Q&A Of March 11, 2012


Transcriber: Arielle - Thank you, Ariella!

A: Okay, we’re just going to talk a little bit about what’s going on in different governments. The root of the main evil is the FDA and CDC. They constantly put out bad information about raw milk and they’re trying to pick on Wisconsin and several other states favor of raw milk. In Wisconsin the head of the Agricultural department (Inaudible) went before the Senate and Assembly saying “we only look at the science, we look at science only.” “We see no science that proves raw milk is good.” This is an absolute fallacy. If you look at Dr. Douglas’ and my report, we have over 137 tests in research programs that were done in universities including Johns Hopkins. So the government, in order to gain its entire control over everybody and everything-which is communism; if you can’t own anything, that’s communism. If you can’t control anything, that’s fascism. So we’ve been fighting communism all these years, and that’s just where Barack Obama is just a puppet; he’s doing what they tell him do, and he does it well. He’s lied more than any other president we’ve ever had.

Q: Including Bush?

A: Oh, Bush wasn’t so much a liar, as he would kneel down and bend his knees before God and then kill people by going out for war in Iraq. But he didn’t care. I’m the decider, he told the truth all the time. He said he was an authority crazed maniac. Obama says we’ve got to follow the law, the constitution and does the exact opposite. But he’s even worse because he gets away with everything. So we’ve got a real problem in that situation. We all had hope. When I went to lobby in Washington DC in 2007 for raw milk, I met with 90 some senators and congresspersons in that 3 month period and when we got to Barack Obama’s office, they were the only ones that said give us the money and we’ll give you a bill. None of the others we went to did that. His office says, “Without money we don’t write you a bill.” And I said, “If I give you money will you ensure that the bill gets passed?” “No no, that’s just 25-30K and we’ll write the bill. It’s up to you to lobby whether it gets through or not.” That was the only office to give me up for money. That was Barack Obama. When I left that office I never had faith that he’d be any good so I never voted for him. I voted for Ron Paul of course. Ron Paul was the only one to say ‘I’m going to write you a bill.’ I was only there but five minutes when he said “I’m a doctor, I know all about raw milk, I’ll write you this.” Just like that. And he’s written two for us. He’s the only one that’s constitutionally oriented. Any government agent is supposed to take an oath of office; it’s in the constitution. Any agent of the government that has any authority to go for wars or a police officer, no matter what they are, their rank, they have to take an oath of office to defend the constitution of the United States. Plus they’re supposed to be bonded. Now the reason it says that - in the constitution and all Supreme Court rulings that I’ve read said that - the reason for that is because you have to have a way to prevent state actors from executing their own plans or wishes to get power and money. So that insures it. If they take an oath of office to the constitutional laws, if they don't follow them, you can sue them, put them in jail, you do many things. That’s the purpose. So whenever someone goes to court now, they should see if the judge has an oath of office. If he doesn't, it’s a non-constitutional room. It will be administrative law under commercial law. Now the federal government wants to get over that, so you know what the FBI has on their website now for anyone who claims to be a sovereign? A sovereign means the highest authority, and the constitution was written – the Bill of Rights said – ‘The people are the sovereigns - no longer the king. We are no longer slaves;, we are no longer minions to the king or the royalty; we are all created equal. The people are the highest sovereignty, the city, the county, the state and then the government in that order. But the greatest sovereignty starts with the people.’ So if you look up sovereign citizens on the FBI website, it says “terrorists.” They’re suing judges, they don’t explain why but they say they’re disrupting government, they don’t follow the law. The judges who were sued are not following the constitution in the courtroom. And that was happening with the farmer Vernon Hershberger. You can look up his name on Youtube and find a lot of videos on there. In the state of Wisconsin, the statute 97.10 says ‘exemption from licensing and permits for producing milk in food is given to only owners, farmers, their families and workers. They’re exempt from licenses and permits.’ Yet this farmer, Hershberger, is being taken to court because he doesn’t haven any licensing or permits. He let them expire, then notified an attorney via the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, sent a letter to the Wisconsin Department of Ag. that “I’m opting out. What you want to do with your regulations is opposed to how we want to do food. We consider your foods, and the way you produce them, contaminated.”

So we are creating a private farm and the government only has jurisdiction over commercial. So I wrote a letter a little bit more extensive when Vernon’s farm contracted with me in Right To Choose Healthy Food. I sent the DATCP a letter enumerating, and sending them contracts, showing them it was private and that nothing was commercial and they had no jurisdiction. So last June, they came in and they taped everything and said you couldn't open it or sell anything. The only people who are consuming that food are owners, workers and family right out of their jurisdiction. DATCP keep pushing jurisdiction where they don't have it, so they are acting illegally. So, during this process we find out that the head of that agency for this branch, Jaqueline Owens, doesn’t have an oath with office or a bond. She is impersonating a state actor, because she has neither of those. She should be in jail. She’s got warrants issued - she’s been trespassing many times - and yet she keeps doing it.

The governments want full control. They are trying to bypass all the laws of the constitution - get rid of the constitution - so they take everything. And why do they do that? Because who wants to run the world: the 1% who has all the money and has all the profits. The Department of Agriculture and even Obama - Obama named the head of the agricultural department of the United States as ex-attorney and lobbyist for Monsanto, Michael Taylor. So that’s who we have in office running Agriculture, who is directly affecting the people, us. Our government is way out of hand. They don’t all believe in violence, in fact the majority is non-violent. They tell you how and this is directed toward government agents - here’s how you spot a sovereign citizen who is a terrorist, and that’s how they train them.

Now the FDA and the CDC have never ever done any research on raw milk, never, any. And they deny tests or experiments that are favorable. Anyone who talks about it - they completely deny anything. The only thing they support is anything that’s anti-raw milk. And that’s all accusation; there is no evidence for anything. In the one lawsuit of a public citizen, which was Ralph Nader’s company, public citizens in 1986 filed a suit against the ex-head of the FDA. She wasn’t even in charge of the FDA at the time and it was to force the FDA to act on their ruling or their statute that said raw milk cannot be transported between states - from state to state. Now that had been contrived in 1974, but it received great resistance and nobody did anything about it. So they decided to go around it. Ralph Nader stopped running that organization in about 1985. So in 1986, the man who was running it made a deal with the FDA: ‘We’ll file suit against you, put this on the books and we’ll get raw milk outlawed.” No one even heard about the case; it was a closed environment, everyone who was there who testified voted against raw milk except one person, one illiterate farmer. Everyone had their accusations, CDC and everyone.

When I did the research back in the 70’s I found that every accusation of raw milk contamination was done by survey. So what happens is: if there’s a case of bloody diarrhea, bloody vomit, extreme abdominal pain - the doctor has to report to the health department. So, then an employee in the health department, a clerk, with no oath of office or anything, just an employee will call that person who had that illness and ask “What did you eat that day?” Out of all the reports that I read, most calls I read averaged 6 weeks after the incident. How many of you can remember what you ate 6 weeks ago? How many of you can remember what you ate from one day to the next? So people didn’t remember. So they asked, did you eat raw milk, did you eat sashimi, did you eat steak tartar? If any of those came up, they were automatically listed as the cause of the illness.

There was one incident where the state of California got caught, they head of the health dept. in Sacramento. They claimed this 12 year old girl had died drinking raw milk. So several of us went to the family and inquired what happened. We soon found out that case was that the little girl had actually drowned. They found salmonella in her stomach, so they wanted to blame it on something she ate. They blamed it on raw milk. The family didn’t understand that especially since the little girl was the only one in the family who didn’t drink the raw milk – she didn’t like it. Everybody drank raw milk but her, and they blamed the whole case and her death on raw milk. And it’s still on the books today. Even though they know she didn’t die through any kind of contamination, she drowned. But it’s still on the CDC books that way that she died was raw milk.

So you’ve got this situation: every case that was based on raw milk was not verified by science. And you’ll see some cases that came up in the last few years that say “we ran bacterial food prints on it”, like a finger print. But a finger print isn’t like what we have here, on our finger. They are different. A finger print of bacteria tells you a race of bacteria. What particular kind of salmonella it is. That’s like me saying “oh it was done by an Irish person.” Which Irish person? How many other things contain salmonella of that breed? Every food contains some form of salmonella; every food is full of bacteria, until you cook it and process it. Your process is 150 bacterial genes, to 1 human gene. You’re not even ½ a percent human. Everything that occurs in your body is done by the process of bacteria. Whether it’s energy, or digestion. The fecal, urinary, and perspiration excretions are bacteria. They break down the food we eat into a milky substance. Even if you’re eating blueberries, when the bacteria are finished with it, it looks like milk. And that goes into the lacteal system, which is a webbed network in the small and large intestines where everything is absorbed. It passes into the lymphatic system, where further digestion happens with bacteria, and turns it into translucent food. This food feeds the whole body, or it’s supposed to feed the whole body if things are working correctly. 90% of our population, that are in advanced civilized society, all have jammed lymphatic systems that don’t feed the body anymore. So now you’re transporting food in your blood and urological fluid. So if your blood is strictly made to generate energy, all of a sudden now that it’s doing all of this transportation of nutrients, what is lacking? Energy. The process of the blood is, the red blood cells take oxygen to the cells

so that they have oxygen to transform fats, or any other foods, into energy. Then white blood cells take that waste out of the blood and out of the body. They also eat dead red blood cells, so the bloodstream doesn’t get contaminated. They excrete the carbon dioxide out the lungs and also out of the skin. That’s the only purpose of the blood; that’s the only thing it should do. But in unhealthy animals it transports nutrients because the lymphatic system isn’t doing it. I remember back in the late 40’s and 50’s on my grandparents’ farm, you’d see people 40 and 50 years old taking

60 pound bales of hay and throwing them up on a loft this high, like 11-12 feet. Throwing them up there. People are so weak now, everything is with a forklift. They can barely life a 50lb bale of hay to their chest. They certainly can’t throw it up that high.

So you have to look at the condition of the human body; it’s frightful. They want you weak; they want you going to doctors. Who owns the greatest amount of stock in pharmaceuticals aside from the queen and king of England? …the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, Senators, Congressmen because that is the greatest profit, is in drugs. And they’ll come down on the drug that’s getting bad press because it’s harming too many people, and they’ll defend it. And then they make a fortune on the drug. It’s all very corrupt, and it’ll get more corrupt unless we stop and make them face the music. And that’s what I’m doing with my farmers, and it’s easier in that environment. I can say ‘Hey, we’ve got all these sick people - people with allergies. They can’t have ammonia or chlorine in their food. And that's what these health departments require: that everything be washed with chlorine or ammonia. So bad that when you go into a meat market, even if it’s Whole Foods, the amount of ammonia and chlorine in the air gives me a headache. And that’s the way it is everywhere now - in all the markets. We can’t handle that toxicity, I can’t and a lot of other people can’t, so we choose to have food that is not prepared according to the bacterialphobes who run the government and the health department. So we can’t have that food without symptoms, so we say no way are we going to have that. So we create our own private farms and we grow foods the way we need them. We prepare them the way we need them.

Even in the dairy laws, you have to have toxic iodine to wash the teats. Do you know how damaging iodine is when it’s in liquid rock form like that? It’s terrible, it will shorten the cow’s life by up to 5% if it’s wiped every time with iodine. What they do is wipe the teat and put the stopper on it, so the teat is coated with iodine that sits on their for 10-15 minutes and then gets wiped. So it gets into the milk and into the cow. And it does thyroid damage among other things to that cow. And because it’s in the milk it affects the people who drink it. So my farmers use raw apple cider vinegar to clean the teat, diluted. And that’ll clean the smell and taste of animal hide, which will get into the milk if you don’t clean the teats. But we are not going to do it with a poison. Why does the government choose to use a poison? To make people sick and weak. That’s the only object it can be. It’s raqueteering. There’s can be no other choice, it’s like why did they use very poisonous toxic chemicals to clean gold when you can do it in water? Because Monsanto has the product to clean it? It contaminates things over a long period of time. It contaminates the wells, the ground, the groundwater, the soil. Why would they choose to do that when they know gold can be washed with water at certain temperatures? You have to look at these things and wonder, hey there’s no reason for you to do that when there’s alternatives - safer alternatives. So if you’re choosing to do that, you’re helping someone to make money who makes a chemical, and you’re causing harm to the people.

So you have to ask yourself what do they have most of their stocks in? If it’s in pharmaceuticals, well you have the answer right there. We probably have 5 or 6 senators out of 535 who don’t have investments in the pharmaceutical industry. Think about that. So when these misdemeanor charges were charged against Vernon, for not having a license and a permit, why would you need to have a license AND a permit? …racketeering, more and more money. And then they got him for tearing the tape off and not letting the food rot. And then for not following the rules. four charges in total. And of course, they are using raw milk to scare the judge, and everyone else of course, because everyone’s afraid of raw milk because they don't know any better and that’s what they’re told. Every epidemic that’s ever occurred, and that’s including the one in Arizona that involved 197 thousand people, was pasteurized milk. Proved to be properly pasteurized. But every incidence is, like I said – “oh you drink raw milk? So you’re illness has to be a cause of that.” So like I said, there was no legitimate science to prove that any case was ever attributed to raw milk. That includes the food fingerprints we talked about. How about that incidence of campylobacter two months ago? 35 people involved. The milk was tested at 2 independent laboratories. No campylobacter. Yet they still blame it on the raw milk. No science, and yet this (inaudible) goes before the senate and science committee and says raw milk is dangerous, “we have the science and there is no science to prove anything else.” And it’s just the opposite.

This is what these government officials are doing. They are taking all of your and my rights away on fallacy, on comic book mythological junk science. Which is not science at all. When the charges came against Vernon, I immediately responded. I said this is a private company, I named the different amendments to the constitution that named our rights, and there were five constitutional amendments that defined we could do that - that we could have contracts. The government has no jurisdiction over agriculture. Yet the states and federal government are taking initiative over agriculture. And even in the state of Wisconsin, like I said 97.10 says exemption goes to only to family, workers and owners. Here we have all of this and then Jacqueline Owens, not having an oath of office and bonding, every warrant she did, every time she went into sign for a warrant and ask the judge for one, was a criminal act. And she should be in jail. So I’ve named all of that in my jurisdictional challenges. The judge has refused to talk about jurisdictional challenges. And there are four places in the law that define when you have a question about jurisdiction, everything’s stopped till it’s decided. We’ve been to court three times now and the judge keeps putting it off. And moving the case forward. This last time on March 2nd. I flew from Asia to Wisconsin, it took me many flights and airports to get there. And again he didn’t hear the jurisdictional challenge and that was the whole purpose of it: to challenge jurisdiction. That was what that hearing was supposed to be about. He said “we’re going to deal with it later and here’s how we’re going to deal with it.” The state hasn’t answered any of the motions. Wait a minute, the law says you have 10 days to answer any kind of a motion. They've had since January 13th to answer the last one. They have since January 9th to answer that, then end of December. Now they're giving them 30 days to answer. So it’s completely unconstitutional, illegal what this judge is doing. So every time I write something to be filed as a brief for Vernon, I write down what the constitution laws is for judge and that they are personally responsible when they violate constitutional law.

So after this last hearing, the judge was a little bit more aware, so that he didn’t run things as hard as he’s done before. And be belligerent. He came in smiling, you can see the whole thing on Youtube. And we asked for - we paid for - the oath of office of those three judges in Bariboo, Wisconsin. And when we called they had all three judges oath of office and bought them. So we know they had made their oath to the constitution. So when we call them on it, we don’t go for administrative law. We’re on constitutional grounds here. And that puts the court on alert that they have to follow constitutional law. Not commercial law. Not any other administrative law. We called him on his oath and he has to follow that, because we are there and we are acting on the constitution only. So everything I write has that incorporated into it. So if I say sovereign citizen automatically I’d be labeled. I don't use “sovereign citizen” I use sovereign, and I say “as American citizens we are sovereign… as the constitution said. As Americans we are sovereign, and that's the wording in the constitution”.

Q: This is really interesting to me, but I have to leave early, and I’d like to find out more about the food stuff.

A: Okay, yes I’m near the end. So, I also wrote the DOJ, Department of Justice of Wisconsin, handling these misdemeanors. Top people in the justice department in Wisconsin are prosecuting this farmer.

Q: This is the federal level?

A: No this is the state. The Wisconsin DOJ. Three weeks ago, Jacqueline Owens, a false agent, went onto his property again. And we told them that they better not trespass. They have no business on the property, it is a privately owned farm. She came in, she wanted to inspect everything. Because when Vernon went in the first time, he would get a $500 bail if he agreed to not produce anything, not make any milk, not do anything on the farm, and not have anybody else do it. And I wasn’t there for that. I was in Asia. I said we have to file a motion, and go in front of the judge and say “Listen, I’m not the only owner of the farm. Again there’s a jurisdictional challenge here. Bail is for someone to assure that they will return. It's not about slapping sanctions, because you’re determining guilt by sanctions and I reject all agreement on that.” So, when the state came in to inspect, he said no. So, the DOJ had written up this letter and information about how Jacqueline Owens went to the farm to get an inspection. And he denied her. You have no jurisdiction; go away.

So, the DOJ had written this letter to the judge. So I wrote a notice to the court, and I said, first of all, the judge can't decide anything from a letter. Also, any charges that stem from a prohibition based on bond has to have separate charges against them. So you have to have a whole new case and prove the guilt of that one or not. And sure enough, when that was brought up by the DOJ’s attorneys, the judge – he listed everything I said in that letter. “I can't consider a letter, you have to file a motion. And if you disobey prohibition, it’s a very bad thing. But you have to file other charges that have nothing to do with this case.

So, like in James’ case and others here, he would have been put in jail. And it wouldn’t have been separate charges. They would have been linked to his case here. Because James doesn’t know what the frick he’s doing, and he’s acting as his own attorney. If he hadn’t kicked me out of my own club, our club, I’d still be there helping him. And if he hadn’t defrauded us with food, I’d still be there helping him. But he chose his bed to lay in. And we as a food co-op are going to suffer a little from this, from the publicity. But we are ultimately going to win that end of it. Everything about that case is a trumped up charge, except for Sharon. Sharon’s done some very bad things, according to evidence that I’ve seen. The worst thing James has done to us was sell us commercial food, and call it organic non-soy food. That’s a terrible thing. And I’ve got a suit against him and Sharon for that. And that’s where that resides. But they shouldn’t be going through any of this with the government.

Q: The eggs that he brought in?

A: The eggs and chicken. So anyway, I’m keeping the judge in check very well. The last thing he did in court, was say “I want you to plead guilty or not guilty.” And I said, I see no probative effect in pursing this case without jurisdictional challenges being addressed. And that’s exactly what it is, that's the constitutional law, both in Wisconsin and the American constitution, and the statutes of Wisconsin. So the judge says “I’m going to take that as a mute and enter not guilty on all four things.” So the judge pushed it along, and put a trail date for September 25th. What about a speedy trial, and a misdemeanor is 60 days. So after that happened, I had to file a notice to the court, that because of the judge is not following proper procedural laws, of the US, and Wisconsin, and the statutes of Wisconsin, that he has forced this trial, and that nothing they are doing is illegal, it’s just food. And that the speedy trial law goes into effect as of March 2nd, so you have until May 1st to take this to trial.

So, I’m not letting them get away with this. So if we file suit on the judge, and we will, and the state, the Agricultural department, and the DOJ of Wisconsin. We have this all laid out, every step of the way, we’ve reminded them by citing law. So when we go to file suit against them and have a jury trial, not a judge trial- we’re in the free. The only thing that could harm that is if the judge says “oh this is a frivolous case.” And we file against that judge too. And it’s a chain reaction.

But, the thing I’ve figured out is that a judge cannot serve on the bench if two suits are against them at a time. One has to be resolved. So I’ve gotten seven people from different groups, and each one will file a separate case. The judge will never sit on the bench again until they’re resolved. So he can’t get paid in that time either. So, and then on the FBI side, we’re considered terrorists when we file these “frivolous actions” against judges. None of them are frivolous. So anyway, lets’ get into health now, and go around. Do you have a question?

Q: I need to know what is the safest non-EMF, or low EMF- computer mouse.

A: There is a company that is still selling the roller balls. Dell was the only one that had one, not the infrared ones. Since I was subdued and given those three injections, I now become a conductor for electromagnetic fields whenever I step in somewhere with an electromagnetic field. So I put my EMF gauge, my Tri-Field meter on my keyboard, which used to read nothing when I touch it. It still reads nothing, until I touch it. Now it goes up to four and five. So I am now a conductor since those injections. So they really played with me badly, even my mouse, which has nothing unless I’m touching it, then it goes to four and five. It’s harmful at 3 milligauss. It's been scientifically proven to be harmful enough to alter the molecular structure of animal cells at above 3 milligauss. So when I touch anything, a computer, a mouse, a keyboard - even if I’m not directly in the field, any items - I start generating an EMF field that's 4-5 milligauss and I feel it. But there’s nothing I can do about it.

Q: What about zeolite, will that take it out?

A: Zeolite is poison. The only way to do it is through minerals, apple cider vinegar, with coconut cream or milk. So I took it from a 5 ½ to a 4 ½ and 5. If I were here all the time, I’d get raw ACV every day. But I’m gone 4-5 months at a time, traveling. I get maybe 30 days out of the year when I can take it easily and freely. I could probably do it quicker. But if you want to chelate heavy metals out of the body, you do it with raw apple cider vinegar and some kind of fat; milk is good, coconut cream is good. Mix it together. Eat it right away so it doesn’t curdle. I mix a tablespoon of vinegar in 3 oz. of milk, or coconut cream and milk together. And then I drink that and rinse my mouth with an ounce of raw milk so that the vinegar doesn’t deteriorate the dentine. It can do that.

Q: So should I put cream in the vegetable juice?

A: If you’re having the vinegar, then yes.

Q: Why can't you take the vinegar with you wherever you go?

A: It will be irradiated, and they don't let vinegar on an airplane. You can’t even ship vinegar on an airplane because it will blow up.

Q: How much cream to put in vegetable juice?

A: Depends how much vinegar you’re putting in. 1 teaspoon cream to a tablespoon of vinegar. Or you could have coconut cream in your juice. But the coconut cream and the juice separate. Raw cream will mix. Now vinegar has a tendency to demineralize the body. That’s why I say to have it with fat and or milk.

A: So I’ve tried out some of the USB computer mouses, not the Bluetooth ones, but the wired ones. I still get a greater reaction with those. It’s higher in stress and strain. If I use a roller ball, I just get the EMF sensation lower down, and I can still work for 20 hours without my hand getting too fatigued. You have to put an EMF meter and see if it reads. Some of the infrared mouses don’t register EMF fields, but you’ve got an infrared radiation emitting from it. At least I have reactions from it.

Q: I always thought colonics was a way to clean out the intestines, and you’ve talked to me about intestinal poisoning. What is that exactly, how do cooked foods crate that, and how do raw foods resolve that?

A: Well, there is no plaqueing like a lot of people say. I’ve seen some pretty bad cases of plaqued arteries, but never in the intestines, unless they were a smoker. And that is plaquing in the lungs. And if you were a menthol smoker, there are crystals. Like beautiful jewel crystals lining the lungs. So, the idea of forming plaque in the intestines is a fallacy. However you do have contaminations stored in intestinal tissue in the walls of the intestines. Now what colonics do, they put about 5 gallons of warm water and flush out the intestines. How does digestion work in your intestines?

Q: Bacteria.

A: Bacteria is 90% of digestion. And you also have digestive juices to break down larger parts of food, so the bacteria can break it down and eat it. If you’ve got big chunks, then guess what: not much of that is going to be digested and absorbed before it leaves the body. So you’re wasting a lot of meat, and other foods that can’t be digested, like nuts. So you’ve got hydrochloric acid and other digestive acids that break it down. So if you flush it out, you flush out everything: all the bacteria, all the digestive enzymes, all the mucus that protects the intestines. You’ve got a very raw environment, where you will not digest properly for a minimum of 90 days. Minimum. It takes 90 days for a healthy person to restore those colonies of bacteria into the concentration they were supposed to be. Not a good thing.

Q: But can’t you replace it with kefir bacteria?

A: It is not the same bacteria. Kefir will digest milk products. But they won’t digest meat or any other food. Those are specific - lactobacillus bulgaricus, acidophilus - are specifically for milk proteins, fats, and sugars.

Q: So how does the raw diet get those things out of the tissues?

A: The fruit with fat. Coconut cream is a good way to remove it. Vinegar. And it’s a slow process. You don’t want it coming out fast, then you’ll have diarrhea. If you do have diarrhea, that means your body’s getting some heavily caustic toxins, a lot at one time. And the body doesn’t want to disturb the bacteria. It wants to reduce the bacterial destruction, and the mucus destruction from the food contamination. So it flushes it out with diarrhea. The way you prevent that diarrhea and the loss of those fluids and arrest those toxins easier, is to eat raw cheese every 20-30 min and that will absorb those poisons. You have a train of those cheeses going through, collecting and collecting the poisons. Constantly. So you don’t have to suffer diarrhea. A lot of people will suffer vomit. A lot of people, if they eat the cheese, they won’t have to unless the cheese is not good enough. And let me tell you, I measured the vomit in a few people who could not stop vomiting, who had cancer, and one of the tests came back with 3 thousand times the lethal dose of thallium. Thallium is a rat rodent poison. That’s what the women who poison their husbands that you hear about use. So whenever thallium in that measurement turns up, or even in a small 3 or 4 times normal, the laboratory has to report it to the police. So they called the police and they called me. Somebody’s poisoning your patients. Probably the spouse. And it wasn’t. These two had just been married five years and they adored each other, I mean adored each other. There was no rodent poisoning found in the house or anything. So where did it come from? She was a metallurgist. She designed toxic silver jewelry. Toxic silver jewelry. She did it over a Bunsen burner without ever wearing a mask for all those years. What’s high in silver? Mercury and thallium. Like 50% mercury in silver, thallium is 25-50%. So she inhaled that. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was vomiting it because the breast was melting. And she couldn't throw it out through her skin anymore, so she was excreting it through her stomach and vomiting in. In 4 oz of vomit, she had 3 thousand times the lethal dose of thallium. So vomit is a wonderful thing. But if you can curb it by eating cheese, and pass it through without being absorbed, then that’s ideal. But never eat honey with your cheese because then you will reabsorb those poisons. I still want people to eat honey 20-25 minutes after a meat meal to get a surge of minerals. - a mineral supplement. But all those other times you’re eating cheese throughout the day, honey should not be with that cheese

Q: Does that work if you get bit by a spider, like a poisonous spider?

A: Cheese and milk. Milk will draw the poisons to the stomach

Q: What do you think of cod liver oil? … especially if it’s the fermented kind?

A: Green Pastures, I worked with them two years to create a way to ferment it and then they did. But because it’s stinks, it’s awful tasting, bitter and nasty, nobody but my patients will take it.

Q: What about the cinnamon flavoring, and all that?

A: Yeah but those are for other people. The ones for us are no flavoring, the plain. The flavoring harms the cod liver oil. It has kerosene derivatives, distilled oils which are solvents. If you would soak your food for 12 hours in kerosene and then rinse it, would you eat it? That’s basically what you’re doing. You’re putting that concentration with the flavorings in there.

Q: Do you think cod liver oil by itself is necessary to have a good diet?

A: When I did my experiments of people who were 100% on the diet, it had no positive effect. It does with people who are not doing the diet. It’s a big expense, just eat your fish. Eat cod.

Q: Where do you get cod?

A: Santa Monica seafood market has cod.

Q: [Inaudible question

A: I don’t get anything from the lower Atlantic.

Q: So what kind of fish?

A: Anything you want, as long as it’s not from the Gulf and as long as it’s not below South Carolina on the east coast.

Q: Is Pacific okay?

A: Pacific is okay for now. We might have some radiation in a few years from Fukushima. But right now it’s not terribly bad. It’s not good, but it’s not terribly bad. But we are protected because we drink raw milk. Now there are people on the internet and in government that say milk is one of the most contaminated products from radiation. Yes, if it’s pasteurized. When it’s raw it helps to free the radioactive material out of your body. It helps chelate, bind and neutralize it. The government has got all kinds of ways to kill us. Or to keep us going to the doctors so they can make dividends with their pharmaceutical stock. That’s what it’s all about.ells

Q: How much raw milk do you need to counterbalance everything that’s happening now?

A: In California, with what’s happening now, I drink 2 quarts of milk a day.

Q: I can’t drink that much.

A: You can if you eat small chunks of pineapple throughout the day. About a ½ a cup of pineapple: every 2-3 hours, have a piece of it. Or if pineapple is too disagreeable with you, you can have a tablespoon of papaya.

Q: But then you can’t have your other fruit? Like berries.

A: You can yes, you just have less of the berries in that mixture. You still have the same amount of coconut cream with your cream and butter. But if you’re having berries, they’re low in sugar so it’s not a problem. Cherries are low in sugar too. So you can still have that, and your pineapple too.

Q: Papaya has been irradiated hasn’t it?

A: It depends. If it’s been irradiated you’ll see one wrinkled side. If you see one wrinkled part of that it’s been irradiated.

Q: Could you drink less milk and just have more cream and butter.

A: No the milk has minerals, there’s not a lot of minerals in cream and butter, they’re mainly fat.

Q: So what did you say? A chunk of pineapple… how often?

A: Have a chunk every 2-3 hours. It’ll increase your digestion of milk.

Q: You could do cheese and honey instead of so much milk.

A: No, cheese and honey would cause you to re-absorb the radiation. To get radiation out of the body, you have to have cheese without the honey. If there’s radiation that's collected in that cheese you’ll reabsorb it. In raw milk there’s a fluid cream that is very helpful in protecting the nerves. Cheese doesn’t have that. And the radioactive material has the propensity to go into nerve tissue. So you need cream.

Q: The white or green mold that grows on cheese, is that okay to eat?

A: The nature of cheese is that the molds are like the lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus bulgaricus, etc. - predigested fresh milk. When you make cheese, the molds predigest it for you. Different molds have different flavors, odors, whichever it is. A lot of people smell the rankest cheese in the world and think “this is odorifically wonderful.” Other people say, the thing stinks you know.. Depends on your nose what you want to call it. Each mold will create a different type of aroma and taste. It’s predigested. The fur on the outside is heavy spores. That can create too much detoxification of your system, fast. So you can just scrape that off the outside, just scrape it off so it won’t be too much on your system.

Q: If you’re going to raise dairy goats, what would you feed them? Would you use organic feed or make your own?

A: Just remember, goats eat bushes, bark. They like hard substances. You give them raw stuff and it will make them crazy. They have very strong digestive tracts. They can digest nails! They can eat a nail and you will not see it come out in the fecal matter.

Q: So you can just give them leaves? I read books that said to supplement with hay, and feed etc.

A: To build milk up, they would do better with having quick carbohydrate starches. So yes, any of those things are okay, and in my farm in the Philippines, they have plenty of vegetation to eat, but I do give them some grains. And my cows in Thailand, I do give them some of my rice that I grow. It helps them produce more milk, and it’s sweeter. Otherwise the fat content is very little, without the extra grain.

Q: So what if the only water you had was city water, what would you do? Gerolsteiner would be too expensive?

A: That’s all I drank when I was here. Where I lived there was no well, and there’s no well where I am now. I have Acqua Panna, I don't do carbonated because I’m at the point where carbonation starts affecting me poorly.

Q: No, I mean for the goats. What would you give them.

A: If they have city water, I run it through a sand filter. A 300lb sand filter, run it through it. Go on the internet, you’ll see some sand filter experiments. One guy put dirty motor oil in with water in this sand filter, and he put about a half a cup or more, with other water and it was completely clean, just from sand.

Q: Including dissolved chemicals?

A: All of it. The sand absorbs it. It’s spectacular. That’s why I say to put the sand filter last. Make sure your getting all the particles out. Put a HEPA paper filter first, then it goes through a coconut carbon filter, then your sand filter. The government tells you to do the opposite. Sand first, because sand is dirty. You can’t get cleaner than sand. Nothing cleans and filters better than sand. So, if you get a plumber to install this for you they may argue to put the sand in first, then charcoal, then paper. Do you know how many toxins go into creating paper? It’s astronomical.

Q: Can we drink that water too, personally?

A: You could.

Q: LA City water too?

A: You could, but I’d still use milk and vinegar.

Q: How about clay? Like in the baths.

A: No, because, then your clay starts break down and you free up things like lead, aluminum, etc. It’ll free up too much if you let it sit for a long time. That’s why I tell people if you use the moist clay, make sure to put it in milk, or something that has nutrients in it. Don’t just put it in water and wash it down and dissolve it, because you’ll have heavy metals in there. I’ve done the experiments. I want the bacteria breaking down those minerals, but not to the point where you absorb them. And you will if you just mix it with water and put the moist stuff and put it with water, you’re going to absorb a certain amount of that lead. You don’t want to do that. So you mix it with milk or vegetable juice, something that binds with those excess minerals.

Q: ::::Inaudible::: Magnets :::Inaudible::: Last time we emailed each other you said something about using enamel. Now originally, we talked about that it was sixty of them. Now it sounds like you had mentioned less magnets - but when I shipped the pillow to that woman, it was the same amount that you originally said, and she said it was perfectly fine.

A: Well it depends on how often she uses it, how much she sits in the car.

Q: When we first started, I used them and Kathy used them and it was fine for us.

A: Well for me it was too much. When I would go take my trip to San Diego or Mexico, it was too much. The one you gave me to test.

Q: That was neodymium, that wasn’t enamel. Alright well that one is okay.

Q: I purchased so many magnets and I have no use for them anymore.

A: Ebay? You may not get back all that you spent on them, but you’ll get some money back.

Q: When I was using the neodymium [magnets] I was making them and I was getting sick. I was getting literally sick. And I remember my chest was hurting me, and I was getting chest pain. And I would drink the milk shakes and it would go away. So it was amazing just having the milkshakes. These are earth magnets, they’re very powerful. I thought for a moment, should I go to the hospital?

A: That’s the way I was when I used the pillow when I went down to Mexico. I was a mess.

Q: So are you using the enamels?

A: I haven’t tested the new ones, for me, because I’m more sensitive, so let me test one at that ratio.

A: The problem is, I did all that research in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Now, they've increased the magnetic fields in them, and changed them. And I was going on my research from before, and I shouldn't have done that.

Q: So people who invested money in the pillows, Kathy, I have to mention that because they invested, that I have to sell these before I make new ones. But I do make pillows. [note: for full info re: having pillows made for you, call (636)489-0681]

A: Who has the next question?

Q: I’m looking to buy brain.

A: Calf or pig?

Q: :::Inaudible::: I’d like to know if you know of a good source.

A: … my product list; you can call those farmers; they’ll sell it to you. :::Inaudible:::

Q: I don’t know if you’ve looked into it, but one of the effects of cooking food is the oxidization of the amino acids.

A: … and the fats.

Q: But there’s more enzymes etc. that break down.

A: I named 32 of them in the recipe book, in the last 15 pages I named all 32 that have been identified. But those aren’t the subtoxins, those are just the major toxins.

Q: :::Inaudible::: If someone eats cooked meat would you suggest supplementing with amino acids?

A: No because the problem is most of those are derived from soybean or GMO corn, and they have kerosene derivatives to fractionate the proteins to derive the particular protein your looking for. So it’s a whole chemical and heat process. There’s no natural process. Although they say it’s natural, because kerosene is “natural.” But like I said before, if they take it from the soybean, they have to take the soybean, and cook it in a kerosene derivative for at least 12 hours. Kerosene is penetrating in everything in every particle. All the way into amino acids. So what are you getting? Contaminated protein. It’s not going to really help you. What it will do is give you a false high, because your body will rush in adrenaline to handle the kerosene toxicity. That's why people get high on vitamins. They get an adrenaline high. It’s not a healthy high.

Q: If you were never breast fed, and 30 years later you figure it out. Is there a solution for you?

A: 40 years of rebuilding your body. But if you do what I do, I suck my drinks from my teeth, so I get all that bacteria in the mouth. That's why babies suckle, to get that bacteria and digest all that milk rapidly. And it should be room temperature, my milk is always room temperature. And I suck it, through my teeth and into my mouth. So I suck.

Q: Do you do colostrum?

A: I do colostrum but that’s rare. A cow only produces colostrum for the first three days after giving birth, and then for two days its mild. Its only 3 days and how many cows do you have to produce how much colostrum. It’s not something you’re going to get frequently - limited supply. But I drink it when I can get it, absolutely.

Q: What’s the difference between colostrum and milk?

A: The difference between colostrum and regular milk is that the digestive tract is not conditioned yet when we are born to digest cream properly. Cream is one of the most difficult natural animal fats to digest. The thick hard fats in meat are easier to digest than cream. Cream is very complex. So when a calf is born, the mother mainly makes butter out of the cream. So that colostrum is yellow, it’s 50% butter and 50% cream, then after the third day it goes to ¼ butter and ¾ cream, and by the fifth day it’s all cream no butter. If you want butter, you have to make it, churn it and separate it.

Q: What is the point of drinking colostrum now?

A: It sets up a good environment to help digest cream. So people who have trouble digesting, it helps.

Q: What’s the advantage of having cream as opposed to butter?

A: Well, like I said in the books, butter feeds everything in the body, everything, including the nervous system. But it does not take care of the nervous system and brain the way that cream does. Cream also protects the nerves in the way butter cannot. Cream’s very important. When you’re eating coconut cream with your fruit to detoxify, you want some raw cream in there with it. If I see people have a liver problem or a tremendous amount of vaccines, I tell them …butter and cream with coconut cream and fruit, or coconut cream and cream with fruit, just for protection.

Q: It seems like timeline, as far as end of the world, for this country. Do you have any hopes? Where are you at, I’m just curious? … because you are inside

A: Let me tell you, if I didn’t think it was positive, I’d be on my farms in Thailand and the Philippines saying screw you, everybody, if you’re not fighting with me, I’m not going to help you because this is hard for me. I work 20-22 hours a day. I have no time to do anything for myself. I’m writing briefs, research, every day. I read probably 200 pages a day, plus writing, plus doing legal research as well as nutritional... seeing what’s going on, who is being attacked, what the government is doing. All of that takes tremendous amount of time. I’ll tell you, with what Dan Allgyer did to me in Pennsylvania, I almost left it. What James did to me here, I almost left it. But Vernon, great farmer, he wants to stand up with me. And all of the members are fighting with me. So you can go on and see our demonstration. Were talking about 1,459 people, and we had 250 show up at a demonstration. That's pretty phenomenal. And we’ve got the sheriff on our side. Working with us outside the courtroom. That encourages me greatly. I was very discouraged at the last demonstration we had downtown to the Board of Supervisors. There were only 10 of us that showed up. What is that?

Q: One of the differences is, on the one end in Wisconsin, they were organized and they acted together. Someone was leading it.

A: Yeah, Liz, all she did was the same thing I did. She put out emails telling them what to do, what to say, just like I did.

Q: ::Inaudible::: Where people came from?

A: Some of them came from Rice and Madison, only an hour and a half away, some from La Crosse, some from Chicago. There were members from all over that came. They came from all over and showed. I was very disappointed only 10 people showed up for me when I took our case to the Board of Supervisors. I was ready to say “Okay guys, your battle is your own. Eat shit food and die. You know, so I need more support if you want me to fight for you. Because it’s all of my time. And I don't take money for it”. I do take $50 an hour when I write a brief, and that's opposed to $500 an hour when an attorney writes one, and they have to do the same research I do. And I can write better than most of them. So I’ve taken about $8,000 a year. So I’ve been making $8 an hour from Right To Choose Healthy Food. I have it there to do what needs to be done, printing, telephone calls, paying people to do things for me. Things like that. And I’m going to the Board of Supervisors again and say, “What is this? You told us we could have this bill written and passed to protect our private food clubs, and you say you support it. And then you say there’s no way we can have it because it’s against statute law. I’m talking from constitutional law. This is our right. Are you going to deny us our right, are you going to lie? Are you going to defend Monsanto

and all the big people, or are you going to protect us? That’s where you’re sitting right now. You took an oath of office.” And I will hit them hard, but I need support, but not just 10 people. 10 people was very helpful, and I’m thankful to those 10 people that came. Because I was there two minutes, as my two minutes to speak. So I got to say what I wanted to say, all that I wanted to say. By those ten people showing up. But I don't just want to have the time, minutes to speak. I need a bigger support group. So you tell members you know, at Rawesome, in Los Angeles, get those people down there to the Board of Supervisors on a Tuesday, when I choose to do it. I wanted to do it March, but I want to set it up. I want to give it to Antonovich, and I want him to write the bill just like we did in 2000. Write the bill and then get the Board of Supervisors to vote on it. But that's probably going to take me till about mid-May to get that accomplished. So when I send out an e-mail, I need support. So that’ll probably be last week in May or first or second week in June. Then I’m gone again. I have to go to Finland; they published my books in Finnish. It took them two years to translate. My books are hard to translate because they’re so opposite of anything that’s normally understood. So you have to think a lot about what’s being said. So I have to go to :::inaudible::: and see patients there, then I go to South Africa for three weeks and do a 3 city tour, then I’m going to Thailand and the Philippines, bouncing back every ten days to get my farms built, moving, and working. So I will be gone again 4, 4 ½ months.

Q: What kind of protection do you have?

A: All kinds. Around my house, I’ve got sensors, ten sensors. Anybody invades the space, go 12 feet from the sensors, they go off as loud as sirens. I’ve got knives, concealed permit, for 37 states. And if this one bill passes in congress it covers for every state. Senate bill 1997, if you have a concealed license permit in one state it’s good for every state.

Q: What do you do to get the Vitamin D you need to absorb?

A: Sun, you need to get out there, your whole body, 45 minutes a week is enough to take care of your body - 45 minutes minimum.

Q: In the summer it seems like you really are getting much more..

A: Oh, you’re getting a lot; we are 3 million miles closer to the sun in the winter.

Q: What about the angle?

A: Angle affects a little bit, but when you’re out in the sun you are getting more in the winter, than you are in the summer, when the sun is hot, between 10-2 hot, you’re getting more rays.

Q: What if you can’t actually get outside to get sun?

A: Take a gun a shoot yourself.. :::laughter from crowd:::: As long as your cows are grazed during summer, you are getting a lot of Vitamin D in your milk and butter especially. But you need sunshine.

Q: I’m in sun all the time but I’m covered.

A: That’s no good. I get a massage once a week, hour in front, hour in back. And I’m outside. Naked as a jaybird. Roger do you have a question?

Q: What about high vitamin butter oil?

A: Yeah, it’s clarified butter. It’s the butter that, if you let it sit in a very warm environment, it will turn very clear at the top. On this diet, when I did experiments with it back in the 90’s, the x factor butter, which is frightfully expensive :::inaudible:::. Ghee is usually made from cooked butter, 140-some degrees. If you take raw butter out at 85 degrees and let it sit, the clarified butter will go to the top.

Q: They make claims that the butter comes from rapidly growing green grass, which is supposedly higher in Vitamin D.

A: Well, it definitely can be. But there’s a lot of theory there, and no laboratory work. No empirical evidence. That’s what I do. I haven’t seen any extra benefit for people on the primal diet. Now for people on Sally Fallons diet, 50% or more cooked foods, yeah it would be beneficial, it would be helpful.

Q: Every time I have fish, I’m a little worried that it might be a way for mercury to get at me.

A: You want to check it? Here’s what you have to do: you do a blood test about six hours after you’ve had your fish. Then see if the mercury level is high. Take a sample before, don’t eat fish for 10 days, just red meat. Have your blood tested for mercury. Then have the fish 6 hours after, take a blood test for mercury again. Then you’ll know, if it’s passing in your blood and blood stream, or if it’s staying in your intestinal tract and coming out in your feces.

Q: Is there a particular kind of fish that’s more safe?

A: My favorite are swordfish and tuna, highest in mercury. Of course I won’t have any from the Gulf or the S. Atlantic.

Q: The Pacific is okay?

A: For right now, yeah.

Q: They say Ahi tuna from the Philippines

A: Yeah, the tuna’s great there. I eat three pounds in a sitting sometimes.

Q: ::::Inaudible:::: Japan

A: Japan is way up there. You've got Taiwan and Japan and the islands of Taiwan break the movement of the water toward the Philippines.

Q: Which is okay?

A: Yeah, it’s okay. Don't buy your fish from Taiwan or Japan, but from the Philippines is okay - where I am, on the far west island. In the Philippines, there are 59 volcanoes, 19 of them active. It’s the most volcanically active place in the world. The island I’m on, Palawan, is way west of all the other island, near all those belts. So where I live there are no earthquakes, no volcanoes, no typhoons. I picked the perfect place if I’m on an island. From there to Vietnam is only 200 miles.

Q: What about salmon?

A: Salmon I don’t touch anymore. They released GMO salmon off into the population almost 28 years ago. They’re lying. Because now that it’s being detected, they’re saying “oh we want to release it now.” So they got a bill passed that says, now we can release GMO salmon into nature. But they did it 27-28 years ago. So now if someone says anything they can say, “oh we just released it last year.” So it’s a scam and a lie. Eight years ago was the last time I ate salmon. Because I was getting sick every time I ate it no matter where it came from. And they were allergy sicknesses, not metal poisoning.

Q: Do you eat fish oil for any reason?

A: Fish oil is helpful as long as it’s from the oil in a fish.

Q: Oysters are good to?

A: Oysters are fine as long as they’re not from Japan.

Q: Wild caught tuna?

A: :::Inaudible:::: They can’t farm tuna like that.

Q: :::Inaudible::: Costco?

A: The problem with those big stores is they will spray chemicals on them to preserve the fish. Those chemicals cover 1/8th to 3 1/16th of the fish. So if you cut that away, you’re left paying $50 per pound for the fish. And they do spray with chemicals - all of the big companies do. Whole Foods is one of the worst. Whole Foods is owned by the Bast (sp?) and the Bush family in Texas. It’s all a scam. When they came out saying “Go Organic” they pitched out the same garbage, and yet they only support 2% of organic produce.

Q: But they have grass-fed organic beef they sell there.

A: That’s what they claim.

Q: So don’t buy that then?

A: I would not buy ::::inaudible::: from Whole Foods. :::Inaudible::: When I first bought their natural meat, Mrs. Gooch’s, I went and had someone call their general office in Texas to find out what they feed those ‘natural beef.’ So it took a while to get in touch with the man who is in charge of what was fed to those cows, because they don't have their own ranches. They contract with ranchers to raise their beef in a certain way, and then sell it to Whole Foods only - just the way the dairy industry does.

Q: But this is, Organic Grassfed Beef...

A: I don’t care; they lie like a rug

Q: So where do you get your beef when you run out of it?

A: Please let me finish.

A: So I finally got a hold of the guy that's in charge, and asked, ‘what exactly is it that you feed them?’

A: “Well we feed them, you know, grass of course; they’re grass fed. Those that are in an area, where they’ve been all year round are grazed like all beef are. Sometimes we do finish them in a lot with grains but its not processed. And we feel them also supplemental food”. “What’s the supplemental food? “Stale donuts”. 15% of their diet is stale donuts! “But it’s all natural, he said, donuts are made of grain”. And I said, “Yeah cows eat grain off the mud and dirt, but they don't go around frying their grains in hydrogenated vegetable oils and plastic and then eating them”. “Well, the FDA and USDA say we are allowed to say this is all natural”. So that’s Whole Foods. Like I said with Bush, the way everything in the military is :::Inaudible::: “It’s the phoenix rebirthing operation by the government.” ::Inaudible:: Planting guns in criminals hands to incite riots and get more of the Patriot Act through. They’re misnomers. So Bush and the Bast family are notorious for making money and telling people it’s the opposite of what it really is. So Whole Foods is the biggest health food scam in the world. They have GMO in 90% of the products they carry and are labeled Organic.

Q: What about Sprouts?

A: That’s a whole other subject.

Q: So where do you buy your food then if you run out?

A: I go to smaller health food stores. I’ll go to PC Greens.

Q: That’s all the way out there.

A: I know but that’s where I go. All the health food stores have particular buyers. But when you go to Whole Foods, you can never tell where they’re getting it from. And they could be swapping food all the time.

Q: :::Inaudible:: Plastic, packaging. Do you think Trader Joes is okay?

A: Trader Joes is a big chain also, all those chains are there to make money. I will go to Whole Foods if that’s the only thing available and buy the grassfed, and pray while I’m eating and eat the cheese and drink a little milk after.

Q: I found a really good butcher called Lindy and Grundy, they have personal relationships with all their suppliers. Whole Foods felt very threatened when they opened up their butcher shop. They’re up on Fairfax. They [Whole Foods] went to all their personal livestock people and said “we want you to do business with us, and only us. We want you to cut out Linda and Grundy.” The farmers called up Lindy and Grundy and said, “We’re not going to participate with this, we’re going with you.” Two female butchers … and you get a lot of fat. It’s the best price I could find for grassfed beef. $10.99/lb it has pretty nice flavor too.

A: Do you know the address? Is it in Beverly Hills or?

Q: It’s between Melrose, up to Santa Monica Blvd. But not even as far North.

Q: Could you spell Grundy?

A: Grundy is when you pull your underwear all the way up. That’s what grundy means.


Q: And the meats look like artwork the way they cut them. They’re a real nice shop, nice people.

A: Do you have a question?

Q: I eat a lot of butter, a lot of it. But with cream and milk I get a little rash. Can you comment on that? And what are the best sources of fat.

A: So you’re getting a rash from drinking milk and cream? 90% of the toxins leave the body through the skin. If they’re highly caustic they cause a rash in the skin. An irritation to the cells. Because you don’t have enough butter in the cells. So for you I would suggest you take about 2 oz. of bone marrow, 2 oz butter and 1 tablespoon of pineapple, blend it together and put it on your skin once a day. That’ll protect it, so when the poisons come through the skin it won’t irritate as much. But if it’s something like a combination of formaldehyde and mercury coming out of the skin, no matter what you do you’re going to get hives or a rash. And you have to flush that off. So what happens when you have the milk and the cream, you have the ability to lose a lot of that mercury. And with the minerals in the milk, you can lose formaldehyde and some other industrial solvents. When they pass through the skin they’re going to create some damage. But it’s better that they leave because if they try to go out through the intestinal tract or mucus membranes, you’re going to have damage, internally.

Q: So it’s a detox reaction.

A: Yes, you’ll notice that most people who have pock marks in their faces are smarter people.

Q: What’s a pock?

A: Craters, pimples. Because the mercury that went to the brain after vaccines, detoxes through their skin as a teenager. That’s not all people. But I’ve found that 80% of people with pock marks are smarter and more perceptive than people who do not have them. So I look at those people and say, what beauty you have. You’ve got a beautiful mind.

Q: So eventually it will resolve itself anyway

A: Yes, I have had rashes and hives that were horrendous. Then I stopped having rashes until I got those injections. I had 8 years of no rashes and since I got those injections I’m having terrible ones.

Q: So the dairy and milk are helping to remove stuff?

A: Yes but again you’re very thin, so when the lymphatic system dumps its waste under the skin to be perspired out, you don’t have enough fat protecting you there. So I suggest you put that on once a day. And you don't have to refrigerate it; the pineapple preserves it at room temperature. You just apply it to your body once a day, and that will help protect your skin more.

Q: What about the ripeness?

A: Medium. If it’s too unripe, it’ll cause the skin to stain and burn.

A: Do you have a question?

Q: Along the same lines, about dental amalgams. Do you know anybody around here that you recommend that doesn't use amalgams.

A: There are a lot of dentists that..

Q: Audience member- Rudolph Aguilera is one of the best in the country. Very expensive.

A: Go down and see Thomas Britton in Tijuana. He’s my dentist. He’ll take them out for 1/10th of the price.

Q: The mercury too?

A: He’ll remove the mercury. He’s not an environmental dentist. I’ve trained him over the years. He does exactly what I want. He doesn’t take X-rays; if I don’t want him to drill he won’t drill. If I want him to scrape he will scrape. He’s learned exactly what I want him to do and he knows how I like to be treated. So he’s the dentist I send people to.

Q: :::Inaudible:::

A: What we can do is next time we have a potluck which will probably be in May, I’ll spend the first 30 minutes talking about how to treat teeth.

Q: What do we tell him?

A: If you speak with him, tell him you're my patient and to treat your teeth the way I like my teeth to be treated. And he will take care of you. If you don’t want X Rays he won’t give you X rays. I had a tooth and the root was connected all the way up to here and I needed to have it pulled, but I couldn't have it pulled because the root was still connected. And I said, I don't want any Novocain. Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go in, they’ve got a little tool which wraps around the tooth, and it’s slightly ::inaudible:: along the top, so it can grab onto a tooth. It has a sharp edge like a razor blade. They take it, twist it around and it cuts all the gum away from the tooth. And it’s one motion. Then I ask for a break, because I have no anesthetic. Give me thirty seconds. Then pull, in one motion, and it’s over. He did it in one motion like that, click click.


A: The swollen nerve on it was this long up in my tooth, was all full of mercury from this filling that had been in it. You don't need Novocain for that stuff. When he drills, he drills very lightly. He doesn't drill anymore than what’s the decay. Most of them go beyond the decay and take part of your good tooth. Plus he has a water jet on it so the bit doesn’t get hot, which is what causes the most burning and the most pain. He’s third generation dentist, his mother and father are both dentists, so he’s had good training. He uses the composites that I like. He does everything the way I want him to do it. He will still recommend the regular common way, but if you say no I want it done this way or the way that Aajonus has it done, that’s the way it will be done. He will do it, he won’t even argue with you. Other dentists will argue to the T. Plus they have to follow the ADA laws. In Mexico they don’t have to.

Q: What about porcelain?

A: I did like porcelain for a long time, but I found that porcelain, when you snap it in has a tendency to crack the tooth. And when I did tests on the outgassing of the composites, there’s no outgassing. Has anyone seen the video of the amalgam outgassing on Youtube? A 25 year old tooth, they put a green screen behind it, and you just see the vapor radiating off of it. You can put in silver fillings, mercury vapor video and you’ll come up with it and watch it. It is frightening.

Q: If I wanted to take out formaldehyde from my body, from carpets outgassing, and other things that I didn't realize at the time…

A: Vinegar is helpful. Also a formula called the solvent remover. Depending upon the person, it’s

2 oz. of lime juice. For you I’d say, 2 oz. of lemon. For most people I say ½ lemon and 1 whole lime. 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. 2 oz. honey, 3 tablespoons of coconut cream, and 2 tablespoons of dairy cream.

It’s delicious! Sip it, otherwise it’ll move through the kidneys too quickly. Put it in 3-4 oz milk or mineral water. Blend it all together and then pour it into sparkling mineral water. Don’t blend it with the water. That way it will distribute evenly.

Q: So this will get formaldehyde out of the body?

A: Yes, there are certain plants, if you look at that old email, from 2006 or 2007 that article I wrote about the plants that reduce formaldehyde from the air.

Q: :::Inaudible::: some kind of flower.

A: Best to go to a smaller nursery with no chemicals.

Q: I’m reading a book about Inuits from Alaska right now, and I understand that freezing food changes the chemical compounds negatively, but I read that their fish is frozen, but I also noticed that they ferment it or dip it in seal oil. So I’m wondering what the safe levels of freezing are.

A: When I was in Alaska in the late 70’s it was still summer there, so I didn't actually see it, but they were telling me that they’d dig a hole in the ice and by the time the fish get up there, it’s already a popsicle. But it hasn’t been frozen for a long period of time. But a lot of the things they eat are frozen, and it does damage to the nutrients. But they live outdoors a lot; they get in the sun a lot… lots of Vitamin D. When they get a blizzard it’s just their face that’s exposed. When the sun is shining and there’s no blizzard, their bodies are exposed to the sun… lots of Vitamin D to make up for it. And they eat a lot of fermented fish, when they can’t supply the bacteria that's destroyed by freezing. But they don’t have the longevity of other tribes who eat raw like that who majorly eat animal products - like the Masai or the Samburu who live 138-148 years old; the average is about 128, something like that. The Eskimo, the longest they live is 105, and they average in their 80’s. Well, that was back in 1907.

Q: My question, how do negative emotions such as grief and anger affect our emotions. What toxins are produced?

A: Well if you upset your mate, they might stab your organs. [Laughter]

That’s what emotions can do.

Q: As far as the body producing any negative hormones or anything...

A: Well, what I have seen and when I used to study people in the 70’s who were into Primal Therapy, where you scream and kick and stab in this sound proof box, where you go and you throw your tantrums. Hopefully it’s soundproof, otherwise the neighbors will call somebody. [Laughter] And what they found was that when they would do that, they were quicker to do physical reactions. In other words, the body liked getting rid of all that anxiety, liked expressing that pent up anger and energy and expressing it in violence. It propagates more violence. So unless you’re in combat or a boxer or if you do some kind of sport for a living that involves violence, I don't think that it’s a good solution. I think it’s better to sing or do an exercise such as swimming to relieve that kind of anxiety or energy.

I know quite a few people who went a little nuts. And people wanted to institutionalize them. Eleanora Van Winkle, the scientist was into the diet for quite a few years until she went into instincto and it killed her. She was almost 80 years old. She did very well on the diet, but when she went to instincto she ate all of this fruit and was dead in a year and a half. She and I had conversations about this and I said ‘Eleanora, if you are always expressing that energy and anger as violence, what do you think you are creating, what do you think your propagating? Sing! Find some sport you like to do and exercise it that way, and you’ll be happier.” And she said, ‘Oh but I feel very good after I do it’, and I said, ‘You’re an A type, you’re hyperactive, you need exercise, but you don’t have to do it that way, you can find another way.” She would argue with me all the time. And then people started calling her crazy, insane and then all the work that she did that was so positive went down the drain. You got some idiot that says he was her friend for 20 or 15 years, just stabs her in the back. You've got this article on the internet, he just stabs her in the back. And those are the people working for government agents and pharmaceuticals who get paid to character assassinate.

Anyway, back to that. A lot of people say, like Louise Hays, if you feel anger it’ll make you sicker. It doesn’t, that's a natural part of everything. Those feelings, that depression, that anger, that’s normal. You won’t be sick from it unless you’re eating poorly and badly. Any emotional, any hormones, and it’s mainly hormones produced by the brain and nervous system, if those are made from toxic substances - especially toxic protein - of course they will cause problems in the body. But if you’re on a good diet, emotional anxiety, emotional anger, any of those characteristics will not do you harm. In expressing them, there’s a positive way to express them.

When I was dying of the chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, the surgery was the least of the problems; the chemotherapy and radiation were the worst. I used to fantasize with my anger and hostility of lining my doctors and nurses up and shooting them one at a time and letting them watch. First the finger would be shot off, then the wrist then the elbow. Each one, and take the person apart, you know anatomically in little sections. And all these people had to watch, they couldn’t leave, and they knew they were coming up soon. And that was my fantasy, and it released tremendous amounts of anger. Not misplaced anger because they deserved it. But I can’t do that. I didn't have the energy to do it, nor did I have the balls to do it.

Q: Cats. I just read that cats purring helps them heal faster. So I like what you said about singing.

A: Yes, singing is the most strenuous activity that you can do, twenty minutes of singing is worth an hour of treadmill.

Q: The other thing I read was that the people who lived the longest weren’t the people who smoked the least or drank the least, married or not married, but they were the people who don’t give a shit about what other people think of them. :::Laughter::::

Q: As far as anger goes, I would say :::inaudible:::: what about noble anger, to defend someone or?

A: It doesn’t matter whether it’s noble or not noble; it’s an emotion that needs expressing. A happy exercise is the way to get rid of it. Otherwise you’ll be in anxiety all the time, and that's not helpful, because then you irritate people. You cause them unhappiness, :::inaudible:::

Q: What about sadness?

A: Crying is good for sadness, singing is good..

A: Do you have a question?

Q: I wanted to ask about the arsenic that’s supposedly in the eggs. How does arsenic affect the body?

A: Well, it does different things to different people, depending on how that particular body handles it. A lot of people I know of have a severe reaction to it, they get heart palpitations, arrhythmia, and chest pains, and they can’t sleep. That's when it builds up. That's what happens to a lot of people who react in the extreme, and the body can’t handle it. So those people I say, until the eggs change, remember a year ago we told people we had a problem with the eggs, they had arsenic in them?

Q: Yes

A: Well, the farmer was feeding the chickens oyster meal, and of coarse when you have oysters and all the toxins in the shells, you’re going to have high amounts of all the toxic minerals. In all the lab tests I’ve done I haven’t found toxins in oyster meat, never found any high toxin, but they throw it off into their shells. Clams don’t do that, urchin doesn't’ do that, but oysters do to that extent. So they use oyster shells to thicken the shells of the chicken eggs; they were feeding them that. And they were using fish meal, but adding oyster shell in that to keep varmints - rats, mice - out. And also they used it as an antibiotic substitute: arsenic.

Q: Does it get them bigger faster?

A: It’s possible but I don't know that. It may cause swelling and fat retention, so that would get them bigger faster of coarse.

Q: So can we stop that?

A: Well, I stopped it. So as long as they had the high meats and they crushed everything, fine. But all of a sudden in January I got reports from my patients, arrhythmia, heart pain, anxiety, fast heart beat and sleeplessness. And I said, “its got to be in the eggs again.” I had it tested and sure enough, arsenic is high. Went back to the farmer to find out what’s going on. Farmer was feeding them fish meal. What the hell do you thinks the difference? They take the fish by-products, they boil them, cook them, put chemicals in to denature them and take out the bacteria. And that's the whole point, your food should be full of bacteria; it better be. And then they add arsenic to prevent bugs, moles, varmints to prevent them from eating the meal. So stop ordering the eggs. Have the vinegar, have the clay, fruit and coconut cream to remove those things; have lots of cheese.

Q: Can't they stop feeding them those things?

A: I haven’t heard back from them. Until I have an egg that tests without arsenic,

I’m not ordering the eggs.

Q: So where are you getting your eggs?

A: I’m not eating eggs right now, I’m doubling up on my meat. But what I’m doing is because meat is so expensive, I’m not doubling up on the meat, I always grind it into a pate. So it’s all digested. Because if you’re eating whole chunks of meat, you’re going to digest about half. So I cut it into into an inch, inch ¼ cubes, put it in my food processor and grind it into a pate. And when I eat the meat, I digest every bit of it.

Q: Does that apply to chicken too?

A: Every meat there is, absolutely.

Q: What if you slice it really thin, like carpaccio?

A: Well still, with bigger pieces your acids have to work harder, you are expending more energy on digestion instead of it being the bacteria gets in there, infiltrates and that's it.

Q: The whole chickens are fine aren’t they?

A: I don’t know; we’re having those tested.

Q: People seem to be raving about :::inaudible::: from Santa Barbara. Has anyone heard about them?

A: Is there soy in them?

Q: They’re supposed to be roaming around freely, no corn or soy.

A: Well they have to be feeding them some kind of meal.

Q: What about :::inaudible::: farms?

A: I haven’t been seeking out any. I’m not in town often enough to find out about that, you’re going to have to do your own work to look into that. And then share some of that experience with me. :::laughter:::

Q: I want to know, what’s good for a double chin.

A: What you can do is take a little slice of pineapple and rub it into the neck once a day. Its usually better at night, half butter, half bone marrow and put it on the neck. Now you notice that after I had those three injections, all this came down, this became weak, and wrinkled heavily. And it’s almost all gone now, I’m detoxing it very well. If you look at my recipe DVD, you can see a year ago, in January when I did that it was very prominent. I was detoxing out the glands and skin. It damaged my tendon and the tendon got very weak and started shrinking. And that was the cause of that.

Q: I just want to mention one thing about Michael Murphy: he’s in Malibu now trying to write the Clean Sky Ordinance; he’s here for 2 months. His second film is called What in the World Are They Spraying. They've got Scott Stevens in there stating that with the chemtrails geoengineering, and now they're giving it another name called ‘Climate Remediation.’ …

A: Yesterday was horrendous, it was terrible here.

Q: Sometimes you feel like your breathing is changing because of the barium. And I’m telling people to see if we can have a protest.

A: All you have to do is organize a protest, and go to the Board of Supervisors. And you go and speak just like I did with the raw milk and do something about it.

Q: There’s a guy on the Primal Diet, he’s got a Masters in Biochemistry and he wants to do something about the chemtrails, and I actually mentioned you. He said it was a little premature to get in touch with you, he wasn’t quite through with some research. I’ll get him in touch with you.

Q: And with geoengineering they want to make artificial trees. It’s this whole thing with the oceans, ionizing the oceans. Algae are blooming up.

A: Algae eats metal. If you notice algae and moss grow on rock, because they're eating the metals in the rocks, the minerals in the rocks. That's what algae does. So they can cause all kinds of deformities. Remember algae is another plant, a form of oxygen; that's how those creatures live in the ocean, because all the plants in the ocean produce the oxygen that they breath and the way that they need it. If that is destroyed, then everything in the ocean dies. And they seem to be trying to kill everything on the planet but the elitists who have their little place, their 5 miles of tunnels, underground houses in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains.

Q: What about Uruguay? Mitt Romney has a place in the Cayman Islands.

Q: What’s that thing, that metal device? It’s some kind of device that clears the air from the chemtrails. This is something beneficial. It is like a contraption you can make.

A: It traps the metals and the chemicals. I’ve heard of it but I don't know how it works.

Q: I’ve noticed recently that I have difficulty breathing, that they spray a lot. What can I do?

A: I have it in one of my past newsletters, I think from 2010. I wrote what to eat to neutralize the poison from chemtrails. If you’re not a subscriber to the newsletters, … but you get all the newsletters all the way back to 2006. Over 1500 pages of information. That's like having three books of my information.

A: Do you have a question?

Q: I was having what my doctor described as an allergic reaction, heart pain. My doctor traced it to my having an allergic reaction to milk. Whether I’d drink it cold or warm it doesn’t matter, I can’t drink milk anymore. The test that the doctor had ::::inaudible::: protein, egg whites, milk and eggs.

A: Well I would say, ignore what he says because the allergy tests they do are on processed foods. They are on processed proteins. And most people are going to be allergic to those. I just had one patient come and tell me she had allergies to 35 products, she says I can’t eat anything. I say, well if you’re eating processed proteins, if you’re eating a cooked diet, you’re allergic to all

  1. If you’re eating them raw, you are not going to have that. If you’re eating eggs from Marilyn, you’re probably collecting the arsenic in there, like I talked about. Or anyone else’s eggs for that matter. Almost everyone puts arsenic in the feed they’re giving their chickens.

Q: ::Inaudible:::

A: Those are arsenic symptoms, and you’re one of my most sensitive patients that I have. So as I say, drink small amounts of milk because of metals that help you detoxify that out of the heart. And you’re going to have more symptoms while you have that. But don’t eat more eggs or chicken if you know the arsenic is in there. And that may be until mid-May, and then be careful when mid-December comes around and it’s winter again there. I said to them listen, all you have to do is get meat scraps, and lots of bones, and you crush them. It’ll be another days work a week, but you’ll spend just as much money buying that crappy fish meal and making people sick, which is your preference.

Q: Well we’re going to stop buying them.

A: Well, they stopped buying them here because I told them to stop. I told Marilyn to stop ordering the eggs and chickens. We need to take them off the site.

Q: How about the chicken from Marilyn - is that okay?

A: We’re having the chicken tested, so we don't know yet about the chickens.

Q: So if we have it, is it okay to eat it? :::laughter:::

A: That’s your business, I’m not having it until the tests come back. Okay we went all around the room. What time is it?

Q: It’s 5:30

A: Oh god, I’ve got a patient in.. I can’t even make it home in time.