Q&A Of May 2, 2004


For those who don't know, I was in an automobile accident 33 days ago. Some teenager was driving without his lights. I was in the 3rd seat of an RV, and I was harnessed this way, and there was a teenager driving without his lights in another RV and hit us broad side. He was going about 50 mph. We were going about 25; flipped us over, hit us so hard that the harness of course, went that way and I went this way and my head went through the window and I had a fractured skull and the shoulder - because I was seat belted - the shoulder came down and hit the panel; broke the clavicle, and the collar bone, the clavicle went all the way through my muscles into my neck and back, and broke 2 ribs here. How the ribs got broken, I am not quite sure. We rolled but I went unconscious as soon as my head went through, so I was out for about 40 minutes, and they pried the doors open to get us out.

So that was 33 days ago. I can lift, move, and do everything in just 33 days. They said it would probably be a year and a half before I would be able to move my arms like this. The pain lasted for 30 days and after 30 days it was gone, and diminished during the time. The ribs were painful; what happen is if you don't get a caste, the body will build a caste. It will cast and calcify for a while and hold the bone in place. It was large at first and as the bone seals, the caste gets smaller and smaller. . I wore a brace for the first 36 hours. When I got out the of car I saw them breaking all the other windows to get me out. I was in such pain, they could see I had a back injury or neck injury, so they started to jack hammer. I weaseled my way out. I was in and out of consciousness; I was seeing things that weren't there.

It was a pretty bad concussion, so when I got out of the car, and stood up, nothing was in place, so they put me on a stretcher and strapped me with shoulder and neck down to the hospital. When I got there I realized I had to get my wits about me, knowing what they might do. So I didn't tell them anything about the head injury. I just covered it up with my hair, cleaned the blood out quickly so they couldn't see it. Because I didn't want to them doing something if they thought I didn't understand,. One injection could be put me out and they could do anything, so I wanted to prevent that. When I got there I got off the gurney as soon as I could, because if you are on a gurney they're going to start doing anything they want to

So I got in a wheelchair, it was pretty painful, the shoulder and ribs were very painful. So I told the radiologist, you've got 2 shots and that's it. You get 2 pictures from x ray. That's all you've got so you better make it work. So they did and found the 2 bones broken here, and they were all in place, so I didn't have to have any work done, so I went back to the hotel and went to sleep for 36 hours.

The people who were showing me the property I was looking at to build a health center in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand - some of them were in the accident. They had their girlfriends and wives who stayed with me in the hotel at my side for the 36 hours. One of the women who found the property for me from Chang Mai - 600 miles away - had flown there to help show me the land. She was in the back seat with me during the accident; she had a severe concussion, and went blind for a while. She is somewhat restored now but she goes in and out of energy, she can't drive, she is still in pretty bad shape. She took all that medication to not go into seizure, and to keep the brain from swelling which means you don't remove... [see next sentence for continuity]:

If you don't have the swelling, you don't get the extra nutrients into the brain to remove the bruised tissue, brain tissue, so basically you are creating a center for degeneration - cancer in the brain. She was there for the health center I was about to build, but she doesn't have a clue about the diet. And it freaked her out that I wasn't letting the doctors take a look at my head. At 6 am the morning after the accident, she got on an airplane to leave. That is a dangerous thing to do with the high altitude - with a brain injury. The altitude causes expansion, so she could have had a seizure.

I waited 36 hours before I got on a plane and went back to Bangkok, where I knew I could get everything I wanted. I have patients there - people who supply everything I want, except the coconut cream, which usually you can find in Thailand everywhere. I needed fats. I had enough butter with me; I took 15 pounds of butter with me for half a pound a day.

When food gets irradiated at the airport, you have to ask for the food to be hand scanned and not x-rayed. I call over a manager before I get into the line. You need a doctor's letter saying your food is your medication. There is a law on the TSA website that says you can bring food or medication with a doctors letter; they don't know it so you have to inform them - TSA agents are usually just hired off the street, usually out of prison – to go to Tsa.gov to find law that allows food, under screening section of website, and look for medications, screening, hand checking, stuff like that.

I take enough meat for 24 to 36 hours on the airplane, because it takes 24 hours to get from LA to Bangkok. If you're going to take a big load of food like i did - I took 30 pounds of butter, because I was taking 15 to a father and son who were on the diet - I put it in a styrofoam box, with ice packs with the 30 pounds of butter. If you get an E ticket, and you check in with the porters outside, they will hand inspect so it never goes through radiation. If the food goes through x-ray one time it's not bad but several times is bad. I can't afford it because I had radiation therapy, intense weeks of it, even though it was 36 years ago. If my food goes through radiation I get nauseous. The x-ray puts radiation in the food. Ok that's that, lets get into q and a.

Q: For someone new to the Primal Diet, whats the best thing to start eating?

A: In the recipe book I give several plans for what the best cycle plan is for your body, starting with the vegetable juice to get the enzymes and vitamins and minerals going in the body which will alkalinize the blood after a long period of sleep - because after 5 hours out blood becomes cannibalistic and becomes very acid after 5 hours, so I recommend that people set an alarm, wake themselves after 5 hours and eat an egg or something, and go back to sleep. Even if they do that, they still should have a vegetable juice, to alkalinize and get the digestion system going with enzymes and vitamins. Then the next meal should be about an hour from that and should be a meat meal. This is very important because that determines what food is going to run through your body, your lymph system and nervous system. If you eat any foods that are high in carbohydrates - including milk - you are going to create a lot of advanced glycation end products. At 70 to 80 % and that will make the blood and lymph and the neurological systems sticky, so cells and their transmissions become very sluggish. Also it will cause a hyper-activeness, and unclear thinking. So if you go for fruit, smoothie, or even milk - anything like that with high carbohydrates - will be too much sugar and will make those systems sticky. If you have the meat as your first solid meal, the body makes pyruvate as the sugar, and that's only a 7 to 8 % by-product of advanced glycation end products, instead of 70 to 80 % which carbohydrates have. So its a very clean sugar product. So the brain functions very nicely, you will be calmer, more direct, more focused through your whole day. Save your fruit for the afternoon, somewhere between 2 and 5 pm. The you go back into the meat again. But if you are a diabetic or have hypoglycemia, then you want an afternoon meat meal, so instead of 2 meat meals a day you have 3.

Q: what about yeasts?

A: Yeasts are there to eat all the advanced glycation end products. You have all these waste products from high carbohydrate foods. Yeasts are there as your friends to eat it. To not have a lot of symptoms while they do their job, you need a lot of butter. Butter is the main thing that will sooth the skin, If the yeast isn't vaginal and you have it outside on the feet, or anywhere on the surface skin, you can put the Primal Fascial Body Care Cream ® from page 145 of the recipe book. That takes care of itching within minutes, and also the dryness. But if you have internal yeast, then you need the lubrication/moisturizing formula. Coconut is mainly 60 to 70 % solvent reactive; also pressed oils are 60 to 90 % solvent reactive so they don't sooth and protect the skin. Only butter will do that, cream won't do that. Cream won't even get near the skin; cream is all absorbed by the glands and the organs, and nervous system. Butter is the only thing that will get to the skin from ingesting - especially if you are using the lubrication/moisturizing formula - because it allows it to be slowly pre-digested with the lemon juice and the egg in it, so it allows the liver to handle it easily and get it to the skin. Our bodies are so deficient in fat, so like you are in an orphanage, the kids that are in line first, they'll eat it all and kids at the end don't get much. That's the way it is, our bodies are so starving, that it will all be [consumed] before it gets to the connective tissue and the lymph and the skin and often the bones. So that's why I came up with the lubrication formula. Actually Owanza came up with the lubrication formula, so that it could get to the skin and bones. And you will see the difference if you have the lubrication formula for a month, and you will see the changes in your skin, and if you stop eating it, you will see that the skin dries. Even if you eat a whole pint of cream a day, it still won't work as well as half a cup of butter will in the lubrication formula.

Q: So Candida is a friendly thing?

A: Yes it is a friendly thing. If you don't want candida, stop eating all those carbs. Because that is what candida eats. By-products from carbs store in the body from the past, even if you don't eat it now. It takes 40 years to clean all that garbage out of the system. It took your body 21 years to finish building itself, it takes 20 years to break it down, and 20 years to rebuild it, it does it a little at a time. I'm only half way there, in December I was 21 years on the diet, eating meat on a daily basis. So I'm only half way. This diet subdues the system, so it can do its work.

Q: What about honey?

A: As long as you eat enough meat, honey won't cause advanced glycation end products; there is only 10 % sugar in honey. The bees collect the honey and keep it at 92.8 degree F. As soon it goes up to 95 degrees, they abandon the upper hive, and go down further and keep fanning it. They will not eat the honey heated over 92.8 degrees unless ther're starving. Because it causes sugar reactions. Bees are already hyperactive enough, because that's what they live on - the honey/nectar. Even when they're eating the nectar, they vomit it first, let it break down with the enzymes and then eat it. That's what honey is, bee vomit. The bee has gone and collected the nectar then swallowed it. Its insulin-like substance mixes with it with all the enzymes, and then they go back to the hive and vomit it. They let it break down, and then they will go back and make a meal of it, because it has to break down. So for us, its pre-digested nectar. And it has an insulin-like substance in it, which helps convert it to enzymes for digestion and protein. That's why if you eat a lot of honey without eating meat, you are going to cause a problem - causing a protein deficiency - and have sugar type reactions. If it's heated you will have sugar type reactions, because it destroys that enzymatic property that it has in it.

Q: Can you keep the honey in the sun?

A: No, the bees don't keep it in the sun, they keep it out of the sun.

Q: How do we know if the honey we buy is not from the abandoned honey that was over heated.

A: Some of it will be, if its from the desert. If its a summer honey, you better believe it will be. Sage is a winter honey, cultivated and collected in the spring, so that type will be OK. Citrus is all winter and spring honeys.

Q: Whats a summer honey?

A: Alfalfa, and clover.

Q: So basically avoid the summer honeys?

A: Yes, not all of it will be advanced heated, but some of it will be. .

Q: When you travel, do you take a lot of honey with you?

A: Yes, I take a quart, I mix it with my butter, or I will have some hits of it with my meat, for the enzymes to digest meat. I had the vagotomy, all of the nerves to the stomach were severed, so I still need help in digestion. Everybody needs those enzymes anyways throughout the body; the unheated honey is helpful for anyone. But if you have candida, the honey can cause more itching, so they need to eat it with butter.

Q: How much honey should you eat a day?

A: Like I said in the recipe book 6 Tablespoons for a pound of meat. 6 Tablespoons of honey is a lot a day, 3 oz of honey a day. I love honey by itself and a lot of people go for what my son Jeff had in the hospital. When you are in a coma you need 50/50 but if you are not in a coma you should have 7 Tablespoons of butter to 1 Tablespoon of honey. You can also have a Tablespoon of cream in your vegetable juice but don' t put the cream in until you are ready to drink it. The minerals combine with the cream. We are talking about the honey for just that period of time.

Q: Would you talk about the skin? Can you put butter honey/ butter on the skin

A: No, the Primal Facial Body Care Cream is better for it. You can put honey/butter in your mouth. People who get chapped lips and a dry mouth - its because all of the minerals. Most of the minerals that you ate from cooked food are cauterized. If you take clay (you know its malleable) and you fire it, it turns into either glass or rock, a hard substance, like pottery. This was soft clay, now its hard. That's what happens to minerals when you cook them up to 141 degrees F and you harden half of the calcium. In pasteurized milk, half of the calcium has been hardened. Most of those minerals go into the brain and nervous system, so when the body detoxes the minerals from the brain, guess where it goes? Its what the plaque is in the teeth, it comes out the gums, white tongue, salivary glands, the tear ducts, the ear wax, the mucus, all of the white stuff that comes out of there are toxic minerals from cooked food coming from the brain. It takes years to get rid of. I used to have such thick plaque on my teeth, now I just have a little bit on the back side, not every night. I have to go without brushing my teeth for a week to have the plaque there.

Q: People say the planet has been cleared of all the good minerals, is that true?

A: These are people that are vegetarians, that are trying to blame the lack of nutrients in the soil for their lack of health - just like with skin cancer. Instead of blaming the diet for it, they blame the sun. If the sun was the problem, every black person on earth would have skin cancer. The tribes in Africa have never even heard of skin cancer. My skin is fairly light right now, when I eat butter and no cream, I will get dark. If I eat lots of cream it will go lighter even with sun. And cooked foods will make you lighter skinned. That's why black people that are on a cooked diet are getting lighter and lighter the older they get.

Q: What can you do to improve your soil?

A: Take all of your food remains, including meat scraps; when I had a garden, I would take fish scraps. We're talking about mineral concentrations. I go to a fish market and get the scraps, and I put it into a food processor after chopping it up and then into a blender, blend it with water, and pour into the soil. Stay away from using seaweed from the ocean because it will dry out the soil and is hard to break down.

Soil organisms feed on the protein, rain dissolves rock so they can absorb the minerals, but the soil bacteria and their excrements are responsible for the taste of your food and the heartiness of the food. That's why the agricultural industry gives lots of extra nutrients. Liquid nitrogen is made from sterilized urine from cows for fertilizer. It still works but will damage the soil eventually and the trees, and they will get harder and harder, and then they will start rotting when they are hard and the branches will break.

Q: What about selenium?

A: When you are on a raw diet you don't need concentrations of minerals, you just need a trace amount, but when you are on a cooked diet you need lots of extra minerals like calcium if you are eating pasteurized milk - because when heated to 141 degrees you have lost half of your calcium - your phosphorus is damaged at 98 degrees F.

Q: Why is this not common knowledge?

A: It would be common knowledge if you had a government that was responsible to the people and not the food industry, but you have to take a look at Dole in office. Dole what? Dole pineapples, Dole bananas, Dole cereals and everything. You have to take a look at who is in power, the people in power are the people who own these food industries, own agricultures, we have Bush in, what does he do? He starts a war, why? Because his family owns military companies, they make the machines and bombs, and if goes over there and has one bombing spree, he can spend $30 million dollars in one bombing and all the profits goes to his families pockets. So the more bombing he does the richer he gets. Also they're into oil. Our military uses 160,000 barrels a day of oil. That's our government, that's your money and my money paying for this military, that puts the profits in his pockets - whoever is in power that's why it happens. And not enough of us have enough of the information to disseminate. I've been threatened a few times, they haven't killed me yet, but I'm not growing fast, but if my books start becoming best sellers, I might be in trouble, but that's the way it goes, that's the route I've chosen. You know the other side is beautiful, theres no pain, no suffering, except for emotional, and that's guilt; the only thing that exists on the other side that I remember is guilt, that's the only pain there is. You know, guilt, for having created suffering, that's the only thing. So its beautiful over there, this has been a hard life, you know, so me passing away would be no loss. You know, for my experience, but I'd like to have all my information out there before I die. So when I finish all 5 of my books, then I won't be concerned.

Q: What do you do for constipation remedies?

A: What you do is about 3 or 4 Tablespoons of chia seeds, and you put 5 ounces of water in it, and you let it soak for 24 hours. The chia seeds are very tiny; they are about the size of poppy seeds and they are round. They're not like flax seeds that split open and become sharp and cut you to pieces and damage your intestines. Chia seeds stay round and they put out a gel, so the water turns into a gel, like aloe vera. Then you mix that with a lubrication formula. So you've got a cereal, and you eat that once a day. Sometimes I will go 4 days without having a bowel movement, that's because my body is absorbing all of the nutrients and not throwing much of in waste. Normally I have bowel movement once a day. Before when I was a child, I only went once every 4 to 5 days because I had true constipation and when I went it would come out so big that it would rip my rectum, so by the time I was 20 years old my entire rectum was scar tissue. I bled every time I went from the age of about 10 on. Then after being on the raw diet for about 10 years I got rid of the scar tissue.

Q: So how much of this chia would you put in the moisturizing formula?

A: Use all of the 3 to 4 Tablespoona of chia seed. You stir it in the moisturizing formula like a cereal. You can put a little pineapple in it if you want - unripe pineapple, white on the inside, not yellow. You want green fruit instead of ripe fruit because there are lots of enzymes in green fruit, and too much sugar in ripe fruit. That recipe I came up with in the last 6 months with the chia seeds, because I wasn't satisfied with only the 80 % working. Too many people were calling me with constipation. People would go on the weight loss program and then everything backs up. Some people who eat a lot of eggs and not have the half Tablespoon of butter or cream after each egg - they had a tendency to get constipation. So if they won't do that they have to have some means of relieving themselves, and the quick fix with the olive oil and vinegar in it; that's for an emergency purpose. But in about 5% of the people that wasn't working, but I found the chia seeds worked 99% of the time, that mixture with the lubrication/moisturizing formula.

Q: What indicates you are getting constipation?

A: That's where your fecal matter gets larger and larger and can't get through the rectum. If you are not going for 4 to 5 days and there is no matter being built up - that is not constipation. That just means you are absorbing all of your nutrients and not discarding them. Constipation is when you can't move the fecal matter, More butter will help constipation in general.

Q: What about proteins, and can you eat too much?

A: If you eat a lot of protein you will be skinny. The body doesn't make a good strong fat with protein. It makes a good sugar, but not a good acetone. Carbs make an inferior acetone, but a lot of it. So that's mainly what cellulite is. All this fat that won't burn, is fats made from carbohydrates. People who eat raw meat on this diet and lots of it do not have a problem.

Q: Another question about constipation, because when I was a vegetarian I was having about 10 bowel movements a day.

A: That's because you were not digesting. Because vegetation... Our system and digestive tract provide an acidic environment. If you keep putting all this vegetation in there, you are turning it alkaline. So with all the acid, bacteria -

E. coli - all of that is destroyed. All of your digestive juices go alkaline. You completely lose your digestive abilities. That's why so many people that come to me are long term vegetarians, anywhere from 14 to 30 year vegetarians, can't digest even one food at a time. And as they got further into it, they got to where they couldn't eat this, couldn't eat that, couldn't digest it. They would have allergies, get hives, have all kinds of problems. And they would have numerous bowel movements because they weren't digesting anything. One time I took a group of people that had been long term vegetarians and had their fecal matter analyzed. They were not digesting even 10% of that vegetation. Normally if we eat vegetation, we'll digest 33% even though we have an acid environment, unless you eat it too often, then it keeps getting less and less because we're not an herbivore. Were carnivores; we're something like the pig, but the pig is different structurally in enzymes. They can handle more of a variety like omnivorous animals. We can eat a little of everything but we need to concentrate on meat. We have cutting teeth, a few crushing teeth to crush it and get it down. The Eskimo will take huge chunks of meat, they will chew twice and crush it with the back teeth and swallow it. We grew up in a bad society so we have this really small esophagus. They can swallow things whole. You look at a dog, and they don't chew the meat, they just swallow it. Their Esophagus' are larger and can stretch. Ours cant stretch because we are so sick. But we don't have to chew, meat does not digest in the mouth, the ptyalin enzyme is in the mouth and digest carbs best. Acids in the stomach and digestive tract digest meats.

Q: Why do we need more fat than other carnivores?

A: Only because we're so sick. You take a look at the Masai and the Samburu and Fulani tribes in Africa, they don't eat any extra fat but they are all skinny, tall, healthy and happy. We are so toxic that we need those extra fats to deal with the poisons, cause when you don't have excess fat on the body, and I'm a little thin right now, on my way back up; I lost about 15 pounds because of the accident, and let me tell you, I was consuming up to a pound of butter a day and all those nutrients were taking care of this whole area of damage. But I healed in 30 days from a serious accident where I could have been killed. I was consuming from one to three pounds of meat a day after the accident. And now in the last week I started putting on weight of about 10 pounds.

Q: Does cancer get caused by acidic environments internally?

A: That's all a theory that doesn't have any weight in practice. If it did The Optimum health institute would work but it doesn't. It gets fat people thinner, but it makes makes skinny people die. If a thin person goes to center thin you can kiss her goodbye because it will tear her body apart. Anybody that retains water is too alkaline, if so, you should have only one vegetable juice a day first thing in the morning, or you may not need it. Like children, children should not be having vegetable juice, because they are too alkaline. Milk is slightly on the acid side, it has a lot of alkalinizing minerals in it, but the rest of it is just slightly acid.

The Fulani tribe eats 90 % of their diet as raw dairy, in fact, they have a 10 year period in maturation of a man where he is not allowed to eat anything but milk for 10 years. And it is too alkaline, they retain too much water, it also causes a problem with their Perimeno benzoic acid. So they get spots on the skin. I'm not saying its ugly, but it isn't even and its part of the character of their race, ; they get discolorations, but otherwise they're healthy. They have no degenerative diseases. If you get to the science of the thinking that being too acidic causes cancer, you will catch them in a big catch 22 of bullshit, because they are just spouting the information they are taught.

If they do like I do, lets see what the body does, lets take tests and see whats happening. Most people who eat cooked food, macrobiotic diet, their urine is going to be acidic, their blood and salivary will be acidic. Anybody who eats cooked foods - I don't care if they're vegetarians or not, they're going to lean on the acidic side. We should be acidic everywhere. My pH is about 5.6, something like that, from my urine. You have to understand that my acid didn't dissolve my teeth, because when I had the vagotomy pyloroplasty, acids - because they weren't going into the stomach - the nerves were still connected to my palate, because that whole network - that whole vagus nerve there - goes from the brain to the palate down to the stomach. So you get a taste and it sends a signal down. So the acid wasn't dumping down there, it was dumping in my mouth, so when I was a vegetarian/fruitarian, it was rotting my teeth away. Then when I started eating meat and lots of fat, my teeth stopped rotting because I was eating acid foods.

Q: What about cholesterol levels?

A: Mine was 297 a few years ago, and it doesn't mean a thing when you're on this diet, because you are discarding a lot of toxic fats when you are on this diet, and you will have a higher cholesterol level. So I say if you have a 600 cholesterol level, I will applaud you, because that means half of that stuff or more, is old toxic cholesterols that you are dumping and eliminating from your body. I did a laboratory test on it that cost me $6000 dollars per test because he had to figure out a way to find out what is old cholesterol and what is new cholesterol and there were certain properties of the old cholesterol that showed up because of the cooking process. Its like you look at a Vitamin C under a microscope that's been pasteurized and one that's raw, one looks like a plate that is actually like glass and the other one is radiant, and its like alive, it broadcasts light and its very different. So he found a way to check the cholesterol for the same thing, and we checked cholesterol in animals that were eating cooked and raw and me in the raw group. And my cholesterol was about 522 at the time, 40% was new cholesterol and 60 % was old toxic cholesterol. So I was happy.

Q: So if you have high cholesterol and you are not eating good food, what would you do for high cholesterol?

A: Eat raw fats, good raw fats, and protein. Protein handles and utilizes fat and gets rid of fat. That's why the zone diet works. People who are fat eat meat, and it takes the fat right out of the body. The body can make pyruvate from the meat protein, pyruvate is responsible for utilizing fat as energy. You need 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% either alcohol or vitamin C. 'Citric acid cycle' it is called when utilizing fat as energy. So the more protein you eat, the body goes for that ratio, 15 to 80, so if you are eating a tremendous amount of meat you are going to be knocking the fat off pretty quickly for most people.

Q: Are all raw fats healthy?

A: Yes, but you have to understand what each type of fat does. Oils are all 90% solvent reactive, they will dissolve compounds. You take oil - like olive oil, or flax oil - and you put them with a substance, and it will start disintegrating that substance, breaking it down, melting it. So will coconut cream, but it is only 60% solvent reactive. When the body takes in butter or cream, or animal fat, the body can use it 100% to protect and lubricate or it can use it to dissolve and burn. Its entirely up to the body what it does with it. Its a nutrient if its using it to protect the cells, and its a nutrient if it using it to burn and utilize as energy. The other oils like olive oil do not protect a cell, they do not protect its membranes, they will dissolve that membrane. That's why I recommend olive oil to put on scar tissue, it will get rid of scar tissue because it will break it down. Butter and cream won't do that.

I have been experimenting with one new thing since my accident. The pain was so excruciating there and I didn't have any of the pain formula ingredients with me except for honey and butter. So I ate honey and butter with an inch of banana to help get rid of the bruised dead cells, because of the high potassium. So I was eating that and it was taking care of most of the pain in the rest of my body except in a certain area where I had excruciating pain, and I had to lie only on one side and had to sleep that way for 36 hours with the other arm propped.

So I took slices of meat - thin slices of meat they cut for me - and I put them over the injured shoulder and in 20 minutes the pain was gone. Then I saw all the tissue changing around the skin and I thought oh my gosh I've got young skin there again! So I started experimenting for 2 days where I put raw meat around all of my wrinkles on my face. I have had 3 nose surgeries because my nose was shattered to pieces and it took a lot of surgeries to get back in, but when they do they cut the skin and pull the whole nose and clamp it up higher, so all of the membrane is cut all the way to that point, so all the membrane had iodine, or Merthiolate, which is liquid mercury, as an antiseptic. So they coated that whole area. That is the reason I have so many wrinkles - because that tissue was so damaged and the mercury and iodine stored in that tissue. So I put the meat for 2 days at night on that area and I went to a potluck the next day, and everybody said, 'boy that accident made you look 10 years younger'.

I didn't tell them it was the meat right then. I thought maybe it was just the intense healing hormones from the accident. But then I started asking other people to do it to and it started working for them. I'm not vain enough to do it everyday, and haven't done it since, but it is working for those people who do it, its mostly women. Like I said every nutrient gets absorbed before it gets to the skin, so the skin is the last place for nutrients to go, plus its the biggest bowel there is in the body. The lymph system secretes most of the poisons out through the skin. So the skin will always be damaged and will never get enough nutrients. My theory is that if you put the meat directly on the skin, the cells can actually start taking the blood and the hormones that are in that blood and start using them for the localized cells. After my accident when I was in my hotel, I turned the air conditioning off and opened the windows so it would be as hot as possible, because when your body is cool it does not divide cells so healing is slowed. So I made sure that my body was hot under covers, and I was already in an 85 degree temperature, humid, If I had had a hot water bottle with me, I would have put that in the covers with me too till I was dripping wet.

Q: Did the meat on the injury help it heal or help the pain or both?

A: Both. Like I said about putting meat on my face, the skin just changed. You can see in an area on my face I have a lot of toxicity from the poisons that were in my brain; all the mercury and everything.

The lymph glands in the neck take care of the brain. The lymph glands dump most of those poisons once it breaks down out of the mucus; the sinuses, the throat, coughing up that stuff.

So this skin on my face has been drier. These lymph glands don't create that kind of dryness because they weren't as toxic, except for lots of mercury shots in the arm. But that didn't come out like here because the concentration of minerals which are very drying is in the nervous system.

So this area has a tendency to be very dry on me. In fact I used to be called lizard man, because I was so dry with layers of skin that looked like a lizard. Since I've been eating this diet for so long, its going away. But when I put the steak on the skin, the skin completely changed.

Q: What is the difference between what royal jelly does and propolis?

A: Propolis is tree sap. Like a tree oil, it turns into rock. That's why we really didn't have much heart disease until vegetable oils like margarines came in and hydrogenated oils. They are the ones that cause all the plaque and hardening of the body. If you take vegetable oils - even raw - and mix them with dirt - in a year that dirt will be rock. If you take animal fats and mix them with the dirt it will mold and turn into dirt. So the hardening of the arteries comes from your vegetable oils. The reason the bees take the sap is because its an anti-mite; the mites don't like the smell of tree sap. So they will line it all around to keep the mites from getting in and eating the bees wax and causing the honey to ferment or ooze out the hive, so they don't really eat it. I don't think that people should eat it.

If you want to take some and break it down - if you dissolve it in some kind of flax seed or olive oil, and maybe put some fruit in it so it ferments (like pineapple) or put it with cabbage juice and cause it to dissolve - it might help you to get rid of some of the hardened stuff out of your system.

The royal jelly is made exclusively for the first few days of a bee's life, and for a queen only. It is high in hormones for reproducing cells, so there is a higher growth level. It will cause magnification of cell division like up to 10 times. Usually for humans it is 3 or 4 times. That's why I say in the book, if you're going to eat royal jelly only have it with meat or else its a waste. Because that's where you get the proteins for regeneration. So the hormones and the proteins together will function; otherwise those hormones will go to sexual activity, or running or any energy activity. It won't go for cellular division.

Q: What about freeze dried royal jelly?

A: When I put animals on a diet of frozen meat for 3 months, they all ended up with scurvy and they ended up with mange. You destroy all the enzymes in frozen meat, plus you break down the B vitamins, B12 is destroyed. Raw ice cream is OK if eaten within 24 hours, quick cold freeze won't do that. But there is a process which they do now, which is a flash freeze, and they are freezing things at 170 degrees quickly within a minute. And that doesn't seem to be causing the same damage but I haven't had a chance to do any experiments with it. When I fed frozen raw dairy to some cats they all developed osteoporosis in 6 months. Freeing destroys just about everything; just remember when you freeze something, what happens when it thaws? It rots, that's fine for the earth but its not good for us.

Q: What about fish being shipped in ice?

A: Well, its not frozen solid, they just put a packet in ice. The fish are used to being in cold waters. I was at a friend's house in Taos; he had a pond, and he had some carp in it, and the carp were swimming around. We woke up the next morning and the carp were frozen in the water. Then it thawed during the day and the carp were swimming around. We thought for sure all of them were dead but they were just swimming around. The fish are a different breed. Probably seal and bear we could eat frozen and not have the same problem but that's an animal that's adapted to that kind of environment.

Q: How do eggs heal the lungs?

A: I can only give you a theory based on the fact that it works. All the proteins are already in liquid form, so there is no digestion necessary. All you have to do is realign the enzymes for the human system, which the pancreas can do.

And with the proper insulin hormones - not just the insulin, but the other pancreatic hormones that could be released all throughout the body - the body can utilize them anywhere, so it doesn't have to deliver them to the pancreas and the pancreas then has to deliver it back to the stomach like it does with cooked food. But with the raw food, the transition and transference can happen all over the body.

Also all of the fats in the yolk are completely dissolved and ready for instant digestion and absorption and utilization. There is no digestion required; there is just a little transformation in the structure, that's why eggs work so brilliantly.

Q: Can you eat them with a meat meal?

A: Yes, most of the time I mix them, like steak and eggs, and honey and butter, or hot sauce and eggs, I almost always eat eggs with my meat.

Q: How many eggs should people at a day?

A: That depends on the size of the person, very short maybe 6 a day, to tall 12 a day. Some men who are very tall eat up to 28 eggs a day. If you whip or blend an egg by itself, you destroy 3 enzymes which prevent cancer from developing or maturing or continuing, so its best to not whip or blend it at all. Just break it into a glass and eat or suck it out of the egg with 2 holes in each end. !0 minutes later you either have a tablespoon of cream or half tablespoon of honey and butter mixture. If you blend the eggs with butter, milk or cream, it coats that protein enzyme so it doesn't get oxidized.

Q: What is Glaucoma?

A: It is high sugar by-products that are not cleaning out of the eye. That causes the body not to be able to dissolve dead eye cells so they stay in the eye and start collecting and creating high pressure in the eye. Lots of proteins will break that down; eggs will help that. So when you have a cold or a flu, that's the body trying to clean that kind of stuff out. So you have to have an egg every hour and make sure you have a little bit of protein during the day and maybe one vegetable juice a day. The answer to any illness is eggs, eggs, eggs, while you're going through a heavy detoxification or an allergy. You have to let any illness run its course, whether it is pneumonia or meningitis, and if you know how to do it you keep the pain minimal. If you have the eggs without the honey and butter you will go into more pain and suffering, so follow the eggs with cream or butter, and never oil or coconut cream.

Q: How much coconut cream should you have a day?

A: It depends on the individual. If you have an impacted lymphatic system, you want to try to get at least 4 ounces in a day.

Q: I heard that women from the north pole have higher concentrations of toxins in their breast milk than any place on the planet. They said it was from the food chain, the currents, a lot of the toxins from the companies that dump waste into the ocean go up to the north pole?

A: Bullshit. The US government and the Canadian government have been using them as experiments, dropping those chemicals, dumping them on them, just like they did with the native peoples in the swamps of Louisiana. They used 1 million people – Americans - in a biochemical warfare test... 1 million Louisianans! They did it with the deer throughout Canada and northern United States. And they say 'oh, they have mad deer disease'. It is the federal government that did it. I got ahold of some of their documents; 1 million people. They created cancer in 40% of them, Americans. They dropped a biochemical warfare agent out of the air like a chemtrail, but it was a certain substance. You have to understand that the current doesn't flow that way, you have huge icebergs there, you don't have that kind of flow. The way it comes is - it rains there and goes down and out away from the poles. it never comes into the poles, they have currents around but they don't comes from there. Everything flows away from the pole.

Q: Whats good for allergies?

A: As I said, eggs; eggs and meat. Like I said eggs - followed by the cream or butter - every hour or hour and a half.

Q: What about skeletal misalignment?

A: That's the same thing: mainly eat proteins with your butter. Lubrication formula is good for the spine.

Q: How many green drinks should I have a day? 3 green drink a day?

A: Yeah, you have so much bile in your system, you're still too acid, you still need the green drinks and you will for a long time, I'm just now down to 1 or 2 a day, you know, it took me 21 years to get there.

Q: What about a sugar addiction?

A: Anybody who has a sugar addiction, has a fluid problem in their system, and they should have very little cream, and stick with butter, butter and honey because butter doesn't cause water retention. Cream is very difficult for the liver to digest because the liver basically has to turn the cream into butter, most of it. It will use some of it in its cream form to help the nervous system, but any that's left over will cause water retention in some people who have sugar addiction. Food addiction is just nutritional deficiency, not for one particular element.

Q: So what is too much cream then? Is that individual?

A: That's individual, but I would say if you have a sugar addiction problem, 3 tbls a day is enough.

Q: My friend in her 70's has age spots, a lot of sun spots damage and bruising, what do you think causes that?

A: Lack of protein, and lack of fats, but mainly protein. Oh that's another thing, I used to have lots of liver spots on my face, and the 2 nights I had the meat on the skin, half of the liver spots went away.

Q: What about supplements?

A: I covered that in the book. They're all chemicals, every vitamin and mineral supplement has to be processed with either heat or a solvent. That's like soaking your food in kerosene.If anybody tells you they make it raw, sure they do it without heat but there is always a chemical involved. Its ethyl alcohol and the alcohol they use is a distilled alcohol and it breaks things down, it eats it apart until they separate and it etches into it, destroying everything. If you can imagine eating your food soaked in kerosene for about 40 hours then go ahead eat vitamins and supplements. None of them are food, even if they once were food, they are no longer food - they are a chemical, they are a drug, they're for the plants, but we're not plants.