Healthwatch Interview

Date: 2010_10_29

J = Host (Jim), T = Host (Tricia), A = Aajonus


J: Well, none called for justice, we're told. None pleaded for truth. They trust in vanity and speak lies. They conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity. What's that all about, folks? Is that just some kind of stuff that happened during Isaiah's time? Is that why the Lord had the prophet Isaiah write it? What is going on? Are you watching? Are you concerned about abortions? I don't know. Are you? Are you concerned about what the world, what the government schools are doing to your children? I saw a thing about 13-year-old boys. They're homosexuals. And then something happens and they feel bad about themselves and they kill themselves. What is going on? Where does a 13-year-old boy, a 12-year-old boy, where did they learn to be homosexual? Where does that come from? Is it in the scriptures that God's telling us how this happens or where it happens? Is it conceived in their heart? How do these things happen? How does immorality take place? Where does this all enter into? When does it happen into the mind of a person? Well, I'll tell you what, folks. It's something that you better be aware of because the so-called kind, compassionate Christian out there. You know, I know, I know everybody gets upset because Jim's voice and his ways and his words just are not so flowery and so sweet and pretty. It's just not like honey. You know, but what can I tell you, folks? When will you be upset? When will you call for justice that the school not turn our children into homosexuals? And let us all agree and hold hands and say it's okay. It's okay to be a lesbian. It's okay to be gay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's not okay, folks. Read the word of God. It's not good. It's bad. It's wrong. And it's not holy. And yeah, sure, we're going to have unconditional love. Look, I've talked to homosexuals. I want to tell them, listen, you've got to get out of this. You can't. This is not healthy. Folks, listen, our school system, our liberal government, there's so much evil in it, and they're teaching the girls basically God says to be whores. It's the word. He says that. He uses that word. What is going on? Immorality is everywhere. Please, I ask you to encourage people to turn to the Lord. See that there is a way out. And by the way, you're no better than anyone else if you think lustful thoughts in your mind. You're just as bad. It's still the same kind of issues. Oh, who's the girl running in Delaware? And they mock her because of that, and on and on and on. But that's how the lowlifes do it. They mock it, and they make fun of it. And God even talks about those mockers. Well, this is Daniel, chapter 1. I just want you to start thinking about things. I want you to think about it. I want you to start knowing who is it that sees the oppression of the poor, the violent perverting of justice and judgment. What is that? That's Ecclesiastes, folks. What about it? Where is the perverting of truth and justice and judgment? What's going on? So you all start agreeing with lies and deceptions because you're a good Christian. Okay, folks, this is Daniel, chapter 1. I'm just asking you to think. We'll be back with a guest, so don't go away.

[Intermission]: It is our mission to glorify Jesus Christ by sharing time-tested knowledge about herbs in His creation. You're listening to Daniel, chapter 1, censored. With God, we'll gain the victory. With God, scamper the enemy. With God, we'll gain the victory. With God, we'll gain the victory. With God, we'll gain the victory. With God, scamper the enemy. With God, we'll gain the victory. With God, we'll gain the victory.

J: Well, folks, I hope you all understand what's going on. I hope you have eyes to see and ears to hear because we're in a real, real serious way worldwide. You know, many times you heard me tell you about how my wife and I lived in communist countries like Poland and we were in East Berlin when the wall went down in Germany and Poland and China. We've seen the workings of the evil of an oppressive society. And I want you to know it's happening here. And I know you hear my wife and I try to go over and over how for three years we've been oppressed by the federal government. It's cost us a fortune to fight for rights. 139 companies, 129 of them all laid down. They all signed it because it's all about money. Well, this is Daniel, chapter 1, the ministry. It's about the Lord God and His natural things and His creation. His creation is vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods. And, you know, we just thought it would be important for you to hear another side of what the government is doing to those people, your freedoms, if you want. By the way, going back to the 1990s, they wanted to ban growing herbs like fenugreek, echinacea, in your own garden. They still want to do that now. We've warned you about contaminated water, contaminated foods, contaminated cheeses and milk and fish and everything else. Well, I thought it would be good for you to hear somebody who is also involved in good, wholesome product. And we want to welcome to the program, folks. So tell your friends, families, enemies, everybody, come on on. Listen to Daniel, chapter 1, Censored, the ministry. We want to welcome Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Is that correct, Doc?

A: That is correct.

J: Well, man, you might think I had it all written out in front of me, Doc.

T: I think it's pretty good, Dr. Vonderplanitz. Is that correct?

A: Vonderplanitz.

T: Vonderplanitz.

J: I said it correctly, right, Doc? Thanks, Doc. Oh, man, I like you already, Doc.

A: Well, thank you.

T: Thank you for joining us.

J: Folks, Dr. Vonderplanitz has a story to tell, too. And we're just trying to expose to you the fact that what we've been seeing is true. It's real. It's happening to other people in industries, in natural industries of healthy foods, water, and vitamins and minerals. And we've warned you that this has been, Doc, we've warned people that this is a world plot, not just a local state government plot. Doc, you're the president of Raw Milk. Is that right?

A:, but I'm the president of Right to Choose Healthy Food.

J: Right to Choose Healthy Food, and it's Folks, Doc, I want the folks maybe to hear a little bit about what's happened to you guys. I mean, first of all, Doc, I don't know if you know anything about us. We've been assaulted by the federal government for three years. We are the first company ever to take the federal government, FTC, to the federal courts, and we go there again next November 12th. So that's where we're at, fighting them for our rights for natural, organic foods and vegetables and vitamins. So I want to share a little bit.

A: Okay, well, what I've been in the process of, I'm a nutritionist. I founded the Primal Diet quite a few years ago. I have a book called We Want to Live and another one called The Recipe for Living Without Disease. There's a website that tells a lot about it, at If we want spelled out the numeral two, then live spelled out dot com. There you can find out more about my work and my books. But I am a person who follows a raw food diet, and the propaganda out there is that bacteria causes disease.

T: Yes.

A: And that is the biggest mistake that anybody can fall into. It's the trap.

J: Yep.

A: It supports everything that medicine says, the War Department, everything.

T: Yep.

A: If you believe that nature, the way creation made it, is a deadly thing, then you will be against it. And we are 99% bacteria. We have one gene to DNA of human molecule to every 100 of bacteria in our bodies. So we're only 1% human.

J: Yeah.

A: We're all bacteria. We've been around for a long time living in that symbiotic relationship.

Y: Yes.

A: And when you believe that the bacteria and nature is attacking you, you will attack it.

J: Yep. With drugs.

A: And you'll attack your own body, you'll attack anybody and everything. You'll blame everybody for your diseases. But all diseases, all diseases come from industrial pollution. Period.

J: Well, we agree with all of that.

A: [unintelligible] Human body.

J: We agree with all of that, but we're trying to find out...

A: So the government wants to get rid of everything that gives people health.

T: Yes.

J: So what happened to you and your company out there on the West Coast?

A: Well, I'm overseer of about 60 clubs in the United States, anywhere from 40 to 60, depending upon whether their clothes are open. And that's depending upon what the government tries to do. And I have contracts with farmers to supply members with their own food. So I contract with farmers, probably have about 40 to 60 altogether. I don't like to give out exact figures because the government's always watching.

J: Yep.

A: And so I have contracts with farmers so the members of all clubs already own the food. We lease their herds, their flocks, everything, so that we are the owners of the food. So there's no commerce involved. And government only has jurisdiction over commerce.

J: Right.

A: So what we pay the farmer to do for each item is for their services to take care of our animals, to take care of the land, to grow our products, and then to package them, send them to us. So that's what we pay for because we already own the food.

J: Right.

A: And the government does not like this. I've stopped them from closing about four Amish farmers this year.

J: Wow.

A: And about 10 last year because I'll step in and then take them out of the picture.

J: Right.

A: As they're trying to close them down.

J: Unbelievable.

A: And so the government decided to come in and cut me off at the legs and raided Rawesome club in Venice, California, where I am home-based.

J: So this is your, out of all those centers, co-op, I guess, yours that they raided was the head center.

A: Yeah. Well, that was the initial one, yes.

T: Okay. Yeah. And that's what we read about.

J: So were you there when it happened?

A: You know, they raised their guns and going in through our walk-in refrigerator with all the raw milk and all the raw dairy and raw meat. And they came in with guns blazing. Like the milk was going to attack them or something. It was pretty absurd.

J: It is absurd.

T: It's so over the top.

J: Were you right there when it happened, Doc?

A: No, I was in Asia, lecturing in Asia at the time. But I was on the phone when it was all happening.

J: Well, we have a lot in common here on the East Coast. My wife and I did this program a couple of weeks ago from the parking lot because they came in and I had the gun pointed at my head. And, of course, we're very violent here. We have a pregnant girl answering the phone, and then we have my daughter with my two granddaughters, three years old and nine months old. We're a real life threat. As a matter of fact, we're so dangerous here, we don't even have a butter knife, you know? I guess the scissors could have been considered dangerous, I guess.

T: And the other thing I think that's important, our listeners, most of them have heard about our raid and they understand and they're probably trying to understand how and why the government came in and seized what they did. But when I read the article in Natural News about the Rawesome raid, I thought this is incredible. It's the same stuff, financial data, membership information. They gave Rawesome, I understand, only part of a warrant, not even the complete warrant. It's exactly what they did with us.

A: Yes, and in the warrant on the judge's signature, there's a space in California that says Hobbs, and the judge did not check Hobbs. Hobbs was a case where a defendant was denied information on the warrant because of privacy of people who are informants. So they can redact information based on that, but there was no Hobbs checked.

J: So you know what's sad about that?

A: They're still withholding it, we've asked them for it, and they're denying it. So they keep breaking laws. They're supposed to be following laws. They don't have any laws over us because, and I warned them in 2005 when they came, and I sent them a letter, you have no jurisdiction. Here are the contracts. Here are the club memberships. You have no jurisdiction over here, stay away. But five years later they came in, and this is interesting, they had the FBI, and the FBI wouldn't identify himself. He wouldn't give a card or anything. And there was the Canadian Department of, the FDA from Canada.

J: Yeah.

A: Because I have clubs in Canada that I take care of too. So they don't like that, you know, I'm taking their control out of their hands when it belongs in the people anyway. We should have the right to choose what we want to eat.

T: Amen.

A: A healthy food.

J: Doc, my wife and I, we lived in Poland. We were there when communism crashed. We were in Berlin when the wall went down and we marched with the Chinese students. So we're pretty familiar with the way the secret police in these countries work, communist apparatchiks, how they operate, and we can just see this happening. And I have to tell you right now, in Poland we had more freedom. As a matter of fact, we were able to go to the farmers and get our own raw milk. As a matter of fact, that's the way we wanted it. We were able to go get our own herbs and do what we want with them. But you can't do this here in America, and people don't understand. It is not just Rawesome. It's not just Rawsome. It's not all your companies. It's not just Daniel Chapter One. But what they're going after is beyond the borders of the United States. It's world dominance through Codex Alimentarius. And Codex Alimentarius, folks, you've heard me talk about it as far as vitamins, but it covers all foods, too, I believe.

A: Absolutely. It wants to completely control through Monsanto and Dow and all those agricultural chemical companies. They want to close down all natural. These whole staged events like the E. coli 0157h7 in the California spinach fields, it's like the rice tag and 9-11, all of that, they create hazards for people to panic about, and then they give up all their rights.

T: We see it, too.

J: Here's one of the ways they do it. Here's an example we try to share with people. Applying this to not just raw milk and organic foods, but there's beef companies that have beef farms, and they've been shut down. There's an assault on God's freedom in this worldwide, and you would think, oh, it's just the communist countries. It isn't. It's here in America, and it's worse here right now than you can imagine. You know about it because you've had the government agencies come in, and your people know what it's like to have... They came in here. It was the IRS, the FDA, the CID, the state troopers, the local police, and what do we do? We sell vitamins. That's it. But you know what? People are healthy because of what we've done. They've overcome cancer. They've overcome diabetes. They've overcome illnesses. For 27 years, not one person's been harmed, and they come against us. This year, 106,000 people, 160,000 people will die from FDA-approved drugs taken exactly where they want, and they will get diseases from fluoride in the water, from fish and meat and poultry contaminated with antibiotics, and on and on and on.

A: I agree, and that's what they want. They want everybody to be sick. If you're sick, you cannot have another revolution. I mean, we would if people were healthy. We'd already be in a revolution like in the 1770s.

J: Amen.

T: We need one.

J: And that's what we're encouraging people to do, is to stand up for their freedoms, their rights, and not let their voice be quiet. Folks, if you have a question...

A: So that whole spinach thing was a facade.

T: Oh, we knew that at the time. I remember.

A: Doctors went up there, and we inspected all the fields, and we couldn't find one 05787 E. coli in the whole property.

J: Let me see it.

A: It was a facade. It was a stunt.

J: Well, how about the MRSA?

A: Look at it this way. If Popeye gets ill on spinach, you know you're in trouble.

J: You're right. You're right. That's why you don't see him too often.

A: I bet you that's why they picked spinach to do that.

J: Let me share something with you. I'll share something.

A: They were against E. coli and bad-mouthing E. coli for many decades.

J: Well...

A: And then all of a sudden, they had so many microbiologists who were graduating from school that realized, wait a minute, E. coli is a natural part of the lower intestine, and that helps us live and be healthy.

T: Right.

A: And then they creeped up with this 0157h7, which looks like a hybrid anyway. I mean, you know, a GMO man created, and say, oh, this is the bad guy. However, I've never been able to find the 0157h7 in nature, anywhere.

T: That's interesting.

A: Not even the massive, you know, farming houses where they treat animals very badly.

J: No kidding.

A: I've never found it there, but some people believe, you know, that it comes from there.

J: Yeah.

A: I've never even found it. The only place I found to study a culture like that was at a university, and that university was given, it was given to by the CDC and the FDA.

J: Yeah, I believe those. I'll share with you, too. We tell people, on the same plan, concept, we tell everybody, oh, we had the N1, H1N1, then we had the H1N5, and then we had, oh, then we got the piggy flu, but we don't call the piggy flu that. We just kind of call it H1N1 because it's the common thing of the common flu, so they can find them cases all over the world. But the irony of it is, supposedly, 18,000 people have died from the H1N1 piggy flu. I call it the piggy flu, swine flu thing.

A: Right.

J: And at the same time, if they're so concerned about humanitarian concerns, why don't they recognize that 100,000 people die every year from cholera? So, do nothing about that, but we're going to worry. Why? Because it's easy to let everybody live in fear of the piggy flu, you see?

A: Well, it's not just the piggy flu. They want you to be afraid of nature.

J: Yeah. Yes, amen.

T: That's a very good point.

A: If you're afraid of nature, you will attack anything.

T: Yeah.

J: Doc, I want to ask you.

T: You're right.

J: Doc, I want to ask you, so what is going to happen to you? All those people, you say you have X number of centers. I don't want to mention it, 30, 40, 60, whatever it is. What's going to happen to these people who are just trying to live their lives and do things according to their own faith and belief?

A: Well, so far, nothing. You know, the farmers who've been raided, they put ribbons on, close them down, but I tell them, you know, I say, as soon as the cars get out of sight, you know, just tear them down because they have no jurisdiction, every time they bother us, ever since my notice on them, they are all liable for felony counts.

T: That's the government.

A: Or the right to choose healthy food can sue them on all kinds of grounds, and we will do it.

T: Yes, good. Good for you.

J: Wow, that is awesome. I'll tell you, Doc, what do you think, so what do you think the next step is now? Well, they took stuff from you, they took our computers, they took our names.

T: Yeah, I read they took thousands of dollars worth of stuff from you, too.

A: They took 17 full large coolers of product, mainly the raw dairy, but they took honey and all kinds of things, everything that was okay, and on the warrant, the part that they allowed us to have, it said they may take samples. Samples means vials, not whole containers of raw dairy and other foods. It was absurd. So, you know, they basically put themselves in the realm of committing grand theft.

T: Yes, and they took your computers.

A: Because the warrant only said samples.

T: Uh-huh.

J: So are you pursuing that now?

A: Oh, yes, I'm trying to collect enough money from the members to make sure that when we get started, we can finish it. I'm not going to start the lawsuit until we've gotten all of the funds.

J: Boy, I'll tell you, that's a trip. We've been doing it for three years, and we're all alone. We've got nobody supporting us except the people who use our products and buy our products. It's a miracle we're still around, I'll tell you. But you can't just be silent. You have to stand up for your rights. I don't care if it's the world government or local government. It's just tyranny. It's oppression.

A: The only alternative is all this processed food with 60,000 chemicals additives to it. And that's what causes disease.

J: Amen.

T: That's right.

A: Until 100 years ago, the rate of cancer was only in industrialized areas, and it was one in 1,000. Now it's one in three.

J: We're going to be almost near the end of the time here, so if we disconnect, we're coming upon the end of this hour.

A: Okay.

J: Please hold on if you'd like, folks. We've got Dr. Vonderplanitz planet on our program here. If you have some questions, we'll try to see if we can have him ask some questions for you. But we're warning you, folks. This is oppression. This is tyranny. And I ask you again, how is this constitutional? How is America separate or different from the communists, the Nazis, the fascists, anyone? How is it different when people are just using whole milk or raw milk, using organic foods, using vitamins that are not contaminated? We'll be back. Jimmy Trisch, Daniel, chapter 1, censored, 1-866-222-2368.

[Intermission]: It is our mission to glorify Jesus Christ by sharing time-tested knowledge about herbs and His creation. You're listening to Daniel, chapter 1, censored.


T: Well, Codex standards clearly contravene basic human rights. The most significant are the Codex General Guidelines on Claims. Adopted in 1979, revised in 1991, these guidelines are in some sense the very root of the Codex problems in terms of placing severe restrictions upon natural forms of health care. They effectively seek to ensure that the only products that can make claims relating to the prevention, alleviation, treatment, or cure of disease are pharmaceutical drugs.

J: You believe that, folks?

T: That is the biggest lie going. No pharmaceutical drug will ever be able to do, cannot do, any of those things.

J: Matter of fact, every one of them either harms your kidneys, your liver, or causes diseases.

T: That's right. We welcome you back to the program, Daniel, chapter 1, censored. I'm Tricia Feijo. I'm here with my husband, Jim.

J: Wonderful husband, Jim.

T: Yeah.

J: We've got a guest on here, folks. Please, if you have a question for Dr. Vonderplanitz, give us a call, 1-866-222-2368. And also, don't forget, call the 800-504-5511. The way you can support us is continue to purchase our products, whether it be vitamin C, whether it be our GDU, our biozymes for digestion, our First King 17-6, our natural products that have been used for infants to the elderly. It was developed by the principles of biomolecular nutrition, which we developed, and what we call the science of biomolecular nutrition, based on the principles in God's word. Give me a call, 800-504-5511. And don't forget, call us now if you have a question for Dr. Vonderplanitz. He is the president and nutritionist of Raw. How do you say it? No, not

T: Well, Right to Choose Healthy Food. And Rawesome is the company that was just so well. It's not a company. It's a private buyer's club.

J: Okay, buyer's club. Okay, Doc, welcome back. Hopefully, maybe we have someone with a question. I know you're getting ready to go. I just thought we'd have you back on for closing comments for the folks to know what you think. Do me a favor. Tell us what you think about this intrusion on you.

A: Interesting fact... You said that all pharmaceuticals are harmful, and they absolutely are. None of them are made to do anything other than treat the symptoms and not cure, because they don't make any money if they cure.

T: Right.

A: Because Hippocrates, so-called the father of modern medicine, said, let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. However, the pharmaceutical industry does not abide by that. When Hippocrates was faced with a case of diabetes, he put them on a strict raw milk diet only. That's the only thing they were allowed to eat. And in six to ten weeks, juvenile diabetes was completely reversed. Our food quality isn't that good nowadays, and we refrigerate, you know, our milk, so that lowers its nutritional value a bit. But still, a person can get over their diabetes with a raw milk diet in about three to six months.

J: Explain what you mean by raw milk diet.

A: They say juvenile diabetes is unreversible.

T: Yeah. Yeah, with drugs.

A: $100 a month on every diabetic.

T: Well, Doc, we know that they lie to us so that people can stay sick, like you said earlier, and it's just we see it as really demonic, and it's deception, and that deception is evil. These are things that are going on right now. You know, there's a verse here from Isaiah. It says, Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless. This is what we see is going on in this nutso country right now.

A: Yeah, well, it's happening everywhere. Of course, it's worse in both England and America. They're the worst governments in the world. They're the ones who are imperialists all over. I mean, the United States has created empirical governments, you know, puppet governments over 147 countries in the last 200 years, and England is just as bad. They're just a little bit more subtle than the Americans.

J: Well, that's what this Iraq war is all about. It's what all of the Afghanistan is all about. It's more, you know.

A: Controlling the oil.

J: Yep. You know, Doc, try not to get down about it, but I tell people, when we go to the FTC courts, when we go to the post office and you see the flags with the gold fringe around it, that is not the American flag. That is an occupational flag by an occupational government, and that's what this is all about. And when you have an occupational government, they don't have to... George Bush didn't care about the Constitution. Obama doesn't care about the Constitution. Why? Because you and your rights can be deprived if they use the occupational mentality.

A: Well, you know, they're all run by, you don't get into office unless, you know, you're a paid individual by the families that run the world.

J: I'm with you.

A: That's simple.

J: So how do you see...

A: It controls everything. When I lobbied for raw milk in 2007, for three months, I went to every office, all 535, of all the representatives and senators. And it was appalling, the whole politics that was going on. And the only office, the only office that absolutely came out when I walked in the door with my vice president and the other people there said they were the only office to outright say, you give us money, we'll get you a bill. Outright so.

T: Really?

A: They're, you know, what they're supposed to be doing. They're already getting paid. Why do they need more money?

J: Wow.

A: Obama's office before he was president.

T: You, it was Obama's office?

A: It was Obama's office.

J: Wow, brother. I appreciate that, Doc, boy. I saved that, boy, I need that information because that is a fact. You know, we had our experience up there, too, and it's just, it's just a waste of time, to be honest with you.

T: Yeah, we spent a lot of time.

J: But you got to go through it, too, you know?

A: Well, once in a while, they give you a little nibble, a little bite.

T: Yeah.

A: Like we were fighting the oppressive laws of the, the federal department of, I mean, the California Department of Agriculture clamping down on raw milk, making the regulations on it so bad that we couldn't get good milk anymore. We had, you know, the farmers have to put chlorine, heavy chlorine, everything, make sure natural coliform bacteria doesn't exist except more than 10 parts per million.

J: Isn't it stupid?

A: You use your healthy bacteria, like in yogurt and kefir and things like that.

T: Right.

A: So we spent a lot of people, Sally Fallon, a lot of, you know, who's pro-raw milk and does a lot to help farmers and to make raw milk available and to educate people about how good raw milk is. So she and I are on the same boat there. And a lot of scientists all went up to Sacramento. We spent months and months on this issue, got the California legislature to pass a law that allowed us to go back to having good natural milk without all this chemical activity in it and to have it, you know, the coliform count natural. And it went all through only about two legislators vote against it. So it was almost unanimous. And then Schwarzenegger, who was a raw milk drinker the whole time he was in California doing his Mr. Universe stuff, vetoed the bill.

J: Yep. You know, Doc, when we were...

A: So legislators could have gone around and just reversed his veto, but they didn't do it. So it's a little dance that these guys do. They think, oh, well, we'll let them think we're supporting them. But if the law doesn't go through, they are the responsible.

J: Well, when we were in Poland, Doc, we lived there and we were living there with the people in the homes. And we would leave the folks, we would leave the milk right from the cow on our counter. There wasn't any refrigeration, everything else. And you know what? Nobody died. No one got sick. The natural bacteria was in there. It was just incredible. The same thing with the honey. We were one of the first health food stores ever raided by a state government. They came in and took the honey off the shelf. And honey has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and it can stay open on the counter for years and not be harmed.

A: Well, they found a bottle of it or a jar of it in the pyramid in Israel, I mean in Egypt, and it was 10,000 years old and perfectly good.

T: Yes, I've heard that.

J: Well, I'll tell you what, we have a product called A&B Biotropins. It's nothing more than human strain, acidophilus and bifidus. Human strain. And then we have another product called IG Factors, which is the colostrum form. And the way we see it is raw milk for a baby when it's born is what God intended. Well, the same thing with the mammals from cows. The milk has got the same ingredients predominantly. And the idea is it's raw. And what are you going to do? Take the woman's breast milk and then contaminate it with...

A: Some doctors tell women to do that in third world countries.

J: Are they nuts? It's crazy, Doc. It's just control, and it just keeps sickness. And I'll tell you what, so where are you heading from here? What's going to happen?

A: Well, we just keep plodding along day by day trying to stay healthy. That's all we can do, and keep our lines of exchange between the farmers and the people. That's all we can do.

J: Well, Doc, give us an out here and give them your website, and I want to thank you for taking the time to share with people.

A: You're very welcome. Thanks for having me on.

J: Well, we have a lot in common, standing up for the rights of people, all of our rights, the freedom to choose what we want to do, not to have mandated radiation and cancer treatments or mandated vaccines or mandated anything. Why should we have mandated anything, you know?

A: That's right.

J: Are you a free person, or is this a free country, or is this a Nazi country? That's my question, you know?

A: It's an industrial fascism, autocracy, you know, so that's basically what it is.

J: You're right. You're absolutely right.

A: Okay my name is Aajonus Vonderplanitz, that's A-A-J-O-N-U-S. Last name is all one word, V-O-N-D-E-R-P-L-A-N-I-T-Z. And website is, and we want to live. We want to live is all spelled out except for the T-O is the numeral two, dot com.

J: Gotcha. Dot. Well, we appreciate you coming on. You know, a lot of folks that have been attacked by the FTC, the FDA, a lot of them aren't even speaking out. They all signed papers. See, we're still fighting, and they're really mad because I refuse to sign a letter. My wife can tell you about what the letter is. And maybe if you get a chance, you can check out our site,, and you can see the battle that we've been going through fighting this evil, you know?

A: Every time somebody has signed those letters, they go out of business.

J: Exactly. Well, if we go out of business, we're going to go fight.

A: By signing that letter, you're giving them jurisdiction, and most people don't know they have no jurisdiction over that.

J: That's right. But we've got to fight to say, hey, you have no jurisdiction, people, you know?

A: Exactly, don't throw a letter that's saying, yes, I did this. Do not sign it.

J: Absolutely not.

T: Never.

A: Never sign anything they want.

T: You're right.

J: Amen.

T: You are right.

J: Well, thank you so much for coming on, Doc.

A: Thank you, and also

J: You bet.

T:, and if any of our listeners need that info, we'll have it for them later on also.

A: Terrific. You guys have a great day.

T: Thank you.

J: Thanks, Doc, appreciate it. Now, folks, that was Dr. Voonderplanitz, and we're really happy to have somebody on like that. And the purpose was to let you know that it's not just Jim and Trish ranting and raving. What are we supposed to do? You want us to remain silent when we know that people are being harmed because the evil says we can't help you with chemo? So people are saying, don't be upset with us because my voice isn't pleasing to you. Look, folks, I'm angry. And what is it going to take for you to be upset? Don't you care? Or maybe it's when your son or your daughter is being forced to get chemo or radiation or maybe forced to get th meningitis vaccine because they're 16 because a bunch of apparatchiks in this country say, oh, you have to do that. Don't just say it just because I don't have the pretty voice. And again, gee, I'm sorry. I picked on Joel Osteen because he puts out a message that is deceptive. What can I tell you, folks? I hate the deceptions and the lies out there, whether it's in your church or his church or his voice, his deception holding up the Bible saying, repeat after me, all you people out there. Do as I do. Follow me. Jim Jones or what? Well, no one's going to follow me because I don't have the pretty deceptive actions out there. In the meantime, this is Daniel Chapter One Censored. You heard from Dr. Vonderplanitz, a raw milk guy all over the country. And poor guy, NAMA had raided. Their stuff was stolen from them. It's just so demonic, man.

T: It really is.

J: 1-866-222-2368. Pick up the phone. Give us a call with your comments, questions, testimonies. Right, Trish?

T: Yes. I was just going to say these people are raided because they want to drink raw milk, which is simply milk that it's not been tainted with RGBH and antibiotics and it hasn't been homogenized and it hasn't been irradiated. Raw means, as God created it, it's whole natural milk. It's natural milk. They call it raw. It's natural milk. It hasn't been tainted and cooked. It's raw. And actually, Tim, we didn't share this with him, but I'll share it with our listeners, that when we first started to live in Poland, we were afraid to drink it. And the Polish people laughed at us. They literally laughed and looked at us.

J: Stupid American.

T: And they said, what's wrong with it? And we said, well, it's from the cow. It's just right from the cow. And they laughed. And they said, it's good. It's good milk. And they left it out overnight. We had no refrigeration. And in the morning, it had curdled. And they would eat it with a spoon. And guess what? It wasn't sour tasting. It was almost sweet, like yogurt. That's because it had the natural bacteria cultures in it, as God intended. And pretty soon, we were laughing at ourselves for ever being afraid of it.

J: I know.

T: And we thrived. We ate the sour milk that had been left out. We drank the milk right from the cow. I'll tell you what, it was great. And I miss it. The number here, 1-866-222-2368. You can call in and make a comment. And before I forget, I just wanted to comment, because of Doc's early statement. And I love this. He said they've created a fear about nature. And once you have that fear, you attack it. You attack germs. Well, Louis Pasteur is really the man responsible for creating this fear about germs. Germ theory. When he discovered germs. And his germ theory was, now I know the cause of disease. It's germs. Well, not too many people know. But it's a fact. On his deathbed, he recanted that theory. He said it's not the germ. It's the terrain. So if you have a good, healthy body, you will be able to live symbiotically with the germs. We'll never be able to eradicate all the germs in our environment. And it's not healthy to try to eradicate all the germs in our body, being the bacteria. We are supposed to be able to live, to cohabitate with bacteria. With viruses. 1-866-222-2368. Again, that is the number here. You can call in with your comment, with your testimony. We would love to hear from you. We're nearing the end of the hour. We do have enough time to take a caller. I think we have Barbara on the line right now. Hi, Barbara.

T: Hi.

Barbara: Yes. I have a comment. I would like to say that, you know, I was diagnosed with advanced spinal cancer four years ago. And if it were not for Dr. Vonderplanitz' advices and recommendations, and if I had done chemo, I would very probably be a dead person at this time. The spinal cancer was certainly very far gone. So I just want to say thank you and give my recommendations for Dr. Vonderplanitz and his work.

T: Well, thank you, Barbara.

Barbara: And his website,, where the two is the number two, It's a very, very good website. I follow the advice. I have the books. And I've seen Dr. Vonderplanitz.

T: Awesome. Awesome. I appreciate that very much. He sounds extremely intelligent.

J: We've worked with people for 30 years with all types of inoperable cancers. People were told to be dead, and they're still alive 12 years later. It's amazing on natural aspects. We've got some other callers coming in, Barbara. Lord bless you.

T: We're going to pass that along to the doctor, Barbara. Thank you so much. Thank you, Barbara.

J: That was awesome. And I want to welcome Michael near Cincinnati, Ohio.

T: Hi, Michael.

J: Hi, Michael.

Michael: Hello there.

T: Hi.

J: Welcome.

Michael: I got to travel around with Dr. Vonderplanet a little bit. I went out to help him lobby the Congress there in the summer of 2007. And it is a lot of work to fight the uphill battle of what the corporations have done. I just put up a website called And that is challenging, issuing a challenge to our elected officials. I was thinking about it for Ohio. And then as I was developing the site last week, I said, well, anybody can join us. But we really need to challenge our officials and stay on them like every week.

T: Absolutely.

J: Well, all our freedoms on every avenue is being attacked. And the sad part about it is we've been doing this, fighting this government for three years, and not one group, not the raw milk meat people, not doctors, nobody has come to help us in any way, shape, or form. And we've reached out to everybody. And we just reached out from Dr. Vonderplanitz. And we're going to continue to do that because we think we should treat people the way we want to be treated, even though no one, no one has reached out to help us in three years. And we're about beat up as can be. And we've gone farther than anybody in 100 years against the federal government. We've got some more people calling in.

[Micheael]: What kind of help do you need?

J: Oh, brother, you hang on. Let me get this other call.

T: Also, we'd like your website again.

J: Thank you, Michael. Please hold on. I just want to grab this caller who's calling in, Mike, please. Thank you very much for asking that. You're one of the few people who have ever done that. Please hold on.

T: And we're going to welcome Mike in Kansas City, Missouri. Hi, Mike.

[Mike]: Hi, guys, how are you today?

J: Hi, Mike, welcome.

T: Good, thanks.

[Mike]: I just kind of wanted to share a little story with you. Gosh, when I was about 10 years old, my dad took us out to a farm, and I drank goat's milk, I mean, straight from the goat. I remember as a kid, and I just remember, you know, it was just warm. It wasn't real good tasting, but I guess the question I kind of had, is there a big difference between goat's milk, cow's milk?

J: Well, let me bring Michael on and ask that. Hold on. Hey, Michael, Mike and Michael, Mike had a question about, is there a difference between goat milk, and I'll let you, I think you might have more information than I would.

Michael: Well, the fat molecule in the goat milk is one-tenth the size of the fat molecule in cow milk. And a lot of people have an easier time digesting goat milk.

J: As a matter of fact, I can share this with you. My grandfather had lockjaw, and it was, we had raw milk, but he used the raw goat's milk when he got the lockjaw. Maybe that could be one of the differences, Mike.

T: Well, and I'm thinking, I know pediatricians that do recommend the goat's milk for an infant if the infant can't nurse for whatever reason. So that would be the explanation.

T: Well, that's a really great.

J: Easier to digest.

T: Right.

[Mike]: It basically has the same, like, enzymes and bacteria.

Michael: Yeah, the enzymes, bacteria, things like that are similar. The protein is lower in the goat milk because it's more close to the human milk protein level. I think protein in cow's milk is 6%, 3% in goat milk, and 1.6% in human milk.

[Mike]: I see. Well, I haven't had it since, and it's been about 40 years ago. So maybe I'll try it again.

T: You might want to get back to it again.

J: Hey, listen, we were happy when we first had Daniel. Chapter 1, there was a farmer across the road from us, and he had a cow that was a show cow, I guess.

T: Oh, a 4-H cow, so we got all the milk because he didn't want it.

J: So we always got the milk. It was great.

T: We'd make the butter from the cream and use the cream and make yogurt from the milk. It was awesome.

J: Good old Betsy. I miss that Betsy. We made butter and yogurt and everything from it.

Michael: Well, I was wondering about your Polish connection. Were they drinking a lot of fermented milk? If you're letting it sit out, it is fermenting. The bacteria is breaking down the lactose.

J: Yes.

T: Yeah, they didn't have yogurt, but that's what they would do. They would eat the fermented milk, and as well, you know, we'd drink the milk right from the cow.

J: Hey, Michael, thank you both. I wish we had more time. We do have another hour coming up. But thanks, Michael, in Cincinnati, Mike in Kansas City.

Michael: Well, tell us how we can help you.

J: I will. You hang on, please, and Jim and Trish, thank you. Michael in Cincinnati and Mike in Kansas City.

T: That was a great hour. 1-800-504-5511 is the Daniel Chapter One Order Center number. is the website. You can go there. Join the fellowship if you haven't in case we get shut down. Hopefully it's a way that we can keep in touch with everyone.

J: Do raw milk, too. Raw honey. Organic food. Stay away from contaminated USDA approved stuff.

T: It says God created it. It's God-intended.

J: Jesus loves you. Call 1-800-504-5511. Please support us. Support people who are defending their freedoms. But accept Jesus as your Savior.