Q&A Of June 3, 2007

(1) Aajonus Doesnt Exercise (2) Aajonus Fertilizaer (3) Aajonus Injury (4) Aids Created At UCLA, Government Damaging Own Citizens (5) Antibiotics In Bee Hives (6) Antibiotics, Penicillin, Gangrene, Time On Cuts (7) Atherosclerosis, Vegetable Oils (8) Bird Flu, Parasites, Bacteria, Virus (9) Bush Financed Hitler, Immune System (10) Certain Ecoli Is Man Made (11) Coconut Cream (12) Coconut Cream Ratio (13) Comilk Allergy, Raw Milk Discards Old Milk (14) Cornish Hens, Greedy Farmers (15) Elite Trying To Kill You (16) Government Corruption, Fax Representatives (17) Hot Srpigns, Well Water, Put Coconut Cream On During Hot Tub, How Many Baths Aajonsu Takes, Sleeps Outside (18) How Long To Get Healed On Diet (19) Human Manure, Ecoli, Forced Fertilization With Human Waste (20) Lime Disease (21) Mercury In Vaccines (22) Milk Per Day, Sport Drink' (23) Only Hgih Sugar Fruit Causes Detox (24) Organic Pastures (25) People Used To Be Healthier (26) Raw Fats Are Smalelr and You Are Heavier Than You Look (27) Skim Milk Weight Gain, Gain Weiht (28) Slow Down Detox (29) Spleen Holds Excess Blood (30) Suing The Fda (31) Testing Body Fat (32) Urine Drinking (33) Water (34) Water Is A Solvent (35) Weight Increase From Detox, Eye Detox From Brain, Plaque, Dental Decay (36) Whole Foods Woned By Elite, Meat Fed Bakery Waste (37) White Tognue