Q&A Of June 16, 2013


A: OK well Happy Father's day to those fathers who are fathers.

Q: Happy Father's day to you. ...

A: So we're going to get started.

Q: OK so the question I have has to do with acid reflux, of what do you do for acid reflux?

A: It depends on the reason for it. If you have not had a vagotomy, it means you have not had the nerve severed OK? And its just acids that built up in the esophageal lining.

Q: They did the test where they found up here and its very recent. And this whole thing has happened much more recently than....

A: Well, that's usually what you have when you get a vagotomy. You stop dumping the acids into the stomach and slowly but surely the entire esophagus starts producing the hydrochloric acid. Like in me, mines even in my mouth. So that's, its not really acid reflux, its acids forming in your esophageal.

Q: OK. But I've never had a vagotomy

A: I know, but for some reason you must be very poisoned. Your vagus nerves to the stomach are poisoned or your stomach is very scarred. So you're producing acids all the way up into your mouth and throat.

Q: Yeah

A: You have to eat a little bit of cheese often. Usually means you have bad breath like me forever because the acids digest the meat in the mouth first, and its heavy. So I usually have to rinse my mouth with milk.

Q: Well the doctor said I can't have milk.....

A: You can rinse your mouth with milk.

Q: I, OK, well I even tried the sheep's milk and I'm really not, I was on it for a while, I went off it for a week for a variety of reasons. And I felt so much better as soon as I went off it. So I....

A: How were you drinking it?

Q: I was actually drinking it before bed.

A: No, but I mean were you drinking it cold?

Q: No, as a matter a fact sometimes I even have it warm. Put it a....the metal thing to just....with hot water. Just like that......and....

A: Did you drink it slowly? Mix it in your mouth or did you just....?

Q: Probably not very slowly. Not fast. But not as wholly as you sometimes advocate that's for sure.

A: Yeah.

Q: Yeah, but I'm drinking it before I went to sleep. Because of the kidney stones I had.....with the honey. And I was getting a lot of honey because of the digestive issue. But at the acid reflux they tell you not eat for two hours before sleep. So I was conflicted on how to do it.

A: Well raw food is different. Raw food, especially if its liquid, does not digest the enzymes to digest bacteria.

Q: Oh, OK.

A: And of course you have some low bacteria but it was really low when I first met you, so it's a lot better.

Q: Yeah.

A: But without the milk you're just not going to have minerals. You need to detoxify properly, so your going to have to go through some discomfort if you want to get even better faster.

Q: OK - when you say rinse with milk you mean like...

A: Put it and....

Q: Like gargle it.

A: Yeah, gargle it. Mix it in your mouth and expectorate it if you don't want it.

Q: OK. But you know they say not to eat tomatoes which of course I was eating for moisture because I don't drink milk....

A: Just remember what they tell you is based on cooked foods. Everything that's cooked is five times more acidic.


A: Raw tomatoes are actually alkaline when they end up in their ash.

Q: That's what I thought but... OK - tomatoes are OK?

A: Yeah. Any raw food is fine

Q: Once you marinate tomatoes, no good anymore right? Like the ceviche right? You've got the tomatoes and ceviche.

A: Its fine, itsonly when you cook food do you cauterize the alkalizing minerals in it. Then they're very less effective, like two thirds less effective. At most, two thirds less effective, so only a third effective

Q: I've never even eaten it...except once in a blue moon.....so

A: You don't have to worry about that.

Q: OK.

A: Don't listen to any.....do the opposite of what they say, I they tell everybody 99% of the time you'll be right if you do the opposite of what they say.

Q: So the whole thing about cooking the tomatoes to bring out the lycopene, a joke? Obviously or....

A: Well, if you cook it, you're not only going to have the lycopene, your going to have...Tomato is the only food that almost exactly mimics the cancer cell in composition. When you cook it, it actually interferes with dissolving dead cells which cancer is the inability to dissolve dead cells so they collect into fibroids and other misshaped tumors. They're just storages for dead cells that you can't dissolve. So eating cooked tomatoes to get the lycopene out of it, that's another spin on “sure you don't digest the lycopene very well unless you cook them, unless you're eating raw diet”. Then you'll digest everything very well. Well you remember when you ate cooked foods, they sat in your stomach and your intestines and now?

Q: Yeah, a lot lighter.

A: Yeah? Now you get to over eat.

Q: So doing the milk for the milk combination I was doing for the kidney stones. Is fine?

A: Yeah?

Q: Ten minutes before I go to sleep, that won't harm that? No.

A: Just put an extra tablespoon of cream in it

Q: Oh, that's right put cream in it. So an extra tablespoon of cream I wasn't drinking as you said to drink, because that was really bothering me. So I cut it in half.

A: OK.

Q: So I forgot now what the half was. Its been a couple weeks since I did it so.... it was.... I think I was doing four ounces of milk and one ounce of cream or something like that. Is that OK? Or is that....

A: No that's fine.

Q: OK that includes that extra tablespoon or are you saying do more cream now?

A: Well how quickly are you eating, drinking it? Before you go to bed.

Q: Oh, OK, well sometimes I was, but usually I try to do it and then do the last minute errands

A: Tablespoon should be enough to add to your milk if you're drinking the whole milk.

Q: Well it's the sheep's milk actually mostly goat's...

A: Then youput three tablespoons in.....

Q: So three tablespoons all together?

A: Of cream. With the milk yeah....

Q: With four ounces of milk?

A: Right.

Q: OK... and then I put in maybe a tablespoon of honey. Is that OK?

A: Fine.

Q: OK....any other talk about it?

A: no there's nothing else just....

Q: Just have to bide your time because its......relatively new I mean. I've been on the raw diet. - I'm not pure on it, I've been on the raw diet - for seven years now......

A: But you have different things detoxify at different times I said in both books, it takes forty years to clean everything. On the perfect diet, so you're going to have different areas of your body detoxifying at different times.

Q: OK.

A: And a particular area, depending upon what contamination is in there. You have mercury and formaldehyde and aluminum toxicity in there. It takes ten, fifteen years to clean that esophagus, from vaccines shot into the arm

Q: Right.

A: A lot of the poisons are going to go into the stomach and the esophagus, around the lungs

Q: You're just saying the milk is... Should I try to do more milk during day? I mean if I can Or....?

A: Yes, but you might want to turn it into the kefir, to let it sit out for a couple of days or a day until it starts thickening or it'll be...

Q: Yeah that is suppose to be easy to digest.

A: Its already bacterial digested so all you do is just absorb it.

Q: So all he needs is the kefir?

A: Yeah you can put honey in it, well after....

Q: While I drink it? Before you drink it? … what right way?

A: Before you drink it. After you drink the kefir, so...

Q: you can drink the kefir cold can she not?....You're forgetting I don't like cold.

A: You don't

Q: I don't drink any cold

A: I don't want it. Except for juice, I do like vegetable juice

Q: If I get stuck and I just pull a bite out of the refrigerator and then I put it in the something metal thing with the top water in it and.....for five minutes just leave it.

A: Were getting into too personal stuff for you, so I'm going to have to move on.


A: OK, do you have a question?

Q: Yeah let's see, its about teeth and bones, jaw, and that kind of thing. Lets see, when I was sixteen I got a crown put in, here, and then it was replaced many years ago. And I don't have the money to have it extracted

A: Does it have a root canal in it?

Q: No, no it doesn't. And I think some bone loss around there and I think its affecting other teeth. And as well as and over here I had like a piece of a tooth in this thing, you know, a piece of a tooth. And that was filled in and around that I'm having trouble with the gums and I'm having pains. Just mild really, honestly. When I look up here and I see change in the color of my gums were sometimes even purplish.

A: Did you have injections to have that done?

Q: Not this, no. I did it without anesthesia. And so let's see, I'm concerned about this loosening up, these two here, and these getting looser. I'm just noticing subtle changes and I want to do what I can to.

A: You're a person who was exposed to a lot of mercury, so still that mercury is going to take most of your nutrients. In order for you to get enough minerals and fats with those minerals into your teeth in your jaw area, you have to eat a lot of cheese and honey together, three times a day. Probably three tablespoons at a time, with two to two and a half teaspoons of honey, followed with two ounces of milk each time. If you have two meat meals, after you finish your meat meal, make sure you are having butter with your meat. Twenty five minutes after you finish the meat meal you have about two cubes of cheese - which is about a teaspoon - to absorb the poisons that are starting to dump into the stomach acids, the meat meal. Not from the meat, but from the toxicity that's in the intestines and the stomach lining. Then ten, fifteen minutes after that, your cheese and honey. And follow that with two ounces of milk, almost immediately. And middle of the night is when you have the third....cheese and honey together with milk.

Q: OK do I preface that with the cheese and butter? Ten minutes?

A: Not in the middle of the night.

Q: OK, and the milk. OK so now I'm highly lactose intolerant, I drink, I get an inflammation response and lower energy. I just feel real lazed after I.....

A: You don't have lactose intolerance.

Q: I don't know what it is

A: No, the mercury that went to your hands and into your stomach, the milk helps pull it out. And then you're reacting to the mercury and the aluminum is getting to your digestive tract. So whenever you have milk, you should have cheese not only before the milk, but a little grated cheese in the milk.

Q: OK well I've gone to goat milk and I ferment it and I add honey and I add cream and I still have..

A: You have the honey when?

Q: Before I had the kefir.

A: OK not to make the kefir?

Q: No....why?

A: Well you're going to get too high of sugar bacteria.

Q: You shouldn't make kefir with honey?

A: You can, but it should be a very small amount. Lets say you use a teaspoon of honey for a quart, that's fine.

Q: OK so its best you leave the honey out and add it just before you....

A: Just before your going to drink any yes.

Q: So even if I hold it in my mouth when I take the kefir.

A: Uh huh

Q: Put it in my mouth and then not even swallow it, spit it out, I get inflamed for three whole days.

A: Because your body thinks it's you doing the, its going to get those good minerals from the milk. Are you eating cheese all day long?

Q: Yeah

A: Well you know, you were a lab technician and exposed to all that formaldehyde and mercury for all those years.

Q: Scientist

A: Sorry about that, scientist

Q: Get that right

A: Yeah so I mean that stored in your stomach, that stored everywhere.

Q: So that's what's causing the inflammation and it doesn't mean that....

A: It's not an inflammation. Its actually a poisoning and irritation of your stomach lining. And your intestinal lining. It's not inflammation....

Q: I should keep doing it for the whole body swells up, everything.

A: It's because it's dumping it into the connective tissue where its supposed to.

Q: Would more baths or something help that or no?

A: That would help that, yeah, to perspire it out of the tissues, out of the connective tissues. because if you are swelling, you are not dumping into the skin very well. But that's why I like the cheese frequently. People need to force or encourage the body to.dump it into the intestines. See, before I understood that the body dumped 90% of the toxins out the skin. Lymphatic system dumps its waste under the skin, and then the connective tissue to be perspired out of the body and be dumped that way. But everybody eating margarine and all the other trans fatty acids, which is plastic oil, which is about after six to nine or ten months in the body it turns into these little balls, little beads of plastic, soft plastic. It doesn't come through the pores. They're too large when they clump together. So people aren't discarding it, and it's caused MS and Lupus in two percent of the people on the diet at that time that I switched to having cucumber puree and juice to help replace the collagen, so that eliminated that two percent of the problem. But I tell everybody to do it, cause it does help the connective tissue and the skin, however when I learned that, after I was poisoned and before that I was poisoned another time. Somebody got in my house and poisoned my milk. ….. And I started eating cheese to absorb it and collect it. And I noticed that it worked very very well, because it cut down on my nausea 90%. That was about six years ago, so now I ask other people that I was seeing frequently, once a year to me is frequent. Because you know I don't need to see people very oftenon this diet, they get well so I don't need to see them frequently. So I decided to ask other people to eat different amounts of cheese and all day long. And those that ate it once an hour did very very well, those who ate it every 45 minutes did even better, those that did every 30 minutes did even better, 20 minutes, 15 minutes, and the results were incredible. Even again, I just went to three cities, St Louis and Stockton, Missouri, and Omaha and everybody who has diligently done the cheese every 20 to 30 minutes, the amount of detoxification is sped up like 2 to 6 years in 1 year, I mean it's astounding. So thank God the people who can't take the hot tubs or you know, aren't taking enough baths, at least I can get them to side track them going out the skin and going into the intestinal tract to remove it. So its a windfall of a graduation towards health. So maybe it won't take 40 years to get well. I mean there are some compounds in the body like mercury, every vaccine before 1994, had 76 quadrillion molecules of mercury in each vaccine. Took 50 to 200 molecules of fat to remove one molecule of mercury safely out of the body. So that would take you 90 years if you had six vaccines to get rid of all the mercury. So think about that. But I've seen in people who were diligent who were eating cheese every 15 minutes, and I had one fellow whose entire intestinal tract was black and I thought this guy is going to take a long time to get well. And he was on his way out. He was very skinny, and I saw him a year later and his digestive tract had cleaned by two thirds. Got the mercury out of it from the cheese.

Q: Wow

A: And I thought 'oh my God', this guy, and he put on the weight which I didn't think he would do for several years till he got enough of the free mercury out of his intestines. It was just astonishing.

Q: Yeah

A: I'm learning all the time just like everybody else. Some of the stuff you can find in my news letters, when I do give news letters, I was, how many people know I was kidnapped three years ago? In a hotel room and injected with three vaccines. I have to concur that they were vaccines of the swine flu cause that's what I talked against then. And they wanted to kill me and say “see? He died of the swine flu” because on the international radio show I went on, I said the only way you can get swine flu is if your a pig or if you get shot with the vaccine. And if you'll internet search @Just Say No To The Vaccine song, you come up with a song that 13 seconds into it you hear me say “the only way you can get swine flu is if your infected with it”. So they obviously grabbed me to inject me. This was a few weeks before the swine flu was supposed to be released and they injected me with it. I was very sick, I was passing out, I couldn't stand for more than five minutes without getting very dizzy and I had to drop to my knees and keep myself from falling and hurting myself. So I called the hotel and said “I need a driver immediately”, so a driver came about 45 minutes later and I was vomiting and skin started exploding. I mean, literally in slow motion, my skin would just open up.

Q: Uugh....

A: And start seeping, I mean literally if I take off and show you, it looks like I had bullets go through right up the back, small holes here, and big holes here, and then I've got really, this is the biggest one, this huge one right here. So you can see how big this was.

Q: Wow

A: The whole thing opened.

Q: Oh wow. .

A: Oh they made three of them. When I woke and caught them there were three hypodermics, one hanging from my arm, and two on the bed.

Q: Wow.

A: And the cloth was falling down my face. There were two regular American CIA types and they certainly weren't Filipino and that's where I was, in the Philippines. And the guy on my right grabbed the cloth and put it back over my mouth and nose. And I was out in a split second, I have had ether, probably about five times in my life during surgeries. And it took 17, 19 seconds to put me out. This had me out in a split second. And it was odorless, so you know it was high military CIA garbage. Or somebody had access to that kind of grade of medical chemicals. So when the driver came I said, now I'm going to pass out a lot, you do not take me to the hospital, I need you to get to a wharf, I need an old shark or stingray. And that's what we're looking for. And I wasn't going to explain why to him. But when fish are killed, any animal, it starts building ammonia as it ferments. Ammonia is what your blood makes in the kidneys to prevent the red and white blood cells from entering the kidney. Otherwise you'd be pissing blood all day and you'd be anemic and die. So the kidney manufactures ammonia and that keeps the red white blood cells from entering the kidneybecause of the ammonia. If your kidney doesn't produce ammonia you will have blood in your urine. I knew that when you have ammonia in the blood, the red blood cells won't touch the ammonia, yet the ammonia will attach to mercury, aluminum, all kind of poisons. So I knew that that's what I had to get. So we got to the second wharf and there was a baby sting ray, it had been dead two days already. And they were just going to throw it out. So I think I paid two dollars for this sting ray. Chopped it up over the next two days and had like a quarter of a cup at a time. Vomited and vomited, but I stopped passing out within about twelve hours. So I was able to keep myself from dying from my red blood cells being poisoned. But I still exploded, my skin was just leaking and exploding with the stuff for about six months. Every April, it would happen again. At the anniversary. Right on cue, that very week, my skin would start exploding again, the first time it was the right leg mainly and my chest and back. The second year it was mainly my left leg. Chest and back. Then the third year, very little happened, I wrote about that in one the last news letters. I think it was in September, and then when I did that other news letter in December, I did not mention it because I was going through a heavy bout with this arm. Where I got injected, this armaches to the bone to the skin to the tendons, everything. It's like when I was a child I had the same problem: I couldn't lift my arm this far without severe pain. And it goes in and out, right now this is as far as I can take it, without a lot of pain. And this has been going on now since October.

Q: October of what year?

A: Last year, so its been pretty heavy. Also I've gone back into periodic autism. Can't remember what I've read a minute ago, and this will go on for weeks sometimes and then it will go off again. And then I'll be fine. I'm lucky that I'm getting any work at all done. I'm hoping it will end soon so that, you know I'm losing train of thoughts and I'm at a loss....

Q: which year did this occur?

A: 2009

Q: That was October?

A: No, that was April 2009.

Q: You were in the Philippines when this happened?

A: Yep

Q: How do they find you when you go there?

A: Well I guess I was using my credit card and my cell phone now I don't use them.

Q: So you pay for cash for your ticket?

A: I pay cash for my ticket sometimes, I'll buy a ticket in one place and buy a ticket somewhere else.

Q: Throw it out....

A: Yeah.... I'll put one on my credit card, buy for some place else.

Q: And then you can.....get your money back.

A: Yep. Sometimes they do that but sometimes I don't. Just to sidetrack them because I have to call and do that and then they will know where I am. So I do things to avoid it, being seen and I have these little sensor devices. So I've got them on the windows and the doors if anybody comes in. And I have three concealed carry permits. And the laser guns and everything so if anybody comes in my room they will be dead. They'd only get one foot in, two feet in, and they will be dead.

Q: Thanks for the warning

A: and this rap group out of UK.....heard me on the radio show, they spent a million dollars on that music video called Just Say No To The Vaccine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHDSRi5m1m0 . I mean its a very wonderful video, 7 minutes and 32 seconds.

Q: But they didn't get attacked by anybody

A: They're nobody just a rock group..... I'm somebody who can keep attacking them. And I'm the one who showed them where they could go to get information on the swine flu vaccine from 1976, that whole hoax. I was involved in that one. The CDC was claiming that only 60 people died as a direct result of having been injected with the swine flu vaccine. Yet. Ida Honarof, consumer advocate at the time, Mary McBean, M.D. from San Diego, watched the polls, had people at the polls there were 3,232 people died in the first ten days. First ten days of the swine flu directly. So I was giving out all this information, I told them where to go and read about it where they get the information, so they had created 266 million doses and guess how many they used all over the planet. Six million only. Six countries sued Smith Blaxko Cline.. Six countries sued.....(applause).....I am partially responsible for that failure of that, we payed 8 billion dollars just in this country for so many doses of the swine that you were going to get for free so called?

Q: Mhmm....

A: So just in this country I caused an uproar, but when I hit international, they wanted to get me. Say see "he died of the swine flu" because they injected swine flu tissue. Now the only proof I have of that was from January through the end of April. I smelled like a, I smelled like pork. And tasted pork.....no matter what I ate, I was tasting pork. And I hadn't eaten pork in like three months before this started. I didn't eat pork during that entire time. Yet the pork was coming out, so I can tell they had injected me with the swine flu.

Q: But they put....

A: Pork tissue

Q: Pork...tissue....

A: That's what they put in the swine flu vaccine. So called disease degenerated porkine cells. So I'm still having a lot of the time I'm having focus problems, concentration problems, and now I can still make it through, I know exactly what to do to make it through my workshops and my few days of consults with sitting down and writing. Like those of you that got that email I just wrote. That took me a freaking 24 hours to chew.....could've taken me an hour. Took me 24 to write that.

Q: It was very good.

A: Oh thank you. And the news was good!

Q: You're difficulty of focus is caused by what?

A: : Mercury moving in my brain

Q: And what....does it cause any damage​?

A: Well, I'm kind of afraid to check my irises to see.....

Q: [laughter and mumbling]

A: Yeah I can regenerate. Just have to keep it under control.

Q: OK.

A: And the cheese works wonderfully. Like I was going to write that email the day before, I couldn't do it, so I ate like a pound and a half of cheese. My mind cleared and I was able to write it, but still was in and out.

Q: You mean all at once?

A: Yeah I do that but just to clear it. All at once.

Q: [laughter] Yeah!

A: But two and half, three months ago I let myself get very fat, I went to a 47 inch waste.

Q: Wow, oh my god.

A: I have never been that big in my life. I was putting my pants, you know I've got three sizes of pants, I've got my 32 pants, my 34, and my 36 pants to handle my.fatness.... this time I went up to 47 inches.

Q: Oh my god.

A: My 36 pants were way down here unbuttoned. (laughter) Tie them lose around here....so I mean, but I felt so good. The pain here was mitigated and everything was so much better. But then I went to South Africa, and Australia, and then Asia, and I dropped most of the weight.

Q: That's still....

A: Yeah.

Q: That's not 47 inches

A: No, this is 37 right here, ten inches less.

Q: Hot compresses over your head?

A: Makes it worse. Eats the mercury.

Q: Oh OK. So its good for the body, but I know the brain doesn't like to get hot anyway.

A: Right that's why it doesn't want to get hot.


A: A lot of metals, most of your metals, store in the bone marrow and brain. And most of them when I see the iris, it's in the brain. A lot more than the bone marrow. The brain doesn't like to get hot because the mercury vapors start destroying it. Anybody seen that youtube video from Calgary University?

Q: Was it about the teeth?

A: No it's about, yeah its about that, but its not about the teeth directly. Its not the vapors you're seeing, but if you put mercury neurons, Calgary University, you get the one where they show how the neurons grow in a petri dish.


A: And they have brains from snail, all neurons are identical in growth to a human. But all animal and creature brain all grow identical, only body part that looks identical in every species. And they take this mercury and they drop it in this Petri dish. Now you've got the neurons growing here, they dropped the mercury in over here and it just disintegrates....just brain cells just disintegrate. And the mercury isn't even in direct contact. So when the brain gets heated, the vapors started moving and destroying brain cells. So that's why I say put a cold thing on top of your head during baths,.dip your hand in it....cold all the way up to the skull. It will chill the brain a little bit, so you don't have that reaction.

Q: So will the hot baths still help with the mercury?

A: Oh yeah, it'll remove everywhere else......but it doesn't have that kind of damage to the rest of the body. It can to nerve cells as well, but to neurons its the worst.

Q: On the cheese is it just straight cheese or can you have tomato with it or some moisturizing thing?

A: You can have butter with it, anything else you're going to end up digesting your cheese and recycling your poisons.

Q: OK.... I was curious. I'm probablya cheese head. So I'm eating the cheese constantly, I was just curious. I understand that the detoxification is a blood thing and that is diarrhea and then how long can this go on?

A: It happens to different people. I had one fellow who had diarrhea for two and a half years OK? He went from white, unable to do anything and after that two and a half years he was all buffed, got a new house, all of his work increased. He was flushed red and handsome, got a jaguar, but he endured it everyday for two and half years.

Q: Cheese?

A: But he said it was worth it because it transformed his whole life.

Q: Right.

A: He didn't have to deal with his toxins everyday cause they were dumping.

Q: Right and that's clearly what's happening in my case, it just became more severe.

A: Then you have to eat more cheese to dry that up....yeah.

Q: What does that mean? More? Six tablespoons a day? Every 15 minutes?

A: No, no, I never had anyone do that much. Usually people just take a half a teaspoon every 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

Q: Oh yeah....

A: But you can take six an hour, seven an hour if you want. You could have two at a time every fifteen minutes. That would be four times an hour.

Q: Double.

A: That would be eight. That would be four teaspoons an hour.

Q: Now....

A: Eight half teaspoons. So don't, I get on even more than that.

Q: Not with the honey....

A: After this.....when I got injected, I was eating a tablespoon every twenty minutes.

Q: Keep going

A: Keep going, absolutely, so much better. I mean I never used to see people advance this fast, because these new people advance this fast, without cheese.

Q: When you told me the story about.....earlier....and that really was such a motivation for me so I've been really, because he gave a minimum to this gentlemen. And its OK to?

A: Yes

Q: OK, but this guy went further. Ate more. So I took that cue as I had to eat more so....

A: Eat as much as you want

Q: I've been you know, pounding the cheese. I've enjoyed it, I've been doing it that, I'm on my first seven months I ate just about 130 pounds of cheese. And I like to tell my family that because I'm like “I ate a human being worth of cheese”.

A: Sometimes I went through 5 pounds a week.

Q: Wow

A: Yeah, since the injections......raw no salt cheese, it doesn't matter what flavor.....

Q: ......Being stuck with a.....

A: I notice that the rye cheese, I got lazier, I got more interested in having fun.

Q: Rye cheese.....

A: They make, they put rye seeds in it.

Q: Oh OK.....less of that you said.

A: No, to screw work, and enjoy myself. Watch movies.

Q: Doesn't matter if it's the soft cheese or the hard cheese?

A: If it's cottage cheese, you need to let it dry more than you get it from the farmer. Its a little too soft. Just remember, any soft cheese has a certain amount of enzymes in it. You do not want to digest the cheese. You want the cheese to absorb poisons and get it out of the body. Any food that is dehydrated has no bio active enzymes in it. Without the bio active enzymes in it, your bacteria makes your bio active enzymes. Everything is based of bacteria, but science will not tell you that. Because they want you to be afraid of bacteria. Everything is done via bacteria. Enzymes, if you don't have bacteria, there's no bio active enzymes. If the bacteria dies in the food by dehydration so do the enzymes. Not die, enzymes don't die, they're a structure. But they are not active, they will not....like lemon, you can marinate chicken and fish in lemon. If you were to neutralize that, dry it, rehydrate it and put it on your fish and chicken, it would no longer do that because first the bacteria's destroyed to make the enzymes. You dehydrate in both of them. Without the enzymes, you don't digest your vitamins at all. If you don't want to digest that food, that cheese, it has to be dry enough to where all the enzymes are dead. So you get the cottage cheese very wet, you need to leave it out for an hour or two hours. Flatten on the plate and then eat it. OK?

Q: Should you do the cheese before you do a sip of milk? Or the sport formula that you.....your doing cheese every 20 minutes you say.....but you also want us to be sipping milk when its hot or sport formula. How much time....

A: Ten minutes, you have a sip, five minutes you can have cheese again.

Q: OK.

A: But it's sipping the milk, it's not guzzling it.

Q: OK yes, I'm familiar with how you classify types of meat and what to eat. Red meat if you have high alkalinity, white meat if you have high acidity, and both meats if you have a balance of both. So my question is, what do you determine that I should eat? In terms of, how much of what type of meat?

A: Well lets say what you would do because you have a tendency to be hyper inside. You've disciplined it because of your father for all the years you know that I've known you. I met Louis in 1978 at Aunt Tilly's Health Food Store. So he has gone off and on the diet, was a vegetarian for almost ten years, something like that off and on. Played with it for that 10 year period. So he's gone off and on but you can see he comes back to it. He goes....he's just like me, I know it works so I'm not going to go off of it, that's why I'm so disciplined. I don't like to sacrifice my time, or my energy. So anyway, when I met him, he had a very difficult time with saying simple sentences, because he was so rigid inside. That's a sign of great acidity in the body. He still has some of that in his system. I'm hoping that now with this new cheese routine regime that if he will do it frequently enough, that we can pull it out of the body with this because I haven't been able to move it in all these years. Enough of it. A lot of it, but not enough of it. As far as meat wise the acidity makes you more irritable and more makes you more anxious. If you're an athlete you don't want to neutralize that acidity, you need that acidity. But if you're a person, like he's a massage therapist so he does get exercise but it depends upon how much exercise, on the day when you're doing actively, you're doing your massage. Eat red meat or the day before and then on that day and other days when you're not doing massage than eat white meat. OK?

Q: OK.

A: I just wanted to explain it so he understands why

Q: Two quick ones. What is your opinion of those store bought Kombucha drinks?

A: Kombucha is made with boiled sugar. OK, boiled sugar, you have to understand mycelium is the mother of mushroom. Mycelium is a milky substance which eats dead roots. That's all it eats is dead roots. Like we have certain bacteria which eats dead cells. They call those pathogenic. You know but they're aren't pathogens...Salmonella and all those, they eat dead cells. So the bacteria is eating dead cells so that's not an issue not a problem.

Q: OK. Also I wanted to know, if I buy my meat, it comes vacuum sealed in like the plastic vacuum seal. I just wanted to know, it usually takes me about a week, a week and a half to eat it, how should I be storing that? Should I...?

A: What I do is I get mine, my big clumps of meat once a week and I get them on Saturday. Then on Sunday I take that, I've got 7 pounds, one pound for one pound a day.

Q: Uh huh

A: Sometimes a little bit more, and I cut it on Sunday morning. I cut it into cubes, I take my two quart Cuisinart food processor, I fill it up just a little above the second blade level and I grind that, and I pate it. Then I put it, oh! When I take meat out of the plastic, I scrape the outside with the flat bladed knife, a large flat blade butcher knife. Scrape all of that tissue that would have come in contact with the plastic. And maybe some of the toxins might of leaked into it. And polymers, so that will take care of that meat, so I scrape it off. By the time I finish scraping 7 pounds of meat, I have about an ounce and a half of meat that I throw away. But its scraped and you know its all granular...from scraping it like that. They're a pretty sharp knife but I do it flat, I don't cut.

Q: So I shouldn't put it in a plastic wraps the whole week?

A: Not a good idea.


A: So then I stick it into 2 cup jelly jars, packed. They're two cup jars, they're suppose to be 16 oz. They're actually 18 oz. Well, I put it up to about 17 oz so it doesn't weigh over a pound by weight. And I'd have all 7 of those, so I don't have to prepare any meat for the week. They're already prepared. I'll have - like this morning - I had some meat to share with everybody. But I got stuck in traffic on the freeway so I pulled it out and ate it all. Pate'd meat was this great sour cream and diced onions

Q: Wow

A: Absolutely I couldn't stop eating so I ate it all.....

Q: That's sour cream with red meat, aren't you suppose to not....

A: No, no, its fresh cream....sour cream is fine. Fresh cream is difficult to digest. It will keep you from digesting meat, sour cream like yogurt and kefir predigests it. So there's no trouble at all.... Sour cream and chives

Q: What about milk?

A: You mean to have with meat?

Q: Yeah

A: Not a good idea, I wait while I have one mouthful.....tablespoon....I rinse my mouth, I swallow, I rinse that....with another tablespoon. So I have maybe two and a half tablespoons, so that's one and a half oz. of milk - immediately after my meat meal, or five minutes after my meal. But then I wait for about 30 minutes, 20 to 30 minutes before I have more. And I don't drink a lot at a time after that.

Q: Why

A: Because it'll catch up and slow down the digestion of the meat.

Q: Oh my God.

A: So usually after an hour and a half, that meat is far enough along where if you drink half of milk its not going to interfere with the digestion of that either. I'm talking about fine tuning, you guys don't have to do everything is that meticulously as I do. But I like to do it, it brings me optimal you know, functionality.

Q: Do you make sour cream the same way you do kefir?

A: No. I've tried to make it that way, and it takes me months to make it like that. But the Amish can do it in two days or three days, so the next time I go to the Amish farm, I am going to learn how they make it.

Q: Just to reiterate, you have sour cream with meat? Fine?

A: Excellent

Q: …..cream....made three pints by accident cause my fridge conked out for three days......have those for a quick meal.

A: There you go.

Q: What about yogurt with milk? Is that the same thing as milk? Yogurt milk.

A: Yogurt milk with your meat? Its too liquid, you know you're suppose to have a fat with your meat. Not a liquid with your meat.

Q: Well, along with the lube formula.

A: Why would you have milk in your lube formula?

Q: Not milk in there; have it separate.

A: You have a lube formula and then you have the yogurt milk. Not with a meat you don't. You just have the lubrication formula with the meat meal.

Q: On the protocol which is going well, sometimes at night I get so exhausted that I miss my, it's like a choice, 'do I do vegetable juice or do I do meat?' because both of them aren't going to happen because I'm so tired. In that case what should one choose?

A: I'd say the next day, if you've had vegetable juice and you've had no energy, I would do the meat meal. And maybe have the vegetable juice in the middle of the night with an egg and some cream.


A: Cheese. Vegetable juice egg and cream in the middle of the night.


Q: You brought up root canals. I wanted to go there and then I was wondering what you think about cold sores. Or canker sores, I don't know what the difference is.

A: Well its just poisons coming out the skin. Most of your abscesses, most of your mouth sores, your tongue sores are from dental injections. Q: They might be connected then.

A: Yeah so when you're getting an injection, that Novocaine or Xylocaine or whichever one they injected into you, has a tendency to go into the bone and harden the bone...I found that when I'd done, had tumors of the mouth and throat and jaws checked....of probably 12 that I've done, 11 of them came up with dental toxicity, dental waste from the novocaine or xylocaine and those tumors, you can see it was part of that. One time I had so much puss coming out, on an abscess one time I had that, the puss check. Sure enough when I got mugged in Bangkok and got that hammer or that crowbar and knocked these three teeth under my tongue to get my camera.

Q: Why did they do that?

A: They wanted my camera, my movie camera, so I went to the dentist. They were known dentists. Only during the day so I had to wait till 1 o'clock the next day to get to a dentist. So all night I've got this bone with three teeth in the bone, under my tongue. Very painful. I got to the dentist and they just wanted to just cut it all out, they said there is no way you will recover. That bone was all the way down to here, this small bone and three of my small teeth here, and they said there is no way, it will go into necrosis. Its completely disconnected from the bone. Completely broken off. And only your gum is holding it in your mouth, I said its OK, put it back into place, if it rots and falls out I will have it cut out. But right now we're going to give it a go and see what happens, so I let them inject me because it was so painful already and they were going to take that and work it in, really work it back there. Pull it back from the tongue and then work it in to where the bone touchew bone. It took an hour

Q: What about acupuncture for pain like that?

A: It didn't work. I tried it first. In Thailand they have a lot acupuncture. It didn't work for me; I wish it had. But when you have three people working on putting it back in place, it was very painful.

Q: That's a long time.

A: And they would work on it like a whole 60 minutes at a time. One time they'll be working on it working on it, little at a time. Bringing it back in, bringing it back in because they don't want to tear the gum. So they were doing it meticulously but five six minutes at a time. And then they'd give me a two to three minute break and go right back to it.

Q: Did they put replacement teeth back in, or the teeth were still all in.

A: Teeth were in the bone and the gums so....

Q: Hmm....just putting it back. But we've had fake teeth put in and there's like silver nail I don't know what it is.

A: Post yeah.

Q: They put in there I think silver but its not made out of silver.

A: No its....

Q: Titanium?

A: Titanium, they have new compound that is very much like bone. And they screw that in, a lot of people have been having problems with the titanium.

A: Zirconium

Q: Yeah, like something made like....

A: Something like bone.....

Q: OK.

A: But there is one that isn't even fired as high as ceramics.

Q: OK.

A: Anyway, injections cause a lot of problems. And let me tell you I didn't have any problems with my teeth until I got those injections, then I was getting abscesses like crazy for two years. Then they seised. And then when I got these injections and then six teeth fall out in three years. Six teeth in three years because of these injections.

Q: You can replace them?

A: Well I'm hoping. That one man in Thailand, 90 year old man who grew a whole set of teeth at 90 years old.....documented, documented.

Q: He has three teeth came back?

A: All of his teeth grew back. All....every tooth grew back at 90 years old.

Q: What did he do?

A: He was an oyster fisherman so he ate oysters everyday.

Q: OK.

A: I think that has something to do with it. He was of the northern Thai tribes who ate a lot of raw meat. I had one woman - “Ta” - she is one of the ones that run Thai Organic Life with her boyfriend Scott who is American. She went on the diet at about 52 years old and she was really wrinkled and old looking and not real strong. And then when she got on this diet it's like what she had had as a child. Within 2 years she had just blossomed so she lost like....she looked like she was like 70 something years old. Now she looks like she's about 40. And she's 60 now,

Q: [laughter]

A: And she goes around in her garden, picks out these Japanese fields and eats them all day long as candy.

Q: [laughter]

A: But that's what they do there, they eat all kinds of insects.

Q: I was going to ask about that, insects.....Yeah!.....what do you recommend with that?

A: Eat any one you want, they mainly taste like what they're eating.

Q: Yeah.....

A: If you're eating a fly and the fly has been eating meat, its going to taste like meat. If the maggot has been eating meat its going to taste like meat.... If a worm, if you get a worm out of a corn, and I only buy corn that has worms in them...

Q: Right.

A: At the tops....and I had one of my roommates was a Peruvian jungle girl, and she loved them she'd take my worm..... I only got the, with worms in them cause I knew they were organic. If worms were eating it was organic, but she would take the worm and pop it. And I got jealous and I was like 'wait a minute.....let me have my own worms'. They taste like corn..... and grasshoppers, they taste like what kind of grass they are eating.

Q: Really?

A: Yeah so....

Q: Aren't they crunchy? (laughter) They are?

A: It depends upon the shell.

Q: The corn you don't find even if its organic, I don't see it in that amounts.

A: Well they have it - once in a while.

Q: Once in a while,yeah. Makes sense if corn's organic if the GMO pollinates?

A: Yeah but worms won't eat that stuff.....they'll die very quickly; you won't find a live worm - you'll find a skinny little shriveled worm that's dead.

Q: So that's a good way to tell.

A: Do you have a question?

Q: Yes, lemme go back to the diarrhea question.

A: Everybody like diarrhea?

Q: Yes. It's great.

A: Great [laughter]

Q: OK so I'm not opposed to that but what about the explosive diarrhea? Those are pretty intense, they're very inconvenient.

A: If you have enough cheese you won't have the gas one.

Q: That's the gas - that's what is causing it?

A: That's gas.

Q: Oh, OK.

A: The poisons are mixing with your digestive bacteria; it creates a gas.

Q: Oh, OK.

A: If you eat enough cheese then that poison is going to be absorbed into the cheese, its not going to affect the bacteria.

Q: Well, I thought I was eating a lot of cheese but obviously I'm not.

A: You have to eat it with your food too. Some people actually have to eat it with their food too.

Q: Oh, I don't do that.

A: Like some people are so toxic in their intestines I say even with your meat you need to grade a little cheese in there with it... cheese throughout the meat.

Q: I noticed you said have cheese with your milk. Graded cheese in there?

A: Uh huh

Q: I've never heard that.

A: You have it with everything. If you have gas, you have it with everything.

Q: Ah ha.....

A: A little bit of cheese with everything

Q: And that's not with the honey? Cheese and butter right?

A: Cheese and honey will never cause gas because your body doesn't have to rely upon enzymes to react with bacteria to digest it.


A: Your honey acts as your enzymatic...

Q: I have a problem with the honey too. Too much honey it makes me light headed. Too much sugar....so if you do less... you're talking about 2 ½ …..

A: Do less. Just do less. But if you're having two tablespoons of cheese and only two teaspoons of honey then you're mashing the cheese together and mixing it in your mouth before you swallow it, you're never going to have that reaction.

Q: I wasn't doing that. You're right. So the gas is from not eating enough of the cheese?

A: Yeah, well, it is from your digestive juices mixing with the poisons that are dumping into your stomach and your intestines, that creates gas. OK? If the cheeses are in there absorbing the poisons they're not going to mix with the enzymes and your bacteria, so you're not going to have gas.

Q: And as you in different stages of detoxification you can have stages that are more intense obviously than.....

A: Absolutely. Depending what you're dumping.

Q: OK, cause.

A: Let's say you're dumping sodium. You're going to have explosive diarrhea even if you eat enough cheese.

Q: OK....why?

A: ...because sodium is an explosive. I don't know if I've told you this before but my father worked for General Electric. He invented the first Bering computer when he was at college, that's how smart he was. He was emotionally completely retarded, but as far as inventions - he was a genius. So he was part of the team, that worked for General Electric that was going to make sodium into a bomb. A weapon.

Q: Sodium...

A: One concentrated crystal of sodium as big as a football will take out all of New York city. That's about worth a five hundred pound hydrogen bomb.

Q: Wow!

A: And you're talking about a five pound, five to seven pound, brick of pure sodium. But it's so volatile that when in form to be used as a weapon, as a bomb or in a bullet, any kind of explosive, just a temperature change of 1 ½ degrees can set it off. So thank God they couldn't control it, because it would be a very bad bomb. And any terrorists that tried to make a bomb of it, would not make it. Anywhere. They'd blow up right in his house. So General Electric, they got 2 billion dollars for that.

Q: 2 billion?

A: 2 billion dollars to make it into a bomb... couldn't do it. Not even 2 billion dollars could make it into a bomb, sodium when it's isolated is an explosive, that's why you will never find sodium unless its combined with potassium, fluoride, magnesium something. Like in most of your water softener systems you have salt peter. Sodium chloride, salt peter.

Q: Salt peter?

A: Salt Peter. And that's what they gave soldiers.

Q: Right.

A: You know, back in the civil war and all the way up through WW1 and even in WW2, to stop them from having sexual desire.

Q: Really? They need to have it put back into the military.

A: Pardon?

Q: [laughter] They need to have it put back into the military for men now.

A: They've done it again?

Q: No I said they need to. That's a political comment.

A: Yeah with the ragings that's going on.... but it did work from what I hear.

Q: Toxic on their bodies though?

A: Of course its toxic, it damages your hormones, its robbing your hormones cause that's what it does. It poisons your system so your body uses hormones which are 60-80% fat to bind with this poison, so you have no sex, the hormone for sexual activity.

Q: Well my mom told me that during the second World War, the Americans wanted to have sex with the girls....hey its just a little joke......so that's why you say no salt in your diet? I mean no salt at all?

A: Correct. It's an explosive. When it gets into your blood, your blood does fractionate it because it's salt, it's rock, it's not in a food. If it's in a food - if its in a proper combination with vitamins and minerals and enzymes and fats, and everything else - it's a nutrient. Once it's isolated, it's an explosive. So it just starts exploding in your blood. And these smorgasbords that your cells are suppose to eat, and you've got 93-117 nutrients in these smorgasbords. And that's a complete diet when a cell opens to eat; it draws the whole thing in to eat. But I'll tell you the cells are this big, the smorgasbord is as big as my fist - sometimes twice that big. It gets it to the cell, the cell gets a balanced diet. When the cell with salt is in your diet, it explodes and these smorgasbords break up into two, three or four parts. So then when a cell eats, its getting a fraction of the diet it should get, and is always malnourished.

Q: All salt?

A: Any salt, its rock. It is rock. We don't need rock. Even though plants eat rock, go pull your lawn out, put rock and see what happens. You'll kill your tree, your bushes, you'll kill everything.

Q: So what's the difference between that and putting it in your bath?

A: Very different. Because you've got oil and you've also got milk in the water. You've got vinegar, its not going to damage your skin. Its just going to start taking care of the toxins in the water. It'll also help draw sodium out of the body.

Q: Yes, when you have this recipe that has blueberries and coconut cream and dairy cream for removing metals, and my question is, do the blueberries need to be fresh or.....saved in the fridge for a few months......a few months??

A: That's even better.

Q: [laughter] Will it have the effect to clean the metals?

A: It will even have more.

Q: OK and that doesn't....

A: Let me give you an example. I've got probably nine autistic children. And they're all doing very well. They're out of their head. Three of them were completely like this. Now they're feeding themselves, one of them still isn't talking, she's 12 years old now. And she only does the diet 50% because she lives on an island, Antigua, and the food has to be shipped from Amos Miller in Pennsylvania.

Q: [laughter]

A: And you know how expensive it is. So she doesn't get all the food she needs but she's functional; she doesn't have to be held all the time, because she was like this.... and that was her whole life, 24 hours a day. So she had to have constant care. Now she sits by herself, she feeds herself, everything, but doesn't talk. Well I just got an email from a woman in Sweden who got a 6 year old, not personally to me, she brought her over to me when I was doing consults in Finland. And this child was three years old and he didn't move like this, he was..... and that's all he moved. And she just emailed me because the doctors wanted to do tests on the child again and all of the chemistry tests came back the same as when he was first brought to me. The same. All this bad stuff. Yet, the kid is in school, excellent grades, talks and is in perfect health. So she's saying 'why is he having all these bad tests?' and I said, 'you have to understand like I said in appendix D of my book, when I worked with a polio patient, unless the polio myelitis showed up in her blood, she didn't get well. As long as it was high in the blood and she was doing the diet, she got well. So you have to understand that it's just the opposite of what the doctors say. But what the pharmaceutical company is trying to do is 'if you have these tests, you have to take this medication'...these antibiotics. So then the kid stays sick. And they make tons of money the whole childs life because they will stay like this their whole lives. This child is now well, one hundred percent. She said there's not a thing that's autistic about him anymore. But I was very concerned about these tests I said, why? He's well? So why do those stupid tests mean anything? If they're not interpreting it as this child is now a healthy child, when he was a vegetable three years ago. How can the doctors look at the tests instead of the boy?

Q: Yeah

A: When a doctor goes into a hospital room he doesn't look at you, he looks at his chart with chemistry.

Q: That's right.

A: He doesn't pay any attention to you.

Q: That's right....doesn't know what to look for. Do they......

A: Trained to chemistry and that's all pushed the pharmaceutical chemistry.

Q: Do they get out autistic from the vaccines or what?

A: Yes, all of the children that I have, that I work with are autistic off of vaccines. I was autistic off of a tetanus shot, my third, 18 months old. And then after my third polio vaccine I got diabetes and angina pectoris within days after that one. So pretty bad. Your question is answered sufficiently, or not?

Q: Yes could we just....another question such as a pineapple......with conjestion....if its been sitting for six months.

A: Doesn't matter. Just remember, raw food never putrefies. It only predigests, even if its melted. But don't have that food if its in plastic inthat shape. If it's been in plastic, don't eat it.

Q: OK put it in glass

A: Put it in glass

Q: So I would have always thought that you wanted us to eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. Not have them sitting around for a long time. So now....

A: No, what I said is I don't like too ripe. Too much sugar in it. OK?

Q: That's right. Too much.

A: When you have unripe fruit and you have it in the refrigerator its not going to get more sugar.

Q: Oh OK.

A: It will start fermenting a bit, you'll get more of the sugars broken down into alcohols. But you don't get more sugar from it.

Q: Should you put bananas in the refrigerator?

A: You can, but its a melon, not a good thing to put in a refrigerator.

Q: Oh.....oranges are the same.....

A: Pardon?

Q: Oranges...

A: Orange is not a melon.

Q: I know but you can have orange in the refrigerator.

A: Yeah you can put it in the refrigerator.

Q: Raspberries get this white carry

A: Mold, fungus, that's what I was getting to.

Q: Oh that's....OK....

A: This child was the only one that progressed that fast. He became normal in three years. I need to know everything you are doing, just to see if there is a change that other parents don't do for their kids. And she said, like you said in your book, I give him moldy raspberries. And you told me to give him one moldy raspberry a day. She said I've done that everyday. At least 360 days a year..

Q: Oh (laughter)

A: I give him moldy raspberries.

Q: Just one.

A: One a day.

Q: Can we all do that?

A: Yeah, absolutely.

Q: How do you mold it? [laughter]

A: If its not molding, its not organic.

Q: What do you do to make it mold? When you say molding you're not talking about the white hairy stuff your......Yeah!.....well what if the berry itself turns

A: Into a liquid!

Q: Yeah

A: There's only three digestions.......that has broken it down.. but the hairy, the white stuff, they're the mushroom. Of the mycelium.

Q: Oh.

A: The mushroom is your spore, its your sex, its your flower of the mycelium.

Q: So you can eat the whole thing?

A: Yep. Just the mold. It's good for you.

Q: Really?

A: Vaccine toxicity if you remove it.

Q: It breaks up a fruit meal or just at the same time?

A: No you have it as part of your fruit meal.

Q: Oh, so you can have that and the fruit meal?

A: Fruit meal....put three or four moldy berries in there....in your fruit meal

Q: In the vaccines, do it? If I put it in....blend it?

A: I am saying you don't have to put it in the vaccine formula, you can just put the berries with your fruit meal.

Q: What if you want the vaccine formula, would you put that.....?

A: Then you would put in a lot of moldy berries. Like I said in the book, you may end up with chronic fatigue for up to six months to a year and then you will be.....

Q: Oh not in the vaccine formula, in a separate fruit meal.

A: No the same. If you are going to go with vaccine formula, that's a risk. Like I said in the book, it is a risk that you will get chronic fatigue. So if you want to just have a few berries and not the vaccine formula, you have two or three berries with your fruit meal.

Q: I think she's talking about the formula with lemon juice lime juice....how do you make it molded?.....I think that's what she's talking about.

A: No, no, that's not a vaccine formula.

Q: No I'm talking about with the coconut cream, the blackberries, the coconutcream

A: That helps get rid of metals that's not necessarily a vaccine removal.

Q: You can put that with that then.

A: Yes absolutely. But no more than three or four, I would say three moldy berries.

Q: But you told me that the mercury that the vaccine formula with the lime and the lemon.

A: I said that it will help remove some vaccine toxicity because you've got a lot of metals in vaccine toxicity.

Q: That's right. But how do you get the berries moldy?

A: Just let them sit in the dark in the refrigerator.

Q: ...a loose jar?

A: No you put it on tightly and just leave it in the refrigerator and it will develop mold.

Q: yeah, usually within three weeks.....a week?

A: Much more quickly then that

Q: : I wish. Mine doesn't.

Q: Which are better? Raspberries or blueberries? It doesn't matter if the berry is red or blue?

A: The dark berries are more important if you had antibiotic injections like penicillin. For injectionswith mercury in it, the red berries would be better. Blueberries are the best for removing....blueberries and raspberries, they work the best, at least from experiments. Was your question answered then?

Q: Yes thank you.

Q: A few weeks ago in our area which is Boyle Heights - and also was Commerce, Vernon, and those areas in East LA - we all got a notice that there was a plant - it is a car battery recycling plant - they recycled 40,000 a day since 2,000 in Vernon, that's about 40 blocks away from me, and I'm kind of on the periphery. My granddaughter actually works in Commerce which is in the middle. And they said that the lead and arsenic was being released into the air as well as the pipes are broken into ground water was bad, so the Orange County south what do you call it agency? Air quality, yeah they put that out, they shut down the plant temporarily until they come up with a plan to get the arsenic. They said they handled the lead by pretty much putting doors and filters and stuff on the plant. And it's hard to understand - I've gone to a couple of meetings and its hard to understand - what's really going on. And they'll probably start up the plant again before too long so they get their plant rid of the arsenic.

A: north and south of the plant......not....where the water flows this way

Q: Oh, but its mostly air.

A: We get our water from Saugus, Saugus delivers the water for.....they use it first, the valley uses it second, all that industry, all that shit that everyone uses in Valley getsinto our water and then they use that water. We're the third use of that water here in LA.

Q: Who's....better? No....

A: There are 192 toxins in LA

Q: Who drinks it?

A: A lot of people.

Q: When they blow up north the concern is...these other places....that blows it that way.

A: They're smelting it, they're running it into the water in the ground.

Q: They're smelting it, so they have both ground water from their pipes and also in the air. And I'm mostly concerned with the air.

A: Air is toxic.

Q: It's hard to say how dangerous it is, I'm wondering if... you said you have hair analysis from your poisoning... I was wondering if a hair analysis would be good to see if you have more lead and arsenic.

A: Well, yeah. You can check the hair.

Q: So, do you have a particular place where you recommend for that?

A: Well doctors data is where I had mine done. So you have to have a doctor, there's a chiropractor in Florida, which has them on his website to sell them cheaper than anyone else. And I forgot his name, but you go online you buy his kit they'll mail it to you, you send it in, your doctors data sends it directly to you or emails it to you, however you want to receive it.

Q: So if I Google doctors data...?

A: No, hair analysis kit

Q: ....has the answer.

A: and then you hit that chiropractors name.... and you just right there order it online, they'll mail it to you, tell you how to collect your hair and how much, put it in there and send it off.

Q: I'm going to do that cause its hard to tell with the....what they're talking about, they don't know what they're talking about.....

A: They really don't they don't want the scientists

Q: South Coast air quality.

A: Yeah.....the scientists who are involved don't really want to say because its just opens it up law suits and it upsets people. So they don't ever tell the truth.

Q: Yeah.....

A: But it depends upon how fast your hair grows, my hair grows an inch a month. My nails grow about an eighth of an inch a month. So I have to cut frequently. And so if I cut off an inch of hair and send it in, I know that that is just for that last month.

Q: Right.

A: If I want three months time, I take three inches...depending on how long your hair is you'll know how much time is involved by the length of hair that you put in there.

Q: They shut them down about a month ago so...

A: You'd get the new hair, you'd cut...that far inch from your scalp and take that hair.

A: If they took that a month ago you still might be discarding when you inhaled

Q: Right....that's why I'm on earlier. Its been years. OK so....

A: That'll tell you, that will only tell you the level of what your throwing out into the hair. Doesn't mean what's into the blood, neurological fluids or urine.

Q: I just want to know if that's a serious threat, 40 blocks away, should I move? Have to shut it down, its kind of late....

A: It's tough.

Q: Well, yeah that's probably true, but they're probably going to do it again. They're only shut down until they come up with their plan with the arenic.

A: They need to filter the smeltering fumes. So the lead doesn't carry....

Q: Its about four miles away from where I live.

A: If the wind blows your way, you're in trouble.

Q: Oh OK.

A: In Aruba, I investigated that area around there in the south part of the island where they have an oil refinery plant. And that refines oil for Venezuela and for a lot of the others that rely on Aruba. It handles a lot of toxicity. There was a 36 percent brain cancer rate. 36 %. in all the surrounding areas that went a quarter of a mile.

Q: So much for vacation destination.

A: Vacationers are the north side of the island.

Q: Is there any particular thing for lead and arsenic other than what you said?

A: Berries and the coconut cream, its all the same stuff

Q: Yeah its all the same stuff.

A: Cilantro.

Q: Cilantro too, right. May I ask about fish? I don't know where to get fish. I love Ahi but I haven't eaten it in two years, but....

A: Yeah Fukushima uh huh.....all of the tuna was checked in April of 2011 and every bit of it had the same isotopes [that were being relieved]. That was tuna caught in California, all the way from Baja up to Alaska. Below Baja didn't show up.

Q: What about Fiji?

A: Fiji's OK.

Q: Good

A: Well no....

Q: No?

A: Your current is coming down, sweeps around Hawaii and comes up this way to Baja and it affects all the way up to Alaska.

Q: Right. Where do you get Fiji tuna? I've never seen...oh, Trader Joe's.

A: But anything from Baja all the way down to Chile is fine. Anything from the East Coast - anything from North Carolina, all the way up to Novascotia - is fine...New England area. Anything from Brazil down to Argentina....nothing from Venezuela or any of those northern south eastern American countries.

Q: What about Alaskan Salmon, they can't get it right?

A: Well, the Alaskan Salmon - all salmon in the world - is already been GMO screwed up.

Q: I used to eat the salmon from Whole Foods, this year I started eating and I got so sick I couldn't stand it.

A: I started that six years ago, I haven't eaten those in six years.

Q: Oh my God, so where do you get your salmon?

A: I don't eat salmon anymore because when I did some investigation, I found out that Monsanto's GMO salmon - they only had the fences above the water level this high. At least 2,000 of those genetically modified salmon were escaping a year.

Q: Oh yeah....

A: Yeah 28 years, 29 years now. The whole world's that way. I haven't been able to eat a drop of salmon in 6 years.

Q: What kind of fish are you still eating, then?

A: I mainly eat tuna and the swordfish, but not anywhere near the Pacific unless it's Baja all the way down to Chile.

Q: I don't see any Baja California tuna. In Santa Monica sea food its not there.

A: Well, it depends on where they're fishing. They have laws for fishing certain fish at certain times of the year.

Q: Somebody asked me this the other day, if they could buy the tuna at Trader Joe's. It comes in a plastic wrap, and I said probably, if you scraped it

A: That's the plastic, but if its caught from the Pacific, that's OK.

Q: If it's fish from Fiji

A: Well yeah, that's OK.

Q: Great, that's what I....

A: Let me put it this way: Trader Joe's freezes almost everything solid, if it's not fresh.

Q: Costco

A: Yeah all those places have a tendency to freeze it. The only fish that can be frozen are those from the North. Sweden, Switzerland, Nova Scotia. Iceland, those countries. You can eat frozen fish; it won't make a difference; we're already resistent to it.

Q: oh yeah...

A: So you're getting anything from the tropic frozen, that's going to be contaminated.

Q: What about Chilean sea bass? They said it was previously frozen, at Santa Monica sea food.

A: I wouldn't get it.

Q: You said.....

A: I wouldn't get it if its pre frozen.

Q: You said something about......

A: No, only, well its from the south pole of Chile, then that's fine.

Q: It is

A: South pole part.

Q: Why is it OK to eat freezing? Because your getting the less nutrients out of it.

A: Yeah, you'll get less nutrients but you won't get the toxicity, you'll get from freezing something from a temperate climate. Or a tropical climate.

Q: That makes total sense.

A: Go back to those tests I did with dogs and cats. When I fed them frozen organic meat, I got a whole side, split it in a quarter and I took sections of each and put them in two different categories and I froze one category. Every part of the animal. And I froze one quarter of the animal and then another quarter of the beef I did not freeze. I fed it to these animals for 6 weeks and some of them even up to 10. After 6 weeks every one of them had a skin disorder, who ate it frozen. Plus they were drinking, two to three, four cups of water a day. The dogs and cats that ate the meat non frozen, same meat unfrozen, even slightly getting stinky by the time at the end, at the end of the experiment, they rarely licked any water and they were in perfect health. Calm and happy. Other dogs were scratching, the cats were scratching and one even had mange from it. And it showed me that frozen meat is toxic. So not a good thing to eat. Now I knew that butter remedies any skin condition. And I had this argument with a lot of these people who think they know something and never go into a freakin' laboratory. Sally Fallons one of them, says “oh, freezing doesn't hurt your meat or hurt your dairy” so I took these animals and I fed them from the same batch of butter, frozen butter and unfrozen butter. The animals, the sick groups, they split them into two and I sent the frozen butter to one group and the other to the other. Those who got the frozen butter took five times longer to heal their skin condition. Five times longer!! If you break that down into a statistic, that's 80% of the nutrients were destroyed. Or unutilizable, whatever that was.

Q: Is that freezing for even a real short time period of time or does it matter how long?

A: I don't know. This was - I had frozen it - for the whole time.

Q: That's just crazy. And you know, you buy beef in the store, after the snow. They slaughter the animal, they hang it....isn't that really cold? Freezer....locker?

A: No its usually not under 36 degrees....if they freeze it, it doesn't break down the same, its a different taste, and they don't like to ruin their taste or else they don't sell as much. They can't sell it to restaurants. For us, we can't get meat at a restaurant, unless its Sizzler....something like that - so, they do not freeze their meat. They cannot freeze their meats, no lower than 36 degrees. 38-36.

Q: Yeah, I suddenly got little poochie things on each of my ankles.

A: Got what?

Q: Poochie

A: I have yet to describe something.....

Q: … soft and it feels like water; its kind of squishy. I've never had that before, little swollen spots, only there and right by my ankle. What's the.....

A: Lipoma

Q: Really? On both sides?

A: yeah.

Q: All of a sudden?

A: Lipoma is lymphatic fluid that's trying to break down some toxicity and it can't so it just holds it. I've got one... Yeah, it went away, it was there for six years. And it kept growing, came out real big in all of two days.

Q: Yeah, just this Sunday.

A: And then it took six years to go away.

Q: You just took baths......

A: But I saw it a month ago. not there now.....

Q: It's just so weird cause its on both sides...same place.....

A: Well some people like to do it in tandem.....balance.....

Q: When I got acne....

A: Always equal one....almost at the same level on my face.... and when I popped out here, almost identical. You'll see my scars almost identical, on both sides. I'm one of those who does it in balance. My scars have a match.

Q: So do you have to do anything special for it?

A: It's really difficult to get that to break down. I tried putting vinegar on it probably13 or 14 times in a year. It didn't seem to move it. I tried pineapple on it - that worked a little bit better. But I was not tenacious with doing it. I travel so much. It's on my foot I don't give a shit. If it were all on my face, I would have cared.

Q: … hot water bottles anything like that?

A: That would probably help.


A: But mine was as big as the end of my finger.

Q: Mhm

A: Not that thick, but that big.

Q: I think you said that fungus infections can be sexually transmitted. Is there anything you can do about that?

A: Surface fungal or a yeast infection or vaginal yeast infection, because fungus can live on the skin. Transmitting a so called venereal disease is all hog wash; it cannot happen. It can't pass through the skin, can't pass through the mucous membranes; it'll never get through all the layers of mucus to get to you. However certain fungus, certain yeast live on the skin and you can transmit those. You can transmit lice, they live on the skin. If you want to get rid of them, throw lime juice on them. Some people put urine on them.

Q: On lice?

A: Lice yeah...

Q: Really?

A: Or any kind of a fungal infection. Lime and urine work very well.

Q: With about in your hair....with lice?

A: Urine in your hair, same

Q: I was thinking of my grandchildren......of my grand daughter. They are very healthy.....if we're on the diet, can we use our own urine or is our toxin coming.....

A: No, you can use your own urine for surface, unless you know it smells like metal. If your urine smells like metal, never use it for anything on yourself. But if it smells ammoniac and slightly sweet, its good.

Q: That can prevent it?

A: You can do.....preventing it. Do you have a question?

Q: I've heard that theirs a parasite for lung problems......to reverse it.

A: Yeah. I've heard that. I've heard about it but I have no direct experience so I can't tell you.

Q: OK.

A: But if you want a parasite, the only way you could propagate something like that would be to get the lung tissue of an animal and try to instigate bacteria at body temperature for a cow, the lung is from a cow. Then it has to be 101, 102 degrees.Until you see parasites manifest. And then you eat that.

Q: OK.

A: You may be able to get some into your lung; I don't know. Like I said, I had eaten lots of trichinosis many times, but they never escaped my digestive system, so I was unable to get.... a lot of people did that. But then we started eating whole intestinal tract. You know, then people were able to get it. Still not a lot, but some. Joel Weinstock that gastroenterologist at Iowa University 30 years ago, he put the strained eggs of trichinosis in Gatorade. Gatorade is a highly alkalinized substance which will neutralize hydrochloric acid so the hydrochloric acid doesn't digest the eggs. So then they're able to digest. After that I stated telling people to eat the intestinal tract and then to wash it down with some vegetable juice. So you alkalinize it going down so it destroys the acidic bacteria and keeps the acidic juices from digesting it - giving the parasites a chance to take hold.

Q: Why would you want trichinosis?

A: You didn't read my book?

Q: I don't remember reading trichinosis.

A: Yeah the tric worm, trichinosis; like I said, I address Dr. Joel Weinstock's work where he had pigs at the university in a sterile environment that were very ill and unhealthy. He came from a farm and the pigs are in their own piss and shit and they eat right out of it. So called, very toxic environment. Full of bacteria. But what they're doing is recycling all theie waste which a lot of animals do. Normally, bugs will eat fecal matter in the ocean; crustaceans eat fecal matter, that's their diet, that's what they're supposed to live on. They're recycling things in nature, that's what they're made for. So they're healthy, they're eating good stuff. Even if it is shit.

Q: Right

A: Eat shit and live if you know you're a crustacean. So he took the trichinosis worm from the healthy pigs at the farm because the ones at the university had no trichinosis. No whip worm.... so he put those as an experiment and those pigs got well in a week. So he got a license from the FDA to do an experiment with people, because he's a gastroenterologist and he thought 'wow, if I can get this.....the whip worm...'. Trichinosis literally is a digestive parasite, just like that bacteria, your own intestinal bacteria. They eat the food that you eat, their waste is our food. We eat the urine and feces and the sweat of bacteria and if we're lucky, trichinosis, because humans are supposed to have trichinosis. All the healthy primitive tribes - all have trichinosis.

Q: Then that's not the one that gets in the muscle and forms a cyst and stuff?

A: That's all bull shit lies.....its all stuff that comes from the pharmaceutical company to scare the poop out of you. Just like they'll scare you into taking medications. Its just like pasteurized dairy.

Q: Yeah I never heard of a person having that.....a real person.

A: Having trichinosis.

Q: Yeah having joints and something I never heard.....supposed to be in their muscle....yeah.....the skin...

A: It's supposed to be able to get out of the intestines and go anywhere. It's all stories, those people are the ones who write the B stories for horror films in Hollywood.

Q: [laughter] So they know the truth. These guys do know what the truth.

A: Most of them do, pharmaceutical companies don't.

Q: Yeah

A: Did you know?

Q: You mean what drugs were unsafe and.....

A: Yeah

Q: We did but we ignored it. Because the benefits outweigh the....

A: Yeah, the money. Yes.

Q: So basically they give you a lot of lies....

A: 99% of what they tell you is lies. That's why I say, whenever you hear from the medical profession, you do the exact opposite and you'll be right 99% of the time.

Q: Right OK.....So they know what they're doing (mumbling and fades off)

A: Most of these lies were created years ago. And now they're just rhetoric.

Q: Is there some parasite that you've approved of? They said some they were better but....

A: I think all of them are found in an animal body or doing the proper thing. You just have to eat right to make sure. If you've got a parasite that's eating dead cells, you want that. Don't keep eating and doing that lifestyle that destroys your cells, because your going to lose. You need parasites eating your dead cells and your not going to have any bricks in the wall because a lot of people like you have seen these old people walking across the street and you say how long is it going to take that person to cross the street - I mean I have to wait two minutes before I can get on the gas and go. Well, these people only have a few cells alive in their body. They may have only 25% of their body alive. That 25% unhealthfully has to carry the whole percent of the weightof the body. Usually when a person gets 22% of the cellular life they die. A natural death. So if you got parasites in there, eating dead cells.

Q: They can't.....

A: … you want that! But doing things that kill more cells everyday. is going to make you disappear and you will. Yu get thinner and thinner, and the medical profession says, See! See! See! But what they do is take these third world country kids like in Africa and feed them cereal that's been rejected in America, get a high price for it. You know, 'help these starving children, give to this stuff to Unicef' or whatever it is and then.....the worst foods in the world - powdered milk, according to Dr. Francis Pottenger's work, that's created 2300 diseases - the same ones that man did. No other kind of processed food created that kind of disease, except for processed powdered milk. So that's what they're sending, they're sending over cereals, that have been fried and hydrogenated oils which is a plastic oil. So they've got this cereal and they're feeding them with this powdered milk and water. So these kids get parasites cause in their cells they're going crazy and there's many more parasites because they don't have all the antibiotics in this tribe. So then the parasites go to work and then the child just disappearsand dies. And that isn't because the parasites are eating the dead cells, its because that child is eating the very contaminated food which is going to destroy the cells in the body.

Q: The parasites come in and try to help and try to survive it.

A: Right. And if you don't change what you're doing, what's happening, your going to have problems.

A: And you were a vegetarian for 27 years

Q: Something like that....

A: Yeah... and Jon was only 40 something at the time, 47.....48.....and he was like this. Old man.... Skinny and all root dry skin. Both of them were very dry skin.

A: Look at them now!

Q: Yeah! [applause]

A: OK. Jon you have a question?

Q: So I've been using vegetable juice as a wash for hair but my white hairs in my beard pick up the green and.... I started using the lemon juice and do you have any other suggestions?

A: I use fermented coconut cream. I let it turn pink and then I know, I dilute it. I use 10% coconut cream and use 90% water and then use it, I wet my hair first, get all the dead cells out of it. Put that mixture in there and then my whole body.....

Q: how long does it take to ferment?

A: If you leave it in a warm place....with not direct sunlight....could be a week.

Q: you don't use eggs anymore, you can't.

A: Yeah, but it stinks, too many people say oh, you smell like rotten eggs.

Q: Yeah the egg and....

A: I experimented with several things and I found that coconut cream is the best.

Q: So your shampoo formula is coconut....fermented....cream and water?

A: Cream and water.

Q: So 10% coconut cream.....water...

A: Yep.

Q: 10% equals (laughter).....you have.....

A: you have 2 tablespoons of the coconut cream, and then how many times that would you multiply?

Q: Two tablespoons

A: That's one ounce of coconut cream, so you'd have nine ounces of water. I'm probably doing one ounce per eight ounces of water.

Q: I like the egg it makes it shine nicer.

A: Well so does coconut cream. Sometimes the coconut leaves the hair a little bit oily, I like that. I use mainly Kefir. Shaving cream.....or sour cream.....it gets wrinkles away very quickly.

Q: Oh really?

A: For some reason, Kefirs

Q: Just rub it on your face?

A: yeah

Q: And leave it on.....kefir and sour cream?

A: Or

Q: Sour cream stronger? You leave it on.....

A: Just absorbed into her skin

Q: Same you shave with?

A: Yeah I shave with it.

Q: OK....anything wrong with just using straight coconut cream and then....?

A: That's fine. It's just if you have dead cells in your skin, which you do, your skin is pretty thick. The coconut cream isn't going to help break that down. But when its fermented and you have bacteria in it, in the kefir it will help by eating at the dead cells.

Q: Do you wet your hair before you put that coconut cream in?

A: Otherwise its very very oily.for two days, if I put it on with it already wet. It'll say lets say, kind of slick feeling for a few hours....

Q: And then you rinse it off?

A: Yes.

Q: … a question about poop, when people do the diet, I get feedback, some of them get diarrhea and have to be comfortable, normalize.....

A: If you've got diarrhea you're throwing off a lot of poisons in your colon.

Q: Right.

A: And you need to have a lot of cheese during that period to absorb it. And you have to use as much cheese as it takes. It depends on what poisons are being dumped. If its mercury and formaldehyde from a vaccine it can be high. If you've got salt mixed in and you're doing it too, it's going to be explosive. You have to tell everyone to stay off the salt

Q: And for constipation?

A: Constipation means your digesting excellently.unless your too depressed, it means low bacteria in the colon. You have depression which goes along with your constipation, you have a bacteria issue.....

Q: Otherwise we have less water and fiber.....

A: Fiber is not necessary.

Q: Well.....when they say you do if have constipation.....

A: That's garbage information.

Q: So we.....

A: I don't eat any fiber.

Q: Right....what is....

A: .....less....but when I eat a lot of cheese and I'm detoxifying, it would be less....not because, I don't eat....I mean I leave my cheese out at room temperature. All the oils come out; its not dry. My body absorbs everything it can. And sometimes you take water and you mix cement and what happens? It absorbs and dries the water. So the oils do the same thing, you got lots of these toxic minerals, they're being thrown into the bowel. And all this fatty cheese, absorbs it. It hardens it. The other reason you have a lot of firm feces is because your absorbing everything you're eating. Its a good thing.

Q: Yeah

A: In the wild, there was no animal besides herbivores - herbivores are the only ones who had diarrhea. And they always put out these sloppy turds. Well you can't call them turds, they're sloppy cow pies. Dogs, cats, frogs, goats, sheep, they put out hard, they digested everything, they absorbed everything. If you looked at a coyote's or a wolf's - any kind of wild dog canine - their feces would turn white and into powder within two days exposed to the sun. No fiber in it, no fiber anywhere. We don't require fiber, herbivores do. Now one time I met in the Phillipines a tribe that live to an average of 138 years old. They lived on two foods, coconut and fish. Coconut and fish. So you have to take a look; you don't get a lot of that information. So if you don't have depression and have constipation. That just shows that they are digesting everything. If its too uncomfortable just squirt a little raw butter and cream up into their sigmoid colon. When you eat, most of the fat that you eat is all digested and absorbed into the small intestine. So your colon breaks down the nutrients, the fats and the proteins into the finite molecules to feed the brain and the nervous system. Don't get much....so a person could be highly constipated and have a problem there. But if they're depressed and depression is a huge sign of not getting enough fat in the colon to feed the brain and the nervous system. Or they're deficient in the bacteria that digests those fats and proteins into finite molecules, and therefore not absorbing any nutrients to feed the brain and nervous system. So that short colon we have is where we feed the brain and the nervous system. And they have to be finite, that's why the body has saved that for last. Because they have to be broken down into stages throughout the intestinal tract. But if you have been on the fat free diet of your life or you have been heavily vegetarian, you're fat deficient in your nervous system and everywhere in your body. Now I saw them again seven years later and they still have dry skin, perfect now. They've got fats in every cell of their skin. Every part of the body even their eyes and the ears. And that takes time. It's been what?

Q: 15

A: 15 years now. So 7 and 8 years they didn't go, in fact I even saw you a year ago. And even in this last year, there's a huge change. Their whole body is getting everything they need; it took them 15 years. I'm saying you can fast track that by doing a suppository. Three tablespoons each of butter, coconut cream and dairy cream. One quarter tea spoon of honey, put that in a four ounce jelly jar, shake it, put it in a bowl of hot water, a large bowl, hot water. Not hot enough to burn your hand but hot enough to make your hand feel uncomfortable after 6 or 7 seconds in it. Let it sit in there for four minutes, before you go to bed at night. Take a bulb syringe, suck it all up into the bulb syringe, get on all fours and bark like a dog.

Q: (laughter)

A: … hot water not hot enough to burn your hand, but hot enough to make your hand feel uncomfortable, after six or seven seconds in it. Let it sit in there for four minutes, just before you go to bed at night. Take a bulb syringe and suck it all up into the bulb syringe, get on all fours and bark like a dog. Stick that thing in, some people like to put it in this way, I don't, when I put it in, I put it in this way. It works better for me and once I get it in, I go down on my hands on my face, I put my buttocks in the air and I roll my stomach like a belly dancer. That moves the fluid, the fats up into the descending colon and I do it for about four minutes. You don't have to do it how I can do it. I'm good at it. I automatically can do it, my mother used to get jealous. And then after four minutes of doing it, you can do it very slowly, just in and out you know will do it. You don't have to roll like I roll but its good if you can. Then you lift the left leg, you lay on your right side and lift your left leg and you roll again. Or just in and out, and that will move it into the transverse colon. Here....it will move it from the transverse colon and down into the ascending colon.so your getting fat everywhere. So all the bacteria in the colon get go to work on fresh fat that they never get. The brain and the nervous system won't get waste product, its going to get fresh fat. So when I've given this to people who have had a lot of psychological problems, depression, gets rid of it just like that. They may have to do it several times a week, maybe every two three days at the beginning. But after they've done it for a while and - you see a lot of depression comes from the myelin is suppose to be about 60 to 80 percent fat - when that's gone, you can't buffer the information that goes into the brain. You're supposed to reduce it. Let's say a pin prick is about 200,000 impulses. By the time it gets into the brain it better be down to 6,000 or you're going to be overwhelmed and over react. So that means you've got low fat levels in your myelin. To replace it, that takes time, so you may need to do that injection if you're depressed, every couple of days. Every few days until you've fed and restored the myelin enough to where you're not affected anymore. And its as simple as that, but it takes time. Now I came up with a formula that works pretty well and is quicker: three tablespoons of fish, three tablespoons of sour cream - and remember, cream is already predigested when its soured OK? So you've got three tablespoons of fish, three tablespoons of sour cream, and a half a teaspoon of honey. And a tablespoon of green pastures blue ice, cod liver oil.

Q: Oh really? Oh you can eat that?

A: As long as its not flavored.

Q: Yeah as long its....half teaspoon of what?

A: A whole tablespoon. It's called Green Pastures is the brand name, blue ice is the particular product, yeah it's fermented. I worked with him for two years to make it.

Q: Oh

A: I said you have absolutely one you can eat, when they came out with it, they put an announcement out, that that is the only one you can eat, its fermented, it stinks, it will burn your throat and its perfect. [laughter]

Q: Is it peppermint ?

A: That's, they put the distilled oils in there which destroys it....

Q: Flavor...?

A: When you distill oil you turn it into gasoline or kerosene, you turn it into a solvent.

Q: Essential oils?

A: Essential oils, the same thing, they are solvents. Your cells don't have a choice, its like gasoline, it tears it right into your cells.

Q: Where do you buy, where do you buy it?

A: When I'm talking, don't ask a question over me please because everybody else may not hear.

Q: Oh

A: OK? Just go online and google it or yahoo search it....

Q: It's here.

A: Green Pasture's cod liver oil. Blue ice. You put those six words in there and you are going to come up with different sites, get the cheapest one. And it has to be in a bottle, no capsules....

Q: Mhm

A: In a bottle.

Q: Liquid yeah.....but what is it good for?

A: It's good for replacing the myelin in the brain, that's the only time I ever recommend.

Q: .....times of day you take it

A: You take it with the fish and you just blend them....

Q: Blend them all together.....blend....

A: Put it in a four ounce jelly jar and blend it. And eat that.

Q: Just eat it. I like....how many times a week you do....twice a day....

A: Well no, if you've got someone who is really depressed, maybe on medication or near there, three times a day.


A: Half a cup, three times a day.

Q: You recommend it for parkinsons?

A: It could help but they need also the lubrication moisturizing formula.

Q: Myelin has to do with memory....

A: No myelin takes care of buffering the information, eggs will take care of the synapses firing and the ganglion and axion transmissions.

Q: So this formula has nothing to do with the bacteria in the intestine. This is some other approach right?

A: No. If you're having sour cream you've already broken it down, if you let fish get a little ripe, even better.

Q: Mmm

A: And then your cod liver oil is already predigested, that's why its so bitter and nasty, smelly and tasting....and you mix that in there and....

Q: But you can't have any.... with that seed or peppermint in it or....

A: If you have that in it, its destroyed.

Q: Right

A: Its like drinking gasoline

Q: I get it.... I was eating it and it seemed to be really really good with the peppermint but I stopped when I saw that in your book. So oh boy....

A: So you have to get the plain nasty smelly and tasting stuff.

Q: Wow....when you blend the whole mixture because it has some honey with it, will it make it taste kind of passable?

A: No

Q: ....hold your noise....

A: It won't smell as bad, when you blend it all together. The cod liver oil doesn't have that strong a smell. It has more of a fishy and a sour cream smell.

Q: Do you have this in place of a meat meal?

A: Uh no you just eat less meat, though with your meat meal.....and you eat that with your meat meal. First ten minutes before your meat meal. If you have a real bad case of it, then I would say thirty minutes before you eat your meal....bad case of depression.

Q: Can this help somebody who has had shock treatments? Shock treatments. Shock.

A: Usually they have a hard focusing and concentrating.

Q: Is that part of the myelin?

A: Well what they're doing is, they're destroying the ganglia....

Q: Oh that's different....the egg...

A: Yeah...the egg. Well that would help that too. That would help restore.

Q: Right that's what I'm talking about

A: Yeah that will help restore. Because it has the meat, it has fish with it. If it didn't have the fish with it, you may not get the protein to replace the myelin properly. But it will also help restore the ganglion axions if they're damaged.....

Q: OK.....so is this for people who have MS or Lou Gherig's disease?

A: Absolutely. They need both. MS is being, their nerve cells are destroyed because of the mercury and other metals. Lead and cadmium. And they need to restore the nerves. So that's an excellent thing for them to have....

Q: So Lou Gherig's disease to?

A: Anything that involves nerves and muscular dystrophy....

Q: Muscular dystrophy....these two ways for one of them will say the amount....that the other ones through suppository... like what a difference your body I guess.....

A: To get diarrhea.

Q: No I'm talking about the (laughter) suppository, you were talking about with the bulb syringe.....eating.... yeah....

A: It won't ever get to your....it'll never get to... you'll absorb it in the small intestines; the small intestines are very long.

Q: Yeah

A: It takes 19 hours to get to the bowel. And then you've got another 6 hour or 5 hours to make it through the bowel.

Q: Does that mean any fat you eat?

A: Any fat you eat, you are now getting some to your bowels. When you were very thin you weren't. Then you weren't feeding the brain and nervous system. When I was a vegetarian fruitarian, my brain wasn't getting anything. But when you're overweight for a long enough period your going to be feeding your brain and nervous system every day.

Q: Can you do this on a weight loss? You went through the thing on weight loss.

A: Weight loss for what?

Q: You lose weight, you're going to lose weight you know? Do the cod liver oil thing with the weight loss?

A: Not unless the person is depressed. Then that's the golf ball size of meat that they will be eating, but it won't be just pure meat. It'll be that mixture because it'll be the weight loss program and be depressed at the same time

Q: so if I go on the weight loss, I'll call you tomorrow and ask.... that's a good idea...

Q: Is shrimp all frozen?

A: It depends on where they come from. Shrimp are from the coldest part of the ocean, they're on the floor....

Q: Shrimp

A: And I mean, all your crustaceans except regular clams and oysters, they can be sun bathed everyday. But your cray fish, your....

Q: Lobster?

A: Your lobsters, your shrimp, they're bottom feeders.

Q: So....

A: If you look at them and you see they're gray, because there is a gray tint to them, then they're contaminated. If they are good rich tones, through their skin, coming through their shell, they're fine.

Q: Like a live.....

A: They can stand freezing pretty well.

Q: Vietnam is that like....?

A: Vietnam is a good place.

Q: Shrimp from anywhere? Any good kind of a tone is that OK?

A: Not if it has radioactive material in it. So nowhere in the Pacific and nowhere in the gulf because of the [oil spill].

Q: Yeah

A: Same thing, any fish, shell creatures or fish, its all the same, not in those toxic areas.

Q: What about blue point oysters?

A: Same thing, you've got to get them in a clean area.

Q: Blue point is.....

A: Blue point is usually from northern, you know Nova Scotia, New England, around their, Maine.

Q: So its OK, up there?

A: Yes. OK do you have a question.

Q: Yes I had two questions. One with my wife, she's 38.

Q: Her eyes [something] around the eyes.

A: Her eyes twitch?

Q: Yeah. She went to the clinic doctor they said there's nothing wrong, its normal.

A: Well, they can't find anything wrong.

Q: Yeah

A: If you're giving into a vitamin supplement which I don't agree with because all the natural ones are made with kerosene and all the unnatural ones are made with gasoline. And those that are synthetic are made from chemistry. Vitamin B6 usually stops twitching. Where you can get vitamin B6, usually the nuts and eggs, so if she has lots of eggs, milkshake that will help.

Q: Oh

A: Eggs by themselves will get enough B6 into her that it will stop it.

Q: Oh, alright.

A: Also that formula I just gave it, because it could be the myelin also covering her eye muscles from her eye nerve - the sheath on them - so the light is causing her eyes to pulsate.

Q: Oh

A: So it could be two things. I don't have to see her to know

Q: Oh...and my other one was that when I am drinking wine once in a while, I'm eating something a glass of wine or coffee (laughter) its not here in my brain. Once in a while I drink coffee but.....

A: Well, the French - the way they used to handle all their coffee and wine was to eat very rich heavy foods, they would eat sour cream or cream cheese on crackers. And they always had appetizers that were very rich in fat. So the alcohol would not damage the brain and nervous system. Now the last time I went to Paris which was a few months ago, everybody is on a fat-free binge just like they were here and now they're drinking the alcohol and the coffee and they're as nervous as..... you know when I was living in Paris 93' to 96' they ate all that stuff, it was rich stuff. And they had no problems. Now they're just as wacky as Americans.

Q: Can I have wine?

A: You can have that, just make sure you have cheese or egg, you know a lot of people put an egg in the beer and their wine or down an egg before.

Q: What kind of beer? Raw?

A: There's no raw beer allowed in this country anymore. Coors up until 1986 was raw.

Q: Really?

A: And then the FDA shut them down for raw so there's no raw beer allowed in the United States. There are in other countries but if you're going to have a beer, you don't want beer made in this country. German beers are the better beers; they won't adulterate theirs like ours will. Wines, usually Hungary and Italy.

Q: Yeah

A: Most of those old small town wines are the ones to go for. If you want to do that.... like I said in my book, have fat with it for fat if you're going to do it and no more than four ounces a week. Or else you will have damage.

Q: Four ounces?

A: A week

Q: Of beer or wine?

A: Of wine

A: Beer you could probably get away with about 12 ounces

Q: I heard that talk in the past about 'oh if you have gallbladder stones, do a liver and gallbladder flush' and all kinds of things and they have these different remedies to them. What are gallbladder stones? Are those terrible to have in your gallbladder?

A: Well of course. Stones anywhere mean that when your trying to pass fluids, your going to have these really sticky crystals stabbing your mucus membrane walls and it can be painful. Very painful. Sharp pains it can stop you, prevent you from working. Could prevent you from breathing cause it can be so painful. So yeah, stones are not good, but their way of doing it causes damage to the liver and intestines.

Q: Cause they do like an epsom salt sort of thing...

A: Epsom salt uses olive oil and usually lemon juice

Q: Yeah.

A: And that does a lot of damage to a lot of the things in the body.

Q: How do you get rid of them though?

A: The formula in the book. You've got the beet juice, you've got the vinegar and the sparkling mineral water.

Q: What about doctors recommend the, my clients are talking about this, once you get a certain age, you've got to go in for a colonoscopy. Seems like that....

A: Its for money.

Q: That seems like a toxic ordeal; don't they just go in and look?

A: Wouldn't that be nice? How many people are going to let someone put something up their buttocks that has a camera? It has usually a washing nozzle cause they got the hose, they have to shoot water up if they come to a place that won't open. They have to open it and they have a medication that gives the colon this very tight in a section. They shoot some fluid with some anesthetic, I mean pain, relaxant like a pain killer, on there and it causes it to relax. They don't have time to move through there slowly without tearing the intestinal wall.

Q: OK.

A: Most people take a local [anaesthetic] or some kind of pain killer before they do it.

Q: Oh didn't know....

A: You could just stick a camera up your butt. Colon is like this. All the way through so, you have get in through there, to look way up in there so, it takes time and they have to be gentle, or else they'll tear your intestinal wall.

Q: And they wash it out too

A: If they have to. If you've got fecal matter in there and they can't see they've got to wash it away.

Q: But they put air in their too to pump it up.

A: Yeah, they've got an air jet in there too. They've got four projectiles, four tubes...

Q: So what if you have a polyp?

A: Polyp just means you have a cyst or a growth on your....

Q: Yeah your just eliminating some things.

A: Well it can block the food going in and going out....

Q: Right

A: So that can be a problem. That's true constipation if you have a block somewhere. If you get hard feces it means that you're absorbing everything or you don't have enough bacteria.

Q: If you did have a polyp like that blocking it....what do you recommend?

A: Pineapple, lime juice, coconut cream, just a regular fruit meal but mainly with pineapple. And some lime juice.

Q: Uh huh

A: … a tiny bit of lemon and vinegar. Probably a whole tablespoon of vinegar in that meal. And then you would have to do probably three and a half to four tablespoons of coconut cream to make sure the vinegar doesn't demineralize. The vinegar works in tandem with the coconut cream to start flushing that area. And the pineapple provides bromelain to start eating away and neutralizing the poisons. If a polyp occurs, it could be a cyst or it could be a hard tumorous growth or it could even be lymphatic like a lipoma. So it could be three different polyps, depends on how they're caused.

Q: Uh huh

A: A cyst is when the body is trying to change the fluids in a particular area. So all the fluids are going to run through this tumor. It is hollow and has these fluids in it. So the body will throw those fluids up in there like we have a filter, like a sand filter. And then the fluids come back out clean. And somebody could have a cyst that could persist for their entire lives - like if they're taking any antibiotics for a yeast infection or they've taken birth control pills; a lot of cysts develop because of those. It depends if you're storing toxins in your uterus. Or in your intestines if you have polyp.

Q: You can have lymphatic issues in the intestines like the lymphatic

A: You have lymph everywhere...you've got lymph glands and nods everywhere in your body

Q: Yeah....

A: You've got your main concentration of big glands in this area, this area, and this area.

Q: Right.

A: On women you've got 11, on men there are only nodes, not glands here. So what happens?

Q: I didn't get a.....

A: Angelina Jolie? She lost, what did she lose? She lost 22 lymph glands that will prevent cancer. So now she's not going to have breast cancer, she's going to have lung cancer. Hello!

Q: Yeah....she's having her ovaries taken out.

A: Yeah there's that. But ovaries don't act like a lymph gland, here when you take those breasts you take the 11 lymph glands around each one.

Q: Oh my god.

A: So that's a double lumpectomy. That's 11 lymph glands on each one... that protects your lungs. Now she's going to have to go here for it and here for it. So you're going to see her start to swell under the ears. She's going to lose her beauty very quickly.

Q: ....she just went to the wrong people....she's going to be in menopause big time, taking those ovaries out at her age.

A: No she'll take drugs. She'll take hormones.

Q: Its been done.....

A: But she'll blow up....She'll look like Meryl Streep. But she'll look like it sooner than Meryl Streep.

Q: What happen to Meryl?

A: Well Meryl is just getting old and....

Q: Oh. like the rest of us?

A: Like this! So she's putting on toxins. She's not dumping, so she just keeps bloating. Like most people do who can't perspire the waste, they just keep collecting under the skin. You get a lot fatter and you get bloated.

Q: Right.

A: Most of it's probably - I'd say 40% minimum - is water.

Q: Sometimes my red meat I like to dry a little bit before I eat it, but my question is, 'how much can I dry the meat?'. Sometimes I dry before I put into, sometimes after. How much can I dry before it starts to lose...

A: How many days are you drying it?

Q: At the most, two days.

A: Too long. If you dry for 8 hours, 10 hours, you're OK. After that, you're starting to lose all the bacteria and then all of the bioactive enzymes for about a 16th of an inch in, every 8 hours.....

Q: Are you talking about just leaving it uncovered in a refrigerator?

A: Yeah... because it pulls the moisture out. Once the moisture is out, the bacteria dies, dehydrates; the bacteria dehydrates, enzymes are no longer bioactive.

Q: Hmm....Even if its ground up, the most, 10 hours, I mean its got to be less if its ground up cause theres more surface area. Right?

A: Well not necessarily, its all ground you usually have a lot of your fluids already exposed so...it could even be worse for that.

Q: That's what I mean, ground up should probably be less than 10....

A: Yeah, probably 6

Q: OK 6 hours if you're going to do that. When I leave mine out sometimes, I'll leave it out for no more than an hour.....if I do that. And then I put my sour cream, my butter, whatever I'm eating.

Q: If we keep it outside but it, keep a lid on it, that would be OK?

A: No, it would still dry out, depends on how much air space you have.

Q: Right, OK.

A: You have very little air space you can leave it out. I leave mine out, for days out of the refrigerator tight in a jar. Just so it keeps breaking down.

Q: Right.

A: Like when I was in Chicago, I got there on Friday afternoon. I ground all my meat, and I put it in jars. I put it in a large jar, this big. And I had three days and I didn't have a refrigerator; I just left it on the counter.

Q: Yeah I've done that too, I've had it out sitting on the counter for days. If its meat is brown, is that too much?

A: Brown....its just oxidizing on the outside.....

Q: That's....cause quite often its brown, I put it in the blender, and then....

A: Blender or food processor?

Q: Food processor. Food processor and I might leave it out for a day and it will be nice and brown. For me its more appetizing than as like....

A: Yeah put a lid on it.

Q: OK....its just the fact of brown its not so different.

A: No not really, because sometimes your fecal matter is brown sometimes bacteria, like aerobic bacteria has brown feces. Non aerobic bacteria, their feces are white in our intestines. That's why the lacteal system that's connected to the intestinal tract... You have this web network called lacteal system. Its called lacteal meaning milk in Greek and Latin, its white, it looks like milk. So everything that you eat turns into milk in the intestine by the bacteria. So it is absorbed. I don't care if you're eating blackberries, or beets, you know how they can stain?

Q: Yeah

A: When it goes and the bacteria eat it in the intestines, it's white when it comes out of them, white urine, white poop, white sweat, and then that's absorbed into the lacteal system and that feeds the whole body; that's supposed to be done by the lymphatic system. But everybody's lymphatic system is so jammed that now the blood's transporting a lot of the nutrients and that's not a good thing because the blood is meant to do one thing, to give you energy to deliver oxygen to your cells for energy, so if your body, your blood, is being utilized to deliver nutrients because the lymph system can't, then you're losing a tremendous amount of your energy, more than half.

Q: Wow.

A: So the only way you're going to have energy is to be hyper glandular. Glandularly. So high adrenaline and high testosterone, high estrogen. Activity hormones. And there are a lot of people out there like that. But there are more people out there that are just slugs.

Q: Yeah, my right leg used to be a lot bigger than my left leg and during the last year or so I've probably been sitting down less and a little bit more active, and I've been pretty strict on the diet. They're both the same size and there's not a lot of water in the feet.

A: Yeah, I noticed that. I wore sandals for the first time in three years. I'm not swollen anymore, from the injections.

Q: Your say.only to have a small amount of fruit. Every place I turn I want more fruit, I want cherries for gout, I want blueberries for memory or with honey at night to sleep and you know just fruit and I want it. Even the sports formula, I'm ecstatic when I do it with water melon and melon. But why am I craving fruit so much? I mean, is it OK?

A: Not really, not OK, the reason you're doing it is because you have low enzymatic activity. So the better thing to do is just spread out your honey and everything, eat more honey. Build up that enzymatic activity you'll get better with the honey. If you're going to eat that much fruit, you're going to be very protein deficient.


A: And then you'll get larger here and smaller everywhere else. I can tell anybody who is over eating fruit. You're going to have a big waist and get smaller and smaller in the shoulders and the arms and the legs. That's what I have been watching you do.

Q: But there's so much value, cherries, and blueberries and....

A: That's what you're saying but that isn't true. For a human body, you need very little of that. There are other places you get your potassium and the phosphorus, magnesium and the calcium. You don't have to get it from fruit.

Q: What's your best way to get potassium that's not fruit?

A: Milk has all of those. So I'm saying, if you have fermented milk, they will already be digested. I mean, its delicious to have the fruit and it goes through fast and it feels good, makes you a little high. But you're also going to deteriorate all of the protein in the muscles and a lot of the fat. So you're going to come to a point when you're going to be demineralized. It goes in the muscle tissue and the glands and the bones. Then you're going to wish, 'maybe I should have curbed that'. Now I won't be able to have fruit at all. To get back from that space. Probably I'm not drinking enough juice, so I'm thirsty and crave the fruit.

A: Sport formula.

Q: Yeah well....

A: Make it with cucumber and not so much... If you're having the watermelon and not the heart, everything from the seed down to the white, peel the green off. If you're having that section, its not going to be that high in sugar. If you're eating the heart, and anything around the seeds, it is too much sugar.

Q: I like to eat more watermelon

A: Yeah but that's a melon fruit, that's a little different.

Q: Why do you call banana a melon?

A: Because it has all the properties of generating hormone precursors that melons have. In fact if you say you want to build up your skin you have melons and bananas is one. Biochemically that's how a banana breaks down, just like a melon does.

Q: And ripe? Not ripe?

A: Unripe it isn't this hormonal reactive.

Q: Oh. so if you wanna boost your hormones, you eat it...

A: Yeah, more ripe

Q: Right. Oh! Modern bananas now are no longer like the wild variety. They don't have the seeds. As far as what it used to be in the wild and they're much larger. Is it still going to impact our bodies and.....

A: In the wild you have some big red ones and there's some different size ones, they're all different sizes. But certainly these big yellow ones have been boosted. They've been trying to get rid of seeds, you know Monsanto and all those greedy bastards were thinking for a long time 'we need to get rid of seeds'. Because people have to buy seeds to grow things. And seeds aren't theirs. They can plant them on their own. So they have to buying it from us, the market. So that's been going on, you know my uncle made me aware of that cause he worked for Dow in their agricultural department and he went all over the world trying to teach people to cultivate bananas differently. He spent 12 years in Africa doing that. So they were intended way back. He started that in the 50s. Working with Dow to get rid of seeds all over the world.

Q: Only now we're starting to march about it.

A: Yeah.

Q: Hot baths, how often should you take them?

A: In your condition, do them everyday for 90 minutes, if you have a hot tub or a way to heat your bath tub. I was going to build a system that people could put in their bathtub, but I could not get a license for it because it has to be set up in a way that it would be too intrusive in your bathroom. Now I can lead you, I can tell you which ones to buy but you have to hook it up yourself, if you know a plumber. So that could work. If you just take a hose it just goes in, dumps the water at the feet and one that takes the water from the bath right around your chest. Somewhere it pulls it out and circulates it through a filter, then a pump, and then a heater. You know a stand-alone instant heater. And those are very good for just a small bath tub. So a medium bathtub or a large bathtub and you can circulate that. But all those appliances, especially the pump, have to be three feet away from the bathtub. So you've got to have a thermostat on it to control it - to shut off and turn on - so your bath doesn't get too hot. Just like a hot tub does. And if you want to have a remote control, you could probably jerry rig up one on a remote control to it. But if you have a thermostat, its hard to put a thermostat reading into a bathtub when your....unless you're completely still all the time. You know if you're still sleeping that's good. You could do your first 90 minutes of your sleep period in the bathtub or your hot tub. If you do what I used to do, I'd go sleep for 4 to 6 hours in my hot tub and that's where I did all my sleeping. And the people who do that kind of thing get well faster. It's like the cheese thing you know. Speeds everything up nicely.

Q: What about an infrared sauna?

A: Infrared sauna is too hot. It damages the eyes and mucous membranes and the lungs the bronchials – everything - throat, ears and if you're naked, the vagina and the penis, and the urethra, because it will heat up inside.

Q: In the hot tub, obviously you wanna stay away from chlorine and fluoride. How do you keep... because you've got to fill it with some sort of water...

A: Like I said in the book under 'health modalities/baths'. You put milk, vinegar, some sea salt, or epsom salt in it, and if you've got a filter going through it, like I said you have a sand filter, little canister of sand in it, and it goes through there. And then to your pump and then to your heater, you're going to be filtering it all the time. But you put those ingredients in the water to neutralize those poisons. And if you're not putting new water in all the time, and you're circulating it, with this pump, you're not going to have any more contamination get into the tub.

Q: OK. I thought clay does the cleaning.

A: Clay does too. But if you have clay with a heater, its going to cake on to the heater and its not going to work anymore.

Q: And the milk doesn't grease it up or something?

A: No it doesn't

Q: OK, what about a jacuzzi?

A: A jacuzzi has no heating system. And it's very toxic because when I register the EMF field reader for jacuzzis, EMF field is up to 112 to 130 milligauss - constantly as long as the motor is on. And we can handle maybe two and a half minutes of that before it starts altering the human cells. I have people who put - like a fellow who left his farm in Stockton that's on the diet - the whole family, when he was building his house. Thank God I got there. He was building his house a year ago, and I put the meter on I said you can't have the motor with your jacuzzi. You know, and I showed him when he turned the meter on, and the field was up to 8 feet away. So he put it in the basement. Through the jacuzzi. So he can be in the jacuzzi and run the motor and have all the air currents in there because the motor is in the basement away from him, away from the others in the bathtub. But it had to be 8 feet away.

Q: The temperature you're recommending on the baths is 105?

A: 105, sometimes 110 if you can handle it. I've seen people go in at like 63 years old when he started doing the hot tubs. And he took it up to 110. Everyday for 90 minutes. You know he was still like a couch potato and he called me and said I still have absolutely no energy, I've been on the diet a year and 9 months and last three months I've done the baths everyday you know, I've done them for 90 minutes a day, sometimes a little longer. And I said at what temperature and he said 110 and I said oh my god, a 110?! I said well stop doing it for three weeks and see how you do. At the end of that three weeks he was a different man. He had melted out everything and just needed to cool his body and let it recover. So he started a international stem cell company, he works 14, 16 hours a day. And now he's 76...77.

Q: You said something about stem cells.

A: Yeah. I said that he made....started an international stem cell company.

Q: Oh. But stem cells are good to have....but not from this way of course.....?

A: Well, you've got to get bone marrow to get stem cells. If you're eating sour cream you're going to get stem cells.

Q: Hormones for women going through menopause, if we even get enough estrogen

A: I said in my book that a hormone change is a hormonal change, you're going to use your hormones in a different way. Rather than having menstruation and creating ovum, you're now going to be able to use your hormones for the rest of your own good. Not for anybody else's. If you're eating properly, that change over will go fine. If you're not, its not going to go well. Or if you've got tremendous amounts of toxins, like Kathy back there, I think she had the heat flashes for like 10 years.

Q: Oh my god. Once you remove something. It's going to get increasing more. But you're taking something out that's not suppose to be out in the first place.

A: Well that's not true. When you go through menopause your just changing over the usage.

Q: No, I know. But I had a surgery.

A: Oh you did.

Q: So I have more toxins in that than everybody.

A: Exactly, so she's the only person I know that's gone through a hard menopause – the only one - and I have thousands

Q: I didn't even know.

A: Most women have no idea.

Q: When you go through surgery its another story altogether because they're losing chemicals in the body.

A: Absolutely! … and they go down there in the ovaries or in that area. You're going to be having those symptoms because it'll be clearing out those hormones, those toxins that are related to those glands and not only changing over to a new way of utilizing them. OK? Melons are good. Bananas with sour cream and cheese would help get through that. I wish I had known that when I was helping you Kathy but I didn't.

Q: Oh, yeah, I wanna mention, I did that maca root people that ask me, have you ever gotten the tape worm? It never came, I did it twice. I followed your instructions with luke warm milk and the 5 or 6 tablespoons of maca root, I left it out, it was a number of days.

A: Oh with the lid on? Tight?

Q: Yeah, and nothing. I just got diarrhea for a while and now its not diarrhea.

A: Its just your detoxing. It took me 32 years to create a tape worm.

Q: Well then I should do it again?

A: Yeah just do it once a year and see...

Q: OK, that and I have this brown spot on my nose. It has not gone away, I don't know what it is.

A: Try taking a little piece of pineapple and rubbing on it?

Q: It doesn't eat up the skin? Take off the skin?

A: No. You take a little piece of pineapple and you rub it on there very gently; don't rub it in hard. You just barely touch your skin with it, for 30 seconds you rub it. Then you do that once a day, maybe every five days you'll skip a day. And you do that and....you notice how many freckles I get rid of? In the experimentation I put pineapple, would take a little slice of pineapple right over - because I've got a lot of freckles all over my body. If I take off my shirt, I look like Robert Redford. I got rid of all those freckles I had since a child, because of all the vaccines. And those came because of the vaccines. All my freckles were because of the vaccine contamination. They were tattooing my skin.So now I'm trying to get rid of them so because - those metals - I don't want them staying in my skin.

Q: So rub pineapple....

A: Well you can just cut it and put a little juice on it and rub it for 30 seconds. But not hard and not fast. Slowly and gentle.

Q: Who is behind these chemtrails?

A: Well they navy is backing it. Well, Boeing is involved because you're using their planes. They jerry- rigged the big tanks, and the carrier planes.

Q: … because the weather disasters was caused by this...

A: Haarp [High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program] has more to do with that

Q: There's a website called haarpstatus.com.com all the haarp data and all the chemtrail data.

A: Yep

Q: And I have for two months looked at the sky and then looked at the website and they're spot on, on the chem trails.

A: Absolutely yeah.

Q: haarpstatus.com, I know but one thing they said they lost farm land and life.

A: Well, absolutely.

Q: Because its a terrible thing.

A: Chem trails.

Q: It did show haarp in Oklahoma for days and days before those tornadoes.

A: Absolutely

Q: Should we do a large protest?

A: I'm not involved, I told you I'm involved into the food thing.

Q: Well I know but can you make a suggestion if you think a protest is going to change.....

A: Let me tell you - I think you have to go with guns to the military. And then Boeing and whoever they, Monsanto is probably putting out, Monsanto or Dow is producing the chemicals.

Q: I was wondering how to repair a leaky gut

A: A leaky gut, mostly by eating tremendous amounts of eggs and honey and butter. Usually if somebody has leaky gut, they don't produce mucus that protects the mucus lining. So their own digestive acids and digestive bacteria eat away at the intestinal wall which becomes thinner and thinner and then, when you even have a small amount of food that collects in an area, it will tear. The food passes out, undigested food particles pass into the gut. That's leaky gut, then your body has to digest those particles somewhere. So it takes them to the joints, the cartilage is the second most resilient tissue in the body, the stomach is first, produces hydrochloric acid, it can dissolve bone, but it wont dissolve itself. The cartilage is almost like that. What happens is, when the bacteria is there breaking down the food, it also etches that gradually at the bone and it causes 85% of all arthritis and rheumatism. There is actually leaky gut. I usually tell people to eat 22 eggs a day minimum.

Q: after a surgery, about a year and a half ago I took antibiotics for 21 days and it destroyed my stomach.

A: Destroys everything, when you take five days rounds of antibiotics, 5 days you destroy 1% of the body's bacteria. That 's 1% of the body's functionality. On this diet you can restore 2 ½ percent a year. 5 to 8 days your destroying 1%....

Q: Yeah I had...

A: So you destroyed more than4% in those 21 days.

Q: I lost 15 pounds in three weeks, I've been to the ER three times, I can't eat anything without vomiting because I turn immediately allergic to everything. Even water makes my lips tingle and my face get....

A: That's what a long 21 day round does.

Q: So I'm just....

A: All your digestive bacteria has been completely wiped out.

Q: I know. And now I need to figure out how to restore it.

A: Raw fermented milk. I mean like kefir yogurt, like raw fermented kefir yogurt.

Q: How would I get through. I went and did one of those allergy things, and it came back 15 things came on.

A: Read the book about it

Q: Does yogurt create allergies?

A: OK, raw food does not create the same kind of thing. Once you cook something, you have toxins, 32 toxins that form. And when your taking a test, allergy test, they're using the processed proteins from that food. Same as eating cooked food, so your allergy will be to processed food, not to raw.

Q: Yes, have you contemplated a collection of juice recipes so, like a lot of people into the raw movement do, juices for different therapies.

A: Well its really hard to tell how someone is going to react. Like I said I would have to have a clinic, with a constant supply of the same vegetables and herbs to be able to tell what they do. On a lot of people. So I would not write such a book unless I did that experiment for 6 years.


A: … because everybody thinks they have an idea because of Walker and Walker knows nothing. Some of the stuff will of course work, providing nutrients, but probably more than half of what he said really doesn't work for that particular problem expeditiously.

Q: Related to the system you described for heating water in a bath tub. I was actually thinking about building this myself. I was reading on the internet about product manuals for these water heaters. And I was reading the specifications and I was really worried if I put something other than pure water that it will ruin it, like if I did milk.

A: Well, you've got to run it through a filter first. When the water comes out of the bath tub, it goes through the sand filter; sand filter is best. It runs through a sand filter or a charcoal filter made with coconut charcoal. It runs through that, then it goes through your pump, then the heater. You're not going to have that. I did it for twelve years through a heater. And it never damaged it. It did damage it one year when I ran clay through it. The clay all of a sudden became ceramically thick on top of my heater and my heater wasn't working anymore so I had to buy another heater. But that was only when I used the clay in the water. So if you use clay in the water, you can't use an instant heater.

Q: Is there a heater brand that you recommend?

A: They have so many it's like a crap shoot - instant heaters where water goes through it and heats the water right there in this little thing. I mean it's phenomenal and that's the one I have. I mean not my house to house, I run, half the house I'm renting. I've got one tank that's this big. It's 141 degree and it heats the whole freaking house. Just that tank that's this big. But you can buy smaller ones to just take care of your bathtub. You know you can just, what? 100 bucks. 125 dollars. The pumps the thing I can't get a low EMF field out of. That's the thing that has to be three feet away. I went and looked at every pump manufactured even in China. And nobody makes it with transistors instead of capacitators. So there's a high EMF field.

Q: Did you check DC pumps?

A: Absolutely everything and the EMF field....

Q: So what are you using then ?

A: ...you have it 3 feet away.

Q: Oh you have that.

A: Yes I have it but that's for my bath tub outside. I have a shower inside my house So I got a claw foot bathtub, and so I've got the pump, the heater, and everything washing in and out of that, but its outside, its easy to put it three feet away. In your bathroom, you're going to have to set it up each time.

Q: Like an Ofuru Japanese tub that costs thousands of dollars.

A: Well 2,000 for a good Ofuru cedar hot tub. What they do is they jack up the price like three four times on the heater, filter and the pump. So you buy it, pay 2,000 dollars for their tub and then go buy, put 200 dollars on the heater, and 100 dollars on a pump, 125 dollars or 70 dollars on a pump. You know, a regular fountain pump. Or a waterfall pump that you use, in the garden pump. Water pump, and then you know you got a sand filter, or a charcoal canister filter. So you can do the whole thing for about 2800, 2600 dollars. If you go to them and pay 2,000 for that and pay another 4,000 for those other three items and then for them to hook it up. Cheaper to buy them yourselves because you'll spend about 600 dollars on those things and 300 dollars for a plumber. Have them to do it for you.

Q: Don't the sides of the tub get stained from milk in the water if it's wood?

A: You can just wipe it off. It won't stain if you just wipe it off - just like in a bath tub; you fill along that top area then you just wipe it.

Q: Yeah on the internet I saw a dentist, its a laser health center in Fullerton and they said they have the capability of working on the nerve and I asked my dentist about it and he said if you touch the nerve, it will die it has no place to swell. So it seems inconsistent, I don't know if its just nonsense. They were on a quack watch, but I don't think much of quack watch.

A: Well it depends, they have developed some lasers which are pretty incredible. But they're in experimental stage. For dental stuff, for eye stuff they're very good at it now. They've had 20 years, 26 years to work on that. You've had your eyes done when?

Q: I had the lasik done in 1998

A: Oh, that late. OK, I have another patient who had it done in 1994. And it was fine they got it down but this dental stuff using it there, its all experimental. So I'm not sure I would do it.

Q: The cholera epidemic in Haiti, do you know about it?

A: They poison those people. They put more chemtrails in those particular countries. Haiti as well. They poison those people. They'll have a contamination going on. People are getting very sick and dying. So they're calling it a cholera. Just like the flu, you know the shot that was given, the spanish flu shot? Way back in 1918? That was from the first flu shot that was produced. First flu shot. And of course they called it flu. When it was actually a vaccine epidemic. And the black plague or rat lung disease. Rat black lung disease. When it was cold. King and Queen of England in 1310 started initiating legislation or dictation or what do they call that? A royal family makes a law?

Q: Decree?

A: A decree, so they put out decrees. They got into the coal business in 1310. So they were encouraging people to cook with coal, and to heat their homes with coal. By 1396 I think it was, they had decrees in all of London that you had to use coal, you had to not bring wood in because it would create contamination and it wasn't clean. And you didn't know if there were bugs or insects on it. Coal had no toxicity & no bugs no anything. So the King you know, like the health department now, using the bug germ theory to get rid of good food like raw milk. So people over a 100 year period by the time 1410 came along, people start coming down with the black plague. Black lung. What was the black lung from?

Q: Coal

A: Coal! What is one of the main vapors that comes off of it? Mercury! That's where 90% of the mercury poisoning in the air comes from is burning coal to make fuel... to make energy... to make electricity. And most of our energy is produced by burning coal. All that mercury vapor! So these people had no chimneys in their house; they were cooking with coal. They're heating their homes with coal. The black plague of course they were breathing it. Nobody in the farms did it, nobody in the farms, nobody in the outskirts had any of the black plague or the black plague lung, because they were still using wood. They would only burn wood and bring rocks in the house. They put rocks on the stove to cook with them, to boil whatever they were going to boil, and not have any fumes in the house at all. We had sickness from people cooking in their house with wood yes, but it was nothing like what caused the black plague. Mercury. Thick mercury plaque, on the lungs, black lungs, from coal. So then what happen in....was it 1420? When they realized there was coal causing the problem. Then they decreed that you had to have chimneys or vents in your home, off of your stove and your fireplace. And look at all the kids who were chimney sweeps because they could get down in the chimney. How many of them got black lung even after all that was over and they had chimneys and a lot of people went back to using wood instead of coal? Almost every chimney sweep didn't live beyond 23 years old. Pretty nasty, so the governments is always going to blame something in nature.

Q: Yeah.

A: So cholera is just a bull shit disease....they've created with their heavy chemtrails. They've been after Haiti a long time because when Bob Marley got everybody fired, they weren't going to stop it; they finally had to do away with him and give him brain cancer and he died in 82....

Q: Bob Marley and....

A: He would go to Haiti and these different African countries revolting against the white man. Remember that song crazy bald head? Great song. Get that crazy bald head out of this land? And he had all these countries rebelling against England and the USA.

Q: They killed him then?

A: Yeah they finally gave him brain cancer.

Q: How did they do that?

A: Contaminated his marijuana with thimerosal.

Q: Oh.....

A: With mercury.

Q: Something about his toe?

A: Well it started in his foot. Your heavy metals when they first go into the body, especially then your inhaling, go to the feet cause they are in vapor form. And they start building and collecting all over the body. He was a heavy smoker, marijuana smoker, and he had 16 times more tars in marijuana than you do in a cigarette. So of course that held on to the mercury. Spread throughout his system. I had one child that at 15 ½ he saw all these drug dealers hide 4 kilos of grass. So he stole it. For the next year and a half, year and nine months, he smoked it. Took him a whole year and nine months to smoke it with his friends. He had the largest known mercury in the brain that I've ever seen and every joint. When he came to me he was crippled. His knees were blown out, his elbows, he couldn't do anything for himself. His mother had to take complete care of him and that was from smoke, at that time and the government still does it. If you are not a government sanction poppy field, or cocaine field, or marijuana they will go over and spray thimerosal all over the field.

Q: Oh

A: Our CIA is pedling heroine, cocaine and crack, into this country and all over the world,. In Asia, South East Asia, Thailand, Myanmar, Loas, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia, were your primary poppy growers. The US and British government put a stop to it all there. And now its all being grown in Afghanistan under our government protection. 98% of all heroin is now produced in Afghanistan. That's why they went into Afghanistan, so, and that's going on now. Now only 2% is produced in Asia. Anyway, when it wasn't sanctioned, they poisoned it. So this kid had 4 kilos of mercury contamination. Ok That’s it.