Cholesterol, LDL and HDL

Many of you may not know that foods do not contain cholesterols, including eggs, unless we drink blood of an animal. Cholesterols are made from food, especially fats, by our bodies. When we eat raw fats, we do not construct any "bad" cholesterol. If we eat fats such as margarine, we create bad cholesterol, lipid peroxides and other toxic byproducts. When eating PD, no fats are eaten from which our bodies can make bad cholesterols.

Any bad cholesterol that is made on toxic diets and stored intercellularly or intracellularly may be detoxified at any time. On my PD, it is common for people's cholesterols to elevate from 130-400. Since we on PD do not synthesize bad cholesterol, the bad cholesterol that appears in our blood is old toxic cholesterol from past toxic food. Our bodies utilize good cholesterol to harness and cleanse bad cholesterol as well as all of the immediate needs for bodily functions. We should be delighted if both good and bad cholesterols are elevated because our bodies are removing the bad gradually, daily. We should want and expect our cholesterols levels to soar. We will gain better health quicker. In our toxic world, we cannot get healthy quickly without high cholesterol levels.