasn't looking at me she would give me daggers, just to let me know that she did not wanted anything to do with this diet. So a year all, of a sudden this girl comes out on her own. Her grades went from B+ to A+, became second top grades in the school, and got a scholarship for ballet. That's how good she improved on the physical and mental level.

Think about this. Think about the changes that can go in the human body. I got a marathon runner from Saint Louis, who took 2 and a half hours of his time in one year, 2 and half hours in one year, think about that. These marathon runners are looking to take 3-5 minutes a year of their time. I got an athlete who's on the testimonial part of the workshop dvds and he is martial artist who is 62 years old and he went on the diet when he was 56 year old. He is a martial artist and he competes in world championships, and he jump ropes for his exercise, he does up to 14000 jump ropes at a time, 14000 once a week, does 3000 the other time 6000 at another day. Without stopping, can you imagine jump roping that much and a year before he went on to the diet he graphed his heart rate after the exercise and it was coming in around up to 186 beats per minute after year on the diet it was down to 104, i mean he could do those with such steady easy. He went from coming in 35th to 50th place, to coming in to 5th place in world championships and he was at the age where he was the top oldest in that category, 15 year structure, people who were wining in his category were 10 and 15 years younger then he was and then one year on the diet he is wiping them out and came in 4th place, think about that change from about this kind of a diet, it is pretty special.


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