Q&A Of November 26, 2006

(1) 1 Pound Of Meat Same Vit C As Two Oragnes [2006],[Aajonus],[Aajonus]

Did you know that in a pound of meat, you can assimilate every bit of the vitamin C in it, which is worth two whole oranges of vitamin C, in one pound of meat

That's why, when Vladimir Stevinson was in Alaska and ran across the sea captain who had had scurvy from being out at sea so long and not eating anything fresh.

He took vitamin C supplements.

None of it worked for him.

Started eating raw meat and in a week, scurvy was gone.

[Attendee] And lime.

[Aajonus] Lime didn't work for him either?

Lime and vitamin C didn't work for him.

[Attendee] This applies to ester-C as well.

[Aajonus] Ester-C, doesn’t matter?

It's a chemical derivative.

Doesn't look anything like natural vitamin C in food.

It poisons the body.

[Lewis] Two whole oranges and one pound of meat daily.

[Aajonus] No, no.

I said that one pound of meat contains as much assimilable vitamin C as two oranges.


(2) 9 Of 10 People Die From Too Thin [2006]

Cancer is something that everybody will have at least five times in their life

You just hope it's never diagnosed.

Because once it's diagnosed, the doctors will scare you so bad you can shit in your pants and you'll run to be poisoned.

I see it in 95% of all the cancer cases, they run to the doctors.

The doctors convinced them that this is the only way out.

It is the only way out all right, and it is the quickest way out.

If you look at Dr.

Harmon B Jones's work at Berkeley, he found that people who did not get surgery, did not get any kind of therapy, lived in average of 12 and a half years after diagnosis.

Those people who had surgery or any other therapies lived in average of three years after diagnosis.

So, the medical profession is lying to you.

Lying to you every time they say, “Oh, we'll extend your life.

” You're gonna shorten it by four times.

One fourth of your life, you'll shorten it that much.

There's some people who are going to die of cancer.

Now on my diet, 95% of the people live beyond five years and longer.

It's just that the medical profession says that they cured you if you lived five years.

If on the five years and one day you got a new case, that's the way they that's the way they calculate it so that they can look good.

However, 17% make it beyond 6 years after medical treatment.

17% make it beyond 6 years.

That's a terrible average.

On this diet, people make it by 95%.

Still 5% people are going to die, and out of those 5% that have died on my diet, which is probably a total of about 58 people of cancer out of about somewhere around 500 now.

So, that's really only 1%.

So, those people have a much better chance, and 9 out of 10 people who died on this diet were too thin.

So, when they went into the detoxification of the tumors, they couldn't handle all that dissolved tissue.

So, they started have vomiting and having diarrhea and not able to gain weight and they wasted away.

So, they wasted away.


(3) Aajonus Has One Cup Of Vege Juice A Day [2006]

You may have one juice a day

I've been eating raw foods since February of 1972.

If I have more than one juice a day I don’t digest well, unless I'm going through a very acidic time where my skin's burning or something like that during a detoxication, then I could have more juice.

And before I could have four cups a day.

It was fine for 20 years, but after 20 years I had to cut it down a cup, then another five years, another cup and down to now, 28 years on eating meat on a daily basis, I'm down to one cup a day.

Sometimes two, but mainly one.


(4) Algae Chlorella [2007],[Aajonus]

Some of the algae is okay, we can digest some of it

Now, when I checked feces for the amount that's digested, let's say 10% is digested.

It's very expensive food, but if it can help remove heavy metals, if it can promote any quality of health that you couldn't get from anything else, and it can, it can do that.

It's worth it.

[Attendee] Like what.

[Aajonus] Like heavy metal poisoning in the body, Mix it with vegetable juice?

Don't have algae by itself or with water.

You have it in vegetable juice.

Just remember, it's dry.

Chlorella is an algae.

But you wanna mix it with vegetable juice because it's a dried substance, it lacks enzymes.

Different health food stores carry them.

James at our Venice co-op here, Rawsome, carries a very good quality chlorella.

Like I said, you're only gonna digest about 10% of it.

Your feces will be nice and green because 90% of it won't adjust, but that 10% can do a lot for you.

But only take like a quarter of a teaspoon at a time to half a teaspoon, max.

Otherwise it's just a waste.


(5) Artifical Heat [2007],[Atteendee]

Can’t you keep your house hot, your house warm

[Aajonus] As long as you've got enough plants in there to make good oxygen and there's moisture?

So, you've gotta balance it.

If you're gonna have your artificial heat, you've gotta balance the rest of your atmosphere.

Put a humidifier in there or a bowl of water near something that's gonna evaporate, and some good plants are gonna create oxygen because your windows are gonna be shut.

And there are about seven plants that produce a lot of oxygen and you go on the internet and find them.

Corn Dracaena.

Any of the Dracaenas produce a lot of oxygen.

Some of your vines produce a lot of oxygen, but you can go on the internet and put oxygen plants or plants oxygen production, and then you'll come up with websites and it'll give you the plants that produce the most oxygen and then get those for your home.


(6) Bee Pollen Must Be Soft, Pain Formula (7) Blocked Arties, Diarrhea, Get Back On Program Detnal Plagque Cancer Cells [2006],[Aajonus]

Okay, I'm going to begin

I've got a little bit of a crowd here, so I'm not going to tell any story, unless something interests me that somebody asks.


So, we're gonna go around, start with you.

[Attendee] I just recently had an incident where, as it turned out, there was a blocked artery and there wasn't any nutrients getting into my small intestine and I was getting very ill.

A friend of mine just fixed it yesterday, and we discovered what the problem was, which was this blocked artery and could have ended up in surgery, but didn’t.

But what I had for two weeks was a lot of diarrhea and when I went back on your diet, it was just horrible.

I couldn’t eat just the eggs or anything like that.

So, what I want to know now in particular, first of all, something like that, I don't know what would've happened in terms of if the diet could have done anything to help that.

I don't how it happened.

Two things.

One is if I should get diarrhea seriously like that, and how do I wean myself back on the diet.

Cause I know you can't really just couldn’t do that with milk and cheese and cream and stuff?

I was eating a lot of cheese and I was doing the things and bananas and all of that, but like I said, it would temporarily stop.

The thing that really stopped it believe it or not was I should confess was cream of rye and rye toast with butter.

I did put butter on it.

So, my question really has to do with how to get back after you have an incident like that where you have to go off the program and how do you yourself back on specifically and generally, whenever something happens, when you go off, and you have to get yourself back.

Usually, I’m the cold Turkey person?

I just go right back.


[Aajonus] Okay?

First of all, she said that she thought she had a blocked artery to her small intestines and was having diarrhea, and that was the cause of diarrhea.

Never could happen.

If you had a blocked artery, you wouldn't have diarrhea, you'd have constipation, but you didn't have a blocked artery.

Anytime you have diarrhea, it's heavy poisons leading the body.

Now, 90% of our diseases today are from pollution, from industrial waste.

Whether it's put in our food as a preservative, as flavoring, no matter what it is, those always have heavy metals combined with them.

Heavy metals, always involved.

Other chemicals always are involved with some kind of heavy metal, those collect in the body and they create diseases.

Cancer is the biggest.


Samuel Epstein who's an octogenarian, he's in his eighties, the world’s greatest expert on cancer says that one out of every two men gets cancer today, and one out of every three women.

The medical profession is always blaming microbes.

Microbes are never the problem.

They're just the janitors.

For example, dental decay.

Whenever you get dental decay, the heavy metals are leaving the brain and going out the gums, heavy metals like mercury and lead will etch into dentine, cause abscesses and holes in the dentine.

Bacteria results to clean out the dead cells, the dead dentine.

If it goes deeper and deeper and the metal keeps holding onto the tooth into the dentine by the vehicle plaque.

It can cause even more damage, unless there's a good quality of plaque.

Now, what the plaque is, is the body takes a lot of calcium potassium and other minerals to bind with those heavy metals that are leaving the brain to keep them from doing heavy damage.

That's why you have plaque on your tongue.

That's why you have plaque on your teeth.

The greatest concentration of heavy metals comes from the brain because the brain uses a lot of metallic minerals because it conducts electricity and relays electricity and light through metallic minerals.

When you cook food, you cauterize the minerals, you make all of those heavy metals free radicals, so they can do a lot of damage.

Free radicals and cauterization means it disassociates.

Let's say all of us were holding hands and we all had a chore to do as long as we held hands everything would be done properly.

When you cook, you fractionate everything, so everybody's bonds separate.

So, that means that a certain toxin can be isolated and they have a tendency to group together.

So, you have mercury clumped together, you have lead clumped together and then you have a dangerous substance and if it kills enough cells around, you have cancer.

Cancer is nothing other than the body’s the inability to dissolve dead cells, and remove them from the system.

So, they collect and they collect as tumors, or your body takes them to a particular area to dissolve those dead cells.

And the difference between a squamous tumor cell and a basal cell is basal cell is one that dissolves and doesn't necessarily collect as tumors.

Your squamous cells form tumors, and it's nothing but a collection of dead cells.

Now, the cancer cell is a very healthy, good cell.

It can sustain itself with very little nutrients and it can live isolated among 50 to 100 dead cells.

So, it's like a hermit, like a monk.

Once that cancer cell dies, it sets out a virus, a serum, which is a solvent, which dissolves all the surrounding dead cells.

Since your body can eliminate it, you get rid of tumors like that.

When you have benign tumors, you don't have any cancer cells in it, so you can never get rid of the tumor quickly, and there's no circulation.

There's no blood vessels into a benign tumor.

So, the dead cells, the mummified cells in a benign tumor, the blood has to work on eating it a little at a time from the outside in.

When you have the cancer cells spread all throughout the tumor, if the cancer cells.

They start dissolving the whole tumor and you can get rid of the tumor in two to five days.

May take up to four or five years, depending on the size of the tumor and how quickly your body can get rid of the discarded waste from those dissolved cells.

Because remember those dissolved cells, those dead cells were killed by a chemical, usually some kind of collection of heavy metals.

You can go on the internet; you can look under the particular toxins like cadmium; often creates kidney cancer.

Thalium usually creates breast cancer.

So, you can look at these different cancers and if you know somebody who has cancer and you take a biopsy of it, but you don't have it analyzed the way the medical profession wants it analyzed, you have it analyzed for toxicity, and you'll find out what caused that if you have someone who has cancer and they're vomiting, or has diarrhea, you could have that analyzed.

To give you an example, I had a woman who had breast cancer and she gained almost enough weight, but she went into a vomiting phase that lasted two and a half months, and it killed her because she just didn't have the weight, she couldn't eat when you’re vomiting in that sort.

So, I just had one four-ounce vomit analyzed and the laboratory called me and said, “Somebody's poisoning your patient.

” And I said, "What do you mean.

” He said, “Well, she has 3000 times the lethal dose of thallium in that four ounces of vomit?

” And that made me realize how much thallium she must have had her body because she was vomiting about five times a day, sometimes even more for two and a half months.

She was a jewelry maker.

Never wore gloves, never wore a mask, right over the burner.

Breathing in all that stuff, absorbing it into her hands.

Only seven years she did that and it killed her.

She had gained a little bit more weight because we got right to the point where the cancer stopped dissolving, but she just passed away one night at the end of that.

So, she made it all the way through to where she stopped producing tumors and at the end of dissolving them and getting rid of them.

But she just couldn't eat, she was so sore in her stomach.

She couldn’t eat from the vomiting.

So, all cancer is created by heavy metals and toxins.

Every disease is created by toxins, not bacteria, not virus, not parasites.

That's the medical profession's blame.

The medical profession is responsible for 70% of all the toxicity that we have and all the diseases that we have, they're responsible for 70% of that 90%.


(8) Cancer (9) Cancer Doctors Tryign To Scare Her and Dont Fast [2006],[Aajonus]

She came to me about seven years ago with cancer on the nose

One third of her nose was gone when she came to me, they told her that within a year, her entire bone structure would be gone.

And I said, don't listen to them.

They they're B movie writers from Hollywood, they are not factual people.

So, she didn't do a thing.

She had had radiation therapy before she came to me and it came back to her, so this time she decided to do something differently.

So, she was on the diet five years.

At the end of that five years, all of the tumors stopped, stopped growing.

Now the nose started growing and it started growing back on.

She had lost two thirds of it by this time, and the doctors told her that within a year, she'd lose all the bone in her entire face.

They wanted to remove all the bone in her face, including the jaw and make a plastic prosthesis and put in a plastic skull.

That's what they wanted to do.

So, she refused to do it.

So, on my diet, after five years, she had only lost about three quarters of her nose, and then the cancer stopped.

I went away to Asia and when I came back, she was skinny: diarrhea, vomiting.

Some jerk had convinced her to fat.

Fasted for 20 days, never recovered.

This was at the end.

She had suffered for five years with this nose cancer.

At the end of it, this natural hygienist convinced her to fast and it killed her.

She just couldn't eat.

She couldn't catch up.

It's the second time this guy did that.

He used to come to my potlucks and stuff, and then tell everybody on the side, “Oh, you shouldn't be eating the meat and you should only eat fruits and stuff like that.

” And he did it to a lot of people.

He put one of my diabetic 21-year-old girl with his fasting routine in 15 days, had her hospitalized as skinny as a rail, unable to recover.

It took her two years to get out of the hospital.

So, don't listen to that bullshit.

Don't do it.

Don't get skinny.

Don't go on fasts.

If you are sick and you've got a problem, fat is your best friend.

Get as fat as you can, as fast as you can.

[Lewis] Where's this guy now who pulled your patient aside.

Did you ever do something about it.

[Aajonus] Oh, I called him up and I told 'em?

I never wanted to see him.

You know, I'm not a fascist.

But when you start doing that to my patients, I just say stay away.

So, he tried to come one time and I said, “You're not welcome.


” .

(10) Cheese and Dehydrated Foods, Honey Wil Lhelp Ti Digest [2006],[Aajonus]

Cheese will do it the easiest, because if you have diarrhea, you need a lot that will dry it and hold onto it

So, do not eat honey directly with the cheese for that purpose.

Cheese that's eaten without honey will not digest.

Just remember anything that's dehydrated, your body has to leech enzymes from some other area of the body or other foods that you're eating that are raw and that are fresh, and bind those enzymes to utilize the cheese or any kind of dried food that you would have.

So, dried food is not really a raw food.

If you eat honey with a food that is dried, you will digest it because you're providing enzymes.

But when you want to use cheese as a detoxifier, as a substance to bind with those poisons and move them out of the body, you eat cheese alone.

Well, you don't eat cheese with honey in the same mouth.

If you’ve had cheese with your meat meal and you've got some sauce with it that has honey in it.

The honey's already bound with the fat in that sauce or in the meat meal.

So, you can eat cheese with that meat meal, but when you put honey and cheese in your mouth together, the body will digest that cheese.

That's a good thing.

If you're trying to remineralize the body, you need extra minerals.

If you have osteoporosis or your hair's getting very thin and you're losing it.

You want to eat cheese and honey together twice a day.

About anywhere from a tablespoon and a half to two tablespoons, with a third honey.

In other words, one tablespoon of cheese to one teaspoon of honey.

So, if it's a tablespoon and a half of cheese at a time, it's one and a half teaspoons of honey.

If you're having two tablespoons of cheese, then you have two teaspoons of honey and do that twice a day.

Usually after each meal you'll utilize it the best.

But if you're having an abcessed tooth or having dental pain, or you're having sore joints, you can do it several many times a day until those symptoms are relieved.

You have diarrhea or vomit.

You eat the cheese without the honey, most of the time.

You still need two times with the honey a day to make sure you're providing minerals to feed the cells, but to bind with the poisons that are leaving the body in your vomit diarrhea, to slow down the vomit, slow down the diarrhea, the cheese will absorb it, hold onto it like a sponge.

So, you have a high mineral content and the body can use calcium, potassium and phosphorus to magnetize, these other poisons, draw them to it.

So, as the blood, the lymphatic and the neurological fluids pass through the digestive tract, the minerals in the cheese will be drawing out those poisons from those three fluid systems.

It will hold onto it like a sponge and it will pass right out without digestion, and that's what you want.

That protects the body.

No matter what you do, it’s not going to remove it.

If you did something to stop the detoxification, it's a matter of you stopped the detoxification and it may have been just coincidental that you stopped having diarrhea at that time.

I don't think people should stop their diarrhea or vomiting, the quicker you get those poisons out the better.

And the only way you can get rid of that heavy of a concentration of poisons, imagine 3000 times the lethal dose.

That means the dose of Thalium that she had in her vomit could have killed 3000 people.


(11) Chemtrails [2006],[Aajonus],[Kathy]

My question is what do you think of chem busters

[Aajonus] Well, if they're using plastic resin substances to make them?

The ones that they say are elemental, but they're also using plastic to hold this unit together.

I don't know that they really were, because you're talking about a chemical that spread all throughout the atmosphere.

If you want to have a lot of magnets to take care of that.

That would be a huge, you'd have to have a huge electronic magnet to take care of that.

You may take care of your little small environment, but I haven't done any tests with it to say that they work or not.

[Kathy] Yeah.

Well, okay.

Uh, anyway, I've got papers if anybody wants to take action to go on the computer and type in “call on governor Schwarzenegger” because we have 497 and we need 50,000 signatures to put up JKF.

We wanna clean up our skies and the soil.

[Aajonus] Let me tee it up for them.

Everybody know what chemtrails are.

Chemtrails, you see all these streak patterns in the sky?

90% of the clouds that we have are not real clouds, they’re chemical clouds?

The federal government, the military is dumping its waste in the sky because it’s too expensive to put it anywhere else.

So, they are poisoning us with things like barium, cobalt; all these things are byproduct of military industrial complex, building war toys.

And they say that it's to control weather, so we can stop global warming.

They're trying to sell this bullshit for dumping, and of course, Congress is gonna let them do it, If they say it's for the good.

That kind of poisoning breathing it in, it causes plastic particles to collect in the body, it's causing Morgellons diseases.

Magellan's disease are fibers that pass out the skin whole, and if you breathe it in, your body's going to form plastic fibers to get rid of it, because if it dissolves it, the polymers will dissolve your lungs.

So, it tries to pass a hole through the skin, and when it comes out, it makes hardened big sores on the skin.

This is gonna get more and more and more prevalent.

[Kathy] I'm also having lot people up written already on the chemtrail petition.

A few people we're having also breathing difficulties.

That's another sign that's coming from these elements that I'm adding, it’s still going on.

[Aajonus] All kinds of respiratory problems.

That's the main problem with these chemicals they’re dropping.

When you have a contrail, a contrail is when you have the heat of your engine pass out into hot moisture, pass out into cold air.

It creates a temporary cloud.

It dissolves within five minutes.

A chemtrail is a chemical substance, a compound, a collection of vaporized chemicals that stay lodged and don't evaporate.

It's not ice crystals.

As the heated moisture from a hot engine, the jet engine, combustion engine leaves into the sky, the crystals evaporate and go away.

The chemical trails do not dissolve.

They stay in the area and fall down, and all that crap on your cars, that sticky stuff, chemtrails that they're dumping and they're doing it all over.

When I left Patia, that Naval based down there, the U.


government was visiting them.

Guess what they started doing.

Chemtrails all over Patia, all over the area?

First time I saw 'em in Thailand.

So, the U.


government has them doing it in Thailand now.

So, it's happening all over the fricking world now.

[Kathy] Also, that pink I learned about in the image on the new chemtrail site, that it's ethylene dibromide.

It's another chemical like the pink you see up there now.

What my dentist said, Dr.

Shinard, that's a pesticide they're using that they use, it's a very toxic on strawberries, ethylene dibromide.

[Aajonus] Well, ethylene dibromide is a byproduct of making certain weapons.

The military is in bed with Dow Chemical, Monsanto, and said, find the use for this, so they don't have to bury it and store it.

So, then they'll make it into some kind of poison pesticide.

Of course, there's a poison, of course it's gonna kill, insects and toads or whatever, birds.

Of course, it's going to kill them and it's in our food, it's going to kill us.

So, you have to really look at what's happening.

So, anyway, the whole thing about this is you can go online and sign the petition against chemtrails and weather modification.

Anything that's about weather modification is looking for the rights to do that to us, to poison us.

Right now, they don't have Congress's permission to do it, so they're doing it illegally.

[Kathy] And we're gonna do an educational forum sometime in January.

[Aajonus] Kathy, this isn't the form for that.

So, if you have people who want to get in touch with you, have them email you.

You give out your email address, they'll email you, and then you can send them everything.

[Kathy] Okay.

Anybody want it cause I'm gonna be leaving soon.

Everybody wants a petition papers.


(12) Coconut Cream Detox [2006]

I've got a tooth here that has been dead, but the root going to it is not dead

And that tooth has no tooth cause I lost the tooth down here that was next to it.

So, it just keeps going down and down and down.

So, I decided, okay, I'm gonna get rid of it quickly.

So, I started consuming coconut cream with every glass of milk, and I drink two quarts of milk a day right now just to put on enough weight.

So, I've been putting coconut cream in every bit of milk that I drink.

Plus I have about four ounces with a fruit in the afternoon.

I have got pain today and a breakout from it, this tooth, because I did it for two weeks.

I overdid it, every time I push, I suffer.

So, I don't suggest other people do it.

The body is always detoxifying, and if you do that one detoxification meal a day with coconut cream.

That's all that's necessary.


(13) Damage From Emrcury [2006],[Aajonus]

Who were on a regular diet, but because she was eating the primal diet it didn't kill her

And she was detoxing that all day long for two and a half months.

And just to give you an idea, you know what three and a half times a lethal dose of Thallium is.

It's in a pinhead?

That much mercury, you could kill 5,000 people.

That's on a pin head, that much mercury, it can do that much damage.

And if you really wanna see what it does to actual neurons, you go to the University of Toronto's website and you put in mercury neurology, and then you'll come up with, they actually do a time lapse photography.

You see the neurons all growing, and these are actual neurons, and they drop a 2% solution of thimerosal, liquid mercury in it, which they using in vaccines.

And you see the neurons just fragment, just disappear like they had leprosy, disappear.

Just like that.

That's how lethal it is.

So, in order to control toxins in your body, they have to be removed, either through perspiration, vomit diarrhea, out the feces, out the tear ducts the gums, the tongue, the salivary glands, the ear wax, wherever it can discharge, it will.

A lot of times your body will build it into your hair, into the nails, and you’ll have ridges in your nails.

Some of them very large and very dry.

You could have very dry and thin hair from that, or even white hair from discarding lead and aluminum and mercury out through the scalp.

It'll turn your hair grey.

So, whenever you have that kind of symptom, you want to increase your intake of cheese, both with, and without honey, because you're very mineral deficient.

Your body's using a lot of good minerals, like calcium is the most concentrated to bind into those poisons, to keep them from doing damage in your body.


(14) Diarrhea [2006],[Aajonus]

Once the diarrhea stops naturally, you can usually go right back into it

If you still have symptoms of it, you just get diarrhea from going onto the regular diet, just go back into eat cheese and, and eggs or whatever it is that gets you through it, the diarrhea.

And you just keep going back to the diet, until you can hold it.

[Attendee] Okay, and that includes even the milks with the fats because once you have that kind of concentrated diarrhea, the enzymes and so forth are, are not there.

[Aajonus] It depends on what it is.

A lot of people can drink milk when they’re having diarrhea.

It’ll help stop their diarrhea.

[Attendee] Oh, so I’m the opposite.

[Aajonus] Yeah?

Well, not the opposite's, just the particular kind of toxins that you were removing.

All the calcium, phosphorus sulfur in milk naturally will pull even more poisons out if there's some kinds of poisons.

Like if the milk did that, then you probably are dumping a lot of toxic sulfur.


(15) Dried Herbs Contain Metals. Medication Poison Body [2006],[Aajonus]

Just remember that any dried substance, including herbs are dried substances that are very acidic

They have no enzymes in them, no active biological enzymes in them.

Your body will have to leach them from itself and provide them for that particular herb.

So, it's always best to get fresh herbs and juice them.

That is the only way to get the most out of any herb.

And those are wonderful, those are fine.

But just make sure they're never more than 5% of the juice, because those are herbs that are medicinal are very, very active and they can cause you too much detoxification at one time, so you have to be careful.

Any of those that you have to steep or heat, it's gonna be very acidic and all the heavy metals- remember any vegetable is high in minerals, trace toxic minerals, cyanide, arsenic, lead, mercury.

Every vegetable in this world contains them.

Medicinal herbs contain a higher amount than any other vegetable.

So, when you cook that, you've fractionated and released those as free radicals to do harm in your body.

That's how they work.

Just like medication, they poison the body, the body stops detoxification.

It does not do it in a healthful way.

Sure, it relieves the symptom, and as long as you're gonna have a short life, what the heck, who cares.

But if you wanna live a healthy, long life, don't approach health that way with herbs and medication?

If you're good at suicide, that's great.

When it gets to that point where it gets uncomfortable and you blow your brain out and you don't have to worry about it, but that's your choice.


(16) Dry Skin Or Skin Problems Is Toxins Withou Tenough Fat [2006],[Aajonus]

Usually somebody who has eczema or psoriasis or skin cancer, does not make the proper fats, the proper cholesterols to feed the skin and connective tissue

[Attendee] Is shingles the same.

[Aajonus] Shingles would be the same?

Any kind of dry skin disorder or any kind of skin disorder at all is a result of having toxins emitting through the skin without enough fats to make the white blood cells or the fat cells to harness that poison as it passes through the skin and it bursts and damages the skin on its way out and it gets crusty and dry.

[Attendee] What about psoriasis.

[Aajonus] Psoriasis, I said the same thing?

So, if you even put coconut cream directly on that area and that'll provide both water soluble and fat-soluble fats to help protect your tissue.

Both cutaneously and subcutaneously.

That's the thing I've been working with a lot in the last year, and it's made a big change and a big difference for a lot of people.


(17) Eczema [2006],[Attendee]

What causes eczema, and also, how do you eliminate eczema

[Aajonus] Eczema is when the toxins go out through the skin and you don't have enough fats in the skin to deal with it?

So, I say, you’re too thin.

Everybody I know who has eczema that is non-stoppable is somebody who's underweight or very dry.

They may be fat with water weight, a lot of water retention, but no fat in their tissue.


(18) Egg Weight Loss [2006],[Aajonus]

If you want to gain weight, you have to eat eggs with other foods

If you eat eggs alone, you will lose weight.

I don't care if you eat 50 a day.

It will cause you to lose weight.

So, do not eat any eggs alone if you want to gain weight, unless you've got a digestion problem and that digestion problem needs to be corrected, and I suggest it for you.

If you have any kind of a severe intestinal problem, ulcer, you have Crohn's disease.

Eggs by themselves are going to be very important, but you better be eating 30 to 50 a day, and plus you'll have some of them in a milkshake to gain weight and it will correct your problem quickly.


(19) Egg Whites, Fat Digestions [2006],[Aajonus],[Attendee]

He told me I need to put a lot of weight and put me on a diet that average like 16, 18 eggs a day, something like that

[Aajonus] That's all.

[Attendees],[Attendee] Laughs

So, I was going at it and I got up to 10, 12 eggs a day, and actually I put 30 pounds?

[Aajonus] Congratulations.

[Attendee] I actually have energy for the first time in my life.

And I've been trying lots of things, so that works pretty well.

So, of course I'm doing mad amounts of research and reading all the time and came across these articles written by Dr.

Mercola and whatnot, and he actually mentioned you in one of them, but he says that he's doing his own research.

He found that there's something called avidin in egg white.

[Aajonus] Binds with biotin in the test tube.

It doesn't do it in the human body.

Like I said, and it says it in the book, I address that under eggs.

It says that the biotin mixes with avidin to make a solvent, a cleanser of biocarbon's.

So, the more biocarbon you have, the more biotin and the more avidin you need bound together.

[Attendee] Biocarbon's.

[Aajonus] When your body uses oxygen and utilizes your nutrient, biocarbon are a carbon, you know, we don't really burn like a spark plug?

We don't burn fats.

We utilize them in a chemical change and it provides a certain amount of energy.

When we've used/exhausted that chemical structure of that fat, we've got biocarbons and those need to be eliminated.

They need to be neutralized and eliminated, and that combination helps.

See the problem is that Marcola and all the other scientists are not scientists.

They're researchers.

I have dealt with raw eggs extensively since 1976, and it is never created a bio, a biotin deficiency.

Now one patient has ever gotten it after being on the diet.

They come to me with biotin de.

What could be addressed as biotin deficiency.

He lots of the raw eggs with, uh, egg yolk and, and the egg white together never have a deficiency.

So this is all theoretical Mercola.

Doesn't know his as from whole.

He is new to this.

He's only four years into this.

He's even one of my patients and he's new to this.

He doesn't know anything first.

So, whatever thinks he thinks looks good is what he adapts to.

And he's lying about his research.

So the biopsying efficiency in the first place, see what does that look like.

there, it depends upon the individual?

It can create many effects and I'm not gonna go into it here because that sun will never get through.

If I start address.

Deficiencies, but you can look up in any kind of book, nutritional Almanac.

You can look up a wood, biotin deficiencies are on the internet.


So eat your egg together.

Don't eat them alone.

Cuz then biocarbon will remain in your body and you won't get well, look at Marco.

He doesn't do what I tell him to do.

What happens.

He gets skinnier and he's more he's so hyperactive, look at this video.

I mean, it's just like this.

When he, when my diet was staying on it heavily, he was calm, contemplative, thoughtful, you know, he's just eating lots of fruit and he's doing all these super foods that are hyper up and he's not rational anymore.

He's not common and collected.

It's a shame.

He saying you should eat eggs with other fruits, not eatable.

No he's saying eat the whites.

The you white in the AIO together because he suggests you eat them separately.


Because they buy it in evident combination.


(20) Food Routien and How Much Juice [2006],[Lewis]

Following the typical daily food routine, taking my cup of juice and then doing the cycle of meat

And what if the cycle of meat and the cycle of milkshakes- suppose I'm not that hungry that day, and I've had only two cups of juice and I don't care for anymore.

I mean, is that all my body needs for the day.


You get 50 demerits?

Everybody can vacillate on that particular diet.

The diets that I give in the recipe book on pages 40, through 42, those are guidelines that you should stick to 90% of the time.

There are times when I will have nothing but milk all day, milk and honey, other days when I eat three pounds of meat a day and very little juice.

I go on whatever is happening in my body.

When you go through all the remedy sections and you read what things are good for, then you know how to adjust your diet with the symptoms that you're having, that you're experiencing.

Then you can be assured that even though you're not following the natural main guidelines that I've presented for you, you are still helping your body because you're addressing the particular needs that it has at that particular time.


(21) Go To Tropical Environment For Healing (22) Heat & Cheese &minerals [2006]


What your body did was burn that whole area out.

See, whenever you have a pain anywhere, you have swelling, that swelling is concentrating nutrients into the area.

It's the surrounding tendons, bones are not relaxing and opening up and it will create a pressure in there.

You use heat in the area and you eat cheese and honey together, you get the minerals in, you don't take MSM because then you burn the tissue.

And then when you detox there again next time it's going to be twice as bad and you're going to get blisters and burns to come out your knee.


(23) Heavy Metals In Sperm [2006],[Attendee]

Hear that on the AOL report that came out that male sperm reduces breast cancer


Well, that's why women should swallow But, that's not necessarily true.

If your man has heavy metals in the prostate gland or in the testes, you're gonna get heavy metals in that sperm.

When a couple comes to me and I see heavy metals in those areas, I say, do not swallow.

You'll see the man and he's going imitation.

I said, you wanna poison her.


So, heavy metals in the sperm will probably affect pregnancy too?


Oh yeah?

It'll cause many deformities and malnourished children, all kinds of problems.


So then how, how does one, like what's a prenatal diet look like then to prepare men and woman.


Well, if the female is healthy enough, she can change that genetic structure from the male to get rid of it at an early stage, within the first month as the fetus develops if she's on a proper diet?

Now I have women that get a lot of toxicity stored in one ovary.

And I say the ovum, you do not wanna get pregnant with that ovum.

You probably will have a deformed baby or retarded baby.

So, usually a woman can tell which side she's ovulating on.

So, if she wants to get pregnant, she ovulates and gets pregnant or tries to get pregnant on the month where she's ovulating from that ovary, the safe one.


(24) Honey Degrees (25) How Many Cancer Patients, Coconut Cream More Than Oils (26) Lime & Clay To Draw Posions Fro Mabcess [2006],[Aajonus]

Since the book has been written, well rewritten, I still had the lime in the last rewrite

So, you put lime first and then you put clay on it to draw out the poisons from the abscess.


You put the clay on or you cover it.


You cover it?

You have to keep it moist.

If it dries out, it's going to cause your skin all around the area to dry out, and then the abscess may go to the whole area if the skin's too dry.


What about taking a shower, and all that.


Take a shower and then put it on and then leave it for that 24 hours?


When it dries do you-

You don't let it dry.

You put the clay on, take a piece of plastic that's exactly the size of the clay pack, put that over it, and then wrap that around with like an ACE bandage to keep it from drying out.

Don't let it dry out.


And how long do you apply it.

Do you just wait till the abscess subsides?



Well, you might let it breathe overnight, and keep it on during the day.


After my brother took the clay, right away just within 10-15 minutes it started to break open.

Do you wait for it to do it naturally, or can you squeeze it to help come out.


Well, it's okay to do that?

Most of the abscesses like that are so heavy in toxins, your body won't reabsorb those white blood cells.

When I do it now, I won't do it because my body will have an abscess and then the body will be able to utilize those white blood cells that went in to protect it.

So, I don't lose those white.

So, they don't just dry on the skin and fall off.

But in people who are just getting onto the diet, the concentration of poisons are usually so absorbed into the white cells, it's not good to reabsorb them.

So breaking it open and letting it puss right away is fine.

Even though you're losing hundreds of thousands of white blood cells in.


Are you putting any sort of antiseptic or anything.


Lime juice is the only natural antiseptic that's easily gotten?

Lemon juice is not, lemon juice does just the opposite.

Lemon juice encourages bacteria and fermentation.

Lime juice destroys fermentation, destroys bacteria.


So, when it's dry, you just put mineral water on it.


Well, if you've got that piece of plastic in there, it's not going to dry and the bandage over that, it won't dry?

Just don't let the plastic touch your skin.

Just have it covering the clay.


(27) Magnetic Therapy [2006],[Jim]

Would a serious health seeker on the diet have any reason to look into magnets that they sleep on

Or is there something to that?


Well, I experimented with magnetic therapy from 1989 to 1992 with Nikken magnets?

Slept on their beds, I used their patches and pads.

Wverything experimenting with them with probably about only 23 people consistently, 25 people agreed two, two didn't do it, you know, systematically to be able to follow it.

But 23 people, I followed, I was one of those people and I found that if I used the bed for more than five hours a day, more than six weeks at a time, it did just the opposite, caused problems.

And then people who used it, after six weeks, they'd stop using it for maybe five to 10 weeks could use it again for maybe two or three weeks and you could do it on and off like that.

But to put that mattress between your pads your mattresses in your bed is a chore.

Everybody is so lazy these days.

Taking 20 more minutes out of your life to do those changes, it's easier just to leave something and deal with the ill consequences, because that's what I've seen.

So, you have to use those very particularly, what they do is, now in the laboratory tests of Nikken and my tests, you have a polar opposite.

You have the positive and the negative side, and they're supposed to alternate in this pattern.

But every one of the Nikken pads I've had, that I've tested, all had one side was magnetic, the other side's negative.

That doesn't go anything with what their research says to do.

So, I took all of their magnets in the bed, I ripped them out, re-glued them in and they showed all the patterns in their tests were circular.

In their bed, they're running perpendicular, parallel with your body.

Same length with your body.

You're lying on your bed, up and down.

So, I made mine into a circle, three circles, concentrated circles, and each one of 'em were alternating, worked a lot better, but still I was only able to use 'em for so many hours.

It became better and more powerful in less time.

But nobody makes them and produces them that way.

Anybody wants to make a lot of money.

They can do it that way, start producing these magnets, but the cost would be extraordinary.

They're already very expensive.


What were the benefits that you got though when you did it.


Well, what they do is I, I was gonna go into that?

What they do is if you've got heavy metals bound and locked together in the body, they want the positive, and will start pulling positive protons out of the tissue, out of the electromagnetic fields.

If you have a negative, it pulls its electrons out.

So, what happens is if you're imbalanced proton or neutron wise, it'll supply the ones that are missing, get them moving in the body, circulating.

Now for some people that can cause a lot of problems.

It's like getting a lot of heavy metals and toxins going and you don't have the proper nutrients in the body.

If you're skinny, don't get near them.

If you're go overweight, okay.

Your body will have the fats right there to bind.

So, if you're overweight, you can use magnets safely.

If you're not overweight and thin use 'em for only 20 minutes, 15 minutes at a time.


(28) Milk Minerals, Gas, Cream and Honey Add, Cold Milk [2006],[Aajonus]

That's detoxification

Like I said, milk is very high in minerals, especially calcium.

And just like in the cheese, those minerals will draw the poisons out of the circulatory systems as they pass through the digestive tract.

When they form with digestive acids, they can cause gases.

So, what you might do is add a little bit more cream to your milk and that'll reduce the amount of gas.

And a little bit more honey, or start eating honey with it too to help you digest it better.

Then you can convert those gasses into a neutralized substance.

Never drink milk cold, unless you've already made it into kefir or yogurt, then it's already predigested.

Then you don't have to worry about it.

If you drink cold milk, the cold milk goes into the stomach, causes the stomach to contract.

It's cold, just like when you contract, and shiver.

The stomach contracts, no hydrochloric acid is formed and dumps into the stomach, as long as that stomach is contracted, unless you're an Eskimo and used to it.

They do, they'll immediately produce the hydrochloric acid, but we don't, they've been on raw foods all their lives too.

So, the milk will go from the first part of the stomach to the second part, the duodenum to be absorbed without the casein, some of the milk protein, and the lactase, some of the milk sugar's being digested.

They go right into the blood undigested and cause allergic reaction, even though you don't notice it, don't recognize it.

So, if you want to drink cold milk to cool you during the summer, you make sure it's kefir or yogurt, already predigested, so then you can deal with that contracted stomach and then the milk's already digested by the time it gets into duodenum.

So, there's no problem, but fresh milk, do not drink it cold, unless it's an ounce, ounce and a half of the time, just to cool your system a little bit, your body's gonna have that warm quickly before it goes into the duodenum.

[Attendee] When you leave it in the refrigerator, you can just leave it out for a few hours.

[Aajonus] Usually five hours, take it out five hours before, unless you just want to put it in a bowl of hot water?

Soon as it gets warm, you can drink it.

No wonder you're having problems because if you don't digest the casein properly and the lactase, you're not gonna digest the minerals properly, cuz you're gonna use a lot of minerals to bind with those unadjusted nutrients, and you're gonna have joint problems cause it's going to cause mineral deficiencies.

So, make sure it's kefir or yogurt before you drink it cold.


(29) Moldy Cheese, Milk [2006],[Aajonus]

It tastes sour

It's not spoiled, nothing raw spoils or petrified.

It just turns into a more sour product.

[Attendee] And can that sour product make you over acidic.

[Aajonus] Fine?

It's just predigested, the older it is the more predigested it is.

Cheese is a mold.

Cheeses are made with molds.

So, you have a mold, a fungus eating the dairy, and that provides other kinds of nutrients.

Great to get rid of penicillin and antibiotics because that fungus will go in and eat the bad molds from the antibiotic.

Remember antibiotics are grown on grains.

That's a bird mold, that doesn't belong in our body.

So, we want a mold that from an animal product, that is natural to us.


(30) Msm & Supplements [2006],[Aajonus]

They used to give sulfur and they still do give sulfur drugs for people who have kidney infections, bladder infections, for edema

MSM, a lot of people are taking the supplement MSM.

That's sulfur folks, sulfur dries out the body.

They make matches with sulfur.

You can get burns, you can burn your intestines, burn your whole body tissue, burn your brain because of that.


When a mineral, when it's in a food, the plant has taken that and made it into a nutritive substance.

Once you isolate it, it is rock again, and it will do damage.

Just like if you ate lye.

If you ate cement, what would happen.

It would just burn and eat into your intestines all the way through, you'd have severe diarrhea or vomit?

That is what concentrated minerals do.

That's what plants eat, we don't.

We eat minerals that is combined in a whole nutrient nutritive combination, a whole smorgasbord of nutrients.

It isn't just minerals, isolated minerals.

There's always a coupling of different vitamins of enzymes and fats, all coupled with every mineral.

So, when the body opens up and it tracks in a mineral, that's got 30 other nutrients along with it, minimum.

So, the body gets like this.

You have a smorgasbord of nutrients to eat.


(31) Negatives Of High Blood Pressure [2006],[Attendee]

Is there a downside to high blood pressure


There are two things that people who have high blood pressure have to watch?

They get low blood sugar very radically, cause it takes a lot of nutrients to run the blood pressure that high cause the heart muscle has to pump that much stronger and harder.

It's like weight lifting.

So, you need more nutrients.

You need to eat honey more often.

You need to eat meat more often to get the pyruvate, the protein sugars to strengthen and build the, the heart muscle.

If you get low blood nutrient value, you're going to get dizzy if you stand up quickly, you're going to get dizzy and even fading spells if you do too much and your blood nutrient level gets too low.

The medical profession loves to say low blood sugar, forget low blood sugars, low protein, low fat level.


So, what do they have to do.


Eat more frequently?

You have to eat every two hours, eat or drink something.

If you do my schedule in the books, in the recipe book, you're eating every two to three hours.

This is perfect for that.

And eat that schedule just as it applies in there.

But eat schedule eating plan one, where you eat three meat meals a day.

So, break your meat meals up into three instead of two a day, and then you should be fine.

Just eat a lot of honey.

You need those enzymes to make sure you digest everything quickly to supply the heart with enough nutrient.


Do you eat honey by itself or with something.


Any way you want it?

With or without.

Just make it two tablespoons of honey to one table spoon of butter.

Another thing, if you have high blood pressure that means you probably have clogged arteries, you've got plaque on your arterial walls.

Eating coconut cream and honey/butter.

So, you could use.



two tablespoons of coconut cream two tablespoons of butter two tablespoons or three tablespoons of honey.

That mixture will help clean out your art.

Coconut cream will help clean out the art.

That mixture will help clean out your arteries.

Coconut cream will help clean out the arteries.


(32) People Got Sick On Crise Ship [2006],[Attendee]

I was curious why everyone got sick on the cruise ship a couple of weeks ago, on one cruise ship, 750 people all got sick at the same time


Well, they're starting to practice new food preservative methods and you know, all those ships, they get some of the most processed foods like they do in hospitals.

So, heavy chemicals in them, and they're starting to use a new virus.

Five new viruses that attack bacteria.

And if they're attacking bacteria in the meat, you know they're gonna attack the digestive bacteria in your intestines.

People are gonna get very sick from this and the FDA approved it two months ago and they've already started using it.

And especially for prepackaged, premade foods, meats, for meats.

So, that's what they got.


So, don't go on cruise ships.


Unless you take your own food with you?

I did a commercial for Club Med and they gave me a whole vacation package free.

I took my own food.

Absolutely took my own food.


The viruses for making the chemical.



Those viruses that they are spraying on these meats to preserve will attack the bacteria, the digestive bacteria in your body that digests the meat.

So, it's gonna prevent you from digesting properly, and especially if it's cooked, it's going to putrefy.

The meat's gonna putrefy more.

So, people are gonna get diarrhea, vomit.


Frozen meat.


No, no, it'll just be any kind of lunch meat or pre-prepared meat?


Just on the ships.


No, we're doing this happening in a lot of places, but they may have sprayed too much on, the company who did the catering is responsible, but of course they're gonna blame something else?

They're gonna blame some bacteria.


(33) Skinny People and Vit C [2006],[Attendee]

He used citric acid

[unclear] .

Skinny as a rail, hyperactive and not a pleasant man to be around?

And that's why I put in there in my book, I says it causes all kinds of psychological side effects.

It rips the fat out of your system.

So, where does your body go to get the fat.

And it goes into the myelin sheath of your nerves?

Put your nerves on end, you're at edge all the time and who are the most difficult people to get along with, skinny people.

Hyperactive, and they go off the wall all the time and it's difficult.

So, it's very difficult.

So, vitamin C is not a good thing, and vitamin C poisoned people.

That's how it got them to stop having their symptoms.

It wasn't a beneficial way.

I can get a child to behave by beating the shit out of him.

But that doesn't mean the child grows up to be a good individual.

He'll solve his problems with violence, just like I taught him violence.

And when you take vitamin C, that's what happens.


(34) Sulhpur and Supplements [2006],[Attendee]

MSM, you were saying something sort of a negative about it

[Aajonus] MSM is a sulfur?

It's an isolated sulfur, concentrated sulfur.

Anytime you have a concentrated mineral, it causes an imbalance of all the other minerals in the body, especially calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

[Attendee] Well, supposedly it's good for the joints and things like that.

[Aajonus] Yeah, it burns and dries out any kind of virus that's trying to clean the joint.

So, you're going to get stiffer as you get older and you're likely to have cartilage deterioration.

Now, MSM has only been around for about 12 years on a large basis, and the effects of it will be show up in another 15 years.

Just like when they started to use sulfur as an antibiotic when I was a child.

They had to stop.

They're still using it, but not like they used to, they used to give it for everything, and they found that people were poisoning.

In 1969, 60 minutes did an episode showing three women who spontaneously combust.

Neither of 'em were around any flames at the time, and one woman burned three quarter, 75% of her body.

Another woman burned one half of her body and the other one burned one third of her body.

[Attendee] From the inside, are you talking about.

[Aajonus] No, just went on flames in the skin?

The clothes went up in flames, everything went up and there, there was no cause of it.

So, I was studying chemistry at the time, and I thought, okay, we make matches out of sulfur.

It's very easy to ignite it with one spark.

Just think if the body uses converts it to like a nitroglycerin, we have natural nitroglycerin in the body all the time.

What if it got to a point and mixed with sulfur and came out the skin.

It could cause that kind of a spontaneous combustion?

So, I was very sick at the time still, and I couldn't work, so I was acting cuz you just sit around on a set, get up and say your lines and got paid a lot of money.

And I had an agent who was the head of publicity to MGM.

So, I got him to get ahold of the producers and they gave me the women's names and I wrote them and then got to talk with them on the phone.

The woman who got three quarters of her body burned had been taking sulfur for 32 years for kidney damage, kidney problems.

The next woman who burned half of her body had been taking it 22 years.

The woman who burned one third of her body, 12 years, can you imagine 12, 22, 32 is always on the twos could be some kind of a biological cycle in some people that produce it every 12-year period.

In these particular women, it came to that effect and the sulfur burned the body.

So, you never know what sulfur can do, but sulfur is always used to dry out the body, and it burns when it's mixed with a fluid solution, it burns in the body, causes irritations.

Causes all kinds of problems.

So, people with joint pains, certainly.

It's going to draw up the swelling, the natural swelling in there that's to provide more fresh nutrients to cleanse that area and heal it is being eliminated by the sulfur.

Of course, the symptom goes away.

Oh, I'm better.

I'm healthy.

No, you're not, because now what's the sulfur that's deposited there going to do, is it going to dissolve the cartilage.

Is it going to harden the tendons and arteries, certainly will?


you can spend for your latter years going around like this.

Stiff as can be Well, Charlie Chaplin was like this.

He was a loose problem.


(35) Supplements Are Toxic [2006],[Aajonus]

But you don't want any kind of vitamin supplement

It's not really a b-vitamin.

Let me give you an example, two examples.

Vitamin E, that you buy out there.

9% of all the vitamin E comes from Kodak and Fuji.

It is their developing solution.

It used to cost them hundreds of millions of dollars a year to take that solution, bury it in bunkers that were concrete walls, 12, inches thick and they have to contain it in stainless steel barrels, millions of dollars in land and development, and all of that.

One of their scientists did a comparison of chemical structure who found that solution, that chemical in there, the main ingredient of it, the most toxic substances was 73% identical to the structure of vitamin E.

So, he convinced them to sell it as vitamin E.

Now they make a bundle on it and everybody's eating this solvent, this chemical solvent as vitamin E.

And the difference is what they did was decided to call there substance as alpha tocopherol, d-alpha tocopherol is the complete vitamin E structure and that's still almost 30% difference, and it has nothing to do with the natural.

Same with vitamin C.

Once you isolate vitamin C from a food, even if it isn't chemical and ascorbic acid, the structure is entirely different.

Vitamin C in food looks like little soft spongy little balls, which are incontestably very small and soft, looked like they're little, hairy spongy little balls that a child would play with in various colors.

They're like mutated pastel colors, very colorful and very soft.

Vitamin C in any form under a same kind of microscope will show you a hundred times the size of those balls and there's like broken glass.

Looks like a broken mirror, has no relationship to what vitamin C is.

Ascorbic acid has no relationship to vitamin C at all in food.


(36) Tired From Detox Is Healing, Aajonus Sleeps [2006],[Fred]

Detoxifying, and you're like really tired

What, what causes the tiredness.

[Aajonus] Usually, people with gray hair get that problem laughs?

[Fred] So, if I dye it.

I'll go get some Clorox?

[Aajonus] Any time you get sleepy like that, the body is in a healing state.

[unclear] who can get into a very relaxed way without being in a sleep space, to go into cellular division like that.

So, you need to sleep when you're healing.

When I go into a sleepy spell, normally I sleep three and a half to five hours of sleep a day.

If I go into a sleepy period where I almost sleep six to seven hours a day, sometimes more, I'll increase my meat to make sure that I'm providing that protein for cellular de division and I'll eat up to three pounds of meat a day when I get sleepy.

So, sleep, enjoy the sleeping.

[Fred] But in the summer hours, like working three hours and the rest of the time I was in bed.

[Aajonus You needed heal.

Do a lot of healing.

[Fred] Really.