Chemical Burns Can Be Devastating But Managed And Healed

The following is a long-distance email correspondence from and to a patient suffering from severe burns that coincided with applying a hotwater bottle to her lower back. I have changed her name for obvious reasons. I substituted my mother's name Doris to honor my mother's passing from this world on February 23, 2011 in her 92nd year.

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Photo taken 7 days after chemical-detoxification burn appeared with no signs of improvement.


Q: Hi Aajonus, I attached 4 photos of my back taken 2 days ago. The burn has lots of honey on it. Most of the white areas that you see in the photos have now been peeled off by a doctor, as of today.

I burnt my lower back using a hot water bottle. I did not know my back was getting burned. I had 2 shirts on between my skin and the water bottle. The rubber water bottle felt good on my muscles and it took the muscle pain away. But what was left was a 2nd degree burn. Very bizarre, I don't know how to explain it. I've used hot water bottles many times before.

Anyway, the burn happened on Wed. February 16th. It was initially very, very red with a big blister. I did not know the extent of the burn, so I opened your book and read about burns. I used kefir on it for relief then switched to fresh aloe vera from a plant, and then to some homemade moisturizing cream from your recipe book.

After about 3 days, I switched to raw honey. By this time the burn was very sore, sensitive, and red with some black looking dead skin areas and other areas with white colored dead skin. At one point, I tried the red meat like your book said but the burning of the red meat was too intense and I switched back to raw honey.

I have been using raw honey on my back for 1 week now, up until today. The raw honey always initially burns' when going on, but within 30-minutes the burning goes away and my back feels better. The honey seems to provide some relief, but it's been 10 days later and nothing much has really changed. It does seem to be getting a tiny bit better each day.

Today, I finally decided to have a doctor look at it just to see what the doctor would say. I know doctors have their own chemical approach which I do not always agree with. To be honest, I just didn't know how to treat a 2nd degree burn.

Anyway, the doctor said that it should be healed much more than what it is after 10 days. The doctor said it doesn't look good and that she needed to get off all of the dead skin to expose the new skin underneath so healing could start taking place.

So the doctor pulled the white dead skin off with tweezers (OUCH) to expose the new skin underneath. After pulling off the dead white skin she said the burn looked a lot better. She continued to clean the burn and then she bandaged it. She wants to see me in 2 days to check it.

The doctor is concerned about the black looking areas since they are receded into the skin a few millimeters. She could not pull off the black areas right now because of the amount of pain it would cause me. She said she might have to cut-out the black areas to expose the new skin underneath.

The doctor, of course, is concerned about infection, so she cotton swabbed the area to culture them to see if anything grows. When she first looked at the burn, she thought it might be infected. (Actually when she first saw it, she thought it might be shingles and not a burn.) I had to laugh and explain to her that it was a burn.

The doctor wants me to take Cipro, 2 times a day at 500mg each tablet. I argued against taking Cipro. So far, there is no infection that we can see with the naked eye. I do not want an infection. I do not want to take Cipro.

What can I take in place of Cipro that will fight an infection in my body if one happens to take place? Anything orally to pre-empt an infection if one should start? What can I do? Thank you.

A: Hi, Doris. That does not look like a hotwater bottle burn. It looks as if it is a vaccine burn, I have seen them before however, such responses usually occur within 4 weeks of a vaccine. The black looks like mercury and the white tissue looked full of aluminum. The faint greenish cast to it looks like formaldehyde. It was probably a detoxification of tetanus injection(s) at sometime in your life. That would explain why your body cannot heal it. The mercury is still in the wound.

I suggest that you apply moist Terramin clay to it but you must keep the clay moist. I suggest that you apply the clay as a poultice and cover it with a wet washcloth, cover that with a piece of plastic so that it does not dry, and wrap an Ace bandage to keep the clay, cloth and plastic on yourself. After it has been on for about 12 hours rinse it off with good water. Reapply unheated honey only. This will take about 8 days and repeat the clay every day.

I suggest that you eat lots of unheated honey/raw no-salt butter/raw milk and raw no-salt cheese. I suggest 1 part honey to 5 parts butter, taking 1 1/2 tsp. every hour followed immediately with 2 ounces of raw milk. Every hour 10 minutes prior to honey/butter/milk, I suggest 1/2 tsp. cheese. Also, I suggest one meat meat daily; no honey/butter/milk for one hour before and 1 hour after meat.

Avoid the doctor like the plague. Notice she did not respond to the black as toxic substance but ignorantly, suspecting bacteria. Bacterial infection is the body cleansing dead cells damaged by an industrial toxin in every case; cooking is industrial toxicity. Infections are not a bad thing and medication will take you further from health.

Q: Hi Aajonus. It really is a burn. I have had no vaccines in many, many years. I left the hot water bottle on my back overnight as I slept on the couch. I had the flu 2 weeks ago and could not lay in bed as I was too miserable so I slept upright on the couch. My back started hurting me from sleeping on the couch so I used a hot rubber water bottle on my lower back to get rid of my back pain. After sleeping with the rubber water bottle overnight against my low back with 2 t-shirts in-between the skin and the hot water bottle, my skin had gotten burned. It was very, very red and blistered.

Would your treatment for a burn be different than your treatment you suggested I use? If it is a burn, do I still use clay and then honey and still eat what you recommended?

If it is a burn and I am trying to avoid an infection, would I need to take lime juice by mouth?

A: Hi, Doris, Physics of a heat burn from a hotwater bottle would not be 2nd-4th degrees variations like yours. You have a chemical burn that coincided with your use of the hotwater bottle. The hot water bottle could never have caused that without your knowing it. You would feel the amount of heat that would cause 2nd-4th degrees burns, you would know. However, chemical burns are much more insidious. Because they damage nerves, often people do not know that they have chemical burns until they are apparent.

As I stated in my last email, this kind of burn is consistent with vaccines, especially tetanus. I had such a detoxification several years ago and I have not had a tetanus in 35 years relating to that detoxi- fication. If the doctor had had common sense, she would have had the tissue she removed checked for toxins rather than microbes. Then, you would have known what caused your problem.

There are toxins in that wound that do not come from a heat burn. Therefore, you must remove them or not heal. The clay and other suggestions apply. Lime internally is not likely to help.

Q: Hi Aajonus, I would like to get my chemical burns tested for toxins. How do I do it? What do I ask for at the doctor's office? Do I wait to put on the clay and have the back area tested for toxins first? Then after the back has been tested for toxins, tomorrow would be the soonest for testing for toxins, then I can start using the clay? Is the clay, 12 hours on and then honey for 12 hours, and then clay again for 12 hours? Off and on with clay and honey for 8 days straight?

A: Hi, Doris, You would have needed the first layers of peeled skin to be accurate. Did your doctor save them or discard them? Doctors Data Inc or Chemir Labs; about $8,500, Clay for 12 hours, honey for 12 hours, clay for 12 hours, etc.

Q: What does the honey butter mixture do followed by 2 oz. of milk every hour?

A: They provide multiple nutrients but basically: fats protect cells, harness and breakdown toxins, and give energy; minerals neutralize toxins and help heal.

Q: How does that help my chemical burn?

A: See answer above.

Q: Also what will the 2 meat meals do to help my chemical burn?

A: Provide you with nutrients to heal.

Q: When I make the clay poultice do I make the Terramin clay wet with Gerolsteiner water and then put the wet clay in cheese cloth?

A: If you use naturally carbonated Gerolsteiner water, you must shake the water until there is no carbonation in it. Carbonated waters are antibacterial by virtue of being a type of hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, Gerolsteiner would inhibit the probiotic effects of clay. As I state in my books, a large batch of clay should be made so that you will have probioticly active clay for 1-2 months, depending on how much you consume. The clay should be made into a fresh plaster-of-Paris consis-tency and let stand for days. In your situation, you cannot wait. I suggest that you begin using it immediately. Do not refrigerate clay, keep in cupboard.

Q: After 12 hours of clay being on burn, is it okay to rinse with Gerolsteiner water?

A: Yes.


Q: When I apply the honey for 12 hours to the burn, do I cover the honey with gauze or something like that? Cover honey or do not cover honey on the burn?

A: If it were me, I would cover it with a thin slice of meat with a damp cloth over that and a thin piece of plastic over that and an ace bandage to keep it all in place, the same as with the clay poultice.

Q: Also, why not honey butter 1 hour before meat and 1 hour after meat?

A: I want your meat to easily digest quickly. Butter with meat slows it some. Honey/butter with meat sometimes causes the body to make energy nutrients from the protein rather than cellular-regenerating protein.

Q: Can I eat other foods besides cheese, honey/butter, and meat such as kefir or yogurt or some fruit? When can I eat them?

A: If healing progresses, I suggest unheated kefir and/or yogurt. Organic berries would be the only fruit I would recommend at this time. However, if healing decreases when you consume fruit, then I suggest you forgo fruit.

Q: Is it okay to leave clay on a little longer than 12 hours? Reason I ask, is if I put clay on at 2 pm then 12 hours later is 2 am and I am sleeping. Will it hurt for clay to be on burn longer than 12 hours?

A: No, that is simply a minimum; Maximum without honey would be 17 hours.


Q: Want to make sure I am doing it right. So eat meat by itself 1 time a day...I like it in the lunch time or dinner time, is that okay?

A: Whenever it suites you.

Q: Cheese, and then honey butter every hour...I've been doing it...

A: Yes.

Q: Wet Clay is on burn right now, with wet cloth over it, with plastic on top and an Ace bandage...just wet clay on burn only 12-17 hours?

A: Correct.

Q: I am using the eatable Terramin clay from California Earth Minerals or I can use the TerraBath Clay that I have from California Earth Minerals. Is the eatable clay better to use than the bath clay?

A: It does not matter which you use topically. When using it on skin, I found there is no difference except price.

Q: When I use honey, put thin layer of raw beef on top of honey, then a damp cloth and then plastic and Ace bandage...12 hours?

A: Yes, for 7-12 hours.

Q: Is Kefir okay to eat 30 minutes after honey butter? Then 30 minutes later do honey butter again...

A: Best to have kefir soon after honey/butter mixture for the minerals.


Q: Couple other quick questions. In the past you said or your book said, if I have it right, that raw meat (beef is what I eat) should be eaten with butter for re- building cells and if you eat raw meat alone is goes toward energy production. Do I have this right or wrong? I know you told me below that I should eat raw meat alone, and I have been eating it alone.

A: You are correct if you are not eating butter all day. Since you are eating butter all day, it is better not to eat it with your meat meal.

Q: Also, I heard that raw bison on a burn will heal better than raw beef. Is that right? Are thin slices of raw bison on top of the honey for the burn better than raw thin slices of beef?

A: I have utilized both on myself and others but did not find any difference as long as they were both organic.

Q: I attached some pictures I took this morning of how the burn looks 16 days later. Let me know what you think. The black spots from the initial burn have turned to a light brown while the outer rim of burn is still pretty red.

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Photo taken 15 days after burn, treated as indicated for 8 days, showing many indications of chemical detoxification and progress toward healing.

A: Wonderful, it looks the way it should after 6-7 days of applications.

Q: Also, do I rinse the burn with water after the honey has been on the wound for 8 hours? I know I rinse after the clay, but do I rinse after the honey and meat?

A: I suggest that you do not wash or rinse after honey butter meat.

Q: Or, do I apply the clay directly to the burn right after the honey and meat has been taken off?

A: Apply directly over after you remove the meat.

Q: When I put the honey and meat on the burn, it stings and burns like crazy for 1 hour afterwards and then it calms down. It really hurts for that 1 hour after honey and meat has been applied to burn.

A: The sting you feel is some sugars in the honey and bacteria from meat infiltrating the areas. That is a good thing although uncomfortable.

Q: My burn is extremely itchy right now and I want to scratch it, but it is still very tender. I am assuming the itchiness is a good thing?

A: Itching indicates that fats in the area and in cells are not enough. I suggest that you mix 1 T. raw butter to 1 T. unheated honey and apply that prior to covering with meat. It is okay to gently press and hold the area when it itches.

Q: Do you think I got most of the toxins out from my tetanus shots or is there still more in my body?

A: That, I could not surmise.

Q: Why now, out of the blue, do I get a chemical burn in conjunction with a hot water bottle? I have been using hot rubber water bottles for years and nothing has ever happened before? Just curious. I know friends who let their children sleep with the hot water bottles in their beds all night and the kids have been immunized but none of them are getting chemical burns associated with warmth of hot water bottle. Can you explain why some people and not others. Very curious about this.

A: When it happens, there is never a rhyme or reason that I am able to deduce. I detoxified an injury and injections from 1963 just 6 weeks ago, out of the blue. I had cut half of the end joint of the finger off in shop class that split two finger-bones. The doctor sewed it on. The finger is as deformed as it was when the accident happened but is very gradually improving in appearance. When my finger- detoxification began, it turned black at the corner of the nail. That was an indication that the mercury from tetanus-injection into the finger, and possibly the penicillin, was/were detoxifying. I do not know if the hotwater bottle application had anything to do with your detoxification. However, with the location and concentration of mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum stored at your spine, you should be ecstatic it got removed when it did. Owanza's (from WWTL book) spinal tumors were caused by that when she was 33 years of age. Your detoxification without tumors is a much more desirable method than cancer.


Q: Okay, the stinging/hurting from the honey, butter, meat is not going away this morning. It's been over an hour and it still stings like CRAZY. I want to wash it off. 6 more hours of this is going to be miserable. What do you think?

Also, after washing the clay off this morning, I wanted to leave the wound open with nothing on it or maybe with a light piece of gauze. It wasn't hurting too bad, but when I put the honey, butter, meat on ZOWIE with stinging.

A: If you let it dry, you are in for many more problems. I suggest that if it does not itch to make you crazy with the clay, simply apply and leave the clay for 24 hours, rinse and reapply.


Q: You are right. I have noticed when it dries in between me applying the honey or the clay, it can hurt badly, but in a different way, like it is going to crack or something. So, leaving it dry has its own problems.

Leaving clay on for 24 hours then washing it off and re-applying the clay for another 24 hours is okay? How long do I do this for?

A: Until you see the skin is pink without seepage that causes scabs.

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Photo taken 21 days after burn, treated as indicated for 14 days, showing faster progress toward completing detoxification and healing.

Q: Hi Aajonus, I just took recent photos of my burn. I decided to wash off the clay this evening and not wait until morning. Photos are attached. The lighting seemed to be a little off in the bathroom. The middle photo is probably the most accurate for color but not as clear as it could be. It did sting when the water hit the burn, but when I re-applied the clay tonight, surprisingly, it did not sting at all like it did this morning. Cannot explain it.It was almost uneventful putting the clay on tonight. Overall it looks better, even the kids think so. It's a lot smaller than it was. It's receded quite a bit. Still very tender and sore. The brown spot in the middle used to be the big black spot that you said had mercury in it. It looks like it's getting ready to peel off because it's loose and very gooey-looking in person. If you look at the original photos I sent you, the burn has changed a lot. The clay is amazing I think in healing it. Do I continue to put clay on it based on what you see? What is my next move?

A: Hi, Doris, I suggest that you apply the clay for 24 hours more and then proceed to what I stated in my last email, applying honey and then a thin slice of meat for 2-3 days. Afterward, I suggest lightly rubbing honey then a little butter or coconut cream, alternating, until redness disappears. However, if the skin becomes dry and tight, I suggest you continue to apply a tiny bit of honey then alternate butter and coconut cream on alternating days for another 3-5 days.


Q: Questions: I put a fresh layer of clay on this morning and will leave on for 24 hours. Then I will start the thin layer of honey and meat for 2-3 days. Do I cover with a wet wash cloth again?

A: Yes, cover it but use damp t-shirt material (because it is easier to keep in place) rather than thick heavy damp washcloth and thin plastic (which only covers the meat and does not touch skin). Hold all in place with an Ace bandage.

Q: If honey and meat burns, what do I do?

A: If they burn your wound more than 20 minutes, return to clay application.

Q: After honey and meat, I will start the honey and a little butter or coconut cream. Do I mix the honey/butter or honey/coconut cream together before applying or just put the honey on the burn and then rub on butter or coconut cream? Does it matter if mixed together or not?

A: It has been my experience that layering is better than mixing but you may experiment and see for yourself.

Q: Do I rub with honey/butter, and an hour later rub with honey/coconut cream? Is that what you mean by alternating? Do I cover it?

A: By alternating, I mean use honey/butter one day and honey/coconut cream the next day, etc. Only your clothing should cover it. However, I suggest that you let the mixture absorb into skin for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, pat with very lightly damp cloth and don your clothes.