Q&A Of August 17, 2003

1) Clay Vs Milk For Bath [2003],[Aajonus]

That's fine, but it still won't work quite as well as the milk cause the milk has a little bit of fat in it

It helps the skin properly, it'll feed the skin, helps perspire more.

Clay has a little bit of oils and it will work to an extent, just depends on what kind of clay your using.

French green clay is okay.


So, in a situation like that.


Put some coconut in it?

Coconut mixed with the clay.

About how much.


Coconut cream?

I'd say four tablespoons for a bath.


(2) Coconut Milk [2003],[Aajonus]

Well, the coconut, talking about coconut milk, right


Coconut milk, yeah,


The coconut milk in my experiments have been a little funny.

You get the Thailand or the Chinese coconut that tastes very funny.

There's some kind of a chemical in it and it causes cramping in the tissues in some positions, it has a high alkaloid reaction, so those are not good.

If you get Mexican, Costa Rican, any of the South American or any of the islands that stay away from the Thailand coconuts with Chinese coconuts, they're putting something in the fields.

They're doing something where it's not making it very good, it's causing a pancreatic problem.

Diabetic type reactions to some people.

So, don't advise that one.

But otherwise you could drink the coconut milk and it's fine.

The water is the milk.

The cream is the what we juice from the meat.

[When he says coconut milk I think he means coconut water]


(3) Heated Honey (4) Hepatitis Is Last Ditch Effort To Save Liver, Raw Meat Helps, Dont Be Skinny [2003],[Aajonus]

And hepatitis is always the very last ditch savior for the liver

Any of the hepatitis, whether it's viral or bacterial, that goes in there to break up the extreme toxicity in the liver.

And if you have hepatitis and your eating properly lots of red raw meat, you'll reverse that liver condition faster than any other way.

So, the hepatitis is almost like a parasite, it will work that quickly.

Consume or dissolve that much toxic liver tissue.

So, it's a good thing to have hepatitis, bodyis trying to save the liver.

That means you've got very toxic, very young.


I wonder if I passed any of that onto him.


Yeah, he's got a weak condition.

Anytime anybody has a bad liver, the liver breaks down fats, to digest fats and if you don't have the good liver, you're going to be weaker.

The body will absorb the poisons, poisons will go intercellular, instead of inter-lipid, instead of entering the fat, it will enter the cell, damage the RNA and DNA, and all the other structures within the cell.

And that what poisons the body.

That's why I say don't be skinny, skinny people are the ones who have the worst condition later on.


If you have an unhealthy liver and you are, say, in the ocean, and a sewage spill comes along or something, could you contract hepatitis.




(5) La Hot Springs [2003],[Suzanne]

The only one I have access to circumstances is the Beverly Hot Springs in Los Angeles




Well, you know, the well, they get it right out of the ground in LA and that LA River goes through there pretty polluted, and it has radioactive material and it's everything, so it's not the best.

I stopped going there when I started getting your reactions in the 70s, it's best to go out to Glen Ivy.

Marietta Hot Spring, but they haven't been open for a while.


(6) Mercury Injections Detox [2003],[Aajonus]

For peritonitis they gave me 12 shots in this arm, about 2/3 of them were penicillin, so there's lots of thimerosal, so it's stored in my bursas and this joint, and that was part of my blood and bone cancer, this was the worst arm

Well, then at the end of April of this last year, it started detoxifying, this was the day before I had to drive up to Nevada City to do a lecture and workshop and see patients for five days, and then I had to go directly from there to San Francisco to do the same thing.

By the time I hit Sacramento, I was in so much pain that I had to buy a sling, keep my arm in, and I could only stand or sit without excruciating pain with my arm in the sling.

So, that night and every other night, I had sleep in a bathtub with milk and vinegar and the sea salt in it to make my body buoyant enough to where my arm would float without pain.

Six weeks after that, a whole scab opened up.

Now what happened was after five days, my hand turned black.

It was a charcoal gray after getting out of the bathtub tub for about six hours, sleeping in it.

Smelled just like mercury.

So I knew it was the thimerosal from all the penicillin that I had got when I was 12.

In the bathtub I kept dreaming of being back there as that child at 12 years old being injected and all that pain that I had in my arm was identical.

Six weeks after that, a whole scab appeared here, and then about six weeks after that, a tumor appeared.

It got twice as big as it is now and then it took some fecal matter from a deer and put it on it, and it stopped it right away.


I did that because then the detoxification started doing the elbow and hand, so there's more pain, I should've just let it run its course.

But the bacteria works very quickly though, is my point here.

Put the fecal matter on this and it turned it into a wart and I only put it on twice.

Bacteria will work that quickly with the tumor.

Bacteria is very important for the body, so even the salt water can destroy the bacteria.


(7) Oils, Coconut Cream [2003],[Attendee]

I have a friend who's working with a young similar son

He has brain surgery.

He's looking into the raw food diet.

He was talking about raw oils.


Well, you don't wanna use oil to regenerate brain tissue, it'll do just the opposite.

Oils are 90% solvent reactive.

That means they act like soaps, act like the dissolution compounds that dissolve toxicity.


Maybe I'm sayin wrong.

I'm asking you, I'm hearing this secondhand that there are raw oils that are like raw foods, but maybe they're not, like coconut oil is what.


Coconut is the closest to an animal fat, but it's still 40% - 60% solid reactive?


So, you really wanna go for raw butter.


Raw butter, raw cream?

Raw creams a little bit more important.

Lots of raw eggs, lots of meat.


(8) Pharmaceutical Industry Loves To Blame Bacteria [2003],[Aajonus]

People don't get hepatitis from getting in the ocean

Medical profession loves to blame anything natural, bacteria.

Their theory is the bacteria theory, bacteria is responsible for all disease.

Bacteria is just the response of disease.

Bacteria's there to help get rid of the toxicity.

Just like vultures and crows eat decaying flesh.


Well, how about like surfers that contract hepatitis from surfing in a sewage spill area or something.

Would you say that they already had a toxic liver.


They already had a toxic liver, yeah?

You don't contract hepatitis from sewage.

Like I say, doctors and medical profession love to blame that, but there's no scientific proof of that.

They've taken animals and put 'em in solutions like that, and they've never got hepatitis.

So, the medical profession gets away with saying a lot of bs, nobody holds them to it.


(9) Poison Oak For Poison Ivy, Menstraution Depressed From Alkaloid Detox Causes Lack Of Bacteria = Eat High Meat [2003],[Aajonus]

She asked, what you use for poison ivy

Poison oak, that's in the book.

You mean like PMS symptoms.

Well, most of the time when the body's getting ready to go into menstruation, you're gonna throw off a lot of hormones?

And with that, there's a lot of red blood cell loss.

So, the whole fat level gets very low, so does the bacterial level because along with those toxic hormones from neurological impulses, psychological trauma, when that's detoxifying, there's always alkaloids along with it.

And the alkaloids are like an antibiotic and they will destroy bacteria.

So, the bacterial level gets low, then the body has to do everything with solvents intact.

It has to do everything on its own and if you were given a whole weeks work to do in two days, you wouldn't like it either.

So, the body gets depressed and you get it depressed along with it.

The bacteria helps you break down these compounds, so then the body feels lighter.

That's why when people eat the high meat, they get silly.

99% of everybody who eats the high meat gets high within about 10 - 20 minutes, they start giggling, and start feeling good because the body all of a sudden has a lot of help, has all those bacteria to deal with these, this degenerative matter that's in your body.

So, eat high meat, lots of high meat, and make sure you eat lots of moisturizing formulas during those periods, so you have enough bacteria and fats in the blood, and that'll mitigate those problems.

You might even have two moisturizing formulas a day, one with each meat meal or make a large one and have half of it.


(10) Protein Allows Fat To Be Used Vice Versa, Fruit With Fruit = Detox [2003],[Aajonus]

We have one with the meat meal and another with meat meal

That way you'll utilize the fats a lot better.

Protein allows the fats to be utilized properly.

Fats can't be utilized without protein, and protein cannot be utilized without fat, so that's why I want to put them together.

That's why I advise having most of your fat at that meal.

Whenever you have a fat with a fruit, it will be for detoxification, not for building or strengthening.

Know that when you put fat, no matter what kind of fat it is, you put it with a fruit or a vegetable juice, and it will cause detoxification.

As far as trying to hydrate yourself, with all that fasting that takes years to rehydrate or relubricate every cell.

You were at such an extreme point, it's not going be a awhile before you feel balanced.

You just have to make it through.


What about tomatoes.


Tomatoes and a little cream would be little bit better?


I'm thinking the small cherry tomatoes, just pop them in.

They're easier to eat.


You can eat 'em all day long if you want.


Just put it on or.


You can blend it together or drink a sip of cream, then eat some tomato?


(11) Protein and Fruit For Energy [2003],[Aajonus]

If you mix fruit with red meat, it usually turns it into a detoxifier or a fuel, instead of for regenerating cells

Those people don't like too much meat, so if they eat it, then why waste it as fuel when you can regenerate cells when you can get it to make it younger and more vital and stronger.

use your fat to burn as fuel.


(12) Salad In Morning, Herbivores, Eggs [2003],[Attendee]

Like 7:00 AM and what I've generally been getting is salad, the romaine lettuce and tomatoes with lemon

But then I have according to the book, nce I eat a Salad, I shouldn't eat for five hours.


Well, it has to get far enough.



First of all, I'd like to know a little bit more about that because I'm coming out of that meeting and the only time I'm gonna have to eat is then.

So, I'm asking myself whether I should eat at a two or three hour point, and if I do choose to eat then,what kind of damage am I doing rather than if I wait to five hours.

That's the first part of my question.

The second part of the question.

What kind of a salad can I start eating at these 7:00 AM breakfast meetings where I can not have to go to the five hour thing.

I'm thinking like avocado, tomato, onion?

How much farther can I go like, cucumber with no skin or is that getting the five hour.

Green onions, regular onions?

Can you gimme some insight on how I can create this salad.

Just more information about the five hour thing and what I'm pushing and what I'm doing if I'm eating before the five period?


See this leaf here on this stock.

We're not made to eat this stuff?

It takes a vegetarian animal 48 hours to pass it through the system.

They have 60,000 times more enzymes to disassemble the cellulose molecule, but then you still look at cow and deer shit and it's still full of fiber.

Not even they do it well.

So, what happens is it slows everything down and also over alkalinizes the intestines, and the intestines have to be acid in order to digest animal product.

If they start mixing it and acid foods catch up with it, they neutralize each other and neither of them digest properly.

That's why you want to make sure that if you have a salad, it's the last thing before you go to bed, so you wake up five hours later, down an egg or some milk that's not gonna catch up with it, and make sure your meat's eight hours later or something, so it won't catch up with it.


So, meat has to be eight hours after a salad.


Should be eight hours?


Avocado and tomato, is that not a salad.


No, it's not a salad?


What else can I add to that to make it not a salad.



Onion is a cellulose nd you can have small amounts of it, even with meat?

But it's still fiber.

If it's a little bit, it's okay.


I can have as many tomatoes and avocados.




Is there anything else I can add to that at all.

A little bit of cilantro or?


Not much?

And if you do that, if you do have a salad, then just down a lot of eggs about three hours later.

Eggs are going to absorb even a few minutes after they leave the duodenum.


But no earlier than three or four hours after the salad.


Two and a half hours, four eggs?

You can eat eggs two and a half hours after eating a salad, you don't have to worry about it.


I can eat as many eggs as I want to, but no meat for eight hours.





How about milk and butter?

Same thing?


Depends on how much you eat?

Butter and fat don't depend upon the intestines for digestion.

Most of that's digested in the liver.


Could I have like my fruit and my butter meal, four, five hours after that.


if your animal meal was conducive to the fruit?

If you're having red meat, you don't want citrus with it, unless it's a little bit of pineapple.

If it's fish or some kind of seafood or a foul, then you could have almost any kind of fruit with it as long as there's fat with it.


(13) Salt Headaches [2003],[Attendee]

Never had any problems, but I have had migraines my whole life and recently they've gotten better

The only time I haven't had 'em is when I was pregnant and nursing.

But I was reading about what you said about hepatitis and pineapple and what you said about the migraines and not having to eat the dairy, and having honey every five minutes.

I'm wondering if the migraines, if you think the hepatitis is connected to migraines.


Not unless you're eating a lot of fats that can't be digested.

That can cause high blood pressure from blood toxicity, which causes a headache.

That's a toxic headache, but it's mostly salt.

Some people are very allergic to salt.

They have a one grain of salt in a meal, that's enough to set off a migraine.

I'm trying to tell my father that for years, and then when he went to the doctor and the doctor, he started having a heart arrhythmia, doctor said, "Well, stop counting and stop eating salt"/ Stopped eating salt and his migraines went away, waited until he was 67.


Even with Celtic salt.


Even Celtic salt, any kind of salt?

A salt is a sodium concentration and the sodium is not bioactive.


What about in swimming.


Sodium doesn't absorb through the skin easily?

Not unless bioactive with enzymes.

There's not a lot of enzymes in sulfur.

Well, it destroys bacteria and you need lots of bacteria when you have cancer.

It isn't that you absorb the salt, but the salt will destroy the bacteria all the way to the connective tissue.

Now, it won't get to the lymph system.

The people who have skin cancer, melanoma, lymphatic cancer, they need that bacteria.


(14) Stay On Raw Diet