Q&A Of November 17, 2000


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Aajonus’ Question & Answer Session to Attendees of a Primal Potluck Location: Los Angeles, California

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A: You have to understand that dozens of oils are distilled and they are solvent poisons – in and on the body… even as vapors in the air. Now, there are lots of testimonials about how people have changed their lives and healed from it – we hear about macrobiotics; we hear about all these other magic bullets. I have never found a magic bullet and I have tried a lot of things. The problem is the criteria on what works. People give testimonies and say: “I took this and I healed.” However, the body is always healing itself – whether it can do it in a certain period of time depends on other things that you do.

Macrobiotics claims to cure cancer, yet I have only met about 20% of the people who have reversed it on that diet. That is a terrible statistic. In the medical profession, people survived 11-17% of cancers – terrible statistic. According to Hardin B. Jones, who was Professor Emeritus of medical physics and physiology of Berkley during 1975-79 period for four years, found that 76% of all cancers reversed if people did not do anything about them – did not change their diet – did not do anything. It proves the body is healing itself. When you go and have some kind of intrusive therapy it lowers it.

So, if you are looking at that statistic and then including the toxicity that we have increased since 1975 – the pollution; more drugs; more chemicals – everywhere, then there is going to be a lowering of natural reversal from disease. So, let’s say it is about 65% at this point and in the year 2000. Let’s say that 65% of all diseases, like cancer, would reverse on their own because your body is always in a process of healing.

Cancer, like any other disease, is a process of the body getting rid of toxicity in general areas. In cancer it is usually a shut-down of the liver first. 98% of every case that I have seen, the liver shuts down. The liver shuts down and there are no fats to make solvents or the liver is not capable of utilizing the fats as solvents to degenerate – dissolve - those dead cells. So, what happens is the body starts collecting them in tumors as a holding station – just like we hold prisoners. But, the prisoners are not an epidemic or a problem. Sure, the prisons get larger and larger because we do not do anything to correct criminal behavior. We do not take care of poverty. We do not take care of lack of education. So, we have criminals who go and make a living that way because basically that is the only – that is the only way they can do it. So, if you want to correct the problem of your body collecting tumors, your body has to function. Sometimes, it takes 18 months for the liver to get to working again. So, in that time your can form and progress very rapidly in to cancer. But, it will reverse.

Take a look at Owanza in the book: 63 tumors; 16 in her liver; 30 in her spine; four in her uterus the size of her fist which is about half the size of mine – a week to live. She was supposed to die three days after she saw me. No cancer today; no therapies. It was a rough road – sometimes she was vomiting 11 times a day - but she recovered by not going to the doctors and not doing anything that was harmful. And no treatments of macrobiotics, but of course she was vegan for 14 or 18 years. The point is that lets say most diseases would reverse 65% without doing anything at all; your body is always healing. That means that any therapy had better have a reversal rate of 65%, or it is harmful.

Macrobiotic: 20% of those people survived – horrible statistic. Medical profession: 11-17% reversed – horrible percentage. On this diet if people have not gone to the doctors at all there is a 98% reversal. This works in all diseases except third and fourth stages of Alzheimer’s. I keep saying that because I can get them to stop from progressing at that point, but I can not get reversal of it – the memory and brain cells to come back. At least I have not been able to at this point. If I get a clinic, I might be able to be more explorative – experiment a little bit and be a little more definite with the diet. Usually with people with Alzheimer’s, the wife or the husband is doing everything and they do not understand what I understand.

So these oils – Young’s oils – are distilled at 252-257 degrees. He notes in his book that other oils are distilled at about 357-400 some degrees. Poison he says. So is 252 degrees – just less poison. He even cites in his book that nature distills those oils between 57 and 62 degrees. 252-257 and 357-400 is a lot more than 57-62 degrees. They create rashes – dissolve tissue. Any time you take an oil and distill it or process it to that point it is no longer a lubricant then it is a solvent; it will dissolve tissue. I have explored and experimented with Young’s oils: you put it on the skin; it dries it out. If you continue to do it, you start getting sores all over. And it starts robbing fats all over the body by just putting it on some areas. Any time someone is trying to sell you a magic bullet – a vitamin; a mineral; an enzyme – any of those – they are magic bullets. They do not work. They just get you to bide your time, spend a lot of money and make you more toxic. They are only two to 12% utilizable. That means they are 88-98% toxic. Your body has to use vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help detoxify and get rid of those bi-products.

Q: Even breathing the oils in?

A: Yes. They create gasses just like chlorine creates chloroform, which is a gaseous, toxic carcinogenic substance. They create vapors which are very penetrating. It can dissolve your lungs; your throat; your nasal passages; sinuses – everything.

Q: I just wanted to talk about therapies and magic bullets. Ozone?

A: Ozone is a terrible one. My landlord just installed it in our well system on the property. It oxidizes everything. It turns oils into oxidized substances which are very toxic.

Q: Even the air changes?

A: Well, the air filters I have not experimented with since the early ‘70’s and they were very toxic then. But, I understand something changed but I can not speak about those because I have not experimented with them.

Q: How about ionizers?

A: Ionizers are the things I have not experimented with. But, ozonation is horrible – it oxidizes everything; it is there to destroy bacteria. Bacteria are your friends; parasites are your friends; viruses are your friends. If you do not have them, you will be depressed. They help you get well; they break down degenerative tissue.

As I reiterate all the time, there are three ways to clean the body. The solvent process means that the body uses 80% fats; 15% protein; 5% alcohol - which it makes from the carbohydrate that you eat - which ferments in the digestive tract. These are solvents just like the solvent degreasers that we have are solvents that dissolve matter. Our body does the same thing. It is a very slow process. The bi-product of those is almost identical to turpentine and it is as toxic as turpentine, so it creates a low grade nausea.

The next facility for detoxifying the system is virus and bacteria. Virus and bacteria go in and they work fast – two and a half times faster than the solvent process and 50% less toxic. So, when you have a cold or flu - which are viral - pneumonia or any of that, they knock you out of commission… like our hosts – Melanie and Craig. They are going through a flu or a cold and it knocks them out. You can see they are tired and it works quickly. And like I said: it is 50% less toxic than the solvent process.

The third is wonderful: delicious parasites. They work five times faster than your body uses a solvent. They can eat degenerative tissue very rapidly. The excrement – the bi-products of parasites – is five times less toxic than the solvent process, or 100% less toxic. Of course that depends on what you are looking at – the excrement or the bi-product.

Q: Quick clarification on the solvent process.

A: 80% fat; 15% protein; 5% alcohol.

Q: And where does that take place primarily – all over the body?

A: Well, your body will mainly manufacture the element in the liver or in the lymph because the lymph feeds the entire body. Very little is fed in the blood stream. The blood mainly transports oxygen to the body. The lymph system takes the nutrients from the lacteal system in the digestive tract and the liver and sends the nutrients throughout the entire body. It also collects the toxicity, holds it in the nodes or the glands, breaks it down and sends it out to one of our many bowels. We are all one big asshole. Our skin, our eyes, our tear ducts, the ear passages, the nasals, the throat, the stomach, the skin, the colon, the anus, the urinary tract, and in woman the uterus, the vaginal cavity discharges mucus constantly. Because when it constantly discharges, the average that woman discharge more than men is about 20% and they also have 20% longer life span than men do. So, any man that wants to get a sex change… I have not done that yet.

The whole thing that I wanted to get across was you have to be patient in getting well. Magic bullets do not work. They cost a lot of money and they will make you unhealthier. The most dangerous of alternative therapies that I have seen are colloidal silvers and liquid minerals – the most toxic substances I have seen anywhere. It pulls the metals out the body, the tissues, and it buries it in the blood, the bone marrow, and the lymph. It does not excrete them from the body. You usually need a quart of cream a day, if you only had a tablespoon of liquid minerals. It would take you a quart of raw cream a day to get rid of that amount of mineral toxicity. Once you dehydrate it, dry it, it becomes plant food again. So, it is no longer a food. It is again soil-based. It is good to feed plants because that is what they break down. They break down soil-based minerals. Once an element – I do not care if is from food – once it is out of the food source and dehydrated it is no longer bioactive; it’s no longer bio-energetic. Your body can no longer use it. If you want to root yourself in the ground and never move and spend your whole life on breaking down those very difficult substances to make into biological forms then become a plant in your next life. But in this one you are a human and it does not work.

Q: Chelation therapy.

A: Chelation therapy is using toxic minerals to pull out other toxic minerals and all it does is collect more toxic minerals in the body. My patients who have been heart patients who have had chelation therapy are the most metal poisoned people I have seen. It is horrendous. Their skin gets very thin, red, flushed and tears easily – something like aspirin does to somebody if they take a lot of aspirin. It makes the skin like toilet paper. It is very taxing on the body.

So, magic bullets get them. All this is leading to healing takes 20-40 years. I think it takes 40 years according to Pottenger’s work. According to my research so far, it takes 40 years unless you know how to change things properly and I am doing experiments - doing that now with certain individuals - to see if we can speed up the process. But, it is different processes. I will know for sure. I am only three and a half years into the dealing with that; it will probably take me another four to five years to have some kind of conclusion about it. But, right now it takes about 40 years to go from ill health to optimal health once you have a perfect diet.

People detox all the time. You are filled with poisons. You have been eating poisons all your life. Every time you eat cooked food, there are no enzymes in it; there are no vitamins; so your body has to call on the pancreas to send out hormones to every cell and say: “I need your vitamins; I need your minerals; I need your enzymes.” So, it is robbing Peter to pay Paul and your body gets weaker every time you eat something cooked. If you eat something raw you have all of these helpers. You have lots of enzymes, lots of vitamins, ready to work for you, energetically, intelligently. If you slaughter them, you have to spend all your vitamins and enzymes to get to that food, clearing out the toxicity that results from the cooked food - like the heterocyclic amines and lipid peroxides which are all carcinogenic as they collect over a life time. You are likely to have cancer. The most renowned authority on cancer who is in his 80’s – I forgot his name – he is an M.D. with five doctorates – he said that right now one out of two men and one out of three women gets cancer. Pretty high, isn’t it? It means four out of five people in this room will more likely get cancer than not, because it is going to go up. In 1957 when I was ten years old it was one in 1,000 that died of cancer. It is a very different statistic now. It takes time to detox. You cannot panic.

I had a girlfriend – she was a patient. She was a girlfriend a long time ago. As a hobby I did some acting to pay for my research. A lot of money I spent on research – over one million dollars. And I got it as an actor and director. And I directed her in a play 12 years ago before she got cancer. Then, she got cancer and then we met again down the road and she went on the diet. She was afraid to eat the beef. She would eat some fish and chicken but she half-heartedly did it because she was half-heartedly recovering in her own way. And she did. However, when she came back to a detoxification period last year she called me and said: “Aajonus, I have cancer again. It has metastasized – it has gone to the liver – to the blood – to the spine.” I said: “So, what? It has come back only eight times. It is a detoxification process. You have to go through it, so do not panic.” So, she said: “Okay, I won’t.” Then the next thing I know she was down in Mexico doing some of those experimental alternative therapies and she died two weeks later.

Do not panic. Two weeks ago I was on crutches. I had patients call that said: “I heard you were on crutches. Does the diet not work?” I said: “No, it was just a detoxification.” I had blood and bone cancer and lymphoma and stomach cancer; I had lots of cancers. When I went through it at the time, it took four and a half years just to take care of this side of my body. Let’s say I pick up a rock about this big. I could not lift a rock with this arm. The pain was excruciating in the elbow and shoulder. This hip… I was paralyzed. I had to crawl on the floor to get around. I could not use a crutch. I crawled on the floor. And when I could not use this arm I was like this and it took me half an hour to crawl across the room. It was very painful. It took me two years and eight months to clean this side. All of a sudden six weeks ago it started cleaning this side. And this side was never a real problem. I had arthritis and rheumatism in this side and it was painful, but never like this side. So, this side went though a heavy detox. I was in so much pain that I could not sleep unless I was floating in water. So, I practically lived in water for about a week and I could sleep for two hours at a time. Wake up in the cold bath, warm it up again and sleep another two hours and that is the way I had to sleep. I walked around on crutches for three days. I crawled around for a while. Lori was there – my girlfriend – and helped get me things. It was the first time anybody has done that for me and it was wonderful. But, I was in too much pain to enjoy it. I had the help. So, here I am walking around today and no pain. A little soreness and stiffness in this elbow here.

You cannot panic. You are going to go through some pretty serious detoxifications; you’re going to go through pain; you are going to go through infections; you’re going to go through break outs; you’re going to have sores; you are going to have all these repercussions because you have toxicity in the body that is extremely acrid. Acrid is acid… especially if it is bile. It is going to cause all kind of skin problems, pain in the joints, soreness, vomiting, diarrhea. Everybody has to go though all of this stuff to get well. People go through it eating cooked foods and their body is trying to detoxify all the time. But, they are not detoxifying properly and they are not healing properly because they are eating cooked foods.

Q: And that was the case with Cesca because she was not even 50% on the diet.

A: Like I said: it takes 40 years. My estimate is according to Pottenger’s work and what I have seen so far.

G: If I am 46 and I have 40 years to go through those – what will be the quality of life that I will live?

A: It only gets better all the time. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You feel better every time. A year ago I started going through a spinal detox. When I had the radiation therapy, it cauterized my spine. After the radiation, I could not touch my knees. I would have to sit down to touch my knees and sitting down was not easy. I have been going though a detox for almost a year. It started a year ago September in my lower spine. My upper back pretty much cleansed. My lower back did not. That went into the hip and everything over here. It looks like it has culminated. Now, for that year and a half I did not have a lot of rhythm and all of the sudden I was dancing the other night and I had more rhythm and more movement than I could ever remember because the detoxification got rid of poisons that were constricting the lymph and causing scar tissue to remain in those joints. As you can see, I am still standing here now. This is what you have to look forward to – there is a detox and you are not feeling well. You are going to think you are getting worse and wonder if this diet really works. Yes, it really works. You just have to be patient, not panic and abuse yourself. That is the whole thing.

Taylor knows about this, but I do not think anybody else does: Owanza, because of her cancers, used her uterus as her dumping site. She got pregnant six times. And each times when she miscarried, the fetus would throw out many tumors. Tumors would come out with the placenta. And in one case the fetus came out at five months looked just like a plastic fetus – you could see right through it. It was built of nerve tissue. She had 30 tumors in her spine. That fetus was see-through, just like you have a plastic see-through to see the organs all the way through – you know those anatomical structures to show you that? That is what this fetus looked like. When we did the lab tests on it, it was all nerve tissue. Even the skin was translucent and even some parts transparent. Her body used the uterus as a dump site. Then when she stopped getting pregnant her body still used it. Her body used it and she swelled up as if she were still pregnant. One time she was like that, she told everybody that she was pregnant so nobody would attack her and say: “You are not in your right mind; look – your tumors are growing; your stomach is this big; you look like you are having twins.” Her stomach got huge and stayed that way once for 12 months one time. Then, all of a sudden in a month it would go down. She was so thin it was unbelievable. That was after 11 years. The last time was after 11 years of starting on the diet. And that is how long it took for her to get well.

G: You mean her stomach distended for 11 years?

A: No, during that time of 11 years her stomach distended quite a few times. The longest time was 12 months. It would go back and forth. Three of the times she was not pregnant.

There are several people here who have been on the diet for a while you might want to talk to. James had cancer. Daniel had CFS [cerebral spinal fluid] and a lot of other problems. What were your problems Kathy? Kathy was basically – I went to lecture at a Temple in Beverly Hills three years ago. When I met Kathy she was catatonic. Basically when she came up to talk to me she was like this: she could not speak. It would take her a minute to just say a sentence. It was very difficult for her to think properly. She would have no aggression at all. She was very passive. Now, you better watch out. It comes from her mother. Kathy is great. She goes out there to find us organic animal glands like buffalo, which are completely clean. She works hard. She is on the phone almost every day calling all over the United States – sometimes even Canada - trying to find these extra things to get us better faster. But, when she is aggressive she is aggressive on the phone. Please understand and do not get offended by it.

James Stewart: I had so many problems. I was 50 when I found the diet. I could not even pee anymore because I had so many prostate related problems. It was impossible for me. I realized if I had gone to medical doctors they would have probably diagnosed me with prostate cancer, but I never believed in medical doctors so I just started the diet. And that is about 80% improved at this point. But I had a lot of problems: skin problems. I have gained about 45lbs, but only 1” in my waist so I was hollow on the inside. I was around 160 to 170lbs at the most. Now I am 205 lbs.

A: And James Hopson: when you started the diet what was your weight?

G: I was about 135 lbs. I gained up to 198 lbs. and I am on my up cycle again and I am at about 194 lbs.

Eric Thiss: I was 120 [lbs.] when I was vegetarian and now I am 175 and I have been on the diet three years.

Daniel Kane: I weighed 132 lbs. and I am six feet tall. Now I am 170 lbs. and at one point I went up to 190 lbs. I had hypertension, CSF, insomnia, I had hair loss. Not anymore. Someone the other day told me I had soap opera hair. I have a mother who is a retired nurse and a sister who is a retired nurse and they all wanted to take me to a psychologist for eating raw meat. And now after five and a half years they are speechless and all my health problems are gone. And my eyes are turning green. They used to be dark brown.

G: Can you explain how things like Echinacea stop you from getting sick?

A: Echinacea and spirulina act as magic bullets again. What they do is they create toxicity.

G: Even a flower?

A: No, fresh flower juice is wonderful or even a fresh flower eaten is wonderful. But, anytime you take an herb and make it into a tea you may get an acid toxic compound. So, what you are doing is poisoning the system and stopping all the other processes to deal with that poison. That is how you can get a remission in symptoms when you take these magic bullets, but then you hit a brick wall and you are back into the same detoxifications and the same symptoms somewhere down the road.

G: Are you still against exercise? Weight lifting? Is it bad for you?

A: No it is not bad for you. I just say that because I was a sickly child. I was autistic. I could not read the word ‘the’ until I was 22-years-old. I was ridiculed, so I did not like other children. I only liked the animals, so I never played. And I never exercised. So, it was only when I found the raw meat thing did I exercise because it was the first time I had any energy to do it. I did it for a year and a half. I looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger for about one and a half years and then I got bored with it. Who wants to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Some people need it. If you have worry circles in the eyes that means you are a person who needs to exercise.

Oh, remember after the last Pot Luck at my place? The next day we flew to Hawaii. Now, I was going for a vacation. It was my first vacation in five years. So, I was going to lay out on the beach. No, Lori had to go hiking up a fricking mountain. It was a beautiful place, but I was sore as hell. I was not used to exercising. Then she had to go surfing. Here I am – 53-years-old and first time on a surf board. And I rode four waves in. I did it. We went canoeing. We did something every day. So, I had to rest when I got back. But, I do not exercise. This is my exercise on my keyboard.

G: Why did you say that the people with worry lines need to exercise?

A: It shows where they have the lightness in their eyes – where they hold tension. Toxicity does not store, so that means if you exercise, it will help you get rid of toxicity throughout the body and help move it out.

G: If it is not storing then what is it doing? Free-floating in the system?

A: Well, there is a difference between plaquing storage and fluid storage. When it hardens in the body – like plaquing on teeth – it does it to the arteries and all the tissues throughout the body – intracellularly and extracellularly. Exercising can help break that down in people who do have worry circles.

G: Does the exercising trigger a detox?

A: Sometimes it does.

G: What happens with the lymph? I guess the lymph does not have a heart to pump?

A: It does. Everything pumps. When your blood rushes through it is moving everything else. You watch your blood stream. It opens and closes so everything around it is getting exercised because you have veins, capillaries and arteries everywhere. There is always some kind of stimulation. You have electromagnetic currents which are going throughout the body signaling different parts and cells of your body, so there is always stimulus. People who eat cooked food have so much toxicity – very low electrolyte levels – they need to exercise to get anything moving, including lymph.

Sometimes you will go through a little turmoil like I did. This last year I went through this spinal detox and I was pretty much incapacitated for about two months after that - and then ten days for the bone detoxification. I am better now because I did not panic. Now, most people if they had gone through that pain crippled on a couch would not even be able to lift your own leg. Lori had to have someone lift it and move it for you. People will panic and run to a doctor and then they won’t be standing here two weeks later like I am. They will be in a hospital or dead in a morgue because doctors are very aggressive. Their protocol is to give you some kind of treatment – a drug… surgery…

G: They are trying to push it down and you are trying to pull it out?

A: Correct.

G: Does this diet work for people who have had transplants?

A: Yes it does. I have about 12 clients who have transplants who do not even take their medication to prevent rejection. One does because she almost rejected it, but she only takes a bare minimum of it – she only takes it, maybe, five days a month.

G: Are you talking about the immuno-suppressing stuff?

A: No. They have about seven predominate medications for that. And it works very well for them.

G: Are there some other processes that create degenerative processes?

A: That is a little unusual because the physical laid out say 95% because there is 5% that could die, but yet 98% survive. Now, I do not know whether metaphysically there was some alteration to let me know the validity of it or what. But, that is a psychic plane that I can not talk with any scientific coherence. You have degenerative processes going on. That is what a cold is. That is what a flu is. That is what parasites are. They are going to eat away the degenerative tissue. If you have been eating cooked food at all in your life you have toxicity in your body; you have cells that are weak and damaged. These cells have to be broken down, dissolved, removed and replaced. It is just like you have a worn out part in your car. You have to take it out first to put in a new. And that is degeneration. This diet does this process. It creates degeneration only because degeneration already exists. If it did not exist, it would be none, just like the Eskimos. Up until the Germans and the British brought in cauldrons they did no cooking; 99% of their diet was raw animal products: raw meats, raw fish, lots of blubber, whale blubber - tremendous amounts - and no degenerative diseases – not even dental caries.

G: What is their age?

A: Their age is about ours, but you have to understand that they are under harsh conditions and they have the same life span we do, with some living to 105 and 110-years-old. There was one colony that was eating mainly breads, sugars that had a very short life span. So, some scientists used that little bitty tribe – that little bit of colony that was run by a particular missionary saying that the Eskimos had a very short life span. They did not. It was only one colony out of 32 that was polled in the 1960’s.

The Maasai tribe eats raw blood; raw milk in equal proportions; raw meat. They have no degenerative disease. They are considered the strongest, healthiest, most athletic tribe in the world. The Samburu tribe eats raw milk and raw meat – no degenerative disease - also considered one of the healthiest, strongest, and most intelligent tribes. The blood may have something because that one tribe is a lot more intelligent. They are more indigenous. They are so indigenous that after being subjected to white man’s tours - even Shirley MacLaine - after 20 years, they realized that their health was being damaged. So, now it is illegal for a white man to enter within 20 miles of their tribes. They have agreed with their government that they will hike on a daily basis, no horses, no nothing to do these rituals for white man and that was their exchange. That is how smart they were. They stopped it after 20 years.

G: Where are they?

A: In Africa. [cut in audio]

It can exist without eating. All it gets is electromagnetic or physical impulses, yet it is alive around about 50 dead cells. The convenience of having a malignant tumor is that once the cancer cell is no longer needed it dies and puts out a serum that dissolves all the surrounding collection of dead cells. And this is the problem. Cancer is a collection of dead cells because your body does not have the wherewithall to get rid of those dead cells and get rid of them out of the body, so it has to collect them somewhere in the body. With the dissolution of the cancer cell and dissolving all of the surrounding tissue, a malignant tumor can disappear in seven days. A benign tumor with no cancer cell will not dissolve in that way. It may take six to 12-20 years to dissolve. So, when somebody tells me a malignant tumor I say: “Yeah, good, because we can get rid of it quicker.” Benign tumors are very difficult to get rid of. It takes a long time to dissolve.

G: What makes that cell become a malignant cell out of that dead stuff?

A: That is the body. I think the body knows if something is collecting and growing fast that it needs to dissolve and get rid of it fast. That is probably why the malignant tumor is there, hoping for the liver to get better quicker. Some people do not make it before the liver starts working again and they die - and that is about 24% of the people if they stayed away from their doctors. 24% die with cancer if they did not do something about it – something healthful about it – like a good raw diet.

G: One thing I have noticed besides the physical is the emotional detox and the wide range of emotions. It kind of caught me by surprise, but I felt better after it.

A: What she is talking about is an emotional detox. One of my patients in NYC has gone to more of an instincto-diet. She was a microbiologist for 40 some years at the NY University Medical Center and she studied psychological, chemical structure of the brain and she mapped out all the chemical reactions that occur during trauma. They store toxins in the body just like any other toxins and when you go through a recall or a detoxification of those chemicals you have recall. You may not recall it in the actual memory of those experiences, but it will be similar. Some people that say getting together with my father is very traumatic because he put me in the hospital many times. One time he put a nine-iron in my skull. I was already retarded. I did not need that. He was very abusive and very violent. He did not do it very often, but when he did it was severe. Having a political conversation with my father is impossible. He is volatile about politics. He is a die-hard angry Republican. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I think both of them can go. But he will get fiercely violent. He will throw cards across the table. I would have to lose in bridge. I would win almost every hand and it makes him crazy and I win almost everything we do because I am a good card player. If I do not lose purposely he gets very angry. So, when I am with him, just being in contact with him and then seeing him just changed that look towards violence. It would spur it up in me and of course some of those toxins would go and I would have to leave the house or the room or go somewhere else just to relieve and expel it. You are going to go through that kind of a detoxification too – emotional detoxifications.

Now, to reduce the anxiety that you will experience during those phases, cut fruit out because it will imbalance the sugar level. If you want to reduce an emotional stress when you are going through an emotional detoxification, cut out fruit. Cut out fruit – anything with high sugar. Tomatoes are fine. There is very little carbohydrate in a tomato.

G: What can I do before hand, if I go off the diet for Thanksgiving? … because I am going to have a few beers?

A: Karl wants to know what he can do to mitigate his violations during the Thanksgiving era. Yes, poisons and enjoying it temporarily! Umm. I hate giving people those things because then they do it more often. I would rather them to just go ahead and suffer, so they know what is really going on. That is my desire, but I am going to go ahead and give you the information and then you can make an intelligent choice about. Lots of proteins and fats before you go and eat something like that. The day before stay away from fruit and have lots of meat; various kinds of meat – fowl, red meat and the seafood… lots of fat the day before and that day. Eat and eat. And if you want to become a bulimic for the day, that is your best way out. If you do not then the next few days you better eat a lot of eggs and a lot more fat and protein afterwards.

G: I have business meeting where we go to sometimes eat food. I have as much meat as I can eat two hours before I eat the cooked meal along with a couple of raw eggs. After the cooked meal more raw eggs.

A: That way you are not as hungry, so you do not glut as much on the bad food. It provides lots of proteins and fats to bind with all the toxins. So, you will minimize the amount that will store in the tissues and the glands.

G: And the beer?

A: There is no way out of that one unless you have lots of fats in the blood. Lots of the eggs. That is the best thing you can do. That is a good solid cholesterol that will collect the alcohol. Lots of eggs if you do alcohol. Because alcohol is one of the most destructive foods you could eat. It damages liver cells –

G: Adding lime?

A: It does not matter – the alcohol is dangerous.

G: I do massage therapy. What would you recommend for massage oils?

A: Olive oil and peanut oil, as long as it is the Spectrum peanut oil that is light yellow in color. I got on the phone about a month ago with this woman and said we had these red peanuts now. It is bullshit. I went and investigated and checked on it. Red peanuts do not give an amber cast; it is a pink cast. An amber cast is from toasted peanuts. The yellow peanut oil is the one to get – not the amber color.

Also, if you have severe soreness and illness do not let anybody do deep massage on you – very gentle touch.

G: What about shiatsu?

A: If you are ailing you are already detoxifying to a huge extent and you will just create more toxins coming out and you may not be able to keep up with all of it. It is better not to have shiatsu but light sensual massage; energetic massage.

G: I heard that hemp oil is supposed to be really good?

A: Hemp oil cannot be pressed under 176 degrees. Everybody is trying to jack up a new product. It does not work.

G: Regarding the helping the elimination with four oz. of carrot juice and four oz. of olive oil: can that be done weekly, or often? And when you do it should you lighten up on your whole body regular diet?

A: Four oz. of carrot of juice and four oz. olive oil is to have bowel movements; it is a pusher. It is not good and is not a healthy thing to do very often. Sometimes it will flush the liver and the gallbladder. Sometimes it will dump bile, but mainly it is to have a bowel movement – the tough hard way. I do not suggest that people do that except in emergencies. That is an emergency situation. If you want to correct the bowels and have some nice movements take some raw milk and set it out until it clabbers – two to three days. Not until it becomes cottage cheese – that means that you should not see the translucency of the clabbered milk – it has to be solid in thickness, or like yogurt. Then you take an enema bulb syringe and get on all fours and bark like a dog. Insert it and stay on your knees and with your hands and face on the floor and role your stomach for about three to four minutes to get it to move up the descending colon to the transverse colon. Then lie on your right side for another three to four minutes, roll your stomach again and that will get it to move down here. Now you hold that. You do not go to the bathroom right afterwards. It is not to have an instant bowel movement; it is not an enema. It is there to give your bacteria in your colon, which should be three to five lbs. of bacteria, something to feed on that is not toxic. When you get constipated, most often your fecal matter is too toxic for bacteria to feed on and sponge it out. So, what happens is that it does not feed on it at all and it collects marble shaped fecal mater that is like granite and will rip you to pieces if you move it. Bacteria feed on it and sponge it out. If bacteria can not feed on it, they cannot push it out. If you do the implant – clabbered milk implant – it gives the bacteria something to feed on. So they will push out that toxic matter; little hardened balls will be somewhere within that hardened matter. It may not be the most comfortable bowel movement, but at least you will be moving properly.

G: Do you remove the cream from the milk before you clabber it?

A: Absolutely not. There are some bacteria that need the fat.

G: If you do this olive oil-carrot juice do you lighten up your diet the next day?

A: No, you should probably eat more meat. Now, doing that implant with people that have chronic constipation only have to do it about once every ten days max. Once a month may be appropriate. And after you have been on the diet a while you may not have constipation problems. But, then all of a sudden after you start detoxing like this … I started detoxing chemotherapy at the same time. So, I started getting constipated. I do not have to do the implant, but I can just drink more of the clabbered milk or hi-meat which I have let rot which has the bacteria in it. So, I can do it that way without doing the implant. So, there are different ways to do it.

G: The concept of fat from the detoxification… obviously pasteurized butter; even if it is organic, it is still a toxic solvent.

A: Lots of lipid peroxides.

G: When one cannot get access to raw butter is there an order of preference to the most favorable of the raw fats?

A: Coconut cream.

G: Over animal fats?

A: No, you should have both whether it is cheese, milk or the cream off the top of the milk. You should have it all, but coconut cream will be your supplement because it is the only fat that I know that can do what the butter does – that is getting deep into the tissues; deep into the lymph system; the joints; the bones.

You have to run the coconut meat through the juicer. If you eat the pulp it will turn almost every bit of it into a solvent. For some reason, that pulp contains enzymatic reactions. If you take that dry pulp after you have juiced it and rub it into your hands, your hands will get dry like you have rubbed dirt and clay in it – solid dry. But, if you take coconut cream and put it on your hands it will not do that. So, if you eat the whole coconut it is more likely to dry you out and cause a solvent reaction with the fats once it has leached them. So, if you take the coconut meat and run it through a juicer and get the coconut cream out of it, that is what you are after.

G: Without the water?

A: You can mix the coconut water in the milk.

G: What source of water do you recommend since the tap water is contaminated with fluoride – besides distilling it?

A: I do not drink water. I drank three to four oz. of water in the last ten days. In the summer I might drink half a cup of water. I drink Gerolsteiner, Perrier, Pellegrino, Ramlosa – any one of those that are natural carbonated. The ones that are not carbonated are Evian; Volvic.

A lot of them add carbonation. What you do is have a carbon gas pocket above the water. What they do is run two lines – one from the carbon and one from the water and they shoot them in the bottle together. Perrier only used to use a small amount of carbon and they just jacked it up and it is still the natural carbon from the well. It is not a chemically manufactured carbon like Calistoga and some of the others.

G: Do you want the carbonation?

A: Like I said in the book: you do not need it. When I checked people’s blood who had the carbonated water, it increases nitrogen in their intestines and increases oxygen in the blood.

G: My friend is traveling and she is away from home. She has an infection in her tooth and she was scared and the doctor thought she needed a root canal – she was in so much pain. So, she took the pain formula, but what else can she use?

A: That is probably the second worst pain in the world – dental pain. It is a problem because it takes a long time to get into the roots and the bones. The latest pain formula from the book is two eggs; five level tbsp. of bee pollen; one tsp. honey; one and a half tbsp. of lemon juice; three to four oz. of either raw cream, raw coconut cream or raw butter. Blend that together for 30-50 seconds and then eat a one inch by one inch by three inch slice of cheese as you drink it. And that usually mitigates it. Now, someone who is having dental pain may have to have two of those a day. And that may not do it by itself. When I went through my pain I had to have protein – I had to stay completely away from fruits. So, I did not eat eggs unless it was with meat - to make sure it did not get made into a solvent - and that would mitigate my pain until it was bearable.

G: What to do if I am always cold? A: People with extremely cold extremities: the best thing to do is to have fats and meats together and then ten minutes later have a tbsp. of honey. I used to be the same way with blood and bone cancer; I used to wear gloves when it got down to 50-55 degrees. Now, if I had that mixture 20 minutes later I would be perspiring.

G: You know my daughter has Crohn’s?

A: I have dealt with many Crohn’s disease. It is an easy process. Crohn’s is chronic inflammatory bowel disease and it is usually wasting away – people get very thin like an Auschwitz victim and then die. It can be handled on this diet, but it is very specific and not easy for a young girl to do. If she keeps on the drugs it will make it worse and worse. Go to www.rxlist.com and put murrain in on the search list and go ‘warning and side effects’ and look them up and you will see how nasty it is. There are specific things to do for that. If she came to me I could see specifically what her problems were. That is the only way I would know specifically for her. There can be about eight different stimulus or direct causes for the IBS. That is a specific problem.

G: What about AIDS?

A: That is a long explanation. It is a man-made virus. In the late 50’s and early 60’s UCLA took the lymphoma virus from a sheep and the leukemic virus from a bovine and spliced the two together to create cancer in laboratory animals, so they could study cancer. The military turned around and used it as possible biological warfare and they used experiments in the unfavorable population – homosexual communities. So, they put it in the Hepatitis B vaccine. And they used it in area where there was a high concentration of homosexuals who used a lot of drugs and got hepatitis. 90% of those who got hepatitis in the 70’s and 80’s were homosexuals, so they figured 10% lost on the heterosexuals was okay. And that is how it was used. And Dr. Strecker who was hired by an insurance company to investigate AIDS found this out and gave it to his brother who was an attorney. He went to a senator and they were both dead in three months when they started subpoenaing the war department for its records. They have notes, but according to the family none of them were suicidal.

I have three clients who had polio as youngsters and had heavy chemicals. Their lymphatic system seemed to get very congested and very blocked, so it looks like severe lymphatic damage. Even mutation of the lymphatic system. So do whatever you can to clean out the lymphatic system which is lots of coconut cream mixed with everything and anything.

I tell everybody who comes to me to get fat. Get 25-30 lbs overweight and then take it off like changing oil in a car. The fat goes in and leaches out the fat and then you drop it just like the oil in a car. It collects the carbons and the shavings and you dump it. Women, because you are so vain – 12-15lbs okay. But, I would rather you go up 20-25 lbs and then take it off. James can do it in three to six weeks. He can put the 30lbs on and then take it off.

G: How does he take it off?

A: The weight loss program is an individual thing. I will give you three specific weight loss programs. After you gain all the weight you start a diet of minimal food. You start off with a cup of vegetable juice. Then you wait until you are very hungry – not stupid hungry or irritable hungry – but very hungry then you have one egg, rocky style. I do not want to hear wipe-outs here.

G: Can I whip it with something?

A: No. Straight, raw egg, down. Then when you get hungry again you have another vegetable juice and you do that all day long – until you go to sleep. So, it is: juice-egg-juice-egg-juice-egg-juice. Then, ready for bed. Some people only get through two eggs a day and some only get through three a day. The next day it is: juice and a golf-ball sized amount of meat. So, it is: juice-meat-juice-meat-juice-meat – the same thing. The next day it is juice meat again. So, it is one day with the egg and juice and two days with the meat and juice. Then you are back to the egg and juice again. Two days with the meat and juice. And you continue that for as long as it takes you to drop that weight. And then you get to gorge again on this delicious fatty food.

G: You told me to eat a few more bites after I am not hungry.

A: Well, you are not as thin as these guys were. What I told them was that if you are not vomiting you are eating. Because this is all raw food, so you do not have to worry about immobilizing digestibility. I eat tremendous amounts before I go to bed or else I will not sleep my four and a half hours; I gorge myself with meat and fat before I go to sleep otherwise I will only sleep two or two and a half hours and then I am up and ready to go again. I can not get up to 30 lbs. over weight anymore – it is impossible for me to do it. Maybe if I had butter available again I could do it but right now I have not been able to do it. So, I get about 15-20 lbs. over and then I can take it off. For me, it takes about six to eight weeks to put it on and six to eight weeks to take it off. That is only because I do not lose it as fast; I do not hold to [inaudible]. I will eat a little bit more because I have to work all the time. So, I will eat a little bit more meat and a little bit more egg than normal. I will have about two golf-ball sizes the amount of meat or two eggs when I am doing the cycle, so it takes a little bit longer. If I do strictly to the diet that I gave I would probably have it off in four weeks.

The second one that I notice that I give to a lot of people is: juice-egg-juice-meat-juice-egg day. The next day I give: juice-meat-juice-egg-juice. You know one day you will start with the egg after the juice and one day you will start with the meat after the juice. Some people are so toxic and their lymphatic system is so congested that I will have them eat two days of the egg and then two days with the meat. Or, one day with the meat and two days with the egg, depending upon – but that is an individual thing for those weight loss programs.

G: Over the last year and a half I have not seen Aajonus but I did [inaudible] and a lot of honey – maybe a cup a day – and tons of milk products which are my favorites and it did a lot of good for my body. Now, I have to lose the weight and I have problems because when I make the juice - if I do not have honey in the house… I cannot resist eating that honey, then I take some milk with it, so I am not losing the weight. Can you make the juice without the honey daily, or something?

A: Yes, you can. If you make it daily you do not need the honey with it.

G: Should you be drinking milk with the weight loss?

A: Only one glass every three to four days to calm you down. When you are not eating as much, there is a tendency to just to get too many toxins in the blood at one time, so having a little cup of milk every three to four days just helps the body relax a little bit.

G: I just wonder what the deal is with cellulite? How do you make it go away?

A: Cellulite! Your good buddies. Cellulite is a collection of fats that have chelated with toxins. They may have one toxin like a mercury toxins or a toxin from Novocain. It takes 30-50 fat molecules to bind with one molecule of toxicity. It collects, hardens, and dries out if you do not have the wherewithall to get rid of it. If you are not eating raw fats with lots of enzymes, and you have lipid peroxides involved, you are not going to be able to dissolve that toxicity, so it just collects. They just keep collecting together and then they form these little round balls. And then when you go on this diet it starts breaking it down. It swells them up for a little period, so it exaggerates them so it is even worse and then they go away. And, then they swell up again and go away because it has to dissolve from the outside just as though it were a tumor. But, it is very hardened fat.

G: I do not think men have it?

A: Yes they do. Certain men with high adrenaline and high testosterone burn up so much fat that men do not think they have fat. There are a lot of men who have cellulite.

G: Well they have a lot less then girls?

A: Yes, but women’s bodies are more hormonally active.

G: Is there anything to do to move that along?

A: Yes, lots of coconut cream – that is the best solvent to get rid of it.

G: Body brushing?

A: No, body brushing scrapes, scars and scratches skin cells. Body scraping is not a good thing unless you have incredibly healthy skin. If you look at your skin under a microscope after brushing you will see that it is scratched as if I were to take my nails and go like this. You would see scratches on the cells. And bleeding and seeping. So, I do not suggest that.

G: Air purifiers?

A: Someone asked about that and I have not done any recent experiments on that since 1972. So I can not speak of them. Back then I said they were not good because they solidified the toxicity in the air and it was like a neutron reaction where they shot into the nearest solid object. So, you would get walls – if you put one of those in a room for a week and you took the pictures away, the walls were black except where the picture was. I understand from other people who use it that it does not happen anymore. But I do not know the process. But, ozone causes oxygenation of anything that is in the air, which destroys bacteria in the air, which is not a good thing.

It is true in very few cases. I have not found the super person who is completely mutated who can take care of all the toxins eaten by cooked food. Some people, some men have tremendous hormone levels, testosterone, adrenaline. You know what happens if you have a tiny speck, drop of pure adrenaline in your blood? You could go lift a car. Men secrete these kinds of hormones. Some women – very few and they feel mighty. They feel they are not affected by anything because this adrenaline makes them feel so good that they are not suffering. If those glands break down, they go into chronic fatigue and they are the biggest babies in the world. And they go through the worst symptoms possible. Some people will of course suffer more than others. I had blood and bone cancer. I suffered terribly in the joints in the detoxification process. Let’s say you have not stored toxicity in your bones, bone marrow and cartilage as I did. You will not suffer there. You may suffer somewhere else and not as badly as I. So, there is always suffering whether it is just colds or flus. Still colds and flus are suffering. Some people may get colds and flus. Some people may get pneumonia and some one else may get spinal meningitis, depending upon their condition. But, there are always detoxes. I have never seen anyone who does not go through something. Mr. Superman went a year and a half without any problem at all. He was great until it hit him. He is a big baby.

But it is temporary. You just have to focus on getting through those symptoms. Doing whatever you can to mitigate your suffering at the moment. Use hot water bottles, floating in water – anything - eating the proper things. I do everything to mitigate the suffering and then get through it. So, it is every moment at a time. Not every day at a time but every moment at a time when you are suffering like that. If it is a cold or a flu, you can just go to sleep – wonderful. But, I do not suffer nicely like that. Chemo and radiation has screwed up my body. Bacteria and virus do not grow easily in my body. I can not get parasites because of all that toxicity still in my system.

G: Is there a rainbow at the end? Is there a different quality of life after each detoxification?

A: Yes. Let’s say there is a severe detoxification like I had spinal meningitis for the first time in 1977 after I began eating beef. Probably a year after I began eating beef I got spinal meningitis. I went into pneumonia and one time I was coughing six hours straight. I could not stop. I could not move. Every time I moved I had a migraine headache which just expanded my head. I was in a New York style apartment at the time and the neighbors upstairs, downstairs and on the sides were knocking on my door with bottles of antibiotics because they could not sleep. And I refused them. One time they called the paramedics after that six hour jag. The paramedics heard me coughing, coughing and coughing. They were banging on the door and about ready to break it down, so I said: “Get the hell out of here. I just have the flu. I am just going through some coughing.” So they left. You just have to get through whatever you are going through. It is endurance and trust; trust that the body will always do what it needs to do.

Tape 2

G: Before I started the diet I used to get pneumonia about every year or two. After about a year on the diet I started coughing and that coughing lasted off and on for about a year… chest colds off and on for a year. After that year I have not had a chest cold since and I have not had pneumonia since and my chest has actually gotten larger.

A: Some people will go through it more often beyond that year.

G: Rahman wanted me to ask about his constant mucus.

A: Rahman needs a kick in the ass. Rahman eats off the diet – lots of bread. Pretty much the diet – 80%.

G: He said in the last six weeks he has not had any bread or any cereal because of the conversation I had with him.

A: Well, he is also a carpenter and a builder so until up to a week ago he did not use a mask when he was doing wall boarding, or sawing, or anything. He is going to be bringing that stuff up for years. Of course he needs lots of eggs and lots of milk together to create more mucus to get it up.

G: Is it a bad thing to swallow the mucus like that when it comes up?

A: No – it is usually locked but at least your body will not have to process it when you are expectorating it.

G: Rahman sneezes probably 50 times a day.

A: Well he has got all those poisons all the time in his sinuses. It is built into the tissues and he is dry.

G: What about that wheat germ that they had at the Expo?

A: It is not pressed.

G: They sell it in packages?

A: Wheat germ is a hull. It takes a vegetarian animal or bird to digest it properly. You will get very little from it. It is very sensitive to oxygen.

G: Raw herbs? You mentioned that that was a topic of research and investigation?

A: I have not had a farm or an environment to do it. I will need a clinic when I do that.

G: Could you do a recap on how to make the high meat?

A: High meat means culturing meat. You can not rot meat unless it is cooked.

G: It sounds good?

A: Rotten meat is a misnomer. What we want to do is culture bacteria in meat. So, what that does is create a nice wellbeing. Like I say: if your body is using the solvent process it does not have help. The more bacteria and virus you add can assist the body so the body can relax a little bit and be happy and does not have to do all the detoxification on its own. To culture your meat you need a jar that is twice the size the amount of meat that you are going to put in the jar. Then you put a lid on it and let it sit three to four days. Every three to four days you take it out of the refrigerator. You take it outside of the house and you waft it in the air and then put the lid back on and take it back in the house. If you open it after a few weeks in the house your house is going to stink like a very bad fart or bowel movement. I have experimented with it on the counter, but it ages too fast. And in my experiments I like people to only have it once a week for a period of time. Some people tried having it two to three times a week. We will find out the results of that over a long period of time.

G: What is the benefit of eating meat that is a few days old?

A: Very little bacteria.

G: How many days do you have it in the refrigerator before you do a little wafting?

A: Every three to four days. Then you can start taking it after three and a half to four weeks. And then you can take it up to six months. I have taken some up to a year old. I took several jars of meat with fish, chicken and beef. I put them in jars and did not open them for a solid year and they did not decay at all in glass jars – not even any bad odors. But, when I opened them a week later the smell had gone after that.

G: How much and how often?

A: A marble sized amount once a week.

G: That bubbly water does not quench my thirst but makes me bloated, but a sip of the Trinity water that you can get at the health food stores totally quenches my thirst?

A: The Trinity water is toxic.

G: But, I need plain water when I am thirsty. The bubbly water just does not quench my thirst.

A: That means water is really toxic for you. You’re like me. Water makes me dehydrated and dry, so I have to stick with milk and juices. You are one of those people who does not do well with water.

G: And then when I am bloated a little cheese with the vegetable juice is good, right?

A: Occasionally.

G: Why is Trinity toxic?

A: Because it is treated water – electrically treated water. They treat it with some kind of electric current. It is like gator-aid – they say it is ion active. It is a chemical process. You can make natural chlorine with an electrical machine. You can force an electrical formaldehyde in water with certain electrical currents. That is the thing with [inaudible] water; it creates a formaldehyde. It is toxic. It is an electrically produced chemical. It is not natural and it is not healthy.

G: So, if I am sweating a lot during exercise I should drink milk and juice?

A: Yes. If you are sweating a lot you should be drinking a lot of celery juice.

G: You said that eggs turn into a solvent at times. Are the eggs okay for me even with the radiation?

A: You need those eggs to bind with the radioactive acids and the cancer acids.

G: And the ones Rocky style are better for me?

A: Yes.

I do not like the liver shakes either. I cannot eat it either – it is blending milk with liver. My girlfriend loves it that way and other people do to. I just take the liver and put it in a food processor with some red onions and make a pate. And it digests very easily that way.

G: Why is the liver so strong? Is that because it is a detoxifier?

A: No, it is because it is 60-80% fats. I never use veal liver because the veal livers they normally use are very anemic because they water down the milk and keep them in tents where they never move. Now with the Coleman calves they do not do that too but I have never been able to get the Coleman liver except on rare occasions.

I do not buy any liver from Whole Foods. I only buy it from Wild Oats. Whole Foods carries Manning’s Beef and Manning liver and Manning’s feeds their cattle 15% bakery waste, which are stale donuts. Wild Oats carries Harris liver or Coleman’s liver. They are mainly grass and grain feed. I called and talked with the distributor of Vintage meats. He said that they used to own Manning’s and they got out of business with them because they started feeding them 15% bakery waste and stuff like that. So, this fellow is very respectable and saying that it is the same quality as Coleman’s, but I have not been able to get a hold of the owner because he is on vacation. I am saying do not eat Manning’s meat.

G: Activated Charcoal. What do you think about that?

A: Charcoal is a burned substance. If you were a plant you could eat it. Milk works better. If you have been poisoned you could use clay. You heard about that guy that ate an amount of arsenic that could kill about five people? Before he did it he ate a large size amount of bentonite clay. So, he ate - drank - the arsenic and got into the Guinness book and did not tell anybody how he did it until he died. Then he left the information behind him. That is how he did it: he ate that clay.

G: Where can you get it?

A: If you go to any pottery store you can get it and it will not be treated. As long as they say they are not for internal ingestion then you can eat them. If they say they are for internal use then they have been pasteurized or steamed to destroy those bacteria in them. Then they do not have that effect. Aztec healing clay is sun dried – sometimes up to 135-140 degrees, but that is still okay because once the water hits clay it does not resist until the temperature is 150.

G: Now, the other question I wanted to ask was about the eggs: now, the Lilly eggs are the only ones that are pasture feed?

A: They are only pasture feed.

G: Okay, they are never refrigerated?

A: They are never refrigerated.

G: If I buy the ones at the grocery store you just take them out the refrigerator?

A: Yes.

G: Will I lose anything?

A: You will lose a little bit, but they will regain a little after you let them sit. If you eat them right away it takes 24-48 hours to build up the bacteria up again. The only requirement in LA County and the state of California is that they refrigerate them from the packing house to the store.

G: And Lilly’s too?

A: No, Lilly does not go through that network. It is sold at farmers markets, so it does not go through that. But, for the regular it goes from the packing house to the stores the first time they are refrigerated. So, if you know when they get the eggs in then you get there as soon as possible.

G: What about the variety of colors?

A: That is the chicken itself.

G: What about the green ones? They are a lot more expensive.

A: They are exotic chickens.

G: Not one is better than another?

A: No.

G: Do you eat the green eggs?

A: Yes.

G: Do you have a suggestion of how to assist the growth of a child who is growing slowly?

A: I had one infant who was one-year-old. She was considered between eight to nine months old in development only. She had an oversized liver and she was anemic. The doctors had been treating her for three months giving her liver supplements and all she did was get worse. So, I put her on the raw diet and in two months –

G: Now this little child – how were you going to get this little child to eat raw meats?

A: I took a golf-ball sized amount of meat and put it in front of her. I did not say anything to her – just put it in front of her. She started playing with it then she put it right in her mouth and ate it. She crawled on the floor, went over to the refrigerator opened it up and pointed to the package where I got the raw meat from. She did that every morning.

G: I know more kids who instinctively go right for that ground meat and eat it and their mother says no.

A: And in two months this child’s development was perfect. The development was beyond a year and two months and now she is a very advanced child. She had a sister who was four years old that would not do any of it.

G: Surgery and survival rate.

A: I have only been working with people who have had surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, for the past three and a half years. Right now the survival rate is 80%. Not 98% – it is down. It will take seven years for me to have a conclusive test study done and I predict it will be around 60%. Right now it is around 80%.

G: The book is very big so is there a particular section they should read?

A: They should read the whole thing. The first half of it is a story and it is very quick reading.

G: About the book: I found it was not satisfying in the areas that I wanted things to be cleared up on. You have done a lot of research yet a lot of these things are just asserted and there is no – I just wanted something more hard science. And a lot of people look at this and think it is a moving story, but how can I believe in this? I have a lot of faith in this diet, but I am still very skeptical and would like to investigate these more.

A: Do you know how long that book was before it was edited? Twice the size. So, it is coming out in the next three books.

G: When are those coming out?

A: The recipe book will be coming out around March 1st. Then there will be a question-answer book which will have more of that information in it. And, I am basically going to direct people toward the scientific evidence; I am not going to throw it out again except in particular instances. I am just going to give information that you can get normally about this diet and how it works and cite more bibliographies than I did last time.

There was a person who had a retarded nervous system. It took him three to five minutes to say a simple sentence. Now he is normal.

The question was that he was going into a retreat in Florida next year for three months and it will be six days of intensive work out with one day off. I suggested that on his day off he find a dairy or spend that extra day ordering stuff that he can’t get. Ordering the cheese.

G: You can also search the web – dairy goat associations - and you will find people in almost every state who have dairy goat farms.

A: Just go there and persuade them to give it to your sick animal. Just do not tell them you are the sick animal.

G: My question is about egg shells: should we put them in with our smoothie?

A: No. In the experiments I have done with egg shells it takes a gizzard to break them down. We do not do it well. I found a lot of cellular bleeding and a lot more blood in the stools when eating egg shells. Dogs have a hydrochloric acid which can melt it down. Dogs do okay with eggs but we do not. There are some tribes that can do it but they take lemon or lime and dissolve it first but I have even found that dissolving the egg shells it still creates lacerations in the intestines. If you want to put extra minerals in your food, grow some plants – let’s say some celery or parsley - put lots of egg shells in your compost and put that in there and it will put concentrated minerals to your vegetable juice.

G: I want to say that Hilarion recommends that you take a Cal/Mg source after your smoothie.

A: Theoretically, that is a good idea but most people do not digest nuts. There is an enzyme suppressant in all nuts. So the formula I gave which breaks that down which is: four oz. of nuts (pecans, walnuts, filberts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds) – any one of those or any combination of all six of them. Blend them to a powder. Blend one to two eggs; two tbsp. of honey, three to four oz. of cream, raw coconut cream, butter, of the Spectrum peanut oil which is light yellow in color. Blend that for about 30-50 seconds and there you will digest just about everything. That formula took me years to come up with that. It neutralizes the enzymatic suppressants in nuts without germinating them. Once you germinate them – soak them – you turn them into a vegetable, so you do not digest them very well. You are caught between a rock and a hard place. When you eat that formula it neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors in the nuts. If you germinate nuts like a lot of vegans do - and fruitarians do and a lot of instinctos do – it creates a vegetable molecule – more cellulose which we cannot break down. So, we are caught between a rock and a hard place. It took me about 11 years to create that formula before it would actually neutralize the enzyme inhibitors – walnuts, pecans, filberts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Lots of people who have AIDS need to eat red meat on this diet. They can eat anything on this diet. That may be on a cooked diet. I have had a lot of people who ate that diet come on to this diet because they did not do well on that diet, so I do not know to what efficacy it has. But, it does not have any relation to this diet. I have not worked with people on a cooked diet to know to what extent it works for them but on this diet it does not work.

G: I have read that enzymes do not survive past the acid in the stomach. I guess it was on the beyond vegetarian site.

A: They just break down and the pancreas reassembles them; they are not destroyed. They are just reassembled in the pancreas.

G: Last couple of years I have got cavities on a couple of my front teeth that are nearly gum line. Now, when I went and saw the dentist you recommended – Mark Harmon – he said to let them go and see what happens, but I think they have gotten a little worse and are growing in size. It is not enough to cause any problems, but what do I do about them?

A: Well, most decay comes from the inside out - not from the bacteria on the dentine, which is a big fallacy. If the doctors, dentist told you the truth reason for decay, which was internal – which was any toxin that you are drinking, any toxin that you are eating that comes from the inside out then you would have to do something other than having your teeth drilled. You would have to stop going to restaurants and eating the crappy food which is sold in the supermarkets. It would change society altogether so they do not point the finger to themselves. So, as far as that goes, that is toxicity leaving. If you have mercury or something in your bone and it is built into your tooth it is going to create decay and there is nothing you can do about it. Lots of people who have been on the diet and their cavities reverse. I have not had a cavity replaced even though I have had a filling pop out and Mark Harmon would check my cavities every six months. He would say they are not getting worse at all. And I have completely exposed areas of decayed teeth that I did not do a thing with and they have not degenerated anymore.

G: Do they fill in?

A: No. I have had people that have filled in, but I assumed that, since I had radiation and chemotherapy, that I am limited… and the surgery in the stomach. I am probably more limited than most people.

G: Yeah, but it sounds like what you are saying is that if this thing grows, and this is a detox, that I may lose a tooth and I do not want to lose a tooth.

A: Let’s say that you have that decay drilled out and filled. And you still have some other poison or mercury to come out. It is still going to decay around the new filling. And what is going to happen is that it is going to create more decay. If it can keep pushing out the decay that is already there then what will happen is the decay will keep falling off – just like dead skin falling off.

G: So, it is an outlet for it?

A: … because you have all these kinds of veins in teeth and they have secretive areas. Once you cut them off you have to find a different outlet.

G: I guess I should find out if it is growing or just staying the same.

A: It does not matter if it is growing. If it growing it is because there is already some poison in the bone. It is up to you whether you want to deal with the dark look of it.

G: No, it is not dark yet. It is not really visible to the eye if you look at it. But I lift my gum line and I can see a tiny little spot.

A: I have had lots of those and they have reversed and grown back.

G: Do you recommend having mercury fillings removed?

A: All mercury fillings [should be] removed at some point by some dentist who uses a dam.

G: Who?

A: There are lots of dentists, but I can not give them out because I do not have the information with me.

G: When I first started the diet three years ago, I was eating a ton of fat: a quarter to half a pound of butter, including the cheese and the cream [per day]. What I am finding now is that if I do not eat as much fat - because if I do I get really tired or I have a detox reaction - so I am listening to my body and not eating as much fat. My question is: am I going to be slowing my process down? Should I override that intuition to limit the fat intake?

A: You heard me say it: if you are not vomiting, you are eating on the weight gain cycles. Push it, if you want to get faster to your health – get to health quicker. Because I have had people do it. Where is Richard Reed?

G: He is eating?

A: Now, there is a fellow who came to me about 1979 I believe it was – maybe ’78. He had all kinds of digestive problems. His hair was falling out. And I put him on a diet. And we were not eating a lot of meat at the time; I did not start eating meat on a daily basis until 1982. So, he improved. He stayed on the diet diligently but through all that time he never ate more than about a 1/3 of a lb. of meat a day. Over many, many years I could not persuade him to eat any more until a year ago. He got anemic and did not progress as well as everybody else does because he did not eat the amount of meat that I suggest - and for him it is about one and a half lbs. because he is over six feet tall. So, if you want to progress you have to eat.

G: Well, I am eating plenty of meat. I can eat one and a half lbs. of meat a day.

A: I was just giving the example of something he would not eat that I felt he should eat. When he went on the diet his hair color went from gray to red again. He got back his hair color.

G: Explain the difference between clay and why that is digestible and why the plant-based colloidal minerals would be toxic?

A: Very different. There is a very high activity of bacteria in the clay. It contains bodies like – which are not identical in nature to, but similar to - bone marrow. These cells in a clay can actually shape shift. They can turn into amoebas. They can turn into parasites. They can turn into any bacterial form that your body needs. Just like a bone marrow cell can become any cell in the body. It can completely change its identity to a liver cell.

G: But, the Clark mine water I think is clay.

A: The TJ Clark minerals: humic shale from Utah. It has been boiled in the sun at 140 degrees and was not a real clay bed; it was a salt water sea bed. And the salt water and high sodium content completely rips out any bacteria. If it were not salt water – mineral deposits were actually a clay bed – it would be different. A lot of people call it a clay bed when it is not an actual clay bed.

G: How does the diet repair the damage from psychotropic drugs?

A: Most of the clients I have who have been on psychotropic drugs [Inaudible] because they get so emotional – terribly emotional. To get them to eat cultured high meats is the best way to level them off and out of the panic stage. Sometimes it takes them a long time. On those clients, they have hung up on me many times when I have offered that as a solution. “You want me to eat rotten, stinky fowl meat?! You are crazy!” But when they do, it really works. That is the best way to get the body feeling better when it is not working on its own. The psychotropic drugs not only affect the nerve [inaudible, possibly axons] – they affect bacterial and viral levels. The body is left isolated on its own.

G: Does high fish help that?

A: High chicken; high fish – all of that.

G: Is high fish best for neurological problems?

A: No, because if you have too much of that too often it will cause neurological detoxes of those drugs that you have been taking for years. And that could cause problems. So, it is best to have a little bit of fish every other week but mainly have chicken high. Once in a while high eggs. Stick your eggs in the sun for about three to four days and when it is rotten and stinky eat it.

G: How can you stand the smell?

A: The smell is horrible, but it tastes really good. It actually tastes like what you have after you have chewed a hard boiled egg for a few minutes. It does not turn into a hallucinogenic, but it makes you feel really good.