Q&A Of December 17, 2006


Q&A in San Diego

There's a newsletter that I put out about every two months. This last one was rather lengthy and complex because I needed a lot of information to back it up. It's basically where we're going as a society outlawing everything that's organic and raw, and the only way you're going to be able to get it is to have farmers or farms of your own. And it explains everything in there, everything else that is a problem, they just ruled, there's a law that was passed in the Senate, it has to go through the House, may have on Friday, not sure, but the law allowed them to make secret vaccines and gave the chief of that department the power, it's called BARTA, the power to call a national vaccine and force everybody and if you don't take the vaccine they put you in quarantine. So if that law still wasn't passed by Friday it still can go before the house any time this week, next week. We need to stop it, we need to stop it if it's still possible.

It's one of the Bushs and his pharmaceutical grade people who are out to destroy all of us. So they're pushing hard for it. In the last 2 years I've been researching a lot on the effects of vaccines and I was looking at some children before they were vaccinated and then after they had been vaccinated with penicillin. Penicillin looks like it's one of the worst diseases there is, the disease of having a penicillin injection. Because that penicillin is a mold that grows on grains. It's familiar in the poultry industry and it doesn't cause havoc in the poultry system because that mold is a part of them. But in the human system, which is built for things like gangrene, it is normal for humans or even an animal; that kind of mold is indigenous for a human and is very helpful as long as you don't get too poisoned by chemicals. Chemicals all cause all diseases, they're not caused by bacteria or parasites or any microbes, it's always pollution, poisons, industrial poisons that cause all diseases. When these children had been given penicillin within about nine months it shows up yellow all throughout the intestinal tract and the nervous system, all around where they get the injections. It's the first primal weakness, the whole shoulder and neck connection. And I always wondered what caused it. I knew it was a lot of injections. I thought it was mainly all vaccines but they give penicillin usually at a very young age to children. I found it caused almost 90% of the Crohn's disease and IBS... caused by penicillin. They say that they sterilized the molds, but molds you can't keep down, molds come back from the dead just like the Phoenix. They can become active as early as 9 months and as late as 18 months.

So what it does is it eats and disassembles nerve tissue and digestive potential. It destroys the bacteria in it. It also gets into the RNA and destroys the ability to naturally digest from then on. That's why so many children are so affected. That's why anybody from my generation and up - from when penicillin became a regular part of medical practice - we're all affected and weaker. I look at all of my uncles who were before the time of penicillin and they're so much stronger up in the shoulders, everywhere, in they're buttocks and legs. That whole generation that my parents came from is so much stronger and healthier than we ever were. And when I was a child I noticed that too. I was so weak and I had more injections than anybody because of a brother that hated me was always pushing me down on rusty things, my mother would run me to the doctor and get an injection of penicillin or tetanus. I had a lot of it by the time I was 3 years old. Of course that destroyed my ability to grow properly and heal properly because I couldn't digest properly because of all those molds in the intestinal tract. And it wasn't until the last 2 years that I've been able to connect it with the penicillin and it being that dangerous, and it's like they say, "the best thing since penicillin, the best thing since penicillin". Sure it stops people from dying but at what cost?

Q: Are there heavy metals along with the penicillin injections?

A: Usually in penicillin there's not a lot of those other mixtures of poisons.

Q: What does the body do with penicillin to try to remove it?

A: Well, the body can use heavy metals as chemotherapy. The body may take the mercury, the aluminum, or formaldehyde... Iron or iodine is what I see the most. Wherever I see those heavy spots where people have gotten injections of penicillin, I see the body uses iodine or iron rusting right where the mold is to try to kill it. So it's a natural chemotherapy, but it's unnatural and the whole basic premise of the idea... if you inject penicillin into the body it's not natural and the body's natural response is 'well I have to do the best I can to kill it and how do I kill it? I don't have agents in my body that naturally kill it so I get the iodine and the iron put it on there and start it rusting'. And then all the aflotoxins that are produced from the penicillin and the veratoxins produced by the rusting metals have their contamination too so it creates a degeneration from the moment that you get an injection. So keep your children away from any injection, any injection - grandchildren, everybody - because that seems to be the way that they seem to be weakening us. You know, I heard those theories, you know trying to subvert the smaller working class or the large working class, like the Egyptians, they only allowed the lackeys, the slaves, and China did it also, they were only allowed to have 10% of their diet in meat so the brain didn't function clearly. Kept them hyped up with a lot of carbohydrates, of grain starch, like the Amaranth Grain was a big one. In China it was the rice. So it keeps people very imbalanced mentally and emotionally. In our country they're doing an even bigger imbalance; they're coming in with vaccines and injections of all sorts to weaken the system and it's got to be planned because they know this. None of the astronauts get vaccinated, all the military people, all the kids that go into the military get heavy vaccines but your astronauts don't get vaccinated, why?

Q: I read something from a university saying there won't be an immune system in 4 generations.

A: That's what they're after; they're trying to destroy us and I didn't believe those kind of things, that kind of theory until now I've seen, you know. And the whole theory that they are destroying us is very evident when you read my newsletter, it should've been published on Friday, those that belong to the website wewant2live.com and read that, normally my newsletter is 4 pages long, this one is 11. It's got all these places where you go online and check out my sources for this stuff and it's pretty scary, it's really scary.

Q: What about other antibiotics besides penicillin? All the same?

A: No, penicillin seems to be the worst. Of course other antibiotics causes problems but not like that penicillin does. There is more damage in penicillin than I've seen in anything else as far as antibiotics. They all weaken the digestive tract, but I don't see any of them that weaken the nervous system like penicillin does - in the brain. They're trying to dumb us down. There's not anybody in any eyes that I've ever seen that didn't have that bulge in their brain. It was almost always around the digestive tract. In the newer generation, the younger people, it's en masse [definition: in one group or body; all together].

Q: With all this mold coming out.

A: Coming out of your brain.

Q: Yes

A: Well yeah, mold's eat; any time you put a mold on fruit or anything it will start eating apart the substance and if you have any kind of damage in your system it will feed on it. To give you an idea of how powerful molds are: before they can make this item right here, plastic or any of these, these are plastics, they have to create dioxins to destroy the molds in plastic. Anytime they try to use upholstery, any kind of material with a plastic, use plastics in cars, there would be a mold that would spring up within about a year and three months, so it's 15 months that would come up in the mold and they couldn't control the molds no matter how high they got the temperatures. They could cook that plastic at temperatures of up to 2100 degrees and it wouldn't destroy those molds, so they had to create anti-molds, anti-fungals, so they created dioxins to do it. So dioxins are in your pvc, they're in any plastic there is, to keep the molds from eating the plastic itself. So penicillin in the human body, let's say that pharmaceutical houses sterilize at 212 degrees, you'd have to get the temperature high enough to vaporize the mold to kill them, that's about 2100 degrees. 100x the entire temperature they take it. So obviously to me is that they intended to cause damage, serious damage in the human race.

Q: Oral and not the injected?

A: I haven't followed that one yet. I've just been looking at

Q: You're just talking about the injection.

A: I'm talking about the injection only, I can't tell you about the oral yet. That I'll do in 3 or 4 more years. That was a harder one to follow because you're eating and it's mixing with foods and everything. An injection is easier to follow the tracts in the irises.

Q: But you're not saying that mold is bad (inaudible) because we eat cheese and there's molds on that.

A: Well that's a mold that grows in animal tissue. The milk is animal tissue so that's natural.

Q: So animal molds are ok

A: Yes animal molds are fine, but grain molds belong in the fowl industry, those molds are for the birds. Like grains are for the birds and not for us. All grains have molds, all food has molds. Even meat molds, it's gangrene mold.

Q: What about from fruits?

A: Well, that's a fruit mold and we can handle a little bit of that and it won't survive very long in our body. But when you're talking about a sterilized mold, it doesn't have its normal consciousness so it has a tendency to cause a lot of byproducts and toxins in the human body; it causes more damage.

Q: But if you get mold in your house that's definitely harmful, black mold.

A: Well it's because it's on building materials. Building materials are either earth molds or tree molds and that can be a little bit difficult for you.

Q: What about spores, same family?

A: Well a spore is just a mushroom of a mold mycelium. Mycelium is the liquid that goes around and eats everything apart and when it gives off its offspring it becomes spores which are tiny mushrooms. Then the mushrooms are in the top of the mushroom whether its infinitesimally small where you can only see it under a microscope or your regular mushrooms, the spores are in that cap. When it dries, the spores can be distributed anywhere the winds will take them or another animal will pick it up and carry it. If the spores find... usually what they are is... they'll find the dead roots underground and then they will become liquid and become a milky substance and mycelium works on eating up those dead roots. And then of course when it's finished, it will spore again which will create the mushroom and then they'll disperse. So it happens to it no matter where it is. It's the fibrous matter that molds and keeps everything together. And once that mold has broken all the fibers apart, it's completely a liquid substance and then the earth can eat it, re-eat it, and become fertilizer and grow again. But when they've been tampered with - when they've been sterilized, or altered in some genetic way - then they become a poison to us because they produce veratoxins and aflatoxins if its grain, it causes a lot of problems. They know that aflatoxins - that are produced by grains, those aflatoxins - are kept carcinogenic. So again all of this stuff is very toxic but of course industry isn't going to say a thing about it and the medical profession isn't going to say a thing about it because it condemns themselves. And then we could sue them and then every jury in America would find them guilty because the jury is usually just a bunch of normal people. But they're trying to get rid of the jury system slowly and slowly. You can have a 12 person jury get into a courtroom and try to get 12 members of the jury, almost 80% of the time, 86% of the time was the last record, that 86% of the time you can only get 6 in your jury, 6 people in your jury. So they're whittling it down little by little. So you have no recourse. The only way you're going to be able to provide for yourself is to be invested in farms. If you don't have a farm you better get some land and start growing.

Q: Yeah but they'll figure out a way to regulate that. They do now.

A: I know, I know but at least you have a chance, you'll be one of the latter ones to go. They can't police everyone in every area.

Q: That's true. It's no difference the United States has ties with all the other countries and they're not going to turn around. Did you find that out in Thailand?

A: Yes I found that out in Thailand. When I was over there the last time in June I was in Patia and it's about probably 70 miles from Pattasip which is a major naval base and they were spraying chemtrails for the first time in Thailand. The US military was their doing exercises with the Thai government, Thai military and they were spraying chemtrails… means putting their military waste into our skies so it pollutes everything.

Q: So where are you gonna live?

A: Don't have a clue yet, I'm still looking.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the dvd workshop?

A: Well it's going to be a little more complex than my normal workshops that I do all over the country. I've done them everywhere and I do them repeatedly and people come back repeatedly because there's 5 hours of information, 5 and a half hours of information, even up to 7 hours if I just mouth off too much. And people come back because there's so much to get, so much to miss that they keep coming back to see them. But in this one I'm going to use charts in it when I talk about the blood stream, the lymphatic system, the autonomic nervous system and I explain how those work, how the body works. I talk about... I'm going to take everybody through how the body works, how the digestive tract works, how food works within in that, just so everybody when they walk out of there have a clean picture what they are doing to their systems. If they're helping it or hurting it, how they're doing it. How they're taxing some systems and how they can alleviate that by lessening the complexity of a particular part of the body. So when you walk out of there, you should walk out of there with a pretty clear understanding of how to make everything work well for you, make use of anything in my books, say "I'm eating this but why am I eating that?" Because I can't spend 10 pages on why you have to eat this and how it affects your body. So this will help everybody have a comprehensive overall view of how the body works and how this diet works for you.

Q: Any more details?

A: Well I'm going to have 5 cameras. The DVD will probably be - I don't trust anyone to do the first edit, but it will be - like editing three motion pictures. Because I have 5 cameras going and you're talking about 6 and a half, 7 and a half hours of tape whilst getting the hard drive camcorders, hard drive so there's no tape, no cd, you just download it from the hard drive. High definition hard drive right into your computer. So I will have that many hours times 5 to have to edit. So it will probably take me off probably to September. And then I'm going to give it to somebody to clean up and do a bit better when I have all the basic material. And then it should probably be ready sometime around October, November for sale. But you know it's going to be expensive because it's going to be talking about stuff for 5 to 7 hours of material, so it will probably on 3 DVDs. Right now, a person who is working on it with me - the man who published my book - said that probably for us to make bare minimum profit it would have to be sold for about $275 dollars for the whole thing. But when you have all that information... Other people will go to my workshops every 6 months in these places like Chicago and St. Louis where I go every 6 months the same people, some of the same people will show up at everyone of those workshops because they get so much out of it; it's a lot of material in one day to digest. When you're doing it and thinking about it, each time you go you get so much more. And it's continual. It's like trying to digest 38 years of material that I know in a day, you can't do it. So you repeat so you have the dvd's you'll be able to play them as often as you like, to grasp everything. To have the insight into it that's necessary to really be able to know exactly what you're doing or close to understanding exactly what's happening. [Note from Jim: This Primal Diet Workshop DVD set did get completed. If you don't already have the DVD, click @here to obtain the three segments; they will be sent straight to you within 24 hours of your purchase. The DVD set is out of stock but this is exactly the same.]

A: Ok so let's start with the Q&A.

Q: So relative to that, how are we going to organize? Who in the world besides James for food and this guy in Florida. I mean there's got to be some centers of knowledge some place and leadership for us to get our act together.

A: Well why don't you start it?

Q: I'm an ex Eli Lily employee, I helped create a product.

A: I've got one of my top people in Aspen worked for Merck, she sold the drugs. For I don't know how many years, 11 or 12 years. Now she understands what it is and is totally against them. She just wrote a little book on raw foods. She goes in, almost the whole of her book is not experiential, it's from proving everything from a scientific viewpoint, which for me is good if you're heavy into it and it gives you the basics, but she doesn't really give a lot of experience. She doesn't have a lot of experience, she's only been doing it four years. But it's changed her whole life, it's changed her daughter's life, it's changed everything.

Q: What's the name of it?

A: Good question. Do you remember the name of it Loren?

Q: Raw to Radiant.

A: Oh, Raw to Radiant. Raw to Radiant. Her name is Kimberly Cohen. She self-published this so I don't know if this is available stores. But you might be able to find it online somewhere. I think her website is rawtoradiant.com so you can probably go get it there. [Note from Jim: The book is available on Amazon as @'Raw to Radiant', the website is not currently operating.]

Q: What's the other book?

A: Oh no that's a DVD, Sweet Remedies. It's about aspartame. She was diagnosed and had severe symptoms of MS, multiple sclerosis. And she found out going to all this therapy and everything for MS, going through all this garbage, medical garbage, and she found out it was aspartame. She cut out aspartame and all of her symptoms disappeared. She found that there are women all over the United States that are diagnosed, that there were thousands of woman diagnosed with MS and all they had was aspartame poisoning. So it's a movie about that and it's a little too heady and a little too scientific for me, I would've preferred if she that she really got into the nitty-gritty and the sufferers and what they were going through. She just interviewed a few of them but it was, you know, "Yeah I went on aspartame", but they didn't go into the detail of how these people suffer. MS is a very serious disease to be misdiagnosed when it's aspartame poisoning and the FDA knew about it. FDA knows about it now, they still allow it to be in market. This movie is very good, this woman went around interviewing everyone, but you don't really see how she suffered and doesn't talk to that. It's a heady thing, but it also lets you know that your government, the United States government is not your government. It's owned by the chemical industry and they're going to do whatever protects their books and their profits. OK so let's start off with questions. Yes?

Q: I just to want to say to everybody that lives here, I got a slick brochure in the mail two weeks ago from a registered nurse in California, from the Medical Board of California. And said all you Doctors and Nurses who are licensed here in Southern Cal, get required on Medical Reserve Corp. and help us when the pandemic is called. And you will show up or we will come and help you do your stages. And nobody that I know in 30 years of practice has gotten anything like this in the mail. There is a plan and they are letting us know we are already part of the Medical Reserve Corp. and we will be drafted when they call the pandemic.

A: And you will vaccinate everybody.

Q: Or send them to a detention center. And they said that, you will go door to door with a military person to help you in a white van. They'll say stick out your arm or get in our van.

A: That's what it is. You gotta understand Prescott Bush, Grandfather Bush financed Hitler. Grandfather Bush financed Hitler.

Q: He has two more years.

A: All he has to do is declare martial law and there will be no election.

Q: And he'll stay.

A: And he will stay as long as he wants to be a dictator.

Q: His whole group will stay.

A: And nobody's got balls. Nobody in the center of house has got balls.

Q: Someone there does, right?

A: No, Ok; let's go to questions. Do you have a question?

Q: Relative to your penicillin, one of the reactions I get is skin rashes all over. Like this last time it was all over my torso. That's part of the detox isn't it?

A: Yes. Definitely.

Q: So relative to that I got a lot of itching and arthritis.

A: Remember a lot of poisons when they leave the body leave through the skin. They cause drying out and hardening in the skin because it destroys the skin tissue and subcutaneous tissue, so it causes hardened areas that when they dry out become very itchy. Your body wants to scratch them off.

Q: Yeah, that's it?

A: Well it's ok but you need to use coconut cream on it constantly. If you've got hives, take coconut cream and take slices of very cold refrigerated tomato, tomato slices or cucumber slices and then you just keep cooling those areas because when you got an active mold coming through that skin it's going to burn the tissue, that's what the hive is. It's going to cause scabs and swelling eventually. And it's a chemical coming through the skin or a mold coming through the skin. Live mold.

Q: Well relative to that, you said dry skin. What's the dry skin remedy if you can't use commercial lotions?

A: Well you have to use coconut cream. It will leave you slightly sticky but you have to use coconut cream.

Q: But it smells like hell after it just molds. It gets moldy too. So, do you have a combination like with lemon or lime juice or something?

A: Well no, because it just dries it out, so you really can't put anything with it. The only thing you can do is maybe mix a little ginger in it. A lot of people can't stand the smell of ginger with molding coconut cream. I never met, I used to use it for a masseuse, to get a massage, and every time I take it to someone who isn't on the diet to massage me and they smell that stuff, they get really offended. You know it's like "Ew", they get out of there; they're washing their hands and getting it off. So when I take coconut cream, even if it's soured, it's not so bad. When you try to camouflage it, it makes it worse for some reason. So just leave in the stinky coconut cream.

Q1: I'm laughing because I used to put ginger on everything.

Q2: Yeah we use ginger on everything so it's great stuff.

A: But you'd be surprised; there are people who are normal people out there can't stand the combination, we all like it, but they don't. They become very offended.

Q1: Your skin care cream is the best thing I've ever had. The Primal Facial Cream recipe in your book it's got butter, cream, coconut cream, ginger, and honey. It's excellent.

A: You want some of that. Next question.

Q: Well, I have a baby and I was just wondering if you have any guidelines for what to give them when they get bigger.

A: Well they should always supplement with cow's milk. Not just have mother's milk from the day they're born. Because the mother has never been raw her whole life and if she still isn't raw right now that baby is getting a lot of toxins. So I always suggest that mothers put their babies on milk that comes from an animal that has always eaten raw. A lot of mothers don't like to hear that, they like to suckle, they like that experience. Well I say, if you want to compromise, half your milk, half the cow's milk. It's always going to be better. You have to get your ego out of it. But how many mothers heed that advice until the child is 4 or 5 years old when they start seeing this child has developed problems because they did breast fed and a lot of those poisons go from the mother to the baby, even in the milk. There's lots of mothers who find out only after the fact even though I've said what I said. But when you got a little baby there, their rationale goes out the door.

Q: So you think I ought to be doing more cow's milk I guess.

A: Well...

Q: I know you talked about only raw liver.

A: Mostly babies should be mainly on milk till they're 5. Like one kid, this child whose mother was on the diet 100% for 3 months, his last 3 months of gestation. And when he was born he drank just the milk, he drank the mother's milk and he didn't do too well with it, so she went right into the cow's milk for him and then after 6 months put half buffalo liver and half milk, little bit of honey and he still drinks that at 5 years old. He loves that you know. And he just started school at 5 years old in the 4th grade. Kid learns on his own. He knows 187 countries, he knows if it's a monarchy, or patriarchy, or democracy, whatever it is he knows all of it. And he can tell you what country is next to which country. And nobody taught him this stuff, he'll just pickup a book and start automatically. He's never had a vaccine, never had any medications, he's only had raw foods his whole life. What else, of course his grandparents gave the kid a cookie, chocolate chip cookie once and he was a little distraught that evening. The child learns from that. But mainly the child hasn't had anything abusive. The child is absolutely a genius. He knows all the presidents, all the vice-presidents, where they came from...

Q: Does he eat meat too?

A: Oh yeah, he eats meat, yes.

Q: What kind does he eat?

A: Well he eats the buffalo liver.

Q: So he eats meat all the time then?

A: Yeah, he'll eat meat. He eats, that's about all he eats, dairy and milk.

Q: What about eggs?

A: Eggs, he'll eat eggs in a milkshake.

Q: You said that they don't drink juice that's raw.

A: They shouldn't¯have...

Q: Yeah they shouldn't have juice.

A: Well you're talking about a child that's getting milk from a mother that isn't completely raw then of course, probably a tablespoon once a week wouldn't harm, probably would help.

Q: It's more for adults that should have it.

A: Right, usually 16, 15 and a half, 16 years old, at that age it's when it's better they start drinking vegetable juice. Unless you got a highly acidic toxic child. Ok you have a question?

Q: Yes, when juicing I often need to dilute it. I have a hard time getting my balance right. I get diarrhea.

A: From the juice?

Q: After I've had the juice.

A: What kind of mixture are you having?

Q: Celery, parsley, cilantro, and some cabbage juice.

A: You're making an awfully big mix there, especially cilantro which causes heavy detoxification of metals. What you have to do is cut it down to 1 juice, like just do celery and see what happens for 4 or 5 days of celery and then see which one is mainly the one doing it. If the celery doesn't do it, you don't want to have a concentration of any of those juices. Just do celery and see what that does to you. If that's an ok juice for you, then you add the cilantro and see how that goes for 3-4 days, but only like 10% of the juice. And then the next time you try parsley, and the next time carrot with the celery and you see what juice it is that causes it.

Q: The cabbage by itself, it seemed to help me.

A: Oh yeah. Cabbage is a lot of vitamin K and vitamin U which helps modulation of not only blood but other substances. If that is the occurrence with cabbage juice you probably have a little bit of Crohn's disease which probably means you have lesions in your intestines that's causing leaky gut and the cabbage will seal it like it does ulcers, it will seal it. You have a question?

Q: On the same topic, cabbage even if its sauerkraut?

A: No, it's fermented so it has an entirely different property. When you ferment cabbage the vitamin K and vitamin U is thinned, so it doesn't have the same reaction. There's a lot of people who would say, "fermented foods are very good". Yes they are very good for people who are eating cooked foods because it's a natural breaking down of fermentation that they don't get naturally because they're eating cooked foods. So it's helpful. In our system you can use it as a medicine in very small amounts, but don't have a lot of it. Couple of tablespoons, coleslaw, sauerkraut, or whatever it is thats fermented is fine. But I've seen people, I followed about 4 people who were eating a lot of fermented vegetables on this diet and their red blood count went way down, they got a lot more energy but it was more of an erratic energy and they weren't as clear thinking, so there's a lot of side effects to that so be careful. Yes?

Q: If you have good bacteria in the intestines will that help ferment better?

A: Yes, the body will ferment the foods that you naturally are supposed to eat, which is meats, and dairy products, animal foods. It's fermentation of those foods which is very important. We're not a vegetable eater. That's a foreign substance in our system, foreign fermentation. However I found that any food that you'd have cooked in your lifetime, cooked vegetables, those bacteria, natural bacteria have been destroyed in that food so when you eat it and it becomes a part of your body, there's no natural bacteria reaction to decompose that substance and remove it from your body. So like I say you use a fermented food like sauerkraut or fermenting any vegetable to reintroduce those bacteria into the body so they can find their way to their natural substances that were cooked and can start eating them up, getting rid of it. Is that clear? Anybody that didn't understand that? Ok good. Sometimes I wonder.

Q: So it's only one part, don't eat more than 1 tablespoon.

A: At a time.

Q: In a day?

A: In a day... that's good.

Q: Are you saying you need the same foods as fermented, so you eat fermented sugar if you had a lot of sugar?

A: Yeah.

Q: So you should get the same foods as what you ate.

A: Exactly. Whatever you had a lot of, whether it's cereals, you get fermented grains like Rejuvelac. But you only have a small amount. I've done the trip of having a lot of something to detox fast and I've always suffered, so why do it? 2 tablespoons, 3 tablespoons max a day so you can have these detoxification's without having ill reactions. I put myself having... like I used to drink a lot of pasteurized milk in my cereals and I put 4 tablespoons of sugar in my cereal and if it was sugar crisp I still put 4 tablespoons of sugar, so it was already very sweet, so I wanted to detox all of that so I fermented some milk with some maca flour in it, which is a root which mimics cereals, so fermented that together. When I uncorked it, the top, the alcohol was so powerful in it that it actually burned my nostrils. My nostrils were sore for a few days and I drank 3 cups of it like an idiot in one day. Let me tell you I had a reaction for about 3 weeks. I had hives as big as my hands. And I had flown to Hanoi so I was stuck in a hotel room for 3 days dealing with all these hives and I wouldn't scratch them because they were so inflamed. I kept putting the refrigerated tomato and cucumber on and coconut cream. It's easy to get coconut cream over there, it's a regular part of their diet. So I was in Hanoi in a hotel room for 3 days, but I suffered with those hives for almost 6 weeks, a lot of smaller reactions all over. So it's better to be a little more conservative in your detoxifications I think, unless you like to suffer.

Q: Do you have any insight about getting kefir? Because kefir is fermented.

A: Yeah, but it's more natural, it's an animal product again. Animal products when fermented are fine for us. We're talking about grains that are not meant for us, we're talking about vegetables that are not meant for us. Those will give an ill, really traumatic reaction, aggressive reactions. You have a question?

Q: You don't say fruit is natural.

A: Oh is this about.

Q: You were saying what our natural foods are.

A: Fruits are not really that natural for us either. But if you've eaten a lot of marmalade's and jams then that's something you should use to help detoxify but you don't have to ferment fruit, that already ferments in our digestive tract. It ferments very quickly. So you don't have to worry about pre fermenting that. You had question?

Q: Ok, I have a question about curds and whey.

A: Watch your language.


Q: Ok, Ron mixed curds and whey and I love 'em, I've been eating it with my meals. The curds which is like cottage cheese, and the whey which is liquid. And I think it's fabulous, it goes down, it feels good, I feel wonderful. Is that ok to eat with my meat or if I make it to eat with chicken or whatever?

A: Well the curds are pretty good with meat but your whey isn't.

Q: Well you told me to drink whey because I wake up getting pains in the middle of the night.

A: Yes, it's so acidic, the whey, it tends to be overly acidic, so I usually recommend to people to put that with their vegetable juice.

Q: Yeah I do that too.

A: It's just, unless you are over-alkaline, if you're diabetic and you want whey with your meat meals that's fine, because diabetics have a tendency to be over alkalinized.

Q: What can I drink with my meat meal, I need to drink something to have?

A: You can have milk.

Q: Just milk?

A: Fermented milk is better, kefir, yogurt is always better.

Q: Kefir or any kind of fermented milk is fine, but I don't drink whey with my meals in any amount; instead have raw milk?

A: Whole milk yeah.

Q: Ok, terrific. Thanks.

A: You're welcome, do you have a question?

Q: What about vaccine detoxification for children - what to do about it?

A: Milkshakes.

Q: Will that help detoxify them from the vaccines giving them that?

A: You need to stabilize them first. Are they all thin?

Q: One is thin and

A: The other one is very fat?

Q: He's heavier and very strong

A: But he's not fat?

Q: No

A: I would just say stabilize them. Feed them lots of dairy until they get fat. And then the body will start taking care of that stuff.

Q: Oh yeah I know.

A: The important thing is to stabilize anybody before you want to detoxify them. You start detoxifying molds from injections or heavy metals from injections you're going to have problems. You're going to have RNA and DNA damage. Pardon?

Q: Is that what we're doing with you? So I can just jump in and start?

A: No. Adults don't usually go into detoxification right away unless they have a terribly toxic liver and spleen or gall bladder or pancreas. Those 4 glands, organs and glands.

Q: What can slow down their diarrhea?

A: Well, just eat lots and lots of cheese to absorb the poisons. The only way you'll know what kind of poison you're poisoned with is to analyze the vomit. Like I've told other people in the other sessions, I had a cancer patient that was vomiting so much, I wanted to know why she was vomiting like 8 to 10 times a day and this was going for on 2 and a half months. And I convinced her to gain 30 pounds and I wanted her to go up to 45. Anyone with cancer, I want to go up as high as possible because if you go through this vomiting spell getting rid of the chemical that's caused the cancer. Sometimes it can be so debilitating they'll lose too much weight and then they'll never recover. She didn't gain as much weight as I wanted her to gain and she was vomiting pretty badly, having diarrhea also, and I sent just 4 ounces of vomit, just 4 ounces that came out of one vomit. all of it was only 4 ounces and I sent it to the lab. The chief of the lab called me and said "someone is poisoning your patient". I said, "What do you mean?" And he said "she has 3000 times the lethal dose of thallium in that 4 ounces of vomit". 3000 times the amount that can kill a human was in that one 4 ounces of vomit.

Q: She had cancer?

A: She had cancer of the breast yeah.

Q: And did she do all the radiation and chemo?

A: No she didn't do any of that. She was a jewelry maker. She never wore a mask, never wore gloves and she burned that metal and worked it. Right in her face and breathed in all that metal, thallium, the heavy metal, went to her breasts, went to her lymph glands, the lungs and out into the lymph glands so it started deteriorating the tissue. So that was how she was poisoned. That was just from one vomit; she vomited for 2 and a half months. That was from 1 vomit, so you can imagine the concentration of metals. And the body obviously selected out thallium and maybe another time it was some other alloy. It could have been made of mercury, it could have been silver - all these other elements that are toxic - in concentrated amounts. Pardon?

Q: Did she recover?

A: No she died. Just at the end she stopped all tumors. It stopped. She lost her breasts completely, just dissolved and deteriorated but all the tumors stopped and she couldn't eat, she was just down to that limit. That's why I like a certain weight before you go into it. She just didn't make it. Ok did I answer your question?

Q: Do I have enough weight? I can only eat 4 or 5 bites.

A: I don't mind. You've got a lot of weight on you for protection.

Q: So I don't have to worry about that?

A: Yeah, unless you drop a lot of weight; that's a problem. But you keep trying to eat. Just remember if you vomit like that, usually 20 minutes after you vomit you'll be able to keep the food down because the poisons are dumping. And once they dump you have about a 35 to 40 minute break. So once you vomit, you've got about 20 minutes later you'll be able to eat for about 10 minutes and keep that food down. And then another hour later you might start vomiting again. But you can keep food down if you just know to time it and how the body is working.

Q: A month ago I got sick like this and I was vomiting for 12 hours, and at one point there was nothing left, but it's good to eat eggs, so there's something to absorb it.

A: Exactly, that's what you want to do.

Q: Eggs will give you energy while it's in your body before it comes out again.

A: Right, yeah. Some of it will be absorbed and utilized and then the body can continually dump. But if you don't have any food in there, and you're becoming a little bit thin on fluids, the body is not going to dehydrate when you're on a raw diet; it won't allow it. You'll just have a dry stomach and have dry heaves. So you put eggs in, you put foods in. Some cheese, lots of cheese absorbs those poisons. So then you've got something to bring it out with, To eliminate it. And then in between that, you eat to digest. So you just have to work with the body until you're through it. But let me tell you the people who vomit and have diarrhea, they get well the fastest. Can you imagine the amount of white blood cells and fat tissue that it would take to get rid of 3000 times the lethal dose of thallium and she did it in one vomit? It would take probably 5 or 6 million white blood cells to get rid of that much, just 3000 times the lethal dose of thallium.

Q: And she didn't eat anything while she was vomiting?

A: Well she did up until the last 2 weeks but then she got so sore from vomiting. But that's what I mean, you've got to get through that last stage, you've got to have that extra weight. In that last 2 weeks that was it. All it took, killed her.

Q: How much did she weigh?

A: She was probably 5'5 and a half and she was probably 140 pounds. But when they get cancer I want them to have 15 more pounds that that. You don't get cancer unless you've got some pretty serious chemical poisoning. When that starts dumping you'd better have the weight because you're not going to be able to eat very much - you're not going to be able to keep down very much - until it's over and done with. So if you get cancer, keep yourself up an extra 15 pounds. Do what my lovely woman does here, right here and gets the weight all ahead of time, keep yourself fat and happy all the time because you've got enough fats to deal with any poisons that release anywhere in the body. I mean, when I was first [on the diet] I gained that much weight too and I kept it for 2 and a half years and I kept going up and down with it. You know? I have to really have a gallon of milk a day, and all my meat and everything, and all that butter, to gain a lot of weight because I'm relatively so clean. But I don't like to take any chances. I know there's still a lot of poisons from chemotherapy. And I can see all of that penicillin mold still in my brain and I've got lots of toxicity in my prostate gland. So I don't take any chances; I want a lot of extra fat on my body. Of course I don't look it but I'm 24% body fat now. But most athletes if they look at this, as tight as everything is, they'd say "oh you're 13% body fat". No I'm 24% body fat. Because, Pardon?

Q: Show us your belly.


A: Oh, you want to see that, it's 24% body fat because the fat's dispersed everywhere. Evenly.

Q: Mine is 34%. How long does it take to see changes in the irises?

A: It's about a month, 3 months and you can see a lot of changes. After a year you can see dramatic changes.

Q: Do you work out?

A: I don't work out; this is my workout, carrying groceries. When you cook, the molecules are 10 times their normal size. Take a little grain of popcorn, what happens when you cook it? It gets that big, doesn't it. That's what happens to a fat molecule. 10 to 50 times its normal size. I've been eating raw fats since 1972, only raw fats, no cooked fats in my body. So after this many years all my fat molecules are very small so I have 24% body fat but don't look it compared to your average person who is full of cooked, swollen fat. Of course if your body is trying to detoxify, where do you think a lot of that cooked fat is going to go? To the intestines because most of it has to go out the bowel if you're not vomiting.

Q: Why do I still have a big belly?

A: You have fat molecules everywhere in your body. Where they are disposed of mainly is in the digestive tract. So that's where they'll be carried: to the digestive tract. So the fats that you're eating - and the old fats you're trying to get rid of - will get dumped into the intestinal tract so you're always going to have a big waist. It was probably 4 years ago when I stopped having a huge waist. Used to have 2 inner tubes there. Thighs were huge. Calves. Yeah. But it was even. But still I had been on raw foods a long time up to that time. But when I first started eating meats in 1976 I mean I swelled up huge, huge. I mean I was round faced, puffy all over. I was gorged.

Q: Are you drinking any water?

A: Well I've had 3 ounces in the past week of water. I'm drinking half a gallon of milk a day. I don't need water.

Q: The rest of us drink up milk and we get fat.

A: So did I. Now I don't get fat that way, I have to.

Q: But you're not drinking milkshakes, you're drinking milk...

A: If you're having milkshakes you put on more weight.

Q: Well I gained 20-30 pounds right away.

A: Congratulations. But you say you feel great.

Q: I feel fabulous.

A: You do a lot of yoga. Fat's very protective.

Q: Ok, I just wanted to ask you, milkshakes vs. milk. I'm just doing less and less of the milkshakes because I'm not going to gain any more weight. I'm 30 pounds overweight. I'm going to drink different types of milk, fermented milk, kefir

A: That's fine.

Q: And the whey and curd and sour, whatever, all those milks, is that ok instead of?

A: That's fine, if you want to eat eggs alone, eggs alone burn fat.

Q: No, I'm not talking about eggs alone...

A: So what I'm saying is, if you have the milkshake you're going to gain weight.

Q: That's why you told me to stay off it.

A: But if you don't want to gain any more weight and you still want to drink the milkshakes, eat some eggs by themselves sometime during the day; cut the fats. Raw eggs eaten alone will burn fat. Eggs with other food will cause you to gain weight.

Q: So a smoothie with eggs - that's eggs with other foods - is that not a good thing?

A: No it's good, it's good. If you don't want the weight then you eat the eggs alone. Eat the dairy and the eggs separately.

Q: But you feel better on smoothies...

A: Milkshakes

Q: I like milkshakes but I don't like gaining fat.

A: Well what you do is you do is have 3 or 4 times when you're eating nothing but eggs in between meals.

Q: Eat eggs, nothing else?

A: And burn some fat.

Q: I can't stand them, I can't do that.

A: You can, you can you're a tough gal. Ok you have a question Lori?

Q: What's the, for symptoms where you're emitting certain kinds of bladder burning, what's the cause of that

A: Well that's usually molds are dumping into the bladder or you're getting some kind of a metal like mercury dumping into the bladder. And you're blood is too acidic, not getting enough vegetable juice. Make sure you're having it at least 3 times a day if you're having that sensation. You have a question Barbara?

Q: You say that cooked fats are 10 times larger in the body than normal.

A: 10 to 50.

Q: 10 to 50, so how come a lot of people that are doing the cooked fat are skinny?

A: They don't hold fat, they don't digest it properly, they pass it through their bodies.

Q: I just wanted to know because you just gave the example of John, John Oliver. And he's one example but there's hundreds of people who eat the same diet and they are skinny or slim. I just wondered why that is.

A: They don't metabolize their fats. Well, they metabolize their fats but they don't absorb and digest them properly. They are for other things besides protecting the body. They may burn it as fuel but they don't do well in protecting their tissues. See, there are three varieties of cholesterol's. There's the variety that coats everything, the fat that protects, the fat that burns, and the fats that clean. To clean the system the body makes solvents with that, soaps, to clean the body. So they may have the one that metabolizes the fat, but they don't make the soaps well and they don't make the protection well. And you can tell that if they have very dry skin like a lot of your athletes. They'll burn the fats but they don't metabolize the cholesterol's that help lubricate and protect their skin and the rest of their internal tissue, cells.

Q: What were those three again?

A: Lubrication, fuel, well lubrication is protection as well, Fuel and cleansers.

Q: The fats that clean are soaps?

A: Those are soaps, like virus. Just like all soaps are made from petroleum, we used to, 60 to 80 years ago, 80 to 90% of all soaps were made with coconut. Coconut fat. Now they're using petroleum. Chemicals derived from gasoline, kerosene to clean things. That penetrates and damages the cell. Coconut cream is fine. That didn't damage the body even if it was mixed with lye. Now you get everything as chemical; nothing is clean. And if you take the coconut cream when it's soured, you use that as soap. Mix it with a little water and lather up, there's your soap. Good soap.

Q: Do you use tallow?

A: Yeah animal fat. Pardon?

Q: By itself?

A: By itself.

Q: Would you use that?

A: Yeah, but it kind of gets stinky; coconut cream isn't as stinky.

Q: Do you have the coconut cream filtered?

A: I don't let them, I want clients to get fiber so I tell them not to filter it. So if you want some. Well that other company when they used to do it they would filter out all of the fiber.

Q: When I make my own coconut cream in my own coconut juicer it's like what it used to be, it's not really thick

A: Oh mine always was.

Q: Whenever I juice mine it always comes out soft.

A: That's funny mine is always hard, If I make it with my Greenstar gold, mine is solid as solid can be.

Q: It's all soft.

A: Were you using the Greenstar gold or Greenstar 1000?

Q: Greenstar 1000.

A: Oh, see, I have the Greenstar Gold, it's a larger hole. Greenstar 1000 has a smaller hole so I get more pulp in mine, when I juice mine. So you're just not getting as much pulp. Like I say they're just getting more pulp.

Q: More fiber in Greenstar Gold?

A: Yes, that's making it thicker, ok, Do you have a question?

Q: (inaudible) about another type of mold

A: No that's a different mold, but they have similar itching. But to keep it from itching so much on the skin you can put a lot of coconut cream on your skin; if it's itching internally drinking coconut cream helps alleviate it. Usually people don't get candida in the face. Candida doesn't do well in the brain so when it discards through the skin, it's usually heavy metals that are causing the problem and it's not a mold. Not candida. Candida exists, usually from the jaw down and it will hit the joints more frequently and other areas where there is a lot of moisture like in the crotch, in the toes, and things like that. Do you have a question?

Q: I read an article saying that high blood pressure was good for a certain condition after a study was done, is that true?

A: Isn't that what I've been saying for years? I said high blood pressure is very important for people who have congested arteries and heart failures. They need a higher blood pressure - systolic pressure - to make sure that those open. Those tests came out of 45,000 people; this was done in England.