Is It True You Eat Buckets Of Cow Dung?

There is a very interesting website that states you eat fecal matter from Organic Pastures Dairy by the buckets. Is that true?

People take my stories, like the above urine and feces in reservoir water, and invent the craziest of stories. Fecal matter tastes like overly cooked vegetables; a diet I detested as a child and still do. I utilize it only remedially. Even with my unusual dietary approach, people should be a little more cautious of irrational gossip.

I have suggested the consumption of fecal matter for several health conditions, which are psychotropic illness, seemingly irreversible cancers and severe indigestion, non-assimilation and mal- absorption. When I suggested that someone eat fecal matter for any of the above named conditions, I suggested that they acquire the bowel of an animal with its contents intact wherein bacteria is preserved and relatively bioactive. It is a true probiotic and works 100 times better than any probiotic supplement on the market.

As far as acquiring feces from a dairy farm, I have told people consistently that when fecal matter sits in the sun and/or air, its bacteria is dehydrated and neutralized. Maybe if you captured a fresh dump and consumed it relatively soon, you would get lots of probiotic-rich substance. Or you dug deep into a fecal patty that had been dropped within an hour, you might find some warm active bacteria but you would have to eat it within minutes to make it worthwhile.

When debating the subject of and supporting the eating of fecal matter, we should consider that fecal matter from herbivores is predigested. It requires very little digestion for any animal that would eat it. If other animals who do not have digestive systems to digest vegetable matter eat herbivore-feces, they will be able to digest considerable amounts of predigested protein and fats that they cannot normally get from vegetation.

Some tribes who lack animal protein because of deforestation thrive on fecal matter. Although not an appealing gourmet diet to me and most "civilized" people, it certainly provides nutrients necessary for vibrant health. If we eat for health rather than taste, who will enjoy better health?

However, I enjoy eating my raw dairy, meats and eggs and do not need to eat feces except rarely, remedially.