Q&A Of June 8, 2003

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A: Well, if bile is coming out of the skin, it turns the skin very orange and then it will turn it brown. Sometimes if it's an intense detox, we use coconut cream to help remove the bile that's in the system. When the skin is very orange and then brown, that's where the blood [unintelligible] goes really into the system. If you have toxic bone cells, they usually come in clusters through the skin in crystals.

Q: [unintelligible].

A: Well usually it's a crystal, you break them off and they feel like a crystal. If something is a chemical and is surrounded by white blood cells that is pus. If the acne is [unintelligible], then there is lots of white blood cells trying to prevent that toxin from damaging surrounding tissue as it moves through the pores. The healthier you get, the body can reabsorb those white cells and utilise them. But those people were so ill that the white cells were dumped. They can't be reabsorbed. And because most people are so toxic, I suggest that they do not, that they let the pus out with the toxins. Not let it sit there, because the white cells usually aren't healthy enough to do everything they need to do properly. So they can cause heavy scarring, even some tumours. So it's best to drain.

Q: The white blood cells [unintelligible].

A: The toxic substances that the white blood cells are escorting out of the system and out of the body, that can cause damage to the surrounding cells and if they die and turn into scar tissue, which are dead cells that the body mummifies, you're going to have a tumour in the skin which is a hard lump. I mean eventually, I used to have quite a few of them on my neck because of the lymphoma, but it took like 20 years for them to dissolve. And you know, these may dissolve eventually. [unintelligible] 6 months ago, they thought it was going to go away.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: It's definitely a detox, a bone detox. It is some kind of bone detox.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: That could be bones, [unintelligible] the skin is holding it attached to the bone.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well it's a detox, the bone doesn't wanna have it inside it in the bone marrow, so [unintelligible].

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah.

Q: [unintelligible] not good right?

Q: [laughter]

Q: [unintelligible]

A: The body picks a spot that is healthy, and puts diseased tissue in [unintelligible]. Moles, when they come through the skin, whether it's a yeast, yeast infection, an inflammation or a rash, when it's itchy, if it's a fungus, usually fungus.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well yeah, they go away, it just depends if they're created using antibiotics. Eating too much bread, carbs, pasta. It takes a long time. It takes 40 years to get rid of the toxicity in our system. I used to get, because I had so many antibiotics and penicillin, you know I used to get frequent moles throughout my hands, peel off, bubble up and peel off layers and layers and layers. I got them all over my feet, the same way. On my toes my nails would turn brown sometimes. I hadn't had athletes foot probably since I was 19 years old and I got a case of it in this foot in the last year, it doesn't bother me. The only way I could get it to stop back then was to rub it until it was raw and and pour listerine on it. And the listerine would just burn it, I mean really burn it. It was such a relief, I burned it but it was such a relief. But now, you know it's, it doesn't... This is it, this is all, you just see a little bit of skin.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah it helps a little bit. So you know, I mean I got this fungus there, but it rarely bothers me. It rarely itches.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Okay moles, you know, molds, bacteria, alcohol, they all are solvents to get rid of toxicity. Molds break down things in nature. And in the body it's the same way.

Q: [unintelligible] some sort of alcohol?

Q: [laughter]

A: If you're eating fruit, your body creates a certain amount of alcohol. Your vegetable juice [unintelligible] alcohol.

Q: [laughter]

Q: [unintelligible, something about marijuana and getting stoned] and after that I decided I would never touch it. One small [unintelligible] and she wasn't happy. [unintelligible]

A: Most of your toe fungus is because antibiotics store in the joints. And a lot of the peeling and discolouration is not a product of the mold itself, because it feeds on degenerative tissue and has its own waste products. And then that passes through the skin, causes dryness and irritation to the surrounding cells. So when I start feeling irritation I immediately go for the Primal Facial Body Care Cream and put that on there.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: No, it's in the recipe book.

Q: How did you figure out [unintelligible].

A: Well, as I said in the book, you know when I had the thumb problem, in the pus there were byproducts of the penicillin. [unintelligible] So any time I have any pus coming out, vomit, fecal matter, sores, I have it analysed. This particular technician that dit it for me, I said I don't want you to look for bacteria, I don't want you to look for anything but chemicals. He said we don't look for that, I said that's what I want you to start looking for. I want you to start looking for only drugs and chemicals that are mainly pharmaceutical. I want you to look for any chemical, mainly medical, could be paint residues, basically that's what I want you to look for. I want you to look for any waste products that might be connected with [unintelligible]. Pardon?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well I did, that was when I had tars come out in sores and in mucus.

Q: [unintelligible] substances like that, besides [unintelligible].

A: Well marijuana is 16 to 20 times, has 16 to 20 times more tar than a cigarette. So one joint is like a pack of cigarettes, all at one time. So that's a lot of tars to coat the lungs and do the damage. It's pretty severe.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah, because if you get anything like let's say vegetable juice and you let it mold and rot, it will start cleaning out old steamed vegetables, cooked vegetables, canned vegetables. It will get rid of the residues. If you ever cook anything [unintelligible]. Basically there's no properties left to recycle the waste products. Everything is endowed with bacteria, cold, everything so that when it's finished its waste cycle, it can be broken down easily. And the body is the same way, we have all these bacteria and these enzymes and vitamins and bacteria, molds to help us break down this tissue once it's [unintelligible]. But when you cook it, you destroy it. So all these hardened waste products just keep collecting. So basically when you're 60-90 years old, about 80% of your body is waste products. Just a few cells trying to carry all this garbage. It's exactly what it is. You know, most people diet when about 22% of their cells are alive.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: I have no idea.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yes. Yes. Well no [unintelligible] longest person to [unintelligble]. But you know I had some [unintelligible] and some chemicals in my body.

Q: [unintelligble]

A: Exactly.

A: You know, we should be living to about 147.

A: All animals live, all healthy animals live on their natural diet 7 times the time it takes them to finish maturation. So 7 times 21 is 147 years. So we should be living to 147.

Q: [unintelligible]

Q: [laughter]

Q: You said [unintelligible]?

A: Yes. Well what you're doing is destroying the bacteria, the molds and bacteria [unintelligible] facilitating it for the body. Picture this, you got a solvent, you got a chemical. You used lots of water to dilute, dissolve the [unintelligible]. The element that you're trying to break down, causes a lot of waste product, causes a lot of swelling. If you have a mold or a bacteria that goes in and eats it. It just does the opposite, it eats that mass and reduces it. So we're reducing, that's what these molds and bacteria can do. Yeast. It reduces the toxicity to a smaller amount that can be easily discharged. So that's what the detoxification is. How to detoxify easily. [unintelligible]

Q: [laughter]

A: Yeah well probably [unintelligible]

A: You know it would [unintelligible] so well...

Q: [laughter]

Q: [unintelligible]

A: I really didn't think you had that.

Q: I know, I [unintelligible].

A: I'm going around the room.

Q: Okay.

A: So, let's see, who else? Diarrhea, vomiting, always ways of getting rid of something that's very caustic and has to be gotten rid of quickly, so it doesn't do any damage to the intestines.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Radiation is what dumps into the stomach. Now this right here is radiation, chemicals. Start off a little rash, about 4 days ago. And it's, it has lots of crystals, so it's from the radiation, the scar I had from surgery. It used to have tumours this big. So when they radiated my spine they damaged my ribs and gave me blood and bone cancer. So when this comes out, this almost completely soft now. Right up here is the only lumps I still have, [unintelligible] esophagus. Top of the stomach. So it's the same place the detox is.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, I think this is mainly chemo scarring. I mean basically benign tumours are scars.

Q: So the skin [unintelligible].

A: Yes, absolutely. You know, having a rash in general [unintelligible] so the cells have [unintelligible] along with some royal jelly and some honey, to be able to, and ginger, ginger is to help open the cell wall, so your body can break down the fats easily. Because the ginger helps the cells to digest the fat. So put it directly on the skin, so the ginger will help the cells digest the fats properly and protect itself. So when the toxins come out through the skin, you won't rupture those cells. It's highly radioactive. It can burn the skin.

Q: So what about the [unintelligible].

A: No, ginger helps the cell open to absorb the fats and digest the fats. Pardon?

Q: I got stretch marks, because I gained 40 lbs in two months doing the milkshakes and stuff, and I got all these like [unintelligible]. How will I [unintelligible].

A: [unintelligible] will take care of the scar tissue by itself. If you take the papaya, and rub papaya into it, however often you want to do it. I had one fellow, a client, who is on a movie series, on showtime called boulevard something... anyway it's a latin series, it's a pretty good series, he's one of the main, he's the father. And I had him, he had [unintelligible] marks. And in two years of putting the papaya on his face three nights a week, it smelled like vomit on his face [unintelligible] breaking it down. You know, he did it three nights a week and broke down about 3/4ths of his scarring, facial scarring.

Q: How long do you rub it in for?

A: Well, you rub it in and it's gonna be there as long as... until you wash it off. But if you take, you know like take a piece and wrap it there with an ace bandage and leave it there, it's going to have a lot more fresh enzymes constantly on there, so it'll work faster. People get stretch marks, when they're not eating enough fat.

Q: When I was doing [unintelligible] the raw dairy, raw cream, [unintelligible] that was my question.

A: [unintelligible] half and half.

Q: The butter lubrication drink, is that a lot of fat? Because I talked to [unintelligible], I screwed up, I should have been doing butter instead of [unintelligible].

A: Well no, you just need to eat meat. You need to eat meat to regenerate cells. The milk once it's cold, doesn't have much cellular regeneration.

Q: I try to force myself to eat raw meat...

A: Well, I have clients who can't do it, they wash it down with raw milk.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: It's preferable, juice is [unintelligible].

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Most of the time I drink it cold. But you know, optimally immerse it in a hot bowl of water right before you drink it.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well the cream will bind with certain poisons. If I give you something to draw heavy metals, the cream will be there to protect the body from those metals doing damage, especially to the nerve cells. Heavy metals have a [unintelligible] to nerve cells.

Q: [unintelligible] covers the bases.

Q: [laughter]

A: Do you have a question?

Q: Um, yeah I think I [unintelligible] to solve this condition, but I usually [unintelligible]. I'm just so glad to have found you guys. I have a [unintelligible] that is so [unintelligible], that if I don't set my alarm three times in the night to get up and do something, I [unintelligible] on the bathroom [unintelligible]. So then I start asking questions from [unintelligible] and in the book, I finally found out that I need to lubricate. The milkshakes were so easy and I didn't know about the butter until about 2 weeks ago [unintelligible] and I started experiencing some of these conditions, I can sleep now and wake up feeling okay but I still like have like a huge headache and [unintelligible]. So I've started doing the butter solution but I [unintelligible]. I do it, but sometimes I forget to do it and then I have this situation, where I [unintelligible] and can skip a night but [unintelligible] and I like to have nice cup of coffee once in a while or a glass of organic raw milk. It's like I don't wanna live a completely closed off life [unintelligible] once in a while. So basically like the biggest thing is to [unintelligible] because I was trying to [unintelligible] every time because my condition I have [unintelligible]. And I [unintelligible] do that butter, the lube formula... and eventually I will get [unintelligible].

Q: [unintelligible]

A: The only reason I [unintelligible] is because I had that vagotomy, I have no hydrochloric acid in my stomach. So I have to have mine either ground or chewed. Pardon?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: No, there's no enzymes here for me. This is [unintelligible], this is only the [unintelligible]. Hydrochloric acid [unintelligible] meats and dairy products. Most of our hydrochloric acids are in the small intestine. The dog and cat, almost all of theirs is in the stomach. There's 15 times more than we do in the stomach, but we continue to secrete all through the small intestine.

Q: If you secrete hydrochloric acid, it doesn't matter at all.

A: I mean, if you don't secrete hydrochloric acid in the stomach, then it'd be better to eat ground or chew it. But that's usually from oxygen and enzymes.

Q: What's the best meat you can eat in this condition?

A: Well, when I do reading, am I doing the reading?

Q: Yes, you're doing the reading. Definitely red meat, but what kind of red meat should I focus on?

A: Do you have any symptoms of the dryness on your skin?

Q: Yeah. I'm always dry and I do, I use the mouth for a towel. I surf, so I get really dry there. My lips get dry and I just know that when those things happen, I start to [unintelligible]. I have to [unintelligible] inside. But like right now, I have a headache and a headache for three days because I'm sleeping.

A: What I suggest you do is you get lean meat. You don't eat the fat on the meat. So get like sirloin without the fat on it and then use cream and butter with the meat.

Q: Why without the fat?

A: When you have a dry fat, it has a tendency to take longer to digest and it makes it back into an internal fat that goes in between the muscles. It keeps the muscles toned. We want to get the fat that's going to get to the connective tissue in the skin.

Q: In general, would you say not to eat the fat on the meat?

A: No, in general, everybody should eat it. In a situation like that, we want to speed something up.

Q: I find that when I eat something like sirloin or something, I don't feel like I need all of that, like on the outside. I feel like it's pretty similar to what you talked about, right?

A: So to you, I love it. That's my favorite.

Q: You like all of it.

A: I like it. I love every bit of it, especially room temperature. I put it out in the car and let it sit for a few hours in the hot jar. Oh, it's delicious.

Q: It's really good sirloin.

A: Oh, yeah. When it's warm? Yeah, it's so tasty.

Q: Are you getting this time of year to buy meat?

A: I'm buying the New Zealand, but it does at this time of year. It's getting very thick, and I ask them to leave it on when they do the cutting. So now, whole foods that I go to in Los Angeles, they leave as much fat on as possible, so we're getting thick strips of sirloin right now.

Q: Is that kind of especially for you?

A: Well, most of my clients buy it.

Q: You just sort of leave it on the window.

Q: I don't want that fat, you're saying?

A: No, you don't want that fat. You want leaner stuff, you don't want any fat. You want fluid fat already.

Q: Right.

Q: Eggs?

A: You have [unintelligible]. Eggs will be dry.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah, definitely. I mean, as part of the lube formula, it's necessary.

Q: Is it necessary for [unintelligible]?

A: Colder meat, I leave it in. It's way better [unintelligible] terribly different chemistry.

Q: Thank you.

Q: I've been waiting for you guys to regain my life somewhat lately, since I screwed it up.

A: Well, the food's doing on.

Q: I screwed it up. I've got all these books. I want to be as effective and efficient as possible in everything, like business. So I got all these books on raw food and fasting. Instead of reading the books, I just looked at a couple of chapters and just started reading it. And I fasted too much. I was doing an intense amount of raw food. And we had this cook cooking for my dad, and I was doing raw vegetables and raw food. And then we switched to eating. So all within a matter of a month, I switched my complete diet to all I could into this food. And then I was doing like three glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice a day for a long time. And in the morning, I had cut-up fruit to eat. And then I was doing all this fruit throughout the day at work. And then I was fasting, and it just screwed up so much. Dude, I was horrible, guys. And then I always thought I could solve problems myself. But finally, I realized I couldn't solve this problem myself. And luckily, I got in touch with her, and then her cook was working for Cynthia, so I was like a full-time cook there. I got lucky, but I never wished that on anybody.

A: How long ago was this?

Q: It was a year and a half ago. It was about a year and a quarter ago.

A: So just when you were on the diet, so then and then.

Q: Did you lose a lot of weight?

Q: I lost, just through the fasting, and I didn't have anything to eat. Probably about 15 pounds. And then once I started doing the milkshakes, man, I would drink three milks a day. Because it was the only thing I could drink. I couldn't drink water. And my parents thought I was crazy because now I can't drink water, right? So everybody in my life is against it. And then I made a mistake and said, draw me. So now it's like, now I screwed up. And he's the only person that's ever been anybody close to me that's actually read and looked at. But 40 pounds I gave him in a month or two, and he started walking up one day and he was like, that's not right. It was so shocking. I have like [unintelligible] now.

Q: Oh well I wasn't exercising. I would get sushi [unintelligible]. It would make me feel good. And I go home and I sleep. And if I could quit work, I would quit. You would back home, slept all the time and. So I started exercising again. But now, like, just trying to find the balance, finding the medium is [unintelligible]. So I can't really go jogging. And I don't know how to lose weight. I know I can.

A: You don't need to take a couple of years.

Q: You know, it's not dangerous, but it takes 40 years to get over everything. So I'm impatient.

A: I believe it's 20 years since December for me and I'm already satisfied. You know, the detoxes I go through are mild compared to [unintelligible].

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Oh, no, the infant.

Q: Oh, yeah.

Q: There are two people in Miami that are raw fooders.

A: Raw food babies.

Q: Well, they got five kids and one [unintelligible]. And now there's an infant. I think I'm going to take a look at [unintelligible]. This weekend.

A: Oh, they decided to arrest them.

Q: My dad sends me all those articles, oysters.

A: Excellent. Do you have a question?

Q: I don't have a question except those [unintelligible].

A: Because your liver may not be just being digesting. So you have to almost most of that you have [unintelligible]. You want to gain weight. I have a lot of clients like you, but 55, 60 years old. And with that way, their whole life, not able to gain weight. And then they get on this diet and I say, you know, do a lubrication formula. She, you know, like a half a pound of meat at a time. And then the lubrication and one fellow who's six one, he's almost 60 years old now. 68, 69... He was [unintellligible] all his life and all of a sudden, he's got this developing all over his [unintelligible]. He says, listen, can you bodybuild on this diet? I said yeah, sure you can. Make sure you eat an extra meat meal. So you've got two meals right now. You eat up to a pound at a time. And with a full lubrication formula, at least two to three eggs and at least three ounces of butter. And a couple of tablespoons of lemon. So he started doing that in two and a half months. He had four inches on his arms and six inches on his chest. Everybody at the gym accused him. He's on steroids. I'm telling you, it's just the meat. No, no, no, no. He's still developing. And here's a guy who looks like, you know, Schwarzenegger. He doesn't work out that much.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, if you're working out, there's no.

A: I was thinking of this. I was just thinking, oh, my God. You're not fat at all.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Sometimes it may take a year and a half, two years for your liver to correct itself. But, you know, if you have the lubrication formula with the protein, usually the liver can do it.

Q: I thought in the second book that you have, like you have more of a [unintelligible]. I thought that I read as well that I read that there was no vegetable [unintelligible].

A: Never vegetables.

A: No, I said that as long as you're on a weight gain, you can do these juices. If you're not on weight gain, you don't want to do cilantro juice. If you have no fats in your blood, you're gonna have a problem.

Q: I told him to do milkshakes because he has the wrong [unintelligible].

Q: [unintelligible]

Q: [laughter]

A: [laughter]

Q: Wondering for someone, I got to tell you, there's no way he's going to do this. But he's willing to make some changes. I'm just wondering what to encourage him, like just the.

A: I mean, what does he have a problem?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: I mean, red meat would probably be good for him.

Q: And... any time or? You know, make sure that he hasn't eaten anything or doesn't eat anything after. You know, for what period of time?

A: You know, as long as he doesn't eat vegetables, the vegetable juice.

Q: [unintelligible]

Q: So would the vegetable juice be good for him?

A: Well, I'm throwing out things out there. You know, well, I mean, maybe a little bit of herbs for the flavour.

Q: How about like [unintelligible].

A: [unintelligible] I don't suggest it.

A: [unintelligible], probably eggs would not be as good. So if you have some cream, then you can sedate him. Usually when somebody's that mental. They've got hormones rushing into the nervous system and it keeps their nerves going. And they can shut it down because it's being irritated. And the way to get rid of that kind of irritation is to keep the neurological fluid moving. So cream coats it, sedates it, so they can get more sensual. So he ate the cream with the meats that would take him out of his head.

A: Pardon?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: But people should always [unintelligible]. There are too many chemicals in our environment and we've been given too many chemicals. And the best way to keep those from damaging the system is cream.

Q: [static, unintelligible]

A: That's right. You got to push it. You get to the point where you feel like you're going to get sick and then you stop it. And then after 20 minutes, you'll be OK. To the point where you feel like you're actually going to bomb. No, it's not going to stop.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: That's because you're not pushing it. Yes, but you have to push it through. Absolutely. Once you start forcing it, the body is forced to do it. It says, I can handle it.

Q: I don't dislike this food. I still like it. I stop because I think I'm getting too full.

A: There's no such thing as too full. It's that you're too thin. You see babies. You see them with the big fat tummy. OK, doesn't get to the rest of the body unless it's here first.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: I was going for the red meat because it stimulates the muscles. And the glands and the brain. It will make you more physical. The cream along with it will sedate the nervous system.

Q: [unintelligible] he's a little overweight too.

A: Well, he has the red meat and cream. [unintelligible]

Q: A lot of people. [unintelligible]

A: A lot of people say that to me. People ask me about that. The Maasai, the samburu [unintelligible].

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Meat, blood and milk.

A: No, they're not. They're not sick. Maasai, samburu, Fulani. Fulani live 90% on milk. And the only oddity that is consistent in the tribe is that they have spotty skin. That's the only disease. [unintelligible] have spotty skin. Discoloration is almost like cows. The samburu probably two thirds meat to one third milk. The Maasai, you know, 50 50 to their... The Maasai eats the blood only three months a year, they [unintelligible]. They don't get enough milk. So they take a [unintelligible], cut it in an angular shape. They put it in the jugular vein of a bull. And then they [unintelligible] it, so they take 50% milk and 50% blood during that three month period. The blood is just like ice cream.

Q: You should like to put it out there on the market.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: I suggest people do different diets because of the heavy metals or things that you can pull out the heavy metals. So I individualise the diet according to what I see in [unintelligible] and different amounts and different amounts of red and white meat. So I individualise it.

Why do I need to individualise it?

A: No, the particular amount of red to white... If somebody has lymphoma, you know, make sure they eat pineapple with coconut cream. If the tumor is cancerous, like squamous cell, you have them have some orange in your diet. If it's [unintelligible] cell and it's ruptured through the skin, you should just do fecal matter. Any kind of tumour [unintelligible] fecal matter.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Buffalo, is usually a [unintelligible].

Q: [unintelligible].

A: I ordered it, it didn't get here yet. I ordered 20 pounds. What I do is I get the bowel, I tell them to tie it off so I get the bowel and the content, the bowel and the fecal matter. And while I was in Nevada City giving the, we were having seminars there and some patients there, they shot a wild turkey. And I knew I was going to San Francisco to see some people there [unintelligible] cancer. And she had been wanting the fecal matter, but I wasn't sure she was going to take any. So I took a jar of turkey to her. The day before, her boyfriend started encouraging her at the dinner table. We were just finished trying to get her talking and doing the fecal matter before I go, because he knows that if I haven't gotten to do it, she's not going to do it. She starts breaking up and then such a fit. We're like three kids and we're like two bad boys trying to get the little baby girl to eat shit. I got an email, I gave her two ounces, she ate it outside and washed it down with milk.

Q: Can you mix it with a milkshake?

A: No, the lactic acid would destroy too much of the bacteria.

Q: You [unintelligible].

A: Yes, she did. Well, I got an email from that was a month ago. I got an email from her last week. I got yesterday. She said, you know, she feels better. Grounded. I don't feel as frightened. And I'm ready to take some more. Because I left her about a pint jar. So she's even excited now.

Q: So [unintelligible].

A: E. coli. You know, the University of Toronto has been using E. coli to completely dissolve the [unintelligible]toxin produced by the waste product. This is supposed to cause so much contamination. Completely dissolves human brain tumors in two or five days to seven days, including the [unintelligible] going to the tumor.

A: So the ethos you're getting a whole massive amount right in the digestive tract. Small injections to the system and start working on the system. Completely reversing, people who had chronic constipation forever can take that.

Q: [unintelligible] University of Toronto?

A: I mentioned it in the second book and-

Q: They're using it on a regular basis?

A: Oh, yeah.

Q: [unintelligble]

A: You know, there are 18 universities using different viruses and bacteria to dissolve tumours. [unintelligible] was the first one to issue one for experimentation in the human population. And they [unintelligible] the salmonella, the salmonella will go in and start dissolving the tumour. It will go in and choke off the oxygen to a tumor. And then it starts eating the tumor. They're charging you about eight thousand dollars for the injection of this thing. We were saying we need to eat high meat or high chicken or high eggs. And then they charge you twelve thousand dollars for an injection of the solvent to dissolve the tumor. Which is highly toxic. Twenty thousand dollars for around. You can just eat high meat and live.

Q: Is high meat [unintelligible].

A: No, it's very mild. The E. coli is strong, strong bacteria. Not as good as parasites.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, it's the medical treatment for the bacteria because they're given antibiotics. They're going to get anaphylaxis shock. Like the little girl who was supposed to die from the E. coli in the orange juice, the apple juice. Well, what? How absurd can anybody buy that garbage story? It's ridiculous. The female doctor who treated that little girl gave her Cipro. Cipro causes kidney damage, the same as [unintelligible, sounds like h2s] from so called E. Coli [unintelligible]. E. Coli hasn't been linked with kidney problems, but Cipro has. They always blame bacteria.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: It may have MSG in it and they're allergic to it. Could have a pesticide or herbicide in the food and they're allergic to it. Of course, that will cause degeneration in the intestinal tract. And then, of course, whenever you have that kind of degeneration, your body naturally utilizes bacteria to help eat up the degenerative tissues. But your cure is the bacteria. And of course, people are in the medication shock.

Q: So you do it in [unintelligible].

A: Every animal on the planet is [unintelligible] civilized. And I did mention, you know, the recipe book, Edward Howell, when he gives her the test with rats, he was duplicating the experiments that Pottenger did with cats. He did them with rats. He found that even though the rats ate the cooked foods, they lived a full life. Whereas the cats were the third, you know, a third less of the normal. The rats normally live three years. So they should have died in two. They got all the diseases, not as severe. And he couldn't figure out what the difference was. It must have been something in the chemistry with the rat that was better or something worse than the cats. So he beat his head out for a year trying to figure it out. He realized the rats that were eating the cooked food, were eating the faces. So he redid the test, put screens down so they couldn't eat it. Everything worked just the same. You only live two years and the diseases [unintelligible].

Q: So when the dogs want to eat crap along the road, you should just let them.

A: Leave them alone. They need that bacteria.

Q: So I've got a few other questions about the [unintelligible].

A: Yeah, that's a good thing.

Q: [unintelligible] The reason why these people are not getting sick.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, it was [unintelligible] to begin with. I mean, I started [unintelligible] in '69 and started eating meat in '76. I made sure a lot of years passed and I got enough research. I got a lot of experience behind this. Doctors [unintelligible] these people get out there on the [unintelligible]. Because they imagine they agree with some kind of science that it's the truth. You know, I tell these people, I said, you don't know. You're new into it. You don't know. I would never be able to think that I [unintelligible] to the public in the world. And I worked with it a long time. [unintelligible[ a new book called the [unintelligible].

Q: [unintelligible]. When I do my research, [unintelligible].

A: He believes that people are [unintelligible], that some people need a lot of vegetables, some should never eat meat.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah, that's right.

Q: So really, you would take issue with that.

A: Yeah, I told him. He asked me. He wanted me to edit this stuff on raw eggs. And because I didn't jump [unintelligible]. But he is putting some good information out there. Because in the last two years, he started eating raw meat, started getting into the raw dairy. So he's putting out some good stuff out there. This is his record. But I can't blame him because he's way too thin. He's got too much adrenaline, too much hormones going. So he can't help it. So I like to get thin people and get them out of their hyperactivity because they move much too fast. And they fall too many times. People fall with them as they do. But that that's that made me feel when I first started eating the raw meat and saw the change. And I said I'm going to shut up for the rest of my life. And so I went 20 years before I even started writing. I kept experimenting. I got. I mean, I would I would tell people, you know, that-

Q: You still were a health practitioner.

A: Right. Well, people would always come because everybody survives the disease. You've got friends who are seeing what you're doing and they'll do it. It works for them and it's [unintelligible]. Basically, that's what this is. That book isn't displayed... it's word of mouth. It's completely word of mouth. And that's the way it should spread. And that's the only way it should spread. It's work.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: You'd be surprised, seeing that happen all of a sudden, two years later, one of them gets into another [unintelligible]. So why [unintelligible]. Because they're all been vegetarian. [unintelligible] You know, I walked in one day and all this way they just flushed red, you know, hugged me. I was like, whoa. What a transformation. You just have to give people time. You know, if they see you change back to the same, you can say, oh, well, you will. You'll get to that point when you radiate.

Q: The fruitarian diet is a [unintelligible].

A: No, that's the worst thing you can do to a human body.

Q: And true vegetarian, like not eating any meat. You were saying that -

A: You know, half of my cancer time [unintelligible].

Q: And [unintelligible].

A: I've only known eight people to be able to be vegetarians. And two of them in their 70s [unintelligible].

Q: So it's just a stage of life.

A: Some people, like I said, the more they have a high amount of acids in their blood, so that they're able to produce a lot of red blood cells for a period. And it's [unintelligible]. Only one woman that I know is healthy. And then her nerves in her back. Spine started to deteriorate. So now she's on the meat. She loves it. She's a diehard vegetarian.

Q: So why do enlightened masters, you know, like the Buddha or somebody who's supposedly awake, suggest that they came up with the idea -

A: Buddha didn't do that. It's these self-made gurus who have that belief. They want other people to believe in it. Let me tell you, I lived with a lot of them. None of them were healthy. Probably the most powerful I ever met was Bhishma Devananda. And boy, he was angry and nasty and addicted to canned pineapple, pizza, ice cream. And he could clear a room with his farts. He was terrible. And he'd get these stomachaches and then go into these migraine headaches. [unintelligible]

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah. Well, he's a good friend of my landlord, Fred Segal. Fred Segal's been on the diet [unintelligible]. He gave the Dalai Lama my book.

Q: So you got connected.

A: [unintelligible] His children moved away and gave the mansion for Dalai Lama to come when he was in L.A. And to receive people. They completely congested King Road for all the way down, back up Pacific Coast Highway, all the way up to the valley side. So the police came in and closed it.

Q: I think if you could change that [unintelligible]. [unintelligible] your book for centuries. They've been believing in [unintelligible] animals. Don't you [unintelligible]?

A: I don't care. I'm just trying to spread the word.

Q: I'm seeing that. [unintelligible]

Q: [unintelligible]

A: And fire [unintelligible] fraction.

Q: Is that a [unintelligible]?

Q: I just studied out in Texas. I'm just trying to trace the water back. It's like four and five thousand years old. And the water is the only water I've ever been able to drink in the last year and a half. I didn't feel bad. It's so lubricating. You get out of the shower. You feel like it's stuck on your [unintelligible]. What do you feel about something like that? It was really neat to see the contrast between a San Diego water and water you can buy in the store like arrowhead water, which still dries me out.

A: The city of San Bernardino owns all first rights on arrowhead water. So when you get arrowhead water, you get a recycled San Bernardino water.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, I think San Bernardino only has about 140.

A: No, no, no. Arrowhead water. It's bad because the city of San Bernardino bought that contract a long time ago. They have first rights on it, but they get to retain the water after it's used by the city and then reprocess it and sell it as their spring water.

Q: [unintelligible] in the water.

A: [unintelligible] Gerolsteiner, Perrier.

Q: You're sure about that though?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Arrowhead comes in plastic. It has the BPAs in it. Dioxins.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Some plastic. You get that. You have a hard plastic so you have BPAs. Now, the report came out a few months ago and showed that the incidence of brain cancer [unintelligible].

Q: [unintelligble]

A: I don't know. I don't [unintelligible]. [unintelligible] bacteria.

Q: Those machines like a [unintelligible], get the water and take some filtration.

A: Well, you're [unintelligible]/ That kills the bacteria. You know, you got dead bacteria. I want live bacteria. I don't drink much water, but when I drink it, I drink the gerolsteiner. That's a carbonated mineral water.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: So the natural carbonation is that these wells have a water bed and then a gas bed. You put two pipes, one for the gas and one for the water and it shoots them into the bottles at the same time.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Remember that the planet uses, the planet uses water to break things down to dissolve it, the rains dissolve rock, plants [unintelligible]. Break everything down. It's going to reach from the system. So first we're going to need a little bit of that virus in our bodies. Virus is not alive. So the idea that it is contagious is the most insane thing. It's like saying my kitchen soap is contagious. The soap isn't contagious. It's something that's manufactured. Viruses are manufactured in the body. We all have the same chemicals that we produce with the same climate being in the same environment. That's why viruses are similar in pockets and areas and even continents. So our body produces them. But let me tell you, the medical profession makes a lot of money on the virus. Same for contagious. It's just a solvent. It's just a solvent. It's not alive. It's protein put together in a certain position that dissolves matter. And if you've got something that's dissolving in your body, you better believe it's there for a purpose. Dissolving toxicity. And of course, the discharge of those compounds is the mucus. So all of that's a good process.

Q: You know, something like homeopathy. Does that have anything to do with it?

A: In any way, water is helpful in those situations. So if you're cleaning out, you need to then dilute some of that to help it dissolve.

Q: I'm sorry. Homeopathy is-

A: Like I said in my first book, it's a good thing for people who are really sick and not doing anything.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, when I had everything removed in 1978, I had composites. And I found out over the years that they were highly toxic. And it caused all this everywhere where I had [unintelligible]. The radiation basically dissolved all the bone around my tooth. So my teeth just moved around like this. So if I get down like that, I bleed a half a cup of blood at a time. I had to drink everything to the straw and they wanted to remove all my teeth. I said dying anywhere, I'm going to die with my teeth.

Q: [laughter]

A: I was at that point. I really said that. I really said that. I was so angry. So, you know, these are still my teeth. [unintelligible] some of them in 1970. Composites put in which is a hard plastic. And then when they started popping out about 10 years ago, I stopped refilling. And, you know, there's two are dissolving. They're not decaying. I'll go to a dentist about every four or five years. Dissolving, acids are dissolving them because there's no dentine to protect it. And the tubules, the tubules, the acids go into it. So it dissolves the tubules because it's soft. But there's no decay. So I have no decay. This is dissolving.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Well, I have the vagotomy [unintelligible]. My whole head does. I think I mentioned one bit. I guess I mentioned that if I'm having sex and I'm perspiring, I have to wear a bandana because if the acid falls into the woman's eyes, it'll burn her out. I mean, burning bad. We have to stop that. Stop having sex. You wash them out. It's how hard my acid is. [unintelligible] It used to be a lot worse.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Yeah, but mine is so intense. I mean, I still eat with it. There's no pain. I can still chew with it. It's not decaying. It's deteriorating. It's disintegrating. Yeah.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: I suggest that they might be. Well, there's the pain formula. As it is in the recipe book. And, you know, chicken. Infection is always bacteria or virus, which is a solid green, dissolving the damaged tissue. And if it's bacteria. There's less swelling. If it's virus. There's more swelling. The viruses is a solvent. Meaning more dilution. More circulation. It means there's more swelling, more pain. So it's just a matter of eating properly to make sure that it runs its course properly. You eat this diet. You will cleanse it properly. You will regenerate.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: You know, whatever your system is, and each person's a little bit different. Every time, different times, there will be different balances. OK. Do you have a question?

Q: [unintelligible]

A: They say migraines, migraines are difficult. It's usually intense. It's intense toxicity in the brain. So toxic salts in the brain, other chemistry, other toxic chemicals in the brain. So the headache [unintelligible] able to mitigate.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: Hot water bottles on each side, lie back, or hot water bottle here, here, and on top. So it's not putting pressure above at each ear and on top. So three hot water bottles. Let that head expand. The problem is the brain swells. The skull doesn't expand too, the fissures [unintelligible]. So when you put the hot water bottles on the skull, next to the skull, it allows everything to relax and the skull to expand.

Q: [unintelligible]

A: It's in the first book, except it doesn't have cream in it. Just add cream to it. It's lemon, honey, lemon and honey, equal parts, cream in equal parts of the lemon and honey. And water. Yes. Lemon, honey, cream, water. I usually use [unintelligible]. So blend the other ingredients together for [unintelligible].

A: It's usually not anything. It's not easy to do. It's best to just keep chugging everything. And hopefully you'll vomit. If you're vomiting, allows the body to dump the poison into the stomach and out. And they can usually mitigate it. By 90 percent

Q: So you take that solution when you have a headache?

A: Yes