Are There Aggressive Treatments For Cancer?

Regarding cancer, I was listening to your DVD set recently again and I noticed you made a point about tumors that are not resolving. I don't say that mine are unresolving, I'm doing a lot better, but with unresolving tumors you suggest consuming buffalo feces. Would you explain how?

Since E.coli and other bowel bacteria eat flesh food best, we can use them to consume tumors in the body. You may ask, how our bodies know E.coli will eat dead and cancerous cells rather than healthy cells. Consider that our bodies are highly intelligent unless we poison them with extremely toxic substances. Consider that even with all the abuses our bodies take from us with diet and life-style, they continue to detoxify, survive and heal. We can count on our bodies' intelligence. Consider that our bodies are a lot more caring and smarter than our consciousness. What we have to admit is that we are stupid and ignorant. Most often, we deny our bodies' intelligence.

When we realize we are responsible for everything that happens to our bodies with our life-styles, we become smarter. Yet, because of our dietary conditioning, I do not think that we should trust our bodies when they crave cooked and processed foods, unless the food is cooked starch (when my nut formula does not work) with the limitations I instructed in my books.

Regarding eating feces and dissolving non-resolving tumors, I suggest that you find an organic farmer. Do not order a clump of cow patty from a field. Order the bowel with its contents. Shortly after feces are exposed to air/oxygen, digestive bacteria die. Therefore, we must get the active bacteria-laden feces from within the bowel of the animal.

We should order a 1-2 pounds section of bowel with contents intact, tied at both ends. It will look like a fat sausage when received but with feces inside. I recommend that it be placed in a wide-mouthed glass quart or half gallon glass jar to be consumed a little at a time without refrigeration.

Although air destroys digestive bacteria, a lot of airspace must be kept in the jar because bacteria will continue to digest the food-matter in the bowel, causing bowel and contents to expand in the jar. With air space, bowel and content will have room to expand without breaking the jar. Also, I suggest that the jar filled with bowel and contents be kept in a wooden or cardboard box outside because of gaseous odors that will leak from jar(s). If you obtain and eat it during winter, I suggest that you keep it in a somewhat warm place in your garage inside a wooden or cardboard box.

Normally, I suggest that people with cancer or psychotropic illness eat about 2 ounces daily until it is consumed. Also, our bodies can use it to help improve chronic digestive problems. I recommend that it be consumed shortly before meat meals. I suggest that you remove the string that ties one end, open the bowel and scoop out the poop, then close the bowel again and tie it in a bow. It does not have to be tied tightly. Consume the contents as soon as possible after extracting it from bowel. If it is from a cow or other herbivore, it is going to taste like overly cooked vegetables with feces' odor. As I suggested in one of my books, use a swimmer's nose clip over your nostrils to avoid the odor. Bon appetit!

To remove the fecal odor from hands, I suggest rubbing lemon juice into the hands. Then rub raw tomato into hands. Twenty minutes after washing that way, usually the odor disappears.

When people get anxious about their tumors and want to get a little aggressive to dissolve it or them, I suggest that they consume 11/2-2 tablespoons of vinegar daily and/or consume feces but not together. Eating feces has definitely helped in every case to either stop growth and/or dissolve tumors. Eating feces is not for everyone. It is for those who are courageous enough to quicken improvement of digestion, mental attitudes and cancers. Eating feces as I instructed is good for brain and nervous system because bowel bacteria are responsible for digesting food molecules to finite form that feeds our brains and nervous systems best. It seems our government doesn't want us smart because they try to rid us of E. coli and other bacteria. A note about consuming vinegar as suggested above: consume half of the suggested vinegar mixed in 2-3 ounces of raw milk, and immediately drink 2 more ounces of raw milk without vinegar.