Home-grown Vegetables Blamed For Disease

The ongoing propaganda that microbes cause disease continues without scientific proof. The worst part of it is that people believe the microbe/disease myth the same as people believed the clergy that spirits and ghosts caused bad behavior and disease in people during the Inquisition. The all-encompassing beliefs were formed from FEAR, from imaginative stories of gross possession and, in the case of microbes, contamination. Fear makes most people irrational, illogical, non-pragmatic, ridiculous and even stupid. Yes, stupid is a harsh judgment but is it wrong judgment?

Consider that as clergy believed spirits possessed and caused diseases in human beings, medical professionals embrace the myth that microbes possess and disease beings. There has been no empirical laboratory test proving that notion. The tests they point to as proof have been done in artificial environments where bacteria mutate and behave differently.

In January 2009, I was a guest on The Doctors TV show. Host Dr. Stork blurted to the audience that they should definitely not eat any raw meat because bacteria could make them deathly ill. His medical advice at end of the show, titled something like The 10 Most Unusual Health Methods, was don't eat raw meat because it will cause disease. At no time in the entire 5 minutes of my segment on Raw Meat Diet, were any of the 4 doctors rational. They spoke from fear, not personal knowledge or empirical science.

After Dr. Stork made the statement the first time, I asked him how many people he observed who ate raw meat. He did not answer and continued his adamancy against eating raw meat. I stated that I had observed 25,000 people who had eaten raw meat without ill effects. He stated that he had seen people in Emergency during his internship dying of bacterial contamination from something they ate. However, he did not arrive at that conclusion by logic or rationale. He was instructed by his teachers that when microbes were and are found in bodies, those microbes usually caused the present, past or future disease. Medicine has its pat list of microbes. Much like clergy during the Inquisition tried to dispel goblins under Church rule and authority, under medical authority Dr. Stork tries to burn, cook and poison microbes and people while believing he will eliminate disease. He believes whole-heartedly in that myth.

Notice that all microbes blamed are in nature. In fact, they are nature. The Military Industrial Complex needs an enemy to frighten people into spending money on and fighting expensive, polluting, crippling and deadly wars; the medical profession, spurred by the pharmaceutical industry, needs an enemy that people will fear so they follow orders irrationally, illogically, ignorantly and even stupidly. Consider that former president 5-star General Dwight Eisenhower claimed the Military Industrial Complex was truly our biggest enemy economically and socially. Pharma/Medicine should be viewed identically. Their touted enemy is nature. Notice some of their terminology: Swine flu, Bird flu, Monkey AIDS, Rat lungworm, and animal rabies. To sell poisonous flu vaccines, they scare people into accepting and promoting that thousands of people will be in danger of gross diseases.

Since nature is all around us, people who believe that microbes cause disease will imagine threats are everywhere. The establishment even got shallow President Ronald Reagan to proclaim that the sun caused skin cancer. If sun is responsible for skin cancer, why didn't Africans and Asians who are very dark from sunshine develop skin cancers prior to WWII and the advent of mass vaccination? I remember a response from one journalist at the time stating, Reagan went from prostate cancer to skin cancer of his nose; we know where his nose has been. Although grossly funny, the analogy is pertinent.

The latest assaults blame our food supply. In the early 1900's, they blamed raw milk for typhoid and tuberculosis from myths created by the pasteurized milk industry. Education and the media continue to disseminate that myth today. In 2007, they blamed sickness and deaths on E.coli from spinach. In January 2009, they blamed several severe diseases on eating fresh vegetables from home gardens. They developed the story that rats running around in your garden leave larvae that, when you eat your vegetables (even when washed), can overcome your body within days or weeks and cause serious illness. (I included the news article following this article because I do not know how long it will be available online.) Are we to believe such notions? How many creatures in this world eat such larvae every day without washing their vegetables and do not suffer such disease?

Consider that pharmaceutics ALL have side effects. Some people have immediate reactions to them, others have longterm reactions and others seem unaffected. Why do all pharmaceuticals have side effects whether realized or not? They are made of and/or with toxic substances. Consider that accumulation of such substances causes diseases in animals during laboratory experiments. Are we to believe that microbes that have not caused disease throughout millions of years suddenly make us ill and kill us? Maybe a more rational look at the evidence will remove our indoctrinated fears.

Since we became a society with industrial toxins in our medicines, environments, food, water and air, is it likely that the pervasive diseases are from industrial toxins? We have thousands of experiments proving that industrial toxins cause disease. To name a few, coal dust and fumes cause many respiratory problems including emphysema and cancers. Chromium 6 causes myriads of cancers and diseases. Mercury causes many neurological, digestive and lymphatic diseases and death. Radioactive material and man-made radiation cause bone and blood diseases and cancers. The long list still does not cover all of the diseases caused by the gradual longterm accumulation of industrial toxins.

I was given the death sentence 42 years ago for stomach, blood, bone and lymphatic cancers. I received a vagotomy and was told never to eat anything raw or it would kill me. For 41 years I have done just the opposite. I have eaten everything raw. I have eaten at least 1,000 raw eggs coated with poultry feces, 120 raw meats containing various parasites, fungus and bacteria as documented on Ripley's Believe It Or Not (aired July 17, 2001), and at least 10,000 cups of raw milk with goat, cow and sheep feces. Instead of getting more diseases, I have reversed my myriad of diseases, including cancers and Type 1 diabetes. There are literally thousands of intelligent and rational people who testify to improved health by eating and drinking "unsanitary" raw foods.

Who benefits from accusing our food of causing disease? Manufacturers of processed food and chemicals profit from that. Consider that until the last 2 decades, some people - including medical - have been telling people that raw fresh vegetables and fruits will help health. A decline of processed-food consumption resulted. With these new tales that vegetables cause disease and death, people are brainwashed into fearing raw fruits and vegetables and will think cooked and processed foods are safer. Chemical industries will flourish because people will use more chemical poisons, for instance chlorine to wash raw foods and kitchens, and put pesticides on crops.

I witnessed entire cities of "third-world" people living in squalor and animal waste without getting disease. It has been their lifestyle for centuries. The people who are diseased are those who adopted medications, especially vaccines and other industrial pollution. Most farm-raised people live in and around animal waste and microbe-rich environments and are much healthier than their city counterparts. Also, as I have stated before: even though they have limited gene pools, Amish and Mennonites do not suffer any autism because they refuse vaccines. Primitive tribes did not know autism, Ebola or AIDS until medical evangelists gave them vaccines.

Regardless of those facts and overwhelming evidence that industrial toxins cause at least 90% of present diseases, medical professionals and fearful people irrationally, illogically, ignorantly and stupidly continue to blame nature, its animals and microbes. Vomit and diarrhea result from accumulated toxins that the body routinely eliminates quickly and efficiently as possible by vomit and diarrhea. Vomit and diarrhea are not the results of microbes! Microbes are symptoms of toxic damage to cells. Microbes are the janitors. They are part of the cure that follows detoxification. When will we stop the microbe witch-hunts of modern times?

I implore everyone to ignore any medical advice as biased and self-serving. I beseech everyone to disregard any medical advice about health because they are trained exclusively about drugs and disease, not health. Taking medical advice about health is like taking financial advice from guys flipping hamburgers at fast-food joints. I entreat everyone to eat microbe-rich raw foods.

Article that appeared in a Hawaiian newspaper:


Disease is blamed on home-grown veggies

by Gary Kubota | 2009-01-17

A second Big Island resident is in a coma with rat lungworm disease, a rare ailment that can cause significant pain and trauma, including paralysis and blindness. Graham McCumber, 24, of Kapoho has been in intensive care at the Queen's Medical Center for the past few days, according to a family member and friend.

McCumber, a construction worker who also worked on an organic farm, is among three Big Island people recently afflicted with the disease. One of them, 38-year-old Silka Strauch of Black Sands, was admitted to Hilo Medical Center on Dec. 8 and has been in a coma for weeks.

Strauch's friend Zsolt Halda, 34, also of Black Sands, was being cared for by his mother at a hotel on the Big Island, after being released from the hospital. Halda said he and Strauch probably contracted the disease after eating vegetables containing arvae of a slug that carries the rat lungworm.

Like Halda and Strauch, McCumber grew his own vegetables.

"To have a 24-year-old kid dying from eating a salad is beyond my comprehension," said McCumber's friend Dennis Letvin.

McCumber's uncle Geoff Rauch said Graham, who was noticeably sick by Dec.

18, has sustained a lot of brain damage. "It doesn't look good," Rauch said.

Rauch said he has known other people who have contracted the disease, but none as severe.

"I think everyone is taken aback by this," Rauch said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most victims recover from the disease. But the critical condition of McCumber and Strauch points out the potential for extreme consequences.

The disease occurs when parasitic worms are passed from rat feces to slugs or snails and then to people.

The worms usually die after several weeks but can cause significant pain and damage to the nervous system and, in some instances, paralysis, blindness and death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Letvin, an organic farmer, said with economic hard times, people turning to backyard gardening should be aware of the dangers of growing leafy vegetables without taking precautions.

"My concern is we night be hammering nails on our children's coffins," he said.

Letvin said he has pulled out all of his leafy vegetables and thrown them away because there was nothing in the world worth the suffering from the disease.

He said he hopes government officials will work on a program to eliminate the rats and snails that carry the rat lungworm disease.

There is no diagnostic test that definitely confirms the presence of the disease, short of finding the parasite, and physicians rely partially on the likelihood of exposure through a patient's food history, according to state epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park.

There is no medical treatment for the disease, and physicians treat the symptoms with pain relievers for aches and steroids for inflammation, Park said earlier this month.

Park said people cultivating home-grown vegetables need to clean them leaf by leaf, and warned that a species of slug on the Big Island has tiny larvae, about 1 to 2 millimeters long.