Multiple Lacerations Healed Without Medical Help

Sandra, of United Kingdom, was cleaning the counter near a blender that had its blades seated, ready for blending but without a blender-bowl or jar. The blender was accidentally turned on and the blades flew into the air catching her wrist and forearm. She sought help at Emergency in hospital but was told that there was nothing they could do. They said she needed a plastic surgeon for major skin grafting. Instead of seeking medical help further, her son called me and asked what he could do for her.

I suggested that he clean his mum's arm wound with lime juice even though it would sting terribly. I suggested that he apply honey (1 part) and coconut cream (3 parts) and then cover it with a thin slice of beef, place a piece of plastic over that to keep the meat moist (so the meat would not dry nor contract and dry the wound but would keep it moist). I suggested that they change the bandage every 2-3 days but only use the lime juice to clean the wound the first 2 times.

The following photos are Sandra's progressive healing using my suggestions. I have commented on several to clarify what should be understood. Sadly, no photo was taken until 3 days after inflicted wound.

Also, note that Sandra is not on the raw diet but she still healed very nicely without much scarring. She drank some raw milk shakes during the following months. If she had been on my Primal Diet, she probably would have healed in several weeks instead of months.

The first photo was taken 3 days after inflicted wound.

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About 2 weeks after inflicted wound. Note that the whitish areas are not puss but caked coconut cream that prevents the skin from drying, scabbing and massive scarring:

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A naturopath panicked when he saw Sandra's arm and told her that her arm was terribly infected. He was adamant that she would lose her arm and possibly her life if she did not get medical help with antibiotics. He insisted that placing raw meat on the wound would cause the worst problems, including parasites and gangrene, although he had no experience with this treatment. I assured Sandra and her son that he was speaking from inexperience and ignorance rather than wisdom.

Several days later after photo 2, after soaking the wound in clean water to remove old coconut cream and honey:

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About one hour after photo 3. Note how dry the wound is getting. The coconut cream and honey had to be immediately applied to prevent dry scabs forming:

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2 days after photo 3 and 4 before soaking and removing old coconut cream honey mixture and apply fresh:

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Several weeks later:

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Next photo was taken about 6 weeks later after soaking and cleaning old coconut cream and honey. I suggest that she continue to apply coconut cream and honey until the wound looked completely smooth. That occurred 2 weeks after this photo.

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Next photo was taken several months later.

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If Sandra had skin grafted, her scars would look like burns with tightly constricted tissue. Such scarring is usually painful throughout life. Also, there would be scarring on areas where skin would have been grafted at either buttocks or thighs. As you can see, she has very little scarring.