Q&A Of July 24, 2005

(1) Aajonus Brings Half A Pound OF Butter Per Day, Shipping Food [2005],[Aajonus]

And I'll take at most a half a pound per day that I'm going

So, if I'm going for 30 days, I'd take 15 pounds of butter with me.

I keep it in a cooler and I always get a room with a refrigerator and I take out all the soda pops and beers and alcohol and put my butter and cheese in there.

[Attendee],[Aajonus] But you have every temperature-


Oh yeah, definitely.

The butter I'm eating is room temperature, always.

[Kathy] You have to have to go through the scanner though.

[Aajonus] I don't have a problem in Asia?

[Kathy] But if you're going from LA.

[Aajonus] I'm able to get through again?

[Attendee #2] The trick that I've learned Kathy is if you ship it to yourself, because I've done it three or four times, I actually ship it to myself.

I send it through FedEx, UPS, DHL, and it's there before I get there.

[Kathy] Wherever hotel you go to, they hold it for you.

[Attendee #2] When I went to Hawaii, it was sitting on my front doorstep at my house that I had rented in a cooler?

I shipped it to myself in a cooler, it was cold when I arrived.

[Kathy] But the only thing you don't take any food you on the plane.

[Aajonus] No, I do because I'm getting them to hand check it again?

For a 6-month period they were jerks, but most of the places I went, my patients always had food for me.

I'd always have something on the plane.

If I'm going to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm beach or I'm going New York city, and it was a four and a half, five-hour flight.

I want something on the plane.

So, if they wouldn't hand check it without scanning it.

I'd stand there, eat a half a dozen raw eggs in front of them and the raw meat.

[Attendees],[Aajonus] Laughs

And they threatened to have me arrested because I was gonna cause harm and damage, give them same kind of disease.

They called the police and the police come, I'd say, "You ticket and arrest me for this.

How's this going to look in court.

I'm just eating food?

You are going to arrest me for eating food.

" And this is a public place.

So, they back off, so I just stand there and eat it front of them.

Just change their minds a little bit.

[Attendee] It won't go through radiation.

[Aajonus] It does, but because I have a radiation therapy, it causes more of a reaction for me?

If most people just put it through the hand scanner, you walk through the carry on.

It's not gonna be that bad if it only goes through one time.

But we can't do which pardon.

You have to put your bags on this one little scanner, that's low-level radiation?

[Attendee #2] Bags, keys, wallet.

They make you take everything, surprised they don't strip clean, you know.

[Aajonus] Well, the last time I didn't know when I was gonna get in San Francisco?

So, I had meat in plastic in my pocket, they hand checked it for me.

So, I just had that stuff in my pocket.


(2) Air Filters [2005],[Attendee]

Have you ever looked into air cleaners

Are they effective at all?


Yes, they're very good?

The HEPA's are of course the best.

I used to use the Alpine when I didn't live in Malibu where the air is clean.


(3) Alkaline, Bad Breath [2005],[Attendee],[Aajonus]

On the raw diet, I still have bad breath

It's from the toxicity in your intestines gassing into your lungs and causing that smell

Unless you have a dental problem.

That's all hogwash.

All the tests will prove that that's inconsistent.

You've got lots of people with an alkaline mouth that have terrible breath.

When I was around fruitarians, terrible breath.

Because their teeth would rot like crazy.

Everything was over alkaline: alkaline urine, alkaline salivary gland, alkaline feces.

You're not ever supposed to have alkaline feces, you're not supposed to have alkaline urine, you're not supposed to have alkaline salivary glands.

Everything should be acid.

The only thing that should be on an even keel should be your blood You're enzyme deficient and that's the honey.


(4) Animal Fat Doesn't Cause Heart Disease [2005],[Aajonus]

All the tribes that eat meat, lots of lard and lots of animal fats have no heart disease and have no arterial sclerosis

None, zip.

Even the ones who eat it cooked, only cooked meat, only cooked fat, no heart disease, no arterial sclerosis.


So, if you barbeque and cook something, that's not carcinogenic.


I'm not talking about carcinogens?

Carcinogen means cancer producing.

I'm talking about something that produces hardening of the arteries, and hardening of the heart tissue, causes it to become brittle.

Cooking meat doesn't cause that problem.

The tribes who eat cooked meat have gout, they have arthritis, they have a lot of joint problems, but they don't have arterial sclerosis, no heart disease.

Vegetable oils cause that because we have low body temperature, we also have 60,000 times less enzymes to disassemble the fat molecule properly.

A cow keeps their body temperature 100° - 101°.

Vegetable oils at that temperature, as part of that animal will stay fluid its entire life.

If a human eats it, and we make cells with that kind of fat for lubrication and stability and protection, it will crystalize in the heart.


(5) APplying Raw Meat & Honey On Skin Topically [2005],[Aajonus]

Well, first of all, I usually start with something I've been experimenting with

For the last six months.

I've been experimenting with using honey to get rid of wrinkles and lines.

Before that I spent a year using raw meat, and I found the raw meat helps get rid of bruising and soreness easier, and it does help you get rid of wrinkles.

Applying it to your skin, topically, yes.

When I was in Asia the last time, I got back about four weeks ago, it wasn't convenient to use meat cause I was with a girlfriend.

So, I started getting honey and the honey started breaking down- I don't know if anybody remembers how deep my lines were here.

This is only about two weeks off and on using it on my forehead.

It just peels the layers away, very thick.

And the comb honey is the best to do it for some reason.

The honey in the comb seems to be more active.


How do we do that.


Well, James carries it?

I buy mine from Honey Pacifica.

[Attendee #2]

John is the only person I know that that cuts it, and doesn't eat it at all.

It's Aajonus' friend so you're guaranteed obviously to know the honey's not heated.


It still does work, even if it has been heated, it still works better than the honey that's been extracted already.

There's something that's a little bit more powerful about the comb.


How much faster, how much more effective.


Well, your neck?

I had him do it for 10 days.


One and a half weeks?


If anybody saw his neck two weeks ago, looked like a lizard's neck, lots and lots of layers, and this is just 10 days.

[Attendee #2]

It does look better by the way.


What I suggest you do cause you have the ptyalin enzyme in the saliva, put saliva on it first and then just put your finger in and rub it in.

Saliva helps break it down.


(6) Bad Food (7) Bath Ingredients [2005],[Aajonus]

2 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons of sun dried sea salt 2 - 3 tablespoons of coconut cream (optional for skin)

Cause when you're in the bathtub that long, your skin gets dry


Coconut cream or coconut oil.


Coconut cream, when you get out it just makes the skin nice and protected, so it doesn't dry?


(8) Bath Ingredients Again and When To Do [2005],[Aajonus]

3 table spoons of apple cider vinegar

2 - 3 cups of raw milk

2 tablespoons of sea salt

2 -3 tablespoons of coconut cream

[Attendee] Is it a hot bath, like a certain type.

[Aajonus] It's a hot bath from 102° - 105° for a minimum of 45 minutes, we work it up to an hour, and then over a year, we work it up to an hour and a half?

When you get out of the bath, you have to move like a snail.

Otherwise, you'll pass out.

So, you have to get out of the bath, dry slooowly, and get some long underwear.

[No longer available] https://www.


com/content/wintersilks has a long underwear that's made of wool and silk, they are thin that they keep you very warm.

Put that on, clothes on top of that.

I don't care if you look like an old person out there walking this slow, you just need to walk for 45 minutes.

[No longer recommended because people were unable to do the walks.

Also, there is benefit to staying inside with warm clothes and in a warm room sweating] And then when you get back, take a nap.

These baths should ideally be done between 1:30 and 4:30 in the afternoon.

You do em in the morning, your whole day's gonna be imbalanced.

If you do it at night, you may not sleep.


(9) Baths For Lymphatic Congestion [2005],[Aajonus]

That's why I have people doing baths if they have lymphatic congestion

To get rid of those toxic oils, they have to stay in a bath for 45 minutes to an hour and a half at a time every 3 - 4 days.

, not any less than that.

What it does is it causes a slow melting of the lymphatic system, and then they have to eat a particular mixture of coconut cream and pineapple right before they get in the bath and then they have to take a walk heavily clothed with long underwear to make sure that the lymph system keeps moving and the pineapple and coconut get into that fat to prevent it from hardening as much again.

If you do it slowly on this diet, it's gonna take you 40 years to get rid of all that fat.

If you do the baths, you can get rid of it in 10 to 15.

It's a long process.

[Walk isn't necessarily recommended because people were unable to do it.

If you can do it, that's great, but there are benefits to skipping it.

Such as, staying warm in a hot room] .

(10) Body Starves After 5 Hours [2005],[Aajonus]

Now I'm gonna repeat that

Your body starts of protein after five hours, do not go five hours without eating something.

Egg, milk; something with protein, meat.

So, if you go to sleep and it takes you 15 minutes to go to sleep, you set your alarm for five hours and 15 minutes, you wake, you have a milkshake in a small amount, or a couple of eggs rocky style or some milk a little cream and honey in it and go right back to sleep.

When people sleep through that five-hour period, the red blood cells start to become cannibalistic.

They eat each other, highly toxic.

That's why people wake up after 8 to 10 hours, they go for the coffee because they can't move cause the blood is so acidic and toxic.

So, you wake up after five hours, eat something and go back to sleep.


Then you wake up with all kinds of energy, let me give you an example.

I go to Nevada city once a year to do my workshop person.

One of the people who put it on there, John Fo.

Been going there three years at that point, it happened two years ago.

When I first saw him, he was like this imitation, he was only 42 years ago.

Old man, chronic fatigue, slouching weak, mainly a vegetarian at that point for a long time.

And put him on the diet, three years later, strong, healthy, robust, fine.

But he says "10, 11 o'clock before I feel any energy.

So sluggish in the morning".

I said, "Are you waiting after five hours and eating something".


I say it every time I go to those lectures.


(11) Caffeine [Attendee] The raw cacao made me really crazy cause I'm really sensitive to caffeine and that other chemical that's in chocolate

[Aajonus] Theobromine.

[Attendee] Yeah, I'm really, really sensitive.

[Aajonus] One time when David Wolf came out of it, I thought I know better to do this, but I did it anyway because I wanted to experiment.

I did not sleep for 48 hours, I wanted to fuck everything sight, and I wanted to run a marathon.

It was terrible.

[James] And when David Wolf went to Pangea in Hawaii, he convinced everybody to go on the chocolate and now they've all become chocoholics.

[Attendee #2] I called them three days after David was there and everything was just falling apart.

[James] Wait a minute, I just wanna say something.

I watched a man's emotional state, the man who runs the Pangea, Denise, changed so dramatically that when I had just been there three months earlier, and then I talked to him, he was literally had become a literal devotee of David Wolf to the point of arguing with me, and he was never like that before.

And it was the chocolate that was doing it, he didn't even realize it.

[Attendee] And they have a book out.

I tried it myself.

I mean, I shopped there before when I was a fruitarian, I took just a couple, and I felt really great cause like a high.

But it doesn't last, unfortunately.

You can live that way forever, be perfect, but you come right down.

[Aajonus] Headaches.

I was not a nice kid.

Can I just have that too.


And I made a chocolate with it.

I put it with honey and lots of butter cause I knew what it would do to me if I had it by itself.

So, I flowered it, made a, a chocolate out of it with lots of butter, and some honey, even cream.

So, I had it buffered.


(12) Cant Eat Red Meat, Over Acidic [2005],[Attendee]

A month ago, I couldn't look at beef

I've been on the diet for nine months and all of a sudden beef looked like yuck.

I can't eat it.

Why is that.

[Aajonus] She asked, she'd been on the diet about nine months and all of a sudden, she could not can't stand red meat, but she asked why?

Usually, it's because the blood's getting too acidic when you eat the red meat, so you need to start eating it with white meat.

So, white meat with the red meat will change that.

[Attendee] At the same time.

[Aajonus] At the same time, especially seafood, fish will allow it to alter your desire quicker than eating chicken or any other kind of fowl?

[Attendee #2] Isn't it also sometimes people not drinking enough green juice to balance out the, alkalinity.

[Aajonus] Yeah, are you drinking your green juice?

[Attendee] I'm not every single day, but about 5 days a week?

[Aajonus] That should be fine.

It's usually just the acidity of the red meat.

Sometimes what will happen is when you have a lot of red meat, the body will start detoxing the liver.

When that happens, the blood gets overly acidic and it will just keep doing it, and doing and doing it.

For some reason, even though liver is very concentrated in protein, it doesn't happen with liver.

If it's happening, you need some seafood.

It could be oysters.

It can be.




(13) Carrot Juice + Coco Cream For Eyes, Detox At Night [Attendee] Question on the coconut cream with the carrot juice

Can you substitute coconut water with the coconut.

[Aajonus] Absolutely?

See this tin lid.

If I put coconut cream on this, in about an hour it will turn gray?

It rips metals up that quickly.

If I put coconut oil or olive oil or flax oil or any other pressed oil on here, it would take two to three days to the same thing.

Coconut cream will get in and there and rip things apart very rapidly because there's lots of bacteria that does not translate and transfer into the oil.

So, without those, it's not going to be a cleanser of that type.

[Attendee] Now, obviously it has to be raw coconut cream, otherwise it's not gonna do it.

[Aajonus] Correct?

Your bacteria and enzymes are destroyed.

[Attendee] Does cream from an animal do the same thing.

[Aajonus] Cream from an animal, no?

If I put cream on that it will take about two days to start turning, pulling out the metal.

The carrot juice and coconut cream for the eyes should be done between 4:30PM - 6:30PM.

Your eyes detoxify right before you go to sleep, somewhere between 9:00PM - 11:00PM.


(14) Corrections In The Diet [2005],[Jim]

While setting up the website, I got a little preview of the upcoming new book and regarding mental clarity, you talked about a couple additives for the juice, but also there's something about this you wouldn't know, and I've never seen that anywhere

I don't know if it was a typo.


No, it was for a certain situation, specific towards that condition?

I also have eggs with vegetable juice for specific diseases.


So, it also be for a limited time.




What about bread.


And I'm specific about it?

Why do this, why you have it.


We only see what we want to see.


There's four pages that have changed.

I let an editor go through the book and they changed- my mother's name went to Dorse, instead of Doris.

My father's name, Josef went to Joseph and multiply went to multiple.

And the order form got missed off from your website.


You have to read that entire book in every word every time.


I have to read it at least 20 times?

First time I read it 86 times.

They go it through it and make mistakes.

And I'm sure that there's another 20 I didn't catch.

So, I've got four pages to change.

31, 32, 34 and 362 Mental clarity is a relative thing.

You get some, you want some more, it's like money.

Oh yes.


Oh yes, everything you feel better.




(15) Cows Better Than Goats For Bath Cuz Cream [2005],[Attendee]

Cows milk, goats milk


Whole cows milk is always better for the cream?


Is it better cultured or not.


Well, if you like sour smelling skin, it's up to you?

Doesn't make a difference.


(16) Cream WIth Milk For Candida [2005],[Aajonus]

Just give her eggs by themselves

[Attendee] How do I get rid of my itching.

Is milk causing or aggravating that?

[Aajonus] Well, you need to add cream to your milk?

[Attendee] Always add cream or butter.

[Aajonus] Always add cream or butter too?

I always add cream or butter to my milky.

So, you may be throwing off all the sugars that you've got collected from being a fruitarian.

[Attendee] So, just keep going.

[Aajonus] Until you get the fat on you?

When you get enough fat on you the fat will start absorbing and stop throwing it off through the skin and causing drying to the skin.

[Attendee] Raw milk is okay.

[Aajonus] Raw milk is wonderful?

It's not gonna add candida, it's gonna get rid of candida, but you've got to put added cream to it.

[Attendee] And no more than 5 days to become kefir.

[Aajonus] If you're in the winter time and it takes five days to become kefir, that's fine?

But in this heat, two days is usually all it takes.

[Attendee] Mine looks so chunky.

[Aajonus] That's too far, too far.

Now, if you have it chunky like that, you can blend it, and it'll, emulsify again, it would be.


(17) Eat Lettuce Last Meal Of Day [2005],[Kathy]

So, we should eat lettuce you said

[Aajonus] Head lettuce, iceberg lettuce?

[Kathy] What are we supposed to do with it.

[Aajonus] Well, the head lettuce, you can eat?

[Kathy] How much of it.

[Aajonus] If you put it in your juice, about 10% of your juice?

If you want to eat it, half a head of lettuce a day, but the last thing before you go to bed.

[Kathy] But one thing is they didn't come organic, I've only seen conventional.

[Aajonus] Well, when you get it organic, eat it.

Don't get it on inorganic.

[Attendee] Why the last meal of the day.

[Aajonus] Because the fibers will cause over alkalinity in the system?

So, if any meat comes behind the lettuce, it won't digest properly.

So, I don't feel like people need to eat whole vegetables for that reason.

So, if it's the last thing before you go to bed, you're not gonna eat for another five hours.

So, the meat's not gonna catch up with it and it'll be acid again, unless you're eating too often.

[Attendee] You wouldn't have it with colostrum and then have lettuce.


(18) Epsom Salts [2005],[Attendee]

I have a question about the bath, what do Epsom salts do

Are they absolutely awful in terms of these bags?


Well, not necessarily, you could also use Epsom salts?

It's just minerals that will help pull out toxicity, salt helps break down oils quicker.

That's why I say sea salt, two tablespoons.


If somebody used more than you said.


Skin will be more dry?

Skin will get redder.


What about any other.

The apple cider vinegar, the milk?


Any other will create a little bit of an imbalance?

I've been perfecting this for a long time.


(19) Farmed Fish [2005],[Aajonus]

You need some seafood

It could be oysters.

It can be anything that's wild ocean caught.

A lot of scallops are wild, but when the shellfish is farmed, it only means that they put a fence in the ocean, government lets them put a fence out there and nobody's allowed in that area.

So, they're not feeding the fish anything unusual, the sea creatures, the oysters, clams, scallops, they're still eating right from the ocean.

So, those are not the bad farmed foods.

The bad farmed fish are the ones where they dig a lake and they feed them alfalfa pellets and anything that is thrown away from some kind of processing.

[James] And worse yet, the ones up in the Vancouver area in Seattle now for salmon farming, if they're done in the wild estuaries and whatnot, they're contaminating the wild caught salmon out there.

So, they're actually man feeding salmon in the ocean.

You know that.

[Aajonus] Well, they're not really allowed to do that, but what they're doing is they're letting them escape and they're breeding with the wild ones and that's causing the problem?

[James] They have allowed them to feed manmade fruit to the contained salmon.

[Aajonus] Well, I think that they were proposing that, but the last time I read that, they weren't allowed to do it yet, but that the fish were escaping.

They were jumping over and causing all kinds of problems, they were getting all kinds of diseases.


(20) Fatigue, Sleep Cycle, Blood Thinners, Use Honey [2005],[Aajonus]

Doesn't have to be a pound of red meat

It has to be a pound of meat all together.

[Attendee] I'm getting fatigued in and out the day, by 10:00PM, I'm dead.

[Aajonus] All animals take naps during the day and they sleep at night CS.

The man in the wild went to sleep at sunset, got up sometime during the night, ate and went back to sleep.

That's a normal cycle if you're wildly living outdoors.

I lived outdoors for three years, so I know what it was like, and that's what it's like.

Man normally has that cycle.

So, you're just getting more normal.

10:00PM is still pretty late, but you probably wake up after the sun's risen because you're sleeping indoors.

If you're sleeping outdoors, you'd be awake before the suns come u Coumadin is very toxic: damages liver, gall bladder, and spleen.

It's not good at all.

[Attendee #2] What is it.

[Aajonus] Coumadin's a blood thinner?

It drops the body's vitamin K and vitamin U, so it doesn't plot properly.

[Attendee #2] Is it just a chemical.

[Aajonus] Yeah, it's a chemical?

It's a medication.

Just eat lots of honey to thin the blood.

Anybody, anybody that has a congestive system, if you lie down, gravity pushes it right down.

There's not much passage anyway, because gravity works against it.

Can't sleep.

I had the same thing after the poison mushrooms.

Constricted everything in my body, so I had to sleep at an angle.

Mainly sitting up.

For two and a half years, I had sleep anesthesia.

[Attendee #2] Why would honey work.

[Aajonus] Because of the enzyme activity, but without robbing the body of vitamin U and vitamin K, which causes internal bleeding, causes, causes massive problems to the liver and spleen?


(21) Fats Have To Be Under 96 Deg, Soft Nuts Alway Better [2005],[Aajonus]

So, you just have to be careful, fats have to be under 96°

Also, use the soft nuts.

The soft nuts are always better.

Like the pecan, and the walnut, those are your best.

If you have a thyroid problem then you don't want to have the pine nuts, even though they're soft because they deter the production of thyroxin, all four.

I mean, somebody had the pine nuts in a dish here today, but it was such a small amount, it's okay.

But if you're doing your nut formula pine nuts, it can be too much.

If you're a hyperactive person, do pine nuts.


(22) Fermented Foods [2005],[Lewis]

I have a question regarding fermented foods that various tribes and cultures- there's been a lot of research on how tribes eat raw

What's your take on fermented foods that the Hadza and the Eskimos presumably used along with their diets.


When we're talking about Sally Fallon and a lot of those people that have had no fricking experimental experience.

Nor did Price (Weston A.

Price), Price went around observing never experimenting.

So, all his conclusions are theoretical and based on no fact.

He comes to conclusions based on observations, just like Kathy just did.

It's based on nothing foundational.

When I'd experimented with those fermented foods, and I started experimenting with them in the early 70s before Sally Fallon was breathing in this business, and they created all kinds of bacterial disorders.

Vegetarian animal needs a vegetable fermentation, a human being does not need a vegetable fermentation.


(23) Fermented Milk Too Long [2005],[Attendee]

Lets talk about fermentation though

Does that mean kefir.

[Aajonus] That fermentation is for that food?

It's not a vegetable fermentation.

So, it helps pre-digest that food, but if you are letting it go high fermented like I did, that's too far, too much alcohol.

[bacteria] .

[Attendee] So, what's the longest you should let it ferment for.

[Aajonus] Probably five days?

But if you put into the fridge, it's gonna stop it.

It's gonna stay right where it is.

When I make my kefir yogurt, what I do is I take two quarts of milk, and I pour about six ounces by volume of milk into a small jar, I put two ounces of honey, I blend that.

Then I take a third milk bottle, so I've got three quarts and I divide everything evenly of the milk.

Then I take the honey, blend it in the milk and I pour that in evenly to all three.

Then I have two ounces of cream in each one, and then I shake it up and I put it in a dark warm cupboard for 1.

5 - 2 days, and then I have kefir.

Then I put it in the refrigerator, like a nice thick kefir.

[Kathy] If the day is very warm, you wanna take it out sooner, don't you.

Or you just leave it there too?

[Aajonus] Well, if it gets thicker sooner, that's fine?

Take it out as soon as it starts to thicken.

[Attendee] Let's say we leave our milk in the cupboard for 2 weeks and then put that in the fridge.

[Aajonus] Well, that may be a little too much alcohol?

Did you start having gas afterwards.

[Attendee] I don't think so?

[Attendee] So, when they start to separate.

[Aajonus] Just shake it up again?


(24) Fermented Sugar Cane Juice [2005],[Aajonus]

Let me give you an example

When I was in Vietnam and Cambodia last summer at this time, I was not able to get vegetable juice, like my celery and, and cucumber juice like I had in Thailand.

And in the streets, you get juice right there in, you can in Mexico too, but in Cambodian and Vietnam, they were not available.

So, I ran into a vegetable that I thought, this could be dangerous, sugarcane.

I said, "Oh my God, sugar".

You know, I was such a sugarholic, I was a thief for it.

I was a diabetic and I would get so starved for sugar I would steal boxes of chocolate covered cherries and go through them in 40 minutes.

I used to steal 4 or 5 candy bars like Babe Ruth's or Hershey bars and eat those in about 40 minutes and it would kill me for the rest of the day, so I didn't have to worry about it, I just crashed.

But if I didn't have that with the insulin that I was taking, I was just nuts, delirious.

So, I thought, this is my opportunity to detox, so let me try the sugarcane.

So, I happened to be in Cambodia at the time, where they juice it on the street.

It doesn't taste very good.

So they put like a half of a lime per glass to give it a nicer flavor, so I took two ounces, waited an hour, nothing happened.

So, I took another four ounces, nothing.

I took eight ounces, nothing happened, no sugar reaction at all, took 16 ounces, no sugar reaction.

Then I realized that's why they boiled the sugar cane 450 to 700 degrees because the sugar is in the cellulose, not in the juice.

So, the sugar cane juice is almost like celery, almost has no carbs in it.

So, I started drinking and I thought, hmm, since I was a sugarholic and I had spent 22 years of eating a tremendous amount of sugar.

I mean, if I had bold cereal with sugar crisps, I put an extra four tablespoons of sugar on that and they were already sweet.

That's what I would do.

I was almost like Hitler who put sugar on top of the icing of a cake and put sugar in his wine.

He was a vegetarian on top of that.

So, I decided I would ferment the sugar cage juice and detox.

Because whenever you've eaten anything cooked, you've destroyed all the bacteria, all the fermentation bacteria, all the molding bacteria, anything that'll break that food substance down naturally when your body is finished with it to clear it out the body.

It's just like you have a piece of fruit and lets say you eat part of it, and then what does it do.

It rots?

It ferments, it turns into a mold and it disintegrates and becomes part of the earth again, then plants can eat it, so it's a recycling.

Inside the body it's the same thing.

That's how we use bacteria and fungus to regenerate and to discard waste.

So, I ate so much sugar that had no bacteria in it, no fungi, no mycelium that breeds the fungi that I thought I would detoxify myself by fermenting it.

So, I fermented about 16 ounces and I took it half one day and half the next day.

I had hives this size all over my body.

My backside, all around here, all over my chest and legs and my butt and my rectum.

And they turned into scabs.

I refused to scratch, even though it itched terribly.

So, I spent two days in Hanoi in my hotel room, just dealing with these hives and itching.

I had tomatoes and cucumber that I was rubbing on them to help cool them down.

Tomatoes and cucumbers were the only thing that would stop it.

But I had scabs coming off of it that lasted for six weeks, but one thing that it did was it helped trim a lot of sugar products that had been still stored in my body.

Funny, after I did that, I did not have to have the high weight that I normally had because I usually stayed his size and it helped bring me down.

Then I decided to do the same thing with raw milk, and when I had fermented the raw milk, I let it go 10 days, really fermented and I drank almost a whole quart in one day.


I had diarrhea for two months from it and my bone just started disappearing and all of my weight went way down.

But what it did was it cleaned all that stuff out, so now I don't have to have all that weight to feel comfortable and fine.

Went 28 years on the diet before I went into that kind of detox.

So, when I do the detoxification book, it'll come around next spring sometime and be out and available.

I will suggest these things if you're healthy enough to do detoxification, but never push them because you will not be able to live with it easily.

You will not be able to go to work.

You won't be able to function, so don't push anything that I suggest and make sure you've been on the diet for two and a half years before you do anything.

Before you push any detoxification or you're asking for trouble.

[Attendee] All your pictures will be in the detox book.

[Aajonus] Laughs let me tell you, I'm collecting them?

[Attendee #2] How fermented was the milk.

[Aajonus] 10 days?

It was so fermented that when I took the lid off, the alcohol burned my nose.

Turned my eyes red.

[Kathy] What did you put the milk in.

In a cupboard for 10 days?

[Aajonus] In a cupboard outside the refrigerator?


(25) Fermented Vege Juice [2005],[Attendee]

Juice could sour in the fridge is that that's no good

[Aajonus] That's detoxification if you want to?

If you've been on the diet long enough, you can let your couple cups of juice ferment for 5, 7 days, and then turn it into a vinegar for detoxification, which you don't want to do too much of.

[Lewis] When I drank fermented vegetable juice and it was only about what, a couple days too old, I still got diarrhea.

[Aajonus] Yep.

It'll clean you out.

[Kathy] How many are you supposed to drink.

How much of the juice are you supposed to drink a day?

[Aajonus] Well, I'm not supposed to drink any, but if you do, no more than a cup a day, no more than two cups a week?


(26) Fermented Vegetables [2005],[Attendee]

Are we talking about all the other things like sauerkraut and all that stuff

[Aajonus] All of them will interfere with the natural bacteria that you have for meat and dairy?

That's for a vegetarian animal.

You won't find any vegetarian animals that will eat fermented anything cause they're not used to eating cooked foods.

They don't need that added bacteria.

[Kathy] So the fermentation is for detox.

[Aajonus] It's for detoxification, yes.

[Attendee] So, is it a good thing for us on the primal diet once in a while.

[Aajonus] If you've eaten cooked vegetables in your lifetime?


[Attendee #2] But you wouldn't eat it every day.

Something like that.

[Aajonus] Absolutely not?

You'll destroy your digestibility.

After I did that sugar cane, I had diarrhea for two months.

I had gas.

I never had gas or rarely had gas, it never stunk once I started eating meat and dairy.

After that fermented sugar cane juice, I still had nasty gas from eggs.

I destroyed some of the bacteria that digests my egg properly.

So, I'm rotting eggs or I'm letting eggs get high, eat them to help supplement that again.

I don't know how long it's gonna take.

[Attendee] Reason I'm asking is because I was on the diet for about 5 or 6 or 7 years, and then I decided to have some sauerkraut one day, and just like you I never had gas, but like within 24 hours, I was like, "Woooo".

No way, not me.

[Aajonus] It just goes in there and destroys the acidic bacteria that feeds and breaks down meats and dairy.

It destroys it.


(27) Go To Doctor For Broken Bone Only [2005],[Aajonus]

With trichinosis, they had no inflammatory bowel disease and they were back five months later asking for more trichinosis

You have to understand that the pharmaceutical industry runs the medical profession.

They want you to take medication.

The doctors are ignorant parrots, and that's all they are.

They're stupid parrots.


They must know something don't they.


No, there are some bright ones?

I've had 50 MDs on this diet.

I didn't do it, they came to me, but there are 50 MDs on this diet that I know of.


General practitioners.


There were all kinds, all kinds of MDs?

Specialists of all sorts and general practitioners.

There's no reason to go to a doctor, unless you've broken a bone.

You want to have it reset, you lost your nose or some harm to your body, put it back together.


(28) Headaches From Meat = Veg Juice [2005],[Attendee]

When I'm eating meat, I'm noticing that I'm getting a headache

[Aajonus] Your blood's getting very acid and you need to eat more green juice.

How much do you drink in a day.

[Attendee] Well, we were doing it almost five days a week, but recently?



[Aajonus] You need more celery, gotta be least 80%, and if you're doing any kind of a strong herb, then no more than 5% total of your juice.

Otherwise, you're gonna force uncomfortable detoxification.

So, in a situation where you got a headache whenever you eat the meat, then you need to alkanalize the blood more, and eat like 80% celery, 10% cucumber or 10% head lettuce and doing, like 5% to 10% parsley.

You can even use 5% zucchini.


(29) Hepatitis, Viruses,bacteria Break Down % [2005],[Aajonus]

Have a party

Celebrate your, celebrate your C.

[Attendee] Did they give you a test recently.

[Attendee #2] I haven't had a test in a year, but last year it keeps getting lower and lower?

I've been on the diet for four years now and it keeps getting lower and lower about my liver count, every time I get the test.

[Aajonus] You mean the C is getting lower.

Not your protein of your liver?

[Attendee #2] It's an elevated count.

It's getting low.

It's not that low, it's getting low.

And it's funny, my cholesterol doesn't seem to go low.

[Aajonus] Don't want it to.

First of all, if you get any of the hepatitis, all the way from A to H, they are all cleansers.

They are virus.

Virus are not alive.

Virus are not contagious, your body when it's so toxic that it can't incubate and facilitate bacteria or parasites or fungi to help detoxify certain areas of body.

If its the liver, it's hepatitis, the body manufactures a virus.

A lot of them are hepatitis virus.

The cells manufacture it, it's to cleanse, it's to disassemble.

If the body's healthy enough, it can use bacteria, fungus, or parasites to go eat up the dead tissue.

But if it's too toxic or say you have chemotherapy oryou've had a lot of, asthmatic medication, allergy medication, your liver is very poisoned.

There's no way that you're gonna be able to facilitate and have an environment that's clean enough for bacteria, fungus, or parasites.

So, your body has to make a solvent to go in and chemically disassemble it.

Now the difference between bacteria and parasites and fungus helping you detoxify is that they could eat anywhere from 50 to 100 times, their weight in a 24-hour period, and they defecate a small portion of that.

Parasites will make a discarding feces or excretion/secretion of only 1% to 1.

5% of what they consume.

That means they can take a mass as big as this room according to their size and reduce it into about a basketball size.

That's very little toxicity for us to have to deal with.

Bacteria is a little different, they can eat about 50 times their weight and reduces it down to about 5%, so we've got a big beach ball, but still, it's better than this whole room worth of toxicity.

Fungus is the same thing, it reduces.

However, when a fungus is involved, there is about 20% waste thrown off.

That's why you get dryness of the skin, you have itching whenever there's a fungus.

Remember all yeasts are fungus's, so the women deal with yeast infections, you have a 20% discarding, which causes all the itching and odor.

When you have a virus, it is not alive.

It does not eat and consume.

It just goes in there and just breaks it and dissolves it just like you would take muriatic acid and you want to clean the garbage from your pool.

It doesn't consume it and reduce the toxicity; it contaminates all the water that it's in.

So, it spreads it all throughout your entire system, so you have a bucket of contaminated fluid.

It's the same thing when the body uses virus, the contamination is spread throughout the body.

Understand that.

So, your hepatitis is a virus?

People get very sick from that virus because of all the contamination it's sending out to the body, but it's still the best thing your liver can do is to have the virus to get the liver well.

Otherwise, you go into lethargy, chronic fatigue be unable to be functional.

So, the hepatitis is what you need, but you can tell your liver's getting better because you need less of the hepatitis to break down the liver cells.

You have less liver contamination spread in your body.

[Attendee #3] I have prostate cancer.

What can I do for that.

[Aajonus] Well, it's mainly cause of vegetable oil?

Vegetable oils hardened in the prostate gland, it dries out and it doesn't stretch.

It just keeps swelling.


(30) High Sugar [2005],[Aajonus]

Well, I put it in the recipe book

I say take butter with you, take the honey with you, take the cheese with you.

You get meat and eggs anywhere.

Those are your primary focus.

[Attendee] Vegetable Juice.

[Aajonus] You just have to eat as green fruit, as green as you can get it?

Unripe so it doesn't have a lot of sugar in it, it's a way to do it.

I go to these fruit stands and they're cutting up all this really ripe fruit.

In Asia, the elderly only eats green fruit, they don't even like ripe fruit, but this new generation got all these sugar and soda pops, they go for the sugary stuff.

So, when I go up to one of these carts, I say, give me the parts you're gonna throw away, give me the rind of the watermelon.

I'll sit there and eat a few watermelon rinds, perfect.

[Kathy] You eat the green inside.

[Aajonus] I don't eat the green outside, the very hard stuff?

I eat the light green and the white of the rind.

[Attendee] All I ever hear is you gotta eat raw organic, ripe fruit, but it's too much sugar.

[Aajonus] Too much sugar deteriorates the bones?

That's why all those people on fruitarian diets lose their teeth and lose their bones.

[Attendee #2] Yeah, she knows.

She did the same thing I did.

She's been a fruitarian for a liitle while, too.

[Aajonus] I can see.

You have very thin bones, and your skin is also not real strong.

[Attendee] I was just asking about that cause I saw got your list here, but I've never ever in my life been able to eat raw honey.

[Aajonus] Unheated.

Completely unheated?

[Attendee] I don't think so?

I have candida.

[Aajonus] That causes them to detoxify and eliminate their poisons.

It doesn't feed them unless it's heated honey.

So, if you have one of the brands that he sells, you won't have a problem.

You may have a temporary itching.

You just have a little bit more butter or cream with it, and you just might just want to stick with the comb, the honey in the comb.

That's little bit more pure.

[Attendee] So, have a smoothie and put butter and cream in it with honey.

[Aajonus] If you do that, it's gonna disperse it quicker, to disperse sugars, the honey by itself, or with cream or butter only?

Spoon and eat it.

That's the best way to do it.

If you put it in a vehicle to send the milk sugars out into the body cause they'll go just rapidly with the honey in it cause of all the enzyme activity, then you're gonna have a lot of milk sugars irritating your body.

You're gonna have more itching.

It doesn't increase fungus at all, you're just dealing with more sugar detox, it dries out the skin.


(31) Honey Moisturizer (32) Hot Water Bottle On Balls, Sperm Dies Above 97 Deg [2005],[Aajonus]

Hot baths, hot water bottle between your legs at night

It's also a good anti pregnancy therapy there because the body keeps in the male- this very low temperature, about 96 degrees.

If it goes above that the sperm die like that.

So, if you put a hot water bottle between your legs and then cook your.




(33) How Book Got Published [Aajonus] Many variables, but I think that you should

My publisher, he says, if you didn't look this healthy, I'd never published your books.

The main reason he did was, he found a copy of my manuscript and sent it to his brother who had had a sleeping disorder since he was 6 years old, and he was 23 at the time, my publisher was 25 at the time he gave my manuscript to his brother and said, "Try this diet and see.

Lots of people do well", and this is before he published the book, just some kid who was just an entrepreneur, produced his first film at 25 years old and, you know, scabs of money.

This kid was brilliant.

Never went to college, brilliant kid.

So, he's sent his brother, his brother did the diet, five days later, they broke the door down to his room cause they thought he committed suicide cause they didn't hear him for five hours.


First time he'd slept more than 20 minutes since he was 6 years old, he never went into REM.

He never got a deep sleep, so was antisocial, homicidal, suicidal, everything, and the father had spent well over six figures in doctor bills, psychologist, psychiatrist, every medication, nothing worked, this diet did it.

The father went to his desk, wrote a check for $75,000 and sent to his son, and said published this book.

That's how the book got published.

But he still didn't believe the bacteria, so he wouldn't let me say the bacteria was good.

Now he lets me do anything.

[James] Aajonus, I don't think anybody who's been on the diet for more than 3, 4 or 5 years and doubts at this point, like myself, how good this really is.

I really don't.

I think all of us find it really great.

We're not here to argue with other people about it, especially Sally Fallon or anybody else.

I get people who come over and call me, and they want to get into an argument about it.

[Aajonus] Can't, there's no arguing.

You have to experience it.

You either experience it or you don't.


(34) How To Start (35) Iodine, Barium, How To Get Rid Of [2005],[Attendee]

What about the use of radiated iodine for testing the thyroid


That's the worst you can do because iodine, the radioactive material lives for 58,000 years?

You gonna outlive it.

No way?

You've gotta get it out of the body.


And how do you do that.


Uh, raspberries and coconut cream will get radioactive iodine?

To get barium out of the body, it has to be dark berries and coconut cream.


(36) Ionizers [2005],[Attendee]

Well, what about the ions


The ions?

When I did tests with those all through the seventies, they were all bad?

Because what happens if you're in the room, you have to understand the ions are bombarded.

And what happens, they split molecules, and these are toxins that are split into finer particles.

They can be absorbed intracellular.

So, when these are bombarding, they're going into your respiratory system, into your skin, everywhere.

You're gonna have one of those on, you have in on when you're not in the room.

During the day you put in the bedroom, and at night you put in the living room, the other room while you're in the bedroom, close the door.


(37) Menoipause [2005],[Attendee]

I would like to know about menopause

In the last month, I've been doing this for 6 months and in the last month I've noticed anxiety close to my menstrual cycle.

Random hot flashes, very mild.


Well, I only have one client right here that didn't make it through menopause easily.

I probably had about 300 women that have gone through menopause on the diet, most of them usually got through it in three months.


But, I'm noticing an increase in like adrenaline surges, which is manifesting sequences of anxiety.


You just need more green juice.

You gotta get the blood alkaline and not get the intestines too alkaline.

That's a fine line.

That means you're going to have some discomfort, but when you're having the hot flashes it's best to use cucumber and celery in your juice.

Let's say, 10% cucumber, always a peeled cucumber, even if it's organic when it's for hot flashes and you are trying to cool the body.


I use a lot of parsley.


May be too much parsley, can heat up the body.


It will also irritate the nervous system.


If you take too much.


The filter on the green juice, you want to get as much fiber as possible.


As long as it's from the juice, you're not going to be having problems?

It's good to have a little bit of that fiber in there.

If you've been on the diet as long as I have, it's not good to do that, but if you've got impactations in your intestines, if you look in your eyes and around the pupil, they're brown, the browner the worse, then you can use the more of that fiber from the juice.

And if it's clear, then the less, so you wanna filter it out.

But otherwise in, I see you.

So, that's okay.

It's a small amount.

The parsley I would say reduce the parsley.

80% celery 5% parsley 10% cucumber.

5% zucchini (For zinc)

That should help a lot.

Like I said in the first book, when a woman goes through menopause, it isn't a cessation of hormones, it's a whole changeover in the types of hormones that are produced.

When you start making that change, the body starts detoxing old, toxic hormones from your body.

It can be adrenaline.

It can be anything that's attached to those particular hormones, like higher estrogen levels and they go with it and that can create anxiety and can create irritability, just regular old PMS stuff that accompanies the hot flashes.


(38) Milkshakes Cant Digest [2005],[Carol]

The milkshakes that I'm taking twice a day, after six months now I'm finding the one at night, I can't digest it


Too much.

Don't have it?

Just down 3 or 4 eggs.


Why is that.

That all the stuff that seems like I can't digest it?


Well, you probably have had reached a level where it's just too much dairy for you with everything else you're eating?

Now the Fulani tribe, they live 90% on raw dairy.

that's almost all they eat.

They'll maybe eat a cooked meat meal or a raw meat meal about once every three weeks.

What did they do.

The more cows they have, the richer they are, the greater their wealth?

But they don't have any problems, they never get sick of milk because that's their diet, but on this diet you're eating meats and all the other substances.

You don't need that same, inundation of dairy, but it's very helpful at first to do that.

But if you start sucking down eggs at night, maybe chase it with a little honey and butter.

You'll find yourself much more hungry.


(39) More You Get More You Want (40) Mucousless Diet [2005],[Attendee]

About milk and dairy products, it's causing blend phlegm


That's good.

How do you think you expel the poisons through the membrane without phlegm.

Cause the doctors want you to take medication, pharmaceutical house wants you to take medication?

And a few guys like Arnold Ehret believed that mucus wasn't good.

It was his thing, but he died a miserable, dry, nasty death.


First book I ever read when I was 19 years old was Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet Healing System, and that's what convinced me to become a fruitarian.

The first book I read at age 19, according to health was Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet Healing System, which convinced me to become a fruitarian.


Lots of damage.


I thought he died by hitting his head on the ground.


He was blacking out?

He was having all kinds of disorders, was sugar disorders.

He was so skinny, he was thinner than you sweetheart, and he was dry, so dry skinned.

He would sugar out, he would just freak out.

He was not a nice healthy man Ever try having sex without mucus.

Is that any fun?


Not recently?


Can you imagine blowing your nose or breathing without mucus protecting you, you'd be dry and blistered.

Mucus is so important.


(41) Muscale Fatigue, Fruitarian Vs Cooked Meat Eater [2005],[Attendee],[Aajonus]

I have a question about muscle fatigue,

Muscle fatigue, it depends on why it is

You can have uric acids that stored in your system.

Unlikely, unless you're a cooked meat eater.

If you're a fruitarian, it's a mineral imbalance.


Just a lot of exercise.


That's a lot of uric acid.


What would help.


Any kind of mineral concentration?

Usually cream and milk help in combination with pineapple or green banana with milk and honey.

Always put honey in something like that.


(42) Never Use Skin Brush (43) No Red Meat Only High Hormones [2005],[Attendee]

Is it possible to do this diet without eating red meat at all


This diet wouldn't exist without raw meat?


Red meat.


There are some people that can eat the diet without red meat.

I wouldn't say that they do as well, but they can function fine.

If they have a high adrenaline count, if it's men a high testosterone and a high thyroid.

I've only known one woman who could do it, and she did it for 37 years, but then her spine started deteriorating.

So, she started eating red meat, and she had high estrogen, high adrenaline and high thyroid.

So, those were the only people who were able do it.

If you match that, I would say, yeah, you could do it.

Well, I don't know how long, but probably able to do it until.




(44) Nut Formula Or Air Popper Pop Conr [2005],[Aajonus]

It's important if you have those kinds of hormones detoxifying, if you find yourself hyperactive and nervous, like adrenaline rushes or estrogen rushes, go for the nut formula

Make sure do the net formula about every three days.

And the last thing in the evening or with the last meat meal.

[Attendee] Does that just slow it down.

[Aajonus] What the nut formula does is it absorbs the hormones?

If the net formula doesn't work for you, then you have to go there to bread, or the air popped popcorn with lots of butter, something like that.

Cooked starch.

Most people can do it with the net formula, but some people can't.


(45) Oliev Oil Isn't Vege Oil [2005],[Attendee]

Olive oil


No, olive is not a vegetable?


(46) Only Raw Cashews [2005],[Attendee]

My cravings is for cashews, for nuts

[Aajonus] Don't eat cashews, unless you can get them totally raw.

I know that there's a company that claims that we get completely raw cashew.

If they sit on your stomach, they're not really raw cause I found others that he's claiming were raw, and then when I went to the producer, I found out that they weren't raw, not my raw.


(47) Opiates In Iceberg Lettuce (48) Osteoporosis, Get Ultrasound [2005],[Aajonus]

Remember I had cancer of the bone

They wanted to replace this femur joint because the bone was 50% dissolved.

This shoulder, 30% dissolved.

No pain.

No pain! The joints completely restored, all of those restored.

It took me a long time.

It took me 15 years, but I did it.


Did you have to have a radiation test to see if it was restored, that's what they do with us.


You can have ultrasound, they do it in the swimming pool, UCLA has it.

So, you have to do to a doctor who's not gonna x-ray.

It can be done with an ultrasound in the swimming pool.


(49) Ozone Oxidizes Fat (50) Perrir & San Pell Low On Carbon (51) Polluted LA Water [2005],[Aajonus]

So, if you're using city water, municipal water in the valley, you only have 158 chemicals in the water, and almost all of it is from industrial pollution

The only thing the city prevents you from getting is bacteria, the things we want.

They don't clean anything else.

The water is filthy with chemicals.

You get to use it before LA gets it.

So, LA gets to use it after you if you're in the valley.

In LA now there's 193 chemicals in the water.


(52) Radiation Stops Cellular Regeneration [2005],[Aajonus]

An x-ray stops reproduction of cells for a minimum of six months

That means no cellular division and no healing in that area.

So, if that part of the body has to heal, it has to rob live cells from somewhere else in the body, which is in the nutrient.

In its pure term, doctors use endometriosis, only ovarian cells are used somewhere else in the body, but endometriosis is when any part of the body uses a cell from another area of the body, and that happens all the time.


(53) Raw Cacao [2005],[Attendee]

What's your position on raw cacao


When I did experiments with it, it causes adrenaline rushes, it causes dryness?

The theobromine is still very active, so it irritates the nervous system.

It has caffeine, and theobromine.


Even in a raw form it's still not good for you.


Vegetables are raw and they're not good for you?

Those beans are not good for you.

Any kind of bean it takes an herbivore or to digest them properly.

For us they're not good, they're not healthy.

Just like vegetable oils, they'll cause hardening of the arteries and the hardening of the system.

So, if you're young enough, you can eat them and make you feel good, but in the long run, it's not good for you.


Mexicans been eating beans for centuries, and they're doing well.

They look well, they're strong.


They haven't been doing it for centuries, but they've been doing you for about a century.

I wouldn't say they're doing too well.

They're pretty irritable, and pretty passionate.

It's like the Italians with the olive oil.

It's so irritating to their systems that they're always in some kind of a passion, conflict.

So, you have to see what these foods do behaviorally.


(54) Read Book Once A Year [2005],[Aajonus]

I tell people to do it, read the book once a year, each book, once a year, go to one of my lectures at one of these places once a year

Hear it because there's just so much in the books and the lectures.

There's no way you can absorb it in 15 years.

Keep doing it, remind yourself.

And he did it.

The next morning when I was there, he was a bright as rabbit.


(55) Recessed Gums, How To Clean Teeth [2005],[Aajonus]

Recess gums is a long process

He's asking what can we do to recessed gums.

I realized that almost 80% of the metals that you have, the free radicals, the heavy metals that you have in the body are in the brain cause that's where most of the electromagnetic signals are transmitted and it takes metallic minerals to do that?

So, every time you eat a cooked food, the free radicals, the heavy metals that had been chelated with some kind of a nutrient, whether it was arsenic, lead, mercury n very small amounts, it was all in the proper combination, it was a nutrient.

Once it was cooked, it then became a free radical poison.

80% of it goes to the brain.

When it detoxes, it detoxes out the gums, the tongue and the salivary glands.

Almost two thirds of it goes that process out.

That's why you should always have a coated tongue, unless you've been on the diet maybe 30 years.

And you will always have plaque on your teeth as long as you brain is detoxing and the way to remove that plaque, I just told you.

So, heavy metals as they come down and come out the gums, it will cause a receding of gums.

Nothing you can do about it, except eat some cheese and try to get more of the heavy metals to go through the digestive tract, instead of out your gums.

But if you're using the coconut cream, it will help dissolve it and keep it from staying in the gums and irritating the gums and irritating your dentine.

Now it's not the bacteria that's a problem with decay, the heavy metals get onto the teeth.

They pull out the enamel damage.

Then the bacteria results, trying to get rid of the damaged dentine.

So, the first process is the poison metals that are coming from the brain, use the coconut cream and clay, or just the coconut cream and get it out of your mouth.

If you've got receding gums, get a water pick, lemon juice, the sparkling water, especially gerolsteiner, and coconut cream and shoot that in your gums.

You do that every day for 10 days, you will clean that plaque, so you don't have to have it scraped and it will keep your gums from deteriorating.

[Jim] It's all mixed together.

The gerolsteiner, the coconut cream, and the clay?

[Aajonus] It's all mixed together in the water?

[Kathy] How much do you use of the clay.

[Aajonus] Well, when you're brushing your teeth with the clay, that you don't use in a water pick?

[Kathy] Green clay.

[Aajonus] No?

Use the Terramin clay now.

[Kathy] Oh, it's better.

Throw out the green clay?

[Aajonus] Well, you can use that for out of body stuff, but not in the mouth?

[Kathy] Out of body.

[Aajonus] Surface?


(56) Red Meat For Glaucoma, Carrot Juice + Coco Cream [2005],[Aajonus]

Yes, red meat is the most important I've found to reverse glaucoma Glaucoma is when the body is not circulating in and out of the eye

Circulation out of the eye is not as good as circulation into the eye.

So, it creates a high pressure and it starts stretching the eyeball.

It causes scar tissue, it causes lesions in the whole membrane in and around the eye and the greater the lesions, the less the visibility will be and then you could start developing cataracts.

So, for some reason, red meat, and you would think it was white and you think would be seafood.

But it isn't.

In my experiments, I found that when I used exclusively white meat to help reverse an eye condition, it did not work.

So, when I use a high proportion, like 80% red meat and 20% white meat, it worked best.

And when I found that I used 10%, fowl, 10% seafood and 80% red meat, it worked the best.

Also, two cups of carrot juice a week, one cup at a time with three ounces of coconut cream.

For some reason, it gets in and starts cleaning out the eyeball that's causing restriction of blood out of the eye.

It usually takes about six months.

One experiment I did with a dog because he was completely blind with cataracts and the dog first had glaucoma.

The dog had many other problems.

He was completely crippled; he was 14.

5 years old.

He had MS to the point where this is all he could move imitation.

So, his master would take him outside, have to rub his back in just for him to be able to go: urinate or defecate.

So, I put the dog on a raw diet and in six months, the dog was jumping up and down off the couch, going out the doggy door on his own His vision was improved by 50% and that was a completely blind, deaf and crippled dog.

And the dog could even hear.

To what quality, I don't know, but you could say something to him, and he'd respond.

That's usually from vaccines.

The aluminum or the mercury are both going into the lung.

It's usually not repairable.

On dogs it's not easy cause you can't get them eat a little cilantro and other foods.

If the dog will eat some coconut cream, might be able to reverse it.

If he takes to eating coconut, probably be able to reverse it.


(57) Sally Fallon Followers Unhealthy [2005],[Aajonus]

And if you look at the people who are long term on Sally Fallons suggestions

They're bloated, they're anemic looking, they are not healthy people.

Sally Fallon is not a healthy-looking person.

She points to me as not being healthy either, but she's pointing to me after 2 accidents.


(58) Sally Fallon Gets Older and Bloated [2005],[Aajonus]

From young guys

Sally Fallon doesn't have that advantage.

She just gets older and older and more and more bloated every year.


Well, I think it's a mistake for anybody in this business at all to attack each other for not looking the picture of health.

All of us are trying to aspire and I think it's a big mistake.

I try not to attack anybody cause of, you know, well.



[Aajonus goes on to disagree]


(59) Sea Urchins For Fertility (60) Senses Imporved, Fish&Red Meat For Vision [2005],[Attendee]

I smell good, and I didn't use to smell good


Does that mean your nose works better or you have a good fragrance.


Nose works better.

My hearing and my sense of smell have improved and my vision is slightly down.


Then you need to eat more red meat with fish.

It's the only thing I found to affect vision.

In appendix X of the first book I had the epoxy that came out of my nose and it caused me cancer to deteriorate almost half of my nose, put a hole in my bone here, huge hole here in the head and went down in and scarred my eye.

The cornea, eight layers of scar tissue.

The ophthalmologist said that I would have to have a transplant, that's the only way that it would ever improve.

So, I went have my driver's license renewed in April, and I was able to read the chart, and I said, okay, I don't need my glasses anymore.

They said, "Oh, no, once you had to wear glasses, you have to go to optometrist and he has to tell us that you don't have glaucoma.

This is just a good day for you".

So, I went back to the optometrist and she took a look and she said, "You only have one layer of scar tissue left.

So, you don't have to wear glasses anymore".

So, I didn't have to wear them.

So, you know, it's working, it's slow.

It's been eight years since that, but it's working.

They improved.

So, about three months after that cancer burn in the eye my vision was 140 over 80.

And now it's 20-40.


What foods did you say.


Red meat and fish?


You mean it was 20 - 200, and now it's 20-40.


Yeah, 20 - 40.


140 over 80 is blood pressure.


I don't remember what it was.

140 something.

20 - 140.

No, the was the visual was bad on both sides?

Cause 20 and 20 means you have good long sight and good close.


So, you were nearsighted and far sighted.



It damaged both.

I couldn't read or see distance with this eye, it was one blur.

Now I can almost see detail.

Like I can tell your eye there, I can see the outline of your glasses, just slightly blurred now, but I can read your t-shirt.


(61) Shower After Bath [2005],[Attendee]

At the end of the bath, do you shower to clean up

[Aajonus] No, you don't wanna do it?

You wanna let that coconut cream and everything sit on there because while you're in there, the food that you put in the water helps keep extracting all the poisons off.

So, they're off the skin.

That's the whole point.

You don't want to shower after that cause then you're going to take off the coconut cream and your skin's going to dry.

Plus, you're gonna get more chemicals on your skin from the water.


(62) Stevia, Maple Syrup, Molasses Are Vege Oil [2005],[Attendee]

What are the health benefits of stevia, if there are any

[Aajonus] Stevia?

It's a sweetener?

It's another toxic pollutive, chemical?

Anytime you take any food and you isolate it, you have to use heat and, or a chemical solvent to extract it.

Would you take your food and soak it in kerosene before you eat it.

That's what it's like?

Any food that's extracted no longer has any enzymes or couplings left.

And unless you have that coupling, it's like me taking you, dismembering you and giving you a whole job, it's not gonna happen.

[James] What most people don't understand about stevia and these other things, an easy way to explain it is.

Anybody understand what maple syrup is.

Okay, it's the same thing?

You're taking the SAP of the tree, but you can't eat the sap off of the maple tree, it's unbelievably bad.

But they boil it, cook it, and isolate it and create the sweet thing that we now eat.

It's the same with stevia and a whole bunch of other things that they're using nowadays.

What it is is a processed particle.

It’s not nature provided at all.

[Aajonus] It's the same thing as molasses.

The molasses is the garbage oil that's left from boiling sugarcane at at least 475°.

They do it now at 725° or something like that.

And that's the gunk garbage that's left on the bottom and that garbage because it is a vegetable oil causes hardening of the arteries and hardening of the heart.

Vegetable oils cause all the hardening of the heart and hardening of the artery.


(63) Sulfur In Well Water, Dont Drink Mineral RIch Water [2005],[Aajonus]

Sulphur in well water

My well water is high in sulphur?

[Attendee] Is that good.

[Aajonus] Very good?

Using my hot tub, it's very good.

I don't drink it.

[Kathy] You said once you can drink well water.

[Aajonus] Yes, it's very high in sulfur, but I don't drink it often.

When I used to go to Glen Ivy, I'd go every six weeks maybe.

[Kathy] You can't drink it every day.

[Aajonus],[Kathy] You don't want to drink any water that high in concentrated minerals,

Four ounces I thought, half a cup?

You said you could have that every day.

[Aajonus] Every day for how many days.

[Kathy] Seven days a week I've been drinking it?

[Aajonus] Well, I don't suggest that You start collecting minerals in your body, but you've got enough weight, so it's okay.

[Kathy] I can do it every day.

[Aajonus] Yeah, you can probably do it every day?

I think you would be fine.

if you were skinny as she was it'd be a real problem cause it would demineralize you, but you eat enough fat.

You're fine.


(64) Sungazing (65) Terramin Clay, Where To Buy [2005],[Attendee]

Do you put green clay in there


I suggest not?

It's not as clean as the Terramin clay and the James sells the Terramin clay now, if you wanna order it, you can go to www.




Why is the green clay not being considered good for your teeth.


It's okay for the teeth, it just doesn't whiten it like the Terramin does?

For the water tank, it's the gerolsteiner water.

Say using 1.

5 - 2 cups of the gerolsteiner water, you have a tablespoon of lemon juice, you can use a table spoon of vinegar also helps and table spoon of the coconut cream, and shoot it in your teeth.


I was concerned C02 in the sparkling water.

Is that a problem.


It's not that type?

It's not a manufacturer one, it's in the well, okay.

You came late, I talked about it earlier.

In those wells, they've got a water table and they've got a carbon table now and they shoot them into the bottle at the same time.

If you're having CO2 manufactured in a laboratory, like the Coca Cola and Pepsi and all the diet sodas, that is toxic and can even cause headaches.


Are you saying we should no longer use regular cream to brush our teeth.


You can?

I'm just giving you the most up to date best.

You can brush your teeth with any fat or any clay and fat, but I found that coconut cream dissolves everything better.


You won't use the primal facial to brush your teeth with.


You can do that too?

I say you can use any fat formula to brush your teeth.


Some people don't know about what kind of water pick to pick up in the store, these different kinds and sizes, these big sizes.


Whatever size you're comfortable with.


What size is generally better.


I don't know?

I've got one that's about this big.

And it's called Waterpik.


What stores carry it.


Almost all department stores carry some too ?

(66) Tomatoes, Avos Are Fruit, Cucumber, Zuchini Too [2005],[Attendee]


You said that salad is not good.




What about tomato.



Tomatoes and avocados are not vegetables?

He said, "You said something about vegetables not being good for us.

What about avocados and tomatoes".

Avocados and tomatoes are fruits?

I say in both books, they are fruits.

Anything that is a produce of a plant is a fruit.

Those are bland fruits.


What about carrots and beets.


Carrot is a root, that's a vegetable?

Beet is a root, that's a vegetable.

Anything that has a leaf stock or root is a vegetable.


So, you shouldn't eat beets or carrots?


Not unless it's just two tablespoons a day, but avocados and tomatoes are fruits?

Cucumbers = fruits, zucchinis = fruits, melons are all fruit.


What about cherries.


Cherries are fruits?


So, you can eat all you want.


No, sweet fruits, no?

Bland fruits, almost.

Let's say cherry tomatoes, you can eat a lot of them.


(67) Water Pick Ingredients [2005],[Attendee]

My teeth with the fermented coconut cream

Looks fine, really great.

[Aajonus] Well, in the recipe book.

I suggested as toothpaste using clay with butter or some other kind of fat, but when I start experimenting with the fermented coconut cream and clay or fermented coconut cream and sparkling water in a Waterpik, it cleans the plaque off wonderfully.

Clay whitens the teeth.

[James] Are you taking the coconut cream that I have, or just making your own.

[Aajonus] I make it myself?

I just put it in a jar.

[James] Outside the refrigerator or inside refrigerator.

[Aajonus] Outside your refrigerator, didn't take long?

Only took 2 days.

I just know that some people have reported back that if they're using the clay, it whitens their teeth.

[Attendee] What kind of clay would you use.

[Aajonus] Terramin?