How Can EMFs Cause Death Prematurely?

Very recently Beth, a wonderful woman and friend passed away at a very young 67 years of age. She had been eating Primal Diet® foods since about 2003. According to her and her son, it saved her son's life and improved hers dramatically.

However, from 2008-2009, Beth was exposed to constant extremely high electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from faulty low-grade electrical power lines. It forced her to leave her new home.

It altered her body dramatically. Where she once had achieved an increase in health regularly, she became challenged daily.

EMFs alter the molecular structure of animal cells at as low as 3 milligauss for as little as 1 hour's exposure. Beth was exposed to higher milligauss rates than her meters top measurement of 160 milligauss detected nearly 24 hours daily for nearly one year. She became extremely sensitive to everything and anything.

Her digestion declined dramatically. She told me that she was unable to eat all of the foods she ate before. She said she would bloat and have other allergic-like symptoms from foods on which she had learned to live and thrive.

The EMFs that altered the molecular structures of Beth's cells seemed to have produced toxins similar to those produced by genetically modified (GM) foods. She experienced similar loss of appetite and slow degeneration that laboratory animals experienced on a diet of only GM foods. She not only lost her ability to manufacture digestive enzymes, she lost her ability to reproduce intestinal bacteria that digest our food. She experienced frequent nausea and headaches.

Those symptoms actually belong to a long list of disorders that are always caused by industrial chemicals, especially medical drugs. Antibiotics hold the record in the category of lost digestive abilities, causing most Crohn's, arthritis, rheumatism, as well as brain and heart hemorrhages.

EMFs are the newest addition to those symptoms, causing severe diseases.[1]

Rationale to cope with the death and loss of a friend and client

Through my experience with the Death-cap mushroom, I knew the consequences that Beth might experience if she followed her severely damaged instincts. The mushroom had destroyed all of my desire to eat. Putting any food in my mouth caused instant nausea. The cramps caused by mushroom- poisoning were so severe that I had to eat something to quell pain. I forced myself to eat and consequently suffer severe nausea, vomit, headaches, stomach-aches and absolute fatigue as a result of eating.

I completely countered my damaged instincts that told me to eat nothing. I chose rationale and reason produced from my long-term trial and errors with diets. I forced myself to consume lots of raw butter in every way I could consume it, with banana, unheated honey, tomato, cucumber, cheeses and some raw milk. From experience, I knew that raw butter would be the only food that could dramatically increase my chances of saving my liver and of living.

I related that information to Beth and suggested that she decline listening to her damaged instincts 90% of the time for rational and wise choices. She tried but often her sensual and emotional experience was so overwhelming that she would not eat the foods I suggest or as much of the foods I suggested.

She continued to have symptoms, at times worse than others and at times much improved. We journeyed on a see-saw health-adventure together with her body. She let me know that she was still a very intelligent person and would ultimately decide what she would eat and not eat.

Because I am not God and far from all-knowing, I do not always know what the results will be with a given individual. Usually, my ability to understand a client's body increases as I work with it. Maybe Beth's incredible need to placate her symptoms by listening to her damaged instincts was best for her for whatever reason. I worked within those perimeters as she established them. They changed from time to time.

Several times, I feared the consequences of her damaged-instinct-imposed limitations on her diet but I had to let her guide me. It was her life to choose as she wished. I had experienced severe ill health and made hundreds of bad choices and come through them like the fabled Phoenix. She was incredibly smart and I made the decision to trust her and not push her to my thinking or beliefs. When she sought my help, I always related my thinking and expressed it to her but never pushed or intimidated her.

Sadly, I watched her health decline over the next 3 years with occasional but not long-lasting improvements. My suggestion to alternate every 3-4 hours 1-2 T. papaya or pineapple helped her to eat more. However, those foods substituted for her lack of digestive juices but did not improve her bacterial environment that is at least 90% of digestion. High meats, high eggs and fecal matter (see article below) would be very useful in Beth's circumstance but were not utilized except occasionally out of desperation.

My suggestions would give her and her body more time to try but the journey did not appear to be going in the direction of recovery. I do not know that her life would have been saved because several of the things I suggested were not implemented but I have a lot of evidence to support that it would have. Every time I received an emphatic NO to my suggestions, I was forced to suffer sadness in my heart and fear her death because she was skin on bones from the hips to the top of her head.

However many times, I experienced people who were in gravely ill states who recovered. I was not going to be a terrorist by imposing my fear and beliefs on Beth. With freewill comes the right to be right and wrong for one's self. I accept that premature death is right for the people who choose that for whatever reason. In that, wrong becomes right for that individual.

It is not my right or anyone else's to judge or condemn. I do not blame although it may seem that I have done so by stated that my preferences were not followed. Freewill serves all even though we will experience losses. When freewill has been deprived of people, losses are experienced many times daily. When freewill lives without harm to others, fewer losses are experienced by everyone.

Beth is gone from my physical reality but lives inside my being. She is a part of me forever. I cherish that she lives inside me with me. I honor the experiences that she shared with me to increase my knowledge, wisdom, compassion and love but I still miss her.


[1]: See abstract @Electro-magnetic pollution from phone masts. Effects on wildlife. Also, see @Brian Thiesen: Technical Facts and Political Agenda of Smart Meters (and there is much more in that video as well about the effects of EMF exposure)