Q&A Of May 20, 2012


Q: Are the fluorescent lights in Roxbury Park gym harmful?

A: No, they’re very high. If low, not a good thing. If 10 feet above you, after an hour could start causing some problems because of the lack of full-spectrum. And compact fluorescent bulbs are full of mercury. I broke one at home and had to go out to the car to get my Israeli gas mask, gloves, suit. I had to clean the whole frickin’ place. Then I didn’t go in the house for 24 hours.

A little trivia. I lived across from Roxbury Park and broke Angelina Jolie’s nose there playing basketball. I went up for a shot and she got right under me and my elbow came down and broke her nose. She was 14 ½. Her father said, “Walk it off, walk it off” and went over and put it back in place.

Q: Wickard v. Filburn 1942 Supreme Court case. Filburn was an Ohio farmer who grew more wheat than government limits permitted to be grown for sale. Filburn claimed the excess wheat was for his own use. Ruled against him. [Transcriber’s note: This is case 317 U.S. 111. According to Wikipedia, this decision significantly increased the power of the federal government to regulate economic activity.] Doesn’t that contradict your concept?

A: It does but there are more rulings in favor; that’s just one. They got away with it but there weren’t many rulings like that. The farmer didn’t do his pleading correctly. He didn’t cite the constitution as he should have. They were going on commerce clause and that’s UCC [Transcriber’s note: Uniform Commercial Code, not constitutional]. He was in commerce because he was head of a commercial farm. In my clubs, these are not commercial farms. That’s why my farmers don’t get licenses or permits. Once you’re in that trap, you’re in that trap. They can dictate what you do.

Q: Flesh-eating bacteria.

A: … mutants like Ebola that I think was created at the University of Wisconsin and AIDS which was created at UCLA in ’61 or ’62. There are no true bacteria that will eat up the body like Ebola. It’s the chemicals in the smallpox vaccines for Africa in which they put Ebola and AIDS. The U.S. and British governments pooled together and had 125M smallpox vaccines contaminated with AIDS manufactured and donated to poor African countries. Nobody questions what is in a vaccine they just believe it prevents diseases and there’s absolutely no research that proves that. In fact, Pasteur proved that it doesn’t. Every animal and human he injected with vaccine directly into the bloodstream died of anaphylactic shock. When the body registers that much diseased tissue injected directly into the blood [so the lymphatic system which is supposed to prevent it is bypassed], it thinks it’s dying. When they learned to put formaldehyde in the vaccine, it lowered the incidence of immediate death or death within a few days by 50%. They needed to lower it more, so they have all these pools of poisons that distract the body from the disease that they’re putting in there and the disease is a small part of it. The idea that you can inject diseased cells and it will make a difference in your body is an absurdity. But you have anywhere from 23 to 67 toxic ingredients in every vaccine and every one toxic on its own merits much less in a soup of poisons. So it forces the body to deal with all those poisons and it doesn’t have time to think that it is dying from the injected disease. Another problem is that Pasteur injected pus along with the disease cells. Pus consists of white blood cells that – like red blood cells - have to be blood type compatible. The whole thing about Pasteur was that he had a friend who started a vineyard and had problems with a fungus because he overwatered. The grapes had already been picked and Pasteur’s idea was to take these moldy grapes and pasteurize them before crushing them and that stopped the fungus. So his friend was able to sell his wine that was very poor quality and keep his vineyard going. Anyone who had money wouldn’t touch the wine. So basically the medical profession, Rothschilds and Rockefellers jumped on it… ...said this proves there’s something innately toxic in nature and we have it in our bodies and so let’s attack it with vaccines, chemicals, pasteurization – anything to create a shelf life for products. And that’s how we are where we are now. Nobody stops to ask what’s in the vaccine and how is it made.

There are no flesh-eating bacteria. What they do is put a chemical in a smallpox vaccine and there is a mutant bacteria in it but it’s more of a solvent-reactive virus than a bacteria. If you say, “Show me the Ebola,” they’ll show you an animation. There is no Ebola. They put chemicals in vaccines like mercury that cause massive dissolution of the cells and your own bacterial janitors will go in there to clean up. So the poisons cause mass dissolution of cells and they’re blaming it on bacteria. They want you to believe there’s some organism in there eating up the body so they call it a bacteria. It isn’t.

So the U.S. and British governments through their World Bank run 27 countries in Africa because of the AIDS and Ebola. That’s what they wanted; they wanted to take over those resources. They put them in debt saying, “We’ve got all this medication that will help you resist this disease you have.” And no one related this to all the smallpox vaccines given the year before. Only those that got vaccines or transfusions from those people that got vaccines have AIDS or Ebola.

[Transcriber’s note: I think there is more info on the WHO smallpox vaccine/AIDS connection at @EbolaGate]

Q: [unclear] What to do?

A: Fat and ammonia. They need to eat things to decontaminate their bodies, drink their own urine – get ammonia in there to neutralize those poisons. Eat fish that’s high – shark, stingray – anything that’s high in ammonia to help flush it out. But once it’s lodged in the tissues, it’s going to constantly dissolve tissue so you need to eat tons of fat and get very fat to harness the poisons.

Q: [unclear] …bathing.

A: A hundred years ago, you took a bath every spring – a June bath. You went from early October to June without a bath. A lot of June brides because you had your bath. Just taking a bath was a chore and it made you cold, took particular nutrients out of your skin. You could die from low body temperature and low blood pressure. Central air and heat are the reasons for longevity. How many people without air conditioning died of the heat when there’s a summer blackout - 234 in 24 hours. How many died when they lost heat in the winter – something like 431 in 24 hours. And it’s not a healthy longevity. When I was young, old people were in their homes, not nursing homes. People aren’t healthier. They just have central air and heat that keeps them from going into a trauma that will cause death. Normally, before we took showers and baths we had an enormous amount of 2300 varieties of salmonella. Salmonella is an aerobic bacteria – it lives in oxygen – so it isn’t an internal one. Right now, if you took a swab of your nose, you’d have more salmonella in your nose than in your rectum. More bacteria in your nose, mouth, eyes and ears than in your rectum. So the very notion that the genitals, rectum are very toxic bacterial areas is false. Our main source of our bacteria is our mouth and, of course, our nose with lots of salmonella eating up dead cells. Otherwise, you’d have to peel a layer of skin every few months like a snake. Those are the skin-eating natural bacteria. They don’t take over the body unless the body is poisoned. It takes an industrial poison to damage enough cells, for the body’s janitors to overwork. And they’re just dissolving the dead and damaged cells.

Q: What about tetanus?

A: Tetanus is another highly toxic bullshit thing.

Q: But my kid got a puncture wound from a rusty nail.

A: Swab the area with lime juice every three hours. It will surround the rusty metal poisoning so it doesn’t activate. Could suck out any rust first. When any foreign substance gets inside the body, it needs to be dissolved and removed from the body. The lime will go in and coat the little rust particles and then the body won’t be using white blood cells to surround them – so you won’t have pus, won’t have infection. That’s still a good thing that you have lots of white blood cells to help protect you but that’s the loss of a lot of white blood cells. This way you won’t lose a lot of white blood cells. The white blood cells have two jobs in a healthy body: eat dead red blood cells and get rid of carbon dioxide. When a red blood cells dies in the blood, the lymphatic system isn’t responsible for dissolving it like every other part of the body. The white blood cells will eat that red blood cell – that’s why they’re called phagocytes. Otherwise the blood stream would become toxic with dead red blood cells. Red blood cells have one job: carrying oxygen to the cells so they can use fat as energy. They don’t take carbon dioxide out of the body to the lungs or skin to be expelled. The white blood cells do that. When I had those two motorcycle accidents, I had all these asphalt particles in the muscles and even down into bone in some places since I didn’t have skin. I put on lime juice, did a lot of screaming, and it coated all that stuff so when I put on honey and raw meat over that it all healed with all the skin and bone replaced in 12 weeks. No infection or pus at all. However, over the next two years, little pieces of asphalt would come out like little warts and I would just scratch them off and there would be fresh skin underneath. Lemon juice is a bacterial inciter and won’t work – opposite of lime which restricts bacterial growth. All other citrus fruits incite. Lemon is good for marinades because of that bacterial growth. That’s what we want as 90% of digestion is bacterial; 99% of all functions in the body are bacterial. There’s nothing that happens in the body without massive amounts of bacteria. So the whole idea in a vaccine of 60,000 diseased cells which are not even half of a pin-prick are going to make a defense and create immunity in the body is absolutely ludicrous. Healthy bacteria will go in there and just neutralize the diseased cells instantly. The whole idea that it creates immunity is absurd. It does just the opposite, if you look at the records that were kept in 1958 in three states and one county. After that, the federal government said it was illegal to keep records on cases of vaccine and it’s still in effect. Why? Because they don’t want you to know that when you have a vaccine injected into you that creates that disease plus innumerable others. That’s in Appendix D in my book, We Want To Live.

Q: How you’d use foods in survival kit. Cheese, butter, figs, dates instead of raw milk. Very different as I drink a lot of milk.

A: Well, you wouldn’t have milk in a situation like that unless you had a cow or a goat. One main thing would be lots of butter and if it turns into blue cheese it’s even better as you’ll digest more of it. Normally, when you eat butter you’re digesting about 70% of it. If you let it mold into a blue cheese, you’ll be digesting almost 96% of it. Some people don’t like the taste but can make a dressing out of it. It’s fine to have moldy cheese and moldy butter. I’ve kept them up to a year out of the refrigerator. Cheese, though, grows white spores off the top. The spores are aerobically incited like tiny microscopic mushrooms that let out all these spores for mycelium. Mycelium is like the mother… like salmonella on the body. It goes into the ground and eats dead roots – whether grass or trees, whatever. In the woods the milky substance oozing all over a dead felled tree is mycelium. When the mycelium is finished working, it will grow mushrooms whose spores will find dead roots and take effect there. Mycelium will grow; you’ll have this milky substance in the ground eating and decomposing the roots which become nutrients for other plants. When you eat that even from a cheese, it can incite heavy detoxification (decomposition) of any part of network in the body that’s dead – neurological, blood stream, lymphatic branches. [That is a] good thing but can sometimes be very debilitating. It is OK to eat the mycelium mold on the inside of the cheese but when you eat the spores, it can go rampant so just scrape them off on the outside of the cheese.

Q: Dates and Meat.

A: Dates incite longevity and health. There’s niacin heavily in dates. It also helps butter digest. In combination with butter, if you eat three of them two days in a row, your hormones are going to be increased, you’ll get more sexual. They’re very powerful concentrated nutrients. You only need three a day with an equal amount of butter or cheese or both. That can keep you stable for many, many hours in a day. If you’re eating fresh fruit high in water, it will cause you to get very, very hungry. And when you don’t have a lot of food, you want to make sure what you’re getting settles and stabilizes your system and doesn’t make it more hungry. And fresh fruits will do that because they’re all detoxifying. Dates do not cause detoxification. [It is] very much like milk when you eat dates with butter and/or cheese. The main thing you can do with meat is let it dry 20-30 or 40 minutes on each side in an approximately 65 degree room so it just firms a little bit, then slice it and stuff it into quart jars that have about a cup of olive oil. Then cover and coat the meat. I sealed it with beeswax and covered it tightly.

[Use olive oil,] not coconut oil that will ferment and not taste as good. I kept some jars of venison that I butchered 10 years and it tasted practically fresh. If you’re not heavily active, you could eat 1/3 pound a day and do quite well along with dates, butter and cheese. Can have a tablespoon of honey here and there if you start feeling like you’re not digesting properly to incite digestion. Will help you produce digestive enzymes – it won’t help bacteria. Figs. Because some people who have been on a bad diet a long time become overly acidic especially if drinking urine to recycle proteins. Figs are the highest alkalinizing fruit. And if dry won’t have enough water to incite detoxification. Will act like a date as long as you’re eating with cheese and/or butter again. So those are the uses of medicine. So dates can be used as milk as long as eaten with cheese and/or butter.

Q: I am moving to Washington state to study agriculture. Are there raw food sources in Olympia?

A: I don’t know, but there are plenty of farmers. A lot of the time people will say they went to a farmer and he didn’t want to risk anything and I say go to a farmer and spend $30 and give him a copy of We Want to Live. Every farmer that’s read it has done a flip and wanted to make raw milk, raw butter, raw dairy available. The book will change his mind.

Q: I have a 4 year old and over 30 vaccines are recommended before the age of five. I have a lot of mothers in my circle who are scared of not doing the right thing and yet their kids have Aspergers syndrome. I need the 101 how raw fat will detox. Is butter enough in massive amounts to detox?

A: [Some people have as many as] sixty-eight vaccines by the time they’re 15 1/2. The small intestine digests the normal passage of food and feeds everything but the brain and nervous system. The colon is for the brain and nervous system. If you grew up on toxic food, the colon is never going to be fed the proper nutrients to feed the brain and nervous system. If you want to reverse something like that in the brain and nervous system quickly, a fat suppository of raw butter and raw cream, a little bit of coconut cream and a tiny bit of honey. You infuse that into the bowel and those E. coli will go nuts. Because they never get fed fresh so you feed through the back end. And the psychological problems, depression, autism , Aspergers, half the time will reverse in half the time. The brain is 60-80% fat.

Q: One of the things I do is coach people and have found all have massive amounts of plaque lining their colons.

A: I’ve done 32 autopsies and never found any plaque. It’s a myth. If you had plaque in there, you wouldn’t have mucus lining the intestines. Mucus could not form through the plaque. You will have lots of toxins in the intestinal walls in the form of lots of minerals. Once it leaves the intestinal walls and gets into the intestinal tract, it will solidify and harden but it doesn’t on the wall itself. It’s hardened mucus from the toxins leaving the colon wall and entering the mucus. Like plaque on the teeth. I don’t like colonics because you wash out all the bacteria and that’s one of the worst things you can do because you’re not feeding the brain and nervous system. The E. coli – and that’s mainly what’s in the bowel – break down the fats and proteins into molecules that feed the brain and nervous system. When people eat high meat, they’re eating it already bacterially decomposed so it’s automatically feeding the brain and nervous system. Eating rotten meat is a good thing to get rid of even long term incurable psychological and emotional problems. If you’re eating raw fats like coconut cream, that mucus doesn’t have to turn hard. It mainly turns hard and solidifies because you have hydrogenated vegetable oils, trans-fatty acids, that are plastic. Your body uses minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium to bind with those molecules so they won’t be reabsorbed into the intestine. It is the same in your mouth, with your teeth. The poisons leave your brain out your gums and your body uses those minerals to bind with them so they don’t get reabsorbed into the dentine, gums, tongue or rest of the mouth. That can create coating on the tongue which is a good thing; it means you’re detoxing poisons out the tongue and your body is using minerals to chelate them so you don’t rupture your tongue. If the tongue bleeds or blisters, it indicates you don’t have enough minerals to bind with those poisons detoxing through the tongue; if you have a coating on your tongue, you’re safe. Even if you swallow it, your body won’t reabsorb it. It will pass through the intestines.

Q: Raw chocolate.

A: It’s fine. I can only eat it once a month or it wires me. It will make me tired and can make me irritable. But I enjoy it and have it once a month. Have to see how it makes you feel. If it doesn’t make you wired or irritable, it’s fine. It affects nervous system – not adrenals. It stimulates neurological and brain activity. I take it as a medicine and it’s enjoyable.

Q: Stevia

A: Stevia is a leaf and you don’t digest that anyway and you have to use a lot of it. It is not a good thing; you’re not an herbivore. Use honey and dates.

Q: I am considering moving to Oregon or Washington but am concerned about how to handle Fukushima radiation.

A: I covered that in one of my newsletters I have people buying land right outside the Ozarks in Missouri. They got 187 acres for $200,000 – incredibly beautiful land. I just left St. Louis and spent five days there getting warm milk twice daily. Even the walnut plantation there doesn’t use any chemicals. A lot of primal dieters are settling there now.

Q: Fresh grapefruit juice gave me sharp pains. I took cream and that helped but still hurts.

A: You just stripped the nerves of fat around the kidneys. That’s why I say never drink fruit juices. Put hot water bottle on the area and sip at least a tablespoon of cream every hour. Clay won’t help that. Cheese and honey will help. Tablespoon of cheese with half a teaspoon of honey every hour. Could alternate with cream. Cream with the juice would have avoided the problem. You were a vegetarian for a very long time – why didn’t you drink the cream first?

Q: After 8-10 years, I’m doing weight loss. Can I still take lymphatic baths, drink coconut cream and pineapple?

A: You can still have everything but do it a little differently than I have in the book. Have your sports formula and eat little bits of meat all day long. But when you do the bath make sure you have a half a cup of sports formula before you get into the bath, sip a cup in the bath, and half a cup when you get out. That way you won’t dehydrate. In a sports drink you have three cups of at least two of four items: tomato, watermelon (peel the green and eat the rind up to the seeds – not the sweetest part), cucumber, whey. The first three are all puréed, not juiced. The whey is the run-off from making cheese. The other ingredients are a tablespoon of vinegar – (two tablespoons of ACV if you’re an athlete or large), two tablespoons lime juice, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons dairy cream, 2 tablespoons coconut cream and at least two raw eggs. Blend all together and sip on that throughout the day. My champion athletes will sip on a quart or quart and a half of that over a five-hour period and wipe out their opponents who will be sucking down water which is a solvent and have no stamina. Their opponents will be sucking all this water down which has no nutrients and starts breaking down and diluting their blood and nutrients.

Q: So for weight loss should I have this first thing in the morning instead of juice?

A: I would say always have cheese first thing in the morning no matter what to absorb the poisons dumped from the stomach lining. Then juice after you have the cheese. Then sip all day but let at least a half hour pass between sports drink and meat. Half-cup of milk before bed. If wake up at night, suck an egg. The body has to go five hours before protein deficiency and the red blood cells start eating each other. If you can’t get back to sleep have another half cup of milk.

Q: High meat during weight loss?

A: Yes. I have several people that only eat high meat and won’t eat fresh meat. For example, I had a fellow who was anti-social, probably the most negative man I’ve ever met in my life. Was 6’1” and built like a bear – depressed his whole life. Became a landscape artist so he didn’t have to be with people. He went on and off the diet for a year and I said, “Listen. You have to try the high meat just one time to get out of this depression so you can stay on the diet.” So he tried it but didn’t call me. So, saw him at the next workshop probably 5-6 months after that and he had three girlfriends – a guy that probably hadn’t had a girlfriend in his life. They were all 10 pluses and he was about a 5 ½. Eats two pounds of rotten meat a day. Only eats high meat because it makes him happy, funny, charming, everything. Changed his life just like that. It’s been six years since he’s eaten fresh meat.

Q: High meat even if you’re not depressed.

A: Absolutely. It feeds your brain and nervous system. Have it at least an hour away from fruit or even longer away from vegetable juice. Can make high meat 3x faster if you don’t make it in the fridge. You have to take it outside to open it every day or every other day. Otherwise, it will out-gas in your house. And seal it tight. Not like in the fridge where you only have to take it out every 3-4 days.

Q: I had it outside and it got maggots.

A: That’s because of the sunlight. I tell people to get a box to keep out the light if keeping outside. No problem with smell escaping if you close it tight.

Q: I kept mine in the fridge – so is OK to take it out again.

A: Yeah. Start it moving again.

Q: Any other weight-loss tips? Caveats?

A: Don’t stay on it too long. It’s really only here that you’re large still. You’ve lost weight everywhere else – face, neck. Stop when you lose 4” off your waist. Now when I do my weight loss, it isn’t a matter of choice; when I go to Asia, I can’t get all the butter and cheese I want and I lose weight. You can see these 35-inch waist pants are very tight now – I’m up to about a 38” waist. By the time I get back, I’ll have a 30-inch waist. I don’t like it. I’ll have to build it up again quickly again. You need that fat around your intestines because your body will dump a lot of poisons into your intestinal tract and if it damages the bacteria in your intestines, you won’t digest well. If you damage your intestinal walls, you digest less. So it’s best to have plenty of fat there so when your body sends poisons to the intestines to dump them you’ll have the fat to mix with them.

Q: Where would look for land in southern California?

A: There’s nothing safe in southern California. I would look probably between Nevada City and Shasta. East of Shasta. Still pollution from agricultural chemicals but less chemicals and contamination. Area around Frasier Park is pretty good area, if you’re going to be in California. Sharon leaving the farm. That particular mountain there is the only chemical free aquifer in California. You can go up the mountain and fill your own water jugs. Only ten acres so it will take care of Lucky and the other investors and their families and helpers and me when I’m in town.

Q: What kind of food do you eat in the wilderness?

A: Survival foods. When I went hiking for nine days in the Waipi’o Valley on the big island in Hawaii, I took a mixture of 1:5 honey and butter and put it in a half-gallon Lexan container. Lexan doesn’t leach easily. Didn’t start fermenting until the ninth day and I was backpacking all over the big island – 25 miles to a store. I did go into markets and get organic beef. I didn’t jar it to take with me. I was living off avocados, some meat, and honey and butter. You can take dates, lots of no-salt cheese butter and honey.

When I lose words, I know I don’t have enough blood sugar in my brain so I eat an egg. I eat the white first. [Demonstrates how to eat raw egg.] I break the integrity of the shell at the fat end but don’t tear the membrane inside as don’t want it to collapse yet. At the pointed end, I make a hole with my eye tooth in the shell and membrane. I first suck out the white shaking it loose a bit if it’s bound to the yolk but not tilting it completely upside down because the yolk is heavier and would come out first. Membrane collapses as it empties. It will digest quicker and easier and get to my brain faster, if I eat the egg white first. The egg white will nutrify my liver to make bile to digest the egg yolk. That way, it will only take 27 minutes to digest the egg and it will turn into glycogen very quickly. The protein from the white that doesn’t go into the liver will go right into the digestive tract and form glycogen to feed the brain and nervous system. That’s why when I start losing words I know I don’t have enough blood sugar my brain so I’ll suck an egg. You have most of your bacteria in your mouth – more bacteria than cats and dogs. So don’t bite anybody as you’ll cause break down in their tissue.

Q: Is rotten egg OK? I was buying a basket of 200 eggs from a village while in China

A: Absolutely. However, those eggs are put in clay and dirt. They don’t have a lot of bacteria and are mostly broken down with fungus.

Q: Doesn’t the fat in egg yolks make the bile? Can you just eat yolk by itself?

A: Not a good idea. You won’t digest much of the fat as it takes protein to digest fat. Your liver makes bile to digest fat…and vice versa.

Q: Anytime I get a lot of sun, I’m completely drained of energy for a couple days.

A: That’s a good thing because you are suddenly manufacturing a lot of vitamin D and can now clean your bones and cartilage and that takes all the nutrients that the body can handle. Could dampen the effect a little bit by putting milk on your skin. Then you won’t manufacture quite as much vitamin D.

Q: Milk on scalp, too?

A: Yes, you can put it everywhere. I’ve been experimenting with milk on the scalp with different people for three years. Thickens hair shaft but doesn’t help regenerate hair follicles like a combination of half butter and half bone marrow does. I put it on my scalp once a week when I’m getting a massage when I’m here in town. In Thailand I get massages with butter or coconut cream, just not bone marrow. I’m not vain enough to do it more often. St. Francis of Assisi was my confirmation saint and I liked his bald head so it never bothered me.

Q: They say there are a few perfect heads and then there’s hair for everyone else.

Q: I’ve heard if you take a shower that day, you won’t manufacture Vitamin D.

A: Yes, before or after because you’re washing oil off the skin. After sun exposure, you’re washing the collection of full spectrum radiation that was in the fat. Before, you won’t have oils and your skin will burn.

Q: Sometimes when I’m doing heavy work with my hands, I’ll notice little spots of purple discoloration on my skin. They go away quickly.

A: Usually, they’re called liver spots but could be from any kind of dark glandular tissue that is no longer functioning in the gland or organ. It’s put in the skin if the cell does not help produce bile any more; if it’s liver tissue, it does not help create enzymes; if it’s pancreatic, it is not retaining bile properly; if it’s the gall bladder and causing toxicity.

Q: I thought liver spots were brown.

A: You have the ability to change their pigmentation or you’re just sloughing them off. Purple is always a sign of healing, unless it’s purple from radioactive material. Any wound that remains purple means you have reproductive hormones in it and you’re still in a heavy healing process. When I have a cut or wound, I want it to stay purple until it’s completely finished so there won’t be scarring. If it turns white or a color before it’s finished, there’ll be scar tissue. Purple is good. Probably means you’re changing the coloration of those cells, removing the pigmentation from the cells or throwing them off as dead cells. Now I throw them off but right after I was injected, they stayed a while as freckles – liver spots. If you have discolorations like that, you can put pineapple on them it will lighten and eventually dissolve them.

Q: [unclear] I’ve been making your cheesecake recipe a lot and wonder if it’s a good substitute for butter and cheese?

A: Might become a little overly acidic unless you have a little vegetable juice. But it has concentrated nutrients. Doesn’t have the same properties as honey with cheese that utilizes all the minerals. Cheese alone will pass through the body and butter with the cheese avoids constipation. The cheese is dehydrated and has a lot of concentrated fat so the E. coli and other colon bacteria take more time in the sigmoid colon longer to try to extract the fat out of it. Cheese doesn’t cause true constipation. True constipation is when you have a block in your intestines and you keep swelling with everything you eat because it’s not moving through.

Q: I have really bad mineral problems since I was young so I eat cheese with honey to mineralize. Would your cheesecake be similar in re-mineralizing?

A: If you’re putting the honey in the cheese butter part simultaneously, yes; if you’re mixing the honey with the butter first, then it won’t work. It will realize the minerals in the cheese. But still need to eat raw cheese alone [or just with butter] to remove poisons.

Q: If you eat cheese with fruit does it still act as a poison sponge?

A: Does it act as a detoxifier? You will digest some of that cheese and may be re-digest the poisons, unless it’s a fruit with high pectin in which case it will detoxify you and won’t reabsorb. Dates, figs, all berries, and some apples and pears are all high in pectin.

Q: Would those all make a fruit meal?

A: It wouldn’t behave exactly the same. I don’t have a lot of cleansing fruit any more because I don’t need it any more. It will put me to sleep and I like to stay focused. If I eat a normal fruit meal, I’ll nap an hour or two in the afternoon. It means I’ll be getting 5 hours sleep a day and I need to be more productive. I’m happy if I get 3½, maximum 4. When I was sick, I was sleeping 22 hours a days to get well but now I’m healthier.

Q: Are you seeing that in a lot of the people you treat.

A: Yes, they don’t need as much sleep. A lot of people who have been on this diet 17-20 years are only sleeping five hours. That is enough for a healthy individual.

Q: About the only raw food I could get to my son in China is cheese.

A: Why not butter?

Q: OK I’ll ship it, too. Cheese and butter.

A: I have plenty of people living in foreign countries – Aruba, Philippines. Their families ship them 20 pounds at a time. If he’s not getting good local food at least give him something that’s going to build his system. Honey with cheese and butter.

Q: Headache related to eyestrain [unclear] can last all night. I do a lot of computer work [unclear] liquid crystal, diode.

A: It might but impossible unless there’s radioactive light getting into your brain…for it to be caused…eyes. When your brain swells, it puts pressure on the meninges. You have no nerves in your brain. Headaches are always in the meninges, the skin around the brain. So what’s causing the brain to swell? Radiation can do it. Usually not a lot of light into the eyes can cause a problem unless it’s radioactive.

… sometimes EMF fields. Do you have a Trifield meter? When you’re working on your mouse pad and all of that. Since I was injected, I’ve had a real problem. They injected me with some kind of electromagnetic field conductor. I used to be able to hold an electromagnetic field meter and it was zero. Now I touch anything electrical I go up to four milligauss. Put the meter next to the mouse and it’s zero. I touch my mouse and it goes up to four milligauss. They poisoned me with a lot of stuff. Unless you have an electromagnetic field problem I doubt that it’s caused by your eyes. You’re straining. You’re working that part of your brain but it’s not necessarily eye strain that’s causing it. It’s just the activity that your brain is pursuing when you’re using your eyes.

Q: [unclear]

A: Sounds like radioactive material. Did you have barium for upper lower GI? There you go. Eating enough blueberries? Blueberries, coconut cream, cheese and a little dairy cream at least every other day.

Q: I have a really problem with cheese even in suppository.

A: Rock and a hard place. Either slow bowel movements or headaches. Try your suppository with butter and coconut cream. May have to roll your stomach for four minutes to move past sigmoid colon.

Q: Asthma.

A: Just remember, asthma is not producing enough mucous to protect your mucous membranes in your respiratory system. Milk shakes are the only thing to produce enough mucous. Every day. May need two a day. Quart a day should do it. Have to keep it up. For long-term asthmatics over forty, it usually takes about 10-12 years to reverse completely. When you’ve got asthma, you’ve got a very severely damaged mucous membrane in your respiratory system that doesn’t produce mucous to coat and protect you or expel toxins and neutralize them.

Q: Vinegar and milk and honey and milk. Big detox cycle. Keep doing it?

A: Absolutely. You’re coloring and skin are much better. People, when you’re body’s dumping poisons, you’re going to feel terrible. Going to be irritating your mucous membranes, your nervous system, your blood – everything. But once they’re out of there, your body is that less irritated by stored poisons and you’ll feel better.

Q: Thyroid supplements. Low energy.

A: Have you listened to the workshop DVD? In there, I explain that endocrine gland activity is for emergency purposes only. Healthy animals have only trace amounts of hormones in their blood. The pharmaceutical houses want you to think that you should have all these hormones in your blood so that you take lots of supplements and they’ll make money. If you’re on a good diet, you don’t need hormones to generate energy. That’s not where you’re supposed to get energy. You’re supposed to get your energy from fats. The thyroid doesn’t have anything to do with energy. The thyroid protects the heart and lungs. It’s the only gland with six back-ups. What is so important in the body that you have six back-ups for one gland? When I was doing my experiments with people, I realized it was the heart and lungs the thyroid was guarding. Has nothing to do with hair loss, weight or energy level. So I picked a football team and contracted with a coach so that I would be able to stay on the field with them for a whole season and any time an end or a quarterback would get hit by five or ten guys and get the wind knocked out of them, I would go out with a hypodermic and draw blood for each minute the guy was unconscious. And you could see the thyroxin levels shoot up every minute until the player started breathing and heart started beating again. Usually what happens is that they get hit so hard that they stop breathing and their heart stops. They’ve got six minutes to start it going again. I drew about a quarter of a thimble worth of blood for each minute. When they take three vials of blood from you, it’s absolute bullshit. They’re only using less than half a teaspoon for all of their tests. The laboratories throw away 90% of the blood. So when a doctor wants to take that much blood, tell him no – you get quarter of a cc for the three vials and that’s it. Hormones are for emergency purposes only. Now because most people are eating toxic garbage, they’re always in emergency mode so the body has to produce hormones to provide energy and fats to combine with poisons. That’s not natural or normal. If you have an energy problem, you are not digesting your fats well enough. Eat little chunks of pineapple all day long or teaspoons of papaya all day long. Let those help you digest. If you have a problem digesting proteins, then pineapple is the one you want. If you have trouble digesting fats, then papaya is better - although pineapple will work for fats and proteins.

Q: I broke my jaw here and here and the swelling goes down overnight and my teeth fit together but when I get up it swells every morning.

A: Pineapple juice and honey help mend bone. And put a hot water bottle there at night. You’re not healing at night because all the water is leaving it. You’re detoxifying dead cells if you’re losing the swelling. But you shouldn’t be losing the swelling at night – that means you’re not healing, you’re detoxifying. And nighttime is when you do 90% of your healing. When you use a hot water bottle always wrap it in something a pillowcase. A flannel one will keep it hot for 6-8 hours. If you don’t wrap your hot water bottle, it will only stay hot for 2-3 hours.

Q: [unclear] Semi-constant problem with sighing and yawning. Not asthmatic.

A: Indication of anemia or leukemia. Your red blood cells aren’t transporting oxygen well. Meat and cheese, meat and bone marrow and butter. Cheese and honey 30 minutes after meat meal.

Q: What can my friend do for low energy?

A: Meat and butter together. Dates cheese and butter together will give you more energy.

Q: Dry eyes.

A: Egg whites. Hold down lower eyelid and rub a bead of egg white along the white of the eye. Then roll the eye around to coat and it only takes three minutes to absorb. You can do it as many times a day as you like. Almost same chemistry as your tears but has more protein so it feeds and strengthens the eye. You can also take butter – especially sheep’s butter which is a little bit more effective than cow’s butter – and put it in your eye at night before sleeping. It will blur your eyes for maybe an hour, so you want to do that before you sleep. I’ve had people with coke bottle thick glasses and doing the egg white every day and butter 2x a week go to very thin glasses in a five-year period.

Q: My eyes stay red a couple days after using butter.

A: The lymph system in your eyes is not working so blood is trying to absorb and transport the fat. Supposed to be in your lymph system. So, hot water bottle on one side of the head one night and the other, the next to get the lymph system moving.

Q: My eyesight is getting worse. Anything else to improve it?

A: Can get pinhole glasses that force your eyes to use certain muscles. Thirty minutes a day. Your vision will improve immensely when your whole eye isn’t working every muscle. Sun on your eyes will help create vitamin D and make the eyes stronger.

Q: Standing long periods of time, I noticed ache in the crease of my leg – upper abductor - and even clicking.

A: Fat deficiency. Not enough bursa fluid leaving your hipbone going into that joint or lymph system …not feeding fat into that area properly. Need hot water bottle in that area every night that you have that problem, to get the bursa going or lymph system feeding more fat into that area. Could be a lot of toxins that you’re removing from your bone marrow out that femur joint and that will cause it to dry. So three reasons it could be. Leaking out the muscle until it can throw it off into the connective tissue

Q: Twenty-five years ago I sprained my ankle. I can still run heel-to-toe. Now I go barefoot all the time but I have scar tissue or something so I can’t run toe-to-heel barefoot. What can I do?

A: Rub thin pieces of pineapple around the area a minute and half. Rub it all into that area, around the whole foot, whole ankle area so the enzymes can get in there and start breaking up the scar tissue. And a mixture of bone marrow and butter on there during the day to help regenerate tissue there where you’re going to replace the scar tissue. May take a couple years. Easy enough – just have to take time to do it.

Q: I wake up with pain in my chest and weirdness in my arms. It’s happening a lot. And sometimes I smell ammonia when there isn’t any around.

A: Do the arms feels heavy or tingly and light?

Q: Tingling.

A: That’s just your nervous system coming alive. That’s the nerves going from your chest – usually from the bronchials into these lymph glands – have to dump the poison. Your kidneys produce ammonia and if that gets into your blood, you’ll end up with it in your armpits. Can even end up in your lungs. You can eat a little chip of pineapple with butter something like that.

Q: Can I avoid this weight-loss thing and just have a little pineapple, butter and honey every hour or two, since it’s digestion that I’m lacking? My stomach bloated like a balloon one time when I had a little vinegar and oil salad dressing. Even after months, my stomach didn’t go back to normal.

A: Yeah. Cut up some pineapple in a jar and have a chunk about every 2-3 hours. With that small amount you don’t need butter or honey with it. Could have half a teaspoon of butter or cheese with it.

Q: You’re talking about weight loss?

A: No. I don’t want him to lose weight; he’s already lost a tremendous amount of weight in his neck and face, arms, legs, everywhere and that makes his stomach look so much bigger. I prefer he eats the pineapple and see how that works to get his digestion moving.

Q: John Ott says we should get about six hours of unfiltered light to our eyes.

A: Well, that’s if you’re on a shit diet. On a good diet probably ten minutes a day would suffice.

Q: And how much sun a day do you think we need for the skin?

A: About ten minutes, an hour over a week. I get about two hours a week when I get it. When I get a massage, I have it outdoors. So, an hour on one side and hour on the other. That’s how you make your vitamin D. You supplement it with your milk, butter and meat. Vitamin D is very concentrated in meat until you cook it which destroys vitamin D.

Q: I had a very major healing reaction on my leg with swelling and you were trying to help me through it. The only thing that helped was exposing it to the sun. After about 20 minutes, I had relief. So, sometimes you need more.

Q: When I work outside and I get sweaty and my shirt’s wet I wonder if I’m reabsorbing this [toxins] and if it’s a problem.

A: No, it evaporates or you wipe it off. It could damage your skin depending on what it is. But if you’re sweating at night, it can be. That’s why I say if you’re perspiring a lot at night or are using water bottles, put a towel around you and long cotton underwear to absorb it. Pull it away from the skin.

Q: I have a damaged tissue area in the spine that affects the nerves so if I lift things a muscle in my butt will spasm.

A: You can take 2 oz each butter and bone marrow with a tablespoon of pineapple juice. You can squeeze pineapple using your hand. Massage that into the area and put on a hot water bottle at night.

Q: What can cause pain in your heart?

A: Many things can cause pain in your heart - even lactic acid buildup from heart activity. But usually it’s some kind of chemical – mercury, thallium, formaldehyde, Windex – that’s stored in the heart muscles. Windex is one of the most toxic of household substances; …nasty stuff! When I see people use it, they have a chartreuse glow in their bodies. It just eats away at their systems. I put the mask I carry with me on and get out.

Q: Does the heart pain mean the toxins are just in there or they’re coming out?

A: If she’s on a good diet, they’re detoxing. If not, may not be moving – just creating more damage.

Q: Every time I go to a lecture or something, I fall asleep. Only one fruit a day.

A: Just suck an egg. Fruit will make you sleepy. If I eat more than one fruit a day, I’ll sleep, too. You’ll go into a heavy detoxification and your body just has to not use any energy except for handling the poisons.

Q: I have cards to distribute to anybody that doesn’t know about chemtrails to raise awareness about poison - high in aluminum, barium. LosAngelesskywatch.org. I donated $200 to Mike Murphy’s film, Why in the World are They Spraying.

A: You want to know why they’re using so much aluminum? It enhances explosions. If you put 15% aluminum in gunpowder, it increases its power by a factor of 5. …getting ready to blow us all up on certain vibratory levels. This diet will keep a lot of that aluminum harnessed. Other people will have explosions in their hearts and brains. [end]…