Long-term Delayed Detoxification; 58 Years Later

Proof Of Long-term Delayed Detoxification; 58 Years Later

On a Saturday in late spring of my 3rd year of life, my father purchased a brand new push mower. My two older brothers had their turns pushing it. I wanted my turn but my brothers refused me and let a neighbor boy push it. I was outraged at what I thought was injustice and I grabbed the bar next to the blades to stop it from moving as the boy pushed it. It cut off the end of my right middle finger. I ran into the house to my father (mom was grocery-shopping). He saw the blood spurting and panicked. He poured cold water from the refrigerator into a stainless steel metal pan and stuck my hand in it. It bled worse. He wrapped a hand towel around my finger and hand and pushed my wrapped hand into the cold water again. He drove me to “Emergency” at the hospital.

The young intern looked at it and decided I needed a tetanus shot. He asked my father the last time I had had a tetanus vaccine and my father said he didn’t know. After the intern filled his hypodermic with tetanus, he moved toward my hand with it. I screamed from instinctive fear. The intern thought the needle scared me and offered to jab me with a blunted wire that he happened to have at hand instead of the needle. He tried to explain to me that the blunt wire would be much more painful than the sharp needle. Since I was autistic, I didn’t understand his words but I got the gist of it and I chose the blunted wire. He and 2 nurses were shocked. Obviously, they had pulled this stunt on other children and it worked every time but not on me.

I could see and feel dangerous energy being emitted from that hypodermic of which I was afraid. One of the nurses told me a story about a blunt scissors going into her foot, I thought because she handled scissors and gestured toward her foot as if to jab it. It did not sway me and I pointed to the wire again. They looked at each other, grabbed me and held me down while the intern injected my finger around the nail 7 times with tetanus vaccine, injecting a little each time. He injected the rest into my upper arm.

He prepared another hypodermic and injected it into several places on my forearm, at which point I screamed again. My arm became numb. He sliced a section of skin from my forearm, trimmed it and sewed it onto the opened wound of my finger. He sewed one stitch to close the cut he made in my forearm. Within several months of that surgery, the end of my finger turned so hard I could ram it into anything painlessly. The end of my finger was deformed and dead as rock with scar tissue.

Exactly 12 months after I began eating raw meat and 27 years after that finger was cut by the lawnmower, that finger swelled from its end to the first joint and became very red and sensitive. Within 3 days, the grafted skin on my finger fell off where new skin had replaced it. The finger was much less deformed, sensitive and had normal texture. Then, nearly 58 years after the surgery, on December 23, 2008, my finger began to swell and produced an odor that smelled the same as the tetanus vaccine injected into it all around my fingernail. Over the next 2 months, I documented the changes with photographs.

Consider while you view the photos that 90% of toxins are supposed to be discharged through skin. Realizing that, you should never be afraid of such distortions of skin. Notice in the last 2 photos that the last two months of fingernail growth during and after my finger detoxification thinned tremendously near the cuticle. After six more months, the nail grew to normal fingernail thickness. I declined to photo that phase because we all know what a normal fingernail looks like.

First 2 photos were taken 23 December 2008, showing slight swelling and redness.



Next 3 photos were taken 24 December 2008, showing rapid swelling in 24 hours.




Next photo was taken 25 December 2008, showing extreme swelling and detoxification.


Next 3 photos were taken 28 December 2008, showing fluid discharge. For 3 days, lots of puss (lymphatic fluid and white blood cells) surrounding the vaccine poisons that had stored in my finger discharged.




Next 2 photos were taken 2 January 2009, showing decrease in tetanus-vaccine detoxification and resultant yellowing and drying of skin.



Next 3 photos were taken 5 January 2009, showing damaged skin from tetanus-vaccine toxins passing through skin.




The next 2 photos were taken 13 January 2009, showing healing and normalization of tissue.



The next 2 photos were taken 20 January 2009.



The next 2 photos were taken 21 January 2009, showing the nail thickness beginning to grow thinner and properly.