High Blood-Pressure

What If You Have High Blood-Pressure While Transitioning Into Primal Diet?

My question would be on transitioning into the raw diet, which I'm doing and I've only been doing it for 3 or 4 weeks, I think. I've been doing eggs and some other things. I'm having some high blood pressure. It's almost like my blood gets thicker.

High blood pressure should be tolerated. High blood pressure is very necessary for most people who have either arterial congestion, or are overweight, or subject to certain toxins, including house molds. Since you are not overweight, you probably have congested arteries or something is toxic in your home or office.

High blood pressure makes blood move through our bodies properly when something interferes with or limits circulation. When you have high blood pressure and you slow blood pressure with medication or homeopathy, you're likely to cause clots because the blood is not moving fast enough through congested arteries. Excessive pressure on the blood stream from obesity requires high blood pressure to properly move the blood. Enjoy your high blood pressure.

If you have high blood pressure that is not disease-oriented from eating too much garlic or other spices, eating some grapefruit will provide the nutrients for your body to lower blood pressure. I suggest that you eat half of a grapefruit daily for 10 days. If that brings it down, then you simply lacked nutrients to lower blood pressure. If eating grapefruit does not help your body lower blood pressure, then your body needs high blood pressure. I think it's good for everyone to have high blood pressure for awhile at times. High blood pressure is important for many people over mid-forties and they may have high blood pressure for the rest of their lives because they do not care for themselves enough to make necessary changes in diet and environment.