Q&A Of October 24, 2010


Q: Recovery from forced injections...

A: So, as you can see, I’ve aged a lot in the past year and a half because of those injections. Here are the injection scars - holes –it’s like I got shot with bullets. I’ve lost probably three inches of arm muscle - that I never had to work out to have. See my real skinny arm. I’m much smaller now but it’s building up slowly. When it first happened, my arm went down almost three and a half inches and I was probably 15 pounds lighter than I am right now. My skin was sagging but it was four times worse seven months ago. I’m building muscle back again and the skin is not as relaxed as it was.

Q: How much are you eating?

A: Well, I have a problem. If I eat too much, I get diarrhea. Not from anything in particular. When I eat the things that I want to eat like lots of butter, I don’t digest as well because there must be some liver damage from the injections.

Q: You look trimmer…

A: Yeah. This is a small shirt; I used to wear medium but now that’s huge on me. But I’ll put it back on. I feel the worst of it is over and I’ve already put on about 12 pounds, probably, in the last six weeks. But then there was the problem with James supplying eggs with mercury and chicken with arsenic because the eggs were grown off commercial feed and commercial chickens. And the farm - Sharon Palmer actually went out and bought commercial chickens and eggs and sold them to James’ Rawsome Club as organic no-soy-or-anything-in-them and they were absolutely commercial junk.

Q: How did you find that out?

A: I kept having problems with the change [inconsistencies]. One time there was salt in the chicken and another time the chicken was really, really bad like [it had been fed] low-grade feed. So there were inconsistencies in quality that you don’t have on an organic farm. And the eggs were almost always uniformly sized and chemically washed. Our contract on the membership agreement and with the farmer is that they have to be organic -no soy - and the eggs are not to be washed. They could be wiped with a water-damp cloth. None of these were like that and every time I said something to James, he kept saying I didn’t know what I was talking about, that they were perfectly good. But you have to understand – he owns part of the farm and made $10,000/month from it. And Sharon took another $10,000. So they were making a lot of money taking this commercial stuff and selling it for a very high price. So I got fed up with it and in June, right after the raid. I thought it was a good time to stir things up as they were already stirred up. So I got a detective agency involved and had them watch the farm, interview certain old [former, farm] employees, and the evidence was outstanding. Employees were actually fired because they kept telling her, “Wait a minute. You’re selling these as organic at twelve farmers’ markets and to Rawsome. We know what you’re buying. You’re having us take commercial chickens out of the companies’ bagging, clean them and put them into unlabeled bags to sell as organic.” We’ve got pictures”. Another reason I finally did something about it was that when we started investigating, it came up that one person had written the district attorney up in that area saying that their little girl had lead poisoning and was in a very serious state so they checked everything going into her. And that everything that was going into her had been bought at Rawsome during this period. Her mercury and arsenic levels started hitting the roof. So they had the eggs and chicken tested; the chicken came up high in arsenic and the eggs came up high in mercury. So we had that evidence, too. Outrageous. James still denies it and we just have to go through legal means to settle it. There are a lot of angry people. I know I’ve been working with people that are very chemically sensitive and when you’re eating chicken and eggs with arsenic and mercury, [respectively,] it makes it very difficult. And it’s only been that difficult in the past two years that we’ve been given those eggs and chicken. Every time I came to LA, two days later I would get these big sores all over my neck. I eat a lot of eggs - anywhere from 8-50 a day - that’s how much mercury I was consuming from those commercial eggs. I thought I was getting the best. And then, when I got the report from the investigator about this father testing his little girl, I stopped eating the eggs and chicken and my break-outs went away. So, it’s a very, very bad thing that James Stewart did. And the farm’s ex-employees told him what she was doing. So, he was told many times. We have all this testimony in writing and signed.

Q: [unclear] raw, fertile eggs - place to get them?

A: Not any more. Stewart is still carrying her eggs up at Rawsome in Venice. I don’t trust any eggs from the store because they only grow them in big houses. mostly with soy. They may say organic but soy cannot be given to chickens raw so they have to chemically treat it with a kerosene derivative and heat-treat it. So, any time a chicken is fed soy it has to be processed. So all the organic – like Rosie – says all organic - feeds 75-80% soy. So I called Rosie organic chicken and said that raw soy will kill a chicken so you have to have treated it. They said yeah but the soy was grown organically. I said ‘but it’s been treated and no longer organic when you’re feeding it to the chickens’. They responded that the FDA let’s them call it organic. I’ve been to about every chicken place around and they all feed then the same garbage feeds. The only places I can find that they don’t do that are Amish and Mennonite farms where I get ours now. I am trying to get James to get Amish farmers to supply eggs and chickens. The chickens are going to be tougher eating organically – wild foods. I said [to the Amish farmers], “I don’t want chickens to have a lot of grains because chickens in the wild are scavengers and don’t eat a lot of grains. They love bugs, grasshoppers, meat. They’re scavengers. If they find a dead animal, they’ll pick it to pieces and the bugs that are eating it. They love maggots so what I would like you to do is get a pallet and after you butcher, throw all the remains on the pallet and let the chickens have whatever they want.” And the chickens eat on it every day. I don’t know how many of you have been around chickens. They are annoyed with and peck at each other. These Amish chickens rub against your ankles and legs like cats when they are fed like I want them to be fed: raw meat scraps and maggots. They also feed them some grains, some peas that they grow organically themselves so they’ll crush those up, add some grains if they’re growing them, and soak it all in whey. The whey germinates it. So, these chickens get sprouted-in-whey grains, raw milk, and all this meat. Most beautiful chickens, lay the best eggs in the world. It’s phenomenal. Your big chicken houses that produce for big stores are big marketing houses with very poor grade feed.

Q: Farmers markets has local farms …pastured [unclear]

A: They’re feeding them regular garbage feed. When you feeding an animal soy that isn’t supposed to be fed soy, they have to heat- and chemically treat it. How many of you would eat a peach that had been soaked in kerosene for 30 minutes? Rinse it off and eat it? Kerosene etches its way deep into the tissue in 30 minutes. It’s like gasoline.

Q: So where do you buy your eggs from?

A: Right now I’m making deals with Amish farmers mainly in Ohio and Pennsylvania - Amos and other people. Amos is already full.

Q: Other names [unclear]

A: Well, no. There’s no big chicken farmer in the Amish right now. We are trying to establish one.

Q: Sprouts for chickens?

A: You can’t feed just sprouts to a chicken. It will kill the chicken in about 12 days. There are three enzymes that act like phytic acid. In any kind of grain or nut you have phytic acid which prevents mineral absorption, which prevents protein absorption, which prevents fat absorption - so it’s a whole chain reaction. So they sprout or germinate grains to alter that phytic acid. However, when you alter that, you have three other enzymes that are produced in the vegetative state that do exactly the same thing as phytic acid so you have three times the amount of that ingredient. However, if you germinate it [dry grains] in milk, the lactic acid destroys those enzymes. Of course, the sprout will never mature into an adult plant but it breaks it down so the chickens – pigs, any animal - can eat it with no problem.

Q: …chickens… [unclear]

A: I’m not eating any chicken right now – just beef and fish.

Q: …eggs… [unclear]

A: They’re feeding mercury to chickens as an antibiotic and for adult chickens for meat they’re feeding arsenic instead of antibiotic.

Q: …grain… soy… [unclear]

A: Well, I don’t know how much soy is in it. We have photographs of the feed packages but there is so much going on I have not been to the store to see but I will because we have a photo of the feed they were giving. So I have to investigate that. The mercury and arsenic alone pull a lot of nutrients out of our systems. Now iridology on my eyes indicated a great deal of change from my injections. I had all this metal accumulate in my intestinal tract. You could see the patterns all through my intestinal tract, the additional metal. After eating all these eggs, there’s no way I can tell arsenic except as a green radiant compound in the iris and obviously I didn’t absorb a lot of that with the mercury coming out. And when I had the hair analysis done after the injections all of those were high. So on me, I can’t tell how much were those injections and how much those [commercial?] eggs. So I had to look at my patients who had no other exposure – like that little girl. They started feeding her all Rawsome foods.

Q: How long was the little girl on the diet?

A: Either the father didn’t tell me or I don’t remember.

Q: Is she better now?

A: She had severe lead poisoning from the school she went to and almost died. They had to put her on a special diet as pure as possible so her body could clean out the lead. They always kept tabs, checking her blood to see what the levels were and the arsenic and mercury started elevating considerably and the only exposure she had was Rawsome foods. So he checked the chicken and eggs first because they would be the highest in mercury [and arsenic?]. Not the dairy. So – sure enough – that’s where it was.

Q: [unclear]

A: Rocky Jr. are still 23-30% soy but the rest is corn - a lot of it genetically modified. The tests that are coming out now in the scientific reports on GMO products is terrifying. It will kill our animals in a very short period of time. Gives them all kinds of diseases and deformities. I’m not eating chicken or eggs right now.

Q: Bison?

A: Bison is great but if you get it from Northstar, you have to make sure you’re not buying a female. She vaccinates the females.

Q: [unclear] sold at Cosco.

A: No de-worming? You have to find out all the stuff because they usually de-worm.

Q: [unclear] When I give my son raw milk, he breaks out in a rash on his face.

A: Is he drinking it cold or warm?

Q: Usually warm.

A: When did you start feeding him the raw?

Q: Eleven or twelve months ago.

A: And what did you feed him before that?

Q: Pasteurized, homogenized, organic milk or formula…

A: He has old cauterized, toxic lactate and probably cauterized casein. We’re supposed to discard 90% of our toxins through the skin. If it goes out through the bowels, it causes diarrhea, out the stomach, vomit. That’s not a good place for it to go because it damages bacteria and the environment within the intestines. Eighty to 90% of digestion is supposed to be bacterial; only 10-20% is enzymatic, digestive juices. The purpose of those digestive juices - hydrochloric acid is our main one – is to break down larger into smaller particles of food for the bacteria to infiltrate those molecules and eat them. Their waste is our food. So, we basically live on a diet of bacterial shit and piss. When you think about that and look at the medical profession - then wonder what all the bacteria phobia is about - it’s all about hiding the real culprit of disease which is industrial pollution.

Q: What is colostrum?

A: A cow produces a butter-milk for 3-5 days after her calf is born. That’s why colostrum so yellow; the cream is already broken down into a buttery substance. Cream is difficult to digest and if the calf were fed whole milk with the cream, the calf would have constant diarrhea.

Q: [unclear] your book

A: When I wrote my book, it wasn’t available to people. It’s wonderful. I’ll buy it every time I have a chance.

Q: [unclear] …pasteurized butter?

A: It might be better than processed vegetable oils but it’s not equivalent to raw, unsalted butter. Even freezing butter is a problem. Sally Fallon [transcriber’s note: Weston A. Price Foundation] says freeze this and that. When I took a group of animals and divided it into two and fed them identical beef cuts from the same individual but one frozen, the other fresh. All the animals fed frozen meat became dehydrated and developed a skin disorder within six weeks. This was both cats and dogs. One was so bad, it looked like he had mange. Animals fed same meat unfrozen were calm, relaxed, happy, no itching. All they got that whole time was meat I didn’t even provide water, just meat. I then thought I would test butter. Then I thought, “Well, I can test the butter now.” So I took all the ones with skin conditions because I knew butter would reverse any kind of skin conditions because it would get in there and handle the poisons coming out through the skin, protect the cells and not get dried out. So I took the same batch of raw, unsalted butter and froze half. Before I served it to them, I would leave it out about 12 hours to come to room temperature. Dog and cats don’t like cold things. The ones that were given the unfrozen butter healed 5x quicker than those fed previously frozen butter. So the frozen butter is 5x less potent.

Q: What if we can’t get the butter? Colostrum?

A: Yes, or you can get cream and make your own butter. It’s easy. I tell you how to do that in the recipe book.

Q: Lubrication-Moisturizing formula? [unclear]

A: Not in that way. When you have it in that formula, the bile that the liver produces – it’s very easy to break it down because the lemon helps pre-digest it partially. And you have all the proteins in the egg white that help digest the fat in the butter. When you don’t have that combination, you have to eat the butter with meat or something like that. However, digestion of meat takes 19 or 24 hours. Digestion of milk is 6-10 hours. Digestion of a raw egg by itself is only 27 minutes. That’s why in my recipe book I mention the woman who had emphysema whose doctor called me 9:30 p.m. on a Thursday night and said, “I’ve got a woman who was diagnosed with emphysema seven years ago. She’s been bedridden for most the past two years and on machines most of that time. She’s going to die this weekend. Is there anything I can do?” I said, “You’re calling me a little late, aren’t you?” She responded that she was an M.D. and the law didn’t allow her to recommend any alternative to standard medical procedures [which are written by the pharmaceutical industry, by the way] without 10 years of failure with medical therapies, unless on deathbed. That is the law. So you know that if your go to a licensed M.D., the only thing he can suggest is what the pharmaceutical houses suggest. I said, “Well, that’s on your conscience. All I can suggest is to get as many dozen eggs – 10 or 15 - as you can and put them on her side table and have her consume as many as she can with no limit.” This would have been 1:30 a.m. her time in Maine or Massachusetts – this was a woman who cared. Probably wouldn’t have gotten the eggs for her patients until late Friday night or Saturday morning. So, I get a call on Monday morning I get a call from this raspy-voiced woman saying, “It worked. I’m out of bed. What else should I do?” I said, “Who are you?” “Well, my doctored called you and you said I should eat as many raw eggs as possible. So I did that and I’m out of bed and off the machines. What else do you want me to do?” I said, “How many eggs did you have to eat to do that?” She said, “I ate 33 on Saturday and 33 on Sunday and I’m off the machines and out of bed.” The point of that story is that eggs digest so quickly, take so little of the body’s energy to digest that the body has all that energy and wonderful nutrients to liquefy proteins and liquefy fat -doesn’t take any enzymes only the bacteria to invade and eat it. So in 27 minutes it’s absorbed into the body and working. That is the only food you can give people in that critical condition to pull them through. And it worked. Only 66 eggs and she was out of bed and off the machines after two years of living that way. Isn’t there something terribly wrong with the medical industry that kept her crippled in bed for two years – and suffering for seven years altogether? I told her to stay on the eggs and eat 30 a day for a year and half. And add raw dairy a little bit at a time – maybe ¼ cup and three weeks later, another ounce. Every few months increase it. Eat some raw fish, raw beef – raw meats – and just increase your diet that way. I got a call from her a year later and I didn’t even realize it was her voice – it was a normal, strong voice with hardly any rasp at all.

Q: [unclear] eggs … anyone… cancer

A: Absolutely everyone, especially Crohn’s Disease – people with digestive problems. You have to give them a break in their digestion. I always tell people to eat lots of eggs, if they have access to good eggs. You’ve got to go out there and make it happen [find sources, I think he means]. Go talk to some farmers and say, “Hey, this is what we need and there are a lot of interested people.”

Q: Could you go over how to do it quickly…. [unclear] …five…

A: Well, it wasn’t just Weston Price. Other researchers that went to those tribes – I don’t think Weston Price went to New Guinea, did he? Anyway, they studied those tribes in New Guinea because they were mainly meat eaters – hardly anything but meat. (This was studied by mainly archaeologists and anthropologists who also had an interest in cardiac problems). Cooked meat was their whole diet – didn’t eat vegetables. They even ate humans – usually a tribe they didn’t like. Had only five diseases: gout, osteoporosis to an extent, arthritis and rheumatism and [forgot the other one]. They found no heart disease, arteriosclerosis – nothing. You get arteriosclerosis and hardening of the liver and heart from hydrogenated vegetable oils which are plastic. The cells that are made with that oil will crystallize and harden in the human body. As I tell everybody, whatever you hear from the media, whatever you hear from the pharmaceutical and medical industries, 99 times out of 100, if you do the exact opposite, you’ll be doing it correctly.

Q: A good friend of mine has sclerosis of the liver, from drinking. Are hydrogenated oils affecting his liver?

A: Absolutely.

Q: [unclear] …cooked animal foods…

A: … If we had grown up in an unpolluted environment… We have 60,000 strikes – chemicals – against us. You have to understand, these people were in the jungle where fire was the only pollution they had.

Q: [unclear] meat…counter…government…bacterial…

A: They put MSG and have five or six FDA-approved viruses to spray on meat to destroy bacteria. That was just done a year and half or two years ago. They allow ammonia, Clorox on any counter without cleaning it off completely before cutting meat. They put ammonia in the meat, too. Most people are asleep about all of that, because the media don’t cover it. The only way you’re going to know is to research it yourself. The FDA is owned by the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Q: Fish market

A: I tell them I want to see the fish sliced on a water-cleaned cutting surface with water-cleaned knife. I make them cut it right in front of me.

Q: [unclear] How long can you keep tuna - fresh fish - in the refrigerator?

A: I’ve kept it as long as one year three months. Haven’t you seen Ripley’s Believe It Or Not? I had everything in jars – glands, organ; I wanted it to rot so it’s pre-digested like your bacteria does inside your body. Just like kefir and yogurt, you’re letting the bacteria break it down before you eat it so it’s easily absorbed. Smelly. If you cut your gut open, that’s how it would smell in your gut.

Q: Meat in olive oil.

A: Yes. Right before 2000, a friend of mine hunted a deer so I butchered it and cut up all the pieces – glands and everything – and I got 38 pounds of it and he got 40. We downed the glands right away. I was high for three days. I didn’t sleep. Had given a workshop Saturday and seen patients for two days in Nevada City so I was very tired. Just as I was about to leave to pick up my girlfriend from Nevada Airport, he shot this deer and nobody knew how to butcher it. So I did it and it took three hours to skin, butcher and package. I took the glands and threw them in a blender with milk and we all drank it right there. I took away a cup. Went to pick up my girlfriend and I wasn’t tired. I was wide-awake and we had sex for five hours. The next day, she was tired but I wasn’t. So I gave her half a cup of the glands and had the other half and we basically didn’t sleep for three days. Had lots of sex. Went out and visited Pyramid Lake, dove in expecting fresh water – and it was salt water. I almost died. And this was winter, too. Anyway, I had him ship the meat for me back to Malibu. I dried half to three quarters inch thick slices of the meat a little bit on either side for 3-4 hours. No sun. If there had been sun, I would have dried it only 20-30 minutes to a side …took quart and half-gallon jars and put one cup or three quarters cup either raw (never heated over 104 degrees) peanut oil in the bottom, stuffed in the meat slices, coating them, and finishing with more oil about half an inch above meat. That was when you could get good peanut oil. No longer. Usually, you’d put a beeswax seal on it to prevent oxidation but I just put the lid on it; I wanted to see what would happen with just the oil. I just opened the last one last December and it was perfectly good – ten years old.

Q: Can you use olive oil?

A: Yes, but olive oil is a very acidic compound and when you eat it, will kind of burn when it’s that old –more when it’s soaked with the meat. It’s like cod liver oil. You know how potent and burning that is. I didn’t eat the olive oil. I scraped the peanut and olive oils off the meat and it didn’t stink badly. I kept it at room temperature.

Q: Coconut oil?

A: Coconut oil ferments and doesn’t work the same. Just peanut and olive oils. But there was a scientist, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, who put raw meat in raw buttermilk and kept it for ten years.

Q [unclear]:

A: Then you have beef jerky with no active enzymes so it’s not really digestible. When the Eskimos make pemmican every year, they lay out and dry meat until it’s really hard, pound it into a powder. Then they then take whale or seal blubber – whatever fat they can get - melt it in the sun, and let it soak into the powdered meat forming a 90-pound block. This was to get them through the winter in case they didn’t catch fish or meat. Whatever they didn’t eat by spring would be buried. Because it’s an inferior food. Even though it’s not cooked, it’s dehydrated. So anything completely dry is a survival not vibrant, health-giving food.

Q: Feel better when…

A: Well, just get the best you can. You have to call them and ask how much soy is in their feed. If I had to eat chicken, I’d eat Rocky Junior as it’s only 25-35% soy; Rosie is 85% soy. Have to call them every year to see if they’ve changed.

Q: If you feel better …soy GMO…cause cancer?

A: No, they cause deformities, hormonal imbalances, severe allergies, and in some laboratory animals a third of normal lifespan. It’s like vitamin supplements. They can make you feel better but will knock you down in the long run.

Q: [unclear]

A: You just have to use coconut cream and dairy cream until you can get the eggs. It’s not the same but we have to do the best we can. I’ve gone as long as six weeks without eggs in my diet. I’ve already been talking with the Amish farmers as recently as five days ago and they said they can get it together in 2-3 weeks and ship it to us in LA and we can distribute it from there. Someone will have to go up there and someone will have to bring it down here. Right now they can supply us only with may be 30 dozen eggs and 20 chickens a week. I said we need 200 dozen eggs and 60 chickens a week. So he’s going to go to his family of Amish farmers and get chickens so he can haul them all to one place so he can control the quality the way I want.

Q: [unclear] … my own chickens…

A: You don’t need them fertile. The reason I said fertile in the book is so they were running around and not just in a cage this small. I tried it up in Malibu but within the first week the coyotes broke into my cage and got all but two. One even went through my screen door for a chicken and I was right there in the room. Little dogs are good. Coyotes are annoyed by the noise they make.

Q: Quail?

A: Yes, but you have to have so many quail. They’re so small.

Q: …can you tell eggs…

A: You can usually taste and smell. Well, those are fed corn and they’re yellower – almost orange. But if it’s GMO corn, it leaves a bad after-taste. Bugs – especially in meat and eggs will be especially orange. Chinese keep eggs for 25 years and call them century eggs. They’re completely pre-digested. The bacteria – their waste is our food. There’s nothing but waste left after 25 years. That’s why octogenarians in China will pay $1000 for one. Like Viagra. They can have sex 28-30 days with one egg. Either completely white or completely black inside. All powder. Not appetizing to our palette. No one’s going to pay $1000 an egg except a Chinese man. You’re not supposed to refrigerate eggs. They’ll lose their bacteria. I never refrigerate eggs.

Q: And if you get diarrhea is that just bacteria cleaning house?

A: Yeah.

Q: Can we still trust that the bison from Rawsome aren’t vaccinated?

A: Mary Gracie who owns Northstar Bison assures us we never get a vaccinated or dewormed female. I suggest you never eat any bison from the neck up because when they deworm them they put it right along the spinal chord that creates CJD – [Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease] mad cow disease in the spinal chord and brain. I get brains – usually pig brains - from Amos. I eat his lamb and pork all the time. Amos freezes a lot of his meat when it is butchered so we only accept meat from him when it is freshly butchered - unfrozen.

Q: [unclear]

A: Oh, I got banned from Rawsome. If James weren’t part owner of the lot, I would say to him that he had no authority because it’s in the contract that I’m the one that runs Rawsome and all the other clubs in The Right to Choose Healthy Food. You can’t ban me from the members’ club. I am the main member. But it is your lot. You own it and you can ban me from the lot. He tried to ban all the members who were involved in helping me get evidence. What does that tell you? I told him he couldn’t ban them or revoke membership because he’s not in charge of membership. I am. So he has to deliver the food to them at the pick up center. I sent it to his attorney so we’ll see how he honors that. This guy is way out to lunch.

Q: US Wellness Meats?

A: Great. John [http://grasslandbeef.com/] is very good. It took me two years to get him to go to good quality and not freeze it.

Q: So you still [unclear] Rawsome?

A: I get everything from Rawsome but chicken and eggs. I went there last Wednesday and freaked everybody out. I walked in and James shot out – just walked out. Then I got a letter from his attorney.

Q: He acted very strange the other day when he delivered to us. He was quiet as can be –he’s not normally like that.

A: He was apprehensive what he was going to tell people.

Q: Can anybody start another club?

A: We already have one lined up in Tujunga [California] and have already bought the refrigerators. We are trying to line up the farmers to ship the stuff, and that one should be open in two weeks. Another one should open up in Echo Park in a month and a half. Ra (like the Sun God) Healthy Foods. [Note from Jim: Ra Healthy Foods turned out to be the one co-op serving southern California with its headquarters in Tujunga]. A web site should be up in a week [transcriber’s note: rahealthyfoods.com informs that store is closed but says to go to www.farmmatch.com/rahealthyfoods/locations and provides a number if any difficulties – 626-644-6863]. So there’ll be two. I don’t think James will get any of the building he has to do. He’ll get closed down so he’ll move somewhere else. Told him to get it in Santa Monica where we’re not going to be hassled.

Q: We already have it here at the co-op.

A: They get it from Rawsome once every two weeks. Even Rawsome has to go downtown (LA) to a certain distribution warehouse to pick up – it doesn’t get delivered to Venice. You’d have to do the same thing – get it on the same truck that John Reed will be running. I spend $350/week just on my own food. Rawsome started out in a garage just selling raw milk that we bootlegged in.

Q: Contact lenses. Lasik surgery.

A: As long as you’re on a good diet. I’ve had many people do laser surgery. They heal 3x faster. Their eyes are completely healed and they can go out in the sun in 10 days. It’s not a problem. I tell them not to take antibiotics or put antibiotics in their eyes. It destroys bacteria and creates keloid tissue. About 90% of people who have laser surgery have difficulty and that’s because they’re using antibiotics. The eye doesn’t heal properly. What happens is your cornea warps – whether it flattens or extends depends on whether near- or far-sightedness. To be on this diet long enough and put enough egg white in your eyes every day – sometimes a tiny bit of butter with a drop of pineapple juice in it to rework the cornea will take years. And the first people I recommended Lasik to – Lisa/Niki Ying did it in 1994 at about age 37 and Louis did it in 1989 – their eyes are still in great condition. No glasses or contacts any more.

Q: How do you put in butter?

A: You have to get it liquid either in your hand or immersed in a jar in hot water. Squeeze a drop of pineapple juice into about a teaspoon of butter, mix, lower your lower eyelid and apply to the white of the eye, rolling your eye around. In 2-3 minutes the cloudiness goes away and you have nutrified your eye. Egg white protein only takes a minute to absorb.

Q: Contact lens solution.

A: Yes, a lot of them have thimerosal in them; that is liquid mercury. But they make it without it with glycerin. You can put aloe vera juice in your eye and contacts over that. You can’t do it with butter or egg white because they create a film. I tell people to just take distilled water and put a few grains of sea salt in it. You’ll have pure, saline water. If you’re putting egg white, butter or aloe vera in your eye, you’re coating and nurturing it. You don’t need glycerin that is a chemical compound that’s not natural when they finish making it. It may have come from cellulose but by the time they chemically treat it and produce it, it’s a gelatinized chemical.

Q: How long did the gal use the butter to get her vision better?

A: Well, she used mainly butter every day occasionally with pineapple. She went from about 3/8” thick glasses to 1/8” thick in a year and a half.

Q: Did you ever try it?

A: I’m too lazy for that. I’ve got so many other things to do.

Q: Can you put butter in your eye after surgery?

A: No. You can put egg white in your eye right after surgery, aloe right after surgery but I would wait 24-36 hours before putting in butter. None of those – even butter - will rip off [surgery?]. Let me give you an example. See the bad shape this toe is in? Eight weeks ago, the foreman on my land in Thailand dropped a 90-pound wooden post on the corner of this toe taking all the skin from here down to here off. It split the bone from here to here right down the center. I put lime juice on it right away because it’s antiseptic and will surround any particle and neutralize it so the body doesn’t have to utilize white blood cells to remove it - so no pus whatsoever. Skin was gone. I thought the nail would go, too, but left it in place. So, I put lime juice on it. I put honey on it and coconut cream and as soon as I got back to the hotel, I put butter on it and a meat slab. I cut a piece of watermelon rind and wrapped it around the meat to keep it from drying and over that a gauze elastic bandage. The nail re-attached. When I took off the bandage five days later, there was still quite a wedge by the cuticle of the nail that was missing. So, a lot of the Thai people said there was an herb that would work for me and I said get it for me. Made it into a poultice and put it on. It had gotten so painful by morning that I took it off. It had reversed all the healing that had occurred over the five days, ripping all the skin away. I was fit to be tied and wrapped it back up again. Healed for five days so again there was just a wedge under the cuticle. Then I went to the Philippines and they had an herb. I wasn’t going to be closed-minded so I tried it and the same thing happened. Twenty-four hours later all that healing had been reversed. So I said may be it works for you guys that live on rice but it doesn’t work for me. So wrapped it again in meat and eight weeks later I have the nail. And see how this one is bruised? The red cells are still under the nail. This one was like that too but the meat pulled them out. I put lime juice, honey, coconut cream or butter, and meat over that and wrapped in a bandage. I wore sandals. It was too hot to wear shoes and, anyway, that toe would not like a shoe. I continued working with broken, split bone, excruciating, throbbing pain.

Q: What did you do for the pain?

A: Nothing. Had some cheese, butter and honey.

Q: Tinnitis?

A: High- or low-pitched?

Q: High.

A: That’s excessive fluid in your ears. What you do is take a hot water bottle and put it on one ear one night so the heat is moving upwards to evaporate it. The next night, put it on the other ear. That will take care of the ringing in that ear for 2-3 days until it builds up again. … can’t do it on the same ear two nights in a row because then you’ll be unbalanced and lose your equilibrium. Sleep beside a hot water bottle so the heat is moving upwards.

Q: What about clicking?

A: That’s dryness and the earwax is moving and creating a clicking sound.

Q: How hot?

A: As warm as you can take it – probably 130 degrees – but wrap it with a flannel pillowcase or towel to protect your body. It takes probably at least 112 degrees to be hot enough to perspire and remove the ringing for one night. If it’s a low-pitch sound, it means you have some kind of nasty fluid in there. Usually, when you have a lot of fluid, you have heavy metals trying to dump out from the brain … ear wax so that will create high-pitched sound. If you have iron or lower vibrational metals, that brings a low sound. It is harder to remove. You may have to do it every night instead of every three nights. It is easier at night; you can’t candle while you’re asleep.

Q: You mentioned raw eggs for Crohn’s.

A: Yes, because when you have Crohn’s usually you stop making proper mucus to line the intestines, so your own digestive acids start eating away your intestinal lining so it becomes thinner and thinner. The gut gets so thin that eating too much often will cause tearing. That’s called leaky gut. When undigested food particles pass into your gut out of the intestines, they usually – 80% of the time - travel first to the knees. So people start having knee problems, aches, swelling because the body sends the particles down to the knees and the knees form acid to become a digestive tract and break them down. Leaky gut causes 80% of all arthritis and rheumatism. Knees and joints weren’t made to become digestive organs. Eating eggs allows the intestines to work very little but get all these nutrients. The egg white and yolk together build good mucus. So within 24-36 hours a case of Crohn’s disease can be in the process of reversal.

Q: I have a relative who had Crohn’s for many years and it seems to have evolved into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Eggs?

A: Absolutely. … have to take raw eggs Rocky-style or like I do – sucked out of the eggshell. If you mix with milk, slows it down and it will take 6-10 hours to digest and it’s complicated. Can take much longer 5-20x longer to heal if mixed with milk. Eggs are so pure and absorb so fast, there’s no difficulty. Let’s say the milk finds a spot where it’s already torn and there’s an ulceration, it’s not going to heal. You’ll have leaky gut every time - it will tear every time it reaches that area. You’ll have digestive juices, acids and bacteria working on the food in that spot. An egg, however, is absorbed within five inches of the intestine, so the intestines don’t have to work.

Q: Colon cancer and ileostomy…

A: … raw eggs and milk. The colon is where the last stage of digestion happens. E. coli mainly are responsible for breaking down fats and proteins to the finite particles to feed your brain and nervous system. People who have psychological problems like depression (anxiety is different – lack of exercise), always have a lack of bacteria. So if they don’t have a colon, they’re not going to be breaking down into finite particles to feed the brain and nervous system so they need to eat rotten eggs or rotten meat to supply it - like my episode on Ripley’s Believe It or Not. I had two patients there. One had been on seven different psychotropic drugs a day for 27 years – seven different kinds - some 30 pills a day. She was a basket case. Finally I got her to eat. I said, “You can’t stay on the diet because you are mostly distraught. You’re not feeding your brain or nervous system because you’re not digesting the finite fats and proteins so you’ve got to eat high meat.” She hung up on me. A few hours later she called to ask how to make high meat. I said it was in the book but that she could just cut up the meat, fill a jar half-way and take it out of the refrigerator every 2-3 days to exchange air for aerobic and anaerobic activity. It will take about 14 days. Said she didn’t have 14 days. I said OK; I have another patient with the same problem as you who makes a lot and eats it every day and maybe he’ll sell you some. So I gave him her number. So she called me at 9 pm and said, “So I got this high meat from James and it’s awful smelling and tasting and I think I’m going to have a real problem.” I let it go to the answering machine because I knew I’d be babysitting her all night. She called every 45 minutes to an hour… a little better each time she called. A little after five in the morning she said she was going to stay on until I answered and started whistling and it was time to answer. I said, “Look at your mood. When was the last time you whistled? Played like that in your life? You got through the whole night on your own and don’t need me. You’re strong. You ate this putrid, nasty meat that you thought was going to kill you and look – it’s made you happy within 20 minutes compared to what you were before and now 7-8 hours later, you’re a different person.” So, she went on Ripley’s with me and another patient after a year of eating rotten, stinky meat. The FDA wants you sick because they work for the medical, the pharmaceutical and food industries. They want you to believe that bacteria are responsible for all disease. Bacteria are not responsible for any disease. Your body is 99% bacteria. For every one human gene you have 100 bacterial genes in your body. You’re one per cent human and 99% bacterial. If you don’t believe, get online and go to TED and bacteria and there’s a microbiologist [Transcriber’s note: I believe, Bonnie Bassler – “How bacteria ‘talk’”]. Why should we be afraid of bacteria? Dumbest thing in the world but people buy it all the time. My newsletter that comes out this week talks about chemicals in antibiotic soaps [among other products]. There are two main chemicals [that have been studied] that are hormone-disrupters that prevent fertility, proper sperm counts and resilience and I’ve listed all the products – from toothpaste all the way down to shampoos, deodorants – you name it, it’s in it. Then I go into household products and they’re in a slew of those. All of these chemicals create disease – not bacteria. If bacteria were the cause of disease, I would be dead…a thousand times.

Q: Sauerkraut…

A: Fine but no salt. Whey, lemon juice or vinegar… If you use vinegar, just a small amount unless you’re going to eat it right away. It will melt it. It can do it in 24 hours, if you use vinegar, but whey takes 3-5 days. Lemon juice isn’t going to taste as good but will break it down almost as fast as vinegar. The reason you don’t want to do salt is that it is the most volatile explosive on the planet. A block of isolated sodium this big would take out NYC. GE was paid over two trillion dollars over the last 60 years by the military to make sodium - salt - an explosive that they could use as a war toy. It is so volatile that you can’t control it; more volatile than nitroglycerin. A 1½ degree change can cause it to ignite. They’ve given up for now. So when salt goes in your body and your body isolates the sodium molecule from the iodide or chloride – depending on what kind of salt you’re using – even if it’s a natural salt - it breaks the clusters of minerals up because it has to be in colloidal form to be absorbable into a cell as a nutrient. So it has to be a uni-molecule of a mineral to be utilized properly. When the cell eats normally, there’s a whole network – smorgasbord of nutrients – anywhere from 97 to 117 nutrients…all your vitamins…all your minerals, fats …all the 60 varieties of cholesterol that can be formed …all the different proteins – pyruvates – all 22 amino acids. Everything is in this smorgasbord. When a cell eats, it gets the whole dose and it’s completely nutrified. When salt is eaten, it causes explosions of these nutrients so you may only get 27 or 57 of these nutrients into a cell at once. So every cell becomes deficient any time you use salt with a meal. Not only that, it dehydrates cells. Sometimes the sodium molecules isolated will attach to each other – even though sodium molecules are the smallest of all the elements – when they clump together; they create a very strong magnetism. So, when a cell opens, the magnetism is so strong it rips the ions out of the cell and the cell will never eat again. It shrivels like a raisin from a grape. So one million red blood cells are destroyed by one little grain of salt. Of course, those cells would fit on the head of a pin. There was a group of guys that said that was bullshit and I didn’t know what I was talking about. I said to take a freshly killed animal, skin it and salt it and see what happens. They did. You can go online and look up “frogs,” “salt” and “video.” These guys sprinkled salt – about what you would sprinkle on your dinner - on three frog legs. The legs go into spasms. The video only showed two minutes but the legs went on for 27 minutes. Then they tried lots of pepper on one frog leg and it only gave one spasm. Pepper is a highly caustic substance that burns tissue while salt is an explosive. Dead or not, it starts mixing with certain bodily fluids and starts exploding. Salt is bad, bad, bad - the next worst thing to cooking.

Q: Salt blocks put out for animals?

A: They don’t really lick them that much.

Q: Is that why…under microscope …

A: No, that’s usually from advanced glycation end-products glucose…carbohydrates. … very sticky. If your body uses a protein to make the pyruvate to make the glycogen, there’s very little advanced glycation end-product or stickiness, so the mind stays very alert and accurate. … And you don’t eat any fruit – any concentrated carbohydrates - until you’ve been awake at least six hours.

Q: And that will help reverse the stickiness?

A: You won’t have it, unless you overeat fruit. In those first six hours, your body will make all the glycogen to feed the brain and nervous system for the entire day that you’re awake and up. Even while you sleep. And even if you eat a tremendous amount of fruit in the afternoon with high carbs, the body is still going to make a lot of glycogen with it and store it in your body and it’s going to feed it once in a while to your system that will make it sticky, even though your body is mainly using non-sticky glycogen pyruvate....

Q: Knees, quads ache.

A: It sounds like your tendons are too tight. Have pineapple with coconut cream and some butter. Put hot water bottles on it at night.

Q: Prostate cancer and PSA. Biopsy that showed cancerous cells.

A: PSA has nothing to do with cancer. Sixty or so years ago, do you know what the analysis for treatable cancer was - 500 cancer cells per million. You know what it is now – 50 cancer cells per million. Why did they do that – more money. Everybody has got cancer cells in their body. What ratio is treatable? What ratio is causing difficulty? None. You have to understand all the false statistics out there. About 80% of all cancers diagnosed as treatable and problematical are not. Eighty-five percent of diabetics that come to me taking insulin are not even diabetic. Have to understand that a blood test is a snapshot. It’s like judging your entire life from one polaroid. Everybody is different. Your chemistry is different every 20-30 minutes. So, if I really want to understand maybe how your body is working, how it is changing on a daily basis, I have to do your blood work every 30 minutes every day for about a year and half. Even seasonally it’s different. So, when a doctor does a test and shows you a glucose problem – and they’re feeding you glucose – garbage - for this test – of course, you’re going to be way off. You’re going to have very high sugar levels. And they tell you you’re diabetic, there’s no cure, and take this insulin the rest of your life. Hippocrates had the cure for diabetes. He put them on a nothing but raw milk diet for 6-10 weeks and diabetes was completely reversed. Of course, the milk was unrefrigerated, right out of the cow. Now it’s difficult to do that just with raw milk – would take 3-6 months to reverse that diabetes. Usually, if I put someone on a raw dairy and meat diet with lots of raw eggs, their diabetes symptoms are gone in six weeks.

Q: Doctors called me up and said it’s gone – you don’t have diabetes any more. I don’t have it.

A: You never had it. That’s what I’m saying. You’re finally feeding your body what it needs and can utilize properly. So 85% of the diabetics that come to me – all I do is go on a different diet and they’re asymptomatic. Those that are truly diabetic, may take six months but then aren’t diabetic. I have only had two patients who had taken insulin over 35 years that still take three units of insulin for insurance – and that's down from 28 – 40 – 43 a day. That’s how hard the medical profession has worked on their brains.

Q: [unclear]

A: Your body doesn’t manufacture insulin or you’re producing a poor quality insulin that doesn’t make the excess sugars into glycogen.

Q: So, if someone has diabetes, they can just drink four glasses of raw milk a day?

A: No, not with our milk quality today. Organic Pastures nearly freezes their milk to keep coliform bacteria down because our jerk terminator governor vetoed that bill we worked so hard to get through. He made sure we don’t have the high quality we need. But, with the new governor coming in, I’m right off to Sacramento. I get ours shipped from Amish farmers every week in glass so it’s expensive. Half-gallon $12 something, gallon $17-18. They grow their own feed.

Q: Claremont Farms.

A: They called me to say they were organic and I said to send me the label and they never did. Last time I saw their label, it had regular old processed soy, molasses – boiled sugar cane – processed at 475-700 degrees – that’s not raw.

Q: Any Amish in California?

A: Too expensive. Land prices are too high. There’s not a lot of rain here. There are Mennonites in Kansas, Utah, Arizona. …Have a slew in Ohio. They’re all over the place. I was just in Sedona and there were some there. I’ve been protecting them. I’ve saved six already this year from being closed down by the FDA. They sign contracts with me and I send letters to HHS (Human Health Services), the local FDA, local as well as office in Washington, DC, saying they have no jurisdiction and if they trespass again when we’ve told you not to, it’s breaking and entering and we will prosecute. And if you come on with a false warrant and arrest anyone, it’s kidnapping. … Armed assault at Rawsome.

Q: Organic certification board.

A: They don’t want it because Bush and the Bass families out of Texas, through trusts, own Whole Foods. It’s bullshit spin. It’s all “go organic” and it’s only two percent organic produce. Got two vegetarians in to run Whole Foods and right away they got rid of whole milk saying it was an insurance issue.

They’re after me everywhere. I’m not going to stop and they’re not going to stop. When I got back from the East after all those injections, I did three more radio shows on the swine flu.

Q: How are they going to stop you in another country?

A: They’re trying to take my land away. The house, too, saying it’s all on forestry protected land. There were judges, policemen, attorneys…they said if I gave them $200,000, it would all go away. I told them they were trying to fuck the wrong person. I said I would go online where there are 40,000 on the diet; asked if they wanted the embarrassment that the city attorney here had with the raid. Building nine foot off the ground with deck so everything won’t smell like mildew. They have to be tracking me. I don’t use credit cards; the land is in the name of a Thai national.

I’ll find out if I have a house when I go back. I’ll buy a ticket right before I get on the plane. It is a lot more expensive but my safety is important to me. I have little sensor devices for the windows and doors that will wake me up and shock anyone breaking in. … and a million watt taser gun. Sometimes I’ll buy a different ticket using my credit card and never get on that plane but the next one or one the next day. I lived on the old Errol Flynn Estate on a hammock for three days when homeless. I Lived on a bicycle for three years. I have a little bitty bungalow cottage that they said I have to get out of by… I have to find another place.

Q: … never seem to have a clinic … facility

A: If you want to invest, go build it like a regular clinic but green without all the pollution, asbestos, pressed board. We’ll work through another channel, have phone calls that are clandestine but don’t tell me. If you build that, I’ll help it go but you cannot be directly connected to me because they’ll close you down and you’ll become bankrupt. We can do video conferencing, iridology through skype which can cut out but is hard to track. Those new microscopes are only about $400, just need computer and good transmission quality.

Q: is that what happened to…

A: They’re closing them down because they supplied us.

Q: So where are you going now? West coast?

A: I don’t know. The west coast will still be my home until they kill me.

Q: Do you go to Florida?

A: Yes. Boca Raton…

Q: [unclear]

A: They’re afraid of revolution. 1776. Fluoride makes you docile. Hitler used it in the camps.