Resolving Early Morning Racing Mind

I'm looking at my sleeping cycles and I have a tendency in the mornings, just before I get up, for my mind to start racing. I'm wondering what fats and proteins you recommend for people who are early wakers with racing minds?

Usually, consuming raw fish and sea food with their high minerals are best to relax the body. Eating some cheese and a tiny bit of honey (4:1 ratio respectively) 30-40 minutes after eating raw meat will help relax the body. Like any dried food that is deficient in active bacteria and enzymes, cheeses do not digest well. However, when we add honey to cheese, we digest minerals, some proteins and fats, especially minerals. Food minerals when in raw food help our bodies relax themselves by protecting cells and binding with toxins that irritate cells.

If you feel disturbed and anxious when you awaken, you likely have lots of old toxic adrenaline in your system, or caustic toxins are irritating your nerve cells. I suggest that you have a nut formula at least once weekly, maybe twice weekly. Or, you could have half a nut formula one day and the remaining half the next day. That formula provides nutrients for our bodies to chelate with toxic adrenaline from tension or toxicity that sometimes stores in our bodies. Eating 1/2 tsp cheese without honey hourly can help chelate with caustic toxins irritating our bodies. Also, exercise utilizes excessive adrenaline that causes anxiety and stress.

Eating fish at least one hour before bedtime is optimal for relaxation. Consuming nut formula at least 3 hours prior to bedtime is optimal for relaxed sleep and waking. Red meats eaten to help sleep may cause the opposite: more energy. It may be best to eat raw eggs with raw red meat for better sleep and relaxation. For people who have good digestion, any of those foods mentioned herein may be eaten only 1 hour prior to bedtime. People with poor digestion, might want to eat those foods 2-4 hours prior to bedtime so that their bodies have enough time to digest, absorb, assimilate and utilize some of the nutrients in those foods. Except, of course, high meat will begin absorption, assimilation and utilization within 20 minutes and may be eaten 30 minutes before sleep. Bacteria in high meat predigest the meat; much like bacteria in raw milk predigest milk to become kefir and yogurt.