How Bad Are MRIs?

Right now I am thinking of getting an MRI to see what is going on with a hip that hurts. I'm hoping the MRI is safe. Please give me your opinion.

An MRI uses 75,000 milligauss Electromagnetic field radiation (EMF). If a metal object, such as a spoon were to be in the room when they turn on the machine, the spoon would pass through the MRI machine and possibly injure you. MRIs cause internal free-radical metallic minerals in the body to pass through cellular walls like tiny bullets and cause much internal cellular bleeding. EMF-safety by present-day alternative scientists is 3 milligauss. They have observed that any EMF above 3 milligauss alters the molecular structure of animal cells.

An average household AC current inside the body of about one billionth of an amp per square centimeter (RMS) seems to be the conservative threshold for biological effects. Based on epidemiological studies, personal exposure to electromagnetic pollution should be avoided if it produces AC currents inside the body higher than the threshold level, of frequencies at or below 1000 cycles per second. An external household appliance magnetic field of 3 milligauss, or an electric field of 2.5 kilovolts/meter will produce approximately that threshold current inside the body.

Consider the consequences of driving a modern vehicle that exposes drivers to EMF of 35-100 milligauss as long as the car is operating. It creates substantial hyper-activity or fatigue, or hyperactivity followed by fatigue. Some people experience soreness in their legs, especially the leg operating the gas pedal where EMF is highest. Consider the fact that pilots who are exposed to EMF from 100-200 milligauss cannot fly more than a limited amount without considerable brain fog and fatigue.

Subtract 3 from 75,000 and consider the effects/ damage produced by 74,997 milligauss above safety. Imagine the particles of metals in your body darting around like bullets damaging cells. If you are already having a health issue, do you think that your body can withstand 15-25 minutes of bombardment with being scathed? What is your decision?

An alternative method of visual medical analysis can be obtained through ultrasound. It uses sound waves to map tissue density and is not as radical as radiation waves. The images are not as delineated and doctors may spend 20 minutes analyzing them rather than 2-5 minutes analyzing images from MRI.

Therefore, most medical doctors hate and refuse to use them because, to them, their time is more important than your health. Although much less harmful, ultrasound can damage the auditory capabilities of a fetus, impairing hearing. Therefore, if you are pregnant, it would be wise to avoid ultrasound and radiation exposure.

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