Arsenic In Poultry Meat And Eggs

Another Cancer Connection And How To Remove Arsenic From The Body

Many laboratory tests have proved that arsenic causes cancer even at low levels currently found in our environment. Also, evidence suggests that arsenic contributes to other diseases, such as diabetes, heart, and decline of mental function. Humans are exposed to arsenic directly from its natural occurrence in the earth's crust but arsenic is mined and then used commercially. Drinking water, rice, and playground equipment are a few of the daily exposures to cancer-causing arsenic. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally lowered its long-outdated arsenic drinking-water standard by five-fold in 2001. Arsenic contaminates many of your favorite foods, including rice and chicken, intentionally. In this article, we focus on chicken meat and eggs. For many decades, chicken farmers have been feeding chickens arsenic to hasten and increase growth and conceal symptoms of disease at youthful stages of chicken development. Of the 8.7 billion American broiler chickens produced each year, at least 70 percent have been fed arsenic. Some of that arsenic remains in chicken meat; the following chart shows how much by brand and cut.

Brand of Chicken # of packages tested Average Arsenic ppb
Smart Chicken Breast, nonorganic 5 1.7
Smart Chicken Thighs, nonorganic 5 1.5
Smart Chicken Breast, organic 5 2.0
Raised Right Leg quarters 5 1.6
Raised Right Breasts (none detected) 5 ND
Gerber's Amish Chicken Breasts 5 ND
Gerber's Amish Chicken Thighs 5 ND
Gold'n Plump Breasts, boneless 5 20.2
Gold'n Plump Leg quarters, thighs or drumsticks 5 12.0
Gold'n Plump Livers 5 221.8
Perdue/Roundys Breasts, boneless 5 21.2
Perdue/Roundys Leg quarters 5 20.1
Kadejan Breasts, free roam 5 2.1
Kadejan Thighs 5 5.3
Kadejan Liver, free roam 5 ND
Tysons Chicken thighs, frozen 1 ND
Tysons Chicken breasts, frozen, skinless 1 ND
Rocky Jr./Petaluma Breast, natural boneless skinless 5 ND
Rocky Jr./Petaluma Range whole leg 5 ND
Rosies Whole leg, organic 5 ND
Rosies Breasts, organic 5 ND
Foster Farms Fryer thighs 5 4.0
Foster Farms Breasts, boneless 5 ND
Trader Joes Thighs 5 8.7
Trader Joes Breasts, boneless skinless 5 7.4
Tysons Thighs, boneless, skinless 4 4.0
Tysons Chicken strips 5 ND
Farm Harvest Breast, boneless skinless 5 4.2
Farm Harvest Thighs 5 5.5
Spring River Farms Breasts 5 6.6
Empire Kosher Broiler chicken, whole 5 4.3
Foster Farms Livers 5 5.1
Popeye Breast, mild 5 32.4
Popeye Thigh 5 33.1
McDonald's Chicken select premium breast strips 5 16.8
McDonald's Chicken grilled sandwich 5 15.0
Jack in the Box Fried chicken strips 5 9.8
Jack in the Box Chicken club sandwich, patty only 5 29.5
Church's Fried breast 5 27.7
Church's Fried thigh 5 46.5
Carl's Jr.Fried breast strips 5 15.9
Carl's Jr.Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich, patty only 5 11.0
Subway Chicken sandwich 5 4.9
Arby's Chicken sandwich 5 15.3
Wendy's Chicken grilled chicken breast 5 15.9
Wendy's Chicken pieces, breaded, fried 5 5.6
KFC Breast, mild 5 3.9
KFC Thigh 5 2.2
Hardee's Chicken breast, no bread 5 7.5
Hardee's Chicken strips, breaded, fried 5 7.1


Removing bodily storages of arsenic may be accomplished by eating combinations of raw foods, such as 1/3 cup tomato, 2 tablespoons no-salt-added raw cheese and 5-7 leaves of cilantro, or 2-3 ounces raw coconut cream, 1/2 tablespoon unsalted raw butter, 1 tablespoon raw cream (dairy cream) and 1/2-3/4 cup of organically-grown dark berries (such as blackberries, blue berries and boysenberries).

Simply choosing a poultry that is not fed arsenic does not resolve every toxin-issue regarding poultry. See Soy Toxicity In Poultry Meat And Eggs.

Brand Telephone #s
Tyson Foods Inc. (800) 424-4253
Gold'n Plump Poultry, Inc. (320) 251-3570
Gold Kist Inc. (770) 393-5000
MBA Poultry (Smart Chicken) (402) 335-2501
Perdue Farms Inc. (800) 473-7383
Empire Kosher Poultry (717) 436-5921
Foster Farms (800) 255-7227
Kadejan (320) 634-3561
OK Foods, Inc. (Spring River Farms) (800) 635-9441
Gerber's Amish Chicken (800) 362-7381
Petaluma Poultry (Rosie, Rocky Jr.) (800) 556-6789
Cambridge Packing Co. (Raised Right Natural) (800) 722-6726