Protecting From Medical Treatments in Emergencies

Protecting Ourselves From Common Medical Treatments During Emergencies

“In case of emergency, how do I stop medical personnel from treating me with medications and procedures that I do not want? I ask that because I do not want tetanus shots or antibiotics or anything harmful to my health in case of emergencies.” Kathy, Los Angeles.

Aajonus: As stated above and in other newsletters, many diseases and deaths result from medicines and medical procedures. Many deaths and comas result from anesthesia. Since our bodies are 99% bacteria and all functions rely upon bacteria, receiving antibiotics will interfere with our healing processes and other bodily functions.

Consider that preventing medical assaults will be met with tremendous resistance. We will likely be defrauded and outright lied to, in attempts to coerce and intimidate us into accepting very risky procedures and drugs. The medical arrogance that comes from a society that accepts almost all of the nonsense that medical therapies are absolute and good for us is not only disrespectful but criminal. Any one confronting and rejecting medical “therapies” are usually treated as if they are lunatics. To protect ourselves we must be as aggressively verbal and intense as the situation requires.

After my health-conscious awakening, I learned the hard way with one of my first non-cancer experiences with an emergency-room hospital situation. In 1975, when I was bicycling North America, a tiny splinter of metal was thrust into the ris of my right eye from a vehicle passing over metal shavings near the roadside. The pain grew as every blink of my eyelids moved the splinter around, lacerating my eye more.

I attempted many methods to remove it. I flushed the eye with water first. Because the water is a solvent, it removed the protective coating on my eye and made it worse. Also the water was fluorinated and caused my eye-lacerations to burn. Every blink of my eye caused increased pain and suffering. I tried the process where I held my eyelids open and looked outward towards my right temple, then released my eyelids, and with a closed eye, I looked as far as possible at the corner of my eye right eye. I repeated that many times to move the object to the inner corner of my eye. That method usually works best, quickest and with the least amount of pain but it felt to me as if the object were embedded. I sought and found an aloe vera plant, kneaded it until the inside was soft gel, lacerated it, took the gel from inside and gently dropped it into my eye with my head tilted backwards.

Within minutes the pain eased but did not stop. Keeping my eyes closed was impossible. I felt as if my eyelids pressed the splinter into my eye, cutting deeper into my eye. I decided to seek help at the hospital. My girlfriend drove me and accompanied me to ER. The pain very gradually decreased by the time the attending physician got to me but I still felt pressure from my eyelid. I did not know if the splinter was still in my eye or if I had flushed it with the aloe gel. I told the physician my problem and he immediately got a prepared eye-tray kit with all sorts of sterilized tools and ointments from a cabinet. He first looked at the injury with his naked eye and then with a scope.

I instructed the physician to ONLY examine my eye to see if the metallic splinter was still in there. I told him that no matter what he found, I did not want any type of salve or medication. I merely wanted him to remove the splinter if it existed. Upon examination, he told me that there was nothing in the laceration and that my eye must have flushed it away. As he talked, I noticed he maneuvered something with is left hand but I could not see what it was. Suddenly and clandestinely, his left hand rose to my eye and squirted salve from a tube into my eye.

I was instantly angry, betrayed and abused. He knew that I did not want ANY chemical in my eye; I had made myself clear about that. I scolded him. He smirked as if I did not know what was good for me but he did. He did not have any respect for my opinion for my body. He was God, knew what was good for everybody, and did as he pleased. I got angrier and deflated his stomach. As I left the room, I told him that since he was God, he would pay the $60+ for the eye tray and that I certainly wouldn't.

I faced another emergency in 2007 after being mugged. The bone connected to my lower front teeth had been broken and knocked under my tongue with the teeth still in the bone. When I went to the hospital to have the bone and teeth maneuvered into place, I told them that my body is allergic to all sorts of medications and that everyone is at risk from side effect of any medication. I told them that although I desperately needed their help, they were to absolutely not to do anything without my step-by-step approval, and that if they violated my choices, they would be faced with serious consequents. Although the doctors and assisting nurses disapproved and disliked my stance, they did only what I allowed.

For everyone interested in protecting themselves from the normal medical assaults, I suggest that you carry a card on you at all times, in a pouch around your neck, in a wallet, pocket or in a purse. I suggest that you laminate it to insure that it does not fade or mutilated.

On that card, I suggest that you type the following on the front-side:

In Case of Injury or Unconsciousness, The Following Medical Procedures Apply

Absolutely NO medications of any kind except those mentioned permissible herein can be utilized on or in my body.

Absolutely NO antibiotics, vaccines or antiseptics are to be used, applied, administered or injected into me at any time for any reason.

If unconscious without severe injury, NO medical procedures are to be performed on me. I am to be left alone until I recover consciousness. Once conscious, I will decide if any help is necessary.

Alcohol (non-wood) may be used sparingly, applied to wounds only and not used internally.

Pain relievers and narcotics may be utilized only upon my conscious request. Absolutely NO Injected or IV anesthesia. Gaseous anesthesia may be used for emergency surgery in cases listed below.

If bones appear to be broken, only 2 x-rays may be taken and in case of bone fragmentation, the least surgical repairs may be performed but only with my conscious approval.

Type the following on the backside of the card, laminate it and keep it with you at all times:

If dismemberment occurred, surgical procedures to reattach member may be performed excluding tetanus, antibiotics and antiseptics except non-wood alcohol used sparingly.

Blood transfusions must be kept to minimum and at least one of the following donors’ blood only is to be used in me unless donors are unreachable in reasonable time:

Name - Phone number

Name - Phone number

I declare that it is my inherent and Constitutional right to accept or decline any and all medical procedures.

Printed name

Signature - Date