Q&A Of February 22, 2009


A: I might talk about this finger. I went to a detox with this, when i was three year old.

A: My father bought a new pushmower, not electric, I mean no motor. My two older brothers got to try it out after my father, and then the neighbor boy, I was next in line, it was my lawnmower, right? So, the neighbor boy went over and he grabbed it to push it after one my older brothers, so I put my hands right down in it and cut my finger off. So they grafted skin from here and put it on here. So a year after I started eating raw meat, the end of it, that graft fell off. It inflamed, turned red, became very bloody around there and just dropped off. And before that, before it dropped off it turned as hard as rock, i could put my finger through glass. But after the graft fell off then it was soft and it’s normal sensitivity and everything. But when they did that, when they cut it off - my mother wasn’t home at the time - my father doesn’t know anything about anything, except his inventions. He stuck my finger in a cold pan of water, down, so of course it’s gonna bleed like crazy. So it bled and bled and bled and i lost a lot of blood, but when I got to the hospital finally because he couldn’t stop the bleeding, the young intern, you know, they’re gonna do something cool, they think their ideas are new and genius, he took the tetanus shot and he injected me all around the cubicle. And with a painkiller to do the grafting here.

A: So about two months ago – well, December 28th I think it was, December 24th to 28th - the finger started inflaming. One doctor I know said 'oh, you've got an ingrown finger nail'. There was no ingrown fingernail; it was detoxing. You could smell the same odors of the tetanus shot and the anesthetic that was shot. It was reeking, and it just inflamed. It got very big. It pussed finally, out this side, after about three weeks.

A: It warped, and you can see there’s a hole in here. The body uses so many minerals that it left the nail very small down here in between the cuticle and a little space out. So that will take about six months to grow out. It was extremely painful. I did use some warm water - some hot water sometimes - just so that it wouldn’t be so painful. You could see it wasn’t a hangnail, I mean an ingrown nail, because you go like this and you can see the nail, you know, so of course the doctor is never going to admit that it was the tetanus shot and the anesthetic. They pooh-pooh anything like that. Because of course if you, if we, could prove it we’d be able to sue them. We’d be able to sue them. Hello there. We only have seating back there right now. Would somebody move this cooler? Off to where, off to under back there somewhere. There we go.

A: Terrific. So that was my latest heavy detox, a bit painful. but it’s just now subsiding, no more pain at all, just a little deformed nail and that’ll grow out probably within six months. It takes about six months to grow out a nail, however that growth is in about three weeks, so I’d probably be able to do it in four months because I’m eating so much bone marrow. The bone marrow has stem cells. My hair is growing an inch and a half a month as long as I’m eating a lot of bone marrow. I eat a package a day. So you know, about half a dozen a day.

A: Pardon? No I just eat a meat meal, and then eat that after, or eat a little bit while I’m eating the meat. Yeah. So if I have two meat meals i’ll break it up into two meat meals.

Q: Can’t you freeze that, isn’t that the only thing you can freeze?

A: You have to flash freeze it. You can’t freeze it.

A: I don’t know, I didn’t tell her that. I said that, you know, sperm, ovum, and anything with stem cells in it - if you flash freeze, it will hold up. Flash freezing means you freeze it within maybe twenty minutes. So you have to have a certain kind of process to do that. because normally it’ll take 24 - 36 hours to freeze in a freezer. So it’s a little different situation.

A: Probably will do a slight bit of detoxing, but you have to remember anytime you eat anything high, it is predigested. When you vomit it stinks, right? It stinks like bile, it stinks like rotten meat, it stinks like all that because that’s the process of bacteria digesting your food. When your food goes in, where’s the first place it goes? Into the mouth. You’ve got 2300 bacteria per one million parts of saliva. That’s a lot of bacteria, that’s more than a dog or a cat has. We have more bacteria in our mouth than any other animal. So what does that tell you? That means that we need acidic foods that the bacteria feeds on, and that’s meat and dairy. So when it goes down into the stomach the hydrochloric acid breaks down food particles to make them into smaller molecules so the bacteria can feed on the food molecules. But almost all digestion is done by the bacteria, so their waste is our food. And if you look at that, we eat the urine and feces and sweat of bacteria, that’s our food. If you think about it that way you wont’ be so disgusted. In the future when you say bacteria is our main focus and our main digestive process.

Q: Why is your finger doing this now? You’ve been doing this for a long time.

Well I’ve had so many things, you know chemotherapy, AZT, AZT is the most toxic chemo ever created, and it was outlawed a year after I had it. But they brought it out for aids patients, that’s why 99% of them died. Cause they.. they had $200 million of AZT in the vaults, so they used it on undesirables, mainly homosexuals who had aids. And they were getting it, in the hepatitis B vaccine. So it was just an annihilation, it was a process of bacterial warfare experimentation.

Q: One more thing about the bone marrow. Should you take it out of the bone immediately when you get it...

A: If you remove it from the bone and put it in a glass you won’t get as ripe. I’ve had it last two weeks, as long as i get the refrigerated nice and clean and fresh.

Q: Cause it gets hard, and then you can’t get it out of the bone, that’s why I’m asking.

A: I always leave mine out and then take it out and put it in jars.

A: Well you can have it sent to you from North Star Bison.

Q: There’s bone marrow at Whole Foods.

A: That’s not organic. Whole Foods is just a racket. It’s owned by the Bass family, and I knew the Bass children in the late 70s, and they are all just about money. They’ll tell any lie they can just to make money. And they’re into it for the money, they don’t care a lick about the daughter I went with. In fact she did the raw diet with me. But the rest of the family, they think it’s all silly and ridiculous, but they’ll make money on it.

A: Okay, I’m going to go around the room and answer questions.

A: She asked is it possible to reverse a toxic thyroid condition that was caused by chemical reaction. I’ve seen even the finger you see, that’s, that’s a good finger now, I can feel; it’s sensitive. I can do all kinds of things with that finger now. So anything can be healed. But remember the endocrine glands are all for emergency purposes. You’re not supposed to have thyrox, and you’re not supposed to have adrenaline in your blood if you’re a healthy person. If you’re eating a lot of crap and you’re always making your body fatigued and tired and toxic, You’re gonna have a lot of hormones, because you’re not gonna have any energy.

A: So if you have a low thyroid, a low thryoxic, low adrenaline level, low testosterone or estrogen, that doesn’t mean you’re deficient. only if you have symptoms like you have fatigue, you won’t be able to get off the couch, you won’t be able to get out of bed, that’s a sign you have a problem. Then you can eat adrenaline, to help boost that, to help use the adrenaline until you get healthier.

A: You mean the radioactive isotope? Any, I have seen anything come back, even if it’s by radiation, I’ve seen it restored. Now they gave me ten weeks of radiation therapy in the stomach, all the way through to my back. Took a lot of time for my back to heal from that radiation therapy. So they can still heal, it just takes more time. radiation is probably one of the worst, and then chemo would be second worst.

A: Do you have a question?

Q: Yeah.Is there any way to keep cheese from molding?

A: He wants to know if there’s any way to keep cheese from molding. That’s the process of cheese, you know if you get American cheese. The process of making cheese is you take the dairy, you make it intp curds and whey, you filter it out, you dry out your curds, and you put it in cave. That’s the way cheese are made. Instead of putting active acidophilos in the milk, you’re introducing a mold to predigest it the same way the bacteria does. So that’s the only way you can eat hard cheeses, that you can digest them, is if there’s mold in them. Well there’s one way: you can eat a litle bit of honey with your hard cheeses and you’ll be able to digest them. Or you can pasteurize them - make it from pasteurized milk - of course when that happens you’re going to absorb toxins in the body and then redigest it, reabsorb those chemcials, those toxins, back into the body. When cheese is raw and unsalted the body does not digest it, it uses it to attract toxins out of the neurological and lymphatic blood stream; even as it passes out of the mouth it pulls it out of the system all the way through, till it leaves the body. If you eat honey directly with the cheese then you will digest the cheese, and if there are any toxins in it you’ll reabsorb those toxins. So I say eat cheese only twice a day with honey, maybe thirty minutes after a meat meal, and that’s to give your calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, all those good concentrated minerals, supplementation. Otherwise the cheese won’t be as digestible without having fungus or mold in it. If you don’t want it to mold don’t refrigerate it. Molds grow in cold environments, so if you leave the cheese out to get warm, mold won’t grow.

Q: How long do you store cheese in room temperature?

A: Until it gets very; cold in your house and you know mold will start growing.

A: I’ve had, well I don’t know about that, I’ve had it up to six months in my experiment.

A: Heat restricts it more from getting fungus, from getting mold, it’s tastier.

A: Just remember raw dairy never goes bad, it just turns into cheese.

A: Well when you’ve got hair, fussy stuff all over the outside, those are mushrooms, those are the spores. That can cause a heavy detoxification. So you just scrape the outer stuff off.

Q: So if you wanted heavy detox you could eat it?

A: Absolutely. Right. Or you may get strong fatigue, you may get diarrhea and vomiting, so if you’re ready for it, do it.

A: If it doesn’t bother you, I know people who’ve been eating the moldy cheese for ages, simply say it never bothers me.

A: Well they’re Germans, they’re really healthy with all that raunchy stinky awful smelling cheese, and that’s all from old.

Q: So there’s no harm in it?

A: No, it can just be too much of a detox for some people. David do you have a question?

A: Yes I do. I happen to have this really good egg supplier for five or six years. He gives the unwashed eggs, I buy them buy the case. He doesn’t feed them any soy - just corn and he says he gives them worms also. But I had a problem last August. You know, I buy a case, and usually I finish the case and a couple go bad, and you know, I love...

A: Raw eggs don’t go bad, they just go stinky.

Q: Well they would go to become a rotten egg, the classic rotten egg. And I love the classic rotten eggs. But in August I was quite slow at eating my case of eggs and something rather strange started happening to this case of eggs. Instead of going bad, cause they were sitting, (it was August, it was hot) - they were in my kitchen, I don’t have air conditioning in my place, but it’s not direct sun or anything like that. It sure is hot but instead of becoming a classic rotten egg, it would like just like break open and become this smelly brown and full of maggots. And now I’m wondering whether I can still, I’ve still been buying eggs from this guy since August. Is there a problem with his eggs?

A: Every time you crack a shell and you get it warm enough, there are those little bitty fruit fly worm, fruit flies that will lay there, larva, and then get into the cracks cause they’re very tiny, they’re not like a regular fly.

A: But instead of going bad all these eggs, dozens of them turned into this stinky, uh, brown thing of like, just full of maggots.

A: Good stuff.

Q: I could have eaten that?

A: Yeah, absolutely.

A: All that brown stuff is the maggots predigesting all those nutrients. Their waste is usually brown. There are some funguses in China when you have the century egg, it turns black inside and not brown, but see white brown or black, depending on which egg you’re buying.

A: That’s a classic bad egg. But that stinky, smelly, completely brown..

Q: Those are the maggots predigesting.

A: They predigested the whole darn egg?

A: What do your bowel movements smell like?

A: I don’t smell them very often.

Q: But if you shit in your yard, what would it smell like?

A: It smells like shit.

A: It smells pretty foul. Well that’s the food that’s most absorbable. Once the bacteria and e-coli have broken everything down, the body holds the fecal matter up in the sigmoid colon in order to absorb all that foul stinky stuff, because that’s reducing to the molecules, to feed the cells in the body.

Q: Would it have been healthy to eat that brown smelly...

A: With the maggot too.

Q: With the maggots! So I could have just thrown it into a jar and gone around eating one of these a day...

A: Absolutely.

No, that’s normal in the summertime, if the egg shell got cracked.

Q: How do I know it got cracked? iT JUST SAT there..

You wouldn’t know, you have to have a magnifying glass a pretty powerful one, and see if the eggs got cracked, and all they have to do is bump each other and they’ll put hairline cracks.

Q: They seemed to just explode on their own.

I do that. I do that. I’ll take - if it’s a hot summer - I’ll take a spoon and just tap them, and I hear that crack go through them, and then I know.

Q: But sometimes I’d like to have a whole plate of these things, and they’d all go bad, the whole thing.

Well that’s a week of good predigested egg.

Q: But there’s a difference between a rotten egg and these smelly brown things, or are they the same?

Well they’re not the same because you’ve got the parasites eating one, and you’ve got fungus eating the other, and bacteria and fungus.

Q: So I know you’ve always talked about how we should get parasites in our body, is this a good way to get parasites in our body?

That parasite is not an internal parasite.

Q: Okay so that parasite is just going to be ingested by our bacteria.

This is like that tribe that lives on maggots. They hunt, they slice the meat very thinly; they lay it on a grill of twigs. Then the maggots come and lay their eggs, their larva, and it grows. Then they’ll eat the maggots on the fifth day before they grow wings, and they get big juicy maggots. That’s all they eat, and they can run 30 to 35 miles an hour. Everything is liquid and finely digested when it’s in a maggot.

Q: So that’s good stuff to eat.

Absolutely good stuff to eat.

Not usually, some people, if they’re getting ready to go into a detox occasion - and you’ve predigested the food that thoroughly - you could create some kind of detoxification, but that doesn’t mean that it would normally do that.

Q: But that stuff stinks so bad.

The stuff that will always cause detoxification is eating fermented fruit. And eating too much fruit, it turns into alcohol in the body that causes detoxification.

Q: Even green fruit as well?

Even green fruit, if it turns too fermented, if you’re eating too much fruit, it ferments.

Q: Oh is that why you get a stomach ache when you’re a kid and eat too much fruit?

Yup. The body’s trying to reject it. Jim, do you have a question?

Q: Yeah, it just seems like when I wake up in the morning I’m the sharpest that I am in the whole day, and I kind of gradually deteriorate, yeah, and I get tired by 5 or so in the afternoon I take a nap, i’m good for the night, but if somehow I don't get the nap or I don’t get enough sleep then I’m dangerous.

People should always take naps. Every other animal in the world takes naps. In Mexico they have the siesta every day.

Q: Is there something dietary-wise that would keep me sharp throughout the day?

Well if I want to do that then I’ll suck on a raw egg, and I don’t eat large meals; I’ll eat no more than a half a cup of food at at time. And i’ve done that up to 22 days, only sleeping an hour a day ten minutes at a time, an hour and a half a day, ten minutes at a time, and then when I went back to sleeping I didn’t sleep more than my normal five hours. But you just have to keep the body hungry enough to not get lazy or tired. So you feed it half a cup at a time. Well you could probably do three quarters of a cup - you’re a larger person than I am - but it’s better to take a nap. 90% of healing happens in the sleep state; most people need a nap. Pardon? If what?

Q: Would that not interfere with your nights?

No, it usually, not unless you’re sleeping three or four hour nap, then at night you won’t sleep as much.

No... ten to sixty minutes. I mean if you’re really exhausted and you’ve been through a heavy detoxification, a couple of hours might be necessary. And still get your eight hours at night. but again never sleep, never go five hours without eating, because the protein level bottoms out, you remember that.

Five hours from the juice, yeah. This is fine.

Q: So I should eat eggs...

Yeah, you could eat an egg like every thirty minutes to keep your brain power going, to remain sharp.

Any other questions? I didn’t ask you because you were chewing away. Steve do you have a question?

Q: I remember you saying something about liver cells....

Well he asked about what they call liver spots around his eyes. A lot of us get them after the age of usually 45, because the body throws off glandular cells that can no longer function as glandular cells but can still be used as a skin cell; they’ll usually clump together because they like each other.

You know, they’re of the similar species of cell, so they clump together and you have what they call sun spots or liver spots.

So it’s really a matter of the cells - the liver cells or pancreatic or spleen - what happens is those cells are no longer producing hormones. They’re not dead. The body says, 'let’s put you where you can do some good, but since you’re not functioning as a gland get the hell out', and then the body can produce cells that will actually produce glandular activity.

The liver has to make a lot of bile to handle fats; it has to make sixty varieties of bile. Most people are lucky if they make fifteen or twenty varieties. So if your body - as your body gets healthier, or as the body gets sicker - for most people the liver starts throwing off its cells. The pancreas does too - and pancreas has very dark cells - and they create those skin spots.

You can put vinegar on them. It will usually bleach them out. Vinegar and then coconut cream, yeah, right, exactly. It usually won’t get rid of them completely because those cells, which you’re bleaching when you put the vinegar on (but you’re not really changing the structure of the cell) that cell is a dark cell, that’s like taking a very tan dark person and keeping them out of the sun, and putting vinegar on their skin or some kind of bleaching compound, but as soon as they hit that sun they’ll be dark again.

Q: So is it a problem? Or it just doesn’t matter?

Doesn’t matter at all. It’s just, you’ve got a pattern, we’re colorful, we’re interesting.

Well if you heal the liver, uh, you still maybe throwing off live liver cells that don’t produce bile. So that can be a forty year process. Probably even after the forty years it wouldn’t happen again, but I don’t know. I’ve got 14 more years to go to finish my forty years.

You have a question?

Q: Okay this is sort of Blaine’s question. ... particular diet, she doesn’t like eating protein, and she’s not absorbing.

Well I said she wasn’t healing, cause she wasn’t eating the protein. But she was cleansing but not healing.

Q: Well this one she asked me to ask you. What she does is she puts on ginger juice, I just put ginger, we make.. mustard, now is that changing all that stuff.... instead of healing?

No, it’s fine. Well it depends on how much she uses.

Q: She puts on tons of it. We might go through four gallons of honey a month. A month! We buy it by the four gallon case. I go through one every four to six weeks.. it’s mostly her. I mean she loves that stuff...

Can we clear that off so they can sit?

Vinegar you shouldn’t have much vinegar with red meat, you can have vinegar with fish or poultry....

Absolutely. Hyperactive woman....

Well give her something to do.

Q: Yeah right, I work for a living these days. She’s too tired right now.

Well she has to find something to do. Find her a hobby, paint, golf.. who knows what?

Yeah, yeah. There’s a golden retriever that’s never has had shots, and somebody’s moving and they want a home for it. That’s a big dog.

Okay I gotta move on. Do you have a question Mike? (His question is inaudible).

Papaya helps clean the back, helps clean it. Pineapple helps rebuild vertebrae and cartilage, and any bone. So if you want to clean the back, just remember anytime you have pain you have toxins stored somewhere. You really want to clean a little bit first and then rebuild. So you can do a couple of days of custard and a couple of days of coconut cream and pineapple, with a little bit of dairy cream, and just keep doing that every week, you know four days with that routine for the back.

As long as you heat... did you have damaged vertebrae? You wanna make sure you’re back is relaxed and all the muscles are stretched first, so they’re warm and relaxed. That mean either getting to a bathtub for twenty or thirty minutes before you do stretching, or getting a hot water bottle back there and let it heat for about ten or fifteen minutes. Then you do you’re stretching. When I had the back trouble after i did the radiation therapy, I was in such severe pain that I couldn’t move the lower part of the my body, and crawled on the floor with my elbows and dragged the lower part of my body. Then when I learned I could sleep, I was only able to sleep about ten minutes at a time, so I’d wake with excruciating pain after every ten minutes. I lived like that for a year, suicidal as hell cause I couldn’t sleep, and it was very painful. So I took baths, I learned that if I got into a bath, and I couldn’t get out of the bath, and I had to just keep warming it, and I realized I was becoming buoyant in the water, so it took all that pressure off my back. It alleviated almost 80% of the back pain, and then when I got out I did yoga stretches. I’d do the spinal twist on both sides and do the plow. Does everyone know what the plow is? When you lie on your back, you raise your legs and your buttocks and your back in the air, and then you either put your knees to your ears or your toes out on the floor behind your head. So you’re like, you know this is your head, and this is your shoulders. You’ve got your back going up like this and your arms over, and your feet down here, and it’s over your head like that.

Q: How is that on your neck?

It stretches it wonderfully, cause you have vertebrae here too. because a lot of people can be very tense in their neck. It causes the whole back to tense If your back tenses what happens? The vertebrae shift and they’ll pinch the nerves; that’s what causes all that pain - but it also causes a wearing of the cartilage. So you want to keep those stretched and relaxed.

K? You have a question?

Q: He said if you get bit by a rattlesnake what’s the best course of action?

Take a gun... (laughter). Well when I was bit by a rattlesnake I didn’t do anything. i just left it alone, but he didn’t stay in me, he didn’t put much venom in.. But the American indians - they would pack it with mud, they would cut it open and pack it with mud. What they normally do in our hospitals is they - if they don’t have a venom antigen - they use hydrochloric acid. Now I gotten bitten by a scorpian and um, I was getting pretty sick from it -when I was a frutarian. So I went to a health food store and got some HCL, some hydrochloric acid.

I mixed it and it was caused me to swell; I looked like I have elephantiasis. My balls were this big, my penis was this big; everything hurt. I mean my legs wrapped to here, and it was going on and on; it didn’t go away. And so I went to the healthfood store and got some hydrochloric acid, and then I went to a hospital and I stole the hypodermic. I took a mixture of grapes - fresh grapes - and squeezed the juice out of them because the grape juice is almost as refined as glucose water. It’s almost exactly as it occurs in the blood, if you don’t get any particles in it. I filtered it and sifted it through many layers of cloth, so I’d have all the particles out of it, and mixed a tiny bit of the hydrochloric acid with it and injected it into my thigh, and it was gone within twelve hours. And I had been suffering about a week from it. I thought maybe it was malaria, you know, which are the parasites from mosquitos, but they’re so finite and small they can’t cause that kind of swelling. They blame elephantiasis on mosquito malaria. Again I think that’s another myth of the medical profession. People usually get elephantiasis in Africa and in those tropical climates, they’ve gotten yellow fever vaccine, some kind of vaccine and they’re reacting to that, or the malaria drugs. Of course the medical environment will always blame something in nature, so they don’t get the blame for it. And so you’ll be afraid of nature and you’ll keep making the same mistakes and it’ll get worse and worse and have to go for their help all the time. It’s a sad reality, but that’s the way it is.

Q: What’s the ratio of hydrochloric acid and grape juice?

Well I just did it as a matter of instinct, I probably used.. the hydrochloric acid tablets that I got were 50mg, and i probably used about a 50th of one to two tablespoons of the grapejuice. But it’s better if you just take the hydrocholoric acid. I didn’t realize it but the body - I learned from the indians - that the poisons got into the stomach no matter what kind of venom it is, so the venom goes to the stomach especially if you have dairy, dairy will draw to the stomach. So if you just drink milk, cheese, draw to the stomach, absorb it, hydrochloric acid will drain from your stomach, but remember I had no hydrochloric acid in my stomach because of the surgery, so I didn’t have that option. So I took the tablet. And I injected it. Didn’t have to do that, I could have taken it, because the poison’s still dumped into my stomach. I just don’t have the hydrochloric acid there.

The other thing you can do is - I get people who are bitten by black widows and scorpians, and I suggest that they - chew some corn, put it on the wound, and also eat corn and drink some beet juice; both of them have hydrochloric acid precursive, so those are the two foods that help you generate a lot of hydrochloric acid.

You have a question?

Q: She asked what are two good foods during pregnancy, and are there any foods on the diet that are counter indicative for pregnancy.

Now the medical profession will tell you don’t eat any raw meat. That’s so your baby can be stupid. All the children were born on this diet with the mothers eating raw meat are very advanced children. One of them when he turned five he entered the fourth grade. I’ve got a nineteen year old that graduated from yale two years ago. So, you have to, and all these children are very very bright unless the mother smokes. If the mother smokes during pregnancy, or even if she’s been smoking a few years before, the child’s not as smart because those tars get in there and start blocking neurological transmitters. So no there’s no, usually for

women who are pregnant it depends upon the toxicity in the mother, if she has a lot of toxins in the body you wanna eat a lot of cheese often so you don’t go into morning sickness. Morning sickness is the body detoxing very toxic substances, that dump into the stomach. Vomit vomit vomit, because the body does not, or the baby, the placenta does not want this poison going into the baby. So the mother has to vomit and vomit and vomit, so if she’s eating cheese regularly, like a little piece every hour, it’ll help keep the baby strong. Now the American Indians who were eating cooked foods, the mother, gestating mother would always take a little bit of clay every day, moist clay right from the river, so it was already full of bacteria, not dry. And take a teaspoon to a tablespoon, depending on the size of the woman.

So those are two that’ll help protect the baby. In terms of feeding the baby and making it strong - eggs and meat of course. And it depends on what type of baby you want. If you’re a highly athletic person you’ll probably want a highly athletic baby, or else you’d get frustrating with the baby, like me who just laid around because I had no activity.. and my parents were very active people. So I was always a big frustration to them, cause they had to drag me, and motivate me not in a nice way, to be fast and hurry up, and hurry, so if you want a child who’s more active eat more red meat. Not a lot, but lets say 50% maxiumum if you want an athletic child. If you want a brainy child stay away from red meat. It depends on your energy level, how much.. you see those kids that drive parents mad because they’ve got too much energy. In fact it would be very taxing and wearing and drive you crazy, and end up punishing the child a lot. So I would say never over 50/50, half red meat, half chicken and poultry and seafood, and lets say a minimum of red meat, two meat meals a week. Two red meat meals a week. Beef, lamb, buffalo, venison or whatever. About two of those a week minimum. And that way the placenta will be strong, because the placenta acts as the baby’s liver until it’s born. Okay, do you have a question?

Q: Sometimes there are different conditions that require conflicting things. For instance in my case I need to build potassium in the bones from the osteoporosis and everything. I keep detoxing, especially recently with a lot of...... so I’m eating a lot of the apple cider vinegar, and that’s... for the osteoporosis, so how do you kind of balance that situation and all that?

You just have to do it cleverly. If you’re getting any kind of gum sensitivity, you’re having too much vinegar - going the wrong way. That’s a good key to watch. If your gums get sensitive, your gums are bleeding, it means you’re getting too much vinegar, you’re eating something that will cause a breakdown of the calcium in the body. If you are going througha detox though, from the brain, and you’re throwig out heavy metals, that’s still, you don’t want a lot of vinegar in a period like that.

Q: But that’s all this stuff about..... the vinegar juice in the morning, the vinegar and lemon and...

Yeah but I’m talking about if you’re bleeding heavily at the gums.

Q: Oh okay, so if I’m not bleeding heavily at the gums and I would do that, that vinegar remedy works.

Yeah, that’s fine.

Q: Does that mean kanker sores too?

Q: And you can do it for as many days as you want?

Usually two weeks is the maximum you would do that, and then you’re gonna start decalcifying, demineralizing the body.

Q: And then I could go back to the little bit of apple cider vinegar in the juice?

You’re doing fine, it sounds like you’re doing fine.

Q: Okay. I just, I’m so nervous about that, I’m getting my bone density test by the way, in a couple weeks...

How long has it been since you’ve done the program?

Q: The program.. two and a half years I think.

Then you should have some results.

How are you doing your bone density test? Are you getting an x-ray?

Q: It’s, I don’t think it is, I think it’s that other thing.

Usually ultrasound doesn’t give you a good bone registration. UCLA does it in water, an ultrasound in water, that’s very accurate.

It’s either x-ray or, you know..

Q: But they say bone density is not an x-ray because they can’t x-ray to get bone density.

Oh yes they can, they do it all the time. It’s mainly what they do.

Q: Well then it’s not a bone density test.

Yeah it is. You had an x-ray for your bone density too didn’t you?

Q: Yes I did.

Absolutely. At Washington Medical Center... University in St. Louis. .... used to do it that way. I won’t get an x-ray.

Jill, you have a question?

Q: Hi, talk to us about skin wrinkles

Well I’ve talked about that also in the, in my newsletter, bone marrow helps you..... sperm and ovum. Those are your best bets for it, Primal Facial ® Body Care Cream is also helpful. For most people that I’ve seen, the quickest is bone marrow. The oily bone marrow.

Yeah. Rub it gently into the wrinkle. Anybody knows Erica, at Rawsome? Erica was one of the people that never gained the weight that I wanted her to gain. To get rid of her dry skin - she was excessively dry, lots of wrinkles, lots of dry skin - she did enough to get her whole face lubricated. Remember that the most toxins you have, the metalic toxins, are in the brain. So when they leave out of the mouth, the gums, the tongue, the salivary glands, they pull all the fats out of the face. That’s why all tribes, all people wrinkle in the face first. Because all the contaminants in the brain dump out them out. So eating enough to keep the skin from wrinkling and relipidizing the skin fo the face, usually takes a tremendous amount of weight, 25 pounds overweight, to do that. So I started experimenting with bone marrow, so she agreed to do it, and within two and a half months of putting the bone marrow on her face two times a week, 80% of the wrinkles went away and 80% of the dryness. And she had been, I would say, anywhere from let’s say 70% on the diet for about six years. So she started doing that bone marrow on her face, big difference - huge difference. She brags about doing it. Best she ever had. because you always see that dry wrinkled, crinkled face, the rest of the body was pretty good.

Pardon? Well she does it probably three days a week, you can do it every day, you know, if you have the bone marrow.

It depends upon the skin. Yeah, if I put it on thickly it may take five or six hours to absorb, if I put it on thinly it’ll be absorbed in about twenty or thirty minutes. Especially if I rub it in gently.

Okay John, you have a question?

Q: Yeah, sometimes I’ll get kind of an ache in my teeth. And one thing I notice is that if I drink coconut water it goes away. So I had couple questions... just, is there something else that will help with that? I’m assuming minerals, I’m getting more minerals. And then the other thing, can you talk about coconut water?

Well coconut water’s water. Of course there’s more minerals in it than your normal well water, and of course many more minerals than rain water. Rain water is mainly distilled water with tons of bacteria. When it rains, it dissolves rock and then the minerals are freed up from that to feed plants, that’s how plants eat.

So all water is a solvent, if you’ve been using a lot of chemicals in your experimentation, you need some solvent to free up some of those minerals, so they can... so they’re not using up all of your food minerals. So that, you can do it that way, you can also start eating little amounts of cheese all day long.

Q: With honey? For the minerals?

No. Just cheese to absorb, so you’re using the cheese without honey to absorb the toxins,. You’re reserving the minerals in your food to feed yourself. So that’s how that works. Anybody who has been subjected to a lot of chemicals and a lot of toxins needs a little water. I drink at most, this week I had less than three ounces of water all week. In the summer I’ll have up to a half a cup a week or a half a cup a day. I’ll need more solvents at that time, I need more of that to dissolve these compounds. I've been exposed to a lot. The further I get away from my chemotherapy, the more that leaves my body, the less water I need.

So look at it that way. Water is helpful for you, and of course the cleaner water, other than rain water, is coconut water. However in Asia, men will drink up to two cups of it a day only, women will only drink a half to a whole cup because it causes bloating. It causes boating, that means you’re not absorbing that water into yourself, you need a whole balance of nutrients to carry the H2O into the cell, for the cell to be able to hydrade itself and be able to use that water properly. Otherwise it’s going to dehydrate yourself, the more water you drink the dryer you’re gonna get. That’s why people who drink are drinking, and the more they drink the more they drink. It’s endless, it’s a rat trap. The water companies love it. Good money for them.

You have a question?

Chris, you have a question?

Q: I do actually. My father had a three hour surgery yesterday..... you know, that was his choice. I want to get to him some kind of dietary advice, some kind of plan to follow...

Well will he do it?

Q: I think so. I think this might have been a strange...

Well probably the best thing for him to have would be liver - liver shakes. - half liver, half milk, tiny bit of honey. And what I do is: when I’m making those shakes, I’ll take the

liver, I’ll cut into little cubes, put it in the food processor and make a patte of it. Then I’ll put half milk into that, put it in the blender and blend that. That way I don’t get too many of those sinuous fibres around the blade.

Q: And that’s for...?

That’s so he will heal and get through everything. And a lot of eggs, at least nine eggs a day, to recover from all the anaesthetic and the other chemicals he’s taking. And he shouldn’t be taking an antibiotic; that will destroy his digestion. So if he wants an antibiotic substitute, three tablespoons of lime juice, one tablespoon of lemon juice, one tablespoon of honey, and mix that together and add it to about two and a half ounces of sparkling mineral water. Then you pour that mixture into the water and not vice versa. It’s gonna foam up a little bit. And he could have that once a day, you know, for maybe ten or twelve days.

Cheese will help absorb poisons, absolutely. It should be pretty simple, because he’s not going to digest well because he’s had a lot of antibiotics, probably intervenously too. So the liver shakes, milk shakes, eggs, cheese. Pardon? Yeah, but he had a surgery, not a good idea, that’ll cause detoxification deeper than what his body is already dealing... that’s for later. Maybe after about six weeks, four or six weeks.

Do you have a question? [person asks an inaudible question about mattresses]

We’re talking about matricides, people who kill their mothers. He’s talking about mattresses, to sleep on. Uh huh. Just wanted to see if everybody’s awake.

Absolutely. Any mattress that is made of polyeurothane, any kind of plastic, gases from your body.... the PCBs actually outgas.

Q: Does it matter how old it is?

No, as long as you’re not affected by molds. If you are, just make sure that you have a down, or down and feather bed, you know, a thin coating on top of that that will absorb the moisture so it doesn’ get in, and doesn’t cause molds in the mattress.

Q: So what kind of mattress do you recommend?

I have mine made by a futon company. So what I do is, they never, you know in California you have to have a fire retardant unless you have a doctors note, so I got a doctors note, so I took it to the futon company, i also took them organic cotton fabric.. upholstery fabric. It take three and a half yards to do an eight inch thick, ten percent wool, ninety percent organic cotton, futon. And they mix it together, and with that ten percent wool mixed in there, it will stay softer. And mine - I have two of them – one is about fifteen years old and the other is ten years old.

Q: You have a spring underneath?

No, I don’t have a spring, because that’s metal. When I have metal, when I use a spring, a box spring, I hear radio sounds in my sleep; so very sensitive. And usually it’s a talk show that I hear, maddening.

Q: Unless you’re on it.

Let me finish. So what I have is my box spring is not a box spring, it is a true rubber latex mattress that’s made not too hard and not too soft, those are the most expensive things they have made. It probably cost me about twelve-hundred dollars to have the box spring made. You can get a futon if you provide them with a cover, and they have somebody make it, probably have it made for.. I had it made for $450, plus I paid for the material, that was another hundred to get organic upholstery - very fine flannel cotton organic material. So it cost me about five hundred and something, that was so many years ago it probably costs you about a thousand dollars to do it now because a lot of these places are selling things that aren’t even as good as that, or selling them for $2200 or $2300, for organic cotton and wool material and mattresses.

So it’s a lot. it’s better to go to a futon company and say listen, mine were made in San Francisco and shipped down here, but i found a comapny , a futon company called the Futon Company. Molds - that is the problem. If you wanna get rid of the mold, if you get mold in there you have to take it out and let it be in the sun, let the sun break it down.. and then vaccum it, vaccum it four of five times. And then make sure again you have a feather blanket on top of that to absorb a lot of moisture. Of course your sheets will deal with that. You need something so your mattress doesn’t get wet.

[inaudible question]

Not really, you’re still going to outgas because there’s going to be a temperature level on you that’s probably about a hundred degrees when you’re sleeping, ninety-nine to a hundred degrees, and it’ll start causing outgassing.

If you do a lot of layers, let’s say you put maybe a few inches – say three inch - cotton futon on top of that with a cotton cover, then, you know, like a three inch futon cover or some kind of yoga mat that’s all cotton and that thick. If it were that thick and you put it on top of your plastic mattress that would probably be okay.

Those all have half polyester, at least half polyester, most of them.... cheap ones are all polyester. And a lot of them will use polyester fill, not all cotton fill. Then you want organic too.. you know, for the best quality.

Do you have another question?

Q: You answered it I believe, about box springs.

Well, so you have the springs.. metal springs. Pardon? Wooden slats are okay, wooden slats are fine. Okay.

Q: Because of the cancer, I notice that my gums, as soon as I had cancer, that my gums were in pretty bad shape, and I’ve been using a toothpaste that you recommend which is the clay to coconut cream and vinegar, so I’ve been using that and flossing and water picking, not too often though because it’s a lot of wear and tear. Right, maybe even once or twice a week, something like that. But I notice that over the last few years, I’ve been recovering obviously, but it looks like some of my teeth on the inside are maybe a little brown, indicating maybe possible wear of the enamel exposing dentin, is that possible? Is it correct? What should I do about it?

Well anybody with cnacer has a tremendous amount of metals in their body, in the brain usually and it’s dumping out the teeth. It’ll turn the teeth - even though you’re not losing the dentin - it’ll still turn them colored.

Q: So you mean I could still have the enamel in my mouth?

Still have the enamel and the dentin, and still cause them to be brown or gray. A lot of people who take cocaine or crack cocaine or set up crystal meth - there’s so many metals in those compounds that it turns the teeth gray. And it’s like 50% of the people who take those drugs have gray or brown teeth.

Q: So in other words my teeth could still be in shape.

Absolutely, because your teeth look pretty good to me. Not... just remember that the most acids you put out are in the lower mandible in the back of the front teeth.

Q: Yeah, that’s exactly where those things are.

Yeah most of the acids and most of the toxins dump there.

Q: So you mean when the cancer cures then what would happen is that..

Well it’s not the cancer cure, that’s getting rid of heavy metals your whole life, it could take forty years, before your teeth get better. You may get rid of cancer in two to four years.

Q: Okay, gotcha. So it doesn’t mean i’m losing enamel in other words?

No. I mean you could be, from the toxins, but it wouldn’t be from the vinegar. You’d have to brush your teeth with a lot of vinegar every day to cause that problem.

Q: I have two points.. one point is that I’ve been waking up at 2 in the morning since November, and staying wide awake until 6 or 6:30 in the morning, and then I get sleepy and then I wanna go to sleep and then I have to wake up again. So I’m wide awake for hours. I’m detoxing, right?

She’s not sleeping through the night, she’s not sleeping a lot, and what happens is the nervous system always begins detoxification as soon as the sun goes down. By midnight it’s full on, and it’ll go to five o-clock in the morning. So there’s a lot of people who can’t sleep between the hours of 1:30 to 2:00 in the morning and 5:00. If you try to sleep and there’s no way your body’s going to let you because it needs to stay up and awake during that kind of a detoxification, you’re just going to be frustrated and angry. So do something, get up and read, do something, get up and be productive during that time, and then go back to sleep at 5:15 or 5:30 in the morning for an hour, hour and a half before you have to go to work. And go to sleep about 8:00. You know, you may get up at midnight, uh, you know, or 1:00 in the morning or 2:00 and then do your productive time again and take a nap in the morning.

Q: I also found out recently that I have, I have had a vintage stove, and my landlord... my place. I found out recently it’s been leaking gas, I’ve had four gas leaks, I’ve been breathing gas for twelve years.

Do you cook? Do you use it?

Q: No, but I’ve had it.

Q: It’s off. But, you know..

Yeah if you’ve got a gas stove and you’re not cooking, you cut that thing off right at the, right at the site outside the house or the apartment. Mine’s got.. there’s no gas in my house. That stuff leaks too easily.

Q: So anything I can do to detox...

Well, vinegar helps to break down those gases, clay helps to break down those gasses in the body.


I put in warm water. Well there is gas on my water heater, but that’s in a pump room outside of my house. And as long as you have that water heater room ventilated, if there’s even a slight leak it’s not going to get into the house. Alright?

I answered your question.

Q: Yes uh, where I’m at in my........ what do you recommend for red and white proportions of meat?

Well you’ve got a lot of activity rings in your eyes, so I say very little red meat. Very little red meat. Maybe two meat meals a week. In fact for you I wouldn’t suggest you have a whole red meat meal. That you have half poultry or seafood with half red meat.

The rest are poultry and seafood.

Q: Okay, thank you.

Hi Meredith. Do you have a question?

Q: Yes, two actually. The first one is regarding hyperactivity and unrest in children.... So, what about....

You don’t feed them any red meat.

Well, um....

Red meat is the big problem. Beef, lamb, venison, buffalo.

Same thing. No, just leave them off of red meat. They’ll become calm, and then once they become calm, maybe only two red meat meals a week. I have people that never touch red meat. They’re athletes. Very hyperactive. See.. you know, some good milkshakes, calm them down.. absolutely, milk shakes.

Q: And then what about the detox of heavy metals? What else would help detox from heavy metals?

Cilantro juice. Yeah but you could be a crazy person. A lot of people who do heavy cilantro become really uncontrollably crazy.

Q: So what amounts?

So I usually tell people to do no more than 5%; never do more than 5% - maybe only 2.5%.

Q: Okay, juice? Or...

All juice, whatever juice they’re drinking.

Q: So then it would be celery, parsley and cilantro.

Carrot. They’re having dizzy spells, they should have carrot. Cause they’re using up all the sugars and getting dizzy and not having enough. So it would be like let’s say 30% or 25% carrot, 25% celery, 10% parsley, 5% cilantro, and about uh, 30, 25% or 35% cucumber puree. Berries help get rid of heavy metals in the body. For a fruit meal or a smoothie. you put dark or light berries in there to detox the metal that you’re trying to get rid of.

Q: Following one of the...

Eating schedules?

Q: ....... three times a day... juices... and not having any fruits...

Well, if you’re eating the fruit with the fat, the way it suggests in there, they could have one piece of fruit every day. That’s fine. But again, not a really ripe fermented fruit. It has to be on the green side.

Berries? They have very little sugar. Cherries have very little sugar.

Q: So what I’m saying is, is that fruit for the brain detox?

Well if you’re getting extreme dizziness, you’re too thin. You don’t have enough fat on the body. You have no reserves.

[inaudible question]

Well if you’ve been that way a long time, it gets worse every year, because you have no reserves so your body has to use the sugar that’s available in the blood because there’s no storage. If you’re getting dizzy when you’re just already standing and not just going to stand, then you’ve got an imbalance in the ear fluid.

Nerve damage won’t cause that kind of imbalance. You have to have too much fluid in one ear and not enough in the other. Pardon?

Well you get a feeling of which side has too much water, and you put a hot water bottle on this side, and just perspire it out that side. On that night.

Q: That’ll do it in one night?

For that day. And then if you’re drinking water it’s gonna fill up again. You have to really drink small amounts of water or else it could fill again. Usually if one ear is filling more than the other, you’ve got a lot of heavy metals in that ear. It’s swelling and the other one isn’t. So that may be a daily thing. You do it every night; you may have to put a hot water bottle on your ear, depending on how much water you drink.

Q: i told her to not drink goats milk because of... [inaudible question]

Absolutely. Absolutely. Anybody who’s thin should drink cow's milk, because goat's milk has adrenal precursor....

Q: He also said that you know everything. (laughter).

I’ve heard from other people ‘he said that’ too. (laughter). He’s wrong.

Q: And he was only going to charge me $50.

I’ve heard it from other people. I’ve heard it from other people. But everybody knows he’s full of shit.

Q: So, can you put goat milk in the bathtub?

Absolutely. She asked if you could put any kind of milk in the bath. Yes you can. Raw.

Q: Well yeah, right. But goat's milk in the bath.

You have a question?

[inaudible question about allergy to milk]

If you have an allergy to milk ,you’re gonna have cramps in your intestines and stomach. Pardon? Oh, you’re not drinking it cold are you?

Q: No.

That’s not enough for you; you need more bacteria. You need it out for eight hours or ten hours, or you’re gonna have to submerge it in some hot water, to get it warm for two hours so it will be growing bacteria fast.

[inaudible question]

Yeah, because you’ll have the bacteria proliferating in it, you know. Break it down into finer molecules, so that when the toxins come through your skin, they will be smaller molecules. Those are very large molecules that are coming through.

[inaudible question]

That was because you’re getting rid of the toxins, you’re also detoxing the milk. But on this diet you don’t detox the milk, you detox the old milk product still in your body. That’s why people some people will have allergies - they think that they have allergies - to raw milk, because it’s detoxing the old stored casein that was cauterized that’s still in their skin. The old pasteurized milk is still in your body.

Q: And then yogurt.. is that okay cold?

Yogurt is okay cold, but for anybody who breaks out, I don’t suggest anything cold. You can drink a sport drink cold, but that’s it. Even the vegetable juice I’m not sure I would do cold. Sport drink... I’ve got a hydration formulae in the book, that’s two cups tomato puree and one cup cucumber, and the sport drink is a little different, there’s more cucumber, it’s two cups cucumber, one cup... and that’s not in the book.. and one cup tomato. Some of my tennis players just use three cups cucumber puree, and then it’s one tablespoon of vinegar, one tablespoon of lemon juice, one to four tablespoons of honey, two to four tablespoons of coconut cream, and two to four tablespoons of dairy cream, and then two and a half ounces of sparkling mineral water. And bring that al together. And then those who are actually performing and doing like five hours of sports in a tournament, I have them put an egg in every cup of that. With an egg, and then they sip that. But they add the egg into that right before they’re going to drink it.

Q: That cucumber puree... blender or juicer?

Blender. Yeah, it’s a puree so you don’t wanna separate the pulp from the fluid.

Can you leave that out?

Q: You can leave that out all day, not a problem.

[inaudible question]

Well, it has adrenal precursor, so it causes people to be more hyperactive. If they’re thin, it’s gonna make them more irritable, more hyperactive. Have you ever seen a calm goat? No such thing. The males will eat anything but millet. I was experimenting with goats in diets.. and you know how millet is advertised as a protein rich grain, and has all this other stuff in it, it has lots of biotin and niocin and all this stuff in it? When I fed it to herds of goats, the goats would eat it for three days maximum. If there was millet, I don’t care, there was two tablespoons per two and a half cups during milking time of their grain, if I just add two tablespoons of millet in there they wouldn’t eat any of it. They wouldn’t even eat. And if a goat doesn’t eat, there’s really a problem.

[inaudible question]

Yeah. But like I said thyroid is for emergency purposes. It shouldn’t bother a person on a daily basis.

If you fell from a tree and you bruised your chest and lungs, the thyroids would come into activity. That’s why you have two thyroids and four parathyroids. Because if your lung and heart get bruised, you’ve got to have emergency hormones in there to keep those pumping. Otherwise you’re gonna be food, for dinner, or lunch or breakfast, you know, back in the old days. So that’s what that was for. So just because it reduces, like pine nuts reduce thyroxin production. We don’t need it anyway if you’re eating a good raw diet, you don’t need those hormones. Only if you’re a sick person do you need extra energy from hormones because you’re not producing enough of the correct kinds of fats and you’re not utilizing those fats properly as fuel and energy. So eating the millet, those goats just did not want to eat that food if there was millet in it. And I’d have to go in and take out all the frickin millet.. or you know, use a lot of organic feed. Organic feed is

expensive, very expensive. And the goats just wouldn’t eat it with the millet in it. So millet, don’t eat it cooked or in any other way.

Okay do you have a question?

[inaudible question]

That’s fine. Yeah, it just would be more nutritious.. you’d gain more weight if you have the egg in it.

Q: ... more honey, getting pretty hyperactive..

Yeah, then you should be having it with butter. Well you might have one, maybe two tablespoons a day by itself, but most of it should be with other foods, but not with a lot of meat. Not much with meat. Not more than a tablespoon of honey with meat.

Q: Why?

Because it’s highly alkalinizing, it’ll neutralize your hydrochloric acid. It also is antibacterial, and bacteria is the main digester of meat. So you’re neutralizing some of that bacteria. No more than a tablespoon with meat.

Q: With any kind of meat?

Any kind of meat. Absolutely any kind of meat. All meats require hydrochloric acid and bacteria to digest it.

[inaudible question]

The chemistry with red meat, it’ll turn it into a fuel rather than building blocks.

With red meat, it’ll turn it into a sugar protein to burn as fuel, and you wanna eat most of your meat to gain, strengthen, muscle mass, new cells and to heal.

Q: .... digesting the meat then.

No it’s a whole different chemistry, it converts it into a different thing. Not that it digests any faster; it just breaks it into a whole new chemistry.

Yeah, so it’s a citric acid cycle.

Q: If the honey’s mixed with butter or eggs is that okay with the meat?

Just no more than a tablespoon of honey...

Q: So even then too...

Even then.

Q: … to how much meat?

Let’s say a cup of meat.

Do you have a question?

[inaudible question]

Lime and lemon. Lemon adds fermentation bacteria. That’s why it’s good marinater. It increases fermentation and bacteria. Lime juice does just the opposite, it’s antibacterial. Like, when I had my motorcycle accident, if I had put lemon on that I would have festered and lost a lot of white blood cells, and been pussy all over. But because I used the lime, it surrounded all that asphalt, and even though my skin healed, it came out through it... not one white blood cell did I loose; not one spot of pus from all of that damage, and all of that asphalt. It just came out for the next eight months through the skin. Little pieces of asphalt in the skin, and I could just peel it off like a wart. And only lime will do that.

[inaudible question]


That means he’s digesting everything. If we were healthy, we’d have all white turds. Yes. If you look at all of your wild dogs and cats, every feces they dump is completely white and turns into a light powder. Sometimes it’s furry if they’ve eaten something furry, but yeah, it means that that baby is digesting perfectly, if it’s all white.

John do you have a question?

Q: So... refrigeration, how do you know what to refrigerate and what not to refrigerate? For example, um, sometimes I run out of eggs that I purchased.... and I have to go to Whole Foods, but their eggs are refrigerated. Does that mean I have to put them in the refrigerator or can I leave them out?

No you better leave them out. Just takes about 48 hours for them to get the bacteria level back, but it will never be as if they were never refrigerated. See if you never refrigerated an egg, it can still hatch. Once they egg is refrigerated it will never ever ever hatch. It destroys the reproductive ability of an egg. And still you want bacteria to break down those eggs, those particles, so you can assimilate it better.

Q: So for example, the diet you put me on, with all those drinks that I made.... unclear... does all that stuff belong in the refrigerator? unclear

Well I leave my milk out, you know, I leave my milk out at least twelve hours before going to drink it. And everybody should leave it out four or five hours before, three hours, two hours absolutely minimum. If you have skin conditions it should be four five hours minimum...

Q: What’s the problem with drinking cold milk?

When you drink cold milk the stomach contracts, you don’t get the hydrochloric acid, so the molecules of protein aren’t.... so the bacteria can get in there easily, and then what happens is some casein or lactose will be absorbed in the lower part of the.... right into the blood and cause some problems.

Q: Now what about the other drinks like.. the green drink?

That can be drunk cold. Some people don’t. He gets headaches if he drinks it cold.

Q: I see, it’s an individual thing.

Yeah, individual thing. But when I drink mine, I put it in my mouth cold but don’t swallow until it’s warm.

Q: And the milkshakes?

Milkshakes should always be room temperature. Or unless you hold it in your mouth until you swallow it. But even if you do that you’re not going to digest it as well. If you want optimal digestion you want to leave the food out at room temperature for at least five to eight hours prior. I make all of my food in the morning for the whole day. Nothing stays refrigerated except for my vegetable juice. So it is out for the entire day. By the time I get to my evening meat meal, it’s been out for twelve or fourteen hours.

Q: That’s everything.


[inaudible question]

You can, but it’s going to start fermenting. It’s better to put that in a bowl of hot water if you wanna warm it.

Okay. We lost that young lady.

Okay, I’m gonna go around again.

Oh yes, go ahead.

Q: … trichinosis...

What about the trichinosis?

[inaudible question]

You wanna get the trichinosis. Okay.

Q: So.. do you eat it fresh when it’s just been harvested, or do you eat it over a few days?

It’s always better to eat as much as possible as soon as possible. Because the oxygen starts killing them. And what I do is I get a, I order a pound section of a small intestine from a pig from amos miller, miller organic farms, and I get it, he always sends two pounds, I don’t know whether he doesn’t like the measure, or what, but he always sends two pounds, way too much so I’ll share it with other people. But usually half a cup is all it takes. If people have been on a long fruit diet for a long time it’ll take more because all those alcohols will kill kill kill, for sometimes a week o two. So it’s better not to put it in two cold, in a chilly air, and not a refrigerator, because it will turn and make them dormant, the trich worm.

[inaudible question]

No eat a half a cup at a time. So maybe every three days for a couple weeks. Even go into three weeks if you had that. So just to make sure.

Q: What’s the benefit of this?

When Joel Weinstock, Dr. Joel Weinstock, noticed the pigs at the University of Iowa, he noticed they were very sickly. They were in a very clean environment, everything was pristine, and he was raised on a farm, and he knew how the pigs lived, and they were always healthy. So he compared the digestive tracts between the pigs that were sick at the university and the pigs that were in captivity in the University that were in a sterile environment, and he found that the pigs in a sterile environment at the University had no trich worm. So um, he filtered some out from the healthy pigs at the farms, gave it to the pigs at the University, and they were well in a week. So he decided that he would try it with humans. So he went for a license to do it from the FDA, on humans, and they said he could do it on six people, but they had to have suffered with IBS, inflammatory bowel syndrome, for at least ten years, and up to thirty two years with no relief from the medical professional, from the allopathic system. So he got six people under those circumstances, and they all suffered terrible pain, and diarrhea and vomit, just from drinking water. They all had.. he picked the worst cases. He gave them the trich worm, in five days five of them were completely asymptomatic. And these were people who had suffered every day no matter what they ate or drank, they had severe problems. Gastritis. So just from having that paraiste, remember the parasite, the trich worm, and any normal intestinal worm, is there to digest your food fast. A parasite can eat a hundred times its weight in twenty-four hours. Bacteria can only eat fifty times its weight. So your parasites are your best digestors. They’re also your best janitors if that’s what you need. So they can work twice as fast, you can get healthy twice as fast if you have a good trich worm. And you infuse that by eating pigs intestines, because the two animals on the planet that almost all of them have trich worms unless you’re in a sterile environment like we have, with awful food, humans and pigs have all the trich worms. Okay?

Yes John.

[inaudible question]

No I never throw any food away, I’ll give it to the coyotes. I’ll share it with the coyotes. I have people who give me high meat, lots of people who give me, because they don’t wanna eat anymore, they’ve had enough, and they’d rather start with a fresher black, because it’s way to stinky and liquid, but that’s when it’s the best. Because it’s already been reduced to a liquid, the bacterias broken it down, so all those nutrients, even though it’s fowl as fowl can be, and no fowler than what’s in the intestines if it were concentrated, and you eat that and it goes right into the body and fulfills the body. That’s why a depressed person in ten minutes can get happy, that quickly, because it’s all predigested. But I get so much of it that I share it with the coyotes, or the ravens.

Q: What if I don’t have any coyotes or ravens?

They’ll find it.. just put it out on the sidewalk and a dog will come by. Put it out at night, some dog will come by and get it. Or a cat. They will love you. When I lived in Venice in Beverly Hills, I used to put it out just at the edge of the sidewalk.

Q: Could I give high meat to my cat?

Cats indoors will not eat high meat. Only outdoor cats.

Q: She is an outdoor cat.

Then she might.

Q: Wow.

Most cats like things fresh. Dogs like things rotten. But if a cat is sick, not really well, it will eat the high meat. Okay we’re gonna go around quickly, now I’m gonna answer quicker the questions.

Question, okay.

Q: Is a bigger fish better than a smaller fish?

It doesn’t matter, as long as... it does not matter what kind of fish you eat, as long as it’s an ocean wild caught. Scallops and clams, as long as they’re not coming from the gulf of Mexico, are fine. Even though they’re farmed, because all they do is put a fence in the ocean, and it’s still fed by the ocean and nothing else.

Q: And oysters...

Oysters, clams..... shrimp, they can farm. Pardon? All of the ships that go through the panama canal, and they wait there for weeks to get through, and the U.S. navy dumps their nuclear waste.... the navy.. I’ve had them... when I lived in Georgia, that naval base in Jacksonville, Florida, they used to brag, I would hear them bragging, the sailors were bragging about how they’re dumping their nuclear waste from the submarine right there off shore, twenty miles off shore. All the way in the gulf, and all the way down from uh, you know, Jacksonville all the way to the bahamas, or all the way down the Cuba.

Q: It’s never frozen though, is it?

Well some fish, northern fish can be frozen. But not your tropical fish. Cod, uh, if the salmon is northern salmon caught in the winter, it’s up there in the cold too. Anything’s cold up there.

Q: What about Scottish salmon?

Scottish salmon is mostly farmed, not a good idea.

Q: I read in your book that children... should not really drink... [inaudible]

Q: So for a three year old, what would be the ideal diet?

That all depends on the child. And if they’re not on cooked food, who knows what kinds of toxins they’ve had, or what kind of vaccines. But normally children, very basically, raw milk. Raw milk and eggs and honey. That’s all they need until they’re about seven years old. The child she’s talking about is three. So, you know, a little bit of meat once in a while is fine.

Q: We went to the doctor.. I mean... whatever... he said he had a little bit of anemia. So they got worried that maybe he needs a little more meat.

Okay. Whenever the doctors come up with anemia, they’re looking up hemogloba.. again, figures that they don’t know they’re... hole in the ground. Is the figure to get you to take some kind of pherasaltic... some kind of iron supplement. It’s always about taking something to remedy the problem. If the child doesn’t act like anemic, if the child isn’t going around like this, the child’s not anemic. That child’s got energy, it’s not anemic. You just go tell the doctor to stick his head up his butt, and just leave him alone. You know I just hate that, doctors.. because the pharmaceutical industry tells these doctors that we have to fit in these measurements, and it isn’t true. I’ve got a friend who was diagnosed as leukemic because his white blood cell count was off the chart and his red blood cell count is as low as a child’s. He runs marathons.. races every year.. he runs seven miles a day. Does he have anemia? He doesn’t eat any red meat, he only fish eats fish and poultry. Does he have anemia? No. That is his system, his system is perfect at that stage. In fact if he eats red meat he gets hyperactive and crazy. But yeah, he got anemia? No way.

You have a question?

Q: Yeah, I’ve got some high meat that I’ve started. It’s as old as a year. If I start opening it up again is that, will it continue the process? Or is that pretty much shot?

No, when I did Ripley’s Believe It or Not I was eating up to a year and three months old meat, it was all liquid and black and reeked.

Q: So you can continue anytime?

All I can say is it never really goes bad. As long as it’s raw it will never be bad, it will just be completely predigested and black liquid. And really raunchy smelling.

Q: ... refrigerator during that time?

If molds grow on it you may have trouble though. If molds as well as the bacteria.. if you start having mold layers on it, may cause some detoxification. It’s happened to me a few times.

Q: Okay yes... what I’ve been doing lately is I’ve been buying like, past expiration milk from a organic pasture...

What I’m gonna ask everybody to do is not tee it up, get right to the question because we only have twenty minutes.

Q: Okay so anyway, I buy, what I do is I just put in bottles, right now I got like, twelve or fifteen gallons of Organic Pastures milk in jars outside, but what it does is it either turns into yogurt or cottage cheese, but I’ve just, what I’m trying to do this time when I bought my thirty-five half-gallons was to um... I used to keep them in the refrigerator and then put them outside, you know...

You’re gonna have to get to your question.

Q: Okay, but now I’m letting them set out for weeks, and it’s yogurt to cottage cheese, is that okay?

That’s fine, if it’s cottage cheese, you just blend it very briefly, three or four seconds, and you have milk again.

Q: But I don’t, I don’t. I just eat the cottage cheese and I save the whey.

That’s fine, you can do that.

Q: But it can sit out for a month at a time, this milk? And turn into yogurt and cottage cheese?

Doesn’t matter. I’m gonna say it for the hundredth time, if it’s raw food it never goes bad. Dairy never goes bad, it just turns into cheese and whey. Period, that’s it. And those are good too. Okay?

Q: What’s the best middle of the night meal?

Best middle of the night meal is something with protein in it. No vegetable juices. It isn't going to satisfy your protein need. So egg, meats or milkshakes.

Q: egg and meat?

No. One or the other. I wouldn’t eat eggs and meat if I go to sleep with it. Cheese.. with honey, might be okay, because you’ll digest some of the protein, but probably I wouldn’t do that. I would eat cheese and an egg, cheese in a milkshake, or cheese and meat.

Q: What about '[inaudible, sounds like gold butter or rolled butter]?

[inaudible; sounds like 'Gold butter] has no protein in it''

[inaudible question about starch]

Well like I say in the book, starch is a nut formula. If the nut formula doesn't work,

then you go to some kind of cooked starch, and you eat as much cooked starch with as much butter as you do cooked starch, some kind of fat, butters always better. And with the experiments I’ve been doing in the last three years, the different kinds of starches, rice is the best. The Asians have it right. Rice is always digested best; it causes less toxicity.

Q: White? Does it matter? White?

Doesn’t matter.

Q: What is narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is.....

Q: What do you think it’s coming from?

Narcolepsy, usually it’s coming from some kind of aluminum stored in the brain, somewhere in the sleep center. Aluminum destroys the zeta potential - the zeta potential’s ability for nutrients to remain suspended in fluid. You see little fishes going around in the aquarium in the water, that’s the zeta potential. You put liquid mercury in that, the fish will hit the bottom and not be able to swim. Same thing happens in the brain, so if it gets to the sleep center. All the firing is not gonna get where it’s going and you’re just gonna fall asleep. Everything shuts down, if the mercury.. I mean if the aluminum gets active. Sometimes mercury can cause it. And to get rid of aluminum you eat some raspberries and coconut cream with a tiny bit of dairy cream. So you’re having half a cup of berries, raspberries with two and a half or three tablespoons of coconut cream, and one tablespoon of dairy cream.

[inaudible question or comment]

Well I think you’ll change as long as you leave your milk out longer, or if you put it in warm water and then leave it out. You might put a couple of drops of honey in per cup of milk, just to help, you know.. The more digestible, the better. And all of that might lower the detox through the skin. And if you’re detoxing through the skin it might be very difficult for a while to gain weight. Unless you’re having one or two whole moisturizing formulas. And at least half of moisturizing formula with each meat meal.

Q: I just had my eyes examined, no change in two years.. and they said I have a lot of floaters.

Well the eyes and the neck and the ears have the least blood circulation in there. You’ve got this little pathway going into a big eyeball. Same with the ears and same with the neck. Big brain, lots of blood going up in there, and just a little pathway. So anywhere it’s restricted, especially if your body’s overweight, you’re using your nutrients for a lot of other things, your eyes are going to take the hit for that.

Sleeping on a slant would definitely help, absolutely. Sleeping on a slant.

Q: Does that stop snoring?

I don’t know that. [inaudible comment] Sleeping on a slant stops snoring?

Do you have another question John?

Q: Yeah, quick question. Other than, in the sense of relaxing those muscles in the nervous system, is there anything other than besides cream, milk, .. frozen raspberries, that helps that.

Hot baths. Any kind of warmth will relax the nervous system. Any kind of warmth. Hot water bottles in your bed, and.. or wearing a robe. Just keeping warm all the time will relax your body, your nervous system.

I’m getting to those people who didn’t get two questions answered. Everybody in the back got two questions answered, there’s a few people here that did not. Yes.

Q: Okay, I sometimes get sores in my mouth...

Now you’re getting very acidic blood, under 5.5 pH. You’re getting too acidic at that time, you need to drink more sport drink, or maybe a little bit of vegetable juice, or put a little bit more parsley in your vegetable juice, either one of those will help. Years ago when I wrote that book I wasn’t using cucumber puree, I was using cucumber juice, but after all the years I noticed that in some of us, we were losing a lot of collagen and we don’t eat much fruit, and fruits a good collagen source, so since we cut out all that fruit, and we detox mostly through the skin, we weren’t replacing collagen. So that’s when I started using cucumber as the bland fruit pulp... precurser, and it’s helped tremendously. So whenever you’re looking in my book and it says to have, you know, something like cucumber.. always put cucumber in your juice, but puree it, always peel it, but always puree it, don’t juice it. Okay? John.

Q: I’ve had eight ounce of juice at a time, I’ve tried twelve, it seems I’m a little bloated, that’s too much... I go back to eight.. anything you can say about that?

You have to play it on that. I do the same thing. Sometimes I can have sixteen ounces at a time, but if I do that I can only have juice once a day. You just have to play with it for your digestive system. Its individual.

Q: You have to take it real slow, right?

Oh yeah, it may take me half an hour to drink that much juice.

Q: Why not juice the cucumber? Why not?

You want the pulp to replace the collagen under your skin. If you don’t, you’re not gonna have the elasticity. See, since i’ve started losing collagen under here, so my skin started detaching. You know, the connective tissue was deteriorating. Now it’s nice and tight like when I was twenty years old and in my teens. See how tight that is? And that’s from just a year of drinking the juice with the cucumber puree rather than just the juice. Okay?

[inaudible question]

...Because you need so many nutrients so often that if you drink a juice you can get undernourished. You can have more pain, you’ll have more diarrhea and you’ll have more vomit. It’ll induce all kinds of things. So it’s better to not have juice when you’re going through a heavy detoxification like that. Some people might get away with a half a cup or a whole cup, but still, if it causes more diarrhea and vomit right away, you may not want it.

Q: Okay, so what do you recommend to alleviate the snoring?

He wants to know how to eliminate snoring. You go to Vietnam and go take a scraper and scrape your sinuses out. Really that’s what they do. Snoring comes from, you’ve got a very saggy sinus. When you lie back, that sinus sags back into your throat passage, and it reduces the amount of airflow, so you suck in a lot more air to get past the sinuses, unless you’re breathing through your mouth... usually your don’t snore so much. But if you’re breathing through your nose, you have to go past all of that sagging sinus. So you can sit up, or you do things to tighten your sinuses.

Q: It’s not bad to breathe through your mouth?

Well you’re not filtering as well, but still, you know, you won’t snore as much. But what you can do is you can snort a little bit of water, good mineral water, with a tiny bit of

vinegar. Let’s say you’re snorting three ounces or two ounces of water with a quarter of a teaspoon of vinegar only.. and you snort that and it’ll start breaking down a lot of the dead tissue in the sinuses and cause them to shrink over a long period of time. May take a year or two, but that’ll do it. If you start getting sore throat, you’re detoxing too many dead cells at once, and you’re not creating enough mucus.. so stop it until that subsides, and then start snorting again. And only.. once on each side.. and it should come right out of the mouth. Just one snort on each nostril.

Q: Is that for sinusitis too?

It depends upon your sinusitis. If you’re not creating mucus it’s not gonna help. Vinegar’s not.. in fact vinegar will make it worse because it’s a ... [inaudible but probably the word is solvent].

Q: A good friend of mine is dealing with a really heavy duty case of psoriasis. It’s growing on his back and his abdomen and his back and his arms, and it seems to be multiplying.

...Two to three lubrication formulas a day....

Okay, yes.

(Inaudible question)

It’s not irrational. It is not irrational. You’ve got jet fuel; you’ve got kerosene in the compartment, you wear a mask – a cotton mask. They have a lot of them in China, that’s where I got mine, but you can go online to a site called 'I want to breathe' I think it is.. or something like that. Something about breathing. Put in mask, breathing, and you’ll come up with a website where they make all organic cotton masks. And that’s the thing to use and wear. It’s what i wear. And it makes all the difference. Usually people who get fatigued, you know, from jetlag, it’s the airplane exhaust in the plane. I used to get terrible neck aches until I realized that, and then i started wearing the mask.. now no problem.

(inaudible question)

Absolutely, absolutely, yeah. If I go on a golf course, I wear a mask, and people freak out because I wear a mask, and that’s one of the most polluted environments there is.

Q: From the cars?

No, well from the cars.. but they put so many chemicals on the fairways and the greens.

it's atrocious.

Okay, one last one.

Q: What do you recommend for cold feet? They’re always cold, everything else is normal.

Well that usually means you’ve got poor circulation in the feet, or you’ve got a lot of metals that have drifted down and clumped in the feet. And you know if you’ve touched steel when it’s cold, steel will be as cold as ice. So that’s usually what’s happening. If both your hands and feet are cold at the same time, you’ve got a mineral deficiency, and you eat cheese and honey together for several days all day long, a little bit at a time all day long, and that’ll usually get the warmth of the feet and the hands going.

(inaudible question about minerals.)

A: Yes, minerals.. Digested minerals.

(inaudible question)

A: No no no.. it’s always one third honey to the cheese. So it’s one tablespoon of cheese to one teaspoon of honey. Sometimes I tell people they can use even less honey. But that’s the highest ration, three to one.