Q&A Of May 30, 2010

A: Consider a female mosquito. She drinks blood only to feed her offspring. She doesn't want that blood contaminated. She's not going to contaminate you when she bites you. The proboscis goes in and it bites as many cells as it can to create a pool of blood. She sucks it out. No saliva involved or anything.

Q: Is malaria transmitted by mosquitoes?

A: It's a lie. Malaria comes from not eating enough protein and getting very sick in a humid climate. And [Filipinos] only eat 5%, 10% meats. The healthier ones eat a lot because they're fishing, but the poor ones with big families eat too much rice (80% of diet). A year ago a man told me he had two daughters with malaria and was going to take them to the hospital. He had already had two daughters die from malaria in the hospital less than 24 hours after entering. I told him that 76% of the people who go into the hospital for malaria die there, while only 26, 24% die if they don't. All you need to do is take 2 oz. lemon juice, 2 oz. honey, mix it with 6 oz. coconut water, and give them a tbsp. of that every hour for 2 days. Then 1 or 2 tbsp. every 2 two hours for another 3 days. He gave that to the kids and they were fine.

Q: How do you feed your fish in remote ponds?

A: Fish and meat scraps from the market in town.

Q: Is that as good as ocean fish?

A: In Thailand I can't get ocean fish because I'm dead center in the country. I'll take fish from a nearby lake, and scallops, shrimp, freshwater prawns, and I'll put those in my fish pond and build my aquarium that I'll eat from. So I mainly eat freshwater fish there, but when I'm in Palawan I can go fishing in the ocean.

Q: Are there animals on Palawan?

A: Yeah. There's a government dairy that was a test dairy that was New Zealand funded, I get all the milk they have. They only have 2 milking cows. They are Holsteins so there's very little cream and fat in them. They are A2 cows, not A1, so the milk is not as nourishing as I'd like. There is a pretty big dairy on Somal island in Mindanao with Jerseys.

Q: Will you be able to get enough cream in a tropical environment from the cows?

A: Yeah, when you have cows in the tropics, the vitamin D keeps it homogenized so it doesn't separate the same. If you eat butter there, which I take with me, it causes a lot more perspiration and body heat. Cream and milk won't make you perspire as much. For a sick person I would import some or add some lemon to the milk to make sure it's separated.

Q: So there's no way to get butter from a tropical farm?

A: There is. You need a certain kind of cow and they have to eat something that makes them produce more fat. If they're eating the regular grasses there, no matter what [the cow breed] they're not going to produce much fat.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with the health spa?

A: To help people get well. There's a lot of people with serious problems (cancer, MS) who need daily help. A lot of people have asked me for that over the years. I will definitely do training. I will have about 20-40 students, and most of them will be in tents. 3 year course. Prerequisites are the material in books, newsletters, etc; what foods do what, etc. Course will focus on the patient. Diagnostics. How to find the patient's problems through observation and asking questions and how to deal with them on a daily basis. Iridology, physical appearances (skin coloring, swelling, symptoms), treatment, how to put it all together. I have 80 applicants already: of them there are three medical doctors and about 20 nutritionists.

Q: Will there be hot tubs at your spa?

A: There will be 20. Designed like those in Vietnam. If you go to Mha Trang, Vietnam - you won't hear about it, most of the locals don't even know it's there - you get into these wooden tubs, 2 people can fit in, they have fire hoses and they pump liquid clay and you pack yourself in it, stay for 20 minutes, get out, shower, get into a hot tub, stay for 20 minutes, then they have large natural non-chlorinated hot spring water pools.

Q: Does the clay at that spa get hard from the sun?

A: They don't let it get hard. They're like me, I don't believe in letting it harden because that pulls out the fat from skin cells, kills a layer or two of your skin within a few days after exposure. You want the bacteria from the clay to go in and nurture and pull [toxins] out but not fats.

Daniel: Can you review the pH buffering in the body and go over the common ideas that blood pH should be at 7.4, saliva is usually around 6.5, urine can change depending on what you're dumping?

A: The body is always trying to balance itself. There is a belief in the alternative community that we want anywhere from about 6.7 to 7.2 blood alkalinity ratio. But in native tribes it's anywhere from 5.2 to 5.8. Mine has been 5.5 for as long as I can remember. My blood, urine, saliva - all around 5.5. If you're alkaline, you're in trouble. The whole system works on an acidic basis. 90-95% of our digestive juices are acids. Hydrochloric acid is 100% acidic, there's no alkalinity to it. It's about a 4.9 to a 5.2. If it is highly alkalinized it won't work well to break down acidic tissue quickly: any kind of meat (fish, fowl, 4-legged animals, red meat), cheeses, it will not break down and dissolve properly. Only 20% of digestive acids are part of digestion. 80-90% is supposed to be bacterial. Your digestive acids are to break the larger particles of food into smaller particles so the bacteria can infiltrate it and eat it. Our waste is their food. So we're really piss and shit eaters. Technically that's what we are. That's 80-90% of digestion. If it goes into alkalinity like a cow or horse or any herbivore, you're going to be a vegetarian and you're not going to live well. So that is a fallacy that a lot of the so-called early alternative thinkers and nutritionists, they came up with the stupid ideas - Walker, Frye - came up with that ridiculous tale. No scientific evidence to prove it. They didn't test the saliva and the amount of bacteria necessary for proper digestion. Healthy human beings have more bacteria in the mouth than dogs and cats do. We're supposed to be thriving with bacteria, this is where the "digestion starts from the mouth" phrase comes from. I have hydrochloric in the mouth because they severed my vagus nerve, which caused lots of tooth problems when I recovered from the radiation therapy. But most people don't have high hydrochloric in the mouth. They have other acids. They only have one small amount of Ptyalin enzyme, which is the only alkalinizing enzyme in the mouth. Only the horse has that. The horses use a profuse amount of it. We seem to have developed it after being a grain eater for thousands of years because none of the tribes that have stuck with the native diet have traces of ptyalin in their mouths. So basically we should be an acidic body from top to bottom.

Q: Is it not true that cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body?

A: It's bullshit. I've seen thousands of people at these clinics fed only vegetable juice and I've seen them drop dead left and right. It was a hypothesis that Walker made... Max Gersen was into raw liver. You can't get alkaline with raw liver. Raw liver is 90% protein. You have very little fat in the liver. It's like the heart - Those two organs are your major protein bodies in the system. And they're highly acidic. 60% of Max Gursen's diet was raw liver. Now that his daughter has taken it over she's removed the liver and these people are dying just like every other vegetarian regime.

Q: If your body is too alkaline, will your body dump positive ions and minerals from your bones into the blood to become more acidic?

A: Oh yeah, it's going to take it from everywhere it can. It can definitely lead to osteoporosis. That's why so many vegetarians and fruitarians have bone deterioration.

Q: Isn't calcium leached from the bones in order to alkalize the blood?

A: No, it's to bind with toxins. Let's say you have something cooked, and in it you have acidic compounds which are free radical - mercury, lead, cadmium - any of those toxic metals, the body will use the calcium to neutralize those because they're free radical acid minerals and not in proper ionic bond and proportion like in a raw diet. The body will leach calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium out of your bones to help neutralize over-acidity from cooked foods or poison, but not from raw food. You'll never have over-acidity from raw foods when you've been on it long enough and are healthy. Right now, I'm down to - when I do it - one juice a day. I haven't had a juice for three weeks. I don't have to worry about over-acidity anymore very often. When I get into the tropics I will do more because I perspire more.

Q: Is calcium an alkaline mineral?

A: Calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium are the ones we mainly use to neutralize free radical acids.

Q: When I have a cold I've been told to have a glass of [inaudible] water and put half a teaspoon of baking soda in there to alkalinize. But baking soda is an acid; how can it alkalinize the body?

A: Baking soda is a very nasty thing. It acts like ascorbic acid, it will leach fats out of the blood. You'll reduce your symptoms but you won't get well. Apple cider vinegar is very helpful. A lot of the amino acids that you use in chelation therapy are in apple cider vinegar. If you want chelation therapy take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day.

Q: On a cooked diet, would one rather be alkaline?

A: If they're a vegetarian they're going to be highly alkaline and toxic. On the SAD diet they're going to be overly acidic. They'll never be alkaline without pouring vegetable or fruit juices into themselves. That's why these clinics have you drinking 1 to 2 gallons of vegetable or fruit juices daily - because your body will resist alkalinity.

Q: How do you check pH?

A: I use one of those strips. I also have medical doctors once in a while. When getting tested 6 years ago they only found a little blockage here, a little bit of [unintelligible] in this artery, but that was from when I was a little kid. Since I found it was still there I started using vinegar to help break it down, so it's probably broken down by now.

Q: Caesarian [unintelligible]... 18 years?

A: It can be that long. Depends on how long they are when they get started. I had one woman when she was probably about 27 and it took her about 12 years. Anyone who is in their 30-40s will take about 17-18 years. They need to wait longer because when you cut into the body and block circulation, it blocks normal lymphatic flow and everything. I pushed through an aquarium when I was 16 years old, it cut all the arteries and veins here. I was gushing. If you see, I have no veins that go down this area. Here you see all of them that normally flow straight down, here they had to bypass around this area, go around the cut to regrow.

Q: The woman after she's gone through these years will she... system be rebuilt and normal?

A: It will still be different. But it's harder to unblock. When you have a caesarian you have [methionate/methionine?] and mercurochrome administered or iodine, all of which are poisons, in those incisions that poisons the area. You need extra fat there to bind with it and pull it out of the tissues. It can become normal. When I go through detox from cancer scars that originated from mercury used as an antiseptic during surgery. It is now about every 2 ½ - 3 years that I go through a detox of this scar during which I become heavily nauseous and maybe have little breakouts all around in this little area. I taste the mercury and metal in the mouth when I'm detoxing. Whenever I go through it I gain a lot of weight, otherwise it won't do it.

Q: What would manifest if a woman had a caesarian and didn't gain weight?

A: She probably wouldn't detox it. She'd just die younger, get cancer, many things can happen in that area. Cesareans are a big issue because 99% of them are because the doctor doesn't want to wait. They make up stories and lie. It's convenient, they make more money, they don't need to sit around and wait for a mother and her dumb kid. Think about it. If you're that callous to butcher them and decrease their joy of life, sexuality, it changes everything. Think about the man who can do that, what kind of conscience does he have?

Q: Or they'll use that drip, called induced labor? That's probably not a good thing either.

A: It isn't. They're basically using LSD to do it. You get a trip while you're doing it though. Drugs take over.

Q: Someone told me in Thailand if you got bitten by a mosquito in the daytime you got malaria, if you got bitten at night you got dengue fever.

A: Mosquitos eat nectar. They pollinate the tiny little flowers that bees would crush. Tiny little micro clover and stuff like that. They don't eat shit so how are you going to get dengue fever?

Q: What is so-called malaria detoxing?

A: Highly acidic proteins from cooked meat, hot spices. If you're low in protein and you're doing that it causes internal burning all over the place. And when you're detoxing that much at one time it's a huge detoxification. It's worse than pneumonia because with pneumonia most people aren't usually passing out and delirious. Malaria is an extreme detox brought on by a hot climate. Fevers get higher in a tropical environment so your fever is going to get higher, more symptoms of delirium. The coconut water helps the body alkalinizes the over-acidity from the degenerative tissue. Hot spicy food causes abrasive over-acidity. Raw liver and red meat are acidic but the acids are properly balanced. If you cook it they become overly acidic and out of balance. When you cook anything, phosphorus is destroyed and altered at as low as 98 degrees. That's how they tell whether something is pasteurized. If the phosphorus is cauterized, they say it's been pasteurized. You can pasteurize it at 121 degrees and see the phosphorus is cauterized. Normal pasteurization is 141. Normally potassium starts cauterizing around 170. 50% of calcium in pasteurized milk is cauterized and unutilizable. The acidity - the acid minerals in cooked food have a bile point that can be hundreds of degrees.

Q: Can A1/A2 be chalked up as BS laboratory theory?

A: I thought so until I started drinking milk from an A2 Holstein. It made me slightly nauseous and I didn't have as much energy. It certainly tasted good and I felt better with it than without it. It wasn't as nourishing. I repeated this 3 times from the same milk from the same cows from New Zealand. As soon as I went to a place with Jerseys or other A1 cows I was perfectly fine, even in that hot climate. I don't know how much of the problem is A2 rather than a lack of fat from the Holsteins. I've had Holstein before (but not in that climate), and it was fine. Goats are a more energetic animal, they make me hyperactive and overly sexual. You ever seen a skinny, calm goat? I don't need those adrenaline precursors. Athletes can use them.

Q: The oysters you told me to eat. You said 30 days. Then just stop?

A: You can keep going. You have iodine all over, except for this small area of your back. 30 days should probably do it for Alessia, she just has a spot of it in her brain. Oysters help get rid of iodine quicker. If you're going to the hotsprings it's best to take a lot of watermelon. Watermelon helps you perspire best. You can have it with cream. If I'm ­going to have a slice of watermelon I don't eat anything where the seeds are. The rind and red from where the seeds begin down. Unless it's a really young watermelon and not sweet, then I eat the whole thing. I have about 3 tablespoons of cream with 1.5 cups of melon. I'll eat a little throughout the day when I'm at the springs.The mud pool is lukewarm - 101, 102 degrees - it doesn't really cause perspiration but I get in with the mud. Then I'll get out, clean off, I leave it in the pool instead of showering it off so when I get back in it's muddy.

Q: How can you know what's causing a cancer cluster?

A: There's cancer clusters everywhere now. If you give a kid a vaccine the day he pops out he's gonna have a 60% chance of getting cancer before he's a teenager. They do a lot of experimenting on how many toxins they can put in the vaccines. The military does it, the government does it. They'll go to a certain area and experiment with them. If you're living next to a power plant or power tower you're having a higher risk of cancer.

Michael: My doctor's concerned with an elevated homocysteine level.

A: That's more drug selling. Homocysteine is created to take care of toxins. So it shows you have a high toxic level. Whenever you have an allergy to something your body will produce homocysteines to deal with it. Homocysteines are a kind of janitor, like bacteria. It shows you have toxins in your body that are moving at a particular time and your body is producing homocysteines to deal with that so you don't get sick and deal with it properly. It is a sign that you've got a problem, but not that you need to lower it. That's what they do. Remember, doctors don't make money if you're well. Ignore it completely. After chemotherapy my homocysteine level was off the chart. My nutrition said to ignore it. It's an allergy to something in the body - not the raw food, something in your body that is toxic. Homocysteine is a hormonal protein substance that helps bind with certain kinds of toxins. If you have a heart issue and you remove the homocysteine you'll end up with a heart attack or charlie horse because the toxins are moving freely. You don't have to regulate it, just eat properly. Your body will always seek a proper level if you're eating properly unless let's say you drank half a cup of arsenic; all the homocysteine in the world isn't gonna prevent it. Remember the guy in the late 1800s who put out that he's gonna drink half a cup of arsenic 6,12 months ahead of time, and people from everywhere came to see it. He said, "I am not going to choose the poison. Let a doctor bring it and I will drink it and live." He drank it and survived and on his deathbed he finally told us that he drank half a cup of clay an hour before, which absorbed the arsenic just like that. So you have a high histamine? Eat some clay, let it help you so you don't have to make the homocysteines so much.

Q: What more can I take to help brain function? I find myself trying to reduce my time in front of the laptop.

A: It's good that you have a flat screen. Your macbook is putting off about 170 milligauss. Electromagnetic field going up your hand into your brain all day long is going to dull your brain. You need a separate keyboard and the bottom of the computer has to be 9-10 inches away from the keyboard to avoid the field. If you want to stimulate your brain, aside from blueberries and cream, eat asparagus tips and juice the stalks. You need about 2-3 inches of the asparagus tip and juice the rest of the stalk. Your pee is going to smell very strange but disregard that. What a lot of people do in India to increase brain function is they eat the asparagus like that and juice it and drink their urine after they have milk (we can do it after meat or anything like that) and those particular proteins recycle that do the particular union that stimulates the brain, so you may from eating the asparagus and drinking the asparagus juice you will probably get a 15-20% increase in brain alertness, focus, however if you drink your urine one time (½ - ¾ cup) about 6 hours following having the asparagus as long as you've had the meat meal, milk or eggs, then you will increase it like 20%-27% brain.

Q: If the laptop is closed is it still emitting EMFs?

A: No. If it's not on.

Q: What about wireless systems?

A: Very bad. Keep the laptop far away if you can read that far. Stay away from routers. Mouse must be a rollerball. Infrared mice produce 75 milligauss minimum. In your hand. Bell is the only company that makes the roller ball.

Q: Stiffness in joints, legs are getting stiff.

A: Those are toxins building up in the joints for so many years. What they call aging is the buildup of toxins over the years. There's lots of things that live in the joints. When you're very thin your body seeks fat from the only place where there's lots: the brain and bone marrow. So your bone marrow gets filled with all these poisons - When it discards it goes to the joints. All the joints cause arthritis and rheumatism. Also if you had a digestive problem like Crohn's disease and you had a leaky gut, those particles of food go to the joints and the body builds the acids there to become a digestive tract and starts eating the joints away. That's what arthritis and rheumatism is. 90% of arthritis and rheumatism comes from leaky gut. More baths, hot water bottles on the joints to get more circulation in those areas to clean it. More nutrients in an area means more detoxification and more healing. Clay is helpful. When you get a vaccine for most people 70% of it will go to the stomach lining and 30% to the bone marrow. Eat it. Make the moist clay with 3/4 cup of clay and 3/4 cup water, let sit for 4-5 days to get the bacteria and microorganisms going. Clay is the only shape-shifter that we know. Organisms in it are shape-shifters. It's like stem cells. They can take on the makeup of whoever the body wants them to make up. So clay is the only substance when you eat it that does that besides bone marrow. But the clay is not really digestible; it helps you digest, it helps bring soil [inaudible], but it draws out poisons galore. So it adds nutrients to your blood, lymph, neurological fluids, to help you pull out these toxins out of the body. So you take a tablespoon of that soft, liquid clay, put it into 2-4 oz. milk, blend it or stir it - terramin clay - if you don't like the gritty taste of it you can follow it with a swallow of milk and swish in mouth. If it doesn't mix then blend it. You need to disperse it into the milk because if it gets into the blood you want a lot of calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus with it to bind with the poisons. If you don't mix it externally it won't mix in the stomach. If it's clumped and not dispersed throughout the milk it can sit in the intestines for a long time, so that whole area of the intestines [inaudible-something bad]

Q: I think I have morgellons under my armpits. It gets a rash and is very itchy. I haven't noticed any fibers in it.

A: If there are no fibers in it it is not morgellons. Remember, 90% of toxins leave through the skin. You're always going to get eruptions. Itchiness just means that the poison is so toxic that it has robbed the fats out of the surrounding cells so they're drying up. Put the primal facial body care cream on or some bone marrow or butter. Defend the cells, make sure they have enough fat to be pulled from when the toxin comes through.

Q: Is there a cure for morgellons?

A: Clay helps. I got it from these three injections. I got fibers and little insects coming out of my skin like crazy about a week after getting injected. Morgellons is a condition where the body is detoxing through the skin fibers with insects attached. The military has been using this as a war tool since the late 1950s. They put fly eggs and embed them in these fibers and go around spraying them in the air. People inhale these, the fiber gets absorbed into the tissue, the egg hatches, so you've got a live tiny microscopic fly and it's like their legs are entwined in the fibers so they can't get loose so it does tremendous damage as it goes through the skin. You can see them under a microscope. They leave scarring, which can shrink if following the diet and using up to 3 tablespoons a day of clay. 4 ounces of milk, tablespoon of clay, three times daily. Terramin is the best clay I've tried.

Q: Is clay something that is beneficial for anyone to be using [on a regular basis, said after he started answering]

A: As long as you grew up on the SAD diet, absolutely.

Q: I'm experiencing a lot of what I would call dry eye. It doesn't hurt or anything, it's just really dry. It seems ever since I had that diagnosis of the RA.

A: See that dryness of the skin on your face? That's how dry you are in your head. Of course if you leach fats and water from your eyes it's going to be deficient. The only way you can do that is put lots of primal facial body care cream on your face daily, then honey and butter in your mouth frequently, keep rolling it around. If you taste a toxic taste when you're rolling it around spit it out, get rid of those poisons, put some fresh stuff in. Don't use honey and cheese, it will cause drying. The primal facial body care cream is new and improved: instead of using 1/3 coconut cream, butter and dairy cream, you still use those but you cut them down to a fourth of the ingredients and add bone marrow. So it's a quarter bone marrow now.

Q: I have dark around here and I thought it was from the glaucoma [unintelligible] but the nutritionist I talked to said my liver and kidneys are stressed.

A: The dark is a sign of liver difficulties. If you have puppy eyes it would be a sign of kidneys too. Look up liver in the book. Dab of either egg white or butter and pull the side down and put it along the white and then you hold both up and roll it around like you're a circus master. That soothes the eyes, it restores vision in certain circumstances. It can help anything eye related.

Q: You said honey with cheese makes you re-absorb toxins, correct? So don't have honey with cheese?

A: Unless it's after a meat meal and you want the cheese to be your mineral supplement. 35 minutes after a meat meal eat cheese and honey together twice daily for a mineral supplement.

Q: You said when you eat cheese eat butter with it to prevent constipation.

A: Some people, yes.

Q: I found that no matter how much butter I eat with it, it's constipation.

A: You don't have enough fat in your bowel. The e.coli are going to hold it up. Cheese is already a moldy substance, at least our cheese that we get, because it's grown in a cave. You have a fungus that breaks down the cheese. It's like yogurt except it's a fungus instead of a bacteria that breaks it down. So the e.coli can get even more nutrients from it, so it's going to hold it up there longer. It doesn't dry you up more if you're eating butter with it, however the e.coli in your bowel are so hungry that you need to feed it from the back end. 3 tablespoons each of coconut cream, butter and dairy cream. Shove it up there and leave it there.

Q: Does your body generally find its own weight balance?

A: Yes, that's what it wants to do. I prefer to do it on its own. It's usually a 2 1/2 year cycle. Most of the time people will gain the weight, keep it for 2 1/2 years, then their body will go through a detoxification, and they'll knock it off again, repeat. I stopped putting it on heavily again. I've been on raw meat since December of '82. I've eaten 50 eggs in a day around 100 times.

Q: Is protein and mineralization why you eat so many eggs?

A: No. Because eggs are already liquid, there's little digestion involved, so if I want to get strong and healthy fast, I'll eat a lot of eggs with bone marrow along with it. Eggs don't have the ability to increase cellular division like meat will. Refrigerated milk is the same way. So I eat bone marrow with it so I'll regenerate cells fast as well as strengthen the body. The lady from the book who had emphysema and recovered quickly: Only eggs could ever do that. They were not organic, but I told the doctor to get them at least from a health-food store, cage-free, as opposed to organic in a cage. I'm sure they weren't the best eggs.

Q: Can you get similar results by putting half a dozen eggs in a smoothie or milkshake?

A: No, you can gain a lot of weight that way. It takes milk 6-10 hours to digest. So once you put it into the milk it slows everything down. I make sure I digest it within 27 minutes because I'll break the egg and suck out the egg white such that only the egg white comes out first. The egg white digests very rapidly because there isn't fat, you don't have to have the bile, it takes longer for the bile to work on it. We don't need any hydrochloric for the egg white because it's already liquid. All we need is the bacteria working. So I keep the egg white in my mouth until it's completely water and then I swallow it. And then the egg yolk goes in last and the body kind of layers things so the yolk layers itself when coming in behind and also digests much faster by itself.

Q: Is it okay to leave the umbilical cord in?

A: That's probably the only thing in it that has stem cells.

Q: Can't you get rapid weight loss from eggs?

A: Yes you can. But milkshakes, no. But if you eat only eggs you might get a little irritable. When you're only eating eggs you're also going to feel very dehydrated, so use a little bit of butter on your mouth, honey-butter on your lips or just honey.

Q: Is it better not to force your [inaudible. weight down when on the diet?]

A: It's better to just let your body do it. Your body will stop you from eating for a while and detox heavily. You'll know it when you start getting nauseous, every time you put anything into it you'll vomit. Don't need to force it. If your body wants fat it won't get rid of it easily. You would have to work out, limit what you eat, do the weight-loss program in the book, that's the only way to get your body to agree with it. Best to wait for a natural weight loss phase instead.

Q: [inaudible]

A: That's all just bullshit. Just to get you to take supplements.

Q: So what actually signals your body to lose fat?

A: Your body is holding fats everywhere because you have toxins in all the tissues, all the cells. The body wants to draw those poisons out or if they're moving out on their own you have the fat there to arrest it right away, won't do any damage. That's why I like everybody to be fat if they're sick. If you don't have protection the toxins will do more damage internally.

Q: [inaudible. fat, eating, calories]

A: If you're not eating butter with your meat your body will make fats from the protein. But if you're eating fats on your meat it's not going to use the meat that way. And if you're eating enough fat your body will convert any fruit - unless, you know, you're eating a quart of blueberries a day - then your body will make fat with it. Even if you're eating a lot of fat with it it will do that.

Q: Ideal body fat?

A: For men it should be about 22% until they get healthy. Then they can get down to 17, 18% like I am. A woman should be anywhere from 26-30%, down to 22% when healthy.

Q: How to tell your body fat?

A: The absolute perfect way is to immerse yourself in a swimming pool and they have a certain EMF that reads it within 1-2%, there are scales, you put your weight and height on it, and it has a way of measuring your body fat.

Q: Does urine have a detoxifying effect on the body like clay does?

A: No, it's mainly a recycling, it does have one element that's for detoxifying, which is the ammonia. Ammonia is a good detoxifier. After I got the forced injections I went for shark because it's high in ammonia. Every day after a shark has been killed it doubles in ammonia. Stingray does the same thing so I ate stingray for 24 hours. That stingray was probably a day old already and by the time I finished it it was 36 hours old. I was hallucinating, passing out, short of breath from too much ammonia. Ammonia can kill you but I needed it to quickly bind with the toxic metals and substances that were foreign to the body. There's a little ammonia in urine, but mainly you're recycling only your fats, proteins and all the rich nutrients in the blood. Urine has everything in the blood without all the red and white blood cells.

Q: How did you get to that point where you're drinking your own urine?

A: I did it when I was a vegetarian and I needed to recycle my own proteins because I was getting skinnier and skinnier. Someone told me about how in India they're vegetarians so they drink milk and urine at least once a day for the proteins they don't get because they don't eat meat.

Q: Isn't urine toxic?

A: It's only as toxic as your diet. Urine on a SAD diet would be toxic. In India it's necessary for the proteins.

Q: How to body-build and produce more muscle?

A: Cheese, butter and honey helps put on muscle weight fast. I started eating a lot more cheese, honey and butter because I don't want to work out, so I started to put on more muscle because I got real skinny last year.